Monday draft links – Quarterback on the horizon?

The main talking point from the clip above? Chris Mortensen: “I’ll almost be shocked if they (Seattle) don’t draft a quarterback.”

Adam Schefter name checks the Seahawks among those who could show interest in Nnamdi Asomugha. The Texans and Redskins are also candidates for the elite corner’s signature.

Peter King quotes an unnamed source suggesting Philadelphia have received an offer of a first round pick for quarterback Kevin Kolb. The Eagles are waiting to see if they’ll get an improved offer. Any potential trade is dependant on a new CBA or the players forcing an injuction to block the lockout in court on April 6th. Could Seattle be the interested party?

Dan Kadar thinks so: “That quote would lead me to believe that it may be the Seattle Seahawks, if an offer has actually been sent. Of the teams in the draft after pick 18, Seattle is the only one that really needs a quarterback.”

It’s a logical link to make, considering the Seahawks pick late at #25. I presume Philly would jump at the chance to add another first round pick and possibly some 2012 draft stock too. Arizona, San Francisco, Cleveland – these teams aren’t going to give up top-ten picks for Kolb.

Matt Maiocco agrees that the 49ers won’t be willing to use the #7 overall pick to acquire Kolb.

I doubt Miami and Jacksonville will bite at #15 or #16. Getting a pick in the 20’s is Philadelphia’s likely best offer. The sticking point would be obviously the lack of a CBA or that crucial injunction. If Seattle is determined to bring in a quarterback regardless, it lends credence to Chris Mortensen’s opinion that the Seahawks are favored to draft a QB.

Rob Rang says Ryan Mallett is a surprise contender to go first overall, but also quotes sources claiming he’s fighting to stay in round one. The truth is possible somewhere in the middle (Miami? Jacksonville?).

Legendary journalist John McClain has Seattle drafting Mallett at #25 in his second mock draft.

Todd McShay believes Seattle’s biggest need is offensive tackle. Say what you want about the Seahawks offensive line, but the reason Seattle went 7-9 wasn’t mainly because of the play of Sean Locklear.

Scott Wright claims Michael Floyd has played his last game for Notre Dame after an arrest over the weekend for drink driving. Receiver Floyd started the 2010 college season a reasonable bet to be a first round draft pick next month. He didn’t declare after a season of mixed fortunes and now it appears his career is in jeopardy. He could enter the supplemental draft – if such a thing exists in this post-CBA world.

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The 12th man could feature on the cover of Madden 12. You can vote here.


  1. Matt

    My Lord…ESPN has a video about Andy Dalton being a real possibility for the Hawks at 25. Pencil us in for 6-10 the next decade if that’s what we do. When will people realize that “winner” “moxie” and “WCO QB” is code word for not a very good QB prospect?

    Think about it this way…how many times have you heard Andrew Luck being described as a “winner?” I have never heard it because people are usually talking about what he’s physically/mentally capable of doing on a football field. We don’t hear about “great moxie,” we hear “processes/deciphers information very quickly.” It’s funny because it’s like there’s code words used for bad QBs to hide the truth.

    Here’s how to interpret scouting reports….

    WCO = Physically unable of making difficult, NFL throws. Basically a game manager at best. Yippee.

    Intelligent = Scored high on the wonderlic or other scholastic accolades that have nothing to do with football and/or decision making.

    Winner = Played on a superior team and doesn’t have physical gifts/qualities to talk about.

    Does it not amaze anybody else that these mid-round prospects during the season are now, all of a sudden top 50 picks? I will not be shocked when none of these second tier guys are picked in round 2.

    • ChavaC

      Haha. Too true, too true. You need a decoder ring to interpret some of these scouting reports and mock drafts.

    • Rob

      It happens every year – middling QB prospects with severe limitations get over rated and the top guys all get disected and criticised. The end result is a suggestion like Dalton at #25 when there’s absolutely zero chance of it actually happening.

      • Cash

        Hey Rob,

        Do you know of a good resource to get a list of NFL agents and their clients? I’m curious if Dilfer and Dalton have the same agent. Thanks.

        • Rob

          I’ll have a look.

  2. Charlie

    I think its absolutely ridiculous that every team has a player for the madden cover and the seahawks have the 12th man… Earl thomas, marshawn lynch, come on. thats a direct shot at the franchise. so frickin biased

    • Rob

      I think it’s pretty cool – Madden 12… with the 12th man on the front cover.

      • Charlie

        Idk, it seems more like an insult. like the seahawks don’t have a better player than their fans…

      • Charlie

        But i guess it would exempt us fro the madden curse. hopefully it wouldnt mean qwest collapsing… knock on wood

        • Rob

          Seattle doesn’t have any star players. There are some good players, there are some young guys who could become stars – but right now there isn’t a single player that jumps out… certainly none that deserve to be on the front of a video game.

          • Charlie

            but does danny woodhead or carlos dunlap deserve to be on the front of a video game? i don’t think they are anymore stars than chris clemons or mike williams. dunlap had less sacks than clemons and woodhead was a roleplayer while williams was the hawks leading receiver. i would completely agree if jordan gross tim tebow woodhead and dunlap didnt represent their teams.

    • Rob

      And they won’t win the chance to be on the cover – yet Seattle’s 12th man has a shot.

  3. Dude

    Seattle needs a QB, but there is a chance that Gabbert, Newton, Mallet, and Locker are gone by 25. I would not be upset if we took one in the second round if that scenario plays out.

    With the labor dispute though, there is one player who will be on there way to Seattle if we miss all of the offseason. That is Tavaris Jackson and he makes good sense because he would likely know the Bevel Offense and has started before. He could be a good stop-gap for a young QB in Seattle.

    • Matt

      Not a bad idea with Tarvaris. I wouldn’t waste a second rounder on a QB though. Horrible track record for second round QBs and to me, Ponder, Dalton, and McElroy are all throw away picks. Extremely low ceilings.

      • ChavaC

        I wouldn’t mind Kaepernick in the second, but yah the other guys don’t profile as starters. I’d also like McElroy in the last few rounds as a backup.

    • plyka

      Tavaris Jackson? Ugh, that’s a horrible QB right there. I’d rather go with Charlie. If the Hawks are looking for cheap alternatives, i have 2 names:

      Joe Webb and Caleb Haine

      Both would be very cheap but have incredible potential. Webb is on another plane than Tavaris in my opinion. I was very impressed with him last year, and he is the most athletic person i’ve seen play football. Seriously, I can’t think of any other play at any position that i would say is definitely more athletic than Webb. And he made some great throws. Very raw, but i like the potential a lot more than Tavaris.

      As for Caleb Haine, this guy really impressed me in the NFC game. He has the IT factor.

      • Charlie

        please explain in-depth this so called “IT factor” concept and how it applies to hainie.

        • plyka

          Being a third string QB, coming on to the field against the eventual super bowl champs in the NFC title game, and bringing the team back from a huge deficit to a few completions away from winning the NFC title game and taking your team to the superbowl….all in your first action of a real NFL game.

          There’s that so called it factor for you.

          • Charlie

            Doug williams took over the redskins in the playoffs and dominated in the superbowl, but what else did he do? One clutch game, if you can even call it that, means absolutely nothing. Yeah, hainie could be alright, but im more inclined to believe he isn’t. i wouldnt put all my eggs in that basket.

          • plyka

            I’ve never seen Doug Williams, so i couldn’t comment on him. I can comment on Caleb Haine, who I have seen. That said, Doug Williams was 32 or 33 years old when he “dominated” as you say in the Superbowl. That’s what, 10 years of NFL experience before the game? How much experience, how many games had he played? Caleb Hanie was in his first ever real game. That difference alone makes your comparison null and void.

      • MC Clark

        So you most not have heard of a guy by the name of mike vick……

        • plyka

          Joe Webb is a better athlete than the current Michael Vick. In his prime, I would give it to Vick, but at his current age I would say that Webb is easily a better athlete. He also has all that athletic ability with a much bigger frame. If you haven’t watched Webb play, I would suggest doing so. he is an incredible specimen.

  4. Kip

    In fairness to McShay, you could easily argue that Sean Locklear was the very worst regular starter on the entire team last year. John Morgan at Field Gulls (a guy that watches a lot of non-Seahawks NFL games) repeatedly asserted that he believed 2010 Sean Locklear to be the worst right tackle in the NFL. From that perspective, and not weighing the importance of the QB position, you can see how McShay came to his conclusion.

    • Rob

      I don’t think anyone would say Locklear performed well, but replacing him is not the team’s greatest need. Not even close. He can be replaced quite easily anyway.

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