Talking draft: Seahawkers Podcast appearance

We cover a lot of ground here including potential Seahawks picks from the Senior Bowl, what it would take to stick with the #18 pick and why the Seahawks should consider spending an early pick on a running back.

There’s also a strand on what to look for at the combine in terms of the different positions relating to the Seahawks.

There’s plenty of info here and I’d really appreciate it if you check it out — I’m on from 12:37 in…


  1. EP

    Glad we have a place to see a fair and honest assessment of the draft with people who actually know what they’re talking about. Some of the mock drafts are complete nonsense. Chad Reuter has the Giants taking a punter at the start of Round 3.

  2. H

    Slightly off topic, but Ive been thinking about some free agency targets that could fit the Seahawks ‘undervalued’ motif. Here’s some names i came up with that ive not seen mentioned on here

    Aaron Lynch DE: 6’6 270 pounds, Lynch 100% has the physical tools to make it, he’s also got age on his side at 25. Despite just being a 4th round pick he had 12.5 sacks in his first two seasons, only to have just 2.5 the following seasons. He has some injury and motivation issues, but he’s almost certainly done in san fran and i can easily see Seattle taking a risk on him for a cheap deal. This years Dion Jordan? Would we end up with three 9ers free agents?

    Tank Carradine DE: Another 49er! Could be a cheaper Bennett though.

    Eric Decker WR: Could give Seattle a veteran hedge if Darboh can’t be our ‘big’ receiver next year. Had a bad year, but the Titans didn’t do a good job of taking advantage of their offensive talent.(except against seattle) Hes just two years removed from an 1000 yard 12 td year, with Ryan Fitzpatrick throwing too him.

    Caleb Sturgis K: Gonna be available because the Eagles unearthed Jake Elliot after his injury. He was a perfect 3-of-3 this season prior to getting hurt, and he was 35 of 41 in 2016, including 4 of 6 from 50 plus. My preference is to get a proven veteran at kicker, even if its more expensive. Just please get this position right this time.

    Listening to the podcast as I’m writing this. I could listen to you talk about the draft all day Rob. Keep up the good work, really appreciate how much work you put into the quantity and quality of your content.

    • SoCal12

      I’m really hoping we make a run at Caleb Sturgis. Seems to be the most reliable kicker available right now. Unless we somehow manage to unearth our own rookie sensation, which I’m not quite sure is likely. I just want to be able to watch our kicks without holding my breath…

    • BobbyK

      Hawks really liked Decker coming out of college.

  3. drewdawg11

    This offseason is so big. I’m ready to see what’s going to unfold, (I think). Let’s face it. This could be the ending of an era and it feels like it’s been here for a long time, but looking back it was far too short. As fans, we root for the team, not necessarily the player. I just want them to do what they’re going to do quickly and rip off the band-aid, so to speak. If you’re going to trade Earl, get rid of Sherman and Bennett, etc. ok. It sucks, but ok. Business decisions, etc. but have a plan. I feel like last year, Schneider got his ass handed to him. He signs 3 players in Joeckel, Walsh, and Lacey who nobody thought was any good except for him. While you can’t judge a draft after a single season, he probably would tell you that he didn’t crush it. The trades only set them back in the draft, and didn’t push this team forward. They missed the playoffs for the first time in 6 seasons. John absolutely needs to get it right this time around. Building a new core, while still contending is going to a tough chore, but I feel like he did it to himself with the moves of lacktherof the last year. Like I said, have a good plan and don’t sign guys just to sign them. Don’t draft project wide receivers who weren’t even college stars in the 3rd round. I’m ready to see it all unfold. Rob, excellent work as usual.

    • Mark Souza

      I wouldn’t characterize JS’s choices last year the same way. First, he got all the free agent talent you mentioned on the cheap with one year “prove it” deals and with input from the coaches. I’m sure Cable was in his ear about Joeckel saying coaching was the reason he didn’t bloom at Jacksonville, and he could coach him up so they could wind up with an all-pro.

      Likewise, the team was looking for running back help, a power back with a good track record, tread still on the tires, coming off a down year with something to prove. Sounds like Lacey to me. Who knew then how bad this line would be, and that a back like Lacey who hits the line and powers out yards would be hit before he even get to the line.

      Walsh was the shakiest of all those choices. He was a good kicker with a strong leg before the Seattle play-off game. I think they were hoping he could regain his form.

      As for the draft, JS picked up starters in Griffin, Pocic, Jones, and Carson. We might have been adding McDowell to this list if not for an ATV accident. The rest of the 2017 picks are still on the roster and may turn into starters at some point.

      In the JS year, his drafts have yielded 2 to 6 starters. 2017 was on the + side of that at 4 to 5. Not an awful draft.

  4. Trevor

    My Post Senior Bowl Hawks 7 round Mock

    Earl to SD for #17
    Bennett + a 5th #159 to TB for a 3rd Rd Pick # 69
    Pick #18 +137 to Cle for #33 and 65 + 119
    Pick #17 to Buffalo for #22 + #56

    Rd #1 Pick #22 Billy Price (G / Ohio St.)
    Rd#2 Pick #33 Ronald Jones (RB/ USC)
    Rd #2 Pick #56 Arden Tate (WR / FSU)
    Rd #3 Pick #65 Lorenzo Carter (LB / Georgia)
    Rd #3 Pick #69 Jesse Bates (S / Wake Forrest)
    Rd #4 Pick # 116 Nathan Sheppard (DT / Fort Hays)
    Rd#4 Pick #119 Durham Smythe (TE / ND)
    Rd#5 Pick #132 Kamyrn Pettaway (RB / Auburn)
    Rd #7 Pick #200 Shaqueem Griffin (LB / UCF)
    Rd#7 Pick #209 Michael Dickson (P / Tex)
    Rd7 Pick #222 Azeem Victor (LB / Wash)

    Free Agency
    -Sign Ziggy Anzah (Edge / Det)
    -Sign DJ FLuker (RG / Giants)
    -Sign Eric Reid (S / SF)
    -Sign Trey Burton (TE / Eagles)
    -Resign Mcdougald, Coleman , Jordan

    Cut /Retire

    • Sea Mode

      Long live Madden manager mode…! 😉

      • Trevor

        Oh yeah!

        • Hawktalker #1


        • Sea Mode

          Would obviously die for those first two picks though.

    • Eburgs

      Ah man that would be a great draft. This is why you are my favorite commenter, Trevor. Although I’m surprised you and so many others have jumped onto the trade earl bandwagon (I understand the reasoning, I just disagree). I love the fact that you managed to get a stud front 7 player (carter) along with a stud OL and RB.

      I’m glad you had us drafting Jessie Bates to compensate for the loss of earl because everyone thinking McDougald could take over full time for earl is nuts IMO. I don’t think McDougald is fast enough or a good enough tackler to be a starting safety for us and I’m not sure why everyone wants to pay him for the ok job he did last year. I like him at strong safety much better but if we sign Eric Reid I’d much prefer Reid at SS. Even with Bates the dropoff from earl will be huge considering the importance of the FS in the scheme the hawks run. Remember what happened when earl broke his leg?

      Trading earl just isn’t a “win forever” move because it makes it so hard to win now without him unless we get a kings ransom back in the trade. To me, Russ, Doug, Bobby and Earl are pillars of the team that we need in order to have a championship team(atleast in the short term which is the only thing that matters in the nfl). If we have to pay earl 13 million a year then that’s money well spent. Cut sherm to make the room or don’t sign Anzah in your scenario. You honestly think he is going to step on the field and not give it his everything? I don’t care what he said to Dallas because I know he is still going to bring it every snap he is a seahawk. I don’t care about the contracts given to Lynch, Bennett and Kam because this is a different player and a different circumstance, it has nothing to do with lynch’s decision to retire or Kams freak injury or Bennett’s slightly declining play considering his torn plantar fascia. ET is more deserving and more important than any of those guys. Earl is a hall of fame talent in his prime and we won’t get back what he is worth to us via trade. Who says he can’t play well into his thirties like fellow HOF safety’s Ed Reid and Charles Woodson. I wish earl was content to play out the last year of his contract but he isn’t. I say pay him what he needs but give us an out if he does decide he wants to retire in a year or two.

      • Trevor

        I agree with you completely the drop off next year at FS will be huge no matter what FS they bring in if it is not Earl. I just don’t see a happy ending to that contract situation and JS will be particularly gun shy about paying a 30 yr old Safety monster contract after being burned by Kam and Bennett.

        There is no replacing Earl. Now we will see how much of a Defensive guru Pete is as the D will have to adjust. If we had Reid, Mcdougald, Bate and Delano Hill at Safety I would be confident in that group to be league average or better. The front seven will have to pick up the slack to make up for the losses of Earl and Kam.

  5. Sea Mode

    Rob, that was really good stuff on the podcast. Those guys are great hosts as well.

    Can’t the Combine be, like, tomorrow…? 🙂

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Sea Mode, really like going on that podcast so glad you enjoyed it.

      Hopefully everyone will check it out!

      • Trevor

        I had not heard of that podcast but thought it was really well done. Excellent work as always Rob.

        • Rob Staton

          Thanks Trevor

  6. Kyle B

    Let’s have some fun here. This is my first time actually running a mock off-season this year after following this blog for the last 8 months.

    Check my number on OTC if you think I’m full of sh**


    -Dion Jordan Original Round Tender (1,908,000)
    -Justin Coleman Original Round Tender (1,908,000)
    -JD McKissic ERFA @ (630,000) (this sets him up for a “contract year” at a reasonable price in a year)
    -Akeem King Oringal Round Tender (1,908,000) I opted for this route instead of hopeful practice squad as his market is higher than we think. If you can PS him, wonderful, add 1.2m to your budget and this could come into play
    -Paul Dawson – ERFA ($555,000) kind of a stud in waiting

    – Frank Clark – 4yr 32.0 million (21.0 gtd w/3.0 Bonus)
    – Shead – 2yr 4.8 million (3.8 gtd w/750k Bonus)
    – Maxwell – 2yr 7.0 million (5.0 gtd w/900k Bonus) This one you can fight me on. Could be reasonable to say Shead and him should be closer to equal

    Sign to a deal:

    – Bradley McDougald – 3yr 13.0 million (9.5 gtd w/1.5 Bonus) He earned the gtd money
    – Sheldon Richardson – 4yr 45.5 million (29.0 gtd w/3.0 million Bonus AND 1.0 mill roster bonus last two years of deal)
    Reason for Sheldon’s deal is simple. Richardson, McDowell, Reed, and Jones. Two of these guys can play anywhere on the dline. The diversity in what all 4 can do is something no team in the NFL will have. True once in a lifetime dline when you add in Clark and the potential of Dion Jordan.


    -Chancellor (June 1 with a settlement)
    Who are we missing here? Bennett. I am not cutting Michael Bennett in this scenario AT ALL. Why? If we can reduce his snap count to 40%, which would be effectively cutting it in half currently, this will pay huge dividends. Plus, that 2.4 mill cap savings is not enough for me to lose the potential production even if he’s going to be overpaid.

    -(I will always love you…) Earl Thomas and a 7th to LAC for #17 and their first 5th
    I hate the value after the #17 pick, but this is not incredibly far off and I think significantly closer to what may come if this goes this way

    -Russell and Sherm. I know the argument of why this would never happen again for Russ and how prideful Sherm is and it’s super annoying to hear it. If we restructure and prorate anywhere between 8 and 10 million between these two, we will have a boost of 7.5 million in our cap this year. I also believe this would be a good step in getting ready to re-up Russ in a year or two as we are already getting there. Play around with this on the OTC calculator. It gets fun playing with other peoples’ money.

    After following all of these moves, you are left with 11,100,000 (roughly give or take 200k).

    Free Agency:
    – I’m letting Paul go to FA as he can command anywhere from 6-7 million next year potentially netting you a 4th. In Jimmy’s case, I think it is wayyyy too early to determine his value as it is potential a team could throw 10 at him just as much as there is potential for someone to settle at 6-7 for him. Let’s assume he nets you another 4th though.
    – Eric Reid – 1 yr 6.5 million (5.5 gtd w Incentive Bonus of your choice of 1mill)
    -ASJ 1 yr 2mill incentive based

    – I absolutely refuse to spend on FA this year on the oline. It is absolute trash and Norwell’s deal will make him trash in return. I like Norwell, but I do not like Norwell at 11+. Not in this universe. I prefer to build our line in this draft

    -Billy Price @ 17
    – Trade 18 with Atlanta’s first, and then subsequently trade again, this time with the Browns and gain the first second round pick and a third. With 33 you take Arden Key who falls to solidify that relentless dline and in the third you take Rashaad Penny or Royce Freeman.
    – As a bonus, I would make it my priority to figure out a way to finesse Courtland Sutton somehow someway.

    What I will emphasis here is that you come out with:
    McDougald FS
    Reid SS

    and a dline of:
    Richardson, Clark, Jordan, Bennett, Reed, Jones, and Arden Key. GOOD LORD.

    DBs as follows:
    Sherm, Griffin, Maxwell, Coleman, Shead (not necessarily in that order either)

    • Trevor

      I like almost all the ideas. Think TE needs to be addressed but looks good.

      • Kyle B

        Hey Trevor,
        I have ASJ on a one year prove it deal, as well as I am banking on impressive things from Swoopes. I would not mind a blocking TE in the 5th such as Shultz from Stan.

        • Trevor

          Sorry I did not see ASJ. I think he resigns with the Jets as they have stated publicly they want him back and are in negotiations. He would be a nice Get however if they can. I think Swoopes has some potential as well.

          • Kyle B

            I saw what you posted earlier with Burton at TE. In this scenario, the cash just isn’t there for Burton. I am not sure I want to pay him anything either though. I would be willing to explore a blocking TE in the draft in rounds 4-7.

    • Kyle B


    • Logan Lynch

      I appreciate the effort, but I think $8M per year for Frank is far too low. He has 22 sacks through 3 seasons, playing much of that time on limited snaps. I know it’s not apples to apples, but Chandler Jones had 23.5 sacks over his first 3 seasons and he signed a 5yr $82.5M contract. I’m thinking Clark will be around $12M-$15M per season.

      • Kyle B

        12-15 a year? I don’t see that yet at all. There is an advantage to trying to extend him now in this offseason. Financially I’m not sure I am entirely off with Clark as it is less APY than Bennett, with 8 million more gtd. I am trying to offset and spread costs over the first three years with Clark. Front loaded.

        • Kyle B

          In referring to the last deal Bennett signed.

        • Sea Mode

          I gotta go with Logan on this one: Clark will easily get $12-15m/apy. Bennett’s deal was signed 2 years ago and he was already 30. Clark is only 24 and the cap has grown.

          You are wise though to extend him early before he even comes close to sniffing the open market.

          • Kyle B

            I think if you can front-load his contract into a 12-14 APY for the first two years, which is what I am doing here with signing bonus gtd money, it’s not unreasonable to re-do his next deal 1 or 2 years early give him that 15 APY (assuming his production calls for that).

            By front-loading the first two years you are able to lower is APY the last two years of this 4-year deal which brings his APY down to 8. HOWEVER, if he, like many players is hung up on the illustrious APY number, yeah he may not like this. But if you are focused on the gtd number, he is getting 21+ million gtd over two years. That is very high.

            I am an MBA grad with a emph on finance so the OTC calculator being introduced to me has been absolute hell to my work/personal life the last two days lol… and also the most fun I have had in a while!!

            • Kyle B

              Also, I REALLY tried to find a fiscally responsible way to keep both SR and extend FC. I was also just informed that the cap limit on OTC is not accurate and can be anywhere from 2-5 mill more

        • lil'stink

          I think 12 APY coupd well be Clark’s floor. He’s young, he’s a stud, he’s going to get paid. And I think someone offers SR more than 11 APY. I’m ok with SR and McD walking. Love the idea of signing Eric Reid, but I’d be more inclined to give him a multi year offer.

          Hope Maxy comes back but he’s not young anymore. I say wait a bit on him and try and bring him back on a 1 year deal. Bringing back both Maxwell and Shead could be huge – we have so may other needs right now I hope CB isn’t one heading in to the draft.

          And I hate to be a downer but we aren’t getting that much for Earl. I still think getting JAX’s 1st this year is the best realistic value.

          • Mark Souza

            I’m with you, Stink. #17 for Earl is crazy talk. We got him at 14 when he was cheap and had 8 to 10 good (correct that to spectacular) years in front of him. Now people are saying we should get essentially the same pick back now that he’s at the back end of his career with maybe 2 to 3 years left, with one year left on his contract and wanting 13 million a year extension. It ain’t going to happen. Nobody makes that deal.

            If this was 2013 it would be a different story, but not in 2018.

    • Sea Mode

      Really well put together, Kyle! Lots of good thoughts to consider in your scenario.

      Do think ASJ will get a lot more than $2m. He already reportedly turned down a 2yr/$8m offer from the Jets. So we’re probably talking absolute minimum $6m/apy. Worth it? IDK.

      Love the Price pick. Wynn has all the buzz now (and rightly so), but Price will likely steal it at the combine.

      With the next picks however, I would prefer our choice of the stud RBs at the top of R2 and then LB in R3 (Darius Leonard like Rob talked about in the podcast could be a good target) or even a deep threat WR if they think one is special (Chark/Coutee). I know Key has the talent, but I think we have a few more reclamation projects that will pan out for us in the DL rotation and we can bring in some bargain FAs as well, as we’ve had success doing before (even Dwight Freeney this season).

      I just think the RB position needs a stud and Jones or Chubb could be that guy, whereas I think Penny and Freeman will be solid, but perhaps less spectacular.

      And my man TE Chris Herndon (or Durham Smythe) is a must-add to the TE room given how rare blocking TEs come around these days.

      Thanks again for the discussion!

      • Kyle B

        My ASJ take is purely speculative and on an assumption that NYJ turns him away. I just have a hard time believing the market outside of NYJ would be kind enough for him at 4APY. He should be between 2 and 3. The fact that he may have turned down 4APY (would like to see roster bonus and gtd) is wild! But good for him if he gets it!

        At that point, assuming all of that goes down and they work something out over there, I think the draft shifts focus more on rounds 2-5 to offensive weapons. Love Shultz, Smythe, Herndon, and others that have been mentioned here. Not a fan of Geodert. Would like to see Chark, Sutton, or either of the OKST studs (no shot at Washington I would presume).

        I will also add on my take about RB, I love the two you mentioned as well. My exercise was FA/Signing related and my draft was less drilled down, so I could totally be pushed that way for round 2. For this particular setup, regarding the Earl trade, I would really like to ensure you find a way to get Arden Key. I don’t have the draft value chart currently, but if you could maneauver #17 and 18 into four picks into three in the top 64 and possibly two others from 65-100 you could make this happen.

    • cha

      -(I will always love you…) Earl Thomas and a 7th to LAC for #17 and their first 5th
      I hate the value after the #17 pick, but this is not incredibly far off and I think significantly closer to what may come if this goes this way”

      How about ET for Liuget straight up?

      • Kyle B

        Look’s like Liuget could be cut this year as he saves 4.5 against the cap. I would be curious what he goes for in FA. To me personally, I would want the picks and the ability to save that cap space and have the financial breathing room.

  7. Nick

    Must watch. Series of clips showing RoJo’s brilliance:

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks for sharing, great clips. Really shows off why he could be a R1 target for Seattle.

    • Sea Mode


    • Patrick Toler

      Thank you for sharing! This analysis really gets at one of his best qualities – he waits until he is within a step of the defender or blocker before making his cut. Makes it really hard on those linebackers to know where he is going, especially combined with his explosive cutting ability. Too many RBs (see Rawls) make their move 2 steps to early.

  8. All I See is 12s

    Ok, I feel like I need to post this for cathartic reason if nothing else. Sorry, if this has already been discussed here.
    I Think Earl’s time here is done…and unless something changes I think its obvious and inevitable. 1st, let me say Earl Thomas is amazing and one of my favorites of all time. I’m grateful for all hes done and the player, but the signs tell us its time to move on. Hes going towards in his 3rd contract and is a tad more injury prone than he used to be. Look at the other elite safeties who have been paid recently: Reshad Jones, Berry and Kam- all recently had season ending and/or career threatening injuries recently. I’m not saying that will happen to ET(AGAIN) but it is something to be mindful of. Either way, ET should be looking to win now, and I tend to agree that the Hawks will perhaps take a step back to take two steps forward- as Rob put it.
    Also, we cant downplay ET’s antics as of late. He called out Wagner and even when given the chance, he disputed BW’s account that they had worked it out. Then, sigh, the Dallas game. Remember how we got to enjoy that wonderful Christmas win for like 10 minutes and then we saw ET solicit Jason Garret to play for them. Then, once again, the team tries to defend him and downplay it, only to have ET pipe up again at the pro bowl. It’s a really bad look to say the least. I don’t think he wants to be here any more. Also, and I cant quite put my finger on it, but he just seems different. Understandably, maybe it’s the wealth or having a more established family, but he doesn’t appear to be “married” to football any more. I don’t know…Just the impression I get.
    Why should we pay an aging safety elite money (14m+) while we are trying to retool the roster. Plus, his game is built on speed and who knows when that will go. Plus, if his attitude is an issue, is that really what we want around the young players, despite how great he is?
    Sadly, I think trading ET is the right thing to do for all parties. Perhaps, The Chargers are the answer. That appears to be a team ready to break out. Well balanced offense with a terrific front 7. ET could be seen as their missing piece. He already knows Gus Bradley’s system. They have the cap room. Picking at 17, they could send the 1st and 3rd (maybe the 2nd) picks to us. That was the price for Percy Harvin. Harvin was 3 years younger, but Thomas is clearly better. They get their missing piece, we get the cap space and younger players on cheap contracts.
    It also would open up the draft to us in case a top guy (like Edmunds or Price) falls to make that pick, and still trade back to grab an RB or whoever while acquiring more picks. The day, ET leaves will be sad, but I think its coming. I think we should embrace the opportunity this brings instead of chasing the fading glory of yesterday.

    • Eburgs

      Earl is a hall of fame talent in his prime. You don’t get better next year by trading him away. The strategy is “win forever” not “win in two or three years”. I would only consider it if we were getting offered atleast what you are proposing (earlish 1st and a 3rd). I don’t think we will get that for him considering he only has one year left on his deal. He is worth more to us in a hawks jersey. I for one have not thrown in the towel for next year. If a nick foles eagles team can win the SB and a Keemun vikings team can make it to the NFC championship I like our chances with the likes of Russ, Doug, Earl, Bobby and the gang.

      • Mark Souza

        “Earl is a hall of fame talent in his prime”

        I would say Earl is at the end of his prime. He may have 2 or 3 really good (not great) years ahead of him. But then again, he may not. The thing is, we will be paying him money like he’s the Earl of 2013, even when his performance on the field is not up to that level. You fall way behind the actual value curve on 3rd contracts at almost every position but QB and OL, and wind up paying them what they were worth a few years ago.

  9. Kenny Sloth

    Hayden Hurst TE from SCAr is a good mover for his size

    • Sea Mode

      Did you read his backstory on a while back? Has that rare condition that ended his baseball pitching career and fought back to success in football. I’m sure teams will still be checking that out, though.

      Hands certainly looked fine in this practice game, though…:

      • D-OZ

        I brought up Hurst and Thomas from IU yesterday. Ilike them both. Two different types though. Hurst being a good receiver and Thomas can catch and block as well.

  10. Nick

    Also, we know how much SEA loves ball security. Here’s a list of the best/worst fumble rates for 2018 RBs:

    Biggest surprise for me was Michel. Also, RoJo has great ball security for a guy that never transfers the ball to the other arm.

    • Sea Mode

      Great info, thanks for the link.

      Man, we’re just piling on more and more reasons for the Hawks to love Ronald Jones, aren’t we? Hope he lasts to 18…!

      • Eburgs

        RoJo is the Tyler Ervin of this class to me. Exciting back that doesn’t fit our desired parameters that someone else will draft.

        • Sea Mode

          To each his own, I guess…

          Tyler Ervin is 5’10, 192 had nowhere near the lateral cutting ability, vision, and toughness that Jones has at over 200lbs. What Ervin has is burst.

          I know you weren’t trying to comp these guys directly, but rather their hype, but I just think they are very different. RJ II is the first non-220lbs RB that I think actually has a chance to be drafted by Seattle.

          • Eburgs

            Agreed RoJo is a way better and different looking runner than Ervin. And he was valued accordingly as he was expected to go and he went a lot later than RoJo is expected to be drafted. Some people thought Ervin had special qualities that could make him a lead back despite his size. Still, I’d be stoked to draft Ronald Jones because he looks legit and we need a legit rb. It would be great to see the hawks consider special talents outside their usual parameters but it just seems like every year we get hyped for these great players that don’t fit our mold then are disappointed when we don’t pick them. When so many players do fit their usual criteria it seems unlikely to me that they change their ways. I’m looking closer at Chubb, Guice, Penny because those are the kind of guys they always seem to draft.

        • Rob Staton

          Ervin is/was very, very different to Ronald Jones II

    • Ground_Hawk

      Thanks for the link! Darryl Williams with a 5th round pick is looking better and better.

  11. Sea Mode

    Looks like the stats back up what Rob was pointing out the other day about Keke Coutee:

  12. KingRajesh

    Brock Huard says that Kam Chancellor’s extension was the worst extension of the John Schneider era.

    Brock says it’s worse than Jimmy and Percy because the Seahawks already knew the injury situation (wear and tear) with Kam and the future risks – and STILL chose to give Kam heavy injury guarantees.

    • Greg Haugsven

      It would have been fine without that injury guarantee. Im betting we dont see that anymore.

      • Hawk Eye

        no more injury guarantees? Yes, it will happen. And sometimes it will work and sometimes it won’t. How many other times has it hurt the Hawks? Other teams? Still a gamble they will take.
        Every other sport has their contracts 100% guaranteed.
        You are not going to sign guys without some sort of guarantee for injury, because someone else will do it.
        It is the most violent sport with the most serious injuries, just happens to have the worst union.

    • lil'stink

      Total recency bias. And Harvin’s attitude was a much bigger risk than Kam’s mileage, IMO.

      We gave up a first round pick and $25 million in guarantees for Percy Harvin. Harvin was known to be a difficult head case when we traded for/extended him. PCJS overestimated their ability to be able to “fix” him, and it cost them any chance they had at extending Golden Tate.

      Kam was still a leader playing at a pro-bowl level when he got hurt. Some people seem to think that because Kam wasn’t on ESPN’s top 10 every Sunday night, laying intimidating hits, that he was somehow not playing at a high level. And it was a freak injury that could have happened to any player. It wasn’t some lingering issue that finally exploded.

      • Hawk Eye

        Harvin was worse, and it is not even close.
        They got 8 years out of Kam, I doubt they got 7 games out of Harvin, and look at draft capital and cap hit for both over their time.

  13. Ground_Hawk

    Hey Rob, what do think the chances are of Seattle drafting an OL with whatever ends up being their first pick? For example: 45% OL, 35% RB, 20% DL. Just wondering. Thanks for keeping this place up!

    • Rob Staton

      Not sure I can put a percentage on it. I think at the moment a pick to help the running game is most likely. But we’ll see what happens in FA.

      • Greg Haugsven

        I agree, if free agency doesnt produce a quality guard you would think the draft would produce a high draft pick.

        • Rob Staton

          I don’t think FA will produce a quality guard. But I also don’t think it’s a guarantee the Seahawks go OL again early. They might. But interior OL is one of the thickest positions in the draft.

      • Ground_Hawk

        I know that you’re a big RoJo2 fan, but since the Combine is coming up I have a question, which you may have already answered. Would you still be as high on him as a future Seahawk if he tests poorly in Indianapolis? By poorly I mean lower than average SPARQ score.

        • Rob Staton

          I don’t anticipate a bad combine because he looks like a sensational athlete — but you do want that confirmed for sure. Forty, vertical, broad.

  14. Greg Haugsven

    Heard some more chatter about trading Earl on 710 today. If you had two choices which one do you want:

    Option 1: Earl Thomas w/ an extension

    Option 2: Bradley McDougald, $6 million in cap space and a 1st round pick (probably later first)

    Option 2 looks appetizing.

    • Patrick Toler

      Option 1 for me, but I generally tend to prefer a stars and scrubs type approach.

    • cha

      Is the extension a top 5 safety deal and not an ‘OMG the safety market has been re-set’ type deal? Then option 1.

    • mishima

      Option 2, all day.

    • lil'stink

      I’d lean toward option 2, but replace McDougald with Eric Reid.

    • Trevor

      Given Earls age and recent attitude then Option #2 for sure.

      Could have Mcdougald, Eric Reid and Carlos Hyde + a 1st round pick instead of Earl. It just makes too much sense if they can get a 1st for him.

    • Eburgs

      Option 1. What good is 6 million and a first round pick if our defense doesn’t have a competent centerfielder. It’s the most important position on the defense (take away explosive plays is the name of the game). We could draft Derwin James and sign Bradley McDougald and Eric Reid and we would still have a trash (compared to ET) free safety. If we get rid of him we have to replace him, if McDougald is your replacement get ready for some 30 or 40 burgers getting dropped on us. I think if we trade Earl we have to draft someone early (bates?) to replace him then pray he doesn’t suck.

      • Greg Haugsven

        McDougald is far from trash. You might have to change your defense slightly but I believe we would be OK. It also isn’t just for 2018 either. You also have to think of the future.

        • BobbyK

          He’s far from good, too. There’s a reason Tampa Bay had no interest in keeping him and they didn’t exactly have great safeties either. I think he’s okay. Not bad. I just, seemingly, happen to disagree with most here who post in their saying/thinking he’s good. I think he’s fine for what the Seahawks asked him to do last year, not be a starter but being a capable starter who had provided quality depth and was adequate while filling in. Although we knew he was better in coverage (mostly) than Chancellor, there’s still a reason Chancellor was given the big contract and nobody beat the door down to sign him.

          • Patrick Toler

            I’d say McDougald is an averagish starter at either safety spot. When you are getting that for $2M, that’s pretty good. How much will he cost this year? I wouldn’t want to pay him $5M when I’ve got one of the best ever secondary teachers. Pay your studs, not your mid tier guys. Find the next undervalued veteran you can sign on the cheap if you want to hedge your young safeties behind Earl.

        • Eburgs

          McDougald isn’t trash. He is an ok backup safety. I don’t think we should give him that Cary Williams money tho. I’d rather see Delano Hill at strong safety and Earl at Free safety. Or if we get a kings ransom for earl we should try to draft someone else like Bates at FS. He’s just trash compared to Earl. We have Earl and if it’s just a matter of dollars I say give up the dollars for the talent. It isn’t just about 2018. If Earl wants to keep playing he is the best option for 2019 too, that’s why we should extend him. We can’t go on assuming all of our players will have career ending injuries right at 29.5 years old. Buttttt if earl truly doesn’t want to be here or there is too much bad bood (from the Bobby incident or cowboys incident?) that’s a dream deferent thing and we would just have to cut our losses. I don’t think it has come to that point, I think he just wants to feel valued by the organization.

        • Eburgs

          I don’t think we are going to change the scheme for McDougalds inadequacies. not that part of the scheme for that player. Resign earl or find someone who can shut down the middle third of the field (they almost guarantee won’t be as good as earl even if you spend the first rounder you get back for him).

  15. LeoSharp

    I think an interesting strategy to this draft could be to totally ignore the 1st and the early part of the 2nd and instead focus on a group of players in the 2nd-3rd round range. The value of their 1st and any 5th round pick is roughly equivalent to one late top 50 pick and three picks in the early, middle and late portion of the 3rd round.

    In this scenario, the team can cover all of their primary needs with players that have a lot of upside in their system instead of fewer guys at positions of need but having them being drafted higher than their production and athleticism warrants.

    Ultimately I think the better offensive lineman (Price/Wynn) and defensive lineman (Landry/Bryan) will go too early to allow the Seahawks to trade down and also pick the necessary draft capital to acquire a decent running back. If they went RB first it would severely limit their ability to improve the line (I don’t see them moving Ifedi back to guard). It would only make sense if they made significant moves in free agency or traded rostered players for picks.

    Positions such as LB (Carter/Evans/Jefferson) and WR (Washington/Kirk) are likely to be the best value at the end of the 1st/early 2nd. They need depth not starters at those positions so it makes little sense drafting one especially if they find hedges in free agency. There just aren’t any TE worthy of an early selection and the Seahawks don’t typically draft DBs early so that doesn’t leave a lot of options, at positions of need, that are all that good.

    4 players I think can have an immediate impact, highly productive and have great upside.

    Ogbonnia Okoronkwo DE/LB
    – Great length with 34.5″ arms.
    – Stated in an interview that he runs a 4.5 forty which will be interesting to see at the combine.
    – Immediate situational rusher and potential full-time SAM. Ken Norton Jr could definitely help with that transition.
    – Significantly better edge prospect than Haason Reddick from a size and production standpoint.
    – May not have the desired ability in space to be rated as highly as a potential 3-down LB

    Rashaad Penny RB
    – Ridiculous Production
    – Great overall size for the position
    – Very elusive
    – Home run speed
    – KR ability
    – Issues with ball security and pass blocking

    Austin Corbett OG
    – Obliterates lineman in the running game
    – Very consistent in his technique
    – Uses a range of moves in pass protection
    – Good overall athleticism on tape
    – Fits a major need along the O-line
    – Positional flexibility

    Cedrick Wilson WR
    – Excellent deep threat
    – Smooth route runner
    – Very adept at locating the deep ball
    – YAC ability
    – Perfectly suited to the Brian Schottenheimer vertical passing system
    – Needs to work on footwork at the LOS and when setting up routes
    – Issues uncovering from press

  16. Old but Slow

    Sorry, I can’t help it but Keke Coutee makes me think of the old song K-K-K-Katie.

    • Pickering

      Key-key-q-Q-t ?

  17. Patrick Toler

    I just watched a few of John Kelly’s games, and came away impressed. I know he’s had some legal trouble, but on the field there is a lot to like if you could pick him up in the mid rounds. Quick feet, great balance, flexibility, decent blocker, good pass catching option. He doesn’t jump off the screen as an electric athlete, but he is a tough runner. Tennessee listed him at 5,9” 205, he’s one of those little bowling ball backs.

  18. Old but Slow

    Art Thiel is bringing up the unthinkable:

    No comment.

    • Ishmael

      I’m so over these idiots

  19. Nathan

    Sorry if someone already posted, but did anyone see Tony Paulines comments about Darrel Williams?

    Believes he could be the kareem hunt of this draft.

    • Sea Mode

      Amazing. Confirmed so much of what Rob has been saying for months now on four different players. Now I’m starting to wonder who is reading whose blog… 😉

      (JK, it’s because they are both media scouts who actually put the film work in instead of just rinse and repeat the national media narrative. That’s why they often come to the same conclusions and why the draft generally plays out as they predict for many of these players, cause teams don’t follow the media consensus either.)

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