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  1. Dude

    Its good to see that most people agree we need help at QB. The question then goes to where do we take one. I think, because of where we sit with our picks, we will have to reach at some point for a QB. Either in round one or round two.

    It just feels like we have a ton of holes on this team with very little draft capital. We need upgrades at almost every position. Taking the best player available would be just fine on this team. I like to point out we had zero Pro Bowlers last year.

    • charlie

      While i agree, the probowl is a popularity contest, and kind of a joke. so you cant just base the teams talent on that merit.

  2. Carl

    QB is WAY more of a bigger need than any other position. CB would be second, also much more of a need than any remaining positions.

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