Live stream: Day two reaction


  1. Kevin buckland

    Only way this day could have been better is moving up a couple spots to get Tindall overall great day though!!

    • Sea Mode


  2. Sea Mode

    Tom Pelissero

    Offensive players still on the board entering Day 3 of the NFL Draft include:

    QB Sam Howell
    QB Carson Strong
    QB Bailey Zappe
    RB Isaiah Spiller
    RB Zamir White
    RB Dameon Pierce
    WR Khalil Shakir
    WR Justyn Ross
    TE Cade Otton
    TE Charlie Kolar
    TE Daniel Bellinger
    OT Daniel Faalele

    Defensive players still on the board entering Day 3 include:

    Edge Dominique Robinson
    DT Perrion Winfrey
    LB Damone Clark
    LB D’Marco Jackson
    CB Tariq Woolen
    CB Coby Bryant
    CB Joshua Jobe
    CB Zyon McCollum
    CB Jalyn Armour-Davis
    S Tycen Anderson
    S Verone McKinley III
    S Smoke Monday

    • Chris

      Better not put Sam Howell up there, you’ll get tarred and feathered around here.

      I actually like him just as much as the other QBs in the draft (maybe more, honestly, but not because I think he’s great necessarily, but instead because everyone is mediocre) and don’t understand the hate for him whatsoever.

      There’s too many attractive players left though and the Hawks have so many holes that it isn’t worth a flyer on a 10%-hit-rate-at-best quarterback this year. Load up in the trenches and high value positions (OTs, rush DEs, hopefully a CB that turns out alright) and give all these new offensive players a year to gel before going after a real QB prospect next year to slide into an otherwise functioning offense. Next year, put the draft focus on defense with the high picks.

      • MychestisBeastmode

        No hate here (as if I could properly evaluate a QB anyways…). Now that we are past the 3rd round if they go QB it won’t be as damning given the players they would have missed out on instead (especially after the spectacular haul in rds 2 and 3 imo).

        However, my thought has been that none of these QBs have enough upside or are polished enough to start soon to outweigh giving Lock a shot when compared to Lock’s athletic ability and flashes of talent (albeit far too inconsistent). So, I’d just as soon give Lock a chance thinking that it was always more likely our QB is in next year’s draft regardless of who we do or don’t draft at QB this year.

        Keep loading up positional talent! There’s a bunch of quality still out there.

  3. CaptainJack

    109 seems like a good spot to take a qb… my guess is that’s why they didn’t trade up. They can choose between Howell, Strong, Zappe and Coan.

  4. Thomas Wells

    My big board for the hawks going into day 3:
    Zach Tom
    Jaylen armour Davis
    Damarri Mathis
    Darrian beavers
    Damone Clark
    Matt waletzko
    Tariq woolen
    Michael Clemons
    Jake Ferguson
    Haskell Garrett

    At least one will be there for round four. Keep it up PCJS!

  5. Sea Mode

    Highest remaining players on Rob’s board (R3 grade or higher):

    * = injury red flag

    QB Carson Strong*
    RB Dameon Pierce
    RB Zamir White
    WR Kevin Austin Jr
    WR Calvin Austin
    WR Khalil Shakir
    WR Isaiah Weston
    TE Cade Otton*
    TE Charlie Kolar
    TE Jake Ferguson
    TE Daniel Bellinger
    TE Cole Turner
    OT Rasheed Walker
    OT Obinna Eze
    OT Matt Waletzko
    OC Zach Tom

    EDGE Michael Clemons
    EDGE Dominique Robinson
    EDGE Amare Barno
    DT Perrion Winfrey
    DT Matthew Butler
    DT Eyioma Uwazurike
    DT Haskell Garrett
    LB Damone Clark*
    LB Darrian Beavers
    CB Damarri Mathis
    CB Tariq Woolen
    S Percy Butler

    • JC3

      We need Cade York…

      • Sean

        I’d prefer Dicker the kicker in the 7th.

    • MychestisBeastmode

      So much talent.

  6. Jabroni-DC

    I’m dipping OL one more time with Zach Tom at #109 & then defense the rest of the way. Two DBs unless Damone Clark is there in the 5th & then stash him for 2022.

    • Hawk Mock

      Tom, Clark and Clemons would be nice. Austin looks like a value pick at this point based on Rob’s bigboard.

    • CR

      This is exactly how I see it too

  7. Schrub

    Like today’s selections for sure, but man is LB a major weakness on this team. Defense overall just seems like it will struggle this season.

  8. Kyle

    The only thing that I am a little bummed about is not getting any additional picks on trade downs. You can’t take what isn’t offered, but in a draft like this a couple extra third or fourth rounders would be amazing.

    • mtpgod

      Getting cute in the past and trading down has led us to picks like LJ Collier, we can’t complain about how this draft has shaken out so far. It’s an A so far.

  9. Dude12

    Will someone please send this man some AirPods or something please? It’s the least he deserves. I would myself if I weren’t in so much debt.

  10. JC3

    Kenneth Walker might be better than Clyde Edwards-Helaire.
    So glad no more aging & patch works OT.
    Kind of wish they trade up for Logan Hall, a 6-6, 4.4 fireball DE.

  11. SoCal12

    Charles Cross/Damian Lewis/Zach Tom/Abe Lucas would be a great foundation for an OL. Would just need to fill Center or Guard next year depending on where Tom plays.

  12. Jabroni-DC

    F Twitter talk guys.

  13. CaptainJack

    IN retrospect,

    I really really hate the kenneth walker pick. Waste of resources. Players just as good can be found in 5th/6th/7th rounds. Just a reminder that PCJS aren’t cut out for this job. Yeah they made good picks with Mafe and Lucas but there’s so much talent at 41 to choose from it’s disgusting they chose another running back

    • SoCal12

      This sounds like a take you’d find on twitter. Kenneth Walker is way better than the RBs on Day 3.

      • Peter

        I already broke this down. But bottom line the best runningbacks come in rounds 1-3.

        There are hardly any runningbacks worth a damn passed the third round.

        And the best? Well the majority come in round two.

        • SoCal12

          Yeah people I think get biased by Carson but he was an outlier.

          Best RBs in the league that are actual bellcows right now are all Round 1-3: Zeke Elliot, Nick Chubb, Derrick Henry, Joe Mixon, Jonathan Taylor, Alvin Kamara…

    • MychestisBeastmode

      He’s a slightly taller Maurice Jones Drew comp. To be fair I did think it was a bit rich and was hoping for more Defense or O-Line bolstering. However, given Carson is probably done here and while I love Penny’s strong finish, his injury history needed a hedge. It’s just that this hedge has as much potential to be all pro as a healthy Penny ever did.

  14. Coach

    What are your thoughts on Brandon Smith? I was hoping for Tindall or Chenal, but I just read an article on and they have Smith as their #3 lb overall, way ahead of Tindall and Chenal. Here’s what they had to say:

    Brandon Smith is an amazing athlete with perfect size, strength, speed for the position and has always seemed likely to become a star. Despite this he hasn’t dominated in college quite to the extent we would have hoped and we have never given him a excellent grade as either a tackler or a run defender with his best rating coming in pass defense.
    Smith will likely be overdrafted – possibly as high as the middle of the first round due to his sky high potential, but we view him as a late first-early second round pick in the 2022 NFL Draft based on his college game tape.

    Is this a reliable website? Should I be rooting for us to take Brandon Smith in the 4th round tomorrow?

    Go Hawks!

    • Coach

      Based on what I know, I’m rooting for Tom C, Woolen CB, or Smith LB, but that’s what I love about the community on this site.

      Let me know if there’s someone else that would help us more that I should be rooting for in round 4.

      Thank you!

      Go Hawks!

      • Peter

        Just me but I would take LB Darrian Beavers at 109.

        First time I watched him I saw a young, faster KJ wright. Bigger, longer, more explosive than Barton. Some pass rush. Plays in space very well.

        • Rob4q

          Still some really good players left on the defensive side for sure!

          Micah McFadden, LB Indiana

          Eyioma Uwazurike, DT Iowa State

          Jaylen Watson, CB Washington State

          Percy Butler, S Louisiana

          • Peter

            Beavers is my guy but I like a lot of those names.

            Plus…i kind of think Seattle after meeting him would like Mr. Clemons.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Brandon Smith looks like Tarzan, plays like Jane.

  15. Jabroni-DC

    Options at #109

    OL Zach Tom
    LB Damone Clark (redshirt in 2022)
    CB Damarri Mathis
    CB Jalyn Armour-Davis
    CB Zion McCollum

    Lots of CBs left.

    • Peter

      Damone clark rob thinks may not play again.

      • Jabroni-DC

        Clark had a spinal fusion surgery. I don’t know where along his spine that took place but I had the same surgery at 18 yrs old. They cut out some hip bone, wired vertebrae together & packed it with that hip bone. It grew together and was stronger than original ligament that had torn. The downside is that the joints above and below the fused area will wear more over time. I was cleared for all contact sports post surgery and after the healing period.

        It’s a risk for sure that he’ll never play. I guess I’d wait until the late 5th or 7th to take him. Still too many awesome players available at #109 who are ready to go.

        • Peter

          I mean if it’s possible to come back, like you were, then i’d be all about it.

  16. Jabroni-DC

    The Seattle Seahawks have been on a downward trajectory & slow bleed out since February 1st, 2015.

    It feels like today we have officially turned the tide and started a growth cycle. It’s exciting!

    • Hawk Mock

      Agreed. I feel like they basically just picked up four 1st rounders based off Rob’s board and the fact that an early 2nd round RB is basically where 1st round RBs of the past are now drafted. Feeling better about Cross pick knowing they obviously had the next 3 guys they drafted high on their board. Maybe letting the scouting department cook is a goid thing.

      • Peter

        Feeling much better about cross now that there is a plan with lucas and hopefully lewis moving back.

        Looking forward to running the rock and for fairness sake giving lock a chance to succeed.

  17. Jabroni-DC

    Back on the PFN updated mock draft,

    #109 – Zach Tom, OL, Wake Forest
    #145 – Damarri Mathis, CB, Pittsburgh
    #153 – Tariq Castro-Fields, CB, Penn State
    #229 – Percy Butler, S, Louisiana

    • Peter

      Not bad. Think Butler goes a roud earlier.

      Rd 7: Dareke Young wr. But future gunner ala ricardo lockette

  18. Gaux Hawks

    please. please. please. please.

    zach tom
    jalyn armour-davis
    jake ferguson (or damone clark)
    dareke young

    please. please. please. please.

  19. MychestisBeastmode

    Some guys will get cut. Some cash will be available. Clowney and or Hicks are in play again. Or maybe it goes to Baker if there’s a trade. Or maybe it goes to DK when he’s paid $26 mil per year. Hoping it’s Clowney. Let’s go!

  20. Mick

    I’m a bit sad they didn’t manage to get Tindall or Chenal, but these picks look very good. I wonder if Mafe would have still been their choice with Ebiketie available. Walker is great news, hopefully the end of Carson, as sorry as I feel for him. And Lucas is a great pick. We can even consider moving Curhan or Stone inside. I really really love that we didn’t force a QB. My wish for 109 is a CB (maybe Woolen).

    • SoCal12

      Yeah I have a strong feeling Atlanta jumped us to secure Ebikete. We were showing interest predraft in him and he was comped to Uchenna Nwosu by Zierlien. They were probably looking at that type of player. My guess is Mafe was probably graded similarly though. His top-30 interview with us must have gone well.

    • mtpgod

      I’d go cb in the 5th, I think grabbing an LB in the 4th after a small trade down (I want to pick up a 6th badly) is the best case scenario. I feel LB is a bigger weakness as I think Barton as a starting LB is a bad situation, whereas I think Artie Burns will be this year’s DJ Reed and develop into a cb1 (that’s my early 2023 longshot prediction). Burns and Tre Brown (hopefully back at 100 percent by midseason) along with S Jones isn’t as bad as some might think at cb.

      • MychestisBeastmode

        I’m bullish at CB’s on our current roster. I think Sydney and Tre likely win out but am happy if Artie takes it too because that would mean he outplayed one or both of a duo that I already feel won’t be liability. Not pro bowlers (or unlikely at least) but also I don’t think we’ll look back after games and blame the CB group for any L’s we pickup along the way. Perfectly adequate might be a better descriptor of how I feel about them.

  21. Denver Hawker

    I keep trying to think how this might have fallen differently. Hawks have made excellent value of what was available on the board.

    In a slightly more perfect world. They trade 9 back into R1 and scoop a late R2. Go penning/Zion and a LB in R2.

    Hoping for IOL, LB, CB depth from here.

  22. Ben Ft. Worth

    When does the draft begin tomorrow?

    • Gary

      9:00 AM PST.

    • Troy


      • Troy


        • Ben Ft. Worth

          Thanks guys.

          Give me Tom, Woolen, or Clark is he’s healthy. Lindstrom would even be better than Blythe.

  23. UPHawk

    I wonder if two rookie/inexperienced tackles was anticipated at the start of free agency. Now that we have two tackles, the Will Dissly signing feels more imperative than if you had one side locked down with a Duane Brown or Trent Brown. I anticipate Dissly to have minimal offensive production and yet high snap counts. His success or failure will lie outside of individual catches/TD’s, but importantly value of contract should be seen by total offense production and the development of our tackles.

    • UkAlex6674

      Very good shout here. Maybe the FO did have have plan…….

  24. cha

    PFN-ing the rest of the draft I can’t help myself

    109. Jalyn Armour-Davis CB Alabama

    152. Michael Clemons EDGE Texas A&M

    153. Dameon Pierce RB Florida

    191. Jack Coan QB Notre Dame

    228. Percy Butler S Louisiana

    232. Jeremiah Gemmel LB North Carolina

    • Ben Ft. Worth

      I’d murder for the back half of this draft.

      LB Joel Dublanko out of Cincinnati is from our church. His grandfather is our pastor. He’s had calls from Miami, Detroit, and Pittsburgh. Rob, any thoughts on zDublanko. He started for Cincy in the Alabama game.

      • mtpgod

        I thought murder was frowned upon in the church.

    • LetLockCook

      Jaylin, Clemons, Beavers, or Tom

    • jdruaint

      109.Brandon Smith
      LB Penn State

      145.Damarri Mathis
      CB Pittsburgh

      153.Kevin Austin
      WR Notre Dame

      229.Jack Coan
      QB Notre Dame

  25. Seattle Person

    I’m looking at Walker’s highlights again and he has a ton of Shady McCoy in his game.

  26. line_hawk

    Two Mike Leach tackles + Noah Fant + PC’s comment about “Tackles main job to Pass Protect” => How fun will it be if they begin to cook after the cook is gone?

    Separately, what are the chances the Hawks pick top 3 next year?

    • Rob Staton

      Lucas not an air raid tackle though

  27. Gaux Hawks

    Looking at the remaining CBs, who would be best described as “Desai’s guy?”

  28. UkAlex6674

    Just woke up here in UK to see how it went.

    What a day 2! Couldn’t really have got any better. Especially Walker.

    Come back with Clemons on Day 3 please.

  29. Poli

    CB Tariq Woolen at pick 109 for PC to coach up is what I’m hoping for

    • Jerry

      Seconded. Seems like Richard Sherman 2.0.

  30. Scot04

    While he coul be a boom or bust prospect; in round 4 to me Winfrey has too much upside to not take a shot. If he can become a consistent player he would seriously help Seattle’s interior pressure. Just unsure if he gets past both Tampa & Cleveland who both have needs at DT.
    He could one of the steals in this draft if he can become what he showed at the senior bowl & in glimpses during the season.
    Here’s hoping he gets to us so we can add to the Defensive trenches

  31. swedenhawk

    If Perrion Winfrey is still available at 109, draft him.
    After an underwhelming first day, day two could hardly have gone much better.

    • RealRhino2

      Winfrey is at the top of my “board” for round 4 as well.

      1. Winfrey
      2. Josh Jobe, CB
      3. Jalyn Armour-Davies, CB
      4. Darrian Beavers, LB

      A couple of other cornerbacks I’d be fine with, like Cobe Bryant from Cincinnati or Zion McCallum because of his special teams acumen.

      • RealRhino2

        Just ran the simulator with what’s left, and I think I’ve shifted to getting one of the CBs in R4. Found two later-round iDL I remember liking, Thomas Booker from Stanford and the guy from UCLA, Ogbuiji (?). So let’s try for a CB at 109.

  32. Ukhawk

    Day 3 thoughts:
    – Go CB @ 109 where value meets need. Prefer a bigger outside CB like Armor-Davis.

    – Why not mirror OT and double dip at CB? Potentially Montaric Brown as a priority free agent!

    – It’s a very deep WE class, why not grab one for value? Lockett wont be around forever and Eskridge remains a question mark

    – Strongly consider Damone Clark who fits our profile. He’s is expected to fully recover from surgery during his rookie season and frankly we can wait.

    Why does he fit? He went from average high school measurable when recruited to elite at LSU. He earned the famed LSU #18 jersey awarded to the “hardest worker” on the team and the leader who best represents LSU football both on and off the field. Watch his tape and see him marshaling on-field and directing his teammates, this guy is an alleged film. He is the biggest, fastest Linebacker in the draft and led SEC in tackles, was second in the Ncaa plus led all Linebackers in sacks and Tackles for loss. Not only can stop he the run, he can also cover and blitz well. During his last season, Clark recorded 135 tackles, 15 for a loss, 5.5 sacks, three passes defended, an interception, and two forced fumbles during the 2021 season.

    • Ukhawk

      … deep WR class…

      • Ukhawk

        Pardon the terrible grammar. I’ve been up late too albeit not as bad as Rob!

        • Ukhawk

          Also would like to possible add another DE or rush OLB in the later rounds or as a UDFA

          Know Rob likes Cleamons but I’d prefer:
          Christopher Allen
          Tyrell Hill or
          Adam Anderson (possible UFDA -everyone deserves a second chance)

          • Ukhawk

            Tyreke Hill

    • RealRhino2

      Echo your thoughts about WR. Kyle Phillips from UCLA is possibly the best slot wide receiver on the board and he is a terrific, feisty blocker in the run game. I think he’d be a very good hedge for Eskridge if he still there in the fifth.

  33. Ukhawk


    When u catch-up on your sleep, I can’t wait for the draft breakdowns on each player.

    Abe Lucus story is amazing, what a great guy to have in the program:

  34. Veryal

    What are peoples thoughts on Brandon Smith LB from Penn State? Super bummed we barely missed out on Tindall because grabbing him would’ve been the perfect day 2

  35. MychestisBeastmode

    Putting this back out there and will repost on the Day 3 thread since today is hopefully his day.


    For those who’ve followed my posts about my cousin, a small college OL garnering NFL interest, Sebastian Gutierrez. He’s been told by scouts he’ll be a guard or center though he played Left tackle at Minot State in North Dakota, who is throwing a Day 3 draft party for him as well. He was a D2 2nd Team All-American. His pro day was excellent. I have heard he’s garnered interest from the Seahawks, Packers and Colts. I am so damn proud of this goofy kid who grew into a mountain of man.

    TEF: 3.20; wTEF: 98.56

    H: 6′ 4 3/4″
    Wt: 308
    Hand: 10 1/2″
    Arm: 32 7/8″
    Wing: 79 5/8″

    40: 5.10
    Vert: 32.5″
    Broad: 9′ 4″
    Bench: 28 reps
    Shuttle: 4.68
    3 Cone: 7.58

    • MychestisBeastmode

      Here’s profile piece from a local news outlet in him. Nothing substantive about his abilities but gives some insight to character and background.

      • MychestisBeastmode

        Here’s a link to a Packers draft blog (maybe Rob’s long lost cheeseheah twin?). Shows his RAS right up there with Jurgen and above Zion. Not much additional information than that. But still cool to see how he comps compared to other better known prospects on one type of athletic profile.

        • MychestisBeastmode

          And unfortunately there is absolutely no film anywhere from what I can tell. His school has rights to it and for reasons unbeknownst to me they do not share it.

    • Sea Mode

      Super cool. Can’t wait to see where he gets his shot. Guys with profiles like that usually get drafted.

    • Jabroni-DC

      Will be rooting for his NFL dream to be realized.

  36. UkAlex6674

    Pumped with the Walker pick. He is going to bring it. You want to know what the Seahawks identity is? Here it is.

    What a good draft so far by Seattle.

    Let’s get some D on day 3, plenty to go at.

    So far, so damn good.

    • Sea Mode

      Same. I love the Walker pick. Jukes to get defenders off balance, runs through contact, breakaway 4.3 speed. It’s a deadly combo.

  37. Bobby54

    So we took two tackles better known for their finesse/agility than power/strength and added Walker who is a beast at outside runs (well he is a beast at everything but those cuts to the outside are just next level). Does that mean its Shanes offense now?

    • bv eburg

      My thoughts also.
      Also kind of a FU to Wilson as a parting shot?

  38. Tyler

    I was hoping for a defense-heavy top of the draft. However, I see a lot of value in this approach to a rebuild. They’ve put themselves in a great position to evaluate Drew Lock and whoever else they bring in at QB. QB aside, this looks like a quality offense.

    Suppose a QB works out. They can load up on defense next draft. But if, as expected, they don’t have an answer at QB, next year’s QB will be able to hit the ground running.

  39. Henry Taylor

    Wow! What a night for Seahawks fans. The one thing I wanted to see above all else was a clear vision n this draft and that’s what we got. Abe Lucas was such a goddam steal.

    And still so much talent on the board, I really like Perrion Winfrey, his tape is inconsistent (although I wouldn’t go as far as Rob in how bad it is) but he was one of the dominant players at the Senior Bowl and, whilst I wish he had done more testing, what we have on him (4.89 40 and 1.71 10 at 290lbs with 35″ arms) is elite.

    I would also be in favour of, with this being a offense heavy draft so far, using the money saved from Carson, Dunlap and anyone else to bring back Clowney. Let him create some chaos with all this young guys rotating in around him.

  40. Mexican Hawk

    Still a ways to go but the hidden gem of this “rebuild” can also be the Un-Drafted Free Agent’s (UDFA). Back in their heyday those were a key part of what they built. Letter from John to Doug Baldwin famously comes to mind. Jermaine Kearse was another UDFA bedrock of the SBowl team.

    Once the roster got stacked it became harder to attract those hungry left out studs. Pete’s culture, as per current scenario, fits perfectly with these fellows. Agents know this. Here’s to hoping after the draft is over, the phones are hit hard and something good comes about!

    This first came to mind when I thought about trading up, side effect being losing some late draft capital. Either way it should be a key part of the rebuild. #alwayscompete.

    Exciting times. Let’s roll!

    • D

      there’s gonna be some amazingly good value in udfas this year. The amount of talent is insane

  41. GoHawksDani

    I think PCJS made a smarter decision than most of us would.
    Going tackle this time is the perfect opportunity.
    College tackles will likely need 1-2-3 years to get the hang of the NFL. Getting them now will allow us to protect our future QB in year 3 of the rebuild when we might have a chance to contend.
    And it’s not reasonable to get a franchise OT in FA without some downside (age, health, etc). We can get good iOL in FA or R2 next year but if we go QB, we won’t have the ammo to get one next year.
    They identified Cross as their future LT and went for it. They got lucky with Lucas and took the opportunity. I hope both work out and we have our future LT and RT.

    Walker could be a difference maker. I think he’s much better than Penny and he could ease the pain of year1 rebuild with some highlight runs.

    Mafe is a value pick. A need and a good player met. I don’t think he’ll be uber special but he could be pretty good

  42. Sea Mode

    Really cool to see KJ back in the building welcoming Cross:

    • Georgia Hawk

      And Cliff reaching out to Mafe!

      Love seeing the legends still engaged like this!

  43. Georgia Hawk

    Couldn’t be happier about how day 2 played out. Grabbing Lucas to bookend the other side is an absolute wet dream…and we keep the Wazzu guy home!

    Walker….perfect back for what we want to do and to pair with a hopefully healthy Penny. I don’t see Carson getting back on the field honestly, so this was definitely a need.

    Say what you will about the value of RBs or the way the modern game views rushing as a whole…the Hawks have their own brand of football. Taking a RB like Walker where they did rings true to that brand. They obviously don’t see the QB class as something they want to dip into this year, and most of the league agreed with them. Why force a bad pick on a QB that has serious limitations and will have a really bad supporting cast around him? That’s how you turn into the Browns. I don’t think it is any indication of how they view their current QB room but more of a statement on this QB class as a whole. Embrace what we have this year, build the team, invest next year when you have multiple 1sts to use on one if needed.

    On a side note: the Jets absolutely killed the first two days…really dates back to swindling JS. Smdh

  44. Sea Mode

    @Rob: sent email if you have a chance.

  45. Hawk Finn

    Calling back to my skepticism entering this draft. I am absolutely over the moon with the picks thus far. I have even warmed up to the Cross selection in round one. Easy A for me thus far. Haven’t been this excited about a draft class since 2012.

    • Peter

      It’s a solid draft for sure.

      Glad that feels obvious that you can’t say rebuilding to the fans but that’s at least what’s going on on the oline.

    • Dregur

      I think the Cross pick, partnered with the Lucas pick, makes me think the Seahawks really did have a strong plan going into the draft to fix the offensive line, especially with the lack of FA movement pre-draft. They went pure zone read offensive guys too, no more square pegs in round holes.

  46. samprassultanofswat

    Guess who Boye Maye’s comp is similar to(according Lindy’s football magazine)? The answer is: Uchenna Nwosu. Yes that is correct. Boye Maye’s comps are similar to Uchenna Nwosu. The Hawks now have Uchenna Nwosu, Darrell Taylor, Boye Maye and Alton to get after the passer. Plus don’t sleep on Shelby Harris as an interrior pass rusher.

    Kay Adams of the NFL Network had Malik Willis going number two overall to the Detroit Lions. Really! Build up the guy’s hope for a major let down. No wonder Willis was crying when he was taken LATE in the 3rd round. Willis doesn’t realize it. But he could not have gone to a better situation. Willis needs to develop. He can watch Tannehill for two years. Then see what happens.

    I am so glad the Hawks did not WASTE a pick on a QB. With these first four picks. Like Rob said. You are not going to fill all your holes in this draft. But your are building a foundation. The Hawks still have the 4th pick starting today(Saturday). Plus two early picks in the 5th round. But here is the “kicker”. John Schneider has two first round picks and two second round picks next year. I would say with the next pick. You gotta go defense.

    Just saw a short video on Abraham Lucas. Dedicated warrior. Great person. All around good guy. Abraham Lucas has great parents who put their kids first.

    Rob: You are the man. Love your insights. Appreciate all the time/effort you put into your blog.

    Value over need. (Remember eventually every position will be position of need)

  47. DC

    What’s more refreshing about this draft is that it seems to be JS in charge. He’s drafting guys for his coordinators systems. It’s not guys to play Pete ball.

    • Sea Mode

      Was definitely nice to see them hand over the phone to a happy Hurtt and Waldron/Dickerson. Looks like they got the guys they asked for.

      LB Boye Mafe Gets The Draft Call at No. 40 Overall | Seahawks Draft

      Wonder what Desai might want since supposedly they promised him some players too to get him to sign…

  48. Ulsterman

    It made such a difference that they took players we talked about and liked on this blog, rather than complete wtf picks.
    I have to admit I thought they’d make a balls of it but love what they’ve done so far.
    Seem to be quite a few good cornerbacks left and would still love to see Zach Tom become a Seahawk, be good to have another hard as nails DE called Clemons too.

    • D

      i’d love them to take tom first up. That would be the o line essentially sorted for the next five years at least you’d hope. Then see which cb last through to the next pick followed by Eyioma Uwazurike if he’s still there

  49. Henry Taylor

    KW3’s game against Michigan is reminiscent of CEH against Alabama. In the teams’ biggest game of the year, there was a back absolutely willing his team to victory, growing as the game goes on and putting the game on his back.

    Yeah I liked Hall more, and I would still have preferred a pick for the defence at that spot. But I imagine I’ll re-watch that game several times between now and preseason. He’s not a hard to get excited about whatsoever.

    Side note though, watching all the draft calls his was the weirdest, he seems very nonchalant about being drafted.

    Second side note, they handed the phone to Andy Dickerson on the Abe Lucas call. What a look for that guy, Afro, beard and Hawaiian shirt, you love to see it. Interesting pairing with the very neat and groomed Waldron.

  50. The other Rob

    Give me Tom, Clemson, and Coan to round out the draft. Go Hawks!

  51. Sea Mode

    I’m gonna go ahead and jump on board with those who have been looking at Perrion Winfrey here at 109.

    They’ve got their safe character picks up until now. I’d even go so far as to say all four guys are soft spoken, calm personalities and I wonder if this has become almost a sort of new focus for early-round picks. If they want to continue that trend, take a look at Matthew Butler from Tennessee in R5. He’s solid, but just doesn’t get me excited.

    I say now’s the right moment to take a risk. Go get a guy with upside who plays with his hair on fire and can blow up some plays. Coach him up. He’s still 21.

    Perrion Winfrey Senior Bowl Highlights and Scouting Video

  52. Seahawkwalt

    Tariq Woolen? 6’2′ 4.2 40. I recall Robs guest mentioning his otherworldly attributes. Im sure Carroll would like this

    • Sea Mode

      He is an incredible athlete with great size and length. But is he a good CB?

      • Seahawkwalt


        • Sea Mode

          Special teams

    • D-OZ

      Woolen is 6’4″-209 played WR for 2 yrs. Then switched to CB in the year of the pandemic. Really only has one full yr. of playing CB. He is a little stiff in the hips. I can see him as someone PC would love to get his hands on to coach up. Sounds like a Sherman story to me. And I would bet Pete see’s him as such.

  53. JJ

    What would it take in draft capital to get a mid 4th using next year’s picks?

    • Sea Mode

      Using next years picks only? Big no-no for me, but it would likely take our R3 pick since future picks are basically de-valued one round. Or R4+R5 picks maybe.

  54. samprassultanofswat

    Having both Penny/Walker at running back is going to really help the running game. Having a solid running game will help to take pressure off of the starting QB(Hopefully it is Drew Lock).

    A quarterback’s best friend is a STRONG running game. No question.

    Russell Wilson tells everyone he wants to win Super Bowls. Really??? It looks to me like Wilson is more in yardage, stats, TD passes, winning an M.V.P. and making as much money as possible. If Russell Wilson was interested in winning a Super Bowl(s) he would go the Tom Brady road to the Super Bowl.

    Russell Wilson is a hard worker. All around good guy. But he has an ego problem. To me it seems for some reason he rubbed he teammates the wrong way.

    Russell Wilson wants to be Patrick Mahomes. Well Russell Wilson you are NOT Patrick Mahomes. What Russell WIlson doesn’t understand is that the Broncos gave up good players and premium draft picks to acquire you. The Broncos gave up a Ton. Plus now they are going to have to pay you, your ridiculous salary requirements. This is going to force the Broncos to make cuts in personnel. They may even be forced to go CHEAP on the offensive line because of your salary requirements. What Russell Wilson doesn’t understand is that you can’t have it all. You can’t be paid the top salary in the NFL and then be surrounded by having the most talented teammates. It doesn’t work that way. You can’t expect to be paid top dollar and your teammates go on the cheap. When is the last time the top paid QB in the NFL won a Super Bowl? Plus I am dying to see how well you will play in Denver during the months of November, December and January. Plus not only is the AFC West going to be tough. The entire AFC period is BRUTAL. It’s not like the Tom Brady days when you were winning 5 or 6 games against weak AFC East opponents. Which would fatten(don’t know if that is a word) your record. And then give give you home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

    So Russell WIlson. Go ahead and do your thing in Denver.

    • jed

      Russ had nothing to do with the bad drafting and bad trades and bad free agency and unlucky injuries, which is why the Seahawks haven’t won. Sure, Russ isn’t Tom Brady, but nobody is. Pete’s not Bill Belichick. There’s a resin those two are outliers.

      I get you don’t like Russ as a person or player. Yeah, well, you know, that’s just like your opinion man. But you’re blaming him for way more issues than he’s even close to being remotely responsible for.

  55. Roy Batty

    It was excruciating every time they cut away to Ridder’s draft party.

    They kept the camera on him, his partner and mom for WAAAAAY too long.

    We get it. He’s falling and no one has a clue when he will get picked. So, stop cutting back to him.

    I felt bad for the guy.

    On the flip side, it could have been even worse. Imagine him and his entourage in the green room for nearly 2 days? Would they have even brought a change of fancy clothes just in case what happened happened, or would they have just had the one outfit?

    • UkAlex6674

      Meant as response to Roy.

  56. Seahawkwalt

    I hope to pick up Pierre Strong Jr. I love this kid
    LB is a big need now that we are running 3-4

  57. UkAlex6674

    Then how has GB managed it since Le Fleur took over and Rodgers has commanded as much as he has?

    • UkAlex6674

      Meant as response to SultanofSwat

  58. Troy

    Rob has got to love this draft. He wanted a build the trenches/ignore QB draft, and that’s exactly what we got.

    LT of the future, check.
    RT of the future, check.
    Explosive fast RB who can contribute huge day one, check.
    Cliff Avril potential defensive end to bookend with DT, check.

    Fucking awesome, I’m stoked as hell.

    For next few pics, would love a CB and linebacker, but man to potentially come away with 4 plus starters in a draft would be some 2010-2012 draft type shit.

    • Troy

      Re Avril comments, watch this clip at 1:03…
      That awesome quick burst, and then the strip sack…looks familiar. Can’t wait to see this guy rush the passer.

  59. Seattle Person

    You can make an argument that the Seahawks now have more explosive skill players than Denver. Not saying the offense is better but just the skill positions.

    • Mick

      Wishing Wilson personally all the best in his life and career, but I couldn’t care less about what happens in Denver.

  60. Sea Mode

    I must admit, that run of Kerby Joseph, Tindall, Chenal, Bruss before our pick was tough.

  61. Sea Mode

    Sharing the visits tracker one last time in case anyone wants to remember some day 3 names they had in for a visit:

    Seahawks visits/meeting/interest Tracker

    Reminder as well that Perrion Winfrey had some kind of visit with the Seahawks. 👀

    • Jabroni-DC

      Thanks Mode, awesome info.

    • Jabroni-DC


  62. D

    rasheed walker might be one to keep an eye on….brett kollmann from bootleg seemed to think he might be a tackle to guard conversion candidate.

    • D

      this should have been in reply to sea modes post above

  63. Dustin

    I think you gotta take Clemons in the 4th and take a shot on a CB and LB in the 5th. Grab a center with the 7th. With such a deep UDFA pool this year seems likely we can pick up some hidden gems too.

  64. Tecmo Bowl

    Are we to believe that JS is going to go through the entire draft without making a trade?! It’s been odd yet refreshing to see the Hawks stick and pick 4 consecutive times.

    • Roy Batty

      It’s indicative of the depth of talent this year. When the rush started for WR’s, I knew they would have a lot more players to choose from, as opposed to years prior. So many names in areas of need kept creeping down the board.

  65. Jabroni-DC

    Crazy thought time…

    Bring KJ back for one season as a bridge player/coach at ILB. Not necessarily as a starter but as a great presence.

    • Tecmo Bowl

      Danny Trevathon is sitting there, has been with Desai in Chicago. Could be a solid pick up.

  66. Seahawkwalt

    If we want to play smash mouth fb, we should consider Zander Horvath rb.

  67. Jabroni-DC

    All of the greatest Seahawks teams of years past hit their peak with a great RB as the heartbeat of the offense.

    Curt Warner
    Shaun Alexander
    Marshawn Lynch
    Kenneth Walker III (2025 Super Bowl Camp!?!)

    • Bankhawk

      Tell it, bro! That’s the straight-up truth (even if I did more or less miss the whole S Alexander era). 💯

    • Tecmo Bowl

      Jabroni are you a Seventh day adventist? Preaching on a Saturday!

      Curt Warner went #3 overall btw behind John Elway and Eric Dickerson.
      Alexander and Beast Mode were both picked in the teens.
      Walker at 41 is a steal!

    • D-OZ

      Rickie Waters

  68. Old but Slow

    Hopefully the lesson of the QBs will wake up some of the faux commentators about how to look at talent. We in Rob’s house knew the truth that this crop was simply not up to snuff, but seeing QBs mocked in the top 10 and four of them going in the first round was painful to watch.

    Even some of the big names (McShay?) had the QBs going too early. Don’t these guys know to check with Rob once in a while?

  69. Sea Mode

    Here’s a super athlete they could develop at LB. Seems to be able to cover and rush.

    HARD Hitter 💥 || Penn State LB Brandon Smith Highlights ᴴᴰ

    • Trevor

      With his athletic profile he would be worth a day 3 pick IMO.

  70. D

    i wouldn’t be unhappy if this was how our picks fell…


    Zach Tom
    OT Wake Forest

    Damarri Mathis
    CB Pittsburgh

    Eyioma Uwazurike
    DT Iowa State

    Jeremiah Moon
    LB Florida

    • CR

      I would be so happy with this. I just can’t see Mathis lasting that long. Also want Darrian Beavers if he lasts until our R5 pick

  71. no frickin clue

    So we go 4, 5, 5, 7.
    I’d like to move down off of the 4, maybe turn that into a low 4 plus a 6.

    Some of the guys that I’d be targeting today if they fall to us:

    – Zach Tom
    – JoJo Domann
    – Bo Melton
    – Zyon McCollum
    – and, of course, the irrepressible Cade York

  72. UkAlex6674

    Dear lord. Just because a QB wasn’t taken the amount of people that equates that to ‘oh well we are obviously going to tank next season then’ is absolutely mind blowing. Or ‘mini-tank’.

    Just NO! For all his faults PC isn’t going to let any team of his tank.

  73. Happy Hawk

    Couple questions:

    1. Can Z Toms play center?
    2. Did Nevada QB Strong make an official visit to Seattle?
    3. Is Romeo Doubs on our radar?

    My instincts: Best player available P Winfrey

    • D

      not thats been reported
      i would think he’s on our board but i’d think we may only add udfa wrs

    • CR

      Doubs had a pre draft visit with the Seahawks so I would say he is on the radar

  74. CaptainJack

    We are far enough into the draft that I’d feel comfortable taking a QB. I’d prefer another oline or corner.
    If Howell is the pick I’d actually be kind of excited. Fun highlight reel. Remember that dak Prescott was a fourth rounder. But it can’t just be lock and geno at camp…

  75. Spectator

    Didn’t we get Jaylen Armour-Davis and Josh Jobes former coach? I will be utterly surprised if we don’t get either of those two with our first pick today. Granted it will be as surprising I was at how well we picked yesterday haha

  76. samprassultanofswat

    Spectator: Karl Scott coached at Alabama. (I might be wrong) but I believe that Scott did coach Jaylen Armour-Davis and Josh Jobes for a year or two at Alabama. I would have to do some research.

  77. Tecmo Bowl

    Mathis, Woolen

  78. Big Mike

    Damn you Green Bay

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