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  1. UkAlex6674

    Rob I see Curtis Weaver has been released from the Browns. Clearly he hasn’t done anything since being drafted but I remember he was a blog favourite. Would you like to see him given a chance?

    • Rob Staton


      His testing results were intriguing as was his college production. But his body type was not typical for the NFL and he isn’t good enough.

  2. cha

    FWIW Peter king says the opposite of Lombardi, he hasn’t heard the Seahawks are interested in Jimmy.

    4. I think if I’m Jimmy Garoppolo, and I get my freedom sometime in the next two weeks, I don’t sign anywhere. I wait. I get fully healthy and sign with a team when there’s a quarterback injury. Maybe Seattle’s a good opportunity for him (I haven’t heard the Seahawks are very interested anyway), but he’d have to learn a new offense and join a team not committed to him on the fly when two quarterbacks already have been immersed in the offense since the spring. (And in Geno Smith’s case, longer.) Waiting allows Garoppolo to be choosy and maybe to get very lucky if the team with an injury is a strong playoff team.

  3. cha

    Cut down day – and the days following – are always interesting. But moreso in Seattle because it is a truth-seeking process. We can have Pete tell us great news about injured players and hype up young players in camp but this is where the rubber meets the road.

    This year there are lots of players with injury questions. If the Seahawks feel they need to go on IR but want them back this season, they’ll have to put them on the initial 53 first.

    Tyreke Smith

    (Tre Brown already placed on PUP)

    So if they feel it necessary, they could put all of these guys on the 53, then IR them and have a few spots to fill right away. Which would produce a flurry of activity.

    • cha

      Walker too I suppose.

    • Mick

      I think and somehow hope that Collier gets cut. Not that he’s that awful but simply should start fresh elsewhere (Panthers?). I also believe Swain gets cut, and if we roll with 6 WRs it’s DK, Tyler, Eskridge, Goodwin, Young, Cade Johnson, with Cade getting cut if we only keep 5 and landing on the practice squad with Hart/Whiteside. Mafe should get better by the Broncos game, I believe, so keep him in the roster. Tyreke Smith will likely get IR, maybe also Neal. With Lewis I hope he gets well extremely fast, not like we have a lot of depth at OL. With him injured is less likely we let Gabe Jackson go, and we might even sign a depth veteran guard from elsewhere.

      • Rob Staton

        I think they might clean house at WR and add someone from the wire

        Metcalf, Lockett, Goodwin, Eskridge and Young plus a new add

        • UkAlex6674

          Mohumad Sanu just got released. Not my cup of tea though.

        • Elmer

          I’m expecting that a new add at backup Center is likely. Depending on who becomes available via roster cuts.

      • cha

        I think and somehow hope that Collier gets cut

        I think that’s dicey territory. With his injury they would probably have to cut him with a settlement and it might wipe out any cap gains.

        I don’t know how they even tried to get him back practicing. That elbow injury in the mock game looked nasty.

        • WallaSean

          Hey cha,

          Is there anything unusual with the cap considerations on these IR candidates? I like the idea of stashing guys on the IR list and churning the back end of the roster for a few games.

          • cha

            Not really. They just have to put them on the 53 first, then put them on IR if they want to bring them back at some point.

            If a player were to be put on IR before cutdown day, he’s out for the year and his salary is on the books.

            • Elmer

              When a player is waived and then claimed by another team, is the new team obligated to pay him the same amount as he was being paid by the old team? Probably not, right?

              • cha

                Yes they are. A player that is waived keeps his contract intact until he clears waivers (usually within 24 hrs). Any team claiming him picks up his contract as well.

                Players can only be ‘waived’ and subject to being claimed when they have less than 4 accrued years of NFL service. So most often they are on their rookie contract, which is manageable.

                If they have more than 4 years, they are ‘cut’ or ‘released’ and are not subject to waivers and their contract is terminated immediately and they are a free agent.

                Unfortunately reporters, writers and insiders often use ‘waived’, ‘cut’ and ‘released’ in the same context and that muddies things.

                • Elmer

                  Thanks very much! You have a very good explanationThat clarifies “waived” vs “released”. For me, BBK is an example of someone whose years of service are borderline as to which category he would fall into if let go.

                  • cha

                    BBK was waived with an injury designation this summer and nobody put a claim in on him (he has 2 accrued years so he’s still subject to waivers). He reverted to IR and there is not much motivation to waive him at this point.

  4. cha

    Aaron Wilson
    Colts are cutting former Notre Dame quarterback Jack Coan, per a league source.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      I watched him on a couple of drives this preseason and he didn’t look too bad to my eye.

      • Joe

        Sounds like the might keep 3 QBs, Ryan, Foles, and Ehlinger who lit up the second half of games. If they only keep two, whoever is cut would be more interesting that what we’re working with.

        • Sean-O

          Interesting. I liked Coan at Notre Dame. I’d much rather have him on the PS then Eason again.

  5. Blitzy the Clown

    Geoff Schwartz
    @geoffschwartz 5h

    The @seahawks have found themselves a left tackle. This is an elite level play by Charles Cross. Empty protection. LB tries to bait Cross but he uses excellent footwork which allows him to get a piece of the DE so the QB can throw.

    • Scot04

      Still not sold on Cross, but hoping we find out we have the long term solutions at LT & RT by seasons end.
      Had Seahawks taking Sam Williams in all my mock drafts.
      Didn’t expect Mafe to be there. Williams looked great that game.
      He’ll likely get the benefit of more reps during the regular season in Dallas, over Mafe here.
      I love Williams length and power, hoping he’s able to stay out of trouble.
      Would love to see Mafe get plenty of time this year along with Bryant & Woolen this season. Let the young guys take their lumps and hope they pan out.
      Would love to see Bryant as our day 1 Nickle & Woolen as day 1 RCB.
      Embracing the rebuild & hoping it gets better

    • Rob Staton

      Let’s also not forget that Cross is a client of Duke Mayweather (who started sending me abuse on twitter for my opinion on Cross)…

      And who works with Mayweather?

      Geoff Schwartz

      • Blitzy the Clown

        I didn’t know any of that and I hadn’t heard of Manyweather before now.

        But it informs my opinion of Schwartz’s superlatives on Cross, which seem a little thick.

        Even so, it’s a good rep for Cross and shows promise. But he’s also made some pretty dumb mistakes, as rookies are want do.

        And he got beat badly by Sam Williams, again.

        FWIW, I am totally ok if Lucas turns out to be the better pick of the two. I still can’t believe (a) Lucas lasted to the 3rd round, and (b) Seattle actually picked a player the blog was really bullish on.

        One of the only position groups I got to watch at the Combine was OL. In fact I think several of us were live commenting when you commented that Lucas was clearly the best among them. At least in the movement and blocking drills. And then they went and drafted him for tremendous value.

        • mtpgod

          I still do not get how Lucas fell to us in the 3rd, everyone says it was a steal, most mocks had him going earlier, I literally didn’t hear much negative about him at all, so his standout preseason is no surprise, but him lasting til the 3rd will go down as a real draft oddity for the pancake king, Iblock.

    • cha

      I suppose I can give Cross points for recognizing the feint by the LB and moving outside.

      But how is this a win for Cross? Let alone an ‘elite level play’ ?

      Williams uses his excellent closing speed to get to Geno and gets a hand on him. If Geno has his arm cocked that is a strip sack.

      I don’t hate Cross. I like him fine and have been happy with what I’ve seen so far. But this is a poor choice to highlight what he’s brought to the table so far.

      • Rob Staton

        People promoting that tweet need to understand the connection Schwartz has to Mayweather

        • Tomas

          A superb bit of reporting there, Rob. Very interesting and germane.

          • Mike

            Charles cross is good. Sam Williams is also good both can be true

  6. mtpgod

    Things I’m looking for by tomorrow, in order:

    *Either a trade or a released LB pick-up (or two even). Everyone after Brooks/Barton can go.
    *Pick-up a released wr who can actually catch the ball.
    *Find a good, young developmental qb, this would be the year to carry 3 qbs, or if PC got pissed off enough about the ints, maybe Lock gets waived/traded and the new signee becomes backup to Geno aka he’ll see some starts this season.

  7. Nathan M

    How disappointing is it to see this miserable LB group, knowing the great options missed in this draft class…

    That said, who would I give up from this class for a LB? Maybe noone until the 7th round WRs.

    • Big Mike

      Yeah therein lies the problem, this team needed so many areas addressed that unfortunately LB got left aside.

      • Palatypus

        Yeah, but as rough as this year is going to be I am pleased two of the hardest positions to fill, OT and edge, have been addressed.

    • cha

      I’m soothing myself with the idea that after years of overindulgence, they finally don’t have $30million tied into LB, and actually spent their draft capital this year on positions that are important. LT, RT, pass rush, CB…

      • Scot04

        I tried that same thought while looking at our LB’s; but then realized how much is invested at the Safety position. Sigh….

    • mtpgod

      We better have already reached out to Devon Kennard, Cardinals waived him and I bet he’d steal snaps from Barton in about a week of getting up to speed here.

    • Big Mike

      Walker can be a star too, if he can get healthy and stay that way.

  8. Blitzy the Clown

    Lions To Release LB Jarrad Davis— Pro Football Rumors (@pfrumors) August 29, 2022

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Meant to reply to Nathan M

      • Peter

        Loved him in college bit don’t know if he has anything left in the tank.

  9. Thomas

    SF just wanted to scare someone into a trade. Wow.

    Rob, to be provocative, I say again the plan has always been to start Lock later.

    I also don’t want to can Pete. He’s made some terrible trades, but I like what I am seeing so far this season.

    If he makes a massive trade like the Adams one or they start Geno every game, I’ll easily concede.

    Love your work by the way. Keep up the good work.

    • Rob Staton

      Rob, to be provocative, I say again the plan has always been to start Lock later.

      If that was the plan, they would’ve just announced Geno as the starter weeks ago, removed all debate over a competition, allowed Lock to concentrate on settling in and wouldn’t have intended to give him the start vs Chicago

      • Palatypus

        Of course that would assume they knew how to do a good job of communicating with the fans.

        Or care.

      • Thomas

        I disagree. I don’t think they would have announced it if they plan to start Lock later. They wouldn’t tell Lock or Geno. In this situation Pete needs a real competition. Neither would work hard if they knew in advance.

        This way they push each other.

        I agree that the two number ones comment is classic Pete speak. At the same time, it also sounds like a signal he’s prepared for an easy switch. We’ll see.

        Oh and quick point of reference for Jake Locker. I’m also a UW fan. He was the hometown hero (may have saved the program). But all I remember from Pete when Locker was drafted by the Titans was a huge look of relief.

        • Rob Staton

          I never said they would announce Lock ‘is starting later in the year’. It simply doesn’t make any sense though, if your intention was to never seriously consider him to start in week one in order to bring him along slowly, to go through what they have for the last few weeks.

          Zero sense in fact, for the reasons listed previously.

          Not sure what the Locker reference is in relation to?

          • Thomas Cloud

            Pete didn’t want to draft him but could never say that publicly. I don’t think he’s ever said that publicly to my knowledge. Anyway, there was tremendous pressure to draft Locker had he been there around 25. Higher than probably any pressure Pete has ever faced to draft someone. It was palpable.

            • Rob Staton

              Who has said Pete would want to draft Locker, though?

  10. Denver Hawker

    Jimmy G not going anywhere:

    Also Shanahan: we have two number 1’s too

    • UkAlex6674

      Did not see that coming!

    • Cortez Kennedy

      Not necessarily, he is now even more tradeable.

      • Mike

        no trade clause with no tag clause as well…he will be a 49er for the year.

        Mutually beneficial. Garappolo gets a contract similar to what he would have signed for (or possibly more) while the 49ers quietly get to hedge their bet on Trey Lance. Jimmy also gets to sign wherever he pleases next year.

        I could be wrong but this reads as lack on confidence in Lance.

        • Tomas

          Shanahan/Lynch are sensing Trey Lance is going to be a bust … Jimmy would be long gone had they drafted Mac Jones. Glad they didn’t.

          • Rob Staton

            That trade-up for Trey Lance is one of the most mind-numbing decisions a front office ever made.

            He had 11 starts in college — and showed barely anything to warrant a R1 pick other than ‘athleticism’

            How does a team make that call?

            Especially the same team that admitted they didn’t really scout Mahomes because, in their eyes, they were waiting on the position that year (aka waiting for Kirk Cousins)

        • Big Mike

          I don’t think they’re “quietly” hedging their bet tho Mike. It’s going to be quite public and a constant topic everywhere. 100% agree that it signifies some real reservations over Lance tho.

          • Mike

            When Big Mike speaks, Mike listens.

        • Sea Mode

          I don’t think so. The no-trade clause just means he gets a say in where he goes next, and now his salary is tradeable, likely even more so at mid-season once half has been paid off already.

          I’d say if a starting job on a non-division rival team opens up by the trade deadline and a team dangles a mid-round pick, he gone.

  11. 804Hawk

    Well, there goes the Jimmy G theory. Looks like it’s Geno or bust…with a bit of Drew at some point, I’m sure.

  12. Palatypus

    So Rob, I finally caved in and bought Top Gun: Maverick. I promise to make this vaguely Seahawks related.

    I grew up in the San Diego area. My father was a Chief Petty Officer for squadron VAW-88 “The Cotton Pickers” of the USS Ranger. This was a group of E-2 Hawkeyes that are often called the “quarterback” of the carrier air wing. Their mission is over the horizon total battlefield awareness through the use of Carrier Airborne Early Warning Radar (CAREWRON-88).

    Partly because of the importance of it’s mission and partly because of it’s massive size, it it designated as first-to-launch and last-to-land. They typically loiter around the carrier battle group for four or five hours at a time using state of the art electronic warfare extending over 300 miles from their radar dome. This makes it one of the most valuable resources in the fleet.

    That said, when I saw the original Top Gun back in 1986 I kept saying to myself, “where the hell is the Hawkeye?” For this and many other reasons, I felt like it was one of the least realistic movies about the Navy. The most realistic part of that movie was probably the volleyball game. Only it wouldn’t be a bunch of Calvin Klein models. The Navy is full of fat guys because when you go to the Goat Locker everybody knows that you knock loudly and bring coffee…and presumably doughnuts.

    In Top Gun: Maverick, I am pleased to report that an E-2D Hawkeye was featured for about a minute and a half. That is a Matt Hasselbeck – scratch that – TIM Hasselbeck level of respect right there! Which is a big improvement from the Geno Smith – scratch that – Drew Locke level of respect in the first film. Total Battlefield Awareness!

    Semper Paratus!

  13. Forrest

    I don’t think I’ll miss anyone who we cut this year. Here’s hoping we cut to the bone and sign a bunch of players who are cut by other teams (a big WR3, competition at MLB and a KR).

    • Rob Staton

      There are about 37 players worth keeping.

      The rest? You might as well start a churn

  14. Randy

    Saw Topgun Maverick today. WOW!

    • Rob Staton

      Seeing other people’s excitement over this masterpiece of a film brings me great joy

      • Palatypus

        The Nerdist had an interesting take on it: it’s Star Wars.

  15. BruceN

    I didn’t see this coming with JimmyG. Creative of the 9ers to come up with this scheme to keep him away from Seattle. However, it comes at a huge price. One, they are sinking $9M-$16M in a BACK UP QB and give up precious cap space. Two and more importantly, after saying the entire year that Lance is the future and they were going with a clean break from JimmyG now they opened the perverbial can of worm. Can you imagine if and when Lance starts to struggle? What happens to the locker room that likes and respects Jimmy. And lastly, the whole point of giving up the farm to draft a franchise QB is to have him on the cheap for 4-5 years. This is year two and things are still muddy after this move.

  16. steele

    Nothing creative about the 49ers keeping Jittery G. They know he is a loser. They wanted very badly to trade him and get something valuable for him. Nobody offered enough.

    This says more about how bad Trey Lance is. He was given every opportunity to snatch the job this offseason and send Jittery packing. Nope.

    Now they will have a nightmare: a new version of Kaepernick/Alex Smith, along almost exactly the same lines.The locker room will be unstable, as both QBs will jockey for who is worse, heaving back and forth whenever one or the other make a good play or help win a game. What’s Shanahan going to do, rotate by quarter? I wish them the worst!

  17. samprassultanofswat

    Not really a surprise that Jimmy G stays with the 49ers. His reported salary is $6.5 million. In my opinion the 49ers made the RIGHT decision by keeping Garoppolo. It is obvious that Trey Lance’s performance against the Houston Texans has the front office concerned. Trey Lance performance of 7 for 11 with 49 yards did not impress anyone. It is much too EARLY to call Lance a bust. But there has to be some concern in 49er land over the drafting of Lance.

    I am not a 49er fan. But I think that John Lynch is one of the “Good Guys” in the NFL. I have tons of respect for Lynch. Good person and great family man.

    • Rob Staton

      All this decision does is make life harder for the person they invested three first round picks in

      The 49ers and Lynch have completely destroyed their own chances of success by making a complete dogs dinner of the QB position over the last few years

  18. Seahawk_Dan

    Hey Rob,

    What’s your opinion on Hendon Hooker? QB out of Tennessee?

    • Rob Staton

      Nothing special, unlikely to be a high pick without a major step forward this year

  19. Sea Mode

    Hurry, Pete! The one that got away…

    Ian Rapoport

    Source: The #Bills released TE OJ Howard.

  20. Sea Mode

    Reclamation attempt #46342…?

    Tom Pelissero

    The #Chiefs are releasing WR Josh Gordon, per source.

    Gordon has shown great character on the field and in the community since he got to Kansas City and the team is open to him returning. But it’s a numbers game right now and he’s the odd man out.

    • Rob Staton

      Quite possibly

  21. Sea Mode

    Poor guy!

    “You can’t move the new girlfriend into the apartment when the old girlfriend is still living there! How do they not get this?”

    “Q: have you talked about whatever perceived positives there are?”
    A: POSITIVES?! No! What positive? I’m positive this move sucks! That’s the only positive!” 😂

    • Rob Staton

      I love Rob

      I’m going to ask him to do another stream before week 2

  22. Sea Mode

    Lots of old names from former draft deep dives… nobody really catches my eye though for us right now.

  23. Big Mike

    Cut down day. I sincerely hope the team does what Rob and Jeff suggested needs done and cuts bait with the guys that obviously have underachieved (Collier) and appear they will continue to underachieve (Blair), etc. I agree they need to do what they did at the beginning of the Carroll era. You won the power struggle Pete, now wield the power and freshen this roster.

  24. Sea Mode

    Tom Pelissero

    The #Vikings are waiving QB Kellen Mond, per source.

    A third-round pick out of Texas A&M in 2021, Mond had a lot of fans in the pre-draft process. But he struggled in preseason action and Minnesota’s new regime traded for Nick Mullens recently. Now, Mond heads to waivers.

    • TomLPDX

      Someone will pick him up I would think. He’ll be a good PS QB.

  25. TomLPDX

    Florio speculating about our QB conundrum…

    I’ll take the over on 4 games before Lock is in place as QB1.

    • Peter

      This could potentially be a nightmare this season. If the hawks lose the first four and they switch to Lock then he does drew lock things it can get real ugly at the games.

      I posted a comment in the live stream about “normal fans.” Someone commented there were boos at the preseason games. I don’t count normal fans as those who go to preseason. I mean the super run of the mill people who don’t go to camps, don’t know a ton of the players, and just want a good game of football after a decade of mostly winning. Not season ticket holders but those who hope to get to maybe one game a year with friends or family. The fans who fire up some snacks and bloody Mary’s and consider last year a blip but don’t follow the minutiae like we do.

      The fans who don’t know about “trust the process,” or a rebuild. But really think those last games were a sign of life. And the coach whose borderline toxic positivity is right on the line of not telling the truth about where the team really is at.

      If you were there for Mora or the final Holmgren year or worse the mid 90’s if this team goes under on 5.5 games, yikes.

      • UkAlex6674

        Maybe these ‘normal fans’ do follow the minutiae but choose not to hysterically over react or think the organisation is on its last legs.

        I dont think it’s right to assume just because people only maybe go to one game like you say they are to be pigeon holed as a lesser level of fan?

  26. samprassultanofswat

    In regard to Jimmy Garoppolo this move makes perfect sense for the 49ers. Garoppolo took the 49ers to the NFC championship game. He has also taken the 49ers to a Super Bowl appearance.

    Looking from the outside it looks like Trey Lance is not ready. The 49ers traded three first round picks to move up to snag a quarterback who only had 11 games of college ball experience. That decision is starting to look questionable. Trey Lance may need another year to learn the NFL.

    From my perspective the move for Garoppolo appears to be puzzling. Why would he not look at free agency as an opportunity to see what he is worth on the open market. Maybe it is security. I am not sure.

    From the perspective of the Seahawks this could be the best thing that could have happened. Not sure if the Seahawk front office was really interested in Garoppolo. They can’t be questioned now why they didn’t take Garoppolo. Garoppolo is not on the market. So, they can’t be 2nd guessed as why they didn’t sign him.

    In regard to Geno Smith. Pete Carroll named Smith the starting QB because he doesn’t throw ints. Really? Well Geno Smith also does make big plays either. With Geno Smith as the starting QB. I hope Pete Carroll is happy to watch his offense lead the NFL in 3 plays and out. I wouldn’t be surprised if Michael Dickson leads the NFL in total yards punted. Geno Smith is a three and out machine. NFL defenses are going to STUFF the run and FORCE Geno Smith to beat them. I realize that Drew Lock threw three INTs in the final game. Which is a mortal sin in the eyes of Pete Carroll. But at least Drew Lock MOVED the football.

    So, Pete Carroll, I hope you enjoy Geno Smith behind center.

    BTW: Having Geno Smith lead the Seahawks should lead the Seahawks to a top ten pick next year.

    • AlaskaHawk

      You’ve set your sights way to high. Playing Geno Smith may lead to a top three pick. In fact I want to be able to chant “We are Number One, We are Number One – in the draft. Let’s get it done!

  27. BruceN

    What do you think of Grayson who just got cut by Tampa? A good inside/outside receiver who’s not afraid to block. Surprised he didn’t make it. The Bucs are loaded at the position.

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