Live stream reacting to the first round


  1. JC

    And since the Texans beat the colts on a 4th and 20 play, we miss out on Anthony Richardson. Butterfly wing flappage.

    • geoff u

      We missed out because Schneider was twiddling his thumbs while Scott Fitterer was working the phones

      • Wilson502

        Yep, worst part is Rob called the trade days B4 it actually happened. JS played this like a jabroni.

      • GoHawksDani

        We couldn’t trade up if the Texans wanted Anderson and Stroud. Not unless we’d give up #5, #20, 2024 R1 and R2 to ARI

        • Geoff u

          I’m talking about the trade to #1, that John was completely caught off guard by.

      • zezinhom400

        JSN was a slam dunk at #20, he’ll start immediately and will give us another great WR once Lockett retires. A few things to think about:
        – Chris Olave and Garett Wilson, both of whom knocked it out of the park as rookies last year, jointly said that of the three of them, JSN was the best
        – Here are Cooper Kupp’s combine numbers (who is the player most similar to JSN’s game): 4.62 40 (JSN’s number if you want to say he’s a 4.6 guy); vertical 31″ (JSN 35″); broad jump 9’8″(JSN 10’5″); 3-cone 6.75 (JSN 6.57); 20-yd shuttle 4.08 (JSN 3.93).

        Seattle just got a consensus Rd 1 pick and the consensus #1 WR on the board. Who will make both DK and Lockett more open bc he is a LEGITIMATE threat. Better than Olave and Wilson

      • zezinhom400

        We didn’t miss out, and Schneider was not twiddling his thumbs. Arizona got a HUGE price for that pick — Schneider himself said was too expensive, and he was right. Maybe it turns out to have been worth it, we’ll find out over time. But no other team was willing to go there either, not just Schneider on a pick that everyone knew was for sale. Just too expensive.

        One other thing: if we can fantasize about Anthony Richardson being a better Cam Newton, we can also fantasize about Witherspoon being a Troy Palamalu (maybe not that much of a stretch given the fellow who’s drawing the comparisons); and we can also fantasize about JSN being a Cooper Kupp except a better athlete. Or just one of these two.

        Guys: Schneider KILLED this draft, A++++. Got phenomenal talent, phenomenal character, Seahawk guys all the way.

        • Geoff u

          You realize the 12th pick is worth a lot less than 5 right? They basically went from 3 to 6 for a 2024 first rounder (equivalent to a 2nd rounder this year)

    • Chris

      Yep, if AR gets near his ceiling, that drop from #3 to #5 might be the worst thing to happen to this franchise in a generation.

      • Simon McInnes

        But all probability is that he won’t – see chill over it.

        • Peter

          I think it’s fine for people to be slightly bummed about the end of the season machinations for draft slotting. Be it Denver winning or better yet Indy tanking…

  2. KennyBadger

    So the gift that was #5 ended up drafting a position that Pete can make 5th rounders into all pros? I really like Witherspoon and JSN but this seems like a complete waste of resources. I will withhold judgment because there are many favorites on the board but I really disagree with everything so far.

    • Wilson502

      Agreed, this 1st round couldn’t have went any worse than the way it did. Grabbing Levis or Hooker would be nice, but I sense a lot of copium for how this 1st round went.

      • Spectator

        Funny thing is, we could have went Levi’s at 5 and YOU would be super happy. Yet we passed on him, as did EVERY team, you piss and moan. Texans clearly weren’t trading out of 2, and AZ wasn’t trading with us. Yet you want to continue to bitch and moan. Your schtick is as tiresome as the Carter narrative.

        • Wilson502

          🥱 🥱 I am entitled to my opinions thank you very much. I’m clearly not the only one who feels this way but hey you do you.

          • Spectator

            And I’m entitled to mine, that your soft demeanor is tiresome. Others at least acknowledge the thought behind it and can be upset, yet understand there is obviously information and process we aren’t privy to. You just act like you’re the smartest person in the world, b*tch and moan, and that trading up is simple as just “pay the iron price”. Likely no one was trading back with hawks even if they wanted to. And For all we know, the board fell exactly like they wanted it to. Even if we as fans were hoping for Richardson or Stroud, which I was and was floored by the Witherspoon pick, have to still realize I’m not in the front office, not smarter than the front office, and don’t have the info that they have.

            • Wilson502

              Whatever dude, there’s several people on this blog that share the same sentiments as me. Your condescending demeanor is just as tiresome if not more so. I didn’t even come up with the pay the iron price term to begin with. You’re barking up the wrong damn tree.

              • Chris

                Pointing out condescension isn’t being condescending. He just went to the trouble to post what some of us have been thinking for a while. Your 100% confidence that trading up was the only move and everyone that disagrees is an idiot was way past getting old.

              • Justaguy

                Yet you have been put on notice by many blog fans for your overly conceited argument. Just full stop. It isn’t worth anyone’s time any longer. We get to enjoy mediocrity until lightning strikes

              • Spectator

                No, kid, I have yet to see someone else call JS a “Jabroni” or consistently act as though he is smarter than everyone in the room. It’s fine to have an opinion, your attitude of dragging it on and continuing to berate JS/PC is tiresome. They are in front office, while you sit on the couch. And I’m not the only one that has that feeling. Being unhappy with the picks is one thing, your schtick is another thing. I’m not being condescending, I’m just calling you out for being soft and acting with a superiority complex. And I never said you came up with that term.

                Again, I wanted Richardson and I wanted Stroud, but I’m not gonna act as though they could have simply traded up and “paid the iron price” because it isn’t that simple. And there is a reason they weren’t able to or chose not to. Analyze the players we DID get. And let’s look to tomorrow. There is a reason Levis fell out of 1st, and I’m curious on it. Cause we didn’t see it coming .

                • Scot04

                  Schneider said in the presser the cost was too high. I believe it & am guessing AZ would have wanted more from us.
                  Many of us liked Richardson; but I know all I wanted was us to continue on with what we did last year.
                  High character/BPA guys, that have produced.
                  I do believe if Richardson was at #5 they’d take him. I don’t agree you pay any price to move up.
                  I definitely did not expect Texans to trade down at any cost. Won my friends pool for 1st 10 picks. Having the Texans taking Anderson at #2 & Stroud at #3. Won it as points for team player match was high.
                  Regardless, I agree with Spectator we don’t know how the Seahawks valued certain players.
                  They did what I wanted by going same route as last year; so it’s impossible for me not to be happy about the picks.

                  • Malc from PO

                    That’s kind of how I feel about it. I think to a certain extent the draft “went against us” and the players the team really wanted went ahead of our picks. If the price to go get them was too high, then that’s just life. I am glad they pivoted to their evaluated BPA rather than panic or overpay. Speaks to a good system and strong discipline rather than magical thinking. Witherspoon and Smith-Njigba have good shots at producing early and seem to be the kind of player the team wants. I am glad I can see evidence of a process and I have to trust their evaluation of Levi’s.

                • Tien

                  I was really pissed also when the Hawks passed on Levis at 5 and then just really disappointed at 20 but with time to think about it further, I arrived at the same conclusion, there had to be a reason (that we don’t know of) why every other team passed on him also. What’s really puzzling is that he’s been projected to go in the top 5 or 10 picks for a while now recently, there was also talk of him as being the 2nd QB taken and Stroud potentially dropping.

                  And while, I and most of us thought it was worth it to pay whatever price to trade up to get Stroud or Richardson, Pete and John may have not felt the same. They may have drafted those two if they fell to 5 but maybe they didn’t think it was worth the high cost to trade up.

                  Houston was smart and in their shoes, I would have drafted a QB also, despite all the recent talk about them going with Will Anderson. I was surprised about their trade up to get Anderson but they had the ammo to do so and more importantly, they made sure they got their QB first so that if AZ was asking too much, they weren’t committed to the trade.

                  Based on what happened, I don’t think Houston would have traded us their #2 pick and since AZ is in our division, they probably would have charged us a premium or else just told us to go pound sand if we wanted to trade into #3. It sucks for us because we still have no QB of the future but I’m not sure there was much they could have done to get Stroud or Richardson. The wild card was Levis dropping the way he did.

                  I’m hoping that Witherspoon becomes the shutdown corner that they envision and that JNS (I would have preferred Michael Mayer or maybe Josh Downs but whatever) is productive and becomes good enough to be Lockett’s eventual replacement.

              • Tecmo Bowl

                502- perhaps in the future just express your opinion, without calling other people names. ✌

    • Simon McInnes

      I’ll wait and see for day 2 on how we fill the known holes. Personally I was hoping Mazi Smith would still be around as most of the vibe was for him to be a high round 2 pick, but never mind…

  3. Sea Mode

    Turns out he did have some good info.

    April 13:

    But here’s one more Seattle nugget that throws a wrench in that: I was told it loves cornerback Devon Witherspoon (Illinois) if the top pass-rushers are gone. — Matt Miller

    • geoff u

      Top pass-rushER.

  4. Denver Hawker

    Witherspoon is a BAMF

    • Justaguy

      Another very convincing argument

      • Justaguy


      • SoCal12

        Give it a rest dude. It’s one thing to have an opinion but at this point you’re just shitting on others for not conforming to your armchair GM frustrations.

  5. Ike

    Damn, I’m sad we didn’t get a chance to draft Stroud or Richardson, but I’m definitely intrigued by a our future. I liked Withspoon a lot and the potential for JSN to grow into our own Chris Godwin (or even better, Cooper Kupp) is tantilizing.
    Overall, just feeling whelmed, however I’m also reminded that this was the same feeling I had last year and we killed the rest of the draft. Looking forward to the rest of the draft.

  6. Saxon

    Going forward good luck predicting what this team will do. They no longer seem to have tendencies, other than high character.

    My biggest complaint isn’t necessarily the players they drafted but that we couldn’t seem to trade down. However, they undoubtedly would have lost both Spoon and JSN had they done so. Clearly they were not going to do that.

    Last, I feel for Levis. My uber lazy comp for him was Drew Lock: toolsy QBs with size and plus athleticism but lacking the instincts and processing to be reliable starters. I’m a fan of Levis the person so I hope he finds the right situation tomorrow.

    • Chris

      Yeah, a lot of trends are going out the window.

      Think they liked how last year’s class was actually able to come in as rookies and start. Seems like that might be their new thing, at least at the top of the draft.

    • Justaguy

      One thing is certain. They will continue to suck

      • samprassultanofswat

        “One thing is certain. They will continue to suck” You have a right to your opinion. 1 have a 100% right to totally disagree with your opinion.

  7. Steve Nelsen

    Not the players I was expecting and not the positions I thought they would draft in Round 1 but they got two really good players.

    CB and WR are also both value positions (productive players on rookie contracts) which also seemed to be a priority last year.

    After getting Witherspoon today, I am hoping they add JL Skinner tomorrow and we will be enjoying some highlight reel hits next year.

    • Justaguy

      It is yet to be certain they drafted TWO GOOD players like you portend. They could be outright shit

      • Steve Nelsen

        If you mean in the mathematical probability sense where any player could be absolute shit then yes. But JSN was the #1 receiver prospect for a lot of people and Witherspoon was the top CB prospect for a lot of people.

    • Tecmo Bowl

      Same here. JS/PC haven’t taken a CB or WR in round 1 in the past 13 years. Not what I would’ve done, but rest assured JS\PC got their CB1 and WR1.

  8. geoff u

    It’s all moot till they solve the QB position and kicking that can down the road another year is just one more year Pete goes without a Super Bowl before retiring. Is what it is.

    • Wilson502

      Couldn’t agree more.

    • BK26

      I second this. This is what we have for trading Russ.

    • Peter

      Honestly….I’d just take a plan at this point.

      I too wanted qbotf with this unforeseen gift from Denver.

      But alas…

      However…it’s a weird place to be in where I actually like the players. But don’t love the picks. Third receiver? Small big hitting corner with great character but literally fairly terrible picks….

      Is this team better today?


      Bush, wagner, nwosu….all done next year

      Parkinson, fant….same

      Receiver selected and the least imposing least ferocious dline assembled….since it’s about three players short.

      Love. Good player. The other two safeties….wtf level money for output.

      Oh. And. Literally no qb of the future. A qb for the now, Hopefully. But future? Even if he’s as good as last year….it’s very good production. Not game altering. Very good.

      People are saying it’s the best cb and wr. Okay. Get me in three years when witherspoon is Sherman and JSN is adams, kupp, jeffereson, etc…

      Again I feel like a turd for not loving the picks….but I see Seattle being 10-7 next year with the same feel as the last 7 years. Competent to great offense sometimes. A defense good not spectacular anywhere.

      • Justaguy

        I just took a pie to the face bet with my brother that they won’t win 8 games and if Geno finishes the year injured I get to the pie in his face

        • Peter

          Hell yeah….

          I love stuff like this.

        • samprassultanofswat

          Just: Be prepared to take a pie in YOUR face.

      • BK26

        This. Spot on, 100%. What is the plan? Bringing the old guys back, the albatross contracts, no long term solution at quarterback. There is no alignment and no big plan that we can see. Everything is short term or a rookie.

        I like both players. Don’t love the picks. Both will make the team better and will be fun to watch. With what Russ ended up leading to, VERY underwhelming and feels a little hollow.

        Just like you, I agree with what you think that the offense and defense will be. But the team just feels middling, nothing different, sneaking into the playoffs occasionally, mediocrity. There are still 2 things going on: immediately trying to win (with so so talent/veterans), and building something long term.

      • BK26

        I also feel that a lot of fans got the hope that they needed tonight. If that is the case, FANTASTIC. It is much better to see the light at the end of the tunnel. In the end, it would be unbelievable for us to all end up happy.

        I just didn’t get the hope that I was expecting, and really didn’t get the needle moved. And for me (and quite a few others), it was RIGHT there. Screw the Colts. May Richardson turn into Matt Stafford, never win with Indy, and then come win a Super Bowl with us a la the sheep a few years ago.

      • geoff u

        I feel ya. We’d have been lucky to win 4 games last year had Geno not balled out. Geno. The guy who nearly left the NFL to play Canadian football. This is the frickin plan Pete and John? Even they aren’t sold on Geno, but then what exactly is the plan? If picking at #5 with four legit prospects isnt good enough to make a move, what ever will be? And any rookie qb is going to take 2-3 years before they’re ready to compete for a title, and that window just got kicked down the road another season. Does Pete plan to coach into his 80s? Is that the plan?

        I mean great, we’re finally drafting good players this year and the last, but they squandered year after year on short term “win now” moves and bad drafts and weird signings leaving us with a shell of a team that is somehow out of money. One playoff win in the last six seasons. ONE. How is this good enough for anyone?

      • Scot04

        Nothing wrong with you too not love the picks at all. Although, I respectfully disagree that they were terrible picks.
        In regards to a plan…
        Well it started last year when they decided to go high character/BPA with their picks.
        It resulted in their best draft in years.
        Schneider & Pete said they would do the same & not draft for need, unless it matched up.
        Seems like a plan to me.

        • BK26

          Look at the team overall. Bloated contracts and short term deals. They are stuck between two plans still. They still have a big mess to fix.

        • Peter

          Please reread.

          I did not say terrible picks.

          BK26 beat me to it.

          I don’t see a plan. Yet.

          It’s great to take high character guys. In witherspoon I see it. In JSN…I don’t know. Sort of the Carter paradox. Probably a great player but Ohio state didn’t need him. Seattle could truly use a great slot corner.

          Frankly I am a little concerned that he didn’t play last year. Grievous hamstring injury…or…..shut it down because there’s nothing to gain?

          Also his production is extremely boom bust.

    • olyhawksfan

      I think solving the qbotf got ‘kicked down the road’ when stroud and AR went before their 5th pick. I don’t think they had a realistic opportunity to trade up. Houston wanted both their guys, Indy wasn’t trading. I don’t think we can hold judgement on them until we see how Levis turns out.

  9. KD


  10. Max from Van

    Pete has just gone on record said that he has not had a chance at a DB like Wotherspoon since he had Troy Polamalu at USC. I know Pete talks up his players but that is a pretty special thing to say. He had Earl Thomas for 9 Seasons.

    • KD

      Dude, I just watched that. No wonder they picked him.

    • Peter

      Hope he’s awesome.

      Feels like it could be a great pick or new leader for fans to talk about “next year,” like adams, carson, Thurmond, procise, penny

    • Tecmo Bowl

      Watched the interview, thought Pete was going to say Ronnie Lott, before he mentioned Polamalu. Devon is a rare punishing hitter at CB. He needs to clean up his hands though, a bit grabby.

  11. Patrick Toler

    The top four went about as poorly as it could have and I’m sad that we missed Richardson or Stroud, but I think we got two of the 10 best players in the draft. Our CB and WR groups might be amongst the best in the league. Lots of good Defensive Line prospects left on the board, as well as Levis and the Centers. I know a lot of people were sour on Smith Njigba, but I predict that by mid-season nobody will be upset about that pick.

  12. GoHawks5151

    Well that was unexpected. I think it’s hard to argue with the players. Both are talented, passionate, skillful and good character guys. They will probably be good players and good hawks. But I just don’t think they get us to a championship. Pass rush and QB play are still king. Tonight was neither. I still think there is a decent chance Will is in play early tomorrow and they may have come back up if they weren’t being really tight with their picks. Levis, Tippmann and maybe Hall would set tomorrow off big time

    • UkAlex6674

      But by improving the back end you increase the chance of coverage sacks, and by getting Geno another very good WR you increase the QB play.

  13. cha

    Guy in a banana suit stumping for Seahawks to take Will Levis.

  14. Hawkdawg

    Watch this, from the Illini DC on Witherspoon. Jamal Adams, two years ago, during yet another run of bad Hawk defense, was asked what the problem was, and he said “we need more dogs, man.” This DC goes on and on about Witherspoon in this clip, taken during Illinois’ Pro Day, but the very first description he gives of Witherspoon is “he’s a dog. An absolute dog.”

  15. Skijake1

    Pretty straightforward for me

    They missed out on what I thought would be their first choice at QB—the most valuable position on the field.

    Absent that, they picked their first choice—and the first players taken!—at two of the next most valuable positions on the field. We don’t have to wonder if they would have preferred some other WR or CB—they got them.

    I’m sure they wish the top pass rusher / DT wasn’t a knucklehead, but not being a knucklehead is a core part of their evaluation, so they didn’t take him.

    Hard not to be happy when one of the best GM/HC tandems gets their first choice at two super valuable positions.

    • Skijake1

      When was the last time the Seahawks picked the top player on their board at any position?


      I think even he was #2. Did we ever get it confirmed they preferred Eric Berry? I dunno. Maybe Earl was #1.

      This year they got their #1 choice at WR and CB.

      Pretty incredible opportunity to team build right there.

      • Scot04

        Last year. I definitely believe they got the top RB on their Board & BPA with Walker & Mafe. Same with Lucas & Woolen, could I be wrong? Sure
        It definitely that way though.

      • BK26


  16. Ishmael

    Initial reaction is that it’s a good start – two genuinely good players. Arguably the two best skill position players available in the draft. This is nothing like an LJ Collier flop, or a Jordyn Brooks meh. Two instant starters who should make the entire team better from tomorrow.

    Still flat as about missing Richardson, being that close and having it slip through your fingers… Tough. Maybe Arizona just wouldn’t play ball? I’m amazed Levis has fallen this far, whatever you think about him he’s still got significantly more going for him than Kenny Pickett who went, what, 16 last year? Just seems like a really, really, weird fall. That said, wouldn’t be the first QB to fall and carry a boulder on his shoulder to Canton. I just can’t see how Geno Smith and Drew Lock is an acceptable situation? Maybe they’ve decided the Niners have it right, a cheap QB who will do what he’s told + the defenders you pick up with the savings are more valuable than a star QB.

    • Peter

      It’s entirely possible that this tracks about cheap qb and better everything else is the formula.

      Just need some serious snap count eating Dawgs on that dline.

      Could work.

    • GerryG

      Regarding QB, I look at it like they are not forcing the situation. In my opinion, you dont push your chips in for a QB (ie trading a lot of stock to move up) until your roster is ready. This roster has tons of holes, it is year two of a rebuild, they still need a lot of talent infusion. In the meantime, you do have Geno, who was a legit pro bowler last year, on a good contract. If Geno implodes, your record probably implodes with it.

      Next year, who knows what the draft will offer. You don’t ALWAYS need to draft in the top 5 to get a QB. This year, you kinda did, although Levis is still there. Mahomes was picked at 10, Lamar at 31, Hurts at RD2. You can get good QBs in the draft without doing what SF and CAR did recently. If you get your roster in good shape in this draft (definitely a lot of work to do on the DL still) maybe next year you can package a future first to move up and get a guy.

  17. YDB

    Lmao. Pete said that Spoon was one of the two players that they would stick and pick for. The other had to have been Anderson. Looks like Operation Smokescreen was a smashing success.

    I really hope they have a plan for addressing the DL tomorrow or that outstanding trio of receivers we have will rarely see the field. Hopefully they can get a trade back that gets them an extra day two pick.

  18. KSB

    I’m feeling a little underwhelmed after RD 1 as a Hawks fan.

    I thought Pete said he wanted to be more physical on the D line like the 49ers. After they lost to them in the playoffs.

    As of today I don’t see that happening.

    Maybe it was all a smoke screen so they could get to the 1st CB and WR in the draft. Lol

    I hope these guys have a great career with the Seahawks. But it’s not what I was expecting to happen today.

    Really surprised that they spent a 1st round pick on a WR. I know they could use a 3rd WR. But thought the would wait until day 2, as there are bigger needs on this team.

    Apparently they aren’t interested in Levi’s after passing on him twice.

    I honestly think they were trying to trade out at pick 20 and couldn’t find anyone or a decent offer anyway. From what I could tell in the war room. When they were on the clock.

    Hope they address the defensive line in tomorrow draft.

    Sometimes I ask myself why do I spend so much time studying for player’s that I want to see in a Seahawks uniform. Then it never happens?

    Sorry for the rant there at the end. Maybe I’ll feel better in the morning, after I sleep on it.

    • Jhams

      Thing is there’s no Bosa or Myles Garrett in this draft. I’d rather have a BAMF corner than spend 5 on someone like Wilson. Much have the best CB in the draft and Ade Ade or Hall or some of the beefy run stuffers with upside like Pickens or Benton.

  19. Gary

    Have a bad feeling that JSN turns into Dee Eskridge 2.0.

    • Hughz

      Completely different players. Not saying he’s a lock to be all pro but JSN is a baller.

    • Seattle Person

      Based on what? I’m not saying your opinion is invalid but you have to provide reasoning.

      • Peter

        Well…he didn’t play for a year for reasons…..that’s one reason some of don’t love the pick.

        That he had almost all his production in like three games so he’s not a chain mover or insert other phrasing here.

        • Seattle Person

          He does have to answer to last season. Why wasn’t he playing? Who knows…

          Are you referring to 3 games this season or for his career? If you’re talking about his career then I think we need to revisit his 2021-2022 stats.

        • BK26

          Also always had elected running mates. How much did that help? Had 2 two years ago and arguably the biggest receiver talent since….Moss? last year.

          Would have rather taken Downs or Mingo later personally.

          • Roy Batty

            I will defer my judgement to the two NFL receivers he played with in 2021 who stated that Jaxson is actually better than them.

            That’s straight from their mouths, so let’s step back and recognize that disappointment that the Hawks didn’t get our guys doesn’t mean the guys they selected aren’t good.

            • BK26

              Didn’t say that he wasn’t good. Just that to me, the value and talent would have been better with the other two.

              And, were Olave and Wilson going to say anything else…?

          • MountainHawker

            Good thing he’s going to a team with 2 elite receivers then

  20. Coach

    I love that we drafted 2 difference makers – one on each side of the ball! The #1 cb and #1 wr in the draft?! And these are both positions of value – have you seen the top wr and cb deals?

    Witherspoon is Chris Simm’s “new man crush.” He loves this guy! Best tape he’s seen in years he said!

    We can hit the trenches in the 2nd and 3rd rounds! Keep going for high character, BAMF’s, and BPA’s!

    I’m hoping for Benton and Wippman – both difference makers from Wisconsin tomorrow!

    Looking forward to seeing who we bring in the building!

    Go Hawks!

  21. Jhams

    I was crushed when AR went off the board. I didn’t love Wilson or Levis but I was sure they would take one of the two and I’d be sad. I stead they took a guy described as “the most violent player in the draft” by Rob and “spiritually he’s Kam Chancellor” by Danny Kelly. I love building front to back and think having two excellent corners will really help the pass rush. Love the pick, very excited.

    JSN was a surprise, but Lockett is getting older and having a guy usually considered WR1 in the draft who can play alongside him and DK for this year and set us up for the future is exciting.

    Really excited for tomorrow and loving the high character BPA approach. Hoping for at least one of: Derick Hall, Ade Ade, Pickens, Benton, Washington, Tippman, Avila tomorrow.

    • Quinn

      Feel a bit like Ben Stiller at the end of Dodgeball.
      Fuckin’ Lovie Smith…

  22. Gary

    Anyone know why we draft 6 and 21 tomorrow, instead of 5 and 20?

    • Hughz

      This is a guess but I think when teams have the same record the switch positions each round.

      • GerryG

        This is correct

    • Roy Batty

      The Dolphins round one pick is still there, it’s just voided. It’s one of those weird technicalities in the draft. The pick doesn’t actually go away, so the rest of the draft is still numbered to reflect that.

  23. Kerren

    Just felt like since Indy gave away the last game I remember Rob saying something to the effect of watching a player fall out of their hands have a great career in front of them and thinking about that play for a decade. We may look at this draft as look who was drafted right before us
    Anthony Richardson
    Calijah Kancey
    and tomorrow possibly
    Will Levis to the Rams.
    We have a choice of Edge (Ade Ade or Keion White) should be available
    Or one of the top Centers at 37 and could get good value at 53
    Good building draft but maybe remembered as what might have been draft…

    • Chris

      Was probably someone else. Rob said he didn’t care. Was happy to be at 5.

      Who knows though, maybe Witherspoon ends up in the HOF and Richardson ends up a bust.

    • UkAlex6674

      Every draft is like that. Move on.

  24. Denver Hawker

    Looks like Levis is off the board- I still think they take a QB later- who is it?

    My money is on DTR at 123

  25. MarkinSeattle

    I am willing to give PC the benefit of the doubt on Witherspoon, he has an eye for CB’s even if this one is short and not fast. But I truly don’t get a slow WR. I very much hope I am wrong, but people were knocking Mayer for a 4.70 40 while JSN ran in the 4.6’s on the same track at 3” shorter and 40+ lbs lighter. Like I said, hopefully they are both revelations but I will be surprised if they both turn into all pros. Heck, I will be surprised if JSN turns into an above average starter at WR.

    As for Levis, perhaps they take him in round 2 because they have a bead on what the market is and let him slide. But we need some DL, an OC and a QBOTF. We didn’t trade down and we didn’t pick up any draft collateral. I have a feeling that we will likely fill the first two options with the next three picks and pass this year on a QB. I just don’t see how this team really elevates their performance unless our first five picks turn into future Pro Bowlers.

    • Spectator

      When did JSN run a 4.6 on the same track as Mayer ? I’m not arguing he is fast, he’s not a speed guy, but this information is just completely wrong.

      And who was the best Wr in the NFL the year before last? Cooper Cupp. What did he run at his pro day? Speed isn’t everything. I’m biased as I wanted JSN and been a proponent of his for a while now, but still. He may never be an all pro, or maybe he becomes cooper cupp. But Judging his potential off his 40 yd dash, alone, is lazy.

    • Seattle Person

      I think we need to address a couple of things:

      1) Witherspoon doesn’t have elite speed but he’s not slow…He ran in the high to mid 4.4s. That’s flying…Plus he’s slightly below 6’0. I wouldn’t call that short…Dude probably has the best CB instincts in the whole draft.

      2) JSN did not run in the 4.6s. I don’t know where you got that number? He ran a 4.48 on a fast track and probably a 4.5 guy. What he doesn’t have in raw speed, he makes up in with elite and I mean elite agility numbers. He ran a 3.93 shuttle and a 6.57 3-cone. Those are really really good slot WR numbers.

      I think we are getting too caught up with what we don’t have and not focusing on what do we have with the 2 players selected. These are 2 legit DROY and OROY candidates.

      • Spenny Dunks

        Agreed entirely. Witherspoon is a big time hitter, great character, and has amazing instincts as a corner. You can make an argument that he’s the best defensive player in the draft. An elite secondary is part of made our championship teams so great so I’m definitely intrigued by having Woolen and Witherspoon out there together.

        JSN has crazy agility, route running and hands. He arguably looked better than Olave and Wilson when they were there and look how successful they have been. A third receiver is a starting position in this day and age and to have an elite 3 man core of DK, Lockett, and JSN is incredible. We are taken care of when Lockett ages out / moves on as well.

        These are great, BPA picks, and they do help make us better immediately even if they weren’t the biggest needs. An upgrade is still an upgrade.

      • MarkinSeattle

        JSN’s listed track time from his pro day is 4.51 on a very fast track. Saying that he would run a 4.60 at the combine which has a fairly slow track is not a stretch. I agree he has very good agility testing numbers and he is a good route runner. I just question the top end potential of a WR who would have one of the slowest 40’s at the Combine this year. I really hope I am proven wrong, but I have been getting flashbacks to the Tim Ruskell error, with lots of flashy numbers at major conferences but guys who didn’t have that top end athletic edge that limited them in their careeers.

        • MountainHawker

          The combine track isn’t slow anymore. Hasn’t been for a few years.

    • zezinhom400

      JSN was a slam dunk at #20, he’ll start immediately and will give us another great WR once Lockett retires. A few things to think about:
      – Chris Olave and Garett Wilson, both of whom knocked it out of the park as rookies last year, jointly said that of the three of them, JSN was the best
      – Here are Cooper Kupp’s combine numbers (who is the player most similar to JSN’s game): 4.62 40 (JSN’s number if you want to say he’s a 4.6 guy); vertical 31″ (JSN 35″); broad jump 9’8″(JSN 10’5″); 3-cone 6.75 (JSN 6.57); 20-yd shuttle 4.08 (JSN 3.93).

      Seattle just got a consensus Rd 1 pick and the consensus #1 WR on the board. Who will make both DK and Lockett more open bc he is a LEGITIMATE threat. Better than Olave and Wilson

  26. QAgrizzly

    Still think they’ll grab a QB, if Haener is there in 4th. the pick.

    • Seahawkwalt

      Clayton Tune is my guess

  27. swedenhawk

    How satisfying was it that neither the 49ers nor the Rams picked in the first round?

    • Tecmo Bowl

      They both were complete afterthouhts, as it should be! 😄

    • olyhawksfan

      So THAT’S why the sun shown brighter yesterday! Didn’t really realize it during…yes that is so sweet.

  28. Matt

    What about Keenan Allen as a comp for JSN? Also Player Profiler has Doug Baldwin as his closest comp. I’ll be curious how it shakes out between JSN, QJ, Addison and Zay Jones.

    • Tecmo Bowl

      The testing #s of JSN favorably line up with ADB. Their style of play is also similar. It would’ve been cool to find another undrafted Doug, but we took JSN at #20. Both great players, its the value that may be lacking.

  29. Palatypus

    Three hours of sleep a night? Who was it that said eight total? I think we have a winner.

    Russell Wilson is a robot, but Rob Staton is a vampire.

  30. Sea Mode

    Think he is loved in the locker room…?

    • Peter

      Please let him be great and not an injury magnet.

    • Palatypus

      I hope Richard Sherman has him on his YouTube channel soon.

      • geoff u

        At least Richard Sherman won’t have to volunteer someone else to babysit him

  31. CHaquesFan

    If they can nab Levis/Ade Ade/Tippman that would put the cap on a great first few rounds

  32. Forrest

    Wow! This is really awkward (Pete and John’s press conference)!

    • Tecmo Bowl

      They both had pigment in their pale faces, which makes it much better than the Collier draft!

  33. YDB

    Still need:

    NT, DT, OLB, LB

    RB, IOL, TE

    I’d love to get out of this draft with Charbonnet, Ojulari & Gervon. Big day tomorrow.

  34. Spenny Dunks

    Will Levis, Zach Charbonet, Israel Abanikanda, Michael Mayer, Darnell Washington, Luke Musgrave, John Michael Schmitz, Luke Wypler, Joe Tippmann, Keeanu Benton, Zacch Pickens, Ade Ade, Brian Branch, J.K Skinner….

    So much talent left at positions of need. If we can come away with 2-3 of those guys on defense and 1-2 of those guys on offense, it’ll be a successful draft.

  35. Matthew

    If we get a TE we should try and trade Fant for Swift. I really like Parkinson anyways.

  36. Palatypus

    Mike Tyson is famous for saying, “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”

    The Houston Texas threw a flash-bang grenade in the room.

    • geoff u

      See the real key is, to be the one throwing the punches.

      Also, sidenote, don’t boxers expect to be punched in the mouth? I mean, that’s kinda what it’s all about.

      • Palatypus

        Yes, but not as hard as Mike Tyson.

        Buster Douglas, if you believe the fight wasn’t fixed, beat him because he was actually a good fighter with marginal talent. This is what I was as a high school wrestler.

        But some guys were just too athletic.

    • olyhawksfan


  37. Sea Mode

    Jaxon Smith-Njigba excited to be a Seattle Seahawk, confident he can make immediate impact as rookie

    • Troy

      Soft spoken, confident guy…gonna go watch JSN highlights now

  38. Sea Mode

    NFL Draft: Illini cornerback Devon Witherspoon press conference

    • SoCal12

      Armchair GM’ing on the specifics of team needs aside, the part of the draft I actually enjoy the most is getting to getting to meet and root for these fresh new players. It’s fun and easy to do so when the team drafts for stronger characters like the last couple drafts.

    • Palatypus

      His demeanor seems really familiar.

      Darrell Jackson?

  39. Tecmo Bowl

    Jessie Lund: Think C could wait til 83- Wypler, Stromberg or Oluwatimi

  40. Henry Taylor

    Zero sleep thoughts on JSN. One thing the Rams inspired offenses have done in recent years is take to get insane production out of a slot WR with an outside reciever profile (6″+), excellent agility and route running. Think Cooper Kupp and Justin Jefferson.

    I’m not saying JSN can be that good, because those are arguably the two best wrs in the NFL, but that could be what they’re envisioning with him.

  41. Troy

    Everyone do yourself a favor and watch Witherspoons highlight reel…the way he plays the game is special. Violent, instinctual, ball skills, tough, fast, explosive.

    We could legit have the best corner duo in the NFL next year

  42. Sea Mode

    C.J. Stroud would have given his left leg for Houston Texans to draft Jaxon Smith-Njigba

    • Palatypus

      Yes, I saw this.

    • geoff u

      Who’s going to throw him the ball then? Mills?

  43. Sea Mode

    I like to hear both that they went BPA and that they still know they need to add to the DL. I can get behind that for sure and hope it continues. BPA all the way!

    Brady Henderson

    Schneider said Smith-Njigba looked like “easily” a top-5 or top-10 pick this time last year, before the hamstring injury sidelined him for most of 2022.

    CB and WR were much lesser needs than the ones the Seahawks have up front on defense. Schneider said the Witherspoon and Smith-Njigba picks were both “absolutely” a case of drafting for talent over need. “We recognize we need help on the defensive line.”

  44. Palatypus

    Three players I saw in person at the Senior Bowl practices I love that are all on the board for our next two high 2nd round picks are:

    1)Keion “Play that Funky Music” White “Boy”
    2) Ade “Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn” Ade
    3)Keeanu “Klaatu Barada Nikto” Benton

    • Trevor

      Would love any of these 3 guys. Would add Zach Pickens and Derrick Hall to this list. If they could add one or even better two of these guys the DL would look much better.

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      Is Cthulhu bringing any other great old ones with him? Hastur would be a beast on the line.

  45. Forrest

    Some observations:
    *I thought Richardson looked sad, shocked and cried because he thought he was going to be a Seahawk and the Colts stole him for the perfect marriage.
    *I thought Levis looked privileged and entitled.
    *Pete and John are NOT on the same page. Something happened there today (see the press conference).
    *What position is JSN going to play? When asked during the press conference if the Hawks would go with more 3 WR sets, they said no, they like their TEs. It almost sounded like JSN is being brought in to be #2 (Lockett?). They could get out of Lockett’s contract next year. Sounds like they might be planning ahead.

    Here’s my hope:
    Day 2
    C – Schmitz, Tippmann, Avila, Mausch, Wypler
    TE – Mayer, Darnell Washington
    S – Skinner

    Day 3
    Tank Bigsby
    Lonnie Phelps
    Brodric Martin

    Wild Cards

    • UkAlex6674

      Why did Levis look ‘privileged and entitled’ exactly?

      That’s a strong statement to make about someone I am assuming you don’t even know.

      • Trevor

        Agree completely. He sat there quietly and showed little emotion on what had to be a rough night. The narrative around Levis has gotten ridiculous IMO. I was in the Richardson camp but still think Levis will be a quality player and likely steal for someone in Rd 2. My guess is the Rams run to the podium to grab him today.

        • Tatupu51

          Levis is going to fall even more. If any of the top of the secound round teams really wanted Levis, they would’ve traded up with, say, the Jags to grab the 5th year option.

  46. Kenny Sloth

    Imagine Woolen vs Metcalf, Witherspoon vs Lockett, Jackson vs Smith-Njigba

    • Trevor

      Going to be a fun camp.

  47. KD

    Both the Hawks 1st rounders are going to be facing each other directly in practice. That will be interesting to say the least.

  48. UkAlex6674

    No problem with either of the picks. BPA for us.

    Plenty of meat left on the bone to build the lines, and Hooker and Levis are still there.

    So far so good 👍

  49. Ben

    I think it’s interesting that in a deep and top heavy class of WR and CB, that they chose who they thought was the best of the class. To be able to do that and still have a shot at what many regard as a top 5 pick in Levis to possibly secure a future at QB (if they decide he’s worth it) is a pretty savvy move. I’ve never heard anyone complain we didn’t draft RW sooner than we got him.

    I’m glad the picks are being spent on value for BPA. Getting a center or safety in the 1st round would’ve been quite annoying given he potential value of what we did get.

  50. MattyB

    With WA and AR off the board before #5 and Will Levis not thought of as Rd1 pick by all teams, taking CB1 and WR1 (ranking by a lot of pundits) is a really good draft by Seattle.
    x3 great WR next season with KWiii that has to be a tough match up for anyone
    x2 CB and i know no one likes Adams but lets say he has a comeback season plus Diggs – this also has to be a tough match

    lets hope needs are meet with day 2 picks.

    not what i was expecting but after thinking through this seems like 2 great players who will definitely up grade both positions within the roster

  51. Tatupu51

    All the QB or bust posters here are getting tiresome. There was no realistic trade up option for us once Houston decided to go QB with #2 and gave a king’s ramson to trade up with AZ. There was no way Arizona would’ve traded with us, I said so myself here two days ago, Rob said it many times it was improbable. Stop acting like JS failed because the Colts took the player we wanted. That happens. Enjoy who we got instead.

    • BK26

      Ok so are the posts of people telling other fans how to feel. Team still has a ceiling that is as high as the current quarterbacks will take them no matter what the rest of the team is. I’d quit complaining that some of us still aren’t overly happy about. If you think that this moves the needle enough to enjoy it, then good for you.

      • Rob Staton

        Everyone’s opinion is valid

        Whether they like the picks or hate them

        I like them, people can form their own views

        Let’s not police discussion

      • Big Mike

        Team still has a ceiling that is as high as the current quarterbacks will take them no matter what the rest of the team is

        I 100% believe you are correct and therein lies the problem. Prove me wrong Geno. Show us you actually are a franchise QB, not the career backup that had a good half season and then regressed in the 2nd half with a large amount of luck keeping it from being well below average if not quite bad. Ball’s in your court Geno and by extension, yours too Pete.

    • YDB

      Or, the Hawks were never keen on Richardson to be begin with and they got their target. I’m shocked that the actually went CB, but not surprised that they didn’t follow the pack.

      • BK26

        That would greatly worry me if that was the case.

        • YDB

          They stated that they had two guys at that spot (#5) and Spoon was definitely one of them. I would bet good money that the other was Anderson

          • BK26

            Yes. That is what worries me.

            • YDB

              I’m fine with it due to limited number of true top end guys there are available. I mean, if Jalen Hurts, Zombie Brady, Nick Foles, Jimmy G, Pad Statford & Zombie Manning can get to (and in some cases win) the big dance, then that speaks volumes for what a balanced approach can do.

              There was no Burrows, Lawrence or Luck in this draft. And Besides, none of those guys have won it all (yet).

              • BK26

                Hurts is one of the best qb’s now. Super Bowl proved it. Brady is the GOAT, Eagles and 9er’s had a very good defenses (and better offensive systems), Stafford it a Hall of Famer and had a career year (on top of a great defense), and Broncos: once again, best defense.

                I don’t see the balanced teams. I see great quarterbacks and/or elite defenses. You aren’t winning without a top talent quarterback or an elite defense. We have neither.

                • YDB

                  Hurts gets production because he can run (for now) and complete 60% of his passes in a friendly, run heavy system. Their team is absolutely balanced and is a large part of the reason why they could slowly develop him to achieve his current production. Brady is the goat, to be sure, but that situation seems to prove that you set up a good situation, then add a capable qb. Stafford: again, a capable qb that got plugged into a great situation (disagree on HOF).

                  We don’t have a top talent at QB, but PCJS allegedly did see one in the draft worth pushing. I would hope they would have selected Stoud if he was there, but now we won’t know. And, we definitely don’t have a top tier defense, but those aren’t built in an offseason or two. They are built through process and a little luck. I’m willing to be patient as they build the D back up but I want to see forward progression. Hopefully tonight provides some of that.

                  • BK26

                    We have no choice but to be patient. There is progression, and there will be more. I just can’t see where the other shoe is dropping to get to the level that we need to. And it might not be any time soon.

                  • YDB

                    2010 draft=> 2011 draft => 2012 draft=> Lombardi trophy

                    Simple as, right? Haha

    • geoff u

      AZ got a 2024 first to move from 3 to 6. We could’ve easily gotten Richardson if we wanted him. Obviously PC/JS didnt and there never was any real plan at the qb position after the Russ trade. That’s…rather troubling.

      • Tatupu51

        AZ was not gifting their divisional rival their new FQB. That’s obvious.

        • geoff u

          That’s not obvious at all and not at all what he said. The only obvious thing is John was never interested or willing to trade up for any of these QBs. He may be right, and for his sake I hope they all bomb.

          • Tatupu51

            It’s so obvious that it didn’t happen! You’re arguing against facts, my man.

            • geoff u

              As the saying goes, absence of evidence does not mean evidence of absence. You don’t know anymore than me, but at least I’m going off what John actually said the entire off-season and in the latest press conference. If AZ wouldn’t trade with us, doncha think that’s what he’d have answered when explicitly asked?

      • olyhawksfan

        You don’t know that. Maybe AZ refused to trade with us. I think people are oversimplifying the immensely complex management of an NFL team and the NFL draft.

        • geoff u

          Of course I don’t know. But swinging a trade from 3 to 12 then back up to 6 is a lot more complicated and risky then going from 3 to 5 and getting the same amount (or more). If we don’t take Witherspoon, Detroit doesn’t trade, and they don’t get their tackle…

  52. GoHawksDani

    I’d just like to know a couple of things:

    1, What is Witherspoon’s position? Can he handle outside with faster, bigger, stronger WRs? Or is he simply a nickel corner?

    2, Is JSN a WR3? How much Hawks play 3 WR sets? Or is he a WR2? Is he/can he be better than Lockett? What is Lockett’s future then?

    3, Do they go heavy DL in R2/3? If so, do we neglect QB completely?

    4, Do they go QB #37? If so, will any quality DL remain, who could start and be a valuable member of the rotation?

    5, What’s up with Will Levis? Rob was high on him, other sources were high on him…OK, maybe a step below AR, Stroud, Young. But still a decent QB with some potential. He seems like a high character guy. If you take him, worst case scenario backup, realistic scenario, starter in year2, best case scenario franchise QB. Lower ceiling than those 3, but maybe higher floor than AR and Stroud. None of these QBs are surefire picks. Is Levis has no chance to be good? I understand a ton of teams who are not QB-needy won’t draft him, but wouldn’t it make sense for the Hawks to take a shot? How many late R1 picks and R2, R3 picks were rubbish for RB, WR, DL, OL. At least QB is a value position, so I’d gladly gamble in R2 for him

    6, If not Levis or Hooker then what’s the plan at QB? Do they plan to suck this year and select high again? I doubt it. Do they roll with Geno for 3 years? I doubt it. Will they wanna sell the future by trading 2024, 2025, 2026 R1 and some R2/3 picks to trade into top10-top5 to select a QB next year? I think they need to take shots starting now. Maybe they draft 3-4 QBs and only the last will work. But in the meantime they can get a decent backup from that group and even if their QB isn’t good at least he’ll be cheap in year 1-2 until we find the gem

    And just a thought: BPA is flawed. Would they take OT if that was a BPA pick there? Or if they have a franchise QB? I think it should be “weighted BPA”, because an RB3 might be the best player on the board, but if you have 2 great RBs you won’t get much of him.
    If they’d have no good CBs I wouldn’t mind the CB at #5 pick (although Witherspoon is a bit on the smaller and not super-fast side for me). If they wouldn’t have DK AND Lockett and some other guys with WR3 possibilities I wouldn’t mind the JSN pick (although his role might be a bit limited because of his long speed and he had a not too great injury lately). But these two feels like probably the least position-needs for the team. I don’t say draft for need…but they could have a list of needs and if the one of the top 3-5 BPAs could fill that need, don’t go for the top BPA, but for the 3rd BPA which is also a need.

    We might have the best WR group. We might have the best CB group and a pretty good secondary.
    But, who’ll throw to those guys in the next 2-3 years?
    Who’ll generate pressure for those secondary?

    Coverage sacks are great. If a DL has dunno, 5-7 seconds or more to make the sack, it’ll work more times than before. But there’s the opposite side: Sack/pressure PDEFs and turnovers.
    It’s much harder for CBs to generate turnovers without much pressure, and it’s much harder to cover WRs for 8+ seconds than for 3-4secs.

    Having elite parts on the roster is great. But what about iOL? QB? LB? DL?
    RB2 is a questionmark, safety future also

    Sure, there’s still time in the draft. And we could maybe get a starter OC, a QB with some (!) potential, DL guys, RB2. But there’s a reason guys go in later rounds usually.

    We drafted quality guys for a group that was already good.
    Now they want to fill gaps with guys that have more risks…and some of these are huge gaps

    • Tatupu51

      How I see it:

      1. Witherspoon is an outside corner. He will play opposite to Tariq, no questions about it.

      2. JSN is a WR#3 this year and is taking Lockett spot next year as WR#2. We have a speed demon with sure hands in Lockett, we have a freak in DK, now we have a move the chains, clutch slot receiver. Geno is gonna love JSN. He’s gonna net us so many first downs!

      3.I bet we draft 2 DL/EDGE with the next 3 picks.

      4. After missing the top 3 QBs, its doesn’t make sense to draft a flawed QB just to draft someone. Don’t force the QB hole, kick the can down the road.

      5. See my post below about Levis. With his physical skills, not getting drafted at all at first round (and remember, there are teams a lot more desperate at QB than us) is telling of a major flaw. Maybe teams see his ceiling as Carson Wentz or Jared Goff.

      • GoHawksDani

        1, Then I’m not bummed about that pick. If they can utilize him around 70-80% then it’s a value

        2, JSN is different than Lockett and DK. I’d like him in the slot. But I don’t really see him as an outside guy. But maybe he’ll prove me wrong

        3, I hope we can get QUALITY DL. I don’t want them to reach but add either guys with really high ceiling (Ade Ade) or guys who can start soon and produce

        4, Every QB is flawed (Stroud with the system, Richardson with the minimal experience, Young with his size). Levis might not be a top10 or R1 QB pick but if he’s not broken or bad character I think it might worth the shot in R2

        5, I don’t think Geno is much better than Goff or Wentz. But he’s also getting old. If I could get a younger version of him while in the franchise QB hunt, I’d do it. But that’s just me 🙂

      • Orcas Viking

        My sense is that JS and PC look at Levis as very similar to the player they already have, Drew Lock. If Levis is not materially better than Lock, there is no need to waste a pick on Levis. Just my guess at what their thinking.

  53. GoHawksDani

    BPAs left based on Rob’s board:
    Michael Mayer (TE)
    Will Levis (QB)
    Luke Musgrave (TE)
    Darnell Washington (TE)
    Dawned Jones (OT)
    Ade Ade (DE/DT?)

    Please don’t take another CB/WR:
    Joey Porter Jr (CB)
    DJ Turner (CB)
    Josh Downs (WR)
    Jonathan Mingo (WR)

    Other potentials for BPA:
    Zach Charbonnet (RB)
    Matthew Bergeron (OT)
    Chandler Zavala (OG)
    Joe Tippman (OC)
    John Michael Schmitz (OC)
    Derick Hall (EDGE)
    BJ Ojulari (EDGE)
    Hendon Hooker (QB)
    Keanu Benton (DT)
    Zacch Pickens (DT)
    Keion White (DE)
    Brian Branch (S)
    Drew Sanders (LB)

  54. GoHawksDani

    Did a BPA draft:
    #37 – Michael Mayer TE
    #52 – Ade Ade EDGE
    #83 – Ji’Ayir Brown S
    #123 + #151 for #104
    #104 – Luke Wypler C
    lol and traded back for #123 for #154, #198 and 2024 R5
    #123 – Jaquelin Roy DT
    #237 – Chris Rodriguez Jr RB

  55. Tatupu51

    My wishlist for today:

    #37: Joe Tippman, C (would also like Ade Ade or Mayer)
    #52: Derick Hall, EDGE (Benton would be nice too)
    #83: Zacch Pickens, DT or Byron Young, DT

    If we could trade down out of 37 and acquire another third rounder, that would be awesome.

    If not, we would still have 5 more picks at day 3 to draft another DL, safety, OG and two running backs.

    I don’t see us drafting a QB or LB this year.

    • Trevor

      That is like be an A+ day 2 IMO.

  56. Tatupu51

    About Will Levis, never liked him at #5 and look like the whole league agrees with me. Like Rob said here many times, Levis has everything you would want physically as a QB. If he goes the whole first round without getting drafted, it’s beacuse teams believe he doesn’t have the intangibles necessary to be a franchise QB. And if he’s not a FQB, there is no reason for us to draft him today. He’s not gonna be a improvement to Geno.

    I hope we don’t take Hooker also. Since we missed the top 3 QBs, build the team around Geno for the short term and look for options for the future at 2024 and 2025.

  57. Ben - Fort Worth

    I think the guy Seattle was hoping would fall was CJ Stroud so they could take Njigba at 20. Like Burrow has Chase.

  58. Big Mike

    5 thoughts this morning

    1) Fuck the Colts. I will hate this franchise now until the day I die because them tanking likely cost us a chance to draft a POSSIBLE generational QB. And while I’m ranting, fuck that pussy Goodell for not putting a stop to this years ago cuz thus ain’t the first time. Hell it’s not the first time this franchise has done it (suck for Luck anyone?). Richardson seems like an awesome kid and I don’t want him to fail but I hope he’s incredible and the Colts as a team still fucking suck til the year 2112.

    2) Unfortunately I don’t believe Houston would’ve traded with us even if it wasn’t “too expensive” per JS. They wanted what they got. As for AZ, they might’ve for a King’s ransom but Seattle is trying to rebuild what was a shit roster before last year’s draft. That leads me to………

    3) JSN wouldn’t have been necessary at #20 if Eskridge wasn’t a bust. Maybe the Hawks could’ve gone DL or C there. Which leads me to………

    4) We wouldn’t be needing DL which we can all see, and even John admitted, as badly if this regime hadn’t butchered so many drafts. Collier, McDowell, Adams trade, et. al. Until last year this regime hadn’t done much of anything worth a damn in the draft for far too long.

    Unfortunately, I have a bad feeling we are stuck in no franchise QB mediocrity with Geno or the next Geno (Lock?) for too many years to come.

    • LouCityHawk

      Hate the draft, but it is big money.

      Every fix for tanking involves fixing the draft to de incentivize that tactic.

      Once Carolina traded up there was no realistic trade partner for the Seahawks. They ended up with their plan B player and that is fine.

      Points 3 & 4 – 🔥

    • Bmseattle

      Very good summation.
      The Eskridge pick is haunting us.
      2 valuable picks in this draft will likely be made to *hopefully* rectify it.

    • Peter

      Big Mike….nailing it.

  59. STTBM

    Pretty funny how about 80% of their drafts Seattle’s gets poor value out of their first pick or two. Seahawks and blog fans wig out–yours truly included–and note JS and PCs demeanor: either deflated or smug.

    Immediately after comes the Rationalizing of the pick, the insistence of how logical it was to pick their guy/trade the pick for a bag of chips/whatever. Then comes the admonishment of anyone pointing out flaws in JS/PCs logic, tactics, or their track record of fumbling and bumbling. Finally there’s the tired refrain that they are Pros, so they must be right.

    Were they right about McDowell, Carpenter, Collier, Ifedi, trading for Harvin, Graham or Jamal Adams?

    They really seemed to think they were gonna get Anderson or Richardson. But we lost our by one pick, just like we ended up with Mirer instead of Bledsoe.

    I don’t think this was a terrible first round for Seattle, in that they got a couple good players. But are they perennial Pro Bowl guys? I kinda doubt it. And that’s what you have to get with those picks.

    Now the cost to trade up for a top QB will be three firsts plus–and Seattle will never pay that. So that dream dies. Now Seattle will try to find a guy to draft they can mold into a starter. Yet other than Russ, they’ve not done anything with qbs. Pardon me if I don’t hold my breath on that one.

    So we’re closing out the PC/JS/Allen Era riding Geno Smiff till the wheels come off. But our slow WR and a little corner who may not even beat out Jackson to start will make up for having a JAG for a QB, right?


    • Tatupu51

      “Were they right about McDowell, Carpenter, Collier, Ifedi, trading for Harvin, Graham or Jamal Adams?”

      Now list all the times they were right. Like just last draft.

      • Big Mike

        The last draft was the first time in YEARS outside of DK and a punter. Let’s get real here.

      • STTBM

        Ok, list the times they were right in the first round? Okung was not worth hisslot, but was decent. Earl was a great pick. Irvin was meh. Cross the jury is still out, but seems ok. That’s pretty much it in 13 years. Compare those two lists, it looks like a fireable offense to me, for any GM.

    • GrittyHawk

      Why are you so down on Witherspoon and JSN? They were literally the top players in this draft at their positions. Witherspoon’s passer rating against was 25.3 (!!!). JSN was the most productive receiver in the country in 2021, outplaying Wilson and Olave who were both 1st rounders and solid rookie contributors. There’s no reason to think at this point that they WON’T be perennial pro-bowlers. You don’t have to love the picks but let’s not pretend they aren’t really, really freaking good players.

      I am as deflated as anyone that we weren’t able to land a QB after 6 months of salivating over the possibility but it is what it is. There’s no sense in carrying on about it now. Yes it sucks that we’re not going to be picking that high again any time soon but who knows what the QB landscape will look like in 12 months. Richardson looked like a guy who had no business even declaring for the draft as recently as October. For all we know Drake Maye will have a horrible year and fall to us in the 20s in next year’s draft.

      • BK26

        Then he’d definitely be worth getting: a kid that falls in the draft. Levis. They drafted GOOD players. JSN played with two phenomenal young NFL rookies and maybe the most talented wr prospect since probably Megatron in Harrison Jr. They were better off using that pick for another position and getting Mingo or Downs.

        We are banking on either Geno (who the team gave a short-term contract to, so to them he is not a long-term solution) or TBD. The most important position on the field. What will most likely be the missing piece to really open a Super Bowl window.

        • GrittyHawk

          Harrison Jr barely played in 2021 so that seems like an odd justification for saying he made JSN look better. And again, I know we really need a long term solution at QB, but what else could we have done? You can’t just manifest a QB into existence. The top 3 were gone and there was zero chance of trading up. Clearly they do not like Levis, or at least not enough to take him that high. The lack of available opportunities to draft a QB is absolutely not an implicit endorsement of Geno as a long-term solution.

          • BK26

            Yes, Harrison played with him last year….in 2022…. He is more talented than anyone in years. Draft pundits have been saying that for a while now. JSN hasn’t been “the guy” other than in the Utah bowl game.

            And they could have traded up. They were reactive, not proactive.

            Still down to Geno and TBD. That is our situation.

            • GrittyHawk

              JSN played 3 games in 2022 so that comment still makes absolutely zero sense. He never benefited from playing with Harrison in any way, shape, or form.

              Who were they going to trade up with? Houston was clearly not moving off of 2. Arizona had no intention of trading with us, and ended up getting the guy they wanted after trading back and up again. Indy was not going to budge. You think we should have traded up to #1 in March before even seeing the QBs work out? And we should have given up a star receiver, 2 firsts and a second for that privilege? Give me a break. This is such a non-starter.

    • Big Mike

      I’m crying after reading this because so much of it is true. I do think Witherspoon will start over Jackson and JSN will be at least a decent possession type receiver but I could see neither making the Pro Bowl. Who knows tho, we’ll see. Otherwise, I agree with everything you said. But the majority of this team’ fanbase won’t agree and will as you put it rationalize these picks as is so often the case. This fanbase is happy with WC playoff exits. We need to do a better job of accepting that because it ain’t gonna change.

      • GrittyHawk

        We can bellyache about QBs all we want, but what was the alternative? 3 QBs taken in the first 4 picks. There was zero possibility of trading up. Should we have taken Levis, who they clearly didn’t like, and the rest of the league heartily agreed? (and btw, there’s still a chance we take him). Last year’s class was utter garbage and and frankly Pickett was even a huge reach in R1. I can understand being deflated about not getting our QBotF but honestly what did you want them to do? This was the hand we were dealt.

        • Big Mike

          There was no alternative. You’re right. See my posts below and above in agreement with you. Fuck the Colts. Fuck Goodell.

          • GrittyHawk

            Don’t forget Russ. It’s not lost on me that we spent the entire year laughing at him and celebrating our high draft pick, but then he threw 283 yds and 3 TDs in week 18 to screw us out of getting his replacement at the last minute lolol. Elite level trolling on his part.

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      They were both rated at the top of their position groups by pretty much everyone. So if you are correct and they aren’t future pro bowlers, then no one knows what they are talking about. Personally, these weee not the picks I wanted, and I think they wanted Anderson or Richardson but once they were gone they had to switch course. I wanted D line but not Carter or Wilson so then what? BPA.

  60. LouCityHawk

    Day 2 wishlist

    1. More picks

    2. Keep up with BPA

    3. Position groups

    QB: skip on QB

    RB: Charbonnet or Ibanikanda

    WR: skip on WR

    TE: Mayer or LaPorta

    Skip on OT

    OG: Avila, Zavala, Bradford, Mauch

    C: Tippman, Wypler

    DL: Pickens (!), Benton, Cameron Young, Young (BAMA)

    Edge: Skip on Edge

    CB: skip on CB

    S: Branch, SydBrown.

    4. Rams pass on Levis or get jumped by someone else taking him.

  61. Trevor

    My wishlist for Day 2. The 10 players I would like to see the Hawks add most in order of preference.

    #1 Micheal Mayer – I know we need DL help but Mayer is an elite all around TE and if he is on the board JS should run to the podium. Then trade Noah Fant for whatever they can get to clear $7 mil in cap space to add a veteran DT etc.

    #2 Ade Ade- would be an incredible pick. With his athletic profile could develop into a dominant 3Tech

    #3 Keion White- long and atheltic would be a great addition to the DL

    #4 Keanu Benton- one of my favorite players in the draft and can play multiple spots on the DL

    #5 Joel Tippman – incredibly atheltic and can play guard or C. Could solve the C postion for the next decade.

    #6 Sydney Brown – Safety is not a need but like Witherspoon this guy is a BAMF and would be an ideal pick if they plan to move on from Adams and Diggs next year.

    #7 Zach Pickens- Blog favorite and for good reason. Really think the Hawks need to come out of Day 2 with either Benton or Pickens.

    #8 Darnell Washington – Incredible athlete who is a better blocker than most OL.

    #9 Cody Mauch- love this guy and he can play pretty much anywhere on the OL

    #10 Dorian Williams – if they take a LB in Rd 3 I hope it is Williams

    * Chase Brown, Tajae Spears or Zach Charbonet. If they take an RB on Day 2 hope it is one of these 3.

    • SeaPunk

      Can someone explain what a BAMF is please? I can’t piece it together.

      • Rob Staton

        Bad Ass Mother F-er

  62. STTBM

    Despite being bummed on missing out on Richardson, I like both the players Seattle picked. Smith-Njigba seems like a really good kid, and Witherspoon can really tackle. Both can track a ball in the air with a natural grace you can’t teach, which is rare.

    Seattle really needs to hone in on finding a couple-three defensive players and a starting caliber C with their next few picks.

    I wonder if they’ll pivot to Hooker or Levis, or just wait another year for a QB to develop? Not sure I care at this point.

    Ade Ade or one of the few athletic Edges left would be good…

  63. Cysco

    Not only did SEA go BPA yesterday, they went best player at a position with both picks. (Starting/Getting ahead of the runs on those positions) Maybe that was a coincidence, but maybe not.

    If there’s anything to that strategy, I imagine we’d see them target The likes of:

    Mayer – arguably the best TE
    Tippman/JMS – consensus best C options
    Branch – best safety

    • Trevor

      If you can come out of the draft with the best player at any position it is a big bonus. The Hawks could legitimately end up with.

      TE1, C1 or S1

      Fans would be pissed because of the DL but this is how you build a legit championship level roster with elite talent at multiple positions.

      • GerryG


  64. geoff u

    “Wow this is such a rare opportunity we’ve got to maximize it and make the most of it we’re gonna get…a corner.”

    Have we reached peek db loving Pete Carroll or what?

    • Big Mike

      Considering this is the highest draft choice they’ve ever had, yeah.
      Problem is, who else were they going to take? Not Carter, obviously not Levis, not Wilson. They got stuck in no man’s land. As unhappy as I am about the Colts fucking us out of Richardson, I just don’t see what other options they had other than trading down and no one was offering much I’m sure cuz the 3 QBs were gone.

      • geoff u

        We’ve been saying four QBs could easily go 1-4 for half a year. Colts didn’t fuck us, we just didn’t want any of them. We don’t even know if they liked Richardson. Frankly, I doubt we’d have taken him.

        If the plan is to get a franchise qb (which I no longer even believe was plan anymore) and there isn’t one available this year, then you try and trade down for a first next year. Well, that’s what I’d do anyway, not Pete and John.

        • Peter

          I think big Mike means not just that they drafted Tichardson but how they were able to get that pick….

          And I concur. They f– ed is put of that pick by tanking their last game.

  65. Jon

    So many players left that I badly want because of your work Rob.
    We have some great opportunities to add talent.
    At 37 my preferences (but ok with others).
    Ade Ade
    At 52 (I would be fine, not excited, with the top 4 on this list at 37. Perhaps a trade down 5 slots from37)

    I think I will be happy with BPA meets need. As long as one DT or Ade or White is picked tonight.

  66. Mick

    I am still pretty disappointed for missing out on Richardson, and I think I’m not an exception, he might be too. I can understand that we couldn’t trade up and we’re not the only ones looking at players’ potential. That aside, I like both picks, JSN is an improvement over Goodwin and for sure over Eskridge, I expect him to net us more than 5 TDs per season, and he develop into a player with a bigger role than WR3. Devon is such a hard hitter, I don’t care if he’s gonna get flagged once or twice for holding until he learns, when he does, nobody will dare throw at our corners.

    I’m not going to wake up at 3 am again for the second draft day, but I have very high hopes for our picks. My favorites would be Ade Ade or Keion White, a C, a RB or a DT. I wouldn’t rule out Levis at 37 yet, Pete is often ready to roll the dice for a guy who feels he’s got something to prove, like he did with DK.

  67. GrittyHawk

    I am definitely bummed about McDonald going so early! Makes me wonder what we would have done if JSN had gone earlier and McDonald was still on the board. That said, based on their pre-draft visits it seems like they had contingency plans at the edge position. Wouldn’t surprise me if they like a guy in every possible round, which lets them continue to go BPA at every spot.

    Didn’t get Anderson? Go McDonald.
    Didn’t get McDonald? Go Ojulari.
    Didn’t get Ojulari? Go Byron Young.
    Didn’t get Young? Go Diaby.
    Didn’t get Diaby? Go Herbig.

    • LouCityHawk

      I get the feeling that they are happy with their Edge group and will only be adding someone as a depth/special teams.

      Will Anderson was the only one who really would push the starters.

  68. Roy Batty

    I’ve been pounding the table for BPA and that’s what is happening. I am stoked.

    They’ll continue that today and may even come away with Mayer. Then there’s the opportunity to trade up for guys like Benton and Tippman, should they feel another team is lurking.

    They’re possibly going to walk away from this draft with another 4-5 starters. That is astounding.

  69. TheOtherJordan

    I feel it’s perfectly reasonable to think Witherspoon and JSN are going to be really, really good players which I do but still be very disappointed today. The Seahawks traded away the best QB in the history of the franchise by a significant margin. And they don’t have their QBOTF after two picks in the top 10 in back to back drafts.
    What they have is a career journeyman QB who played really good football for half a season against mostly crap teams. When we played in a playoff game we were exposed and showed how far away we are from truly competing for a championship. If the plan at QB is Geno Smith for the next two years then the Seahawks aren’t going to win a Super Bowl the next two years. I’ll be shocked if they make it out of the second round of the playoffs. I firmly believe that and it’s disappointing.

    • BK26

      The whole Russ trade has me feeling hollow. That is the only word that I have to describe it. And that has spilled over into how I feel about the draft.

      Our future is down to this quarterback that the team has said isn’t a long-term solution or….TBD….

  70. olyhawksfan

    I was initially surprised and disappointed by the picks, but after sleeping on it I think they got two players that will make the team better now. I wanted Levis but clearly the league knows something I don’t.

    If they didn’t take Withersoon, then who should they have taken (aside from Levis)? The names after the 5th pick don’t really inspire me. Van Ness? T. Wilson? PBA is what they got.

    It’s hard to say ‘they should have just traded up’. It has to be much more complex than that. Maybe AZ just refused to trade with them. Maybe Houston told AZ ‘whatever offer you get, we will do better’. Houston seemed determined to get their guys.

    I’m cool with BPA. If they would have drafted Wilson or Van Ness, and they didn’t turn out, there would be a huge ‘collier style’ bitchfest for all time.

  71. Trevor

    Was so incredibly bummed out when the Colts drafted Richardson. Really thought he was going to be a Seahawk.

    That being said absolutely loved both picks getting CB1 and WR1 which in todays NFL is incredibly valuable.

    Witherspoon was my favorite defender in the draft and is a legit tone setter. We are set at CB for the next 3-5 yrs. With the addition of Witherspoon and Julian Love this secondary is elite and I would argue potentially the best in the NFL. They will create a ton of turnovers.

    JSN was the North Texas high school player of the year, a 5 star recruit to Ohio St and then WR1 in a group that included Olave, Wilson and Harrison Jr. He had an off year because of injury but this guy is a top 10 talent and should help take the Hawks offense to another level.

    If you want to know how Waldron and the Hawks plan to use him. Think about how the Rams use Cooper Kupp in the slot. Listening to Joe Klatt before the draft his prediction was that JSN would lead the league in receptions at some point in his career.

    Hope the Hawks keep adding talent via the BPA on Day 2. We are still one off season away from being SB contenders so the more top end talent you can add the better. Fill in the holes later.

    • Ishmael

      Pretty much in the same boat as you re. Richardson. So deflating, could see the next 15 years in front of us.

      JSN is one of those ones where he’s not particularly my kind of guy, there’s something just janky and slightly off-putting about the way he moves, can’t work it out at all, looks all out of proportion, almost uncanny valley territory, but it’s hard to deny the ability, production, and esteem he’s held in by his peers and coaches. Hard to deny the production line of Ohio State WRs, and if he’s the latest I’ll be very happy.

      Witherspoon is a heap of fun. My concerns are that he’s going to get beaten down a bit in the NFL. He might love contact, but he’s not a massive guy – not an especially big frame. Also not sure how his deep speed will hold up, but they’re pretty niche concerns in the scheme of things. At the very least it’ll be refreshing to see a cornerback who can actually track the ball.

      I’m just glad they’re taking good players at premium positions. That’s an approach that will always allow you to build a good team. I still think they need to add to the QB room, but what can you do – just have to hope for this years Purdy.

  72. Thomas

    Well… it’s underwhelming. I hope it works, but JSN wasn’t even one of Rob’s top two receivers. They’ve only drafted three worth keeping in Carroll’s whole tenure.

    I have to wonder too how Levis fell. I seriously wonder if Carroll is in win now mode.

    Shoulder shrug on the first round for me.

    • Trevor

      Do some reading about JSN today and what guys like Olave, Wilson and Stroud said about him. Watch Ryan Day talk to Cowherd about him or Joe Klatt saying he will lead the league in receptions at some point. I think you will feel better about the pick.

      Personally I think Waldron got his Copper Kupp for this offense and I will take that all day.

    • Cysco

      Rob’s rating was heavily influenced by the belief that seattle wouldn’t draft a WR who didn’t run in the 4.4’s. Clearly Seattle can see past the lack of elite speed for a slot receiver that checks so many other boxes.

      This dude is going to be a productive fixture to the seattle offense for years to come.

  73. GrittyHawk

    Getting JSN also makes me wonder if that makes Fant a little bit more expendable. I know we love 2-3 TE sets but I have to believe part of that was driven by the lack of a quality 3rd WR option. With the cap savings from trading Fant and the pretty good TE options still on the board I have to think they’re at least considering it.

    • GerryG

      If you can get someone to take his cap hit, he will 100% be traded imo. Kinda have to, need the cap space. Problem is there are still numerous top TEs on the board. Maybe by tomorrow a team that needs a TE and missed out trades a 7th rd pick for him. I think that’s all you get for him. He’s kind of expensive, so so production, and only a year of control left.

  74. samprassultanofswat

    “Anthony Richardson is not ready to start. He is two years away.”
    Michael Lombardi

    Amazing: The same talking heads that Mocked Seattle taking Jalen Carter are the same talking heads that say Anthony Richardson needs to start right away.

    The talking heads can say whatever they want to. Because they will not be held accountable for their words.

  75. GerryG

    Definitely kind of shocked at the amount or negative reactions here. We just grabbed CB1 and WR1 in the first round of the draft.

    Best rule of drafting, draft good players at high value positions. That’s what we did. I am stoked.

  76. Hawkdawg

    Google the Illinois DC talking about Witherspoon during the Illinois pro day. Some high compliments about his football character and talent. Jamal said the season before last, when asked about the defense’s struggles, “we need more dogs, man.” That was the first word out of the DC’s mouth when asked to describe Witherspoon…dog.

  77. samprassultanofswat

    “Do some reading about JSN today and what guys like Olave, Wilson and Stroud said about him. Watch Ryan Day talk to Cowherd about him or Joe Klatt saying he will lead the league in receptions at some point. I think you will feel better about the pick.

    Personally I think Waldron got his Copper Kupp for this offense and I will take that all day.”

    That is pretty high praise for JSN.

    • Spectator

      Watch his 2021 tape, and you’ll understand the praise.

    • Ben

      I like it from this perspective. I think DK will have a way better season if he doesn’t have to be the main 3rd down option. It takes pressure off Lockett to get YAC and he can play downfield more. Eskridge doesn’t have as much pressure either, can be more of a gadget player and ease his way in.

      I preferred the flash of Zay Flowers, but JSN could be an amazing over the middle player. (Adding Mayer would be over the top, but would love it. Two great outside threats, two great middle threats.)

      I’m resigned to the fact the d-line probably won’t be a strength this year or even middling. I’m just glad they aren’t forcing it. Just hope they roster enough guys to have a good rotation of younger players and Vet minimums.

  78. samprassultanofswat

    The next two picks need to be center and someone on the defensive line.

  79. Steve Nelsen

    I was disappointed that Richardson was drafted by the Colts. I really think Seattle would have picked him at 5.

    But, Witherspoon is so ferocious. He was the best defensive player left at 5.

    I was hoping for for a WR3 and they got one!

    We know that the team did their due diligence on QBs so I am looking forward to hearing why they passed on Levis (although they could draft him today).

    Jim Nagy thinks Seattle did great on Day One and I’m hoping we get a couple Senior Bowl standouts today. Maybe Ade Ade or Keion at 37…

    Seattle went BPA last year and added 4 starters plus a CB3. Could they get 4 starters plus a WR3 in this draft? Some starter level C, G and NT prospects out there. Maybe even a LB that starts over Bush.

    • GerryG

      WR3 pretty much is a starter, so I think pretty good odds already drafted two 🙂

  80. samprassultanofswat

    Two outstanding picks. But now it’s time for the beef. So where is the beef?

  81. Dave Stacey

    Very underwhelmed by the 1st round, pretty crushed when the colts selected A Rich.
    I’m sure Witherspoon will be fun to watch but we had a strong CB group already in Tariq, Tre Brown (the forgotten man), Mike Jackson and Coby Bryant.

    If JS liked Richardson or Stroud enough he should have beat out the Panthers to the No 1 pick. We had the stock and surely that was the intention when we made the RW trade last year. I will give no credit to JS if in a few years time he leaks about how much he loved Richardson or Stroud and how he wishes one of them was available at 5. It’s no good being Captain Hindsight.

    My concern is that the FO think in a weak conference they can get to a Superbowl with Geno or maybe even Drew Lock. Even if that were true it’s counter intuitive as in the hypothetical superbowl you will need to beat Mahomes or Burrow, or Allen, or Lawrence etc…. And FWIW I think this team is nowhere near making a Superbowl – hope I’m wrong.

  82. Trevor

    My 2nd round Mock. There is ton of talent left very similar to what was there are the end of Rd #1. There were not a ton of legit 1st round grades but there is decent depth.

    Round # 2

    32. Pittsburgh Steelers – Joey Porter Jr., (CB, Penn State) the perfect fit unless someone plans to trade up for Levis or Hooker.

    33. Arizona Cardinals – Keion White, (DL, Georgia Tech) Cardinals replace Zach Allen with a big bodied versitile D lineman.

    34. Detroit Lions – Michael Mayer, ( TE, Notre Dame) Rob said it perfectly he seems like a Dan Campbell type player and he is a steal here.

    35. Indianapolis Colts – O’Cyrus Torrence, (G, Florida) Anthony Richardson continues playing with a Florida teammate. Torrence is an absolute mauler on the offensive line.

    36. Los Angeles Rams – Will Levis, (QB, Kentucky) – Perfect fit for the Rams.

    37. Seattle Seahawks – John Michael Schmitz, (C, Minnesota) Hawks fans freak out as they pass on DL again taking the top pure Center in the draft. They have now taken CB1, WR1, C1

    38. Las Vegas Raiders – Darnell Washington, (TE, Georgia) Washington helps fill the void left by Darren Waller while upgrading the team’s blocking tremendously.

    39. Carolina Panthers – Josh Downs, (WR, UNC) No. 1 pick Bryce Young gets a new weapon. Downs’ quickness from the slot complements veterans Adam Thielen and DJ Chark nicely.

    40. New Orleans Saints – Johnathan Mingo (WR/ Miss) the Saints add an absolute stud WR and eventual replacement for Micheal Thomas.

    41. Tennessee Titans – Hendon Hooker, (QB, Tennessee) After taking offensive lineman Peter Skoronski in the first round, the Titans grab their future signal-caller in the second. Hooker’s ACL recovery is going well, and he could take over before the end of the 2023 campaign.

    42. Green Bay Packers – Matthew Bergeron, (OL, Syracuse) Bergeron just looks like a Packers OL and can help solidify the offensive line in front of presumed new starter Jordan Love.

    43. New York Jets – Dawand Jones, (OT, Ohio State )The Jets need to add bodies on the offensive line, and Jones is one of the biggest bodies available. He could start at right tackle as early as Week 1.

    44. Atlanta Falcons – Brian Branch, (DB, Alabama) Falcons get a steal and adds the versatile Branch to a new-look secondary featuring A.J. Terrell, Jeff Okudah, and Jessie Bates.

    45. Green Bay Packers – Luke Musgrave, TE, (Oregon State) The Packers lack a proven player at tight end and take the supremely athletic Musgrave.

    46. New England Patriots – Cody Mauch, OL, (North Dakota State) Mauch plays with the kind of nasty demeanor necessary to establish the run early and often – something the Patriots love to do.

    47. Washington Commanders – Steve Avila, (G, TCU) Washington addresses the offensive line after selecting corner Emmanuel Forbes in the first.

    48. Detroit Lions – Cam Smith, (CB, South Carolina) Detroit needs another cornerback, and Cam Smith matches head coach Dan Campbell’s aggressive style.

    49. Pittsburgh Steelers – Keeanu Benton, (DL, Wisconsin) Benton is one of my favorite players in the draft and just looks like a Steeler. He should enjoy a rotational role early on while learning from veteran Cam Heyward.

    50. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – BJ Ojulari, (EDGE, LSU) Ojulari offers a ton of burst off the edge.

    51. Miami Dolphins – Tyjae Spears, (RB, Tulane) one of the stars of the Senior Bowl and another weapon for coach Mike McDaniel.

    52. Seattle Seahawks – Adetomiwa Adebawore, (DL, Northwestern) Adebawore tested off the charts and seems like a high character player. If he is still on the board I think the Hawks run to the podium. This would be an A+ pick for the Hawks

    53. Chicago Bears – Kelee Ringo, (CB, Georgia ) Ringo has a tantalizing combo of size and athleticism but looks really stiff. Still worth a flier.

    54. Los Angeles Chargers – Drew Sanders, ( LB, Arkansas) Sanders can play up and down the line of scrimmage. He’ll contribute both on the edge and as an off-ball defender.

    55. Detroit Lions – Julius Brents (CB / KSt) long and athletic CB who could be a star in 2-3 years

    56. Jacksonville Jaguars – Tyrique Stevenson, (CB/ Miami) long corner who looked great at the Senior Bowl.

    57. New York Giants – Joe Tippmann, (C, Wisconsin) my favorite C in the draft and a big need for the Giants who fill one of their biggest holes and get better in both the run and pass games as a result.

    58. Dallas Cowboys – Sam LaPorta, (TE, Iowa) Cowboys have a big hole at TE and LaPorta can contribute as an intermediate target.

    59. Buffalo Bills – Trenton Simpson, (LB, Clemson) Simpson’s tools are maybe the best of any linebacker in the draft.

    60. Cincinnati Bengals – Tucker Kraft, (TE, South Dakota State) Kraft oozes potential. He looks and plays like a modern tight end should.

    61. Chicago Bears – Isaiah Foskey,( EDGE, Notre Dame) Foskey does not look explosive on tape but ran an impressive 4.58 40-yard dash at the combine.

    62. Philadelphia Eagles – Zach Charbonnet, (RB, UCLA) Philly adds a bruising power back to complement offseason addition Rashaad Penny’s explosive running style.

    63. Kansas City Chiefs – Derrick Hall (Edge / Auburn) Chiefs replace Frank Clark with an absolute stud on the Edge.

    Hawks remaining picks
    #83 Zach Pickens (DT /South Car)
    #123 Dorian Williams (LB/ Tulane)
    #151 Chase Brown (RB/ Illinois)
    #153 Cameron Young (DT/ Miss St)
    #198 Jordan McFadden (G/ Clemson)
    #237 Jordan Howden (S/ Minn)

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