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I’ve just had a quick scan of the blog trying to find comments about James Carpenter. I’ve listed a collection below. This is a player who jumped off the screen for Alabama in 2010 and flew under the radar in a big way during draft season. Originally I viewed him as a superior alternative to Gabe Carimi in a later round. He had starting left tackle potential and due to a lack of hype, I thought he’d be available in the mid rounds. In the end he was drafted exactly where his talent deserved.

8th November
“Gabe Carimi (OT, Wisconsin) is a mauler limited strictly to the RT position therefore limiting his value. Derek Sherrod (OT, Miss. State) is a fast riser at the moment. Joseph Barksdale (OT, LSU) and James Carpenter (OT, Alabama) are two prospects who are worth monitoring too, Carpenter in particular is a big-time sleeper who could be a steal later on.”

24th January
“One of my favorite under rated prospects in the draft is Alabama offensive lineman James Carpenter. He’s a JUCO transfer who performed well at left tackle in 2010. He’s been working out at left guard today for scouts. He’s a mid round steal waiting to happen and really flexible.”

30th January
“One prospect I’ve spoken a lot about on this blog is James Carpenter (LT, Alabama). When people have often suggested the limited Gabe Carimi (RT, Wisconsin) as a Seahawks option in round one – I’ve been quick to point to Carpenter as a superior (cheaper) alternative later in the draft. He stood out for the Crimson Tide this year and flew under the radar. Clearly he’s raw but he’s got a great frame that’s capable of adding size. He did a good job in Mobile and that will help his stock. I honestly would have no qualms drafting him in the round 3-4 range. In a few years time that might look like a steal.”

10th February
“I rate James Carpenter higher than most. Danny Watkins and Rodney Hudson will also give teams an instant impact at guard (or center in Hudson’s case).”

25th February
“Two prospects I’m particularly high on – Rodney Hudson and James Carpenter – benched 27 and 23 reps respectively. Mike Pouncey didn’t participate.”

27th April
(On projecting Carpenter at #23 to Philadelphia in my final mock draft) “I’m a huge fan of this guy, he stood out during the season blocking for Ingram, McElroy and co. Why not?”

27th April
“I believe in this guy. Philly will consider adding a lineman who can play right tackle or kick inside. Under rated, talented.”


  1. Misfit74

    Nice. If he can get stronger along with Moffitt and Unger and Spencer the line could be set. Pump that iron, guys. 🙂

  2. Dave

    So, when can we expect the first 2012 mock?

    • Rob

      I’ll do a ‘ones to watch’ piece today or tomorrow… then it’s into the tape I have on Seattle’s picks and looking ahead to 2012.

      • Rob

        Plus the blog is going to become more ‘general’ orientated during the off season, discussing a number of topics such as the lockout, CBA, free agency, Seahawks prospects, 2010 tape breakdown. The works up until the college football season begins.

        • Dave

          cool, looking forward to it

  3. Jim Q.

    The draft “grades” are not too favorable for the Seahawks draft according to a lot of the “experts”. The concept of “reaching” for a prospect your team values over other players applies to all of the teams in the draft and IMO there were a lot of reaches by other teams, not just the Seahawks. Here is a list of the Seahawks draftees and their pre-draft “ratings” for each pick from several websites.



    # 25: CARPENTER, OT: 40, 86, 82, 45, (avg. 63.25)
    # 75: MOFFITT, OG: 86, 91, 117, 190, (avg. 98.00) (W/190 out)
    # 99: K. J. WRIGHT, LB: 85, 87, 255, 82 (avg. 84.66) (W/255 out) ****Under drafted?
    #107: DURHAM, WR: 254, NR, 451, 363 (avg. 308.50) (W/451 out) ****His stock was up after Georga’s pro-day.
    #154: SHERMAN, CB: 194, 278, 219 (avg. 230.33) ****His stock was going up as draft approached.
    #156: LEGREE, S: 186, 238, 245, 146 (avg. 203.75)
    #173: MAXWELL, CB: 211, 308, 207 (avg. 242.00)
    #205: LIVINGSTON, DE: 275, 196, 255 (avg. 242.00)
    #242: SMITH, LB: 380, NR, NR, NR = CAMP FODDER.

    It would appear the Seahawk “reaches” are at least somewhat valid especially in the first couple of picks. However, if one looks at the majority of teams in the draft, over reaching is not uncommon at all. IMO, draft priorities and evaluations are best done by the guys that have to pay these guys the big bucks and not by raving idiots known as Mel K. or T. Dilfer. Note that there are some of these ratings that are obviously flawed, ie: Moffitt has 3 sites rating him 86, 91 & 117 and then there is a ridiculous 190. There are numerous other examples of this sort all over the draft sites. I guess all “EXPERTS” are not made equally and it’s probably true that one man’s treasure is another mans garbage.

  4. Darnell

    Kiper got on us for not taking Andy Dalton, a 3rd-4th round caliber player, @ 25.

    Over the last couple of years you have to wonder if Kiper has gotten money from camp Clausen and camp Dalton – I wouldn’t expect NFL teams to be that gullible, but both guys went way higher than they should have.

    He also didn’t like that we took Carpenter over Carimi or Sherrod – essentially implying that he is a better evaluator of oline talent than Tom Cable.

  5. Daniel

    Dang, you’re good. I never saw this pick coming, keep up the great work!

  6. Ed

    Ok everyone, I know the media has graded it bad. I know everyone hears Kiper and McShay and everyone say they overvalued these picks. But all they are looking at is the grade. Teams don’t work that way. While Carimi and Sherrod and other linemen had higher overall grades, Carpenter and Mofitt fit our profile. Nasty maulers to punch people in the mouth. Why get higher grade soft olinemen when you want some nasty maulers (value or not). They are looking at overall grade, I am glad we have a profile of what we want and will stick with it. That’s what good teams do.

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