Xmas notes: Why it’s time to root for the Jets & Texans

Merry Christmas to all of you who make up this community. Your continued support is much appreciated — both in terms of your comments, your Patreons and your YouTube Super Chats. This is going to be the 14th off-season I’ve covered. The blog has changed and evolved so much in that time. But I still think it remains the best place to talk Seahawks. That’s down to you. So thank you.

I have a key topic to discuss today on Christmas Eve and some other notes…

I have to keep stressing that my own preference is the Seahawks retain Russell Wilson, embrace the need for change in leadership and follow a blueprint similar to the one undertaken by Green Bay when they moved on from Ted Thompson and Mike McMarthy.

I’m also a realist. I think most fans, at least the ones willing to embrace reality, can see there’s an increasing chance we’re reaching the end of an era. As noted on Monday, I think we’re witnessing the final games of Pete Carroll’s run. I also think there’s a distinct possibility that Wilson is traded.

Either way, significant change is required. Ownership has to act swiftly. This isn’t just ‘one bad season’ as some have suggested. The Seahawks have been on a downward trend for some time. The reset has been a disaster, frankly. Jody Allen and co need to take decisive action and the expectation should be that it’ll happen. If not, that should be challenged. The fans need to know ownership is serious about this being a contending franchise.

Today I wanted to write about what I think fans should be rooting for, if a Wilson trade scenario is as inevitable as it’s starting to feel.

Cheer for the Jets and Texans

Albert Breer’s social media suggestion that Wilson would be the next Giants quarterback was more ‘thinking out loud’ than anything categorical. Yet it makes sense, as outlined in Monday’s piece.

At the end of the day, the Giants have the draft stock to be a viable trade partner. I keep seeing trade scenarios that are underwhelming, completely failing to acknowledge that there are desperate teams out there in need of making a big move at quarterback — with a weak pool of rookies to choose from in the draft.

Don’t be swayed by the recency bias of poor play, partly inspired by an injured finger. Teams know they’ll need to pay up for Aaron Rodgers, Deshaun Watson and yes — Russell Wilson.

I read Bill Barnwell’s trade suggestion with the Saints earlier today. Two firsts, one this year and one next. A third rounder and a defensive back. Plus a conditional second rounder based around a Super Bowl appearance. Come on — that’s basically the Jamal Adams trade. That’d never get it done. A mid-first rounder this year and presumably a late first next year? Let’s be serious here and not swayed too much by a tough stretch of form while playing with a horrible injury.

Nobody could’ve guessed the Adams trade compensation before it was announced. Desperate teams do desperate things. There’s plenty of desperation around the league right now.

So if Wilson heading to the Giants is the trendy suggestion because of their draft ammunition, Seahawks fans should be rooting for the other team in New York City.

The Jets and the Texans are both 3-11. They currently own the third and fourth picks in the draft next year.

The Giants have the fifth and sixth picks, courtesy of acquiring Chicago’s first rounder. The Bears and Giants are 4-10.

The Jets and Texans both have weaker strength of schedule markers. So they will jump ahead of the two Giants picks if their records are the same.

For the Seahawks to truly max out the value of a Giants trade, I think they need to draft a blue-chip player. I think there are only four true candidates at the moment.

Aidan Hutchinson and Kayvon Thibodeaux will go first and second. If you pick in the top four, you are guaranteed one of Derek Stingley Jr or Evan Neal.

Stingley Jr is the ultimate athlete for the cornerback position. It’s as if he was made in a defensive back factory. He has a legitimate shot to become a generational corner, or at the very least one of the top players at a position of desperate need for so many teams.

Neal, to me, is not the franchise left tackle many project. However, I think he could be a Steve Hutchinson level player if he kicks inside to guard. You could try him at tackle first and if he performs better than I expect there, you have a long term answer at a vital position. At the very least though, I would suggest Neal has the potential to be an exceptional guard, possibly enjoying the same kind of storied reputation as Quenton Nelson.

It’s possible one or even both, during the process, would be available a pick or two later than I’m suggesting here. Especially if one of the quarterbacks, for example, elevates into a draft spot we currently can’t project.

Yet if the Seahawks really are going to end up trading Wilson to the Giants, you want one or both of their picks in the top-four to be sure.

The Jets host Jacksonville next. It’s winnable. Sadly, to get them out of the top-four, they’ll also need to win at least one of their other two games — at home to the Buccs or on the road against Buffalo.

The Texans host the unpredictable Chargers in their next game. They then go to San Francisco before a home game against Tennessee.

Unfortunately, both teams are more likely to go 0-3 or 1-2 instead of claiming the two wins they’d need to push themselves out of the top-four.

The Bears and Giants play each other in week 17, so one team is guaranteed to lose. New York’s other two games are at Philadelphia and at home to Washington. They could lose both, especially with the Eagles and Football Team in playoff contention.

Chicago comes to Seattle next and finish on the road against Minnesota.

They could easily go 0-3.

The best case scenario is the Jets beat the Jags, then pinch another win. Or the Texans can finish with a bit of a flourish and Chicago loses out.

At least then the Giants will be able to dangle the prospect of a blue-chip rookie in any prospective trade deal.

If Seattle’s able to get Stingley Jr or Neal — you could then bring in another offensive linemen with the other Giants pick (Trevor Penning, Bernhard Raimann and Abraham Lucas are intriguing options) a D-liner (Jordan Davis, David Ojabo, Logan Hall or George Karlaftis for example) or even start to move down — given the meat of this draft will likely be day two.

It might even be worth trying to drop down to acquire 2023 stock.

With your own native pick in round two, it’ll be high enough to trade (cheaply) back into the end of round one. That could be a good range to go after a Tyler Linderbaum, Devonte Wyatt or a linebacker such as Channing Tindall or Brian Asamoah (because as I’ve said a few times, there is absolutely no way you can justify Bobby Wagner’s $20m cap hit in 2022 and he should be moved). The Seahawks will also need the stock to invest in a quarterback at some point. If they move on from Wilson, they’ll need to be taking regular shots to find a replacement.

Of course, if the Giants end up with the #5 or #6 pick — it’s a harder sell. There are players I really like in this draft, such as Northern Iowa’s Penning. Yet taking them in the top-10 comes with a higher degree of risk. And that’s not the position you want to be in when you’re picking early after trading away your prize asset.

I don’t personally want to discuss this in such detail now but I feel obliged to — given what appears to be forthcoming. I want to try and inform people as much as I can about the structure of this draft and what is actually out there if the Seahawks make big moves in the off-season.

I will say this though. Too often I see doom-and-gloom about years-long rebuilds — whether Wilson stays or is dealt.

It doesn’t have to be that way — and I wish that was mentioned more often. The Patriots have shown you can transform your roster in one off-season by making the right moves. The Packers, as noted, turned their fortunes around very quickly with smart personnel decisions and a coaching change.

Yes, some teams can be mired in misery when they switch things up. It doesn’t have to be that way though. The expectation from fans and media alike should be that Seattle’s ownership is pro-active this off-season to make the moves that will get this team back on track.

Just draft Dameon Pierce

The Florida Gators have had a horrendous season. They’ve finished 6-7 after losing the Gasparilla Bowl to UCF. They’ve fired their coach and are launching yet another reset.

It’s not hard to work out why things have gone so wrong, when they make such bizarre personnel decisions.

The Bowl game was another classic case of underusing BAMF running back Dameon Pierce. He’s perfectly sized, explosive, physical and at times brutal. He bludgeoned his way for a touchdown in this game but was only given 13 of Florida’s 30 runs in the game (for 57 yards).

The Gators ran the ball well (205 yards) so it wasn’t a major issue here. Yet Pierce’s lack of carries this season has been a major head-scratcher.

For me he’s what the Seahawks lack when Chris Carson is having his annual ‘injured’ phase. Pierce might not be destined to be the next star runner in the NFL — but I think he’ll provide plenty of value in this draft and he’s very capable of doing what you need. Running for first downs, running through contact, finishing drives and establishing a physical presence with your running attack.

And how can you not love this response when he was asked why he wouldn’t be sitting out the Bowl game to focus on the draft:

“Why? Because I’m a Gator, bro. When I signed here, I signed for four good years, get my education and I’m going to rock out that way until I die, you know.”

Draft him.

Discussing a possible GM candidate

Not everything Indianapolis has done over the last few years has paid off. However, given they’ve not had the luxury of extra first round picks and they’ve had to deal with the sudden and unexpected retirement of Andrew Luck — for them to constantly be in playoff contention as they try and plug holes has been impressive.

Chris Ballard is clearly one of the most respected GM’s in the game. His right-hand man should get consideration for a top job.

Ed Dodds spent 10 years with the Seahawks as a national scout and Senior Personnel Executive. He was there from 2007-17. Prior to that, he was with the Raiders for four years.

Ballard poached Dodds from Seattle four years ago and made him his go-to-guy in the front office. Maybe it’s a coincidence, maybe it’s not — but Dodds’ departure occurred right before the ill-fated Seahawks reset began.

If Ballard respects him enough to target him specifically, it’s worth noting.

A lot of people ask for GM alternatives to John Schneider. It’s very difficult to answer that question. Unlike a coordinator, we don’t have any body of work to look at. How much input has an executive had on certain draft picks or overall plans?

Dodds, though, feels like he’s on a trajectory to eventually become a GM. I think tapping into whatever has been working for the Colts is a respectable plan. And with his ties to Seattle, it might be an appealing opportunity to come home.

If nothing else, the Seahawks’ big trades might be more DeForest Buckner than Jamal Adams — and their high picks at running back might be more Jonathan Taylor than Rashaad Penny.

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  1. Kevin Mullen

    Great article Rob, Merry Christmas to you and your family as well.

    But isn’t drafting a guard with a high pick (Neal) the same as drafting a linebacker on the other side of the ball? Don’t get it wrong, Neal is talented but keeping him at LT would make more sense based on draft position. As Alex Gibbs used to say, “he can train a garbage man to play G.”

    • Rob Staton

      It won’t make sense if he’s an OK tackle but an elite guard, though.

      I take your point positionally but if you offered me Quenton Nelson right now as a building block I would snatch your hands off.

      • Shane

        The great news to that would be moving Lewis to Center and ruin him even more

        • Peter

          Or. Use Hutchinson’s eye for talent. Move lewis back to RG. Pay for or draft the best center you can and turn the hot garbage oline almost instantly into a force.

          • Shane

            Why would you use logic on something that would make sense? I am obviously being facetious. Hopefully, as Rob states, we bring in a new/fresh set of eyes re-evaluate, and stop forcing players into positions they shouldn’t be at

            • Peter

              No no i get you were being facetious. Mark schlereff who i dot love brought up Lewis and essentially said why is Seattle constantly making it hard on themselves…..and it’s true.

              • Ralphy

                I think it’s strange how sometimes we are willing to ignore the sure thing because its not considered a premium position. I believe that when there is a sure All Pro, you should get them. LG, RT, LB, who cares? It lock ups that position for 10 years and it makes every draft easier. It’s now a position you don’t have to address for 10 years.

                • Peter


                  Taking bug walt then a few years later adding Hutchinson at pick 17 didn’t hurt the team at all. It just makes sense.

  2. Big Mike

    A very, very Merry Christmas to all!
    Thanks for the last honest Seahawks fan site and all your efforts Rob.

    • MychestisBeastmode

      Couldn’t agree more, Big Mike. Cheers!

    • TomLPDX

      Right back at ya, Big Mike! Merry Christmas to team SDB and the grand master, Rob!

      Cheers mates!

  3. swedenhawk

    God jul, Rob. Thanks for a tremendous year!

  4. Henry Taylor

    Merry Xmas to Rob and all the rest. Thanks for making the best Seahawks site on the web.

  5. JLemere

    So if PC retires, the big question will be if JS and RW can set aside their differences. If they can, then we might go in the GB direction you mentioned. If not, expect a 3-5 year rebuild. But I’m really curious though who JS’s HC candidates would be.

    • Rob Staton

      I think that ship has sailed

      • pdway

        Have seen you make the point – but why is there a rift between Schneider and Mark Rodgers? Did we not give Russell a record-setting contract at the right time and all? Seems like we’ve treated him pretty fairly on the business side, no?

        • Rob Staton

          The two contracts negotiated between team and player have been incredibly fractious.

          There is not a good relationship between Rodgers and Schneider.

        • cha

          Finally reaching the top with full control in coaching and player acquisition, only to be dictated to by your star QB will likely be too big a leap for Schneider.

          Russell Wilson has essentially wanted to partner with the management team in constructing the roster. If PC is no longer in the picture, he’d also presumably want to have big input in selecting the next head coach. Is that something that Schneider would really be willing to entertain? After a couple tough contract negotiations, and an offseason of calculated media leaks and phony press conferences?

          I suppose that Rodgers, Wilson and Schneider could have a ‘come to Jesus’ moment and agree to some form of detente but how long would that last? Until the first time Wilson says ‘I want this guy on my team’ and Schneider either says no, or lowballs the offer?

          If Wilson wants that much control, he’s going to have to sign an extension sooner rather than later to tie him to the team. He’s got to put his money where his mouth is. Is he willing to do that? That would make him untradable for at least three more seasons.

          And does Wilson understand that this team is going to have to rebuild the defense from the ground up? Does he grasp that Tom Brady got to snap his fingers and get Gronk and Brown, and Rodgers got to tell the team to go get him Randall Cobb and it worked because both teams had already built very good defenses?

          There is a whole lot to be worked through there. Probably too much.

  6. Canadian Hawk


    Merry Christmas to you and your family and a wonderful write-up once again.

    Trading with the Giants I’d agree would make the most amount of sense.

    That said, is there a team or two out there who could surprise with an offer? In articles past, you’ve mentioned teams can often come up with capital, is there one that would go to the well for Russ? Perhaps Pitt needing to replace Ben?

    • Rob Staton

      Sure but they can’t offer two top-10 picks. So unless they offer something like five or six first rounders, I don’t see how they can compete

      • Roy Batty

        Is there an actual cap on the number of years out you can trade a first rounder? I keep reading four years, max.

  7. ElPasoHawk

    Merry Christmas Rob. Do you think the Giants would offer up this years two firsts, next years first, Daniel Jones, and Saquon Barkley? I don’t see the Giants offering either extensions and if Pete and John stay I could see them thinking they are getting a stud in Saquon and a bridge QB in Jones.

    • Rob Staton

      Maybe. I think people underestimate what it would take.

      Maybe if they give up two players, it’s not a first next year. Maybe a second or a conditional second.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      No thanks to either of Jones or Barkley. Should be obvious why no to Jones, but no to Barkley because why should any portion of the compensation Seattle receives for Wilson be an oft-injured RB who will earn $7m in 2022 and be a FA in 2023?

      The compensation Seattle receives for Wilson – virtually ALL of it – should be draft capital to build for the future. Or, if a player must be part of it, it should be a quality player with at least a couple of seasons left on his contract.

      • Ralphy

        If Wilson is traded to NY, they would have to get Jones back in the trade IMO. First of all, there are times that he has looked very good. Second, the search for a QB in the NFL can be pure torture. They would need as many options as possible.

        • Ralphy

          The only way that they wouldn’t need Jones in return is if they are using the draft picks to trade for another QB.

          • Roy Batty

            Jones is inconsistent and downright horrible with decisions, at times. He can have his moments, but they are rarely sustained. His TD/INT ration is downright ugly. I would not want him as a placeholder to carry the team until they find a long-term replacement for Russ.

            I would prefer they target someone they could get for a late pick, like Minshew. Plus Minshew will cost $7 million less in 2022.

            And I would hope the Hawks insist any Giants player included in the trade would be a good defensive starter. Retool that side ASAP, because there will be plenty of holes.

  8. Blitzy the Clown

    Merry Christmas Rob!

    I’m very sorry your holiday travel plans didn’t work out, and I sincerely hope your wife is feeling better. Best wishes to your family, and to the entire SDB community.

    I love Stingley but I worry about his injury history. I’m not saying I wouldn’t draft him – I would – I’m just saying it’s a concern.

    And because I agree with you that Neal is an OG, I just can’t wrap my head around spending a top 10 pick on a guard. I just don’t know. I think I’d rather roll the dice on Pennington because LT is just so much more important than an interior OLer.

    With respect to LBs, I really like Utah’s Devin Lloyd. Not sure how fast/explosive he’ll test, but he passes the eye test on the field.

    I watched the first half of the Gasparilla Bowl last night and Pierce had a very impressive opening drive punctuated by a rushing TD. And then Florida mostly ran Malik Davis the rest of the game. I still prefer Charbonnet, but he’ll probably go in the 2nd round, and I think Pierce might be better value in the 3rd. Love his quote about his commitment to his team.

  9. KennyBadger

    Thanks for another year of insight and thoughtful discussion Rob. Happy holidays to you and my fellow readers here. May 2022 be the start of a new successful era in Seahawks football!

  10. Gross MaToast

    Rob, this place is always such a pleasure – even in this death march of a season, the ability to turn an eye toward the future and discuss, somewhat rationally, possible scenarios for what could/should be next is heartening. I think it’s been some of your finest work. Thank you.

    Several years ago, my son’s school had a fundraiser and one of the games was the “Chicken Dance,” where a chicken was put into a cage with numbered squares on the floor. Whatever number the chicken crapped on was the prize winner. It was randomly chaotic, yet hilariously entertaining. Pete’s draft picks for the past several seasons have been a Chicken Dance, and you gamely try to pick where the chicken will crap this year. It ain’t easy, but it’s been pretty damn entertaining and you’ve offered great insight into what could have been. Let’s hope the Chicken Dance is finally over.

    JS may be a really good GM, but there’s no way to know where Pete ends and he begins. I prefer neither stay. Fresh starts all around. Despite their importance and impact to a franchise, GMs are the most mysterious, uncelebrated hires. I could be sold on a dozen guys with varying backgrounds, the only requirement being no chicken dancing.

    It’s my hope that Jody and Co have identified the people they want to come in and revitalize this franchise and that they will be announced and ready to go in three and a half weeks. To me, it’s imperative that a new set of eyes look at this roster and begin the rebuild. No decade-long biases, just come in and begin anew. That’s the best case scenario for the Seahawks right now.

    Happy Holidays to you and all of the lunatics on this site. You guys are awesome.

  11. Peter

    14 years. Damn.

    This has been such a constant for me and the team because of your writing and the site.

    You basically created your own code for a decade of draft profiles: tef, weighted tef, etc.

    And every single year people bring up Scott Mccloughan (sp?) And here you are with the deep dive of some guy named Dodds…!?…

    This is why most Seahawks sites have fallen off for me. And your’s is the one I come back to year after year when as my football fandom wanes sometimes

    A shout to the community. In this hyper tribalized time I’ve got to say with very few exceptions I love that this feels like the last place on Earth sometimes where people aren’t turning everything back into a fight. Sure a lot of us disagree, who cares? It’s just a bunch of very niche fans hanging out.

    And to the rare posters like “andrew j,” from the last thread….come on down and comment. It seems like every thread has some great 3 am post that gets little traction. Few people know anything more than the next person here.

    Rob merry christmas and again thanks for this consistency!

  12. Call Me AL

    I would like to wish all blog members and Mr Staton a very Merry Christmas! In what has been something less than stellar year to be a Seahawks fan, I would like to thank Rob for his efforts in providing us with the best Seahawks fan site to talk and discuss all things Seahawks!

    Rob’s your insights into drafting, player trades and all things Seahawks has been nothing short of outstanding! Thank you for yet another great year of providing us the very best Seahawks content available!!

    I would also like to thank Curtis Allen for his contributions to SDB. His Weekly Watch Points articles are some of the best pre-game analysis I’ve had the pleasure of reading!!

    Looking forward to next year and the many changes that may transpire may prove to be a very challenging period not only for the Seahawks, but us fans as well. Here’s to a good outcome for all involved!

    • cha

      Thanks for reading AL.

  13. Olyhawksfan

    Appreciate all you do Rob, and everyone for the interesting and intelligent conversations. Great insight into Dodds. Might be nice to have a hungry GM looking to prove himself rather than an (assumed) cocky and arrogant JS.

    Merry Christmas

  14. Rob4q

    Thanks again for a well thought out write up Rob, really appreciate everything you do!

    I’m looking forward to an entertaining offseason for sure…not sure what will happen, but some change has to come. Russ has been my favorite player and I really don’t want to see him in another uniform, but…it may be that he has had enough here. I do agree if they do entertain offers for him, the compensation will be high. I do think teams like Denver and Carolina may be the ones that really go hard after Russ, but I do see that NYG could offer the most and are in need of a big splash deal. I think Philly is going to stick with Hurts as he’s shown a little this year, especially if they make the playoffs.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family, along with everyone here at SDB!

  15. pdway

    Adding my thanks and appreciation to Rob and the community here too.

    Even in times of disagreement…there is no better informed community to commiserate with than this one.

    I think I started coming here about three years ago or so…. and it has been slow drip of bad signs before the fall, so I can’t wait to be here to celebrate some upward trending good times for our team too. Man will that be a fun day.

    Merry Xmas to all.

  16. Mick

    Merry Christmas everyone! And Rob, thank you for your dedication and the incredible amount of work you put in this site.

  17. Big Mike

    Nick Foles starting for Chicago. Considering he’s better than Fields and considering Seattle’s history with “back-ups”, probably not good news.


  18. Matthew

    Merry Xmas Rob! Thanks for your thorough insight, and creating and maintaining this space. It’s a unique place, and I enjoy everybody here. Cheers!

  19. Big Mike

    Big shout out to cha for his wonderful efforts here too. You’re the icing on Rob’s cake man.

    • cha

      Very kind Big Mike.

      • Roy Batty

        The Harry to his Lloyd.

  20. Peppapig

    Happy Christmas SDB!

    I really appreciate the time and effort you (rob)and other people put in to this place.

    I can’t wait for the off season.

    Goodbye Pete and John.
    Goodby3 Russ.

  21. Pepoandart

    Merry Christmas Rob, Robbie, Cha and all the commenters here at SBD who has made this lost season somewhat bearable. 2022 is gonna be a wild ride for the Seahawks. I agree with your post Rob that keeping Wilson would be better, but if he is going to be traded the return has to be BIG and high picks from NYG is a start.

    • Robbie

      Merry Christmas everyone! Best Seahawks community around. Thanks for allowing me to be involved!

  22. Zxvo3

    Merry Christmas Rob! Thank you for all your time and hard work you put into this blog, also please give thanks to your family! I have been pretty inactive around the blog for a while. The reason behind this is the Seahawks horrible play. This is probably the first time I’ve watched the Seahawks with no excitement. Hopefully this offseason will bring some change.

    Honestly looking at Rob’s scenario of getting the Giants picks in exchange for Russ, I would be relatively excited. It would really be shameful if we traded Russ but he wants out then he he’ll leave. Hopefully with those picks they would make the trenches the #1 priority (which is what they should be doing) and draft Evan Neal and Jordan Davis. Imagine those two as your cornerstones to start your rebuild.

  23. GoHawks5151

    Merry Christmas Rob! Been reading since 2010 and though it’s been a bit up and down over the last year you are always appreciated by the SDB community and we are thankful for such a nice spot to talk Seahawks. Have a good one all!

  24. Justaguy

    I just don’t see the Seahawks getting the compensation necessary to make a Wilson trade favorable. More likely to see an underwhelming trade involving three teams and a veteran stop gap quarterback, that won’t stop any gap and whom will be cut in a couple years time. This team will need lightening in a bottle to get back to contention in the next decade.
    Thanks Pete! Was fun while it lasted…

    • Starhawk29

      Firstly, three team trades are rare, not sure why that is your go to. Secondly, I think you’re undervalued qbs. This is an awful draft at the position. Teams will pay up simply because that is what you do for the position. If Justin fields is worth the bears trading multiple 1st round picks for, what does a qb with a super bowl ring cost? It might be less than the pack get for Aaron Rodgers, but I doubt by much due to the age difference. Either way, 3 1sts is the baseline, just as it was when this was discussed last off-season.

      Like you I hate the idea of trading him, we will have to be immensely lucky to grab another franchise qb. However, this could be done well if we hire the right guys. I’d look at indy as the model.

      • Rob Staton

        I don’t get the whole ‘value won’t be good’ angle.

        Broken Carson Wentz, facing the end of his career potentially, cost a R1. Sam Bradford regularly cost a fortune in trades. Look at the Stafford deal.

        In a year where the draft is a black hole at QB, the veteran market will be nuts.

        • bv eburg

          I also wonder about the compensation. On the one hand needy teams will bid up the price but on the other hand why would Russel waive his no trade clause to go to the Giants for example? That situation is worse than here.

          • Roy Batty

            If Mara told Russ he would be involved in hiring a new HC, and the new GM was in good standing with Russ’s agent, NY would be a big temptation for Russ.

            Becoming the savior of an NYC franchise? Russ is a great guy on and off the field, but he also has a massive ego. He is all about his legacy, image and brand. What bigger market is there in the US than NYC. Bring the Giants back into constant contention and you are beloved by the people of NY for all time.

            Just imagine the Giants fan base reacting to his miracle plays, his 4th quarter comebacks, and his perfect community presence. They would absolutely adore him.

            The Giants give him a certain level of power in the FO, let him play under an HC he helped choose, and play in the media capital of the world…that’s just too much to pass up.

            • bv eburg

              Merry Christmas,
              His ego could be the deciding factor.
              Will he think he can do everything you describe Roy or will he realize it’s a worse situation with no draft capitol?
              Or might he limit who he will accept a trade to thinking he is just the missing piece (Broncos, Saints,??) to get them to the SB. And will those teams be able to put a package together?
              Should make for great writing topics for Rob as it plays out.

  25. Seahawkwalt

    This is such a fantastic community and blog. IMO this is the best of any team or sport.. top notch! Many thanks to Rob and Cha. Let’s say we’re left w a decision between Neal and Stingley. Who do you take and why? I say Neal if we truly believe in the trenches. If Stingley is close to a Jalen Ramsey I could be swayed… just haven’t seen enough of him. Merry Christmas to all!!!

  26. Roy Batty

    In a nutshell, I come to this site for great information and real discussion, without the hyperbole and blind fandom.

    I go to other sides to gauge the temperature of the fan base and just simple comic relief. What is posted and discussed on those sites, at times, can befuddle and infuriate some, but they mostly amuse me.

    Rob has done a great job maintaining this passion project of his at a high degree of professionalism, without succumbing to the taunts, baseless claims and downright negativity that has been slung over the years.

    It is very refreshing.

  27. Big Mike

    Damn, I almost forgot…..

    A very Merry Christmas to Robbie’s dog!
    (and you too Robbie)

  28. Scot04

    Thanks for the Great content Rob, Robbie, & Cha.
    Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas all.

  29. jed

    Merry Christmas!

    Thank you Rob! I really appreciate the effort and quality analysis. My favorite place to read about and listen to Seahawks talk.

    Thank you cha & Robbie too!

  30. JimQ

    After watching the Jimmy Kimmel – LA Bowl, I excitedly looked up the stats and rankings of that games defensive MVP – LB/EDGE-Nick Heninger, I found great stats but Heninger doesn’t show up in ANY of the ranking sites that supposedly list all of the draftable players. What the heck is going on with that?

    “”Three of the four sacks were notched by senior Nick Heninger, who was named defensive MVP of the game. The three-sack performance was a career best for the defensive end, who also finished with a career-high five tackles for loss.”” QUESTION: 3-sacks, 5-TFL’s, Isn’t this an individual monster game anymore?

    I think the Seahawks could & should address LB at some point in the coming draft, maybe this guy will be available in the later rounds, or at this rate as an UDFA signing. This guy has some very nice skills.

    OLB-Nick Heninger, 6-2/235, Utah St. Currently ranked – Nowhere to be found????
    2021: 14-games, 74-tkls, 20.5-TFL, 8-Sacks, 5-PD, 1-FR, 5-FF.
    Career: 42-games, 161-tkls, 38.0-TFL, 17-Sacks, 8-PD, 6-FR, 9-FF

  31. BobbyK

    I’ve got a good Seahawks friend who has done some studies and he’s made some interesting comparisons in saying that he thinks Wilson may be at the end of his rope. He had this long list of dual threat QBs whose careers burnout when they get to Wilson’s age. Steve McNair and Donovan McNabb are the two that come to mind but the list was extensive (the two outliers he said were John Elway and Fran Tarkenton). It’s an interesting point worth pondering because he did back up his thoughts to me pretty well.

    I don’t believe in worrying about roster construction if you have shit at QB. I don’t care about boosting up the trenches, getting better at CB or whatever. It’s not going to matter.

    If you have crap at QB – nothing else matters. The tireless Trent Dilfer (needle in a haystack) arguments about winning a Super Bowl with a bum QB is exactly like spending your monthly paycheck on lottery tickets to win the big bucks (pretty darn dumb with odds against you, even though there’s a “chance”).

    I don’t care about having a dominant OL and DL if some bum like Daniel Jones is going to prevent the team from reaching it’s post-season goals.

    I do worry about keeping Russell and having his career trajectory slide like all these multi-threat QBs who’ve fallen off a cliff in their mid-30s. I worry about trading Russell only to get a HOF left guard or generational CB and change. Seahawks never won a Super Bowl with HOF talent like Cortez Kennedy, Big Walt, or Hutch (though the SB XL team did have that mid level QB starter who was perfectly competent to win a SB – it’s just that it’s hard to win a SB).

    I want to have hope. Right now, I have absolutely NONE. If we trade Russ, let the 90s begin all over again. Fools can praise an individual high first round pick here and there, which may turn into Shaun Alexander or Ray Roberts, Dan McGwire or Sam Adams, Rick Mirer or Joey Galloway, Anthony Simmons or Big Walt, Shawn Springs or Lamar King… There will be hits and misses, but without a franchise QB, or at least a prime-Matt Hasselbeck competent QB, it will not matter.

    • BradHawk

      100% agree with you Bobby! We all have high standards for the Seahawks & RW hasn’t played to his contract plus the Kam Chancelor loss we never had a chance! Most likely nothing minus some minor Coaching changes will happen this off season that’s the safe play. If they repeat the losing season simply Draft a QB in 2022. I’m not sold on the Idea that Schneider & Carrol are big believers in RW and I’m anxious to watch what they do in Free Agency because 2022 is the year Seattle should spend in Free Agency if they don’t they don’t believe in RW. Either way Carrol & Schneider stay especially in a rebuild. Jody didn’t pay Carroll & Schneider the big bucks for nothing! If Seattle gets a crazy offer for RW I’m cool with another down year for massive draft stock & a new QB in 2023. The timing could be perfect let Carroll rebuild next few years while another College Coach rises worthy to replace Carroll after serving as a OC for a couple of years, Carroll is gone in 4, 5, or 6years.

      • BradHawk

        Sorry Rob meant to say draft a QB in 2023! Pundits may support your efforts to dump Carroll &/or Schneider but the people in the know = NFL personnel don’t agree with you and many die hard fans don’t agree with you so you have little support. Again Jody just signed Pete & John to new contracts the writing is clearly on the Wall!

        • Rob Staton

          1. You haven’t spoken to any NFL personnel

          2. You don’t speak for ‘die hard fans’

          3. If you’d read my articles this year, you wouldn’t be making that point about contracts. Why not spend some festive time this year catching up?

        • Scot04

          Diehard fan here since the early 70’s. 4 poor offseasons by JS & PC has been enough for me to want them gone.
          They should be held accountable, not given a 5th offseason.
          While I think they should be commended for all the good they’ve done for the franchise, it’s time to move on.
          Wilson hasn’t lived up to his contract?
          Come on, without him they wouldn’t have made the playoffs the previous two years either. I think carrying a poor roster to the playoffs is definitely earning your contract.
          I didn’t think we would make the playoffs before the season started because PC & JS failed to address needs again. I’ve always worried about Wilson getting injured, especially with the poorly constructed O-lines they continue to give him. If anything Wilson deserves more credit for what he’s done despite the last 4 poor offseasons. Unfortunately he was do to get injured.
          It also depends on the type of fan you are. If your happy with a roster that’s only good enough if your QB carries you there; then you should be happy with the previous 3 years of JS & PC.
          If you want a Championship roster you should have been disappointed for awhile.
          Rob’s one of the few that actually do the deep dive and writes what the fans who want more than just making the playoffs.
          I have been looking for a place that doesn’t follow the lemmings and write the same BS every year. This roster has had alot of holes for years. This is not a one year thing. It’s been ungly for awhile.
          True analysis of the team and how things are structured.
          I don’t get where you can say NFL personnel don’t agree with Rob.
          Pete Carroll himself said he wouldn’t have been here this long without Wilson & he’s definitely not wrong.

      • Rob Staton


        Just no.

      • BobbyK

        I don’t see many college coaches worthy of a shot in the NFL though. At least not like Carroll was because he had actually been in the NFL for several years so when he took our job – it wasn’t new to him. If you go from the college ranks, you could easily get a “proven” college coach like Urban Meyer who turns into a bum.

        If Pete/John were to return without Wilson – I’d be okay with that under the assumption that:

        1. We know 2022 is worthless and the only thing we care about is the future (which they’re not part of)

        2. They are not allowed to sign anyone in FA (save money for when it counts again; no difference to me between 4-13 and 1-16 or even 5-12 and 0-17) or trade any future draft picks. They are only ordered to acquire more at the expense of now.

        Knowing that – there’s no way they’d stay. They’d quit (which may be better).

        No matter what, this trio is done. They gave us a great ride almost a decade ago. They’ve ridden on the coattails of those accomplishments since the reset and turned a once proud franchise into the garbage. One thing in Pete’s defense, at least our Hawks don’t get blown out with any consistency. It could always be worse… but what we’re seeing now could always be better, too.

  32. Starhawk29

    Been noticing a lot of chatter about the saints looking for qbs. According to PFT, they called both Rivers and Brees asking if they’d come out of retirement. I wonder if we are watching the early signs that Payton is desperate for a good qb….

    • BobbyK

      You either have a QB or you don’t. Those are the two types of teams in the NFL. I want to remain in the group who has one. I hope he remains one.

      Having a franchise QB doesn’t guarantee a Super Bowl though, because there are other teams with them too. Then there’s the teams with mid-tier Matt Hasselbeck guys who can beat the franchise QBs if their team is simply better.

      There’s so many ways to build a winner, but I know the time is over for our trio (RW, PC, JS) to deserve another chancel together. Not with the disaster they have on their resume in roster construction since the pathetic “reset”. When Russ calls for more superstars publicly and PC and JS respond with bums in FA like Benson Mayowa, would you even want to play for these clowns if you’re RW?

  33. cha

    Brief reminder, the coach interview window opens Tuesday 8am next week. But only for teams who have an head coaching opening (Raiders and Jags at the moment). Black Monday could come early.

    • Peter

      Cha i don’t get this post….Seattle already has a coach. Is this for fans that have the hawks as their number one and maybe they root for another team on the side?

  34. GoHawksDani

    Merry Christmas!
    Great article Rob! Thanks for all your work and insights. I don’t really follow other teams (sometimes watch KC games but that’s all), so appreciate your knowledge sharing. Can’t wait to see what will happen…this limbo period is killing me 😀

  35. BobbyK

    Merry Christmas everyone. Thanks to Rob (and Cha) for a great Seahawks forum. While our favorite team may suck and have no future hope anytime soon without a stable QB position if RW is traded – the main thing is that I hope all of you are healthy (and your family/loved ones). That’s what’s most important. When all is good in life – it’s fun to invest in other things like a football team. Rob – hope your wife is fully recovered and healthy. Hope your family is well. Hope you are well. Thank you for everything and, again, Merry Christmas.

  36. Rob Staton

    Thanks to everyone for all the nice messages.

    I hope you’ve all had a fantastic Christmas.

  37. cha

    Nick Chubb has 184 yards and a touchdown, the defense holds AR and the Packers to 37 yards and no scores in the fourth quarter, and they lose because Baker Mayfield has 4 interceptions and missed several routine throws.

    This is a team begging for a quarterback.

    • Rob Staton

      But, you know, some people want Seattle to be in that position

      • Peter

        Rob you know full well that once we have a young hungry team w/o Wilson this team will be right back in the mix of it. Just a few 7-10, 8-9 years and *bam* pull the trigger on a third round HOF qb and tada! Title town, baby. I mean we did it once how hard could it be again?

        • Rob Staton


        • McZ

          Every season, one or two, even three teams hit on their rookie QBs. I don’t get, why Seattle should be the exemption.

          We are 5-9, with a QB who might or might not reinvent himself. This franchise has been the least exciting to watch for a couple of years. Nothing ever changes, no progress, only a slow strangle with death. Impossible to bear, and – honestly – the product stinks.

          At this rate, we will get our asses handed over by a hungry Lions team.

          • Rob Staton

            This is a weird way of looking at it though.

            Seattle failing with a rookie QB wouldn’t be ‘the exception’. Hitting on a rookie QB would be the exception.

            Here’s what I wrote in October:

            Exactly 30 quarterbacks were drafted in the first two rounds between 2013-2020. Of that group, you can argue eight truly justified the picks used on them.

            That’s a 26% success rate. Or in other words, history says you’ve got a 74% chance of making a bad investment at quarterback in the first two rounds.

      • Mick

        Wouldn’t be too surprising to get in the very same position if Wilson goes, I’d trust Pete and JS to go for Mayfield.

        • Peter

          I hope not.

          If people think russ is cooked then Mayfield was never on the menu.

          For the fans that hate Wilson’s decisions I can’t see them loving going from Wilson to a that does the following:

          62% completion rate vs. +65% in Wilson

          1.7 tds to int vs. 3.3 tds to ints with Wilson

          Oh and because mayfield likes to run around takes a TON of sacks with a much much more dominant line than anything the Hawks have ever cobbled together.

          Strangely i could actually see PC/JS going with mayfield.

  38. cha

    I might’ve missed this but Breer pitches Ryan Pace saving his job in Chicago by looking to trade for Sean Payton.

    He’s spit-balling but it is an interesting note to think along the lines of ‘some coaches are just reaching the natural end of their cycle’ with the teams they coach, and it might be time to try something different.

    Also talks about Pace needing to sell the team/city on an exciting move. Not unlike we talked about last year making an offer for RW.


    • Scot04

      Gotta tell Breer to quit stealing Rob’s ideas, lol

  39. KD

    I don’t have anything to say about the Seahawks. I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a beautiful life.

  40. Rob Staton

    And the posturing begins…


    • Belfasthawk

      Also something from JLC [not explicitly Giants related].


      Considered this line of interest, inferring that JS and PC may not be aligned on the type of roster surgery needed.

      “While coach Pete Carroll, 70, who has final say on all football matters, has long made it clear the idea of a rebuild without Wilson holds no appeal to him, the team has few other significant trade chips that could kickstart the type of rebuild that others in the organization believe might be in order.”

      • cha

        Wow thank you for posting.

        A lot of red meat in that article.

      • Sea Mode

        Saw that. And this is the same truth Rob has long been telling to anyone who would listen:

        Of all of the issues discussed between the player and the team last offseason, none of them trended in a positive direction during this lost 2021 season, and things have not progressed in any manner.

    • Happy Hawk

      Rob what do you think this posturing means?

      • Rob Staton

        Think it means everyone is starting the game early

  41. Whit21

    At this point it has to come down to choosing between PC or RW.. I dont believe in pete anymore and dont think the drafting will get better with a haul of picks..

    Maybe whats best is start a coaching search and seeing where the chips are. Still time for trades after a coach and staff are found..

  42. Happy Hawk

    Jets and Texans winning so far

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