Meet up and quick thoughts on Chris Wormley

Flight done and I’m here in Seattle to attend the Washington vs Arizona State game on Saturday and the Seahawks/Eagles game on Sunday.

A few people have talked about meeting up.There are a few things we can do. On Friday I might have some time in the afternoon or possibly the evening. If people wanted to go grab a coffee/beer or something and talk some football I’ll see if we can get something sorted. Alternatively a meet-up before the Huskies game could also be possible — however I’m planning to get to the stadium relatively early so it might have to be around midday.

I’m open to suggestions. I’m based at the Fairmont hotel in downtown. If we can get something arranged I’ll leave final details on here later today or early on Friday.

Secondly, I spent a bit of time watching Michigan defensive lineman Chris Wormley. He’s a player I’ve only previously had half an eye on. Today I watched three sets of Draft Breakdown tape. I’m keen to see more.

I suspect the Seahawks would ideally like to add another inside/out rusher. It was interesting that after signing John Jenkins, Pete Carroll made reference to improving the interior pass rush. They’ve seen Jordan Hill get injured and then released, Quinton Jefferson is on I.R. And with Michael Bennett currently out — there isn’t really a pass-rush threat working the inside.

They have some bulk — Athyba Rubin is under contract, Jarran Reed should only get better with time and Tony McDaniel has slotted back into a productive role. What they really need is a change-up.

I’ve seen Wormley listed at 6-4 and 295lbs and 6-6 and 302lbs. ESPN’s Scouts Inc. projects a forty time of 4.85. If those numbers are accurate, Wormley is worth considering as a possible option.

For starters his gap discipline is excellent and that’s pretty much one of the most important things if you’re going to play D-line for the Seahawks. They put a high priority on players who can execute their jobs, control the situation and work against the run. Wormley is very good here with plus strength and the ability to handle 1v1 blocks consistently well if he lines up inside or out. He plays with heavy hands in the run-game.

He’s nearly always on the field for Michigan (doesn’t get subbed very often) but he’s still willing to string plays out and work in pursuit. He plays with an edge and he’s tough.

As a pass rusher nobody would say he’s twitchy but he does have a decent get-off. He had 6.5 sacks last season and 14.5 TFL’s. This year he already has 7.5 sacks and 7.5 TFL’s. You can’t argue with his production. He’s savvy with the push-pull move and he has enough power to drive blockers into the backfield to impact snaps even when he doesn’t get on the stat sheet.

We’ll need to see how he performs at the combine to determine whether he’s a realistic option for the Seahawks. If they want to keep adding big, tough, bullying defenders with versatility, Wormley could be someone they’re looking at. It’s a nice deep class for defensive linemen though so there will be plenty of alternatives.


  1. Madmark

    Well, I’m not heading north to meet with you because I’m to damn old and I hate the rain. I am sure you will have many fans wanting a piece of your time just because of this website.

  2. CharlieTheUnicorn

    If you guys are doing a meet-up in Seattle…. post a where and when. Might have to stop by and see what the hub bub is about… and have a beer.

  3. CharlieTheUnicorn

    After all the recnt shake-up of RBs in the stable…. it can be assumed that a RB would not be in the draft cards for the 2017 NFL draft for Seattle….. and the last time we assumed this, Christine Micheal was picked in the second round. With this in mind, who is a legit 2nd round prospect Seattle would have a shot at procuring late in round 2 ?

    I’m also assuming they would not trade the farm for Fournette, which seems out of character to past draft history….. under PC/JS.

    • Rob Staton

      I think they will take a long hard look at Elijah Hood between rounds 2-4.

    • Trevor

      Joe Mixon is this years Frank Clark. Incredible athlete and talent but very serious off field concerns. If he checks out and passes the background check like Clark he would be a steal talent wise in the 2nd round. Several scouts have called him the best player in that conference. Stress though very serious off field issues.

      • Nathan

        Speaking of, I notice Davon Godchaux has had charges dropped.

  4. HawkFan907

    The more and more I watch tape on Garett Bolles, the more I am convinced that we NEED him. Fant has performed admirably, and if he continues to develop he could be our guy, but Bolles would be our guy no questions asked. Unfortunately, word has gotten out

    He might not make it past the top 15 picks with so many teams having a need at OT. There is a small chance he won’t declare, but given the money he could make and his age it would be foolish not to.

    If Bolles is gone, I agree we take an inside-out pass rusher in the first. Wormley or Brantley could fit the bill.

    Now that Christine Michael is gone, I think that RB becomes a priority. I like Hood in the 3rd or Jamaal Williams in the 5th.

    • Volume12

      If Rawls can return to form, I personally think it becomes less of a need.

      That’s not to say it isn’t, but with Rawls, Prosise, and depending on how Pope fairs too, and TC & PC seem high on him, at that point we’re talking backup/depth which isn’t a bad thing by no means.

      • Lewis

        And don’t forget Alex Collins. He, like Vannett, have mostly been afterthoughts so far, but you hope that, if nothing else, a full offseason let’s them progress enough to be significant contributors next year.

      • stregatto

        On Pope I love that he’s had a chance to bounce outside Seattle and see a different locker room (NY Jets). As much as certain players pick up on PC coaching style immediately, having that exposure and perspective as a young player would, I hope, contribute to his maturity and desire to play for the Hawks.

  5. Hawktailgate

    Hey Rob. Welcome back to the Northwest. First time I have ever posted but read your blog all the time. Love the effort and insight so thank you. As far as a tailgate or meet up my Fiance and I have season tickets and a group of us always tailgate at the Seahawk ambulance in the North Endzone. I have used your thoughts on the draft a ton in my arguments so I owe ya at least a beer!!

  6. Volume12

    The only problem for me about Wormley? He might he one of those guys that fall because there’s always 7-8 FAs that bring the skill set to the table as cheap 1-2 year rentals.

    However, if we’re talking 3rd round or so then I think he’s great value.

    There aren’t many 300 ponders that can move like this though.

    • Sea Mode

      Holy smokes, just look at those arms!
      And that footwork is crazy for a man that size.
      Next OL convert…? (I kid, I kid…sort of…)

  7. bankhawk

    Rob, wish I could swing by for whatever meet-up you and the lads settle on, but sadly Im about 8,000 mi.s away and so will have to mail in my part. I sincerely hope Ma Dawgs and our most revered Hawks provide you with a weekend to spin yarns to your grandkids about one day and that you ẹnoy your stay in The Jet City! I so do wish I could be thêre to meet you in person. A million thanks for your expertise and balanced wisdom and the awesome community of rational thought and knowledge you have forged (shout out to yall, my brars-in-arms). Go Dawgs-Go Hawks!

  8. WALL UP

    What do you think of Davon Godchaux 6-4 293 for that inside outside rush for 3rd/4th Rd pick?

  9. WALL UP

    A player that could compliment and fill the need at LB is Zach Cunningham. He’s a must get for me. I’d go get him.

    • Volume12

      Houston LB Steven Taylor is exciting. Reminds me of KPL when he was at BC. Taylor has better blitzing & pass rushing skills though.

      This guy flys all over the field. Looks like he’s going 110% on every snap. He’s a dog out there out there man.

      • WALL UP

        He does flash as does KPL, they have similar measurables as well. But, 6-3 Cunningham’s length and strength against the run, and with Wagner and 6-4 KJ, this would be a perfect fit. Zach could even play all 3 positions as well, not to mention his character as a team leader. I wonder if they have any visits to Vanderbilt?

        • Volume12

          Oh, definetly. Cunningham is the superior prospect.

          They scouted Tennessee St vs Vandy 3 weeks ago. But, they scouted Tennessee St back in August too.

          • WALL UP

            Thanks Vol. He could fill the weakest link in the D.

          • WALL UP

            Vanderbilt coach Derek Mason thinks highly of Commodores junior linebacker Zach Cunningham.

            Mason worked as secondary coach and then defensive coordinator at Stanford from 2010-13, where his units with the Cardinal included such players as All-Pac-12 selections Trent Murphy and Shayne Skov. The brightest of those Stanford stars, though, was Sherman, a Super Bowl champion in Seattle and a cornerback who has three times been named a first-team All-Pro.

            “Richard Sherman was one of the smartest players I’ve ever coached,” Mason said. “I think Zach falls into that realm of guys who can take it from the class to the grass.”

            • HawkFan907

              I’ve been really high on Cunningham for a while. I’m under the impression that he will be gone before we pick, because his talent level is so high. He definitely would fill that hole on the D and is a better player than Mike Morgan or anyone else we can roll out there.

              With the depth of this draft, I would focus on keeping our picks or possibly moving down to grab more picks rather than moving up. We need depth at a number of positions.

              Cunningham to me seems like a player who would fall in the Fournette, Tim Williams, Jonathan Allen group of guys that would make our team a whole lot better, but wouldn’t fall to us.

              • WALL UP

                As I said, I’d go get him. They have been known to trade up for special players. He definitely fits that description.

  10. vrtkolman

    Man, Cam Newton looks terrible. It’s not all on their O line either (though it’s not good). He’s holding the ball too long and has no pocket presence.

  11. JT

    The Hawks already have 2 standout inside-out rushers in Bennett & Clark. What they need most on defense is a DT who can play all 3 downs like Avril & Bennett do. In recent weeks, we’ve seen teams like Atlanta, Buffalo and New England stick to heavy formations (2 backs or 2 TE’s) for the majority of the game against Seattle. Why?? For one, it keeps our worst starting defender on the field at SAM. More importantly however, it limits our pass rush. We keep 2 DT’s on the field in those situations, and our DT stable (Reed, Rubin, McDaniel) puts close to no pressure on the QB. This is a huge factor that impacts the success of the defense.

    A guy like Wormley who can both defend the run from the 3T position and rush the passer on any down could make a huge difference. He wouldn’t have to play 100% of snaps – even Bennett/Avril only play about 80-85%. Imagine if we could get the same pressure on 1st down as we do on third, without sacrificing the run defense. It’s not hyperbole to suggest the Hawks could field the greatest defense of all time with that formula, assuming the 3-down DT was also a star quality player.

    • vrtkolman

      This has been a hot point on this board for a while now. Carroll wants to stop the run on 1st and 2nd down more than anything else. If they pass out of heavy formations, so be it, let them do it. However you also can’t ignore Mebane’s year in 2013. Led the NFL in pressures at DT while also lining up on 1st and 2nd down. Overall I think Carroll wants run stoppers like Reed/McDaniel/Rubin on 1st and 2nd down and a pass rush package on passing downs. They will scheme around what new pieces offenses are throwing at them, Carroll is a fantastic defensive coach.

      • JT

        Yeah I’ve been pushing this point hard, knowing a player like that could make a huge impact on defense.

        Stopping the run is certainly the top priority against heavy sets, I’m definitely not arguing that at all. Putting a guy like Wormley in the DT rotation wouldn’t necessarily sacrifice the run D though. Not if the player/prospect is a great talent, superior to average veterans like Rubin & McDaniel (and yes I know how valuable they are). Wormley has the tape to suggest he may be that type of superior talent.

        The issue is these types of players don’t grow on trees. Off the top of my head, some examples are: JJ Watt, Aaron Donald, Suh, Geno Atkins, Fletcher Cox, Kawann Short, Jurrell Casey, Mike Daniels, Gerald McCoy and there are probably a few others. I’ve particularly liked Grady Jarrett and Chris Jones from the last 2 draft classes, who already look great in their young careers.

        Some of those guys are more 3-4 DE’s than 4-3 DT’s, as the defensive system further limits the options. It’ll likely take our first round pick one of these years to land a guy with that kind of potential, but the reward could be huge.

        • C-Dog

          I’ve noticed the last few games Reed playing more at 3 tech at times, and 3rd downs, getting some decent push. While I agree getting a guy like Wormley might be something they do early, it also looks like Reed has the potential to be a 3 down DT. It will be interesting to watch as the season goes.

          Also of note, per Brock Huard on an ESPN broadcast of a Wolverine game a few weeks ago, the Seattle Seahawks have been watching that defense very closely. So you may get that wish.

          • JT

            That defense is stacked. I like me some Jourdan Lewis at slot CB. He doesn’t have the Hawks’ size/length requirements, but he’s such a freak:

  12. Volume12

    Houston D-lineman Ed Oliver is incredible. What a freak. Looks look a future #1 overall pick.

    • Manthony

      Is Ed Oliver the kid that was one of the top blue chip recruits and went to Houston? I think the coach’s, Herman or whatever, stock is soaring too

  13. vrtkolman

    I don’t think I have ever seen a more horrific injury reaction than Keuchly’s. He was crying his eyes out while being carted off. It looked like a non contact knee injury, probably an ACL. I hope it’s nothing worse, him and Wagner have been the best two MLB’s in football since 2012.

    • Ishmael

      Check out something called the Pseudobulbar affect… Especially in light of the Panthers saying he went off with concussion.

      The only way football can survive is if something is done about the brain injuries.

    • STTBM

      Kuechly reported to have a concussion. Very, very scary reaction. Horrifying.

      I have a friend who was hit upside the head with a baseball bat as a teenager–someone had it in for his older bro and mistakenly whacked him in the dark on his porch (Spokane, dont ask…). Long story short, dude had a dark, twisted sense of humor but after that injury, he would cry at every sob story movie or song, even though he wasnt feeling sad, he’d be calm but tears would run down his face. When I asked WTF, he said it always happened, he couldnt control the tears but he didnt even feel sad–like his subconscious reacted but not his conscious mind. His emotions were all fouled up…

      Docs said it was related to his concussion. Weirdest thing Ive ever seen.

      Kuechly sobbing like that scares the crap out of me. Thats just awful….

      • Rob Staton

        It was really upsetting to see. Kuechly is an incredible, incredible player. Arguably generational at his position. And yet this problem could lead to a premature end to his career. I sincerely hope not. The guy is everything you want in a NFL player — attitude, passion, talent, leadership, athleticism, maturity.

        • JT

          I’m hoping that the sobbing and gasping for breath was from the other player’s helmet hitting him in the solar plexus right above the stomach. If that’s ever happened to any of you, you know how scary it is not being able to breath for a little while afterwards. Combine with that with a concussion on the same play… it would be no wonder why he appeared to emotionally shut down like that.

          That type of injury wouldn’t have a lasting effect once the nerves in the solar plexus recover, which just takes a few minutes. But when combined with a bad concussion, it could explain his immediate terrible reaction.

          Get well soon Luke.

          • STTBM

            The sobbing may have been involuntary. Which makes it even more horrifying…

            • Adog

              I’ve had a traumatic brain injury before and there’s a term for this condition…I think it’s called labile…basically you cannot control your emotions. I remember it was very wierd…someone would visit me in the hospital and my reaction was over the top happy. You never fully recover from brain injuries. I love football but brain injuries are horrible.

      • Ishmael

        STTBM, sounds exactly like what I was talking about. From Wiki… ‘Pseudobulbar affect (PBA), emotional lability, labile affect, or emotional incontinence is a type of affect characterized by involuntary crying or uncontrollable episodes of crying and/or laughing, or other emotional displays. PBA occurs secondary to a neurologic disorder or brain injury.’

        Remind anyone else of what we saw yesterday? Kuechly’s in big trouble.

        • Volume12

          I hope he isn’t.

          Hoping this is a good sign.

          • Ishmael

            Same, but given what we know about how players and teams like to hide this stuff… I’m sure he’ll play in a week or two, I’d just hate for him to end up a complete potato by his mid-30s

          • Nathan

            His eyes don’t look good in that photo.

        • Volume12

          I think Danny Glover has that condition.

  14. CharlieTheUnicorn

    I know this more a 2018/2019 draft question, but who is Houston Couger DT/NT Ed Oliver……
    I’ve seen his name popping up more and more, even though he is true freshman.

    • Volume12

      The best FR in the country. Unblockable at times. The first ever top 25 recruit to commit to a non P5 school. 16 TFL, 5 QB sacks, 61 tackles, a ridiculous 8 PBU. 6’2, 290 lbs. The new age interior pass rusher. Built like a big LB. Just destroys the gaps. His size doesn’t allow for much surface area so O-lineman have a hard time getting up underneath him. Long, athletic, him and LB Steven Taylor were highly impressive last night.

      Not gonna find many LB’s or DTs for that matter that can chase down L’ville QB Lamar Jackson.

  15. Tim

    An alternative to Wormley would be Caleb Brantley, IMO. He may not have 18 TFL this year like what Jonathan Bullard had a year ago, but I think his stats don’t do him justice. I’ve heard so much good things about Brantley. “He’s a hardcore competitor. He doesn’t like to lose a play. He doesn’t like to lose a drill. He doesn’t like to lose at all.” He’s a great disruptor. I think he’s ranked 1st in PFF’s pass rush productivity in SEC. Looking at his tapes, he’s got a great first-step and is always at the backfield. I don’t know about drafting him in the 1st round, but if we can trade down and snag him in the 2nd round, that would be awesome!

    • Nathan

      Walterfootball keep mocking Brantley to us.

  16. KD

    Wew. Fairmont is 2 blocks from my office. Rob, if you are looking to grab some amazing pizza, there’s a place called Mod Pizza about a block from your location. Properly cooked in a wood oven.

  17. SamP

    Hey Rob,

    Come over to the West Seattle Zeek’s Pizza (home grown in the northwest). We’ve got plenty of specialty pizzas you’re bound to love. Enjoy your time here! Go Dawgs and Go Hawks!

  18. C-Dog

    Here’s a fun simulated mock to get excited about.

    29: R1P29

    61: R2P29

    93: R3P29

    135: R4P32

    207: R6P28

    214: R6P35

    225: R7P7

    Brock Huard said on the ESPN broadcast of Michigan v Michigan St that Pete Carroll told him to tell Jim Harbaugh that the Seahawks have been intently watching his defense from a far. Maybe Seattle follows the models of the Vikings, Rams, and Panthers getting dominant at 1 tech and 3 tech with Reed and Wormley (Although, I still sense the 3 down potential of Reed and have noticed him being used at 3 tech more often lately).

    Still like the Hawks to target LB/edge at some point, OT, and RB. Haynes could be an equally exciting addition to the D setting an edge. With the presumed ascension of Fant at LT, Dawkins is drafted to be the started RT. Hood in R4 makes PC/JS do cartwheels together. They get an athletic TE/H-back in Everett, a safety/LB hybrid in Woods, and another long CB late round CB in Witherspoon.

  19. Trevor

    Watching Keuchly getting carted off the field in tears last night was one of the most sobering doses of reality I have ever gotten watching pro sports.

    He is my favorite non Seahawk in the NFL and from all reports is one of the truly good guys in the game. When you see a guy who plays with such intensity and ferocity on the field they almost seem indestructible and larger than life. To see him carted off the field in tears because of another likely concussion just makes you realize not only how much these guys truly love the game but also how very human they all are and that each and every play really could be their last. Hope e recovers and most importantly it is not a serious head injury that impacts his long term health.

    • Trevor

      I have no idea how you fix the concussion issue in the NFL but unless they do the most popular sport in the NFL seems doomed to boxing status in the future. I am a football addict and junkie but there is no way in hell i would let my kid play. I have even started getting a queasy feeling in my stomach every time you see those helmet to helmet collisions and it had definitely impacted how I watch the game now.

      • Ishmael

        I mentioned it above, but I suspect the tears were more a result of a Pseudobulbar affect.

        Reckon the NFL have to make the head totally sacrosanct. Make it totally illegal to initiate contact with the head. 15 yard penalty, spot of the foul, whatever’s worse. Make it illegal for RBs to lower their head into contact, and equally make it illegal for defensive players to take a pop. Helmets are there to protect the head, not to open it up as another target.

        Obviously won’t totally eliminate the issue, but it has to be the be the next step.

        • Trevor

          Makes sense for the health of players and long term success of the sport as much as some fans would hate it.

        • STTBM

          I have a friend who was hit upside the head with a baseball bat as a teenager–someone had it in for his older bro and mistakenly whacked him in the dark on his porch (Spokane, dont ask…). Long story short, dude had a dark, twisted sense of humor but after that injury, he would cry at every sob story movie or song, even though he wasnt feeling sad, he’d be calm but tears would run down his face. When I asked WTF, he said it always happened, he couldnt control the tears but he didnt even feel sad–like his subconscious reacted but not his conscious mind. His emotions were all fouled up…

          Docs said it was related to his concussion. Weirdest thing Ive ever seen.

          Kuechly sobbing like that scares the crap out of me. Thats just awful….

          Cant count the number of times I saw Lynch go head to head with someone as he blasted through the hole…There is simply no way to prevent head trauma entirely in football. No way at all. Which is why my son will never be allowed to play Football with pads and helmets…

          And no, this wasnt an easy decision but I will not be changing my mind.

          • Ishmael

            Totally agree there’s no way to prevent it entirely, but there are ways to minimise it.

        • The Hawk is Howling

          Your a brilliant guy Ishmael, I like your thinking for you are an intellectual being. I say take away the head contact and bring back the fun and celebration in the NFL. It would be so easy to make those adjustments.

          Go Hawks Forever!

      • Ishmael

        Also a crackdown on PEDs is well and truly in order. Although you’d then have the whole high school and college system collapse, along with the NFL proper. The scandal would make the Armstrong stuff look like absolute peanuts, which is of course why nothing will ever be done.

        Still, it’d probably be worth it in the long run from a player health and safety perspective.

    • Beanhawk

      I actually know Kuechley from his BC days. He is actually a nerdy, Ohio-farmboy. Doesn’t talk much… and a little goofy, frankly. That said, he is an A++ guy. Just a tremendous person.

      I really hope he makes a quick and speedy recovery!

  20. Michael M.

    Welcome to Seattle Rob!

    • Rob Staton


  21. Rik

    Rob, have you taken a look at OSU linebacker Raekwon McMillan? Big, fast, strong, and active. Not the safety-LB hybrid we’ve talked about lately, but I can’t help thinking that he’d make a great Seahawk.

    • Rob Staton

      I have and have to say — I wasn’t overly impressed. In one game I saw he was being taken off the field on third down. For a college linebacker to not be on the field in the money downs — I struggle to get over that. If I’m taking a LB they need to be able to cover or rush. The Seahawks don’t take Bobby and KJ off the field in any situation. If they’re drafting a LB in 2017 it probably has to be a SAM/LEO or at the very least a highly athletic orthodox OLB.

      • sdcoug

        You mentioned you would be watching WSUs game vs Cal. Any impressions on Shalom Luani? He had a bit of a quiet game (by his active standards), although he did make a nice play undercutting a reciever’s route for a would-have-been pick 6 had he held onto the ball.

        (Also, big guard Cody O’Connell is getting some serious love in only his first year as a starter)

  22. 503Hawk

    Any one else hear the interview w/ Troymaine Pope on 710 (Brock & Salk)?
    Nice incite into him as a person but also WOW… those are some pretty direct comments about the culture here vs NYJ. Makes me appreciate more the once in a lifetime situation we have right now.
    GO HAWKS!!!

    • Rik

      Do you have a link to the Pope interview? I tried to find it on the 710 website with no luck.

  23. 503Hawk

    BTW; On the same show (today) they had a nice objective discussion about ET (follow up to Phil Simms’ comments yesterday.) It’s worth a listen.

  24. Manthony

    Welcome to The Pacific Northwest Rob.
    I hope you enjoy your stay
    and get to watch some good football while your stateside.

  25. Kenny Sloth

    Hey, Rob, would tomorrow in the early afternoon work best for you?

    The Ram Tavern is about a mile from Husky Stadium in the University Stadium.

    If so, I’d probably show up at like noon, I think.

  26. Alex Higgins

    Rob: want to grab a cup of coffee around 2:15-2:45? There’s a good Italian coffee place called Migliore right across 4th avenue from the Fairmont. If you’d prefer to see something more spectacular, we can meet at the Starbucks Reserve Roastery on Capital Hill. It’s worth seeing. Willy Wonka’s factory for grown ups.

  27. James

    Im up for a beer or two Friday night downtown to talk some football if people (and Rob) are up for it.

    • Nick


  28. smitty1547

    Your staying at a great hotel, my wife worked there until about 6 weeks ago, now she’s next door at the W.

  29. Volume12

    Seahawks scouting the Oregon vs Utah game. 3rd time they’ve scouted each team.

    The teams they’ve scouted the most so far, that I know of, are these 6 teams three times each.

    LSU (2 games + a practice)
    VA-Tech (2 games + TC)
    Clemson (3 games)
    Arkansas (2 games + TC)
    Utah (2 games + a practice)
    Oregon (3 games)

    JS personally scouted Udub vs Idaho + Wazzu vs Arizona St.

    Again, that I know of. Could be more on both fronts.

    • Kenny Sloth


      • Volume12

        I wish I could meet up with you guys this weekend. Kinda bummed I’m not able too.

        Maybe when we can do the TC thing this summer?

        • Kenny Sloth

          That is a good idea and I think we should. This one was kinda short notice too

    • JimQ

      Speaking of Utah?
      Anyone watched much of or have opinions on —-> Sr. DE-Hunter Dimick, Utah, 6-3/272?

      Currently he has (in 10 games): 47-tackles, 17.5-TFL (#4 in FBS, tied), 12-Sacks (#1 in FBS, tied), 2-PBU & 1-FF —- per Dimick is currently ranked 175 overall & a Rd. 5-ish prospect. His stats would seem to indicate he *MAY* be very under-rated at this time. Especially when compared to UCLA OLB-Takkarist McKinley (10-Sacks,18-TFL) who has put up some good #’s, similar to Dimick’s, but he’s ranked #41-overall & a solid Rd-2-ish prospect. Both are PAC-12.
      “”Dimick has had a roller-coaster career with soaring highs and some upsetting lows. He stood out as a redshirt sophomore in 2014 with 10 sacks and 14.5 tackles for loss then played just seven games in 2015 due to a shoulder injury. Dimick has started every game as a senior and his five sacks last week put him into a tie for third-most in a single game in NCAA history. Dimick credits his “small-town mentality” for the way he works. He pushed himself to exhaustion during the off-season and still has it in the back of his mind that he “didn’t expect to be here.” – AP Sports
      11/14/16 – NOV 14 PAC-12 DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE WEEK: Hunter Dimick, Sr., DE, Utah,…Named the Walter Camp Defensive Player of the Week after his five sacks in Utah’s 49-26 win over ASU…Tied for the most sacks in a game in Pac-12 history, tied for third in NCAA history and is the most in the FBS this season (he leads the FBS in total sacks with 12.0)…His 6.5 tackles for loss is tied for second in Pac-12 history and is the most in the FBS this season. He now has 27 career sacks, tying a school record. “”

      • Volume12

        He’s a really good player, but I’m not sure he’ll have the athleticism or length for Seattle.

        McKinley on the other hand could be the type of raw, athletic, competitive, defender they would take if he’s still on the board. I’m a huge fan of Takk McKinley’s game and effort.

        • C-Dog

          Really enjoyed Dimick’s game against ASU, but would love to see Takk McKinley on the Seattle defense.

        • JimQ

 has McKinley listed as a LB, 6-2, 258. They have Dimick listed as a DE, 6-3, 272, Arm length TBD for both. They are used slightly differently but both are pretty good pass rushers, with McKinley having a bit more speed. If Dimick is around in round 5, I can think of worse picks, however, I’d guess he’ll rise up in the rankings as stats start to be further looked at. IMO he should be at least a 3-rd rounder now. Who knows? 5-Sacks in a game got my attention.

          • Volume12

            Dimicks a good player right now. I just don’t see a whole lot of next level traits.

    • Tim

      Who would they be scouting in Oregon? Aside from Royce Freeman, I can only see Evan Baylis (but we already have Nick Vannett). Maybe Reginald Daniels as UDFA? He’s 6-1 200lbs with experience in both safety positions I think. He’s got 9 and 10 PDs on 2014 and 2015, respectively.

      • C-Dog

        WR Darren Carrington and TE Paraoh Brown could be late round targets.

        • Volume12

          Maybe Freeman. Brown, Carrington, CB Tyree Robinson (6’3-6’4, 205 lbs.), if they want a D’Anthony Thomas type guy WR/R Charles Nelson is a freak athlete that fits the bill.

          • Volume12

            Actually he’s more Tyreek Hill than ‘DAT.’

            • Volume12

              More importantly though, I think we got a good idea of who they probably came to see and that dude lines up at LT for Utah.

              • Trevor

                I certainly hope so Vol. Bolles has gone from an unknown prospect nationally to a guy really starting to gain momentum. With this years Tackle class my fear is not that the Hawks take him in Rd #1 but that he will be long gone. I kind of see a slightly more athletic Taylor Lewan who went 11th. My hope is that is age allows him fall to the end of Rd #1.

                Utah has some pretty interesting guys in the trenches on both sides. Pharroh Brown and Robinson may also be worth a look as Vol said.

  30. Volume12

    Remember when JS said there were SAM prospects that went off the board before their selections came up in the 3rd round?

    Listening to PC, it sure sounds like that guy was Georgia’s Jordan Jenkins.

    • Volume12

      Never mind. I miss understood him. He was talking about John Jenkins.

      But, I wonder if Jordan was one of those guys.

    • Nathan

      Kyler Fackrell?

      • Kenny Sloth

        Ding ding ding.

  31. Rob Staton

    Sorry guys for lack of replies — went on the Clink tour earlier and now crashed in the hotel with jet lag kicking in. If anyone wants to get a coffee tomorrow before I head to Husky Stadium let me know.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Where were you planning on being before the game tomorrow?

      • Rob Staton

        I’m going to be downtown until around 3pm. Got some stuff to do in the morning but have time around midday. Then heading to Husky Stadium to get there for about 3:30 ish.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Nice, do you know of a good spot to meet in that area?

          I’ll head up at noon or so.

          • Rob Staton

            There’s basically a ton of Starbucks and a couple of sports bars. I’m heading out for food in a bit and will see if there’s anywhere good and get back to you.

        • Seahawcrates

          Rob, love to buy you a coffee, beer, whatever or just say hi. I’m in Belltown and tomorrow is free so anywhere downtown is easy for me. If you have Any interest in catching part of the WSu Colorado game that would be fun. I honestly would just love to shake your hand and say thanks.

          • Rob Staton

            Thanks man — I think that would be cool to watch a bit of WSU vs Colorado. I will put something on here later about what the plan is.

  32. Kenny Sloth

    Too bad the league is littered with awesome centers or Justin Britt could make a case for the pro bowl!

  33. Rob Staton

    In terms of a meet-up — didn’t see anywhere obvious near the Fairmont Hotel short of a couple of Starbucks. If anyone has any suggestions I have an hour at midday if anyone wants to say hi, have a coffee and talk some football. Just let me know.

    • Ed

      I probably won’t be able to make it, but for downtown:

      The Lodge
      Gordon Birsch

    • Catharsis50

      Are you able to meet downtown before the Hawks game?

  34. Seahawcrates

    For a spot the wsu Colorado game will be on the Rock Bottom Brewery is just north on 5th from your place. Nothing special but the game will certainly be on. Vonns towards the water is more fun, has a few tvs and a good long bar. Both places would probably be conducive to a group of lunkhead Seahawk draft addicts that time of day. But I’m up for anything or just letting you know how much I’ve appreciated your work on your fantastic site is enough for me (which I’m doing now). I know how time gets short when traveling. Love to say hi, but don’t put a crimp in your day for me. Thanks Rob.

  35. Ukhawk

    Rob, some pics of your trip & meets with SDB community would be cool. Enjoy!

  36. Volume12

    I saw this earlier today and forgot to share it. Incredible really.

    Avril + Clark have a combined 16.5 QB sacks. More than the 49ers, Rams, Browns, Pats, Steelers, Jags, Raiders, and Giants have as full teams.

    • Trevor

      Clark is really coming into his own. As crazy as it sounds the Bennett injury may end up being a blessing with regards to his development.

      Our NASCAR package with Bennett, Avril, Clark and either Moore or Marsh should be pretty awesome for the stretch run. As good ad anything in the league.

      • Volume12

        And right now Clark is winning on pure effort, athleticism, and that raw power that made him so appealing. We’re seeing little flashes of technique. But, when he does figure out more technique, he has a chance to be Michael Bennett 2.0

        • Kenny Sloth

          His inside move is ?

  37. Trevor

    The Eagles DL is going to be a real challenge this weekend and will give us a true barometer of where our OL and Fant in particular at with regards to development. If they can play decent this weekend then we are truly off to the races.

    I re-watched the Pats game focusing on the OL and I was shocked how Vanilla the Pats pass rush was. They did a couple of crazy pre-snap shifts but that was it. Very few blitzes or stunts. Sounds silly but it was almost like Bill did not want to give too many looks again in case the meet in the SB We won’t be getting that this weekend with Shrwatz.

    • C-Dog

      I think they’re game plan was to take away Graham. Belichick doesn’t like to blitz. I said this after the Bills game, Jimmy Graham is the new Marshawn Lynch of the offense. Teams have to account for him, and if you focus too much on him, going to open up opportunities for other players. I think Bill probably felt that if they blitzed and got too exotic, RW is advanced enough and quick enough to recognize and deliver, they’d be even more vulnerable to the big play.

      Possibly what he didn’t see coming was CJ Prosise. I think this is another advantage for Seattle against the Eagles. Not a lot of scouting tape on him right now, they just know he’s another weapon they are going to have to account for.

      • Volume12

        Philly DC Jim Schwartz runs a wide 9 D. Its gonna leave huge lanes in the running game and for RW to step into if their not careful.

        Prosise does so much more for this offense. He’s such a threat in the passing game that teams have to account for him. Not only does that open things up for the other weapons, WRs, and TEs on offense, but it makes the defense and defenders respect Prosise so much that they’re afraid to abandon their zones or man.

        • Volume12

          Shoulda said man when the LBs are split out wide.

          Prosise doesn’t even have to touch the ball to impact games for us, just like Jimmy Graham. I don’t care what anyone says. If he were healthy this whole time, we’re talking about him as an OROY candidate.

          • Kenny Sloth

            No-ones touching Elliot in OROTY voting.

            If Germ was healthy he’s been having as good of a rookie season as any OL in recent years.

            • Volume12

              I don’t know about Ifedi being one of the best in recent years. He’s still got a ways to go.

              • Kenny Sloth

                Who has had a good rookie year on OL?

                He’s getting pancakes and enforcing his will on opponents.

                • Volume12

                  In recent years? La’El Collins, Taylor Lewan, Cody Whitehair, Mitch Morse, Trai Turner, Ali Marpet, Quinton Spain, to name a few.

                  This year? Taylor Decker, Cody Whitehair, Ronnie Stanley, Jack Conklin, Ryan Kelly, Alex Lewis, Joe Thuney has been OK.

                  I’m not saying he hasn’t been good, but he’s also struggled.

                  • Volume12

                    *Gabe Jackson recent years. Obviously not Whitehair there.

                  • Kenny Sloth

                    And those are several of the names I’d think of as well.

                    It’s just quite notable that in a famine of Hogs, he is a wild ass boar

                  • Volume12

                    Yeah, I agree with ya there.

                    With him its just a matter of time. He’s not coming out of a pro style system, hardly any O-lineman are nowadays, so he just needs to learn the little intricacies, pick up the subtle nuances, and clean up his technique.

                    Personally, I hope they leave him at RG for the foreseeable future.

                  • Kenny Sloth

                    My hope is he’ll get a chance to compete for the LT spot.

                    He has the feet for it.

                    You wouldn’t be wrong to say his ceiling is higher at guard

                    I just want to get this hype train rollin’

                  • Volume12

                    I’m hoping Fant is the LT going forward and he just might be. Getting your future LT in UDFA would not only be huge for this team, but what he’s doing is really unheard of.

                    A couple weeks ago I compared Fant at LT to what Antonio Gates was at the TE position when he emerged on the scene a decade ago or however long.

                  • Kenny Sloth

                    It’s almost beyond that due to the total lack of elite training he’s had.

  38. Volume12

    Purdue DT Jake Repogle may be a guy to keep ?’s on. Impressive showing today coming back from an injury. Could be a steal.

  39. Seahawcrates

    Hey Rob,
    Left you a little Hawk Christmas trinket with the concierge at the Fairmont. They didn’t have you listed so couldn’t send it to your room. Concierge said he’d hold it for you. Guessing you are incognito! Merry Christmas and enjoy the games!

    • Rob Staton

      Hey man appreciate that! I just had a call from concierge about it so will go collect it shortly. Really sorry I didn’t get back to you earlier on a meet up. Fell asleep during the Michigan State/Ohio State game and the jet lag is still rough. That’s a really cool thing to do and it’s really appreciated man!

      • Seahawcrates

        Glad you got some sleep. You have big games ahead. Hope the weekend is packed with fun games. We experienced the same thing on a long weekend in London. Woke up part way through Antony and Cleopatra on the first “night”. Summon up some “trench explosion” and power through my man. You are much appreciated.

        • Rob Staton

          Thanks man 🙂

        • Rob Staton

          Thank you so much for the gift and the kind note — it really means a lot!

          • Seahawcrates

            Absolutely. Finding your blog has been a great gift to me. It has helped me be a better fan and has been a welcome refuge these past few weeks. Hope to get back to the UK this summer. Want to take my wife to the Lake District. If we pass by Sheffield I’ll give you a shout. Enjoy the games and the rest of your time in town. Thanks again for bringing an intelligent, interesting, thoughtful, perspective to your blog. what you do is a model for good sports writing.

            • Rob Staton

              It means a lot to read those kind words! Please do come and visit if you come over to the UK!

    • Kenny Sloth

      Sea-Stalkertes lol

      Just kidding. I have a bottle of tequila for you if you want to meet up at Potbelly Sandwich Co in an hour.

  40. Volume12

    Oregon TE Johnny Mundt has a little Luke Wilson to his game. I don’t know if he’ll put up the #’s Luke did combine or pro day wise, but I like this guy.

    • Kenny Sloth

      He’s been really solid for a few years.

      Good hands, awareness, and plus blocking

    • Kenny Sloth

      Johnny Mundt was a man with a real strong. Will to receive

      He just keep catchin balls. Even though nobody believes

      He’s shootin up… Shootin up.

      The draft boards…

      Reeeeeceiving anyway

    • Volume12

      Maybe he will. Also has a cool backstory.

      In HS his SPARQ score was 114. 20th best in the country for his region and tops among TEs. Ran a low 4.7 40, 33″ very.

      He’s the son of walnut ranchers and grew up working on the farm in northern California

      His HS coach said, ‘not only is he our best (phenomenal) athlete, he’s our hardest worker. He’s our leader and one of our toughest kids. He’s the complete package that you look for in a football player.

      Was a 4 star recruit with a 3.8 GPA and had offers from Cal, Colorado, Oregon St, Nevada, SD St., Fresno St., and Duke.

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