NFL Draft 2023 — Live Blog — Rounds 4-7

Welcome to the live blog for this year. I’ll be posting my reaction to every Seahawks pick on day three.

Don’t forget — I’ll be doing an instant reaction live stream immediately after the draft concludes. We may start this during round seven, so keep checking for updates.

NO tipping picks in the comments section

Seahawks day three picks

R4 (#108) — Anthony Bradford (G, LSU)
I really liked Anthony Bradford and had a high third round grade on him. He reminded me a lot of Damien Lewis. He’s an explosive tester with a 3.17 TEF score and an outstanding 105.2 weighted TEF mark. Clearly explosive traits are still a big focus for Seattle. He also ran a very good 5.08 forty at 333lbs and he has the length they like. Just a really good pick and he has the potential to be a long-term starter at guard. Excellent pick. I would’ve been happy to take him at #83.

Bob McGinn’s scouting sources on Anthony Bradford:

“Kind of an interesting guy,” said one scout. “He’s a big guy that runs well. Big body with strength. He had a nice strength match vs. (Georgia’s Jalen) Carter. He matched strength against him. Most of the time Carter just grabs the guard and would throw him aside. Adequate movement and quickness. Has body control and balance. With that size and speed he’s probably up to the fourth round.”

“He could (start) in the right scheme,” a second scout said. “He’s more of a gap-scheme player. Early-to-mid Day 3.”

R4 (#123) — Cameron Young (DT, Mississippi State)
The Seahawks are smashing this out of the park and have taken two blog favourites to start day three. Cameron Young had a fantastic Senior Bowl and like Abraham Lucas a year ago, received no attention. It was bizarre. He is very powerful with long 34.5 inch arms. He can control blockers with that length and he can anchor down or barge his way through contact. He is better than some of the other defensive tackles already taken. This is a home-run selection and what a round four for the Seahawks.

R5 (#151) — Mike Morris (DE, Michigan)
There was a time where people wondered whether Morris could be a second rounder. He started to receive a lot of buzz and was being touted as the next big pass rusher out of Michigan, following in the footsteps of David Ojabo. I thought he was outstanding against Michigan State in the rivalry/revenge game — playing with his hair on fire and the bit between his teeth. I also thought in other less important games he played well within himself. At the combine, he was still an interesting prospect but he laid a total egg running a poor 5.04 and then following it up with a 5.08 at his pro-day. There’s something there and the Seahawks are banking on bringing it out of him. I had him in round five.

Bob McGinn described Mike Morris as a ‘scouts nightmare’:

A first-year starter, he led the team in sacks with 7 ½ and was named Big Ten Defensive Lineman of the Year. Before the combine, one personnel man predicted he’d be a Top 50 pick for sure. Then Morris (6-5, 274) ran 5.04 at the combine and even slower (5.08) at pro day. “I think he ran himself out of that (edge) position,” said another scout. Perhaps Morris’ best chance now would be to bulk up to 295-300 and try as a defensive end in a 3-4.

R5 (#154) — Olusegun Oluwatimi (C, Michigan)
I like Oluwatimi and praised him several times during the season for his solid performances. He won the Outland trophy and played on a double-award winning Michigan O-line. However, he has impossibly small hands (8.5 inches) for a 309lbs blocker which is a little bit odd. He’s explosive (9-2 broad jump, 29 inch vertical) rather than agile (4.68 short shuttle) which again hints at Seattle maybe returning back to explosive interior blockers rather than outright copying the Rams’ system. He will be able to compete quickly, he’s played a lot of football and he’s a solid pick. I had him in round four.

Bob McGinn’s scouting sources on Olusegun Oluwatimi:

He didn’t win the Heisman Trophy but just about everything else: the Outland Trophy, the Rimington Award and consensus All-America honors. “I don’t know how he got the award as best lineman,” one scout said. “That was wild to me. He’s an undersized center only. Average athlete, quickness, strength and instincts. Lacks power and finish. He does a lot of good things but you wouldn’t want him out there full-time.”

Began his career in 2017 at Air Force and redshirted. Spent 2018-’21 at Virginia, starting 35 games at center his last three seasons. Moved to Michigan in ’22. “I’m not sure if there is a lot of love for him out there but he can play,” a second scout said. “It seems people either really like him or they hate him. I’d take him over Schmitz. He’s athletic enough. He’s strong, plays hard, plays smart.”

His 29 on the Wonderlic paced the top six centers. “I’ve seen him at Virginia and Michigan,” said a third scout. “He’s got high pad level. He’s got no strength. Doesn’t know how to use his hands. He does have some quickness and can get to the second level. He plays so high and they just push him all over. I didn’t like the guy.”

Arms were 32 5/8, hands a minuscule 8 5/8. “He’s going to go on Day 2,” a fourth scout said. “He crushed the interview process. He’s not like a wow-you athlete but more than athletic enough. Smart as shit. He’s a great communicator. He kicked ass at the Senior Bowl. He’s going to start next year.”

R6 (#198) — Jerrick Reed II (S, New Mexico)
I had Jerrick Reed graded in round four. He’s very aggressive running downfield and attacking ball-carriers. His testing is good and he has positional flexibility at safety and nickel. He can get around the field with range. Reed should be able to provide immediate special teams value and he’s a good candidate to replace Ryan Neal.

R7 (#237) — Kenny McIntosh (RB, Georgia)
What an end to the draft! I had McIntosh graded in round three. Kirby Smart called him a ‘BAMF’ and you see it on tape. He’s so physical and competitive. He drove Georgia’s running game last year. He’s a tremendous receiver out of the backfield. He has an incredibly engaging personality. This is a seventh round pick that could look like a steal in the future.


  1. Scot04

    Top 3 picks traded. Don’t think we’ll be getting Adetomiwa Adebawore or Wypler

    • Girthy

      Next pick Dawaon Jones. Book it.

  2. Rob Staton

    Teams have already traded into the top three picks at the start of round four before it even begins, speaking to the quality of players still available.

    • Scot04

      Yes I have a draft crush on Ade Ade. Was hoping we’d move up using our 2nd 5th.

  3. Seahawkwalt

    Cmon saints.. pick
    Trade up for the first pick in the fourth round and then milk the clock??

  4. Big Mike

    Get on with it!

  5. Big Mike


  6. Steve_R

    Next pick is Dawond Jones. Book it.

  7. Dave

    JL Skinner or Ade Ade pls. Keep adding DAWGs to this D

  8. cha

    God help the poor kid they send up to announce Adetomiwa Adebawore

    • Patrick Toler

      This is the real reason he’s sliding.

      • Big Mike

        You guys are too funny

  9. Rob Staton

    Jakorian Bennett a good value pick for LV

  10. Glor


    I want Jones or Ade at this point.. I mean take a flier on upside!

  11. Seahawkwalt

    Herbig would be nice. Kind of a one trick pony rushing, but he’s good.

  12. Big Mike

    Oh, the Eagles did a Broncos

    • Big Mike

      And that was value

  13. Hawk Mock

    Eagles need to probably take Ringo here, I don’t think they’ve taken a GA guy in years.

    • Troy

      Philadelphia bulldogs!

    • Bob Johnston

      Georgia is a Philly farm team.

  14. Forrest

    This is the “huh?” Point in the draft where a lot of players can go that you didn’t plan to be targeted this high by other teams.

  15. Glor

    Damn, eagles gave up a 3rd to move up
    But they moved up like 80 spots..

  16. Jabroni-DC

    New England will take Wypler at 107 just to mess with us.

  17. Scot04

    Patriots go OT?

    • Scot04

      Maybe CB

  18. TomLPDX

    Almost time for a commercial break

  19. cha

    Seahawks guaranteed one of Ade Ade, Wypler, Pickens.

    Or someone out of left field I suppose.

    • Charles

      Wasn’t Pickens taken yesterday?

      • cha

        Yes brain fart.

        I went to the Kraken game last night and watched the lay an egg.

      • 805Hawk


    • Troy

      My bet is left field

  20. jdruaint

    Wypler, Abe Abe, or Skinner pretty please…

    • Big Mike

      I could see Bradford too, maybe Zavala

      • TomLPDX

        Good call Mike

        • Big Mike


  21. Big Mike

    Surprised they didn’t wait one more pick to go to commercial 🤬

  22. Peanut

    Eagles really liked that Georgia team huh. Also has to be a good plan to surround Carter with his boys that he probably trusts alot. Seem to remember someone saying that Jordan Davis held him to a high standard in 2022 atleast so theres that.

  23. Ukhawk

    JSPC said toughness is the focus

    Calling JL Skinner today

  24. Romeo A57

    I gave up on PFN Mock Drafts forever when Kaylee Ringo went#1 overall in the last Mack draft I did

  25. Sea Mode

    All our faves still there…

  26. BrandoK

    Here we go

  27. Scot04

    To think if we didn’t trade down, we could of had Ade Ade & Wypler. Obviously, JS wasn’t that high on them.
    Still hoping for one here

    • UkAlex6674

      Let it go!

  28. Rob Staton

    Center Jake Andrews taken by New England right before Seattle

    He was an official-30 visit for the Seahawks

  29. Big Mike

    Didn’t they just take Strange at C last year or is Strange a G?

    • CHaquesFan

      He’s a G

  30. Tim R

    I feel mixed emotions coming on this pick…

  31. Sea Mode

    No more trade down, pick is in!

  32. Jabroni-DC

    That might have been our guy…
    Never fun picking behind NE

  33. ShowMeYourHawk

    Rob’s gonna love this one! Finally, an IOL!!!

  34. Big Mike

    See my post above. I got one right

  35. Sea Mode

    Called it!! Let’s go!

  36. BrandoK

    We needed a Guard does he play LG or RG

  37. KennyBadger

    Love the Bradford pick!

  38. Mick

    Nice move, nailed this one!

  39. Sea Mode

    Tremendous value pick. Love it!

    • Volume12

      Completely agree. Huge road grader

  40. Scot04

    Well definitely building things up for Geno. Hard not to like Bradford.
    LSU at Left & Right Guard.

  41. Ukhawk

    Can we swap draft classes with the Colts?

  42. Charles

    Confirmed… Colts read Rob’s blog…

    • Mick

      Rob you should charge them for scouting services.

  43. UkAlex6674

    Great pick with Bradford.

  44. Henry Taylor

    The Colts have had an absolutely phenomenal draft. Gutted that we passed on him

  45. Hawk Mock

    Is he a leader/character guy as well?

  46. Big Mike

    fuck the colts

    • MountainHawker

      This is my biggest take away from this draft

      • Rokas

        Yep, my buddy arrived at my house he is not too much into NFL but was stunned for me yelling Fuck the Colts, took some time to explain.

    • Malanch

      Really classy, Big Mike.

  47. RR12

    Classic Colts pick there with Ade Ade

  48. ShowMeYourHawk

    Had our chance at Ade Ade and he’s finally gone…. to Indy.

    Rob, perhaps make the blog inaccessible in the state of Indiana, please?

  49. Roy Batty

    That ticks one box.

    On to DT and depth.

  50. BrandoK

    Damn you Indy you got my 3 Favorite players in AR, Ade Ade, And Downs
    Rob you should be a colts fan now

  51. Troy D

    Love this pick. Man every pick has been fantastic. Now more beef.

  52. vanhawksfan

    Ade Ade to Indy. I’m guessing that it must be a lack of length that prevented him from going higher. I’m surprised he lasted this long based on the testing profile.

  53. GoHawks5151

    Man, the colts having a draft that we would have loved

  54. Rob Staton

    Love the Bradford pick

    Absolutely laughing my head off that Indy are doing a SDB draft

    • Roy Batty

      Tweet your original horizontal board at them with the line “You’re Welcome!”

      • Big Mike

        And tell them they’re cheating crap for a franchise and they can go to hell while you’re at it

        • Roy Batty

          How dare you soil the hallowed ground that is Twitmusk.

        • GoHawks5151

          Most definitely

    • Sea Mode

      Damien Lewis level value. How many air punches?

  55. Sea Mode

    Colts the new Seahawks collecting physical freaks.

  56. KennyBadger

    Colts have Rob on retainer. To quote the wise Big Mike, fuck the colts.

  57. Big Mike

    Cameron Young still out there right? Rob has him as a 3rd rounder………..

    • Charles

      Still 3 guys with a 2nd round grade from Rob’s horizontal board.

  58. Patrick


    With this pick what do you think about the Seahawks moving Haynes to center? They’ve talked about it before, let Brown and Haynes compete for the spot and the other can back up all 3 IOL positions?

    • Seattle Person

      I doubt it. Haynes is on a 1 year contract. He knows he was likely going to compete with a rookie.

  59. Mr drucker In hooterville

    It is decided, Stetson Bennet is going to Philly

    • vanhawksfan

      I doubt it. I don’t think that they would inject that kind of potential dynamic into their locker room.

  60. BrandoK

    We still need to draft a Center

  61. clbradley17

    Wanted Ade Ade yesterday with our 3rd. He was dominant at the combine and Senior bowl, runs a 4.49 at 282. How can you pass on that when there’s 5 other very good guards we could’ve had later?

    • Ukhawk


      Put some chips down on DL

      • clbradley17

        Colts shocked us at 4 by getting AR instead of Levis. Believe we tried to trade down and couldn’t, then picked best remaining D player on their board. Ade Ade has been of the top best available players since rd. 2, & lasted unbelievably until our 1st 4th round pick. Bradford is very good, but AA could’ve been a fantastic addition to the DL.

  62. God of Thunder

    Patriots took a PK.

    At CBS they had him taken 307 spots too early — what? Take him in 2024?🤣

  63. Hebegbs

    Do they still stick to their board and go BPA next or try and address DT even if who is left doesn’t have a 4th road grade for them. Will be interesting.

    • Hebegbs


    • Roy Batty

      BPA until the position groups get muddle with even talent. Then free-for-all.

      • Hebegbs

        Agreed. Just torn here a bit just feels like a gaping hole at DT. Think they take one today and sign UDFA’s as well and resign a veteran or two. I hope they can find the $ to bring back Shelby Harris.

  64. Kyle R

    So Robbie moved to Indiana…is a big contributor to Seahawks Draft Blog. Then then Colts have this draft…. coincidence…I think not.

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      *tinfoil cap intensifies*

      • Kyle R

        I’ve got a wall now filled with pictures and documents with different color strings creating a web interconnecting all of them to prove this hahaha.

    • Sea Mode

      Hahahaha, this is totally the narrative I am running with!

      • Big Mike

        Me too!! It’s on you Robbie

  65. BrandoK

    There goes Rob’s Favorite Guard

    • Sea Mode

      At least now we know the Seahawks got to choose between them and not wait for whichever was leftover.

      • BrandoK

        True maybe Injury had a play in the pick too

  66. God of Thunder

    Online somewhere it said the best comp for Ade Ade is Osa Odighizuwa. Why, because their names are hard to spell?

  67. Scot04

    I’ve liked and understand every pick so far.
    Sure maybewe passed on some of our favorites, but plan easy to see.
    Rob’s top guard off the board in Zavala

  68. Jhams

    Love Bradford, very sad we missed Ade Ade. Wonder if Kuntz lasts to our next pick.

  69. SpennyDunks

    How do you compare Bradford to Zavala? I got really hopeful for Zavala or Wypler there.

  70. Sea Mode

    Bears quietly having a super solid draft as well IMO.

    • TomLPDX

      Agree, really like their RB pick

    • Josh

      Was my favourite player left. We would have been set for years at RB, especially with the injuries our backs seem to get. Maybe the Pitt RB in R5

      • TomLPDX

        I wouldn’t be mad about that!

  71. Forrest

    This is the point in the draft where I just want them to trade up, take Skinner and Wypler because they’ve loved them all along and call it a draft.

  72. Sea Mode

    I swear if after Bradford they double down with Wypler and finish the OL rebuild like I mocked yesterday…

    • Big Mike

      That would work

  73. Mr Magic

    Ade worry is he is more athlete than player. Good value here but we already have a stable of pass rushers now, not really an area of need. OL was a great move here, really strong pick. All that is really left is to get a DT and a Saftey.

    • clbradley17

      He was dominant all Senior Bowl week winning the 1v1s against all these higher picked OL, whether it was JMS, Bradford, and many others from a DT inside position. Could’ve translated to pressures from the middle like Carter can do, without the character or conditioning flaws.

  74. Blitzy the Clown

    Bradford put up a 1.66s 10 yard split at 332 pounds. We’d be gushing about that if he was a NT.

    3.18 TEF
    105.6 wTEF

    • TomLPDX

      Nice! He is a big fella!

    • Ukhawk

      Position switch? 😜

  75. BQ

    Hey Rob, are the Hawks using your horizontal chart?! Really, though, excellent big board and scary close to what the Seahawks are probably using.

    • Rob Staton

      I love the introduction of the horizontal board because we can measure value

      And so far Seattle has matched well with the projections I had

      • BQ

        Now Cameron Young. C’mon, man. They are definitely using your board!

      • Teegus


        I’ve found your horizontal board to be an immensely valuable resource during the draft. Thank you for the incredible amount of time and effort you put in to research it.

        • Producehawk

          I’m thinking the Hawks should pay you Rob for using your board lol

  76. JJ

    Hope hawks start the run on DT.

  77. Sea Mode

    I just wonder if it was more him or some terrible advice from an agent. Either way, left a LOT of money on the table with that move.


    Dawand Jones off the board to the Browns in round 4. If you want the blueprint on exactly what NOT to do in the lead up to the draft, see Jones after his spectacular first day of practice at the Senior Bowl. #2023NFLDraft

  78. Happy Hawk

    That’s 8 OL in the first 16 picks of round 4

  79. Rob Staton

    I find Peter Schrager very annoying

    • Big Mike

      Another reason I’m on ESPN

    • UkAlex6674

      He ruins GMF for me aswell

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      That simply makes you human. He’s a complete tosspot.

    • Ukhawk

      Definitely over caffeinated

      • UkAlex6674

        I don’t even think it’s that.

        • Rob Staton

          Every other sentence is a reference to a GM texting him, or him texting a GM

          We get it. You have contacts.


    • BrandoK

      NFL network got worse with no Mike Mayock

      • Rob Staton

        He’s left an enormous hole

        Bloody Raiders, ruining everything

      • Kyle R

        I always used to watch NFL network draft coverage just for Mike Mayock. Now without him I can’t stand their coverage and watch ESPN.

    • Roy Batty

      He is the very definition of the word Smug.

    • D-OZ

      as do I….

  80. Jabroni-DC

    Can I still pull for Wypler here? I mean… Evan Brown CAN play OG if he were to get beat out.

  81. Coach

    I saw one expert that said Bradford isn’t athletic enough and won’t be able to move well enough with our blocking system? Is that true? I trust Rob more when he said he is an athletic guard!

    Go Hawks!

    • Coach

      It looks like it’s a good thing we went Guard. I can’t believe how many guards are being drafted right now!

      • ulsterman

        Isn’t it nice that the Seahawks are at the start of those runs on positions, rather than picking up the dregs

    • David H

      If it were true, why would the Seahawks take him? I’ll trust the pick.

    • Steve Nelsen

      There are some scouts who questioned his ability to play in a zone blocking scheme. Obviously, they weren’t Seattle scouts. Rob comped him to Damien Lewis and Damien did fine in the new scheme. His athleticism and versatility are good signs that he will adjust well.

  82. Hawk Scott

    Is our boy, Rob Staton moonlighting as the Colts GM? I love the Hawks Draft so far, but Indy is just KILLING IT!!!

  83. Mick

    I want Wypler, Ojomo or Skinner. Could live with J. Roy or a double dip at guard too. Or perhaps another RB to get the twitter crazy.

    It would also be a spot to draft a QB if they want to.

  84. Troy

    Dang what a huge run on oline this round

    • Troy

      8 of the first 17 oline sheesh

  85. Ukhawk

    Like the puck speed but these commercial breaks kill the vibe

    • Ukhawk

      …Pick speed …

      • Bob Johnston

        Somehow I preferred it as puck speed.

  86. 805Hawk

    Skinner here and that frees you up to cut Adams (June 1st) and save some cap space.

    • Ukhawk

      Defo want to leave with a safety – would be happy with Skinner or Johnson both of whom are BAMFs

      • SeaPunk

        What is a BAMF again? I really would like a hard hitting, physical safety!

        • STTBM

          Bad As Mother…

        • SpennyDunks

          Bad Ass Mother Fucker

          • SeaPunk

            Ok, thats amazing XD Thanks!

    • clbradley17

      Skinner is out for the year with a torn pec. He lasted because of that, but would be stashed on IR and a factor in 2024.

  87. BrandoK

    These picks coming faster than before not alot of time wasted in getting picks in

    • Roy Batty

      Round 6 & 7 are fun to watch. Picks come in so rapid fire they talk over most of them

  88. Seattle Person

    Love Bradford. With him and Lucas on the right side, they’ll go to IHOP a lot for pancakes! Hehe.

  89. Scot04

    Rob thoughts on Emil Ekiyor as a potential Center prospect. Sounds like he only moved to Guard due to no room at Center upon arriving at Alabama.

  90. Burner

    I though it was interesting that Rapoport was saying Ringo fell as Georgia were being honest and telling folk he’s got ability but lacks work ethic.

    I doubt potential Georgia recruits would be impressed with that.

  91. Sea Mode

    Skinner could be great value here too. Had he not been injured and been able to test at his size, I feel he probably would have been a lock for day 2.

    • Steve Nelsen

      He would be a 5th round steal at this point.

  92. Jabroni-DC

    did the Cardinals just jump us?

    • Mick

      Yup, I hope they mess up.

    • Shibu

      My guess it’s for Wypler

    • Sea Mode

      Maybe for Wypler? Didn’t Tony report they liked him?

  93. Hoggs41

    Feels like they might be higher on Evan Brown then we thought.

  94. Mr drucker in hooterville

    Rob needs to be the UK draft presenter for Seattle

  95. Blitzy the Clown

    Wow that’s higher for Ventrell Miller than I’d have thought but love the kid

  96. Big Mike

    I’m gonna predict To’o To’o here

    • Shibu

      Could definitely see this

    • Big Mike

      Happy to be wrong. This is serious value based on Rob’s board

  97. God of Thunder

    Arizona picking.

    • God of Thunder

      Meant to echo Big Mike: Too too

  98. Patrick Toler

    Would love to see DL here…Ojomo, Young, Roy.

  99. ShowMeYourHawk

    On the clock! Seems like time for our future SS…..

    • God of Thunder

      Or Center.

  100. Sea Mode

    Nope, we’re home free! Skinner, Wypler, Cam Young?

  101. BrandoK

    We Got Cameron Young love this pick

  102. Blitzy the Clown

    Yes! Love this pick!

    Cameron Young let’s go!

  103. ShowMeYourHawk

    DING DING! Nice call, Rob! Your guy!

    • Sea Mode

      Rob on the money!

  104. ulsterman

    Cameron Young, there’s our run stuffing DL

  105. Sea Mode

    Wow, YESSS! BPA is alive and strong!

  106. cha

    Schrager “I texted a GM…”


    • Roy Batty

      He’s a smirker. That snide grin always on his face.

    • Sea Mode

      Challenging Josimar for the throne… 🙄

      • Sea Mode


  107. Troy D

    OMFG we are KILLING it. Rob as well. But holy crap

  108. Troy

    There is our beef up front, DT Cameron Young

  109. Roy Batty

    Great call Rob. Fallen talent from your board keeps coming our way.

  110. STTBM

    Everyone happy now? Other than Indy snatching Bedford Seattle doing a fine job in this draft.

  111. JimN

    ANd Rob’s board,does it again! Cam Young!

  112. Scot04

    Woo-hoo……& there it is. Welcome to Seattle Mr. Young

  113. clbradley17

    There we go! Finally a good DT and ond of Rob’s recommendations.

  114. TomLPDX

    Seahawks are just killing it! Great and needed pick! KJ will love this dude.

  115. Mr drucker in hooterville

    RIP Mike Leach!

  116. geoff u

    Seahawks have already absolutly murdered the draft again.

    Oh, and fuck the Colts

    • Hawkcrazy

      Rinse and repeat.

    • GoHawks5151

      Comments section needs a like button. I will always like Colts hate haha

  117. Denver Hawker

    Rob- seriously impressive work this season to ID Seahawk targets.

  118. Henry Taylor

    This has been such a solid draft across the board, I don’t think it has the upside or insane value picks of last year, but just solid picks all the way through.

  119. SpennyDunks

    Alright there it is! Covered almost every base. Great pick, great draft.

  120. Kyle R

    Yes finally some beef for stuffing the run on the D-line!

  121. BrandoK

    The BPA draft approach makes such a big difference

    • SpennyDunks

      They never panicked or forced anything, let the draft come to them, and were able to fill their needs with upside. Gotta love it.

    • Hawkster

      Excited to see what they pick up with the pair in th 150s. Although I feel a need for safety, they are completely free to look for diamonds in the rough and BPA at any position.

  122. Glor

    Go hawks!

    ESPN loves this pick as well, not that it means anything

  123. Roy Batty

    You know it’s a great pick when the guys on ABC are raving about the pick. In this round, when they take that much time to talk about him, it’s a full endorsement.

  124. Seattle Person

    People are going to moan about what Young isn’t but the dude right now is a run stopper with upside. Great pick here.

  125. Bob Johnston

    Rob – I think the Hawks are using your spreadsheet of the remaining top picks for these day 3 selections. Your research is spot on.

  126. Volume12

    That’s such a great value pick.

    Cam Young is Jarran Reed lite. Can play NT, 5-tech, a little 3-tech. Just s good solid football player w/ + length for the position too

  127. geoff u

    With so many Young’s in this draft, it would’ve been a shame to not come away with at least one of them. There’s a Young for every team.

    • Hand of God

      Spot on, getting an Oprah Winfrey giving away cars vibe “you get a Young! and you get a Young! And you get a Young!”

  128. Mr. Anderson

    Rob you really could be a GM in the NFL. I’m just jaw dropping at how many players you predicted for this draft. Amazing job!

    • Glor

      Think about the money teams pay for a scouting department…. All they really need to do is read this blog

    • God of Thunder

      That’s a tad hyperbolic. How about head of scouting?

  129. Glor

    Do we still think they are looking for a center?

    • Henry Taylor

      At a certain point you gotta take a shot on Wypler

    • Steve Nelsen

      Yes. It doesn’t seem Hutchinson ranked any of the centers highly for Seattle. They have passed on them.

      And, Detroit fans were convinced we got a steal and a solid starter. We will see.

      But, even if we maybe have a starter, we need depth. Competition brings out talent.

  130. Seanmatt

    Can young play DE in a 3-4?

  131. Robert Las Vegas

    Rob give yourself a pat on the are crushing it.

    • Grover

      Seriously. At this point, it feels like Hawks should be paying Rob for all his work. He’s basically there #1 scout.

  132. STTBM

    Seattle responsibly building a good, solid young football team. If only they’d used this approach 2013-2020, and not traded for Adams, Graham, or Harvin.

    • STTBM

      Der, Richardson….

  133. Hand of god

    I wonder what’s going on with Wypler…medicals? Bad interview? Hope he keeps falling to us though

    • KSB

      I agree

      Didn’t like any of those trades when they happened and they never panned out. IMO

      Wonder what the team would have been like with the extra cap $$ and draft picks instead.

    • Sea Mode

      Pauline I think it was mentioned he has a bit of a personality one has to get used to. Jersey guy if you know what I mean.

  134. cha

    Browns drafted Siaki Ika and Dawand Jones back to back.

    Their team bus better upgrade their struts and shocks.

    • Sea Mode

      Lol, nice one!

  135. Hawktalker#1

    Trade up for Wypler?

  136. SpennyDunks

    Lots of intriguing names for our R5 picks. Izzy A, Skinner, Wypler, Trice, To’oto’o, Pappoe, some of these guys will still be available. Who does everyone want?

    • Glor

      I’m in for a safety at this point

      • Glor

        Or LB, there were deals on safeties in FA this year

      • D-OZ

        Go Idaho!!!!

    • Hebegbs

      Would like to see them double up on DL with one of the 5ths and take Roy is still available.

      • Hebegbs

        Also would not mind if they went DeWayne McBride, RB UAB with one of them.

    • Hawktalker#1

      After we pick up all of our big targets, Would love to see us sneak by and pick up deuce Vaughn before we’re all said and done

  137. Glor

    It’s going to be interesting to see how some of these guys that the hawks passed on end up doing no in the nfl

  138. KSB

    Young was one of the guys Rob talked about, that I was hoping the Hawks would take around this time in the draft.

    Like how day 3 is going for them

  139. UkAlex6674

    Ah Heaner has gone.

    Insert sad emoji.

  140. Big Mike

    Haener to Saints

    • God of Thunder

      Well they know small but smart QBs can do the job.

    • Glor

      It is odd we pay so much for lock when we could just have a mid to late round draft guy…. I mean that’s like 3mil towards another player.. difference between a middling 6 mil a year OL or DL vs a 9 mil a year guy

  141. UkAlex6674

    Swift to the Eagles

  142. Seattle Person

    I think Jammie Robinson goes to the Seahawks at some point before this draft is over.

    • UkAlex6674

      Me too.

  143. BrandoK

    The Eagles just drafted for Swift from Detroit

  144. Mick

    Bennett goes to the Rams. Feels like a wasted pick.

    • UkAlex6674

      For the Rams?

      Who cares!

    • Seattle Person

      Really? He seems to fit the system.

      • Mick

        I think they had bigger needs. Maybe I’m wrong.

        • Seattle Person

          I mean…you can argue QB is a need for a rebuilding team.

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      Well, that was the last likely QB that they’d take. Pursue your UDFA options for the practice squad but it looks like SDB is going to keep the QB Watch segment alive for another year.


  145. Big Mike

    And Bennett to the Rams

    • TomLPDX

      Actually makes sense.

  146. Blitzy the Clown

    Corbin K. Smith @CorbinSmithNFL

    Cameron Young says that #Seahawks told him in pre-draft process that they view him as a movable player who can get snaps at nose tackle as well as 3-tech/big end. Versatility.

    10:17 AM · Apr 29, 2023

    • Brennan

      The modern day Red Bryant?

  147. SeaTown

    Stetson Bennett to Rams

    • God of Thunder

      He’s as annoying as McVay.

  148. BrandoK

    Bennett doesn’t scare me at all on the rams his interviews were a huge turn off for me never would’ve had him on the board at all

  149. Hand of God

    Swift traded to the Eagles for a swap of 7ths this year and a 2025 fourth…they are not playing around

    • Seattle Person

      And…where did he go to college?

  150. Gaux Hawks

    Team SDB, is this a fair assessment of our current depth chat? Thoughts?

    QB : Gino Smith , Drew Lock
    LT : Charles Cross , Stone Forsythe
    LG : Damien Lewis , Jake Curhan
    C : Evan Brown , Phil Haynes
    RG : Anthony Bradford , Jake Curhan
    RT : Abraham Lucas , Stone Forsythe
    TE : Noah Fant , Colby Parkinson
    RB1 : Kenneth Walker , DeeJay Dallas
    RB2 : Zach Charbonnet ,
    WR1 : DK Metcalf , Dareke Young
    WR2 : Tyler Lockett , Cade Johnson
    WR3 : Jaxon Smith-Njigba , Dee Eskridge

    DE : Boye Mafe , Alton Robinson
    NT : Jarran Reed , Cameron Young
    DT : Dre’Mont Jones , Myles Adams
    LEO : Darrell Taylor , Derick Hall
    SAM : Uchenna Nwosu , Tyreke Smith
    MIKE : Bobby Wagner , Jordyn Brooks
    WILL : Devin Bush ,
    RCB : Tariq Woolen , Mike Jackson
    LCB : Devon Witherspoon , Tre Brown
    DB : Julian Love , Coby Bryant
    FS : Quandre Diggs , Joey Blount
    SS : Jamal Adams ,

    • Seattle Person

      If we do play more 4-3 then I think Jones is your base DE, Nwosu is your Leo, Mafe is your SAM.

  151. Happy Hawk

    Run on QB’s with Haener and Bennett

  152. Forrest

    Can we trade up for a Safety? Would love Skinner to post June 1 Adams.

    Ditto for Wypler if we like him. I could see him taking over after a year in the weight room and getting a little older.

    I also like Vorhees later on to heal and start at the other guard position next year.

    And Lonnie Phelps late as well.

    • Hawk Finn

      I don’t think Wippler projects as a safety. Sorry.

    • Seattle Person

      I think people are forgetting Skinner tore his pec and might not be able to play this season. But at this point, it’s worth the gamble. Just saying he won’t solve the safety issues this season if you release Adams.

  153. Madmark

    I’m wondering if Jarret Patterson C is someone they look at in 5th I remember reading he didn’t give up a sack last year and he was ranked higher in January.

    • Sea Mode

      Or Jake Andrews from Troy? They had him in for a VMAC visit.

      • jdruaint

        NE took him

      • Sea Mode

        Never mind, Patriots took him right in front of us.

      • Seattle Person

        He went to NE right before Bradford.

  154. Tatupu51

    At the 5th round, gimme two guys from Skinner, Ojomo, Wypler, Robinson, To’oTo’o or the TE from Purdue.

    • Forrest


  155. WallaSean

    Double dip on RB or WR? Abanikanda and Ford-Wheaton still there, maybe they fall. Skinner, Robinson and To’oto’to great options on D. More round 5 cream to skim!!

    • Glor

      Would love to see another RB, think most of the WR are probably gone

    • Sea Mode

      Oh, almost forgot about Abanikanda!

    • Tatupu51

      Wow, I live those two!

    • Big Mike

      Guessing the next RB will be an UDFA

      • Big Mike

        But you never know maybe Rodriguez in the 7th

      • Sea Mode

        Well, not if he’s BPA on their board next pick!

      • cha

        Muhammed Ibrahim

        If we want tough as nails and attitude over amazing testing in UDFA, he’s the guy.

    • WallaSean

      maybe RB’s left in 6 and 7 too?

  156. Madmark

    I just so thankful we don’t need a OT that really helped us this draft and taking CB early also help us.

    • Hand of God

      Trice still available – like him as a developmental high-traits prospect

    • Glor

      How about Will Mallory

  157. Shibu

    Would love some sort of combo of Wypler, JL Skinner, Jamie Robinson, and DTR with our 2 picks in this next round

  158. Big Mike

    Don’t forget Robbie (the colts mole) loves BYU QB Jaren Hall………..

  159. Tatupu51

    So good seeing teams draft guys that I don’t give a shit about, while blog favourits are still at the board waiting for our 5th round picks. Specially funny seeing the 49ers draft a kicker and the Rams pick Stetson Bennett in the 4th!

    • Parallax

      Was surprised by that too. Love Bennett’s toughness and intelligence but he lacks size, speed and arm strength. McVey’s the QB whisperer so maybe he’ll do well but I was fine with the pick. Will be interesting to watch. Can he stick in the NFL? Can he become more than a backup?

      • geoff u

        Plus Bennett is a great guy to root against, should he ever start for the Rams

  160. Rob Staton

    Love Jay Ward, this latest pick for Minnesota

    • STTBM

      Yes, and the nabbed Roy too…

  161. Roy Batty

    I’d be shocked if To’oTo’o makes it to their next picks, they don’t take him. Pete was standing there all by himself watching Henry work out at the pro day. Very focused on him.

    • David H

      Doesn’t necessarily mean he liked what he saw.

      • Roy Batty

        He’d be BPA on Rob’s board.

  162. Glor

    TE, S or WR for me..
    three positions we are currently paying a fortune for (relatively)

  163. Rob Staton

    Video analysis on the Bradford & Young picks:

  164. Steve Nelsen

    S JL Skinner would be a steal in the 5th round.
    NT Jerrod Clark would be good value and need.
    CB Darius Rush was one of my favorites from the Senior Bowl. We drafted Richard Sherman at 154…
    WR Bryce Ford-Wheaton is a perfect athletic project.
    C Luke Wypler would fill the last hole on the O-Line.

  165. geoff u

    Still a lot of good running backs. Seems a lot of the teams who needed a center already got one?

  166. BrandoK

    DTR still on the board could they draft him or does he go UDFA

    • TomLPDX

      Somebody will draft him, maybe even us.

    • Steve Nelsen

      John said yesterday that there was still a couple QBs they liked. With Geno and Drew seemingly locked in, I’m guessing they draft their guy rather than try to convince them to come here as an UDFA

  167. Tim

    I am hoping for either the Ohio State or Michigan centers in the 5th.

  168. WallaSean

    Dreading the Colts pick :/

  169. Steve Nelsen

    Son of a ****! The Colts took Darius Rush. I’m dying.

  170. Henry Taylor

    The Colts have now drafted 3/5 of the players I identified as would be most excited for.

  171. Mick

    QB for Cardinals?

  172. Scot04

    The Indianapolis colts get two very impressive Corners.

  173. Glor

    F the colts… 🤣

  174. BrandoK

    Browns taking DTR

    • STTBM

      Bummer. I kinda liked him, and there isn’t another QB left I want Seattle to draft. Can’t have everything though…

  175. Scot04

    Well that’s a bummer, his strong arm would have fit here as a developmental QB.
    Maybe Robbie gets his QB in the 6th

    • Glor

      I don’t see the point in a QB at this point, we already have Lock with essentially 2.5mil sunk and only 1.5 savings if we cut him.. we aren’t going to carry 3 QBs into the season. Wait till next year and don’t resign a #2 for 4mil and then bring a young guy in. Then we are only paying 1mil/year

      • geoff u

        You only do it if you have the potential to develop a star. I’m not sure if that potential is there for the remaining guys, but if they see it they should do it. Otherwise, not point.

  176. Sea Mode

    Big rush on QBs there end of R4, top of R5.

  177. Sea Mode

    Aaaand the Colts continue picking straight off of Rob’s board! 😂

  178. Patrick Toler

    My personal current roster notes mid-day 3:

    CB, WR, and RB positions groups looking stacked, and depending on how player development goes could be among the best groups in the league.

    Edge group is looking very nice.

    G depth and competition – Lewis/Haynes/Bradford/Curhan – is looking pretty good.

    DL still needs depth, but some very solid players. If they can manage a couple of decent veteran additions.

    C depth is a bit scary.

    LB and S groups will depend a lot on health and players bouncing back.

    QB still needs a player to develop, but Geno should be well positioned to have a great year.

    There is some work to do, but I am thrilled with how this draft has gone so far. Still some interesting players left!

  179. Sea Mode

    Imagine adding Witherspoon and Skinner to our secondary, the two most violent players in the draft…

    Would really match the way they’ve gone so far this draft. They stated openly in their presser yesterday that they set out specifically to add “toughness and juice” to the team, especially on defense.

    • Roy Batty

      “Two grown men” was a great opening statement from Schneider.

      And a slight middle finger to all the vitriol thrown at them for passing on Carter.

    • Shibu

      Skinner would be a great fit. Its a good spot for him to recover, learn from some veteran guys, and potentially replace someone next year when we need to figure out some cap space.

      • Patrick Toler

        Great point – Skinner is a great fit in that regard, as well as playstyle.

  180. Shibu

    Wishlist for the rest of the draft:

    151: Luke Wypler, C
    154: JL Skinner/Jammie Robinson, S
    198: Jaren Hall, QB
    237: Calvin Avery, DT

    • Patrick Toler

      It kept being reported that teams didn’t like Wypler as much as draft media, but I am shocked that he is still available. C depth (along with DL depth) is probably our biggest need. He would be an awesome addition at this point in the draft.

      Would love Jammie or Skinner as well.

    • Sea Mode

      I’d rather take another RB instead of QB, but sign me up for the rest!

  181. CHaquesFan

    10 more picks there’s going to be a great player at our pick

  182. pdway

    seems like we got to find some LB depth at some point here, right?

    Bobby ain’t young, and Bush may not be good….need some injury insurance if nothing else.

  183. HOUSE

    Vikings with a good pick there. I don’t know if we would’ve went back-to-back DT and when we took Young, we wouldn’t need him.

    9 and 12 picks away!!!
    Center: Wypler or Ole Ole?

  184. Sea Mode

    Incredible! It really is almost like Damien Lewis all over again!

    Brady Henderson

    From @ESPNStatsInfo on Seahawks fourth-round pick Anthony Bradford:

    He allowed only three pressures on over 400 pass-blocking plays at RG last season.

    LSU averaged 7.3 YPC when running toward the RG last season. Bradford blew only three of his 289 run blocks from RG.

    • Jabroni-DC

      BAM!!! Good news.

      I can’t help imagining adding Cory Trice to our DB group.

  185. Sea Mode

    Darn, Abanikanda off the board. Oh well, still lots of really good options left that will probably last all the way into R6.

    • Scot04

      Jets seem to have similar likes at RB to the Seahawks.

  186. Glor

    It’s crazy how we have no cap room even next year with only 25 players under contract…. I mean when you take into vet min contacts for 27 more players, $ you need for draft picks and then money for injured reserve…. We have like nothing left!

  187. Bill H.

    The Seahawks could take a 7th rd flyer on East Carolina quarterback Holton Ahlers.

    • MountainHawker


      • Happy Hawk

        Is he the next Tom Brady late round giant- that’s what we need

        • Bill H.

          Who knows? He was MVP of Hula Bowl and NFLPA bowl. If nothing else I think you need a 3rd camp arm and for the rookie mini-camp.

  188. CHaquesFan

    Ugh there goes Jammie Robinson to CAR

    • Sea Mode

      Yeah, they might have been hoping he would last. Skinner and Ty Okada still there for them hopefully.

  189. Glor

    Jets having a pretty good draft

  190. Sea Mode

    If we’re going BAMFs in this draft, Kenny McIntosh would really fit the bill despite the 40 time.

    Interview today:

    “It’s the 40 time — I think if I’d have run a 4.5 or better I’d have gone third round or earlier,” McIntosh said. “Running a slow time is bad for a back.

    “But you know,” McIntosh said, flashing his trademark smile, “I’d say the film don’t lie, because when you put on 20 pounds of equipment, it does change things.”

    McIntosh was the ”Alpha Leader” in the Georgia offensive huddle last season, according to Coach Kirby Smart, a universally-liked player known for his charisma and enthusiasm.

    McIntosh was as reliable in offseason workouts and team meetings as he was with the ball in his hands, a trait NFL teams take into consideration when evaluating players.

    • Glor

      I’d be down for that!

    • cha

      I think he’d be the preferred pick over a tough runner like Chris Rodriguez.

      They’ll need the 3rd RB to do Travis Homer-like things. Upback on punt return, catch passes on third downs and pick up blockers.

      He’d be a snap-in fit and probably improve on Homer.

      • Big Mike

        I’m in

      • Sea Mode

        I did wonder to myself yesterday if having taken a hammer like Charbonnet might mean they are less likely to target Rodriguez later.

        • TomLPDX

          You might be right. Like your reasoning for McIntosh

        • cha

          Absolutely. Can’t have too many like types.

          But if Rodriguez (or Ibrahim) are there in UDFA, go for it.

          • Sea Mode

            Oh, in UDFA absolutely. Though it’s gonna be a tough sell for prospects to break into a room with Walker and Charbonnet…

            • Seahawkwalt

              I forgot all about Trice!!

            • cha

              Just have Chris Carson or Thomas Rawls call them.

              Maybe Doug Baldwin or Jermaine Kearse too.

              • Sea Mode

                I mean, that’s part of why they took Chris Carson in R7: didn’t want to have to try and recruit him in UDFA.

            • UP Hawk

              How many UDFA’s sign with a likely competition for RB2? Not many. UDFA will understand need to do special teams early eyeing only 3 established/early pick RB’s on a roster that typically carries 4-5 guys. In my mind, UDFA’s are trying to sign in a place they can land on the roster, not necessarily where they will have a direct path to touches in their first season. With Dallas being a FA next year, good shot of having a role in the offense in year 2.

  191. Patrick Toler

    I’m a bit surprised that Ojomo and Trice are still on the board. Either would make a great addition as well.

  192. Sea Mode

    Dang, that’s two VMAC safties in a row off the board. Looks like a run might start right before our picks.

    Teams finally tapping into this super deep class.

    Hope Skinner and Ty Okada last.

    • TomLPDX

      How bad is Skinner’s injury?

      • Glor

        I mean for 5th, why not take one and put him on IR, they don’t get the accrued year right?

        • Seahawkwalt

          Same for Vorhees

      • Sea Mode

        Torn pec. Just needs 2 more months.

        Former Boise State safety JL Skinner talks injury rehab, NFL Draft stock at Pro Day (3-27-23)

      • Steve Nelsen

        Torn pec. Will clearly set him him back in camp but nothing to be concerned about long-term.

      • Hawkcrazy

        Skinner has a peck injury suffered in training. I bleieve it is uncertain when he will be available although likely some time this year.

    • geoff u

      “Morris was named Big Ten Conference Defensive Lineman of the Year in 2022, leading the Wolverines with 11 tackles for loss, including 7.5 sacks, among 23 total stops (also posting three pass breakups, one blocked kick and one forced fumbles) in 12 games with 11 starts.” — by Chad Reuter

  193. Glor

    Wonder if we flip one of those 5s for next year 4

    • WallaSean

      same here

    • Sea Mode

      I’d do it, but I don’t think any team is likely to offer that at this point when different teams have guys graded so differently.

  194. Patrick Toler

    Multiple good players left on the board, but hoping for Wypler and Ojomo at these two picks.

  195. TomLPDX

    Do we take To’o To’o if he is there?

    • Steve Nelsen

      We could. Pete was watching him very closely at his pro day. Depends on if he liked what he saw.

  196. Hand of God

    There goes Sewell…I’m still hoping for Wypler skinner ojomo or Trice but he was a good option…almost there!

  197. Glor

    Thanks GB, now let’s get a player and or get stock for next year

  198. Seahawkwalt

    I just found out someone here is possessed by an owl…

  199. Seahawkwalt

    Here we go!!!!

  200. Sea Mode

    We’re on the clock!

  201. Sea Mode

    Let’s go get Skinner! A safety in the chamber would be great.

  202. BrandoK

    Do we pick a Center

  203. ShowMeYourHawk

    Unless they go RB or K here, I really don’t think they could make a bad selection.

  204. BrandoK

    ok thats a surprise pick

  205. Sea Mode

    Ok, another guy right in that range on Rob’s board.

    • TomLPDX

      I don’t see him on Rob’s board

      • TomLPDX

        Never mind…listed under 3-4 DE list.

      • Moses Lake Brian

        Listed under 3-4 DE column

  206. McZ

    Mike Morris… hell, yes!

  207. WallaSean

    Looks like John is taking the Skinner boat to salmon town!!!! (I hope)

  208. Leo

    I’m assuming Skinner’s medicals are too scary to draft, what a shame

  209. Glor

    Hmm, would have preferred something different there..

  210. Henry Taylor

    We have a lot of edges at this point. Like 6 recent draft picks and Nwosu

    • Patrick Toler

      Yep, the competition in that room could be pretty interesting over the next couple of years.

    • Charles

      He’s gunna be either a 5 tech or 3 tech depending on our scheme… wont be the edge

      • Henry Taylor

        Probably needs to bulk up a bit to play 3.

    • SpennyDunks

      Im a little confused how they’re going to rotate all of these guys and formations.

      • STTBM

        Hopefully the rest of NFL is too. I’m tired of having a bad, predictable defense.

  211. Roy Batty

    So is he more of a 4-3 fit?

    • Sea Mode

      3-4 DE on Rob’s board

    • geoff u

      He can fit into both schemes.

  212. Sea Mode

    Great size and length and 10yd split for his size, but the rest is just average.

      • Sea Mode

        Oooh, well spotted! Very likely one of his “guys”.

    • Roy Batty

      We were due for a “meh” pick.

    • Steve Nelsen

      He was a top-30 visit too.

      • Sea Mode

        Did he just say that? I only had him down for a meeting at the Combine.

        • Steve Nelsen

          Going off of memory so I could be wrong.

  213. STTBM

    Why draft a guy in the fifth at a position you are now stacked at? He isn’t likely to make the team. I guess Tyreek Smith isn’t doing well in his rehab, or something.

    Must have been highest guy on their board by a good bit, otherwise it’s confusing to see them pick him over other guys at positions of need.

    Not complaining, just a bit puzzled. Anyone watch this guy’s games or videos? Cause I don’t know him from Adam…

  214. Glor

    Ya, I mean if they are truly just going bpa, then can’t complain, ramp up the comp in that room like you guys just said

  215. Volume12

    I liked Mike Morris bar combine or not. Toolsy, rangy, productive defender. Has some unique skills & movement for his size. Very good against the run too

  216. vanhawksfan

    Morris’ physical stats are quite similar to D’remont Jones. Maybe they see him as a backup inside/out guy.

  217. Mick

    Morris looks like depth at DE, fine with the pick.

  218. BrandoK

    We got a Center

  219. CHaquesFan

    Passing on Wypler for Olusegun from Michigan

  220. Roy Batty

    All the glaring holes filled now.

  221. Sea Mode


    • Big Mike


    • Robbie

      HEY WE GOT ONE!!!!!!!

  222. Hawkster

    Olu Olu, fancy that

  223. geoff u

    Morris was named Big Ten Conference Defensive Lineman of the Year in 2022, leading the Wolverines with 11 tackles for loss, including 7.5 sacks, among 23 total stops (also posting three pass breakups, one blocked kick and one forced fumbles) in 12 games with 11 starts. — by Chad Reuter

  224. RJ webber

    Mike Morris reminds me a lot of Michael Bennett from the way he played to his build and numbers at the combine

    • GoHawks5151

      Break out the skinny shoulder pads!

  225. Glor

    There we go!

  226. vanhawksfan

    There is our Centre

  227. Mick

    And there’s the C.

    I love how they balance picks, one D, one O.

  228. Big Mike

    Is this the center that rob said has really small hands?

    • Sea Mode

      8 5/8″ hands, so yeah.

    • cha

    • PJ in Seattle

      Yeah. I have 9″ hands and I have small hands for my size. His are even smaller! Good center though. Not as athletic as Wypler who I thought was a better fit, but clearly they like Olu. I have no problem with it. I think he will be a fine center.

      People are sleeping on Evan Brown too – he’s going to be a big upgrade from Blythe.

  229. JimN

    Pretty clear that JS called Rob or referenced his horz board! Nice job Mr Staton.!

  230. ShowMeYourHawk

    Decide to pass on Ade Ade but decide to take Olu Olu.

  231. vanhawksfan

    Michigan/Michigan, back to back. Character picks as well as depth. I like them a lot.

    • geoff u

      Picking from the Harbaugh tree

    • Steve Nelsen

      Now just leak that Harbaugh dissed them like he did Sherman and Doug Baldwin and we might have a couple pro/bowlers.

  232. geoff u

    The Wypler fall is odd, to us at least, but clearly Seattle valued Olu more.

  233. BrandoK

    We could still use a another DL, LB, S

  234. teejmo

    Dre’Mont Jones and Mike Morris actually have pretty similar combine numbers…

  235. STTBM

    Both guys from Michigan are gonna love playing for Carrol, especially after playing for that jerk Harbarf.

    Welcome to Seattle guys!

  236. Patrick Toler

    Nice! BT Jordan will have had plenty of insight on Oluwatimi as well. It seems like they may have leaned on his expertise for both of these picks.

    • Sea Mode

      Honestly, seeing this, the reported interest in so many other centers might have just been a little digging just to make sure and a little smokescreen at the same time.

  237. Troy D

    Gotta believe Hutch had a lot of access and eye on Olu Olu as an alum. Needs met. Now lets see who they get late

    • Patrick Toler

      That’s right – they will have had plenty of relevant opinions on him.

  238. BrandoK

    Hoping we somehow get JL Skinner and Henry To’oTo’o at the end of the draft

    • clbradley17

      I’m all in for that in rounds 6 &7.

  239. Ryan Purcell

    One of the comps for Moriss in mockdraftable is Micheal Bennett so there’s that…

  240. Glor

    Why did we let Ethan Pocic go? He is like PFFs 3rd rated C in the league

    • geoff u

      Always injured. Can’t finish a season.

      • Glor


    • STTBM

      Same reason we let Glowinsky go: didn’t fit our new scheme, and other line coaches brought out the best in them when our staff couldn’t. It’s annoying, but it happens.

    • UkAlex6674

      Because he wasn’t good when we had him.


  241. Cheese22

    Love to get Skinner or Antonio Johnson to cap this off.

    • clbradley17

      S Johnson gone to the Jaguars at 160.

  242. Volume12

    Mike Morris is up to 295 lbs. Dre’Mont’s backup.

  243. Sea Mode

    Morris had 7.5 sacks and 11 TFL this season. That’s nothing to scoff at. Coach him up, BT!

  244. David H

    Those scout sources are a serious mixed bag on Olu Olu. I kinda like high variance bets in the late rounds.

  245. UkAlex6674

    Think it’s time to let go of all the Wypler dreams. There is a reason clearly why he has dropped so far.

    I like Morris – a good pick and competition. You can never have enough pass rushers and if he was their BPA then go for it.

    As for Olu Olu – kudos to the poster who predicted this above!

  246. Volume12

    Love that Seattle loaded up on the trenches today.

    Anthony Bradford probably starts @ RG
    Cam Young either starts or plays heavy rotational minutes
    Mike Morris gives us great depth
    Oluwatimi is a possible starter this year or next. Worst case scenario is he’s great depth

    • STTBM

      I think Haynes will start. If Haynes gets injured yet again, in comes Bradford.

      • PJ in Seattle

        If Bradford plays in camp like he did at LSU, Haynes is headed back to backupsville.

    • Patrick Toler

      One more big DL (Ojomo) will have me feeling really good about the roster. Love what they’ve done in the draft and (as Rob has noted multiple times this weekend) they didn’t need to panic and reach for trench talent early.

    • UkAlex6674


      Bradford is the best bet to start imo.

  247. ShowMeYourHawk

    It can be argued that the team added five starters with their first five picks. ZC is RB2 but should be on the field a LOT. That’s phenomenal.

    • UkAlex6674

      Bold statement!

      Future starters maybe.

  248. Glor

    Have to say, I mean we laugh at the 9rs for talking a kicker, but we are paying 9mill/year between our kicker and punter…. I could see the value in drafting a could guys to get that off the books

    • geoff u

      Yeah, but in the 3rd round? In this draft?

      • Glor

        Well ya, I’m thinking 5-7

    • Gary

      This is short-sighted in my opinion if you consider the collective impact of the two kickers on any given game. Could offer way more difference-making value than many other positions for the same investment. Plus we had MD on a rookie deal for several years.

      • Glor

        Super Bowl champs paying less than half we are

        • AlaskaHawk

          The 49ers have a great team already. They are just filling in the holes.

      • Producehawk

        Our punter is worth paying top 💰

        • Glor

          Doing get me wrong, I like both guys.
          I just don’t feel we have a roster/contracts that warrants that kind of luxury

  249. Chris

    Morris just said he bulked up to 285 lbs per the Seahawks request

    • Patrick Toler

      Makes a lot of sense with his length for him to play 5T.

    • Sea Mode


      Brady Henderson

      We just talked to Mike Morris, who said he’s bulked up to 295 pounds since the combine and that he thinks he’ll also play some DT in Seattle’s defense.

      • Seahawkwalt

        Great news!!!

    • PJ in Seattle

      Makes sense, They see him as a 3-4 Edge and not a LB. He’s way too slow for what they look for at LB, but makes a lot of sense as edge rusher depth. Was talked about as a potential first rounder at one point.

      We have a shit ton of hybrid OLB/Edge players. Nice to have a legit rotation but how are all these guys gonna see the field?

  250. Chris

    Sorry 295

  251. Sea Mode

    Just a 1 min. vid.

    Seahawks OL Anthony Bradford Gets The Draft Call At No. 108 Overall

    Also, looks to me Seahawks are targeting more of their VMAC visitors this year. They really wanted to nail the character evaluation and seeing the guy in your own building makes a huge difference. Totally different atmosphere than the stress of the Combine medicals, media, testing, back-to-back-to-back meetings.

    Witherspoon, Bradford, likely would have taken Byron Young if he hadn’t been grabbed three spots ahead of them (the “upset” they mentioned yesterday)

  252. Madmark

    6 damn years and they finally grab a center. There got to be something going on as far as Antonio Johnson that we haven’t heard about to drop this far. Lots of picks till 198 I still like Karl Brooks from Bowling Green.

  253. Seattle Person

    Really cool moment with Syd and Chase Brown.

  254. UkAlex6674

    With Morris we got another Mike Mo!

  255. Charles

    I’d like us to get one more true NT since we didn’t really have one… I know al woods was the size but he was terrible at the main jobs of NT, hold position and guard both A gaps by being able to disengage and tackle with one arm to the side. Need someone to do that and keep our MLB’s clean and stuff up the middle.

  256. cha

    Is Mike Morris “we have Tyree Wilson at home” ?

  257. Hawkcrazy

    Would love to have Skinner fall and get him in 6th and then doube down on RB in 7th. Don’t think it will happen but didn’t think Ade Ade would fall so farther either. Love this draft so far for Seahawks but still curse the Colts.

    • Seattle Person

      I have to wonder what the NFL thinks of Skinner. He’s hurt and dropping but we have seen players injured but still selected high because of their talent. I wasn’t that high on Skinner even before his injury. I do what’s up with him.

  258. Rob Staton

    Video analysis of Seattle’s fifth round picks:

    • regan

      Rob “Guns” Stanton. All pumped up!

  259. Sea Mode

    Ha! That quote on Morris from McGinn’s sources must have been a Seahawks’ scout!

    Perhaps Morris’ best chance now would be to bulk up to 295-300 and try as a defensive end in a 3-4.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Big and slow then? This is desperation time. I think back to who they could have taken in the third round and weep.

      • Glor

        Ya, if Ade blows up, it will be disappointing. Wait and see I guess

      • geoff u

        Who was there between 83 and Bradford?

        There is no desperation in the 5th round, where your success rate is at about 4-5%. Most of these players will not pan out.

        • Rokas


      • Tien

        We had two 2nd round picks and 2 4th round picks but no 3rd rounder.

        In the second round, we got Derick Hall and Zach Charbonnet.

        In the fourth, we got Cameron Young and Anthony Bradford.

        I really like all four of those picks. Sometimes there just aren’t enough picks to fill all the holes. And we could potentially still pick up a DT or two as UDFA.

  260. BeastGOAT

    Rob – do you think the Seahawks are going to regret not taking ADETOMIWA ADEBAWORE at 108? Seemed like great value at 108 AND a big position of need, no?

  261. Scot04

    Alot of very good players available still. Rams must be pretty happy having 3 picks to end round 5.

  262. MountainHawker

    Bryce Ford Wheaton, AT Perry and Vorhees still there yeah?

    • WallaSean

      BFW could play like year one DK, just go routes and make you cover it, give DK some rest and a good comp backup.

  263. Mick

    Damn I really hate that McClendon got to the Rams.

  264. Glor

    Colts are on the board – “who is Robs next guy that is falling?”

  265. Husky22

    So far:
    Round 1 – Thought the Hawks maximized their picks with the way the board fell.
    Round 2 – meh. Not terrible, but also not the best use of resources.
    Round 3 – Got good value out of the trade.
    Round 4 – Really excited about these picks, well done.
    Round 5 – Finally took a center, but the Mike Morris pick was a disappointment. Should have considered the LB from Alabama there, sticking with a BPA approach.

  266. Steve Nelsen

    The Colts took my favorite late round RB! I’ve been on that guy since the Senior Bowl. I am hating them for their draft.

    Rob might have to change the name of the blog to Seahawks/Colts draft blog.

  267. Trevor

    Hawks never take a flier on a medical redshirt but man I would love to see
    Vorhees or Skinner with the next pick.

    My guess is a NT, LB, S or TE.

    #198 Jerod Clark / Calvin Avery
    #237 Dee Winters

    • Mick

      I’m thinking S and RB. Little chance we get Skinner though, imo.

    • Seattle Person

      They did with Walter Thurmond.

    • Kyle R

      They did a couple years ago with Taylor

      • Seattle Person

        That was a little different. I don’t think they anticipated him missing the whole season. And it was a Covid year draft.

        • Kyle R

          Actually I think Skinner is a lot like Taylor in that they probably figure he can’t take part in camps but might be ready after the first quarter of the season or so.

    • AndrewMR

      Didn’t Rob have a late round LB he liked enough? Did they go already?

  268. MountainHawker

    Karl Brooks maybe?

  269. Glor

    There goes skinner

  270. BrandoK

    Denver got JL Skinner why why

  271. Tecmo Bowl

    Between Hall, Young and Morris the shortest wingspan is 81.875″, just under 6’10”. Pretty impressive length up front!

  272. Stephen H

    Starting to get concerned over where we make cap savings now. With no safety or TE drafted I’m not sure who else we can restructure or cut to make savings without severely hurting depth.

    • 805Hawk

      We don’t even have enough to sign our rookies, right? If I recall correctly, we only have about $4.7m. Gonna be some interesting weeks ahead. Ideally we’d bring a few more veteran DTs in as well. Hmmmm

  273. Steve Nelsen

    S JL Skinner would be a steal at this point even with the pec injury.

    NT Jerrod Clark is a small school guy which Seattle disfavors but he is an athletic former basketball player and TE. Get him some pro coaching and see what blossoms.

    WR Bryce Ford-Wheaton is a great athletic project and his interviews/character say Seahawk!

    • 805Hawk

      Skinner is a Bronco unfortunately.

      • Roy Batty

        You mean, he remains a Bronco.

  274. James Z

    An aside, but a relevant aside on The Guardian this morning:

    • Glor

      Well damn, now I want to take a flier on LB Trey Dean III

    • Steve Nelsen

      Very interesting. I went out to see where Trey Dean (Jets UDFA) and Theo Benedett (still unsigned) ended up.

  275. IDhawk

    Picks that I like so far:

    Cam Young – dude could easily define this draft class, especially since he’s going to step into a big role immediately.

    Zach Charbonnette – 2nd best running back in the class imo, and not even that far from Bijan.

    JSN – This could have been Mike Mayer or another tight end, but he reminds me Cooper Kupp, and that’s exciting.

    Derick Hall – A lot of upside and really intense player. Good combination.

    Picks that I don’t like:

    Mike Morris – he just seems like a guy, kinda reminds me of Rasheem Green

    Devon Witherspoon – no issue with the player. I thought he was the best corner in the class, but the spot is too rich for me. He seems more Marcus Peters than Jalen Ramsey. I certainly don’t hate the pick though.

    • UkAlex6674

      Witherspoon will bring as much swag and confidence off the pitch as he will bring the wood on it. Great pick at a great spot.

    • TomLPDX

      Marcus Peters is no slouch.

    • shotime

      Yea but i will take BAMF version of Marcus Peters anyday.

    • PJ in Seattle

      Agree that Witherspoon is not great value at #5, but who else would you have taken there? I’m glad they stuck to their guns and went BPA with the way the board fell rather than trading down. If they had, Witherspoon was gone to Detroit with the next pick for sure.

  276. Henry Taylor

    Pretty cool play from Bradford

    • Henry Taylor

      Although the rest of the tape is fairly dominant from Carter

      • Glor

        Ya not sure why we passed on wypler
        He just got taken and they were showing his highlights against Carter

        • geoff u

          I mean, everybody kept passing on him. very odd for sure

        • Malanch

          “not sure why we passed on wypler”

          Brock Huard’s comp for Luke Wypler was Joey Hunt, which I think is a bit extreme, but perhaps the Seahawks similarly see Wypler’s frame as lacking room for adding much in the way of good mass. Olu Oluwatimi is thicker and more compact. Also, maybe the team preferred the latter’s personality and psychological profile. Just guesses.

  277. geoff u

    And there goes rodriguez.

  278. Purpleneer

    Kuntz please

    • vanhawksfan

      Good call.

  279. Sea Mode

    Kenny McIntosh still on the board?

  280. Trevor

    Moro Ojomo , Jerod Clark, Zach Kuntz or Vorhees

    One of those four please.

    • cha

      Gimme Kenny McIntosh

  281. vanhawksfan

    What about Sean Tucker as the pass catching back and return man.

  282. Sea Mode

    Safety was inevitable at some point in this class. He’s another VMAC visitor.

  283. Glor

    Reed S

    • Roy Batty

      93 tackles and 11 PDs in 2022.

      • Roy Batty

        Special teams guy for sure.

        • Glor

          Ya, seems on the smaller side for a safety:

          Reed played all over the secondary — but when needed, he was the team’s primary slot defender. Even when playing there, the scheme frequently required him to play off and from depth, allowing him to use his talents as a safety.

          • Seattle Person

            I thought because of the team’s interest in Julian Love then they’ll be interested in Quan Martin. They are similar types of players. Reed offers that same type of flexibility.

    • Steve Nelsen

      I looked into Reed when he was a top-30 visitor that I had not heard of before. Some scouts project him as a slot corner because of his size. He is expected to contribute nicely on ST as a rookie. And I imagine we will get a better feel for how he fits in the defensive backfield once training camp starts.

  284. vanhawksfan

    God, it’s great to look at the Seahawks last two drafts and not see any of the weird picking where they thought they were smarter than everybody else. This just looks like another solid draft that mostly matches needs but at the right value points – #1 CB, #1 WR, #3 Edge, #3 RB, #3 G etc, etc.

    It really looks like JS and the front office have taken over the drafting and Pete and the coaches are doing the coaching. I really wanted to see AR in a Hawks uni but I’m comforted by the more straight ahead approach in the draft and the more likely success of a BPA philosophy.

    • UkAlex6674

      it’s hard to agree with that – we have no way to know who is pulling the strings now or in the past.

      I will agree though that this is a solid draft that matches the needs and the best points possible.

    • Glor

      Totally agree, the LJ Colier reaches etc

  285. Rob Staton

    Live stream is starting now:

  286. UkAlex6674

    The puppies have just stolen the entire draft.

    Probably Jeremiahs best evaluation he’s ever done.

  287. MountainHawker

    He might actually be ready for the season

    • PJ in Seattle

      I sure as hell hope so. He is a sunk cost and I want his ass on the field.

      I know a lot of people calling for him to be a post-June 1 cut, but that’s not gonna happen. Pete is married to this dude. Ok, so GTF back on the field and start earning your massive keep, Prez!

      • seahawkward

        Agreed. At this point you gotta see what you can get out of him. You spent so much, you have to. He’s still a talented player. Getting rid of him just to get the bad taste of the trade out of your mouth isn’t smart.

  288. Marc

    Day 3
    Meat potatoes picks. They addressed the offensive and defensive lines. They improved areas of weakness.

    I can’t wait to see them on the field. Go Hawks!

  289. Allen M.

    Rob, I appreciate the video reviews of our team’s new players. Good stuff.

    I was happy to see Duke Manyweather claim the Seahawks have their new starting Center. I was happy Brandon Thorn loves Anthony Bradford. I’m happy you also really like both players at C and G. With three IOL starters slated for FA next season (Lewis, Brown, and Haynes) it’s good to have both competition and depth as well as potential future starters. Players who have traits and skills that fit the scheme.

    The over-arching theme of this draft is TOUGHNESS. We’ve drafted nearly every player with physical and mental toughness in mind, I think. We are going to be the bullies again.

  290. PJ in Seattle

    Dammit – Kuntz to the Jets. Was hoping he’d be our 7th round flyer.

  291. Thomas

    Good value on day three, but you don’t talk about next year’s draft while this one is going on if you thought you did well. John thinks he messed up and I do too.

    But hey, leave it on the field fellas. Prove me wrong. Happy to be so.

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