Michael Robinson cut?

This will be a shock.

Not because of the Real Rob Report or because he’s a “fans favourite”. Simply because for the last couple of seasons he’s done a very good job blocking for Marshawn Lynch while providing a boost on special teams.

Not to mention that none of the potential replacements on the roster showed they were ready to take over.

Robinson’s been suffering with an unspecified illness recently that may have played some part. You have to wonder if there’s a replacement on the way in, perhaps somebody who was cut in the last few days from another team?

Or maybe they’re going to move away from using the traditional full back like a lot of teams, incorporating more read-option, H-back and single back looks?

Whatever the situation it’s still a surprise. I’m not convinced this was purely a cost saving exercise although it no doubt played a part. If it was all about money I think he would’ve been cut a while ago to give him the best possible opportunity to find a new home.

If the illness is legit and was set to keep him out of the first two weeks of the season, he’ll struggle to find an immediate gig elsewhere. I suspect there’s every chance he could yet to return to Seattle, albeit on a cheaper deal, when fully recovered.

After all, if they were going to have to deal without Robinson to start the year anyway — why not manufacture a situation where you end up paying him less? Such is business.


  1. Nolan

    Perhaps when he is recovered from illness he will be brought back? Does seem like he leaves a whole.

    • Rob Staton


  2. Nolan

    Trufant got cut by jags 2

  3. kevin mullen

    Shanahan still runs a lot of single back/two TE sets, but he would have four able blockers on the roster. I just don’t see any TE’s worth keeping past Miller, Willson, and McGrath.

    I wonder if Phil Bates move to FB had anything to do with it? I know he’s really unpolished, but you can say same thing for Spencer Ware, and especially Coleman.

    • Rob Staton

      The more I think about it, the more I reckon he’s back in a week or two on a cheaper deal when he’s recovered from illness.

      • kevin mullen

        Then why not just agree on pay cut? Why expose a key cog on our offense to other would be buyers? What if Harbaugh decides that SF could use a better FB for Gore and James? They do have use for a traditional FB and use run-heavy sets like the Elephant.

        • Geoff

          In that case, why would he accept a pay cut?

          And besides, you don’t do a vet like that. Ha. ha ha ha. ha…

        • Elijah

          San Francisco has Bruce Miller, an outstanding FB in his own right who’s still on a rookie deal. They just claimed Owen Marecic, who Jim Harbaugh is bat shit in love with. I don’t think they’ll be in the market for Mike Rob.

          I like Rob’s idea that the Hawks will l get the cap savings while he recovers from his injury, then get resigned.

  4. JeffS

    my guess is that the real rob reports had something to do with it.

    • Rob Staton

      I highly doubt that. Otherwise they would’ve just stopped them last season.

    • Kyle

      Absurd notion. Just about everyone loved being on TRRR, and virtually every Seahawk fan loved it. The Seahawks official site even promoted it.

      This is the consequence of having a competitive roster.

  5. MikeE

    Rob, I agree with your line of thinking 100%.

    I hope he is resigned in week 2.

    Offensively I think going with 11, and 12 personnel would be more productive for this team overall, but in the 2nd half of games when Seattle has a lead, and they want to ram it down teams throats. A Pro Bowl Fullback would come in handy.

  6. Belgaron

    Not that surprising, and with ‘Hawks it was primarily an age thing. They need their special reamers young and spry. Not hard to find a good blocking FB, much harder to find one with other skills to go with the blocking. Could be back but they weren’t worried about him being claimed and wold come back at minimum.

  7. Miles

    I can see the logic in this move, but I am worried that he’ll get picked up by someone else before we get a chance to. If the PC/JS are cutting him with the intention of re-signing him later, they have to know they’re taking a gamble. Whatever they have in mind here, I trust them. But my first instinct is to worry.

  8. JeffS

    The Pro Football Focus people gave Mike Rob a negative grade for his run blocking in both 011 and 012.
    Maybe he wasn’t as good as we all wanted to believe.

    • Colin

      You shouldn’t believe everything you read.

    • Kyle

      Didn’t PFF give a negative grade to Earl Thomas?

      Who comes up with these grades?
      How did this person come up with these grades?
      What’s the formula?
      Was Tim Tebow accounted for?
      Who said PFF is an authority on anything?
      Is fantasy football bias being taken into account?
      What about Tebow?

      I don’t want to be a troll or anything, but these metrics being put out by certain sites seems to be nothing more than ways to justify fantasy football picks.

      Here’s how you judge a player: Watch the game. Did he do a good job? Y/N

      I’m not trying to insult you or be a troll. I just think mathematics is a bad replacement for eyes.

      • woofu

        True, we can get to the moon easy. Just look it’s right there.

      • jw

        “mathematics is a bad replacement for eyes”

        except the mathematics come from ‘eyes’. All of your questions are easily answerable on the PFF website. Maybe you should read about them and understand them before you dismiss them out of hand.

        This is the funny thing about all advanced metrics in sports. Fans want to discount them without even knowing how they’re derived.

        They’re no secrets. Their methodology is very clearly outlined for anyone to read on their website.

  9. Colin

    My feeling is that the team must believe he won’t be ready week 1. Might be pulling a Vonta Leach and just resign him cheaper.

  10. SunPathPaul

    Surprised to see him the first 2 go!

    His illness supposedly has cost him ‘pounds’ lost! It must be pretty serious…
    Maybe between that, and knowing you have to pay players next year, they gambled on using that roster spot to hold onto another one of our promising players…

    Can’t wait to see the whole ‘vision’ of the 53 maƱana!!!

    • Miles

      Yeah but if you end up keeping Ware and Coleman than you cancel out the benefit Robinson was supposed to give you. We’ll probably be keeping 5 backs anyway, letting Ware and Coleman duke it out into the season, since neither of them is clearly better than the other.

  11. James

    You wonder if the Seahawks will be discontinuing the FB position. I read that they only used Mike Rob on about 30% of the plays last year, and that could be further cut back this season, and the few times they want a lead blocker in the backfield, they can go with the H-back.

  12. Aaron

    There’s been some quality discussion of the roster implications here, but I have to step back and begin to absorb the other aspect of this:

    He better end up back here, because I’m not ready for the Seahawks-centric version of the Real Rob Report to be gone. That would suck!!! I mean in all seriousness, that would be a major loss for the 12th Man. We can’t have that happen now when we’re about to embark on the most anticipated season in the franchise’s history. (It’s not that much of a surprise, but somehow it doesn’t lessen the sting of it any.)

    Whatever happens, dude is going to land on his feet. He’ll have a media career when his playing days are finished. Even if he doesn’t come back to the Hawks this season, I have no doubt that the Real Rob Report will survive in an altered form. He had already been talking a lot about expanding it league-wide. But we need that window into the Seahawks’ locker room. Maybe the Fresh Files will pick up where he left off, but that’s been a poor substitute up to this point, sorry to say.

  13. Aussie Rich

    I think that Mike Rob might have lost a lot of weight with his illness and to get him back to his playing weight would take longer than 16 weeks.

  14. Tim

    I’m with all of you who are feeling pretty sad about the move. And there is nothing that I’ve read that convinced me that the team is better with one of the other guys leading for beast mode.

    But yeah, looking at his illness, and the cash he earns. Well heck, I’d cut him too / quite ready to bring him back when healthy.

    This all has been said already, but hoping that Mike is well and getting better, and that he lands in a couple weeks – heck, that’s where a lot of us good fans are. Hope to see him and the report again. (and seriously, I believe in the fullback role – the guy has filled it well)

  15. CC

    I hope he feels better soon and somehow makes it back to the Hawks! Sad for him to be cut, but the cap space was needed. I expect that next year Browner will sign with another team – he’ll need to get a huge paycheck, as it will likely be his last chance to do so at 30. Rice will likely be cut next year as well, or have to renegotiate. Miller could end up in the same spot as well, but Miller is probably the hardest guy to replace. I keep hearing John S say they want to re-sign “our guys.” I think those guys are the ones they drafted not signed as FA. Tough choices will have to be made. Go Hawks!

  16. Kyle

    This is why you can’t get too emotionally invested into players. I am a huge fan of the Real Rob Report, but like everyone has said, these roster cuts are not going to come without pain. But let’s face it, are the players on this team here to make awesome youtube vids or win a suberbowl?

    I absolutely hate that Mike Rob got cut, but I also have to admit that the real reason why I hate this is because I love the Real Rob Report. If it turns out that Ware and Coleman make the team better than Robinson plus either one of them, then so it shall be written. So it shall be done.

    The goal of every team is to win the Super Bowl. This move leaves a bad taste, but sometimes you just have to make decisions like this.

  17. A. Simmons

    I do think it was a cost saving move. We have some seriously big contacts to sign. Both Earl and Sherman will cost us over 10 million each. We have 12 million a year with Harvin. We way want to re-sign Golden. If he plays well this year, that is going to cost us big. Okung will have to resigned in a couple of years.

    From what I read MikeRob only played 32% of the offensive snaps last season. We’re moving to more two TE sets. Lynch apparently likes running out of a single back set.

    They may want to groom Coleman or Ware as a FB. Ware is a fearless bull of a runner. Coleman is flat out huge. I do think Pete wants to build a team that can outmuscle the opponent at the point of attack.

    All that being said I’ll miss MikeRob and The Real Rob Report. Fun to look into Seattle’s locker room.

    • Kyle

      You are making a solid case. Let’s not forget that Russell Wilson will be getting a huge contract soon as will Sherman. A FB is expendable if you have to create space for those contracts.

      Yes, it sucks, and I will miss TRRR, but this is the consequence of having a roster as competitive as this.

  18. A. Simmons


    Did you watch Pete Carroll’s presser? He publically said that Bruce Irvin had a bad game. He doesn’t sound very impressed with Irvin up to this point. I was pretty surprised. Pete rarely outright says someone didn’t have a good game. He said that about Bruce. I’m beginning to get the feeling he is not pleased with Bruce progress. If Bruce doesn’t step it up, he may be replaced. Always Compete doesn’t even allow a reasonably high first round pick a lot of time to develop. I hope Bruce can make progress this year and get his career on track.

  19. Christon

    I’ll miss Mike Rob too…So it looks like Brandon Coleman made the team initially? Interesting.

    I’m not sure I can see this team go from pounding it the way they did last year to no FB at all. They had way too much success with the FB/RB combo to discontinue that look now, right?

    • Christon

      Sorry Derrick Coleman –> Hopefully Brandon will make the team next year!

  20. SunPathPaul


    Didn’t see that one coming-

    • SunPathPaul

      *NOW THEY

  21. cliff

    What do you think about moving 235 lb Harper to FB a la Phil Bates. That is if Harper makes our practice squad.

    • cliff

      Former Qb, Check. Pass catcher, check. Big, check. Sounds like Mrob to me

  22. JeffS

    Part of all this is the Percy Harvin contract. Many cuts necesary to pay him. (After reading Cold Hard Football Facts on previous experience with highly paid WRs and SuperBowl success,I have concluded that this move was almost certainly a mistake.)

    Now that the technique is clear, we can be confident that both Browner and Tait are gone next year.

    • SES

      I would much rather have Tate & Browner than Harvin. In the offseason I have researched virtually every game. Tate’s YAC are great (it’s like he slides & dodges when in traffic). Browner is not great cover CB, but he is a play maker!

  23. JeffS

    There may be a fatal flaw to this whole approach of living forever in the future. When will the team ever load up to win THIS year? Next year they will be building for 015 and 016. And so on indefinitely.

    Does one of the youngest teams ever win the SuperBowl?

    • Colin

      Calm down dude. This team has more than enough talent now to win the Super Bowl.

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