Report: Seahawks actively trying to make an O-line trade

We know Branden Albert met with the Seahawks this week. Rumours have also linked the Seahawks with interest in Houston hold-out Duane Brown. According to Jason La Canfora, another name has been considered:

The Seahawks had previously approached the Bills about their left tackle, Cordy Glenn, but those conversations largely fizzled. While Glenn could be an option to be moved ahead of the deadline — Buffalo has a plethora of tackles at a time most teams have a scarcity, and the team is high on several of its young linemen — it would take a considerable haul to land him. That and his high salary made for a poor fit with the Seahawks.

This one appears to be a non-starter but it’s indicative of Seattle’s desire to prop-up their O-line. While Germain Ifedi has shown steady progress and Justin Britt continues to play well, Luke Joeckel’s bye-week surgery and the play of backup left tackle Rees Odhiambo will be a concern.

As we saw today, the NFC is wide open this year. Aaron Rodgers could be out for the season with a broken collarbone and Atlanta lost at home to Jay Cutler’s Miami despite leaping to a 17-0 lead.

The only two teams playing a consistent brand of football seem to be Philadelphia and the Rams. Seattle already won in LA and face the Eagles at home in week 13.

There’s an opening for someone to take control of the conference and stake a claim for the top two NFC seeds. Last year Dallas saw an opportunity and took it. It could be the Eagles this year — they have three consecutive home games coming up next, all winnable (vs Washington, San Francisco and Denver).

It could also be the Seahawks. The defense is certainly showing signs of classic form. For it to happen, however, the offense has to be better. Or at least more consistently balanced.

Losing George Fant to injury in pre-season was a significant blow and it’s been tough sledding for Odhiambo in relief. The injury to Chris Carson is compounding matters — stripping the team of its top running back.

This really shouldn’t be dismissed when we consider the impact of the two injuries on the offense. Fant and Carson aren’t Tyron Smith and Ezekiel Elliott (for example) — but it’s still Seattle’s starting left tackle and top RB. Only teams with top tier quarterbacks are going to be able to roll with the punches in this kind of situation. Even Russell Wilson has been streaky in this difficult environment.

When Seattle lost Malik McDowell they went out and made an aggressive move to bring in Sheldon Richardson. Now, with Fant and Carson out, a similar move to help the offense seems to be required.

Here’s more from La Canfora:

It may result in a far lower-profile transaction before the deadline, but other teams that have been in contact with the Seahawks are convinced of their intent to improve the line, and if Brown is dealt, expect Seattle to have at least made an attempt to land him.

It feels like there’s quite a lot of poker going on behind the scenes. The Cordy Glenn name drop in La Canfora’s piece might be deliberate. It lets the Texans know the Seahawks are looking at other options. The Branden Albert interest might follow a similar theme — but it’s also an opportunity to meet with a viable alternative (and one that won’t cost any draft compensation).

Either way it seems like the Seahawks are primed to do something, possibly before the Giants game. Either sign Albert or make a trade.

There’s a big opportunity for someone to rise to the top in the NFC. The Seahawks can be that team — but the offense will need some help to make it happen.

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  1. Nathan_12thMan

    I wrote this to the T on r/Seahawks. It is just so simple it is dumb. SEA, go out there and find us an average (or better) LT. That could be Albert, Brown or maybe the Browns finally trade Thomas. Personally I prefer signing Albert. If we can work him into our cap situation by moving a bit of money around then great, but if need be, find a trade partner for JLane and free up that cap space to be spent on Albert.

    Let’s fix our glaring weakness (LT), which wakes our offense up, and get on a roll. Get Joeckel back in a month and have Albert-Joeckel-Britt-Aboushi-Ifedi as our front five. As you said, the NFC is wide open. It’s likely us and the Eagles (who we play later this year). Even if we have to trade Jimmy to the Texans for Brown, let’s get a LT so our offense will stop being held back by league worst LT play.

    • Rob Staton

      I’d rather keep Graham — but wonder if there might be a deal where they could move Jeremy Lane.

      • Brandon

        I’m with you Rob, I’m curious to see if they continue to split him out as much as they did against LA, and if so if him and Russ can get into a rhythm.

        My only concern with trading Lane is depth at nickle, I know Shead is coming back, not sure nickle is his strength.

        • Greg Haugsven

          To me it would be Albert. Neither him or Brown have played football in quite some time. Brown is probably better but not that much when you look at the value. Albert should be cheaper and you don’t have to give up anything. How about a RB? Would the 49ets trade Carlos Hyde?

          • Bill D

            Albert sucks, he is done at this point and is extremely injury prone , he was one of the worst tackles in the league last he played & injury prone. The guy isn’t any good. SEA should just keep their picks and actually draft a quality LT next year to fix the problem long term.

            As for this season is screwed. SEA’s O-Line is the worst in NFL and its going to be worse for atleast with a month with Glowinski at LG. Hawks have ZERO run game, the run game is just trash n now Carson is on IR, the receivers are very good at all w/ a poor passing game & they cannot pass protect long enough to get anything going with Wilson just taking a beating & to top it off defensively SEA has taken a few steps back.

        • House

          Shead did well in the nickel when Lane was out. When Cary Williams got cut, Shead moved outside.

          • Brandon

            Obviously if they trade him they’ll feel good about their depth, hard for me to feel good about a guy who’s game is already not based on speed to cover slot receivers coming off a major knee injury.

            • Greg Haugsven

              Then go be a fan of another team Bill or quit your bithcin. This is what we have and who we need to support. If they can bring in another lineman that is better than that is great, if not you just have to roll with it. You would get pissed if the team quit on you so why should it be different the other way around.

  2. AlaskaHawk

    Well written article Rob. Going through two left tackles is more than a team can bate, plus the loss of several running backs from the squad. Something has got to improve. They don’t need to shoot for the best, just a solid performer. If not a free agent isn’t there someone on a practice squad that they want to try out??

    • Rob Staton

      If they can’t do a deal — we might see Isaiah Battle at LT sooner rather than later.

      • C-Dog

        One thought I had during this bye week is if we see him them roll out Battle at LT and Odhiambo at LG against the lowly Giants in a baptism sorta like the change over they did moving on to Fant around this time last year.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          The lowly Giants put a hurting on the Broncos (on the road). The Giants may not have a front line / top shelf defense this year, but they do have some dangerous pieces. They just need to settle on the starting 5 and run with it. Speaking of the Giants, they reshuffled their whole offensive line….. and actually looked pretty good.

          • C-Dog

            Yeah, I watched that game. As a Seahawks fan, I’m glad those adjustments came before they faced them, and this won’t fall under the guise of a trap game. Seattle is going to have to bring it next week. The Giants did a great job establishing the line of scrimmage on both sides.

        • Logan Lynch

          That’s an interesting thought. Potentially delay the deal another week to save a bit of cap room and also see what we have in Battle. On the other hand, that’s also playing with fire in case he’s a disaster and would also take away a week that another guy would have in our system to learn. Even if we sign Albert, there’s a chance he wouldn’t be ready to play on Sunday, so your scenario could happen.

  3. Nathan W.

    If there is no trade, could we possibly see Battle moving in at LT and then Odhiambo/Glowinski competing at LG to give Joeckel some time recover from surgery?

    • C-Dog

      That’s what I’ve been wondering.

    • Rob Staton

      Possible. There was talk of Battle starting vs Indianapolis and Tennessee so it’s an option.

  4. Ehurd1021

    Seahawks have two options: roll the dice on Odhiambo for the remainder of the season at LT OR trade/sign a veteran LT that can help solidify the entire team and offense. Odhiambo isn’t a bad player. I believe he’s the best OG we have on this roster, but he’s simply not a LT in this league. No amount of communication and/or time spent at the position is going to fix this.

    With Jockel being out for some time, sign Albert or trade for Brown, and move Odhiambo back inside to his natural position which is OG. I don’t know what the Texans are asking for, but if their asking for a straight up trade for Graham I don’t understand the logic behind not trading him. Graham has simply been a square peg in a round hole since coming to Seattle and I think everyone knows Graham is walking in FA this off-season anyways. Graham is also being paid 10 million a year for his lacking production.

    There have been reports that the 49ers are willing to trade every veteran on their team. Full tank mode. Which is why I wonder why I haven’t heard Joe Stayleys name linked to the Seahawks yet lol. There are options for Seattle to improve this roster and offensive line. I think PC/JS true feelings of how far this team can go in the playoffs will be determined by how aggressive they’re willing to be in acquiring a veteran LT. And that confidence has to improve based on seeing how the defense played last week, seeing Rodgers injury today, and seeing the Falcons struggles.

    • GerryG

      The Texans gain very little for trading a good LT in that scenario. All they get is less than one year of a player, who would have to come in mid-season and learn a new offense (something he may not be that good at).

  5. Brseahawks

    Joe Staley would be a sweet, sweet addition. Friendlier contract, tons of experience v. NFC, experience in the outside zone blocking system.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Good option as well. Maybe Carlos Hyde to.

  6. C-Dog

    They could also be leaking trade talk out as a way to get the price for Brandon Albert to go down a bit. One thought I had today is if they could sign Albert, maybe move Lane and then work an inner division trade to acquire Carlos Hyde who I think Carroll has always been pretty keen on.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Now we are talking CDog. I mentioned him a couple times in the above posts before I saw yours. He would be a good runner for us.

      • C-Dog


  7. drewjov11

    Trading for a good tackle is exciting, but let’s also try to find a running back whomis blocked in someone else’s roster. This current stable is just mediocre at best. We have no dynamic players to run the ball. Period.

    • C-Dog

      Personally, I’m really worried that Rawls is no where near the player he was in 2015 or even for a few stretches towards the end of last year. I would love to see them go after Hyde.

      • Greg Haugsven

        I agree, maybe should have looked at Peterson.

        • Greg Haugsven

          I say next year let’s stop goofing around. Let’s just go up and get Barkley. The Chiefs moved from 27 to 10 and gave up there 27, a third rounder, and there first the next year. I’d sign up for that if Barkley was there at 10.

          • Rob Staton

            Barkley will be gone in the top five if he stays healthy.

            • Greg Haugsven

              Well if he is thenough we would have to give up to much to get that high. But he is what we need.

    • Rob Staton

      It might be a misplaced hope on my behalf — but I can’t help but feel like our best bet might be Prosise finally staying healthy.

      • Smitty1547

        Long shot of long shots on that one. better chance the MS win a world series that Prosise being a durable and healthy for any stretch.

        • Logan Lynch

          I can’t diasagree with you, but I also had the same thoughts about PRich who has had a good stretch so far this year and even played through some injuries *knocks on wood*. Maybe there’s hope yet.

          • Smitty1547

            Gives you an idea of are expectations when we are excited about 6 weeks of being healthy, not even good just healthy.

            • Logan Lynch

              The bar is so low we have to be careful not to trip on it.

              • Greg Haugsven

                Id be happy if Prosise could even play back to back games. Baby steps.

  8. 12thManderson

    I’d save Lane from trade due to limited resources, and Sign Brandon Albert.

    Another flier I’d take would be Martavis Bryant.. Two years of control, another Pete project, and a legit 6’5 option.

    • C-Dog

      I probably have to move someone to fit Albert under the cap. Lane is the big salary who seems the most expendable.

      • C-Dog


  9. drewdawg11

    Hyde would be an upgrade for sure. Rawls was a one year wonder. He’s just not explosive anymore and he was never a runner with superior vision. We have two backs who are molasses. That’s unacceptable for this organization to allow to happen. The O-line is a mess, obviously. However, the erosion of talent in the skill positions is also alarming.

    • C-Dog

      Rawls looked really fast at camp when contact was limited. I just don’t think he sees things well, or has the patience. Carson just seemed so much more decisive. I think Hyde could totally do that, and some. Dave Wyman has been pretty consistent saying that he sees the issues being more with the runners than the line.

      • Austin

        Rawls only has 13 attempts. He’s not patient enough, and his vision definitely needs improvement, but he’s the type of player who overtries and needs carries to shake the nerves and thoughts to get confident and in the zone. If Rawls doesn’t incur another injury, and he continues to get carries, then he will get back in the zone and wow us with incredible runs just like he has in the past.

        • C-Dog

          That would be sweet. Maybe it’s me, but I feel like something is up with him, and wonder how much the coaches trust him right now. They seem to have been favoring Lacy more. IDK, something doesn’t feel right

          • Greg Haugsven

            Lacy was dancing around too much last week. Unless your name is Leveon Bell that doesn’t work. Just got to see hole and go.

            • hawkdawg

              In many cases, “seeing the hole” is like seeing a unicorn. That is why Lacy is dancing.

              • Greg Haugsven

                Im sure my daughter could make a nice blue and green tutu for him to wear as well.

  10. Adog

    I wonder if they might make a deal for yeldon the jags. Send them lane, and they send us yeldon and a pick? Seems like a back who would fit in the Seahawks blocking schene…patient and north/south runner.

  11. drewdawg11

    Yeldon wouldn’t be a serious upgrade. With our line… yeah. Not explosive enough or powerful enough to carry people.

  12. Kenny Sloth

    Early target positions for Seattle look to be

    LEO- with the injury to Cliff, our depth will be tested on what looks to remain a ferocious DL rotation. With an eye to the future I expect to see us go pass rusher early in a top heavy class. For pure speed? Arden Key is a terror bending the edge. He will likely be out of reach. There likely won’t be the amount of defensive backs drafted early the last draft saw so we shouldn’t expect the same level of prospect being pushed down the board. Unfortunately those picks will likely be replaced ny pass rushers and offensive tackles.

    TE- with both Jimmy and Luke Willson out of contract in the near future, it makes sense to finally go back to TE after an underwhelming career start from Nick Vannett. No-one expects us to lose both, but depending on which isn’t reupped, I would expect to see a player brought in with a similar skill-set. Not many have the speed of Willson, but Mike Gesicki is a player many have identified that I think is a great fit for our scheme.

    RB- Despite what appears to be a versatile and dangerous backfield, Seattle has struggled to get the run game going. Chris Carson doesn’t have much experience as a lead back and with his injury, our 3 options under contract next year have all bee hurt this year. In such a talented class it’s likely that some really tailbacks will be available late day 2 and some decent projects available throughout. We may go this way earlier than I anticipate if they feel these late round investments aren’t the way forward or if a sparq-y option is available.

    LB- Every year it seems more and more to be that if you want an athletic linebacker you have to take them in the first two frames. This year is no different and it appears we will not be able to add to the LB corps until day three. We’ll probably sign some udfa’s again

    WR- I think we’ll look for another hyper-productive guy like Richardson was at Colorado. Someone who is a YPR guy and leads his team in yards from scrimmage. I haven’t gotten into the WR footage this year, but because of the streaky nature of the position its nice to have a full picture with which to work.

    QB- No-one can replace Russell, but maybe there’s a QB out there that can push him.Mason Rudolph and Baker Mayfield are getting lots of attention in a decent QB class, but I don’t exactly see them as first year starters at the next level. They do however seem like hard workers with a lot of swagger. Luke Falk gets a lot of love from local guys and Seattle has watched a lot of his play. They know what he is, if they want him I wouldn’t mind, but I haven’t seen enough of his reputed improvements this year to be comfortable with him as an option

    • Kenny Sloth

      O L I N E

      • hawkdawg

        Personally, I am not confident in this staff’s ability to find good O-Line talent in the draft, or develop it thereafter.

        The trouble is, that ability is exactly what this team needs to win it all. Expensive defense, expensive skill players on offense…and a cheap O-line developed well. But the last element escapes us.

        • Rob Staton

          I think this is an often repeated but not entirely accurate narrative.

          The Seahawks have not whiffed on an endless run of Pro-Bowl O-liners. Since 2010 I think they’ve passed on four. The entire league is struggling to find good O-liners. Seattle, to its credit, has managed to find the likes of Okung, Britt, Sweezy and Carpenter. All have had at least above average careers at a time when most O-liners entering the league don’t get anywhere near. There’s clear progress being shown by Germain Ifedi this year and George Fant was looking really promising before his injury. We’ve seen the growth Britt has shown too. They turned Breno Giacomini into a quality starter (IMO) and completely turned Unger’s career around. Not to mention the eight games they adequately managed with Paul McQuistan at LT in 2013.

          It’s easy to look good at O-line evaluation and development when you draft guys like Tyron Smith and Zack Martin. It’s not quite as easy when you’re bringing in people like Britt and Sweezy.

          • mishima

            In hindsight, should we have kept Okunk and Sweezy for continuity? They bet on Gilliam and Glow and got burned, then the Fant experiment broke, so had to sign Joeckel and now trade for LT. Maybe the problem IS talent eval and development and it’s time for a rebuild.

            Lot of time/energy/picks/cash to be back where we started. In 2018, we have Ifedi and Britt and…

            • cha



              • mishima

                LOL. Honest typo, but fitting.

            • Rob Staton

              It’s easy to forget but at the time of Okung’s departure, there was a lot of talk about him wanting to move on to a new offense. Seattle’s blocking scheme is very physically demanding. He had some injuries. It’s not a big shock he was perhaps leaning towards moving on. Plus there’s the fact he chose not to have an agent. It was a very complicated time for Okung and he had to settle for a deal in the end. I don’t blame the Seahawks at all for his departure.

              Sweezy — again it’s easy to think his $6.5m deal is now good value. At the time, however, it was a huge contract for a player that divided opinion in Seattle. It was impossible to judge the explosion in O-line contracts that occurred just one year later. Plus — Sweezy missed the entire 2016 season. So while today we might say the Seahawks would be better with him, last year imagine all the hand wringing over that deal while he missed a full 16 games with a bad back.

              • mishima

                Agree. I wasn’t a proponent of re-signing either.

                However, my main point is that the team seems to bet on its ability to find/develop cheap talent than to go with experience and continuity. After repeated failures, we’re now drafting/signing lunch pails like Pocic, overpaying Joeckel (scrub coming off injuries) and trading for LT help. Reeks of panic. Do they have a plan? Or even a player type anymore?

                Late round draft busts Bowie, Sokoli, Poole, Glow, Hunt, Odhi, et al. And cheap signings: Gilliam, Nowak, Webb, Sowell, Tobin, et al. And all we got is a Britt and an Ifedi.

          • neil

            What strikes me as odd, is all the drafted starters listed above could never stay healthy and on the field, now they all are playing like iron men. With the exception of Giacomini who has had injuries this year.

            • AlaskaHawk

              Yes I find that interesting also. Though I think Okung was injured most of his first season with the Broncos.

              • mishima

                Demands of our zone blocking scheme? Doubtful. We keep moving the goalposts. TEF? Complicated/demanding scheme? Experience? Continuity? Power v. Zone? Defensive converts? Basketball converts? Mix of vet/youth? Position change? Whatever.

                Occam’s razor: Organizational failure to identify/develop talent and field a league average OL. League wide challenge? Sure, so what?

              • 80SLargent

                Okung hasn’t missed a game since he left the Seahawks.

            • Rob Staton

              This is a very demanding blocking scheme, physically.

              • bmseattle

                Does having such a demanding scheme narrow even further, the chances of finding lineman who can fit on our team?
                If there is such a dearth of offensive line talent, it seems smarter to run a scheme that is easier for guys to execute (and decrease the chance of injuries).

                This difficulty is likely why we shy away from older, less athletic players. But it also seems like it takes a few years for younger players to learn the scheme.
                With this knowledge, it seems highly unlikely that guys like Albert or Brown, would thrive in our system (or stay healthy). …if they’d even want to play in it in the first place.

                • Rob Staton

                  Maybe — but we’ve also seen how successful this running scheme can be when everything clicks.

        • Volume12

          So they should just stop trying to find O-lineman in the draft? Sacrifice their future for a 2 year window?

    • Ehurd1021

      I would add SAM Linebacker to the list as well.

      • Forty20

        WILL could be a sneakily more pressing issue. After listening to the most recent Pedestrian Podcast which featured Rob, he was critical of KJ Wright after reviewing the tape against the Rams.

        If we are going to transition to a more balanced distribution of the cap between offence and defence then we might need to get a little bit ruthless with some of the luxury pieces of the defence.

    • C-Dog

      It’s gotta be RB and OL for me. Still a lot of football left to be played, but right now, my biggest concerns are the LT and the unsettled situation at RB.

    • Volume12

      Completely disagree about LBs unless your specifically talking MLB’s or 3-4 OLB’s. Other than those guys, you can find good LB’s anywhere in the draft or UDFA.

      Besides Lavonte David, what off ball LB that isn’t a MLB or pass rusher has come in and been dominant that’s been drafted in the first 2 frames?

      • Kenny Sloth

        I mean studs. KPL feels like our last draft pick at LB

        What linebackers have come out and dominated at all?

        Who are you thinking of that was an athletic late round steal? Ramik Wilson? Devondre Campbell? Kwon Alexander?

        Telvin Smith is good, but it’s not like you find a KJ Wright everyday

        • Greg Haugsven

          Just give me a RB and Ill be good. A good RB could make the OLine look better than it is.

        • Volume12

          That’s my point. If you aren’t taking a pass rusher or MLB, then u can find guys from the 3rd and down.

          Thomas Davis, Alexander, Campbell, Kendall Beckwith, Devon Kennard, Avery Williamson, Demario Davis, Jordan Hicks (although he’s now a MLB), Miles Killebrew to name a few.

          • Kenny Sloth

            Nah I want a difference maker you can’t keep off the field that creates an opportunity to move on from Wagner or Wright.

            And thats not something I can find day 3

  13. D-OZ

    I think we go with Battle and Procise. Rees @ LG….

  14. David

    I just dont see another ‘lower profile transaction’ happening as La Canfora. The Seahawks already made 2 of those (Tobin and Battle) and gave up draft value to make them happen and both have contributed absolutely zero for this team thus far. If a transaction happens, I think it has to be a high profile LT or nothing.

    • Greg Haugsven

      I agree David. Lower level transaction is a waste of time. At this time its go big or keep what you have.

  15. Samuel

    Well I guess I’m in the minority here but I would love to see Pocic at LG. He’s a natural interior linemen and after going back and watching some of his film, he displays a nastiness that I didn’t really expect him to have.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I would love to see Pocic anywhere on the line. What are they saving him for??? Throw him and Battle at left tackle and see which one sticks.

  16. Volume12

    Here’s a question.

    I see a lot of Seahawk fans say they have this need, that need, and a need over there. If they have all these ‘needs,’ ( I think we’re confusing wants with needs) then this roster isn’t good enough to be trading high draft picks correct?

    • mishima

      This roster (esp. offense) isn’t good enough to be trading draft picks. It shouldn’t take the Rams winning the division or a one and done playoff appearance to realize that. The offense, even with Carson/Fant, wasn’t going anywhere.

      With only RW, Baldwin, Britt and Ifedi as position locks, leaning towards a total rebuild on offense. Needs: New coordinator, line coach, 2 OL, RB, 2 WR, TE. Brutal.

      That said, I still think JS is one of the best in the game and will sort it out. Sorry to be a downer. Go Hawks!

      • Volume12

        So you dont want them trading for a LT?

        If they have a 2-3 year window here then why would you totally rebuild your offense?

        And where is all that coming from the draft? LOL.

        • mishima

          Tough questions, few choices.

          The window is closing/closed, so they have to trade (preferably players not picks) for a LT. It will help, but not make up for Lacy/Rawls/Odhi/Aboushi. Our OL and RBs will continue to struggle.

          That said, they need to re-think how they coach, draft and develop OL. After a number of years, we have 2 serviceable linemen, many failed experiments and some retreads on 1-yr deals. Change is needed. Use the off-season to shake things up, spend some money in FA, draft wisely and coach well.

          Related: Would love to see some analyses of teams, college and pro, that are doing OL right. What schools are teaching proper technique, developing pro prospects, etc.? Too often, we focus only on what is instead of what could be which often reads as homer excuses for bad play.

  17. drewdawg11

    I definitely want to see Pocic play now. Learning curve aside, he’s a more talented player than anyone else we could promote.

    • Greg Haugsven

      It might be time Drew, if Joeckel is out for a bit why not give him a chance. We know what Glow can do so why not Pocic?

  18. Preston

    I don’t have an answer. But I do wondering what the affect will be to the future of our franchise if we make any one of these moves. If we get albert, do we move money to signing bonus and mess up our future cap for a one year rental? If we give up draft capital for a brown or a staley, again, how does this affect our future cap dollars, does this cost us a first round top offensive linemen with cheap club control? Is having one of these guys for 1-2 years (all three of the mentioned are near end of careers) worth the money, draft capital, and future headaches to attempt a Superbowl when the rest of the line is still struggling so much? It feels like reaching out of desperation. If we can trade Jimmy, sure, that would be great, we’ll still need to move at least some money around. If they can make that happen then great. I’m more in favor of making a trade to get draft picks, though that probably won’t happen.

  19. James

    Is this a bad time to mention we passed on Cam Robinson?

    • Greg Haugsven

      Is Robinson playing RT? If so where would he have played with us?

  20. Trevor

    How about trade Graham for Duane Brown.

    Then trade a draft pick for Martavius Bryant

    Solves the cap issue and we replace Jimmy with another dynamic weapon.

    • Smitty1547

      Id be all for it.

    • Rob Staton

      Not a fan personally. Bryant will probably be suspended again soon. And he’s due a contract.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Id do Graham for Brown. Let Luke go into Grahams shoes and Vannett slide into Lukes role. Lets see what Vannet can do in the run game.

        • drewdawg11

          The Texans aren’t idiots, though. That would be a strange move for them. I’m thinking a draft pick would be involved as well, probably a decent pick. John Schneider had a history of slightly overpaying in trades, (like for Jimmy, Percy).

  21. Colonel KurtZ

    I am gonna go out on a limb here and say it really doesn’t matter what lineman they sign because we have no identity on offense. It comes back to two things –

    – We can’t run the ball out of our base ZBS scheme.

    – Russell Wilson and his stalled development as a QB.

    Zone blocking schemes take a long time to teach, both for the backs and the lineman who block it. It involves patience from the back to set up the blocks and multi-tasking from the lineman who have to reach into the second level, after blocking their primary guy.

    Tight ends and receivers need to do their part too. Right now, we don’t really have the experience or the backs to do this. Jimmy Graham isn’t really equipped to do this, partly cuz he is so tall (most backers and dbs are really short even in the pros, 5’10” and under) When we just go power, we have had some success with Eddie Lacy, but while we keep running this ZBS scheme, we aren’t going anywhere. Too much turnover on the OL.

    Second and really the most profound is Russell Wilson.

    RW has no pocket presence right now. Three or four times a game he runs out of a clean pocket that is setting up for him, and either into a sack cuz he is not as quick as he once was, or into a holding call cuz the tackle is forced to take down his guy when Russell isn’t where he should be, i.e. stepping up into the pocket. If he sees pressure, his head comes down and then after that it is just sandlot stuff.

    So if you look at our roster of receivers, except McEvoy who is there cuz he is there emergency backup qb, they are all quick small players who can break off routes and come back to RW. Baldwin is the king of that, knowing how to adjust to the scrambling. Or speed guys who can fly down the field and go after RW’s jump balls. We are no longer a timing outfit, but a group of skitter bugs who are always on the IR. They also aren’t the best down field blockers in a ZBS.

    This franchise is a mess on the offensive half of the ball with contradictory philosophies and a skittish QB who is no longer a top ten performer.

    Too bad the window is closing for the historic defense. This is the last year we have a shot at the Super Bowl with that group.

    No Oline purchase will save this dumpster fire.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Seems like the coaches want RW to stay in the pocket. But that negates his one advantage of the read option. I’m just going to say this again – I don’t think the Seahawks design passing plays that are good enough to win games against a decent defense. The coaches are old dogs that are committed to the run game. They simply don’t have the expertise to use the players they currently have.

      Point 1: Why the lack of tight end use?? Even with all pro Jimmy Graham, who gets his share of catches but he isn’t really a go to guy, most especially not in the red zone. I just don’t see that constant threat from the tight ends.

      Point 2: Very little quick slants to middle. Yes its probably due to RW size, but really almost all the plays are long developing plays. Their most notable slant was the Superbowl blunder.

      Point 3: No screen ability.

      Point 4: RW seems healthier, but I have to agree on your assessment that he is playing worse now then in his early years. Please take care of the ball when you within our own goal line. RW has a nasty habit of running backwards and fumbling the ball or losing it in some other spectacular way.

      Point 5: Speedy receivers, its cool to have smerfs. You need a lot of them as the defense is going to bang them into tomorrow. A lot of people thought that the Seahawks needed big receivers that could jump for the ball. But with the sole exception of Jimmy Graham that hasn’t worked out. I did enjoy watching the Panthers big receivers go after the ball yesterday.

      But this all goes back to coaching and draft choices. I see a lot of decent players they have drafted. Lord knows they are trying to find an answer to the offensive line troubles and running back troubles. However = why pay RW 23 million + if you won’t design a decent passing attack for him?? And if you are designing a passing game, when will you go pass first and run second?? Can that ever occur with these coaches?? I don’t think so.

      • mishima

        Our OL is hot garbage and we have no running back.

        Russell Wilson is NOT the problem.

        • mishima

          (Sorry, reply to KurtZ, not Alaska)

    • icb12


      Your cheerios have urine in them.

      Seahawks have some problems. = True

      Sky is falling. = False

      Dumpster Fire is a little aggressive. The garbage might be a little warmer than normal… but it’s definitely not shooting blue flames yet.

      • C-Dog


  22. no frickin' clue

    Here’s a total wildcard that wouldn’t break the bank: David Quessenberry is on the practice squad for the Texans, who also use a ZBS on offense. The key issue is that DQ just spent three years beating cancer, but in preseason he was taking 1st team reps on offense. Perhaps he’s not fully gotten his strength back after that ordeal and is being stashed on the PS for now, but a team like the Hawks that prides itself on finding guys with grit? This is the epitome of grit. The thing is, Houston is also maybe the best place in the world for cancer treatment – so is this a case where he would turn down a Hawks contract offer anyway? From what I recall seeing of him during draft time, his feet are good enough he could play at LT.

  23. AlaskaHawk

    A couple interesting stats about the 2017 Seahawks.

    Russell Wilsons quarterback rating is at 90.6 – above average but not spectacular. He has thrown 8 touchdowns and 3 interceptions.

    Running Backs have scored 2 touchdowns. With Carson out RW is the leading rusher on the team with 154 yards.

    Receivers have scored 8 touchdowns. Looks like the core group of Baldwin, Richardson, Lockett and Graham, are all performing well. The core four (C4 anyone?) have only scored 4 of the tds. Luke Willson scored 2, and McKissic and Carson each scored one. Darboh has only had 3 catches to date.

    Quite clearly the stats indicate that this team should be a passing team first and running second. This is also inline with current offensive line woes and running back injuries or underperformance.

    • Rob Staton

      So far, they are a pass first team. They haven’t been forcing the run. They’ve just gone with the pass.

      The key here is to get a running game going over the next few weeks. They need balance.

      • C-Dog

        Is it possible that they don’t trust the backs enough to be more balanced, especially with the loss of Carson? Pass to set up the run?

        • Greg Haugsven

          It feels like they just flat out give up and abandoned the run all together. Its like they pass to set up the pass.

          • C-Dog

            Seattle had the 14th ranked run game in the league going into the weekend. Much higher than I thought it was.

            • Greg Haugsven

              But how much of that is the running backs versus Wilson?

              • C-Dog

                Wilson is a big part of those numbers, for sure.

            • Smitty1547

              If we take out Wilson’s we drop way back.

              • C-Dog

                Another reason to be fortunate we have Russell Wilson at QB.

          • Volume12

            Cable has said he don’t backs out there if he doesn’t trust them.

            I just think it comes down to situational football. They haven’t found a rhythm. I wish they’d run more too, but understand why they give up on it. Nothing worse than a run game that’s going nowehere.

            • C-Dog

              Is it me, or does it feel like the trust in Rawls is broken? Could we actually see more carries go to McKissic?

              • Volume12

                Its getting there for sure. They’ve seemed to have soured on him.

                • C-Dog

                  I feel like I’m about to turn into a harpy over this, but I’m starting to clamor more and more for a Carlos Hyde trade.

                  • Volume12

                    I have a feeling that their gonna try and ride Prosise here.

                  • C-Dog

                    Yeah, I totally can see that coming. He’ll get 108 yards on 4 carries against the Giants and break his shoulder blade diving towards the end zone, and then they’ll try in vain to get Eddie Lacy going before Russ takes over on keepers on the 4th quarter.

            • AlaskaHawk

              Its funny because my point was that fans keep saying Seahawks are run first, that Pete Carroll wants run first, and that they pick offensive linemen for run blocking – not pass blocking. And I have seen a lot of run attempts in early season.

              The statistic are that they Seahawks should be passing and passing some more. With the occasional run thrown in. Calls for more running plays will just lead to further despair.

  24. GoHawks5151

    The honest truth is that there are no easy fixes at this point in the season. Even if we were to trade for one of the stud LT’s it still doesn’t make up for the 3 other questionable OL guys. It may make the total OL talent higher but it may also make the communication problems they suffer from worse. I think it is all far from gloom and doom though. There is something to be said about development for these guys. The great Walter Jones said on a podcast on Field Gulls that most OL dont get thier feet under them til year 3, including himself.

    What seems to be the more concerning is that the run game (like the pass game…) lacks any sort of imagination. Its a copy cat league, COPY SOMEONE for crying out loud! Bubbles, RB flares, fly sweeps, shovel passes, option plays all can be used to supplement a run game. It has done wonders for current front runners in the Eagles an Chiefs. Also it is sad that we cant run screens considering how easy it is to draw a pass rush to our QB. Sad thing is the screen game is much more about practicing it rather than having the talent to run it. Too bad as they have guys that would seem to be great screen runners (Procise, Lockett and Graham)

    • Volume12

      The screen game is partially due to RW’s height.

      • Volume12

        That’s a hard throw for a 5’11 QB to make.

        • GoHawks5151

          Very true. You can still screen out of different situations (roll outs) too though. Particularly to the TE. What’s the use of all these TEF guys if they cant get out and run a bit 🙂

          • Volume12


            If we can see that, I’m sure the coaches can too. There’s stuff in their back pocket and concepts they haven’t used yet. Its too early to panic and open up the entire playbook.

    • C-Dog

      I think Seattle has been making a more concerted effort to get the backs involved in the passing game, but it’s more in the flats.

  25. Volume12

    Indiana TE Ian Thomas is worth monitoring. 6’5, 248 lbs., terrific run blocker, pretty dynamic and he can move.

    JUCO transfer, both his parents are deceased, has 8 siblings and was raised by the older ones ever since he was 9.

  26. C-Dog

    Branden Albert rejects Seattle’s offer and leaves town.

    Does Seattle further pursue a trade and ship Jimmy Graham for Duane Brown, or Cordy Glenn?

    Does Seattle keep Graham and possibly roll out with any possibility of Battle/Tobin/Odhiambo at LT and Tobin/Odhiambo/Glowinski/Pocic at LG? That frankly makes my mind hurt figuring out the scenarios.

    If a smaller scale deal like La Canfora suggested, who, where, what?

    • Volume12

      When’s the trade deadline? Maybe try and wait till then and see’s who on the block?

      • C-Dog

        I think that they gotta get it done by October 31st.

  27. DC

    Fwiw, TJ Lang is out this week with a back injury. Those are never good. You just can’t predict how things will shake out.

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