Live stream today: 2pm PST


  1. cha

    Looking forward to it!

    FWIW Shane Waldron did say some things about Lock yesterday that could signal some progress.

    He referenced that truly dreadful throw I wrote about in my Day One writeup and said he had a chance to do the exact same thing the next day and chose to just tuck the ball and run it out.

    Also mentioned that Lock “finishing strong and keeping a level-headed mindset throughout the course of the day” would seem to indicate that he’s responding to the coaching about making awful decisions like that one on Day One.

    Maybe I’m reaching. But something of note I thought.

    • UkAlex6674

      I think you’re onto something. It shows he is listening and can learn – a good coachable player.

  2. Gaux Hawks

    Any news on Shamarious Gilmore, is he working with the centers at all? Anyone have any thoughts about this guy?

    Please, anyone but Kyle Fuller.

    • Julian L

      Considering this is THE year to be setting up the Offensive Line for a few years to come, I’m a bit concerned with the emphasis that’s being put into entrenching Austin Blythe, Gabe Jackson and Jake Curhan (in the wrong position) as preferred starters.
      Any new QB in 2023, is going to benefit hugely from having a top 10 Offensive Line establishing itself in Seattle next year. Can anyone seriously envisage AB, GJ or JC (at RT) being part of such a group?

      • Rob Staton

        I have no issue with Blythe. He knows the offense and the calls.

        But not letting Lucas learn on the job is a huge issue IMO

        • Peter

          Roster building problem as I see it….if they are not going to let Lucas go with the one’s and maybe you’re drafting him as a backup to curhan (?) …. is this team deep enough everywhere to be spending third round picks on backup RT’s?

          Not for me it isn’t.

          I get the run game is important. But you still need to pass and Curhan was unremarkable overall last year.

        • Ashish

          I’m more worried of stupid decisions like playing Lucas as G. We have seen PC making those bad decisions.

        • Julian L

          I underestimated Mr Blythe’s role in leading this group and making the calls on the line this year. Definitely a known asset for Andy Dickerson as he tries to implement new Offensive Line methods this year.
          For next year, it’ll be another year to look at the draft, as has been the case for a number of seasons now. Again there are some promising Center’s coming through, who might be worth a 2nd round pick?
          Alex Forsyth, Risky Stromberg and Olusegun Oluwatimi a transfer to Michigan are all intriguing?

  3. AlaskaHawk

    We are all interested in the quarterbacks. But it isn’t really relevant to the long term plan. Which should be develop every other position to a higher level except for quarterback. This is the throw away year for quarterbacks. Now if they get lucky with Locke, whoopie that’s great. But I don’t need to follow their perfomance or spend a lot of time on the current QBs until mid-season. The quarterback of the future will be next year or the year after.

    Which is why I am more interested in the performance of everyone else. Thankfully this site has been covering other players as well. So if by chance they do decide to run alot more this year. Tennessee Titans and Derrick Henry have shown that it can be effective.

  4. no frickin clue

    Good stuff Rob! I’m interested in the following:

    – the pass rush – are they showing well so far because they’re actually good, or just because the offensive line is a hot mess?

    – the defensive scheme – if we’re running more of a 3-4 this year, do we have the personnel to run things the way that Sean and Clint will want them to run? Where is our depth thinnest for those purposes?

    – the offensive line – how is Charles Cross looking at LT? Who is ahead in the competition at RT? And will Austin Blythe be serviceable at center, or should Aaron Donald start writing out condolences cards to Geno Smith’s or Drew Lock’s next of kin?

    – the receiving corps – is there anyone stepping up for the #3 WR spot? How are Parkinson and Uncle Will looking at TE?


    • Ashish

      Not Rob, but i got chance to see training session on Monday. On TE, Uncle Will was particularly very good. Parkinson also had some good catches in end zone and intermediate. What was surprising TE #87, he was dropping catches pretty consistently and I was like who is that guy and was surprised latter to know that #87 is Noah Fant. I hope it just a bad day.

  5. cha

    Admiral Motti: Don’t try to frighten us with your sorcerer’s ways, Lord Vader. Your sad devotion to that ancient religion has not helped you conjure up the stolen data tapes, or given you clairvoyance enough to find the Rebels’ hidden fort…

    Darth Marshawn: Brodie, I don’t feel like they feel where I’m comin from, though. You on some other…

    Tarkin: Enough of this. Vader, release him!

    Darth Marshawn: For sure, family.

    • Sea Mode

      Legend! Love it!

    • Robbie

      Literally the best LOL

  6. Mick

    Won’t be able to make it to the live session, but looking forward to watch the recording. If I were to ask a question, it would be: how do we deal with the lack of depth at LB, what’s the plan if Brooks gets injured or Barton flops? It can’t be Bellore.

  7. Tomas

    Always look forward to these, appreciate all the hard work.

  8. JimN

    Been following all the negative and positive spin on things. My sense, is that the D will be much better than last year. In fact i think it will surprise us. Have we underestimated what a good scheme and coaching can bring? I think the talent is there, and over the course of the season will probably gel and become very good. Offense line….I think the talent is there to be average at least. Offense WR, TE, and RB i think are above average? So why all the gloom and doom and 0 -17 projections? QB. So it will ride on the QB’s. I think starting Lock out as #2 was wise and gives him something to aspire to. THIS year, i suspect Lock will end up with the team, and if he is good, i’ll take it. Of course, the plan in 2023 will add another. Someone will need to explain to me what Trey Lance, who is projected by the national media to be good to great, has done to earn that. When i compare him to Lock, i don’t see a real difference. We will see. That is why they play the game!

    • cha

      PC has never had a losing season vs the NFCW. Plenty of 3-3 seasons but never been on the wrong side of the ledger.

  9. hawkfaninMT

    My goodness another spot on eval by Rob Staton!

    Trevor Penning has been removed from OTAs for inciting his 3rd consecutive day of fights. Those judo style throws aren’t so great! Especially when aimed at your own teammates!

    • Big Mike

      Yeah we already have one fake tough guy, didn’t need another, Good call Rob.

    • KD

      Dude, I just got home and saw that story on ESPN. Couldn’t stop giggling to myself, mostly out of relief that we dodged a huge bullet there 😀

    • Sea Mode

      Apparently their not the only ones who need to chill though:

      Brady Henderson

      More physical play: S Bubba Bolden delivered a huge hit on Travis Homer after a catch. DeeJay Dallas, Homer’s college teammate, took exception. Sprinted in and leveled Bolden. Dallas then got escorted off the field. Hardest-hitting Seahawks practice in recent memory by far.

      • Sea Mode


      • Gaux Hawks

        Frank Clark > Germain Ifedi

    • Sea Mode

      Video: what an absolute wannabe tough guy

      • Peter

        Literally had the refused voice in my head…

        “Holding, offense, 10 yards….”

        Followed by

        “Unsportsmanlike conduct.”

        That dude sucks. I’ll take a penalty machine but at least not look like you’re gonna get worked play after play by d-linemen.

        • fudwamper

          Don’t see any penalties. I saw a guy playing to the whistle and a lot of D getting upset about hard practices.

          • Peter

            Right or wrong that’s a textbook holding call.

            Playing to the whistle is fine and great to see. But he’s getting kicked out of practices.

      • CaptainJack

        I was expecting to see some pretty egregious stuff in that video.

        Came away underwhelmed.

        It’s football, not golf. But I get it, it’s 2022.

  10. Tomas

    Peacock footage brilliantly funny, as was Rob’s line about Adams breaking his finger while trying to catch a helmet … and dropping it. Laughs very welcome, well done.

    • Big Mike

      Ditto. Absolutely hysterical even if sadly true.

  11. Sea Mode

    In the meantime, another one of Rob’s player evals comes true:

  12. swedenhawk

    Just re-watched the Saints game. The offense was so putrid, I couldn’t bring myself to watch the second half. But at least one thing can be said for Geno Smith: he knows how to throw the ball away. If he wins the starting job, we’re going to be in for a very long season indeed.

  13. cha

    Peter Schrager
    KJ Wright on
    says he went to the Seahawks with a request for a final 12th season there. They were transparent and said they couldn’t make it happen. Wright didn’t want to wait around and felt it was time. Retired after 11 great years in the NFL. Kudos,

    • Mick

      If I were him and Seattle were to run into a bad streak at LB, I wouldn’t get back to get them out of trouble.

      • UkAlex6674

        Not so sure what they have done wrong here. They are moving on, he has no part in that. Fair play to the club for being honest.

      • Group Captain Mandrake

        I’m not sure what the Seahawks did wrong here. They were very honest with him and he doesn’t appear to hold any grudges. Besides, I doubt they would come back to him if they were short handed anyway. He’s retiring so it’s not like he is some guy trying to stay in game shape hoping that someone calls him with a contract.

        • Stuart

          Lock getting 1st team reps and Lucas 1st snaps. This is fabulous news but isnt Pete Carroll still out?

          Smart moves. Life without Pete looks very good.

          Geno is

  14. Sea Mode

    Doug Kyed

    The #Seahawks worked out QB James Morgan today, per source.

    • TomLPDX

      Who is that?

      • Hoggs41

        I think thats the dude on the label of a rum bottle.

  15. Thomas

    I’m not too worried about how they have handled the O-Line or QB so far. I’m fully prepared to eat my words too FYI. It could all blow sky high.

    That said, I think they want to protect the running backs early on. They’ll give Lucas more time as the season progresses.

    I think they figure Geno will protect the running backs ever so slightly more. As alsol was suggested to me, I think they may also give Geno the opportunity to fail. They probably don’t want to put Lock in against the Broncos for psychological reasons. They can always say they plan to give him more time in the future as he gets up to speed.

    Unless Lock kills it in pre-season, they probably planned to keep him out of the Broncos game anyway.

    Anyway, if that’s what they’re doing it’s a good move. It gives them the best shot to win with the two guys they’ve got, puts Lock in the best position to be evaluated if/when Geno crashes (“might as well give Lock the whole year” is what they could say), and probably protects the RBs.

    The area I’m a little curious about is linebacker. They’re a bit short.

    • Big Boi

      I personally don’t think any of us are as worried about cornerback as we should be. If a team is talking about a 4th round rookie starting on day one, that says more about the cornerback room than it does about the 4th round rookie. Artie and Coleman are becoming journeymen that no one else was interested in, then there’s a bunch of rookies and Sydney Jones. I want to believe in Tre Brown but he’s not even listed on the official roster page on the website anymore, so I’m definitely curbing my enthusiasm.

      Winning defenses are built from the outside in nowadays and other than Diggs, I think the entire back half of our defense is suspect. The fact that they are looking like superstars against Geno and Lock makes me even more worried about how good they really are….

      • Rob Staton

        Winning defense’s are built by the pass rush

        It’s as simple as that

        • Big Boi

          And I consider the majority of the pass rush as being outside in as well. This idea that linebackers are super important just isn’t all that true anymore.

          Can someone check my math? Not seeing Tre Brown on the roster bothered me as I assumed it was just an oversight but I count 90 players on the roster and no Tre Brown and no Liam Ryan though Rhattigan is on there. Aren’t PUP list players still supposed to count against the 90?

          • Gaux Hawks

            BBK, Liam and Tre Brown are at the bottom of the roster webpage under their injury designations… just scroll to the bottom.

            • Big Boi

              But I count 89 guys on the roster, which with Liam and Brown on PUP would put us one over the maximum, wouldn’t it?

  16. cha

    Travon Walker is having a game. That one-handed bull rush on Brandon Parker leading to the sack…my goodness.

  17. Dave Stacey

    Rob, I’ve only seen Topgun twice.
    But I might argue you’re only a true fan when you sport the Goose / Rooster moustache as I now am.

    Good stream, as always, fellas

    • Rob Staton

      Fair play…

      I may see it a fifth time

    • Jordan

      Finally saw it, in Imax no less. Very solid.

      • Rob Staton

        Solid is a very restrained review

        I would go with “sensational”

        • KennyBadger

          Dude my wife hates action movies, so of course I dragged her to it. She loved it. I went back for the IMAX experience. No regerts. A triumph.

  18. cha

    Aaron Wilson
    Seahawks are signing Joel Dublanko following a successful workout, per a league source.
    10:23 AM · Aug 5, 2022

    • no frickin clue

      Dublanko was signed after the Hawks cut Jake Hausmann. Know what this means, right? Dublanko is playing with Haus money. 🙂

      • Big Mike

        Show yourself the door?

    • TomLPDX

      These are pretty impressive numbers!

      Dublanko signed with the Saints after going undrafted earlier this year, but he was dropped by New Orleans in May. He grew up in Washington and went to Cincinnati, which credited him with 113 tackles, 11.5 tackles for loss, 5.5 sacks, an interception, a forced fumble, and a fumble recovery in his final season.

      From Florio’s article:

  19. Ace

    He’s from my town! Amazing to see his accession all the way to the Seahawks! Anything is possible with hard work, wow!

  20. cha

    First two throws in this clip are a good example of Geno vs Lock

    Geno: Crispy zip right where it needs to be to send the runner off

    Lock: Behind the runner, has to contort his body to catch it…loses momentum and would probably take a hit to his back

    A difference you judge the whole QB competition on? Of course not. But that’s what you see a lot of when the Seahawks practice. Geno taking drills seriously, Lock just shrugging.

  21. cha

    Glory Hallelujah From the Heights Above

    Bob Condotta
    Abraham Lucas with starters at right tackle today. First time we’ve seen that in camp.

    • Rob Staton

      At last

    • cha

      Maybe it’s Moving Day

      Bob Condotta
      Drew Lock getting some reps with starting OL today and Geno Smith some with the twos.

      • cha

        Never mind

        Gregg Bell
        End of 7th practice of Seahawks camp. Status mostly quo with quarterback situation. Appeared Drew Lock got 1 snap with the first offensive line, Geno Smith the rest. Lock has had 3 snaps with the 1s in 3 months

    • Sea Mode


    • JulianL

      And Damien Lewis getting reps at Right Guard..?!

      OK, no, I mustn’t get too optimistic!

  22. cha

    Same response as always from PC on the QB competition. Geno has the lead, and struggling to articulate what he likes about Lock and why Lock hasn’t won the job.

    Says the game tomorrow will be important.

    What does Drew Lock need to do to win the job? “Just stay out there. Make good decisions when the opportunity comes. Elusive, quick trigger, really good. Need reps. Find a reason to find the difference between the guys.”

    Lock poor throw Opening Day? “As bad a play as you can make. That’s an example of ‘we’re never doing that again.’ But very effective moving out of the pocket. Watching to see what he brings. Ability throw on the move always been there. Not restricting him other than bonehead decisions. Hasn’t made one since.”

    RT competition? “It’s on man. Three-way competition. Abe done nice so far. Really equipped physically. Jake is a battler. Stone looked better than I thought at right side. We’ll be OK at RT.”

    Asked about Fant, PC pivots to how good Colby Parkinson is.

    • cha

      Dee Eskridge close, itching to get out but might not make it to “opener” so I’m guessing that means Week 1

      Tre Brown a ways off still

      Boye Mafe “We know he can be a factor in the pass rush. Try to get him in specialized pass rushing situations. Want to transition quickly. Hand down rusher, get after it.”

      Also praise for Alton Robinson. Lost 15 lbs and looked great.

      Brooks tweaked Hamstring being careful. PC says he’s been extraordinary.

      Sidney Jones hit his head concerned about concussion.

      • Sea Mode

        Cautiously stoked about Alton. I’m all for accentuating his best trait, his quick get off. Perhaps a side benefit of moving towards a 3-4 that we don’t need to ask the speed rushers to try and bulk up to play 4-3 DE.

  23. Mike

    As well as having Abe Lucas start. We might as well put coby and Tariq on the field if tre brown can’t come back. I don’t think we need to see Artie burns and Sydney jones. Let’s go young.

  24. JimQ

    8/06/2022. My most recent mock draft using PFN simulator with 1 trade down on day 3. Obviously, the rankings will change, but I rather like the players selected, starting with QB-Levis + with their last pick they get QB-Armstrong as a B/U developmental pick. Continuing their recent “double dip” trend that I rather like: 2-QB’s/2-WR’s/2-DL’s, 2-EDGE’s, + 1-CB, & 1-LB. Then go heavy with UDFA & FA veterans for OL, S & LB. This would seem to be a solid tactic for assuring you hit on at least one of the two at positions of need.

    SEA 9. Will Levis QB Kentucky —- NFL MOCK DATABASE = (10) — They get their guy, RW’s replacement.
    SEA 25. Antonio Johnson CB Texas A&M —- NFL MOCK DATABASE = (20) — Continuing the trend, a 6-3 CB
    SEA 40. Jaquelin Roy DT LSU —- (NFL MOCK DATABASE = 62) — Badly needed Help for interior DL
    SEA 57. Zach Harrison EDGE Ohio State—- NFL MOCK DATABASE = (63) — Never have enough pass rushers
    SEA 72. Jack Campbell, LB, Iowa —- NFL MOCK DATABASE = (81) — BPA at LB at this spot and a need.
    SEA 108. Andre Carter II EDGE Army —- NFL MOCK DATABASE = (51) — double dip at EDGE with a big guy
    SEA 140. Ainias Smith WR Texas A&M —- NFL MOCK DATABASE = (150) — Very Shifty & a play maker.
    SEA 142. Colby Wooden DL, Auburn —- NFL MOCK DATABASE = (118) — More DL help, & he fell.
    SEA 175. Jayden Reed WR/KR Michigan St. —- NFL MOCK DATABASE = (205) — Shifty & a ++ punt returner.
    SEA 196. Brennan Armstrong QB, Virginia —- NFL MOCK DATABASE = (192) — A Developmental B/U?

    • samprassultanofswat

      Jim Q. Do you really believe that Will Levis is going to slip all the way to the 9th pick in the draft? IF Levis falls to number 9 in the draft then you have a bunch of GMs that have no idea what they are doing.

      • Troy

        pat mahomes drafted #10 overall, Brady in the 6th, Wilson in the 3rd…

  25. samprassultanofswat

    Geno Smith by the stats.

    Folks Geno Smith has a record. Life-time completion percentage of 58%. 37 career INTS. 34 Career TDs. The guy is not even a model citizen. He gets into fights in the locker room. Not only was he arrested for Drunken Driven. But he threatened police officers.

    I don’t even know if I a can stomach watching Geno Smith as the starting QB.

    • Big Boi

      I’ve brought it up before and it bothers me that no one else has. Driving erratically while going 96 in a 60, visibly intoxicated and belligerent to the point that the Seahawks director of team security had to come to try to calm him down. Made threatening and offensive statements to the police officers and now says “everything will be taken care of”. I’ll be honest, I’m tired of behavior from these wanna-be divas that just gets swept under the rug and I kind of hope he gets put in jail for a few days (reckless driving, DUI, gross misdemeanor speeding, drunk and disorderly, threatening police would certainly land me in jail for at least a few days). I guess we should just be grateful he didn’t hurt anybody but I definitely wish it was talked about more and not ignored. It’s pretty disgusting to be honest.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Ask for a ride or call a cab!

  26. Big Boi

    So now Shane Waldron has gone back to the good ol’ Seahawks patented playbook of saying “we’ve got a plan” but will keep it in house. I’m frankly pretty tired of this. Oooohh, wow, you must be the smartest coaching group in the league that has such a super star plan that no one in the league can figure out, and when you unleash it on September 12 it’s just gonna blow everyone away because no one saw it coming. Playoffs here we come!

    Let’s run through the options, because, Shane, there really aren’t that many secret things you could possibly be cooking up in the lab that the other teams can’t figure out in 10 seconds flat.

    Option 1: Everything is as it seems and Geno is the starter. This would make the most sense as trying to obfuscate some secret plan requires way too much work and takes away from the practices you should be doing.

    Option 2: Lock is the starter but we don’t want anyone to know so those gosh darn Broncos are caught off guard. If this is your secret plan, it’s a crap plan because now you’re trotting out a team that has been able to essentially only practice it’s gameplan in secret. Plus somehow you’d have to have Geno be complicit.

    Option 3: We have decided to really double down on failed offensive philosophies and will be rotating QBs. I’ll be straight up– this is such an absolutely tremendously terrible idea, it probably wouldn’t surprise me.

    Option 4: We have been tampering with Jimmy G and he has the playbook. Once he gets released, he’s ready to hit the ground running since he’s not getting released until after the last preseason game if he’s getting released at all.

    Option 5: We are running the ball every play.

    That’s it. There are no other options for the “We have a plan but we’re keeping it in house” crew.

    Please. Just be honest with us. The QB situation blows chunks and you’ll make the best of it. We are all TOTALLY fine with that. This is rebuilding and we need to build the foundation of the house before the new QB moves in. We mostly think that’s a GREAT plan. Don’t pander to us with your silly platitudes, trying to make it seem like you’re working on some special plan. It’s frankly offensive. If I had a nickel for every time a 12 says “They have a plan, we just don’t what it is” in nervous anticipation and schoolboy excitement, I’d be able to buy the team myself.

    • Ryan Purcell

      If they said they have a “process” that they don’t feel like sharing would that make it better?? Instead of a plan? Because that seems like where they are at. There’s no secret plan other than “put the guy out there who helps us win the most.” And the process and judging the process with reveal who that QB is.

      • Big Boi

        100%. Because it is a process and the process needs to play itself out and, to be honest, even they’re not sure how it will end up (I’m sure they have a hope for how it’ll turn out but are willing to let it play out).

        But this whole “we’ve got a plan and we’re keeping it in house” is just so…. silly and, frankly, offends the fans’ intelligence.

    • Big Mike

      “….smartest coaching group in the league with a super star plan no one can figure out…”

      Yes, like when they let Russ cook until the league got film on it and made adjustments and pur counter adjustments were to go turtle and regress back to 1970s offense?
      We’ve seen this show before. And yeah, I could see option 3.

  27. Sea Mode

    Sherm in the house. Wonder how he buried the hatchet with Pete after all that was said.

    • Rob Staton

      Pete should tell him to bugger off

  28. cha

    Mock game first half standouts

    Drew Lock
    Kenneth Walker
    Dereke Young

    Tariq Woollen
    The edges

    • Rob Staton

      Based purely on the numbers, sounds like Lock took a big step forward to overtake Smith today.

      • cha

        Most definitely

        • bmseattle

          That’s great to hear!
          Really the first positive news regarding Lock, yet.
          Maybe when he can use his legs in a “game” situation, he performs better.

    • Ashish

      We know what to expect from Geno. Lock has hope of upside as interim solution for QB. We need decent QB so our WR and Offense get good practice

  29. AlaskaHawk

    I’m really hoping the running backs will make this easy for the offense.

  30. CaptainJack

    Lol. The best part about this off season is the absolutely realistic looking chance that Trey Lance isn’t significantly better than drew lock.
    Kyler and kliff hate each other. Kingsbury is throwing his qb under the bus to local media. Not surprising for a coach who failed up from a mediocre big 12 team to the nfl.
    Matthew Stafford’s tendons are last weeks microwaved leftovers

    It’s happening, Seahawks winning the nfc west the year after trading Wilson

    • CaptainJack

      On a more serious note, I can’t understand the mindset of the people stressing over how many snaps each bargain bin oline bum on the roster gets with the first team. They’re churning through players getting looks and collecting information about whose worth keeping around a year from now. That’s all. This is the least talented Seahawks team in over a decade. Any entertainment gleamed from this season will be a major bonus for me.

  31. Henry Taylor

    Damn encouraging read, similar to what we’ve been hearing but great to se it from someone like Breer rather than a beat reporter who is more inclined to spin the positive.

    “Add it up, and it looks like Pete Carroll and John Schneider could have a foundational class here.”

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