Monday notes: Four big Seahawks talking points

Pete Carroll was either dodging a key question today, or he’s delusional

Today I want to get into what I think are the key topics that we should be discussing.

1. Pete Carroll’s comments today are hard to digest

Speaking on 710 ESPN, Carroll rejected the need for significant changes with the team after another hugely disappointing home loss:

“Not for one reason at all do I think we have to restart this thing.”

Part of the problem in Seattle is this complete unwillingness to take a much needed reality check.

As Larry Stone noted in his post-game piece yesterday — the Seahawks have become one of the worst teams in the NFL.

They aren’t good enough. The current team is not even close to contending at the business end of the season. You can make major changes within one or two off-seasons to return to contention. Other teams have shown that. But you actually have to acknowledge that change is required.

This isn’t one hard-luck season. The reset has been a mess. Bad draft picks. Wasted money in free agency. An absolute disaster of a trade, acquiring Jamal Adams.

They’ve now won one playoff game in five years — against a rudderless Eagles team featuring a 40-year-old backup quarterback.

The Seahawks have been in a steady decline for some time and it’s finally caught up with them. They just aren’t as good as Carroll thinks they are.

They once set league-wide trends, built one of the best rosters in NFL history and reached the summit by winning a Super Bowl. It’s easy to imagine how that makes you feel like you can do no wrong. Yet those days are very much in the past. The Seahawks have increasingly become stale and jaded.

Yet rather than accept this, they seem to be living off former glories. And while nobody should deny Carroll the glory of that initial wave of success — the rebuild from 2018 has been mistake riddled and increasingly desperate.

The inability to acknowledge this has done as much damage as anything and will go on creating major damage going forward. Nothing will hold the Seahawks back more than leadership clinging to the idea that they’re close when they aren’t.

The delusion that this team is better than it is has led to major short-term thinking and a distinct lack of long-term planning. There have been too many band-aids, too much misplaced confidence.

There’s been a hubris and arrogance about this regime for too long. They give the impression they think they’re the smartest guys in the room, when the rest of the league is having a chuckle in the background.

That, combined with an ageing coach needing to win right now, is helping to create the situation we see today.

I sincerely hope that Carroll was saying what he thought needed to be said in a live interview to avoid making headlines, when he spoke to 710 ESPN today. Because if he genuinely thinks this team is good enough, then that alone is all the evidence anyone needs to know change is required.

I’ve long thought Carroll won’t have the stomach for a major rebuild and that he would embrace the inevitable and walk away at the end of this season.

I never imagined he’d actually think this team is still… good.

If he genuinely believes the best thing is to simply have another go in 2022 — that’s staggering. And that cannot be acceptable to ownership.

They have to make a change — regardless of whatever other moves follow regarding the quarterback and/or GM.

2. What should the next era look like?

Increasingly this has become the big talking point. After all — if you’re going to pitch change, like many are, you’re duty bound to at least suggest a few alternatives.

That’s why I take issue in part with the more vociferous members of the ‘trade Wilson’ group. They don’t have a plan at quarterback. They haven’t studied the QB’s in college football. They just want change. Yet these same people often push back against criticism of Carroll, because they’re not entirely satisfied with the alternatives.

None of the suggestions below are perfect. Yet I’m not sure what would constitute a ‘perfect’ idea. After all — Carroll worked out wonderfully well. I’m pretty sure if someone suggested appointing Carroll a few weeks before the end of the 2009 season as a replacement for Jim Mora, the response would’ve been a mix of for and against. Justifiably so, too — given his prior NFL record and the way things were turning at USC.

Personally I would like to see the current ownership group take inspiration from Paul Allen. He was able to land two of the biggest names in coaching to lead his franchise. He sold both Holmgren and Carroll a vision and they delivered for him.

If Paul was around today, I doubt he’d be settling for anything less than another impact coach with a big reputation and a track record of success.

This is why I’ve made the case for going after Sean Payton. I sense some fans roll their eyes every time I mention this. Yet there’s smoke around his future in New Orleans. Only this week there was talk of Ryan Pace and the Chicago Bears going after him. He’s actively held confirmed talks with the Rams and Colts in recent years.

I’ve seen some people bemoan the idea of Payton working with Russell Wilson because Wilson, despite his similar stature, is a very different quarterback to Drew Brees. I think people forget that Payton has won games with Teddy Bridgewater, Jameis Winston, Trevor Siemian and Taysom Hill.

He’s shown he’s adaptable. I’d back him to come up with a system that works for Wilson, regardless of how similar or not he is to Brees.

That would be my ideal scenario. I think it would create a needed buzz. Payton has been adept in the past at building a strong coaching staff — something that I think has let Carroll down badly in recent seasons.

I appreciate, however, that even if this is perhaps more likely than some are prepared to acknowledge — the odds are stacked against it. If for no other reason than other teams potentially being interested and the need to initiate some form of trade to make it happen (although Chicago has no more draft stock than Seattle).

Let’s run through some alternatives.

I mentioned recently that I like the idea of cleaning house and installing Ed Dodds as GM. He is Chris Ballard’s hand-picked right-hand-man in Indianapolis. He has a reputation as a superb talent evaluator. Tapping into the Colts front office, to me, would be a sound plan. They have managed the Andrew Luck retirement admirably and remained competitive. They draft, trade and sign well.

I also think the Seahawks, if they are reaching a point where a major rebuild is needed, could do with an executive to lead the rebuild with an expertise in scouting. They need to start hitting on high picks and find a quarterback. It’s pretty much a ground-zero rebuild if you move on from Carroll, Schneider and Wilson.

Dodds spent 10 years in Seattle so he knows the franchise. He’s seen what building a winner looks like in two different jobs. If Ballard respects him enough to hand-pick him to be his number #2, then that’s a good enough recommendation for me. Ballard has shown himself to be an astute, talented GM.

I actually prefer a situation where Jody Allen appoints a new franchise ‘leader’, having removed Carroll and Schneider, and then gives that person the opportunity to decide what to do with Wilson.

I don’t think a new ‘head of the franchise’ should be told what to do at quarterback. It should be their choice. I think that makes the job more appealing — you can choose to rebuild around Wilson or acquire stock to go in a different direction.

Even so, I think Dodds should be a name the Seahawks are having internal conversations about.

Here are some Head Coaching names I also want to bring to the table. Feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments section.

Matt Eberflus (DC, Colts)
I wouldn’t be against appointing Dodds as GM and bringing Indy’s defensive coordinator with him. The Colts are a well coached team across the board. If the idea is for Wilson to stay, then you likely need an offensive-minded leader. If he moves on, I don’t think it matters as much. Eberflus has put together a top-10 unit per DVOA. The Colts’ turnover percentage is 17.9% — second only to prolific Dallas (18%). Frank Reich is a fantastic Head Coach and anyone who’s worked alongside him, for me, warrants consideration. I’d only be for a move like this if Eberflus was able to bring in a first-rate offensive coordinator. No more Bevell, Schottenheimer or Waldron types.

Kellen Moore (OC, Cowboys)
Moore has had a meteoric rise from backup quarterback to coach to offensive coordinator. The Cowboys are loaded with talent to make life easier for a play-caller. It’s also hard to know whether Moore is even Head Coach material. It’s one thing to call a good offensive game, it’s another to be responsible for an entire roster. If they wanted to go in this direction, I would look to bring in Chris Peterson as a football tsar. He has a relationship with Moore and might warm to the idea of a job in football that doesn’t necessarily require the exhausting schedule of a college coach. He could be a mentor for Moore and a figurehead for the franchise to consult ownership, with a GM brought in to handle recruitment.

Nathaniel Hackett (OC, Packers)
If Carroll departs and Schneider stays, it won’t be a surprise if Hackett is on Seattle’s radar. If you are wanting Seattle to trade Wilson and then go after Aaron Rodgers, this is what you should root for. Rodgers and Hackett are very close, with huge mutual respect. Schneider is said to have a connection with Rodgers due to his time in Green Bay. There’s no chance Rodgers would come to play for Carroll in Seattle — but I suspect he’d be open to joining Hackett and Schneider. It’d be expensive — but as someone who has lobbied for teams being able to turn things around quickly if you spend your resources wisely, I do think it’s possible for this plan to work. Provided the Seahawks stop wasting picks and money at positions like ‘box safety’ and ‘linebacker’ and start spending money on the trenches.

Josh McDaniels (OC, Patriots)
If you’re planning to trade Wilson and bring in a rookie quarterback, I think this would make sense. It’s 10 years since McDaniels crashed and burned in Denver. He’s spent the last few years flirting with a return to a top-job, famously reneging on the Colts gig. However, he’s shown with Mac Jones this year that he can do a lot with the right kind of passer. For me, Carson Strong is the most talented quarterback eligible for 2022. Strong is also an ideal fit for the type of offense McDaniels operates. If you wanted to go in that direction, I think you can do a lot worse. Belichick disciples have not had success when they venture off on their own. Yet few have put themselves in the position to deserve a second chance. McDaniels has done that.

Doug Pederson (unemployed)
Pederson’s spell in Philadelphia is quite strange. He turned around a flailing franchise and won Philly’s first ever Super Bowl. He did so despite losing his franchise quarterback during the season. That Eagles season is one of the best coach-jobs in living memory. Yet as Carson Wentz’s world collapsed, so did the Eagles. The fact Nick Foles was so popular in Philly seemed to impact Wentz as much as the injuries. By the time they were drafting Jalen Hurts in round two, the situation began to implode. Pederson was out and yet he’s still a Super Bowl winning coach who did a tremendous job. I think he would thrive in Seattle. He’d get to work with an established quarterback or move in a different direction. He’s shown he can build a staff. It’s an appointment that might not blow anyone away but it’d make a lot of sense.

Todd Bowles (DC, Tampa Bay)
I’ve always liked what Bowles has been able to do as a coordinator. Give him talent and he produces results. I can’t blame him for not succeeding with the Jets. It feels like a cursed franchise with problems at the very top festering down. Provided he was able to bring a top play-caller with him, it’d be intriguing to see what he could do in Seattle. He’s also worked with, and had success with, Jamal Adams in New York. It’s the kind of hire that might give you a shot at getting something out of that trade.

Three names I suspect will get mentioned that I haven’t included are Eric Bienemy, Dan Quinn and Brian Darboll.

In Bienemy’s case, I’m just not sure how much he personally has contributed to the Chiefs offense rather than Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes. He’s been passed over for many previous jobs with people citing disappointing interviews and some character baggage from his past.

With Quinn, I think he’s landed on his feet with the Cowboys — at the time they acquired Trevon Diggs and Micah Parsons. Yes he deserves credit for putting them in a position to succeed. Yet in Seattle he had the benefit of working with the LOB era Seahawks and now he’s inherited a fantastic situation in Dallas. He took Atlanta to a Super Bowl largely thanks to Kyle Shanahan creating a MVP season for Matt Ryan. Once Shanahan departed, the wheels fell off.

I thought Darboll did a fantastic job elevating Josh Allen last year and expected big things again this season. Buffalo coming out throwing against Seattle again and again last season will stick long in the memory. Hearing Carroll say he expected a heavy dose of run, only for Darboll to do the exact opposite, showed a coach willing to adapt to his opponent. Too often Carroll has been left wanting in that regard.

Yet Allen and the Bills have endured some tough moments this year. They’re still set to win the AFC East. I’m just not sure we’ve seen enough to really invest in a coach who has been something of a journeyman over the years. And let’s be right here — Allen is a physical phenom who covers a lot of warts.

3. Russell Wilson and the Giants

We’ve discussed this connection a lot for obvious reasons. With a trade feeling increasingly likely, the Giants stand out as a strong contender for Wilson.

Firstly, they were linked heavily with him in 2019 before he signed his most recent contract. Secondly, Jordan Schultz — and then Ian Rapoport — reported that Wilson had extended his list of potential destinations to include the Giants. Then, Albert Breer casually predicted Wilson would be New York’s next quarterback in a social media Q&A.

Adam Schefter reported yesterday that both Head Coach Joe Judge and quarterback Daniel Jones would be back with the Giants in 2022.

It’s time to read the tea leaves here.

If I’m the Giants, I’d be wary of all the sudden Wilson talk. If you plan to make a splash, it’s not a good thing that the media is whipping things up into a frenzy. It does nothing for your bargaining position and sets people up for disappointment if it doesn’t happen.

Let’s remember how the sausage is made in the NFL media world. I suspect Schefter is doing the Giants a solid here. His report yesterday lowers expectations and provides at least some minor bargaining power. I’m not sure anyone buys their faith in Daniel Jones — but that’s the line they have to stick to in negotiations.

It won’t be a major shock if Schefter gets a nice juicy Giants scoop down the line. It’s the way the NFL world turns.

Here’s the thing though — momentum is building and the Giants are more desperate than Sunday’s report implied.

As we’ve been discussing — John Mara the owner is under immense pressure. The Giants have now suffered five straight double-digit loss seasons. Mara is being booed at ceremonies to celebrate Eli Manning and Michael Strahan. The franchise has become a PR disaster.

They are the definition of a desperate team needing something — anything — to create positive headlines.

And while the team might want to play things down, here’s the New York Post’s back page today:

Inside the paper, Ian O’Connor wrote an article stating: ‘Giants should do everything they can to trade for Russell Wilson

Whatever your opinion of Wilson — he’s one of the biggest names in the NFL. At a time when both New York teams are proving to be utterly hopeless, the media are clamouring for a big name to cover.

They’re not going to be writing articles about how the Giants find value or whether Wilson’s finger injury will linger. They’re only going to want a big story to cover. They’ll focus on the positives — Wilson’s best form, what he’s capable of, what he could bring.

Furthermore, the Giants are one of the few teams with the draft stock to make a really tempting offer. I wrote on Christmas Eve about how fans who want a Wilson trade should root for the Jets and Texans. Both won yesterday. If this is the direction you wish to go in, hope for a top-four pick courtesy of the Giants (who need to leapfrog the Jets and Texans to get into that range). It’s the best shot to draft a potential blue-chip player.

And for what it’s worth — I think the Seahawks need to listen to what offers are out there for Wilson as soon as the season ends. My preference is for a Green Bay-style rebuild and I’ve made my case for that. I think my argument is logical, even if some disagree.

But I also accept that with each passing week, with each disappointing performance, it may well be best for Wilson and the Seahawks to both have a fresh start.

This can’t be a situation that drags on and on into the off-season. It would be wise for other teams to be alerted and be instructed to make their best offer before the end of January.

The Seahawks need to know what they’re planning for in 2022. They won’t receive that clarity until Wilson’s future is fully addressed.

Has his stock dipped based on the way he’s playing currently? Maybe. But let’s also note that Carson Wentz, clinging to one final chance to stick in the NFL, cost a first round pick. Sam Bradford cost multiple high picks over his bang average career. Matt Stafford, with none of Wilson’s back-catalogue, cost two first round picks.

Heck — even Jamal Adams cost two firsts and a third.

Desperate teams will make big offers. They will focus on what adding Wilson will mean. They’ll discuss the economic benefit as well as the football benefit.

And they’ll look at this quarterback draft class and see no obvious solutions. As much as this weak class is a motivation for certain teams entering the veteran market, it’s also a good bargaining chip for the Seahawks.

‘If you want our guy, you better compensate us for inheriting your situation’.

4. People need to be honest about Bobby Wagner

I’ve voiced concern about Wagner’s performances and, at times, his effort in games this season. I’ve also received some flack for that.

Yet it’s increasingly clear that we need to have a proper, serious conversation about Wagner and his future.

In the last two games he’s received a 46.8 grade against Chicago and a 37.0 grade against LA, per PFF. While he’s collecting a high number of tackles — no real context is being provided to whether this is actually a good thing or not.

With Jordyn Brooks third on the list too — it seems indicative of the way Seattle is playing, more than anything.

I’ve specifically watched Wagner in numerous games this year, using all-22 via GamePass. I’m not for a second saying it’s all bad. It isn’t. Wagner hasn’t turned into a useless player. Yet there are concerning trends that simply aren’t being talked about and for the cost and reputation of the player in question, I think a wider discussion is important.

Too often he is hesitant to make contact and appears passive. It’s unclear why. I think a classic example was last week against the Rams. He had an angle on the ball-carrier in space but seemed to stand and watch as Darrell Taylor came flying in from distance to make a crushing hit. I’ve seen him riding blocks downfield when defending screens. He’ll peak at ball-carriers when he has an open lane, refusing to engage blocks or go and attack the man with the ball.

At times you watch him and wonder what’s going on. Is he hurt? Nothing is ever reported by the team. He seems out of it at times, like he’s going through the motions.

It’s almost blasphemy in Seattle to criticise Wagner. He’s a legendary player who will likely be a future Hall of Famer. There’s every chance #54 will be retired in the future. He deserves to be remembered as one of the all-time great Seahawks.

Yet there’s simply no way they can justify his $20m cap hit next season. He’s practically untradable due to his contract so there’s no other choice but to cut him.

That has to happen and while so much attention is focused on Wilson’s contract, future and performances, it’s important to discuss Wagner too.

I’m afraid there’s no getting away from the reality that his play has really dropped off, he isn’t playing with anything like the intensity you might think and his contract cannot be justified.

It’s time to put Jordyn Brooks at the heart of the second level defense and shift Wagner’s massive salary to the trenches for 2022.

I spent the last off-season arguing that the Seahawks should trade Wagner and Adams and use the money saved to rebuild the lines. It wasn’t an opinion widely shared or encouraged.

Yet sitting here today, it’s exactly what should’ve happened.

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  1. cha

    Oh my goodness. Pete just completely 180’d his entire coaching philosophy about developing young players.

    Michael S-D just asked PC what improving looks like – what is his vision?

    He said ‘putting experienced guys on the field in key times.’ Example gave of a Tyler Lockett being more experienced than say Colby Parkinson or Dee Eskridge.

    Seriously? Because we’ve been putting the young guys on the field too much?

    • Rob Staton

      We got a new angle on ‘How good is Bobby Wagner?’ today to finish the press conference.

      Right at the time we’re discussing his concerning play.

      • cha

        And Pete pointing to his track record when asked how he’s going to get this team back to being competitive.

        I did like the Jody questions. Pete kept trying to pivot to how awesome Jody is and the corps just kept asking about her involvement.

        • Roy Batty

          Pete’s platitudes of Allen sound downright silly. He is under fire from all sides and the best he can do is flatter her in the public eye, while obfuscating his answers to meaningful questions.

          I mentioned in the previous article about Allen and her possibly signaling a major change in leadership by telling Pete and John that her team will now have final say on any and all personnel decisions. On down low, of course, to avoid embarrassing them.

          I hope to god she has done something along those lines. Otherwise, who knows the damage that can be done by Pete before he is shown the door.

    • BobbyK

      From a personnel standpoint, the smartest thing they could now is start Stone Forsyth at LT. Can he be that guy? We have two weeks to figure that out and we would figure it out if he played.

      Would Duane Brown be mad? Maybe. Competitors want to play. But – he’s going to be a FA and there’s always a chance for injury and him mentoring Forsyth would guarantee him health when others bid on his services (including the Seahawks). Brown could easily tear a labrum, ACL, or something that would horrifically destroy his FA value and cost him millions. I would think in that case starting Forsyth would make the most sense.

      If Pete had any long-term view of this organization and planned to be back next year – that’s what he should do. That’s what he would have done in 2011. But he doesn’t do that anymore and that’s a big problem.

      • BobbyK


        Reason I bring this up is because Pete does not have a clue who the best players are sometimes.

        Remember when washed up Marcus Truant started over WTIII? Trufant got hurt and it was clear WTIII was a better player.

        Then WTIII got hurt and Richard Sherman was forced to play CB. He didn’t “win” the job, he got the job because two CBs who were supposedly better than him got hurt.

        Richard Sherman became legendary. A future HOFer. Yet Pete Carroll had him at third-string because he wouldn’t let him play.

        In no way am I saying Stone Forsyth is destined for the Pro Bowl. But lets see what he can do because it’s clear Pete doesn’t know unless it’s a real game situation.

        • BobbyK

          Clarification: Sherman didn’t become legendary eventually. He was a clear upgrade from the moment he stepped on the field. It was clear by a few weeks into his starting career that he was better than WTIII and the washed up bum, which is what Trufant was by that point in his career. Pete has patterns of this crap throughout his career. I just don’t know how coaches can’t know who their best players are?

        • Adam Cook

          I think a lot of guys should get more playing time,including Stone. I like Rob’s idea of a GB style rebuild,he even brought up the guy I think best suited with Wilson…Kellen Moore. If me move on from Wilson things are little more open in terms of coach but a QB I’m not hearing about a lot is Gardner Minshew,guy can play and has some starts with success under his belt. He could be the bridge or the guy if things work out. I have to admit that I’ve been critical of 4ob and his evaluation of this team for a couple of years,turns out he was 100% correct and I have some crow to eat. Thanks for all of the hard work Rob.

      • Whit21

        I dont think taking Duane Brown out of the lineup for forsythe is the move.. I think taking some of the Vets on defense and giving them the start and then putting Jordyn Brooks or Cody Barton at MLB.. maybe taking Diggs off the field for younger guys..

        Even tho most of our secondary is now backups anyway.. You can see Quandre isn’t trying to tackle.. Most notably against the rams when Michel somehow sneaks by him for a 39 yard run. It was pathetic.

        And Bobby W going up against Montgomery in the flat.. It was 3rd and 10 i believe and he just stands there when Montgomery got the pass and didnt try to make up ground and redirect him or anything.. just stood there and gets ahold of him and he drags bobby for a first down..

        Older vents on Def are just not playing hard. Cant say the same thing on the Oline..

      • hobro

        Who cares what Duane Brown thinks? He’s surely not going to be on the team next year.

        What did you think about Jake Curhan at right tackle?

        • BobbyK

          Very encouraged. Already a good/solid run blocking RT and with only being a R the pass blocking can/will improve. I like the idea of him having a strength (good run blocking RT) even though his pass blocking at RT may only be so-so. This makes a TE like Will Dissly more important than marshmallows like Colby Parkinson who are pretty much worthless at TE because they have no physicality (like his worthless hold yesterday because he’s so weak).

      • DT

        If you go this route you better start Geno.
        As bad as the line plays at times, it can get worse.
        Whether you want to jeep Russ or trade him, you cant put him in a position that could be more likely to get him seriously hurt.

        • BobbyK

          We’re talking 1 player and a guy (Forsyth) who would replace a guy (Brown) who has been giving up edge pressure lately. I have no interest in a jeep Russ. I don’t even know what that means. Although having a LT like George Fant as a rookie or that bum Bradley Sowell as a starting LT is something these clowns have tried through the years, too. No way this can be any worse, aside from actually knowing what you have in Forsyth going into the future. But as Pete has proven – he doesn’t care.

          • DT

            It was keep Russ, just a simple typo.
            And Duane still makes plays, likely more than stone will.
            And those other guys are from an era when Russ was more mobile. That is a huge dice role with your most valuable player/asset to learn that PCJS still don’t know how to evaluate OL.

  2. JJ

    The more this season has rolled on I am leaning toward a complete redo of the front office/coaching staff. I have been off the PC wagon and for awhile, but had thought maybe freeing JS from him would make things better. The drafts, free agency and trades have just been awful and everyone should be held accountable.

    When it comes to the field what does this team excel at? I can’t pinpoint anything. We should be able to say our receiving has been exceptional, but it isn’t. How do we explain what has happened to DK the last 8 weeks? How are we not getting him the ball. Scheme? Wilson? It is just sad to have one of the most exciting players in the game and we can’t figure out how to get him the damn ball.

    I am looking forward to the news to come fast when this season is over. Besides looking at Indianapolis front office I would look at Baltimore and New Orleans as well.

  3. Matthew

    PC, JS, RW just need to separate. They all will be more successful elsewhere. I don’t think any of them can stay here though. Too much baggage. Things fall apart. Thanks for the continued top level coverage Rob, always enjoy reading your thoughts.

    • Derek

      Question I have is why JS hasn’t been criticized more for not making them conditional picks to protect them in the event it was a top 15 pick or top 5 pick. We’ve seen this before, normally with players involved, making the pick convert to future picks or alternative picks in same year. Maybe that wasn’t possible but seems like a smart thing to do for any GM and could have made sense to both teams with the right deal I would think.

      I get that the expectation was that the Seahawks would be winning but to look back in time, the defense and offense have been in steady decline at least indicating losing was possible, even if this year was completely beyond their imagination.

      This whole debacle is reminiscent of 2009 when we traded our 2nd rd pick to Denver for their 2010 1st rd pick, which ended up being 14 overall and resulted in Earl Thomas.. a nice starting point to the PC/JS era.

      • Roy Batty

        The thing that keeps buzzing in my head about the whole Adams debacle is the fact that the guy with the final say on all personnel decisions is a DB coach, at heart. He’s a guy who absolutely adores a dominant secondary (even though he’s been shite at developing one for years now).

        Getting Adams at any cost doesn’t smell like a Schneider trade, to me. It smells more like a desperate HC who became enamored with a disillusioned safety. A HC who misjudged his ability to entice quality defensive players to come play for him, so he’s resorted to a Hail Mary trade to save his season.

        Until we have proof otherwise, I will always put this debacle on Pete, not Schneider.

        • David Ashton

          I wonder if Seahawks will trot out the same bullshit this year of the draft like they did last.

          Well…. look here at our top 10 selection in the 2022 draft…. its PREZZZZZZ….. AGAIN!!!!

          Hopefully the franchise has worked out the trade stinks and that will put them off a repeat of last year (which lets be honest was already in bad taste). But I wouldnt put anything past it. Its the pomp of confidence and lack of any self awareness that is really starting to pong when following this team.

  4. Poli

    Hopefully Wagner and Myers are let go to open up the cap room, and trade Adams and Poona to open up even more.

    I really only want Wilson traded if they can get Watson or Rodgers in return, or if he demands a trade even if PC/JS are fired.

    Would love to see Wilson and Payton in Seattle.

    • Hawks4life

      Not sold one bit on getting an old but still good Rodgers when we have so much work to do with the roster.

      • Poli


        But the Chiefs basically rebuilt their OL this past off-season, so if they have options to load up on the OL and DL through FA and draft, with the right coaching it could be an attractive option for Rodgers possibly.

  5. Ben

    Nice article Rob and I agree with your idea of bringing in a “football head of franchise” with a background in scouting. As for your new coach suggestions, I’d be my preference to have an offensive minded head coach. The way the league is tending, it doesn’t seem as if defense is that important to the NFL powers that be. Might as well go with the flow and do everything to put up as many points as possible and hold on while playing defense. The 2021 Hawks are already pretty much playing defense this way. LOL!

    “I would look to bring in Chris Peterson as a football tsar.“

    No chance. Even if there was a chance, his message would not resonate with professional athletes. Yes the same was said about Carroll in 2010, but he and Petersen are not even remotely similar

    • Rob Staton

      He wouldn’t need his message to resonate.

      He would be a mentor for Kellen Moore in that suggestion and a consultant for ownership.

      • Ben

        Good point. Still no chance tho.

        • Rob Staton

          I don’t think you’ve provided a compelling argument to say with conviction that there’s no chance

          • Ben

            Neither have you.

            Rob, what do you know about Chris Petersen, the man? His passions are not coaching/advising football players or coaches. He has stated multiple times he wants nothing to do with the NFL. Are you just suggesting him because he lives in Seattle or do you have any background info?

            • Neville

              I like the idea, though probably a long shot. I think Rob suggested it as a way to help Kellen Moore, which makes a lot of sense given their history. I think he might actually prefer the NFL than the current college environment (no recruiting, NIL, transfer portal nonsense). After being out of coaching for the last couple of years, he may have another run in him. He’s still young enough and too young IMO to pack it in.

            • Rob Staton

              I suggested he could be a potential consultant to ownership and mentor to Kellen Moore, given his inexperience as a coach.

              You seem to have reacted to that suggestion like I’ve suggested he should be Seattle’s next starting quarterback.

              I’m not sure why Ben.

    • Malc from PO

      I love and admire Chris Petersen as a man and lived in Boise throughout the Chris Petersen/Kellen Moore years before we moved to Seattle and followed the Petersen Huskies. Rob’s idea that he might be a consultant is intriguing – my own opinion based on the way he left UW is that he wouldn’t seek any kind of role in a high pressure NFL environment. He was born to get the most out of high character college age men with a chip on their shoulder which is why he was such a success at Boise State. The whole community loved him and he thrived there. By all accounts he was miserable at UW and found the whole experience demoralizing. I can’t imagine being an NFL power behind the throne would suit him at all. As for Kellen Moore – Jerry Jones seems to have his eye on him as Dallas’s next HC and I think there is very little chance of getting him away from that organization. He was kept on after Garrett was sacked and is in an ideal position to replace McCarthy when his tenure is done.

  6. James Z

    It all starts with Carroll either resigning or being fired. If that doesn’t happen (to even think that it might not happen is mind-blowing) then we’re all just pissing into the wind.

    And thinking that Wagner needs to be brought back at $20 million is just a retelling of the fairy tale of The Emperor Has No Clothes due to the obviousness of his current ability deficit.

  7. clbradley17

    He just doesn’t get it and needs to be replaced ASAP. Per ESPN’s Brady Henderson: “As the Seattle Seahawks wind down their worst season in more than a decade, coach Pete Carroll doesn’t believe a “restart” is in order. “Not for one reason at all am I thinking that we have to restart this whole thing and create a new philosophy and a new approach and all that,” he told 710 ESPN Seattle on Monday. “I don’t think that. I think we’ve got the essence of the things that we need. We’ve got to build on them, we’ve got to support it better and we’ve got to continue to grow and progress. There ain’t no standing still, but there’s the foundation for doing things.”

    Carroll, who has final say on personnel matters, said the Seahawks were “very optimistic” about their level of talent going into this season. He mentioned their offensive line in particular, saying it’s been “fine” and hasn’t been the problem “at all.” But he said the Seahawks have been “up against it” with how loaded the rest of the NFC West is. They’ve gone 2-3 in divisional games.

    Carroll was asked on 710 ESPN Seattle if he’s confident about the future of the team.

    “Yeah, we have to continue to build, though,” he said. “We’ve got to get better and keep bringing in the players that can help us make the difference. We’ve got to get healthy again and we’ll see how that goes. The quarterback position with Russ having to deal with what he’s dealt with — which most players could not have handled the way he did — we’ve got to see how he bounces back. He will certainly be great again. He’s going to be a great player. I don’t feel like it shows right now, but I think that’s what’s going to happen because he’s got it in him to do that.

    “So we build around those factors and all of the pluses that we can generate. We’ve got contracts, we’ve got a lot of free agents. We’ll figure that out later but there’s a lot of questions and things that we’ve got to [get] through and figure out. It’s just not the time. It’s not the time to asses all of that. But there’s a lot to look at and there’s a lot of positives and a lot of plusses.”

  8. hobro

    Russ was quoted as saying ““I was trying to play ball like I know how to do, and always do — try to move around and try to see if we can find a touchdown there.” I think it’s pretty revealing that he would say he always plays like he “knows how to” – which basically is sand lot football. It worked 8 or 10 years ago. It isn’t working now.

    Pete is well past his best-before date and ought to go gracefully, but I worry that a new head coach and new offensive coordinator won’t make much progress if the quarterback is going to play “like to he knows how to” and not within whatever scheme they try to install.

    I don’t have an alternative though.

    • Shane

      This quote by Russ is exactly what I’ve been saying for the past 2-3 yrs. He’s an athletic QB who isn’t athletic anymore, not by NFL standards. Russ has never been a ball control pocket passer, its simply not his game. He took over games with his legs and moon ball shots that’s the only way he knows how to play QB. Problem is he can’t out run defenders any more. I’m soooo done watching him make 30 whatever million and play the only way he can at this point in his career. I fear if he doesn’t end up on a really talented team his legacy will take a Donavan McNab type nose dive.

      • Rob Staton

        I think people are going a bit OTT here.

        How much ‘scrambling’ was he doing during his best spell last season when he looked unstoppable at times?

        Why are people not acknowledging the injury impacting his play this season?

        Feels a little bit like all perspective is being lost here.

        • hobro

          Your judgment about the impact of the injury on his passing accuracy is more likely to be right than mine, but a finger injury doesn’t explain away his greatly reduced mobility. And if he’s going to “play ball like I know how to do” regardless of the scheme, what difference does it make who the OC is?

          • Rob Staton

            People keep talking about this ‘greatly reduced mobility’.

            What if the offense, by design, has called for less running/scrambling?

            Wilson has always taken frustrating sacks. Even in the first few years. He’s not going to ever be a 4.5 runner again. He’s slower. But people are acting like he’s Joe Flacco.

            I find the conversation around Wilson a bit bizarre at times.

            • Roy Batty

              I thought they talked about Russ having an ankle injury last week?

              Wilson has a history of playing through pain, so I wouldn’t deem it unlikely that his injury is a bit more than he is telling. All conjecture, of course, but it would explain a lot if he has had a nagging ankle injury for longer than anyone has known.

            • Shane

              If Wilson can evolve into a ball control pocket passer I’ll change my tune. It won’t happen. 3 OCs have tried to help evolve his game, but it’s as stale as Pete’s defensive philosophy. He is who he is as a player. I’ll cherish those first 5 or 6 yrs with Russ, and to this point he’s he best QB the Hawks have ever had, but his decline has been rapid and sadly it won’t end unless he lands on a really good football team and Seattle isn’t that team.

              • Starhawk29

                Yes, but who are those 3 OCs? Do you think any of them are particularly good? Let’s not forget a good portion of ball control pocket passing is intelligent play design with appropriate counter punches. I might buy your argument if we had demonstrably great coaching on that side of the ball. Instead we had Bevell, who’s been average to bad at his last two jobs, and Schotty, who couldn’t find another OC job last year.

                I think giving up on a QB with Russ’ potential and history of success before you’ve seen him with a legitimate top notch offensive coach is a mistake. I might be wrong. Russ might be cooked. But I will take the bet that he returns to form any day of the week.

                • Peter

                  It’s not just that. PC and shottenheimer separating after the best three seasons Wilson had because Schotty didn’t/couldn’t run Pete’s system shows that the OC’s good, bad, indifferent are not here to “develop,” Wilson.

                  It’s tough when people sort of sigh and say “he is what he is,” with resignation…

                  So one of the more accurate passers to ever do it? The fastest qb to 100 wins? A qb 4 seasons running throws a +4 td / to interception rate?

              • Rob Staton

                I see you’ve gone with the old ‘ignore all points raised and just keep repeating myself’ tactic of debating

    • Whit21

      Russ can still run.. Does nobody remember the QB draw he did against WFT, when they punted 5 strait times.. It was the first “first Down” in 5 possessions. Looked ok to me on that play. Not like he used to but still plenty quick..

      Tom Brady can still take wide open lanes and run.. its not rocket science.. Wilson just isnt taking the clear chances to run and get possitive yards.. hes just tryin to push the ball down field.. if he wont be a 3 or 400 yard rushing Qb.. then he cant be as affective as he can be..

    • MegaMel86

      My main question when I hear that quote is under whose direction is Russell playing like that? The offensive game plan should be based around what Russ CAN do, not what he’s capable of at full strength because it’s clear he’s nowhere 100%. Literally this is stuff Pete was preaching when he got here. It wasn’t about what a player couldn’t do, but what they could. And the team put those guys in positions to succeed. This team still tries to play like it’s the most talented roster in the game and it just isn’t

  9. KSB

    While Pete is my all time favorite Seahawks coach. Since the Falcons playoff loss. I’ve been wanting a major rebuild as I could see it was needed. But Pete just has this feeling that he has a great foundation and is only a player or two away from going back to the Superbowl. It’s not happening, but Pete still believes.

    I guess this interview confirms why they haven’t replaced the team with young talent. But more with free agent signings and trades.

    As you have been saying Rob. It’s not working and it’s now time for change.

    Russ knows this. As its been leaked to the media that he wouldn’t mind being traded and would remove his no trade clause. He’s ready to move on. Can’t say I blame the guy.

    I do like the idea of them going after Sean Payton. Maybe that would make Russ re consider being traded.

    I can’t see them keeping a 20mil LB on the roster next year. But I didn’t think they thought Adams would be the difference maker and give up what they did for him either.

    Jody Allen has to realize that change is needed, if she cares about this franchise.

    • Big Mike

      “Jody Allen has to realize that change is needed, if she cares about this franchise.”

      Does she though or is she buying Carroll’s bullshit? Not saying you’re wrong but seriously, no one knows. We will find out however, soon enough.

      • KSB

        That’s what I’m curious about too.

  10. Aaron

    Pete needs an intervention, this is beyond ridiculous, it’s getting sad and pathetic at this point.

    • BobbyK

      RW was right a couple years ago when he called for more “superstars.”

      What did Pete do? He blew $50 million on bums.

      This is an organization who went from lots of superstars or guys close to being superstars to one that has limited stars and too many bum starters.

      Kam was better than Adams now.

      Diggs is good but he’s no eraser like ET.

      Sherman was one of the top CBs in his prime of all time. We have nothing like that at CB now.

      Wagner used to be good. Old Wagner isn’t nearly as good. He’s a fond memory.

      KJ vs Brooks is debatable. Not even going there because it’s a minor detail.

      We have no Mebane, though Woods is okay.

      We don’t have Clem, Avril, or Bennett, though Taylor “could” be good.

      Just looking at superstars vs. bums on defense is pretty telling. You know?

    • Rob Staton

      You’re right — that’s exactly right.

      It is sad and pathetic.

      It’s difficult to listen to Pete now. I want this to end so we can just remember the good times. I don’t want to see him become the villain.

      • KSB

        I don’t want to see be the villain either. But I’m afraid he going to be if he sticks around.

        We all know that this defense is nowhere near what it once was. That was one of the top defenses in NFL. But I didn’t expect it to become this bad with Pete being a defensive minded coach.

        To be honest seeing how the defense has deteriorated over the last few years is almost as frustrating as the offensive line has been over the years.

        With Pete rejecting any rebuild and thinking they are only a player away from making a run at the Superbowl. Really has me concerned.

      • Gary

        Too late. Far too late.

  11. Jordan

    I wonder if a ‘golden parachute’ to an Elway-type , or Coughlin, figurehead role would be more appropriate for Pete. Hands off of the day to day minutia but more of public face / voice for ownership. As I think his strengths – positivity, social interactions, community relations are better served with a desk job at this point.

    Though I probably can’t envision a competitor like Pete being satisfied in a largely ceremonial job.

    I speak as a Vancouver Canucks fan who has recently seen that team hire beloved legends. Just seems to be good for the vibes.

    • Rob Staton

      It might be more appropriate but he’d never accept it.

      He isn’t a ‘desk job’ kind of guy. He’s hands on, in the field, control freak.

      • Jordan

        You’re right.

        It’s too bad, because I feel like the man has a lot to offer an/any organization. Even if his on-field performance has grown stale.

        • Roy Batty

          Pete Carroll in a suit just looks wrong, and Pete Carroll watching a game from a skybox would look wrong.

          I want to remember him as the gum chewing, sideline roaming, fist pumping dynamo who never ran out of energy.

          I do not want to remember him as the old guy they kicked upstairs so he was out of the way of the new regime.

  12. Cysco

    I’ve come to believe Pete has no intention of walking away. If he’s going to be gone, he’ll have to be let go.

    If he had intentions of walking away, I think we’d know about it at this point. There would be a positive tone to the rest of the season and the sentiment towards Pete would be completely different. The man’s ego is so huge. He’d want his celebration and honors. Instead, he’s out here doing his pressers and talk’n crazy.

    I think he’s just that out of touch and stubborn and we’re heading towards him getting fired. It’s kinda sad we’ve come to this.

    • Jordan

      Yes, but the ceremonial goodbye tour that Holmgren got is far from the norm.

      Most successful tenures end on a disappointing note – nothing to be ashamed of, just the nature of the job. Andy Reid in Philly, Dungy in Tampa, McCarthy in Green Bay. Odds are
      against the Belichick, Payton, Tomlin regimes finishing while on top as well.

  13. Kevin Mullen

    I am in the “Trade Wilson” camp as I’ve seen enough in the last few years that he won’t grow as a qb should in his current time at the qb position. He can’t read past his first look, won’t step up into the pocket to give his OLine a chance to block, and he’s too quick to try the scramble drill he’s been known for (although some magical moments have come of this).

    But needless to say, I’ve seen enough that at his current age, qb skill that he’s more than likely hit his ceiling, and not sure if even having Sean Payton (tho intriguing) could even help unless Wilson completely changes his instincts to not do what he’s been doing the last couple years. If there’s a time to maximize our best player trade value, it’s now. I’d hate for us to keep a player past his

    I’d be willing to give a year or three to either a placeholder and/or rookie qb to hopefully find another gem. I mean, that’s how we found Wilson. I’m also in the “Let JS Cook” as we aren’t sure what he can do without full ownership of draft picks/trades. PC has full control of personnel. So unless we know who’s responsible for which player drafted, FA negotiated, we really can’t say JS hadn’t had the chance Chris Ballard was afforded. It’s probably why JS never got in serious consideration for any executive the year nods. It’s because PC has absolute say. I’d like to give JS a shot.

    • Peter

      Are you willing to go 5 years? 10?

      You and I are not going to be able to discuss the pro /cons of wilson.

      Not against your perspective of the situation. But casting hope into a future to find a gem because Seattle was able to find a market shortcoming….literally the market didn’t want short QB’s…..because we did it before?

      I dunno. I’m about seeing the team win and have a sense they could beat other good teams. I’m not interested in place holders and “try hards,” just to be doing it in the hopes that you redraft Wilson or are so bad you can take mahomes 10th overall. And thats being lucky. Mayfield, manzeil, winston, newton, goff, etc, all a pile of names on the roadside of trying to find a gem.

      • RIP Sonics

        Yes, the year with hasselback and marshawn, mike rob, big red, chris clemons, mike williams in 2009 is still one of my favorites as a fan. Even in the hay day of holmgren the teams were t as exciting and unique as some of the early carroll teams with worse records. Even in losing seasons i have felt more connected and procured more enjoyment watching this team than in recent years. NFL is based on parody, bad seasons mean more exciting draft and every offseason is marked with hope. Thats the beauty. More exciting draft means looking for players to develop and having hope for things to get better. This roster with a 35 million dollar quarterback is tapped out. Now because of the jamal adams trade things look bleak because we dont get the pick to give hope. We could be bad in record but is will most definitely be more exciting than the current brand of football in my opinion. I would rather watch a rookie or garder minshew struggle than roll this out next year. Even when the offense was rolling with russ was that football really as entertaining as kam forklifting hardesty in a 6-3 win against the browns or big red getting a pick 6 and high stepping in. I am ready to be excited watching players develop and vets compete with chips on their shoulder than veterans join because they think they have a chance at latching on to a winning team. I want dogs who feel like they’ve been rejected by the league and have something to prove. I want legit blue chip players who buy into a team rather than making business decisions. I understand the hesitancy to take the jump but Id sleep in the that bed regardless.

        • RIP Sonics

          *Typed on phone, apologize for spelling and gramar 😉

  14. cha

    Anyone else finding it strange that all the big players and talkers haven’t said much of anything about the Seahawks in the wake of yesterday’s loss?

    Peter King


    Unless I missed something?

    • Rob Staton

      Probably feel like there’s nothing new to add.

      But it was a bit disappointing to see nothing on the team today.

    • Gross MaToast

      I was surprised, too. Maybe they, like some of us around here, were expecting breaking news today regarding Pete and the Seahawks. What we got instead was talk about alignment between Pete and Jody and how there’s no need for a restart.

      Pete’s open-minded like that, always willing to do things the way they’ve always been done.

    • jeff

      Great call cha.

      The dogs have been asked to stand down.

      Something is afoot.

    • Roy Batty

      Maybe it’s a simple explanation of a bad team not getting much press as the playoff races heat up. Once the story of Pete being on the hot seat had been discussed, there wasn’t much more to say until ownership actually steps forward and says something.

      It could also be that the national guys weren’t seeing much traction with their listeners/viewers and decided to let the situation fade into the background until something bubbled up.

  15. Seahawkwalt

    Rob if we’re on the clock w Evans and Stingley on the board, whom would you choose

    • Jordan

      Not Rob. But, trenches, trenches, trenches.

    • Rob Staton

      Ask me in March

    • Peter

      Stingley is amazing. But ending years of piss poor oline play for me, equates to more wins.

  16. Forrest

    I can’t see Pete getting rid of Wilson, Adams OR Wagner. That’s the problem! He’ll add a couple middle of the road free agents and hope for the best with the same schemes.

    We’ll beat the Lions without their starting QB this week and Pete will express excitement about how great this team is and how they’re heading in the right direction.

    • BobbyK

      It’s a decent plan if you can promise me they’ll draft Jonathan Taylor in the 2nd round, Damien Lewis in the 3rd round, KJ Wright and Will Dissly in the 4th round (I have a soft spot for TEs who can block), and Richard Sherman in the 5th round.

  17. Whit21

    I think your options are pretty solid Rob. Plus I agree 100% with your Matt LaFluer post. GB went with RB heavy drafts and had their option at QB and WR.. Got their new HC and signed some pass rushers.. 13 win team with rooking head coach..

    Id love nothing more than Pete ride off into the sunset.. Get your next head coach finalized and then see where RW is at. If his future is not in the cards then try to get the best compensation you can.

    But this era is over.. No more can they run the ball and manage the clock. The defense cant hold teams to punts and lower scores..

    It makes pete’s offense just horrid. Every once in a while Russ can hit on the deep shot on 3rd n short but the more times he fails and they are forced to punt. The defense then has to play the most snaps in the league..

    If you go back to LOB era and look at the score and final scores.. they didn’t run away from a lot of teams.. even when RW was doing more zone read and getting positive yards…

    He’s not running.. and the offense cant sustain 10+ drives.. Pete ball is dead.. It doesn’t work without a top 10 defense. I believe that’s why there has only been 1 playoff win in 5 years.. its a slow decline to bad defense picks in the draft and not bringing in top talent on the Dine Band aide’s in the secondary is showing opposing offenses that you don’t need big plays against the Seahawk defense.. you just need decent runs and short to intermediate passing attack..

    If everyone else knows more about Paul Allen and his unwillingness to tolerate mediocrity without actually knowing him… Then for the love of god.. someone show Jody Allen what needs to be done..

    I’m a firm believer that with Paul Allen’s passing the power structure went into the toilet and allowed this Pete VS Russell to start and fester.

    No more retools.. Pete’s time should be over.

  18. Rob Staton

    Look how the Dolphins have schemed ways to get the ball to Jayden Waddle, get him away from certain coverages and manufacture a creative touchdown in the red zone.

    When have the Seahawks ever done this with one of their receivers???

    • Whit21

      You can say they did “some” scheming” for Doug Baldwin .. Or they used him to his best skillset..

      • Rob Staton

        They never schemed Baldwin like Miami are doing with Waddle tonight

        They know Waddle is their best player on offense and they’re making sure he wins them the game

        • clbradley17

          GB does the same thing with Adams, with everyone on D knowing every week he’s always looking for him, Tenn. does the same thing with AJ Brown, and many other teams scheme their best players open consistently. Even the NYJ and Dallas did it with backups White and Rush throwing for 300+ yards each when their starters were hurt. It seems like we can hardly ever do that or adjust to their D being able to adjust in the 2nd half. RW only threw for 21 yards in the entire 2nd half against the Bears. Pathetic.

          Great article Rob, and you’re spot on. We need for Pete to step down or Jody Allen to fire him so we can bring in some of these other options this week. But it seems like Pete won’t step down and thinks the OL is “fine” and we only need a few tweaks, according to his Mon. interview. Maybe a loss to the Lions will force their hand, but the best OCs or others may already be gone or made up their mind by then.

          • Rob Staton

            A loss to the Bears should’ve forced their hand already

    • cha

      82,2% of Tua’s throws are on target, easily the best in the NFL.

  19. Jordan

    I keep coming back to Ron’s really good point re: keeping Russ and the parallels to the Rodgers/Green Bay dynamic.

    Rodgers looked absolutely cooked and finished late in the McCarthy tenure, and at a more advanced age than Russ is now. Now he’s an every season elite qb again.

    Russ is younger now than Rodgers was then, and has been the healthier player up until this season.

    • Rob Staton

      And for all the people who say Rodgers was different to Wilson

      The Packers literally spent a R1 pick on a QB in 2020

      That tells you all you need to know about what they were thinking at the time.

      He’s since returned to his best form

      So it’s plausible

  20. KSB

    The Hawks should beat the Lion’s. But I thought they would bear the Bears with a 3rd string QB.

    I’m at the point where I’m curious what is going to happen with Russ, Pete and John after the season’s over?

    We have kind of been going over all the scenarios.

    I think we’ll hear more about it from the National media insiders. Of what is happening/ happened behind the scenes with this team over the season too.

  21. Iambix

    I know it’s not popular but Pete is right…mostly. There is no scenario where the Seahawks are Super Bowl challengers with Ken Norton calling the defense, and even less with Waldron calling the offense. But with what is on this team now, with an actual NFL caliber offensive coordinator this team would be 12-3 right now. Even with the worst defensive coordinator in the game they beat Indy. They were up 14 in the fourth quarter against Tennessee. That’s a win with an average offensive coordinator (Schottenheimer). Waldron blew the Vikings game. Carson had 10 Carries for 74 yards and a TD in the first 3 drives, all scoring drives. Then he got cute for the rest of the game, Carson had 2 Carrie’s for 6 yards the rest of the way. With an average coordinator they win that game. Waldron ran the ball 4 times in the first half against the Steelers. 7 yards, 6 yards, and 6 yards, then a -1 yard loss. If 3 out of 4 run plays get more than 5 yards why did he not run it more? They were shutout in the first half, then they ran it in the second half and dominated. If Norton simply covers Kamara instead of running a prevent zone at the end of the first half they beat the Saints, even with Waldron’s ridiculously inept play calling. Ditto vs WFT. With Schottenheimer or even a decent high school coach calling plays that’s a win. Rinse and repeat with the Rams in week 14 and the Bears last week. Are you seriously telling me DK Metcalf couldn’t get open? 7 of the 10 losses are squarely on Waldron, and him being here is on Russ. There are two Russell Wilsons, Russ before Yoko, and Russ after. Primadonna Russ wants to decide who calls the plays and is about everything but football. Football Russ just takes care of the football, makes plays, and let’s coaches worry about coaching.
    The Seahawks need linemen. They are stuck with Jamal Adams who shouldn’t start over Blair or Neal. But Russ and Bobby are the best options for this team right now, and it’s just a bad look to let franchise legends leave while still playing at a high level so you don’t have to pay them. Bobby and Russ should retire as Seahawks, and if you let either of them go it’ll be like when Randy Johnson left the Mariners. They’ll just go on to be great somewhere else while they can’t be replaced in Seattle. Dump both coordinators, try to get Quinn to come back and be the DC for a year and take over for Pete after next year. WALDRON IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN 12-3 and 5-10.

    • Whit21

      Waldron is not the reason… 3 different Offensive Coordinators and although the overall schemes change.. Its still Pete’s offense and his team. Nobody outside the Seahawks coaches know how much pete is on the Mic and in waldrons ear.. but can tell with over 10 years of PC.. The offensive philosophy doesnt change much from Bevell to shotty to waldron.. Just some different schemes and formations change… thats it..

      • Iambix

        3 different offensive coordinators and this is the worst that this team has ever been on offense. Bevell was terrible early in almost every game, but he made great adjustments. He also sucked on key situation play calls like the slant to the 5th best receiver on the roster with a Super Bowl on the line. Bevell struggled his first year with Tavares Jackson at QB, but the Seahawks were top 11 in scoring offense every year but one while he was here with Russ. I hated Bevell for years as a coordinator, Waldron has made me miss him. Schottenheimer had a top 10 scoring offense every year he was here. If you are counting at home, every year but 1 with Russ at QB the Seahawks had a top 11 scoring offense. The roster is not the problem aside from the pass rush, but even that is an issue with Norton calling the defense. If you rush 4 on every play and play a soft zone, you aren’t going to get a lot of pressure. The defensive scheme in general is solid, but the coordinators job is to exploit matchups, not to get exploited. Norton constantly puts guys in a position to fail, instead of a position to succeed. Case in point against Chicago, leaving a 5’9 corner 1v1 against Jimmy Graham on an island on 3rd and 15. There is no argument for Waldron or Norton. Norton is bottom 5 of DCs and Waldron is far and away the absolute worst offensive coordinator in the NFL. He may be one of the least competent offensive coordinators in league history.

    • Seattle Person

      That’s very hard for me agree with. Even if you bring the gang back together next season, you’ll still probably won’t make the playoffs or make an early exit. At this point, I don’t want to stay average when you clearly need to start over. Nothing about this team is sustainable. They have some pieces to move forward with.

      QB: Who knows
      RB: Who knows
      WR: Lockett/Metcalf/Eskridge: That’s a great core of WRs.
      TE: Who knows
      OL: You have one good young G and an old G. You’ll have to replace the other positions.
      DL: You have Ford and a promising player in Taylor.
      LB: Brooks looks solid but it’s time for Bobby.
      DB: You’re stuck for Adams until you find an ideal role for him. Both corners are F.As. At least Tre Brown looks promising.

      So..Waldron is not the reason. It’s the roster and how it’s constructed. It’s not talented. It’s old and stale at some key positions.

    • Chris

      Outside of a handful of players, most of the Seahawks on both sides of the ball are average at best, and in terms of depth, mostly replacement level players:

      QB – Above average
      RB – Average
      WR- Above average
      TE – Average
      OL – Below average
      Kicking – Below average

      DL – Average
      LB – Average
      Safety – Average
      CB – Below average

      If you run back this same level of talent next year, with the same coaching, you’re going to end up around 8 wins. Just a hair below average. In the NFL, coaching steals a win or two, but it’s talent by and large that wins consistently. We’ve just let our talent advantage wither away.

  22. Seattle Person

    Great write up Rob!

    This season is summed up by your Larry Stone quote. We really have turned into one of the worst teams in the league. We don’t do any of the following:

    1) Set trends
    2) Develop young players
    3) Develop young coaches
    3) Trade well
    4) Draft well
    5) Sign well

    It’s time to start over. Every stake holder should give it a long look and come to this conclusion. Ownership should give an ultimatum. Be down with a rebuild or we’ll let you go. The fact is you don’t have a first rounder. Your defense and offense are both stale. Your coaching staff is not innovative. Very similar to the Bill Walsh 49ers and them sticking to the West Coast offense when it clearly became stale. I think finding a good younger coach is the first priority. I would be interested in how Schneider operates without Carroll’s watchful eye.

    We are all stuck in Pete Carroll refusal to truly adapt to his mantra, “It’s about competition.” It’s not…They have not given many young players fair and long periods of time. They have stifle their development and depended on lesser athletic guys to patch up holes.

    Forever grateful for Pete and what he’s done but Bill Belichick is the exception. 10 years is plenty good and the run was great. The Golden Age of Seahawks ball. But it’s time.

    • Jordan

      Very well said.

      No shame in something great running it’s course and becoming stale.

      It’s incredibly rare for any successful tenure to finish on top.

      I really hope that this is done in a way that allows Pete to save face; but the competitor in him indicates that that may not happen.

      • BobbyK

        What part was very well said?

        The part where the 49ers won a Super Bowl in the final game of Bill Walsh’s NFL coaching career? Never mind the 49ers went 13-2 (strike year) the previous season – maybe that’s the worthless part of Bill Walsh and his outdated WCO?

        I don’t get this post by Seattle Person.

        • Jordan

          The general points and sentiment outside of the inaccurate example that was cited.

          Perhaps Andy Reid in Philly would have been a more apt example of something good running it’s course.

    • BobbyK

      Winning a Super Bowl in Bill Walsh’s final game ever as an NFL HC running the WCO isn’t dominant enough for you?

      Walsh won at least 10 games every year in 7 of his last 8 years as HC of the 49ers.

      Where did the “stale” part come into play? I’m very curious.

      • Seattle Person

        I should clarify. I agree that the Walsh 49ers were great but what I meant was the organization refusal to change beyond that even when he was gone. He left in 88 and then came back in the 90s in the front office. They had some success in the 90s. My actual point was once the success was over and it was clear that a full rebuild was needed, the organization didn’t do so. They kept Walsh’s philosophy when it didn’t really work anymore. So I should have been more clear but that’s where I was headed with that comparison.

        • BobbyK

          I think you’re off here.

          The year after Walsh retired, the 49ers were more dominant than ever with the same WCO that made them successful. The won the Super Bowl 55-10.

          Then they almost won the Super Bowl the next year as the No. 1 seed but the Giants had different plans and won as an underdog. That was when Montana was done.

          But then the 49ers later won the Super Bowl in one of the most dominating fashions ever (again) with Steve Young running the WCO and destroying the Chargers. They were so dominant for such a long time, whereas the Pete Carroll Seahawks were never close to that dominant.

          The Seahawks easily could have lost the NFC Championship Game to the 49ers if not for Sherman/Smith. The year after they really shouldn’t have even made it to the Super Bowl but the backup Packers TE was a moron and muffed the onsides kick.

          • Seattle Person

            I guess right. No point of discussing this much further. Key thing is, just blow it up…They have very little pieces in place in the organization that is sustainable for a long run in the playoffs. Can you keep the status quo and maybe make the playoffs. Maybe.

    • BobbyK

      Though I do agree Carroll sucks when it comes to not giving “many young players fair and long periods of time” to play. “Competition” my butt. Carroll is a liar when it comes to this (my Trufant, WTIII, Sherman example above).

      Now, there are times and seasons when you need to give guys a shot and not. You don’t just randomly play young guys for the sake of it. But when Pete is too dumb to play Sherman over WTIII and WTIII over Trufant and not give a Stone Forsyth a chance over an established Duane Brown… I don’t get it. There isn’t a lot of young guys on this team deserving of future consideration, but Forsyth is a guy that deserves it the way he stonewalled Bosa (unbelievable to me) a few weeks ago.

      • Hoang Pham

        Forsyth completely deserves a shot at LT or RT. He’s one of their more athletic linemen. He also fit more into the Waldron type of offense than Brown at this stage of his career.

        One that keeps me scratching my head was the Marquise Blair experiment. Why spend a 2nd round on him and then not give him a fair shot. He showed more promise than Lano Hill and Tedric Thompson his rookie year.

        When the Pete Carroll era first started, he had to start young guys. He didn’t really have a choice. Now…I don’t know. Pete definitely doesn’t trust young players as much.

        • McZ

          The point is, as soon as the OL plays crap, you can let a rookie play the same crap for much less money. And possibly, you occasionally hit gold.

          But that would take some risk, and PCJS are possibly the most risk adverse group in the entire league, possibly in pro sports.

  23. Jordan

    I like the thought of McDaniels, but with Russ kept.

    I believe he’s roughly a year younger than Belichick was when BB got his 2nd HC gig.

    Likely matured and humbled since his time in Denver. Part of that failing was never solving the QB position. Bring him with everything he knows about that Patriots operation and Brady’s sustainability and see if he can apply it to act 2 of Russ’ career.

    • BobbyK

      Good idea! I like it.

      I just think he cares about his wife and kids too much to move yet. I applaud him for that, because most coaches are like Andy Reid and being bum parents/humans because they care about football more than what they’ll feel on their death beds one day. Our lives are only as good as the kids we raise, and I respect the heck out of Daniels and feel a distain for a guy like Reid who was never there for his kids.

      • Jordan

        Comes across as a top notch father for sure.

        But with Mac Jones arrival I don’t see BB moving on anytime soon, and by then BB’s son may surpass Josh as next in line.

        Available jobs don’t tend to be much more attractive than this Seattle job could be. Outside of Mora’s brief tenure, this is an organization with 20 years of winning dna. QB, facilities, home field when rocking, patience, cap not in shambles, soft media and respectful fans.

    • jeff

      I like the thought of Mike McDaniel.

  24. BobbyK

    “Me and Jody Allen need to have a discussion about the future of the Seahawks.”

    Twitter post from Kam Chancellor 4 minutes ago

    • BobbyK

      Love Kam but his holdout going into the ’15 season basically destroyed that year. And pretty much every year after has been worse. Maybe he would have caved in to Jamal Adams and his contract demands earlier? Or Duane Brown? Or Diggs?

      • BobbyK

        Technically every year hasn’t been worse… I’m just saying/meaning the trend in this team realistically winning championships…

        • Mike

          Your 2022 Seahawks head coach: kam chancellor.

          In all seriousness kam is definitely more pro Pete

          • Mike

            I think the thing is the players love playing for Pete, especially when they first get here.

            • Mike

              I also remember reggie bush saying on cowherds show that Pete was the best coach he ever played for and he played for Sean Payton.
              Sean Payton is definitely a good coach I’d just be skeptical that he’d be better than Pete. I mean he did have a lot of mediocre seasons with drew Brees.

            • Rob Staton

              Do they?

              I think this is an assumption

              I can’t remember anyone saying they love playing for Pete. Not saying they don’t but what evidence is there?

          • Rob Staton

            Kam liking a tweet about a leadership vacuum and Pete having too much sway indicates you might be incorrect

    • V

      He liked this tweet
      “Can’t overstate the leadership vacuum that Paul Allen’s death created down at VMAC. PC has carte blanche over the entire show. No accountability, unless Ms. Allen & @bertk decide to flex some executive muscle.”

      • Roy Batty

        My favorite all-time Seahawk. I cannot imagine what could have been if he had remained the enforcer in the middle for 5 or more years.

        I really miss watching the Deathbacker absolutely dominate in the post season. How he was able to elevate his game even higher for the playoffs was incredible.

        • IHeartTacoma

          I know the rules are different now, but whenever I watch Cooper Kupp light up the Seahawks I really, really wish he had to deal with Kam.

  25. GoHawks5151

    Though I think the injury is affecting Russ, lately I find myself hoping more and more that it’s the finger injury. Hoping for a reason he looks so foreign. Besides some of the bad throws, it’s the decision making that I’m having trouble with though. He is still not pulling the trigger on open guys and holding it too long. It is so strange to not see him pull out that win yesterday. It’s what we have come to suspect. Like I said I think the finger is part of it, but the issues with the franchise are so deafening that it’s hard to judge Russ or anyone for that matter on their personal performance alone.

    I just don’t believe in Kellen Moore. Your opinion that he needs a support system completely matches with the perspective my friend, who is a cowboys fan, has of him. He is a likeable guy but I don’t think he commands a room. He has always had a lot of weapons but his offenses can run hot and cold as much as anyone and the D has bailed them out a fair bit this year. In my opinion he is Norv Turner pt 2.

    I like Hackett but I think Pederson may be the guy outside of Sean Payton. I like his ability to put together a staff as you mentioned. I also just like his style. I think that the load is evenly distributed on O. People are put in position to succeed. People play their part. I’d be interested to see him with Russ and DK as he never had that type of talent. It could really set his offense off.

    Also, bro… come on… It DABOLL. Brian Daboll haha

  26. Dubb

    Do you think Jody Allen will hire the first female GM. Seattle already has the most women in executive positions; are there any women ready for that role? Katie Blackburn at Cincinnati or Jacqueline Davison of the NY Jets.

    • Rob Staton

      I doubt it

  27. Call Me AL

    Just listened to a replay of the Pete Carroll Show on 710 ESPN and I have to say that Pete doesn’t sound like he’s ready to step down at the end of the season.

    Carroll was asked on 710 ESPN Seattle if he’s confident about the future of the team.

    “Yeah, we have to continue to build, though,” he said. “We’ve got to get better and keep bringing in the players that can help us make the difference. We’ve got to get healthy again and we’ll see how that goes. The quarterback position with Russ having to deal with what he’s dealt with — which most players could not have handled the way he did — we’ve got to see how he bounces back. He will certainly be great again. He’s going to be a great player. I don’t feel like it shows right now, but I think that’s what’s going to happen because he’s got it in him to do that.

    “So we build around those factors and all of the pluses that we can generate. We’ve got contracts, we’ve got a lot of free agents. We’ll figure that out later but there’s a lot of questions and things that we’ve got to [get] through and figure out. It’s just not the time. It’s not the time to assess all of that. But there’s a lot to look at and there’s a lot of positives and a lot of plusses.”

    In fact, Pete is looking toward the future, a future where he is still coaching the Seahawks. As much as I would like to see Pete Carroll gone, he doesn’t sound like he plans on retiring and theres been no indication from ownership that changes will be made.

    If Pete stays, I expect John will to and I don’t believe there is any way Pete trades Russell Wilson. As much as Russ might want to be traded, he is still under team control for the next two years. We’ve seen how Pete dealt with Earl Thomas demanding a trade and Kam Chancellor a new contract. I don’t think its a given that Russ can force his way out of town. We may very well be looking at another year of the Pete, John and Russ show.

    And Pete Carroll may be the only person in Seattle who doesn’t believe a “restart” is in order. Well him and Jody Allen who apparently has signed off on the idea that a restart isn’t needed.

    Just think of the possibilities, another year of poor coaching, terrible drafting and cap space wasted on bad free agent signings!

  28. UkAlex6674

    Re the comment made by Pete – that’s what he would say right now though isn’t it? He’s a proud and stubborn man as we know. He’s not going to hold hold white flag up before the season ends. In his mind he is trying to end the season and his reign with dignity and putting a positive spin on in. He’s gone, he knows it whether he leaves or is pushed.

  29. Spencer Duncan

    Looking to free agency, any guys that stand out as attractive options to you guys?

    At RB, I’d bring back Penny, try and draft Dameon Pierce and bring in an affordable promising FA like D’Ernest Johnson, Marlon Mack or Darrel Williams. Time to move on from Carson.

    At OL, Lewis and Kurhan look like building blocks. Hopefully they finally shell out some money on a talented, relatively young OL like Orlando Brown.

    At DL, there’s lots of talented pass rushers available. Move on from Hyder and Mayowa and shell out some real cash to bring in an impact guy to make Taylor, Robinson and Greens job easier. I guess Dunlap comes back as he’s under contract and finally looking good again. Options are Haason Reddick, Derek Barnett, perhaps a reunion with Clowney… he looks quite good this year. And hopefully a DT who can provide a pass rush to add to Woods, Ford and Mone.

    In the draft, they can focus on bringing in Pearce, interior OL, LBs and maybe WRs if they plan to move on from Lockett.

    • Poli

      There seems to be quite a few good WRs. Wouldn’t mind if they dealt DK for a couple high picks if they can sign Christian Kirk, Allen Robinson, OBJ, or even Chark…

      • Spencer Duncan

        Would love to see Chark or Kirk here. Even Robinson on a one year prove it as long as we still have Russ.

  30. L80

    PC quite obviously is not going to retire if you listen to that bullshit from yesterday.

    I still can’t believe we won that first game and did it with what we were all hoping we would see. Then it was like the Hawks were put in cement shoes. NOTHING ever changes.

    The end is obvious to everyone except our now delusional HC. I’m simply going to DVR the games next year if he’s still in power. I would rather do anything else in the world than waste my valuable time on this earth watching anymore of this utter S H I T.

  31. Rob Staton

    Dave Wyman on Jake & Stacy yesterday said the Bear front plan simply hasn’t worked, it’s why the LB’s are collecting so many tackles and the linebackers are also making terrible reads every game.

    And he’s right.

    • Rob Staton

      ‘Tackles don’t really matter’

      ‘There’s a lot of tackles to be had because they can’t get off the field’

    • cha

      And why we continue to see defensive lineman dropping in coverage.

      Has it worked? No.

      According to PFR:

      10 different DL have been targeted in the passing game
      42 times
      Have allowed 37 completions for 88%
      304 yards
      8.21 yards per completion

      And that doesn’t count the times they dropped and weren’t targeted, the DL just didn’t get any benefit of their pass rush.

      • Roy Batty

        Any idea how many teams currently run a 3-4 defense?

  32. DT

    I thought a concerning comment from Pete was his answer to a question about his OC. Something to the effect of:
    “Shane is doing a great job mixing in what we’ve always done with his stuff”
    So is Pete keeping his thumb on the offense?
    Is Russ demanding some cadence of play calls?
    Perhaps we don’t yet have the personnel so he can’t fully implement?
    Not sure we Arellano maximizing what Waldron might be able to do.

    As far as Jody, not sure she is at a point where she has a vision….even if she does, is it a good one? As Rob said, at a minimum she needs a football czar to shape the future.
    If she doesn’t do that I’d be concerned we would actually move forward.
    If she intends to sell next year, then probably she should wait, as her changes might not be in line with a future owner, and then we’d potentially be making restting again.

    Regardless it’s a mess all around.

  33. James Hill

    I think the Seahawks trade Wilson to the Giants. You could get both first round picks, Daniel Jones to play QB and either future picks or Saquan??? Daniel Jones could do well in Seattle as he might actually throw the short pass in the middle of the field or see the crossers over the first line of the zone. And then again, maybe he doesn’t. Use those draft picks to get OL bolstered. Maybe Evan Neal at 5 and could trade back with other pick and grab the best center available to start. If the hawks do rebuild I think this would be the best scenario to restart and if Jones doesn’t work out he at least bridges the gap to finding a future QB

    • Peter

      Does seattle run those plays?

      I see this all the time. But tyler is a deep ball specialist averaging high teens. And DK is a big strong dude also pretty big numbers per catch and there’s not a pundit alive who thinks he is much of a route runner.

      Wilson consistently have between 5-8 recievers on a stat sheet but they are all judt deep balls?

      I get this sense from people because they say it enough that Wilson can’t/ won’t throw it to “x” area. Since Baldwin has been gone does Seattle have anyone who plays in that space? Consistently. Not just some random TE plays that get called up. I remember when he used to consistently dump off to Lynch but is there any out valve now?

      It’s pretty obvious to me that for years seattle can’t run and then can not run play action. They then live by the deep ball, big drop backs, and sack making scrambles since the line is garbage and they need to convince defenses to step back from the box. If it works great. If it doesn’t…well three and out.

      You wanna passing short game, over the top of the oline? You need to be able to stand up interior pressure. Scramble sacks are on wilson. But interior pressure sacks? That’s on the oline. And/or not scheming to release and yes I mean the dreaded “first read,” before aaron Donald comes and breaks your finger.

  34. Call Me AL

    You can make major changes within one or two off-seasons to return to contention.

    This is the key statement in the entire arcticle. I 100% agree with Rob on this. But the problem is, at least in part and based on recent comments, Pete Carroll believes this as well. Listen to what Pete has said recently,

    -“Not for one reason at all am I thinking that we have to restart this whole thing and create a new philosophy and a new approach and all that,”
    -there are five games that we should have won (we could easily be 10-5)
    -I feel like I have to do more, I need to do better
    -I think we’ve got the essence of the things that we need. We’ve got to build on them, we’ve got to support it better and we’ve got to continue to grow and progress.
    -He mentioned their offensive line in particular, saying it’s been “fine” and hasn’t been the problem “at all.”
    -He also said I think their going to be good, referring to the teams current corner backs
    -We like what we’ve got, we have to continue to build, though. We’ve got to get better and keep bringing in the players that can help us make the difference. We’ve got to get healthy again and we’ll see how that goes.

    So while its interesting and even hopeful to discuss a new head coach, trading Russ for a boat load of draft picks, new coaching staff, GM, free agent acquisitions and the draft. The reality is that the most likely scenario is nothing changes. Pete is nothing if not intelligent, he see’s the same things as Rob and feels he can make the necessary changes and return this team to contention. And the one thing I don’t believe anyone is considering his Pete ego, and not wanting to leave the game on a losing note.

    • McZ

      Pete is crap talking the media into acceptance of the idea, that his way is still relevant in today’s NFL. When it really is not. Since that dreaded coaching gig at 2020s Pro bowl, no FA of any standing signed with the Seahawks. The game is moving away from him, quickly. I don’t believe a single word of this “we’re in it” crap.

      And really, we are an inch away from glorifying a disastrous loosing season. “Awwh, yeah, we just need to adjust a bit, take this or that player, get healthy, bla bla bla”

      Only to be topped by the insane stream of pointless and confused noninformation coming out of RWs presser poker face.

      This is what crap franchises are doing. No honesty, always pink wild roses, always next year, always one signing. I know it, I’m an Evertonian.

      • DriveByPoster

        I have to agree. In top level sport, the difference between the contenders & the pretenders is that ability to convert on those half-dozen key moments in the game, to have depth in your squad so that performance doesn’t fall of a cliff when key players get injured, & to have a sensible plan B for when your opponents come up with a scheme that either nullifies your strengths or exploits your weaknesses. Easy enough to say, not so easy to put into place, but I see none of these elements with the ‘hawks at present.

        Also, a somewhat downbeat but consolationary high-five to McZ from a fellow toffee! Supporting teams in blue from the North-West is a dirty job these days, but someone has to do it!

  35. Peter


    Great list on coaches. Tough because everyone mentioned comes with a bit of baggage.

    If it’s keep Wilson I think Pederson makes sense. Though Sean Payton is my preffered choice. I kind of like the idea of Hackett sans Rodgers.

    Moore. Some people just have it. But doubt Jones lets him go.

    I actually think Mcdaniels and his grating personsilty with Wilson could be great. His ability to change plans per conditions constantly amazes me.

    If we are projecting who we would want….if he wasn’t married to the deep south and looking like he was going to retire at Clemson I’d give Dabo Swinney a call. A super offensive mind. Who just based on the year that multiple players skipped the draft to play one more season with him I get the sense that players would “run through a wall,” for him.

    That’s a thing that PC currently lacks. Each week it just appears to be disparate players kind of doing their own thing at their own pace.

  36. Mick

    Thought I’d copy this here from, for everyone who is not convinced by Rob saying the same thing 🙂

    Is it time for the Seahawks to seriously consider trading quarterback Russell Wilson?

    GENERAL MANAGER OF AN NFC TEAM: “Personally, no. But that may not matter since he’s their most valuable asset to deal and jump-start a rebuild. They’ve been through one rough year after a long run of success they’ve had, and he’s not the best version of himself this year. The problem is this: Good luck finding a better option at the position. It’s not likely coming through the draft this season, as far as immediate returns. This class reminds me of that 2013 year (when EJ Manuel was the only quarterback selected in the first round). Moving a franchise quarterback usually only works when you’re in a position to grab another can’t-miss prospect at the position in a deep draft, like when the Colts got Andrew Luck after Peyton Manning’s injury or the Packers got Aaron Rodgers in anticipation of replacing Brett Favre. You can’t even create a situation like the Chiefs had with Patrick Mahomes and Alex Smith (in 2017), because the talent just isn’t there in this class. It’s not even like it was in 2018, when you had unfinished products with rare physical skills like Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson available. It’s a tough spot for them because they’re now the worst team in a loaded division, and San Francisco and Arizona already have younger quarterbacks in place. But his people already have put it out there (that there are places Wilson would like to play), so it has to be on Seattle’s mind.”

  37. TheOtherJordan

    Pete’s comments are not surprising. He clearly sees this season as the outlier and feels nothing is wrong. Sounds like he’s leaning on the if only Russell hadn’t gotten hurt narrative. The problem is reality is going to come crashing into the narrative if/when Russell Wilson demands a trade.

    Pete’s pride and hubris does not allow him to see that the 12-4 season in 2020 was a mirage and that going forward he has the fourth most talented roster in his own division. His schemes and more specifically Russell Wilson’s 4th quarter magic are no longer enough to overcome the NFC West roster talent deficit.

    As far as the rebuild, on offense I think Seattle can find a dynamic enough RB either through the draft or FA or both. The receivers and TE’s have the talent to be one of the best groups in the NFL. It’s been said by others and it bears repeating Russell has to have a running game to threaten defenses. My concern is the O-line. I do not trust this FO to draft and or sign FA o-lineman that will transform our o-line. They’ve squandered both resources too many times for me to believe it. And in all likelihood, we may need a new LT, RT, and C to compete in our division. That is a very tall order especially for this front office but it’s at least possible.

    The real problem is the defense. Your top two performers this year are FA’s. You’ll have to cut or resign Wagner. You can’t pay him 20 million. If you likely cut him then you’ll need to replace him. Seattle made their second best safety, the highest paid safety in the NFL. If Diggs walks then you have to replace him. The pass rush still needs to be improved. Your cb’s aren’t great. It’s a mess. The only plausible solution that I buy is for Seattle to switch to a defensive scheme that Carroll has never run which highlights Jamal Adams talents. Because unfortunately, once you gave him that contract you have to be all in on him. And currently, IMO a new defensive scheme is far less likely than Russell Wilson being the QB next year for the Seattle Seahawks and I don’t think Russell comes back next year. Carroll just doesn’t have the ability to accept reality and adapt.

  38. Happy Hawk

    The thought that Wilson is done and not desired at the highest levels in the NFL is just ridiculous and not factual. He is smart, experienced, and a proven winner. I 100% agree with Rob’s assessment:

    1. Replace Carroll with a :home run” coach ( I like Peyton, K Moore, and Pederson)
    2. Move on from JS – if for no other reasons than poor performance and Wilson’s agent can’t work with him
    3. Retain Wilson and build around him with a creative offensive mind/strategy
    4. Hire a DC with some freaking energy and get away from this dump pass/tackle, short pass/tackle can’t get off the field defense. We need to return to the BAMF challenge the offense attitude.
    5. Need to build our Cap Space by removing over-priced dead weight and reinvest in our lines
    You can rebuild quickly in this parity driven NFL but only if you have a top tier QB. Stop the trade Wilson nonsense and get him the right leadership and he will perform at a high level for another 10 years!

  39. Ralphy

    Rob, if the Hawks had the NYG first round picks and those end up being 4, 5 for example, do you think the #5 pick and DK would be enough to trade up to 1 or 2?

    • Rob Staton

      I’d want more for DK than that

      • Ralphy

        Well Digs brought back a first so I was assuming that is what DK would be worth, but maybe he is worth more?

    • Ralphy

      And for the record, I believe in a GB style rebuild, not trading RW.

    • Ashish

      You know pick#5 belongs to NY jets thanks to Adam

      • Ralphy

        I’m estimating Ashish. The season is not over.

    • Scot04

      How about the #1 or #2 pick for Metcalf & no additional picks. Goff or Lawrence get their top receiver.
      Would be interesting to see if Seahawks said yes.

      • Ralphy

        I would love that deal but I don’t think either of those teams would say yes. Diggs cost a 1st, 4th, 5th and 7th. DK could bring back a lot I suppose, I just don’t think it could be a top 2 in round 1.

  40. Ashish

    Rebuilding should start by removing Pete now and making Shane Waldron as interim coach. Not sure what Gm john plan ? Was he involved in those decisions (Adams, L J ) or arm twist by PC. Ken DC also need to go now.
    Remove the pieces who are not in plan ASAP, hire new coach so he can start building support team. New coach get a say whats plan for Wilson and same with Wilson he knows what new regime would be.

    • Ralphy

      Hahaha. Why would Waldon be rewarded with an interim position after the awful job he has done as OC? A Norton should be gone? He’s actually done better than Waldron.

  41. EOhawkfan

    Love your blog appreciate the insight. I’ve been pondering Marcus Mariota as that next bridge type QB?

    Thoughts on that?

    • Rob Staton

      As a bridge QB I think he’d be fine

  42. GaiusMarius

    Watching the Seahawks lose is hard, but I never find it “scary”.
    But something that scares me is Carroll’s 710 ESPN Seattle comments.

    He sounds completely deluded. A few more movies, a healthy Wilson, and the Seahawks are BACK.
    I don’t think we’re anywhere near close and if anything are set for further decline.

    Yet Carroll does not sound anything like he’s stepping down, not with those comments. Now it could be this is all smoke and he’s insulting our intelligence (him and Wilson have done a great job of that through much of this season already).

    I desperately hope that’s the case or that Allen will put a stop to it if it’s not. But if she is prepping to sell than not rocking the boat makes sense. That might make solid business sense, but is antithetical to the Seahawks getting back into serious contention. She’s so quiet we have no idea.

    Of course, I am dubious that Wilson is game for another go around with Carroll and Schneider, so we have a couple of fronts that might force the issue.

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