Mock draft Wednesday’s: 3rd April

Can you be too big in Seattle's scheme?

No trades in the mock this week (just to mix things up a bit). As noted yesterday, I think we’ll see a ton of first round deals on April 25th so take this with a grain of salt (you possibly already do). I’ve tried to think outside of the box and make a few surprise choices.

It’s been revealed the following players will be attending the draft in New York: Luke Joeckel, Geno Smith, E.J. Manuel, Chance Warmack, Bjoern Werner, Jonathan Cooper, Sharrif Floyd, Lane Johnson, Ziggy Ansah, Kenny Vaccaro, D.J. Fluker, Eric Fisher, Menelik Watson, Cordarrelle Patterson, Tavon Austin, Xavier Rhodes, Margus Hunt, Barkevious Mingo and Dee Milliner. Dion Jordan is still considering his invite.

I remain perplexed, confused and intrigued by what Seattle is going to do at #56. It seems like nothing is off the table. In fact, looking at the options available for round three, it wouldn’t surprise me if they traded out of the second round. In the end I went with a big defensive tackle who’s one of those players who could easily go in round one or round three. John Jenkins is massive. He’s also pretty agile for his size. However, his tape is inconsistent and the big question is will that inconsistency improve in a situation where you can better manage his snaps? Seattle appears to want size at tackle. Big early, tough to run against, then unleash the hounds. That seems to be the aim here. Jenkins would fit into that.

Whether a guy at 6-4 and around 340 is the answer, I’m not sure. They seem to prefer length and decent size, instead of those enormous nose tackle types. Alan Branch, Tony McDaniel — both big tackles, but not 340lbs. I was tempted to go for Kyle Long as a player capable of playing both guard and tackle.

If you missed it earlier, make sure you check out Kip’s piece on quarterback options for Seattle in the draft.

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First round

#1 Luke Joeckel (T, Texas A&M)
Still seems the most likely pick.
#2 Dion Jordan (DE, Oregon)
They need a pass rusher. Pure and simple.
#3 Sharrif Floyd (DT, Florida)
This will be a long rebuild.
#4 Tavon Austin (WR, West Virginia)
I just have a hunch someone will fall in love with Austin enough to make him a higher pick than we expect.
#5 Eric Fisher (T, Central Michigan)
Fills a need at left tackle. Could be Dee Milliner here.
#6 Dee Milliner (CB, Alabama)
If they get Milliner, they can feel pretty good about this off-season.
#7 Lane Johnson (T, Oklahoma)
This is far and away the teams biggest need following the Carson Palmer trade.
#8 Geno Smith (QB, West Virginia)
They could move up to make sure they get Smith. They can’t rely on Kevin Kolb.
#9 Ziggy Ansah (DE, BYU)
He could line up in multiple looks for Rex Ryan.
#10 Star Lotulelei (DT, Utah)
He’s been cleared medically.
#11 Arthur Brown (LB, Kansas State)
Again, another hunch. Brown could go earlier than we think.
#12 Chance Warmack (G, Alabama)
With the top tackles off the board, why not take Warmack?
#13 Blidi Wreh-Wilson (CB, Connecticut)
One way or another, I think the Buccs end up with Darrelle Revis.
#14 Sheldon Richardson (DT, Missouri)
Flat out steal if it happens.
#15 Datone Jones (DE, UCLA)
Athletic potential could = top 15.
#16 Jonathan Cooper (G, North Carolina)
Tremendous player, who could feature at guard or center.
#17 Kenny Vaccaro (S, Texas)
A good fit for both parties.
#18 Cordarrelle Patterson (WR, Tennessee)
They just signed Tony Romo to a mega deal. Giving him Dez Bryant and Cordarrelle Patterson to throw to would be fun.
#19 Barkevious Mingo (DE, LSU)
He could fall further than this.
#20 Alec Ogletree (LB, Georgia)
Fills a need. Athletic potential could make this a steal. Character concerns linger.
#21 D.J. Fluker (T, Alabama)
I’m not a fan personally, but then I was never really a fan of Andre Smith either.
#22 Robert Woods (WR, USC)
If they’re looking for a weapon on offense, Woods could be in play.
#23 Bjoern Werner (DE, Florida State)
He’s good but is he special enough to go earlier?
#24 Justin Pugh (G, Syracuse)
A huge need for the Colts.
#25 Manti Te’o (LB, Notre Dame)
They hit on Rudolph and Harrison, so why not go back to the Notre Dame well?
#26 Tyler Eifert (TE, Notre Dame)
Donald Driver’s retired, Greg Jennings is in Minnesota. They could go for a pass catcher here.
#27 Keenan Allen (WR, Houston)
Receiver looks like a strong option here.
#28 Matt Elam (S, Florida)
He did well enough at the combine to warrant a place in round one.
#29 Jamar Taylor (CB, Boise State)
Gives off a Bill Belichick-pick vibe.
#30 Tank Carradine (DE, Florida State)
He hopes to work out on April 20th.
#31 Jonathan Cyprien (S, Florida International)
Safety is a key need for the Niners.
#32 Xavier Rhodes (CB, Florida State)
The Ravens often look for value, rather than simply filling needs.

Second round

#33 Jacksonville – Matt Barkley (QB, USC)
#34 San Francisco – Johnathan Hankins (DT, Ohio State)
#35 Philadelphia – E.J. Manuel (QB, Florida State)
#36 Detroit – Desmond Trufant (CB, Washington)
#37 Cincinnati – Jonathan Franklin (RB, UCLA
#38 Arizona – Zach Ertz (TE, Stanford)
#39 New York Jets – Matt Scott (QB, Arizona)
#40 Tennessee – Johnthan Banks (CB, Mississippi State)
#41 Buffalo – Margus Hunt (DE, SMU)
#42 Miami – D.J. Hayden (CB, Houston)
#43 Tampa Bay – Gavin Escobar (TE, San Diego State)
#44 Carolina – DeAndre Hopkins (WR, Clemson)
#45 San Diego – Menelik Watson (T, Florida State)
#46 St. Louis – Eddie Lacy (RB, Alabama)
#47 Dallas – Travis Frederick (C, Wisconsin)
#48 Pittsburgh – Jarvis Jones (LB, Georgia)
#49 New York Giants – Khaseem Greene (LB, Rutgers)
#50 Chicago – Larry Warford (G, Kentucky)
#51 Washington – Justin Hunter (WR, Tennessee)
#52 Minnesota – Sylvester Williams (DT, North Carolina)
#53 Cincinnati – Eric Reid (S, LSU)
#54 Miami – Corey Lemonier (DE, Auburn)
#55 Green Bay – Christine Michael (RB, Texas A&M)
#56 Seattle – John Jenkins (DT, Georgia)
#57 Houston – Ryan Nassib (QB, Syracuse)
#58 Denver – Denard Robinson (RB, Michigan)
#59 New England – Kevin Minter (LB, LSU)
#60 Atlanta – Kyle Long (G, Oregon)
#61 San Francisco – Jesse Williams (DT, Alabama)
#62 Baltimore – Jamie Collins (LB, Southern Miss)


  1. Colin

    I have a sneaky suspicion Seattle wants a DT at 56. That is not a “need” but it is certainly something that needs to be addressed. Red Bryant being healthy is key.

    • James

      I agree that DT is less of a need for this season than Will LB, or nickel CB, but it is a “big” need in the coming seasons. Both Mebane and Bryant will probably be gone when their contracts expire is a couple of years, so the money can go to Richard Sherman, Russell Wilson, et al. It is much harder to find a top DT than the other positions of need, which can probably be had in R3 and R4. And a 340 lb DT who can move is the hardest thing of all to find, since the football gods only put a few of these behemoths on earth. If Jenkins is there, go for him.

      • A. Simmons

        I’ll be happy with a player like Jenkins. 340 lb DTs motivated by Carroll’s always compete philosophy is something I would enjoy watching.

  2. connor

    I’m a big John Jenkins fan. Before I watched him I was skeptical because of how big he was but I came away very impressed. For his size he might be the second best athlete at the DT position behind Sheldon Richardson. Also he consistently got penetration both in the run and passing game. And with the speed we have coming off the edges having a guy who can both clog up the run and keep the QB from stepping up in the pocket on early downs seems super valuable to me. If hes there with our 2nd round pick I hope we pull the trigger.

    Although I’m with Rob I could definitely see a scenario where we trade out of the second round a collect more picks.

  3. ChavaC

    I know this is a no-trade mock, but Jarvis Jones gets that deep in the second round I have to hope PC/JS will start lighting up some phone lines.

    • Kip Earlywine

      I like John Jenkins, though apparently I like him way less than most because I wouldn’t feel great about drafting him until maybe the 4th round. He plays with poor leverage and isn’t the run defender inside that he should be, and adds very little in the pass rush. He’s not particularly fast either, not even for his size. He does play with a mean streak though and has some impressive moments.

      He’s extremely similar to Red Bryant and I think if Seattle drafted him that’s the role they’d have in mind, with Jenkins playing DT in 2013 and moving to the Red Bryant role if/when Red Bryant is traded/released in a future offseason.

      Not hating on the pick, but there are a lot of players I’d personally rather see taken there- I’d even prefer Ryan Nassib if he lasts that long since I don’t think John Jenkins would make much impact for us in 2013.

      My guess is that they would sprint to the podium for Kawann Short if the draft fell this way.

      • woofu

        How would Nassib make any more of an impact?

        • Kip Earlywine

          He wouldn’t. But I don’t think Jenkins would either. Jenkins is a specialist that won’t really establish his value until Red Bryant leaves. I use Nassib as an extreme example to highlight the notion that I don’t think Jenkins would help us much in 2013, so drafting an extremely good value at QB feels less stigmatized as a result.

          • JW

            and we know how PC/JS hate drafting specialists

            • Kip Earlywine

              In this case, a backup specialist.

              • JW

                Right. who might not play every down. What’s new?

          • peter

            Though no one can be certain if Red will be back to full speed at he beginning of the season….So Jenkins could spell him both in game and as a starter until then, plus….unless I’m woefully under informed here, who replaces Alan Branch at this point…..Tony McDaniel ? It appears to me just watching patterns the Seahawks create a nice bit of symmetry in the off season with their draft picks.

            Sign McDaniel…draft a massive interior line men…maybe

            Sign Barrett Ruud….draft Wagner

            Sign Flynn….Draft Wilson

            Sign Sidney Rice….Draft Durham

            My thought is with all Jenkins he could come and play inside/outside (red’s spot) as well as your speed concerns, most reviews of him at the senior bowl spoke of his quickness….the pass rush thing is a bit off from you, since you dropped the great piece about Bill Walsh and 3tech’s not needing tremendous pass rush…Just to be able to create huge disturbances inside the pocket when the opposing QB steps up….

            Anyways to each their own….I think Nassib is not great value…he’s just a guy, nothing more benefiting from a draft without obvious answers at the QB spot ala Dalton….and yes I get Dalton has gone to the playoffs but I’m not biting on that until he starts to win against teams with winning records.

            • Alex

              penetrating the pocket and creating disturbance is pass rush. pass rush =/= sacks. Sacks is obviously a measure used because it’s a comparative concrete number, but pass rush is more pressure than sack. Sack is simply the most ideal result.

              The thing with Jenkins is that Alabama SEC championship game constantly stands out in my mind. For all the talk about Jenkins as this mobile, strong behemoth, he was consistently beat by the far smaller Barrett Jones who just finessed Jenkins out the game. After a while, the DL was just constantly overwhelmed by the run, which shouldn’t happen when you a great big run-stuffing Nose Tackle. Overall, next a great game.

              With that said, Jenkins did show potential in this one play in which he just physically overwhelmed Jones into McCarron. With that talent, I really wondered why Jenkins couldn’t do it more (especially since Jones was blocking 1 vs 1 against Jenkins without help most of the time).

              • Maz

                Jenkins has poor balance i.m.o. He ends up on the ground way to much for a guy his size. He is a clogger more than anything. I would’ve taken Jesse Williams before Jenkins in this mock. Especially, if it is strictly physical presence to stop the run we are after. Or, a guy to come in and replace Red with. I like that Margus Hunt was included in this mock though, and he didn’t go to SF. He is the DT/DE I would be most interested in the Seahawks acquiring.

                • Kip Earlywine

                  I agree about Jenkins. He’s more of a clogger than an elite run stopper.

      • Attyla the Hawk

        I hold a similar viewpoint.

        He’s a big guy. Really, his uniqueness revolves around ‘World Theory’. As far as talent goes, I don’t see a lot of it. He’s a guy who on tape to me plays about 30-40 pounds lighter than his listed size. Poor leverage, poor anchor, very little leg drive.

        Of course, he’s a big dude. And if these were ever corrected, you’d have a huge performer on your hands. For as bad as his skills, he’s still functional as a gap eater.

        I would have a hard time tying him to Seattle. Namely based on the criteria that it appears Seattle applies to their coveted players:

        1. Competitive or fiery spirit.
        2. Explosive plays on tape
        3. Impressive statistical productivity
        4. Unique characteristics/awesome measurables

        Jenkins doesn’t have any of 1, 2 or 3. And honestly, I think if you don’t have #1, you aren’t on our board period. He doesn’t really seem to be a fighter. He gives up on plays before they’re whistled dead more as a rule instead of occasionally.

        He certainly fits the bill at #4. But trying to see these guys through the Seahawks lens really pares down a lot of talents.

        I know Kip isn’t a fan, but if we’re talking 2nd round guys I see Jesse Williams fits this seahawk profile better. I agree, that he certainly doesn’t show an ability to produce pass rush. And that of course limits him. But in this scenario, if we’re considering Jenkins, then we’re considering non pass rush DTs. And I expect that line starts with Jesse at this point. He’s a highly competitive bulldog of a player with productivity, position flexibility and unique talent.

        Honestly, I think you kind of have to go back to Bennie Logan to find the next DT prospect that you can see fits this kind of profile. I don’t see Jenkins/Geathers/Spence fitting this very well. Possibly Hill and Brandon WIlliams — although I just don’t have enough material on him to make up my mind. Hughes has other question marks. I’m pretty sure if we want him, we can wait till R3. And probably feel good about the alternatives at that point should he be taken before we pick.

        Seems like Logan/Hill/Hughes might be one of those ‘pockets’ of talent that we might be looking to select from at that stage.

        I could actually see them ‘reaching’ on Simon before taking Jenkins. Simon may as well be the poster boy for seahawk measurables. They are in a unique position to get their kinds of guys. I expect we’ll see them do exactly that.

        • Kip Earlywine

          I actually like Jesse Williams. I just think he’s a pure 1-tech with no pass rush ability. Ideally we should be looking for a well rounded defensive tackle that is a plus against the pass and run. Someone like Sly Williams, Kawann Short, Brandon Williams or perhaps (much later on) Abry Jones.

          • Maz

            I like Brandon Williams as well. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Seahawks picked him at #56.

            • Chris F

              If Sylvester Williams fell to us I would pick him in a heartbeat, I’m just not sure I see that happening. Of all the DTs that realistically will be available at our pick, I think Brandon Williams is also my favorite. However, from a height/weight perspective, he wouldn’t be a typical Carroll/Schneider choice which makes me wonder if they wouldn’t pass on him.

              • Robert

                Brandon Mebane is 6″1″ and consistently draws double teams. If we find another run stuffing DT that penetrates when not double teamed, our D will be suffocating. All we need is to disrupt the middle of the pocket so the opposing QB cannot step up; our DE’s will do the rest. I am leary of having too many one-dimensional DL specialists. Teams will simply throw more on early downs when the run stuffers are on the field. So I hope we can find a good DT that can line up next to Mebane and effectively stuff the run or stress the pocket…I like Brandon Williams. I am not sure how to evaluate his upside for anchoring. The rap on him is below average lower body strength. I think that is actually more of a coachable technique issue. His legs and ass a5re gynormous and at times he just rag dolled lineman at the combine and Senior Bowl. He could be an amazing player for us with great character and work ethic!

        • Kip Earlywine

          If John Simon ends up a Seahawk I actually won’t be surprised, but I’m trying to not get my hopes up too much.

          • Attyla the Hawk

            My hopes are up. I’ll bear the torch.

            He’s a guy to me that doesn’t have a mold or niche. He’s a guy we find a way to make him useful. On a lesser team, that might be a problem.

            • Miles

              The first time I saw John Simon, my initial thought was future All-Pro. The guy may not have a lot of physical traits you like, but he’s as firey a guy as you’ll find and versatile as well. His weight combined with his strength will probably allow him to play interior lineman as well as DE in the NFL. I will be looking for him to add some weight though if we indeed draft him. He won’t need to do that if he’s drafted by, say, a Steelers 3-4 defense.

      • Jacob Stevens

        Oh sure, Jenkins gets pushed over amazingly easy at times, and he only demonstrates great power once in a while. I see the leverage issues, too. But he can keep himself in play laterally rather well, he can slip blocks sneaky-well at times, and he has pretty good feet. It’s rare talent and the leverage problems are likely coachable.

        ‘Coachable’ is a copout dismissal of negatives, I know; I do acknowledge his negatives in his first step and his leverage. But I’m quite a fan of his value proposition at 56.

    • Kip Earlywine

      That wasn’t meant as a reply to you, sorry. I misclicked, and the edit button is being moody again.

      • Colin

        My initial thought on Kawaan Short was he was a guy we could really use. Natural 3 tech who could rush the passer at an above average level, but I’ve since changed my mind. It seems to me he’s too reliant on winning the snap count battle and getting a headstart, as opposed to using actual pass rush techniques to get create pressure. He can knife into a gap very well, but will disappear for stretches.

  4. Barry

    We’ve all heard how John and Pete would have taken Russell in round 2. I suspect that the reason they could bank on him being there in 3 is because if he wasn’t they would have taken Barkley this year and it would have been the farm if it had to be.

    I think Barkley is going to Jacksonville

    • Barry

      But I don’t see Barkley making it past Houston.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I don’t see why the Jaguars wouldn’t want another QB.

      • Ben2

        As the heir apparent to Schaub or just that draft slot (eg someone like Jacksonville trades up)?

        • AlaskaHawk

          As QB competition. They could use an upgrade!

  5. Barry

    If the first two rounds went like this all things accounted for I might call it won by Carolina.

  6. Chawks1

    I think this is the first Mock I’ve seen that has Desmond Trufant going in the 2nd. He seems to be projected as a 1st rounder…not that that means anything, just thought it was interesting. I like the Jenkins pick, and I strongly believe Pete and John will find a starting WILL in this draft somewhere around rounds 3 – 5…Give us a WILL LB and a Nickel CB and let’s get ready for camp! Go Hawks!

    • Miles

      I would love to see the Hawks take Khaseem Greene in Round 2. That guy is going to be a player in the NFL. He has it factor. He’s a big, imposing LB that can eventually switch to SAM if a deal with KJ Wright doesn’t work out. I would look for the Hawks to draft him at 56 if he’s available and our favorite DT has left the board (whoever that is).

      Khaseem Greene is faster than people give him credit for. He may not be the 4.4, 4.5 LB that Schneider likes, but he has everything else. I doubt Schneider would pass on him because he runs a 40 a tick slower at 4.6. Besides, the Hawks stuck with Leroy Hill for the better part of three years, and Hill is obviously not the crazy athlete. Khaseem Greene would be a rich man’s Leroy Hill on the Seahawks.

  7. Phil

    Since the Seahawks don’t have a pick in the first round, my focus has shifted to the other NFC West teams. More specifically, which player would I LEAST like to see in the NFC West? My answer is Tavon Austin — I think the Rams would really like to pick him up to take Amendola’s spot — because his play-making skills are the best in the draft IMHO.

    • Hawkfin

      I don’t want to see Austin, Patterson or Lacy in our Div. for Offense.

      • Miles

        Unfortunately, if I were to mock this draft, I would slot the Rams to take Tavon Austin with their first pick and Lacy with their second round pick. This draft is setting up too perfectly for them. At this point, I don’t see many scenarios where the Rams don’t have those two guys on the roster next season. They’re going to be tough next year and beyond.

        I imagine their second 1st-rounder will be S Kenny Vaccarro. If you’re not scared of the Rams now, you will be after this draft.

  8. Misfit74

    Barkley falling out of the 1st round! Blasphemy! Who hacked Rob’s account? 😉

    I’m surprised to see Robert Woods go ahead of some of the other receivers. I really don’t see him going before Keenan Allen or Hopkins.

    Although the Jags have Jason Babin penciled in as their LEO, most certainly they can use another, younger guy in Jordan. I can totally see that pick. After signing Marks at DT, it may be less likely they draft one early. That said I could still see them going with Sheldon Richardson or Star L. They also need another WR besides Shorts and Blackmon. Maybe they’d reach for Patterson, Austin, or Allen but more likely they grab another WR in this deep class in round two.

    I love the Lions’ pick. They need that to happen if they want to keep Stafford out of the hospital.

    I wonder if the Giants would consider Eifert at #13? They have Brandon Myers on a one-year deal and Robinson as a developmental guy, but it’s arguable that Eifert helps their QB and passing offense more than a DE does their defense which already features Kiwi, Tuck, and Pierre-Paul.

  9. Kenny Sloth

    O/T but a late round guy I like is Perez Ashford fromNIU. There isn’t a lot on him out there, but he has great body control and strong hands.

    Also a late round RB I’m high on is Miguel Maysonet.

  10. Kenny Sloth

    I’m still not very high on Shariff Floyd. Looks like a potential collosal bust to me. Short arms and he doesn’t make up for it with exceptiona use of them. He seems to have good balance and great footspeed, but his upper body really worries me.

    • Hawkfin

      I agree… I put Floyd way down on my list. (Like 3rd round)
      I like S. Williams and even B. Williams better. I have Richardson in a class by himself.

      As for Jenkins. I like the pick on the Mock. I do feel it should maybe be our “last option” though.
      I also think he flashes a pass rush with the ability to stuff the run. He also moves well for a man of his massive size. He could be a BOOM. In fact, I saw a lot of double teams that he seemed real good and powerful against. It really didn’t look like teams could stop him all that well, and were constantly doubling down on him. I also saw him rated at one time as a first round prospect. So the 4th doesn’t seem right at all, reading what Kip had to say. (2nd round is as far as he’ll get I think)
      He could be a bust because he’s to heavy and all his power and push was because he was physically bigger then his opponents. He also doesn’t look like a pick we would make. And his height doesn’t fit with what I keep seeing us target. IF he’s lazy (Which I sure didn’t see on tape) then he could bust.

      I do have Jenkins label on my notes as a “wildcard” – Boom or Bust type. Bust do to his weight/size/speed.

      bottom line – I think he’ll turn out. I think he could become a powerhouse DT that does it all.
      And we could rotate him so he does give great value for this year and future.

      Mebane and Bryant had horiable years last year – This would push them or replace them.
      I like a DT pick at 56.

      I agree that I don’t see this as our pick though. I think we are to speed focused for him.

      • Kenny Sloth

        I’m sorry, are you saying Mebane and Bryant were bad last year? I came away very impressed by their ability to hold the line. They were a wall. They did their jobs. Mebane did more than his job, he offered a lot more pass rush than expected from the position.

        And I think the thing Kip said was that he gave Jenkins a fourth round grade.

        • Steeeve

          Mebane was excellent. Red was a boss until his injury, after which he got progressively worse. Mebane suffered a bit after that as well. A healthy Red dominates the run and offers zero pass rush. A hurt Red gets blown up, offers zero pass rush, and is otherwise a big fat waste of space.

          • Kenny Sloth

            Got a little personal towaards the end of that…

      • xo 1

        Good thoughts, Hawkfin. Very interesting reading.

        Regarding whether any of the prospects fit our type, I’ve been wondering to myself if “Pete’s type” is changing. Seattle wouldn’t announce such a switch, but in the back of mind I keep wondering if Michael Bennett wasn’t brought in to possibly do more than be the interior rusher. I’ve read some of the analytics types state that he had a terrific year last year against both the run and the pass. Maybe he’ll be given a chance at a bigger role.

        As folks have mentioned before, sometimes the answers are obvious in retrospect. If the PCJS were looking to do what they’ve done in the past, I think Branch would have been re-signed. Replacing Branch with a Young Branch would save some dough but not enough to merit the opportunity cost of the 2nd round pick, in my view.

        • Hawkfin

          Thanks man, appreciate the kinds words.

          I kind of think Bennett was brought in for that utility man that can play DE or DT. Basically the Jones role or before that Brock. Gives us a little pass rush, wherever it’s needed.

          I don’t think PC is “changing” anything or theory’s or his type guy’s. He has a plan that’s focused so what you’ve seen is probably what you get. Rob/Kip seem to be pretty in tune with that also.

          But, he has been using, (how do I put it) slower/run clogger guy’s at DT now. Not the speed demons. So maybe he would draft Jenkins for the up and coming DT?
          But, I don’t think things are changing – And he keeps getting the “tall – Longarmed” Dline, so this is why Jenkins might not fit the bill.

      • Colin

        Mebane had a horrible year? You completely missed the boat on that one. He was arguably one of the best one techniques in the league.

        Red was disappointing. He had the foot injury and just wasn’t the player he was in 2011. Having him healthy will be paramount to turning around the run defense. He has a big cap hit coming up in 2014 and I fully expect him to be cut or restructured following 2013.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Trade him to Jax. Ahahaha

    • Jacob Stevens

      I still like Richardson better than Floyd. But Floyd has a lot of potential, he’s still a top 10 pick. Riskier? Yeah, a bit. It seems to me that since Richardson is so polished, the similarly-talented Floyd is assumed by many to have more upside. He may, but not likely much more, and not likely very realistically attainable. But jeeze, if I were Carolina, I’d be thrilled for either to be available.

  11. Jazzy

    I think they select a player that will cut out a chunk of their future cap space. Their focus is on keeping the core together and the raises will be starting this season! We have great players but could use a good replacement for a cheaper price…. a good example would be: TE Ertz or Eifert to replace Miller. And I LOVE MILLER, but not the price tag…..

  12. Jazzy

    I also love the Simon pick…. there is a lot of value outside of the DT pick though, so I’d like to see them pick for value.

  13. Ray graham

    An interesting pick for sure. Im just wondering how much value is placed on scheme? If two players have a reasonably equal value talent wise obiviously scheme compatibilty comes into play. My question is how much? And does that value translate to” best player available” when it comes to the pick? Someone like David amerson probably carries a signifigantly lower grade then john jenkins but fits into the seahawk scheme so much better. So does the value translate? Or do you just take the higher rated player and try to fit him into the system? Any thoughts?

    • Kenny Sloth

      I’m sure it depends on the player. You can’t just generalize it.

  14. drewdawg11

    Mebane was “excellent”?! No way,
    No how. He was decent. He provides almost no pass rush. He’s just a guy. He makes more money than his talents really deserve, so good for him. His nickname should be mediocre-bane. Red had a sub-par season compared to his previous season.

    • Hawkfin

      Maybe I was harsh to say Mebane and Red were horiable. What I meant was that they both IMO took a drop off from the prior year. Especially Red, maybe for injury reason’s.
      That was the strength of our Dline the year before with those two. This past year, all I saw was Clemmons getting ANY preasure whatsoever. Sometime Irvin sprinkled in. Most the time our pass rush was not even there which hurt us and why most people keep crying for some Dline help/pressure.

      They are not horiable players, but I feel nothing special. No pass rush ability. No push up the middle. Basically what drewdawg11 said.

      On top of that, we got run on IMO pretty good last year at times. I know the comments will be, but they were great backs and we fixed it. But, Gore torched us up the middle at the beginning and we never really stopped Turner in the playoff’s at the end all that well. Where were those guy’s that game?

      I’m just saying, when you add it all up. Those guy’s to me were a letdown. I think we can and should get way better. We need a pass rush up the middle too.
      I did lump them together and maybe shouldn’t have, but I meant the DT play as a whole. I see a major need to upgrade this.
      I also don’t see these guy’s getting extended down the road at all so we need some good DT’s coming into play.

    • Colin

      drew, were talking about a guy playing one technique. Not an orthodox 3 tech. His job is to be tough on the run and usually occupies two blockers. He did that job damn well last season.

  15. HawkScout

    I would go with Denard Robinson in this scenario, he seems like a seahawky pick to me. 1. He is a great competitor, playing in his senior game despite having nerve damage. 2. Watch his tape, laces is the definition of explosive. 3. Had great college production (cover of NCAA for next year) 4. Excellent numbers at the combine if you consider that he is still enrolled in 5 classes (wants to be first person in his family to graduate from a 4 year college). The Seahawks could use a “change of pace” back after Leon Washingtons release. Imagine our already loaded offense with another playmaker. He has the best vision of any player in the draft, giving him that unique quality that Carroll covets. Worst case scenario is that he would be insurance for Percy.

  16. Jmpasq

    I would love the Giants getting Mingo would replace Osi as the Nickel rusher , upgrade the LB’s, and improve the DE depth by pushing Kiwankua back to the 3rd DE

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