Tom Cable challenges Marshawn Lynch to “adapt”

For years the Seahawks relied on Marshawn Lynch as a tone setter. He was the heart and soul. The offense needed his physical running style. He was the identity.

Now he might have to try and fit in.

Tom Cable made some interesting comments to the local media today:

Are the remarks the first public admittance that Lynch is difficult to manage? Not that it’s any kind of secret.

I suspect we’ll never quite know how difficult, although there have been plenty of hints along the way. Chris Mortensen’s report that the Seahawks were “tired of his ways” a year ago. Manish Mehta’s report that Lynch “went off” after Percy Harvin was traded and “almost didn’t get on (the) bus” for the St. Louis game that week. Who can forget the day he flipped off Darrell Bevell during the 2013 season?

Even this year Stephen A. Smith suggested during an episode of First Take that Lynch was considering not playing the season opener against the Rams in support of Kam Chancellor’s hold out. Lynch famously wore Chancellor’s jersey at practise the week of the game.

There’s no doubting Lynch is a well respected, extremely influential member of the roster. Players look up to him. He in turn supports them. You’d never call Lynch a bad team mate. He seems to have an issue with authority — and therein lies the problem.

It feels like the Seahawks have had to give up a lot of ground to keep Lynch on-side. They’ve tolerated hold-outs and threats of retirement. They appear to allow him to come and go as he pleases. It might not quite be walking on egg shells but is it close?

Lynch comes across as a highly effective loose cannon — a somewhat contradictory statement that perfectly sums up Seattle’s relationship with Beast Mode. They’ve had a ‘can’t live with him, can’t live without him’ relationship for a while.

And suddenly — they’ve discovered they probably can live without him.

Thomas Rawls replaced Lynch this year and, whisper it quietly, comprehensively outplayed him. Russell Wilson is in the best form of his career and appears to be emerging as the heart and soul of the offense.

This isn’t really Lynch’s offense any more.

Cable’s comments don’t really leave much to the imagination. Read them again:

“It’s for him to come back in and be able to adapt to this football team and the way it acts and the way it’s moving right now collectively.”

“So it’s his ability to adapt to us, really, who we are and how we’ve come together as a group and as a team.”

First of all, Tom Cable is the only coach who can probably get away with saying this. I doubt Lynch would respond to a similar sentiment from Pete Carroll or Darrell Bevell. The question is — is he willing to adapt?

Can he be part of the group? Be a contributor rather than the be-all and end-all?

If you want evidence of how careful the Seahawks are with Lynch — look at Rawls’ carries in the Cincinnati game (23 for 169 yards) compared to the following week when he returned from injury (Rawls had one carry for eight yards against Carolina). As soon as Lynch returned he was given the keys to the offense again. They didn’t even try to work Rawls into the rotation.

This week Carroll snapped at a reporter for using the term ‘committee’ to describe the current running back situation. It was easy to wonder whether this had anything to do with one of Lynch’s previous hold-outs — reportedly inspired by some throwaway remarks by Darrell Bevell about Christine Michael getting more snaps during the 2014 season.

Treading carefully with Marshawn Lynch seems to be par for the course.

Maybe that’s about to end?

Cable’s point is quite forceful. This is a team that is excelling with a perfectly balanced offense that can hurt you in a variety of ways — with Wilson working the controls.

When Lynch returns, they cannot and surely will not revert back to what they were trying to do before the bye week. The days of hand-it-off to Marshawn and all will be good appear to be in the past.

Whatever happens, this is yet another indication that a separation is imminent. It’s not just the cost (Lynch’s cap hit is $11.5m in 2016). The Seahawks don’t need to try and force players to adapt any more. They’ve found the way forward on offense. Wilson, Rawls, Baldwin — balance, creativity, grit and a similar minded group of individuals that encapsulate the mantra of ‘all-in’.

That doesn’t mean Lynch doesn’t still have a big role to play this season. If he is willing to adapt — and if he can get healthy — what better way to end a glorious run in Seattle than to help guide this team through another successful playoff run?

As Cable insists, however, he’ll need to buy-in to make it a reality.


  1. Steele

    This is quite an interesting “read between the lines”, at a key moment of transition. It is important for them not to lose momentum and not backtrack. There are a number of reasons that the offense is clicking, and they must not derail any of it.

    • Adam B

      I agree completely, but it must be noted that the sword cuts both ways.

      Certainly Marshawn will have to adapt, but Cable might not want to poke any sleeping bears–We know Beastmode is temperamental, why risk having him go “loose cannon” in order to spite this organization over something he perceives as a slight?

      I guess what I’m getting at is; Why is Tom making these very public declarations about Marshawns role in the new look offense, when he hasn’t featured in it yet? If Marshawn adapts, great! If not? Then come out with these comments and move on regardless at the end of the year.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        My read between the lines is that Lynch is already giving them attitude. They’ve been down this road before. They know what he does when he starts acting out. And they’ve decided they’re done with all that.

        I think it reveals a significant level of dysfunction between Lynch and the organization for Tom to convey their message through the press. Sounds like Lynch isn’t communicating with them.

        Nice insight and timing on the article.

        • Adam B

          That’s certainly a possibility, but since this is clearly not the first infraction, why start hanging out the teams dirty laundry now?

          Certainly you could argue that the team no longer feels like they’re held hostage by Beastmodes level of play and a lack of depth behind him (questionable), but even if this is the case, why not wait until AFTER the playoffs to make any comments about Lynchs ability to adapt?

          …Unless of course, Marshawn has already decided he’s not going to play out the rest of the year or some other shenanigans. In which case, if you’re Tom Cable, why even discuss him at all?

          • Arias

            After the playoffs after his antics blow up the chemistry on offense causing an early exit? I think that’s what they’re trying to prevent from happening. Doubtful he’ll be on the team next yeaR one way or another.

            • Volume12

              Isn’t Lynch the one that had a big hand in this team’s turnaround? Gathering the offense together on the sideline telling them ‘we’re real unfamiliar.’ That he didn’t recognize this offense or the players.

              IMO that helped sparked this offensive explosion and forced this O to look at themselves in the mirror.

              • Arias

                Good point. It could all be nothing. The players are always inspired no him, he’s a team leader.

  2. CC

    I love Marshawn and he is still important, but Rawls and others can take over for him next year. Marshawn has had more injuries and the way he runs more injuries are likely.

    These young RBs may not have the power, but they may be able to hit the holes quicker. Let’s keep the offense moving forward!

  3. DC

    There’s no room for egos, “stars”, or prima donnas for this offense to function at it’s highest level. We keep finding out that force feeding throws things off.

    I was worried that when Lynch came back Rawls, who was clearly the top performer, was not going to start just to “manage” Marshawn. There’s one less thing to worry about. Lynch is in the Seahawks’ “ring of honor” imo but on this team it’s the present and it’s always compete and there shouldn’t be any exceptions.

  4. cha

    I understand and agree with the sentiment, but why now? I think the Hawks have put up with a lot of strange behavior as Rob listed, so they’ve earned the right to poke him with a stick a little.

    I’m just not sure what’s to be gained by this gambit at this particular moment. Is he taking his sweet time in recovery and/or not allowing Hawks doctors to even look at him to see if he in fact is healing properly? Making demands about snaps? Cable preemptively letting him know through the press they won’t be “bullied” into making concessions or decisions anymore?

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s a pretty simple message. When you come back — you buy into this. You help us get to where we need to go. You blend into what’s going on. You put the team first.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        Reading between the lines: We will get another ring with you on the team and you can then go to Oakland to play out your football career.

      • Adam B

        I agree that the message is simple, but perhaps the outcome of that message isn’t so defined?

        After all, it’s not likely Beastmode is anymore receptive to ultimatums and “lines in the sand” now that he knows his days in Seattle are numbered. If anything, I think Lynch could look at his situation–No longer the golden child, still useful to this team in the playoffs, etc. And tell this team to go take a long walk off a short pier.

        • The Ancient Mariner

          They clearly feel prepared to let him do exactly that if he isn’t willing to come back on their terms.

      • Robert

        But why was the message shared with the media??? The Beast is a phone call away from receiving any message Cable or other coaches wish to communicate.

    • The Ancient Mariner

      Maybe this is a sign that Christine Michael really is finally growing up. If the way he’s working and handling himself in practice gives them reason to believe that he’s at last committed to preparing and playing in the ways Pete expects, then they have good reason to think that his performance against the Browns is not a fluke but a sign of things to come. If that’s so, if Seattle can reasonably expect Michael to keep playing at roughly that level, then the team is already at the point where they don’t actually *need* Lynch. It would still be good to have him, but for the first time ever, they may have the leverage to set the terms, rather than being forced to let him call the shots.

      • mister bunny

        With Rawls we could say this, yes. Michael is a totally different deal. He’s had one week of practice and a decent (not great) game against an utterly over-matched opponent. I’d hardly say they have basis for saying “we got this with C-Mike.”

        • The Ancient Mariner

          To the contrary. Granted, the Browns were overmatched, but Michael’s game was a lot better than just decent, and that’s not the point anyway. The point was *how* he played: he did it the way Cable wanted him to. From a week-plus of practice, IF (and granted, big if) Michael’s attitude really has changed, it’s plenty of time for the coaches to be able to see that. If he’s truly “all in” now, it wouldn’t take much time at all to tell the difference–and if he is, his talent will take care of the rest.

          Again, this is all speculation; but that was a different CMike than we’ve seen before, so it seems possible.

          • mister bunny

            Agreed that it seems possible, and his approach seemed different. Just too small a sample size to be drawing the “we don’t need Marshawn” level conclusions.

    • sdcoug

      Kind of feel like they are UNSURE where Lynch is physically and mentally right now, and they view it as an appropriate window to get it on the table. We have a good thing going and IF you are planning on suiting up again, it will need to be within this framework.

  5. Trevor

    Great write up Rob on a very interesting comment by Cable. I think of all the coaches on the Hawks he respects Cable and the RB coach so for him to make the comments was the key.

    I am almost certain this is the final run for Beast Mode in a Hawks uni and I hope he goes out in a blaze of glory with and SB victory in SF. I will miss the player but certainly not the drama he created.

    In many ways the Hawks have moved on and they are basically saying if you want to get healthy, buy in and give this one more run for an SB and your legacy. If not then stay in Oak and rehab your injury till the off season comes.

  6. Trevor

    Not sure if this is the last post prior to Xmas Rob but if so all the best to you and your family during the holiday season!

    Also Merry Xmas / Happy Festivus to all the other posters on this blog. Really enjoyed the banter and discussions this past year and it has really added to my passion as a Hawks and f-ball fan.

  7. Trevor

    One last thing. I have to admit I am not sure cable will get another shot as a Head Coach but he probably should. He really is a leader of men. IMO his no BS attitude makes a perfect balance to Pete’s energetic ever positive vibe. They really are a perfect compliment to one another for this team.

  8. mishima

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Marshawn never plays another down for the Seahawks.

    • Hawkfan086

      ditto…I think Cable is saying we got this far without you, so come back as a team player or stay “rehabing” the rest of the season.

      • sdcoug

        I almost wrote the same “stay rehabbing” comment above but I couldn’t find the words to convey the sentiment without sounding too harsh

      • mishima

        Exactly. For Marshawn to go AWOL down the stretch makes me question his commitment to the team. Compare Sherman’s leadership on the sideline (pulling for the rookies, coaching them up, bringing the noise), while Marshawn’s in Philly, Bay area, working with MMA trainer, etc. WTF?

        Not sure if this is Cable going off script or a message from above.

        That said, Beast will always be one of my favorite Seahawks, ever. Mode is going to mode.

  9. Pauld

    I thought Pete was coy in his press conference about Marshawn and his rehab. It seems like Seahawks really didn’t know what he was up to. Considering the cap hit that it took to resign him and the respect/latitude that they have always given him, you would think he might be….I don’t know….grateful and communicative. We are all speculating though.

    Quite honestly, I am more concerned with losing Cable than Lynch. There was a time when we were all saying that we lost a big gamble by allowing Cable turn our Oline into the land of misfit toys. But Pete said it would take a half a season to gel and now these guys are absolutely manhandling opposing defenses. What can you say now? Tom is as good as gone. In retrospect, he did a great job in Oakland to go 8-8 and some GM is going to snap him up in the off season. I hope we have training his replacement.

    I would say Marshawn’s holdout and RW’s hiring of a baseball agent led directly to the Kam/Bennett contract grousing that damn near took our season apart. My high school coach used to say: one bad team player can ruin the best team ever put together. Platitudes about a selfless team mentality are not just lip service. When the narrative was all about “where’s my money”, you could see the tangible result on the field. They just were not playing together and losing spectacularly.

    I do feel like they are gonna run with Rawls and use Marshawn’s money to extend some of their favorite players like Sweezy and even the pride of Lakewood, WA — JKearse.

    • Cysco

      Just curious, what makes you think he’s Cable’s gone? Do you think he’s going to be offered a head coaching job? I’m pretty sure he’s publicly said he has no interest in being a head coach.

      • Rugby Lock

        I believe that he said it would have to be a real special offer because he has a really great situation here, or words to that effect. On a side not Merry Xmas to all you guys who make this the BEST comment section on the net! Here we can have intelligent discussions over our differences of opinions that don’t degenerate into insults as they do with lightning speed at places like PFT. Thanks for all your hard work Rob and to the rest of you for all your great comments!

  10. Old but Slow

    We don’t know what prompted the comments, but it is early to say that Marshawn is being a problem. The only indication or evidence of trouble is the comments by Cable, and he may have just been responding to a leading question from a reporter.

    • Ukhawk


      • AlaskaHawk

        Yes I agree. Just curious that Cable even said it. I’m presuming that Marshawn will recover enough to be available for the playoffs – but maybe he won’t be. So why start talking about how Marshawn fits into the team when he hasn’t been with the team? And Marshawn doesn’t call the plays, Cable does. We all know that.

  11. CHawk Talker Eric

    Pete made a few comments last week, like how Lynch was “rehabbing on his own” and “at large.” In other words, he wasn’t there with the team, and they didn’t know where he was, what his plan was or how he was progressing.

    Also, I don’t think a question like “are you counting on Marshawn being back for the playoffs” is leading at all. It’s a simple request for an injury status update. Cable could’ve said just “we’re counting on him to get healthy” and left it at that. But to add “whenever that is” tells me they don’t have a clue what’s going on with him. He’s not at the facility he’s not rehabbing with their medical staff, and he’s not communicating with them.

    Of course he goes on from there to state clearly twice in a row how it’s up to Lynch whether or not he returns: either he does so living the “I’m in” mentality that defines this team, or he stays home. You don’t say stuff like that at all, let alone in two consecutive answers, unless the guy you’re talking about is a problem.

    The final clue is how Cable couched the problem: “maturity is probably the thing that stands out to me more than anything and that’s across the board.” The issue with Lynch returning isn’t his health, it’s his attitude.

  12. Tien

    Great post and really interesting insight Rob. Everything you say makes sense. I and every fan have read enough about Beast Mode’s attitude and behavior when he disagrees with management that what you theorize about where the Hawks may be with Lynch currently may be accurate.

    Lynch will always be my all-time favorite Seahawk so I’m hoping that he can look at the current situation objectively, swallow his pride to adapt and rejoin the team. For all his attitude and rebellious nature towards management/authority, he’s also very much a team player, as examplified by his simple response of “It’s a team sport.” when asked for his reaction about the play calling after the SB loss. That’s why I”m still hopeful that once Beast is ready physically that he comes back, plays whatever role is asked of him in our offense, and leads us on one more memorable run in the playoffs! I totally agree that the Hawks now have a potent well-oiled offense and that it’d be really foolish to change it to placate Beast.

    Crossing my fingers and hoping for one more great run with the Beast!

  13. CharlieTheUnicorn

    I’ll be honest, most of us have flipped off Darrell Bevel a few times along the way. 🙂

    • Rugby Lock

      LOL! Too true!!

      • AlaskaHawk

        That’s why god gave me 10 fingers – to salute Bevel. 🙂

  14. EranUngar

    You have said it all Rob. Lynch is a rare Beast on the field and a very “unique individual” off the field. For years the Seahawks embraced it as a package deal. He prepares for the season on his own, you’ll never catch him running the ball in training camp without peds and helmets, he rehabs on his own away from the team. You’ll never hear about him spending hours in the film room with the guys etc. etc. etc.

    He kept it all and brought it every Sunday. He set the physical tone of this team on the field. As a player, you can not watch Lynch play the way he does and not bring your 110% effort when playing with him. Playing without him was not something the Seahawks were looking for but it happened. It happened and Rawls did just as good if not better. Now Rawls is gone and Michaels gets 80 yards in 16 carries. If this RB committee does as well on Sunday against the RAMS it would be the last mail in the Beast coffin.

    It would be a sad day to see the Beast leave but it is time. It’s the RW era now and he should be the example for all the young talent that is growing within the organization. It’s the first guy in and last guy to leave type of a team and the old dinosaur does not fit within that mind set.

    Thank you Marshawn, we will never forget you, it’s time to go back home and make your home team (The Raiders) the great team they should become.

    • Hawkfaninmt

      I don’t agree with the film study but…

      I specifically remember a story in the Super Bowl winning year that he and Mike ARob spent hours in the film room getting their footwork identical and in sync.

      Just one example, but just because we do not always hear about him in the film room doesn’t mean he isn’t there. When healthy of course

  15. Ukhawk

    Looking at the glass as half full. The most amazing thing to me is this well things work out even when things sem to be going the wrong way. Line bad turns good. Graham out, step up Russ ,Baldwin and Crew. Lynch out, step up Rawls. Rawls out, step up Michael. Without the negative, you might not see the things come to fruition. We were all worried about Hawks post Lynch and now we have an a we have an answer. Would love to closeout the Beastmode era with another SB

    • Steele

      It is not clear what a fully healthy Lynch brings to this new-look offense.

      This season has been an unknown. Lynch wasn’t healthy (or was unhappy, hard to tell), the o-line was sucking. Both struggled.

      Now what? Is the o-line genuinely (miraculously) good? How much was Rawls and other backs being quicker and less dependent on blocking to get free? How physically hampered was Lynch? If Lynch had been healthy the past few games, how would that have looked?

      Best case scenario is that he comes back healthy, and has no issues. He no longer has to be the focal point, but makes some vintage Beastmode plays that help win big games. Dare we think SB? And yes, Beast rides off into the sunset as a hero.

      Smashmouth and defense and simple playcalling works if you have the superior physical talent to do it, and a lot of depth. When your once overwhelming physicality becomes less so (the defensive veterans are older, the o-line is new, etc), a team has to evolve into something more creative, flexible and less predictable.

  16. Volume12

    Speaking of going ‘Beast Mode’ anyone catch the NI vs Boise St bowl game?

    Boise St EDGE Kamalei Correa was a beast! I know, it was against an overmatched NI offense, but dude has an exceptional NFL skill set. Explosive, a motor that never quits, good instincts/football IQ, great speed rusher, and looks to be a fantastic athlete.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Yeah NI was just outclassed in that game.

      I’ll tell you who impressed me yesterday…

      Favian Upshaw QB Georgia Southern. 16 carries for 199 yards and 4 TDs.

      He’s pretty skinny at 6’1″ 170lbs. But boy can that kid run.

  17. Nathan

    I would say, that certainly means his ticket out of seattle is booked for next year.

    Reading between the lines even more. Could Wilson be pushing to have him gone too?

    • Rob Staton

      “Could Wilson be pushing to have him gone too?”

      I would highly doubt that.

      • Nathan

        Does it not make perfect sense?

        For years he’s been hearing how Luck is better because he doesn’t have a defence or a running game.

        There’s no shortage of ego involved, he’s stated his intention to be the greatest QB of all time.

        He’s seen his name enter the MVP discussion with Lynch out of the side.

        All adds up for me.

        • Tien

          Except I can’t remember reading anything indicating there has been any sort of friction between Wilson & Lynch. If there was, wouldn’t there be rumors floating out there already? On the contrary, from all reports, everyone (except maybe management) loves Beast as a teammate. Also, Wilson entered the MVP discussion, not because Lynch is out, but because the OL is playing better, leading to th offense being more effictive and efficient, and Wilson being more comfortable in the pocket, making better decisions, and throwing more accurate passes. Who’s to say that if Lynch comes back and integrates into the offense that Wilson doesn’t continue with his MVP level play? I really find it hard to believe that Wilson is trying to push Lynch out behind the scenes.

        • Arias

          Yeah I don’t find that credible speculation at all. I’ve never seen anything to indicate Wilson has been anything but a team player. He even fought for retaining Percy to make it work even though Percy sort of resented him. I don’t buy it.

  18. Cysco

    I don’t think there’s any hidden meanings or “messages” being sent to Lynch via the media. I think this was Cable simply being honest about what’s happened this year.

    The offense had a certain way it worked with Lynch in the backfield. He would be the focal point and everything fed off that. When he went down, the team had to react, and you know what? Things went really well. The RB is no longer the focal point of the offense and the team has become a monster on the offensive side of the ball.

    This was Cable just explaining what we all know. The offense is different and when Lynch comes back, they’re not going to shelve what they’re doing and install the week 1 offense. Lynch is going to have to fit in to what the team currently does.

    • Cysco

      My biggest fear is that Lynch might not be the right choice to be the lead back as crazy as that sounds. I don’t think there’s a coincidence that Rawls had such great success, then a few guys failed to deliver Rawls type numbers, but then C. Mike comes and and BAM! Running game clicks again.

      I’d submit that the running game and this o-line need a back who has very high acceleration and can explode through holes. I don’t think the line mauls defenses, but rather has become far more technically sound over the course of the season. They will do their assignment and the scheme will create a hole. The RB needs to explode through that hole when it’s there. Rawls and Michael have the burst to do that. I’m not sure Lynch will given age, injury, style etc.

      • AlaskaHawk

        The thing I noticed about Rawls is that he could shift laterally, that if one hole wasn’t there he could move quickly to the next hole. He also had a good limp leg shake to avoid the tackles. Not the power of Lynch but good power with quickness to the hole.

        • hawkdawg

          A healthy Lynch can move laterally very well indeed. He can make a defender miss in a phone booth, as the old saying goes. Or he can just knock down the booth.

          Ask Ray Lewis.

  19. Hawkfaninmt

    To keep Lynch or not? Depends on the opportunity cost in my mind. Hawks save 6.5M by cutting him(if I remember correctly). What would they do with that money?

    If keeping Lynch mean Irvin goes, is it worth it? How about Okung?


    Get a new CB (Trumaine Johnson?), an OT or LB to replace Okung or Irvin, Extend Kearse, Kam, and/orADB, what else?

    In my mind most of these would a yes to me simply because of Rawls emergence couple with the ability to draft a rookie or keep CMike

    • sdcoug

      I think it may be an easy decision.

      Cap savings is big;
      A new identity is entrenched (Russ);
      An heir is apparent (Rawls);
      And as much as we all love Lynch, force feeding him the ball 30 times a game to wear down a D two to three yards at a time may fly in the face of what our offense has now become

      • red

        could restructure contract to be like a 8 mil cap hit next year not sure Lynch finds hat in open market. He already going to be like a 6 mil dead money hit next year. Might work out for both sides.

    • cha

      PC made some interesting statements about how they’re going to have to re-evaluate free agent CB’s after the Carey Williams mess. Wouldn’t be a shock to see them bring Burley & Lane back and see what they have from the younger group, Simon, Smith, Jean-Baptiste, draft pick, etc.

      Kam isn’t getting an extension. Not with 2 years left on his contract.

      • AlaskaHawk

        PC could always pick a cornerback or safety in the first round, there will be lots of talent available.

        • Volume12

          I’d keep C-Mike over drafting another RB early. Not one RB in this class will have the potential and athleticism that he does.

          If he’s truly humbled like he said he is, it’s a no brainer.

          • red

            CMike is RFA next year, so do you give him a second roun tender and 2.5 mi cap hit? I dont know I might depends on multiple tings.

            • cha

              Just remember, the RFA tender isn’t 100% locking in that ~$2m number. They can offer the tender to scare away other teams, then negotiate a deal in place of the tender. The Hawks did it with Jeron Johnson. If memory serves he was tendered 2nd round, but ended up signing for less than the tender, something like $1.5m plus incentives.

              What an absolute coup it would be to recapture the sunk cost of a 2nd round pick. I’m not counting that chicken yet after one game, let’s see how he performs and the attitude he demonstrates the next the next few weeks.

              • Robert

                Or to have his performance exceed our hopes when we drafted him with that 2nd round pick!

          • AlaskaHawk

            Hey Volume, I’m going to mildly disagree about C-Mike. He sat for two years without being given significant carries, then got cut by two different teams. There are running backs out there with better skills. After watching Rawls I can say there are even UDFA running backs with better skills. However I still think Seahawks have a better shot in developing a great running back in the first round (which is practically a second round pick after we win the superbowl) down to the 3 round. By the end of the third they will be through the first tier of running backs.

            The reason I only mildly disagree is that I still have hopes that when C-Mike is given regular carries he will blossom into the running back we always hoped for – but was never given the chance to become by the Seahawks coaching staff.

            • Volume12

              I agree that he’ll have to show he can be consistent for the rest of the season.

              And yes, Rawls is a much better back.

              The only RB in the 1st round that would be worth it is ‘Zeke’ Elliott. And if Alex Collins, Jordan Howard, or Paul Perkins don’t come out, that weakens an already mediocre RB class.

              I’ll guarantee that we won’t see a RB put up the SPARQ score that C-Mike did. Maybe Derrick Henry, but he doesn’t fit Seattle’s style.

              I hope and expect Seattle to draft a RB this year, but if C-Mike can continue to impress, it lessens the ‘need’ and they aren’t forced into grabing one early.

              Plus with the 2017 class coming- Fournette, Cook, Freeman, Perine, Mixon, Hood, McNichols, Gallman, Hurd, Lawry, Hill, Folston, Enwere, Clement, it might be wiser to take a developmental guy this year.

              • AlaskaHawk

                So it’s Elliot or an UDFA this year – that works for me.

  20. mrpeapants

    just wanted to say happy holidays to all! and thank you rob for all the work you do
    go hawks

  21. AlaskaHawk

    Yes Happy Holidays gang, Go Hawks!

  22. Hawksince77


    Most of us read your note thinking that Cable’s remarks were aimed at Lynch. What if instead they were intended for the fans, laying the groundwork for Lynch’s ultimate departure? The narrative his comments spawned would seem to serve that purpose…

    • bigDhawk

      I think Cable’s comments were fairly unambiguous. It was his way of saying the heart and soul of the offense has officially transferred form Lynch to Wilson, which quite frankly is something that had to eventually happen and is a good thing. When and if Lynch comes back, it is Russell’s team now and Lynch must fit in to that new identity. We will not revert back to the old paradigm that lost us five games to start the season.

      Honestly I think the Beastmode era is done. He is the greatest RB in franchise history and quite possibly my favorite player of all time. I’m sad, but we all new this was coming. If he can help out in the postseason, great, but I don’t see him being featured in the offense like he was before. If we win the SB this year it will be on Russell’s arm, not Marshawn’s legs. That’s what he will have to adapt to.

  23. MikeB'hamster

    Teams, not individual players, win Superbowls. When ‘Hawks management acceded to Lynch’s demand for anow early ‘new’ contract, inevitably, the great sense of team brotherhood and unity the Seahawks had enjoyed began to unravel. Subsequently, Russell Wilson’s pronouncement: “Forget the salary cap implications, I want to be the highest paid quarterback in football”, only served degrade team unity. Finally Kam Chancellor’s ‘every man for himself’ holdout capped the ruinous process of facilitating bad behavior…Paul Allen, usually invisible, showed great ownership leadership, by ordering management to quit talking to Chancellor.
    There is a lot to respect about Lynch. It would be nice to be able to admire him as well. When his behavior harms the team, and its’ prospects for success, then that isn’t possible. The same with Chancellor. His inexplicably, devastatingly bad behavior harmed the team this season, and the universal admiration he enjoyed is gone.
    Russell Wilson, through his stellar play, developing team leadership, and contined outstanding character traits, has shown the maturity that Cable referred to and has earned the respect and admiration he now enjoys.
    Going forward, the single most important thing the team needs to focus on is, the….team.
    * Note: To Rob Staton, and to the astute commentators whose thoughtful and collegial observations make this site a joy, and a first read every morning, a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    • Robert

      I disagree that the team acceded to Lynch’s demands and that caused a bad precedent, which began to unravel the brotherhood. The FO only converted performance based bonus money to guaranteed money after Lynch complained that the bonus money was no longer attainable. This came a few days after Bevell carelessly blurted out to the media that we would now be a RB by committee. Lynch had a valid complaint and the FO agreed.
      I enjoyed the rest of your comment.

  24. Volume12

    Is it possible that LA Tech DT Vernon Butler goes in round 1? I hate to use this comp, but there’s flashes of Dominique Easley in his game.

    I absolutely love this guy and hope he’s the DT that Seattle selects. He’s got it all man.

    • icb12

      I think he may.
      6-3 315#. Reports are he’s slow, but I’m betting he puts up good split times. I could care less he runs a 5.1 40. Good technique too.
      I’m with you, would be a great pickup.

      Also noted that Corey Davis is staying in school. I think he is my favorite receiver prospect.

      • Trevor

        That sucks that Davis is staying in school I thought he would be a great fit for the Hawks. Kind of surprised because I am not sure how he could improve his draft stock. He has been a star since he was a freshman in the MAC. Hope it all works for him because he seems like a great kid. Just pray these guys who opt to go back don’t get hurt and get their education.

      • Volume12

        Yeah- I cold care less about 40 times when it comes to big, 300+ pound men at DT.

        As Rob said, if there are guys that big and freakishly fast, they tend to be 1st round picks.

    • Trevor

      He is my favorite DT for the Hawks scheme and I think he would be an awesome 3rd round pick which I know most would say is an over draft but I think he would be perfect in our scheme.

      • Volume12

        I don’t think him going in the 3rd would be an overdraft at all. That would great value IMO.

        As for Corey Davis. Consistency. While I do like him and he has tremendous upside, thee are games whete he has little to no mpact. Coming back, workubg on all the litte things will be big for him.

    • Rob Staton

      He’ll be with a new team in 2016.

      • Trevor

        Hopefully with us! Like the job Lewis has done but Mack would be a great addition to this OL in my opinion while th young guys develop.

        Not sure I would break the bank for him but if he wants to win then you would think Sea and NE would be logical fits.

      • John_s

        Alex Mack was one of 5 guys who shouldn’t have made the pro bowl per pro football outsiders.

        Why he is a poor pick: Because as he worked his way back from injury, he didn’t look like the guy he was before getting hurt. A very average year, with him not generating a lot of movement in the run game and allowing too much pressure. He’s played a lot better and not made the Pro Bowl.

  25. Old but Slow

    Baldwin hurt his hamstring and will be a game time decision:

    • Volume12

      Since Seattle doesn’t have a 1st round bye this year, maybe it’s best to rest Okung, Baldwin, and Kam for one more game.

      I know PC doesn’t like resting his players before the playoffs, b

      • Volume12

        But it could be a blessing in disguise.

        • nichansen01

          I would like to see Kevin Smith and Kasen Williams get some serious targets in a game.

  26. CC

    Happy holidays everyone!

  27. Nathan

    Our replacement for Fred Jackson?

    Maybe doesn’t get a bite when the silly money is getting thrown around when free agency opens.

    • cha

      Chris Ivory would be the guy on my FA wish list.

    • onrsry

      I’ve been thinking about this recently.I would love Matt Forte as a 3rd down back, plus he can split some running snaps with Rawls.He would fill that veteran role which will be empty after Lynch and Fred retire or leave.But i suspect Seahawks will try to fill that role with cheaper options. Maybe a 4th round pick.

  28. nichansen01

    As far as resting starters, I do think that it would be bet to rest Chancellor, Okung, Hill and Baldwin for the Rams game. Maybe sign Kasen Williams from the practice squad, or play Luke Willson as a wide receiver and Coffman and Helfet as the tight ends. Though the Rams are no joke… It will be interesting to see how our run defense holds up against Gurley.

  29. Eric

    Interesting take on Cowboys viewpoint of Michael:

    Question: Christine Michael had himself a game on Sunday — what else went into his departure from the Cowboys, other than suit-gate? Obviously McFadden has claimed that No. 1 spot, but still…

    Brandon George: Michael never did learn the offense well and had a sense of entitlement about him that really didn’t sit well at times. Not wearing the suit on the road trip was the final straw.

  30. Adog

    I believe that the Seahawks front office will look for one type of player in the next draft…a hybrid 3rd down/wr on offence and a linebacker/safety in defense. We’ve saw this before with sweezy and Gilliam on the oline. In a sense they are looking to take good to average te like Gilliam and turn him into a very athletic right tackle. The main tax of this philosophy is that it takes a couple years before these projects become efficient. As for the 3rd down rb/ wr…it remains to be seen if this type of philosophy works with skill positions. Can you take a average wr and turn him into a good rb? I doubt it. But we have saw them try to convert a tall wr to cb last training camp. So perhaps they just try to find “their” guy on offense allah Percy harvin. As for lynch I would not count him out yet this year or next year. Like this year we could see lynch in a limited role…that is come playoff time…unleash the beast. Maybe this is what cable means by “adapt”.

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