Merry Christmas

Thanks to everyone who contributes to this community — have a great Christmas.


  1. Cysco

    Merry Christmas to you and your family Rob from Dallas, TX. Thanks for making such a great daily destination for Hawk fans!

    • bigDhawk

      Likewise, from Dallas.

  2. Zane

    Merry Christmas from Lahore PK

    • Nathan



  3. Sami Zayn

    Thank you for all your hard work, Rob. You don’t know how much we all appreciate it. Best wishes to you and your family!

  4. JamesP

    Happy Christmas to all from the UK!

  5. CHawk Talker Eric

    Merry Christmas to the SDB community and their families from Los Angeles, the land that winter forgot.

  6. sdcoug

    from San Diego, CA…Merry Christmas.

    Rob, thank you for an amazing blog and all your work providing constant insight into my favorite team. To all you posters…we may not always agree…but thank you for the discourse, the dialogue, the ideas and theories, predictions and positivity. This site is a daily for me.

  7. Hoberk Unce

    Merry Christmas to all from Richmond, Virginia, USA. And special thanks to Rob for making this community possible.

    • Phil

      And Merry Christmas from Williamsburg Virginia, too!

  8. Rik

    Merry Christmas from Spokane, Washington! Thanks to everyone for all of the thoughtful analysis and comments. I discovered this site last year and now I read it every day. Best wishes to everyone!

  9. Trevor

    Merry Xmas to all from NB Canada! Thanks for the great work on the Blog Rob!

  10. Volume12

    Merry Christmas to everyone to from the beautiful PNW! Spokane, WA. to be exact.

    To all the posters, thanks for contributing to my daily addiction. Ha!

    And Rob, thanks for the best damn site around my man.

  11. Mylegacy

    Rob, from beautiful Victoria, BC, Canada I want to say: So many thanks to you for your massively wonderful yearly contribution to my (and I strongly suspect – many others as well) knowledge and understanding of our Hawks – and of the yearly stream of draftees (and non-draftees when you think of our Seahawks) that come up from the College ranks every year. You are one of a kind!!

    Happy Christmas to you your family (and to each of your/our extended family here at Seahawks Draft Blog). May 2016 be the best year you and your family have ever had (extended family included)!!

  12. CharlieTheUnicorn

    May the Christmas season and new year be joyous for the people you adore the most, even if they are near or far. May we bring great joy from the football team we all cherish. and of course.. May the force be with you, always.

  13. Demitrov

    Merry Christmas Rob and the rest of the community from Victoria, BC, Canada. Appreciate this site for what it is; the best Seahawks blog out there.

  14. cha

    I’ll just leave this here….

  15. Forrest

    Thank you, and Marry Christmas from Port Angeles, Washington! I hope everyone here has a great Christmas and a Happy New Year! Go Hawks!!

  16. Ukhawk

    Merry Xmas. Thanks to all for the great blog and esp to the founder, Rob.

  17. Travuw

    From Ballard, WA – Merry Christmas to all. What a great blog this is. Go hawks!

  18. nichansen01

    Merry Christmas Rob! Go Hawks!

    • nichansen01

      From Seattle, Washington

  19. Nathan

    Merry Christmas from sunny Sydney, Australia.

  20. AlaskaHawk

    Merry Christmas from Juneau, Alaska. Thanks to all for our many conversations. Have a good Xmas Rob.

    • Alaska Norm

      And the Same from Palmer, AK.

  21. Matt

    Merry Christmas from Bellingham WA! Go Hawks!

  22. peter

    Merry Xmas and a happy new year to Rob and the SDB community from Scio, oregon

    • Volume12

      Peter, happy hoidays man! I’ve been wonderin’ where ya where almost all season. Good to see back ya back buddy.

      • peter

        Thanks man!. My wife and I bought a huge farm two weeks after the season started so I’ve been knocking down a bucket list item and remodeling the whole thing myself. I’m way behind on college players this year! But have definitely been following this community! I’m stoked to fire up the old “draft breakdown,” plus guessing what Seattle will need this draft is going to be super fascinating:

        1. Finally a high corner or are one of the many players like tye smith going to be ready next year?
        2. Fans still think about a center but to me I wonder if the win column with Lewis means he stays because continuity is so important.
        3. Okung/irvin/sweezy…I’m partial to keeping sweezy because I feel its a waste to train him up then let him go…that said, Glowinski? Okung, I’m not as high as Rob but definitely not as low as a lot of fans…though I’m intrigued by Gilliam on the left. And Irvin, he’s kind of a doofus but has to know this is his last significant contract coming up. We know he’s great but do his stats get him paid? It seems like the overpaying teams are as stat driven as guys with a hot fantasy team.

        4. And most importantly….is a Michael/Rawls going to be as awesome of a backfield as it seems?

        • Volume12

          1. Great question. Even though I’d like to see them go CB early, I don’t think they will. Yes, Tye Smith will be ready. However, I do think they go corner a bit earlier this year, like 4th round.

          2. IMO Lewis stays, but I do think they’ll target an O-lineman that can play all 3 interior positions to back him up.

          3. Okung will re-sign. He’s the priority this off season. He’s invested a ton of money in a start up video game company in Seattle. I also believe that Sweezy stays too. Continuity is huge for this line. If they keep both of them, I kinda feel like they’ll target a swing tackle in the 3rd, maybe 4th. And as much as IF wanna see them re-up Bruce Irvin, please believe me that LB is by far the deepest and best position group in this year’s dtaft class.

          4. Rawls is as awesome and legit as he seems. Too early to say for sure about C-Mike, but he seems to have grown up and matured. Still tkhink they’ll at least take a developmental back this year.

          • Volume12

            Meant to say a swing tackle in the 3rd, maybe the 2nd round. Not 4th.

  23. David M2

    Merry Christmas Rob!

    And a happy Boxing Day when you awaken.

    • David M2

      And to all the SDB community thanks for all the great conversations throughout the year!

  24. Thorson

    Merry Christmas to all from beautiful, if somewhat wet, Shoreline, WA. Thanks for the good work, Rob!

  25. Old but Slow

    With great appreciation of all that I have been given by finding this blog, Merry Christmas and the best to all from Bellingham, WA.

  26. smitty1547

    Merry Christmas from Prudhoe Bay Alaska! -31

  27. DC

    Merry Christmas from Vashon Island, WA!

    Thanks Rob and all posters for creating the best Hawks community on line. Here’s to another Super Bowl run!

  28. Volume12

    I know we’ve been discussing small, quick receivers this year, but Udub’s Jaydon Mickens is interesting. Is he ‘too small’ though? Looks like he could be just 5’8.

    BTW, So. Miss WR Mike Thomas might be the better Mike Thomas.

    • cha

      Thomas was quite good vs the Huskies today. They didn’t have much of an answer for him.

      He really showed a great ability to out position the DBs.

      • Volume12

        Good size, took short slant passes to the house, highly competitive, good length, and deep speed. Catches everything too.

        He made a name for himself today. Really starting to like him.

    • Grant G

      Mickens has dropped a lot of key passes this year. Great quicks, but I wouldn’t want him. Will be interested to see how John Ross comes back from injury next season…

      • cha

        Maybe Mickens just needs Lasik…

      • Volume12

        Fair point. Love John Ross! The kind of unique athlete Seattle loves.

        I just got a feeling that Seattle will add someone from this Udub team. Either with a selection or in UDFA.

  29. Volume12

    V-tech has some ‘Seahawky’ players man.

    WR Isaiah Ford is exactly the kind of receiver they seem to target. However, he’s only a SO. One to watch for next year.

    OL Wyatt Teller is one of the best interior lineman I’ve watched all year, but as a R-SO, probably doesn’t declare.

    And while some like ND DL Sheldon Day, V-tech DT Luther Maddy is a much better player. Kind of a cross between Jordan Hill and Clint McDonald. He’d be an absolute steal.

  30. CC

    I really liked what Mike Thomas did today against UW – 6’1(2) and 200lbs – and he can block.

    Happy holidays to everyone!

  31. cha

    Bob Condotta
    Seahawks have placed tight end Anthony McCoy on Injured Reserve and signed WR Kasen Williams off practice squad.

  32. AlaskaHawk

    Watching the Redskins, they have a decent dink and dunk offense. Watch out for tight end Reed. Defense has collapsed a few times and stopped Eagles a bunch of times.

  33. Mike B.

    Happy Boxing Day! Been gorging myself on food & football this weekend. Hope that I can stave off a food coma and get through tomorrow’s NFL games without passing out.

    Also wish that I could watch more European football here–some crazy games this weekend, including Arsenal’s pitiful performance against Southampton (4-0!!), Man U slipping into 6th after another loss, and Man City getting back on track (I’m somewhat of a Man City supporter, for a few random reasons).

  34. UKHawkDavid

    Merry belated Christmas, great belated Boxing Day, and a happy new year one and all from Orange County, CA, and Watford, Hertfordshire.

    Here’s hoping the Hawks beat the Rams and Cards, the Packers lose to the Cards and Vikings, and we end up 5th seed with Green Bay finishing 6th and them visiting the Clink for the championship game again. I can dream, can’t I?!

  35. AustinSlater

    I’m late to the party but Merry Christmas Rob and thanks for making this place an absolute must stop for Seahawk fans.

  36. Grant G

    A belated Merry Christmas to you and yours, Rob. Thanks as always for the insight you bring all year long, and the community you’ve created!

    Now let’s unwrap the 5th seed as a late present! Go Hawks!

    • Grant G

      From Fremont – the center of the Universe!

  37. cha

    Bob Condotta ‏@bcondotta
    Doug Baldwin doing lots of warming up before the game. Looks fine from here.

  38. cha

    12m12 minutes ago
    Bob Condotta ‏@bcondotta
    Inactive for Seahawks today are: Lynch, Chancellor, Sokoli, Okung, Coffman, Hill and Francis.

    Bailey starts for Okung, McCray starts for Chancellor, Baldwin active, Kasen Williams active.

  39. Volume12

    Wow! What a day of early games!

    Atlanta almost loses due to DQ not kneeling the damn ball.

    How many WRs did QB Ryan Fitzpatrick overthrow today? That game shouldn’t of even gone into OT. Jets are gonna be a great team next year.

    I’m tellin’ ya, watch out for them KC Chiefs in the AFC. Locking up a playoff spot today and will most likely face Houston in the 1st round. They got the pass rushers and DB’s to give QB Tom Brady all kinds of trouble.

    Glad that ‘Douggie Fresh’ is playing today, and lookin’ forward to seein’ what WR Kasen Williams can do.

    Go Hawks!

    • cha

      Patriots electing to kick to start OT.

  40. Kyle

    Why aren’t we trying Gilliam on the left side?

    • John_s

      Probably because Gilliam hasn’t practiced at LT all year

  41. David M2

    Dear Rob,

    Hope all is well with all of the flooding in the UK. Hope your family is safe and sound. Looks like Manchester was hit pretty hard and if I remember correctly that is where you are.

  42. Forrest

    Well…the streak was fun while it lasted…

  43. Forrest

    Rams remain the Seahawks kryptonite…the game plan needs major adjustments at halftime…

  44. AlaskaHawk

    Yes just Tuned in, kinda disappointing. Need to tighten up the offense and defense. Hope they play better.

    • Kyle

      Our d is playing well except the penalties and the one blunder by sherm. It’s hard to not allow points when they get the ball pretty much in fg range from the start. Our offense is playing like crap

      • Kyle

        Let me rephrase that, our o line is playing… Well it looks like they aren’t playing. The Rams have the best front 4 in the league but come on.

  45. John_s

    Todd Gurley is a M-A-N!!! Can’t believe that there were actual people who said that he wasn’t special

  46. Forrest

    Well, I think the Hawks needed to fall back to earth a bit…but man I really dislike the Rams…even more than the 49ers the last few years…the Rams just know all the right buttons to push…

  47. Rik

    Bad OL pass protection, run plays losing yards, slow developing plays, and quarterback hits – sheesh. What happened to the plays where Russ gets the ball out of his hands in under 2.5 seconds? This is a pretty sad offensive show.

    I wouldn’t complain if we draft offensive linemen in the first 3 rounds. We need a center who can snap the ball and guards who at least get in the way of rushers.

  48. Nathan

    Well done to Doug Baldwin on topping 1000 yards.

  49. nichansen01

    The 62 game win streak of having a lead some point in the game is over. The streak of not loosing by more than 10 points is over. The 10 year streak of beating the Rams at home is over.

    After five games of dominance… The 6-8 Rams come to town and make the Seahawks look silly. Injuries on offense have caught up to us. Missing Okung, our best lineman, led to our offense being out of sync all game. Without Rawls and Lynch, the running game was stagnant the entire game. Patrick Lewis has three horrible snaps that ended drives. Will Tukafu had a fumble that led to a touchdown. The Seahawks defense could not stop the Rams when is mattered most. Russel Wilson took a hit to the legs and looked like he was in the pain the rest of the game. On a Wilson interception, Lockett took a big hit and appeared to have a tailbone injury. Luke willson had a concussion. Baldwin scored the only seahawk touchdown of the game, breaking the franchise record for touchdown receptions in a single season at 14.

    Despite all of this… The Hawks are in the playoffs. But injuries to the offense are likely this team’s doom. Graham, Lynch, Rawls, Okung, Lockett, Richardson, Lockette and now Luke Willson are all injured. Our top two running backs are out, our left tackle is out, three of our receivers are out, and our top 2 tight ends are out.

    All Hawks fans can do now is to root for Eli manning against the Vikings, to keep seahawk hopes of the five seed alive.

    • nichansen01

      Jermaine Kearse just caught another touchdown… For the fans right?

      • nichansen01

        With that the score looks a tad less disheartening.

    • John_s

      Locket te returned to the game

  50. nichansen01

    The Hawks scored as many points on offense as the Rams did… The Rams defensive touchdown was the difference.

  51. John_s

    Finally playing against a good defense and the offense shows its warts.

    I’m still positive that the Seahawks will win in the Wild Card but this team isn’t beating the Panthers or Az on the road. AZ is the most complete team in the league and is my favorite to make it out of the NFC

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