Monday draft notes & O-line latest

— Michigan defensive lineman Maurice Hurst had a fantastic game against Indiana, looking every bit a first round pick. He blocked a vital field goal and was constantly creating pressure. On numerous occasions he moved the quarterback off the spot and forced him out of the pocket. His combination of quickness and an effective swim move were really impressive. His stat line of 1.5 TFL’s barely tells the story. He was the outstanding player on the field, consistently in the backfield and is destined to be a high pick as a three technique.

— Florida’s Taven Bryan continues to look incredibly impressive too. Against Texas A&M he had 1.5 sacks and it’s weird how he isn’t getting more attention. A highly disruptive, supremely athletic defensive lineman who can play inside and out — Bryan is an early first round talent. He just has the perfect combination of size, quickness and power. With the likes of Hurst, Bryan, Christian Wilkins and Vita Vea — this is shaping up to be a really good class for interior defensive linemen. If you need a reminder of what he’s capable of:

— Washington left tackle Trey Adams has been ruled out for the rest of the season due to a knee injury. This is really sad news for a couple of reasons. Obviously it hurts the Huskies. It also impacts the 2018 draft. There was every chance Adams would’ve been a very high pick had he declared. His combination of size, length and athleticism would’ve really shown up at the combine, catapulting his stock at a time when the NFL is desperate for good tackle play. According to Dave ‘Softy’ Mahler, Adams is planning to return to Washington in 2018.

— Here’s the latest on Seattle’s search for O-line improvements:

This is perhaps indicative of Seattle’s inability to spend money at the moment. Albert, having spent considerable time in the PNW, is now leaving. We’ll see if the Seahawks admit defeat in their attempt to upgrade the O-line or whether they have something else they’re working on. Sadly, with such little cap room to play with, any kind of a deal will take a sacrifice of some description. And the Seahawks might be unwilling to undergo severe roster surgery mid-season.

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  1. Volume12

    USC’s Rasheem Green is another very good interior D-lineman, although he’s more of a tweener as a 5-tech/3-tech and more on that 2nd tier than the 4 mentioned in the piece.

    You seen Indiana TE Ian Thomas yet Rob? I just posted, should’ve saved it for here seeing as it’s more fitting, on the last thread.

    • Rob Staton

      Saw him have a big impact vs Ohio state but he was quiet vs Michigan. Will need to focus on him become offering a firm opinion though.

  2. cha

    I don’t know the status of Adams’ injury but it seems hasty to immediately write off entering the 2018 draft.

    Does he not have enough of a national reputation to get drafted in the first round on his body of work to date?

    Just thinking out loud about some of the really injured players who have gone high in the draft. Jonathan Allen, Gurley, Sam Bradford, etc

    • C-Dog

      It sounds like it is Adams’ choice to return to UW in 2018.

  3. C-Dog

    I’m going to say it now, I don’t think any deal for Duane Brown or Cordy Glenn gets done, folks. I don’t think Seattle parts ways with Jimmy Graham on the offense only to then have to patiently wait for the newly acquired LT to get caught up to speed while RW has to work without one of his top weapons. I also don’t think they find a taker for J Lane’s contract to alternatively fit one of these guys under the cap.

    Maybe a trade gets done, but not for a big name OT. I wouldn’t be shocked at all if we see Isaiah Battle roll out as the starting LT against the Giants if they want to make a change from Odhiambo, and if Battle holds up reasonably, he’s the Fant of 2017 moving forward.

  4. Lewis

    I’m not certain Albert leaving indicates their inability to spend so much as an unwillingness to overpay for someone in the twilight of their career. Not a bad thing, imo.

  5. CharlieTheUnicorn

    The Giants sprung the 2 TE offense on the Broncos…… now with some tape, Seattle will have some game plans ready to contain TE Engram. Prior to Week #6, Giants were a 90% 3 WR offense, Week 6, something like 70+% 2 TE offense. Big nickel / base defense is going to get some work in this game. The SNF game mentioned that the whole offense was designed to flow through Engram now.

    Seattle offense has to get it rolling, to keep the Giants from playing ball control. Looking like it might be another low scoring / knockdown-drag out game.

    • C-Dog

      With the 3 WRs that went down with season ending injuries, don’t we think the Giants almost had to go double tights?

    • GerryG

      Didn’t watch but heard they had a backup tackle in and JPP wreaked havoc?

      Thankfully we tremendous LT play and the Giants have terrible DEs… oh wait, crap!

  6. hawkdawg

    Bob Condotta at Seattle Times reporting that as of 3:18 pm today, Albert had NOT left Seattle, but confirming Hawks have made him an offer.

  7. C-Dog

    Mock Draft Bye Week Edition.

    Seattle doesn’t trade picks away for Duane Brown or Cordy Glenn.

    23: R1P23

    Isaiah Battle does enough to compete with George Fant at LT in 2018. Seattle resigns Luke Joekel. They get their mitts on the most athletic RB left on the board to pair with Chris Carson.


    87: R3P23

    Seattle looks to the future at LB with this hard hitting Husky.

    125: R4P23

    Seattle continues to look for depth at 5 tech, and a hedge if Malik McDowell can’t ever get back to full health.

    148: R5P10

    Seattle grabs a TE who can catch and block

    163: R5P25

    Seattle grabs another mauling OT

    230: R7P8

    Seattle grabs another athletic Horny Toad QB

    240: R7P18

    Seattle adds more depth at guard

    245: R7P23

    Seattle grabs a corner.

    249: R7P27

    Seattle double dips in a deep RB class to grab another physical inside runner.

    • Awktalker#1

      Nice work. I like it!!

    • Jacob

      It would be awesome to see Lavon on the Seahawks!

    • Volume12

      Love the Chubb selection. Could totally see that come to fruition.

      • C-Dog

        Me too.

      • peter

        I think goes later than the first. He’s having a good year but the right now he still is working his way back to full speed. If he tests well then all bets are off, I could certainly see him jump into the first round then.

        • C-Dog

          If he’s anywhere close to 100%, I think there’s a pretty good chance he tests off the hook, considering how he tested a few years ago, no?

  8. Ishmael

    Martavius Bryant apparently wants out… I wonder if the Hawks will take a look. He’d be cheap for this season at least. Would immediately be the most talented receiver on the team. The Seahawks are trying to get the deep passing game going as well, and he’d be a massive upgrade there. Think he’s on about $600k at the moment? Not bad for a year rental if you’re having a crack at the Super Bowl.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I think this isn’t true

      • East Side Stevie

        Martavius is not better than Angry Doug Baldwin. No way. Tyler lockett is just as good as a deep treat when gien the opportunity. Im not sure a city with weed legalized is the best fit for Martavius, He’s one joint away from suspension.

        • Ishmael

          Who said anything about better? He’s comfortably more talented than either of those guys, I don’t think that’s not particularly controversial? We overrate our receivers every pre-season. Although I would say he’s better than Lockett at the moment, and he’s definitely better than Richardson. Might be nice having a 6’5″ burner on the outside.

    • cha

      Massive upgrade over Lockett and Richardson? I think that’s overstating.

  9. Ishmael

    Also it’s worth remembering that Brandon Albert is soft and banged up. He walked on the Jags. And Seattle’s scheme is physically tough. No guarantees he can hold up through the season.

    • House

      I’ll never defend a guy who quits on his team, but he was on the Dolphins and got traded to the Jaguars. I’m sure it pissed him off and was discouraging. Its also the reason I think if he wants to get back into a uniform, he’ll play for us before NYG.

      I personally want to see what Battle has…I remembered hearing good things about him coming out of the Supplemental draft and thought it was a little weird we traded for him immediately after trading for Tobin.

      • Ishmael

        He could have played for the Jags tbf, worse gigs in the league than blocking for Fournette. I’m not writing him off, just saying he might not be the miracle cure a lot of people seem to be suggesting.

        Interested in Battle as well. Time will tell I guess.

      • Logan Lynch

        The way I look at it, they must see something in Battle. It’s a bit unusual for them to keep 10 OL especially considering the positional versatility of Tobin and Pocic. Battle has been kept around for a reason even though he’s been inactive. They traded a conditional pick for him, which they could probably recoup if they cut him depending on what the conditions are (if it’s being on the active game day roster, play time, etc). Pete was asked about him a few weeks ago and basically said he’s still learning the system, but he’s a guy we could see playing out there down the line. He’s got vines for arms. I’m intrigued.

        • Smitty1547

          Most guys we have keep around for some length of time time because we see something in them are gone the next year, I do not remember a one that has stuck and been anything other than a bottom of 53 or practice squad guy. Sweazy being the exception but they plugged him in right away.

          • Logan Lynch

            Shead and Kearse come to mind. Unless you’re specifically talking about OL, then yeah you’re right.

  10. Robert Las Vegas

    After watching the colts and Titan game the colts fall apart in the second half like it’s seems every game doesn’t it Chuck P my guess won’t be there next year. And doesn’t it like Baylor gives up 50 to 60 points a game.I could be wrong.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Mariotta looked pretty sharp in last nights win. As a PAC fan I have to root for the college QBs who make it into the pros.

  11. SheHawk

    Heartbroken for Trey Adam but happy he’s staying another year at UW. I’d rather see him end his Husky career playing v. injured. Coach Peterson emphasizes total development and there are lots of worse ways to spend a year v. being a senior at UW:). Trey will heal up, have an awesome “18 season & crush the ’19 draft.

    Is it just me or are all the other allegedly awful O lines playing a better? Indy, NYG..? Is what Rob has been saying all along — the lack of practice time, quality players coming out of college . Most teams were challenged earlier in season. There’s more OL parody so key is strategy moving forward. Seahawks O line is improving — especially right side. So what to do? Surely they won’t sell the farm for an aging LT … Have to create cap space. I’m skeptical there are no takers for Lane. How about Packers? They have almost no DBs left? We have super high DB standard. Most Seahawks back up DBs start for other teams. Lane is a starter. There is a market for him. Deal him save the $s and sign Albert for value. v give up picks for Brown. If no new LT deal happens . I agree use Battle and/or Tobin Shift Rees back at guard and lock and load the front 5 for the run to SB — adjust the play calling and get creative.

    JS can focus on snagging a RB before trade deadline.. Hyde?….Was little scary how well AP plugged into Cardinals and contributed immediately. By now Hawks ought to know what we are looking for. He can find another contributor – Remember we passed on AP, Blount and Charles…for Lacy. So was that a big mistake or is it that we are too predictable and need to get more creative? NYG coach gave up play calling and they dramatically improved. Just sayin. Rawls and #22 CJ still here. Now would be a great time for them to shine.

    The offense only has to be good enough to win home field seed for playoffs Hawks D is GREAT and can win the championship if they keep getting turnovers and being opportunistic. Worked for us in 13 & Denver in 15.

  12. millhouse-serbia

    We are getting a visit from Maurice Alexander. Maybe JS will try to trade Mcdougald as part of some deal for LT.

    • C-Dog

      That’s an interesting idea

  13. Logan Lynch

    Interesting side note – I was listening to the John Clayton show from Saturday and he casually mentioned how SEA tried to bring John Dorsey in after he was let go by KC. I think many of us assumed SEA would at least talk to him due to the GB ties with Schneider. Has this nugget ever actually been made public before? I wish they could have landed him considering how the Chiefs roster is performing right now.

    • C-Dog

      That would be a terrific get, IMO.

      • Logan Lynch

        Agreed. Clayton said he turned it down because he had other things he wanted to do. Maybe they revisit it in the offseason.

    • Volume12

      He’s been before. ’99 I wanna say. Was director of player personnel the role that former Carolina LB Dan Morgan now holds.

      • Volume12

        *here before

      • Logan Lynch

        Ah, didn’t even realize that. I knew he and JS were together in GB.

        • Volume12

          Watch RAW last night?

          • Logan Lynch

            Nah, I’m too cheap to pay for cable. Usually catch some recaps, but I didn’t yet. Anything specific worth checking out?

            • Volume12

              It was a fun show. RAW is on fire since Wrestlemania delivering bangers week after week.

              The opening with Kurt Angle & The Shield

              Miz doing his thing through the whole show

              Elias and ‘Good Brothers’ segment

              The Bar vs Rollins/Ambrose for the tag titles is lit

              Fun woman’s tag with Mickie & Bayley vs Bliss & Emma

              Main event which was Roman vs Braun in a cage. HUGE surprise at the end of that.

              • Logan Lynch

                That sounds pretty stacked! Maybe they’re finally figuring out how to use the full 3 hours. Seemed like they’ve struggled a bit generally since going from 2 hours all those years ago.

                • Volume12

                  I think they have. Their even featuring multiple cruiserweight segments as well lately.

                  Last weeks SDL was really fun too. It 100% felt like a SmackDown from fall 2016, minus a good woman’s angle, when they were the premier wrestling show.

                  Hopefully they catch some momentum here as well. Interested to see where they go with this Sami Zayn heel turn, Paige rumored to join their roster, and what they might do with New Day.

  14. Logan Lynch

    So, Glow and Pocic battling it out at LG for this week according to Carroll? Go out there and win a job, young man.

    • Volume12

      Still think Seattle is gonna target a LG in this draft. Probably a LT that’ll move inside.

      • Logan Lynch

        Wouldn’t surprise me either. Pocic might be the long term plan for RG.

        • Volume12

          Either or. If Pocic nails down the LG spot than target a RG.

      • mishima

        Same. I’m arguing with peeps on Field Gulls who think Joeckel is the long term plan at LG. Possible/doubtful.

        • Brandon

          I tend to agree with them, Joeckel has played well the last few weeks, and I want to see when he is healthy if he can lock that spot down . If they resign him, and Ifedi can continue to grow I will feel better going into 18 than I have in a while.

    • Aaron

      Sure hope Pocic takes the job and runs with it. Glow is a stop gap imo, just like Aboushi. When Joeckel comes back perhaps he can play LT or would they give him LG back if Pocic plays well? Guess it’s likely Odhiambo or Battle at LT…sigh!

  15. Millhouse-serbia

    There are some.good signs for Malik. Great news.

    • 12th chuck

      what have you heard and where?

      • Volume12

        He was out on the field and standing on the sidelines today during practice. 1st time ever I beleive.

        • 12th chuck


        • SeaHusky

          Pete also said that he was cleared for conditioning/workouts two weeks ago, and that he’s been working out since then. Great news indeed.

  16. Millhouse-serbia

    Joeckel out 4-5 weeks.

    • lil'stink

      Oof. Joeckel has been such a good pick up for us. Odihambo has been awful, and he might look even worse with someone else lining up at LG.

  17. Volume12

    The leading RB with most yards after contact is former Seahawk Alex Collins. That was a great decision to let him go.

    • Aaron

      Fumbles and doesn’t fit ZBS

      • Volume12

        Yeah, its not like Baltimore runs a ZBS or anything.

        • Aaron

          They seem to run it less than we do. I see a lot of man blocking and pulling linemen. Cable is almost wholly married to the ZBS, much to our detrement imo. Collins still fumbles way too often. His success really highlights less his talent and more our horrible run blocking. Hawks are terrible at run blocking, and the ZBS is making it worse.

    • mishima


      Do you think our OL troubles are affecting our talent eval at other positions, notably RB? Watching Collins succeed behind a better line makes me wonder. Did we keep Lacy/Rawls just because they were know quantities, having shown prior success?

      • Volume12

        Its a good question and something that makes ya think.

        Rob could probably answer it better than me, but Collins was probably one of those ‘burn the midnight oil/tough cuts’ situation. Maybe they felt like with Lacy losing all the weight and meeting his weigh-in requirements they owed him an opportunity?

        And it seems like Seattle subscribes to the theory that most teams do. You can find RB’s anywhere on draft day, unless their obviously a game changing talent.

      • Rob Staton

        No — because I think we can clearly see Prosise, Rawls, Carson etc have talent. They’ve actually evaluated RB’s very well. There lack of success might be down to the O-line (or injuries) but the evaluations are fine.

    • icb12

      I know.

      Sad. I was big advocate for him. He didn’t get a lot of love on here. I thought for sure him and Carson were going to be our guys.
      He also leads the league in yards per attempt.

      As for the fumbling– he has 2 fumbles. Gurley has 5 for crying out loud.

      I think the biggest thing for him was confidence from the coaching staff in Baltimore.

      For as big a “players coach” as PC is- I think he has handled the RBs poorly. He doesn’t seem very consistent with them to me.
      RBs need confidence, they need rhythm, they need touches.
      A young RB fumbles and costs his team- you cant pull him, sit him down and then not even play him the next week. He KNOWS he f-d up. It just exacerbates the issue. You put him right back in next possession and hand him the rock. You don’t sit your QB when he throws a bonehead pick 6.

      Collins is getting totes- he’s getting some confidence- he’s getting into a groove, and that’s all he ever needed.

      Personally I don’t think Seattle is ever going to succeed with the Running Back by committee. The guys they have outside of Prosise are volume guys. They need touches to get going. They need rhythm, they need to feel it..
      how are you suppose to do that if you’re constantly in and out of the game..
      They need to pick a RB and say- you’re the man- it’s yours- go get it.

      I honestly feel like for Seattle to return to form- they need to go after a bell cow running back in the draft.- spend the draft capital JS.

      We all Love Beastmode– but everyone seems to forget he was the #12 overall draft pick in 2007.

      mini-rant over.

      • peter

        Per beast mode and all those that thin ka RB can be found anywhere. It’s why I think Seattle needs to get real about going up an getting a real difference maker at the position. RB by committee and JAG’s work in college but time of possession football and specifically what Seattle wants to do is never going to happen with three RB’s getting 8 touches. They need to find a guy they are okay with getting 2-2-2-2-3-2 yards for the first quarter but can open it up it in the second half while the opposing defense has grown tired of tackling and stopping the run.

  18. Volume12

    Man, I love RB Derrick Henry. Its just not fair that a man that big can move the way he does. What a special talent.

    Speaking of. Is ND HB Josh Adams this years Henry?

    Adams is 6’2-6’3, 225-230 lbs with 4.5 speed. 🔥🔥🔥

    • Volume12

      Couple things I like about him:

      Team captain, takes a goddamn ceramics class which says to me he’s got a quirky personality, has improved every year, good receiver, old school running style combined with the fact he’s a chunk play specialist at that size.

      Has 7 runs of 60+ yards!

      ND HB Josh Adams 2017 midway highlights:

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        Ceramics classes are to pad the GPA. Everyone takes crazy classes in college. I had a class on movie composition / analysis, which is about 100 parsecs from my major field of study. If people don’t take fun classes, then they are missing out on why you go to college!

    • icb12

      Henry is fun to watch– but he should have taken a knee at the 1 yard line last night. You’re up a TD, other team has no TOs. 1st down wins the game. Get to the 1, take a knee. Game over.

      Why give the ball back and drag the game on…

      • Volume12

        Agreed. Might’ve just got caught up in the moment thought.

        • icb12

          I don’t blame him. Probably felt pretty damn good to bust one like that and score.

          What was with the Titans dumb play calling on the goal line in the 3rd?
          Your QB can’t run- zone read on the goal line? Jet sweep on the goal line?

          Why get fancy. Line up jumbo- give it to Henry and punch it in. Good grief. ( i sound like an old fogey I know)

          • Volume12

            No, actually you don’t.

            Football ain’t rocket science, yet some teams get too cute and end up outhinking themselves.

            • CharlieTheUnicorn

              Football is actually very simple, just a bunch of window dressing. The team with the most points win at the end of the day. 🙂

              • Volume12

                Yup. There’s only 9 routes, everyone runs the same 25-30 plays, etc etc. Only thing that changes is the concepts and verbiage.

          • neil

            Wish you had coached Super Bowl 49

  19. Volume12

    Diggin’ in on some WRs. Not many true #1’s this.

    SMU’s Courtland Sutton has 1st rounder written all over him. IMO he’ll be the 1st receiver off the board.

    Boise St. WR Cedrick Wilson is one to monitor closely for the Seahawks.

    Memphis WR Anthony Miller might be the most ‘Seahawky.’ Has a ton of Golden Tate to his game. Plays much bigger than his size. Thing is, he may go higher than where they might want to draft a WR at, but a potential trio of Miller, Baldwin, and Lockett? Forget about it. Good luck covering that.

    Georgia WR Terry Godwin. Deep ball specialist. Reminds me of a younger Emmanuel Sanders.

    And since we’re on the subject. Did Carolina basically just spend a top 10 pick on a slot receiver in Christian McCaffrey?

    • Volume12

      *true #1’s this year

    • Volume12

      ND’s Equanimous St. Brown and Florida St’s Auden Tate are 2 high upside, big body guys that will won’t light the league on fire year 1, but with the right team will end up developing into a couple of the better young #2’s in the game.

      • Dylanlep

        Any thoughts on Carrington at Utah Vol?

        • peter

          He looks to have a great year in Utah but was fairly unremarkable in Oregon for three seasons. Granted that was a tempo offense with more weapons but still if he put up the numbers he had there this year I’m not sure anyone would rate him higher than a third rounder. His numbers at U of O were basically Darboh’s stat line, starting a bit better than him but also not improving year to year like Darboh did.

        • Volume12

          I kind of like him. Has some off field issues that’ll be looked into, but he could end up a target for Seattle as well.

          Day 3 guy IMO.

    • Sea Mode

      Hi all. Sorry I haven’t commented in a while. Been reading everything though as always. 🙂

      What profile receiver you think they might look for? Any in particular or just grab the best guy? We hopefully have our possession/redline guy in Darboh (Kearse replacement), and maybe a speedster/deep ball specialist in Grayson.

      Are we presumably trying to replace PRich then? Or add a different profile to complement?

      • Volume12

        I think trying to replace P-Rich.

  20. neil

    I have a feeling it is going to be a nightmare for the O line this week. JPP lines up all over the D . As for the defense, we all know tight ends are the biggest problem in Richards scheme. They could never cover Gregg Olsen and Engram, I understand is faster. If they can shut down Engram in the game I will have to reevaluate my opinion of Richard.

    • Sea Mode

      McDougald time maybe? Or do we task Garvin with shadowing him?

    • 12th chuck

      I’m not real big on Richard.I think he has taken a historical d and made them worse.I am not sure which has more impact, his learning curve to be a good coach,or just the aging of key players.I’m sure its a combination, but it does seem he took away the L.O.B.and has tried something else.I just feel our d has been downgraded too much since he has taken over

      • Volume12

        What has he tried?

        They still run a classic Cover 3. BWagz (can also be KJ) and Kam play the hook-curl, 2 defenders in the flats, Sherm, ET, and Shaq or whoever is the boundary CB play the deep 1/3 of the field, and they rush 4 down lineman.

        • 12th chuck

          I wish I knew. Just because they have the same formations, doesn’t mean the priorities are the same as years past.I am not sure what other teams think about our d , but I don’t feel like the intimidation factor is there like it has that every play or every team, absolutely not.I see our o struggling to get first downs etc. , and the d has to go back out on the field, and not for a three and out. They were ranked 22nd last year for 3 and out. How often has our d given up a 3rd and 10+, to let a drive continue? A lot more than it what is should be. Am I a coach ,no but it seems like we may have become a little predictable.

    • Aaron

      It’s Pete’s scheme and Richard is the custodian of it. Cover 3 and Cover 1 have a weakness to seam routes, but they seem to be handing it better than in 2015 when TEs routinely torched us. I really hope they go with Pocic over Glow to fill in at LG. Glow wiffs way too much and has terrible leverage and targeting in the run game. Pocic is a rookie but is a technician. He’s not gonna wow you, but he’s gonna be sound in his assignments.

      • Hawktalker#1

        +1 on Pocic

  21. D-OZ

    ND’s OL was opening up some hellacious hole’s for Adams to run through. They have a couple of TE’s that can block also…

    • Volume12

      Same thing was said about Kareem Hunt on here as well. 😑

  22. Sea Mode

    New article up on Saquon Barkley in case anyone wants to keep gawking in admiration…

    Anyway, let’s just say our prayers every night from now until the draft that SF doesn’t land him. (Somehow I just know it’s going to happen…)

    • Volume12

      Saquon Barkley and NC St’s DE Bradley Chubb are the 2 best NFL prospects at this point in the CFB season.

      • Kenny Sloth


  23. Hawk Eye

    Avril going on IR, looking at retirement.
    might be a chance for for Dion Jordan and Malik to get some snaps if they are ready in 3 or 4 weeks.

  24. Volume12

    All hail Michael Bennett! That man is a goddamn legend.

    He just had a PC and started it off by karate chopping the Gatorade bottle of the podium. Hahahahah! 😂😂😂

    • mishima

      One of my favorite sports personalities of all time. The best.

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