Monday notes: Perspective on the loss in LA

If ever a picture summed up a game this season…

Perspective is always important — especially after a loss.

The Seahawks were touted by many pundits last week as a Super Bowl team after beating the Vikings. Others have focused on their low points differential and number of close games to argue the opposite — that they’re playoff pretenders.

Here’s the reality of Seattle in 2019. They’re not lucky or flukey. They’ve been incredibly resilient and clutch all year and fully deserve to be 10-3.

They’re also not as good as some people have been suggesting. It’s possible to both overachieve and be deserving of a strong regular season record.

There’s a clear ‘tier A’ in the NFL that includes Baltimore, San Francisco and possibly New Orleans. The Seahawks aren’t miles behind. They have beaten the Niners after all. Yet it’s fair to say they’re firmly in a larger ‘tier B’ including Kansas City, New England, Green Bay, Minnesota and possibly the resurgent Rams.

Baltimore and San Francisco will not lose a game 28-12 and fail to score an offensive touchdown. They have a consistency in performance the teams in tier B have lacked this year. They also appear to be getting stronger when it matters most.

Seattle and the other teams in tier B have most of the parts you need to compete for a Super Bowl but there are also some holes. In the Seahawks’ case they need more speed and productivity in the pass rush. They need a proper nickel cornerback. They need more dynamic offensive weapons. At least they’ve found their playmaking safety in Quandre Diggs (and what a trade that was).

We always said this was likely to be a team that needs another off-season. They do. The fact they’re in the mix for the #1 seed while in this transitional position is both exciting and frustrating — because who really wants to wait until 2020 to have a proper go at this?

Yet wait we must based on the evidence of last night unless Russell Wilson and the offense can rediscover their best form and find a way to end the regular season with three wins. The idea of the Seahawks blazing through road games in Dallas, New Orleans or Green Bay and San Francisco as the #5 seed seems fanciful.

In order to take that next step they’ll need to be busy in the off-season. They almost certainly will be. They’re reaching the point where a degree of calculated aggression is palatable. We saw that in 2013, 2015 and 2017 with their multiple high-profile trades and key free agent additions. They’ve already made two huge trades in 2019 for Jadeveon Clowney and Diggs.

In 2020 they’ll need to re-sign Clowney and make big calls on players like Jarran Reed, Justin Britt, Germain Ifedi and George Fant. They need some speed in the pass rush and might need to spend some cap space to acquire it (Dante Fowler?).

The 2020 draft will be rich in first round wide receiver talent. They’ll also need to add a tight end at some point. Jalen Reagor, Henry Ruggs, K.J. Hamler and Hunter Bryant could be options depending on how their stock rises.

They could also make a bold trade if those players start to move up boards after the combine. Earlier this season Stefon Diggs was seemingly unhappy in Minnesota. He has the kind of sudden quickness and ability to create easy separation the Seahawks love. Check out this video at the 08:15 mark. Wilson seemed quite friendly with Diggs during Monday Night Football.

Odell Beckham Jr. is reportedly putting the word out about wanting to leave Cleveland. After a year or two of unnecessary drama, some may wish to avoid ODB. That said, Wilson and Beckham seem close and have worked out in the past. This report is interesting. The Seahawks have never shied away from difficult characters. If they’re willing to even consider adding Antonio Brown this year — OBJ isn’t going to be out of bounds.

The Seahawks reportedly loved Beckham prior to the 2014 draft. Adding him to Tyler Lockett and D.K. Metcalf would create an outstanding trio of targets for Wilson.

The Buccaneers resisted trade offers for O.J. Howard before the deadline but that could be a situation to revisit in the off-season.

With a haul of draft picks and cap room to spend — the Seahawks can make a leap next year. For now — as we’ve said so often this year — simply enjoy the ride. The Seahawks are contending when other teams would be painfully rebuilding. They’re in the mix. They have two games coming up they should win (although this year has shown that nothing should be taken for granted). If they do win against Carolina and Arizona — it sets up a tremendously important regular season finale.

It’s better to be relevant than not. The Seahawks are relevant — even if they’ve not yet reached the peak of their powers in 2019.

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  1. Nick

    Rob, do you think RB now becomes a position we need to scout for the earlier rounds after the Penny injury? The only RB I’ve watched and seen as a Seahawks RB is Zack Moss.

    • Rob Staton

      No I don’t. They will probably add one assuming Prosise departs. But not in the early rounds.

      • line_hawk

        They have to consider RB in R3 if not R2. Carson is not a dependable option long term due to 1) health, this is the first time he has been healthy all year (touch wood) 2) Fumbling

        Penny is not the explosive back PC likes, and he might be hurt. to start the year. I think the state of RBs might very well end up pre-2018 version by the end of the season that investment will be necessary.

        • Rob Staton

          Chris Carson was drafted in R7. They don’t ‘have’ to take a running back in the first three rounds only two years after picking Penny in R1.

          • line_hawk

            Not saying they have to take but I think they will look in R3. This offense is in trouble if Carson goes down. Would you be comfortable with Carson (potential holdout), Homer & PUP’ed Penny as your day one RBs next year?

        • Greg Haugsven

          I agree it could be sooner than we think. Carson could use this as leverage to get a longer term deal. If Penny does have a torn ACL it could be at least until week 7 (PUP) next year. Not sure how high of a pick would be necessary but Zack Moss might be a good fit.

      • Bigten

        IIRC, wasn’t Carson identified as a target prior to the draft? Is there anyone that similarly stands out? Maybe an underachiever with the tools to succeed and was a 4/5 star status out of hs? Also, what kind of back do you think we are looking for? I’m not 100% confident in Carson as the only back.

        • Bigten

          Can Akers, Najee Harris, Anthony McFarland. Those are the obvious ones that come to mind looking at the top recruits. (Najee was #1 and Akers #2)

  2. Volume12

    Excellent piece.

    • Simo

      Agreed, great perspective here! Much better to be in the hunt and have a chance than the alternative. Great to still have all your goals within reach, even if you aren’t the favorite.

      It definitely seems like this will be an important off-season. Possibilities are endless when you have a bounty of good draft picks and ample cap space! Making good personnel decisions will be critical, but I trust John and Pete to do just that!

      These next few weeks should be fun!

    • Sea Mode

      Really great perspective here.

  3. LAHawk

    Thanks for zooming out, this was the roughest loss since the Saints game for sure and the offense looked helpless. I’ve been on the fence about whether the Seahawks really needed to prioritize added a pass-catcher since they already have Lockett and DK, but last night really underscored the need to add more weapons, especially in the short passing game. They can’t have Gordon, Moore, and Hollister as major options… if they got ODB I’d be laughing all offseason.

    I’m curious about what Rob and others think of Ifedi right now. I think he’s improved this season but had some screw ups last night that made me see red, but I admit I may not have been watching him closely.

    • Rob Staton

      I think Ifedi has had a very solid year. Good right tackles are few and far between in the league. Most people can’t name five right tackles off the top of their head. I think he’d be worth holding on to as long as the price isn’t silly. It will cost a LOT to properly replace him on the open market unless they go the rental route and spending yet another high pick on another rookie OL plucked at the end of round one (or later) hasn’t worked in the past.

      • TomLPDX

        definitely +1, Ifedi is NOT the problem.

    • mishima

      IMO, only Russ’ brilliance keeps us just out of Tier C with / teams like Steelers, Texans, Titans, Dallas. Raiders. When he’s even slightly off, we’re middling at best.

      • mishima

        Meant as a standalone omment not a reply to LAHawk.

        • Greg Haugsven

          I still dont think this loss is such a big deal. Very winnable games against the Panthers and Cards. Win week 17 and you are at worst #2 maybe #1 if the Packers can win out or if the Saints can lose @Titans.

          • mishima

            Agree, but I don’t think their wins against the Bengals, Steelers, Cardinals, Browns and Falcons were that big of a deal either.

            I guess I don’t get all the talk about seeding and record. All I care about is whether they are good or not. Outside of Wilson/QB, I don’t see any position group that I would consider elite or Super Bowl worthy. I see Russ and then a lot of average, still.

            It’s been a fun year, but I consider them a lucky Tier 2.5 team with a lot of work to do esp. if they lose 3/5 of the OL (Ifedi, Iupati, Britt) and 1/2 of the DL (Clowney, Reed) while still needing edge pressure/speed, WR + TE and CB depth/competition. They have a good core, money and picks, but have to nail the off-season or it will be one step forward, two steps back.

      • Adog

        Russ has been average for the last month…his play has been far from brilliant.

        • mishima

          And we’ve been ‘middling at best’ in those games.

  4. Sea Mode

    Totally OT: this is an interesting project by McCarthy. Do you think he will actually get a chance next season? Any potential team fits?

    • Volume12

      That was really good.

      I saw someone say Dallas. I also kinda wonder if they’ll make a run at Urban Meyer.


  5. BobbyK

    Like many, I did not expect 10-3 at this point in the season. It’s been a crazy ride. The only frustrating part about looking ahead is that they could vastly improve this off-season and end up at 9-4 at this point next year. This is not one of the best Seahawks teams I’ve ever seen, but there’s something crazy/special about them, too (in terms of playing better than some teams of the past despite being a little less talented than a few of the others who maybe didn’t have the record of this team). Enjoy the ride… 10-3 doesn’t come around very often…

  6. AndrewP

    Rappaport just tweeted it’s an ACL tear with further damage.

    Well, CJ & Travis… here you go. Want a job somewhere next year, CJ? Want to be the leader in the clubhouse for the 3rd down back, Travis? It’s right in front of you…

    • Greg Haugsven

      Wow, tear is no good. That puts him out until at least week 7 of next year. Probably more like week 9 or 10.

      • Greg Haugsven

        The 49ers just lost there center for the season as well.

      • AndrewP

        Regardless of 9 or 12 mo. ‘recovery’, ACL tears often don’t see the player back to full explosiveness until year 2 of return. It’s kinda like the UCL in baseball… Yeah, the person is ‘back’ in a year, but it takes almost a year after that to build the sharpness and confidence to be fully back.

        Another concerning part to me is the ‘other damage’ part. Hopefully the patella is not involved…

        • Rob Staton

          Again, ACL tear’s aren’t what they used to be due to medical advancements. Players return a lot quicker.

          • AndrewP

            It’s not a death sentence, and I didn’t make it out to be. But, that first year back usually doesn’t see players at where they were before they got hurt. Medically cleared, yes. But, I can’t think of someone who was immediately back to former self within 9-12 months.

            • Rob Staton

              Really? Quite a few have done it recently. Plenty of RB’s too. Eg Dalvin Cook.

              • icb12

                To Andrew’s point… Dalvin Cook was out 10 months. And then didn’t look the same all of 2018. He didn’t even look close to what he is capable of. He had all of 2 rushing TDs all of that season. Both in the same game..

                I would be surprised if Penny isn’t on the PUP list or IR to start next season.

                • Rob Staton

                  Didn’t look the same? Actually he got hurt again and missed the first half of the season. Then ran for 615 yards at 4.6 a carry in the second half of the season.

                  I’ve been around physio’s and pro’s for years. Advancements on ACL injuries have made this MUCH easier to return from. Not sure why people are so eager to overstate this injury.

                  • icb12

                    I’m not overstating anything. I’m simply pointing out that Dalvin Cook missed 10 months. He then proceeded to have 3 mediocre games, and get injured again.

                    After which he seemed to get back on track, and averaged 5.245 y/a for the remainder of the season, including a rough game against the bears. His carries were also limited for the season.

                    I’m personally not disputing that ACL injuries are much easier to recover from now, but I would make the Argument that Dalvin Cook wasn’t back to being 100% for at least 10 months, and there is legitimate arguments to be made to say he wasn’t truly 100% for even longer.

                    • Rob Staton

                      But he got injured again! New set of rehab. When he was back he was superb not mediocre in 2018 as originally suggested. You’re now claiming he was bad in three games and that having another injury essentially ‘helped’ him. Come on. He was really good in 2018 when he was back and he was ready for the start of the year.

        • Frontrower

          Penny credited Chris Carson’s mentorship for helping him become a better “pro” this season. From what has been written they have become good friends. Carson has experience coming back from season ending injuries, hopefully he can help Penny through the process and Penny comes back stronger physically and mentally.

      • Rob Staton

        Players return from ACL tear’s much earlier than they used to. He’ll be back for camp.

        • John_s

          My concern more than the ACL is what additionally in the knee was injured and Penny’s ability to keep his weight in check after surgery

          • Rob Staton

            These days I’m more concerned with achilles injuries and concussions. Those are the real problems in the game, you never really recover. Seeing Will Dissly and Jimmy Graham come roaring back from Patella Tendon injuries just highlights the giant medical advancement we’ve seen with serious knee injuries.

          • Coleslaw

            Likely just MCL and/or LCL but if they didnt say those were torn then they’re likely just sprained. Just by how the injury happened I would say he only tore the ACL

          • Coleslaw

            IIRC MCL and LCL are usually from twisting motions

  7. Volume12

    Oklahoma gonna end up with Jordan Love at QB next year? It’s rumored that he might transfer instead of declare.

    • Rob Staton

      Suggested this a few weeks ago. Would be best for both parties.

    • Eli

      I’d bet he ends up at Texas Tech in a system he knows he can look good in.

      • Comfect

        I mean, Oklahoma has a history now of making transfer QBs look REAL good.

  8. Ukhawk

    “The fact they’re in the mix for the #1 seed while in this transitional position is both exciting and frustrating — because who really wants to wait until 2020 to have a proper go at this?“ Who’s waiting? Who’s not excited? The fact they are building a championship caliber team whilst competing this season is awesome to behold. They’ve seasoned young guys, added pieces during the season, dealt with setbacks and gotten better. As Pete and Russ said, they “have it all to play for” and that’s both this season and next.

    • Rob Staton

      Well I didn’t suggest anyone wasn’t excited. I clearly said it’s exciting and frustrating. In the sense that they’re competing but we know they haven’t reached peak potential yet (which is true). And you’ll have to wait another off-season for that. We all will.

      • Robert Las Vegas

        Once again Rob you are 100 percent correct involving your article here is my 2 cent’s first of all the Seahawks haven’t gotten one single sack against the Rams this year in two games zero and not like the Rams have the greatest offense line .and my second thought is we need more weapons or draft the best wide receiver in round I think we need more talent may have different opinion . I know New England has the same situation more or less. With Tyler not completely heathy it looks pretty shallow doesn’t it nothing against DK

    • Ukhawk

      Robs’ I hear you and think we agree here. Wasn’t trying to suggest it’s only excitement but rather mostly. Weirdly part of the excitement for myself is them being frustrating but working through it and those exceeding expectations.

      Yes there is still room for lots of improvement and it can be ‘frustrating’ at times. But Weirdly my biggest issue with this is personally sometimes I can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel and/or I know the huge challenges of building a Tier 1 squad amidst a cap constrained and ‘always competing’ environment. Yet PCJS seem to generally figure it out and sometimes not in the way we expect.

      So here’s where the blog comes in… such great content and a forum to discuss and work thru it all as a fan!

  9. cha

    Just a quick microcosm of what the Hawks are missing on offense could be seen on those two critical drive killing drops.

    Hollister’s drop (Dissly can come back but shows the sore need at TE)

    Turner’s drop (that play was a Doug Baldwin special)

    • Sea Mode

      Both of those drops hurt badly.

      • Rob4q

        Gordon’s slip coming back to the ball on 3rd down late in the game.

        Russ just missing Carson running free while scrambling…that little lob would have gone for big yardage!

        Turner not getting his head around fast enough on the throw to the end zone…would have been a TD if he sees it!

        And I feel like there were at least 2-3 more plays that Russ just missed that he normally makes. Taking a couple of those sacks really hurt as well. They were just a little off all the way around…

  10. Coleslaw

    Replying to Greg H. from the previous post.

    GB could definitely lose to the Vikings, GB will lose when their OL doesnt play well. IMO.

    Head to head is specifically about 2 teams head to head, doesnt matter if we didnt all play each other. Also division record is the 2nd tiebreaker after head to head, then comes conference record 3rd.

    We would all be 13-3. Saints would have the head to head on us, and GB would be 6-0 in division while we would be 5-1. = 3 seed

    • John_s

      Credit to Mitch Levy

      Mr Postseason:
      For those that can’t wait for Ep 69…
      If Seahawks Saints Packers win out (13-3)
      Saints drop out of 3 team tiebreaker due to conf record
      Seahawks defeat GB on common opponents (5-0)
      Seahawks are NFC #1 seed

      • Coleslaw

        I don’t think that’s how it works.

        Tiebreakers aren’t added up collectively.

        If it cant be decided by head to head, it goes to division record. If it cant be decided by division, it goes to conference record etc.

        • Greg Haugsven

          Im pretty sure Mr Postseason is right. Its head to head first so if NO beat both us and GB then they get #1 but they havent played. When it comes to the divisional record between three teams not in the same division its not apples to apples so that is why it goes to conference record.

  11. Sea Mode

    Let’s see if the 49ers can endure in the war of attrition as well:

    Ian Rapoport
    #49ers coach Kyle Shanahan told reporters that center Weston Richburg tore his patellar tendon and is done for the season. A long road back for Richburg.

    Jennifer Lee Chan

    #49ers Dee Ford and Richard Sherman will also be out for a few weeks with hamstring injuries

    • TomLPDX

      I’m not going to sit here and wish other teams loose valuable players. It sucks for all of us…especially the players. I’d rather have all teams healthy and at peak performance rather than wish an injury on anyone. We just lost Penny, before that Uncle Will and countless others.

      I love football and the athletes that play in it, they are elite and push themselves to the limit and beyond.


    Plenty of reasons for pessimism after what we saw Sunday night. One good reason for optimism is this: the Seahawks are 10-3 and have yet to play their best football this year.

  13. Eburgz

    I’m not gonna worry about this team unless we put up another sinker against Carolina or Arizona. We went on the road on a short week after MNF to a division rival that undoubtedly has our number. And we were due. Biggest positive in the game was coverage on punts and the toughness shown from our rookies (Metcalf and Blair didn’t take any shit from Ramsey).

    Biggest negative was the step back from the OL and the drops. How are those the same dudes that kicked the crap out of the Vikings. Wagner (all the linebackers kinda but he got it worst) was getting abused in zone coverage. I would have preferred if they played man and blitzes the crap out of Goff but that’s not how we roll.

  14. Bankhawk

    Rob-how would you assess Josh Gordons role with the Hawks going forward? Is he just lacking the *wanna^ factor?Given what he’s been capable of in the past, we haven’t seen that much to date. I do think that in addition to bolstering the pass rush, it’s good to try to surround Russell with the best weapons possible.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s hard to learn an offense mid way through the season. He’s coming along slowly, building on his plays every week. But also there’s a reason a WR depleted team like NE moved on.

  15. Coleslaw

    Honestly I want Antonio Brown. Hes been punished a lot by not playing at all so far. If he really is motivated to play, now is the time to get him so hes ready for the playoffs. I wouldn’t mind giving him $3M guarentee to finish out this year. Russ would keep him on track for 3-7 games

    • Paul Cook

      I don’t know. I don’t want a guy with some pretty serious allegations out there concerning women. If they got cleared up completely, then maybe. Until then, no. I like women too much.

    • Michigan 12th

      Not a chance on Brown, if he did what those allegations say he did, he belongs in prison and for a long time. I would literally stop routing for the Seahawks if they picked up Brown before the allegations were completely proven false, and I have been a Seahawks fan for 40 years. Through all the dark days I have stood firm with them, but if they did a bonehead move like that, I would call for Carol and Schneider to be fired.

  16. Coleslaw

    Field Gulls (@FieldGulls) Tweeted:
    The Seahawks have had Jadeveon Clowney, Jarran Reed, and Ziggy Ansah all together 4 times this season.

    In those 4 games (Seahawks are 4-0):
    Clowney: 2 sacks, 10 QB hits, 3 FF
    Reed: 1.5 sacks, 5 QB hits, 1 FF
    Ansah: 0 sacks, 4 QB hits

    Gotta keep Clowney and Reed + Ngakoue or Fowler or draft pick

    • GerryG

      Wow, just 4 games. That is interesting, and not surprising I guess, but I had not quite done the math.

    • Ashish

      I guess its too much to expect from draft pick to deliver on first year especially on D. For some reason defensive players takes one or two years before they start contributing

  17. charlietheunicorn

    If you are going to lose a game… then 3 games before the playoffs is a perfect time.
    It will focus/re-focus the team and I believe they will have a very strong effort vs the Panthers next game. The only downside I can see is that several guys got banged up and the 49er game week 17 might be HUGE game for both teams. Flex to SNF please, thanks.

  18. millhouse-serbia

    At the start of the season I said these defense need FS, NCB and speed from the edge. We have found our FS, now we need to find NCB and Edge for next season and we will be one of the best defenses in the league.

    For this season, especially after Pete’s last presser comments, I think Clowney injury is big blowout for us and it wouldn’t surprise me that he ends up on IR before the end of the season.

    The only thing that really concernes me for next season is BWags play. He had lowest grade by PFF against Rams, he allowed 11/11 on coverage and looked really slow.

    Plans for next season:
    1. Re sign Reed, Ifedi, Clowney
    2. Draft Edge and WR(Z) with first two picks
    3. Try to find NCB via free agency or draft him with 3rd round pick
    4. Try to find replacement for DJ Fluker (Hines or another veteran FA)
    5. If there is enough cap space sign FA Edge (Ngaque or Flower) but only at 1 or 2 years contract (if they are willing to do that…

    I am 100% against drafting OT to replace Ifedi in his rookie year…yes I would draft him with one of first 3 picks that we have (along with edge and WR) but only as a future replacement for Brown)…

    And about Penny injury…Dr Chao said it will be thight window for him to come back for start of 2020 season…it could possibly mean they will look to draft RB (maybe even with 3rd round pick)…especially when we take into account that Chris is in his last year and Penny isn’t great and hard off season worker…

    • Robert Las Vegas

      Also doesn’t it seem like the Rams run the jet sweep at the Seahawks about 2 or 3 times a game against us .and pretty good succuss drives me nuts

  19. steele

    So the Rams finally decided to play like the Rams were supposed to.

    The game was a setback, no doubt, and unfortunately drops them way down in contention. But this is a resilient, gritty but imperfect team that is on the rise. A Super Bowl ring was not expected for this season, but the fact that they are in the mix–at all—speaks volumes. Three weeks from now, we’ll know. That final game vs. SF will be fascinating.

    SF only played two tough teams. Lost to the Hawks (so far their only real physical fight), lost to Ravens (who were NOT as physical against them as the Hawks were). Almost lost to the Saints , who essentially didn’t/don’t play defense (which, along with boneheaded penalties, made SF’s final drive easy). There remain serious questions about Garoppolo, and now they finally have some injuries to deal with.

  20. millhouse-serbia

    One interesting note… it is good that SF-Rams plays at Saturday (the day before us vs Cards)…why is that important…if SF wins vs Falcons they would play for absolutely nothing against Rams if we win both our games…and they could rest all of their important players before big match against us…they still could do that if they are ready to take a risk that we wont lose against Cards…

    If they go against Rams without best players and lose that game, and we lose vs Cards that would mean that they waist their chance to win the division before week 17…

    • Greg Haugsven

      I mentioned this a few posts back. The Rams got us when the game wasnt huge and they are getting the 49ers the same (assuming they beat the Falcons). Either way you want to look at it its all about week 17.

  21. EranUngar

    A very balanced perspective. Thank you Rob.

    A few remarks:

    “Yet wait we must based on the evidence of last night” – Games against the Rams do not count as evidence. This team has been our kriptonite for years even when we were prime SB contenders.

    “Overachieving” is an insult to teams that have achieved on the field. It is usually a good indication of someone being wrong in his earlier assessment and hates to let go. (Not you Rob…)

    This team is just different. It wins football games, a lot of football games, while failing to conform with the usual indicators pointing to a contender. Teams do that at times (See Leicester city or Athletico Madrid) and go on to win it all. It usually has to do with very strong “intangibles” that enhance team play beyond the sum of individual performances. This team has it in spades and you can hear it in what the vets say (Wags, K.J., Brown) and even more by what newcomers has to say about it (Diggs, Clowney).

    Two or Three wins in January will get a team to the SB. Wins like against the mighty in SF…

    This team may not have the outstanding talent to be a front runner but I would not count them out…

    • Rokas

      To me, if a game against LA Rams does not count as evidence, then I don’t know what counts as evidence. I mean this season is going better than realistically you could expect but has there been a team in the history that had a 10-3 record with a +20 points differential? Baltimore has +160 or what? Stranger things had happened, but let’s be honest with ourselves – it’s extremely unlikely for us to make a Superbowl run.

      • EranUngar

        The loss to the rams counts the same as the loss to the Cards at home in December 2013.

        I know that many here worship the points differential GOD, but I am an atheist. I also notice a certain correlation between those who predicted doom and gloom early in the season and point deferential believers…

        As long as the NFL, in it’s great wisdom, values wins and only wins than IN WINS I TRUST.

        As for a SB run, I know this team has every intention to make one whatever their point differential may be and I for one, while being completely honest with myself, do not find it extremely unlikely that they could…

        • mishima

          A true believer.

          If I ignore how we win, how we lose, point differential, strength of schedule, defensive deficiencies, injuries, home/road split, etc., then I’m right there with you.

          Oh, and…

          • Volume12

            Father & child at game.

            Child: daddy, what’s the score?

            Father: shhhhh, I’m figuring out adjusted win probability

        • Rob Staton

          Does anyone on here worship the points differential god?

          I haven’t seen anyone talking about it.

          • mishima

            I’ve been kind of ‘doom and gloom’ and have brought up point differential. Not sure what worshiping the point differential GOD entails, maybe an abacus and shrine to Chris Collinsworth?

            • DC

              Point differential at the end of each game determines the winner. That part is simple. If you want to get waaaaaay more complex with football the options for that are expanding at the speed of computing.

  22. GerryG

    Perspective continued:
    We saw somewhere recently they are #2 in games missed to injury. On offense that includes starting C and TE on IR, and most versatile backup. Both Gs have missed time.

    On D, the thin DL missed Reed for 6 games and were counting on an aging DE who the rest of the league decided had no chance to be ready and healthy this season. Jeff, Ansah, Poona have missed games. We had the worst starting S in the NFL, and still don’t have a good NB.

    We have one legit experienced WR option and a practice squad TE, with suspect pass pro. Despite all that they are 10-3 and can still be the number 1 seed in the NFC. We’ve never had it this good as Seahawks fans as we have the last 11 seasons.

  23. Mac

    It’s OBJ, not ODB Rob. ODB is old dirty bastard lol

    • Gohawks5151

      Hahaha. To be fair i call him the same. I think they called him that at LSU.

      • mishima

        Guilty of same, here and other blogs. OBJ will always be ODB to me. Now, Cleveland just needs a Method Man. Shaolin forever.

    • Rob Staton


    • Kenny Sloth


  24. neil

    How well Prosise and Homer do in relief of Carson this week will give us a clearer picture of the Hawks chances of winning out and the playoffs. Carolina is allowing 139 yds per game on the ground. Also, Wilson needs to run more. The RPO plays don’t work if the defense doesn’t worry about the qb.

  25. Starhawk29

    Great article Rob, thanks for helping refocus us. We aren’t there yet, and the rams have our number. The biggest takeaway from this game, for me, was how slow we looked. They had us on our heels and beat us to the edge every time on D. We got hit in the mouth this week, and hopefully it makes us hungrier.

    This was the first game this year where I really missed Doug Baldwin. The hawks needed a WR that wouldn’t let us lose, and Turner is nowhere close to that guy. Lockett isn’t either, as good as he is. We are missing the kind of compliment to Russ that Baldwin used to be, a guy that won’t care about targets, stats, or yards, but only about winning football games. I need to dive into the guys coming out this year, but there are a few I think might fit the bill.

    • Rob Staton

      I agree. They need another target — whether that’s a reliable, available TE or another great WR. Lot’s of options in this draft (Reagor, Hamler, Ruggs, Bryant) and could see them looking at the trade market (Howard, Diggs, OBJ).

      • cha

        Hawks seem content to just redshirt Ursua this year. Hope he can contribute some in 2020.

  26. Sean

    Man hope Jordan Love doesn’t go to Oklahoma, have been wanting to see Spencer Rattler play, he has a lot of Mahomey qualities.

    • Paul Cook

      Maybe the Huskies should go after him if Eason leaves for the draft. We’re thin and inexperienced at the QB position at Montlake.

      • Sean

        UW’s QB room is actually stacked.

        We have:

        Jacob Sirmon – #6 pocket QB in his class, 4 stars
        Dylan Morris – #4 Pocket QB in his class, 4 stars
        Ethan Garbers – #6 Pocket Qb in his class, 4 stars
        2021 – Sam Huard – #1 overall Qb in his class, 5 stars

        • Paul Cook

          Not really. The Huskies are thin at QB now. They only have three scholarship QB’s if Eason leaves…a redshirt sophomore (Sirmon), a red shirt freshman (Morris), and possibly a true freshman if he signs with us next week (Garbers). Huard doesn’t even show up for another year. Sirmon might very well leave through the transfer portal for lack of playing time and/or if he loses the starting gig to Morris next spring. He already almost left last season through it. Three

  27. Gohawks5151

    A little off topic but this is a draft blog… What is up with Tee Higgins? He was a high projected pick early in the year and faded as season went along. He seemed to have good size and speed. Comes from a team that has good history of teaching and producing wideouts. I don’t watch a lot of Clemson so i find it interesting. Is it because this is a stacked class? Did Lawrence performance drop? Bad year?

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s just doubts about his speed.

    • Bigten

      From the games I have seen, he wasn’t even best wr on team. Ross looks like a stud.

  28. Sea Mode

    Mike Garafolo

    #Falcons are signing veteran CB Jamar Taylor. Appeared in nine games with the #Seahawks earlier this year, had three passes defensed.

  29. Sea Mode

    So if we win this week and either the Rams (@DAL) or the Vikings (@LAC) lose, we clinch a playoff berth.

  30. Paul Cook

    I’m not real up to snuff on Carolina. Have hardly watched them play. Outside of us putting up a real stinker of a game, how do they beat us? Obviously containing McCaffrey seems near the top of the list of concerns. What else do we have to fret over? What weaknesses do we exploit against them?

    Just wondering.

  31. JimQ

    An EARLY 7-round NFL mock draft. Obviously for “ENTERTAINMENT” purposes only at this point in the
    draft process. It’s Interesting that they show 9 total Seahawks picks as: 28, 60, 64, 100(comp), 136,
    144(comp), 215(comp), 244, 252(comp), which may or may not be completely accurate, but it is very
    early in the process and PC/JS’s trading picks makes all projections difficult, at best, but still pretty interesting stuff here. rankings are far from a done deal as well, some of their picks will go earlier and at least several are vast “reaches”, but, it is what it is.

    Seahawks 9 picks in THIS mock: EDGE-Yetur Gross-Matos, DL-Davon Hamilton, CB-Jaylon Johnson,
    C-Jake Hanson, WR-Tyler Vaughns, LB-Paddy Fisher, TE-Josaiah Deguara, DE-Patrick Jones & WR-Joe Reed. (The vast majority I really disagree with & a couple I’ve never heard of or even considered).

    Using the same 7 round draft –exactly as shown– I’d prefer the following players be taken at each pick,. Not necessarily the players I’d prefer, but, best available at each pick….as THIS draft fell out.

    28—EDGE-Curtis Weaver, addressing the biggest need at EDGE, a potential LEO?
    60—WR-DaVonta Smith, Hang on RW, “playmaker” help is on the way. (likely gone @60)
    64—WR-Justin Jefferson, Solid WR that also is +/- the best blocking WR available in the entire draft.
    100–RB-Najee Harris, A run first team needs multiple runners, here is another strong piece.
    136–EDGE/LB-Josh Uche, double dip on biggest needs is par for the course for PC/JS.
    144–TE-Harrison Bryant, TE help is also a big need. A good & VERY productive WR type here.
    215–DT-McTelvin Agim, a rotational/developmental DL-man to add to the mix on the IDL.
    252–OC-Matt Hennessy, 6-4/295, muscle easier to put on than height, + he’s PFF’s #1 rated center.
    Add in a few UDFA’s: QB-Austin Simmons, OG-Sean Pollard, TE-Adam Trautman, RB-Nelson Brown,
    RB-James Robinson, DE/EDGE-DeAngelo Malone, OT-Terence Steele & CB(slot)-Amik Robertson.
    ——>I’d be much more excited about this draft than’s version – (all IMO, of course.).

    • Eburgz

      I actually really like Gross-Matos with our first pick. He’s the kind of swing for the fences prospect that we take with our first pick. And he’s at a position of huge need.

      My turn:
      60-DeVonta Smith
      64-Jonathan Taylor
      100-Isiah Wilson

      Wow- ok I’ll stop this cbs mock is just crazy. If we got those 4 players and Glasses kicker from Georgia I’m set haha.

      • Rob Staton

        Gross-Matos is too inconsistent though.

        And yeah — that CBS stuff is nonsense. No way the other three last that long.

        • Eburgz

          It’s about his traits. Not his production. Collier wasn’t exactly consistent either but he had elite toughness and balled out in mobile. I feel like that’s a common criticism of yours “too hot and cold”. Your not wrong though. His inconsistently is probably the only reason why he might be available at our pick.

          Kinda reminds me of a young Ziggy.

          • Rob Staton

            Collier was very consistent. I watched most of his 2018 games. Consistency was not a problem.

            I don’t know why you’re suggesting it’s a common criticism. I barely ever use it. I’ve used it a lot with Yetur Gross-Matos because it’s a fact.

            • Eburgz

              Off the top of my head you said the same about Frank
              Clark last year after he had 10+ sacks. Said the same about Tillery last year when I brought him up. I’m sure I could find more but maybe I’m wrong and unfairly cherry picking and admittedly those are kinda streaky players. Lots of pass rushers are streaky though and I think it’s kind of the nature of the beast. From what I’ve seen of Gross Matos the guy has elite physical tools and a really good motor. I like him but I’ll admit he’s a bit inconsistent. Still think he’s a prime hawks candidate.

              6 sacks in a college players breakout year doesn’t scream consistently productive pass rusher but I’ll trust you.

              • Rob Staton

                I didn’t say the same about Frank. I said that about Tillery because it was also very true.

  32. Sea Mode

    So up another $8.6m at the least.

    Tom Pelissero

    The NFL informed club officials today it is projecting a salary cap of $196.8 million to $201.2M. That’s up from $188.2M this season. Revenue growth continues entering final year of labor deal.

  33. Sea Mode

    Adam Caplan

    With Rashaad Penny (ACL) going on IR, #Seahawks worked out 3 RBs including former #Browns 7th-rounder (2017) Matthew Dayes and UDFA Nick Brossette (LSU).

  34. Sea Mode

    Schotty on with Schefter at 21:00 mark.

    RW puts together an entire scouting report (1st, 2nd, 3rd down, coaches, D-coordinator…) on his own early in the week (Tues. around 2-3pm he finishes it) and gives it to the players. Schotty says it rivals any scouting report that we [coaches] have ever done. Shows the other players how much he puts into the preparation.

    Says Seattle culture is the most special he’s been in. Letting each player be himself, helping them to be the best version of themselves, and discovering how each guy can best help the team.

    Schotty hoping a HC opportunity for him arises “in the next little bit”.

    Thinks we might see Andrew Luck coaching at some point.

    His dad lives in Charlotte so he will be able to see him on the trip this week.

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