An interview with Kansas State cornerback Julius Brents

I’ve done a few of these player interviews over the years. Julius Brents is without a doubt one of the best. Engaging, interesting, focused. It’s going to be very easy to root for him at the next level.

This is also available via ‘The Rebuild’ podcast.


  1. Roy Batty

    He’ll have a long career. He’s too driven, focused and confident not to.

    Another in a long list of great interviews, Rob

    Thanks for this.

  2. Trevor

    Another awesome interview Rob. Really like Brent’s a lot and if you were to draw up a classic Seahawks / Pete Carrol outside CB he is what it would look like. The idea of Woolen and Brent’s outside with Bryant in the slot then Tre Smith and Mike Jackson would be a young and dynamic CB room on par with any in the league.

  3. Trevor

    Rob have you had a chance to take a look at Terrell Smith the CB from Minnesota? Really like him as a day 3 option for the Hawks. Good combination of speed and length. He looked awesome at the Shrine against lesser competition and I think he will have a great combine.

    • Rob Staton

      I haven’t

  4. Steve Nelsen

    What a cool interview!

    I love Julius teasing about how he is going to show at the Combine. And he recognized how Tariq’s success was partly due to landing in the right place. He dropped Sherman as a guy he modeled his game after. I think he would love to be a Seahawk.

    He is not as raw as Tariq was and if he tests well, I think he gets drafted high by one of the teams kicking themselves for passing on Woolen last year.

    I know Seattle never drafts CBs in Round Two but if they make an exception this year for JuJu, I will be fine with it!

    • vanhawksfan

      Brents is reputed to have an arm length of 33 7/8 and a wingspan of 82 3/4 – over 6’10’ in reach!!! Holy shit!!

      Imagine that paired up with Woolen!

      The issues are stiff in the hips and not enough top end speed. He sounds more like Sherman than Woolen did.

  5. Forrest

    Great find and interview, Rob. Brents is just the kind of infectious tone setter who you want on your team. He looks like a kick slide candidate and could offer scheme versatility at strong safety, Will LB in coverage on 3rd down, dime etc. i’d love to see him blowing up screens and jet sweeps against the Rams and 49ers

  6. Cawww

    Who kidnapped Tony Pauline? I refuse to believe this is a mock draft he would publish

    • Roy Batty

      If AR started to slide, plenty of teams would trade back into the first to grab him and that 5th year option. Same for Levis.

    • Hawkdawg

      Not a fan of that draft from a Seahawk perspective, although I don’t know a lot about the WR we pick at 20…

    • Trevor

      Alway like Tony’s interview with Rob each year but this is one of the worst mock drafts I have seen this year and that is saying something.

      -No chance Levis last till 19
      – No Richardson in Rd #1
      -Bijan lasting till 27
      -Myles Murphy to the the Hawks at 5
      -Paris Johnson and Peter Skoronski as top 10 picks
      -Broderick Jones at 16
      -Deonte Banks and DJ Turner at 23,24


    • Rob Staton

      I consider Tony a friend and an inspiration. If his mock draft there proves to be ahead of the curve, I’ll be the first on here to praise him.

      But I don’t see it going that way in the slightest.

      • Elmer

        Tony Pauline is a credible source, clearly. It’s early days still and these mocks will change . Myles Murphy at 5 is not reassuring though.

    • cha

      What shocks me the most is how down on the QBs he is after Young & Stroud.

      #9 he says any QB there is a reach
      #19 he takes the time to say Levis isn’t top 10 and it’s hype and speculation

    • Matt

      Yet again…I’m amazed at the excuses made for Pass Rushers not performing while QBs are offered no grace despite their horrendous situations. It actually does amaze me.

      “Sure Myles Murphy is not that good but he was held back by .”

      “Levis and Richardson suck.”

      • Rob Staton

        It’s very frustrating

      • GrittyHawk

        I was just ranting about that yesterday. So weird how everyone goes on and on about Levis and Richardson’s production not warranting a top pick, but then it’s like my brother in christ, you literally mocked Myles Murphy in the top 5. Why are they so comfortable drafting Murphy on projection from his physical attributes, but not comfortable doing it for Richardson? Why are we talking about Carter possibly going #1 but not mentioning his meager 3 sacks this year, and yet they can’t shut up about Levis’ interceptions to the point where I’ve seen no fewer than a dozen people call him an “instant bust”?

        • Brett

          Yeah he literally says “Murphy has the physical tools to develop into a major threat” – as if Levis or Richardson don’t? I get it’s harder for a QB to turn his tools into success than a position like DE, but when you combine the tape with the tools I actually think Levis or Richardson have a better chance of being a star than Murphy.

  7. Trevor

    Crazy idea but If Bijan is on the board at 20 could you trade Walker for a 2nd round pick and take Robinson?

    Really like Walker but have concerns about that ankle and durability. Plus Robinson is a generational talent.

    • Sea Mode

      Why trade Walker? Just keep both. When was the last time our lead RB stayed healthy all season…?

    • Mick

      You don’t trade a guy that played well after having him for one year. If he’s gonna get injured you don’t extend his rookie deal. I could live with taking Robinson at 20 anyways and having two power running backs, especially if we start a rookie QB.

    • cha


      But if Mayer is there I’d snap him up and see if there is a market for Fant before Day 2 gets under way.

      • 509 Chris

        I like Mayer a lot, and that could be the 3rd pass catching option we need. Not all tight ends can count as one of the serious pass catching threats but the special ones do, and he looks special to me. I do feel like if the value isn’t there for trench players or wr te why not grab Robinson and have 2 feature backs?

        • cha

          I would be thrilled if Bijan was there at 20.

          But I think Mayer’s skillset will age better.

  8. CojackTX

    In Tony’s defense (only slightly), he does preface the mock by stating “My latest 2023 NFL Mock Draft takes us through the first round with the selections based on what I’d do as the general manager for all 32 teams and an insight into potentially what they’re currently thinking.” Still, a bit of a head scratcher. I can only assume spitting out too many similar mocks in a row would not generate a ton of buzz.

  9. Rob4q

    Looks like Taylor Lewan and Robert Woods released by Titans. Lewan was a decent OT in the past. Woods might be a nice WR3 to pair with DK & Tyler…

    • Rob Staton

      Woods does know the scheme

    • STTBM

      I’ve liked Woods play since college, and wanted Seattle to draft him or sign him in FA. But he’s getting old and has had a recent major injury. Given our tight cap, I would hope to get him super cheap.

      He made Sherm look dumb a few times. As Rob points out, he’d know our system too. Price dependant, I’d take a flyer. But Lewan is likely done.

  10. cha

    Adam Nathan had it first:

  11. Ashish

    Very interesting mock draft, different and change in direction how media thinks about QB

    • 509 Chris

      I feel like Giants fans are going through the same thing as we are now at qb. Jones will find his market is lukewarm and will settle on something reasonable in NY. I could be wrong but there’s way too many decent qb’s on the market or available by trade this year for them all to cash out big.

      • Ashish

        At least Jones is much younger than Geno and scope to improve in his young career. But if his asking price is absurd sure, NYG might be looking for new QB.

        By draft time it will be clear, if you don’t pick QB at 5 there is zero chance you can get top 4 QB – Young, Stroud, Levis or AR. Like Rob mention earlier, what ever happens in top 4 picks Hawks can land either one of 4 QB or Anderson.

    • 509 Chris

      In regards to that mock, how would you feel I’d Seattle trades back to let a conference rival take Levis? It’s interesting to see more people finally waking up to AR too as a #1 pick.

    • Matt

      Interesting indeed – absolutely hate it for Seattle. I love Kancey…but you can’t do that at 9, in this scheme. He just can’t be your first pick. RW cannot then into Kancey and Cross.

      JMS – agree with Rob; nice player becoming insanely overrated. Rashee Rice in the top 40 is bonkers. Soaking Ika…can’t do it.

  12. Trevor

    Keep seeing Myles Murphy or Tyree Wilson mocked to the Hawks so actually took some time to watch whatever film and clips I could get on them and I am incredibly underwhelmed.

    As Rob had pointed out many times Murphy does not look special at all on a loaded Clemson DL. Personally I would not be interested in at any point in RD1 much less at #5

    Wilson shows more on tape and had some splash plays. Obviously he has a great frame and length but I don’t see any of the twitch the Hawks covet in thier edge rushers. He seems slow off the snap. I think people will be very disappointed in his 40 and 10yd split.

    If JS decides not to go QB and Carter / Anderson are off the board then a trade down has to be on the table. IMO there are 6 players in this draft worthy of the #5 pick. The four QBs, Carter , Anderson and Robinson and I don’t think they can take an RB at 5.

    • Nick

      I increasingly feel like Levis or Richardson is going to be the choice at 5. I think they prefer Levis, but I dunno. They saw Cam Newton dominate the league for a bit. And Richardson has that potential. Remember when JS said if Russell was 6’3 he’d have been the top overall pick (or at least top 10!)? I feel like Richardson is closer to being that dude.

  13. Trevor

    Bears fall in love with a QB and put Justin Feilds on the block. Would you trade #20 for 3 yrs of Feilds on a rookie deal? Then go Anderson or Carter at 5.

    Don’t think I would but interesting idea.

    • Matt

      No – Fields is just too bad in the passing game. He needs a master play caller/designer to overcome his shortcomings in that part of his game.

    • cha


  14. Rob Staton

    So… we’re paying Belore near enough $4m too


    • KennyBadger

      WTF man. Did you see anything about guarantees?

      Great interview Rob, would love to see him in a Seahawks uniform next year.

    • cha

      Remember when Chris Maragos signed with Philly after the SB for $4m and we all breathed a sigh of relief that the Seahawks dodged a bullet?

    • dand393

      Wow this is unbelievable I really have to wonder same as with Haynes who else is paying this kind of salary for these guys, it’s really starting to look like Geno is going to get 40 million plus

    • Sea Mode

      sigh. we’ve seen this movie before.

      If it’s the same script as usual, they’ll have been “in it to the end” for Payne but just have their offer beat out by $2m and miss out because they “had to keep Bellore”.

    • Steve Nelsen

      This does not make sense. I read an article a while back about how all the top ST players for Seattle would gone and the author speculated they might keep Bellore as protection against a ST collapse. But, this seems like way too much.

      • Peter

        Does any team in the league spend this much money on “veteran presence?”

        It’s getting unbelievable at times.

    • James Cr.

      He has compromising pictures of PC and JS. Only explanation that makes sense.

    • Julian L

      This does seem a bit odd. If they’re paying the guy for his personality and presence, why just not make him a coach?

      What this tells me is they’re not franchise tagging Geno and may well be looking at the Draft for their long term solution at QB, just the media still haven’t noticed yet.

      • Peter

        Beat me to it. After watching about 45 minutes of different videos talking about his leadership, etc, I just thought why not convert him to a coach position.

  15. Madmark

    This is going to a crazy year in the free agency market with a lot of cap casualties. There will be a few big contracts but not as many as we seen in years past. Three free agents I like to see Seattle at least look at.
    Javon Hargrave we need an experienced DT for the defensive line. He’s age 30 and last year put up 11sacks, 60tackles, and 1force fumble.
    Lavonte David we could use a veteran LB and he doesn’t seem to lost a step at age 33. Last year he had 3sacks, 124tackles, 1force fumble, and 5pass defense. Some may not remember but in 2012 draft this guy was I drafted when traded down I think 4 picks and Tampa Bay drafted him. I remember a lot people in Seattle draft room heads drop looking upset. This was the guy they wanted but they moved on and we got Bobby Wagner. I’m not sure he’d even consider coming Seattle playing his whole career in Tampa.
    Tony Pollard we want to run the ball and at age 26 this ha shown that he can do that and more. Last year he had 193carries for 1,007yards,9TDs,39catches,371yards, and 3TDs. I really like the idea of versatility in the RB room. I really like this idea.

  16. cha

    With Haynes and Bellore that takes their cap from $31m to $23m and change.

    They will have to cut Jackson and then find $3m or so more (Harris?) to tag Geno.

    The tag may be off the table.

    They may actually be putting pressure on Geno proactively. They don’t have tag money and they need to fill out their roster. Sign for a low 2023 to make it work.

    • Rob Staton

      Can already envisage the article I’m going to write in April listing all the ways Seattle is wasting cap

      • cha

        Those two players could equal the 2023 cap hit on a smartly designed contract for an impact defender.

      • TomLPDX

        And I’m not looking forward to reading it. The truth hurts. The more things change, the more things stay the same. C’mon John, stop it!

        • Hawk Mock

          They are seriously crazy in the way they overpay for mediocre to less than mediocre roster filler. It drives me nuts. I’m a firm believer in spending on proven talent when available and filling the roster with guys exactly like these 2, but much later in the process and when they are desperate for a team and contract, so, much cheaper. 8 million! 8 friggin million!! Put that towards Hargrave, David, Edmunds, Davenport, ZAllen, etc. Maddening. Looking like our strategy is staying the same – stay the course with our own crap. Geno for 35mil + come on down!

        • Big Mike

          Yep, we see this crap every.single.flipping.year.

      • Roy Batty

        Why the hell would you pay a special teams guy that much?

        A great kick/punt returner, maybe, if he’s also a decent RB/WR.

        Nick is neither.

      • BobbyK

        Did Finney sign, too?

        • Big Mike

          Ok that’s macabre funny Bobby.

    • Madmark

      I find it’s easier for me to do my taxes than to figure out cap space on an NFL team. My head thinking about who I can afford.

    • MoBo

      He will be the highest paid special teamer and comedian on our roster this season.
      Which team was going to pay a 34 year old pure special teamer (not kicker or punter) this amount of money?
      If we would have signed both for half the money, okay. But nearly 8M for bidding against yourself? Good lord whats next? 40M for Geno? 10M for Poona? 8M for Penny or 5M for Barton?

      • Peter

        10 for poona feels right. In this new “always reward,” style of roster building poona hits all the bench marks. Been with the team so you get his veteran knowledge. Team grown prospect. And player most likely to not get 10 million on an open market.

        • Bballin

          Can we get Darnell Washington in the 2nd as super will dissly and cut him.

          His physicality at TE would be fun and he’s got good hands even though he’s never gonna move like Travis kelce. If we’re gonna get back to being the bully let’s do it

          • Peter

            Any move that makes us the bullies again I’m all for

    • GrittyHawk

      Wow. It’s wild to see this kind of thing happen repeatedly and yet so many fans are eager to “just trust John and Pete”. I’m honestly just jealous of their job security at this point. Not many franchises will keep you around with one playoff win in 6 years (against an injured 40 year old Josh McCown).

    • Mick

      But this is not the way to put pressure on Geno. Sign a damn QB not expensive backups. Not even cutting Adams makes up for this.

      • clbradley17
        The effective cap space was 31 million before we re-signed K Myers recently and locked in DK, Adams, Diggs and Dissly for 2023 last Friday. After that is was down to 19 million. With these 2 1 year 4 mil. contracts each for Bellore and Haynes, the effective cap space must be down to 11 mil., but those last 2 contracts from Tuesday are not reflected yet.

        I thought we were trying to get younger and faster. Signing a slow soon to be 34 year old just good at ST Bellore doesn’t show that, only that they always 2X overpay for their own guys. We could’ve waited and signed Bradbury or a very good mid-20s full time LB, DE/Edge or DB who also excels at ST for 3-4 mil. at least in the first year of a longer contract.

        And Dissly’s contract is almost fully locked in for 2023. Even if we cut or trade him after June 1, with the guarantee from 2/15, we would only save 450k of his 9.2 mil. 2023 cap hit.

        To even get back over 20 mil. in effective cap space, we’re going to have to re-negotiate Harris before Friday because then his 2023 contract is locked in like the others according to cha, re-negotiate Adams, and cut or trade QJeff, Jackson, possibly Mone and others. Just cutting QJeff & Jackson would only possibly save over 4 mil. for 2023 because we would save 11+ mil. but cost almost 7 in dead cap hit.

        Otherwise there’s no way we can re-sign not even Geno but others except for maybe just 1 like C Bradbury after re-signing and outbidding ourselves again for our own guys like last year with Dissly. And at least for now we can’t trade for Buckner from Indy because his cap hit is 20 mil. and we don’t have it, or Payne if his 2023 cap hit is in the teens.

        • Peter

          Really great post and much more succinct than I could have made it.

          A lot of hawks talking heads who have a more Pollyanna view of all this keep singing the praises of these signings. Locker room leader, hedge, taking care of the little things, etc.

          But you nailed it. We can start saying goodbye to a serious FA addition shortly.

          Which leads us back to the draft. If we are in some sort of “draft all defense at every spot,” echo chamber and just roll with Geno fine I guess. Just glad to be 7-9 wins and hope no one ever gets injured for the next two years.

          Because any person with a pulse can pretty simply google up whether it’s carter, tyree wilson, or other(s) it’s highly likely we won’t see any real benefit from those selections for two at best and more likely 3-4 years after drafting them.

          • Hawkdawg

            I think the point is that “rolling with Geno” might not be very doable, depending on his numbers…without also rolling a bunch of money into the future…

            • cha

              That’s the fear now.

              If they give him a big contract and only hit $9m or so this year, there will be some $40m cap hits coming in 24-25.

              • Peter

                I made a joke post but used the knowledge you’ve passed on to all of us about this exact issue.

                Feels very likely Geno’s money gets kicked into the following two seasons with big hits and no easy outs.

            • clbradley17

              100% Hawkdawg. I think they already have made up their mind that they’re going to let Geno test the market, and hope it’s closer to 20 mil. than 40 for him. Even then I wouldn’t want him since as you say we’d have to roll a lot of $ for him into future years with only around 10-11 mil. in effective cap space left.

              It’s just so frustrating seeing PC talk JS into 2 to 3 times overpaying for his guys every year. “Got to have him back at any cost. Overpay so we don’t lose him, then double it!” Dissly last year got a contract twice or 3 times what a backup blocking TE who had 200 yds and 1 TD the year before would’ve made anywhere else. Now we’re paying him over 9 mil. this year. He has a 10.1 cap hit in 2024. Who wants to bet that if PC is still here, he has to have his guy Uncle Will back next year?

              Haynes wasn’t as bad. Probably 50% more than another team would pay for a part time often-injured guard. But who thinks Bellore would’ve gotten more than 1 to 1.5 mil. from another team for an old guy who runs in the mid-4.8s, is lousy at LB but good on STs? So we probably paid about triple what he’s worth to everyone else because Pete has to keep “his guys”. This is Dissly 2023.

              How much better would you feel if we had the patience to wait a little longer and sign a BAMF defensive player, or at least a couple very good players like C Bradbury and a fast young LB or DT for that same 8 mil. we spent on Haynes and Bellore? The way they spend like drunken sailors every year for their own avg. guys dashes hope to improve except through the draft.

              Without any other re-negotiations, trades or cuts + Harris’ lock in for 2023 tomorrow and other moves like this week may take us down into the mid-single digits in effective cap space soon. Then we won’t be able to sign almost anyone but in the 2nd or 3rd wave of FA to save $ and hope the rookies and UDFAs work out after the draft.

              Everyone here is at least informed about our cap $ situation. Almost every other website still says we have tons of $ for FA this year and can franchise Geno and sign a bunch of high priced FAs. What a joke!

  17. Ghost Mutt

    Awesome interview Rob, really fascinating stuff from Julius on the combine prep and the mechanics of a good 40.

  18. Sea Mode

    The way he shuffles through progressions, sets his feet, and puts perfect touch on his passes is so mesmerizing. I want him pretty bad for the Hawks…

    • icb12

      Gotta be honest.

      I don’t see much “going through progressions”.

      I see an obligatory look somewhere for a split second, then eyes locked on the receiver the sideline says will be getting the ball. Just waiting for the exact right moment to throw.

      That said.. his ball placement is absurdly good.

      That’s what I see. But I’m extremely unlikely to be an NFL scout in this lifetime.

      • Sea Mode

        Could be he’s just like a bot executing a script to look off the safety. But I guess if he can do that and then reset and launch quickly and with accuracy to the intended receiver, he should be capable of running through progressions as well and making the split-second decision to throw or not.

        I’ll also defer to the experts.

        • clbradley17

          He looks excellent Sea Mode. I think JS will draft Stroud, Levis, Richardson or Young with the #5 pick and Geno won’t be back. We have hardly any cap space left and don’t want to be paying Geno $30-40 mil. next year or 2 to make up for paying him single digits this year.

          Sign Lock, Rush, White, or Minshew to a 2 year low deal for both years, and draft BQA – best quarterback available with #5.

  19. Sea Mode

    Keion White already 24 in January. Will McDonald will be 24 in June.

    • Volume12

      Love White’s athleticism and potential but he’s much more of a projection than McDonald imo.

      Can Seattle afford to take a project on the D-line who isnt very good against the run when that’s their glaring weaknes?

      • Peter

        Strangley I haven’t found anyone I like that much against the run.

        Oddly Tyree might be the best at it but then I don’t like him at five since I don’t think he’s a great fit for 3-4 end. And I’m not super impressed with his pass rush. Which at five I want a guy who is more the complete package.

      • Denver Hawker

        I was just thinking the other day, where/how’s V12? Glad to see you.

    • Peter

      Does it matter much? Taylor didn’t play until he was 24.

      • Justaguy

        Seems to have made an impact on Darrell’s progression. Undoubtedly everyone will only suggest it was from his freak injury. Why was DT drafted so high?

        • Peter

          I think Rob had suggested he would have been a first rounder had it not been for his injury.

          I get younger seems better. And maybe it is. But if taylor had been drafted and played he’d have been 23.

          With Macdonald not sure what his floor or ceiling is. He played out of position last year.

          With white I’m not concerned about his age. He missed nearly a full year and was learning a new position. He seems like a ready and willing student of tge game.

      • Sea Mode

        Just one more aspect to factor into the whole evaluation, that’s all.

    • Madmark

      I keep asking myself who’s going to be left on this Defensive Line and the edge rushers? We have to remember they changed the Defense last year some players looked lost but many of the players just didn’t the 3-4 scheme. Here’s a list that were the 3.
      AL Woods
      Poona Ford
      Byran Mone
      Quinton Jefferson
      Shelby Harris
      L.J. Collier
      It’s looks to me that we absolutely need a complete rebuild here. We can use the draft for only so much help to fill position of these guys when their gone. Now I want to make a list of the 4th guy on the Defensive Line the Edge list.
      Darrel Taylor
      Boye Mafe
      Uchenna Nwosu
      Aldon Robinson
      Tyreke Smith
      Bruce Irving
      This the position on the line Seattle actually drafted and went in free agency to fill. With injuries they filled in with Irving’s and Smith. We a tiny look at Tchangam from practice who was a physical combine standout. Came from Colorado 6’3” 245lbs. ran 40 in 4.54, 27 bench reps, and a 3 cone 7.06. He’s going to be competing for a spot. Aldon Robinson weight might be a factor for falloff now he’s 270lbs. I’m sure a couple of guys on this list will be gone. Who goes and how you replace them to improve this defensive line is the question?

  20. Trevor

    Does anything scream Seahawks free agency more than signing a backup Gaurd and Special Teamer for $8 mil in cap space?

    • All I see is 12s

      Can’t imagine there was another team driving up the price…

  21. Big Mike

    Adding Barton for 5 per as MoBo suggested above?

    • Peter

      Gotta reward our own.

      Seriously this is a mess. 4 million for veteran special team presence…

      If they keep spending like this they’ll have to do something whacky like instead of a Cha easy out Geno contract it’ll be more like 10 million this year with 45 million each of the following years and most of that will be fully guaranteed.

      • Troy

        I get the point here, but the reported $3.75M in year one likely means that he’s getting a $2M signing bonus with base salaries of $1.75M in 2023 and $3.85M in 2024. Likely never sees the 2024 contract (cut). Cap hit of $2.75M In 2023 (up a bit from last years $2.25M). Just a swag based on what’s been reported thus far.

        • Peter

          Look I’m totally being a wiseass.

          For me with both signings ultimately it’s a big meh. Easy outs both.

          It’s just the thought process. On the one hand it’s good to have a plan before the draft. On the other hand it’s just a good chunk of money for Haynes when a prove it deal could be less.

          A lot of these deals I think are more just a sign of the inevitable sale of the team.

          • ukalex6674

            How so?

            • Peter

              There’s a thought and I share it that there may a bit of hesitancy for larger, longer, more guaranteed contracts as the guaranteed money needs to be held in escrow which could possibly complicate the sale.

              Often though not always when a business gets ready to sell there’s a period of debt clearing.

              It’s just one idea.

              The counter to this for me is I highly doubt an asset worth 5-7 billion would be held back on a sale if you had contracts for key players extending beyond tge sale date.

              What’s 50-100 million in escrow (debt, sort of) to a five billion dollar purchase? Nearly nothing.

              I’m just trying to find a reason why Seattle is fairly obsessed with the 1-2 year deals. Sort of makes long term planning tricky.

              I listened to a podcast about re-upping Nwosu now for example but if I was nwossu I might consider playing out next year as an extended prove it.

      • Brett

        If they give him the league min veteran contract for year 1, to get to the $3.75M guaranteed year 1 like Garofolo suggests, signing bonus would be about $2.6M and year 1 cap hit would be a shade under $2.5M. Still unnecessary for a ST player in my opinion, although I would guess they view him as the “glue” to ST to justify it.

  22. Hawkster

    The PFF bot is stuck for me. I trade chi to #4. Then it goes Stoud, Young, Anderson. Chi trade again to LV (or CAR) and they take Levis.
    SEA takes Robinson, CHi takes Quentin at WR, a run on SDB DL faves, and because it is PFF, Robinson there at 20, cause PFF wont draft RBs before the 7th rd. So much for DL.

  23. Justaguy

    Great interview Rob. So engaging and asking tough interview questions without any hint a awkwardness. Rare skill yet you pull it off effortlessly

  24. Roy Batty

    One week to the combine and let’s just say March 2nd will not be a very productive day for me at the office. The 3rd will see me bounce back, and thank god QB day is on a Saturday.

    • Sea Mode


      And lots of SDB members suddenly calling in sick on April 27-28…

      • Roy Batty

        April 27th isn’t such a big deal, since they won’t even get to the Hawks at #5 until somewhere around 7pm.

        That red carpet crap just keeps going and going and going.

        Listen, Goodell, If Ida wanted to watch the Oscars Ida watched the Oscars.

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      We’re lucky to have two media heads like MikeRob and Burleson that actually have instincts towards how the Seahawks operate.

    • TomLPDX

      I think MikeRob is the only one to get it right so far and for the obvious reasons. Sure wish it would play out like this.

      • BK26

        We’re lucky that we have him and Burleson as the voice for what the team is thinking. They are both two of the best, but also understand the team.

        Robinson is thinking that Seattle would swing for the fences because they can. I like that that is his thought process.

    • Brett

      Cool to see. I just think they would need to take him at #5, instead of #20 like he’s suggesting.

      • Rob Staton

        Yep, it’ll almost certainly need to be #5 or a trade up from #20

        • Brett

          I could see the trade up from 20 happening if Anderson falls to them (or Carter and he assures them in interviews he’s matured). Then maybe target to move up to #7. PFF Mock Draft simulator shows they could trade #20, #51, and 2024 R2 for #7. How exciting would it be to get Anderson and Richardson – potentially field-tilting players at both EDGE and QB.

  25. QAgrizzly

    Pat Kirwin on his XM show had pretty effusive praise for D.L. Karl Brooks performance at Senior Bowl workouts as well as game. He had a very fascinating and quite frankly very impressive interview with him both going into detail the strengths of his game which appear to feature extreme physical strength and leverage with a long body, also with enough quickness to move up and down
    the line. Equally impressive was his overall character which amongst other things was his decision to stay at Bowling Green his senior season despite the opportunity to go to a big time program in the transfer portal, mainly based on his feeling of commitment to only program to really give him a chance. He also exhibtes a very steely confidence in his ability at the next level, along with a bit of a chip on his shoulder. What makes him a bit intriguing is that he has not been invited to combine which means his Senior day will be very interesting, any thoughts?

  26. cha

    The John Schneider Show today should be interesting.

    I don’t expect them to ask “WTH are you thinking in regards to the salary cap?” so much as praise for those two players. But if they don’t ask about how they’re going to manage the cap and/or make any acquisitions I’ll be very disappointed.

    • cha

      I’d also like assurances that the team doctor did a VERY thorough physical on Haynes and he passed with flying colors.

      • Hawkhomer1

        I was really upset at both the Haynes and Bellore extensions and then I thought they no longer have the money to overpay Geno and have to draft a quarterback. Hope so.

        • Roy Batty

          Void years, my friend.

          Void years.

          • Sea Mode

            Idk, hasn’t really ever been their MO to go down the void years route.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Haynes’s contract doesn’t concern me. That’s not a lot of money for a starting OG. And it’s only for one year.

        As to his health, he played a majority of snaps last season.

        It’s not an inspiring signing, but it’s a necessary one to move on from Gabe Jackson.

        I’m not particularly a fan of Bellore’s contract. But then, I think the value they see in him is more intangible and important to team chemistry. It also shows that they reward solid, consistent effort.

        • cha

          It bothers me.

          We’re back on the ferris wheel again. One year with a bigger cap hit that means they’ll have another open spot in 2024 to fill.

          Why not sign him to a 3-year $14m deal? Have a 2023 cap hit of $2-2.5m, a 2024 of $5m and a 2025 of $7m with most non-guaranteed? At least then they’d have options, continuity AND a lower cap hit.

          But my guess is Haynes doesn’t want that, and thinks he can establish some market value with a good season and is willing to be on himself.

          Then why not something lower on a one year deal with more money in incentives?

          It feels like JS is standing on a street corner handing out negotiating leverage to anyone that walks by. God help us if they negotiate the Geno contract this way.

          • Blitzy the Clown

            Or they’re not sold on Haynes long term for whatever reason and intend to draft an IOL in April 🤷🏻‍♂️

            • cha

              Again, then why not a lower guarantee and more $ in incentives?

              • clbradley17

                100% cha. JS is confusing. He’ll make some great trades like Dunlap for a 7th, Clowney for a 3rd and they pay most of his contract, and Diggs for a 5th. But then he’ll pay way too much to re-sign our own guys, and the wrong structure. He’ll re-sign too many on a yearly basis with a double raise.

                Dissly is making near top of the next level TE pay behind Kelce & Kittle, at 9 mil. this year and 10 next. These last 2 contracts this week are WAY over what anyone else would’ve paid, or the # of years, incentives, etc. Good points.

                • Hawkhomer1

                  Again, if these contracts already put Geno out of the market I am happy. Sign Lock for 2 years at 12 mil and let him compete with whomever we draft at QB. You then have continuity with someone who has been in the Waldron system but have the guy for the future.

  27. Rob4q

    I really like MSD over at the Athletic and like reading his Seahawks articles. But his mock draft choices have just been awful…he must really feel that Geno will be signed for the next 2-3 years and no QB is needed. But to trade back from 5 and only get a a 3rd and a 5th back in return? Then watch AR and Levis go in the next two picks?!? And he even says after picking Tyree Wilson at 7 that he probably doesn’t fit as a 3/4 DE or OLB – so why then?!?

    Then at 20 he has them trade back again and watch Mayer go off the board in that pick only to select Puddin’ Torrence @ 25…really?!?

    • BK26

      He’s made his decision at quarterback and can’t be bothered to think about it again. It’s a plug and done decision. It’s easy.

      I have seen a few people randomly online that were “can’t take a qb, none are good enough until late day 2,” that have come around a little bit. Or at least understand the situation and are looking at tape more. No one big time though sadly.

    • TomLPDX

      Yeah, I like his articles for the most part but his mocks just plan suck.

    • Peter

      I’ve been saying it for awhile now but Tyree doesn’t fit in a 3-4.

      It’s mind bending that the whole fanbase was fairly certain that we would take a qb this year with no idea where the picks would fall.

      But now it’s like we’ve stumbled into prime Rodgers at qb so we’re set for “years.”

      And the talking points about how much he’s worth always start with tannehill, etc yet most of us wouldn’t want those qbs on our roster at their costs so I’m scratching my head as to why this situation is different.

      • GrittyHawk

        The part I really don’t get with Tannehill is that he’s the absolute peak example of how fast a player can decline in his 30s. He’s really the perfect case study in why NOT to give Geno that kind of contract. He had half a good year, they gave him $30M+ per year (which was structured/restructured to kick the can and now crush them with dead money), he had 1 more good season and then completely fell apart at age 33. Shouldn’t the lesson we take from that debacle be that we SHOULDN’T do that???

      • Roy Batty

        It started out with Murphy to Seattle on EVERY mock, then they moved on to Wilson. People just get lazy and follow the crowd.

        Here’s a weird thought: The Seahawks have ZERO…ZERO QB’s under contract. How about mocking one to them? You know, the most important position on the team.

        On the flip side, it’s going to be hilarious watching the meltdown if they do go QB at #5.

        • Peter

          It makes too much sense to be bold and mock a qb to the team with literally no starter on the roster.

          Meltdown is right. 4 picks in the first two rounds and one a top five. At least consider it.

    • Matt

      I’ll the the jerk; I think his material sucks, big time. His main intention seems to be being buddy-buddy with players/organization. It’s an epidemic with Seattle sports. I also find his analysis to be extremely lazy and lacking much future-thinking.

      So basically, I think he fits in tremendously with what we have; sans Rob and SDB.

      • Roy Batty

        I echo this sentiment.

    • vanhawksfan

      MSD gets paid to write and he does not hold a candle to Rob & Curtis over here. Nice enough guy and all but his writing leaves me disappointed more often than not.

  28. Jabroni-DC

    Very curious to see how Baltimore handles the Lamar Jackson situation. They may be the team that stuns everyone by showing restraint & not ponying up rather than caving into fear by paying a franchise crippling contract to Lamar.

    • TomLPDX

      If I were the Ravens, I’d let him get the hell out of Dodge. I’ve never thought he was that great and never understood the love he gets.

      • Peter

        I very much echo this.

  29. 805Hawk

    Can someone point me to where OTC has effective cap space? All I can find is the current cap space ($27m). $27m is the number that everyone throws around, but isn’t the real number we should be dealing with, correct?

    • RyanL

      If you look at it seems to show effective cap space per team. Not sure if there’s an easier way.

      • JJ

        You have to be on a PC. Doesn’t show on phone.

        • 805Hawk

          Ah!!! That’s my problem. Thank you!

          • Hawkhomer1

            I think the disparity comes from the money you need to hold back to sign the rookie class. Having 4 high draft picks is great but costly. Cha can set me straight if I have that wrong.

  30. Matt

    While I’m very cynical with this team and believe they will not do the right thing in the draft; I’ve come to this thought…

    I think there is 1 QB that Seattle would Trade UP to acquire. And I think this person has been a target since last offseason when the RW stuff went down.

    CJ Stroud


    Physical traits – Accuracy, Arm, Size, Mobility (while preferring to play in structure). He is truly the definitive point guard with the upside to create on his own (as we saw against Georgia).

    The biggest reason? Intangibles, character…off the charts. For those of you who have not watched the Elite 11 series – do it. Go to the 2019 series. CJ Stroud is a no name player who lived in an apartment at a storage facility. He was told no…several times. By a stroke of luck; gets invited due to DJ U dropping out. The humility and excitement he shows when refusing the invite is incredible. But, what stood out even more…he had every intention of proving he was the best. He showed himself to be the best worker and teammate. Jordan Palmer and Trent Dilfer are quoted saying, “he kept stacking good days and was literally making massive jumps every time he went out there.”

    The no name kid didn’t back down from the likes of Bryce Young and eventually won MVP of the event – a huge honor. His performances were jaw dropping – he didn’t back down but also maintained his relationship with his competitors – very tough to do.

    You might be thinking – neat story. But, keep in mind who runs this event…Yogi Roth, who is VERY tight with Pete Carroll. Now, I’m not saying Pete/JS have wanted him since then, but imagine Yogi telling the story of this kid as soon as he gets on the NFL radar. He overcame so much shit in his life, shows humility and maturity far beyond his years. The ultimate team guy who is soft spoken, doesn’t want attention, but is an absolute killer on the field.

    This is why I think he may be the guy. He’s everything Pete wants. He has all the tools JS covers.

    Please, please go watch Elite 11 2019. It’s impossible to not want that kid on your team.

    Also fun – Bryce Young and Anthony Richardson are in it and both show tremendous skill/character.

    • Matt

      And for the record; I think JS would love all 4 QBs; I just think CJ is the guy that both would fall in love with and be aggressive to acquire.

    • Ashish

      We are in Feb, already top 4 QBs are making waves for right reason. Till now many host are in denial to get QB at #5 like Levis or Richardson and expecting them to last late 1st or even 2nd round.
      I will very nervous if hawks don’t select QB at #5, because i feel we have no chance to get them in our next pick. Even trading up will be difficult as Raiders, Panthers and Bucks all looking for QB.

    • MountainHawker

      Great post. Watching that series now. Wasn’t familiar with it at all

  31. Sea Mode

    I actually have been thinking we might see some “surprise” teams decide that the opportunity of drafting one of these QBs on a rookie deal is just too good to pass up. The Bears have been discussed a lot already, maybe the Giants, bit I think there might be some surprise teams few are expecting as well.

    • Peter

      Surprise!!! It’s Seattle. That’s the surprise team. Who was going to draft a,qb this year and every KNOWS we won’t.

  32. BK26

    Rams released Bobby. I wonder if they are gearing up for a big cut-down/rebuild. No clue on their cap situation, I just know that they’ve been using the credit card for a while and probably getting close to going over the balance.

    Good thing that they have the picks to fix that situation.

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