Live stream reflecting on the Seahawks draft


  1. Sea Mode

    Seahawks DT Cameron Young Gets The Draft Call At No. 123 Overall

  2. Donald_Duck

    Does the fact that the Seahawks did not draft a QB mean that they have more faith in Drew Lock than many fans do?

    • Whit21

      I think this shows the faith in drew lock for PC just like when he was part of the trade..

      I still think he could have played almost as well last year as geno smith.. Geno showed out against the lesser competition, just like you would think about a career backup would… so it looks like they gave geno the contract he kinda deserved.. but drew i think could play well and have the seahawks with the same win loss ration geno could do.. plus the draft next year could have deeper QB class..

      • BK26

        They’d have signed him longer then. He’s a body.

    • Roy Batty

      Probably a reflection on what they think of the lower tier QBs, honestly.

      If they weren’t able to get one of their favorites, they probably just lost all interest in the rest. As Rob pointed out in another article, they’re probably looking at 2024 for one.

    • BK26

      No. He was given a one year contract to make sure they had a backup. He’ll be gone after this next year.

  3. Hoggs41

    One of the best things so far is Mike Morris telling reporters he is already 295. Perfect for a 3-4 DE.

  4. BoiseSeahawk

    Any consensus on the fall of Ade Ade and Cory Trice? Seemed like Ade was a high character pick and he had a great senior bowl.

  5. Forrest

    I don’t like the Jerrick Reed pick. I wish they had moved up to get Skinner. For me, Reed is a poor man’s Jammie Robinson.

    • Scot04

      Maybe the Seahawks didn’t like what they saw from his medical reports. Obviously he wasn’t draft worthy in their minds. It’s not like tons of others didn’t pass on him many times.

  6. Seahawk_Dan


    It seems like the last two drafts have been real home runners. Great depth, good choices that seem unlike previous drafts when each one had a few head scratchers or reaches. Could this be because Carroll has (or was told) to step back and let Schneider be more of the front office and draft person?

    • STTBM

      Do bears poop in the woods?!

  7. Ryan

    For a GM who once said he’d ideally like to take a QB every year, he sure… doesn’t.

    • God of Thunder

      Well, I’d like to go back to my 20s and scoring every month in clubs. But I have my standards too.

      So there’s your answer: JS ain’t unrealistic.

      • BK26

        Two in twelve years. And one was a 6th round pick. That’s a prett far cry from being fully prepared.

        • God of Thunder

          True. I guess they could a flyer on a QB late more frequently.

          A lot of teams missed out on a Brock Purdy. There *should* be one every draft, right?

          But which one? This draft maybe Jake H.?

          • BK26

            This is probably a bit of a personal bias, but I’m not sold on Purdy. Got benched decently often in college. And with that offense, all they have to do is get the ball out fast. That’s why I’m interested in watching Garapollo to see how he translates.

            I still think that they should have brought in someone to just keep along. I think the kid from TCU was that, but he took himself out of the equation. No matter what though, the team has a very high floor now across the entire roster.

  8. Tyler A Jorgensen

    I will always wonder if Dee Eskridge’s very significant concussion has altered his career path significantly as well.

    His first game he went out with the concussion when? Somewhere around the midway 3rd quarter, right?

    In that game he had a reception and 2 rushing attempts. He’s had only 4 more rushing attempts in 19 more games.

    Concussions are no joke, but we sometimes look at them differently than a guy who completely blows out his knee or ankle. Maybe we should be more willing to forgive a concussed player not teaching his ceiling the same way we do other injuries?

    • God of Thunder

      That’s a really good point. And it makes sense, as he has truly underachieved.

      I’ve had bad concussions (hockey, fight with brother, bike accident) and was “foggy” for 2 months. A friend of mine had one concussion and had to live in a dark room for 16 months.

      • Parallax

        Absolutely. A serious enough concussion can change someone’s life forever. We’re talking about a brain bruise. Obviously some are much worse than others. Watch tape of Eskridge on the sideline after that hit. The way his body was involuntarily convulsing, it was clear that the concussion was really bad. I didn’t know if he’d ever play again and I made the point on another website just the other day that it likely had a lot to do with why he’s never attained the potential we thought he had. Up to that point in the game, he looked really promising. Since then, not even a flash of the same potential.

  9. Seahawkwalt

  10. Forrest

    With so few players on the existing roster, I would expect the Hawks to do well in UDFA.

  11. PatrickH

    If the Seahawks go back to their old defensive front 7 scheme, then based on the offseason and draft so far this seems to be the front 7 roles and players:

    Leo (weakside DE) – competition among Derick Hall, Taylor, and Mafe
    3 Tech – Dremont Jones, Myles Adams (backup)
    1 Tech – Cameron Young
    5 Tech (Strong side DE) – Jarran Reed, Mike Morris (backup)
    Sam – Nwosu, backup by non-starters among Hall, Taylor, Mafe
    Mike – Wagner
    Will – Devin Bush

    • Cheese22

      It looks like they need to add some depth behind Bush and Wags.

    • Cheese22

      Love the McIntosh pick. Could be a hell of a weapon as a third down back and hopefully relegates DJ Dallas to strictly special teams.

    • Peter

      Just me but feel Nwosu is the Leo.

      Comping to Avril, nwosu plays 80% of snaps now. Can stop the run and get after it.

      Taylor is more the bruce irvin specialist.

      • Seattle Person

        Yup. Nwosu was playing most of the time on the weakside last season. Irvin/Mafe/Taylor were playing on the strong side.

        That being said Nwosu played primarily SAM when he was with the Chargers.

      • PatrickH

        In the old scheme, the SAM drops back in coverage more than the LEO. Last year Nwosu seemed to be better in coverage than Taylor and Mafe as 3-4 OLB. No idea yet on Hall’s coverage ability.

        • Seattle Person

          Yes. But in the old scheme the LEO is also your best pass rusher…Would you rather have Nwosu drop back or rush the passer? Mafe did a pretty good job there so I think he is more likely to be the SAM because he is a better run defender than rusher right now.

          I would think Hall will be groomed to be an Edge/LEO type.

    • YDB

      They’re not going back to the old scheme.

      • Peter

        They should.

        That experiment didn’t work. And I don’t see a nose, true 3-4 ends.

        • YDB

          No they shouldn’t. Pete is the Godfather of the old system, so imagine how hard it must have been to conclude that it is antiquated and move on from it. We’ll always have the LOB, but its time to move on…especially considering that we have 4 division games a year against systems that are built to devour that scheme.

          • Peter

            What scheme then?

            I propose something new.

            3-4 with ne ends and no nose seems like a rough day at the office for bobby and others.

            • YDB

              NT= Woods (resign), Mone, Young
              DE= Reed, Jones, Morris, Adams

              Like it or not, we will see a 3-4 Base with lots of use of 4-2-5 Nickle. We are closer to realizing it today that a few days ago, but it still takes a few years to get the personnel in place.

      • PatrickH

        This is my speculation assuming Sherman’s remark is correct.

        BTW, if the Seahawks stick with Fangio’s scheme, then my guess is

        OLB – Nwosu and one of Hall, Taylor, Mafe. Competition losers being backups.
        3 Tech (Bear front or 2-4-5 even front) – Dremont Jones, Jarran Reed. Backups are Myles Adams and Mike Morris.
        NT – Cameron Young (Bear front. Note no NT in 2-4-5 even front)
        ILB – Wagner, Bush

        There are other fronts in the Fangio scheme, but I don’t think the Seahawks can run those with their current roster.

  12. SoCal12

    What’s up with Cory Trice? So many draft guys I follow were super into him and yet he remains.

  13. ShowMeYourHawk

    Haven’t addressed any ILB yet. Take a chance on Aubrey Miller out of Jackson St? Train him with Bobby mentorship, as he’s all about the HBCUs?

    • Cheese22

      Couldn’t agree more. He got rave reviews from Senior Bowl weak and is a definite leader/alpha.

    • Seattle Person

      Sure but McIntosh is by far the better player. BPA until the very end!

  14. Forrest

    Cory Trice looks like a Seahawks.
    Moro would be a 3/4 DE
    I love Lonny Phelps.
    Andre Carter should fill out and could become a good player.
    Jerrod Clark could be another run stuffer for depth.

  15. Sea Mode

    Finally, someone is a bit excited:

    Seahawks DE Mike Morris Gets The Draft Call At No. 151 Overall

    Confirms his weight is up and he will move inside to 3T.

    • Scot04

      Love this. Sounds like they want to beef him up to be a 300LB DT. Too hear he’s been listening and already at 295 is great. Love the excitement and hurts comments. Don’t have to worry about backing up from the table; you keep those calories on. Best draft call so far

  16. GoHawks5151

    Kenny McIntosh incoming

    • Jabroni-DC


    • GoHawks5151

      Ayyyy finally got on right

  17. Seattle Person

    Kenny McIntosh is really good value in the 7th.

    • Cheese22

      Hell yes! Great third down back and if KW or Zach get injured, we’ll still have a good 1-2 punch.

  18. ShowMeYourHawk

    Can’t imagine why he slipped but McIntosh is INSANE value! Our RB room is now stuffed with capable rushers. Pete’s gotta be beaming!

    • Hebegbs

      I was hoping for McIntosh here. Wow what a steal and change of pace back that fills a need. What a draft!!

    • Seattle Person

      Well he’s really slow…Reminds me of the Myles Gaskin fall…

  19. Steve Nelsen

    Hey! That was a fun way to cap off a really solid draft.

  20. Peter


    Shout out to you. Missed the chance to say my condolences.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Thank you Peter I really appreciate that. As I appreciate the other sentiments received. Thank you all

  21. clbradley17

    Hopefully he’s already tentatively signing DT Ojomo, ol eyifrom Al, Cb Trice & others in case they’re not drafted.

  22. Peanut

    Alright, so which QB are we taking next year?

    All jokes aside, would be great to have a list of names to pay attention to this next year, not that I watch alot of college football but hey. Looking forward to the way-to-early mockdrafts to start popping out in just a little while!

    • BK26

      Rob had a very preliminary list on an article this morning, taking about there maybe being a plan to go after the position next year. It’s a very….very underwhelming list.

      I am more invested in that that I was for most of the draft. Has to be THE target.

    • Roy Batty

      In 6 months we will get our fill of Husky Homers pounding the table for Penix Jr.

      Count on it.

      • Peter

        If all of them paid a quarter per comment…..Rob could easily get to the senior bowl and the combine on just that.

        • Roy Batty

          The funny thing is, I’m not a Husky fan, but I do like Penix. The guy is very exciting to watch. He just needs to show me that he’s more than a system QB like Hooker. I want to see multiple games where he takes over like Stroud did against Georgia. Go off script when the script isn’t working, sideline judgement be damned.

          • Peter

            I’m going to keep an open mind. For sure.

          • BK26

            I REALLY worry about him being a system guy. Also the problem at Indiana. Also big injury concerns that I think sapped his legs.

            Also should be 24 by the time he gets to training camp. Not a HUGE issue.

  23. TJ

    Seattle has had an amazing draft. It has the potential to be just as good as last year’s. I was disappointed to miss out on AR and bummed when Denver took JL Skinner a few picks before the Hawks were back on the clock, but every pick they have made has made sense. They have picked good players in good spots without reaching and seem to have filled every area of need. Is it me, or does it seem like nearly every player they have picked was expected to go earlier than the Hawks were able to get them? Well done.

    • seahawkward

      Seattle was 15 picks behind the Skinner pick.

      • TJ

        Hmmm. Thought is was 5 picks. My mistake.

  24. Sea Mode

    Jim Nagy

    Kenny McIntosh to #Seahawks in 7th is best value pick of draft.

    We had McIntosh higher on @seniorbowl board than Hawks 2nd rounder Zac Charbonnet.*

    * Pre-Combine grade, of course

  25. Roy Batty

    Two A+ drafts in a row.

    Never would have guessed they would have become such an incredibly disciplined franchise after the Russ trade. It’s like the entire drama surrounding it opened the door for to them to go back to what made them so good when they first arrived. Pete reverting back to his college recruiting demeanor. Schneider going BPA and never going off script.

    So very, very happy, right now.

    • 509 Chris

      Definitely. It’s like they’re great builders but when they’re in win now mode they can’t keep the roster together. At this point I’m happy about the team being built. Maybe they’ll end up putting together a roster so the next regime just has to get a qb. And now I’ve talked myself right back into despair because that sounds a hell of a lot like qb purgatory.

      • Peter

        No no.

        This is them admitting that everything and I mean everything from wilson to them wasn’t working.

        This is 2010-12 all over with a plus qb.

        Not really a bad place to be really.

        If geno can do it they gave him every possible tool/weapon. If he can’t….they gave him every chance. They did him as right as a qb has been done in this town in forever.

      • Roy Batty

        Haha, not to fret. This team is now mostly comprised of excellent community minded individuals who live for football and family.

        They can make a really good case next year for enticing any FA’s to come join them. Players are going to look at this team and see something special being built.

  26. Palatypus

    I was at your first Seahawks game Rob. I was in the Hawks Nest for that blizzard game against Green Bay on Monday Night Football.

  27. 509 Chris

    Anybody else feel like Indy had a sneaky good draft? Besides the qb many of us wanted they got another couple blog favorites in Downs and Ade Ade.

    • Seattle Person

      They had the most Staton draft ever.

      • Palatypus

        Jim Irsay was wearing a Seahawks Draft Blog shirt and a Top Gun hat.

    • Steve Nelsen

      Screw them! My draft party turned into an Indy draft party when every guy I was pimping was drafted by the Colts 😆

  28. Sea Mode


    Rapsheet just said we considered trading back from #5 to gain more ammo to go after a QB next year.

    • Roy Batty

      They can always trade a safety once he’s healthy? Draft stock and cap relief.

      It’ll never happen, but a boy can dream.

    • Cysco

      Starting to wondering if the Hawks just weren’t into any of this year’s QBs and that the two players they were targeting were Witherspoon and Anderson.

      • Sea Mode

        Was almost definitely those two.

        I think the interest in Richardson and Stroud was real, but they knew at some point that they wouldn’t be available.

        One idea I’m mulling over is that they might want to fix the defense and complete the OL rebuild (both accomplished in this draft) before bringing in a young QB in order to maximize their window on his rookie deal.

        • Cysco

          That’s a distinct possibility. When you look at what they accomplished this week, it’s hard to argue with their approach.

    • 509 Chris

      This might give me some relief, knowing that they know qb is still a big issue. I really thought they would at least take a late round flyer on a Hall or DTR just to be getting hiys in the building and developing them. Until you have a frachise qb taking one every year or 2 would be prudent.

      • BK26

        I agree. This makes me happy as much as anything else this weekend. At least a hint of acknowledgement that the qb position needs an upgrade. Really makes me feel good.

  29. 12th chuck

    Rob, go to sleep lol

  30. Sea Mode

    Tony Pauline

    Luke Wypler finally comes off the board in what was a tremendous steal by the Cleveland Browns. Why did he fall? 1- Short Arms 2- Undersized 3- Teams view him solely as a center versus a guard/center combo. Still- a terrific prospect

    • 509 Chris

      I really liked Wypler. I hope we dont regret taking old tiny hands in a couple seasons.

      • Peter

        Probably wait and see. Like wypler. But….for whatever reason the team and league didn’t.

        Maybe the small hands is no good. But if I’m going to get stoked for a small but hard hitting corner at five I think I can have a little patience with a late round center.

  31. seahawkward

    Just wanted to give a massive shout out to Rob and everyone of the posters on here. This was a fun, tiring, exhausting, sometimes maddening process. But thanks to everyone for making it that much more of an experience. Regardless what we think of these picks (I LIKE THEM), we are all Seahawks fans. And we want them to win as many games as possible next year and beyond. Thanks to all for the fun banter and challenging discourse. Another draft in the books. GO HAWKS!

    • God of Thunder

      Well said!

  32. Sea Mode

    Love it!

    Brady Henderson

    Kenny McIntosh was overcome with emotion during a conference call with reporters just now, fighting back tears for most of it and laughing hysterically a few times.

    First question: “How does it feel?”

    McIntosh, in a shaky voice: “Shit, man, I’ve been waiting all day.”

    McIntosh said he knew he had a bad 40 at the combine (4.62) but didn’t think he’d go this low. He was on the phone with his agent, preparing to become a UDFA, when the Seahawks called.

    “Thank God I got drafted. I’m going to prove a point like I did at Georgia, man.”

    • Sea Mode

    • Sea Mode

      Cigar celebration

    • Roy Batty

      That McIntosh reply needs to go right up their with DKs emotional response as legendary.

      Love it when they let the emotions out and really speak the truth.

      He’s gonna fit right in at the VMAC

      • Roy Batty

        The Mike Morris call was pretty damned funny. The guy is a smartass.

        Love it.

  33. Sea Mode

    Still a character! 😂

  34. YDB

    They had a good draft and really stuck to the BPA mentality. I would have preferred Ojulari to Hall, but I trust their board. I’m really stoked to get Charbonnet on the team. He reminds me a bit of David Johnson in terms of movement ability. I guess now we try to resign Al Woods and turn over every rock looking for some ILB depth unless they are confident in Brooks recovery to 100% soon.

    • seahawkward

      Al still out there. So is Poona. I think there’s a really good chance one of them return. We are stocked at edge, but still could use some interior.

      • YDB

        I could see them bringing back Al. I hope they have moved past Poona.

        The system needs:
        ✅️ 4 Edge rushers
        ❓️6/7 DL

        We’re inching closer…

  35. Scot04

    Would be excited to see Emil Ekiyor as a UDFA played Center in highschool. Played both guard spots at Alabama. So a guy who could compete at all 3 interior line spots. Jerrod Clark to compete for NT.
    Plenty of UDFA D-line guys & linebackers should want to come.

  36. 509 Chris

    I wonder how agressive the team is in udfa this year. In the past they’ve made a big deal out of it. Maybe they find some LB depth that way this year?

  37. seahawkward

    Dunno about you guys. But I am stoked for UDFA.

    • seahawkward

      Interior DL and LB. You gotta think we are an appealing spot for guys at those spots.

  38. Roy Batty

    FGs does a good job of tracking UDFAs.

  39. Hand of god

    Colts signed UDFA ekiyor from Alabama…they keep getting good players at all levels

  40. Hoggs41

    Not sure how you cant love this draft haul.

    • BK26

      I like it. I don’t love it. All good picks and no reaches, but to me there is still too much work to be done. Perfect foundation but I don’t think the win/loss gets better. Only year 2.

      Happy with each pick, but the home run/elite from the roster is still lacking.

  41. Sea Mode

    Tom Pelissero

    Former North Dakota State TE Noah Gindorff is signing with the #Seahawks, per source.

    • Cysco

      We got Gindorff!? Like from that hobbit movie? None shall pass!

    • Aaron Bostrom

      Nice! He’s from my home town of Crosby, Minnesota.

  42. Sea Mode

    Jeff Haeger

    DRAFTED: Auburn EDGE Derick Hall over the edge with emotion after being selected by the Seahawks in the 2nd round of the 2023 #NFLDraft (No. 37 overall). The celebration is on for the former Gulfport Admiral, who’s soaking up this once in a lifetime moment in his hometown.

    • Palatypus

      Just so people don’t get confused.

      Gulf Port = Mississippi

      Gulf Shores – Alabama

      Gulf Breeze = Florida

      Doug Baldwin is from Gulf Breeze.

      • Palatypus

        And Gulf Shores entire football team showed up at the Senior Bowl practice to meet Jim Nagy.

  43. Sea Mode

    Tanner Phifer

    #Seahawks signing former Oregon State WR Tyjon Lindsey as an UDFA, per source.

    • GoHawks5151

      Go Beavs. Wonder if Wright gets a call?

  44. cha

    FWIW Bucky Brooks just said the Seahawks ‘won the draft.’

    • Sea Mode

      Good to get some recognition, whatever it’s worth

  45. Charles

    Man a lot still available…

    UFA Malik Cunningham

    4 Sean Tucker (i)
    5-7 Tavion Thomas
    5-7 Mohamed Ibrahim
    5-7 Travis Dye (i)

    3 Bryce Ford-Wheaton
    4 Jake Bobo
    4 Rakim Jarrett
    4 Tank Dell
    4 Josh Vann (i)

    5-7 Griffin Herbert

    4 Earl Bostick

    3 Emil Ekiyor Jr
    4 Joey Fisher
    4 TJ Bass
    5-7 McClendon Curtis
    5-7 Henry Bainivalu
    5-7 Richard Gouraige
    UFA Jaxson Kirkland

    4 Andre Carter
    4 Tyrus Wheat
    5-7 Isaiah Land
    5-7 Eku Leota
    5-7 Lonnie Phelps Jr
    5-7 Ali Gaye
    UFA Brenton Cox (c)

    5-7 Nick Figueroa

    4 Jerrod Clark
    5-7 Calvin Avery
    5-7 DJ Dale
    5-7 Demarcus Elliott

    3-4 DE
    4 Jamal Woods

    4 Jeremy Banks
    5-7 Ivan Pace Jr
    5-7 Aubry Miller
    5-7 Ben VanSurheran

    3 Rezjohn Wright
    4 Eli Ricks
    4 Keidron Smith
    4 Myles Brooks
    4 Reece Taylor
    5-7 Mekhi Garner

    4 John Torchio
    5-7 Larry Brooks
    5-7 Hunter Reynolds
    5-7 Tyreque Jones
    5-7 Trey Dean

    • cha

      Give me Ibrahim

    • Charles

      I really want Jerrod Clark and Calvin Avery

      • D-OZ

        Either one for me. I have seen Clark live, he carries some bad weight. Love Avery thougth.

  46. clbradley17

    Tyrus Wheat & many others still out there to sign as UDFAs.

  47. Sea Mode

    James H. Williams at Coachella 🎡

    I’ve been told UCLA defensive back Mo Osling III (@M_Osling) will sign with the Seattle Seahawks as an undrafted free agent.

  48. Sea Mode

    Dave Naylor

    Penn State LB/S Jonathan Sutherland of Ottawa, Ont. has a free agent deal with @Seahawks. #NFL

  49. Simo

    I think Pete/John probably coveted Stroud and Richardson as QB prospects, and possibly Young, and of course Anderson on the edge. These four players went 1-4, so they quickly switched to plan B and made the best of the situation!

  50. PJ in Seattle

    For the record, GM Rob and I both called the 7th round pick before it happened. Kenny McIntosh. Fucking STEAL in round 7. The future is bright, Hawks fans.

  51. Sea Mode

    We got Ty Okada! Lots of excellent ST players coming in so far.

    Montana State Football

    Signed ✍️

    Congrats to @tyokada on signing with the @Seahawks 👊

    #BobcatBuilt | #ProCats

    • STTBM

      Didn’t say squat cause I didn’t want to jinx it, but hell yes!

  52. RealDangerRuss

    Psst…Chris Carson was selected in the 7th round. 🙂

    • Sea Mode

      They admitted Carson was completely a PC pick and McIntosh feels the same for sure.

  53. V

    “The Seahawks are signing former UCLA and Duke WR Jake Bobo, per source.
    He led UCLA in catches, yards and receiving TD in 2022, his lone season with the Bruins.
    He previously was named third-team All-ACC at Duke in 2021.”

    • cha

      This I like.

      Joe Jurevicius vibes with this guy.

      • PJ in Seattle

        Bobo’s legit. We’re on our way to winning the UDFA race. After another GREAT draft. Things are looking mad good for us, 12’s.

  54. Sea Mode

    Here’s a LB

    Mike Vorel

    Former UW linebacker Cam Bright signing with the Seahawks as a UDFA

  55. Tatupu51

    We signed Jake Bobo!

    • Sea Mode

      PFF’s highest graded Pac-12 WR last season (82.1)

  56. V

    LB Cam Bright signing with the Seahawks as a UDFA

  57. Sea Mode

    Day 3 presser starting:

    • cha

      Nitpick: I don’t know exactly why but I hate those ‘gas station attendant’ shirts JS wears.

  58. Edgar

    Philly did everything possible to make the Carter pick a success. For the second year in a row, the Seahawks just picked great players at the spot they thought they had to grab them. I’m impressed. They added talent all over without reaching for a need too early.

    Rob, once again…you nailed it. Thank you sir*

  59. Sea Mode

    Justin M

    #Seahawks are signing @AztecFB DL Jonah Tavai, per league source. Stout DL that plays with terrific leverage.


  60. Sea Mode

    Cade Cracas

    Former #AshlandUniversity Eagle linebacker Michael Ayers was picked up by the #Seahawks

  61. Patrick Toler

    My main takeaway from the draft:

    Prior to this week, there wasn’t a position group that you could point to and say that teams are going to have a problem dealing with us there. DK and Lockett sure, but there was nothing behind them. Walker can be dangerous, but it was paper thin behind him. Geno is capable and there were some scattered good players on defense.

    Now? One of the best WR trios in the league. RB group is one of the best in the league. CB group is full of young talent and it is totally plausible that they could be amongst the best in the league soon. Edge rushers are young, solid, and full of potential. This is a team now that projects to have some legit strengths that teams are going to have to game plan around.

    • Simo

      Well said, agree completely! Nice to see the team adding prime talent!

    • Tien

      Great post, Patrick, and I agree! WR and RB are strengths for sure now and if Witherspoon is as good as advertised, CBs will be a position of strength as well!

    • Michael

      This. Perfect takeaway.

  62. Sea Mode

    The UDFA list so far:

    LB Cam Bright, Washington
    WR Jake Bobo, UCLA
    S Ty Okada, Montana St.
    LB/S Jonathan Sutherland, Penn State
    DB Mo Osling III, UCLA
    WR Tyjon Lindsey, Oregon State
    TE Noah Gindorff, North Dakota State
    DL Jonah Tavai, San Diego State
    LB Michael Ayers, Ashland

    • cha


    • SeaPunk

      Man, Michael Ayers, just two letters away from an amazing TE😆

    • Rob Staton

      They got Bobo? Cool

      • Seahawkwalt

        I agree! Great news

  63. Sea Mode

    Justin M

    #Seahawks are signing @FSUFootball DT Robert Cooper, per source.

    • Sea Mode

      Another VMAC visitor

  64. Sea Mode

    Aaron Wilson

    Louisiana Tech offensive tackle Josh Mote invited to #Chiefs #Seahawks rookie minicamps, per a league source

  65. Sea Mode

    Interesting side note:

    Michael Gehlken

    Cowboys agreed to terms with versatile ex-Tennessee TE Princeton Fant, person familiar with situation said. He caught 22 passes for 241 yards and three TDs in 2022. Undrafted rookie has cousin in NFL: Seahawks TE Noah Fant. He now joins him.

  66. Sea Mode

    Tom Pelissero

    Former Arkansas WR Matt Landers is signing with the #Seahawks, per source.

  67. Sea Mode

    Updated UDFA list so far:

    LB Cam Bright, Washington
    WR Jake Bobo, UCLA
    S Ty Okada, Montana St.
    LB/S Jonathan Sutherland, Penn State
    DB Mo Osling III, UCLA
    WR Tyjon Lindsey, Oregon State
    TE Noah Gindorff, North Dakota State
    DL Jonah Tavai, San Diego State
    LB Michael Ayers, Ashland
    WR Matt Landers, Arkansas
    DT Robert Cooper, Florida State
    DT Ifeanyi Maijeh, Rutgers

  68. Seahawk_Dan

    No QB in draft or, so far, UDFA. Team really gonna roll with Geno and Lock?

    • Sea Mode

      They addressed this in their presser yesterday and today. JS says you can’t just force a QB pick because of a narrative. It has to be the right pick, and it just didn’t happen this draft.

      • PJ in Seattle

        It was Richardson or Stoud or bust, clearly, when it came to QB. Board fell the way it did and they were gone before we had a chance. It’s likley another deep QB class next year so we’ll get to scouting and lining up our favorites. I’m 100% satisfied with this draft. Quality players at every pick. Mike Morris maybe the one guy that I question but I believe they have a plan for him. I’m here for it.

        We got a load of badass football players, guys.

  69. GrittyHawk

    Jonah Tavai is an interesting one. PFF had him as the 4th best grades DT in the class, 8th in Run and 2nd in pass rush behind Kancey. Also 2nd only to Kancey in pressure rate and pass rush win rate. A mile ahead of every other IDL with 12 sacks and 69 pressures. Measurables and testing look quite bad though. Maybe it was just weak competition? Only 6’0 and 290 (also seen him listed at 283 and 298 so idk). But apparently only 29″ arms, which is comically short. Probably won’t amount to much but dang the production is impressive.

  70. clbradley17

    Safety Okada had a very good career at Montana State & a great pro day. Ran a 4.44 40, 40.5″ vert, 10’9″ broad, 3.98 SS & a 6.98 3 cone.

  71. Palatypus

    NBC liked what we did.

    • Hawkcrazy

      They liked both the Seahawks and the Colts. Given that both Seattle and the Colts picked so many players rated highly here and highlighted by Rob during the pre draft stage and on his horizontal board it is no wonder that both teams draft were highly rated.

  72. samprassultanofswat

    Rob: You mentioned updating your blog. Just curious is it possible to set up your blog so that when we post an opinion. We could edit it after we have done a bosting. Sometimes I will make a posting.Type something incorrectly. Would top be able to edit my postings.

  73. Happy Hawk

    Great draft – roster better at every level except QB. I don’t think JS/PC had any interest in ANY of the QB’s in the last 2 drafts. It was between Witherspoon and Anderson all along. They are 100% committed to Smith and will be paying him big bucks next year. Lock is the backup. Rolling with this tandem for the foreseeable future by building a roster around them. Gutsy move.

  74. UkAlex6674

    I’m old fashioned and have never viewed the run game as inferior to the pass game even in this modern pass first league.

    I’m over the moon with the RB stable we currently have after this great draft.

    And I really think the o line is going to be good this year.

  75. RJ webber

    It’s kind of funny to me that people are ready to riot over a second round running back because it’s devalued and slam the table for center, even so center is more devalued than running back now. I’m willing to bet the majority of starting centers in the league are lat day two days three guys

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