Monday notes: Trades, Seahawks and around the NFL

The latest trade deadline rumblings

Yesterday Jason La Canfora noted that the Houston Texans’ owners are being encouraged to have a fire-sale of sorts. It’s understandable. They’re 1-5, don’t have a first or second round pick next year and they’re set to be $15m over the 2021 cap as things stand.

Deshaun Watson is a quality selling point to a new coach and GM but not having any money or picks to improve an ageing and stale roster is not.

“General managers and personnel execs have pointed to pass rusher Whitney Mercilus, linebacker Zach Cunningham, corner Bradley Roby, tight end Darren Fells and receivers Brandin Cooks and/or Will Fuller as potential trade targets.”

Of the group, Whitney Mercilus is the one that stands out as a possible Seahawks target. He only signed a new contract in December last year but he’s 30-years-old and might be able to bring in some decent compensation. He has three sacks this season.

Mercilus might be in the awkward range of being too expensive for anyone to bite but too valuable for the Texans to let go on the cheap. They’d also have to spread out a significant dead cap hit in the future.

Nevertheless, he has the quickness Seattle badly needs off the edge and the proven track record of getting after the quarterback.

We’re approaching the crunch time for trade talks. The Seahawks are in a weaker position than usual because their draft stock is depleted following the Jamal Adams trade. Yet it feels like they have to do something to bolster their edge rush. Russell Wilson is playing the football of his life and they’ve started 5-0. If ever there was a time to be aggressive and chase a Championship, this is it.

Perspective on 5-0?

Here are Seattle’s opponents so far:

Atlanta — 1-5

New England — 2-3

Dallas — 2-3

Miami — 3-3

Minnesota — 1-5

You can only beat the teams you face — but aside from the Falcons victory, none of these wins were particularly convincing. I think there is something to be said about a ‘good’ win.

The Seahawks often have at least one. Last year it was the Niners on the road. They beat the Chiefs in 2018. The less said about 2017 the better but in 2016 they went to New England and knocked off the Patriots.

The first real opportunity the Seahawks have to get a ‘good’ win will be Bills and Rams. That’s when we’ll find out a lot about this team.

We know by now the defense needs work. Clearly 5-0 is also a good start, regardless of the opponents faced. Yet the key to the season always has been (and always will be) Seattle’s ability to take a step forward. That means winning the NFC West and having a meaningful playoff run for the first time since the 2014 season.

Who are the best teams in the league?

For me you’ve got two types of ‘good’ team. The Steelers, Buccaneers and Titans seem balanced. Tennessee’s defense hasn’t looked great at times but they still have some quality pieces and can cause opponents (see: Buffalo) a lot of trouble.

Then you’ve got the quarterback dominated teams — Kansas City with Mahomes, Seattle with Wilson and Green Bay with Rodgers.

It’s difficult to place the Ravens at the moment with Lamar Jackson’s form and the defensive play fluctuating. You could say the same for the Rams. Both teams look great at times and flawed the next.

Somehow on the outskirts you’ve got a team heavily weighted to the defense in Chicago. They are 5-1 but face a gauntlet of games after their bye week.

This is a weird year and a weird football season so far. I’m not sure whether strengths or weaknesses will define these teams when the playoffs begin.

I still think it’s a good year to be one of the few who can actually play defense. The Steelers might not be trendy these days — but they’ll be a tough out.

Why the Jets should keep Adam Gase (for now)

I’ve become fascinated by the Jets and the bizarre way they are operating. I’ve been watching their press conferences and listening to some podcasts.

The general consensus is the fans want Adam Gase out as soon as possible. But why?

There’s nothing for the Jets to gain by firing their coach now. They are a lost cause. A basket case team. They need a total top-to-bottom rebuild.

The best case scenario is to earn the #1 overall pick in order to select Trevor Lawrence in the next draft. That would be a major selling point to prospective coaches.

Take Joe Brady for example. Having taken LSU’s offense to new heights last year he’s now leading a top-10 offense in Carolina despite losing Christian McCaffrey to injury and having a somewhat cobbled-together roster.

At the moment the Jets are a disjointed mess. Launch a rebuild with the best quarterback to come out of college football in a decade and it might be a tempting proposal for one of the hottest young coaches in the sport.

Getting rid of Gase now simply gives the Jets a better opportunity to improve, win pointless games and work their way out of the top spot in the draft. The time to get rid of him is when #1 is secure, the season is officially over and you can launch a rebuild.

In the meantime they should be having a fire-sale.

There are very few pieces to build around long term. Mekhi Becton and the 2020 draft class deserve time. You could make a case to keep hold of Marcus Maye. Everyone else should be on the chopping block.

Accumulate even more picks to go with the haul you got from Seattle for Jamal Adams. The prospect of a reset, Trevor Lawrence and a ton of draft stock would be an attractive proposition for your next coach — who has to surely be a young, progressive, offensive mastermind to reassure Lawrence that he isn’t better off sticking at Clemson for another year.

They should also see what the market is like for Sam Darnold. There are plenty of teams who could use a long term solution at quarterback — Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, Tampa Bay, New Orleans and maybe even San Francisco. See if there’s a good pick to be had now and if not, revisit the situation in the off-season.

Starting him, however, only lowers his stock if the Jets continue to struggle. He’s already picked up one injury. Darnold is also capable of winning games — unlike soon-to-be 36-year-old Joe Flacco.

Either way, firing Gase has little benefit now. The time to do it is down the line, when that top pick is in the bag. Lawrence is everything the New York market needs. He’s talented, looks the part, is incredibly marketable and he’s a born winner.

The Jets need some of his magic and charisma.

You can always get after the Packers

Green Bay looked like a paper tiger throughout last year and I’m not sure much has changed in 2020.

They’re a very difficult team to beat when they get a lead. Aaron Rodgers is incredibly efficient and still has the ability to make the impossible seem possible. Their running game can be difficult to stop when playing with a scoreboard advantage. Green Bay’s pass rushers also come into play.

When you get after them though, they curl up into a little ball and beg you to stop.

Yesterday’s game against Tampa Bay was so reminiscent of their meetings against the 49ers last season. When things started to go wrong they couldn’t put the brakes on. The game snowballed and quickly got away from them. The Packers become flustered. You can strong-arm them when it gets like that.

They end up looking pretty soft.

The problem for the Seahawks in the playoffs last year is the running game had collapsed due to the injuries. The Packers gave it no respect in the first half, flooded coverage and made life difficult for Russell Wilson in the passing game. They got the lead and by the time Wilson had figured out a solution, the damage was more or less done. The lead was too big.

It could’ve been a very different game with Chris Carson on the field at his best.

The Packers will win about 12 or 13 games again this season and could be a potential opponent for the Seahawks in the post-season once more. The Seahawks, if they want it to end better this time, need to be the ones applying the scoreboard pressure.

The Buccaneers also showed how to blitz properly yesterday. It shouldn’t be a surprise, Todd Bowles is a blitzing master. Two linebackers attacking the same gap? Instant pressure? Sacks?

By the end of the game Aaron Rodgers had his arms aloft, looking to the sideline asking for any kind of answer to the onslaught.

The Seahawks could learn a thing or two from Tampa Bay. Blitzing doesn’t just have to be Jamal Adams as an extra rusher off the edge. Or in the case of the Minnesota game, Ryan Neal.

The Niners did something Seattle hasn’t been able to

The all-NFC West encounter was fascinating for a number of reasons. It was an example, once again, that San Francisco has one of the best coaching staffs in the NFL. It was also a further example of a stalling Sean McVay offense — after a similarly difficult day against the lowly New York Giants recently.

Shanahan’s game-plan was a masterclass. Tricky runs that made the best use of misdirection. Good gains on the ground to take the pressure off Jimmy Garoppolo. Quick throws, highlighting George Kittle’s miraculous second-level ability. Well designed plays expertly executed to emphasise yards after the catch.

Have you ever seen Aaron Donald be such a non-factor before?

For a Niners team to look like hot trash one week against Miami and then handle the Rams like this was a tour de force of coaching.

Defensively they were opportunistic, flew sideline-to-sideline to stop all of the outside zone stuff and they made Jared Goff look completely ordinary despite never sacking him.

In Seattle’s last five games against the Rams they’ve given up 42, 33, 36, 29 and 28 points.

Here’s the total offensive yardage conceded in each game:

2017 (H) — 352
2018 (A) — 468
2018 (H) — 456
2019 (H) — 477
2019 (A) — 455

The Seahawks need to beat the Rams at least once in the regular season. They need to come up with a plan, just like the Niners did, to restrict and limit them.

I’m not sure they’ll ever be able to manage Aaron Donald in the way San Francisco did. Shanahan designs the quick pass so well. Garoppolo, to his credit, is very good at the quick drop, set and throw. It makes life easier when you have very quick receivers and Kittle as a safety valve. The Seahawks have always been a longer developing, shot-taking offense because that’s Russell Wilson’s style. With his height it’s unrealistic to expect anything else. The longer you ask a center or guard to contain Donald, the more likely he will get sacked.

They need to do something though to put in a better performance this time. The Rams can turn it on in a flash. Their mediocre days are extremely ‘meh’ as we saw yesterday but Seattle has a knack of making them look like world beaters.

That has to change this time. The two games against LA should be treated as an opportunity to make a statement that this year is different. I fear that will only happen with defensive improvements (personnel improvements).

Zach Wilson’s stock continues to rise

I’ve written about the BYU quarterback a couple of times (including on Saturday) and it was good to see those views validated by the great Tony Pauline today:

“If there’s a faster-rising prospect in the nation than Zach Wilson, I’m not aware of him. The BYU signal caller has been brilliant during the first half of the season and turned in another dominant performance during BYU’s victory over Houston.”

“Wilson checks all the boxes you want in a quarterback at the next level — smart, tough, athletic plus the arm strength necessary to make all the throws. Scouts who grade underclassmen stamped him as a fifth-round prospect before the season began, but Wilson has improved anywhere from three to four rounds over the first half of 2020.”

Keep an eye on Wilson. He deserves the extra attention he’s getting.

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  1. Ashish

    Bucs already made a trade for DT, and 0-5 teams are on started trading their players. Is seahawks still waiting for perfect time for trade?

  2. Lewis

    Rob, you get to be GM for a day. With all the edge options out there, what’s the one move you would try to make?

    • Rob Staton

      I can’t give you one name because I don’t know a price tag or who’s even available.

      I will take anyone who delivers either bonafide speed off the edge and/or a proven track record of sacks. And for the right player I’d trade any pick.

      You’re 5-0 at the bye and Wilson is on fire. If this isn’t the season to be aggressive, when is?

  3. James Cr.

    I still think Kerrigan is the one that makes the most sense, for the player and cost wise. Problem is the NFC East is so bad that Washington might still think they can win that division. Another reason to cheer for Dallas tonight.

    • Chris Alexander

      I think Ryan Kerrigan is a no-brainer. But I also doubt that Washington will be a “seller” at the deadline. They have one game remaining before the trade deadline and it’s against the division-leading Cowboys who are only 1 game ahead of them. The following week they have their bye.

      Interestingly, even if they beat Dallas and both teams are 2-5, Washington won’t be in first place come Sunday night. The reason is because Philadelphia plays the Giants in New Jersey on Thursday Night Football (oh, how low will the ratings be for THAT game?). If New York wins, they’d be 2-5 but would hold the tiebreaker over Washington since they beat them this past Sunday. If Philadelphia wins, they’d be 2-4-1 and in first place (assuming Dallas loses) by virtue of their ugly, UGLY tie with the Bengals in Week 3.

      Still, if Washington wins, there’s no real reason for them to make any move that would lessen their chances of winning their division – they’d either be tied with New York (and Dallas) or only half a game behind Philadelphia heading into their bye.

      So if we want Kerrigan then we better hope that Dallas kicks Washington’s ass on Sunday . . . and not just a little bit.

      And even then, I’m somewhat skeptical about Seattle’s ability (or willingness) to make the highest offer.

  4. Ryan Purcell

    Saw a trade proposal with the Bengals for Carlos Dunlap for Jamarco Jones and a pick. Thoughts?

    • SteveLargent80

      The Bengals don’t really trade. They’ll only make a trade if a player wants out, or if someone blows them away with an offer

      • Lewis

        He’s openly questioning how he is being used by the team.

        • lil’stink

          I’d think if a player like Dunlap or Atkins said “trade me or else” they would end up getting traded pretty quick.

          • Rob Staton

            Not in Cincinnati.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ll keep saying — the Bengals are the worst team to deal with.

      Mike Brown doesn’t do deals.

      He wanted a R2 for Eifert a year ago — a perennially injured player, weeks away from free agency, on a winless team.

  5. cha

    The Seahawks have always been a longer developing, shot-taking offense because that’s Russell Wilson’s style. With his height it’s unrealistic to expect anything else. The longer you ask a center or guard to contain Donald, the more likely he will get sacked.

    Agree. I’d like to see the Seahawks return to the occasional designed roll out. Just vacate the pocket and make Donald chase you. Get RW’s feet moving and let his instincts take over.

    The traditional argument against that has been you immediately cut your field vision in half. Roll out right, the pass is obviously going to that side of the field. But RW and Lockett/Olsen/Hollister are terribly good at the scramble drill they can get around that argument.

  6. cha

    Chris Mortensen
    Eagles expect Miles Sanders to miss Thursday night’s game with knee injury… Zach Ertz also expected out for 3-to-4 weeks with an ankle injury, according to sources.

    10:25 AM · Oct 19, 2020M

    • Chris Alexander

      Losing Zach Ertz will hurt them, but Adam Schefter is reporting that DeSean Jackson is expected to play against the Giants. Probably going to be an ugly game either way, but . . . it could be for the division lead . . . if Washington beats Dallas on Sunday.

  7. Eric

    Legit question here… Why does it feel as though every 8 out of 10 years, there is a “generational”, “game changer”, “field tilter”, “once in a decade” QB that comes out? So many of these QBs are great for a year or two and then the NFL adjusts to them. However, the true “generational” QBs often come out of nowhere. Examples below:

    Kurt Warner – free agent
    Russell Wilson – 3rd and “too short”
    Fran Tarkenton – 3rd round
    Staubach – 10th!?!? Round
    Brady – 6th
    Moon – CFL
    Starr – 16th!!!!????!?!?!?!?!? Round (That couldn’t have been the MLB…could it have?)
    Montana – 3rd
    Fouts -3rd

    Then there are those amazing “falling stars” like Rogers and Marino.

    I know the media type like to be hyperbolic in their assessments and make sure they have the ratings, but as a typically “out of the mainstream” type of site, why not review these players in comparison to the greats when they came out?


    • cha

      Eric, I’ve read your post 3x and I’m not sure what you’re asking.

      Are you saying you want the community here to avoid using certain terms when talking about QBs?

      • CaptainJack

        I’ll come out and say this: Joe Burrow won’t be considered a generational quarterback, and neither will Trevor Lawrence, when all is said and done. Both played well surrounded by an embarrassment of riches in terms of offensive talent and coaching. That’s it. Trevor Lawrence won’t save an organization that’s never really cared.

        • Rob Staton

          That’s an outlandish take.

          LSU were nothing before Burrow. He led them to an unbeaten National title, broke all sorts of records. He was incredible and has started superbly in Cincy for a crap organisation.

          What ’embarrassment of riches’ has Lawrence got??? Travis Etienne? Who else?

          • Robbie B

            Justin Herbert will end up being a better player then Burrow.

            • Rob Staton

              Maybe, maybe not.

              They’ve both started well.

          • Ben

            LSU wasn’t “nothing” before Burrow. They’ve always been a top program who annually recruit/sign 5* players.

            • Rob Staton

              They absolutely were nothing in terms of a contender.

              Year-after-year they were in the 8-9 win range. Year-after-year they lost to Alabama. Year-after-year they were on the periphery.

              Joe Burrow comes in and they go 15-0 and win a National Championship.

              You can argue all you want — it’s a cast iron FACT that Burrow got them to the next step.

    • CaptainJack

      Partly this is because there’s no parity in college football. Neither Jackson or Mahomes had strong supporting casts in college but dominated. We know how they’re doing in the pros. Guys like Sam Darnold, Joe Burrow, Baker Mayfield, Deshaun Watson and others had a splendid array of weapons, offensive linemen, coaches, etc. they played well against teams with inferior talent levels.

      Give me the guy later on that didn’t come out of the blue chip program, but dominated anyways.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t know what you want me to ‘review’ though.

      We all know players taken very early, including with the top pick, bust.

      I think we also know that even highly regarded, highly athletic players don’t work out when they’re taken early. Sometimes because the franchise they go to is run abysmally and that’s why they pick at the start of R1 in the first place.

      We also know that you can find stars at any position at any stage of a draft (or even in UDFA).

      That’s just the way the league works. It doesn’t make me want to second guess Trevor Lawrence.

      And when I look at recent NFL MVP’s I see Lamar Jackson (R1), Patrick Mahomes (early R1, KC traded up for him), Aaron Rodgers (R1), Cam Netwon (#1 pick), Matt Ryan (#3 pick), Peyton Manning (#1 pick).

      Andrew Luck was also in the middle of a productive career until the injuries took their toll.

      The last two ‘generational’ QB’s that people really hyped as far as I’m aware are Peyton and Luck — and neither were busts. Could we say Elway was the one before that? Also not a bust. Now you’ve got Trevor Lawrence.

      • hawkfanforetenity

        Agree exactly with that. Lawrence seems widely considered to be the best QB prospect since Luck (2012 draft). Who was the best since Manning(1998 draft). So the best prospect in a decade for each of them. Luck and Manning lived up to their billing.

        The draft is about prospect and potential. Obviously some players well outplay their rankings as a prospect and some fall far short. Which is why it’s not wrong to say OJ Howard was a better prospect than George Kittle.

        • Rob Staton


  8. Chase

    First 3 games, we were a very blitz oriented defense as rob has mentioned multiple times. Since Adams has been out we are seeing the reserved defense of last year except minus Clowney. I’m interested to see what defense the hawks roll out this week with a healthy Adams. In previous comments I’ve mentioned it feels like we are taking Bwagz and Adams out of a position to make plays by sending them on a blitz just to create pressure. I’d like to see more of the reserved playstyle when Adams is on the field, along with Bobby, to see how the backend looks with Adams in more of a chancellor role than a blitzing LB role. Regardless, with the DL as is I’m not optimistic the play will improve, but if it creates 1 extra turnover every couple weeks than that will be good enough for me.

    • Chris Alexander

      Reports out of Seattle today are indicating that Adams might NOT be back for the Arizona game.

      Per Pete Carroll:

      “We’ve got to get through the week and see what happens,” Carroll said. “Give him these days and figure it out – take full advantage of the time. Make sure that we are doing the right thing in taking care of him and looking after him. It’s a long season and we’d love to have him back as soon as we can get him but we want him back when’s he’s right and back for the long haul.”

      • Hawkdawg

        Pete was playing things particularly coy yesterday, and was clearly amused with himself as a result Very few conclusions should be drawn from that press conference. One telling comment, at least for me, though, was about Darrell Taylor. A reporter asked him whether in fact Taylor might not even make it to a game at all this year. Pete launched into how hard Taylor was working, how strong he was, how hard he was running…and then said that he hadn’t really been “cutting” on that knee yet. A pass-rushing DE who can’t cut can’t pass-rush.

        Would not be surprised if Taylor is out for several weeks yet…

        • Rob Staton

          If he starts next season it’ll be a positive.

          • Big Mike


  9. Henry Taylor

    With the Gase thing I think they stand to gain a few things from moving on from him:

    They get to give Darnold one last chance to legitimately prove himself, if they force him to play on with Gase there’s no chance of that.
    They might accidently win a game or two with Gase and lose the number 1 pick anyway, but be stuck with a permanently ruined Darnold (if that’s not happened already). Seems like the kind of terrible thing he’d pull off.
    They provide their team with a chance to rebuild some form of a winning culture before any new coach/QB comes in to disappoint and stink up the place like all that have come before them.
    They prove to their fanbase that they actually care about them.
    They get to give Gase what his egomaniacal, smug faced, eye balling, self exactly what he deserves. A boot on his way out.

    • dcd2

      I tend to agree. Gase is a disease that needs to be cut out before it infects the team anymore than it has.

      Look at Tannehill, Drake, Robbie Anderson, Jarvis Landry, Devante Parker (Lev Bell?)… they were all on the fast track to early retirement thanks to Gase. They got out and are legit starters once rid of that bafoon. He will absolutely ruin any chance Darnold has to thrive in NY.

      To Rob’s point, they would do well to trade Darnold. The picks and chance to rebuild and pick their guy would make that very unappealing job look a bit better. Then Darnold can go have a decent career somewhere else as well.

      Self-sabotaging in the hopes of landing a draft pick while destroying team morale and player development is how bad teams stay bad, and toxic cultures remain that way.

      There is no such thing as a can’t miss.

      Look at top QB picks of years past:

      2014 Bortles… not… Bridgewater and Carr
      2015 Jameis & Mariotta (1,2) unemployed and a backup
      2016 Goff (1), Wentz (2)…. Dak (135)
      2017 Trubisky (3) ahead of Mahomes and Watson
      2018 Baker at #1 over Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson

      Kyler is the first #1 QB to hit in awhile.

      • Rob Staton

        “Self-sabotaging in the hopes of landing a draft pick while destroying team morale and player development is how bad teams stay bad, and toxic cultures remain that way.”

        Not if you then reboot, move off large chunks of the roster and gain a quarterback everyone thinks is going to be the next big thing.

        And let’s be right here… nobody was talking about Bortles, Trubisky, Mayfield and co in the same breath as Trevor Lawrence.

  10. DougK

    On Gase, Michael Lombardi wrote a similar piece for The Athletic a few days ago (Oct. 16)…a good read:

  11. Kingdome1976

    I was just discussing the Jets situation with some buddies the other day. We thought Gase was a problem for locker room reasons…Just ask Adams. Initially we thought they should tank the season for Trevor but I honesty don’t believe they have to with or without Gase because they simply are not going to win a game regardless. Look at the rest of their schedule.

    The Jets in our estimation should NOT take Trevor when they get the #1 pick IF another team is willing to give up say 3 top end first round picks and some change like the Goff trade. Teams are going to want Trevor badly. I believe the Jets might get the offer of all time. He’s that good.

    However, Trevor will not make the Jets much better than Darnold has in their current situation. The real question is IF the Jets get say 3 firsts and a second over the next 3 years along with the Seahawks 2 firsts and their own picks would that not be a more solid plan to rebuild their team than just throwing another top tier rookie QB into the fire with zero help?

    If the Jets take a major deal with say the Jags or another team they would have 8-9 first round picks in the next 3 years and who knows how many 2nd/3rd round picks. I say fire the entire front office and pay a legit GM and coach to come in and finally give the Jets a chance for once in last 40 years.

    • dcd2

      I agree with this approach. I mentioned a number of QB’s above, but there is a lot to be said about being set up for success. Do the top picks wash out because they just weren’t very good, or more likely is it that there wasn’t enough talent around them?

      Either way, that would be a ton of draft capital with which to build a cheap and talented roster.

  12. Uncle Bob

    There’s a adage in logic that goes something like, “When you don’t get results that make sense, check your premise(s)”. That seems to be where we are with the decision makers on the Seahawks when it comes to bolstering the D. We keep talking about potential/hopeful acquisitions, many I agree with, some not, but if any of those players get moved the Seahawks seemingly aren’t even a visible option. This past week was a wonderment to me. I believe the number of evaluations invited into town are limited due to Covid concerns, yet last week, in addition to Kendricks (again) and another LB (a position that makes some sense), they invite a kicker and a punter? What’s with that? If this team has a strength other than O fire power, it’s ST. The decision makers have a whole different view of personnel that we can’t figure out I guess. My only hope is they’ve got some miracle agreement they’re sitting on that they plan to spring just before the trade deadline……………………………………………….no, I don’t believe that either.

  13. cha

    Bills healthy scratched Trent Murphy. Interesting.

    • Rob Staton

      They had been trying to move him reportedly in the off-season.

      Has the size but pretty slow.

    • Chris Alexander

      They said during the broadcast that the coaching staff appeared to be trying to “send a message” with some of their inactives. Whether or not that’s true is a question only the team can answer (which they almost certainly won’t). But it’s certainly an interesting decision, if true.

  14. dcd2

    Any idea why SB Nation can get away with posting PFF grades?

    • Rob Staton

      Who cares?

      I’m done with it.

    • JLemere

      They offer business packages to sports media outlets that allow them to post grades. I think Rob could go that route, though it is very expensive and probably wouldn’t be worth it.

      • Rob Staton

        Definitely not worth it when someone posts the full list on reddit and people will go over there and see it anyway!

    • cha

      It’s so odd.

      They post them on SBN and Reddit, the scores are posted all over Twitter when they come out. There’s even Twitter fan accounts called ‘Seahawks PFF’ for just their scores.

      • Rob Staton

        But you’ve all rushed out to spend $200 on the elite account right? Since I stopped writing about the grades?

        • cha

          No. I’m not a real fan.

          • Chase

            That makes 2. Lol

    • McZ

      They either have an agreement to post’em or SB Nation has some tough lawyers, arguing over freedom of press.

  15. Rusty

    ” The less said about 2017 the better but in 2016 they went to New England and knocked off the Patriots ”

    Lol, true, but the Eagles W in 2017 fits that bill too

    • Rob Staton

      You’re right, I suppose it does.

      I remember that game because I stayed up all night to watch it on a hotel floor, then drove from Kent to Paris the following day to take the kids to Disneyland for a week on zero sleep. It’s a long drive.

      • Rusty

        Lol, sounds fun and exhausting. That was a good Seahawks game to start off that week though!

  16. cha

    Wow CEH.

    He ran by that CB like he was a statue. 31 yards.

    • Rob Staton

      What a player.

      How dare they sign Le’Veon Bell.

  17. Rob Staton

    D.J. Reed & Colby Parkinson have returned to practise per the rules. They can be activated in a couple of weeks.

    Darrell Taylor has not returned to practise.

    As I’ve said a few times, I doubt we see him this year.

    • cha

      It’ll be super-cool to see PC again this afternoon for his press conference.

      We might get some more insight on Taylor if he’s not busy answering questions about what their bye-week COVID protocol was.

      • Rob Staton

        Unless I’m mistaken he won’t be doing a press conference today.

        They only usually do a Monday one for the ‘day after the game’ reaction. So I think his next conference will be Wednesday.

        • cha

          Scheduled for 45 minutes from now

          • Rob Staton


            Send me the link so I can watch.

            • cha


              • Rob Staton

                Hope someone finds a creative way to ask Carroll about whether they’re likely to be active before the deadline.

                ‘How important is it to add before the trade deadline?’

                If he blows it off, a follow up of, ‘do you anticipate making any moves or are you more likely to go with what you have?’

                Again if he blows it off, at least the question was asked.

                I’d also like a question about whether they have interest in David Irving.

                • Ashish

                  John is always competing and talking to GMs with a smile. Then someone will ask about DK what he improved in bye week 🙄

    • CaptainJack

      Hopefully this spells the end of the Luke Willson revenge tour.

      • Rob Staton

        Should replace him with a new pass rusher anyway.

        (Sorry Luke but it is what it is)

    • Chris Alexander

      Pretty tight window the Hawks gave themselves with Parkinson and Reed. By rule, they can’t return until after our 8th game yet they have to be activated within 21 days of starting practice or go back on the NFI list for the rest of the season. The team must feel pretty good about their chances of being added to the active roster after the Bills game.

      And, yeah, at this point I think Taylor is basically next year’s 1st round pick (since we no longer have one).

      • Rob Staton

        Then who is this years second and third that they wasted on Taylor?

        • Big Mike

          Tom Nobody……no wait, Jim Nobody… wait………

  18. Rushless pass

    Trent Murphy is a healthy scratch today against the Chiefs. Do you think he may possibly be a trade target?

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s doubtful. He has the size of an EDGE but he’s so slow — 4.86 speed at 250lbs at his combine, only a 1.65 split. Those aren’t Seahawks numbers.

      They need quickness off the edge.

    • Rushless pass

      Sorry I missed Cha’s post!

  19. Donovan

    Will Fuller would be a heck of an addition if the Texans are selling. Good luck to the team that has to defend DK, Lockett, and Fuller.

    Doesn’t address our biggest weakness, but I’d submit – from a talent level – he’s the “superstar” type Russell wanted in offseason. Been injured a good amount, but can tilt field when healthy.

  20. Rob Staton

    Calais Campbell has four sacks so far.


    • Justin Mullikin

      Yeah he is the one that hurts the most this offseason. He would of looked so good in a Seahawks uniform!

  21. Rob Staton

    Clyde Edwards-Helaire is so frigging good.

    • Volume12

      Real good.

      • Rob Staton

        Jordyn Brooks, though…

    • Timbo

      CEH has done nothing from week 2-5 . They don’t sign Leveon Bell if there really think his that great.

      • Rob Staton

        Week 2 — 70 total yards
        Week 3 — 134 total yards
        Week 4 — 91 total yards
        Week 5 — 80 total yards

        An average of 94 yards a game.

        Yeah, crap that.

        And they’ve also clearly put this game against the Bills in his hands to the tune of 169 yards on 23 carries because they’ve lost all faith in him.

        People don’t half post rubbish sometimes.

        • Chris Alexander

          So far, I’d say CEH is doing pretty damn good . . . except in Goal-to-go situations. Read somewhere last week that he was 0-for-9 in those situations and that KC had gone away from him and that THAT was a big part of the decision to sign Bell. Not sure how true that is but, like many, I would have loved to have seen him in a Seattle uniform instead of a Kansas City’s.

      • charlietheunicorn

        Takes load off both buyy, but both are capable of rushing or catching passes…. makes the offense even harder to defend. I think it is a great move. Have to keep Bells head on straight, but he wants to win, so shouldn’t be a problem.

  22. Rob Staton

    Just read an article about the future of Carlos Dunlap and Geno Atkins after they were effectively benched.

    Here’s a quote:

    “Even though the Bengals have reduced the roles of both Atkins and Dunlap, the team is reluctant to trade either of them at this point, per sources. The NFL trade deadline is Nov. 3. A more likely scenario is the team moving on from the two during the offseason if there’s no resolution. The Bengals would save $9.6 million if they released Atkins before June 1 and $11.25 million if they cut ties with Dunlap before June 1.”

    This sums up the Bengals 100%.

    They never bloody trade.

    • Trevor

      Why I wonder? Is it about $? Really makes no sense.

      • Rob Staton

        It’s Mike Brown the owner.

        He runs it like a family business.

        Never ‘trades’ his guys.

        • Mark

          Greetings from Cincinnati area- life long (since 77) Hawk fan here.

          Context- Mike Brown (MB) is STUBBORN, Cheap, and arrogant. It’s not that he won’t trade per-se although it ends up that way- its that he cannot be wrong and will WILL do things HIS WAY and by god its HIS business nobody else’s.

          Period. Full stop.

          That said today- significant local media rumblings about possibilities with Geno Atkins Dunlap, AND Green being dealt are much stronger than normal to tr for O line help/picks before they get Burrow killed.

          Just a report/perspective from SW Ohio.

          GO HAWKS!

  23. Trevor

    I stand my my thoughts on the draft that with Russ and not quality edge rushers available the Hawks should have added two unique offensive talents that were Blog favourites. They could have had CEH and Claypool with thier first two picks instead of two defenders who will contribute little if any Year 1.

    Can you imagine this offense with those two? If is really good now and they would have made it great and brought another dimension of physicality and toughness.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m watching Frank Clark here and thinking… ‘this is everything Seattle needs’.

      And they had it, traded it away.

      • BobbyK

        You do realize they probably wouldn’t have Collier, right? Nor would they have probably been able to afford Finney, Hyde, and Hollister. I’ll take those four guys over one any day. Strength in numbers; 4 is better than 1. Right?

        • Chris Alexander

          I know that’s sarcasm but it doesn’t make it HURT any less.

          • Big Mike

            No shit

        • McZ

          No offence and sarcasm taken, but… none of those players bar Collier had any connection to the Frank C trade.

          Collier is not guilty for being picked three or four friggin’ rounds too high. I don’t get what the FO wants from the state of Texas when it comes to DL players.

          Hollister was RWs go to target at TE late last season and did everything we could’ve asked for. It’s not his fault, that he came away with a bigger contract than he possibly earns.

          And we should pray, that we don’t need Hyde and Finney in the near future. This is a brutal, quick game.

          If something is connected to Frank C, it’s PCJS having three lousy drafts, shuffling out draft capital to fix the mess, ending up with four picks in the perfect DL draft. And this is precisely, where we are now. Only difference is, we are 5-0, which means nothing until we played the best division in pro football.

      • Ukhawk

        Yep! IMO It’s on par as one of the 3 biggest mistakes in franchise history – Dorsett, Hutchinson & Clark.

        And do you want know the most annoying bit? They’ve got his 20M APY and they still have yet to get even a marginal replacement. FFS!

        • Ukhawk

          ‘Yet managed to get’… never type angry

    • BobbyK

      Jonathan Taylor with a solid start to his career, too.

  24. cha

    Monday Press Conf PC

    [Jackie] Evaluating everything, explain process? “Yeah. Big deep dive into stats and numbers. Not necessarily the stats on the stat sheets. How many time we called plays, defenses and pressures. Start what we’d normally do in offseason but quicker version. Make sure it looks like we know what we’re doing. Messages send to opponents. Takes us back to film. Keep up on it week to week. Big assessment of every individual. Making progress? Not quite sure until you look individually. Focused opp. Next step that we take.”
    [Jackie] Stood out? “Yes. Last thing I want to do is let you know. Sorry.”

    [bob condotta] Bye week critical. COVID update? “Daily testing. Worked out like hoped. Everybody continued to do right.”

    • cha

      [bob condotta] DJ Reed back. Role? “FS, CB and Nickel. Utilize that background to figure out best fit for us, looked at a couple spots today. Wait and see.”

      [john boyle] Long look at starting secondary group? All together? “Haven’t mixed with consistency at all. Come next couple weeks, have a better feel. Excited about, all the guys are playmakers. New level of awareness. Plenty of chances.”
      [john boyle] Neal when Adams comes back? “Played well enough to play w starters. Great statement about how he takes adv of opps. Gives us flexibility.”

      [Gregg] Jamal Adams play this week? “Gotta get through week to see what happens. Take full adv of week, take care of him. Long season. Want him back for long haul.”
      [Gregg] What learned about D without Jamal? “unique player. Savvy, has a style all his own. Gives us all kinds of things we can do. Developed another player in Ryan Neal. Don’t have much to tell you about what we’ll do differently.”

      [Art Thiel] Self scouting, how far D to get to NFL average Week 17? “Depends on how everyone else does. We’ll continue to get better. Find the consistency.”
      [Art] Specific goals for D? “Are some things we’re pointing at. Not changed over years. Things we’re trying to get in line with, not quite there yet.”

      [Brady] NFI/PUP eligible – Penny, Colby, Taylor? “DJ Reed and Parkinson out. Bring back as able. Other guys aren’t.”
      [Brady] Penny and Taylor? “Wouldn’t tell you right now. Not clear yet. Waited this long, make sure they’ll come back and no question about return.”

      [michael shawn] Green and Dorsett? “Philip excited about how hard he was able to go today. Green really close, working out hard. Not far away either.”
      [ms] Lano? “Issues with back that haven’t turned in right direction. Not ready to come back.”

      “I’m doing the best I can with the questions! I have to be vague!”

      [jen] No Lano effect on preparation? “Emergency of Neal and Randall, both guys shown us they can play. Hope to see more of Randall going forward. Around us know enough, he’s starting to dig in.”

      [jessamyn] Benefit of being in town for bye week/COVID? “Most productive bye we’ve had because everyone was here. Spent a lot of time working out, getting best treatment possible. More connected than possible. Guys on practice field were fired up today. All guys ready to go, jacked. Chomping at the bit to get back at it. Feeding off one another. Didn’t execute as well as needed to in practice, but that’s why you have the first day of practice. Feeling better and healthy and that was expressed today.”

      [joe fann] Taylor not make it back this year? “Watched him run this week. Look like he’s running hard and fast and pushing it. Really fast right now. Anything can happen, but he’s working really hard. Docs taking good care of him and making sure he isn’t’ forcing the issue. What I’ve seen great progress. Fit and strong. Not much change of direction stuff. Looks good.”

      [Curtis crab] Colby fit into team? “Good look on field today. Caught a flat route gain of 2, turned and ran into the end zone. All TE’s jumped on him and had some fun. Stronger, more fit, pumped up. Over 6’7″ looks huge out there. Really good first day. See what happens. Smart kid studying like crazy. Technique wise gonna have to show if he’s come a long way and if he can help us or not.”

      [AJ] Snacks coming along? This week? “Hold off, first week he can really go. New number, looks svelte. Excited to get him in mix. Padded practice, will see how he’s doing.”

      • cha

        [ben Arthur] Carlos Hyde red jersey? “Much improved, feels good. Trying to get through end of this week if he can play FB for us. Not sure if it’s time to pound on it or not. Thursday big day for him.”

        [mas veda] Rate your communication with team? “Pleased to be where we are. Carry those messages long into the season. ‘reason to believe’, ‘keep hope alive’, a lot of rich experiences. Coming out of Zoom season, come a long way. Felt like team had come together. A lot of progress in a short time. What we do now counts. Like foundation, level of communication. Younger players, experienced players, good level of exchange. Building, keep going. 1-0 this week.”

        [art thiel] Az at home last year worst game of year in Seattle? passing game bad – spur change? “No, didn’t stand out at all. No bearing on what’s happening now. Pleased with way that we’re moving around the ball. Balance needed as we hit this stretch of the season.”

        • Chase

          Thanks Cha!

      • cha

        “Not much change of direction stuff” for Taylor.

        I’m not a doctor (I just play one on TV) but that sounds significant to me.

        • Chase

          Especially when Pete described the change of direction stuff as “Being hard on him.”

          • Chris Alexander

            To me it seems like there are 2 ways to interpret that response – and neither of them sound good. ONE is that he’s being allowed to do the change of direction stuff and is having a hard time with it. The OTHER is that he’s having a hard time with not being ALLOWED to do the change of direction stuff (i.e. that the doctor’s haven’t cleared him for that). Either way, I sense a “redshirt” season for him this year. Which sucks for Seattle right now but may benefit them in the long-term.

        • Rob Staton

          Yep. This was classic Pete trying to put a positive spin on a shitty situation.

        • CaptainJack

          Really hard to imagine him playing this season if at this point he struggles with changing direction… kind of the most important thing for an nfl pass rusher.

        • cha

          Not much change of direction

          It’s hard on him

          Docs making sure he isn’t forcing the issue

          See you in 2021 Darrell.

          Hawks, get on the phone. Now.

      • Rob Staton

        I like Art Thiel’s question that challenged Pete on how they get to average on defense. A fair and necessary question that Pete was happy to answer. He’s not daft — he knows the situation. He expects questions on it so a few more wouldn’t go amiss and will not be treated with any disdain from Pete.

        • Hawkdawg

          He might have been happy to answer, but I at least found the answer almost completely content-less.

  25. Chase

    Art asking some good questions.

    • CaptainJack

      Pete really can’t say much so this entire thing is kind of bogus. Vaguely stated he was working on improving the defense. Really cutting edge information.

      Injury stuff:
      DJ Reed and Parkinson practicing.
      Taylor and Penny not ready yet and vague about their return.
      Phillip very close and Rashean Green close-ish to being able to return.
      Lano Hill out for awhile.

      • Chase

        He’s allowed to be vague, just happy they are asking the questions.

        • Chase

          Revising previous statement, I’m happy a couple good questions have been asked.

  26. Submanjoe

    ‘How far does the seahawks defense need to go before week 17 until it can be considered average’.

    Wow! Hope you can adapt big balls pete!!!

    • Rob Staton

      That was a good and fair question and Carroll was very willing to answer it.

      • Submanjoe

        It was a good question, and sadly it shows how far the defense has fallen. I am glad it was asked and i hope Pete stews on it enough to make some moves and adaptations.

      • Chris Alexander

        Yeah . . . and, personally, I loved his answer:

        “Depends on how everyone else does. We’ll continue to get better. Find the consistency.”

        It both answers the question (kind of sort of) and reminds everyone that “average” is subjective and that Seattle’s historical tendency is to IMPROVE as the season goes on which is not the case for every team.

        • Rob Staton

          Seattle’s historical tendency is not to improve as the season goes on.

          Everyone mentions this every year. When’s the last time it happened? 2014?

          This doesn’t depend on everyone else. The Seahawks need to get their backsides in gear to bring in better players and elevate the performance.

  27. CaptainJack

    This bills team is incredibly dull.

    • Rob Staton

      Don’t tempt fate

      • CaptainJack

        Didn’t catch them this year until the Titans game and now this. In all fairness Titans and Chiefs are probably the best two teams in the League

      • Chris Alexander

        I’m not sure that CaptainJack’s comment is “tempting fate”.

        After the MNF game against the Bills, Josh Allen is now 1-7 in his young career against teams that are 3 or more games over .500. Seattle is the next team he’ll face that is in that category. And most recent article on the Bill’s ESPN page right now has a headline that reads “Struggles by Bills, Josh Allen against AFC elite cause for concern”.

        • Rob Staton

          Sure, doesn’t mean he can’t light up Seattle’s defense though.

          • Big Mike

            Not fair tho Rob. My 87 year old disabled mother could light up the Hawks D so how difficult can it be.

  28. charlietheunicorn

    I almost fell asleep driving home listening the PC press conference.

    Did he really say Snacks is looking Svelt after a week in the building?

    • Rob Staton

      He said he looked svelte in his new number.

      I wouldn’t say it was an optimistic tone on his health/shape.

  29. charlietheunicorn

    Oh, put a fork in D Hill… this back thing has not gotten better in weeks… PC mentioned it was not responding to treatment (or something similar to that) and is not ready to go…. yikes. I feel for him, back injuries suck.

  30. cha

    Kyler looks awful passing the ball so far. 3/12 for 12 yards.

    • BobbyK

      Christian Kirk looks good catching balls for my fantasy team!

    • CaptainJack

      Destroyed the cowboys with his legs.

      Cardinals are dangerous but a bit similar to the Ravens in that their offense can stall for long periods.

  31. cha

    How is that not PI ??? Good grief.

    You can mug a WR and bring him to the ground?

  32. Denver Hawker

    Falcons twitter on point:

  33. charlietheunicorn

    Cowboys meet fork. They look cooked.

    • Big Mike

      Yet Cowherd talked about them endlessly today as did all the other shows when I tried to get away from the endless Cowboy talking. When will we be no longer subjected to the national sports shows being just another local Cowboys talk show? They’re irrelevant and have been since ’96. Who gives a shit Colin and all the rest?

      • Rob Staton

        You’ve got to expect people to talk about Dallas.

        They’re a soap opera — during the good times and the bad.

        What else were they going to discuss today? The Bills looking a bit rubbish?

  34. charlietheunicorn

    Just great, get this up and comer wanna be team in the the desert awaiting Seattle next week.
    Thanks Cowboys, for making them look like superheroes….

    • cha

      Better that than getting their tail kicked and getting embarrassed I suppose.

      • charlietheunicorn

        Seattle needs its A game. No fooling around in the desert,
        I actually believe that is they have J Adams available, he should spy on Murray.
        I’ve not seen Seattle employ this type of scheme or defense in many years…. and he can match up with him in athleticism and playmaking ability. Not saying much blitzing, just keep the little guy tight in the pocket. PC mentioned and was a bit coy about Adams playing this week, but I have a funny feeling he will.

  35. charlietheunicorn


    “But, the Cowboys will still be in first place in the NFC East regardless of the result (tonight), so there’s that.”


    • Simo

      Cowboys look demoralized without Dak! They just aren’t the same team without him, at least not yet. Looks like most of their OL is hurt as well, but they definitely didn’t challenge the Cards tonight.

      Man, Budda Baker is a star! So quick on the blitz! Cards are gonna be a handful next week!

      • jed

        I have a feeling the Seahawks with Geno Smith at QB would look just like the Cowboys & Dalton.

        • Chase

          Was thinking this as well. However I do think we are a better coached team, but without Russ I don’t think that would count for much.

  36. Darnell

    Certainly hope Jamal and Jordyn are good to go for Sunday, as you bring in guys with that kind of bigtime range and tackling ability in order to play against Kyler (and the Rams/49ers perimeter run game). I’m not sure Kyler is far enough along as a precision passer to take advantage of the Hawks D to the same extent that the veteran QBs that they have already faced have.

    I’d like to see Shaquem involved too with his speed and motor.

    • Simo

      Agree, Shaquem could play a nice role in this game, as a Kyler spy and situational pass rusher. He at least brings speed to the field. Also, sure hope Adams is ready to go this week, his savvy and athletic ability will be important in this tough game.

  37. Jordan E

    I know this will get shut down but holding out hope on JJ WATT baby!! Aside from the fact he is an icon for the Texans and Houston community, if they are serious about rebuilding then they should trade him, especially before his value declines even more (with an injury) just like with Von Miller.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s not happening

      Just stop

      • Chris Alexander

        Agreed. And even if it WERE possible, Seattle doesn’t have the draft capital to pull it off.

    • Scot04

      But why would Seahawks aquire a legitimate edge rusher for a push to be a true contender? They addressed all their Pass Rush issues in their trade for Adams. Remember he leads the team in sacks, so job done we’ll keep getting better no need to do anything else.
      Seriously though even if Houston was crazy enough to do it; The draft capital not there for a Watt, we used that capital on Adams.

  38. All I see is 12s

    After watching the patriots play the broncos, why wouldn’t the pats trade a 5th or a 6th to the Seahawks for hollister? They badly need weapons and the Hawks could use the pick and the cap space…

  39. cha

    Watch Points for the Cardinals game

    Here we go. The battle for the NFC West shifts into a new gear. This is a tremendous opportunity: Arizona sits with the Rams, 1.5 games behind the Hawks in the division standings. Hawks, you can do serious damage to the Cardinals’ hopes to win the division with a win on Sunday. But you must play with aggression. How?

    Home away from home.
    The Seahawks are 6-1-1 vs the Cardinals in Arizona in the RW era. The one loss was not RW’s fault (Hello, Braylon Edwards). RW and the Seahawks have a permanent reservation at the corner booth of the Cards’ favorite Glendale steakhouse. Don’t give it up. The last time these teams met, the game was in Seattle and the script went the other way. Arizona dominated them in the trenches. Even Brett Hundley busted on this defense. It’s time to remind them the balance of power has shifted back to Seattle. And you get to do it in a stadium you’ve had lots of success in. You own their building. Play like it.

    Aggressively attack the Arizona pass defense.
    Awful stat line for that last game vs the Cardinals: The Seahawks threw 6 passes to Travis Homer for 26 yards and no first downs. The air yards travelled beyond the LOS on those 6 throws? -2 yards. Don’t do that again. It’s a new year. The OL is pass protecting and RW is playing with more confidence than we thought possible.

    This Arizona defense may have only given up 227 passing yards/game so far this year, but those numbers are shaded:

    4 of the Cards’ 5 games have been against the bottom 1/3 of the league’s passing offenses and the 6th was vs Andy Dalton last night. They also have the 4th most Def PI’s and Def Holdings flags in the NFL, and only 2 interceptions (one on a sailed Bridgewater throw, and the other on a hideous non PI call vs Dallas). Their featured pass rusher is out. There’s less risk taking to the air than there appears to be.

    One way to attack this defense: Spread the ball around. The Cardinals have allowed explosive pass plays to 20 different players in 6 games, and 8 more different players have recorded a catch of 13 or more yards. Baker and Peterson can’t be everywhere. Their defense loves to blitz but they can be burned. The Seahawks have a deep and varied roster on offense, and they’ve not fully taken advantage of it yet. Now’s the game to unleash it. RW: be patient, because you will get opportunities. You’ve got Lockett and Metcalf ready to fire off. There’s David Moore and Freddy Swain. The Seahawks have a gaggle of tight ends just waiting to be used. How about Cedric Ogbuehi in a max protect package with run/play action options? So many weapons. Use the pass to attack, and then the run game to keep the ball. Get creative and take it to this defense.

    Defense: Can you provide controlled aggression?
    You’ve been professionally embarrassed for 5 games. What are we going to see out of you after a week off to refocus? If you insist on being a ‘bend don’t break’ defense, we need a key stop or two and a turnover or two like you’ve been doing. It’s definitely possible against this offense: This Cardinals can turn the ball over, and they are extremely confident on 4th down conversions (5 for 5 this year). You’ve been very good at stepping up in key moments so far.

    But let’s see something more. A solid, consistent effort would be a godsend. Playing the Kingsbury offense will require it. For one game, let’s witness a coordinated, fast, aggressive unit and not one that falls back on ‘yeah we got trucked for 55 minutes but we made the one play when it mattered most, and a W is a W.’ This Cardinals’ offense has been among the NFL’s most penalized units, and penalties kill drives. You know what draws penalties? You know what makes 4th down stops? Effort. Discipline. Mixed with a killer instinct. You have it. You’ve shown flashes of it in the games so far this year. You want to take this team deep in the playoffs? Find it more often. Show it to the Cardinals and to yourselves.

    Contain Kyler.
    Kyler Murray is amazing to watch. The similarities to RW are fascinating. He’s dynamic, and he’s feeling it. But just like a young RW, the Cardinals are experiencing some growing pains. Occasionally, unpolished habits appear. Like not knowing when to throw the ball away. Or when to stand in the pocket and take a hit to deliver a pass. He can be impatient. He tries to do too much. The OL gets flagged a lot for holding in pass pro. Use that against him. Don’t get rattled by a dazzling play. You’ll get opportunities against him. Stay disciplined and do your job.

    How in the world do you contain him?

    Match his speed on defense. Blitz with a DB. DB’s can hit the hole faster and are trained to tackle small, quick wideouts. Jamal Adams, we need you flying out there.

    Show him different looks. Overload one side and make him throw on the run. He’s not yet a great passer on the run. He has thrown 6 picks in 6 games.

    When the Cards get in the red zone, flood coverage with tiers.. Accuracy isn’t a strong suit for Murray yet. Give him very tight windows. Have a spy on each side ready to tackle him if he takes off. A lightning speed tackler like Shaquem could be extremely useful in certain packages.

    CBs: Keep DeAndre Hopkins from dominating the game.
    Hopkins has a ton of catches this year but only 2 TD’s so far. Keep it that way. He’s going to get his catches. Fine. Don’t let him take over the game. Don’t give him a giant cushion. Get aggressive. Make him fight for every target. You can feel the frustration building in him. Dunbar, we’ve had glimpses of what you can do. Now would be a great time to have a game. Opportunities don’t get much better than this.

    Jason Myers: Be ready. For the love of God, please be ready.
    You’ve only had 2 FG tries all year. Don’t let yourself get rusty. Stay neutral as RW does. The way these games have been going, you’re going to be needed for a big kick. It could be this week.

    • Henry Taylor

      This is your best and most detailed of these yet. Keep it up supercha.

    • Simo

      Fantastic points, and very well articulated! No question the defense needs to step up in this game, as Murray is a handful. AZ also has a solid RB in Drake and a pretty good WR bunch!

      As always though, the pressure will be on Russ and the offense to put up big numbers. This is the winning formula this year I’m afraid!

      Nice work!

    • Gohawks5151

      Great write up! Pete Carrol still undefeated off of a bye I believe. I heard that the entire DL spent the week at Cliff Avril’s complex. Hopefully something rubbed off. PC said they did a deep dive into their roster. I think we see more bait and switch with Jamal, rather than blitz all day. Decoy him at the line and bring someone else or flood coverage.

      • Rob Staton

        “Pete Carrol still undefeated off of a bye I believe”

        Off the top of my head he lost to Cleveland off a bye in 2011, Miami off a bye in 2012 and lost to Arizona off a bye in 2015.

        There could be more — but definitely not undefeated off a bye.

        • Gohawks5151

          I stand corrected! Since that Arizona loss in 2015 they haven’t lost after a bye.

          • Sea Mode

            Since the last loss off a bye they haven’t lost off a bye. 😉

    • Ukhawk

      Here’s what I hope leads to a win:
      1. ARI are 21 DVOA and 26th vs the Pass. Will be worse without CJ.
      2. Speaking of injuries, we get a few guys back and are fresh after the bye
      3. ARI enjoying a short week and coming off an easy win.

    • Steve Nelsen

      Well written and well thought out cha. Kyler Murray was one of two players Pete Carroll specifically mentioned when Seattle signed Jamal Adams.

    • cha

      Thanks for the positive feedback.

  40. Chris Alexander

    Passing-wise, Kyler Murray’s line so far this season looks like this: 65.9% completion rate, 247.8 yards per game, 7.3 yards per attempt, 10 TDs, 6 INTs.

    By comparison, the average line of the 5 QBs Seattle has faced so far looks like this: 67.1% completion rate, 280.7 yards per game, 7.95 yards per attempt, 8.6 TDs, 5.6 INTs.

    So, passing-wise, Murray is slightly below the 5 QBs Seattle has faced thus far, but not really by all that much.
    And , of course, with Kyler Murray, passing is only part of the story.

    Through 6 games, Kyler Murray has 370 yards on 51 carries (a 7.3 yard average), with 6 TDs. His 7.3 yard average is #1 in the league. His 6 TDs is tied for #2 with Derrick Henry; Dalvin Cook is #1 with 7. Murray’s 370 yards ranks 13th overall, league-wide, and #1 among QBs.

    Among the league’s quarterbacks, only Lamar Jackson is close to Murray with 346 yards on 50 carries (6.9 average) with 2 TDs. Only 2 other QBs have more than 200 yards (Cam Newton, 225; and Daniel Jones, 204) and only 4 other QBs have more than 2 TDs (Cam Newton, 5; Carson Wentz, 4; Dak Prescott, 3; and Josh Allen, 3).

    Add it all together and Murray may be the single-toughest matchup for Seattle this season – quarterback-wise.

    Go Hawks!!!

  41. Trevor

    Rob I remember how much you loved Kyler Murray even when they were saying he would play baseball. I was also a big fan and like Deshaun Watson I could never understand how draft pundits could just not see that these guys were going to be stars. It just seemed to obvious as soon as you turn on the tape.

    Is Wilson at BYU that next guy? I plan to take a close look at him now after your writeup.

    What a glorious era of dynamic QB play for the NFL. Russ, Mahomes, Murray, Jackson, Watson, Dak, Rodgers and even now perhaps Joe Burrow are all such dynamic athletes who can both run and throw. I love great defense but these the of players are the future.

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s a little too soon to say with Zach Wilson. Kyler Murray was simply dynamic and outstandingly talented. The ultimate X-factor and modern day QB with his ability to extend, improvise, run and fling it downfield with almost no backlift, sometimes on the run, with amazing velocity and accuracy. For me he was a #1 pick in any draft apart from the next one where Big Trev is the clear #1. No idea what the media was thinking with him.

      With Deshaun there was just so much to like. The playmaking, leadership, improv, athleticism, production, the way he elevated his team and took Clemson to new heights. A born winner. There’s no Trevor Lawrence at Clemson without Deshaun’s impact IMO. People got on him for a few interceptions and familiarity bred contempt. He went from a sure-fire future #1 to people saying late R1 simply because he’d been around for so long. It was a total and utter nonsense and shows how the teams as well as the media can be so easily swayed.

      I think the league has learnt their lesson now. You MUST draft a QB with some athletic qualities and an ability to extend plays. The days of a statue at QB are long gone. Even Joe Burrow, not exactly Kyler Murray as an athlete, is incredibly elusive and difficult to bring down.

      Zach Wilson does everything in terms of mobility, improv, throwing on the run, accuracy and downfield placement. Yet it’s early days in terms of being in the spotlight. There’s a lot to like but for now he just needs to keep going and we’ll see where his stock ends up. He has the potential to be in that mix though, for sure.

  42. Trevor

    I think the only way the Hawks can beat Murray and the Cardinals is to get out front early and keep scoreboard pressure on them hoping that Murray making one more mistake than Russ.

    I really don’t see either teams defense stopping the other teams offense in the perfect indoor conditions with no fan noise and two incredibly dynamic QBs.

    My prediction is that both teams will score 5 TDS each with the Hawks winning 41-38 as the Hawks move to 14-0 when opposing QBs pass for 400+yds.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not optimistic about this game.

      Kyler will exploit a conservative defensive game plan. That’s the issue with sitting deep and staying on top. It opens so much space up underneath and that’s where Nuk Hopkins does his best work. Murray will also have free reign to run all over the place.

      I agree, they need to attack Arizona’s defense. They will blitz a lot, they’ve got to be ready for that. They will bring the heat. Wilson doesn’t always make the most of that. This is a very difficult game.

      • Uncle Bob

        Granting that the Boys O line is in disarray from injuries, and they may have had some Dak-less enthusiasm deficits, but Vance Joseph just seemed to be on fire last night in knowing what D alignments to employ against the Boys from down to down. He may have been out of his depth as a HC, but he had his guys working like beasts last night.

  43. Tree

    Excited to see if the combination of KJ being moved to SLB and adding the speed of Adams and Brooks allows us to defend the edges against the NFC West. What team on the NFL has more upside to improve on D than the Hawks? This is the basically the second week the starting secondary (sans Blair-whose hitting I think we miss) will play together. We are adding one of the best safeties and defensive players in the league, former all pro NT, and a first round pick at a position of need (a little perplexed Rob that on your pod you seemed to wish the Hawks drafted a C, T, or RB in light of the Irvin injury and that the offense is elite). I also like that we can pressure and hit the QB whereas last year we couldn’t even if we blitzed. Up to the coaching staff to find the right combos on the line and blitzes.

    • Rob Staton

      “What team has more upside on defense?”

      Comical ali

      “a little perplexed Rob that on your pod you seemed to wish the Hawks drafted a C, T, or RB in light of the Irvin injury and that the offense is elite”

      Perhaps if you’d listened to what I’ve been saying for months. The draft was loaded at the skill positions (WR/RB) and O-line early in 2020. It would’ve been far more logical to fix the top priority (pass rush, defense) in free agency rather than wasting $50m on a bunch of nothing and then adding talented players (who are already performing in the NFL and proving their worth) with the cluster of early picks they had. Instead they ended up with a backup linebacker they didn’t need and a pass rusher who we talked about as a possible UDFA candidate because of his injury (and he’s no closer to playing a down) to go with the $50m or so they frittered away.

      • Gohawks5151

        Taylor a UDFA? Didn’t you mock him to us as a 3rd rounder at one time?

        • Rob Staton

          I have been over this already so many times.

          On various podcasts I was asked about Taylor as an option. I would often reply that nobody knew where his stock was because he’d not been allowed to workout at the Senior Bowl or combine due to injury. Due to Covid, there wasn’t any means to check the injury medically either. So there was a chance you’d be drafting a player who wouldn’t even be able to pass a physical. Therefore, it wasn’t beyond the realms of possibility he wouldn’t be on people’s boards and could end up being an UDFA if teams were sufficiently spooked.

          All fair and valid, especially in light of what we’ve seen so far. That injury was a problem.

      • hawkfanforetenity

        They didn’t really “need” Edwards-Helaire either though. He would be splitting reps with Carson, and insurance for the future. Brooks wasn’t a need either, and if healthy he would be splitting reps at LB and insurance for the future.

        I’m not sure why people are unhappy with the Brooks pick. We’re unhappy when the Hawk’s reach for a position of need, but when they pick someone at a non-need position it seems that doesn’t satisfy people either.

        • Rob Staton

          You do realise that in a few months time the Seahawks are going to be faced with a major issue of having to either pay Chris Carson or move on?

          Penny, Dallas or Homer are not leading your running attack. Clyde Edwards-Helaire could do and his cap hit would never top $3.4m for the duration of his rookie deal. You would be getting cheap, quality value for the remainder of Russell Wilson’s peak years.

          This year he would’ve cost you $1.9m — or, to put it another way, about $1m cheaper than Carlos Hyde.

          If Carson goes somewhere else — and I don’t think the Seahawks should be paying him top-five RB money AT ALL — then the running game is in a major quandary. For all the people who think you can just ‘plug someone in’ — I present to the years between Marshawn retiring and Carson emerging. I present to you Seattle’s offense when Carson got hurt at the end of last year. I present to you Eddie Lacy and Christine Michael and C.J. Prosise.

          Whether people want to admit it or not, Seattle needs a good running back in Carroll’s system.

          Meanwhile K.J. Wright, who Brooks was clearly drafted to replace, has been Seattle’s best defender after five games and on his current play warrants an extension that will not break the bank.

          Furthermore they’d already traded up for Cody Barton a year ago and given Bobby Wagner an $18m a year contract and given Bruce Irvin a huge pay increase from his Carolina contract.

          Linebacker was in no way, shape or form a position that required a first round investment. They’d already pumped huge resources into it already.

          And that’s before we get into the fact, IMO, that CEH is simply far more talented than Brooks.

          But this isn’t just about CEH. It could’ve been Robert Hunt or Chase Claypool or one of the other players we talked about a lot. It could’ve been Antonie Winfield Jr, another player I talked about a lot, to save them having to pile an absolute haul into Jamal Adams.

          The Brooks pick made no sense for the short or long term.

          • hawkfanforetenity

            KJ has had a nice, and to me unexpected, career resurgence this year. Yet we’re seriously lacking speed on all levels of the defense, especially to the edges. KJ, even if they resign him, isn’t going to provide that. I see the logic in trying to pick up some of that speed, both with Brooks and with Adams. Especially when we’re going to be dealing with Kyler Murray multiple games a year.

            Sure they drafted Barton a year ago, but they also drafted Penny a few years ago, and Penny, even with his injury, has shown more potential to provide an impact than Barton has. I don’t like the idea of giving Carson a big contract, but he also imbodies the physical, impose yourself on the opponent mindset that seems core to the Hawks identity. I don’t see resigning KJ as a better option than reigning Carson. I’d actually like to see both back.

            Fully agree that from what I’ve seen, CEH is a better prospect than Brooks.

            • Rob Staton

              I don’t disagree with most of your points here. I just don’t think a WILL linebacker of the future was a good use of resources. And if you’re planning ahead with that top pick, to me it made more sense both financially and in terms of personnel, to secure yourself against Carson leaving and get the better player. But it didn’t need to be CEH — it could’ve been one of the others I mentioned too. I just don’t agree at all with the thought process with drafting Brooks and for me he needs to show something when he gets back.

              • Matt

                If there is any position that you don’t “draft for the future in R1” for, its linebacker. They continue to get little to nothing out of 1st round picks. Late Draft Hits shouldn’t/don’t excuse failures at the top.

          • cha

            Not only was Brooks an odd choice, he’s not really had much impact right out of the gate.

            Remember when there was talk he would split reps with KJ? Or he was in a competition for KJ and KJ would eventually get phased out?

            Then camp hit. And Norton was saying “he’s got a lot of growing up to do.” And PC half-heartedly telling the media how talented he is and it’s just a matter of time before he’s in the lineup, after saying he’s “way behind KJ.”

            I realize it’s a harsh judgement 6 weeks into his rookie season, but a WILL for a first round pick is a very low value pick. It creates an expectation that 1-he should be exceptional and/or 2-he should contribute immediately. Plug and play. And it hasn’t happened.

            • Rob Staton

              It’s very early but already I get the feeling in three years we’ll simply be adding this to the increasing list of ‘what could’ve been’ in the late first round.

            • Gohawks5151

              It doesn’t help that Bruce goes down and he is forced into a pass rush role that is not his strength.

  44. Hoggs41

    I just cant see the Texans trading for Mercilus. His dead cap is way to high even if you could spread it out. I wonder if Melvin Ingram could be an option? Still think Kerrigan or possibly Dunlap could be the play. Could also see them trading Hollister, maybe to the Eagles.

  45. CaptainJack

    Man, Kyler Murray is fast. When you watch highlights of him it seems like the video is sped up.

    It’s going to be a great game, an epic challenge, an epic struggle. We have to hope that Kyler Murray will continue to be inaccurate throwing the ball and that week 1-3 version of Russell shows up. Easily the best team the Seahawks have faced so far. But I’m more excited than nervous, whatever the result it will be a dramatic hard-fought division game.

    • BruceN

      Kyler is definitely exciting when he runs. But as a passer he is not very good and inaccurate. When he missed last night, he missed by a lot. I don’t understand the comparisons with Russell.

  46. Adog

    The headline at Seahawks draft blob will read…speed kills tweakers and Cardinals. Shaquem cooks Kyler like Walter White. If anyone knows how to play a shorter shiftier qb with a nice arm… it’s Pete Carrol. They should let Brian schottenhiemer change his name to Heisenberg and call the offense and the defense for this game.

    • cha

      “Seahawks draft blob”

      • Rob Staton

        Sounds like a statement on the quality of Seattle’s recent drafts…

        • cha

          And their most recent free agent signing…*cough*

          • CaptainJack

            They resigned Eddie Lacy?

  47. Gohawks5151

    And there goes David Irving. Mayock doing a great job over there.

    • CaptainJack

      Really glad we pounced on the opportunity to sign a 350 pound guy who sat on his couch all offseason to kickstart the pass rush when we could though.

  48. CaptainJack

    Imagine if we had drafted hometown Budda Baker instead of Malik McDowell (who didn’t even like football).

    We wouldn’t have an elite secondary or anything but we’d have at least one elite player and no need to mortgage away our future for an often injured strong-safety who is mediocre in coverage.

    • Rusty

      Adams missed 2 games in his first 3 seasons, and has been one of the best coverage safeties in the league since his 2nd year

      • Rob Staton

        The point on injuries so far in his career is true but he has not looked comfortable in coverage in Seattle so far. Although that might be because they are desperately using him to prop up a useless pass rush.

        • Gohawks5151

          I think its important to note that Adams, Dunbar, Shaq and Diggs have played 70 snaps together. That’s 2.5 new starters in the secondary. As individually talented as they are, I don’t think anyone is comfortable.

    • Gohawks5151

      I guess maybe that’s what Irvin wanted. Gets to play for Rod Marinelli. Perhaps they tried and failed

      • Robbie

        Could be possible. Would really love to hear it though. I want to hear them say, “we tried and he didn’t want to play here” and not the generic “we are in on everything” I want to know they are making an effort to fix the issue. Still holding out hope that they are not done adding. But my hope is fading.

      • Rob Staton

        Sure, and that’s fine Gohawks5151.

        So go and get someone else.

  49. SteveLargent80

    Looks like Carlos Dunlap and Geno Atkins have removed all Bengals information from their Instagram bio. I’d be more excited, but it’s the Bengals

    • Rob Staton

      Report said yesterday chances are Bengals still won’t move them until the end of season.

    • cha

      For the record John Ross requested a trade this morning as well.

      Fat lot of good it’ll do him.

  50. Rob Staton

    Last week Seahawks twitter was bending over backwards to highlight Seattle’s defense was ranked 19th in the league.

    A week later, without even playing, it’s down to 26th:

  51. dcd2

    Here’s a thought. What about Markus Golden? He’s a year removed from a 10 sack season and has been identified by the NYG site as a piece to move. They mention a late round pick as compensation, but if they start selling off pieces, they might move Engram and be open to Hollister.

    Here was Rob’s write up on him from 2015.

    • dcd2

      Here is the Giants site mentioning both Engram and Golden as possible trade candidates.

      • Rob Staton

        Golden was a free agent all off-season and they didn’t seem to show any interest. He returned to New York on some weird tag they can apply these days if a player doesn’t sign beyond a certain date.

        • dcd2

          He signed about a month (8/4) before the ‘monitoring’ of Clowney (9/6) came to an end though. Couldn’t afford him at that point, while Clowney was still in play.

          • Rob Staton

            I still don’t think there was any interest. They’ve never signed anyone with his profile.

      • Lewis

        Like it. And even if he isn’t the most versatile piece, as that article says, as long as he can get after the qb, who cares.

        • BOHICA

          Sure why, not…

  52. BOHICA

    At this point any additions would be a sight for sore eyes and welcome with open arms. Its not as if they can make tha pass rush any less effective with the addition of any of these guys and/or combination of two of them : Takk McKinley, Ryan Kerrigan, Fletcher Cox, Carlos Dunlap, Melvin Ingram, Cameron Wake. I would be more than okay with them adding Mychal Kendricks as well, not in lieu of these players. Who else might be a target for the Hawks to add to help bolster the pass rusher?

  53. Henry Taylor

    Fancy a chuckle? Have a read of this from David Carr:

    The decision to bench Dwayne Haskins for Kyle Allen after Week 4 was a clear indication of how Washington feels about its 2019 first-round draft pick. Given his struggles as a pro thus far (3-8 as a starter), he might draw just a fourth- or fifth-round pick in a trade. Ideally, Haskins would be dealt to a team that’s willing to take the time to groom him for a starting job. There’s potential for him to grow in the right system, with the right coach and quarterback to learn from. That’s why Seattle is the perfect landing spot for Haskins, whose playing style is comparable to Russell Wilson’s. It’d be great for Haskins to reset and learn a boatload from the MVP front-runner.

  54. Frank

    What a bummer that so many of the pieces the Hawks have in places to excell against the NFC west are down. Blair, Taylor, Adams, and even Brooks are all IMO part of that plan in a huge way counter punching a mobile QB, outside zones, and the screen game. 5-O sounds great but between Griffen and Flowers struggles, and injuries to Adams, Blair and Brooks having a LJ ish type rookie year I see a lot to worry about in the division. I tend to let guys get to their JR year before deciding what they really are in the NFL, and that’s about the amount of time the Hawks have been focusing on gathering these physical deterrent in space tacklers. This might not have even been an average defense without the bad luck of injuries, but it certainly feels like being snake bit each year in a different place. This defense shouldn’t be as bad as it is, but worse the missing pieces are exactly the one designed to beat the Rams. I wish they’d get enough time together on the field to know what works and what doesn’t with more certainty.

    Couldn’t agree more with everything in the article, but I’m not as concerned about Carson or Griffin contracts. CEH is an amazing player, but Penny if he can return to full health makes so many of those type of plays as his YPC and elusiveness have shown. I just couldn’t see a backfield of CEH, and Penny being bruising enough for the Hawks style, as a way to move on from Carson’s contract. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Hawks are targeting a Carson type in the draft next year. Griffin is playing poorly enough, he shouldn’t be getting star money but not sure who he is. He seems like a different player every year, so a bit scary to commit to a contract with.

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