Monday notes: Jeff Holland, Steven Mitchell Jr & more

Before we get started if you missed it yesterday, check out the Seahawkers podcast this week. There’s a ton of draft info from 12:37 in…

On to the notes. Featured today: Jeff Holland, Steven Mitchell Jr, Ronald Jones II and Derwin James…

— Auburn finished the SEC season superbly. They built momentum, rallied after a difficult loss to LSU and suddenly became the team to beat. They absolutely hammered Georgia, then comfortably handled Alabama in the Iron Bowl.

The two teams that eventually met in the Playoff decider — taken apart by Auburn.

They managed it playing a very familiar brand of football to Seattle (at least the 2012-15 version). Point guard quarterback. Fearsome running game. Jacked-up defense playing with their hair on fire, flying to the ball. This was a band of brothers, playing together with all three units connecting. The defense danced, celebrated and set the tone. It was like watching the LOB in 2013.

I remember thinking at the time — this is what the Seahawks used to be like. That energy, the physicality. It was a Gus Malzahn offense but at the heart of everything was a very classic combination of good running game and great defense.

If they want to get back to that — tapping into that Auburn spirit could be a possibility.

They’re not alone of course. Georgia got to the final with the same kind of ingredients. Alabama always play defense and run the ball. It’ll be interesting to see how many players the Seahawks cherry pick from those three schools.

The player I wanted to highlight today is EDGE rusher Jeff Holland.

He’s not the biggest (listed by ESPN at 6-2 and 250lbs) and it’s fair to say he’s not going to win Mr. Universe. He looks quite unremarkable in terms of his physique. He’s not the biggest or fastest.

Yet every time I watched Auburn in 2017, he stood out. He finished the season with 10 sacks, 13 TFL’s and four forced fumbles. Holland is a high-intensity, physical, fierce pass rusher with quickness off the snap. For his size he isn’t a liability against the run.

His best quality, however, is hand technique. His ability to use a two-handed swipe is highly impressive. He can rip and swim and he can beat a tackle off the edge with lean. Hand use continues to be one of the more lesser talked about features in the media — but it’s vital for a pass rusher. Holland spent a lot of time learning this skill:

Not being the biggest, fastest or most impressive athlete might dent Holland’s stock. He might not be on Seattle’s radar as a consequence. Yet there is talent to work with here and Holland did as much as anybody to embody the spirit of Auburn’s charged-up defense.

Look at this effort in pursuit (he’s #4):

On the first play he chases down the running back on a pitch, sprinting from the left hand side of the line to the right. On the second play he bullies the tackle before slamming down the quarterback on a draw.

Here’s an example of his hand use and how it keeps his frame clean and helps him get around the edge to the QB:

That’s the same play from different angles (broadcast & all-22). Look at the way he chops his hands at the tackle and stays clean.

He doesn’t have to use his hands. He has enough lean to get around the arc:

Here’s a clip where he uses the depth of the tackles’ drop to his advantage, jolts him off balance and beats him:

How is he working the goal line against the run? No touchdown here for Derrius Guice:

The Seahawks might need some of this attitude going forward:

Holland isn’t loaded with upside. He isn’t Frank Clark, Bruce Irvin or Cliff Avril. Unremarkable size and length. He probably won’t have an amazing combine. Admittedly, this would be a change of pace for the Seahawks. Against the bigger, stronger and quicker athletes at the next level, he might be less impactful.

He’s still intriguing in the middle rounds and you wouldn’t bet against this guy. Maybe they need one or two overachievers? You’re not going to have to worry about him being ‘all-in’. He might be able to fill a leadership void down the line. And if the Seahawks are moving on without Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett, they’ll need to find some possible options to help the pass rush.

And he can do this:

— I haven’t spent much time studying him yet but I wanted to mention USC receiver Steven Mitchell Jr. He can be a ferocious and committed blocker. I’m not sure if he’ll be on Seattle’s radar but USC’s #4 kept showing up on Ronald Jones II’s runs. He had 644 yards and four touchdowns in 2017. He’s only 5-10 and 194lbs (per ESPN). Mitchell Jr is willing to hit though and do some of the dirty work. He seems to take a great deal of enjoyment from blocking (often celebrating after a key block). In SPARQ testing he managed a score of 107.34 with a 33.5 inch vertical and a 4.55 forty. He’ll need to run faster than that at the combine but based on his tenacity he might be a name to remember.

Here are some highlights:

— Speaking of Ronald Jones II, there’s yet more evidence why he could easily be a first round target for the Seahawks. Fumble rates are very important. Dane Brugler has worked out how each running back in the draft ranks. Jones II has the third best fumble rate in the class. Ball security is key and it’s another big positive next to his uncanny similarity to Jamaal Charles (also note LSU’s Darrel Williams at the top, a late round option for Seattle).

This is also an interesting series of tweets/clips highlighting his play using all-22:

To follow the full strand of Tweets in this review, click here. Jones II is a special player. In the past, with the Seahawks picking later in round one, we’d be having a conversation about him being off the board by their pick. We had similar conversations about Haason Reddick, Sheldon Rankins, Garret Bolles, Keanu Neal, Odell Beckham Jr and others. Players initially projected by the media as first or second round types but ultimately they go much earlier. Jones II, to me, is a legit top-20 prospect.

— We’ve spent a lot of time talking about Derwin James but one more note won’t hurt. James was invited to participate in an online game of Madden 18 on the PS4 over the weekend. He accepted the challenge against a Florida State fan, noting he would donate a pair of his cleats if he was beaten.

As you can see James won somewhat comfortably. The interesting thing is he chose to play as the Seahawks. It could be nothing. It could be something. Who knows. It’s February and there’s no harm in a bit of speculation to pass the time.


  1. EP

    I think I’d stay at 18 for Ronald Jones, maybe risk a small trade down. The only other guys that could realistically warrant staying there are unlikely to be there. Wynn or Price I would take with a trade down. Was watching the two Washington linebackers and it’s a real shame Vit Vea won’t last until 18. Just imagining him tearing it up in a Seahawks uniform.

    Really great stuff Rob. Like seeing all these different prospects at different positions. Is true what you said in the podcast that we need to look at loads of different guys because Seattle could go in any direction with this draft.

    • Patrick Toler

      Jones is an absolute beast. It will be interesting to see if he is a big riser in the minds of the national writers, as I continue to see him mocked in the second round. Hard to see how that could happen. Trading down and getting him at the end of the first would be ideal. But that seems unlikely. I do think teams will want to replicate the success that organizations like New Orleans and Philadelphia had running the ball.

      Still, as much as I love Jones, it still might be worth trading down if you can add a 3rd.

    • Nick

      I think you have to move down, even though I love Jones. Doesn’t have to be out of the first, but Seattle needs more draft capital. And with a draft that is loaded in RB talent, it would seem unwise to stay put at 18.

    • AlaskaHawk

      The success of the Eagles was due to their offensive line and not their running backs. Their is nothing particularly special about their running backs other than they were healthy and they were motivated.

  2. Millhouse-serbia

    Did you see holand’s back flip? :O

  3. Kyle B

    You’ve convinced me. The Jones/Carson/Prosise,McKissic combo sounds amazing if we pick up another lineman in the draft as well.

    • Mexican Hawk

      Love McKissic. Definitely merits a spot, would feel more comfortable having two pounders and two slashers (though three out of the four are jack of all trades). Davis for McKissic. Or even a veteran, but would prefer to not spend too much free agent dollars there.

      • Mexican Hawk

        McKissic can be a 5th WR, but also want to get back to the blocking ethos of years past. Tate, Sydney Rice, Zach Miller. The TE situation is fascinating. I love Jimmy but I cringed when I was heard of the Unger for Jimmy trade (even without talking about the pick involved). Not because of Jimmy’s value, but rather the switch in emphasis from blocking. The intent was clear, RED ZONE TARGET. Totally buy into that, but a Jimmy needs to be paired with a Zach Miller type. The third TE can be a hybrid. But the second TE (or 1st) needs to be a mauler.

        Jimmy and RW are great friends, if there is a way to keep him I am all for it. Just a matter of dollars and sense + philosophy. That Red Zone Target is crucial, just can’t disregard foundation. It’s a shame, the camaraderie that Luke, Jimmy and Vannett seemed to be imparting on the team seemed very real.

        I would draft for grit + team unity as my two overarching goals meshed with Pete’s philosophy of running the ball, stopping the run, creating explosive plays, stopping explosive plays, taking care of the ball and winning the special teams battle.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          You forgot to add, Jimmy bought himself / constructed a float plane while he was in Seattle…. so he could fly from home to the office (on Lake Washington)…. not sure he wants to give up his 10 minute commute just quite yet. 🙂

  4. H

    Wow, RoJo is a really remarkable player!!! Im convinced he’s easily the no.2 back in this class now
    Your point about how there’s always players we talk about on the blog that end up going way to early, and they all seem to go on to do big things too, but maybe not this year. Maybe we actually get that game changing player with our first pick.
    I hope Seattle does like this guy as much as I do

    • H

      Should we be concerned about the fact that he’s not the typical build they aim for? Or are we convinced they see a special player and break their typical mold.

      • BobbyK

        I don’t think they want another prototype like Chris Carson if they can get Jones. Having Carson may make them more likely to go for Jones. If that makes sense?

        • H

          Makes total sense and im with you. But they also drafted CMike when they had Lynch. So im not neceseraly convinced theyd like Jones over someone like Chubb a bit later on.

          • H


            • Greg Haugsven

              I agree Bobby, that why i think they could shy away from Penney or Chubb. Built like Carson. Maybe you get a different built runner like Rojo or Michel.

            • TatupuTime

              I really wonder about how the Seahawks will see him too. Will they see him as a phenomenal talent that can change the offence, or will they stick with the running back body type they’ve drafted before later on? They talked about wanting to get back to being the bullies last off season – I’m not sure how that translates to the type of running they are willing to take.

              • Mark Souza

                I think Bullies starts at the line, both offense and defense. And if we pull it off, I think “The Bullies” would be a great name for that squad.

          • BobbyK

            I think most people forget there was a real chance that Lynch was to be suspended to start that following season and he’d hinted about his contract/retirement, too.

  5. Trevor

    Rob I know you have mixed thoughts about Derwin James as a true impact defender and think he is a good player but strictly a box safety. But can you think of a more Seahawky player attitude wise in recent years. Everything I hear and read about him screams Seahawk to me.

    I prefer Edmunds, Vea, Wynn and Price because I think they are perennial pro-bowlers at their positions but if James is there at 18 I think JS runs to the podium as he seems like the type of leader you build a team around and the comps to Kam are legit IMO.

    That being said I think the is zero chance he gets out of the Top 15 and definitely not past SD. With the new scouting group in Cleveland I think there is a high probability they use some of their draft capital to aquire a 3rd top 15 pick and take him.

    • Rob Staton

      There are things to like about James for sure. Is he the most Seahawky player? Not for me. I think he has the athleticism they like but he’s a 5-star prospect that will likely go in R1. He’s not faced much adversity other than the injury. To me a true ‘Seahawky’ type is a Kam, Sherman, Baldwin, Wilson type. Underestimated.

      • Trevor

        Good point I guess I just meant the personality part Alpha Dog, confident and outgoing. That video game thing sounds so much like Sherm or Baldwin. I know some people don’t like that with young players but look at Jalen Ramsey this year he brought so much confidence and swagger to that Jags team and they fed off it.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        Take the Griffin kid, if you want to take adversity and flip it on its’ head and make a name for yourself… with only 1 hand, playing a LB/SS type position….. he is the definition of overcoming IT ALL. How can you not root for that guy….. now to get him on the Seattle team in the draft…. *rubs beard*

  6. cha

    Great look at Holland Rob. With his effort he looks like he’d be a nice pick up as a special teams-effort guy and a situational rusher in his rookie year.

    Would Elvis Dumervil be a decent NFL comp in terms of size/skillset/motor?

    • Rob Staton

      To be honest, I’m struggling to think of a good comp for Holland. Will have to have a think about that one.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Reminds me a bit of Noah Spence

  7. SoCal12

    I would be ecstatic if we could land RoJo. The issue I’m struggling with though, is if spending the first and not trading down would be worth it.

    Like would it fix the run game better if we grabbed Ronald in the first frame and then take a gamble with a lower tier OL guy in the fourth or beyond? Or should we split our Aces here and go with a combination of Wynn/Hernandez/Price and a RB like Chubb/Penny/Freeman?

    I guess time will tell. I think a lot of it will depend what we can get in FA as well.

    • cha

      That is what makes this draft so intriguing to me. New offensive coaching staff. How will that change things?

      • Greg Haugsven

        If we can get a guard in FA then it might be worth it. Maybe even a little trade down to say 22 and still draft him. I still think they trade down no matter what.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I think RJ2 will last to the bottom of R1. If they can trade down into the 20s and take him there, they can still get a quality interior OL prospect on Day 2.

      Would you rather have Wynn/Price/Hernandez + Chubb or Daniels/Corbett/Ragnow + RJ2?

      • SoCal12

        Oh man, I’m honestly 50/50 between the two.

        Wynn/Price/Hernandez + Chubb might be the better short-term win-now move, since the line can be plugged up immediately and be solid and Chubb can probably have a good couple of seasons before his tires are worn down.

        Daniels/Corbett/Ragnow + RJ2 might do worse short-term but better long term though since you can develop the OL pick, while RJ2 seems like someone who will be able to run well for a long time.

        • Nick

          Great call SoCal12. Feels like Chubb is definitely a primary option for Seattle.

  8. cha

    Ian Rapoport

    Answering one part of a looming question for the #Seahawks: S Kam Chancellor (neck) does intend to play in 2018 if he gets medically cleared, I’m told. No plans to retire (despite some murky social media posts). His $6.8M for 2018 was fully guaranteed on 2/9.

    • white-salmon-hawk

      I saw this earlier today. I think if he is going to try and come back and play he isn’t just going to ride pine and spectate with a suto-injury. It’s a decent chunk of change on the table but he doesn’t seem the type.

      • Greg Haugsven

        If he can play that is OK for us. At least you are getting something for your money. He may not play all the games but maybe he can give us something.

    • Aaron

      Everything in Kam’s background tells me he will fight and compete to play again with every fiber of his being. I do not want to ever see him play another down in football ever again for his health and future. Kam, I love ya but this isn’t worth your quality of life.

  9. Greg Haugsven

    Question of the day. If you release both Bennett (Post June 1st) and Avril (with his small injury settlement) you would gain right about $11.7 million in cap space, which is about the amount it would cost to transition tag Sheldon. What option would you choose?

    Option 1: Keep both Bennett and Avril and let Sheldon walk

    option 2: Cut both Bennett and Avril and transition tag Sheldon (about $11.7 million)

    Option 3: Get rid of all three of them and use the space somewhere else

    • Ed

      3. Richardson was good, but not 12 million good. Younger and hungrier on D. Get Wilson some help (OL/RB/WR)

    • mishima

      Cut Avril. Do Bennett a solid and let him sign elsewhere. Tag and trade Sheldon Richardson to recoup 2nd round pick.

    • Aaron

      Option 3 because I really feel Sheldon will phone it in when he gets big $

    • C-Dog

      Sheldon is a really good football player at a position is it hard to find his level of talent. I won’t be disappointed if they decide to sign him to a multi year deal. However, if they want to build around RW, IMO, they need to invest in the offense and get young on the defense.

      For that, I opt for Option 3.

      I think Sheldon only comes back on a short prove it deal like Poe and Logan got last year.

      • Trevor

        Option # 3 and sign Ziggy Anzah + extend Clark and Dion Jordan. If McDowell comes back you would have the most dynamic young group of pass rushers in the league.

        • Greg Haugsven

          Sounds like a bunch of option 3’s. I wouldnt mind keeping Bennett but I could be alright with all 3 of them going. I could see Marcus Smith coming back as well with a little larger role.

          • C-Dog

            They can hang onto Bennett for another year at a cheaper cost of signing Sheldon. Let see how things shake out with Dion Jordan, Naz Jones, possibly McDowell. Personally, I’d prefer they keep Bennett around.

            • Greg Haugsven

              I agree completely

              • Patrick Toler

                I’ve lately been shifting a bit more towards thinking that maybe they keep Bennett. With being able to roll cap space over from one season to the next, it is less critical which year the savings come in. Keeping Bennett for one more year (vs cutting him now) costs the cap about $3M this year and $3.5M next year. The only way that makes sense is if you want a culture change. And maybe they do. But I’m hoping that they keep him for one more year. I find myself advocating for caution in overhauling the roster. Move on from Avril and possibly KJ or Earl (if forced to), but keep Bennett and Sherman. You’re stuck with Kam. I think the Seahawks may be a bit more aggressive than me, though.

                • Rob Staton

                  It’s not really about cap saving though. It’s about an ageing, often injured group who frequently don’t practise. You can’t carry an old defense either, not with the way teams play so fast on offense.

                  They also can manage the cap situation differently, to avoid any 2019 damage. Which feels important too.

                  • Patrick Toler

                    Yeah, if they are serious about changing things in the locker room, moving on from him makes sense.

                  • cha

                    Never too soon to think about cap room for RW’s next contract.

                  • Patrick Toler

                    And that $7M will come in handy for Russell’s next deal. But you will have to replace Bennett. There’s no $3M per year player who’s a slam dunk to do so. It’s a good thing the Seahawks have a good track record of getting the most out of veteran defensive lineman who they’ve brought in cheap. This one is complicated and there is risk in moving on. I think it comes down to whether they want to continue with Bennett as a loud voice in the locker room.

                    • Rob Staton

                      DE is a position they’ve often been able to find talent and value — Clemons, Bennett, Avril, Clark, Jordan. The longer they delay the churn the harder it’s going to be.

                  • Patrick Toler

                    Also, I don’t recall that extending Russell has been talked about much here? I’d like to get ahead of some of the big upcoming QB deals to keep his price down – better to have him set the market now than to do so a year from now. You could guarantee some of his money to get a bit of cap relief in 2018 if you think you need it.

                    • Rob Staton

                      A new deal with Wilson isn’t happening this off-season. It might benefit the Seahawks to do something now — but Wilson and his camp know full well it won’t benefit him. He’s better off waiting one or even two years. The franchise tag will end up being his friend not an enemy by then. Several QB’s will have re-set the market by then. There’s almost no reason for Wilson to sign an extension now, he’ll get a lot more if he waits.

                  • cha

                    Yeah. If you think Grop’s & Alex Smiths’ deals were big wait until you see Rodgers, Cousins and Matt Ryan’s deals. RW would be stupid to sign early.

                  • Patrick Toler

                    You’re probably right. Once you are an established franchise QB, it almost doesn’t even matter if you can get more guaranteed money now. You’re getting paid no matter what. Any other position you might be able to argue that it’s worth it to tear up their deal and get more guaranteed cash now.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I’d find a way to keep Sheldon. Too much talent at a crucial position. It’s not like he was bad last season, and there’s enough potential to give him another year to put it all together, especially as he develops more chemistry with the rest of the DL.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I could go either way with cutting Sheldon Richardson or keeping him. But I don’t think they should overpay for him. Both Bennett and Avril came to Seattle on team friendly deals in the 6 to 8 million range. I doubt that Richardson would sign for that amount, but if he is willing to take a long term contract at under 8 million then I would sign him. Any amounts over that are too much. Why? Because the modern NFL requires a rotation on the defensive line to stay fresh. You don’t need one star, you need 6+ excellent players, and that costs money that the Seahawks don’t have.

  10. Nick

    Unrelated, but watching more tape on Chubb and he runs with such a wide base. So difficult to bring down. Dude really puts the team on his back.

    • RealRhino2

      That might be why the Hawks like him so much. Important thing to remember: players are not evaluated in a vacuum. Ronald Jones might be considered “better” by some, but the important thing is whether he’s better FOR US and what we want to do.

      • Rob Staton

        I don’t see any reason why Jones II wouldn’t fit what Seattle wants to do.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Whenever I see the term widebase, I always think of Marshawn Lynch… that guy had skills.

  11. Ed

    Jets probably cutting M. Wilkerson. That wouldn’t go against comp picks since he would be a cut

    • Greg Haugsven

      Street free agent baby!

      • C-Dog


        Supposedly he has a horrendous work ethic, though.

        • Greg Haugsven

          I wouldn’t want him.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          Sometimes the situation around the player… doesn’t help him be at his best.
          The JETS have not been a model franchise for some time, but I respect the HC Bowles.
          If you can bring him in for 3-4M on a prove it deal….. you make the deal.

    • cha

      Rather keep Sheldon. They have Clark & will bring back Dion Jordan for much cheaper than Mo.

  12. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Locally, they have been talking up Pettis (WR for Huskies) as a 3rd or 4th round pick.
    He may not be a burner (4.3 speed) or the biggest guy (a smidge over 6’1″ I think), but he is exceptionally smooth in his route running. Comparing him to Marvin Jones formerly of Bengals fame.

    Do you guys/gals see the same type of player as the talking heads?

    • Greg Haugsven

      I would call 4.3 a burner but Im not sure he runs that fast.

    • Rik

      4.3 is most definitely a burner. That’s high octane speed!

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        He is more in the 4.4 or 4.5 range… 4.3 is a burner (sorry for the confusion)

        I’m sad Ross has not been able to be given a legit shot ….. hopefully he can turn it on in year 2.

    • SoCal12

      Man, John Ross’s 4.22 really ruined the 40 for everyone didn’t it? Now 4.3 is considered unimpressive lol.

    • Thy Hawk is Howling

      I want Dante Pettis so bad on the Hawks! I’ve brought him uo

    • KingRajesh

      I’d be shocked if Pettis ran more than 4.49.

  13. Millhouse-serbia

    And it starts…it is Tim Settle’s rising time…Matt Miller has tweet about it.

    • Millhouse-serbia

      Lance Zierlein give him 6,17. It is fifth grade among DL’s. 1-2 round.hj

    • Rob Staton

      Well it’s about time 😉

    • Trevor

      He will be a top 20 guy by draft day.

  14. Millhouse-serbia

    What do you think, is it possible to play most % of defensive snaps with nickle CB (coleman) , MLB (wagner), two CB, four DL, one FS and Hill and Derwin James?

  15. Michigan 12th

    Steve Jones Jr. reminds me of a thinner Hines Ward with some of his blocks. I was hoping we would see a lock on block with him in it, so we could really assess his potential, but I liked what I saw as far as blocking.

  16. Michigan 12th

    Oops, meant Mitchell not Jones.

  17. Kenny Sloth

    Dude Kalen Ballage has zero vision or field awareness.

    He literally ran into his teammates jet motion through the backfield.

    He’s an indecisive runner and for all his athleticism never really beats the defender to the corner.

    • Trevor

      So right. Great athlete but not a great RB.

    • Patrick Toler

      Yep. He is way down the RB list for me. He and Walton are guys I wouldn’t want to bet on developing awareness.

  18. Trevor

    My No Trades or Tradeback Pre-Combine Mock

    It is hard to think the Hawks will not acquire more picks via trade back or vet trade but if not here is my pre-combine Mock. In this scenario the Hawks would have to acquire a Vet TE like Trey Burton, a Safety like Eric Reid and an RB like Carlos Hyde.

    Round #1 Pick #18 Isiah Wynn (LG / Georgia) – Plug and play LG with perennial Pro Bowl potential. His consistency is exactly what the Hawks need. Wynn and Brown would be a dominant left side next year.

    Round #4 Pick #116 Nathan Sheppard (DT/ Fort Hays) Raw but this guy has a ton of upside. Great character guy with an incredible motor and the ability to be a great rotational pass rusher and disruptive 3 tech.

    Round #5 Pick#132 Kamyrn Pettaway ( RB/ Auburn) Big power RB who could end up as our FB as well.

    Round #5 Pick#137 Cameron Kelly (Db / SD St) Big DB with CB and Safety experience who fits the Hawks profile

    Round #5 Pick#159 Azeem Victor (LB/ Wash) Looked like a potential 1st rounder before injury and off field crap. he is worth a flyer IMO if checks out off field.

    Round #7 Pick#200 Daurice Fountain (WR/ N Iowa) Really liked what he showed at Shrine Game and just seems like a Hawks WR.

    Round #7 Pick#209 Shaqueem Griffin (LB/UCF) He should go way higher but will fall because teams are nervous about disability and this is a steal here.

    Round #7 Pick#224 Michael Dickson (P / Tex) Lets grab John Ryans replacement.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Those are some interesting choices. In the spirit of living in Northwest, lets give Washington running back Coleman a shot in Round 7 or as UDFA.

  19. Ed

    Vikings may be shipping Treadwell. He has not been successful thus far, but he has the age, size and hands the Hawks need.

    • BobbyK

      He’s terrible. A total bust. He’ll be out of the league in a couple years.

    • Trevor

      I guess it all depends the cost. Have to think he would be worth the gamble for a late round pick.

    • Ed

      What if Miami cuts Suh. Interested and how much would you spend. Wouldn’t count against comp picks either, because he would be cut

      • Kyle B

        Idk man. A 31 year old DT with his mind kinda set on Philly? Also, if you’re looking at stats, I am not sure the value would be there. I could see MIA cutting him and Ja’Wuan James (RT) as they would get a combined 12m boon to their cap. I think I would be more interested in James for a one-year prove you can be healthy low cost deal potentially competing with Fant at RT.

        But about Suh, he has never been exclusively a sack guy, hes just been a flat out disruptor, and for 7m or less I would consider (short-term, 2-3 yrs max, but would love a 1 yr).

    • Logan Lynch

      If this is the case, we might as well sign Dorial Green-Beckham off the street. He’s bigger and has actually scored TDs in the NFL. Plus, he wouldn’t cost draft picks.

      He is also likely a headcase and was arrested for a DWI. Pete loves reclamation projects. Give him a year or two and he can be the next BMW or Dion Jordan.

      • Kyle B

        YES!!!! ^^^^

    • cha

      Wouldn’t mind having a look at Julius Thomas when he eventually gets cut by Miami. Is 29 and in an offense where he’s not the centerpiece he might end up being bargain-price Jimmy Graham.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        I like this thinking. This is a realistic possibility, cost wise.

  20. Robert Las Vegas

    Rob if the seahawks lose Sheldon Richardson to free agency what are your thoughts on bringing back Clinton McDonald back I believe he is a free agent or maybe Dominique Easley he has injury concerns but nevertheless he is only 25 years old he might be worth a shot

    • Rob Staton

      I think this is a good draft to find another interior DL on day three. Should be some good options there. I think Tyquan Lewis actually could be worked into a useful interior rusher having played DE at Ohio State. Kentavius Street is another in a similar position. Andrew Brown at Virginia, Justin Jones at NC State. Some good options there.

  21. GoHawks5151

    Bucky Brook’s interior line rankings are interesting.

    1) Q, Nelson
    2) W. Hernandez
    3) I. Wynn
    4) J. Daniels
    5) B. Price

    Means nothing but it would be great to talk ourselves into thinking we could grab someone like Price late after a trade back.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Ive seen Hernandez as number 2 in a bunch of mocks. I think I like Price better.

  22. Patrick Toler

    I spent some time today looking at the running back rankings from various draft sites. Barkley is obviously the consensus top back. No argument there. Guice is almost consensus as the number 2. I think Daniel Jeremiah was the only outlier, having Jones 2nd.

    To me Guice, Ballage, Watson and Johnson are being overrated by the draft community. I know a lot of folks like Johnson here more than me. I see him as a solid rotational player, but without much potential to be great.

    I think John Kelly and Akrum Wadley are being underrated. Kelly in particular is, IMO, one of the better backs in this class. I haven’t yet watched enough of some of the backs, including Hines, Nall, Josh Adams, and Freeman.

  23. Misfit74

    I have really come around on Ronald Jones. Truly special player. Would love him as a #Seahawks player. He or Guice would really have me excited. I can totally envision a trade down scenario to land either one.

    I’ve seen reports of heavy interest in S Jesse Bates. Is he someone you’ve discussed?

  24. Greg Haugsven

    The more you read about Shaqueem Griffin the more you just have to think he is on the Seahawks day 3 radar.

    • Del tre

      The more you watch him play the more youre convinced if teams weren’t bias against his disability that he’d go in the 3rd or 4th.

      • Greg Haugsven

        I agree completely. Maybe one of our 5th rounders.

    • Patrick Toler

      Very confident he is on their radar. Will they have any reservations about having close brothers on the team together?

      He is ultra Seahawky.

      • Del tre

        Thats a really good thought, look at the way they didn’t sign Martellus, we don’t know if thats the reason why but it gives the thought some more legitamacy to the thought. Can’t imagine that it would do anything but keep both brothers incredibly motivated. TheDB room would legitimately be family. Both guys have great attitudes and high effort so I’ve got to think Shaquem will help reinforce that culture

        • Patrick Toler

          This is total speculation: I don’t imagine it would be a deal breaker, but maybe just a small thing to consider. What if you cut Shaqueem in a year or two. Would that mess up your relationship with Shaquille, who is supposed to be fiercely loyal to his brother?

  25. Isaac

    Mike lupati and jr sweezy may get cut this offseason. Would seattle be good landing spots for either player? The hawks are in need of good guards.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Both have dealt with significant injury issues the last few seasons. I would only do a deal if you get them on the cheap… and that would be less than 4M per year. Otherwise… no dice.

      • Sean-O

        Where did you hear those two might get cut? The NFC West Iupati Tour continues! I like the idea of some veteran experience on the line & if the price is right, go for it.

        • Patrick Toler

          We should have some pretty good insight on both those guys. I think Solari and Iupati were together for 4 yeas.

          • Greg Haugsven

            No thanks.

          • CharlieTheUnicorn

            That’s a good point. This was when the 49ers OL was wrecking people as well.
            They were probably a top 5 unit for a few years…… the the wheels fell off when sunny jim left town.

  26. Tien


    I haven’t posted much but have been on this site pretty much on a daily basis and have really enjoyed the great three to four times weekly content you’ve cranked out! Super informative content & interesting discussions among the regulars here will make me enjoy the NFL again this year. Keep up the good work & Go Hawks!!

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Tien!

  27. Darth12er

    I thought Guice was better than that. He had the hole for the touchdown, and instead chose to tu right into his lineman….🤔 wow!

  28. Millhouse-serbia

    One really interesting note from Daniel Jeremiah on Derwin James. He thinks that James is box saftey or Will!

  29. Sea Mode

    Casserly mock draft is up… and we don’t take a DB. Hooray for that at least!


    Nelson falls all the way to Cin at 12.

    Josh Allen to Cards at 15.

    Derwin James to Min. at 30.

  30. Sea Mode

    Good piece on Courtland Sutton from a while back (Jan 3) that I hadn’t seen. High character, hard worker, lead by example type guy. Rob was right to like him early on.

    It’s long, so some highlights for those who might not have the time to read:

    On blocking and attitude:

    Sutton puts his size to use on every down, not just when he’s thrown the ball. He’s a relentless blocker, so much so that he’s drawn three personal fouls in his career for driving defensive backs off the field and continuing to block out of bounds.

    “He had one every damn year I’ve coached him,” said former SMU receivers coach Justin Stepp, who has since followed Morris to Arkansas. “Coach Morris would get pissed, and I’d say, ‘Well, coach, at least he’s blocking his tail off.’ ”

    On athleticism:

    Sutton has been recorded as fast as 21.57 mph.

    Sutton’s release at the line of scrimmage doesn’t jump off his game film. By another measure of explosiveness, the vertical jump, he’s tested at 34 inches, which would have rated in the middle of the pack among receivers at last year’s combine.

    Nevertheless, his confidence is unyielding; the receiver with 6.4 percent body fat even documented a freakish 60-inch box jump.

    “I know for a fact, I’m going to show everybody at the combine, I’m going to run 4.4. It’s going to happen,” Sutton said. “It’s going to shock a lot of people, but it won’t shock me or anyone who trains with me. They know the type of work I put in.”

    On character:

    “Wherever he goes, whoever drafts him, he’ll do something to help that community prosper,” said Brenham coach Glen West.

    Last August, when the Mustangs finished up each day during fall camp, the players would cut off their athletic tape and sit in cold tubs lined up beside the field for 10-15 minutes before showering. When they were done, tape was strewn on the ground, and Carroll was left to clean up the daily mess. Sutton noticed that one day – only because he’d stayed late after practice to work on his craft – and helped Carroll collect the trash and throw it away.

    A day later, there wasn’t a scrap of tape on the ground after practice.

    “He went into the locker room, said something to the team, and I haven’t had to pick up tape since,” Carroll said. “He’s what you call a servant-leader.”

    Like the time Assistant Athletic Director Mike Morton found Sutton squeegeeing water off the floor of the athletic department’s new hydrotherapy room, a job Sutton knew normally came at the end of a 12-hour day for Morton.

    • C-Dog

      Interesting stuff. Thanks for sharing.

  31. Del tre

    Big fan of high effort guys, its exactly what the defense needs, speed and relentlessness, and Shaquem Griffen and Jeff Holland have those in spades. Really hoping we get hungry players on D for next season.

    • Hawk Eye

      speed, aggressiveness, determination and an unwillingness to accept defeat
      Need to get the swagger back and strike fear in opponents

  32. Patrick Toler

    Another article with good analysis on Jones, this time from NDT Scouting:

    • Hawktalker#1

      Great link. Thanks

      I think I’m getting obsessed.

      My dream . . . Pick him up at 33 after a double trade down.

      Go Run the Rock, Hawks.

      • Patrick Toler

        To me he is the best runner in this class. Barkley is probably a better overall player, though there is no reason Jones can’t develop into a helluva pass catching weapon given his attributes. If he goes in the 30s it will be an absolute steal. Most draft sites still have him ranked somewhere between 3rd and 7th. I think Daniel Jeremiah is the only major national draft analyst who has him 2nd. I’m starting to see more gushing analysis, such as the one linked in this article, and the one posted above. I’ve got to think that as people get more into the tape they will be ranking him higher. Hard for me to see (through these heart shaped glasses) how he could be worse than the 2nd best back in this class.

    • Misfit74

      NDTScouting is crushing it with draft content. I read that previously and it’s great.

  33. Thy Hawk is Howling

    I want Ronnie Jones so much also!!!

    Who here knows enough about other teams to know what other teams could possibly draft him in the first?

    He’s probably not going top 10-15?

    For example San Diego has Melvin Gordon so they’re not going to draft him at 17.

    Someone with grand knowledge of the league please help figure out an equation!

    Go Hawks

  34. Greg Haugsven

    Question of the day. What would you rather have?

    Option 1: Justin Pugh (one year $8 million prove it deal)
    & Just Ellis Run stuffer with not much pass rush (one year $3 million, signed after May 12th not to
    affect comp picks)

    Option 2: Sheldon on either the tag of a long term deal of about $12 million

    • Thy Hawk is Howling

      I say neither option Greg. I would like to see our resources allocated to Frank Clark, Duane Brown and Bradley McDougall, and other deserving players. I’m not saying we shouldn’t bring in new playe

      • Thy Hawk is Howling



        I’m not sure about Sheldon for the price and he didn’t make the impact I was expecting. Is Pugh really worth that kind of money I’m sure Solori has an Idea.

        In my mind it would be good for the Hawks to free up some space for next year while not making an attempt to get better. What do I know about the NFL though?

        • Greg Haugsven

          Thats OK, there is no rules here. Its all opinionated I just cant wait to start hearing some news..

    • cha

      Sheldon on the tag. Bobby Wagner had a crazy-good year playing behind him. The x-factor to me is we have no earthly idea what McDowell will contribute. If he was coming off a learning-type rookie season where he showed some fits and starts of promise I’d be more inclined to cut Sheldon loose.

      I’m happy with who the Hawks have under contract for OL plus a draft pick or two, and if a great talent like the ones we’ve been discussing falls to them at 18 or below, go for it. I don’t think big spending on middling guys is going to add much value.

  35. Greg Haugsven

    Rob, what happened to the new post? I was getting ready to comment then boom, it was gone.

    • Nick


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