Senior Bowl Day One

It’s day one of the Senior Bowl and for once, it appears to be well attended by most of the big name prospects. While Adrian Clayborne (DE, Iowa) isn’t in Mobile – the likes of Jake Locker, Ryan Kerrigan and Von Miller have shown up to work out for scouts.

Today started with the weigh-ins… here’s some of the key numbers:

Jake Locker (QB, Washington) was listed at 6-2 and 228lbs. He’s a shade shorter than expected but it shouldn’t be an issue. This is a big week for Locker – as ESPN’s Todd McShay discusses in the video below:

There’s more from McShay here:

“This week Locker has a chance to show that he can be a more efficient passer with quality pass protection and legitimate weapons at his disposal. And it’s a chance to have the spotlight to himself as the other three quarterbacks with first-round potential — Missouri’s Blaine Gabbert, Auburn’s Cam Newton and Arkansas’ Ryan Mallett — are all underclassmen and not at the Senior Bowl.”

Rodney Hudson (OG, Florida State) is one of my favorite prospects in the 2011 draft. It was good to see him listed at 6-2 and 291lbs. Although a lot of teams will be put off by the sub-300lbs size, he’s still a perfect option for any team running the zone blocking scheme. He looked broad with room to add more weight. Top-25 talent without top-25 size.

Von Miller (LB, Texas A&M) came in at 6-2 and 237lbs. He’s going to play outside linebacker in either scheme for me and isn’t an option for Seattle unless they’re looking for a strong-side outside linebacker.

Jeremy Beal (DE, Oklahoma) could be  LEO option though – he came in at 6-2 and 268lbs. You’d prefer he was a little taller, but he’s a mid-round option for the Seahawks.

DeMarco Murray (RB, Oklahoma) will also provide good value as a runner and pass catcher. He had nice size at 6-0 and 216lbs.

Stephen Paea (DT, Oregon State) only weighed 291lbs at 6-1. It’s not good news if you want him in Seattle – his strength is against the run but can you draft a nose tackle with that build? Can he translate to the 5-technique?

Ryan Kerrigan (DE, Purdue) isn’t a stunning athlete, but he’s relentless and looks the part at 6-4 and 255lbs. He’s a LEO possibility and will interest 3-4 teams at OLB.

Phil Taylor (DT, Baylor) may be one to watch this week. He’s the top rated nose tackle at 6-3 and 337lbs.

For measurements in full for the two teams click here: South team, North team

As more information comes in from Mobile I’ll update this post. Stay tuned.

** One of my favorite under rated prospects in the draft is Alabama offensive lineman James Carpenter. He’s a JUCO transfer who performed well at left tackle in 2010. He’s been working out at left guard today for scouts. He’s a mid/late round steal waiting to happen and really flexible.

** Cameron Jordan (DE, California) deserves credit for showing up in Mobile. He’s already making plays in day one and standing out. If you’re looking for a riser over the next few weeks who can break into the top-ten – this is your guy.

McShay reviews the day one workouts:

Tony Pauline has reports on every single prospects performance on day one, including weigh-in numbers. The Draft Insider website is essential viewing at the moment.

Pauline has this to say about Jake Locker’s performance:

“Struggled from the get go.  Constantly high of the mark and almost always had receivers stretching vertically to grab the ball.  Wild for the most part.  Shows a nice arm and effective throwing on the move but the inaccuracy is a major concern.”

In contrast, Scouts Inc reported:

“Washington’s Jake Locker’s day was a little bit like a microcosm of his career. He made some unbelievable throws, like one fade route in the back of the end zone. Perfect timing, perfect touch and dropped it right in. He nailed a couple skinny posts where he led the receiver and put it in the perfect spot for yards after catch. And maybe his best throw of the day was a sideline comeback route where he just drilled it with perfect timing. But he can’t bottle it up and do it consistently. He had a handful throws that he made one time, but didn’t do it the next time. It’s that inconsistency that is frustrating. If it was just today and you saw something else on film, you could attribute the inconsistency to just being Day 1. But if this pattern continues, this isn’t going be the week he needs it to be. Still, he did not have a bad day. In fact, he had the best day of the QBs here and there is no doubt who is the most naturally talented QB here.”

Universally though it appears Cameron Jordan (DE, California) is lighting up Mobile. This isn’t a surprise and something we’ve been touting throughout the 2010 season. His ability to fit both schemes will help make him a top 10-15 pick.

The NFL Network has Senior Bowl Day One highlights. Mike Mayock and Charles Davis take a look at the North team quarterbacks.


  1. tompage

    Is Jarvis Jenkins a candidate for the 5-technique? He seems to have the right body type.

    • Rob

      Maybe for Seattle’s scheme, but I think he’s better suited inside. He’s best against the run and looks like he could play the one technique.

  2. FWBrodie

    Solder made Beal his bitch today twice in a row in a one v. one drill. Swallowed him whole.

    • Blake

      You in Mobile or somethin? I would love to watch these practices if you’ve got a link or anything.

      • Ivan

        NFL network but if you want to watch it online…

  3. CrazyHawk

    I saw it on NFL Network… Solder absolutely owned Beal.

  4. Blake

    What a weigh in for Cam Jordan. 6’4″ 287! 10 pounds heavier than Bailey, same size as Ballard, and a few BigMacs shy of Paea. He’ll probably run in the 4.8 range which is monster for a guy his size. Plus the largest hands here at 11 and a quarter with 34 and a half inch arms?! He just made 10 million dollars by standing naked in front of a bunch of computer geeks…

  5. FWBrodie

    Blake, I had the day off today and NFL Network is running the practices live.

  6. Hunter

    NFL network has a hour for each teams practice. Today they had 1 1/2 hour practice for the North team.
    Jake Locker was hot and cold. made some great throws but also had some that looked like he overthrew or under threw and one INT in 7-7. But it is the first time any of these guys have ever been on the same team.
    Titus Young was by far the fastest player on the field and he got by DB’s with easy but he had a few dropped balls. He looked great on the short screen pass.
    Ricky Stanzi was very unimpressive. In 7-7 with no pass rush he checked down on almost every play and the one time he threw deep, he underthrew the recevier and if the DB got his head around it was an INT.

  7. Charlie

    if there isnt a qb available and all the ones worth trading up for are gone by pick 10, what would you think about getting colin kaepernick with a 4th rounder? is that too high? too low? what are your thoughts on this rob

    • Rob

      It’s too high for me Charlie – I know Kaepernick is getting some love at the moment but I just can’t imagine him starting in the NFL. His mechanics are a major issue – I’m not convinced his arm is as good as some are reporting in Mobile and ne reminds me of a poor man’s (taller) Seneca Wallace. He’s a substantial project. I could see him going in R4 but I’d rather wait until 5/6.

      • Charlie

        thats fair, i was just wondering, it doesnt hurt to grab a guy late at the qb position, but even hasselbeck got drafted late, so its not a bad idea to take a guy late no risk but possibly great reward. i thought mike teel showed some promise in preseason, granted its only preseason, i still would have liked him to stick around.

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