Curtis Allen’s week sixteen watchpoints (vs Chiefs)

This is a guest article by Curtis Allen. After the game tune into the instant reaction live stream which will be available on here and on our YouTube channel

As the regular season winds down, the Seahawks have the toughest game on their entire 2022 schedule looming. A date against the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead. The Chiefs have won their division but are still striving for that precious #1 seed in the AFC. Their attention to winning this game will not waver in the slightest.

They currently have the #1 scoring offense in the NFL. Their defense – while definitely not as good as the offense – has gravitated out of the bottom of the league in recent years and risen to middling this year. In other words, good enough to keep the team in balance.

You can see it in their losses. They have three losses on their card by only a combined ten points. They have been in every single game they have played — a credit to Andy Reid and his staff.

It is self-evident that the Seahawks will need to put together their best, most complete game of the season in order to beat the Chiefs. Mistakes and failures to capitalize on any Kansas City mistakes will be costly (more on that in a minute).

Apologies for sounding like a broken record but the only real watch point is once again — can the Seahawks run the ball and stop the run?

It is noteworthy that the Chiefs have run out a 38/62 run/pass split so far this season. They are one of the pass-heaviest teams in the NFL. Only four teams pass more often than the Chiefs. It makes sense. With Patrick Mahomes as your quarterback and weapons like Jason Kelce, Marquez Valdes-Scantling, Mecole Hardman and JuJu Smith-Shuster to throw to, what would you do?

However, it would be folly to think the Seahawks’ horrible run defense will get a reprieve this week. Teams with similar pass-heavy attacks have recently decided to feature the run against the Seahawks and have had tremendous success. That includes Tampa Bay, the LA Rams and Las Vegas.

I am truly starting to wonder if the Falcons and Saints modelled how to run effectively on the Seahawks in the early part of the season and the only teams the Seahawks defeated during that four-game win streak either did not have the personnel or the coaching acumen to realize and exploit the weakness.

Well, they have been fully exposed now. The Seahawks are giving up an average of 161 rushing yards per game fourteen games into the season, bad enough for 31st in the NFL. The die is cast. Coach Reid would be foolish to not include a very healthy dose of runs in his game plan.

Taking a detour from their offensive mix is not without precedent. In 2020, they came up against a rising Buffalo Bills team and defeated them 26-17 by running the ball an astounding 46 times for 245 yards. They led the time of possession by 15 minutes – a whole quarter of football. Josh Allen only managed 122 yards passing as they slowly squeezed the life out of the Bills by holding onto the football.

It was a low-stress day for Patrick Mahomes as he was sacked only once and pressured only five times.

It should not shock anyone if the Chiefs devise a similar strategy. That is what I would do if I faced the Seahawks. Run the ball until you cannot anymore and keep their strength (their offense) off the field. And KC has the ultimate advantage: If the run is not working, they just put the ball in the hands of the most dynamic playmaker in the NFL and let him turbo-charge the scoreboard.

If it is working, they have saved some powder for the playoffs by giving Mahomes an easier day late in December.

Here is the challenge for the Seahawks though: do they see the potential for their opponent to come out with a run-heavy approach and will they prepare accordingly? Pete Carroll on Tuesday alluded to the fact that the Chiefs are a pass-heavy team and they will have to be good in that area. Which of course is true. But given what I have referenced above – teams that are traditionally feature passing have run on the Seahawks with great success – they must be prepared and ready for their opponent to do the same.

They cannot afford a coaching performance similar to the one they had against that 2020 Bills team in Week Nine – being completely unprepared for Buffalo to throw the ball as much as they did – when everyone in the NFL could see they were giving up passing yards at a historic rate.

On the other side of the ball, they badly need an effective game from the rushing offense. A return to form for Ken Walker would be most welcome. Particularly if it allows the Seahawks to control the clock a little and opens up the passing game for some shots for Geno Smith.

Perhaps with Tyler Lockett injured, the time has come for Dareke Young to get some attention on offense? He was used in college as a receiver/running back weapon at Lenoir-Rhyne. Maybe they could steal a couple of plays from the Niners’ playbook for Deebo Samuel for him?

I mention this because again on Tuesday, Pete Carroll heavily alluded to a ‘stay the course’ and ‘do what we do and the results will come’ mindset. When you play one of the best teams in the NFL though – with your current standard of play so low – wisdom should move you to consider having a couple wrinkles in your playbook to try and catch them off guard.

Those are once again the big points. But here are a couple other factors that could prove to be pivotal in this game.

Win The Battle of Mistakes

If the Chiefs have a weakness, it is making mistakes. They are an awful -6 in turnover differential (tied for third-worst in the NFL), their special teams have been a mess this year and they have given up 96 more yards in penalties than their opponents.

Take their loss to Indianapolis in Week Three as an example. They lost the game by three points but they left four points on the field in the form of a missed field goal and a missed PAT.

Special Teams cost them seven more points right out of the gate in the first quarter in the form of a muffed punt that Indy recovered inside the 5-yard line and scored a touchdown on. They tried a fake punt that did not work at all.

Late in the fourth quarter with a lead, they sacked Matt Ryan on a third down and were celebrating when a flag went up for unsportsmanlike conduct. Given new life, Ryan drove them for the game-winning touchdown.

And yet Mahomes still had the Chiefs in range for a field goal try late but threw an interception – another mistake – to seal the game.

Last week’s win against the one-win Texans that threatened to shock the NFL world? The Chiefs fumbled three times, lost two of them and again they left four points on the field with a missed PAT and a missed 51-yard field goal try as time expired.

In overtime, the offense stalled and had to punt. Frank Clark strip sacked Davis Mills and the Chiefs recovered to score and deny the upset. They lost some ‘mistake battles’ but won the ‘mistake war.’ The Seahawks need to win both to deliver the upset.

It is really hard to game plan for your opposition to make mistakes. That said, it does appear that mistakes are the Chiefs’ Achilles Heel. The best you can do is to avoid your own mistakes and game plan to effectively take advantage when these opportunities do arise. Aggressiveness needs to be an asset in this game.

The Chiefs are the better team, no doubt about that. Yet if the Seahawks are able to win in this area, this game could end up far closer than any of us expect.

Attack the Middle of the Field in the Passing Game to Set Up the Offense

We talked last week about how good the Niners defend the middle of the field. The Chiefs are at the other end of the spectrum. Every time I watched an opponent move the ball on offense against this defense, it nearly always included a very steady diet of slants, hooks, seam routes and dump offs to players in between the numbers.

I pulled the stats from the NextGen site for throws between the numbers against KC the last 6 games. and they are very convincing. Teams have been 97 for 120 for an excellent 80.8% completion percentage in this zone, with eight touchdowns against only three interceptions.

I also feel compelled to tell you that one of those games was against Bryce Perkins in his first NFL start and he was responsible for two of those interceptions.

Throw Perkins out and teams completed 83% of passes with seven touchdowns and one interception in five games.

This is not as glaring a weakness as the Seahawks’ run defense but if the Seahawks are not targeting this area of the field with regularity, they are really missing out.

How is Geno Smith doing targeting this area of the field? Have a look:

The deep middle is fantastic but the short middle is average and that is fine. I would still take his numbers against the Chiefs’ defensive vulnerability. Particularly in combo with his numbers to the edges of the field.

Is there another reason they should target this area of the field? There is.

The Chiefs have not yet faced an offense with the caliber of tight ends the Seahawks have. It is not even close. Of the top-10 tight end teams in terms of receptions, the Chiefs have only faced one – the Chargers twice – and old friend Gerald Everett had a nice game in the first matchup but missed the second.

With Tyler Lockett out and this scheme and zone advantage the Seahawks have, they really need to get good production out of their tight ends. It keeps the offense on schedule, reduces the pressure on Geno Smith (the Chiefs are one of the biggest blitzing teams in the NFL) and when you are in the middle of the field, the clock keeps running.

There is yet one more reason to keep the middle of the field in mind: it makes the defense more malleable to strikes to your star wide receivers on the edges or deep. The mental aspect of continually drawing attention and help to the middle of the field can only be a good thing for receivers like D.K. Metcalf and Marquise Goodwin in their matchups.

Speaking of Metcalf, the Seahawks badly need a dominant, star-level type of game from him on Saturday. It could be argued he only has two such performances this season: Week Four against Jeff Okuda in Detroit and Week Thirteen against Jalen Ramsey in Los Angeles.

Yes, Metcalf endured a scary-looking injury earlier this year. Yes, dumb penalties and drops have been an issue again as well. And yes, the tight ends, another great year by Tyler Lockett and an occasionally fantastic rushing attack have blunted the need for consistently big, game-altering performances from Metcalf.

Well, they need one from him on Saturday. More than ever. He signed a top contract this offseason and games like this are why.

The Chiefs do not feature a top group of corners. L’Jarious Sneed, Jaylen Watson and Joshua Williams have given up 14 touchdown passes, have been credited with 15 missed tackles and between the three of them are averaging over a 100 QB rating when targeted.

Metcalf needs to meet this moment and deliver on a national stage. He still has plenty of room to reach his ceiling. Rising to this challenge would further cement his place as a receiver that keeps defensive coordinators up at night.

It should not matter if the Chiefs decide to pull extra focus and direct it to Metcalf. If this team is to have a chance at beating maybe the best team in the NFL on Saturday, they will need a top performance from a top player.


  1. GoHawks5151

    Thanks for the work Cha. Uggh. This game seems like it could be a chore to watch. Hoping to be entertained. Also could you write up one of these for the Rams please

  2. Big Mike

    Thank you cha. Appreciate your efforts as always.

  3. Romeo A57

    Thanks CHA, I fully expect the Seahawks to get crushed which probably means that this will be a close game.

  4. GoHawks5151

    DJ Uiagalelei transferring to Oregon St! PAC 12 gonna be fun next year

  5. Ksblazer

    Thanks CHA

    You provide the best Seahawks pre game analysis out there. I always look forward to them.

    Happy Holidays

  6. Palatypus

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    All I want is a breakout game from Boye Mafe. Nobody here was higher on him than I.

    Starting to remember how wrong I was about Deshone Myles and Anton Pelepoi.

  7. Mick

    Thank you Cha, and merry Christmas to all! I hope Woolen gets a pick 6 today.

  8. Rob Staton

    This is only mildly less deserved than Quandre Diggs’ Pro Bowl call up

    • Big Mike

      Good Lord

    • Romeo A57

      Yeah this and the Diggs selection shows that many fan are idiots 😀

  9. dand393

    Wouldn’t this be nice if Pete were to retire

  10. Hawk Finn

    Fantastic entry.

    As for DK, time to step up not only his game, but also as a leader. I’m curious to see if he has it in him.

    • 12th chuck

      he is good, not great. Without T.L., it’s going to be harder for him that’s for sure

  11. bv eburg

    Thanks Cha, strong work as always.

  12. Roy Batty

    The Hawks are one of the worst at defending against TEs, and the Chiefs are vying for the #1 seed. At home.

    I can’t help but think Kelce will cruise into a 125-150 yard day.

  13. Big Mike

    10 degrees at present in KC. Clear tho.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Seahawks don’t GAF

      They probably won’t win but I like the attitude

      • Rob Staton

        I’ve always thought this is so dumb, personally.

        It’s cold. They will be feeling absolutely freezing doing that. Nobody thinks they are ‘really tough’ by choosing to be cold. They are wearing ski masks because it is cold. The Chiefs won’t give a crap about it.

        But hey, if I had DK’s physique I may never wear a shirt

        • Blitzy the Clown

          I’d agree if there was any point to this season but there isn’t so have fun I say

          • Roy Batty

            It’s like they’re filming a commercial for a balaclava company.

  14. Mr Magic

    Sean Peyton wants to be a HC with Fangino his DC next year…

    Peace out PC, lets get this done Jody!!!!

  15. Blitzy the Clown

    Great read as usual cha

    Interesting stats on the Chiefs and their defensive struggles. I don’t follow them closely but my armchair perspective is that I’m surprised they’re where they are at this point this season.

    In a way, they remind me of the Seahawks 2015-2018 where they’re in every game with a chance to win.

    It’s pretty stupid of me to have any hope for Seattle today, yet here I am

    • Roy Batty

      If Jones and Clark get to Geno early, this could become a very one-sided game, very quickly.

      The Oline will get very, very tired in the cold. The defensive guys can rotate in and out. The offensive line cannot.

    • Big Mike

      One of my best buddies who is a huge seahawks fan is predicting they win too blitzzy

      • Blitzy the Clown

        I think it’ll be close either way. That’s how KC has played them this year

  16. KennyBadger

    Thanks Cha for the early Christmas gift. Thanks Rob for gifts year round.

    Cheers blog- let’s have fun today. A safe and merry one to all y’all.

  17. Big Mike

    Oh look, Creed Humphrey is going to the pro bowl. Is Dee Eskridge playing today? That’s OK we don’t need a center anyway

  18. Blitzy the Clown

    Pretty damn disappointed to see Irvin get the start

    It’s like they’ve learned nothing through Week 16 of this season

    Still, nice to get a 3 and out to start the game

    • Big Mike

      It’s way past time for Pete to go

  19. Romeo A57

    The Chiefs go 3 and out and don’t run the ball once. They didn’t get the memo about the Seahawks awful run defense. Nice defense to begin today.

  20. Blitzy the Clown

    There we g—-


  21. Blitzy the Clown


    Absolutely shambolic and this time it’s on DK

  22. Blitzy the Clown

    What a waste of a possession thanks to DK

  23. Big Mike

    If you are a seahawks opponent, why would you ever even bother throwing the football?

  24. Big Mike

    Good thing Bruce is playing instead of mafe

  25. Chris

    Easy for the chiefs

  26. Blitzy the Clown

    Let’s keep playing the 35 year old guy who won’t play another down of pro football in a few weeks so that the new guys never get any experience

    That’s smart coaching

  27. Chris

    That’s the short term thinking of an old coach

    • Big Mike

      Yup Bruce is one of his guys

  28. Big Mike

    3rd and short looking for the 1st down they ran right over Humphrey

  29. Troy

    LOL. New week, new game, SAME ISSUES.

    • Big Mike

      Pro bowler Diggs doesn’t like your post as he watches the play go by

  30. Hawkcrazy

    Hawks continue with no run defense and poor or no tackling. I don’t know if a seattle defensive player has the ability to come off a block or maintain his run fits.

  31. Chris

    We pretty much have to score here

  32. Pran

    I guess those points should be good for win. Chiefs should give our D a break.

  33. pdway

    Irvin is also just completely useless.

    As are our LB’s frankly…

    • Big Mike

      Ass is digs

      • Big Mike

        That was a voice to text error but it faints

  34. cha

    Was Bruce so engaged on his blocker on that TD run that he didn’t even bother to find out where the ball was?

    Toney ran right past him and he didn’t even notice.

  35. Big Mike

    Found ourselves a kickoff return man now didn’t we?

    • KennyBadger

      Give that man a long term extension!

  36. Romeo A57

    Nice to see a long kickoff return.

  37. Troy

    Way to waste great field position. Pathetically predictable.

    • Big Mike

      You were correct sir

    • Roy Batty

      Parkinson got pushed backward on that Walker run.

      Poorly executed.

  38. Roy Batty

    The Hawks wal into Arrowhead…ugliness ensues.

    On the flip side, they finally got their return guy.

    • Big Mike

      Maybe Pete can find one of his old buddies to come in and return kicks and cut this guy for next season

      • Roy Batty

        NS, right?

        Meanwhile some unknown dude is running over Hawks left and right.

  39. Blitzy the Clown

    I don’t know why it annoys me so much but that Chiefs player who picked up the dropped ball after every ref had been blowing their whistle for a few seconds is kind of an idiot.

    No dude, you’re not impressing anyone with extra hustle. You just look like an idiot picking up a dead ball and trying to run with it

  40. Romeo A57

    I respect Pete for going on 4th down there to go away from his tendency.

    • Big Mike


  41. Chris

    Now the boat race begins

  42. Chris

    Walker needs to learn he’s not in college anymore. You can’t go backwards

    • Roy Batty

      Well, technically, it was Parkinson pushing him backward with his ass.

  43. Big Mike

    There is absolutely no substitute for pure speed

  44. Robbie

    Woolen just saved a Diggs mistake with pure hustle!

    • Big Mike

      But Diggs is a pro bowler Robbie come on couldn’t have been him

    • Roy Batty

      How dare you insinuate a 2022 Pro Bowl player was out of position.

      And saved by an actual 2022 Pro Bowl player.

  45. Pran

    Hate the Refs. This game is already unwatchable and you don’t want to throw flags as if Chiefs need help.

  46. Troy

    No pass rush whatsoever. We’ll hear in 3 weeks how it’s a priority for the 3rd consecutive off-season.

    • Roy Batty

      Maybe Pete can entice Bennett to come out of retirement.

      • Pran

        Good idea.. get everyone from LOB defense back. Worse case we can call it Alumni meet

        • Big Mike

          And he can make amends with Earl and that will be a big story for all the local reporters.

  47. Romeo A57

    Chiefs trying to throw on that possession even though the “strength” if the Seahawks defense is Pass Defense. If the Chiefs don’t start running the ball down the Seahawks throat, this might be a close game.

  48. Roy Batty

    Good god, Geno, just chuck it into the stands.

  49. Troy

    Wow. The Hawks sure came to play today.

  50. cha

    Why can’t the Seahawks attack the middle of the field in the passing game?

    Chris Jones has been in his face all game.

    • Roy Batty

      Normally I’d say RB screen, but Seahawks…

  51. Chris

    Pretty dumb to run into the end zone and try to get the ball back to the l.o.s

  52. Roy Batty

    At some point, maybe the 10th or 12th punt by Dickson, I would like to see him do a low flying Aussie style kick that is hard to field.

    The cold weather might cause havoc with frozen hands and a concrete football.

  53. Robbie

    Center NEEDS to be a priority this off-season. I’m so tired of that being a weak link.

    • Big Mike

      1000% agree with you which is why I posted about Humphrey a couple of times already. However if you want someone of quality you better hope Pete Carroll doesn’t come back because he has no interest in good Centers it’s obvious.

    • Romeo A57

      Definitely, the regression on run game through the season can probably be blamed on the weakness of the IOL

  54. Chris

    It’s baffling how Pete preaches running the ball and stopping the run. But the personnel decisions every offseason don’t reflect that philosophy

  55. Roy Batty

    Jesus, Chenal was just standing there in the backfield, waiting.

  56. Matt

    The worst part of this game will be the “defense played really well” nonsense that will come.

  57. cha

    The Chiefs have yet to really exploit the Seahawks’ defensive weakness.

    Unfortunately the offense seems unable to take advantage of that.

  58. Big Mike

    Blog favorite Leo Chanel

    • Romeo A57

      💯 beat me to this pose

  59. Big Mike

    That’s the NFL making sure the chiefs are in command of the game

    • Big Mike

      Complete bullshit call. The ref was looking at the sideline to get the signal on how to call it I’m sure New York got it too whoever was giving him the signal quickly

  60. Roy Batty

    How the hell do you run out of time coming off a penalty? The

  61. Blitzy the Clown

    That’s it guys I’m done

    KC don’t need the refs to help them win but there they are doing what they can, and they’re making the game even more unwatchable

    I have a long drive and loving family waiting for me at my destination and this display just isn’t worth my time

    • Big Mike

      Drive safe my friend
      And fuck the NFL and they’re manipulating of games

      • pdway

        i mean centers do that look back w their head on every play – that was a completely crazy call and it screwed us.

  62. Roy Batty

    The Drew Lock experiment begins?

  63. Troy

    Very concerning how bad our rookie tackles have looked.

    • Big Mike

      I really do think they’ve hit the rookie wall at least I hope that’s the case

    • Roy Batty

      They look gassed.

      Slow off the snap. Strength is sapped. Not good.

      But, they should be better conditioned for it next season.

  64. Pran

    This is embarrassing to watch. Hope Pete realizes soon.

    • Big Mike

      Replace “realizes” with “retires” please.

    • Troy

      Absolutely INEPT.

      No offense. No running game. Poor pass blocking. Missed assignments.
      No defense. Can’t stop the run. No pass rush. Chiefs have self inflicted.

  65. Chris

    It’s really hard to function when we are so bad in the trenches

  66. Romeo A57

    So far this looks like the San Francisco game where the Seahawks Defense is keeping them in the game while the offense sputters.

    • Pran

      Just stop it. KC is taking it easy, they can put up 50 burger on that sorry ass D if they choose to.

      • Romeo A57

        I am just trying to point out that the Seahawks are bad on both sides of the ball. Their defense is not good but if the offense can’t get one first down then the Chiefs will score 50.

  67. Big Mike

    But that’s OK Brooks a second the NFL and tackles that’s what really matters

  68. icb12

    Can’t block. Can’t tackle. Can’t win.

  69. Big Mike

    Did you guys see that graphic? Seattle has allowed 1264 yd after contact this year

  70. Mick

    So hard to put some damn points on the board.

  71. Roy Batty

    Funny thing is, even with that TD, it shouldn’t be this close.

  72. Troy

    Worst defense in the NFL.

  73. Mick

    Keep it like this and we lose 28-0.

  74. cha

    Sticky like the gum wall in Seattle at Pike Place?

    Smoked him like a brisket like they do in Kansas City?

    Sanchez’ contract requires he cram as many lame metaphors into his commentary as possible.

    • Big Mike

      You know you’re unimportant when you get the 5th string announcers all the time

  75. Ulsterman

    The tackling is pathetic, this team is just soft.

  76. Big Mike

    Basically this defense is giving up 100 yd per game after contact. That is some really bad tackling

  77. Roy Batty

    Sorry, Charissa, I don’t think Seattle cares about the Giants winning. They’re getting their ass kicked at the moment.

  78. Big Mike

    Frank Clark just owned gave Jackson on that play

    • Big Mike


    • Mick

      I’m so sick and tired of our interior Oline being such a problem. We need to pick a guard and a center.

  79. Troy

    What a half of football. This is a fireable performance. From 6-3 to THIS?

  80. Big Mike

    Oh yeah highlights of the incredibly great Willie Lanier. For those of you not old enough to have seen him play you missed a great one

  81. cha

    I just ran a PFN mock draft and took John Michael Schmitz at #3.

  82. ShowMeYourHawk

    Uh… so, Bijan Robinson with our natural first, please. Walker ain’t a lead back.

    • Troy

      Why does Walker ALWAYS run into the back of his blocker. It’s a pattern…

    • Kyle R

      Hard to make judgement on Walker when my three year old daughter plays with more strength and nastiness than the two guards and center on this OL.

  83. 12th chuck

    why is it when the hawks cant run the ball, they pick plays that start behind the line of scrimmage?

  84. Roy Batty

    A broken tackle for you, and a broken tackle for you, and…

    • Big Mike

      And a great creed Humphrey block there

    • 12th chuck

      missed a hold and a block in the back on that screen play

  85. pdway

    The defense kind of is what it is – we know that. But my god, what has happened to this offense?

    They were good. They were good just this year. It’s one thing to look like this against the Niners D, but this isn’t them. It’s like we are completely out of the crisp ideas that made things look easy. Now we are back to last year’s every-single-yard-looks-hard type of offense.

  86. Kyle R

    I cut the rookie Tackles slack because of the rookie wall and they have shown promise lot of time this year, but dear God the interior of the line is terrible 😔. I hate having weak lines that are constantly dominated and no nastiness. The interior OL and all of the front 7 on defense fits this description.

  87. 206

    This team has lost all their juice. No resilience anymore.

    Also, how can we never sniff out a screen but every team reads our screens like a book?

  88. Troy

    I don’t know guys. As a fan, I just can’t watch this team.

    I am officially ready for a coaching change and new outlook.

  89. Matt

    I’ve been negative about Geno and haven’t given him his due credit this year. But boy…I gotta tell you; his body language is some of the worst I’ve ever seen at the QB position. It’s like an unfunny version of Cutler.

    Anybody thinking this team is close needs a head examination. We have so few difference makers on this roster; it’s shockingZ

    • Troy

      He is NOT the long-term answer. Draft a QB…

  90. KennyBadger

    Creed Humphrey > D’wayne eskridge. Merry Christmas Big Mike.

    • Big Mike

      Pro Bowl > inactive

  91. Big Mike

    I appreciate that Geno is trying to make things happen but just like Russ with this offensive line it’s better just to throw it away

  92. Hawks4life

    Been missing those throws all year

  93. Mick

    That’s what I expect from DK, they should use him more.

  94. Matt

    Geno’s turnover luck…he needs to start buying lottery tickets.

    • Big Mike

      I was gonna post something about you coming in to mention it but you already had before I got the chance lol

      • Matt

        Haha dude…it’s crazy but also important when evaluating him.

  95. Big Mike

    Should not be throwing in the double coverage like that

  96. Mick

    We’re not winning anyways, but come on, score a TD.

    • Mick

      What you have to lose, go for it on 4th down!

  97. Pran

    Looks like league got the message and started throwing some flags for Hawks.
    Face saving points on board for Pete.

  98. Rob Staton

    We are rubbish

    • Leo

      This feels like watching Jim Mora’s 09 Hawks

      • ShowMeYourHawk

        Good things began to happen after that coach was out…. Well, now you’ve got me excited.

      • Big Mike

  99. Jabroni-DC

    Kansas City is the first complete team that we’ve played all year & you can see exactly how far away we are from contending.

    Getting dominated on both sides of the LOS.
    Tackling is atrocious.
    KC dbs are all over us. Finally started getting some calls.

  100. Gross MaToast

    I’m not a fan of either the current offensive and defensive schemes nor the coaches on either side of the ball. Also, too, I’m not keen on the head coach/GM.

    Happy Holidays!

  101. Pran

    Geno is Geno. No need to worry about overpaying.

    • Troy

      Exactly. Pay based on wins and not pro bowl mentions.

  102. 12th chuck

    I think it’s safe to say we have seen the best we will from Geno, any question if we should or shouldn’t pick a qb with our first pick should be answered. Along with, if Pete stays, expect Zach Wilson to be here next year

  103. cha

    The Chiefs offense is begging the Seahawks to get back into this game.

    • Big Mike

      Because Andy Reid loves to throw the ball way more than he should against Seattle

  104. Jabroni-DC

    Now get down the field and score a damn TD.

  105. Romeo A57

    Not one run play called on that Chiefs 3 and out. Are they just playing to try to get Mahomes the MVP?

  106. Big Mike

    Sorry to see the lions losing. Was really hoping they would get to the playoffs

    • 805Hawk

      I was rooting for Detroit as well. Sorry to see them losing. On the bright side, if Carolina can knock Tampa out of the playoffs, that would be okay with me.

  107. Hawks4life

    Walker needs space he can’t over power anyone, we need a solid big bodied back to pair with him

    • Big Mike

      Doesn’t help when he catches a pass and there’s 5 chiefs around him

  108. KennyBadger

    Nice block on the screen dk. WTF.

    Willie gay is running k9s show today.

  109. cha

    Colby Parkinson 4 targets
    Noah Fant 1 target
    Will Dissly 0 targets

    Practice squadder Laquon Treadwell 3 targets
    Deejay Dallas 2 targets

  110. Ely

    How did this team win 7 games?

    • Big Mike

      Better offensive line play than you’ve seen since then that’s how. And that refers to both run blocking and pass blocking.

    • JP

      Mostly luck really. This roster was never a 3 win team or whatever, more like 5 wins, and they’ve gotten this far just from playing a schedule that ended up being way easier than anyone saw coming.

  111. Jabroni-DC

    What’s with all these pass plays to the flat giving our guys zero momentum? Set him up with a little head of speed for shytes sake.

  112. Big Mike

    So in Pete’s post game press conference are we going to hear how we were real close and that if we just would’ve made those 4th Downs we’ve been right in it?

  113. Ashish

    Defense is doing decent but now no offense. Pete are you not getting tired of this? This is happening from 2015.

    • 12th chuck

      somewhat typical of a Pete Carroll team for the last several years, offense plays well, defense and special team’s struggle. defense plays well, offense struggles and then get outcoached

  114. KennyBadger

    Again, why does Bruce get more snaps than mafe?

    • Ashish

      Need leadership lets bring back Lynch Bennett from retirement.

  115. Old but Slow

    Pete should have read Cha’s preview.

  116. Robert

    Why is Forsythe in for Lucas? Is Lucas hurt?

    • 12th chuck

      probably his hip

  117. Jabroni-DC

    How can you not throw it to the damn sticks!?!?!

    • Matt

      Late/soft on the throw.

  118. cha

    Plus: PC realizes how important the game is and is going for it on 4th down

    Minus: Throwing the ball to Laquon Treadwell on 4th down

  119. jack frost

    passed on two makeable FGs
    could be 17-9 going into the 4Q

  120. 805Hawk

    We are even in total yards. It’s another game where it feels like we should be losing by 30 but are down 14. Strange. I’m sure Pete thinks we are right there. So close. But that doesn’t pass the eye test.

    • 12th chuck

      is it me, or does it seem like pete is somewhat desperate. I hope that he is coming to the realization that this is his last year

  121. cha

    Andy Reid’s game plan today is shockingly bad.

    • Matt

      Sloppy. Can’t help but feel like two egregious drops by #84 completely changed what this looks like.

    • 805Hawk

      Is he trying to pad Mahomes’ numbers or something. I’m perplexed.

  122. Matt

    Defense is playing well but feels like KC is shooting themselves in the foot more than we are dominating.

  123. Chris

    It’s puzzling why k.c isn’t running more

  124. Old but Slow

    Maybe we should play more cold weather games.

  125. cha

    That’s the second timeout on 1st & 10 this half because they couldn’t get set.

    Old Geno is leaking out a little.

    • cha

      And the play after a timeout is a TFL.

      In other words, a Delay of Game penalty.

  126. Ashish

    4 out 5 time outs taken because can’t get play on time. Time management?

  127. Matt

    They are playing like “let’s lose in a close one” so Pete can say how close we are.

    • Big Mike

      And he would and will

    • Bmseattle

      If only we were good enough to win in a close one.

      • Bmseattle

        *lose…not win

  128. Ashish

    What the F

    • Big Mike

      Where was he throwing that? Did he think the receiver’s gonna break to the corner?

  129. 206

    Brooks sucks!

  130. Pran

    Seeing all the games around NFL, Seahawks seem to be the worst of the worst.

  131. Denver Hawker

    Seahawks so bad, Fox just flipped to the Giants/Vikings game here in Denver.

    • 206

      Same in Tennessee, for some reason, I wanted to watch the rest of it. Bummer

  132. cha

    Why has this team prioritized Laquon Treadwell over Penny Hart?

  133. Trevor

    I think it is safe to say that the “Geno is a $30 mil / yr QB” talk should be permanently muted going forward. He is not an elite QB he is a solid veteran backup who has played well when the offense is on schedule against the weaker teams.

    Against the top teams and in the big moments he has shown that without a doubt he is not an elite NFL QB. That’s not a knock on him he is a solid QB and has had a great year.

    • cha

      Hopefully the talk of putting the Franchise Tag on him will stop.

    • 12th chuck

      that and what to do with the first pick in the draft should be a qb as well

  134. Matt

    Garbage time stats have been Geno’s best friend for a couple months.

  135. Mr Magic

    we shoulda kicked FGs on 2 earlier possessions instead of going for it, we took ourselves out of the game.

    • 12th chuck

      well, thats what you do to get outcoached

    • cha

      I was completely fine with the decisions to go for it on 4th.

      The play calls though, were atrocious. That’s the problem.

  136. cha

    The Seahawks just trying to kill the clock and get on the plane.

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