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Peter King believes the Seahawks would draft Ryan Tannehill if available. King: “Teams around the league know how much Seattle loves Tannehill. And you can write this down: If Tannehill were to be there at 12, Seattle would take him, even though the Seahawks just paid medium dollar for Matt Flynn in free agency. That’s how much Seattle loves him. “At Tannehill’s workout,” one source told me, “[coach] Pete Carroll was giggling like a schoolgirl watching him throw. His attitude was like, ‘What are we even doing here? He’ll never be there for us.’ ”

It’s only fair to mention that King also mocked Jimmy Clausen to Seattle in 2010, noting, “(the) Hawks think he’s a top-5 player in draft.” I have it on good authority Clausen wasn’t even on Seattle’s draft board. Evidently, several teams clearly felt the same way.

Sigmund Bloom runs through some of the options facing the Seahawks in the draft – with a cameo from myself and Danny from Field Gulls. Bloom: “The team endured a lot of injuries last year, so with some luck and a good first-round pick, they could challenge the 49ers for NFC West supremacy. The 12th pick represents many intersections of value and need, so handicapping the odds of how they’ll use their pick is one of the bigger challenges of the first round.”

Charlie Casserly looks at how teams use mock drafts on the internet at this stage in the process. Casserly: “In my time with the Washington Redskins and Houston Texans, I never paid any attention to mock drafts … until a week before the NFL draft. This is when I found them to be the most reliable. Consequently, this is when I would begin to study them.”

Mike Mayock isn’t a fan of Quinton Coples. In fact, he would consider passing on the UNC lineman in round two.

Tony Pauline believes the New York Jets would like to trade up to draft Melvin Ingram. Pauline: “This may come as no surprise but the chatter is getting louder from league insiders that the primary strategy for the New York Jets in round one would be trading up for Melvin Ingram of South Carolina.  Who are potential trade partners?  The Jacksonville Jaguars for starters, though we hear there will be competition for that selection if it comes into play.”

Aaron Wilson reports that Utah State linebacker Bobby Wagner has a visit to Seattle on his schedule. Wilson: “The four-year starter, two-time captain and three-time All-Western Athletic Conference selection has several upcoming visits, a total of 15 meetings with NFL teams. Wagner was voted the Most Outstanding Player on the North squad during the Senior Bowl with seven tackles, one for a loss and an interception and is graded as a solid second-round draft prospect.”

Pat Kirwan says teams hoping to get a pass rusher better take one early. Kirwan: “One defensive coordinator said to me that, ‘There’s a couple of guys, very few that can come in and rush an NFL QB in this draft and the problem is everyone knows who they are so you better take one early.'”

Kevin Wiedl has high praise for Doug Martin. Wiedl: “Martin is clearly the second-best back in the 2012 class, behind only Alabama’s Trent Richardson, and has the ability to come in and be a starter. He’s solidly in the early part of the second round, and it wouldn’t shock me to see a team scoop him up late in the first.”

If you missed our earlier blog post and like the Jon Gruden QB camp videos on ESPN, check it out. We have each of the episodes in full.

I’ve got a lot of tape to publish over the next few days… some more Kirk Cousins, Brock Osweiler, Zach Brown, BJ Coleman and Ryan Lindley. Let’s start today with Russell Wilson:


  1. Caleb

    Hi rob,

    question for you. I understand the existing taboo against short QB, which will drastically sink wilson’s draft stock, but I don’t understand why it exists for Russel Wilson. Both in his Gruden’s QB camp video and on all of his game tape, it is pretty obvious that he is not overly confined by ‘lack of viewing lanes’ brought on by the height of offensive and Defensive linemen. Wisconsin seems to have abnormally tall linemen, so why would that be any different in an NFL transition? Thanks

  2. Hawksince77

    I think Wilson the real deal. Did you see what he did on that first interception? Thirty yards down field Wilson runs through traffic and makes the tackle! I have never seen that happen before. Most of the time if the QB gets the tackle its because he is waiting for the opposing player to get to him – I have never seen a QB attack down field so aggresively. Very very impressive.

    Thanks for sharing these videos!

  3. Colin

    I would highly disagree with you Caleb. All of Wilson’s throws have “uphill” trajectory to them which I think could be a major issue. He can’t throw a dart down low to a guy in tight areas, so I think his height is going to limit him in many areas.

  4. Rob

    Caleb – I think it’s a legitimate concern for any player at that height. There’s no getting away from the fact he has passes tipped, he does like to get out of the pocket and find lanes. It will impact some quarterbacks more than others. Brees has coped with being just 6-0, but then nearly every other QB who is in that height range has not. I think it’s cool that both Wilson and Kellen Moore kind of sneer when the height issue is mentioned. But as evaluators, you can’t ignore it because there will be some problems. The thing about the Wisconsin offense is there’s a lot of running plays, they dominate on the ground. It opens up the PA, the bootlegs – stuff when you’re moving around, when teams are stacking up front and maybe allowing you more shots. So when he comes into the league and maybe manages a different offense, how does he cope? Will he thrive, or will the height be a problem? A lot of questions that are so hard to answer today.

    Someone will take the guy in the R4-5 range. It could be Seattle. Like every QB of his size, he’ll be up against it. But it doesn’t mean we rule him out, it just means we have to be slightly sceptical until we see him succeed. I will say that I see Wilson aiming a lot of his throws into zones rather than precisely to targets. This to me is part of the issue with throwing over a line – offensive or defensive. Even when you see the lane, if you’re throwing high it’s hard to throw direct.

  5. Dave

    With the new rookie wage scale making first round picks more valuable (especially high ones) do you think the bounty for trading down from from 11 will be much greater than previous years/ the draft value chart

  6. Rob

    Dave – It’s hard to say, this year will be the first time we experience a draft with everyone knowing exactly what the wage scale is. We could see teams prepared to take more chances overall due to the lower cost. A guy like Michael Floyd with off-field issues could go much earlier than he otherwise would because minimal cost + upside = why not? That may also lead to more trades, but I’m not convinced it’ll mean higher bounties dished out. If there are more and more trades, it may actually weaken the market.

  7. Caleb

    Very valid points Rob, thanks for the clarification. If anything comes out of this for Wilson however, I hope that he he plays angry and determined, if only to try to disprove the ‘nay-sayers.’ It will definitely be an uphill battle, but hopefully that can bring out the best in himelf.

  8. Ed

    can never project.

    my hopes.

    trade back for extra picks this year, or another 1st next year.

    come away with (first 3 rds):

    de or hybrid rush lb (upshaw/coples/curry/irvin/mccleelin)

    lb (kuehly/hightower/david/hendricks/wagner)

    playmaker (martin/floyd/miller/pead)

  9. Kevin S.

    I still laugh at anyone who seems to find height important for a QB, the single season passing yard record is held by Drew Brees who is like 6′ 1″. Kellen Moore having a week arm and being short didnt stop him in destroying the NCAA. I personally think Russell Wilson and Kellen Moore may be the steals of the draft and theyll both likely go in rounds 6-7.

  10. YDB

    Hearing that the Jets would like to move up to take Ingram is not good news if it is true. I could also see the cowboys wanting to move up if there is an early run on the top pass rush prospects.

    Considering how beneficial to the teams with multiple holes in the top eleven picks to trade down (and gain more picks), I think the Seahawks will have to hope for a little draft day luck to fall their way on the first day.

    I’ll just keep hoping that Tanahill, Floyd, Cox, Poe, and LT #3 (whoever that may be) are off the board by pick 12 and have slipped one of the big 3 pass rushers down to us.

  11. Rob

    Kevin – I wouldn’t laugh too hard. Brees is the exception, not the rule. Let’s think of all the undersized quarterbacks who didn’t make it in the league. And surely we recognise the difference between being a success in the MAC with Boise State and doing the same in the NFL?

  12. Bruce

    Drew Brees isn’t the only “exception.” Whenever people talk about a quarterback being too short, I always remember Eddie LeBaron who at 5’7″ was a pro bowl quarterback and punter for the Washington Redskins for several years. They neglected to protect him and he was the first player selected by Dallas in their expansion draft and played as their starting quarterback for three years ahead of Don Meredith and Don Heinrich. I myself am 6’4″ tall but I always had the most respect for Eddie LeBaron who was exceptional.

    • Rob

      Bruce – We’re scraping the barrel a bit there though aren’t we?

  13. Clayton

    Off the subject, I would like to see other readers draft ideas for the top 4 picks.

    1. Coples
    2. Hightower
    3 L James
    4. Massaquoi (or a QB)

  14. MJ

    1. Ingram/Upshaw
    2. Levante David/Zachary Brown/Mychal Kendricks/Bobby Wagner
    3. Polk/Brian Quick/Russell Wilson/Orson Charles

  15. Jim

    #12- Trade down for a 2-nd & 3-rd this year and a 2013 high round pick (1-st – 2-nd?)
    Trade logic: A team in the lower half of round 1 may wish to have 2 first round draft picks this year to help them assure they get a couple of players they want badly. This would be a win now team that is only missing a few pieces. The Seahawks on the other hand could use a higher round pick in next years draft to add more talent (maybe at QB?) and they don’t lose much giving up this years first rounder. + There are some good players available in the 2-nd & 3-rd rounds and beyond this year.

    –#43 = DE-Vinny Curry, pass rush & LEO replacement. (a reach? I don’t think so.)
    –#50-ish = ILB-Mychael Kendricks, PC wants speed at LB, (alt=LB-B. Wagner.)
    –#75 = WR-Marvin Jones -or- WR-Greg Childs, either one will do nicely.
    –#82-ish =RB-Robert Turbin, or Chris Polk, if he falls a little.
    –#106 = OLB-Demario Davis, speed & hard hitting at a need position, Good player.
    –#181 = QB-Chandler Harnish, a running QB that wins games and has some upside.
    –#225 = SS-Kelcie McCray, tall and fast, hits hard, a backup but could shine brightly.

  16. MJ

    Word of wisdom…don’t listen to KJR. Softy is debating that O Lines win Super Bowls…just shoot me. Yep, the Packers, Steelers, Giants have really proved that theory with all those 1st rounders on the line.

  17. Madmark

    Trading down on a mockdraft is to hard to determine. On my next draft mock i plan to point out a tradedown possiblity for my picks. I’m not however going to try and figure out what pick it will be. On draftday, the first trade can change alot with runs here on DEs and in next round its RBs. I m just not smart enough to figure out the possiblities.
    My 1st round has the possibility to trade down and get the guy i want. I don’t want to drop to far and have someone trade over me and take my guy. I’m thinking I can stay in the 1st round get my guy and pickup 3rd to 5th rounder.
    After looking at hundreds of players, I think its hard enough to pick just 6.

  18. Madmark

    Hehe, David Krieg was the biggest QB in the world . Small hands. Mcguire brother at 6’8 didnt help him, no one couldn’t miss not seeing him on field.

  19. Hawkspur

    Clayton – My hopes for the Hawks are:

    1. Upshaw
    2. David
    3. Turbin
    4. Ron Brooks

  20. Madmark

    Ack dave krieg wasn’t the biggest correction. the odds are better if ya got size. There will always be exception.

  21. Madmark

    I almost got my 7 rounds mock draft done for the draft 18th apirl blog. Ned alternative for 3rd if guy i pick isnt’t there.the 7th round pick at 225 is still open for pick . I got a list but at this point its crazy at the end of the draft.

  22. Joe Miller

    Hey Rob,

    You were pretty high on Austin Davis in the fall. Do you happen to have any game tape of his that we can review?

  23. Rob

    Hey Joe – if you click on archives in the menu bar and search for Austin Davis you should find some tape we published earlier in the year.

  24. Clayton

    Hawkspur, that is a nice scenario, I could live with.

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