Matt Barkley (QB, USC) vs Oregon


  1. Scott

    I like how he recognized the single coverage on Lee and just put the ball up for him to go get time after time.
    The interception, was Woods getting mugged by that corner? Either way, Oregon was making a clear effort to take away Woods, I counted a number of times when they had 3 players keyed on Woods. Until that throw he did a good job of taking what they were giving.

    I don’t suspect he will be available where we are drafting.

  2. Colin

    Great game, great performance. I’ve thought for months on which QB Barkley looks like the most and I think it is Eli Manning. He’ll never get the respect or credit he deserves, but he is a helluva player and he WILL rise to the occassion. This game is a great example of that, arguably the best game of the college football season.

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