Matt Barkley (vs ASU) & Ryan Lindley (vs Michigan) tape


  1. Matt

    I watched the Barkley video first, and the drop to Lindley in overall technique, pocket awareness, and especially footwork is marked.

  2. troy

    Very inconsistent accuracy from Lindley in an all around disappointing performance. He was a guy I thought might be able to get himself into late first round discussion after this season, but so far I’ve been pretty underwhelmed.

    Barkley’s performance, however, I think was completely overblown. Aside from a couple poor decisions when he tried to do too much, he looked very good to me. That TD pass to start the second half, for example, was beautiful. Barkley just looks like an NFL QB to me. Everything he does looks so smooth and natural, whether its setting up a screen, rolling out on a bootleg, play action, throwing on the run. It all looks so effortless.

    • Rob

      Couldn’t agree more Troy, well put.

  3. Jared

    I agree with Troy, I think aside from the few forced throws Barkley looked tremendous. His touch is great. There was a play at the 6:06 mark that was a tremendous NFL throw. It was a 20+ yard comeback route to Wood. I thought he was going to the WR underneath but put it perfectly on Wood before he went out of bounds.

    I doubt the Seahawks will be picking #1 overall so I think that Luck is a remote possibility. (the question is if KC has the 1st pick due they take Luck or stick with Cassell?) However, I think we’ll be in the top 10 and so I’m hoping we can score Barkley. With him at the helm along with Miller, Rice, and BMW we could have a pretty dynamic passing game.

  4. Cliff

    Rob, If we somehow got Carson Palmer and you were unable to draft Luck, Barkley, Jones and even RG3 who would you take as a developmental QB? Who has the most upside?

    • Rob

      Personally I take Austin Davis in that situation.

  5. Mike


    Thank you for the consistent high quality content and for providing your insight and opinion and giving us access to game film.

    My feeling on Barkley is that this is just a bad game. While there were some positives as others mention above (footwork, fluidity/athleticism, etc) I think this game does show some of his potential drawbacks.

    There were two occasions (:15 and 5:35) where he significantly overthrew open receivers on deep routes. He has a tendency to put a lot of air underneath the ball on deep routes, so accuracy can be an issue at times.

    He will also occasionally revert to old habits and throw off his back foot. The most blatant example of this was ironically on one of his better throws (3:52).

    The first INT was a great play by the LB, the second one showed his “gunslinger” Farve-esque attitude, which can be a positive and a negative. You can say that he was just trying to make a play, which is true, but it was also first down with almost 7 minutes left in the game. In this game, unlock others I’ve seen, he seemed to lock in on his first read quite a bit? Didn’t see many check downs or obvious 2nd or 3rd reads.

    All in all, I really like Barkley as a prospect and am looking forward to watching him for the rest of the year.

    Also, Robert Woods jumped off the screen. I know he’s only a sophomore, but where does he grade out as an NFL prospect? He reminds me a little of Hakeem Nicks.

  6. sc85sis

    Woods is a stud. As demonstrated in today’s game versus Arizona, he can catch from anywhere on the field, and he also does a good job with his blocking.

    Marquise Lee, #9 for USC, is also going to be a star if he keeps tracking the way he has. He’s a year younger than Robert (they went to the same high school), but Kiffin recently said that Marquise is actually ahead of where Robert was at this time last season.

    Scary thought for opposing defenses…

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