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  1. Hawk Finn

    I am here to own the fact that I was livid when Pete Carroll was hired over Leslie Frazier. It was a lazy and desperate hire of a retread coach who only found success at the college level. Happy to have been wrong. Regardless of how/when Pete ends his time in Seattle, I am grateful for his culture-shifting contributions.

    Also grateful to Rob for all the hard work put in over the years. Same to all the contributors to this site. It is a wonderful environment to engage in ‘Hawk talk, unlike some other sites I used to frequent. Here’s to many more years of balanced and reason-based discussion, even after Dick Jauron is appointed as Pete’s successor.

  2. Julian L

    Well if it is the end for Pete Carrol, I’m sure the question will be raised then who? Here is a name I’d like to throw into the mix, Shane Steichen.

    As I was so persuaded by Rob’s argument last year for an Offensive minded coach, I still think this would be a good approach and this guy’s has a very impressive career to date, most recently as the Philadelphia Eagles Offensive Co ordinator. Have a look at his Bio;

    He’s also articulate, communicating well in pressers and here discussing last years off season recruits for the Eagles.

    He understands the value of having a top Offensive Line, glowing about drafting Cam Jurgen’s in the video above, but perhaps most excitingly, he’s seemingly a fundamental reason that Justin Herbert had such a successful Rookie season, and Jalen Hurt’s is flourishing as a rusher and passer under his direction, despite Hurt’s having limitations.

    I’d be very excited to see what Shane Steichen could do with Anthony Richardson.
    In Seattle?

    • Big Mike

      If they draft Richardson especially or Levis imo they REALLY need an offensive HC if Carroll is gone. You make a compelling argument for Steichen.

      • Julian L

        Thanks Mike, I also meant to point out he’s a West Coast guy, from Sacremento. Don’t know if that plays into anything?

        • RugbyLock

          It’d be cool having a home town boy coach the Hawks

    • Paul

      We could have read the same kind of thing about Nathaniel Hackett. There may be no bigger leap in the NFL than from coordinator to head coach. A franchise is much more likely to wind up with Jim Mora Jr than Sean McVey.

      Anyway, there’s no way that Carroll is going to walk away from five day 1-2 draft choices. That would require direct pressure from Jody Allen, which will not happen one year after she backed him over Russell Wilson and when—no matter what happens the rest of the year—the team’s record is going to exceed expectations.

      • Rob Staton

        A polite word of advice if I may. You don’t get to pick the most extreme negative example and base an argument around it. Philly has the best record in the NFL after appointing Indy’s offensive coordinator, who didn’t even run Indy’s offense, and couldn’t get through his opening press conference without looking or sounding like a nervous wreck.

        So if you get to use Hackett, I can use Nick Siriani and say Seattle will be the best team in the league if they move on from Carroll. See how dumb this kind of debating is?

        Also, you don’t get to speak about what will definitely happen. I bet you were one of the people saying Wilson wouldn’t be traded. Please stop, this type of stuff just lowers the level of conversation and I will ensure that doesn’t happen.

        • Sean

          Rob- is there any talk of Mike LaFleur as a HC candidate? From the Shanahan, Mcvay, Zac Taylor, McDaniel tree. Would he be a fit with Waldron?

  3. Ok

    @hawkfinn I always appreciate a good self callout.

    I’ve been ready for Pete to leave, for a few seasons. Now that it might be in the horizon I am emotionally conflicted, and will feel sadness when he goes (if that is soon). Carroll leaving, it seems like a fine time to do so.

    Off topic, who is ‘better’ : Penny or Walker? I think Penny.

    Too bad hawks didn’t get Pierce as well, again, Rob knew

    • seaspunj

      Penny has been brittle throughout his career which wasnt the case vs his college years

      a hybrid of both would be ideal as 1 rb. i would hope they hit a late round RB as years past like Chris Carson or Spencer Ware

      i wouldn’t sign Penny because he hasnt proved to be reliable enough

    • Peter

      A case could be made for pierce.

      Walker > penny.

      Walker is almost over penny’s best yardage total and has more tds this season then any season penny played.

      Btw penny only has 13 for his career.

    • Simo

      At this point, Walker is probably the better overall back. He’s younger with a lot less injury history, so I would rather have him than Penny.

      I’d like to make a case for bringing back Penny in 23 though. I expect he can be had fairly cheap, and on a one year deal, given the injury history and small sample size of production. He knows this offense and has shown he can be productive when healthy.

  4. Trevor

    Greg Bell Tweet

    Pete Carroll says his switch to Seahawks defensive system as more 3-4 based is here to stay, for 2023 and beyond. Says it gives the defense more versatility than it’s ever had in his program.

    So there’s that.

    • Big Mike

      So then, about your personnel fit with the scheme Pete….

      • Big Mike

        Oh and btw Pete, a quick check around the league and it sure looks like the teams running the Fangio scheme are really struggling including your team. How do expect you’ll overcome that and based on the struggles we see, and is that possible without Fangio actually in the DC position?

        The questions were hanging right there for you to ask Bell. Why didn’t you? Lapdog?

    • Matt

      Our local media is just worthless. Gregg is one of the worst offenders. These people missed their calling as PR for North Korea.

      “How good is Bobby Wagner?”
      “Why are you so handsome?”
      “Why is your perfect scheme being failed by everyone else?”

      Again…I was fully on board the PC wagon and truly loved him and those teams. I just find myself in a bad marriage where divorce is inevitable and everybody is hanging on because “good luck having a Christmas like the one we had in 2013!”

      Old Yeller is rabid…time to put him down and move on.

    • Rob Staton

      I heard Carroll’s answer and it was nowhere near as definitive as that tweet says

      He almost just wanted to get the question out of the way

      • Roy Batty

        That’s what I thought as well.

        What’s he supposed to say.

        “Yeah, our scheme and all the coaches we hired to make that scheme work are bad, so we will change direction next year.”

        All while still fighting for a playoff spot.

        The man is the head of an NFL franchise.

  5. Blitzy the Clown

    Adam Schefter

    Former Bengals’ HC Marvin Lewis said this week that he would like another chance to be an NFL head coach again, and he believes he would be better for it.


    There will be options…

    • seaspunj

      if there is a coaching change

      my vote is Dan Quinn and have Gus Bradley as DC and allow Waldron to develop another season as OC

  6. Big Mike

    Is there anyone here willing to wager me say a cold one on this?:

    So I see at the end of the previous thread that Ryan Neal is the highest rated Safety in the entire NFL per PFF. Jamal Adams ranked in the 60s the 2 years here he played the majority of a season. I will wager anyone here that if Pete Carroll is still in Seattle, Jamal Adams will be the starting SS week 1 of next season and Neal will either be on the bench or playing elsewhere. Anyone up for that bet?

    • Connor

      I’m curious if it is at all scheme related. I remember Neal being a decent backup similar to Mcdougal, but not a top ten type guy. Curious how well Adams would have done had he been made of anything other than glass bound together by ego. Diggs has had plenty of opportunities to shine and has consistently dropped the ball.

    • Roy Batty

      That’d be a suckers bet.

      Always Compete died many years ago.

      The only way Pete doesn’t start Adams is if Pete retires or Adams isn’t medically cleared to play.

  7. Trevor

    What I want to see more than anything this off-season free agent period is two things.

    First get rid of all the bad contracts. Take the dead $ next season and be done with it. Adams, Diggs, Jefferson and Harris should all be cap hits and could clear $38 million in cap space.

    Second and more importantly enough with the 1-2 mid level veteran deals which is all JS has done for 4-5 years now. When was the last impact free agent signing? Doing the 1-2 yr deals just feels lazy and like it is trying to temporarily fill holes on the roster. Even when you hit on a guy like Nwosu this year the deals don’t make sense as now he is entering a free agent season instead of being a core piece of the defense going forward you can build around.

    Want to see the Hawks identify 4-5 young free agents coming off rookie deals that could become core pieces going forward and try to sign 2-3 of them to long term 4-5 yr deals so they become core players to grow with last years and this years draft classes. Not sure if if they make it to free agency but some names that come to mind are Termaine Edmunds (LB/ Buffalo) Chauncey Gardner Johnson ( FS / Eagles), Garett Bradbury (C / Vikings), Isiah Wynn (OL / Patriots) Da’ron Payne (DT / Wash). I am sure some of these guys don’t make it to free agency but these are the type of players I would prefer the Hawks take a chance on signing longer term rather than a bunch of JAGs on 1-2 yr deals which clearly does not work.

    • Peter

      I too do not understand the free agent calculus that has guys on 2 year deals.

      With the geno situation it’s going to hard to pursue many free agents unless it’s more of the current formula for “prove it,” guys.

      • Peter

        Just for laughs I see current highest rated safety is going to be a free agent.

    • cha

      It is not the structure of the deals that is problematic.

      It is the players they acquire and their fit on the team.

      • Hawk Finn

        I don’t see it as an “either/or”. The contract structure, player fit, and even prioritization is and has long been an issue; e.g., refusing to pay proven pass rushers $20m while investing it in low impact positions like TE, LB, and S. I share Trevor’s frustration here, especially when other franchises make things happen with virtually no adverse consequences to their cap.

        • cha

          I take your point but it really isn’t how you do it, as long as you do it well.

          • Hawk Finn

            And that’s the rub, isn’t it? They really haven’t done it particularly well, just “well enough” 🫤

  8. Robert Las Vegas

    Rob thank you for the podcast with Jeff it brings me to a quick question for you . Okay you brought up the point about Anthony Richardson and college career at Florida was 12 games and it is a little concerning because I remember Trey Lance played 16 games in college.not a lot of experience . Like Brock Purdy from the 49ers played 48 games at Iowa State, DTR at UCLA has started 47 games as well. Is experience a factor at all to you? And how much so ?

    • Rob Staton

      Sure — especially if you’re wanting someone to start quickly

      But with Richardson I’d want to redshirt him

  9. 805Hawk

    Hahaha! Diggs made the Pro Bowl as a starter. Dear Lord, what is happening?!?

    • Big Mike

      Surely you posted this to give us all a good laugh during what can be a stressful holiday season. Right? I mean, right?

    • Rob Staton

      Says everything we need to know about the stupidity of the Pro Bowl

    • cha

      And still no Pro Bowl for Tyler Lockett as a WR.

      • Big Mike

        Very wrong. One of the most under appreciated/ under publisized players I’ve ever seen on any team.
        In the right category, Tariq is a Pro Bowler. Well deserved.

  10. Blitzy the Clown

    Jason Myers is a pro bowl Kicker y’all 😮

    And Seattle still has a pro bowl QB despite trading their pro bowl QB

    Congrats Geno and Jason

    • Big Mike

      At the risk of jinxing him, Myers has been money all year. Very well deserved.
      Well deserved for Geno too of course.

  11. Tomas

    I fear it’s wishful thinking to imagine there’s any realistic chance that Carroll will surrender his impregnable position of power. Absent failing health, which I certainly don’t wish on Pete, I am steeled to the probabality that Pete will continue for the remainder of his contract. Step down to allow a new regime to deploy the forthcoming draft picks? That’s not his style.

    • Rob Staton

      Why isn’t it?

      He nearly retired at the end of 2017

  12. Trevor

    If Richardson and Levis are on the board when the Hawks pick and they decide to go QB which guy is your choice. Would love to hear your thoughts Rob and everyone else.

    Ask this realizing things can change a lot during the draft process (Pro Day, Senior Bowl, Combine ) where I expect they will both shine.

  13. Roy Batty

    A nice variety of EDGE players in this draft. Not necessarily all first rounders, but a good amount of light, medium and heavier prospects for the first and second rounds.

    Guys like Nolan Smith make me wonder if he could become a hybrid off ball LB, with the EDGE and blitz duty mixed in. The guy has tremendous speed and relentlessly pursues the ball carrier. Pack on a few more pounds, but not too much, so he can hold up against the much larger tackles and guards.

  14. Robert Las Vegas

    Rob if the Seahawks drafted bijan Robinson at pick 12 how much Seattle Seahawks twitter implode . He is arguably one of the best college players in this draft. I personally wouldn’t hate it . I am guessing that many would.

    • Peter

      I’m very pro runningback. I just don’t think that where this team is at there’s value in him.

      I think greater consistency from the run game is needed. But as much as I want Seattle to be a team that can draft BPA and keep rolling this team has actual needs.

      That said…..I personally give zero craps about draft rankings. Up there with many other speculative markets it’s pretty fake. If they took Robinson at 12 and he was awesome it wouldn’t matter. It only matters if they take him and he’s mediocre.

      • cha

        I think the neglected area of the running game when talking about crafting team structure is the OL.

        Drafting Bijan would be awesome and a one-two combo would be a sight to see. But to maximize their investment they would need to sort out the OL, particularly the interior.

        I think it is safe to say that Gabe Jackson is gone this offseason and it wouldn’t shock me if Blythe is not back either.

        It will be Year 2 of the Dickerson coaching era and they will be further able to implement his vision in their acquisitions. Maybe that would bear more fruit in making the OL workable.

        If they were to have Bijan & Walker with an okay OL, it would still be very good. To have them with even a slightly above-average line, look out.

        • TomLPDX

          If we get rid of JAckson, can we PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE move DLew back to right guard where he belongs and get a solid center that we can build with for years to come?

          • cha

            They might be risking messing him up again. Depending on what they do, I could easily see them sticking with him at LG.

            • TomLPDX

              He does seem to be holding his own there from what my uneducated eye can tell.

              • Hawk Finn

                Agreed. I’m no OL Whisperer, but he seems to have overcome the growing pains.

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      I would love to have him. That would be a helluva 1-2 punch with K9. I’m with Peter though. There are just too many holes on this roster. He is a great player, but he feels like a luxury pick for this team.

  15. Forlorn fan

    In the end Pete has accomplished what was the very most important things needed to move on from the previous era other than unload Jamal Addams. RW was a absolute nightmare to manage and his ability to be a better than average QB had long since passed, Wagner had an albatross contract, and finally found an offensive coordinator that seems like a rising young talent, and restocked the cupboards on draft picks after setting fire to them for years all while adding a few talented rookies that have given plenty of reasons for optimism and created a situation that could entice a coach to want the job. The foundation has been laid for a promising situation, and yet is still to far away to think a Super Bowl team is a year or two away. It’s the absolute perfect time for PC to ride off into the sunset draped in a deep appreciation from the fans, owners, and players.

    If Waldron can be retained I don’t particularly see a reason for an offensive minded Head Coach while the biggest problem by a mile is the lack of a quality defensive play. Why focus on fixing what’s okay, when the defense is such an abomination? PC has done so much better with offensive hires and philosophy than anyone could have imagined, but the pass rush issues and run defense shouldn’t ever be as challenging to fix as the Seahawks have made it look since the LOB.

    • Peter

      Unpopular opinion:

      As the season winds (grinds) down has this team added a “few,” rookies that give them optimism?

      Obviously Woolen. And I think Lucas has played very much like a player on a great path. That two players.

      Cross? On the one hand, yes he is in fact a LT. Serviceable? Probably. Someone to build around by the time that fifth year option comes in to play?….I don’t know.

      Mafe. Blog and personal favorite who, for reasons -namely let’s play Irvin for no good reason- has done nothing. I assume that this will be remedied next year. But Taylor’s regression and the way this team doesn’t build players (alton robinson) who knows if he’s a building block.

      Walker. I’ve enjoyed him. He’s neither lit the game on fire nor been a waste of a pick. In two years time or so will he be a prominent part of something hopeful? Hard to say with his sometimes streaky play.

      Coby Bryant. Let’s do the seahawky thing and completely play a guy out of position and wonder why they aren’t doing well.

      I kind of feel like the quality of the draft was settled on draft week and showed a lot of promise. I’m admittedy pretty bummed that this seahawks team is the react team I’ve been watching since 2019. So apologies for my grumpiness.

      It’s hard to see many building blocks on this team just like last year.

      Still need an upgrade at:

      -Every dline spot if they are going to continue this experiment.
      -need new ILBs. Both.
      -Either need brand new OLB’s that can rush or better coaching
      -another safety
      -every interior oline spot could be improved
      -another runningback
      -a better TE ?

      • Peter

        Not react team but…

        The exact same team I’ve been watching for years.

      • Group Captain Mandrake

        Pretty on point, but I think a huge part of Walker’s up and down play has been the absolute inability of the line to run block for a pretty good chunk of the season. I am assuming part of that is relying on rookie tackles and part of it is on Austin Blythe getting pushed around quite a bit, as well as Gabe Jackson just kind of sucking.

        • Peter

          I’m still very high on walker. That oline needs a lot of work.

        • Roy Batty

          Even when Walker hasn’t been given a big hole to run through, that guy finds a way when the line hasn’t completely collapsed.

          All he needs is a little time to negotiate the line and he is gone, weaving in and around engaged defenders.

          As it stands now, he receives the handoff and is smothered.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        That’s kinda harsh about Cross Peter.

        In the Carroll era, Seattle have had only 4 primary LTs — Okung, Fant, Brown and now Cross

        I don’t think Cross has been any worse than Brown was, or even Okung for that matter. And he’s head and shoulders better than Fant or any of other no names who might have played like Bradley Sowell.

        And he’s a bloody rookie.

        Also, take a step back and look at the situation from 30,000 feet — you listed 6 rookies for Seattle who are starting or playing significant minutes. Can you name another team who’s getting that kind of contribution from their rookie class? I don’t think you can.

        I’m not trying to sunny up your harsh or anything. I just don’t see the same warts you do.

        • Peter

          I didn’t say he was bad. I said serviceable. And I do not know yet if he’s a core piece.

          It’s great the rookies are playing. But rookies playing and being able to predict great pieces moving forward are different things.

          Notice I didn’t say I was down on any of the players at all.

          What I said is that aside from Lucas and Woolen I’ve not seen any players that are locks to be pieces the team grows with. And I don’t think that’s particularly harsh. I don’t think it’s mafe’s fault that he isn’t getting more reps. Or coby is playing nickel. But if these patterns persist and say mafe doesn’t sort of “get over,” to use a wrestling phrase on his own will he just be a guy that could be moved on from or retained with equal measures of indifference in three years? Same with Bryant? I don’t know.

        • Peter

          Also cross isn’t a rookie. Well of course he is a rookie. But he’s a top ten pick. So I kind of want my top ten picks at LT to resemble another former top ten pick at LT who didn’t need the long hope of what’s to become to be the thing that you hang your hat on.

          Again. Not against him. And well enough player.

          • Blitzy the Clown

            I don’t know to whom you’re referring when you say former to ten pick at LT (Okung?!? – he was no great shakes)

            Also peruse the top 10 picks from Cross’s draft:

            Cross was the 3rd OT taken behind Ekwonu and Neal, and although Ekwonu has had a pretty good rookie season, I’d say Cross has been just as effective.

            I guess it’s fair to look at every draft and every player in an absolute sense. But that’s not realistic. You don’t get to choose the draft class, only the players within the class. And in that sense, I think Cross is as good a pick as either of the 2 LTs who were taken before him.

            If I had to predict, I’d say Seattle extends Cross before he gets to his 5th year option

            • Peter

              *cough*……walter jones….

              Also I don’t really buy the they are a rookie argument.

              Woolen was a fifth round pick from a bad program with weak opponents and stiff as a board tape and is in the conversation for DROY.

              Cross may be better than the other players. Heck he IS better.

              Probably he gets resigned. I just don’t look at his play and think…..that’s a guaranteed piece in four years time. I’ll gladly be wrong.

              • Blitzy the Clown

                Thought we were limiting the discussion to Carroll’s tenure?

                In the Carroll era,

                Also, there’s usually not a Walt Jones level OT prospect in any given draft. I don’t see one in this year’s draft. There wasn’t one last year, etc.

                So I think it’s pretty unrealistic to expect Walter Jones level players with every top 10 pick you have.

                And FWIW, Cross has played 873 snaps this year, but has only 6 penalties — 3 holding, 3 false start — less than 1% of his total reps. That should be factored into analysis of his rookie year.

                • Peter

                  I don’t think he’s a bad player.

                  I just don’t buy the look at the others drafted in that range. The draft is a speculative market.

                  Again I like him fine enough. But while some look at him like a corner stone I could run a zillion scenarios like draft garret wilson and say cam Jurgens and ask would the seahawks be better off. I don’t know.

                  Like I said I’m more than happy to be proven wrong and he gets stronger and in two years he’s sleddingdudes around the field.

                  • UkAlex6674

                    Think it’s a bit unfair to make the Jones comp. How many tackles drafted since Jones in the NFL (not just by us) have been anywhere near to that good.

                    It’s like always referring the D to the LOB.

                    Cross – and all the rookies this year – need to be judged on their own merits. If Cross is 75% the player Jones was, that will do.

                  • pdway

                    I’d push back some as well – I think Cross has held up well enough to at least be part of a rational conversation as a cornerstone, he’s taking on top-end pass rushers, and most of the time, been up to the ask. I’ve seen enough of Walker to think he’s special, and if he’s healthy, our RB1 for the next 5 years.

                    So, for me, that’s four strong starters, w some really core positions covered (LT, CB).

                    Mafe looks athletic, but agree he has really disappeared as the season has gone on; and I’ve been very back-and-forth on Bryant. He’s looked like a playmaker at times, but also sometimes seems too small, and too slow. Jury is out on both of them.

                  • TomLPDX

                    I like Bryant and think he is still ascending, especially as a nickel CB. He never played the position, there are more things he needs to cover in that position than what he is used to and he is learning as fast as he can. He is also a ball hawk and making plays. Definitely not willing to give up on him at all. The more experience he gets the better he will be.

                  • Peter

                    I don’t think any of you are wrong.

                    When walker is healthy….totally agree.

                    Did we “potentially,” find cornerstone players? Yeah, probably.

                    Is it fair to compare cross to jones? Maybe, maybe not. Might not be fair cause walter jones was a legend. Alternately I see no one having a problem comparing Woolen to Sherman since he’s playing at his level. I’m not really one to cut it different ways. Heck I think Lucas is the greater chance for a cornerstone. Color me skeptical to think every player is getting a second contract with Seattle. And/or this trajectory winning a superbowl.

                    Not sure how else to judge cornerstone players.

  16. Ok

    @ Peter totally agree.

    Woolen makes the draft a success, but the result after that have not been quite as good as the Seattle press have been making it sound.

    Cross is decent, doesn’t look outclassed (except with Bosa), hard to say what he ends up being. Basically exactly how Rob described him. Happy to be wrong.

    Maybe it is Pete’s last year and on a crappy defense Bruce playing assignment sound, was worth it for an outgoing coach, compared to Mafe’s development* (I am obviously just a fan, the defense is as bad as it had been for years, and in some ways worse, the only grace that had been somewhat nice was the turnovers, particularly fumbles, and that very unscientifically, seemed to come by the hands of youth/rookies).

    Walker is fun, and sometimes amazing. He hits home runs. Pearce looks like the back the Seahawks need, the every down player. I think Penny is better than Walker, and I believe Penny does a bit better with expected yards per average, would have been nice to have them both. The iol makes the whole offense less functional. Playing in a conference with the best player in the nfl, lining up across from you 2-3 times a year, and deciding that is the area that needs to be fungible, idk man. Idk.

    Lucas is good, great for where he was picked. Again hats to Rob.

    Bryant will do ok I think. Seems like a smart player. Just like the running backs and at times offensive scheme, it’s hard to evaluate when a whole position group is so terrible. In the case of the db’s the defensive line is so gross in its inability to impact the qb, the coverage players are tasked with a losing battle.

    I actually like Brooks, and I’m really not sure why. I think he looks quality, and is basically a running back trying to run behind a bad OL. Bobby, when he became the how good is!? Was running behind a completely different class of player. What would any of us give for a Mebane, Big Red, Clemons, Bennet, Avril, for a Tony Mcdaniel. It’s just not….I cannot untangle how different that is. The scheme hurts him more than maybe all others (well maybe Taylor).

    like you said, the entire d line is replacement level.
    IOL the same.
    Need at least another running back.

    I think the TE’s are really good, we’ll probably be unable to retain Fant, after this coming year, which is a shame.

    I don’t really care either way about Geno. Cool dude, happy for him, at this point I’d rather have a functional defense.

    • Peter

      I’ve come around a bit on penny. Unfortunately availability is as important as ability.

      Brooks. Sometimes I wonder if it is just a combo of following wagner and being a first round pick. Would we be as critical were he picked in the third?

      Totally agree that it’s very hard to really evaluate the db’s as a whole when the front is so, so bad.

      • Ok


        Totally true, ability doesn’t matter if it doesn’t hit the field.

        The 1st round pick with Brooks is a big part of it, and then being picked to replace Wagner, big shoes to fill. Wagner looks better this year tho, maybe something to do with the scheme, and Donald, Gaines, Floyd…vs Lj Mayowa, Rasheem Ford, etc etc.

        I really appreciate the comments, and the content. The talk between staton and Simmons was good, just really cool. The level of sleuthing and untangling, reading the tea leaves, I really enjoyed it. Thank you

  17. swedenhawk

    Watched a couple of Gannon’s press conferences, and came away impressed. He definitely seems like a leader. What’s more, I get the sense that he has a very clear vision. Could see him gelling with Schneider too.

    • Ashish

      Thanks for checking Swedenhawk can’t wait for off season. New coach, bucket full of draft picks …

  18. cha

    Shower thought:

    If PC is leaving of his own accord this offseason, we will know about it next week. Maybe they would choose the week after.

    This organization is classy to the point of ridiculousness about celebrating things like this.

    They would want to give PC at least a week – probably two – to soak up the admiration and get some career retro interviews in. And they’d want the fans to be able to say a proper thank you and goodbye like they did with Holmgren.

    • BK26

      This….makes a lot of sense. And is spot on for the organization. If they falter these last few weeks, the best salvation could be to have it be a farewell tour or Carroll.

      • Simo

        It may prove harder for Pete to walk away though if the bottom falls out completely over the next three games. I suspect he is a very proud man, one who wants to walk away on a positive note, say a season that exceeded everyone’s expectations.

        Losing these last three is certainly best for draft position, but quite possibly not if the desire is for Pete to bid farewell. Hmm, what to wish for?

        • JP

          I feel the opposite actually. Pete was at his most dejected when Wilson went down and the season looked absolutely lost. Even admit Russell Wilson was the biggest reason he’s still even the coach in Seattle. Then they started winning, things were looking up.

          Winning like in 2021 at the end, just gives Pete life, that he thinks he’s building something and they’re close. He needs to wake up and realize they’re not close, and this is going to be a long process. A shellacking by the Jets and Chiefs could certainly send the message.

  19. Justaguy

    If Pete is hanging up the ol’ Monarchs then I would thank him for all the memories. In reality he has held on for half a decade too long so he has tarnished his legacy a small amount in that regard.
    I watched film of Calijah Kancey and this dude is a bad ass fucker. He should be top 10 on the big board.

  20. samprassultanofswat

    Hypothetical: Suppose the the Seahawks win and eventually make it into the playoffs. What realistic chance do they have to do much in the playoffs? Slim/none. One could make a case (and this is weird) but the Bronco/Ram game is more important to the Seahawks than the Seahawks/Chiefs game.

    Maybe most Seahawks would disagree with me. But there is no question that the results of the Bronco game are much more important (to Seattle’s long-term success) than Seattle’s game with Kansas City.

    Seattle needs Denver to lose their remaining games. It’s that simple. After Will Anderson and Jalen Carter there are no elite difference makers on defense in this draft.

    • Matt

      Totally agree. After those two it’s trade down or target a QB. I just don’t see the value at any other position/prospect.

      • Group Captain Mandrake

        Or the value is there, but not in a position of need, like Bijan Robinson. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to have him in Seattle, but not as pick 3 or 4 in the first.

    • cha

      Right. Picks 15-22 you can trade around or have players fall to you.

      Picks 1-4 it’s like scaling Mt Everest.

      Just ask the Jets if they’re happy winning 2 of their last 3 games to lose the Trevor Lawrence Sweepstakes.

      • samprassultanofswat

        Cha: Agree. Now that Jets play Jacksonville tonite. And all they can do is: Wonder if.

        • Hoggs41

          Chance to go deep in the playoffs is slim but I believe they could beat the Vikings if they played them. Probably best long term to not make it though.

  21. Nano

    Please not Frank Reich. Please. If you want Reich, you need to watch the Colts games last season. And talk to a Colts fan.

    If you got tired of Bevell constantly being “too cute” with playcalling, I promise you that Reich will make you absolutely crazy. It’s like watching Shanahan inexp0licably botch leads in the playoffs by refusing to run the ball when he has a lead.

    He regularly went away from running the ball in the first halves of games when he had the best/hottest running back in the NFL, in the name of relying on the 800-year-old arm of Philip Rivers.

  22. HOUSE

    Whether Pete Carroll staying or retiring, the defense needs better players. Point blank period… I think getting rid of BOTH Diggs/Adams is the right decision (both potentially as Post-June 1 cuts. While we’d have some dead cap carry into 2024, we have contracts of A. Woods, Q. Jefferson, B. Mone and others coming off the books as well. Another thing is like to mention is TE and moving Fant could be an option. Dissly and Parkinson have contributed and the cap hits of Fant/Dissly at the same time isn’t the best use of #4-6 options on the offense in my opinion.

    After watching the video, my heart says take a QB at #4 if Carter is gone. I’m not a fan of Will Anderson. At #4, we have the potential of Levis or Richardson being our QB.

    With our Native pick, select the Best defensive player available. In the 2nd rd, utilize those two picks to address defense and OL. With potentially 5 picks in the Top-75 (2 currently in the Top-15) we have the ability to make some drastic changes quickly.

    I’m no expert, just some thoughts as the season has progressed as it comes to an end. The off-season is going to be interesting in a good way with proper picks reshaping this roster for a bright future

  23. Troy

    Spent some time studying scenarios around the pick from the Broncos. I fully expect it to be #7 overall. This is based on Denver beating the Rams this week and beating the Chargers in week 18 (The Chargers should have a playoff spot clinched before week 18 – they play the Colts and Rams).

    • Hoggs41

      Chargers are going to want to fight to get that 4 seed to play Tennessee so I would imagine they will be fighting all the way. They could still lose to Dencer thoufh as they are inconsitant.

      • Troy

        Jacksonville is winning that division.

  24. Hoggs41

    Question to the group. With how our success goes with the running game and how often our RB’s get hurt, where would people stand taking Robinson with our native pick if he was available?

    • Blitzy the Clown

      I wouldn’t be thrilled.

      Given that we already have a RB1 in Walker, there are excellent RB2 prospects available in R2 or R3

      • Peter

        Yeah there’s a lot of good options later and I personally hope they pursue one of them.

    • Ok


      I’d be hyped up: top 5 player slips a little bit in this scenario (maybe unlikely?). The Seahawks need to be able to run, and although they have Walker, who is good, having another top end talent at a critical position going forward would be great! A strong running game could help the defense, team identity, and a new qb.
      The 9ers have Deebo and McCaffery.
      So yes, bpa for me.

    • Mick

      It very much depends on what happens on other positions. If we had a top DT falling down to 15 for some reason and we’d pick Bijan, I’d be disappointed.

  25. Blitzy the Clown

    Man what happened to Zach Wilson?

    • Jabroni-DC

      Looking pretty busty. That deep ball is atrociously off target.

      • Big Mike

        “Busty”? Is he a D cup then?

        • Jabroni-DC

          I was going to add, “not the good kind”

          • Big Mike


            Low hanging fruit man.

            • Jabroni-DC

              I was waiting for someone to step up. Well done!

              • Big Mike

                Thank you

    • KD

      The Jets

  26. Jabroni-DC

    The AFC is pretty loaded with young talent at QB.
    Top tier of Mahomes, Burrow & Allen, all with playoff success and that killer instinct vibe.
    Lawrence & Herbert are looking for their first taste of the post season.

  27. Forrest

    In what world did Quandre Diggs deserve to make the Pro Bowl?

    • HOUSE

      No idea. But his mediocrity does not warrant his huge contract for next year. I think he’s gone.

  28. Blitzy the Clown

    Micheal Clemons is a BAMF

    • HOUSE

      Just beat me to it. Lol

  29. HOUSE

    Damn… y’all just see the hit SDB favorite Micheal Clemons just put on Trevor Lawrence?

  30. Blitzy the Clown

    Zach Wilson giving off Rick Mirer vibes

    • Jabroni-DC

      Zach Wilson is listed at 6’3″ in his combine profile but he looks puny out there.

  31. cha

    I shut off PC’s Tuesday press conf before it was over due to lack of interest. All the questions were the same old dreck…Asking about injury status, what does Pete like about New Player that will probably have little to no substantive impact on the field, and how good is (insert player Pete has already endlessly praised).

    The last question I just caught on a rewatch.

    From what I can tell (thanks again for not mic-ing the reporters, Seahawks media team), the reporter said ‘you talk about every week being a championship week, but this week you’re playing Mahomes, in the really cold weather…’

    It was an incredibly clumsy attempt to ask Pete if they were actually up for the game Saturday. At least I can only assume since they’re on a 1-4 skid, and lately cannot do either of Pete’s trademark strategies – run the ball or stop the run – at any acceptable level.

    A fair question with great intention, but poor execution.

    Pete pulled a face and cut him off, feigning insult at the question. He then gave a milquetoast rant about how they will compete and how the Seahawks will ‘learn something new about ourselves’ this weekend.
    It was practically admission that the odds are slim in this game. “Learn about yourself” is a way to say ‘they are much better than us but maybe we can be a David and learn exactly where on Goliath’s head to sling that stone.’

    There was zero fire in the belly to the answer. Just a grumpy parboil of an answer.

    Again, great intention, poor execution.

    I don’t know what to think, really. It was a very strange interaction.

    But I am forced to recall that PC spoke pretty passionately about the team at this time last year. Adamantly saying he doesn’t think they need to tear it down to start over, and talking about the Week 18 matchup with the Cardinals like their ‘championship game.’

    And now? He can barely muster a proper answer to an awkward but perfectly valid question about the state of the team. And that is with the playoffs still a real possibility.

    • Denver Hawker

      If Seattle media has no intention of holding accountability to Pete, is there any way for fans to hold Seattle media accountable to fans?

      Denver is clearly in different situation right now, but the gloves never went on, even Elway was skewered by the media. Most tenured organizations have a savvy media, unquenched by anything short of perennial Super Bowl contention. For what Pete earns, why can’t that be the same expectation here? McCarthy is going to lose his job in Dallas if he doesn’t make the NFC championship.

      • Peter

        Denver….have you lived in Seattle for an extended period of time?

        I bring this up because when I lived there ( I’m from there) the sports writers have been like this forever.

        Regardless of coach or sport there’s a perpetual try hard-ness that the writers all bring. It trickles out or is just paty of the fans mental makeup. My whole life I’ve read writers and fans who fairly constantly explain away mediocrity in performance or outcomes from players with this indifferent air of “better luck next time.”

        In hindsight with the hawks maybe the best thing would have been trade Wilson to Cleveland and also have Pete retire back in 2018 or so.

        • Denver Hawker

          Yeah, lived there for 20 years and definitely understand that about Seattle general view toward sports. I’ve also attributed it Seattle people just being “nice” and generally disposed to be entirely avoidant of conflict. It’s the “you go, no please you go (both go), laugh, you go (repeat)”. When I visit, I don’t experience that Seattle friendliness anymore which is why I’m still surprised the fans/media haven’t come around to become more demanding.

          • Peter

            You go, no you go (both go) laugh, repeat

            Is the MOST accurate way to describe old Seattle style I’ve maybe ever seen written down.

          • Cambs

            I grew up there and moved away, I’ve come to think of it as a lingering civic imposter syndrome. Seattle is a relative arriviste as a large city with an outsized cultural impact that it’s not enormously self-confident about (goes to that niceness …), I kind of think the sports franchises and their fans have one foot in that “we’re the Sacramento Kings” kind of outlook. Maybe things would have changed if one of these teams had really established a proper winning tradition, like the 90s Mariners become the dynasty they should have been or something, and then we’d get over the “well it was a fun ride let’s get ’em next year” stuff? But since that never happened everyone is waiting for the other shoe to drop, and resigned just to be happy about whatever parts didn’t go wrong. Expression of that in the press room is outsized deference to the team, after all if you press them on something they might just pack up the moving vans?

            Probably nonsense.

      • cha

        If Seattle media has no intention of holding accountability to Pete, is there any way for fans to hold Seattle media accountable to fans?

        I don’t think so, unfortunately. The passionate fans are outnumbered by casual everyday fans 10-1. The other 9 have implicit trust in what the Seattle media feeds them, simply because they allow it to be.

        Just as an example: When RW was traded in March I was sitting at my desk in my office.

        I screenshot Schefter’s tweet and sent it out on an all-company email (175 people or so). Within 5 minutes I received about 10 replies basically calling it “fake news.” Most fans of the team I work with had happily swallowed the John Clayton and Gregg Bell rending their garments and insisting that a trade was not happening.

        This was literally weeks after RW publicly said – unprompted I might add – that the Detroit game might be his last in a Seahawks uniform. And a whole calendar year after RW’s agent publicly listed teams RW to which would accept a trade.

        So frankly we are talking about a pretty small minority who are hoping to get more insight from the team through the press.

        Even ones passionate enough to call into radio shows or participate in online discourse, a good chunk of those struggle to grasp the true state of the franchise. And a fair amount of them have been left to their own devices in the absence of solid journalism from the press corps.

        There is a silver lining to it though – the press is leaving a broad swath of uncovered and undiscussed topics that are of vital importance to the team, and thus vital interest to that small passionate group. Rob has been nicely filling that need for years.

        • Jabroni-DC

          “The Mindless Gray Masses” follow the loudest voice.

    • Ukhawk

      Thanks for persevering with the coverage Cha.

      I think/hope we’ll belatedly be rewarded with an answer at some stage.

      It’s got to move (soon please) from “if it ain’t broke, …” to it is broke – doesn’t it??

      Logically one has to believe internally Pete must be going nuts that his team can’t run nor stop it. But, Yes, there is a lack of accountability?!

      Change is coming – be most interesting to see what combo of coaching, scheme and players it will be!!

  32. Robert Las Vegas

    After watching Zach Wilson tonight I bet Jimmy G is pretty happy.

  33. Sea Mode

    Rob, interested in a few hundred bucks…?

    • Rob Staton


  34. cha

    Ian Rapoport

    Sources: The #Packers and star OL Elgton Jenkins have agreed to terms on a massive 4-year extension worth $68M base value with a max value of $74M. The deal, which makes him the 2nd highest paid guard in the NFL, was done by Damarius Bilbo & Kel

  35. Morgan

    The video is titled “How one man ruined Defense in the NFL.”

    That one man: Vic Fangio.

    About a half hour on what his defense does, why he designed it that way, and most importantly, why it’s failing so hard for everyone trying to run it this year. Fascinating stuff.

    • Big Mike

      You got Pete’s email so you can send it to him?

  36. Jabroni-DC

    Aaron Donald will not be chasing Russ around on Christmas. He’s out. Bummer.

    • Roy Batty

      Will Anderson? Jalen Carter?

      Not bloody likely.

    • Ashish

      In Russ we trust, he will find a way for Hawks. Someone will look like a Donald to Russ which would do it.

      • Jabroni-DC

        I hope you’re right Ashish. It would be very nice of Russ & he is a nice guy.

  37. Robert Las Vegas

    Would you trade a 6 round draft choice for Zach Wilson.

    • Matt

      I was a HUGE ZW fan…I wouldn’t give up anything for him. He’s broken. His special arm talent has even vanished on top of just being horrendous in almost every facet of QB play.

      I’m shocked how bad he is – he must really not give a shhh about football. Only explanation I have because his physical talent is identical to Aaron Rodgers, seriously.

  38. Jabroni-DC

    I don’t understand the nearly across the board decline of the Clemson defenders in 2022 vs 2021.

    That said, LB Trenton Simpson looks F-A-S-T…I was watching someone else & kept noticing #22. I could see the FO being intrigued by him. We have many needs on defense & adding speed is one of them.

    Made Bruce Feldman’s Freak’s List – ranked #29. He wrote, “The 6-3, 240-pounder, who only has 6 percent body fat, ranked third on the team with 78 tackles and finished second in both tackles for loss (12.0) and sacks (six). Simpson bench-presses 375 pounds, power-cleaned 355 and has vertical-jumped 35 inches and done 10-2 on the broad jump. More impressively, Tigers coaches say he has run the 40 in the high 4.3s, which includes a 10-yard split under 1.5 seconds.”

    A 10 yard split UNDER 1.5 seconds. That’s smokin’.

    • Jabroni-DC

      Although longtime defensive coordinator Brent Venables is now the head coach of Oklahoma, new Clemson DC Wes Goodwin should keep many of the key principles in place.

      That could help explain the defensive drop off in 2022.

  39. Group Captain Mandrake

    You know what’s really funny about that? No matter what you hear about the Seattle freeze, Seattle niceness, how Seattle drivers are horrible, etc., no one is from here. I would imagine it is that way for a lot of big cities – particularly tech heavy ones – but something like 3 in 10 people living in Seattle are even from WA. Wild. Do we just assimilate people into the Seattle way? Is that what MSFT has been up to?

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      Supposed to be a reply to Denver Hawker’s thread. Reply fail.

    • cha

      Yes but that doesn’t have any effect on the Seahawks. Those move-ins bring their fandom with them.

      • Group Captain Mandrake

        Not directly Seahawks related, but meant as a response to this:

        “Yeah, lived there for 20 years and definitely understand that about Seattle general view toward sports. I’ve also attributed it Seattle people just being “nice” and generally disposed to be entirely avoidant of conflict. It’s the “you go, no please you go (both go), laugh, you go (repeat)”. When I visit, I don’t experience that Seattle friendliness anymore which is why I’m still surprised the fans/media haven’t come around to become more demanding.”

        He mentioned Seattle friendliness which I find funny because there aren’t many people from here, so how does something like that happen. It’s the same when people talk about the Seattle freeze. Where do people pick it up from if no one is from Seattle.

        • Palatypus

          The education system. Stupid people are mean and I have a front row seat to it here on the border of Alabama.

    • Big Mike

      LA/SoCal is worse by far. I’m guessing 6 of 10 are from elsewhere.

      • pdway

        it’s true…I’m one of them

        weather tough to beat this time of year

        • Big Mike

          You’re killin’ me man. I’m a Washington native and have lived here for 53 of my 66 years. the other 13 were in San Diego and God I miss it in the winter and Spring. -5 in Spokane yesterday morning, freezing rain and ice in Vancouver, WA today, I-84 in the gorge closed, Snoqualmie Pass has been closed a couple of times, etc. Meanwhile, 70 down there. 🙁

        • Palatypus

          It was 26 degrees here in Pensacola when I woke up this morning and currently 29. The last time it was this cold we got a slight dusting of snow…

          …and a week later the Seahawks won the Super Bowl.

          Hell froze over.

  40. Mr Magic

    Sean Peyton coming back to coaching with Fangio as his DC.

    Good lord is that a layup trade…..

    • Happy Hawk

      sign me up – new Hawks leadership in 2023

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