The Jon Gruden quarterback camp collection

For the last few years, Jon Gruden’s QB camps have been one of the more entertaining series leading up to the draft. Gruden’s a little softer on the guys these days – we don’t see him mocking anyone’s Texas accent ala Colt McCoy. These are still fun to watch though.

Below you’ll find all the recent episodes in full, including Brock Osweiler, Russell Wilson, Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, Brandon Weeden, Kellen Moore and Kirk Cousins. I’ll publish the others when aired and available. Enjoy.


  1. Meat

    Thank you Rob. I love Gruden camp and missed them! Thanks!

  2. peter

    Nothing against Jackson, but I hope the FO trades him to a team where he can compete, and garner us something like a 5th. I’d like to see Russell Wilson with that pick….I’m not saying he would amount to anything in the NFL, but I like his poise and frankly, and I normally dislike conversations like this, if he was even 6’2″ he’d most likely be the third QB off the board and perhaps even Minnesota would take him. At that point Tannehill would be mocked back to his natural spot…probably somewhere in the second round. Wilson didn’t just do okay in College, but was quite good at two different systems, and had outstanding numbers last season, and if the Badgers Defense could have stopped two hail mary’s they might have (slim chance, but maybe) been playing in the national championship. Some players you develop an affinity towards and for me Wilson is a guy I’d like to see at the next level.

  3. Rob

    I’ve got some Wilson tape coming up in a ‘links’ post later today.

  4. SHawn

    Still impressed with Moore. No other college QB has his command or knowledge of the game. Period. He will win games for you… If the line can keep him clean.

  5. SHawn

    Talk about Wilson all you want (I will most likely agree with you, kid is good), but if Kellen Moore was 6’2, 220, he would be taken before Luck or Griffin.

  6. Rob

    The fact is neither player is 6-2 and 220lbs. I hate seeing these ‘Wilson/Moore would be’ scenarios because it’s only the same as saying “If Colt McCoy had a better arm” or “If Charlie Whitehurst was really accurate”. I’m not optimistic that either Wilson or Moore will ever amount to anything more than back-up level players, but Wilson has a much greater chance of making it than Moore IMO.

  7. Doug

    Geez, I finally talked myself out of K. Moore, then I got to go and watch this.
    50-3, and if he had a better kicker, he goes undefeated in college…

    But nobody likes him cuz he is too small and has no arm… I would take him in the 3rd …
    the guy just knows football

  8. Rob

    50-3 will soon be a distant memory for any team who takes him as early as that.

  9. Madmark

    No Ryan Tannehill video?

  10. Rob

    Tannehill’s camp hasn’t been broadcast yet.

  11. Madmark

    I saw it on TV so i was just wonddering. I really waiting for Kirk Cousins.

  12. Madmark

    I got question for ya rob. I’m thinking 2 RB off the board by 1st round can you see a run on them in the 2nd round?

  13. A. Simmons

    I still have a soft spot for Moore. I know his arm and size is a gigantic hurdle that has only been overcome by a small number of QBs. But he’s got a better chance than most at overcoming the long odds because his understanding of the game is a so far ahead of other QBs entering the league. He would be a top 10 pick if he had the physical measurables, probably number one overall. I’d still take a flier on him in the 6th or undrafted if possible.

  14. peter

    Dear dudes,

    That’s why I said “I hate these kind of comments,…..” because you can apply those scenarios to anything…..Let me change me comment then. I Peter Thomas Jakubisin, on this date, being free of all hyperbole, and rhetoric, do solemnly believe; contrary to most people, even the owner of this site (whom I rightfully and often agree with, and differ to under most circumstances,) that if Russel Wilson regardless of hail mary’s and height constraints, is given a realistic chance to compete will be beyond serviceable at the next level and will be actually quite good.

    These statements are made with the full knowledge that I will be mocked (!) and that I do not beleive these statements to be true about Kellen Moore, nor have I ever felt these statements to be true about such prospects as Troy Smith, Dennis Dixon, Jimmy Clausen, Blaine Gabbert, Jake Locker, and Tannehill. All QB’s that given different circumstances be it height, caliber, conference, hair color, demeanor, prefference in popular music,bility to conjugate verbs in spanish, or otherwise, may have been greater then the sum of their own parts, but were in fact who they appeared to be.

  15. peter

    The difference between K.Moore and Russell relative to better kickers and hail mary’s is that one played for a team that the major powers in college would never let play in a large bowl game after the Fiesta Bowl fiasco….and the other played in a classic power with a ton of money on the line if one of the teams in said classic power plays in a National Championship.

  16. pqlqi

    It’s tough much away from these…

    Personally, I think Osweiler comes off as the biggest wild card of this bunch – he knows (and says) what the answer should be, but it doesn’t come of as genuinely his answer. Maybe it’s just the venue and being 20-21 and thinking he has to be all “jacked”… but I think he needs another year in college for more than football reasons.

    Beyond Luck and Griffin, Wilson and Moore seem the most likely to succeed based on the interview. I’ve actually never watched BSU play, and I’m not beating his drum, but for some reason Moore reminds me a little of Joe Montana and Steve Nash – always told “no way” and still putting up all star/pro bowl numbers in their mid 30s as minus athletes. I realize that Moore is far worse than a minus athlete, but given a year in an NFL training room, if he could become even a semi-respectable minus athlete, his football savvy/sophistication would probably let him be very successful. I think that just as people project that Osweiler might “learn to become a good QB”, Moore might be able to “train to become a good athlete.” He really looks like he has never spent any time at all in a weight room or working on speed/quickness. I see him more as a “needs to live with Konz for a year” prospect than as a he “might pan out to have a good career as a backup” prospect. I wonder if it is an option for the FO to keep 4 QBs on the roster, Flynn to push Jackson and vice versa, Moore to push Portis and vice versa; if so, by all means get him as a UDFA, or with a late 6th round pick.

  17. Rob

    Madmark – I think a run on RB’s in round two is very likely.

  18. Joe The Jarhead

    As Os is my most liked QB after Luck in this draft- let’s consider something. He comes off as kind of a dork. Maybe he just is. Maybe he IS just kind of a dork. That’s okay for me. I think after seeing many interviews from him, he really is just kind of a dork and is not mr. Cool Guy like Griffin. Honestly Griffin comes off as more forced and phoney. So I am not deterred by this.

    As for Russell Wilson, regardless of height I wouldn’t be bothered at all if he was the late round flier Seattle took. Cause who else do we have? It’s not like we have anyone who will be much better. Wilson thrkws a hard accurate ball and his talebts have translated to success in two very diferent programs. Why not with a 6th?

  19. Hawkfin

    I love me some K. Moore!!!

    It’s not just the winning, it’s everything he brings. I have him better then Tannehill, and many many others. His deep ball is spot on along with a ton of accuracy.

    His size is a concern, but it’s doable. Basically, he’s a Brees in size which can work.
    Kind of reminds me of S. Young a little bit too.

    I like Wilson some, but much later in the draft then K. Moore and I’m not sure he’ll ever be a quality NFL QB. I would not feel as good with a Wilson pick. I have K. Moore way ahead of him personally.
    His size is a much bigger concern for me along with what I see as more of a run first, pass second QB. I see him like Senaca Wallace (similar size also) out there. He’ll struggle to become a starter where K. Moore has so much more potential in my view.

    I still also love the Oregon kid too. He’s one of my fav’s and he’s not talked about at all. He could be had really late also. But him and K. Moore are two of my favorite Qb’s, which I have rated over many of the others our there, and they can be had late.

    The top rated QB’s starting with Tannehill are not worth there pick like these guy’s.
    We are in a perfect spot to get a K. Moore with a late pick, who is as good or better then a Tannehill, etc. in my view.

    I would love to land him in the 4th or something. I think he could go as early as the 3rd though. Wilson probably no earlier then then 5th.

  20. Rob

    Moore is slightly shorter than Brees and weighs nearly 20lbs less.

  21. Doug

    I am totally rooting that we take KM in the 4th…
    There just arent as many kids as football smart as him, and it’s not like he has a total noodle.
    I wonder if Pete likes him…

  22. Matthew Baldwin

    For all those clamoring for Oz/Cousins/Moore etc, please name one, just one successful QB drafted in rounds 2-5 since Favre was taken 33rd overall 20 years ago?

    I personally don’t count Brees because he was drafted 32nd overall which is obviously a 1st rounder today. But if you want to count Brees, ok, there’s one. One in the past 20 drafts.

    Guessing there’s been 60 or so QBs drafted in rounds 2-5 over the past 20 years and either 0 or 1 success story depending whether you count Brees? Not great odds.

    BTW: Favre wouldn’t have been a 2nd rounder of Ken Bering didn’t override our FO in favor of Dan McGwire.

  23. Hawkfin

    I have brees at his combine at 6’0 and 213
    And Kellen Moore at 6’0 and 197

    So I guess 16 pounds lighter. I have the same size though.

    I say the comparison is close and valid. I don’t question K. Moore’s toughness anyway and I’m sure he can add 10+ pounds. He’s played a lot of years healthy.

  24. Mel

    No, no, no…a thousand times, no Kellen Moore. He’s got no arm. Normally, I don’t fault QB’s for not having the strongest arm, but his “bomb’s” look like actual bombs…They fall out of the sky like lead. He would be eaten alive if he had to play a game in New York where gusts can get out of control. If Kellen Moore is so football smart, he would know that even if he sees the passing opportunity, he won’t be able to get the ball there in time.

    He had a fantastic college career, I’m not arguing against that. So did David Greene and he never even threw a pass in the pros. Winning is a team statistic that QB’s take all (though they deserve most) of the credit for. He was in the perfect system for someone of his skillset and had talented pieces surrounding him.

    Just please…No Moore!

  25. Rob

    Hawkfin – I hate the comparison personally. I wish I had a dollar for every Drew Brees comparison for a small QB. They’re very different players, they were at college too. If Moore makes it, he’ll be unique. Doesn’t mean he won’t make it, but he’ll be the first of his kind. He’s not Flutie, he’s not Brees. He’ll be Kellen Moore, and if he succeeds people will be waiting for the first guy they can say, “this guy is the next Moore.”

    I have a lot of issues beyond the size. His release needs a lot of work. Even on intermediate throws, he spears the ball. It’s Tebow-esque at times and when he wants to add mustard to a ball, the release time is too long. The thing is, you quicken the release and his arm likely gets weaker. He has zero mobility and will be a complete statue. He cannot extend plays. When the pressure comes (he saw none in college) and a guy is in his face (which will happen) can he flash the same timing? Can he still be accurate? Can he get it downfield. There’s no doubting the guy is football smart, but it’s like betting on a courageous three-legged horse. Nice story, but the odds on it winning are terrible.

  26. Hawkfin

    Matthew – I don’t agree with you at all…
    LOTS of first rounders in the NFL,

    But here’s a short list to answer you’re question.
    M. Hasselbeck – 6th round
    T. Brady – 6th round
    A. Dalton – 2nd round
    B. Favre – 2nd round
    D. Brees – 2nd round
    T. Romo – Undrafted
    J. Montana – 3rd round

    You can find QB’s anyway. We got Flynn now, so it allows us to not have to take one early. And it’s a good move, because there was not one in our range worth it.
    However, it’s not a bad idea to still take one late in the draft and see what comes of it.

    I could get deeper on the list I’m sure as well.

  27. peter

    Matthew Baldwin,

    Honestly i can’t think of a QB with sustained success in those rounds….But the QB conversation is one where you could then break it down and say, since a three QB’s have been successful after the fifth round, Brady, Hass, Warner, then we should only pick QB’s in round 6. Or you can break it down by height, and since there has been only few short qb’s and thus less have been successful, you never take a short QB, or tall QB’s maybe Osweiler is too tall…who knows…

    Hawkfin, you and I have beaten the drum to death on the Wilson/Wallace comparison, but just based on the two outputs in terms of productivity, level of competition, the fact that Wilson also has another professional sport background, the games started, the accolades in thwo conferrences, there is no comparison, besides both are short.

  28. John

    Ok ok… I LOVE Moore, but let’s tone it back a little. He isn’t going to come out at be a boss like Brees, and really, Brees is the exception to the rule more than anything. The only thing Brees proves is undersized QBs CAN succeed SOMETIMES. But it’s important to remember that MOST undersized QBs don’t. I also don’t think Moore would succeed in Seattle, who prefers oversized OL, a deep attack, and a mobile QB. If Moore is to succeed he needs to go to a proper system. The NFL isn’t like Madden, where you just plug a guy in because he’s talented. You have to account for scheme, does he fit the mentality of the team, is he coachable. It’s why I’m not a big BPA supporter, because that doesn’t mean anything if it doesn’t suit what you’re trying to do.

    I love Moore, and there are teams that can absolutely maximize his potential, but I just don’t see it in Seattle. He just doesn’t seem like a PC kind of guy. But I love Moore, alot. Just like you can’t teach arm strength, you can’t teach his kind of IQ. Mental limits are no different than physical limits.

    Hey Rob, how’d you like Peter King saying PC is “giddy as a schoolgirl” about Tannehill and that if he fell we’d take him in a heartbeat? Tell me you facepalmed haha

  29. Rob

    Hawkfin – Without wanting to take sides, Matthew specifically talked about rounds 2-5 since Brett Favre was taken and references Brees (taken 32nd overall).

  30. Madmark

    I just caught the Gruden camp on Cousins. Think he’s a smart QB needs to get better throwing the fade into the endzone.

  31. Hawkfin

    Wow, we sure have different views….

    Arm strength is so over rated. You need Accuracy. Tannehill has great arm strength and can’t throw a deep ball to save his life. I don’t see Moore’s deep ball looking like a duck at all Mel. That’s so over the top. He puts it right in the guy’s hands on the run.
    I would say over half this class can’t do a deep ball as good as K. Moore.

    Anyway, I completely disagree with everything you said there Rob. I think Kellen does extent plays with his feet. I compared sizes to Brees only, not players. SO my point was that the size should not down him that much. Flutie is another one that made it with limited size. But, this is why he’s going late. His size I think.
    If he had size, he’d probably be a 1st rounder.

    Here’s the big thing that I like that I think a lot of QB’s lack in this draft class. His VISION. I see Kellen Moore’s head like a swivel reading multiple reads. He’s looking around the field and uses all his options.
    A lot of these guy’s (Like Tannehill) are 1 QB reads. They lock into a receiver and go to him.
    And then you package that in with his accuracy and his winning. He’s a winner.

  32. Rob

    John – I’ve referenced it in the recently published links piece. Let’s just say, this is the same journalist that said Seattle would draft Andy Dalton at #25, the same journalist who said Colt McCoy was a R1 pick and most importantly – the same journalist who had Jimmy Clausen going #14 to the Seahawks in his only 2010 mock with the commentary that Seattle thought he was a top-five player in that draft class. He wasn’t even on the team’s board.

  33. Hawkfin

    Rob, everybody i listed was in round 2+. What the hell are u talking about?

    Do you want more examples? I’m sure I can find them.

  34. Rob

    Hawkfin – I keep coming back to the pressure though. The guy was sacked less than any other QB in the NCAA for something like three straight years. He was untouched. You can afford to make reads, you can use anticipation, timing etc. What happens when he’s playing with a guy in his face, or he’s seeing the pocket collapse, when he’s forced to throw on the move and improvise? Major, major question marks there. And let’s nip this ‘if he had size’ debate once and for all. If only every quarterback was as good as John Elway, they’d be the #1 pick.

    And Matthew specifically asked how many QB’s had gone between rounds 2-5 that had been successful since Favre. He referenced Brees as the 32nd pick (aka, now a R1). You added Andy Dalton only to that range. And less of the attitude (‘what the hell are you talking about’).

  35. John


    Yeah, I was laughing a bit this morning when I saw it on Fieldgulls, then on, and so on.

  36. Hawkfin

    geesh, I only compared Brees to K. Moore in size. Both 6′.
    Some better reading of my post would be good.

  37. Rob

    Hawkfin – It’s bad form to accuse people of not reading things properly just because they disagree with you. Disagreement is allowed after all. Let’s keep the debate healthy rather than accusing.

  38. Hawkfin

    I’m sorry Rob, I don’t understand what you’re saying?
    Matthew asked specifically – “For all those clamoring for Oz/Cousins/Moore etc, please name one, just one successful QB drafted in rounds 2-5 since Favre was taken 33rd overall 20 years ago?”

    So to me he’s saying what successful QB’s were drafted in rounds 2-5. 2 through 5.
    My list included guy’s in the 2nd, 3rd, 6th, and undrafted rounds.

    I don’t see you’re point!

    I think K. Moore not getting sacked tells you right there he can get the ball out of his hands, quick enough release, and can see the field and vision.
    To me, you’re taking a positive thing and trying to make it a “what if” in the pro’s.
    Remember, were talking about a 4th round pick here. Not a 1st.
    He’s a project player for sure. But, could be a very good one.

  39. Hawkfin

    My post was not being read correctly. Sorry if you don’t like me pointing that fact out.
    It’s not about disagreeing with me. I don’t care.

    But, I NEVER NEVER compared Brees to K. Moore. I only compared the size and that they are both at around 6′. My point was about size.

    I’m getting debated and disagreed on something that’s not read right. So I am clarifying if for you guy’s.

  40. Colin

    I love the whole “Moore is the next Brees” comparison. It makes me laugh when I’m down. Brees thrives off having arguable the best offensive minded head coach in the game and a KILLER interior offensive line. His two guards and Center were bar none the best pass protecters at their positons.

    Watch Moore in comparison to other QB’s in college football. His arm is pathetic, and that whole 50-3 record was compiled against some of the most God awful teams in College Football. I wish people were not so enamored with stats and used actual substance to justify their opinions. It’s just like when Tebow came out. People wanted him to succeed so they just throw out crap like “he’s a winner” and “intangibles”. Look at the guy and what’s around him and make an assessment without numbers. I’m not a fan of Moore largely because he is an undersized guy physically and he stepped into a system that made his predecessor- Jared Zebranksy- look like a stud. When he went to the NFL, he didn’t even last through one training camp. Is Moore going to fail because the guy before him did? No. I’m not banking much on him though.

  41. Rob

    Hawkfin – First of all, no need to blow a gasket. Calm it down dude.

    Matthew asked specifically for QB’s taken in rounds 2-5, not round six. He already made reference of Drew Brees – who you listed. The only new name you brought to the table, the only new answer you gave to his question was Andy Dalton. That kind of proves his point.

    We’ll have to agree to disagree on Moore. But I’m not incorrect when I say he’d be the first of his kind. And it remains a major, major stretch that he’ll ever become a starter in the NFL.

  42. Hawkfin

    OK, so I guess I assumed he meant after the 2nd round. Not just rounds 2-5.
    Why would you take a round out of the equation? Just to support a point?

    I’m pretty sure he meant other then a 1st rounder. So 2nd round and above. If you want to argue that and somehow say we are only talking about 2-5 and not 6th, 7th or undrafted players then fine.
    But, there’s nothing that makes sense about that angle of a viewpoint.

    My examples also had:
    J. Montana in the 3rd
    Dalton in the 2nd
    And I forgot to Post Matt Shaub in the 3rd as well…

    Culpepper in the 2nd
    Steve Grogan – 5th

    And then if we are talking later then 5th we also have:
    K. Warner – Undrafted
    Mark Rypien – 6th round
    Ryan Fitzpatrick – 7th round
    Dave Krieg – Undrafted

    Anyway, maybe this helps – Draft K. Moore in the 6th then. Everything is good. He’s past the 5th round mark of a bad QB. 🙂

    Peace out

  43. Ely

    Thanks for the post Rob. I have been trying to catch these when I can. They are entertaining for sure. I wasn’t really Brock Ozweiler’s biggest fan but I thought he carried himself well in the interview. Maybe a little bit dorky but trumped that with his enthusiasm. Any idea which QB’s are still to come? I would love to see Gruden interview Harnish. He is still my favorite QB after the big two and I havn’t seen him on anyones radar except for this sites. THanks for all the work Rob!

  44. Rob

    Hawkfin – Matthew Baldwin: “For all those clamoring for Oz/Cousins/Moore etc, please name one, just one successful QB drafted in rounds 2-5 since Favre was taken 33rd overall 20 years ago?”

    Matthew’s question is extremely clear and he was asking for QB’s between 2-5. Time to move on because this is getting very, very tiresome.

  45. Hawkfin

    On this related point about QB’s 2-5 that don’t pan out. I do agree with some of that. There are a lot of busts. But, that can be said about a lot of positions as well. And including 1st round picks at QB.

    But, rookie QB’s drafted late don’t always get a good opportunity to show what they’ve got and a fair chance to start. If teams are drafting them late, there is a good chance they already have a quality starter in place. We don’t know yet what Mallet has to offer?

    Plus there is usually 2-4 new QB’s in the 1st round every year. There is only so many starter spots in the NFL. So between 1st round picks every year and the old good vets, there’s not a lot of room for QB’s drafted 2nd round and later.

    But, you do have guy’s like Kolb, Flynn, etc. coming up through the ranks

  46. Joe Miller

    Tim Hasselbeck just recently compared Cousins to Matt Hasselbeck in terms of play style. Anyone think this is a fair comparison?

  47. MJ

    Dalton and Fitzpatrick are considered successes? Let’s have both of them throw up more than one mediocre season before we dub them a success. I am grateful we avoided Dalton. I don’t see it. A lot of just throwing crap up for grabs. If he didn’t have AJ Green, he would have been torn up last year. Just my opinion, but watching him play didn’t do anything for me.

  48. Hawkfin

    I think it’s a perfect comparison. That’s the exact comparison that I have on Cousins.

    Matt couldn’t throw a deep ball either. And would you take a Matt in the 2nd round?
    Matt was a 6th round draft pick

  49. SeaHawk Steve

    I watched all of the videos and must say I am most impressed with Russell Wilson. Which is a shocker to me, as I previously would not have given him any consideration. What impressed me most was his football knowledge and attitude. He just exudes winner! However; that being said I view these interviews on par with a job interview. I think the best interviewer was Wilson, how that translates to performance as an NFL quaterback I don’t know? I do think he a least deserves some consideration as a late round pick after watching this.
    I still think I would take Osweiler in the 3rd round if he is still there as opposed to waiting on Wilson. Os seems to have a bigger upside down the road.
    My Seahawk draft wish list looks like this:
    I. Coples DE
    2. Brown LB
    3. Osweiler QB
    4. Turbin RB
    6. Tony Bergstrom G/OT (Utah)
    7. George Bryan TE NC State
    7. Delano Johnson OLB Bowie State

  50. peter

    Seahawks Steve,

    I like that draft! Nice work. Fmy personal appreciation of Wilson, I still would only make that happpen at around the fifth, assuming, some sort of movement down the board and or a draft day trade. For however much I like him, he is still short, and that is going to give teams and myself a bit of pause.

  51. williambryan

    Viewed as a whole these are quite interesting (I know there are more still to come). Gruden is very hard on Cousins compared to the other guys and I view that as a good thing. My other impression from watching these (and previous years) is that transfering from a college spread to a pro offense must be extremely hard. Which makes Cam Newtons success so much more impressive. I feel pretty comfortable about all these guys actually, and wish that Chandler Harnish would get to be on Gruden Camp as well.

  52. williambryan

    Hawkfin, I think I get what you’ve been saying. Value is the word that everyone gets stuck on. For arguments sake, let’s say Kellen Moore is a 7th round pick and two years from now Kellen Moore leads whatever team he is on to a super bowl win, if they drafted that class over? Moore would be a first round pick. Just like Hasselbeck and Brady and Kurt Warner, etc. proved to be much better than there draft slot. To say the draft is an inexact science is a big understatement. Thats one reason why I love the Seahawks current FO. They seam to go to the beat of there own drum. And then there’s the inside information that they had Gabbert higher (perhaps MUCH higher) on there board than Cam Newton. That scares the crap out of me.

  53. John


    I totally agree… hearing Gabbert rated so high on their board, makes me think they don’t have a particularly great plan for the QB. I HATED Gabbert and all the hype around him, and had him called for a bust long before we all discovered the truth. People like to say Gabbert was ruined by Jac but the way he shrinks when he’s pressured is on him. To go a little crude here, you can’t teach “balls” and you can’t blame Jac for his lack of.

    I try to console myself by reminding myself the JS was part of the Rodgers draft… but yah… more scary than any horror movie haha

  54. david

    Seahawksteve those are good picks, and id love that draft alot, fixes the LB needs and the Pass rushing, but we dont have two 7th round picks. but again id love that draft, next week, i am soo excited!

    I think they go LB in the 2nd then RB in the 3rd then maybe BPA from then on out, just a thought though.

  55. Joe Miller

    Well Hawkfin, the Seahawks did trade their first and third round picks to Green Bay for Hasselbeck and their first round pick. Something tells me that may be worth more than a sixth round pick.

    Yet Hasselbeck also had the benefit of developing for three years before the trade occurred. Something that I feel the second and third tier quarterbacks in this draft will need too if they ever hope to be a starter in the league.

  56. pqlqi


    Having just watched Moore for 10 minutes of game tape, I’d like to revise my thoughts about Moore and agree with everything you’ve said about him. He has bad footwork, spends half the game throwing from his back foot, has an incredibly long delivery due to his bad footwork, rarely completes a pass that travels 15 yards beyond the line of scrimmage (probably less than 30% completion rate on 15+ air yards throws), and exhibits the arm strength of my high school QB (compared to whom I could throw farther). He looks to have a short arm which seems to magnify the weakness of his slight frame. I sure hope the Hawks don’t waste roster space with Moore, even in the 80 man offseason roster.

    It would be a waste to spend a draft pick on Moore when we have a guy in Flynn who has all (and then some) of the smarts/technique/reads/look-offs, plus a bigger frame, stronger arm, more consistent release, more refined footwork, 4 years of learning a real pro style offense, and the knowledge that AT THE VERY LEAST he is a great backup NFL QB.

    I could see someone 1) not believing in Flynn or 2) believing in Moore, but 1) and 2) are mutually exclusive if you watch ten minutes of tape on each, and it is absurd to think that Moore offers any advantage at all over Flynn. Can I take back what I wrote in my above post please?

  57. Tanner

    I know this is a very, very unpopular opinion, but I would not at all be disappointed with Russell Wilson as our 2nd round pick. If we get him any time after that, I will be ecstatic.

  58. SeattleAztec

    I know it seems like Gruden likes all of these guys, but after watching the clip with Kirk Cousins, it seems like he REALLY likes him because of the type of leader he is. I can’t wait to see the whole episode on him, I’m intrigued by him.

  59. MJ

    I thought Osweiler came off really poorly. Just kind of immature, not very genuine (overly scripted). Weeded came off a little dull. Cousins is so likable, but I just don’t think he has the skill. His intelligence and persona is amazing though.

    Russell Wilson blew me away. I think he might be my favorite. Something about his attitude and intelligence really intrigues me. It’s not a Tebow “I try harder than anybody,” but almost like a silent assassin. Just looks like a dude on a mission that doesn’t have the urge to tell everybody about it. Consider me all in on Wilson in Round 3.

  60. MLT

    Go back 2 years ago and watch kellen moores tape against virginia tech! That @ the time was a top 5 team and suposdly 1 of the best defenses in the league might I had it had our own kam chancellor on it! Anyways just watch that game and the last drive! How could you even say this kid has no shot? He is a for sure leader and I think a tilt the field kind of guy! Size or no size you can’t take away his smarts and leadership on the field. Do you honestly think Boise would have beat the bigger schools they played without kellen moore? He passed the test everytime and some of those schools had tons of pro prospects on defense and were good! Anyways to say he won’t succeed because of size and arm strength is foolish, go ahead though say what you want to say! Bet if you went to every pac 12 team except for maybe usc and stanford and they would say yes we would have recruited him had we known what we do now! Even those 2 teams would have said they prob should have considered him! Kellen moore is a winner and a for sure leader who loves a challenge! Whoever drafts him will be happy in a few years trust me!

  61. Kip Earlywine

    He may not have mocked anybody’s accent, but he did write down “Weedeater” on Brandon Weeden’s tape. : )

  62. Kip Earlywine

    Was it just me, of did Osweiler sound a bit too scripted? He sounded like he was giving a job interview. I really liked Russell Wilson’s interview by contrast because Wilson was so relaxed and effective in his interview without sounding scripted- he was just being himself.

  63. Rob

    MLT – I don’t think anyone is saying he has no shot, rather that it’s a long shot. I remember the Virginia Tech game vividly, and I remember thinking VT threw that one away big time with some of the worst offensive play calling I’ve ever witnessed. Not that it should discredit Moore’s performance, but I wanted to bring some context to the point. Could Boise win without Kellen Moore? Almost certainly not. Could Kellen Moore win without a great line, one of the best defenses in the NCAA and an annual assortment of weapons? Probably not. It works both ways. Moore did a fantastic job for Boise, but let’s not pretend he was carrying a team of bums.

    Unfortunately the NFL is a league where ignoring physical qualities is more foolish than the other way around. That’s not to say it will ever define a player, but it’s also wrong to think that you can get by without a basic element of physical quality. He’s going to be put into an environment completely different to the one at Boise State. If he makes it to a starting level QB, it’ll be one of the biggest shocks the NFL has ever experienced. That’s not insulting the guy, that’s just fact. There hasn’t been a Kellen Moore type starter before. And nobody can rule it out. But the odds on him making it are so slim, it totally limits his draft stock. If he makes it he’ll make one GM or coach look like a genius. If he doesn’t, people will soon forget about the wins in college.

  64. Rob

    Kip – Osweiler did sound very scripted, which was exactly the same when he was interviewed by the NFL Network at the combine. It’s hard to know what to make of that, because we’ve all had job interviews before and done some prep and thought about what we want to say. We haven’t had interviews on national TV though, or with Jon Gruden. So I can understand why he was maybe trying too hard. Lot’s of players do, whether that’s portraying false images or trying to be perfect. And we as observers should shoulder some of the blame for craving perfection too much.

  65. Colin

    “they would say yes we would have recruited him had we known what we do now!”

    You don’t say.

    And Tim Ruskell I’m sure is saying “Well, we wouldn’t have taken Aaron Curry in the first round if we’d known then what we do now, well we wouldn’t have traded a 1st round pick for Deion Branch if we’d known then what we do now”. A front office can’t live in that mindset. All things considered, Moore has too many issues to be considered being higher than a 4th round pick.

  66. Hawkfin

    Has anybody looked at Darron Thomas/Oregon yet?
    I really like this kid. More so then K. Moore.

    I liked Wilson a lot too when I first viewed all his tapes, until I saw this kid. To me, he’s a bigger and better version of Wilson.
    Wilson’s size just scares me, but I like him for a late pick. But, Thomas reminded me of RG3.

    Check him out guy’s!

    I don’t agree with the views on K. Moore being so bad at all. I think he’s really good. I think he is a project though. He’s like Flynn who I also like. Maybe we want somebody different then Flynn, i dono. But, I see very similar characteristics as Flynn.

    pqlqi description of Moore sounded like Tannehill to me. He’s the one that doesn’t throw over 5 yards, and goes to his RB/FB 85% of the time.
    I’m not sure I agree with bad footwork, but if he does have that, then I would think that’s actually correctable and could make him even better. I think he improvises though, which is a attribute I love.

  67. Rob

    Kip did a write-up on Thomas and is a fan. For anyone who’s interested in the Oregon QB I’d recommend selecting ‘archives’ in the title bar and typing his name into search to find the piece.

  68. Kip Earlywine

    Here’s a link to my Thomas writeup:

  69. Hawkfin

    Cool, thanks guy’s.
    Nicely done.

    I’m on board with him as a late pick. I see big potential with Thomas.

  70. Mike in OC

    SeattleAztec – I am in full agreement with you about Cousins. I saw the same clip with Gruden today and I was intrigued as well.

    I don’t know as much about the physical/technical attributes of quarterbacks as much as Rob, Kip, or many others who post on this site, but I do recognize excellent leadership qualities. When a guy knows that it isn’t all about him, but rather about raising the level of understanding and play of his teammates through hard work, dedication, and communication, he has shown those qualities. That’s what makes someone like Tom Brady successful. He never was a physical specimen, but he sure knows how to lead and this kid Cousins is just like that.

    I am also impressed by Russell Wilson and totally unimpressed with Osweiler, at least on these interviews – again, based on demeanor, not physical skills.

  71. Jonathan

    I agree with the comments suggesting Osweiler sounded scripted, forced, and young. The kid is Very Raw and will probably need a year or two of seasoning before he’ll be ready to move up the depth chart from #3 to #2, let alone to starter. Russell Wilson, on the other hand, impressed me greatly. Given his impressive starting experience, I feel like he could legitimately come in to a pro team and be able to at least compete for the starting job in 0-12 months. I really like how he presents himself, too.

  72. Colin

    Just finished the Gruden and kellen moore clip. Wow. Talk about a softball show. It was nothing but how much he loves Moore and how great he is going to be. Disappointing to say the least.

  73. A. Simmons

    Moore will be the ultimate system QB if he succeeds. He would need a coach dedicated to building a system around him like Petersen did at Boise State. I doubt any team is going to invest in Moore that way.

    The advantage I see taking Moore is as a backup or even clipboard holder. You strengthen the overall QB position by having him on the staff. He can do a lot of little things to strengthen your team in terms of coaching an offense, running a practice squad, gameplanning, spotting things on film other QBs might not spot, and generally strengthening your overall QB position. There is the off chance given that if he puts work in in the training room, he can improve his physical abilities. He doesn’t have to be extremely mobile. Manning and Brady are not mobile. Neither are great scramblers either. But both are great at managing pressure and the pocket. Moore can definitely learn how to do that at the NFL level with his current level of athleticism.

    I’d definitely take a flier on Moore as a UDFA or 6th round pick. I’d give him time to develop and learn the system. I’d feel confident that he would be an extremely valuable 3rd string QB and possibly a very valuable backup. If he does manage to improve the physical part of his game enough, possibly a starter. But this guy has a lot of value as a 3rd stringer to push the backup. And good for the overall competition mantra Pete preaches.

    Kellen would not allow any QB he is competing against to be lazy. They better know the playbook. They better study film. They better step up their game, you can bet your paycheck Kellen Moore will be in the film room, will be learning the offense, and working with whoever will work with him to get better. Kellen Moore eats, drinks, and breathes football. That will push your overall QB unit to improve. I’d definitely take this guy as part of my QB team just to keep fires lit under butts from the 3rd string on up.

  74. A. Simmons


    Maybe Gruden knows Moore’s going to have a hard enough time making it in the league and because he likes the kid, he gave him more of an interview as a coach than a player. Even Moore doesn’t succeed as an NFL player, he’ll probably end up a coach somewhere. He’s that football smart. Sometimes a guy like Gruden just enjoys talking with a player who is as impressive in his understanding of the game of football as say RG 3 is impressive with his physical abilities.

  75. Colin

    A Simmons,

    That is a certain possibility, but wouldn’t it have been appropriate to at least ask a few “Why did you do this?” or at least look at some negative plays and ask him what happened?. It just all seemed buttered up by the end.

  76. MLT

    I can respect your opinion on moore rob some like him some don’t! I do agree that the chances are real slim for qb’s of his stature to make it but I do believe he is a cut above other guys in the past of his size! I don’t care what kind of competition it was or @ what level 3 losses in 4 years of starting should say something! And he beat a very good tcu, georgia,VT,OR, defenses. Anyways I understand your opinions on him and only time will tell if he has a future on sundays! No qb is a gurantee these days.

  77. Jamie

    Here’s the Kirk Cousins QB camp –

  78. Joe The Jarhead

    Hahaha For Matthew Baldwin- yeah guess what? The Seahawks just signed a 7th rounder for 9 million a year. So that arguement is not necessarily the most valid

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