NFL Draft 2023 — Live Blog — Round 1

Welcome to the live blog for this year. I’ll be posting my reaction to every pick on here, including longer-form analysis of the Seahawks picks.

Don’t forget — I’ll be doing an instant reaction live stream immediately after the first round concludes.

NO tipping picks in the comments section

#1 Carolina — Bryce Young (QB, Alabama)
Young is naturally talented with great accuracy, grit and poise. He can move around to be creative. In several games he put his team on his back and willed them to victory. The concern, as we all know, is the frame. He’s smaller and lighter than even Russell Wilson and Kyler Murray. It’ll be intriguing to see if that impacts him at the next level but the talent has never been in question.

#2 Houston — C.J. Stroud (QB, Ohio State)
What an absolutely ridiculous, stupid last few weeks. No wonder C.J. Stroud was in tears. He’s been thoroughly messed around with all this negative reporting on S2 tests and the media reporting Houston was going in a different direction. After all that, he goes second overall. He doesn’t get out of the top-two. Just as it should be. The right move.

#3 Houston (v/ARI) — Will Anderson (EDGE, Alabama)
What a move. Talk about paying the iron price. Houston is all-in on this draft class, taking their quarterback of the future at #3 then moving up from #12 to go and land the top defender on their board. Wow. This could be a franchise-defining move. Nick Caserio looks pumped. They’ve given up a first and a third rounder next year, plus their second rounder this year (#33). The Texans get a fourth rounder back from Arizona. I always thought Anderson would be the first defender taken. He’s an alpha, he will set the culture in Houston, he is perfect for them. What a move by the Texans. A+. There’s energy and hype to that franchise for the first time in a long time.

#4 Indianapolis — Anthony Richardson (QB, Florida)
Richardson comes off the board at #4 and all the late intel on a drop is proven to be nonsense. I was convinced they’d take Will Levis because he’d be ready to start quickly but the Colts clearly believe in Richardson’s incredible upside. His ceiling is unbelievable. They’ll need to be patient with him but Buffalo endured two rough years with Josh Allen and were better for it, clearly. That is what Richardson can become. Great pick.

#5 Seattle — Devon Witherspoon (CB, Illinois)
The most violent player in the draft. His tape is incredibly fun to watch. He levels people. He is a total throwback to the LOB days. He has shown so much grit in his career as a no-star recruit going to the JUCO’s, then Illinois and then progressing rapidly. He can be a tremendous NFL cornerback. I think this is a good addition and signifies two things. The Seahawks ARE focusing on BPA and they ARE focusing on character. Witherspoon was one of only nine legit first rounders on my horizontal board.

#6 Arizona (v/DET) — Paris Johnson Jr (T, Ohio State)
The Cardinals give up a second and fifth rounder this year, getting a third in return, to move up from #12 to get their left tackle. It’s a safe, solid, ‘get it on the fairway’ pick for a rookie GM.

#7 Las Vegas — Tyree Wilson (DE, Texas Tech)
Wilson, who is dressed like a BAMF by the way, was reportedly dropped by some teams due to medicals. I wondered if Seattle was one of those teams. He didn’t do anything before the draft, just like Darrell Taylor, and Taylor didn’t play a snap as a rookie. The Seahawks say they’re trying to learn lessons and passing on Wilson is probably part of that. Although I thinK Witherspoon is a better player.

#8 Atlanta — Bijan Robinson (RB, Texas)
This felt obvious throughout the process. Terry Fontenot is a ‘BPA’ decision maker and he was happy to take a tight end in the top-four two years ago. That’s an explosive offense in Atlanta. I love Bijan — he’s one of the top-three players in the draft easily. He’s a complete runner with plus patching skills. Your offense can go through him.

#9 Philadelphia (v/CHI) — Jalen Carter (DT, Georgia)
The Eagles have moved up one spot in a trade with the Bears to get Carter (pun intended). This is what I’ve been mocking. I’ve always thought it would require a very comfortable GM like Howie Roseman, with a Super Bowl roster already intact, to be willing to gamble on the clear character flaws. It was too risky for Houston, Arizona, Seattle, Detroit and Las Vegas. The Bears traded down instead of taking him. This is what I always expected — those teams wouldn’t take the risk and Philly would. He is immensely talented but the concerns cannot be ignored.

#10 Chicago (v/PHI) — Darnell Wright (T, Tennessee)
I had him as the best tackle in the draft. He’s the second taken but still goes in the top-10. This is a great pick for the Bears. He shut down Will Anderson but it wasn’t a one-off performance. Every Tennessee game I watched in 2022, he excelled. I just wonder where Will McDonald’s going to go. He did what Anderson couldn’t on tape and had the beating of Wright at the Senior Bowl. It’s one of the reasons why I think McDonald might be the best pass rusher in the draft.

#11 Tennessee — Peter Skoronski (G, Northwestern)
They have some real issues on the offensive line so a pick to address that isn’t a surprise. He’s incredibly explosive and people think he could be Zack Martin. He’ll need to kick inside but in an unpredictable draft, it’s not surprising that a few teams are going for solid, low-risk players.

#12 Detroit (v/ARI, HOU) — Jahmyr Gibbs (RB, Alabama)
The running back renaissance is on! He is a tremendous player and I had him going in round one but a top-12 pick is unexpected. He is so quick and dynamic, he can return kicks and he’s an excellent receiving threat. I would ring Detroit about D’Andre Swift and see if you can get a bargain in a trade (throwaway day three?).

#13 Green Bay — Lukas Van Ness (DE, Iowa)
Not many people saw this coming. It’s safe to say, given his testing, that they have a type. He has a similar athletic profile to Rashan Gary. They don’t go offense to help the new quarterback, they make a pick on defense.

#14 Pittsburgh (v/NE) — Broderick Jones (T, Georgia)
The Steelers moved up three spots, only giving up a fourth rounder. So it’s cheap to move up if you want to. That might limit Seattle’s value to move down from #20 but it might be inexpensive if they want to move up from #20. The Steelers moved above the Jets to take Jones. They need to protect their second-year quarterback. Jones has all the physical tools and size/length you want but his technique is poor. He dips his head too much when he engages. He needs work. But physically he has major potential.

#15 New York Jets — Will McDonald (EDGE, Iowa State)
Fantastic pick. As I mentioned five picks ago — he looked so good at the Senior Bowl against Darnell Wright. I’m disappointed because I was hoping the Seahawks could get him. He can come in right away and be a terror off the edge. I think he can be Brian Burns and he’s been taken in the same range.

#16 Washington — Emmanuel Forbes (CB, Mississippi State)
A lot of people thought cornerback here. I had them taking Deonte Banks. Forbes has great production and he’s a playmaker but he’s just so light. He looked like a rake in shorts at the combine. It’ll be interesting to see how he holds up because he won’t be playing generous college QB’s at the next level and he’ll need to tackle. The instincts are there though.

#17 New England — Christian Gonzalez (CB, Oregon)
He’s a great athlete but had middling production in college and there were some reports about teams thinking he’s a little timid on the field at times. Even so, he looked like a Patriot and I mocked him to the Pats recently.

#18 Detroit — Jack Campbell (LB, Iowa)
I think this is a massive reach. He’s stiff despite his testing (which was a surprise). I thought his tape was really unexciting and I had him in round three in my final horizontal board. He’s a Dan Campbell type but this is a very old school pick.

#19 Tampa Bay — Calijah Kancey (DT, Pittsburgh)
Fantastic pick. Despite the lack of length, I think Kancey is well worth a shot in this range. He’s so disruptive, so prolific as a pass rusher. It’s worth a shot at #19 to see if he can be 65% of Aaron Donald.

#20 Seattle — Jaxon Smith-Njigba (WR, Ohio State)
I find this pick very interesting, intriguing and a bit surprising. I thought his lack of great speed would be an issue in Seattle. However, his agility testing is remarkable. Before his injury-hit season last year, he was very highly regarded. A lot of people had JSN as a top-15 pick so again, it’s another sign that the Seahawks are very much in BPA mode. They haven’t used either first round pick on the D-line. It’ll be exciting to watch JSN and see how he gets on. If he delivers, what an offense this could be.

#21 LA Chargers — Quentin Johnston (WR, TCU)
He’s leggy and tall. Johnston can be really dynamic. However, he was expected to be a great tester and we didn’t really see that. He had a few concentration drops. Yet the upside is certainly there.

#22 Baltimore — Zay Flowers (WR, Boston College)
A run on receivers has begun. Flowers’ change of direction is so dynamic and he can be a really dynamic player. You’ve got to be creative to get the ball in his hands but the way he cuts to avoid tackles is pretty remarkable.

#23 Minnesota — Jordan Addison (WR, USC)
The run on receivers is becoming a marathon. I though Addison looked average on tape and there was little to get excited about.

#24 New York Giants (v/JAX) — Deonte Banks (CB, Maryland)
The Giants moved up to this spot to take the highly athletic, sturdy cornerback. I like his physical nature but his ball-production was poor.

#25 Buffalo (v/JAX, NYG) — Dalton Kincaid (TE, Utah)
He’s a really mobile, prolific receiver. They add even more dynamism to their offense. He’s been injured and he didn’t test but the Bills clearly valued his agility to stretch the field at the tight end position.

#26 Dallas — Mazi Smith (DT, Michigan)
This has been an unpredictable first round for sure. I had Smith slated to go in this kind of range but didn’t expect Dallas to take him. Even so, he’s a big, physical, athletic nose tackle who can be a really consistent performer for the Cowboys — anchoring that defensive front.

#27 Jacksonville — Anton Harrison (T, Oklahoma)
I had him to Tampa Bay at #19 and Calijah Kancey to the Jaguars, which is amusing. I think he’s a very good run blocker and the more I watched the more I liked. He can be a very solid starting left tackle.

#28 Cincinnati — Myles Murphy (DE, Clemson)
His tape was rubbish. I watched every Clemson game in 2022 and he was one of the most frustrating players I saw. There’s no dog in him, there’s no counter. He’s just an athlete at the moment and a typical 5-star pampered Clemson D-liner. They’ll need to develop him.

#29 New Orleans — Bryan Bresee (DT, Clemson)
Bresee has a lot of athletic potential. He’s a tremendous upside player. However, his tape was so massively inconsistent and like Myles Murphy, frustrating. On top of that he’s had some injury/health issues and he lacks ideal length. He promised so much early in his Clemson career but he never really put it together.

#30 Philadelphia — Nolan Smith (LB, Georgia)
I mocked Smith to the Eagles right here in this spot. He was always a tweener and it’s difficult to work out what his position is at the next level. Great character, great physical profile. But is he an edge? Does he have to convert to linebacker? It’s hard to know and that’s why he lasted. I got both Eagles picks right, I should probably go and cover them.

#31 Kansas City — Felix Anudike-Uzomah (EDGE, Kansas State)
I thought he was a third round pick. They needed an edge rusher to replace Frank Clark but this feels a bit forced.

Here is my instant reaction thoughts to Seattle’s two first round picks:


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      Texans win the draft, regardless

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      CARDS GET: 12, 33, 1st in 2024, 3rd in 2024

      TEXANS GET: Pick 3, 105

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    Good lord my heart is beating so fast right now 🙂

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  111. GoHawksDani

    Great move from HOU. Offensive face of the franchise and defensive face of the franchise potentially for the next 10 years

  112. Blitzy the Clown

    I wonder if this makes it more or less likely Philly still moves up for Carter

  113. Justaguy

    So does Seattle trade down now?

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      If we trade down AR15 is gone

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    Dang, what a power move by Houston.

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      Houston just laid their nuts on the table with that move.

  115. Cysco

    Honestly, if there was going to be a trade for #3, that was the one that we’d want.

  116. jed

    That’s a pretty great trade for Arizona, but I hope it’s Cleveland’s #1, not Houston’s native.

    • Big Mike

      What did Houston give up?

      • jed

        No. 3 and 105 for the #Texans for 12, 33, 2024 1 and 2024 3rd for the #AZCardinals.

        • Cysco

          Dang, that’s a haul

        • Big Mike

          Paying the iron price

  117. Mick

    Houston should have a much better year with these two picks.

  118. HOUSE

    Damn… well played Houston!

  119. Troy

    Holy fuck I can’t believe they went back to back…that is NUTS

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    Man I got a bad feeling

  122. BrandoK

    No. 3 and 105 for the #Texans for 12, 33, 2024 1 and 2024 3rd for the #AZCardinals.

    not to bad for Arizona can they now get the OL they want

    • Big Mike

      Paying the iron price

      • BrandoK

        That would’ve been better if they didn’t pick young

  123. Joe

    holy wow, I can’t say it but OMG I am thinking it.

    • Joe


      • Joe

        Honestly, I’m crushed. AR was my draft crush. He would have been a STAR in Seattle.

  124. BrandoK

    This was a shocker of a pick didn’t see that

  125. Blitzy the Clown

    Indy’s pick is in…

    • Big Mike

      If it’s Richardson the Colts will ruin him by paying him too early

  126. Gaux Hawks

    What ever happens, I absolutely love what Houston just did… bravo!!

  127. Joe S

    Basically Rob’s 1-2-3 to this point

  128. KD

    Will Anderson sounds like an absolute BOSS when he speaks

  129. bmseattle

    what if The colts pick richardson after all this?

    • Joe S

      Levis all day

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    Wow. F you Indy

  137. Malanch

    Indy makes the right move picking Anthony Richardson over Will Levis. I knew Richardson would never make it to #5, and the Hawks just didn’t like him well enough. Fine. Let’s see what you got, Johnny (hopefully a good trade-down offer is on the table).

    • GermanSeahawkerJS

      Fuck me
      Fuck fuck fuck fuck
      Fuuuuuuuuuuuck what the freaking hell
      I hate everything about this everything

  138. Big Mike


    They gonna ruin him

  139. Travis


  140. STTBM

    So much for foregone conclusions…damnation!

  141. Cysco


  142. Hawkster

    Does it come full full circle?

  143. KD

    Richardson it is then. Levis is my 1b so let’s do this!

    • Malanch

      Please no.

  144. Wilson502

    JFC. This is why you have to be bold and move up.

  145. Huggie Hawk


  146. tubesteak

    Wow Colts took Richardson

  147. ShowMeYourHawk


  148. BrandoK

    Terrible Why Why Why

  149. Troy

    If we don’t take Levis I’m gonna be upset

    • bmseattle

      as will i

  150. Cabellon


  151. MarkinSeattle

    I did not see the Colts doing that. This makes things interesting, wonder if we trade down?

    • CWagner

      I wondered the same thing. Will we want Levis at 5. Could we grab him a couple picks back or will they feel he’s worth it? So many questions.

  152. Travis

    Would be shocked if we don’t trade back now

  153. MountainHawker

    This is my worst case scenario. God damnit

    • Forrest


  154. Palatypus


  155. Joe S

    Interesting pick. Don’t trade back. Levis!

  156. Mick

    If it isn’t the Colts screwing us over again after tanking last year…

    • Big Mike


  157. Allen M.

    Sadly, I’ve been correct so far and I hate it. Awaiting the Seahawks pick or move here.

  158. Roy Batty

    Well, this is now very, very interesting.

  159. Justaguy

    It’s like every PFN draft sim without a HOU trade up

    • Palatypus


  160. Cysco

    It’s gonna be Carter isn’t it.

  161. Happy Hawk

    I thought it would be Levis all along. Don’t get cute get your QB

  162. Husky 13

    And this is why I wanted to discuss the trade down possibility a few weeks ago. Here we are. Anderson and Richardson (and Stroud) off the board. What do the Hawks do? I am guessing Witherspoon, which is disappointing, but trading down is a possibility.

  163. Peter

    Trade down

    • Malanch

      Yep. Trade down, Johnny. Please no Will Levis.

      • Justaguy

        Shut the fuck up

  164. ShowMeYourHawk

    I can’t even. If we take Carter or Wilson @ 5, I’m going to vomit.

  165. Troy D

    Man we didnt have a chance for him so is what it is. Now trade down.

  166. Whit21

    Looks like Robs board just got torpedoed..

    Looks to be a head scratching draft yet again!

    • Palatypus

      More like dive bombed like Dick Best.

  167. Kyle R

    I feel bad for Richardson. The situation isn’t what he needs. He’s more likely to fail playing right away.

  168. cha

    an Rapoport
    The phones are ringing in Seattle…
    5:41 PM · Apr 27, 2023

  169. Ishmael

    Ah that’s devastating. Been dreaming of Richardson for months.

    Well, I hope we take Levis over Carter – but I see a bunch of trade downs and a really junk draft coming.

    • Big Mike

      PLEASE don’t let this happen………but I got the feeling you might be correct

      • Ishmael

        Can see it coming a mile away hey?

        Back to ‘working the board.’ We’ll end up with 18 mediocre players, then look at the depth chart, and realise we somehow still need a safety, 2 DTs, a WR, a QB, and a real centre.

        God if we trade down then take Hendon Hooker at 11 or something I’ll fully melt.

  170. BrandoK

    Damn you Indy what changed your mind

  171. Peanut

    bummed about not getting AR, but we are moving on!

  172. STTBM

    Trade down Seattle….might as well…

  173. Allen M.

    The Colts ran smoke and kept it a secret so nobody traded above them. Smart. Damn, I’m bummed.

  174. KnoxHawk

    Give me Levis or trade down

    • KD


  175. Wilson502

    Just effing take Levis JFC.

  176. God of Thunder

    Carter at 5, Levis at 20.

    There’s a 3% chance I’m right. If I’m wrong you didn’t see this👆🏼🤣

    • Cysco

      See what?

  177. Sneekes

    I’m Ok with a trade down here

  178. BrandoK

    no trade please

  179. KennyBadger

    Levis then. Please.

  180. Ron

    I think AZ will be the winner of this draft.

    Was really not impressed with the tape on Will Anderson. Not as explosive as I expect from a player this high. Not impressed by bull rush, not impressed by edge rush.

    I’m really concerned by CJ Stroud’s S2 score. For me, quick decision making is the number one criteria for QB’s.

    Both of those picks could be busts.

  181. Vichawkfan

    Totally been punked

  182. seaspunj

    so much anxiety ….

  183. Todd M

    What if they took AR-15 just to hold him ransom so we have to pay the iron price (Levis + pick 20, for instance)? It’s an odd choice for Indy for sure.

  184. IDhawk

    Just take Levis and be happy you got one of the top 4

  185. ShowMeYourHawk

    Trade down. Trade down. Trade down. Trade down. Trade down. Trade down. Trade down. Trade down. Trade down. Trade down. Trade down. Trade down. Trade down. Trade down. Trade down.

  186. Big Mike

    And there it is, fucking commercial before our pick.

    • KD

      JFC ESPN!

      • Odium

        An annual tradition

    • bmseattle

      lol…i swear…every year!

    • RugbyLock

      Glad I’m watching it on YouTube then… LOL

  187. Joe S

    The draft is coming to you, PCJS. Take it

  188. Palatypus

    I’ll bet it’s the Raiders on the phone.

  189. Forrest


  190. Austen

    Of course let’s go to commercial for Seattle’s pick

    • Palatypus

      That was the one thing we all correctly predicted.

    • Tony

      This is the way

  191. Travis

    Terrible start of the draft for Seattle

  192. Mr drucker in hooterville

    I may have to be an Indy fan. We shall see

  193. BrandoK

    Seattle taking all the way down to the last second

  194. Justaguy

    Levis and Mayer = Hoisting the Lombardi

  195. Robbie

    WHY is there ALWAYS a commercial when Seattle is on the clock. Never fails

    • AlaskaHawk

      At least they won’t announce the pick while the commercial is rolling like in previous years. Right?? umm right?

    • Big Mike

      Same shit different year

      • AlaskaHawk

        I’m going to pretend they do it because they know the ads are most valuable when Seahawks Fans watch.

    • Donald_Duck

      We are the Rodney Dangerfield of the NFL

  196. gb


  197. Palatypus

    I think we are going to crash the server again.

  198. BrandoK

    Does anyone keep up with seattle twitter

  199. Big Mike

    It’ll be a trade down

  200. Tony

    Pick in
    Ready for disappointment

  201. Blitzy the Clown

    Ok guys the pick is in…

  202. MarkSouza

    And, as is customary, the draft goes on a commercial break as Seattle is set to pick.

  203. KnoxHawk

    Pick is In!!!!

  204. BrandoK

    pick is in

  205. Sea Mode

    Of course a commercial…

  206. Wilson502

    Pick is in….. They better take Levis.

  207. KD

    Pick is in! No trade!

  208. Hawks4life

    Watch it be Jalen Carter

    • Big Mike

      PLEASE GOD NO (and not Wilson either)

  209. Kyle R

    Wouldn’t be an NFL draft coverage without a commercial during the Seahawks pick.

  210. Zeke

    Witherspoon or Wilson

  211. BrandoK


  212. Allen M.


  213. Travis

    Please not Carter

  214. Troy

    No trade down!!! Seahawks pick is in! Please for the love of god draft Levis!

    • STTBM

      No thanks. But at least he’s not Carter…

  215. Joe

    The pick is in, no trade LET’S GO (and hope we don’t hate it)

  216. Sea Mode

    Pick is in!

  217. God of Thunder

    “Hooker!” Sorry I was just shouting at the girl in my room.

  218. HOUSE

    No Carter… that’s it

  219. Troy D

    WOW. Actually fine with it

  220. BrandoK

    that was a surprise dont like it

    • RugbyLock

      Well that sucked…

      Guess we know that Pete is still calling the shots…

  221. bmseattle

    son of a…

  222. 805Hawk

    Please pick Will!

  223. Blitzy the Clown


  224. STTBM

    This is a fucking joke…

  225. Malanch

    Devon Witherspoon → I owe an apology to somebody in this forum, but I can’t remember who it was. This poster advocated for Witherspoon and I shot him down. By bad. Come give me my crow, please. Don’t heat it—give it to us raw…and wriggling.

    • God of Thunder


  226. Justaguy

    Yup fuck Pete

  227. KD


  228. Big Mike

    Holy shit

    Truly hope we don’t regret passing on Levis

  229. McZ


  230. Seattle Person

    I love Witherspoon! That’s a nasty comb!

  231. MarkSouza

    Really – so sad.

  232. IDhawk

    You’ve got to be kidding…

  233. Allen M.

    Very uncharacteristic position but very Seahawky player. He’ll be great for our team.

  234. Troy

    Lol their highest drafted ever CB…unbelievable. He’s highly rated but wow no Levis…hope they trade up if Levi’s falls, or maybe pull a houston

    • Tommy

      Did you forget about Shawn Springs?
      We drafted Shawn before Big Walt.
      I’ve been a fan before most were born on this site

  235. Forrest


  236. Travis

    Fuck yes, love Witherspoon

  237. Nathan W.


  238. Mick

    This was a revenge pick “Well Detroit if we can’t get Richardson…”. I’m disappointed.

  239. Gaux Hawks


  240. Gross MaToast


  241. Ishmael

    Jesus Christ.

    I despair. Sell the team already. Just unbelievable, actually sickening stuff.

  242. Austen

    We got the toughest player in the draft… Can’t be upset at that

    • Josh

      At 175lbs… wont make it through a season. Jamal adams 2.0

  243. Cysco

    I don’t hate it.

  244. Hawkster

    not a fan, rather take a trade, maybe nothing there for them on that.

  245. Tony

    Well it’s not jalen I guess. Lease be Ramsey or Revis.

  246. BrandoK

    how far does levis fall down

    • CWagner

      I know, now I’m desperately hoping they’ll trade up to get Levis ugh. Hope this means we’ll have a sick secondary.

  247. Joe

    Well… that’s one approach

  248. Don

    As much as I wanted Richardson, I always wondered if he would turn out to be another athletic running QB Robert Griffin, from the 2012 draft. How much are they similar?

  249. Justaguy

    I hope this team wins 3 games this season

  250. Sea Mode


  251. geoff u

    Well that was garbage

  252. Hawks4life

    Not a bad pick but man we were all wrong, Pete is in charge and John is his puppet

  253. Ron

    I hadn’t watched any tape on Witherspoon, but holy smokes that’s a GREAT highlight tape.

  254. hawks

    I like it

    • Joe Strummer

      Me too!

  255. ShowMeYourHawk

    So… Carter WAS off their board. I really dislike the pick, though. WAY too high.

  256. Todd M

    Who is Seahawks QB in 2025? 🙁

    • Hawks4life

      Drew lock

      • Dirty Mike/Gang

        Lord please no

  257. SoCal12

    Can’t deny that Witherspoon was probably one of the most Seahawky players in the draft.

  258. AlaskaHawk

    How to be unpredictable while taking the best defensive player available.

  259. JAG

    Pay the Iron Price and trade up for Levis. We need a QBOTF.

  260. IDhawk

    I can just hear the excuse making now when Will Levis becomes a good-great QB while we’re stuck with one-and-get absolutely wrecked in the playoffs each year.

  261. Sneekes

    I like him, but feels like a waste at 5. Maybe the trade down options just weren’t there?

  262. MarkinSeattle

    Not a fan, better than Carter but I am definitely not a fan. Doesn’t look like the draft room is thrilled either.

  263. Hawkster

    The Lions will take Levis, it’s be a sound pick

    • Big Mike


  264. BrandoK

    This is definitely not a John pick

  265. Wilson502

    Screw PCJS, Im so done with this tired ass regime, how the F do you take a corner over a QBoTF?

    • seahawksfan1201

      Well, bye.

  266. Sean

    I really don’t like this pick.

  267. Big Mike

    Does Pete even care since he may well be gone?

    • RugbyLock

      Probably not…

  268. Volume12

    Tried to say he was as Seahawk-y as they got. They struggled to stop the 9ers passing game and tackle in space. Got a dog. Tone setter. Plays like Earl

    • Volume12

      Matt Millen did know

    • Joe

      It’s not bad, hopefully, just not flashy

      • Seattle Person

        He’s pretty flashy. It’s a CB which is a premium position. I think people need to go back and look up his numbers and highlights.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I’ve wanted that great cornerback ever since Sherman left. A worthy replacement.

      • Hawkdawg

        This guy won’t be Sherm. Woolen is that.

    • Trevor

      Agree completely. Wirh Anderson and Richardson off the board love this pick.

  269. Awm

    WTF!!! Nooooo!!!!

  270. Henry Taylor

    He was number 2 on my most wanted to draft pick, but the one I thought was least likely. Not a huge need but an alpha

  271. gb

    well, i guess teams will just have to figure out how to run the ball between the tackles against us…oh, wait

  272. Peanut

    atleast the “take a qb next year” crowd will be pleased and hopefully quiet for a bit

    • RugbyLock

      Nah, they’ll take hooker at 20…

  273. STTBM

    Guess we’re riding with Geno till the team is sold. Then Carrol will retire and JS will finally get booted back to GB where he can continue to think he’s the smartest guy in the room.

    Last year was apparently a once in a decade aberration.

    We traded Russ for some players we can’t afford, a couple picks, and a small cornerback…when we had legit starters at corner.

    Cue Seahawks fans rationalizing what a great pick this was…

  274. Roy Batty

    A small player who hits above his weight?

    What could go wrong?

  275. jed

    I know most of us didn’t want or even consider him. But, it’s going to be fun having 2 good, young CB’s. Still more picks and maybe they trade up for Levis if he drops?

    • Roy Batty

      They truly are going BPA.

      I love it.

  276. Kyle R

    So all in with Pete and Geno the next two years on a Superbowl run I guess…well that is a strategy I guess

    • GaiusMarius

      And that is unfortunately delusional.

  277. Tatupu51

    Not what I wanted, but I like it!

    Top 5 CB duo in the league, that’s one way to help your pass rush.

    • fiddlepimp


  278. BrandoK

    trade up for QB is all I’m hoping for seattle. This pick they got to cute

    • bmseattle

      not Hooker, please

  279. Allen M.

    Detroit so disgusted they traded out w/ Arizona

    • Sea Mode


    • Seattle Person

      I have no doubt that was their pick. That’s why Seattle didn’t trade down.

  280. Travis

    See it the same way, the guy plays like Kam. Fun as hell to watch

  281. Mr drucker in hooterville

    I am going to believe that Indy screwed up our pick

    • Joe

      Same. I wish I could have been watching the hawks feed when AR was called. The room doesn’t look very happy right now. I think Indy sniped them.

  282. Denver Hawker

    Can still pull a Texans and move up for Levis

    • STTBM


  283. Peter

    Pete……cb is one area I will defer.

    Don’t “need,” corner. Would have preferred “better,” value…but if witherspoon plays like he did last year we will all love it.

    But still tons of picks folks.

    • Big Mike

      Your optimism is admirable my friend. I feel totally deflated.

      • Peter

        Witherspoon…..or….carter/ wilson?

        I don’t love it. But I remember loving having the best dbs in the league. If that happens I’ll be stoked.

      • Wilson502

        This was an absolute dumpster fire of a pick and a waste of resources. Im back on the fire PCJS bandwagon now.

  284. Joe Strummer

    Now trade up for Levis

    • BrandoK

      Yes please

  285. GoHawksDani

    A CB?
    A CB…
    A CB????

    I’d hate a Carter pick but at least that’s a true need and there’s like 10% chance he could be a field-tilting player. I’d hate a Wilson pick but that’s also a need and he has some interesting measures.
    I’d like a Levis pick. Might not be QBOTF but you need to take your shots sooner than later
    Even a Bijan pick would be better.

    Is this a safe pick? Yes. Is this one of the most boring picks they could make…heck yes.
    But hey, I can save my Gamepass subscription fee because I won’t pay for this 💩

  286. Dustin

    This is what happens when you don’t pay the iron price

    • BrandoK

      very true

    • RR12

      Unfortunately it looks like unless they had moved up to 1 with the Bears, there was never any chance of securing AR (or indeed Will Anderson) , given that the Cards held no. 3.

    • Josh

      Agreed, one pick too late.

  287. KD

    Love DW and i have no doubt he’s going to be a great player, so this makes me wonder if the Hawks are planning to pull a Texans and try to jump up to take Levis or if they are willing to go with Hooker.

  288. Donald_Duck

    At least it’s not Carter

  289. Jabroni-DC

    Love it! Total f’ing stud. Pete builds from the back to the front.
    Kudos for keeping us all guessing.

  290. Big Mike

    Now we can go for the daily double and pick Hooker at 20. Woo hoo!

  291. HOUSE

    I personally didn’t think we would take a cornerback this early. I think he’s a great player and it’ll be interesting to see. It looks like we’ve really firmed up the Secondary of the Defense and hopefully we can get some beef upfront.

    Arizona just trade it up to number six. I think DET is pissed we stole their cornerback.

  292. Kerren

    If Levis gets by LV and ATL (gulp) go get him please!

  293. Ptrptrptr

    A bit disappointed in who was gone already, but love the pick given what we had available. Could now have league’s top CB duo, with both freaky traits and that dog. At least its an identity.

    • Mike

      Definitely seems like he could be a browner-esque player for the team. We will see.

      Who needs a defensive line anyways?

  294. SoCal12

    Just having a good laugh remember how many people in here had a meltdown and declared the team ruined after the Charles Cross pick last year. Keeping some perspective.

    • STTBM

      You mean like when they blew 8 straight Drafts from 2013-2020?

      • SoCal12

        I mean yeah if you wanna focus on the negative past like that instead of the more positive recent then be my guest.

  295. Canadian Hawk

    Congrats Rob.

    Spot on with not taking Carter.

  296. BK26

    Pretty sure John just put his future in Pete’s hands. And he won’t end up happy about it.

  297. BrandoK

    I wish we had the 3rd pick from the start

    • Joe

      I put some pins in my Brandon Staley voodoo doll, tonight

  298. Joe

    I guess you can’t say we’re out of it on Levis

  299. Blitzy the Clown

    Tony was right

    • Troy

      That dude deserves respect

    • Tony


  300. troy

    We were silly not to expect Indy being a perfectly good spot for AR to land

  301. KD

    It on;y cost ARZ a 2nd rounder. Price for moving up may not be all that high is Hawks want to go after Levis

  302. Ishmael

    I just don’t understand.

    They can’t possibly think they’re close to winning can they? Got lucky with a freak half season from Geno and a soft schedule. It’s such an ordinary roster, absolutely miles away from getting anywhere.

    Witherspoon obviously isn’t a bad player, but what are we doing? Maybe they just really didn’t rate Levis and had a massive sook when Richardson got taken? Such a waste of an opportunity. Trade away the best QB in franchise history for… a corner and a payrise for Geno Smith.

    • KD

      The night ain’t over

    • JP

      They have for years despite exiting the playoffs early every season after Russell Wilson carried them into the playoffs.. They’re just lucky Allen chose them over Russell Wilson.

      • Tomas

        Spot on JP, my take, as well. So goes it.

        And I’d suggest to no one in particular that we watch the play of Cross and Lucas this season before setting in stone the brilliance of last year’s draft. I agree it looks that way so far, but it’s not that uncommon for NFL players to fall off after a promising rookie year. I expect both will continue to progress, and look forward to the season with great interest. Pete still has some crazy magic about him.

        As always, kudos to Rob Staton’s hard work, insight, and first -rate reporting AND WRITING. The wry sense of humor is always appreciated.

    • Jack Frost

      Not quite that simple. Hawks got Charles Cross, Boye Mafe, Devin Witherspoon and ?? (and Drew Lock if you want to count him).

  303. lil’stink

    I admit I wanted Levis like many others here.

    But too many of y’all are acting like crybabies. Just go home if you’re going to say things like “I hope they win 3 games next year”

    • Henry Taylor

      I wouldn’t say cry babies, but I agree in general. Remember we gotta wait to see the whole draft.

    • Tatupu51

      Agree. I told yesterday there were some here so fixated on Richardson that it was obvious that would end in disappointment.

    • Big Mike

      Thank you for telling us how to be fans since you’re the only one who knows how

      • Tomas

        Well said, Big Mike, appreciate you making an important comment. No need to restrain on-topic comments or what’s a fan forum for? Excepting clearly obnoxious personal attacks, let’s, as we used to say on the destroyer, “shoot the shit. “

  304. Hawkster

    On the bright side, Woolen opposite Witherspoon could be formidable. We’ll see. trying to see what is instead of what isnt

  305. Forrest

    When can we trade up for Levis?

  306. Donald_Duck

    Too bad AZ didn’t take Carter.

  307. AW

    Congrats Rob!! You stuck your neck all the way out despite all the tide against you and you were RIGHT!

  308. Tim

    I DO think I see where they were coming from.

    In that exact same draft scenario I would have been on the phone trying to trade down if I wasn’t going to take Levis. But without a good trade down partner then… well, who?

    I’m happy they didn’t take Carter. I hope Witherspoon turns into a hall of famer.

    I’m pleased at seeing Rob’s 1st round grade on him.

  309. Skrove

    I love the pick. Detroit traded out once Witherspoon was off the board. Shows how much teams liked him. Seattle takes a QB after trading back in the 1st round. Bank it. Lol

  310. Mr drucker in hooterville

    I am concerned that PC commandeered the draft from JS

    • Seattle Person

      I don’t think this is the case. They legit picked on the best defenders in the draft at a position they don’t usually pick high. It tells me they are BPA for sure.

  311. BrandoK

    I hope we trade back up and take Levis I dont want hooker at all

  312. Troy D

    Levis could fall here so maybe can still get him.

  313. Scot04

    Well Rob you nailed it. You said if Richardson was gone they’d likely go Witherspoon. Great call.
    Kills me to still think about Indianapolis blowing that last game. Watching Richardson go #4 was hard.
    Great job on Paris to AZ as well.

    • dahveed

      absolutly right Rob nailed it !!!

  314. Palatypus

    Levis is an anagram for Elvis.

    But his parents should have named him LIev.

    Liev Levis.

  315. Tecmo Bowl

    Nice board manipulation by Arizona. Got a 2024 1st for moving down 3 spots.

    • Sea Mode

      Yup, well played.

    • geoff u

      And still got the player they wanted.

    • BrandoK

      The front office already better than the old one

  316. Mike

    Witherspoon may be the next Sherman, but even if he is it’s still a total disappointment. The Colts screwed it all up and passing on Levis was a full gut punch.

    • Sea Mode

      Disagree. I can see the logic for the Hawks. They found one great CB last year and their CB2 got picked on. So now make that a position of strength.

  317. Sea Mode

    I actually did have that thought this morning:

    We thought the Colts needed a player ready to start, but what better way for a front office to buy 2-3 more years than convincing the owner they need that time to develop their new QB?

    • GaiusMarius

      Will they though? I find it more likely that they will rush and potentially ruin Richardson.

  318. BrandoK

    which teams are the QB needy teams ahead of us

    • Big Mike

      At least Tennessee and Washington

      • Big Mike

        Or Atlanta right here

  319. Trevor

    The toughest player pound-for-pound in this draft is Devon Witherspoon. The Hawks have lacked that edge for 4-5 years now. They need guys like this if they want to compete with SF.

    The Seahawks just got one of the feistiest cornerbacks we’ve seen in a long time. He’s going to fit in perfectly in Seattle and be an absolute tone setter for our defense.

    Woolen, Bryant and Witherspoon could be a special group and fierce a ton of turnovers.

    • KD

      If Levis was not going to be the pick, I’m glad it was DW and not Carter or Wilson. I’m just disappointed it wasn’t Levis, but now that I’ve had a moment to calm down, DW was the BPA after Levis.

  320. Dirty Mike/Gang

    If Levis isn’t taken here, we’d only have to trade #52 and #154 to move up to 11 in place of the Titans who themselves could use more picks.

    • BrandoK

      I would do that maybe instead of 154 maybe next years picks

    • Dirty Mike/Gang

      Another landing spot would be at 16 (WAS) which would cost us #83.

  321. Forrest

    OMG! Carter would be a perfect Raider!!! Hope it’s him.

  322. Belgaron

    Tariq’s career just took a big boost. He’s going to see a lot more throws to his side.

  323. Joe Strummer

    I love Raider’s fans. They deserve better.

  324. Spenny Dunks

    Not what I was expecting but not a bad pick at all. Rob had him as one of his only 9 true first round grades, and I’m sure many teams had it similarly.

    Clearly BPA, its not Jalen Carter/Tyree Wilson, and they must have not liked Levis.

    I was hoping for Richardson but what are you gonna do. Witherspoon/Woolen is dynamite as a starting core, and lots of depth now with Bryant, Brown, Jackson, etc.

  325. Sea Mode

    Fully believe the Hawks would have taken Richardson if available. Sad we’ll probably never know for sure.

    • Glor

      Just look at the hawks draft room and the time it took for that pick. Of course they wanted AR

  326. Glor

    While I like the player, I don’t like the pick.. would have preferred Levis. This seems like a delusional complete now pick vs franchise future Health pick

    • Glor

      I’m warming on the pick.

      I loved having shutdown corners back in the day

  327. The Ancient Mariner

    What did it take for PC/JS to take a CB in the first round? Finding a first-round CB with a fifth-round chip on his shoulder.

  328. Troy

    Hope the hawks trade up for Levis…we need our QB of the future. If you only have to give up a second seems like a no brainer?

  329. Rob Staton

    Well, the traffic crashed the blog

    Which is crazy because I pay a fortune to support the traffic 😂

    ‘The Devon Witherspoon effect’

    • KnoxHawk

      A good problem to have !

    • Scot04

      Lol. Just showing how much you’re appreciated

      • BK26

        If that’s the case, they might have seen their future slowly wain away.

    • Glor


    • Palatypus

      I got one prediction right!

    • Sea Mode

      Took a while to refresh, but didn’t crash for me!

      • Palatypus

        I got the 502 Bad Gateway.

  330. Hawks4life

    Well let’s hope we keep beefing up the D with BAMF players, we most certainly aren’t taking Levis now.

  331. Roy Batty

    Carter fanboys have got to be chugging their Old Milwaukee right now, drowning in depression.

  332. Zeke

    It’s ridiculous how long it takes between picks

  333. BrandoK

    Did seahawks twitter freak out about our pick?

    • STTBM

      Don’t know. I was too busy freaking out about our pick lol!

  334. Nfendall

    If Levis lasts past the Titans at 11 we could look to trade up for him.

    • BrandoK

      They might take him tho

    • Big Mike

      He night get picked here

      • bmseattle

        if he gets past the Titans, he might make it to us.
        Not sure we’d take him though.
        If they liked him, they would have picked him at 5

    • Sea Mode

      Or maybe all the Kraken = Clash of Titans clues were that we will trade up with the Titans for Levis…?

  335. KD

    LV better hope Wilson’s foot ain’t all screwed up as bad as it seems

  336. BrandoK

    ATL always picks the BPA

  337. MountainHawker

    Ade at 20 please. Bijan still on the board

  338. Madmark

    Seattle’s pick predictably unpredictable. He is the meanest CB which fits

  339. Palatypus

    Drew Rosenhaus is shitting himself right now.

    And not washing his hands.

  340. Cysco

    It’s not a sexy pick, but it’s damn solid. Given the options available, Witherspoon was a logical pick.

    Anderson and Richardson were gone. Carter was not an option. Wilson was not an option. Levis maybe, but was he the kind of player you draft and stash for a year or two?

    Devon was BPA. We should applaud the front office for taking BPA, even if it’s disappointing.

    • Hawks4life

      Well said

    • Belgaron

      It’s not disappointing at all, really. LOB II coming…

    • BK26

      Eh I’ll criticize them for letting that be the situation that they let fall. We traded the best quarterback in franchise history for a short corner.

      He’s our player and I’ll be rooting for him, but this pick should have been a difference maker.

      • Hawks4life

        Well said as well

      • Cysco

        You have to play the hand your dealt. Which other player could they have taken at 5?

        You can say Levis, but at this point, the league doesn’t agree with you. Looks like he could make it into the teens at this point.

        Trading up wasn’t an option either. There was no way you were going to compete with what the Texans gave up.

        • BK26

          Nah they still could have traded up. Top 5 pick and they let it fall and then chose. Pete and John picked their path.

    • Troy

      Good way of looking at it and portends well for rest of draft that the focus is BPA. Imagine how sexy our CBS can be next year, Tariq and Witherspoon…hell ya dude

    • Sea Mode

      Agree. I can see the logic (create a position of strength across from Woolen), but lack of ideal size this early gives me pause.

      Hope he’s everything they hope for on the field and in the locker room. BAMF.

  341. STTBM

    Seattle bout to trade up for a physically limited C….lol!

  342. BrandoK

    Whats the compensation to move up from 20

    • Troy

      Cost Arizona a second to go from 12 to 6

  343. Gaux Hawks

    What is Devon Witherspoon‘s natural position? LCB? NCB?

  344. Hawkster

    good pick by ATL

  345. Big Mike

    Well, at least Philly didn’t get Bijan

  346. Chris

    Carter is 2 picks away from carter falling out of the top 10. After that he didn’t meet with any teams

  347. Mick

    Rob nailing pick #8, nicely done!

  348. KD

    And there go all my hopes and dreams that all the smart people were wrong and Bijan would last to the late 20’s.

  349. Big Mike

    You nailed that one Rob. Congrats!

  350. McZ

    Mark my words… Levis to Green Bay.

  351. Troy

    Damn nice work Rob you nailed the falcons pick

  352. Austen

    Philly trades up??

  353. Forrest

    Chicago should be open for business if Hawks want to move up.

  354. Marty Kaplan

    A very disappointing pick, and I don’t care how special a CB he is. I would have had no trouble with either an offensive or defensive line pick. A totally underwhelming pick.

  355. Sea Mode

    Rob absolutely nails the ATL pick

  356. Lord Snow

    What makes Witherspoon so much better than tarek Woolen where you get one guy in the fifth round and the other guy with the fifth pick in the draft? And they’re pretty close to each other in years so if Woolen continues to become great and so does Witherspoon what are you going to do pay 40 million in cornerback money in 4 years 5 years? Why stop there resign Jamal Adams now resign quandary digs now and then you can have 80 million to your secondary and no pass rush

  357. Qoolio

    Trade up for Levis, please…

    Johnson model says 20 + 37 for 10 + 94

    • Rob Staton

      They might not need to do that at this rate

      • BrandoK

        how far does levis fall

      • Qoolio

        20+ 52 for 10 was close on the table…

        • BrandoK

          I would do that real quick

      • Troy

        Could you imagine Levis at 20 holy cow

        • Qoolio

          I’d be stunned if he was on the board still after 12. If so, 20 + 83 works for the Jets at 15, in order to get in front of Washington and Tampa Bay.

  358. Kerren

    Philly traded with CHI
    Hopefully SEA trades with CHI at 10?

  359. BurchMt1

    6 picks all you had 1st round grades, nuff said. Excellent work Rod.

  360. Joe

    Trade up with Da Bears, let’s go

  361. SoCal12

    Bijan to Atlanta’s gotta be one of most logical things in this draft so far. The amount of analytics zealots overanalyzing him as an RB pick was one of the more annoying things to read leading up to the draft.

  362. Nathan W.

    Bijan being an excellent at sewing is a + for ATL

  363. TwilightError

    I’m sure Witherspoon is a Seahawk because of the attitude. Him and Woolen, the LOB 2.0?

    • Zeke

      Was hoping to see a healthy Tre Brown and a pass rusher or QB with pick 5 🙁

      Sounds like we got a stud tho

  364. DJ 1/2 way

    Richard Sherman said they are “going back to the scheme” and he meant one high safety with two shut-down corners. If Adams can play in the box then this draft pick might make the defense better at all three levels.

    • Big Mike

      If Adams even plays 5 games it’ll be an upset

  365. Joe

    Is this a weird trade, moved up one spot?

    • Rob Staton

      It is weird

    • KnoxHawk

      Thats what Im wondering. Chicago was must said we will take him, BUT, what will you give us for Carter, basically

      • Big Mike

        Or someone else was gonna trade with da bears and draft him and chicago took a better offer from philly

    • Ishmael

      Someone else on the phone saying we want Carter, gave the Bears enough leverage to force the Eagles hand?

    • Seattle Person

      I think it’s probably to block another team from trading up to #9.

  366. cha

    Adam Schefter
    Eagles traded pick No. 10 and a fourth-round pick next year to move up to No. 9.

    • KD

      That’s nothing. Iron price turning into the aluminum price

  367. Edgar

    If I’m Woolen…im already annoyed at the pay issue

    • Jordan

      What’s your issue with Woolen’s pay?

      My understanding is that entry level contracts are collectively bargained.

    • Tommy boy

      Surprised at all of the negativity!!
      We still have 3 more picks in the top 52.
      We’ll build the DL.
      I love having another shut down corner!
      3 years from now, DW will be a blessing as others above him bust out!
      Go Hawks!
      Love the selection
      BPA at a premium position.
      Shocked at the pessimism. 😂

      • Lord Snow

        3 years from now you’re going to have to be preparing to pay him 20 million a year and also you’re going to pay Tarik woolend 20 million a year

        • Seattle Person

          That’s a great problem to have. I’ll take it! That means both of them balled out. Why are you complaining about that?

          • Lord Snow

            You’re missing the point. If they both work out you have to pay them. Salary cap is a real thing in the NFL you have to plan for it. And that takes away from other positions positions that you need. But the likelihood is that they both won’t be all stars. Unless you forget Jeff okuda was just traded and he was supposed to be the next Dion Sanders.

  368. Cary Malone

    I was listening to 710 for a bit and it is funny hearing Bob Steltan shocked that Jalen Carter is falling.

  369. Travis

    Philly moving up has to be for Carter

    • KD

      At least we don’t have to worry about Carter being a Hawk now

      • Travis

        Thank God, I’m sure all of 710 will be crying about it tomorow

        • KD

          Lel. Let them cry 🙂

          • fiddlepimp


  370. Travis

    Perfect spot for him, hope he gets his stuff together for his own good.

  371. Palatypus

    Jalen Carter showing a lot of armpit sweat in that muave suit.

    • Big Mike

      sure it isn’t gravy sweat

  372. Joe

    I guess it’s the, “we weren’t going to touch him here” deal

  373. Forrest

    If Levis gets past Tennessee…

    • Big Mike

      And Washington…………..

      • seaspunj

        and Tampa lol

  374. Austen

    I would be shocked if Levis made it past Tennessee and Detroit

    • Sea Mode

      TEN might take Hooker instead.

  375. BrandoK

    Soo happy we dont have to talk about Carter to Seattle anymore Thank You

    • Sea Mode

      Amen to that!

  376. Sea Mode

    I will say this though, the Witherspoon pick sure went down very pleasantly with the Arran Sherry Cask single malt scotch.

    • Jim Kelly

      That looks good.

      I’ll toast you some Aberlour (16), or some Glenfiddich (12 or 14).

      Go Hawks.

  377. Thomas

    A little worried that the Seahawks just tried to be the smartest guys in the room.

    Hope it works.

    • Roy Batty

      BPA on their board.

      I’m happy they’re sticking to it.

    • Cysco

      Really, they avoided being the dumbest guys in the room. they took BPA instead of a risky pick like carter or wilson

  378. Ishmael

    Hope he can turn it around for his own sake, extremely glad we’re not the one taking the risk.

  379. Mick

    Another hit by Rob, trade up and pick for Atlanta.

  380. Sea Mode

    Rosenhaus absolutely had the guarantee from the Eagles before playing the top 10 card.

    • Cysco

      No doubt

  381. Matt

    Witherspoon was absolutely the right pick and I think he’s actually more interesting than Will Anderson. I could legitimately see Witherspoon being the best player on a good defense but I couldn’t see that with Anderson. That said, completely bummed out by missing Richardson. I just can’t see the Seahawks accomplishing anything meaningful with their QB situation and it doesn’t seem likely they will be in a position to add one for some time. Hooker would be an interesting pick later on but he’s so old and far from a sure thing.

    • Tommy Boy

      100% agree Matt
      Witherspoon has All Pro on him.
      Anderson is a potential avg player.
      Never was impressed with Will. Played in great defenses but pass rush was avg vs elite comp.
      Much happier with Witherspoon over anyone on the D side.

    • Dirty Mike/Gang

      What will be interesting to me is to see how they deploy him…yes, he is a lock down corner but I would argue his best position is at nickel

    • 805Hawk

      💯 agree, Matt. I’m okay with Witherspoon, but I was so hoping for a QBOTF, specifically AR. I hope we don’t end up in perpetual mediocrity with an average at best QB for the foreseeable future.

  382. KD


    Seattle Seahawks: Devon Witherspoon, CB, Illinois – D Grade
    Uhh, what? Did the Seahawks forget that they’re experts at drafting cornerbacks in the middle and late rounds? Did they also fail to remember that they have talented cornerbacks? Seattle really needed to improve its pass rush. Picking Witherspoon here seems ridiculous.

    • HOUSE

      Assholes and Opinions… everybody’s got them, and they probably stink to somebody else. I want to trust our front office because they did a great job last year and there are three or four different guys at Walter football with differing opinions.🤷🏻‍♂️

    • bmseattle

      It’s a good sign that Walterfootball doesn’t like the pick

      • AlaskaHawk

        Walter had Seahawks taking Jalen Carter at #5 and Flowers the Wide Receiver at #20.

      • KD

        Step 1: Seahawks make a pick and Walt trashes it.
        Step 2: Walt does a re-mock and puts that pick higher than was originally drafted
        step 3: Profit!

        • Jim Kelly

          I really wish that I could put a South Park gif here.


          Go Hawks.

    • Travis

      Walter football has been garbage for 10 years now. We had 1 good corner, you need more than that in today’s nfl

      • KD

        I quite like WF and I think he does a good job overall. I just find his over reactions to be funny.

      • Zeke

        We had one great CB, one good CB, and Tre Brown coming back healthy

    • SoCal12

      FWIW Walter wanted us to take Jalen Carter and was fully on the ‘media is just trying to cancel this fine young man’ narrative. Just sayin’.

    • LouCityHawk

      I mean, Witherspoon is fine.

      He is a fine pick, fine player, should be a B.

      A was the trade up to get Richardson. Levis is still there though, and he is my QB1. 😎

    • Scot04

      Michael Jackson might agree with this.

  383. Big Mike

    Over Skoronski, interesting

    • RR12

      Was some talk that they specifically wanted a RT because of the guys they already have, and I guess he fits the profile for that more than Skoronski having played there and having the prototype tackle frame.

  384. Blitzy the Clown

    Solid pick by Chicago

  385. KD

    Damn good pick by the Bears right there.

  386. BrandoK

    Best OT picked

  387. Hawktalker#1

    Odds we trade up to get Levis at some point?

    • Big Mike

      imo, 5%

      Prove me wrong Pete

      • bmseattle

        No way do they trade up for him.
        I think they are out on him…unless he’s somehow there in the 2nd, perhaps.

    • Travis

      If he gets past Tennessee I could Seattle trading ahead of the bucs to get him

  388. Palatypus

    So, Trevor Penning got traded for Jalen Carter, who got traded for Darnell Wright.

  389. dahveed

    Woolen and Witherspoon LETS GOOOO

    • Palatypus

      Could we put Witherspoon in the old role of Earl Thomas?

      • Seahawkwalt

        Good thought

      • RR12

        Indeed, it wouldn’t be a massive surprise given what they did with ET. But I wonder if they still value the single high safety as highly as they did back then now that the league has set up their offenses to beat exactly that type of coverage. Could be better just sticking him opposite Woolen.

    • Sea Mode


  390. Sea Mode

    Levis falling out of the top 10, the Seahawks had to see it coming. Makes me think they knew they could steal Witherspoon from DET and still have a chance to trade up for Levis later. We’ll see.

    • seahawksfan1201

      Makes me think actual NFL people aren’t as high on him as the peanut gallery

  391. Roy Batty

    So many OL going, that’s great for Seattle.

    • Palatypus

      Texans blew this thing up.

    • Tecmo Bowl

      Yep hopefully Jones and Skoronski go before us. Christian Gonzalez too!

  392. Don

    Seattle Draft:

    1b Will McDonald DE
    2A Hendon Hooker QB

    • Zeke

      No Hendon Hooker before a late 2nd rd please

  393. Mick

    Rob, you’re right, give me McDonald at 20 and we’ve improved the D.

  394. Trevor

    First 10 players are exactly as expected just not the order.

    Got Young, Anderson, Johnson, Carter and Wright in my mock 5/10 is not bad.

    Skoronski and Gonzalez should go next.

  395. LouCityHawk

    Levis to New England, Tampa, or Seattle?

    • Big Mike

      Don’t forget the Commanders

      • LouCityHawk

        Oh yeah.

        I try to.

    • seahawksfan1201

      Hopefully one of the first two

  396. Big Mike

    Levis gonna go next imo

    • Hawks4life


    • Big Mike

      I was wrong

    • Palatypus


      • Palatypus

        And I’m wrong again.

  397. AlaskaHawk

    I’m gonna go nuts if the Patriots get Levis.

  398. BrandoK

    Trade up for Levis shouldn’t take much to go up

    • KD

      I could cost as little as next year’s 3rd. PAY THE ALUMINUM PRICE!

  399. KD

    WOW! TEN goes with Skoronski. Levis still out there ready for a trade up.

  400. Kyle R

    Would Green Bay go Levis?! That would be such a crazy pivot from Rogers and great Jordan Love insurance.

    • Travis

      I doubt it, I would expect them to go tight end or reciever

      • Hawkster

        yes TE or WR especially after the OL rub

  401. dahveed

    Rob was right and put his !!!Balls on the Table!!! and credit to him for that . Witherspoon is our man and was never spoonfed and comes in tough as nails and is the ultimate Seahawker . You all know I wanted Carter but Rob was right who cares what I want or you they did not want that…Kudos to you ROB lets go Hawks!

  402. Romeo A57

    Could Levis fall all the way to 20? That would be interesting as we are mostly expecting the Seahawks to take a Defensive Lineman there

    • Kyle R

      I mean yeah that’s the obvious pick and way to go and get the Irish TE but the dark horse part of me says they might just grab Levis here.

      • Kyle R

        Oops that reply was meant for Travis above.

  403. Troy

    For everyone that doesn’t like the Witherspoon pick…hawks went BPA at one of the most premium positions in the game (QB, DL, CB, OT). Imagine having two lock down corners…that improves your defense. I’m sad about not getting qb but maybe we get Levis later…

    • Big Mike

      The problem is if Geno regresses to what we saw the 2nd half it won’t matter cuz we won’t score enough. I’ll assume they do more to address the run D with this comment btw

      • BK26

        *if he doesn’t get any better. If he maintains, won’t be enough. He’s 32. There is nothing long term. Team even said the same thing with his contract.

    • dahveed

      trully a return to the Boom

    • Sea Mode


      and absolute tone setter, culture on a defense that was soft the past few years. That could prove to be invaluable.

  404. Travis

    Really solid, safe pick for Tennessee

  405. seahawksfan1201

    They went BPA that has elite football character, I legitimately don’t understand why people are upset.

    • MountainHawker

      Yeah. I like the pick. If they went Witherspoon with Richardson on the board it would be a different story. I’m also glad they didn’t give up the haul that the Texans did. It was too much.

  406. BrandoK

    Does Levis fall to 20

  407. Big Mike

    Great pick by Detroit

  408. Travis

    Wow, didn’t see Detroit doing that

  409. Troy

    Wow Levis looks PISSED. He’s probably very upset right now

    • Hawkster

      No selfies tonight

    • HOUSE

      Same thing happened to Aaron Rodgers. It also happened to Brady Quinn. I’m guessing Levis is somewhere in between

  410. KennyBadger

    I’m going to make coffee right now and put mayo in it. And eat whole bananas while flexing. Please go get him.

    • Ukhawk

      Love this… with you (decaf)

  411. Glor

    Damn, go lions!

  412. JJ

    Would like to see a run on cb now.

  413. Austen

    Ever since they picked the Seahawks board is looking really good, fingers crossed

  414. LouCityHawk

    Lions with a great pick.

    Gibbs is so good.

  415. Joe

    I swear the value added from just along Levis is worth it at this point

  416. KD

    Gibbs goes to DET! MOCK DRAFTS ARE EXPLODING ALL OVER THE PLACE! Great player, solid pick by DET

  417. Grover

    While I wanted Richardson to drop to us, I’m thrilled with Witherspoon at 5. I’m liking the look of MacDonald or, even, Levis at 20 (though his age scares me). Who saw a 2nd RB going this early?!

  418. Nfendall

    I could see the Seahawks trading up to 15 for Levis

  419. MountainHawker

    Gibbs at 12. Levis on the board still. Texans trading up to 3. This draft is nuts

  420. Palatypus

    I want to eat, eat, eat, coffee and bananas.

    I want to eat, eat, eat coffee and bananas.

    Why can’t I eat, eat, eat coffee and bananas.

    [cut to Scarlett Johansson pleading for Will Levis to be drafted.]

  421. BrandoK

    What a Shocking pick by Detroit

  422. Madmark

    I think they wanted Richardson but the scenario with could work Hooker recouping from injury for a year. Still wonder about Levis?

    • Seattle Person

      I think they wanted Richardson and then Witherspoon. They then traded back to hope Bijan would still be there for them.

      They got a hell of a player but I think no other team got messed up more than the Lions.

  423. Sea Mode

    Outstanding pick for DET. Building a special, hard-nosed team.

    • Big Mike

      Agree. Think they’ll be a force in the NFC for a while.

  424. Allen M.

    Gibb way early, had him going end first to KC in my mock. Gibbs reminds me of Jamaal Charles, though. Really love Gibbs.

  425. ShowMeYourHawk

    If Levis drops to #20 and McDonald is still available, we’ve got a real Sophie’s Choice.

    • Mick

      Pick Levis and trade up for McDonald to me

      • Sea Mode

        Sign me TF up!

  426. LouCityHawk

    Mayer watch has started. I’d be ticked to land him

  427. Ishmael

    Genuinely surprised Levis falling like this. Wonder what it is that teams aren’t keen on. If we can somehow haul him in from here that would be outrageous.

    • Big Mike

      turnovers I’d guess

    • KD

      Charlie Campbell reported a while back that teams were VERY split on Levis. A lot of pro scouts rated him as a day 2 pick. Seems like Campbell’s reporting was spot on.

    • Roy Batty

      I don’t wanna be a stick in the mud, but maybe they don’t see him as a big upgrade over Geno and Drew.

      • KD

        Entirely possible.

    • Palatypus

      Hugh Millen has been trashing his throwing mechanics.

  428. BrandoK

    Nfl twitter gotta be loving 2 RB’s picked in the top 12

    • RR12

      Love to see it!

    • SoCal12

      Ben B. Baldwin gonna have an aneurysm and i am here for it.

    • Joe

      First row on the horizontal board looks very thin

  429. Azzaf

    I think we broke the Lions lol

  430. Big Mike

    Rob has Mayer going here

  431. Dirty Mike/Gang

    Trade BACK to get Levis??? lol

  432. GoHawksDani

    My guess: Hawks wanted Richardson, Stroud or Andersen.
    All gone and they tried to trade back, but didn’t receive a good offer so they took BPA on their board.
    Just a guess based on they picked with only like 1 minute or less on the clock.

    Pro for the pick:
    CB can be a real strength
    Good player and character
    Hit like a hammer

    A CB, which is almost the only position they were always able to draft late or trade for and coach up
    Small CB (especially bad for big hits)
    Not over the top athletical (He’s OK but not some freak)
    Not crazy production either

    All in all feels like a safe but boring pick. And definitely like a pick in the mid-teens and not top5.
    Not hating because hopefully he’ll play for long and I think he’ll be at least decent but a super mehh pick

    • Tommy Boy

      CB is a premium position and BPA on the defensive side of the ball.

      I don’t know who else you’d rather the Hawks have selected at #5?
      I love great players on lousy teams! He will shine in Seattle.

      Love the positional selection and the player.
      #20 will be a pass rusher.

  433. KD

    And there goes Van Ness then.

  434. Big Mike

    Mayer here to NE?

    • Peter

      Commenting here just to keep up….love detroit. Hope they takeover the north. Fun team.

      • Big Mike

        Agree. Been so bad for so long it’d be hard not to root for them

  435. Ukhawk

    Another surprise – wondering if we go Hooker @ #20 ?

  436. Hawks4life

    I’d be fairly upset if I was a GB owner lol

    • Austen

      They seem like they’re ready to tank for a few years

  437. ShowMeYourHawk

    Barring a trade up, the only real competition for Levis at #20 would be DET and TB. Interesting….

    • Big Mike


  438. Sea Mode

    If we land Levis at any point, I dare Rob to post a video on Twitter taking a big bite out of an unpeeled banana and washing it down with a sip of mayonnaise coffee all while maintaining eye contact with the camera!

    (full “Can we stop this whole Jalen Carter to the Seahawks thing now?” style…! 😂)

    • BrandoK


    • KD

      I endorse this

    • Palatypus

      He won’t even eat chips with mayonaise.

  439. KnoxHawk

    No chance we take Hooker, has to be Levis or DL

    • bmseattle

      i’d bet they want to trade down

  440. IDhawk

    Man, just how bad did Levis bomb his interviews? Wasn’t he the betting favorite to go 2 overall just a week ago?

    • SoCal12

      Buncha GMs tried mayo in coffee and immediately took him off the board.

    • Rob Staton

      Betting markets were all over the place

  441. Cysco

    Man, at this point the value sitting there in Levis is huge. A trade up to 15 would make sense.

  442. Sea Mode

    Who TF wants to hear absolutely one word from the fricking Jonas brothers right in the middle of the draft? 🤮🙄 ESPN selling its soul.

    • KD

      Implying they had a soul to sell.

      • Big Mike

        exactly, they do not

    • Seattle Person

      I mean…they sold it to Disney so…

  443. KD

    Trade a day 3 pick and a day 3 pick next year with the Jets. DO IT!

  444. Forrest

    Jet should be open to a trade if we want Levis. They have Rodgers. Or could they draft a QB!!! Lol!!!!!

    • God of Thunder


    • Tyler

      Lol! The Jet’s drafting a QB here would be amazing.

      • Sea Mode

        😂🤣 Just imagine!

    • MountainHawker

      If they’re smart they’ll take one

  445. Troy D

    Go full LOB 2.0 mode and Branch at 20

    • KD

      Wouldn’t surprise me.

    • Zeke

      Then Skinner in the 2nd

      • Seattle Person

        I think Skinner is going to drop because of the injury.

      • KD

        Skinner is a draft crush of mine, but feels like too much of a luxury pick

  446. Big Mike

    Mel with the call

  447. Peanut

    Imagine getting Levis at 20 and trading into the back-end of 1st round to get D-line.

  448. MountainHawker

    I find it amusing we’re paying our safeties so much while having super cheap cb’s

    • bmseattle

      “amusing” isn’t the word that I’d use.

      • Big Mike

        beat me to it…great minds

    • Big Mike

      Amusing is not the adjective I’d use but I get what you’re saying

    • Palatypus

      For now.

  449. RyanP

    Jets have to be pissed that the last OT went off right before there pick.

    • Big Mike

      Pittsburgh did ’em

      • RR12

        NE knew what they were doing too haha

  450. ShowMeYourHawk

    This would be a perfect spot to trade up into for Levis, before WAS and TB are on the clock.

  451. Troy

    Imagine levis lasting to 20 and the hawks passing on him…again. Some brains will explode

    • bmseattle

      I’m totally expecting that to happen.
      If they don’t like him, why spend a 1st rounder on him?
      If they like him, they would have taken him at 5

      • Troy

        That logic makes sense

        • Peter

          I don’t totally agree here.

          They liked wilson but took wagner a round earlier.

      • James

        That’s not how drafting works though. If you know or have some idea that nobody is going to take him at 20, why take him at 5, if you also have your eyes on something else that you don’t think WILL last til 20? Its really not that complex.

    • Big Mike

      Oh it could happen, make no mistake

  452. Gaux Hawks

    Run on WRs??

  453. KD

    Say Hawks don’t pick Levis and take Mayer or Will McDonald, Kancey, Ade Ade?. How may here will be upset? I’ll be a tad upset about landing a QBotF, but i can’t be upset about any of those players.

    • KD

      *not landing

    • Seattle Person

      I won’t. I just want talented players!

    • Troy

      I’ll be happy/sad. Happy to land a potential impact player, sad that our qb future looks bleak as fuck.

      • KD

        I feel the same way

    • Tommy Boy

      McDonald or Clancy
      No Tight end here.
      Find a guy in the 4th/5th rd.
      More Defense at #20.
      Pass rush is the pick!! Book it

    • Dirty Mike/Gang

      Cousins is on a one-year deal. If they want Levis I wouldn’t risk trading back past #22.

  454. Scot04

    Seems like Levis would be a perfect fit in Washington

    • bmseattle

      I agree.
      It’s a good fit.

    • Scot04

      Can’t see him getting by Washington, NE, & TB

    • BrandoK

      TB would pick levis too

    • Wilson502

      Just seems so stupid not to give up a 4th to move up for Levis. This draft is a disaster if Levis or Hooker are not taken.

      • seahawksfan1201

        I feel the exact opposite, unless we’re talking round 3

  455. Palatypus

    Where is Mayer going?

  456. Troy

    Hooker or Levis?

  457. Justaguy

    If we don’t get Levis. I turn in all my love for Seattle and will root for Herbert until that’s hopeless

  458. Kyle R

    I will honestly feel it will be a waste of the Russell Wilson trade to not come away with a QB of the future with one of the picks.

    • Wilson502

      Been saying this for months

    • Tony

      Unless they get a dominant D and run game out of it. But they better just hit there picks.

  459. Palatypus

    By the way, we are five picks away from another commercial break.

    • BK26

      Hahahaha I needed that right now 🤣

      Then it dawned on me that you will be right……..

  460. bmseattle

    damn…Jets get one of our favorites.

    • Seahawkwalt


      • Cysco

        Still a handful of blog favorites out there

  461. Palatypus

    Child cancer survivor….


    • Cysco

      Oh NFL. You so predictable.

  462. Troy

    Fuck! Jets fucked us again! First with Adam’s now with McDonald. I hope rodgers retired mid season

    • Big Mike

      Relax man, dontcha know, Adams is gonna turn it around and be healthy all year and set a new sack record wit 25

      • Troy

        Thanks I needed that belly laugh

  463. Sea Mode

    Well, there he goes.

  464. Big Mike

    That kid was great

    • Seahawkwalt