Make the Seahawks BAMF again

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  1. Blitzy the Clown

    Ideally speaking, for me, I would rather win being an absolute bunch of violent arseholes, rather than being a finesse passing team…I’m just telling you my preference.

    Amen brother. I’m right there with ya.

  2. Charles

    Same! Taking the other teams soul as well as having an 0-2 stretch.

    • Steve R

      Hi, been lurking a while. I have a sneaking suspicion that if Kyle Hamilton is there he might be the pick. Not at safety, but a move to cornerback. This screams a Carroll project and having 6’3 220lb corner to jam #1 wide receivers all over the place might be enticing no matter what scheme they use. His versatility is super intriguing, people worry out speed, but I’m sure he can beat prime Brandon browner in a foot race. Just a thought really.

      • Rob Staton

        They’re not going to take a safety in the top 10 and move him to cornerback

  3. MychestisBeastmode

    Rob, is there a platform that benefits you most financially, if any? Like listening on Spotify vs YouTube or other?

    Great work once again!

    • Rob Staton

      YouTube. Don’t make anything on the other platforms.

    • Ashish

      That’s good question will make sure to listen on YouTube.

    • Roy Batty

      If YT allows you to skip the commercials at the beginning of Rob’s video, don’t. Grin and bear it. It helps Rob.

      • Mr drucker in hooterville

        Rob, your career is going to skyrocket. If you were a stock, I’d buy.
        I would love you in Mayock’s old seat on NFL Network doing draft coverage.

  4. Peppapig

    Love it Rob!
    Have a great trip!

  5. cha

    Great piece and if Clemons is around at a good draft spot I can see the Seahawks taking him. They need some snarl in their lineup. They need to get back to what Pete Carroll has preached and failed to deliver the last five seasons.

    But do they have the vision to do it? Do they even know anymore what they’re trying to do?

    Jamal Adams is the fourth Indiana Jones movie. An attempt to recapture legitimacy years and years after hitting glory with a perfect distillation of a concept. It was expensive, disastrous, and only served to water down the brilliance deserved for the original run.

    I’d posit they cannot try to mimic those teams as many wish they would. I want them to move forward and once again find the market inefficiencies to exploit and return to the vanguard of the NFL, rather than snidely crowing at fans and reporters about how important the running game and defense is, all the while doing neither of those things very well.

    Here’s hoping they can.

    • Peter

      In my dour mood towards pete I’ve commented that his system does work. Though different Shanahan’s system and Vrabel’s system aren’t too dissimalr to what pete used to do.

      That’s why I’m fine with two oline/ 1 dline or reverse with the first three picks.

      Whether penny is the truth or not having a freaking oline is totally nrcessary to do what pete wants.

      I think a third round and not much lower RB is key as well. Some of the rushing stat lines last year were atrocious.

      I know the rams, chief, bills, bengals can put it in the air but mahomes can be stopped and the other three as good as they are become a bit limited throwing badly timed int’s or multi int games if a team like Seattle can cut the time of possession down to a minimum.

      If they are going with Lock then Waldron needs to create plays that are easier for him to indentify the key wr. Even in highlights if you are throwing for 10-12 yards to a guy triple and sometimes quadruple covered….that’s the wrong read.

    • Ashish

      Adams trade is a blunder and have already done, If fan can understand I’m sure PC/JS knows about it. They should plan to move on when it is right time based on cap space situation. New defense should get one opportunity to utilize Adams if it works at least will get some return else move on.
      Now with Russ gone we can bear him for year or two.

      • Paul

        Not everyone has given up on Adams. Michael-Shawn Dugar is insistent that Adams did everything he was asked to do last year in the context of a defensive scheme that concentrated him on run defense. Mike is a good observer, and he’s privy to details about the scheme that film doesn’t show.

        That being said, clearly one Clint Hurtt’s chief responsibilities is to figure out how to turn Adams loose as a blitzer without exposing the secondary. I’ll see what happens before writing off the trade.

        • Rob Staton

          MSD also did a list of cap casualties at the end of the season and gave numerous names and didn’t even mention Bobby Wagner.

          He also said on a podcast that the Seahawks should pay Quandre Diggs $18m a year.

          • Big Mike

            And he likely is not taking into account the shoulder injuries and peacock’s “business decisions” because of them. That’s OK, when he goes out for the year with yet another injury sometime around week 8 Ryan Neal will take over and the play from the position will improve.

  6. Poli

    He’s got the Deebo from Friday look in his eye

  7. samprassultanofswat

    Lately I have been checking this blog 2 or 3 times a day. Rob. Enjoy your off time. Family time is really important. However, it is going to be a long week or so. While you are gone.

    I think Micheal Clemons is a combination of Chris Clemons/Michael Bennett. Two KEY pass rushers on the Seahawks Super Bowl run.

    Don’t sleep on Drew Lock
    Shelby Harris!

  8. PRHawk

    Long time lurker. Couldn’t agree more.

  9. samprassultanofswat

    I love D.K. Metcalf. But it would be great if John Schneider could swing a deal that would include the Jets @10 pick. The Hawks could trade down to the mid-teens still get a premium pick. You could have two premium studs to strengthen your defense. Two stud players that could be here for a long long time.

    The Jets have to be interested in Metcalf. They will in on Tyreek Hill until the very end. Let’s face Zach Wilson NEEDs a weapon.

    Don’t sleep on Drew Lock
    Shelby Harris

    • Brik

      Look what Diggs did for Josh Allen. Look what Hopkins did for Kyler Murray and what happened when he wasn’t in the line up. You will see Mahomes suffer, and Tua look better, after the Tyreek Hill trade. Same goes for Aaron Rodgers and Carr because of Davante Adams. Drew Lock with DK vs Drew Lock without DK will be a world of difference. Don’t let the thrill of opening up new presents get you to forget what you already have.

      • Dingbatman

        Let’s also not forget that DK was arguably the second best wr on the team last year.

        • Mac

          DK makes plays but also fades. I haven’t watched enough film to see if targets weren’t going his way due to trust or what the issue was.

        • Brik

          Russel’s best quality is his TD-Int ratio. He’s only thrown over 4,000 yards 4 of 10 years. Only thrown 40+ TDs once. Last year he got hurt but before that he threw over 4,000 two years in a row. The year prior to DK he threw for under 3500. It may or may not mean anything, but I can see a scenario where RW would have completely fallen off if not for DK.

          Yea I would totally argue that. Lockett is a fantastic WR and is making good money because of it. He’s also got 1-3 prime years left. DK is in his prime for the next 6-8 years. There are a lot of factors you can look at, like RW and Lockett’s familiarity, that helped Lockett. Lockett gets open and makes great catches. Metcalf will do what Lockett can, plus he will make catches through and over CBs. Top CBs can shut Lockett down, but they cannot do the same to DK.

  10. Paul

    In football, analytics has tactical value, but it is not and is unlikely to become the strategic tool that it is in baseball. Football is simply too situational (e.g., down and distance, score differential, talent difference) and conditional (e.g., health, weather). The quant stuff can be useful, especially when it comes to testing decisions and and drilling down into what has already happened. But build a team around it? No way.

  11. Roy Batty

    Bingo, Rob.

    Gimme 11 Kam Chancellor’s on the defensive side and we shall see carnage, dominance and scorched Earth.

  12. Big Mike

    “He has more fabulous outfits than big hits, in 2 seasons. He has as many shoulder injuries as interceptions in 2 seasons.”

    Enjoy your vacation with the family Rob.

  13. Hoggs41

    That could be guys like Penning, Tindall and Pearce.

    • Rob Staton

      I think Penning tries to hard at it though

      It’s not ok judo tossing someone at the whistle just because then getting bull rushed by a smaller DE on the next rep

      • FWBrodie

        Yeah his go to twist and throw move looks cool, but it’s going to draw some penalties in the NFL, especially if he doesn’t figure out how to get his hands inside.

  14. Rob Staton

    Ray Roberts on Charles Cross…

    “The Cross kid, he’s more of a technical player. He doesn’t seem to play with a whole lot of power and he’s in a two point stance a lot, so it doesn’t really warrant itself to be a good run blocker the way that they’d like to run the ball here,” he said. “So to me, that would be a bit of a stretch to take the Cross kid at nine. I think Neal or Ekwonu would be comfortable nice picks.”

    I’ve been saying… 🤷‍♂️

    • Ashish

      Ok stop bragging, others need time to catch up.

      • Big Mike

        Don’t think there’s enough left for them to catch up Ashish.

        • Big Mike

          enough TIME

          geez Louise, my old guy brain……….

          • Old but Slow

            Mike, maybe they need more than time.

    • samprassultanofswat

      I will not be happy if the Hawks do something like taking Charles Cross with the number 9 pick. Ray Roberts likes both Neal/Ekwonu. The problem is they will both be off the board when the Hawks are on the clock.

      Don’t sleep on Drew Lock!
      Shelby Harris

  15. SoZ

    That’s a college student? Good lord…

    • Jordan

      In a way. He’s 24 and was in junior college in 2016. But don’t let the advanced age fool you into thinking he’s mature – arrested in September on weapons and drug charges; and the 2nd time with an invalid licence – so couldn’t even straighten that part out as an adult.

  16. Gross MaToast

    You guys need to get off of Jamal Adams and his exquisite taste in apparel and accessories- the man sports an Hermes sipping straw with a Dolce & Gabbana coffee cup that, when paired with his Brioni casual pullover, Fendi acid washed jeans, and those purple Jordan 11s, is not only breathtaking, but rather daring in the nonconformity to traditional fashion templates, for god’s sake. Did you ever see Cam Chancellor in that? I’ll answer for you before you rush off to try and find it – you did not. That single, roguish, toss-aside combo costs more than most of you will earn this year and next – a stunning expenditure for a man supremely unlikely to continue earning at his current pace post-2024. We have an all-timer who is vastly underrated within this community and it breaks my heart to see it. If any of you think Kenny Easley is walking through that door attired in anything by Saint Laurent or even by that hack Loro Piana, you are sadly mistaken. Appreciate what you have, dammit.

    Ok, on to my post.

    I was thinking about ways that NFL teams might exploit NFL market inefficiencies (Moneyball), and the most obvious method is pretty much in line with PeteBall – forgoing the $40-50m QB, building a supreme OL of roadgraders, having a stable of difficult to tackle RBs (or just 1 could do), a couple of jitterbug WRs who demand attention while rendering that $25m pass rusher on the other side mostly useless and beating the living hell out of the defense’s front 7. None of these guys earn at the top of their position groups, but are supremely talented at what they do, which happens to not be in vogue for the great majority of teams today. Not saying they have the personnel to run it now, but a team can afford those pieces on an annual basis if they draft well and sign FAs effectively – something the Seahawks haven’t done in quite a while. Built and executed correctly, it would be quite effective.

    We all know what PeteBall is, but maybe it’s also just another form of Moneyball that got lost as he tried to keep a superstar QB placated. Maybe he can recreate it…in which case we need a team filled with BAMFs like Mr. Clemons (I’m going to refer to him as Mr. Clemons going forward and advise all of you to do so, as well – for your own safety and well-being). I do worry about his fashion sense, however, but feel that he and Jamal will reach an understanding quickly and effectively on how the defense will present itself.

    Then again, perhaps Peteball really is what we’ve seen for the past half—decade – an odd mishmash of this and that – the inexplicable coupled with the mind boggling – sort of like Miuccia Prada.

    • Big Mike

      As usual Gross, you’re killing it…..both with the humor and the serious football stuff. Made my evening.
      “……if they draft well and sign FAs effectively – something the Seahawks haven’t done in quite a while.”. That’s the crux of the present situation with the franchise. They have a chance to rectify that beginning in 19 days. Color me very skeptical, but as the saying goes, hope springs eternal. That’s what being a fan is all about I suppose.

      • SoZ

        Well since you mentioned it I did go looking for it. Introducing the Kam Chancellor collection as well as His and Hers and by Kam and Tiffany Chancellor. Not to mention the Kam Chancellor onesie for your baby.

        Take that Jamal! Drink up those salty tears with your Hermes sipping straw!

    • swedenhawk

      Nice plan, Gross. Can’t wait to see Cole Strange and Mr. Clemons rocking Dries Van Noten designed throwback unis in 2023!

  17. KD

    I don’t know how many of you watch Cobra Kai, but as Rob was talking, all I could hear was Johnny Lawrence saying “It’s time to stop being pussies and become BAD ASS!”

    • Huggie Hawk

      Ha nice. Cobra Kai RULES.

    • Sea Mode

      Love it

  18. Forrest

    I like Josh Paschal a little better. But, Clemmons is sort of a 1b for me. I see similarities that I like in both of them.

    • Forrest

      I also like Alex Wright as a later 1c. He’s younger and might need a year or two, but I like his developmental potential.

  19. Mac

    I’d be down for Clemons. In my opinion the worst part of his arrest was driving without an active license, if you’re unlicensed, you’re probably uninsured as well.

    • SoZ

      If he’s uninsured then he has no affiliations with State Farm or Afflac or whatever like Rodgers, Mahomes, or Manning. Therefore he will never be a superstar.

      • Mac

        Maybe Progressive will give him a deal.

  20. JSull

    Man you hit this right on the head! I’ve been saying for awhile that the Hawks got soft, they lost their edge. Since the LoB and Marshawn left. They went from the baddest most feared team in the league to almost a joke in the league, just by style of play (weak Oline, defense that doesn’t scare you,etc). Their bark has been bigger than their bite (looking at you Jamal adams!!!) all talk no action. Russell’s Goodie two shoes persona was the image of the team as opposed to the hard hitting shit talking badass mudda image we had in the heyday. I believe Michael Bennett summed it up perfectly when he said “you can’t have a team full of Russell Wilson’s, you need some marshawns”!!!! We need some DOGS man we need players with attitude!!!

  21. MGibson

    Would you be willing to trade DK for a chance at Jermaine Johnson straight up? Let’s say we can get out of the first round with Jermaine Johnson and Derick Stigley.

    • Rob Staton

      You might need #4 overall for that

      • CaptainJack

        Four pass rushers won’t go in a row from 1-4. Someone will go higher than you expect. Wilson, Neal, Ickey, Sauce, Hamilton. Four edge in a row at the top is unprecedented and improbable. Even if you view those as the best four players.

        • Rob Staton

          Four pass rushers might go in a row

          It’s a distinct possibility

          Nobody should dismiss it

  22. SoZ

    Well how can you find someone like Marshawn again? He was one of a kind. He ran 4.4 at the combine too didn’t he? Agile beast with contact balance and home run speed. Although Dameon Pierce does look to have some of that home run speed..

  23. Sneekes

    As Paul alluded, analytics is a clue, it’s not the answer. Far too many people treat it as the answer.
    Take the 4th and short calculation, the analytics will give you a number based on averages, but it won’t tell you what that calculation is if one side had 5 BAMFs and the other has 1!

  24. Bobby54

    Talking about BAMF. I love Marcus Jones. Dude is a baller. I dont care that he is short. Dude would bring the energy and toughness and he can easily hold his own against slot receivers. His return ability is just the cherry on top. At #72, i take him with no regrets

  25. Rob Staton

    Armani Rogers on an official 30 visit to Seattle

  26. Spencer

    With everything I’m reading about Michael Clemons, I’m getting LJ Collier vibes. Somebody talk me through this!

    In Collier’s defense, it’s not his fault he was taken that high. I wonder how we would have felt about him as a 6th or 7th rounder. But still, that was the worst draft pick in the PC/JS era. Tell me why this isn’t making the same mistake again.

    • Rob Staton

      Tell me why this isn’t making the same mistake again.

      Because you aren’t taking him in R1

      • Spencer

        Where do you see differences in their profile and film? (I don’t know if you’re already on vacation, but thanks for responding either way)

        • Rob Staton

          Well they have completely different body types and playing styles.

          We don’t need to get into a situation where everyone who runs the same forty has to be compared to LJ Collier

          And Clemons won’t be a R1 pick either

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