NEW: Live stream with Hawkblogger

Brian Nemhauser from Hawkblogger and I get into the big topics relating to the Seahawks. This is the first of a big week of streaming shows. Jeff Simmons will join me on Wednesday too and Robbie and I will join up at some point before the weekend.

I’ve also got a big piece scheduled for tomorrow on my plan for the Seahawks for 2022 onwards.


  1. cha

    Going head to head with the Pete Carroll press conference I see.

    I know I yammer on about the Seattle press corps, but it’s a pure indictment of the fact that I’d rather be watching two bloggers talk about the Seahawks than, you know, the press corps with the ACTUAL Seahawks talking about the Seahawks.

    Even money somebody asks Pete to comment on Super Bowl 40 this week and Pete will blink and jokingly ask them, “You realize I wasn’t coaching the Seahawks then, right?”

    And if someone tells me one more time in a condescending manner that I couldn’t possibly comprehend the genius of how they’re using Jamal Adams and the cornerbacks this year…

    • Rob Staton

      “How useful is a player like Bobby Wagner with his experience at a time like this?”

      “Is Rashaad Penny close?”

      “How good is it to have two quality receivers to help Geno?”

      Blah blah blah

      • Tomas

        Great, looking forward to all these shows, greatly enjoy and appreciate your efforts.

      • Roy Batty

        Personally, I would love to hear Pete do an imitation of Alex Lifeson’s Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame speech.

        Much more entertaining to hear blah, blah, blah a hundred times than the evasive, relentlessly uninformative drivel he normally spews.

        • Big Mike

          From one (huge) Rush fan to likely another, great call man!

  2. Matt

    Oh boy…this will be interesting.

  3. Big Mike

    Damn it, I have aa Dr. appointment at 3:45 this afternoon. Guess I’ll have to re-watch on Youtube later. 🙁

    • Big Mike

      I should be able to watch the one with Jeff tomorrow and Robbie later in the week at least.

  4. Tomas

    Big Ben looked good yesterday. Listening to 710 AM a bit today, I find it quite amazing that many think we should definitely defeat the Steelers on Sunday, and that, with Geno, we’ll have the edge at QB. Give me even a broken-down Ben over Geno. I’ll bet a pint that Ben throws for 300 plus yards, and at least two scores.

    • Rob Staton

      That’s very optimistic from 710

      The Steelers are what they are but if I were them, I’d be salivating over this game on Sunday

    • KSB

      What I’ve learned over the years. The local sports radio guys are almost always telling us they expect the Hawks to win.

      I’m not so sure. The Steelers will have a week to prepare for Geno as the QB. Looked at the spread and I see the Steelers are favored by 4.5 points.

      Before Russ got hurt. I expected the Hawks to come out of there with a win. But now, I’m not so sure?

    • Palatypus

      I’m picking the Stealers to win this week in my Survivor league. I may even take the Jags over Seattle.

  5. Sea Mode

    Eager for that big piece to drop. 👍

    • Rob Staton

      It’s good to go… will drop Tuesday.

      We also have a quarter-season review from Cha coming this week

      More streams

      Busy times

      Not to mention I’m travelling to watch England tomorrow — and I’m trying to finish Squid Game (which I think is a bit overrated)

      • Leo

        Apparently South Korean viewers are befuddled by its global popularity haha. The consensus there was that it was a poor Battle Royale rip-off.

        • Rob Staton

          I think it’s so contrived. Like they sat down to write a tug-at-the-heart-strings episode and a ‘really violent’ episode and none of it is natural really.

          Plus they create lots of scenarios where convenient things happen. They set up this scenario, it plays out exactly as they expect, thus the story moves along. Or a situation where this person suggests something, another person falls for it perfectly, now you’ll feel this way about the whole thing.

          I look forward to watching it and I’m interested. But I also think people are going OTT on how good it is.

          And I wanted to kick the lead right up the arse in the first episode.

          • Roy Batty

            Recently I watched the first episode of a new series with my wife. At the 30 minute mark I turned to her and said that I couldn’t watch it anymore. The lead male character was written so poorly that I couldn’t take it. Absolute torture. I actually wanted him to get killed off, immediately. Unfortunately, that was never going to happen since his character was the last man on Earth and the show revolved around that premise. “Y: The Last Man”…ugh.

            She laughed and agreed, and that show has never played on our TV since.

            • L80

              The final season of Goliath was awesome, we burned through 8 episodes in 3 days.

  6. AlaskaHawk

    Good interview Rob. It was nice to get someone with a different viewpoint to chat with.

    His points about finding a skilled person to lead the organization were spot on. After hearing of all the changes that have occurred on offense for Russell, I’m thinking maybe Pete is more accommodating than I thought. Or maybe the running game is so bad that Russell ends up throwing more often? I guess my biggest issues with Pete is his player evaluations and compensation, and his pick for defensive coach.

    Russell wise, I don’t think he’s a long term solution because he isn’t learning or is unwilling to do new tricks. The slants, the screens, scrambling backwards instead of throwing the ball away. Even the long ball looked underthrown this year. But he is a great quarterback that almost gets you there, if only we had a great running back and offensive line, and a great defense.

    My overall impression is that there are going to be alot of changes occurring in the next few years.

  7. Roy Batty

    It was so nice to watch two intelligent fans have a reasonable discussion.

    I appreciated Brian’s take on a complete rebuild. Trade everyone of any decent value, accumulate the picks, save what money you can. And, the single biggest decision of the rebuild will be the hiring of the one person in charge of the entire thing. Someone who will not hesitate to dump a coach or impose their will when the ship needs to be put back on course.

    • Matt

      My problem with Brian is that he has a massive blindspot with Pete Carroll. He cannot seem to grasp the difference between “well he brought in 3 different coordinators” and having a stranglehold on the philosophy of how the offense should function.

      I still can’t get an answer out of these folks as to what PC brings to the table in 2021 that’s an advantage for the Seahawks without getting the response of “well it’s hard to find a HC.” Sure…I agree with that, but we are not talking about replacing John Harbaugh, here. We are talking about a defensive minded, culture building coach who has a terrible defense and not much of a culture, anymore.

      • Roy Batty

        Yeah, I don’t believe in a complete rebuild, like Brian, but I did like the fact that he was pushing all his chips in front of him. He wasn’t shying away from saying, in essence, burn it all down and start from scratch.

        I’m of the mindset that it takes the right coaching staff and about 5 good, new players to start the rebuild. A combo of draft picks and vets. There are holes everywhere, but you can’t plug them all at once. The new coach, and possibly GM, would have to identify the most glaring need, then rank the rest for future consideration.

        All that said, nothing matters unless you have one true leader of this franchise. Whether that is a new GM, president or even owner, it cannot be the head coach. That should never happen again. I want someone in charge who has the power and attitude that makes it known, “You answer to me.”

    • Palatypus

      Jon Gruden is now available.

      Too soon?

  8. Blitzy the Clown

    Johnathan Taylor…what might have been.


  9. Robert Las Vegas

    You Know I was watching the 49ers and Arizona game and I was thinking when Tom Brady left New England one of his first choices was playing for the 49ers growing up that was his favorite team. Imagine the head coach and gm saying we are good with Jimmy G and then one year later trading a boat load for Trey Lance. Egads.i know people will say we should unload guys before the deadline my question is who is going to bring you anything? Duane brown get a 4 round pick how about Quandre Diggs maybe a 4 or 5 if that?does anyone know that Jon Gruden contact with the Raiders was for 10 years who the hell signs a football coach for 10 years

  10. cha

    Actually a pretty good press conference with Pete. A couple good questions that Pete just brushed off, and got a little pissy with the questioners.

    Fantastic question about the communication not getting through to the players (referencing Pete’s ‘we see it in practice but not on Sundays’ comments) and he said “yeah we’re working real hard at getting better. Everybody’s in on it, we’re all together on that” with an air of ‘don’t ask me any more about this.’

    Pete was asked about Jordyn Brooks and how poorly the linebackers have played in the passing game, he said

    “He’s working on it. We’re working at it, we’re going to get better, we’re going to get a lot better. This is really an area of improvement for us that’s easy, we’ve been challenged in it a bit more than we need to and we just got to get our set right.”

    Better be ready to keep answering these types of questions Pete. If it’s so ‘easy’ then why aren’t you guys fixing the problems?

    • Big Mike

      Cuz it’s about Jimmys and Joes way more than Xs and Os and Pete ain’t good at drafting/acquiring them.

      • Roy Batty

        Was Earl Thomas the last Seahawk to have his 5th year option exercised?

        Let that little tidbit sink in.

        • Rob Staton

          Earl didn’t have a fifth year option.

          He signed in the old CBA

          • Roy Batty

            That’s even more damning. Not a single 5th year option was exercised since Carpenter was drafted.

  11. cha

    Gruden no longer the coach of the Raiders per Schefter.

    Ugly, ugly stuff arose.

    The New York Times
    · 1h
    Breaking News: The NFL coach Jon Gruden used misogynistic and homophobic language for years, a review of his emails shows. He denounced the emergence of women referees, the drafting of a gay player and the tolerance of protests during the national anthem.

    • Big Mike

      Yeah Shefter broke in on MNF and announced it.

      • Paul Cook

        I just read a some newspaper reporting articles. Had no idea what a red neck a-hole he was. Way beyond the mere hyper-woke/hi octane politically correct stuff. Glad he’s out. Busted for being a jerk..

    • JLemere

      RW is going to need a new list of teams he wants to be traded to.

    • DriveByPoster

      Never liked him. Glad he’s gone. Hopefully he’ll never work in the NFL again. There’s no place for that kind of crap.

  12. Jordan

    Trade Pete to Vegas for a 1st and Gus.

    Say what you will about Pete, but he’s the perfect guy for organizational palate cleansing.

    • Big Mikepissed

      Ooooh, recover one of those firsts he pissed away on a peacock. Maybe we can ship he and Alan to them too.

    • Justaguy

      I almost posted the same but saw you beat me to it. Bravo!

      • Roy Batty

        Well, even if it turned out the way it did for the Raiders and Bucs, at least we’d be in another Super Bowl.

  13. cha

    Calais Campbell.

    A third down stop for a loss, and then blocking a FG try on back to back plays.

    He’s good.

  14. UP Hawk

    After watching tonight’s MNF game, why couldn’t we have traded an R 1 for Campbell last year to Jacksonville instead of two with a 3 to the Jets. Talk about changing a game

  15. Frank

    Absolutely love the willingness to really get into the heavy stuff and have diverging options represented. Appreciate the silver lining about being able to separate coach and QB and see if it’s bad scheme, bad roster, or just a QB who isn’t great at taking the free stuff the defenses give you. Everything that was covered on bad roster building is absolutely correct, but think it’s heavily exasperated bye not getting first down, not controlling the clock, taking bad sacks, always just going for the home run regardless of if it makes sense situationally. Really think they should be offering the Eagles a low draft pick for Minshew about now, and letting him run with it for a few months and maybe earning the shot to be the next guy here. Not sure what the point in letting Geno play it out, other than maybe trying to get some trade value out of him. We don’t have a first round pick, so no reason to tank.

  16. OP_Chillin

    Lamar Jackson. 37/43 for 442 yards and 4 TDs. Over 80% completion percentage and over 10 YPA. Not at all bad for a running back.

    • Matt

      It’s cool he has a coach that tailored an offense to his specific skill set.

      • OP_chillin

        Eh I wouldn’t say Roman’s pass schemes are anything to write home about. His run game coordination is legit going back to those early 2010s niners days.

        From the bits and pieces of the second half I saw most of it was Lamar taking what the defense gave him with quick throws and balancing that with making big time throws and extending plays judiciously.

        Looks like nothing was working the first half so not like he had a perfect game but the stats are sparkling in the end. Apparently he’s the first QB to throw for over 400 yards while maintaining a completion % over 85. Pretty crazy.

    • Jeff

      late to the party but: a lot of that production was in garbage time, making the rare successful comeback against a pretty bad defense. The fact that he *had* to make that heroic combeback was due to three quarters of poor play.

      That’s not to take anything away from Lamar, it’s just to say that his performance in that game was not nearly what those stats suggest.

  17. Paul Cook

    Nice stream with Hawkblogger, Rob. Enjoyed.

  18. kza

    Rob, you and Hawkblogger are the only two I follow for Seahawks. Wonderful conversation, really enjoyed it. Great to see that a level headed discussion can be had for “unpopular” topics.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks — appreciate you saying that

  19. Kyle

    The two best minds covering the Seahawks today, going at it. Simply awesome, thank you

    • Rob Staton


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