More on the prospect of Kirk Cousins in Seattle

Kirk Cousins could be set to leave Minnesota this off-season

I brought Kirk Cousins’ name up during Friday’s long piece on Russell Wilson’s future and grudgingly I wanted to spend a bit of time looking into this in more detail.

The prospect of a Wilson trade hinges, completely, on the Seahawks being able to find a viable replacement quarterback.

Pete Carroll has made it abundantly clear he isn’t interested in a major rebuild. Thus, there’s not going to be any ground-zero reset.

The intention will be to compete in 2022.

That should be no surprise for a coach who turns 71 this year and faces a degree of pressure coming off a 7-10 season.

I hadn’t seen it mentioned anywhere else — the prospect of Cousins in Seattle to replace Wilson — but I do think it’s something worth discussing, whatever your feeling is to the possibility.

Firstly, Carroll is said to be a long term admirer of Cousins.

It feels like a long time ago now (because it is) but prior to the 2012 draft, there was a fair amount of buzz about Carroll really liking Cousins:

There’s also this:

The Seahawks obviously selected (Russell) Wilson in the third round and it’s likely others in the organization shared (Scot) McCloughan’s thoughts. But if the Seahawks had not drafted Wilson, reports say they would have selected quarterback Kirk Cousins.

Indeed, there was a bit of chatter doing the rounds that Cousins was pretty pissed off that the Seahawks took Wilson instead of him.

It’s unclear whether Carroll’s view has changed in the subsequent 10 years but there are reasons to believe, if anything, his positive opinion might’ve hardened.

After all, Cousins put on a masterful performance to beat Seattle with Washington in 2017. I was at the game. It was a miserable, wet day and half of Washington’s roster was injured. The Seahawks were huge favourites. Cousins put in a near flawless display in difficult conditions to get the win.

Prior to Seattle’s game in Minnesota this season, Carroll offered a glowing review of Cousins’ start to the year:

Then in the game itself, Cousins completed 30/38 passing for 323 yards — throwing three touchdown passes. He had a QBR of 94.5.

It’s unlikely to have gone unnoticed.

For the season, Cousins graded especially well per PFF. He scored an 88.2 — his best ever season. It was good enough to rank sixth among QB’s overall — behind only Joe Burrow, Tom Brady, Justin Herbert, Aaron Rodgers and Josh Allen.

He has consistently graded in the 80’s over the years.

The problem with Cousins has long been the way he’s performed in key moments — big games, primetime games and playoff games. Apart from one win against New Orleans in the post-season, he’s often been found wanting.

Nevertheless, he ticks several boxes for Seattle — an apparent long-standing admiration from Pete Carroll, experience and performing consistently at a good level.

It’s not being discussed that much outside of Minnesota but it’s worth acknowledging what the situation is with the Vikings.

They have just fired their long-standing GM and Head Coach. It’s a fresh start and that could potentially mean a bit of a reset.

The new staff will inherit a team that is $17.3m over the cap for 2022. So they’ll need to make savings.

The big reason they are in cap hell is due to Cousins’ contract. He has a staggering $45m cap hit this year. The Vikings restructured his deal in 2020 to create options for 2022 — but only via trade.

If they cut him, it would cost them every penny of his $45m cap hit. If they trade him, they save a whopping $35m.

The new GM and Head Coach are left with only two choices. Extend his contract to lower his cap hit or trade him.

It stands to reason that the new regime may wish to go in a new direction. After all, it could be quite difficult to lower Cousins’ cap hit this year given how much he is set to earn, wherever he plays.

They have an in-house option in Kellen Mond. They could add some veteran competition, or draft another quarterback.

Either way, the prospect of moving on seems relatively high.

They wouldn’t have much leverage due to his contract and age (34 in August). Plus anyone trading for him would be acquiring a $35m cap hit and could merely be renting him for a season.

It might be a situation where Minnesota are quite happy to take what they can to simply move on.

In this recent article in the Athletic — they compared his situation to that of Alex Smith during the final days of his spell with the Chiefs. The trade comp suggested is as little as two day three picks.

That is why this might appeal to the Seahawks.

Imagine, for example, a situation where the Giants offered you #5, #7 and their first round pick in 2023 for Wilson. You would have a haul of picks to spend and you could possibly use some later-round compensation to acquire Cousins.

Let me be clear — I am not advocating for this. Regulars to the blog know my position on retaining Wilson. I’m just raising a debate about something that might be plausible.

I can imagine a situation where the Seahawks see some appeal in this. Cousins behind center — with the ability to use two top-10 picks on an offensive lineman (Evan Neal, Trevor Penning, Charles Cross) a pass rusher (David Ojabo) or a cornerback with elite potential (Derek Stingley Jr).

What about the Eagles? They own #15, #16 and #19. That could land, finally, an answer at center (Taylor Linderbaum), a dynamic inside/out rusher (Logan Hall), a dynamic edge rusher (Arnold Ebiketie) or a sensational nose tackle (Jordan Davis).

We could keep this going. The Broncos can offer pick #9 and potentially a lot more. The Raiders could trade Derek Carr for two first rounders, then offer a package of three first round picks for Wilson.

Sure, it’s speculative rosterbation. Yet you start to see why it might appeal to the Seahawks if a viable alternative quarterback (at least in their eyes) is available.

Cousins threw for 33 touchdowns in 2021 with seven picks. Overall, he’s thrown 124 touchdowns for the Vikings compared to 36 interceptions.

He’s had some terrific weapons to throw to — but those are still good numbers. He’s also shown he can make the most of players like Adam Thielen, Stefon Diggs and Justin Jefferson.

Again — let me be clear. I am not advocating for swapping Russell Wilson for Kirk Cousins. I am bringing a talking point to the table. It’s the off-season — this is where you throw around different possibilities.

Personally, I don’t think it’s beyond the realms of possibility that:

1. Cousins is available

2. The trade compensation could be relatively cheap because of his contract

3. Pete Carroll would be more inclined to trade Wilson if he could replace him with Cousins and then have a haul of early picks to spend

If it is realistic, I suppose you can reduce the conversation to this simple question:

If it’s Wilson and no first round picks, or Cousins and potentially two or three first round picks in the 2022 draft, what would Pete Carroll think is better for the Seahawks?

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  1. Strategicdust

    Thanks Rob, another interesting speculation article. If Cousins is on the block and is available for the draft picks you mention, other teams may be interested in a short term fix as well (Carolina, Denver,Indianapolis). I could even see a team willing to give up a higher pick if Minnesota pays part of the salary.
    Another interesting aspect will be if the team decides not to re-sign Geno Smith as the backup after his offseason news. Do they go young (Jacob Eason)to start developing a longer term project or pair whoever might be signed with another older QB?

    • Rob Staton

      I sincerely hope they (finally) move on from Geno Smith this year

      • Redzone086

        What are the chances Tom Brady decides to retire and the Bucs/Bruce Arians decide to trade for Russell Wilson or even Aaron Rodgers?

  2. Mick

    Sounds like a possibility. But I would hate dropping down from a game winner like Wilson to a game loser like Cousins.

    • Rob Staton


    • Big Mike

      Another 💯 from me.

    • Peter

      Same 💯

  3. Sea Mode

    You like that?!


    • Big Mike

      You win the internet today

    • Rob Staton


    • Peter


  4. UkAlex6674

    I just don’t know if I trust the FO with for example 3 1st rounders from the Eagles..

    • Peter


      Earl Thomas was an almost hall of famer.

      Okung was pretty decent.

      Sure they completely whiffed on talent that was right there for them to pick year over year….but, you know….

      Something about broken clocks being right and blind squirrels finding a nut.

      I mean JS whined about not having a top ten pick being a thing that was holding them back. I’m sure lots of picks back in a Wilson trade is going to be the thing that finally puts this team over the hump they built for themselves.

      • Rob Staton

        It’s that total lack of humility that bothers me

        Say you need to do better in the draft

        Don’t blame not picking in the top 10 when you missed on a bunch of really good players available when you picked

        • cha

          It’s another example of how far they have moved from the SB teams.

          Shaggy mutts nobody wanted like Sherman, Kam, Browner and Chris Clemons.

          Roster spots and playing time given to the best players regardless of draft position.

          ‘We all we got/we all we need’

        • Peter

          The draft slotting comment really put me off JS after you posted a who’s who of dynamic players they could have had.

          Meanwhile. The freaking niners are a game away from the superbowl and the rams two games away. Both teams also were just in it recently and have made some odd choices either with trey lance or the rams turning over every stone possible.

          The lack of humility and this insistence to almost act like there are forces beyond their control that has the team here generally is why I am down on this FO.

          • Malc from PO

            I thought all of the NFC teams looked dreadful this weekend. On the one hand it gives me hope that we can be competitive again pretty quickly, on the other hand it underlines just how bad we were this year. Rams and 49ers in the NFCCG says a lot more about the awfulness of the NFC top to bottom than about any strength in the NFC West.

  5. Kevin Mullen

    Do you see a move for Cousins BEFORE trading Wilson?

    Your proposal would only make sense if Carroll can secure Cousins and then put Wilson up for the auction block. Getting Cousins for a couple of Day3 picks shouldn’t hinder the mega package for Wilson. What could really screw this up is trade Wilson before landing Cousins and say Vikings change mind, get a better offer from another team, etc.

    • Rob Staton

      I think, if it was to happen, you’d probably have concurrent deals in place.

      • Mr drucker in hooterville

        Would Cousins get vaxxed to play in Seattle?

  6. Big Mike

    So then, looks like Pete’s gonna hire one his boys the be the D coordinator. Color me shocked. He must have decided he wants a fresh set of lips on his backside.
    Like he would ever consider a guy like Fangio who might actually push back on him.

    • Rob Staton

      That would be disappointing

      I wonder if the two outsiders even took the opportunity to interview? We’ve not heard any outcome of the requests

      Same old Seahawks. Pete’s guys. Same issues.

      Get ready for the return of all the drama

      • Big Mike

        Not to mention the return of the BEST we can hope for being a first round beatdown.

      • GoHawks5151

        At this point isnt Donatell a “Fangio guy”? He has been with him for the last 8 years. How close is he really to a guy he worked for 20 years ago? If he can marry some of the 34 scheme stuff to Pete’s and get something from Jamal that’s not the worst outcome

        • Rob Staton

          Well, whether he’s also a Fangio guy now or not, he’s also very much a Pete Carroll guy.

          And when he worked with Fangio, he helped run Fangio’s defense.

          Not Pete’s.

          Here, he’d be running Pete’s.

          I also suspect Husky fans will have a lot to say if he gets the gig…

          • SeaTown

            Don’t worry. Hiring Donatell allows Pete to walk down the hall and really hone in on the offense.

    • Troy

      Is this purely speculation? I’ve seen nothing reported as to which direction they are going at DC.

      • Rob Staton

        Dan Graziano reported Ed Donatell was the clear favourite (or something along those lines)

  7. Sneekes

    “If it’s Wilson and no first round picks, or Cousins and potentially two or three first round picks in the 2022 draft, what would Pete Carroll think is better for the Seahawks?”

    Gulp! When you put it like that!

    Putting aside I’d rather have Russ than Pete, if we’re running it back next year – this scenario makes a lot of sense on paper. It doesn’t stir the soul though! I think it makes us more likely to maintain our middle of the pack status than lift ourselves out of it, and paying more salary for an inferior QB hurts.

  8. Ukhawk

    Think Rogers will be shopped esp after this most recent loss. Sadly he won’t see the Hawks as contenders. Imagine a Rogers on the Broncos or Steelers ?!

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t see Rodgers leaving. His language has changed dramatically recently and the Packers are keen to keep him. AR simply said “I don’t want to rebuild” last night. New deal for him and Adams and I think they’ll be fine

      • Pugs1

        Doesn’t GB kind of need at least a reboot? They are 38 million over the cap. If AR comes back a lot of people are going to have to go. I kind of read his comments as I’m either retiring or going somewhere else.

        • Rob Staton

          Well they can save $30m just by cutting the two Smith’s.

          And with Rashan Gary emerging, if they draft another DE they would be fine there.

          Plus Rodgers can lower his cap hit.

          So I think they’re fine. Let’s not forget New Orleans we’re $100m over the cap a year ago

          • Henry Taylor

            He certainly seemed very non committal in his press conference. Like I’m gonna go away and think about it.

            • Rob Staton

              Hmmm. Not sure about that. He said he didn’t want to rebuild. Said his relationship with the GM has never been better.

              He’s not going to commit without making sure they don’t suddenly move on Adams etc but they won’t. I think we know where this is heading. We know what he wants now.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        I agree it’s more likely he’s back in GB next year. It certainly looks from the outside that they mended their fences, and Rodgers talks as though he’s forgiven Gutekunst and LaFleur for ‘surprise’ drafting Love. And of course the Packers would be mad to trade him.

        But I dunno. He sounded wistful and a bit nostalgic – in a ‘what might have been’ sort of way – that seemed disproportionate to just a season-ending loss. And then he name-checked FAs Davante Adams and the TEs in a way that suggests his decision will hinge on the team’s ability to keep a SB caliber supporting cast around him.

        Obviously Davante’s the best receiver in the league and he’s a free agent, although they could obviously tag him. Allen Lazard, Robert Tonyan, so many guys’ contracts are up or on the brink or salary cap stuff, so a lot of decisions to be made. I don’t want to be a part of a rebuild if I’m going to keep playing, so a lot of decisions in the next couple months.

        Maybe Denver could convince him they’re his best chance at another SB title. Which they may be.

        Still, he’s Green Bay’s QB to lose.

        • Rob Staton

          To be honest I just read that quote as his terms for staying. And all seem fairly predictable

  9. Rob Staton

    Remember when people said going after Sean Payton was a pipe dream?… sounds like payton is going to take the year off and come back to a new team in 2023.

    • MychestisBeastmode

      Holy shit! We could get best outcome possible, but simply delayed 1 more season. If the Seahawks do not shine next year, then Pete has to be canned, surely. In no universe do Sean Payton and Russel Wilson not strive to work together.

  10. Big Mike

    Interesting article about ratings increases and decreases for NFL teams. The Seahawks, along with the Giants and Bears had the 2nd largest decline in ratings behind only the Texans. Good idea to keep Carroll onboard Jody. I sincerely hope the lost ad revenue is greater than what it would’ve cost you to fire him and eat the contract.

    “The largest decline came for the Houston Texans, who dropped 18 percent (to a 12.26). The next three teams there were the Chicago Bears, New York Giants, and Seattle Seahawks, who all saw a 14 percent drop (to a 22.15, a 8.39, and a 31.41 respectively). By Nielsen’s 2021-22 designated market area rankings, Houston, Chicago, New York and Seattle are the country’s eighth, third, first, and 12th-largest markets respectively, so double-digit percentage drops in those spots involve a lot of viewers.”

    • MychestisBeastmode

      During an uninspiring season, ‘real Hawks fans’ keep the game on, muted, in the background, while doing more important stuff. Smh. 😉

      • Peter

        I’ve been enjoying spending time in my shop, following the comments here, and following the game on google. It’s pretty simple.

        1. First quarter you get about 20-30 or so real minutes for an 8 minute drive by mcCoy, etc. Plenty of time to kind of work on a welding idea, or draw up something big you want to build.

        2. Check comments here for some jokes.

        3. Early in the game likely late first quarter Seattle has a delay of game penalty or a time out on a decision to punt on the opponents 43 yard line when they are out of the playoffs. Awesome time to stretch, maybe get something quick to snack on.

        4. Make sure the comments here are still firing.

        5. Then sometime in the third quarter turn on my crappy tv and find radio coverage and stare at a team that’s playing like some cruel version of “groundhog day,” the movie. Just running the same plays over and over for a few years to see if it’s going to click. Making the same lackluster dedensive stands. Ocassionally a sack to mix up it. Rarely a turnover from a unit that was once the most electrifying thing to watch in the nfl.

        6. At this point the comments here tend to get pretty good. A mix of dark comedy, tragedy, and vitriol.

        7. And finally the best part of sunday football for almost two years. Rob and Robbie breaking it down with humor, xmas themed edits, and whatever else they can come up with.

        • Big Mike

          “A mix of dark comedy, tragedy, and vitriol”


          • Palatypus

            This is me.

  11. Gross MaToast

    Is it even possible to be a fan of a team with both Kirk Cousins AND Jamaal Adams and hope that they do well with a true and honest heart?

    For me – exceedingly unlikely.

    Some mountains aren’t meant to be climbed.

  12. Big Mike

    “……a team with both Kirk Cousins AND Jamaal Adams….”

    The factory of sadness

    • Rob Staton


    • Peter

      Big Mike.

      Nailed it.

      But let’s take the long view here.

      Seattle’s viewership decreased. So there’s a good chance they get a single obligatory primetime game. So Rob doesn’t have to stay up late doing the podcasts. And as a roll on bonus if Seattle only has one primetime game, since Cousins is terrible in primetime that’s only one loss to pencil in as opposed to up to five this year.

      And then when they get bounced from playoff contention all the Jamal Adams trade will be done and dusted and, fingers crossed here, Rob can hopefully for the first time in years talk about Seattle’s native first round picks and how a new regime might prioritize the future.

      • Big Mike

        Outstanding points Peter. Definitely happy for Rob not to have to stay up late next year but maybe once plus the Thursday game.
        As for a new regime, call me skeptical but always hopeful. But if Carroll and his good old boys are still here next year at this time, maybe Rob can give us quite a few names and profiles of guys that should be taken in the upper portion of the first round and follow that up with profiles of guys that are late 2nd/early 3rd types and then we can have a SDB contest to pick which one of them ol Petey takes in the upper first to once again show everyone that he and Johnny are the “smartest guys in the room”.

      • bmseattle

        You think we’re still going to have our 2023 1st round pick by next year?
        That’s optimistic.

        • BA

          Time to start predicting which LB or WR it’ll get traded for

          • Big Mike

            Yeah guess I was holding on the optimistic side. You guys are right.

          • BobbyK

            It’ll get used on a TE they don’t use.

        • Peter

          Well. No.

          That’s why it’s a “fingers crossed,” prognostication.

          • Big Mike


  13. The Trade Master (John Schneider)

    Very interesting. Thanks for giving me those ideas. But I have to say…you know we won’t ever keep our first round picks…I would trade all of my first round picks about 10 times each to acquire 50 (yes…fifty) fifth round picks as that is where the sweet spot in the draft is this year. I don’t care if there are actually 50 picks to made in the fifth round…I’ll make trades with the NFL itself for them to invent the picks for us to have.

  14. Sea Mode

    Confirmed BAMF kicker lol…

    • MychestisBeastmode

      It’s Joe Burrow’s world. We’re just living in it.

      • Peter

        Nothing against mahomes. Tons against his ridiculous family. Here’s to Burrows mrktingvthat family down in the AFC championship game.

        • Peter

          *edit* not whatever that word is my stupid phone tries to blend between spanish and english…


          Here’s to mahomes’ family melting down if Burrows beats them

    • GoHawksDani

      I don’t care who wins the SB as long as it’ll be an AFC team. KC, CIN, BUF all decent teams. I don’t like Brady, neither the 9ers or Rams…but I’ll be rooting for the Bengals. Kind of feels like LoB energy. Bunch of young ballsy guys with chip on their shoulder

  15. Matt

    Seems instead of raising the bar this would lower the expectations to be right up Pete’s alley. As long as they didn’t get any MNF games 😅 they could finish the next 3yrs at 9-11 wins and be bounced in the first round of the playoffs and no one would expect anymore from a Pete/Cousons led football team.

  16. bmseattle

    The quote the Rob placed in the article…

    “The Seahawks obviously selected (Russell) Wilson in the third round and it’s likely others in the organization shared (Scot) McCloughan’s thoughts. But if the Seahawks had not drafted Wilson, reports say they would have selected quarterback Kirk Cousins.”

    …interested me.

    It makes it sound that it was McCloughan who really pushed for Wilson.
    Is that the common assessment?
    I had always heard that it was JS that championed for Russ, but maybe it was McCloughan who opened JS’s eyes to him?
    It’s just odd that the quote specifically mentions SM, not JS.

    • Rob Staton

      Context… here’s the full intro:

      Scot McCloughan likes to focus on size when it comes to the NFL draft. The new Washington Redskins general manager made an exception for one player when he was a part of Seattle’s front office in 2012.

      Here’s his report on Russell Wilson, according to a story by Seth Wickersham in ESPN the Magazine: “Obviously we are really interested in passers with better height, but this guy may just be the exception to the rule. He has the ‘it’ factor.”

      The Seahawks obviously selected Wilson in the third round and it’s likely others in the organization shared McCloughan’s thoughts. But if the Seahawks had not drafted Wilson, reports say they would have selected quarterback Kirk Cousins.

      So I wouldn’t read too much into it

  17. Happy Hawk

    The timing of all these possible QB moves will be interesting. At this point none of the 8 HC openings has been filled and only 1 of the open GM positions. With only 5 NFL games left to be played must indicate a lot of the remaining team coordinators are in play. There are so many teams looking for a franchise QB’s and even the teams that were in the playoffs have questions: Tenn (Tannehill), Pittsburg ( Big Ben gone), LV ( Carr), SF ( Jimmy G), GB ( A Rod), and what happens if Tom Brady retires? Other teams desperate for QB leadership: New Orleans, Carolina, NYG, Philly, WFT, Detroit, and Denver. Then there are the teams on the fence about their current newly drafted starts: Chi/Fields, Mia/Tua, Jets/Wilson, Clev/Mayfield, and Texans/Mills. Veteran QB’s hanging on and paid a ton of money: Atl/Ryan and Min/Cousins. Add in the D Watson situation and poor draft options, stir and you have a bunch of movement. Once the dominoes start falling the timing of these critical decisions will be impactful. No one wants to be left without a chair at the end of the game. When does it all happen – my guess in the next 2 weeks we will be deep into this epic for the NFL offseason. Can’t remember a time when it was like this last?

    • Peter

      The niners have the weirdest situation of all.

      Jimmy G doing jimmy g things and yet here they are.

      Behind him a major draft aquisition. I’d guess they are thinking of flipping Garapolo for multiple picks if it doesn’t work this year.

      • cha

        Seahawks Twitter pointing out they beat the Niners twice this year and thus they are better than them and thus anyone calling for change is just a whining malcontent in 5…4…3…2..1…

        • Rob Staton

          Hopefully others will be minded to point out we also lost at home to the Bears with their third string QB 🙂

          • bmseattle

            Truly hilarious how that Bears game has just been lost in the ether.
            Or it’s mentioned in passing as if it doesn’t really matter, cuz… you know… we beat the Lions and Cardinals.

            • Rob Staton

              we beat the Lions and Cardinals

              Or as I like to call them, the unstoppable force and the immovable object

              I wouldn’t be surprised if a film was made of the final two games of Seattle’s 2021 season

              • bmseattle

                “Rain City Reduction (of standards)”

      • Big Mike

        Can you imagine if the 9ers win the Super Bowl with Jimmy (I know, barf!). Then what do they do?

        • Rob Staton

          Get the beers out

        • Peter

          Give us the trophy because we beat them, because that’s how sports works online…

          Oh wait you mean for real, what do they do? That’s going to be a real quandary

          • Big Mike


        • bmseattle

          My preference is that they lose a close Super Bowl, with JImmy playing really well.
          That way, there will be plenty who think Jimmy deserves another shot, but we don’t have to live through a 49er championship.

          • BobbyK

            Jimmy can throw a 1 yard pass and have it intercepted by Malcolm Butler in the end zone when Shanahan should have called a run. Can’t think of a more demoralizing finish than that.

            • Big Mike


        • TomLPDX

          I would love to see how that would play out if Jimmy G and the niners win the SB. Have to grab some popcorn for that offseason drama.

          • bmseattle

            the “problem” with that scenario is… the 49ers have just won the SB, which pretty much mitigates the whole “what a terrible decision to draft Lance” argument.

            Most franchises would sacrifice a few 1st round picks for a SB victory. (i realize they didn’t win *because* they traded for Lance, I’m just saying that winning a SB makes that “mistake” more palatable)

            Obviously, it *could* hamper the team going forward… but if the win it this year with Jimmy, they could potentially win it again with him, if they decide to keep him.

            it’s a much more “dramatic” scenario if the 49ers get close to winning, but actually lose the SB.
            It’s tough to give up on Jimmy in that scenario, especially if he plays well, and trust that Lance will get you anywhere close to the SB next year.

            • TomLPDX

              True dat

  18. Roy Batty

    Paying Cousins $35 million in 2022 (only $2 million less than Wilson), then eating a $26 million dead cap from Wilson is not palatable.

    Exactly the thing two men who overpaid Jamal Adams would do.

    • Peter

      Real shades of retailers saying “the more you spend the more you save.”

    • cha

      Jason Fitzgerald posted a piece on the Packers’ cap and floated an idea the Seahawks could think about employing. Very complicated and unique but it might be applicable to the Hawks working with RW’s contract in a trade.

      Scenario 3 is to allow Rodgers to negotiate a contract extension with another team with the knowledge that on paper they need the extension to drop his salary for 2022 to the minimum. I believe, but am not certain, that you can include a bonus in a contract that only kicks in if a player is traded. The trade bonus should not count on the salary cap until the player is actually traded. If that is not the case then the two sides could agree to a deal where all of the guarantees and salary in the future would be guaranteed after a trade. The team and Rodgers could then execute another contract after the trade to move more salary back to 2022. The Packers would get a 2022 draft pick in that trade and would be able to keep Rodgers cap number no higher than $26.9 million for the year. There would be no dead money in 2023. This may be the most complicated scenario but also the best one for them.

  19. TomLPDX

    Just the thought of Kirk Cousins being our QB sends shivers. I’ve never been a fan of his, which is why Always ComPete will probably be all in on it.

    • bmseattle

      Cousins is no different than Carr.
      MIddle of the road QB, who can put up decent numbers, but needs an amazing team around him to succeed.

      … and still might fail when it really matters. (unless facing the Seahawks defense)

      • Big Mike

        Cousins is worse under the bright lights. Otherwise, I agree.

      • Henry Taylor

        I’m not a fan of Cousins, but I think he’s much better than Carr.

    • Pran

      Imagine with Pete’s game plan, Cousins doing Wilson miracles late 4th and fans living thru these heartaches.

      • BA

        Yep, I actually don’t mind Cousins but he’d be a terrible fit in Pete’s “keep games intentionally close” system. Imagine going something like 1-7 in one-score games in a season.

  20. UkAlex6674

    I’m not as down on this idea as I thought. What’s to say he won’t have a Tannehill type resurgence and the FO build a roster so try to limit him having to work magic to win games? If we are to roll with him I’d be OK with that.

    • Peter

      1. Cousins is good. Not great. He has already had a tannehill revitalization of his career so it sort of presupposes he has a further growth

      2. Pete has had many years to rebuild a contender. So this premise is built on the idea that with a ton of picks which minus their success rate you have to consider everryone probably won’t work or will need growth would be ready to contend now.

      2a. In our own division Jimmy G is expensive and stafford isn’t cheap but both their teams are able to contend in unconventional building structures.

      3. No coach has gone as long as pete has and won another ring. None.

      4. Meanwhile more QB’s have won rings with different coaches. Ben on his original team. Montana. Elway got a coach change and won. Then Manning moved and got another ring. And of course Brady with a different coach and team.

      Perhaps Pete is going to be the one that breaks the mold. But football shows you are more likely to win the big one with your own veteran qb and a different coach than you are to with a coach that has an eight season drought.

      • Peter

        Or another way to frame it.

        Seattle has had 42 draft picks not including trades since 2017. They have six this year.

        It’s hard for me to imagine the difference from this season to a contender is trade an almost lock HOF qb, bring in a journey man, and go from a total of 48 picks to 50 maybe 51 (two firsts and let’s say a third for wilson), so three extra picks in six drafts, is going to tilt us into being a force.

    • cha

      When Tannehill came, the Titans had a rockstar offensive line, a beast of a running back and the organization had a clear offensive philosophy that took a lot of weight off the QB’s shoulders.

      The Seahawks have none of those things.

  21. Ashish

    Very scary future if that happens. I have lost trust that Pete can select right player and build a team. If Russ is gone many fans will stop following Hawks.

  22. BobbyK

    This is a scenario I can see playing out if it’s not Wilson under center next season.

  23. TomLPDX

    Do we root for the Rams and an all NFCW NFC championship or The Brady Bunch today? I think the Rams are the better team.

    • Sea Mode

      Heck no, I’m never rooting for the Rams.

      Look, I can swallow secretly pulling for the Niners to knock Rodgers smug face out of the playoffs. That’s because, ever since Harbaugh left, it hasn’t felt so much a rivalry with them as almost pity for them. Plus, I don’t think Shanny can actually overcome the Jimmy G factor to win it all. Eventually, it will catch up to him, be it next week or in the SB (again 😁).

    • TomLPDX

      The Rams are the better team. Going to be 49ers vs. the Rams for the NFC conference. Who you rooting for?

  24. Sparguy

    If Russ gets traded, I think they should go after Gardner minshew. I know he’s not the best, but I feel like rooting for that guy would be super fun and he’s bring some good energy to the building.

  25. AlaskaHawk

    If they get Cousins as part of a trade deal, I hope they turn around and deal him too. More draft picks. Suck for a year at QB and get that low pick in 2023. Cousins isn’t good enough to make the playoffs.

    • Rob Staton

      Errrr… what???

      Trade for him then trade him again???

      • bmseattle

        the way Pete and John operate, we’d trade a 2nd rounder for him, then turn around and trade him for two 4ths.

        • Big Mike

          Quantity over quality. We’ve seen it in the draft and we’ve seen it in free agency.

  26. GaiusMarius

    I can see the idea of having the journeyman QB (Cousins in this scenario) paired with lots of draft picks for Wilson having misguided appeal.

    The Packers-Niners game doesn’t help. There a journeyman QB (Garoppolo) “beat” an elite QB in Rodgers. That of course ignores the conditions and that it was the Niners’ Special Teams that really beat Green Bay combined with an impressive defensive performance.

    But loading up in the draft and trying something similar for next season, especially if Wilson really wants out could have appeal to Carroll. Again, it would be misguided (all other remaining playoff teams have better QBs), but I could see that happening, if things lined up (shudder).

  27. TomLPDX

    All those Rams playmakers and the first TD is to Blanton. I’m like, Who’s that?

    Glad to see Akers able to play, really liked him last year.

    • Seattle Person

      I really like Akers. I also like Javonte Williams from last year’s draft. I don’t know if it’s me but I think RB is a pretty big need for the team. I think you can’t depend on Carson at this point. Even if he’s brought back, I think it would be down to paying Carson or paying Penny. I’m not paying both.

      With that said, I see RB as a big need in the draft. I might get flamed for this but I’m going to advocate for a RB in the 3rd. I don’t know if D. Pierce is a 3rd rounder and he might go higher. Rob is a huge fan of this guy and I am too. I see both Carson (if he is kept) and Penny as short term pieces. I would for us to go get a young, cheap, and legit looking RB for our offense. None of the FA running backs really intrigue me. I don’t feel like paying anywhere between 2-6 million for essentially a back up running back.

      Thoughts anyone?

      • Peter

        No shade from me.

        RB is a huge need. Like you the FA’s aren’t worth it. The guys on the team (sort of with penny) are super unreliable. Even in this down season what happens against tennessee? Or other games if the team can sustain any attack?

      • TomLPDX

        I like this plan. One or the other plus Pierce. I’d like to see what Penny can do with a full (healthy) year.

        • Group Captain Mandrake

          I think it’s fair to say we all would have liked to see that by now.

  28. Tony

    Going from rw to cousins would be flat out deflating. I have no doubt that they would be in the same type of position as this year. Looking a step out of playoff contention all year.

  29. Peter


    You’re the cap guy here.

    If I’m checking my notes correctly are the rams two quarters away from the nfc championship game while paying 44 million at qb(s)?

    Not being a smart ass, legitimately am curious if these numbers stack up.

    • cha

      Yup. $20m for Stafford and $24m dead to make Goff go away.

    • McZ

      Not Cha, but that’s right for 2021. $24m is dead cap for Goff.

      In 2022, they have their $43m valued franchise QB for $23m. This allows them to to soak up Ramseys and Floyds cap in 2022.

      • Peter

        The rams are so good at the contract dark arts.

        • TomLPDX

          Almost as good as the Saints.

  30. Sea Mode

    *Turns on game. Checks eyes* 17-3? What happened…?

  31. Rob Staton

    If Stafford wins a SB watch out

    — Went to a new team

    — New team very aggressive in acquiring talent to win

    — Production

    — Stafford not seen as good as Wilson once dealt

    And other teams will look to mimic the Rams

    • Sea Mode

      Yup, it’s a clear blueprint for teams with a loaded roster being held back by poor QB play.

    • Big Mike

      Really good point Rob. Shit’s gonna get real about Feb. 16th or so if the Rams get there and even lose a shootout or win.

  32. Rob Staton

    Yeah we didn’t need OBJ

    • Big Mike

      No need to put in the waiver claim. Pete’s culture will win him over and the Hawks will save money in the process.

    • Tomas

      It can’t do much for Russ’s disposition, watching OBJ play so well, and being used so effectively. OBJ made the right decision.

  33. Sea Mode

    Wow. Shades of 1st half of SB vs. ATL…

    • Sea Mode

      That looks like a clear fumble to me.

      TB lucky not to be going down 27-3 and kicking off in the 2nd half…

  34. Gross MaToast

    Jody Allen, or the Powers-That-Be, should hire Sean Payton as a ‘Special Assistant to the Head Coach’ with ill defined duties outside of watching film, occasionally sitting in on coaches meetings, moving Pete’s parking spot one spot farther from the door every day until, by December, he’s parking in Kent, and with a wink and a nod understanding that he’s the man in 2023.

    Such an arrangement could even help me deal with the upcoming Cousins/Adams Factory of Sadness season.

  35. Pran

    I am Rams fan today. 49ers fan next week. Two weeks from then AFC team fan!

    What a turn around for Kyle Shanahan, fans were calling for his head mid season. Now taking shitty Jimmy to championship game. While Pete makes Champion Russ twiddle his thumbs at home and happily back for few more seasons.

    • TomLPDX

      NFC all the way baby!

      • Seattle Person

        I love seeing these young QBs come through. Anyone besides Tom Brady please. I don’t even want to see Mahomes in the the Super Bowl. I want Joe Burrow in the SB but I don’t think they have enough.

        • TomLPDX

          Joe is knocking it out of the park! Love his confidence but I think Josh Allen is the man!

      • Big Mike

        AFC all the way baby!
        I was a huge AFL fan in the 60s and Buffalo and KC are original AFL franchises and Cincy was an AFL expansion team in 1968..

        • TomLPDX

          HaHa! We need to have a beer or two together Big Mike! I HATED the Steelers in the 70’s…anyone who would dare challenge my Cowboys, but I did love KC and Lenny Dawson – dude was awesome! Then the Seahawks joined the AFCW and I had to rethink my position. I hated the Raiders but secretly loved Dan Fouts and the Chargers. My brother was a Denver season ticket holder and we had some major fun with that!

          • Big Mike

            I have always hated the stealers beginning with the Immaculate Deception

            Beer anytime my man

            • TomLPDX

              Let’s do it! I think you and I are the final remaining Seahawks fans in the Portland/Vancouver metroplex.

              • Peter

                Not even close to the metro but I get up that way!

                • TomLPDX

                  Let me know, Peter. We’ll make it happen!

  36. Sea Mode

    My goodness! What a wild back and forth!

  37. TomLPDX

    What the hell was that Rams! Good gawd!

  38. Scot04

    Rams make big trade for Ramsey, Stafford, & Von Miller.
    CB, QB, & Edge; all premium positions.
    Seahawks big trade, two 1st & a 3rd for a Safety.
    Roster construction has been so bad for too many years.
    How PC & JS are still here is mid blowing.
    So tired of reading it’s all on Russ crap, or it’s only been 1yr.
    Then Pete saying Don’t expect any big splashes in Free-agency.
    Sounds like the same old try to resign our own and quantity over quality in Free-agency.
    Definitely didn’t inspire any optimism on this offseason.
    PC & JS have definitely lost their way.

    • DarrellDownUnder

      Yup. These two should have been run out of town. Watching these teams ball out this weekend makes it even more of a drag. Such crap roster building. Really looks like they have no clue.

  39. Joshua Smith

    I thought you just made up a word in this article. Lol. Then I looked it up and laughed harder.
    Hadn’t heard that one yet…

    • Seattle Person

      Oh yeah…If you ever go to “Lookoutlanding” for baseball, it is a part of their official website rules…Or something along those lines.

  40. TomLPDX

    Mike Evans, my Aggie brother! Hell of a catch!

    • TomLPDX

      Game ain’t over til the fat lady sings…

      • TomLPDX

        OMG! How did that happen!

  41. Seattle Person

    The Divisional Round has been amazing so far! What a game now!

  42. Big Mike

    Rams absolutely choking their guts out

  43. TomLPDX


    Wow, wow, wow, wow wow!

    • Seattle Person

      Geez. Every game has come down to a game winner! This is what the playoffs is about!!!

    • TomLPDX

      OMG! They won!

  44. Hawks4life

    Wow what a terrible call by the bucs DC

    • Sea Mode


      And Stafford barely got the ball out before Suh (I think) got to him.

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      As much grief as the prevent defense gets – with good reason – that is exactly what it is supposed to keep from happening.

  45. Sea Mode

    What. A. Game.


    • Sea Mode

      In case anyone missed it:

      • Peter

        Kind of stoked for stafford. Love how fired up he was screaming at his team to get down the field.

        And jeebus. Kupp. Such good feet.

        • Rob Staton

          There’s a nice bunch of fun, exciting, amped teams to watch in the playoffs.

          And I wish we could say the same about the Seahawks who are about to appoint Pete’s 65-year-old buddy to replace his old pal.

          • TomLPDX

            This is where we just enjoy football and the people that play the NFL game.

            • Rob Staton

              I’ve never really ever felt that way

              I want to win

              Not watch others win

              • Peter

                Just guessing here. But I think Tom’s making peace with it the way I made piece in the early ’00’s and would just settle in on mcnabb/westbrook because my team, our team was brutally mediocre.

                But i hear you. I want to see some action. And not this listless dread that if we don’t score 35 and kind of early it’s lights out for us.

              • TomLPDX

                I’ve always marveled at the skills and ability of American football players. I remember being in the airport in Raleigh and seeing a bonafide FB player. I was in awe of this guy.

                I have always thought that FB players are amazing athletes and still believe that. I know my Seahawks haven’t done well this year but these guys are still the top 99% of athletes. They need guidance and success. It is such a fine line.

                Love the game for what it is and the athletes that play the game. I love my Hawks but I tip my hat to ALL FB players on every team.


          • Big Mike

            Yeah why go after Wink or Fangio when you get another ass kissing yes man in the position?

            Question: who has surrounded himself with more yes men, Pete Carroll or Jerruh Jones?

            • Peter

              At least it’s Jerry’s team….who knows what world pete is living on. Unless there’s a big shift in team building we could looking at a multi year run down of Holmgren’s final two seasons.

              • Peter

                Oh and minus Holmgren’s sense of when the ride has ended.

            • TomLPDX

              Because they know Pete is an asshole and won’t hear what they say. Like you said yesterday…I can’t believe that I hate Pete at this point, but I do.

  46. Trevor

    Did Matt Stafford just drive up the asking price / market for Russ? If teams look at the Rams going all in and decide to do the same. No way in the world Jared Goff pulls that off.

    • Hawkster

      Certainly one of those RW thinking “that could be me on the right team” moments.

  47. CaptainJack

    SOFI stadium gets to host both the NFC title and the Superbowl…. wow.

    • 805Hawk

      Hey! Don’t forget about my son’s youth Super Bowl a couple months ago! That was the real deal! Lol.

  48. CaptainJack

    Since Lumen field can sit up to 72,000 now (2,000 more than sofi? I could be wrong)… I would love to see seattle chosen as a superbowl location. I know , I know, cold weather outdoor stadium. But seattle Isn’t THAT cold in February and a the meadowlands was a great venue for superbowl 48.

  49. Zach

    I can see why Carroll would like that. I also throw up in my mouth. Kirk would surely make them just competitive enough to not draft high enough next season for the chance at a potentially elite qb(next year does look somewhat rough for qbs…..). You have no one behind him that really looks appealing to develop. You then feel the need to either spend steeply to get a high pick for a qb or you give him a contract that sees your team just be good enough to miss top guys and you’re stuck in mediocrity and qb purgatory. He performs just good enough to make Carroll and John look “good” and they don’t feel the need to make necessary changes. Honestly just feel mediocrity about this team and those making decisions this off-season.

  50. TomLPDX

    Bills vs. KC up next. Go Bills!

    • Peter

      Heck yeah go bills!

      • Big Mike

        I’m not exactly going out on a limb here, but I think the winner of this game wins the whole enchilada

        • Peter

          I think you’re right. But next week Cincy vs. Whomever will be my first full non college game I watch this year at game time.

  51. Peter

    I get they are our mortal enemies.

    But a moment of respect for sean “big balls pete,” mcvay who went to the superbowl three years, looked at management or they looked at him, and someone said we aren’t winning with goff a first round pick.

    Cripes. Oh and happy birthday to him tomorrow for turning all of 36.

  52. Sea Mode

    Hmmm… or just a terrible call in that situation.

    Rick Stroud
    · 5m

    Bucs decided to blitz Matt Stafford and Bruce Arians said it wasn’t communicated to all the defensive players. Resulted in a coverage bust in Cooper Kupp and a 40 yard pass play. Arians said you can second guess that if you want.

    • Big Mike

      Arians falling on the sword?

      • TomLPDX

        The last person to fall on his sword is BA. He’ll throw his players under the bus before he does that.

  53. Sea Mode

    Dang, just noticed Stafford chucked that perfect pass 48 air yds off his back foot with Suh in his face.


  54. Denver Hawker

    Apparently OBJ took all his $750k pay in Bitcoin. Not only was he taxed on the $750k, but his Bitcoin is worth half that now (assuming he held). Net of taxes, he’s earned $35k this season. That’s an ouch.

    Separately, I’m okay to go sign Fournette.

    • 805Hawk

      I’m pretty sure they get paid each week, so he didn’t get the money all at once when Bitcoin was high. He’s still down, but not quite that bad.

      • Denver Hawker

        Right. And I suppose he could have sold it too.

        • 805Hawk

          The tax rate is over simplified also. They get taxed based on where that week’s game is. So, if the Rams play in Texas, they don’t pay state taxes that week. Lastly, I read that he got more than his salary in an endorsement from Cash App to do the deal that way. Still very risky to get paid in such a volatile form of payment.

  55. Big Mike

    Watching this Bills v. Chiefs game and seeing how good these 2 teams are makes me sad because the chasm between them and Seattle is very wide.

    • Big Mike

      And yeah, they’re likely the best 2 teams in the NFL but isn’t that excellence what we want from the Seahawks?

      • bmseattle

        Didn’t you see how dominant we were vs. The Cardinals, tho?

        • Big Mike

          Oh crap, you’re right. I’m just being a bad fan.

          • 12th chuck

            be a real fan….

  56. Donovan

    Man, the Chiefs have invested resources in their D line

  57. Palatypus

    I had the pleasure of watching both Kirk Cousins and Russell Wilson play in the Senior Bowl from the $10 seats in the north end zone. From there I got the “Hawks Nest” / “Madden” view of the game,

    I remember thinking that I wanted either Cousins or Wilson in the draft. Cousins was more prepared for the game and looked sharp. The Alabama quarterback, A.J. McCarron I think, was a late scratch because his agent didn’t want to risk injury. Russell Wilson was a last-minute replacement.

    Wilson didn’t look as sharp, but his command of the huddle was obvious, even from way up there where the University of South Alabama band usually plays. You could just tell that the players were locked into him when was making the play calls. You could tell from his body language that he was in charge.

    Cousins doesn’t inspire that kind of confidence in people but he does have something that RW does not:

    A playoff win in the last five years.

  58. Seattle Person

    Another great game. Wow.

  59. Donovan

    Reports at the time indicated Schneider was very interested in Mahomes and Josh Allen during their respective draft years, right? Damn, he might have some acumen in spotting QB.

    • IHeartTacoma

      Those two are on another level right now.

  60. Pran

    Tyreek Hill is the best non QB offensive playmaker in the league!

    • TheOtherJordan

      Gonna be very interesting if we get to see Hill versus Ramsey in the Super Bowl. Epic individual SB matchup.

  61. Seattle Person

    Holy crap. The next round better be this good! 4 Classics!

  62. 805Hawk

    This is crazy!

  63. Pran

    Buffalo D sucked big time to give up a FG with 13sec..

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      Great slate of games this weekend, and a classic this evening. But if I’m an NFL owner or GM, I’m taking Leslie Frazier off my HC interview list. He cost Buffalo a chance at the AFC Championship game.

    • DougM

      Agreed. But the play that killed me and I think was a turning point that gave KC life was when the Bills kicker chocked on the 47 yard field gull attempt, leaving it short.

  64. 206

    Best weekend of football I’ve ever seen. Holy hell.

  65. Palatypus

    25 points were scored in the final two minutes. What pisses me off about the NFL is that the final two minutes are a completely different game. I remember following Advanced NFL Analytics live win probability charts before they got bought out by ESPN. Whenever the win probability was 90% in the last two minutes of a close game, it was wrong about a third of the time.

    • 12th chuck

      missed a folding call on a kc o lineman in the last drive

      • 12th chuck


  66. Big Mike

    All 4 games this weekend end on the last play of the game.

  67. 12th chuck

    still a little salty we lost Reed over something so stupid. damn, fun weekend of football though

  68. 206

    Big bummer for the bills!!! At least next week I can root for the bengals 100 percent, rather than being indifferent with the bills and bengals

  69. Denver Hawker

    I’d support playoff OT rule change. It was a crime to deny Allen the ball and effectively decide this game with a coin flip.

    • Hawk Finn

      Sorry, but I don’t buy into that narrative. Buffalo’s number one defense couldn’t make a stop all game. Say Allen got the ball and scored to tie it up in overtime… then what? The defense just gives up the next score. Are we going to play to infinity, or just until we get the outcome we prefer?

      • Denver Hawker

        My point was if Buffalo won the toss, I thought they’d score a TD also. I get the common argument about defense needs to stop them, but in a game where both defenses are taxed, it’s decided by who wins the coin toss since the opposing team doesn’t get a chance to counter. A desired outcome is equal opportunities with the ball.

        • Hawk Finn

          I hear that. My take is that they had equal opportunities for 4 quarters. At some point, someone has to have the ball last.

          • Denver Hawker

            I just see it like a boxing title match- they dancin and jabbin for a few rounds- respect. Start to get tired, take a few chances, final rounds just leaving it in the ring. Round 15- haymakers. As a spectator, NFL OT rules are the equivalent of a coin flip deciding which boxer get to hit the other guy first without defending himself. If he can take the shot, get up, and hit the other guy back- I say play on until one can’t get up.

      • TheOtherJordan

        No. You’re going to go for two to end the game and not give the ball back to Mahomes. You also can give both teams the chance to possess the ball and then it goes sudden death if both teams score. There’s a wide variety of options between the current rules and the college set up. Denver Hawker is 100% right. It was criminal to not let Allen have the ball too. The OT rules are stupid.

    • DougM

      Just play a full OT period

  70. WallaSean

    Anyone still think you can win playoff games without an elite QB? I hope not, what a game

    • Palatypus

      To be fair, the receivers were stellar today. If Travis Kelce doesn’t get both feet in…well…

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      The fact that the 49ers are still alive would suggest that yes, you can. It’s certainly inadvisable, though.

      • IHeartTacoma

        I’ll be rooting for the 49ers strictly so there’s hope for teams like the Seahawks who don’t have an elite QB.

      • Scot04

        49rs know how to build a roster. PC & JS seem to have lost their way in that department.
        You need an elite QB even more if you can’t build a roster.
        PC knows this and that’s why he says he wouldn’t have been here this long without Russ.
        We need changes.
        Quality over Quantity, Impact Free-agents & get players who fit your scheme.

  71. BobbyK

    Mahomes and Allen were on another level today. Unbelievable.

  72. WallaSean

    True, I wouldn’t bet against them considering the matchup.

  73. All I see is 12s

    I think a lot about 2018 and how JS wanted to draft Allen. My guess is that PC liked Allen but hated the idea that the team might have to take a step back for a season or two to get him up to speed. That’s why we were stuck with a free agent class that included Mingo Brown and Johnson. The what ifs are haunting.

    • Poli

      Trading Wilson for Allen at that point would’ve been the ballsiest trade in history. Man, can’t see anybody doing that.

      • All I see is 12s

        I bet it would have been something like the #1 and Cleveland their 2nd rounder. All that cap space could’ve been spent on the D. Add Allen and Chubb (the right pick) could have really been something.
        I think JS wanted to do it

        • Poli

          But trading a hall of fame QB in his prime for mostly unproven talent seems kind of crazy

          • All I see is 12s

            Maybe, but it appears it was under real consideration

        • Peter

          Doubt any of this was in consideration in earnest.

          The proof of concept is in the moves they made regardless of Wilson. Passing on about 30 odd players in rounds 1-3 that half the nerds on this site liked.

          Allen and Chubb? Hard pass on Chubb when we can pick a guy with no verifiable talent against top defenses in Penny. I’m not talking about Penny rushing hard against soft D’s this year. I mean I broke down on this site how Chubb in his draft with a knee injury concerns had 12 straight games of plus 100 yards in college against the top defenses in college.

          Further take the cap savings and spend on the defense? To whom? Clowney and Richardson left post haste after burning picks to rent them. I can’t remember the last time Seattle broke the bank open for a quality free agent.

          If JS had wanted to do anything he would have done it. Trade Allen and pete says no? No biggie. You’re the GM go get Calais Campbell, Yannick Ngokue, OBJ, etc, when you can at fractions of the cost of the Jamal Adams trade in both draft capital and literal cost.

    • Thomas Wells

      Let’s be real. If we drafted Allen he wouldn’t be the player he is today. I have no faith in this organization to develop a quarterback as raw as he was.

      • Peter

        Big Allen fan. For the bills. For seattle not so much. Big arm. Big talent. Very raw coming out. And I’m not trying to disparage him but he’s got some of that brett favre gun slinger in him as borne out by his near 2:1 td/int ratio. Pete would have hated that.

  74. Rob Staton

    Our rivals will have played in three Super Bowls in recent years

    We’ve had one playoff win in five years

    And PCJS use the strength of the NFC West as an excuse, while a portion of fans comfort themselves on regular-season win statistics.

    Man, I’m sick of watching other teams around us achieve stuff.

    • Rob Staton

      Also — all four remaining playoff teams have offensive-minded Head Coaches.

      KC have invested big time in the O-line.

      Stafford moved to aggressive team, has had immediate success (as Brady did).

      All trending one way this.

      • L80

        Half of KC’s D-Line are former Hawks. That should teach our dunderheaded “brass” a few thing….but it won’t. Watching these games and the competitive nature of them puts Carrolls statements about how close his team was in a comedy show mode. His team is so far from this type of play, and I have ZERO confidence in either of them being able to get this team anywhere close to what we are seeing right now.

        Blech, Rams-49ers…..Go 9ers though for me, I hate the Rams.

        Why in the F**k is #39 from Buff. 10 yards off the line and 10 yards from Kelce, who didn’t do anything except run a straight line?…That was game right there.

        • Peter

          The way this team deals with it’s own talent leaves a gap in talk about what to do with DK.

          Trade him?

          Pay him?

          How about option C which feels as likely as anything let him walk for a ton of cash AND the team doesn’t get anything out of it besides a lonely comp pick.

          • Roy Batty

            Franchise tag, just like Frank Clark.

            Hes isn’t walking. If it comes to it, he will be traded.

            • Peter

              You’d hope if they are going to trade him for LJ collier they do it before the franchise tag.

          • Big Mike

            Sadly likely.

      • Big Mike

        The level of offensive creativity in the passing games I saw this weekend is so far beyond the Pete Carroll chuck and duck approach it reinforced my feeling that there is no way Seattle ever gets back to what we all want them to be, Russ or no Russ, until Carroll is shown the door.
        For all of you talking about how JS wanted Josh Allen, do you really think he’d have flourished here? If you do, explain to me why you feel that way considering the offenses we’ve seen out Seattle which have been called by several former players, the simplest in the NFL.

        • Rob Staton


          I feel we’re on a slow march with this coach and this ownership and until both change we won’t get to where we want to be

        • Peter

          From my couch side view all this kind of boils down to this, for me:

          You want to chuck and duck? You want to win in the fourth quarter? Be the bully? Or whatever platitude can be inserted here? Great.

          The problem with Pete and possibly JS is neither know how to build a team to do the thing that they purport to want to do. Is there a single team in this league who wants to run the rock showing up to games with such a year to year bs product on oline? Love Penny and don’t know who nick chubb is….fine. then why didn’t they draft Ramczyk and then Frank Ragnow? This team doesn’t even know what it has when it’s here. Turns out Mark Glowinski is kind of good but we’d never know because they wasted his rookie contract goofing around with him as some sort of project.

        • Peter

          I’m low key over the JS really like Allen/mahomes and look at his great eye for QB talent talk fans purport.

          JS was at one time in an executive role with greenbay, so ties probably to Wisconsin football, and Darrell Bevell is a Wisconsin Alum. Anyone and their mom could have seen that “short,” Wilson was far and away the best pure passer in college after Luck in that draft. Period. Awesome stroke that the league was down on short QB’s and wilson had to lead the trail and be the first Wilson that ever Wilsoned.

          Sean Mcvay is the division rival that counters the what if’s. Whereas Seattle could have had Allen and draft picks, Mcvay told someone their superbowl appearing, first round draft pick QB isn’t cutting it. Let’s actually do the opposite of what Seattle/JS could have done. Let’s spend picks and a ton of cash and upgrade at the position.

          I don’t care who JS liked. I’m looking at what they did. Wilson. A brilliant touch of luck to get him before someone else finally pulled the trigger. And Alex Mcgough.

        • BA

          Allen would still be struggling to get his completion % over 50% if he was here.

          And agreed, it was so refreshing to see two well-oiled offenses moving down the field with creativity and ease. We’ve been conditioned for so long to think that even a simple 3rd and short is a total crapshoot with our spray and pray approach

      • Scot04

        I remember wanting to trade Adams for Orlando Brown as the Ravens had a need at Safety.
        Wanted Josh Meyers when he actually fell to us; although I know most here wanted Humphries.
        Unfortunately PC & JS seem to have totally lost their way.
        I have 0 idea what to expect from them anymore, other than disappointment.

      • McZ

        In fact, three HCs and the SF OC are coming from the Mike Shanahan coaching tree, 2013 Redskins staff.
        Mike McDaniel is my preferred choice as a successor to PC.

        • McZ

          These were the coaches in the NFC divisional round. Of which two HCs and a OC remain.

  75. DancingBuddha

    Cousins is a staunch anti-vaxxer, whose beliefs cost his team a playoff game considering Pete’s views on the subject, and also on putting the team first, Kirk probably won’t be allowed in the VMAC as a guest, let alone a player, this is a non-starter imo

    • Rob Staton

      Let’s be clear here

      And I speak as someone who has been vaccinated

      There’s a difference between choosing not to have ‘this’ vaccine and being ‘anti vax’

      I feel like we reduce so many arguments to this level

      And frankly (again, speaking as someone who has been vaccinated) everyone should be allowed to make their own decisions

      • Bmseattle


        • Matt


          And two points to add:

          1) Cousins is at virtually no risk due to his age and health.
          2) Vaccinated people get and spread COVID.

          I’m vaccinated and promote it, as well. But my God…this “anti-Vax” crap is frustrating. People need to learn to mind their own effing business, especially in light of knowing that the Vax, while great, is not some cure all.

      • ElPasoHawk

        100% Rob. Freedom is something to be valued.

      • Tomas


      • Hawks4life

        100% agree rob!

  76. Call Me AL

    Couple of thoughts after this weekends playoff games.

    One, Anyone who thinks, after watching KC play Buffalo, that Pete Carroll is capable of building a team to compete on that level, needs a serious reality check.

    Two, if I’m Russell Wilson, I’m still exploring my options, but only until the head coaching vacancies are filled, then I’m demanding a trade! And I would be looking hard at Denver.

    I honestly can’t see RW playing another year of Pete ball after watching Mahomes and Allen absolutely tear it up and I’m sure he was thinking “that could have been me!”.

    • Peter

      You’re probably right with a lot if this. I do wonder how much Wilson wants to tear it up vs. He wants to cook because he realizes Seattle has no shot of winning unless he balls out.

      I know this will never happen and i really like Burrows but if rings were the thing Wilson really should consider Cleveland.

      • Call Me AL

        I would think that would be any quarterbacks dream to be in a shootout like that with one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL! That game was one for the ages.

        I think Wilson wants several things. A good pass blocking offensive line, a good complementary running game, a creative and innovated offensive scheme, and to be surrounded by weapons. Look no further than how KC’s offense is built around Mahomes.

    • DT

      If Russ is realistic- I’m not sure Denver is the place.
      Broncos are 0-13 vs the chiefs last 13 games. Russ helps their odds, but last I checked he doesn’t play defense.
      Also, justin fields and the chargers look like they are up and coming.
      If Russ truly wants to win, I’m just not sure moving from the NFC best to the AFC best is the right move.

      I could much more see Philly, based on overall mix of talent, and to a lesser degree the giants.
      Russ immediately becomes the best QB in the NFC Least and elevates that team much more relative to the competition.

      • Jason

        The Broncos defense has been good to great. It’s not their problem. Neither is their offensive weaponry. The problem has absolutely been quarterback.

      • Peter

        Been thinking this with Wilson and to a lesser extent Rodgers and if going to Denver is the best move for either.

        Nfc would be a fairly straightforward run to the playoffs for Wilson.

      • IHeartTacoma

        I think you’re right. Russell would be what, the third best QB in the AFC West? Fifth or sixth in the AFC? The NFC East, and NFC in general, would be better for him as he keeps declining. One thing about NY or PHL though, the media and fans would be a lot tougher on Russell’s game and image than us rubes out here are.

        • Rob Staton

          I doubt that would worry RW

        • Peter

          I dunno. Pretty sure NY or philly would be pretty happy with “non-elite,” and “declining,” Wilson and his 96 tds and 24 picks the last three years vs. Jones and his 45 tds to 29 ints and whatever mediocre to bad numbers Hurts is cooking up.

  77. Jeremy

    I love the blog and the channel. You do the best coverage of the Seahawks and the draft. Count me out on Kirk Cousins. Please stab me with an ice axe as an alternative. We can trade the cheesiest good qb for the cheesiest mediocre qb? Give me the ice axe. I’ll freshen up later with Russ an Ciara’s newest fragrance

  78. AlaskaHawk

    That had to be the best football weekend of my life! Watching Aaron Rogers and our notorious rivals the Packers get smacked down in the snow. The reveal on a new Bengals team that I had only seen once before.

    The only sucky game was the Rams and Tampa Bay – and that almost turned into a nailbiter. Then there was the strong finish of KC vs Bills. Looking forward to that matchup for years to come. My heart is filled with joy!

    • IHeartTacoma

      Agree… Every year I come away realizing how much better the late playoffs are than the Super Bowl. I practically don’t even care about the Super Bowl, it is getting there that counts.

    • Roy Batty

      The Bills defense in that 13 seconds was criminal. Rush 2 on the line and use 9 to double team nearly every single receiver. And, make those two at the LOS fast LBs. Guys who could run down any rusher.

      Rushing four and leaving several in man coverage…


      • MychestisBeastmode

        They completely abandoned the middle of the field to protect the sideline. The CB’s outside shade on Kelce was terrible. Who care if he gets to the sidelines!? They had timeouts regardless. It was the big chunk yards they had to avoid and failed miserably. I am happy for the Chiefs, but damned if the Bills didn’t hand that to them. 13 seconds, and only using 10 seconds, to flip the filed into field goal range is absolutely unacceptable.

        Great game though. Not sure that kind of crazy scoring could be replicated in Madden video games.

  79. cha

    Two for one on the OL

    Geoff Schwartz
    The Chiefs being able to rebuild their offensive line into what it has become will never get the respect it deserves. They’ve been fantastic this season

    Ray Roberts on if they should bring back Pocic and Shell (spoiler: no)

    Roberts thinks the Seahawks need to add “players of significance” at right tackle and center this offseason.

    That’s a fact Jack.

    • Rob Staton

      Nah, sign a $3m right tackle and a $3m Center. Journeymen are the key on both lines, just ask PCJS…

      • Simo

        They can actually sign four journeymen this way (2 RT and 2 Cen) and get way more bang for their buck!

      • Big Mike

        And imo the reason this has been the approach the last several years is cuz none of the top tier guys want to come here. They made a play for one of the Green Bay o-linemen in free agency (I don’t remember who) about 4 years ago and he didn’t sign. It has felt for quite some time that players have no interest in the almighty Seattle “culture”.

        • Blitzy the Clown

          I think that was Corey Linsley last year Big Mike. But you know how time flies when you’re in football purgatory

          • Rob Staton

            TJ Lang

            • Blitzy the Clown

              Oh that’s right. All of the missed opportunities over the last 3-4 season kind of blend together.

            • Big Mike

              Thank you

        • Hawk Mock

          I don’t think it is necessarily that they don’t want to or won’t play here, but that we continue to put up low-ball offers with the idea that our “culture” will sway their decision-making in some way. This has been a bad approach. Go get the best talent instead of the bargain bin guys and overpay when you have to. Just because Conklin signed for 8.5 or whatever and Linsley for 11 per year doesn’t mean you can’t go get the job done by offering 9.5 and 12 per year if that is who is actually going to make a difference in winning. We don’t have to be cheapskates all the time for outside free agents. Even with overspending on non-premium positions, there has been plenty of money and decisions to be spent and made on guys that would have made huge differences instead of spreading out over a bunch of jags.

          • Rob Staton

            Great point

            We seem to try and ‘recruit’ rather than ‘land’ players

          • Seattle Person


            It was easy when they were so close to a Super Bowl and ascending as a young team. Now they are living off of a reputation. Players like the latest trends and the hottest teams. They want to win and get paid. The Seahawks have always wanted to keep their own and pay top prices to their own guys. I can only think of Sidney Rice and Zac Miller as big free agents that were signed at their peak value at their peak price. Am I missing anyone?

      • cha

        I’ll be honest I think a good part of the issue is the offensive system and coaching just as much as adding talent.

        GB was without Bakhtiari for much of the year, the Rams played Sunday without Whitworth, the Niners lost top pick Mike McGlinchey halfway through the season, etc.

        They all endured. They plugged holes and moved on.

        The Seahawks are badly inconsistent. They have games where they plug a backup in and are fantastic (WFT game last year with Ogbuehi at RT, Arizona Week 18 this year with Haynes and Curhan), but most days the starters can’t even get on the same page, let alone holding things together with backups.

    • Big Mike

      We’ve been saying the first of these thin gs all year and the 2nd for 2 years, especially as it concerns Pocic.
      Creed Humphrey 😥

      • Henry Taylor

        I’m increasingly of the belief that Creed Humphrey is the biggest missed opportunity since TJ Watt.

        • Sea Mode

          Right up there with Watt, Chubb, and J. Taylor, yeah.

          • Mr. Drucker in hooterville

            Perhaps Watt, but I’m not convinced that Chubb or Taylor would be the same players on this team and behind this OL.

  80. JD

    I know that PCJS staying completely negates the possibility of a rebuild but my brain couldn’t help from seeing what a rebuild would look like.

    Trade Russ to NYG for #5, #7, #36, 2023 R1
    Trade DK to NYJ for #4 (While it is extremely high, you are getting him with a year left on his contract and a potential superstar. Just a few years ago, Corey Davis went #5 overall. Hindsight also, DK should have went this high)
    If NYJ won’t budge with #4, go for #10 and 2023 R1.

    This would leave you with #4, #5, #7, #36, #41, etc and 2023 R1 (NYG) which would allow you to get one of the elite top 4 prospects Rob has mentioned.
    Other NYJ deal would leave us with #5, #7, #10, #36, #41, 2023 R1 (NYG), 2023 R1 (NYJ). Still very attractive and also a distinct possibility that both NYG and NYJ have decently high picks in 2023.


    Trade Russ and DK to PHI for #15, #16, #19, #51, 2023 R1, 2024 R1 and Jalen Hurts as a stopgap.

    I prefer the NY deals to the PHI massive one but would love to hear what others think and what other options could be out there.

    I also think a young team with cap space would trade something for Bobby Wagner, maybe a 4th or 5th?
    Other than those 3, I don’t see anyone with much trade value other than Tyler Lockett who I would prefer to stay.
    *Disclaimer, I am also with Rob and would prefer Russ to stay but can’t help to think of eventualities. This kind of situation would be so exciting especially for this draft community.

    • Simo

      If they end up having to trade Russ, I prefer the NY Giants deal as well. And they probably need to trade DK if Russ is gone, but I can’t imagine the Jets giving up #4 for him. We would do well to recoup #10 and perhaps get a R1-2 pick next year.

  81. Gross MaToast

    PeteBall could not be more unattractive than it is right now and if I’m Russell Wilson, I want to be a part of what happened this weekend. There are a small handful of human beings on the planet who can do that and he’s one of them. (And, yes, Mr. Pedantic Replier, I’m aware that the entire world doesn’t play football, so this re-enforces the point, right? Right.) Imagine the 49ers with Wilson. I’ll bet that he has. Having him play PeteBall is such an incredible waste…and that’s before discussing the players Pete puts around him, the wtf melange of o-linemen and jag backs who seem to find a final paycheck in Seattle before retirement. Enough of that.

    I’m really hoping that today some people in power are asking if PeteBall is the best way forward. It’s still not too late to build a great team around an elite player.

    • Michael Hasslinger

      Are we sure Wilson has the ability to run an offense like Allen and Mahoney? I disagree. Wilson has not shown the patience shown by both early in games to dink and dunk also, Wilson no longer has the athletic ability of either.

      Unless Wilson harnesses a mid-range game, you are asking the impossible of him, and propagating the same problems.

      • Rob Staton

        I think people should stop acting like Wilson is this hopeless noob

        • Ok

          This. Someone mentioned that Wilson was the worst Qb in his division, a hot garbage take. There are for sure things that Russell does that are infuriating, but his overall play is very, very good.
          We are awash in clickbait articles throwing around ideas for Wilson trade compensation that equal the JA trade, ridiculous. Trading Wilson for 3 first round picks would be a bad deal for the Seahawks. Maybe they have to take that bad deal, because of their many mistakes, but it’d be a bad deal, franchise QBs such as he are worth more than that.
          What’s the best hire Pete has ever made? He’s inherited his best coordinators, and when they left, Pete replaced them with …people that would not be offered jobs elsewhere.

        • WallaSean

          Hopefully Russ watched that game and saw all of those big QB runs and checkdowns and decides to drop 15 or 20 lbs and work on his screen game. Playing for close games with a mediocre at best defense isn’t even “peteball” it’s just dumb. He should just realize that he’s stuck for the next year or two until the team sells at the every least. Time to ditch your agent and work on the holes in your game, keep your head down and try to get back to being able to play at the level you just witnessed in KC. This is the work he has to put in to get where he wants whether Pete is dragging him down or not. His PR campaign isn’t getting him anywhere.
          Get the work done, show it on the field and reap the rewards, and please take your agents cut for yourself.

          • Rob Staton

            Alternatively, let’s acknowledge that even in a bad injury hit season his stat line was pretty remarkable and if you put a top OL and pass rush and consistent running game on the field he might not need to do anything other than he’s been doing very well for a great career

            • WallaSean

              Very True. I still think the checkdown and screen game are one of the few ways RW could improve.

              • Peter

                They are areas for sure. The team needs a slot reciever or a catching threat out of the back field. Or utilize the TE’s differently.

                • WallaSean

                  I would love a TE that could play 3rd down RB and FB, But he needs to get that special 3rd down chemistry with a couple of guys.

      • Peter


        Or it isn’t really.

        I do know what is real. In 2020 wilson counted for 4700 plus yards in rushing and passing. 42 total tds.

        I’m over the athletic argument. There’s nothing but speculation.

        Not shown the patience. Nah. Seattle literally doesn’t run that offense. Never has under carol.

        Can he run an offense like chiefs or bills? Who knows, this team doesn’t.

        Meanwhile. Josh Allen is a boss. He’s also unlike Wilson a pick machine so he may be able to dink and dunk. But he also likes to turn it over a hell of a lot more than Wilson ever has.

      • Matt

        He’s had one of the top 2 10 year starts to an NFL career, in history. WTAF are you talking about?

        • Big Mike

          I don’t know, I heart tacoma said right here on this board he’s not elite and I’m far more inclined to believe him over your statistics.

      • DT

        I absolutely think Russ can, I think his challenge is more mindset.
        He said it about the Chicago end of game sack – “the opportunity of a touchdown was worth the risk of a sack” –
        I think this is too often his thinking, which makes it seem like he can’t run a short game.
        But, in the first half vs Chicago he was lights out:
        Looking deep first. If the shot was there (DK TD) he was taking it.
        If it wasn’t, he went immediately to his 2nd read and threw it quick, with great results.
        He just needs to be coached in this direction. He had a fair amount of check downs vs the rams, and for whatever reason he seemingly chose not to take them, which is ironic as that’s the team he most needs to get the ball out quick, even if it’s a throw-away. His legs can no longer cash the check of holding on to the ball for a bigger play to develop (and/or, the league has figured out his backwards spin move and it no longer fools teams).

        • WallaSean

          If he works on this, his stock goes way up for the next contract, the concerns about losing a step become less of a factor.

      • BA

        We keep seeing this argument and it’s never made sense. Are there areas where we’d like to see him improve? Absolutely. But QB’s don’t operate in a vacuum and call their own shots, they operate within a system, and often when people complain about this sort of thing it’s because the coach operates their scheme this way (with some degree of player agreement I assume).

    • DarrellDownUnder

      Nice post Toast. It is so deflating knowing Pete is still the head. After the weekend how can Jody still think the way to proceed is with PC/JS? Absolutely brutal!

      • TomLPDX

        Because Jody really doesn’t care. We’re in limbo until this team gets sold and the likes of Pete will run the show until then.

    • Gross MaToast

      “Are we sure Wilson has the ability to run an offense like Allen and Mahoney? I disagree.”

      He doesn’t have to “run it like Allen and Mahoney (sic),” running it like Russell Wilson be more than fine. Put the team around him that either Allen or Mahomes have and, yeah, that would be almost impossible to stop. Wilson on the 49ers would be an absolute nightmare for the rest of the league with the coaches and talent they have. Give him the Steelers, or Cowboys, or Saints, or Vikings and those teams find another gear. As is, he drags the sorry ass carcass of whatever Pete saddles him with to the playoffs while putting up hall of fame numbers. And we’re talking about whether we can get two first and a third for him and maybe Kirk Cousins – Kirk Cousins! – would be really special playing PeteBall. (Not referring to Rob’s article, as it is a troublingly possible outcome.) All so that a disinterested team caretaker doesn’t have to make any hard decisions over whether to let go a still popular 71 year-old head coach who has been on the downswing for the better part of a decade.

      There seems to be an unfortunately large portion of the Seattle fanbase who won’t truly appreciate what they’ve had with Wilson until Trubisky or Jones or Cousins is taking snaps. It’s going to be a rude awakening.

      Sorry to hear of your situation, Rob. Take care.

  82. Martinb

    Mike Vrabel, whose team won their division and #1 seed in the AFC but bounced in the divisional round: “not very close” to winning a super bowl. How utterly refreshing to hear the head coach actually give an honest, non-delusional assessment of his team. Does anyone believe anything that comes out of Pete’s mouth? Anything? It’s pathetic listening to him anymore.

    • Peter

      Vrabel is slowly getting me to come around to him being a pretty solid coach.

  83. cha

    Michael Silver
    My read on the Broncos’ coaching search: Packers OC Nathaniel Hackett (whose second interview is today) and Rams OC Kevin O’Connell (who can’t have a second interview till next week) are both viewed as extremely enticing candidates. Cowboys DC Dan Quinn is also a finalist.

    Denver moving towards offensive candidates it appears.

    • Denver Hawker

      After Vance Joseph and Vic Fangio, they’re ready to switch it up.

    • Rob Staton

      Of course. Setting the table for a swing at Rodgers and Wilson.

      Mike Klis said that’s plan A and plan B and he has the sources in Denver to know what the craic is

  84. cha

    Sad we’re looking to other organizations for truth but that’s where we are.

    “Disappointing for everybody,” Bidwill said, via the Arizona Republic. “For our players, for our coaches, certainly for our fans and certainly as a fan myself, it was very disappointing. We have high expectations. We need to play better.

    “Anytime you see your direct competitors in the playoffs, it should bother any football fan,” Bidwill said, “and it certainly bothers this one.”

    • TomLPDX

      I actually like Bidwell – that’s an owner who cares about his team. Just like Irsay, he wants his team to win and is committed to it.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Really? His family has owned the Cardinals since 1933. They haven’t won a title since 1947, the longest title drought of any NFL team by far.

        I don’t see any action that indicates he’s an owner committed to winning. Just a bunch of words.

        • Rob Staton

          Sure, not a great owner at all

          But I think we should credit his honesty and the fact that he… actually communicates

          Nobody in Seattle talks to fans. Not the owner. The GM does two or three press conferences every year and that’s it

          It’s poor

          • Blitzy the Clown

            I mean, I guess. But when did we stop thinking of honesty and communication as basic requirements?

            • Rob Staton

              The moment we stopped getting it with our team

              • Blitzy the Clown

                Well I can’t continue to argue emotionally if you’re going to keep throwing facts at me 😭

        • TomLPDX

          I’m not going to sit here and try to defend Bidwell. Not interested. I still think he is a good owner and a good person. He wants what is best for his team. Period. So what if they haven’t won a title since the dawning of time. Who cares. The point is he cares. We haven’t have that since Paul Allen passed away. Jody doesn’t care.

    • Peter

      They have to sell this team. Bottom line. It’s hard enough to compete in any league but next to impossible with disinterested owners.

      • Rob Staton


      • WallaSean

        I’m convinced that they are in a holding pattern with Pete mostly running things until the pan/endemic plays out. They will give him a shot at another run and either sell on the upswing or clean house and offer a blank slate for the next owner.

        • Rob Staton

          What an exciting few years we have in store…


  85. Rob Staton

    No article today I’m afraid — I’ve been quite ill the last two days (not covid) and got a very important couple of work days coming up.

    However, I have a three round mock draft that is ready to roll and on Thursday I have a guest live stream that you are going to enjoy…

    • TomLPDX

      Hope you feel better Rob. You’ve been knocking it out of the park with all the content you have been giving us. Thank you! Look forward to the 3 round mock. Any trades in that mock???

      • Rob Staton

        No trades this time

    • Peter

      The three round mock, going to be pretty interesting who you put in and how you think it changes after the senior bowl.

      Here’s to a quick recovery.

    • MychestisBeastmode

      3 rounds!? You’re an ambitious fella. Looking forward to it. Get well soon!

    • Big Mike

      Get well my man

      • Rob Staton


    • BA

      Hope you feel better! Appreciate your content as always.

    • Scot04

      Heal up Rob, hope you get well soon.

  86. MychestisBeastmode

    I just saw that Carlos Dunlap’s father, Carlos Dunlap Sr. passed away after a car accident.

    Damn, the world is so unfair at times. I’m thinking of you and your family Carlos. I hope you find the support you need to help you navigate this devastating loss.

    Hug and appreciate the ones you love.

  87. UkAlex6674

    If TB12 were to retire is there any way the Bucs could put together a picks and player(s) combo worthy of a trade for Russ? Is Russ someone Arians would be keen on?

  88. Gary

    Note to Pete Carroll: even with Mahomes’ superhuman heroics to give his team a chance at OT, the only reason that was even within the realm of possibility was because the Chiefs still had two timeouts left!

  89. Rob Staton

    Sadly, I do in fact have Covid.

    Not in a good way. Was hoping it was just a bit of flu but I have tested positive.

    Apologies, it might be a quiet week on here.

    • BobbyK

      Take it easy and get better. I just tested positive yesterday (quarantine the rest of the week) but feel relatively decent. Hope you come out of this great!

      • Rob Staton

        Thanks Bob 👍🏻

        Bloody typical it’s happened this week when I’ve got a lot on. Plus it’s my little girls birthday party on Sunday and she’s not had one for the last two years because of covid. It will be devastating if she can’t have one again.

        • James Crosland

          Fingers crossed you can just sneak into the 5 day isolation to be out for Sunday

          • Rob Staton


            My wife has tested positive this morning too although she has no symptoms

            • Bmseattle

              Ugh…vacation ruined, now this?
              Really sorry, Rob.

            • pdway

              sorry to hear it Rob.

              In the misery loves company category – my whole family go it too. All on the other side of it now, and doing fine.

        • Peter

          That sucks my man. Winter birthdays are killers for kids even in good times.

          Fingers crossed you all get well super quick.

    • Sea Mode

      Dang, get well soon.

    • Mick

      Damn, bad to hear this Rob. Best wishes for your health.

    • Big Mike

      Hang in there. Hope you feel better soon.
      Here’s hoping your daughter’s party comes off.
      Don’t worry about us.

    • TomLPDX

      Sorry to hear that for both you and your wife (you too Bobby!) Hope your daughter doesn’t get it. I guess you can have a belated birthday party when everyone is doing better.

    • jed

      Sending all the good thoughts to you and your family Rob. Hope you all start feeling better soon and can have your daughter’s party!

      No need to apologize! Just relax as best you can and have happy Seahawks thoughts.

      • JJ

        Get better soon Rob. My kids daycare is closed because of COVID. Neither is sick and we are waiting on results, but my wife has started to develop symptoms. This thing is an MFer.

    • cha

      Rats. Well 2021 ended with a whimper and 2022 getting off to a poor start for you guys.

      Wishes for a speedy recovery.

    • Zxvo3

      Get well soon Rob!

    • Ben

      No good! Rest up and get feeling better!

    • Scot04

      Horrible news.
      Prayers coming in for you & your family.
      Hope all stay safe.

    • swedenhawk

      As we say here, ”krya på er”

    • James P

      Take care of yourself and get better soon Rob.

  90. Jeff

    Your Cousins-Seahawks trade scenario sounded like a viable thing until someone pointed out this PFF article that proposes Cousins is worth a 1st and a 3rd round draft pick for him.

    Terms: Steelers send 2022 1st, 2023 2nd

    • James Crosland

      Carr – Washington send 2022 1st, 2023 1st, 2022 3rd

      Wilson – Saints send 2022 1st, 2023 1st, 2022 2nd, 2023 3rd

      So despite
      Wilson having 2 years left of reasonable paying contract (carr has 1 at 20)
      Seattle having to eat 26m in the trade

      Wilson is only worth marginally more than Carr.

      Not sure that other “realistic” projections should be taken either.

      • Jeff

        I agree their projection for Carr’s value sounded kind of crazy in comparison to Wilson’s. But I do wonder if Cousins is closer in value to what PFF said than what Rob proposed of 2 day-three picks.

        • James Crosland

          If we’re looking at lack of quality QBs available in the draft this year, even potentially next year its going to increase the value of QBs that might be available.

          Yes its a 1yr 35mil rental, so the starting compensation is lower, but as long as you negotiate a new contract in advance (opposite of what we did with Adams) you could be signing your QB for the next few years, so it all depends on how highly you value Cousins as a passer, but with the dearth of talent. I’d imagine its somewhere in between the 2 projections

        • Rob Staton

          They have no bargaining power to demand that for Cousins

          Because if everyone says no they’re stuck paying him 45m

          I think that’s a bad article

    • Rob Staton

      There’s no chance Minnesota gets that

  91. Sea Mode

    Ian Rapoport

    The #Steelers have requested to interview #Saints DBs coach Kris Richard for their vacant defensive coordinator opening, source said. The former #Seahawks DC gets another chance after impressing in New Orleans.

  92. Mac

    I don’t see Aaron Rodgers with the Broncos, it’s difficult enough to get to the playoffs. Who would choose to go to a team in the same division as Mahomes and Herbert willingly? (Lesser degree Carr)

    If I’m a veteran QB looking for the final hoorah, I’m trying to get on the Colts via a trade with 2rd picks future firsts and Carson wentz. Weak division, solid defense, good weapons and great line.

    • Hawk Finn

      I’ve never heard professional athletes – let alone great ones – base their decisions on “too much competition”. They just don’t think that way. If anything, they’d be drawn to the potential challenges.

      • Big Mike

        Agree. That said, the Colts and Brown both have good rosters that only need a QB to truly contend for the big prize.

      • Peter

        You’re right about not directly saying they want to avoid competition.

        But you do see players making that calculus none the less. Not as overt as they come out and say no to playing against mahomes, herbert, but…it’s less easy to quantify in football because there are so many players involved in how successful a team is, you can still read comments after free agency where players talk about best chance to “win.” It’s like the positive version of not going to a team where you on the outside.

        Yes all the greats are big time competitors. Brady and manning always like the big moment. However without saying they were avoiding competition they both curiously chose teams that were ready to win and frankly didn’t have any obstacles at least in their division.

        • AlaskaHawk

          While the Seahawks are lucky enough to be in a division with two – maybe three playoff contenders.

      • Mac

        Of course you’d never hear an athlete say it. They use mostly talk robotically like a politician but I assume their inner circle helps them evaluate the situation to put them in, “the best place to go win”. I don’t think an athlete would be foolish enough to leave a mostly bad division with a virtual lock on the playoffs and in a city you’re adored in; but to instead go to a team that is decent where you’ll have to face a bloodbath to even make the playoffs in the twilight of your career. I can understand the marketing angle of a player going to Oakland or New York being exceptions. You could retire off the interest on endorsements in New York, if you’re a big enough star.

        I’m not saying in unreasonable to think that players wouldn’t shy away from the challenge but personally I’m not a big player interview guy. I’m just a fan of what the athletes do on the field and not their mindset/PR speak or personal lives.

    • Denver Hawker

      Rodgers to Denver had many rumored discussions last year. It’s looking to be very likely the Broncos hire Hackett. I don’t know the Rodgers/Hackett relationship, but Denver is a plug and play roster for any top QB to be a contender.

      • Hawk Finn

        Pretty sure they interviewed GB QB coach as well. Possible OC if Hackett comes on board and even more fuel to the fire.

  93. Denver Hawker

    With expectation of Daboll leaving for HC vacancy, McDermott, says no OC replacement decision would be made without Josh (Allen):

    Russ is not some spoiled kid wanting to have more influence. He deserves to be treated the same way other top QBs are in the league.

    • Hawk Finn


    • 805Hawk

      I saw that and was going to make the same point. Russ is no different than every franchise QB. Some people want to make him into the villain.
      “ Sean McDermott via zoom: With Brian Daboll’s possible departure, “Josh Allen will be in the loop and no decision will be made without Josh” in terms of next OC.”

    • TomLPDX

      It would be interesting to see what Daboll and Schoen can do with the NYG, assuming 1) he gets the job and 2) the owner let’s them do their jobs without interference.

    • cha

      I like this not only because of what he said about Allen, but the fact that he addressed a change.

      Pete is always super non-committal and even acts offended when reporters ask about things like this.

      • Matt

        Yep. Pete’s an egomaniac. And I’m tired of Seattle fans treating RW like he’s the villain and that Pete is just some innocent bystander in all of this. He’s the CEO who refused to allocate resources in the trenches, etc. This is on him. Not RW’s salary.

        • Peter

          Watch it with the salary numbers. Someone might come in hot about the cost of allen and mahomes but curiously neglect it’s kind of on the gm to structure pay vis a vie guarantees, cap manipulation to afford the players you want.

          And they’ll completely omit that the rams are paying 44 million for qbs and are a game away from the superbowl.

    • Big Mike

      “He deserves to be treated the same way other top QBs are in the league.”

      Nope, he’s not elite, can’t throw over the middle, has a great offensive line which goes to show it’s all on him, blah, blah, blah…………barf.

      • TomLPDX

        Clean-up in aisle 12!

      • Peter

        Hawks fans have stockholm syndrome.

        Pete says low scores are best. And selfish Wilson wants to get after tge scoreboard only thinking of himself. How can a team win putting up tons of points?

        The worst part of Wilson being non-elite and that half of the starting qb’s are better than him is that he is actually a system guy. I mean easily you swap him out for Daniel Jones or Hurts and put them in #3, who could even tell there’s a change under center?

        At least those guys throw their miserly, innacurate completions over the middle. Into double coverage for picks. But over the middle is over the middle.

  94. Happy Hawk

    Still no new coaches hired and only 1 GM signed. When will the dominoes start falling? Now Brady retirement talk =another team may be in the QB market. Interesting times are a comin!

    • AlaskaHawk

      Brady has one more year on his contract. I think the odds are he plays another season and perhaps more. He escaped without any major injuries so he should be good to go.

  95. Sea Mode

    Not hard to imagine this soon being someone in a blue and green #3 jersey if Pete just keeps rollin’ it back with his buddies…

    • Peter

      Actual footage of ne when Russ plays with Darboll and the giants.

  96. Sea Mode

    Somebody please explain this phenomenon…

    Aaron Levine

    In last six games:

    #Rams 0-6 against #Niners
    #Seahawks 1-5 against #Rams
    #Niners 1-5 against #Seahawks

    So…Shanahan owns McVay….McVay owns Carroll… Carroll owns Shanahan.

    • cha

      In a nutshell?

      Shanahan runs the ball vs the McVay like his life depended on it. He keeps Jimmy out of trouble with short passes and then only about 20-25 of them a game. They keep ahead of the Rams on the scoresheet, while eating up the clock and keeping the offense off the field. When they do, they have Bosa and Armstead and Ford chasing the QB around.

      Pete Carroll refuses to run the ball vs the McVay and keeps taking deep shots, constantly playing from behind, exposing RW and a horrible OL and giving the Ram D the ability to pin their ears back and attack.

      (BTW the one Seahawks win? not some dominant performance. They won because Zuerlein missed a FG try as time expired).

      Shanahan doesn’t run the ball as much vs Carroll and the ‘bend don’t break’ D of the Seahawks keeps the Niners from getting their precious YAC and makes Jimmy make throws he shouldn’t and that causes major problems.

    • DriveByPoster

      Rock, Paper, Scissors. I guess that makes Arizona ‘Spock’.

  97. Sea Mode

    Yup, that’s pretty much how it is:

  98. Happy Hawk

    Speculation will run rampant. This article tries to wade thru ALL the potential QB situations this off season:

  99. Ashish

    Hawks owner ship decision on Pete gave a lot to media on trade scenarios for Russ with Derek and new york Giants etc etc. Lots of opportunities for writers but hawks fans will be frustrated.

  100. Duck07

    I’ll be honest, Marcus Mariota sounds a lot more appealing at QB than Kirk Cousins does.

    I’m obviously biased on that but try and tell me that Cousins and his price tag is a better option than Mariota who is still better than some of the current starting QBs in the league. If you want to play Pete-Ball and run the rock, go get an actual RPO QB

    • Rob Staton

      Let’s be right, I’m not a huge Cousins fan, but he’s done a lot more in the NFL than Mariota

    • BA

      I’m a big Duck fan but Mariota really hasn’t shown much in the NFL. Plus he’d get snapped in half behind our line.

  101. 12th chuck

    saints looking for a new head coach, probably scratch them off the trade list

  102. JJ

    Payton out in New Orleans.

  103. Big Mike

    Cowherd now breaking that Sean Payton is stepping away from the saints. Furthermore Payton has a house in dallas apparently Jerry Jones is lesson fraud with McCarthy then he was and he is speculating that Payton will be the next coach of the Dallas Cowboys. Meanwhile we’re stuck with Pete Carroll for another 3 or 4 years. Yeah Jodie Allen.

    • Big Mike

      It should have red Jones is less than enthralled with McCarthy

      • Peter

        I think i like “lessen fraud,” more.

        • Big Mike


        • Big Mike

          Voice to text is shit on this phone

          • Gross MaToast

            Mind bottling and uphauling.

            • Big Mike

              Have you considered stand-up as at least a secondary job?
              Serious question.

              • Big Mike

                Or at least writing comedy

                • Gross MaToast


                  No, being an International Playboy Chick Magnet Cowboy Astronaut is going to have to do for awhile.

                  That said, I was wondering if JS truly believes that Pete is the best coach the Seahawks can get at this point – if he really thinks there aren’t better options available going forward. I’m not sure what JS’s job duties are, but it seems, as GM, he should have some sway over who coaches the team.

                  I’m going to be unhappy when Denver hires Hackett.

                  • STTBM

                    You forgot to add Humble to your titles lol!

    • cha

      Dennis Allen just got some leverage.

  104. Big Mike

    Payton has 3 years left on his contract so a trade would be required to bring him in IF he wants to coach elsewhere.

    • Rob4q

      So with Payton “stepping down” does that mean he is going to take a season off? I mean he’s under contract with the Saints right?

      • Big Mike

        I believe cha said the only way a team doesn’t have to compensate the Saints for him if he wants to go elsewhere would be if he were added a title beyond Head Coach such as GM, Director of Personnel, etc.

        • TomLPDX

          That’s a good point but we have to consider who the current GM and Director of Personnel is for Dallas. Do you think either one of them will be willing to give up that position? I don’t.

          • Big Mike

            So apparently (don’t know this for sure) if Payton “retires” for a year, his contract with NO is voided and he’s a free agent. He’ll be the coach of the cowgirls for the 2023 season imo. Jerruh will suffer thru one more year of McCarthey so he can get Payton.

            • TomLPDX

              They would still own the rights to Sean’s contract and would need to be compensated if it were to happen. I was just pointing out that Jerry and Stephen aren’t going to be giving up their day jobs.

    • Denver Hawker

      I’d like to imagine the conversation went something like this:

      Loomis: Yeah hey Sean, look, we don’t have a QB, we’re in cap hell, and the QBs in the draft this year are garbage. We’re gonna trade our top players away for picks and tank for Young/Stroud, and reset this thing.

      Payton: Yeah Loomy, I’m not interested, trade me.

      Loomis: How bout this, you take some time off, spend some time with the kids. We’ll give Allen the interim tag, and you come back next year with a fresh cap, load of picks and a franchise QB.

      Payton: Alright, I’ll “step away”.

  105. Rob Staton

    Thanks for all the messages

    All of my family have now tested positive

    Thankfully my wife and kids are showing no symptoms but I’m in a bit of a bad way at the moment. Feel incredibly ill.

    Again, apologies if it’s a quiet week. Hopefully I’ll be recovered for the big Senior Bowl week

    • Rob4q

      Sorry to hear Rob, hope you and the family feel better soon.

      Don’t worry about us here – we’ll find plenty to talk about while you are healing up!!!

    • Comfect

      Feel better! We’re all pulling for you. Thanks for all you’ve done for this team’s fandom with this site, and I hope you all get better soon.

      • Big Mike

        We are all indeed pulling for you

    • cha


      • Big Mike


    • Blitzy the Clown

      I’m very sorry to hear that Rob. Best wishes to you and your family. I hope they remain asymptomatic and that you return to health as soon as possible.

    • Pran

      Get well soon Rob and family.

    • Julian Langdon

      Get well soon Rob; I had Covid 2 weeks ago, fortunately with mild symptoms. I think everyone will get it at some point. Seems pretty unavoidable.

      • GoHawks5151

        Get well soon man! My best to the family. I’m sure there will be massive change while you are out!

    • Mexican Hawk


      Best to you and yours. Take care of yourself, rest as much as you can. Glad to hear on wife/kids front.

      The last thing you should do is apologize for a quiet week. You put out more content than humanly possible, taking into account your full time job. More than those whose jobs this is, if I am being honest.

      I have no idea how you do it. I commend you and thank you.

      Wishing you the best. Be well Sir!

    • Gaux Hawks

      ooof, get well

    • SeaTown

      Best wishes to you and the family. My family is dealing with it as well. Daughter brought it home from school, I got it, then the wife. Luckily my wife and I got the antibodies before the federal gov shut it down. They can say whatever they want but I was feeling better in three hours after receiving them.

      Again, best wishes to you and yours on a speedy recovery.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Rest up and we can resume next week when your feeling better.

    • Huggie Hawk

      Support to you and your family Rob, hope you get better soon. My brother is positive and making his way through it.

    • Sean

      Hang in there Rob.

    • Seahawkwalt

      Get well soon, Rob…

    • STTBM

      Get better soon Rob! Glad your family isn’t showing symptoms, wish you all the best. That stuff is no joke!

    • Group captain mandrake

      Sorry to hear that, Rob. If it’s any consolation, everyone I know who has it and has been vaxxed has recovered pretty quickly, so here’s hoping that’s the case for you too.

    • Ashish

      Take care and get well soon Rob and family.

    • McZ

      Rob… to your and your family the best wishes.
      Get well, soon, times are exciting.

    • Tyler

      I hope that you (and family) are feeling better soon!

      On a different note, thanks for all of the amazing Seahawks content. This website has been a rare bright spot during the pandemic.

    • pepoandart

      I hope you get well soon Rob. Best wishes for the family that they stay asymptomatic. Hopefully everyone can recover quickly and you can hold a slightly late birthday party for your little girl. Those moments are precious and I hope you and family get to experience more of those going forward!

    • Palatypus

      Get well soon Rob.

  106. Blitzy the Clown

    Call me crazy, but I think a ‘good’ owner pays his staff 🤷🏻‍♂️


    Arizona Cardinals ownership definitely not pleased with how season ended. Hearing coaches yet to receive their playoff bonuses.— Jason La Canfora (@JasonLaCanfora) January 25, 2022

    • Rob Staton

      This report has been disputed

      • Blitzy the Clown

        I certainly hope so. Though LaCanfora is fairly reliable.

  107. 12th chuck

    1 year without a quality qb, Payton “retires” I hope pc reads into this, and gives in to let the o operate without interference

  108. cha

    Just a handful of random thoughts about the cap and free agency:

    * The Seahawks absolutely need to get more aggressive with their cap. They have a franchise quarterback in his prime. Teams like the Rams adding superstars at-will should move them to want to keep up. Their lone entry into the arms race (Jamal Adams) was a disaster.

    * That doesn’t mean you give up. Just target your ambitions smarter.

    * Right now, the Seahawks have about $42m of cap space with 46 contracted players after 2021 bonuses and incentive money has been payed out. Laying the padding on a little thick, they need to set aside about $10m for injury, practice squad and high draft picks getting more and pushing those bottom-of-the-roster guys off the top 51. That leaves about $32m.

    * If they cut Bobby Wagner that bumps the number to $48m.

    * $48m to spend last year, applied to current position needs on the 2022 roster, would have bought them:

    CB Adoree’ Jackson $6.187m (PFF 74.9)
    C Corey LInsley $6.60m (PFF 85.7)
    LT Eric Fisher $6.38m (PFF 68.6)
    TE Hunter Henry $6.875 (PFF 73.9)
    DE Trey Hendricksen $12.487m (PFF 72.4)
    RT Matt Feiler $5.00m (PFF 74.5)
    S John Johnson $3.65m (PFF 68.7)

    * Is that cherry-picking? Absolutely. But it is just an exercise to show how far their money can spread if they do it properly. All those players came in on multi-year contracts and the first year hit was extremely manageable. They were at or near the top free agents available at their position.

    * It also illustrates that the Seahawks have wasted a ton of money on short-term contracts. You cannot have a low cap hit when you sign someone to a one year deal, or a two-year deal with healthy bonus money.

    * We need to talk about Chris Carson. Cutting him saves $3.425m according to OTC, but that unfortunately is not a true number. There is a veteran salary benefit in place for players cut with a failed physical designation. So if the Seahawks cut him for the purpose of freeing up room in March, likely the salary benefit kicks in. It is between $1.2m-2.0m guaranteed so the gain is about $2.2m max.

    * If the Seahawks are going to get aggressive this offseason restocking the team, they’ll need some of their on-roster players to make a healthy leap in order to fill some gaps as opposed to spending a ton of $3-4m on unspectacular veterans. Among them:

    Tre Brown
    Colby Parkinson
    Phil Haynes
    Cody Barton
    Marquise Blair
    Alton Robinson
    Dee Eskridge

    * There’s a lot to like there, and a lot of question marks. Between oft-injured and players who have been snap-deprived by bad roster decisions, it’s hard to count on these guys to fill big roles in 2022. But somebody must break through.

    * As well, drafting players who could make an impact in 2022 would be a huge boost for the team.

    • TomLPDX

      Good stuff Curtis. Thanks for keeping the glass half full.

      Should we expect anything from Marquise Blair or is that a lost cause. I do feel like Ugo regressed this year so perhaps he is back in the running for NB. Really hope Dee shows something this year and is not a glass player, always injured.

    • jed

      Great points about the cap space, the Seahawks wasting it, and how the Rams add superstars at will.

      I saw this earlier today about available cap space and salaries that are available to restructure.

      The Rams are a great example of how to manipulate the cap to get the top players. For 2022, they have basically $0 available cap space but can free up over $120M by restructuring contracts. The Seahawks have about $40M in available cap, but can only free up about $70M. So, in theory, the Rams have more cap flexibility than the Seahawks. That flexibility is how the Rams are able to keep adding to the team.

      There is a point where teams could get buried. But, with the cap going up virtually every year and teams having the ability to hire really smart cap math people, the Seahawks have no reason to use the cap as a reason to avoid signing high priced free agents this offseason.

      • Big Mike

        Good post man. Do you think the Seahawks aren’t hiring “good math people” or has it been a case of not needing to manipulate the cap because they can’t get FAs to sign with them?

        • jed

          Thanks Mike.

          I can only speculate on the quality of their cap person, but it seems like the Seahawks are in a pretty good situation every year. I don’t remember them having to cut players or do big restructuring to field a team. They’ve even started playing the void year game. Think of how they reduced Duane’s cap hit this year and pushed some into next year. That unused cap space rolled from this year into next, so there was no net impact to the 2022 cap even though there is $3.5M on the books for Brown in ’22.

          It seems like most teams have figured out how to use the cap and maintain flexibility. There are years where teams may run into an issue, like the Patriots the year Brady left. Even this year where the Falcons are in a bit of a tough spot, they have over $100M available next year and could easily free up another $55M. The Falcons have only a handful of players signed for 2023, so they could have a completely different team in 2 years.

          I think the bigger issue for the Seahawks is the choice they make with FAs like that 2020 offseason of Finney, Olsen, etc. I think there is also messaging through the friendly, unquestioning Seattle media that cap space is the reason they didn’t sign big name players. The Seahawks have the money and just need to spend it better.

          • cha

            They’ve even started playing the void year game.

            Take this with a grain of salt. They ‘borrowed’ about $15m in void contracts – which is almost exactly the amount the 2021 cap went down from 2020 due to the pandemic. This was the equivalent of pulling the emergency credit card out of your sock drawer and paying your light bill with it rather than a wholesale change in how they view the cap.

            I was more intrigued by them reducing Jamal Adams’ 2021 cap hit when they signed him to an extension. It ran contrary to what they’ve done for years. Yes, it will cost them in the future, but it was always a stupid decision to extend him. At least this way, they got some cap flexibility to maybe make a trade deadline move, which turned out to be moot since they were terrible this year.

            • jed

              Yeah, they definitely dabbled in the void years instead of jumping into the deep end.

              You’re right on about the Adams contract. I haven’t looked at a ton of contracts, but it seems like that’s how the Rams and Saints do it. With Adams, they’re kind of stuck through the 2023 season. But his cap hits are $5M in 21, $9M in 22, and $18M in 23. When 2024 rolls around and his cap is $23.6M, they can cut him and save $9M. Tyler’s contract is very similar in cap hit and timeline.

              If they manage big signings like that, it’s possible to sign these expensive players and still stay under the cap. Then, they can release or restructure or trade them when the cap hit gets big.

        • Scot04

          I think it’s their preference for Quantity for competition over Quality.
          Just spend on an actual starter, screw spending on multiple Jags to compete for the same position.

  109. Sea Mode


    • Sea Mode

      “Do it, Kelce. Do it.”

      I think this counts as confirmation:

      Patrick Mahomes II

      Lol i told y’all… this man is crazy 😂😂😂

      • pdway

        that was so cool…love that kind of stuff

  110. Sea Mode


    Will Brinson

    This Sean Payton retirement press conference might go so long it runs right into Sean Payton’s 2023 introductory press conference.

  111. ShowMeYourHawk

    I’m pumped that Payton should be right there to trade for when Pete’s squad falls short of the NFC title game (or the second round 😒) next season. Assuming Russ isn’t dealt this offseason, I like our chances of a swift rebound in 2023. By then, the Rams will HAVE to have started a rebuild…… right?

  112. cha

    Andrew Brandt on Rich Eisen predicts Aaron Rodgers will be traded before the draft.

  113. Bankhawk

    Rob, just saw the news on you and the fam. I haven’t bee on the site so much lately, as we’ve gone back to being in the classroom with students (at least part-time) as opposed to online.
    I hope you are ‘back in the pink of health’ soon. Rest up and I’m hoping you all come through it quickly, with some really good natural immunity to show for your ordeal.
    Cheers, BH

  114. cha

    ‘Best DL since 2013’ indeed…

    • Sea Mode

      Did the Falcons even field a DL…? Yikes.

  115. cha

    Jake spitting some truth

    “Wink Martindale, much like (longtime NFL defensive coordinator) Vic Fangio, there are certain defensive coordinators that are the head coaches of the defense. No one is going to tell them how to run their defense and what they want to do,” Heaps said, “and I don’t think that’s going to jive with Pete Carroll and the way that he’s very involved on the defensive side of the ball.”

    It is well known that Carroll is very engaged with the Seahawks’ defensive game planning and in-game calls, so regardless of who the team’s defensive coordinator is, it’s still Carroll’s defense.

    “That to me just doesn’t seem like a fit from that perspective,” Heaps said. “Although if you’re asking what I would love, I wouldn’t mind seeing Wink Martindale here in Seattle as a DC at all. I think he would bring a fun level of play and a high level of play here to Seattle.”

    • Hawk Mock

      Wishful thinking that Pete would let guys do their jobs, what they’ve been studying and putting into practice their whole professional lives without meddling. Would be a lot of fun to let Martindale or Fangio come in and take charge of that side of the ball.

    • Big Mike

      Translated: Carroll will hire another yes man. And that’s as it should be right? I mean the defensive performance has been trending upward fore the last several years hasn’t it?

  116. Happy Hawk

    Interesting article linking Seattle to some New Orleans players now that Sean Peyton is retired and a rebuild is most likely underway for the Saints.

    • Scot04

      PC needs to just finally spend on Quality Free-agents.
      Screw the Quantity for competition.
      In regards to trades. They should only do low cost trades, that’s where JS shows his talent.
      The Adams trade put me off; instead of taking advantage of a desperate Jets team for Adams who wanted out; we get fleeced.
      0 confidence in PC or JS.

      • Peter

        Add to that whatever acumen the scout staff does or does not have…

        Trade for JA cause you absolutely NEED a great Safety last year, allegedly.

        But be unable to scout that if you flash forward to this year there are actually a good sized group of very interesting Safety prospects that would cost a single solitary pick and a hell of a lot less cash.

        • Scot04

          JS admitted he deferred from his scout to Carroll on some things.
          Our deepest position was safety; we had plenty of higher priority needs.
          Plus giving up two 1st & a 3rd.
          Ummm, I’m guessing this was one of the decisions he deferred to PC on.

  117. Denver Hawker

    New Giants GM signaling support for Daniel Jones:

    Not sure why this was necessary to say unless it’s true.

    • JJ

      Bargaining position. If he came out now and said we don’t want him then they will just look desperate and teams will ask for more.

    • cha

      Ah yes, the dreaded vote of confidence.

      I think Kliff Kingsbury said the same thing about Josh Rosen 5 minutes before they bought him a one-way middle-seat coach class ticket to Miami.

      • JJ

        I think it was a bus ticket.

      • Denver Hawker

        Ha! This was my initial thought process on it as well. But why the need to say anything? What’s the issue with just being vague and say “we’ll be evaluating the best product we can put on the field”?

        I guess I don’t see the value in saying this.

        • Peter

          Probably haven’t had a chance to work up a catchy slogan for Stroud or Young like “suck for Luck,” back in the day.

          • Denver Hawker

            Bottom for Bryce? Sink for Stroud?

            • Peter

              Strong starts both out of the gate.

              “No need to be proud, we’re drafting stroud?” Hard to rally with that.

              “We lost instead of won for our new QB, young” really rough first attempt.

              • icb12

                Yield for Young? Stink for Stroud? Wait for Williams?

                • Peter

                  Getting better

                  • no frickin clue

                    Getting plowed for Stroud?

                    it’s a bit too wordy.

    • cha

      Ian Rapoport
      As if their praise of Daniel Jones didn’t say enough, #Giants owner John Mara makes clear the organization won’t be trading for Deshaun Watson.

      • MychestisBeastmode

        Generally agree with comments above. Daniel Jones has maybe one more season left with NYG imo. The GM knows he can’t give the game away and surely would be happy if Jones remarkably finds new life under a new regime. Yet, GM also knows his admin staff have a 2-3 year window to find their QB, Jones or other, emphasize other. He must also be hoping to flip Jones for a 1st and must have fears of losing him for nothing or close to with with a late round trade. Either way, they’re in QB purgatory. Regardless, that comment is more signalling of the death-knell for Jones than a vote of confidence.

        My takeaway is: Seahawks, do everything you can to avoid also being in QB purgatory.

  118. Hawk Mock

    The comment below cracked me up. “The first-ever fumble-oriented offense!”

  119. Big Mike

    “Keeping BW instead of gaining 16.6M to spend on greater needs”

    Sadly I feel about 95% sure this is how it’s going to be.

    • Big Mike

      Meant as response to Scot04.

  120. Rob Staton

    Hi all, just to keep you all in the loop,

    Last night was extremely challenging. My throat closed up and even drinking water became torture. When I woke up I could feel pain in my chest so my wife rang the doctor. I have since reduced my temperature and recovered somewhat but my throat is still in a bad way.

    I don’t know at this stage when I will be back with it. I did fear at one point last night that I would end up in hospital. Thankfully my family continue to show no symptoms.

    Thank you for the messages

    • cha

      Thanks for the update. Hang in there!

    • Marcus

      Wish you well. You’re in our thoughts and prayers.

    • Ryan Purcell

      Yikes! Best wishes and hope you get better soon.

    • Big Mike

      Thinking positive thoughts for you and the fam
      You have the worst symptoms of a vaxxed person I have heard about. Just your luck eh?

    • King Felix

      Hey Rob,

      hope you continue to feel better.

      Do you have a pulse oximeter? It’s important to keep on eye on your blood oxygen level even if you’re starting to feel better because you can often not even tell if you’re running low. Just something my doctor advised me to have, thought I’d pass it on.

      • Rob4q

        Dang, hope you feel better Rob. This thing can take some time to get over – I have friends who have been struggling since late December with it. They’re getting better, but it takes time and is tough.

        The comment above about the pulse oximeter is spot on – need to watch your numbers for sure. And as hard as it is, do your best to get up and move around as much as possible.

    • TomLPDX

      Sorry to hear that you are having such a hard time Rob. Hope you continue to get better and the family stays symptom free.

    • Robbie

      damn man, praying for you and your family. Wish you well my friend, rest up. Don’t worry about the community.. It’s strong because of you. We will hold down the fort until your return.

    • Qoolio

      Just got done with a bugger of a breakthrough case in our family… Not pleasant at all. Echo the comments on the PulseOx. The numbers were the cue for us on seeking care.

      Sending best wishes to you for a speedy recovery and to your family for continued good health.

    • BobbyK

      Damn. I’m sorry.

      I have it now and I needed to test (because my son had it last week) to know I had it. I didn’t believe the first positive test Sunday so I tested a second time to be sure. For the most part, I feel fine. I’m actually just being bored at home this week since I can’t go anywhere.

      It’s an example of the differences it has on us all. I’m sorry you’re going through this.

      Empathy for others is so important. I hate how covid has become political. It’s real and we need to support each other. Get better, Rob. Your family needs you (as I know you know).

      • Jordan

        Exactly. Science should be apolotical.

        Let’s show empathy for all, and do our best to pull in the same direction.

        • TomLPDX

          Actually, science is apolitical. It’s the politicians that make it not.

          Bobby, empathy is not calling people bums when you don’t like them or they aren’t performing to your standards. I love you man and your post and will probably lose you here, but I have read your posts for over a decade (Tacoma tribune blog anyone!), but when you call people bums in your posts I stop reading and stop taking you seriously.

          • BobbyK

            True. There are plenty of bad players who are good people. A better choice of words is needed. You’re right.

            It’s funny because the “bad” players are infinitely better at what they do than 99.999999… % of society. But, it’s a fun escape for bums like me (I can call myself that).

    • Peter

      Hang in sir. Hope you’re passing through the worst of it.

    • jed

      Thanks for letting us know. Hope you keep feeling better and it’s good to hear your family is doing well.

    • Dingbatman

      Take care Rob. Get well. That shite is no fun.

    • GaiusMarius

      Very much hope that you are past the worst.

      Feel better!

    • Hawks4life

      Put your health first Rob, we appreciate everything you do and we all hope for a speedy recovery!

    • Matthew

      Glad your family are well, hope you only improve from here on out!

    • KennyBadger

      Get well soon Rob – glad your family is doing okay.

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      Hoping for the best, Rob. Take care and log on sparsely, if for no other reason than to let us know you’re okay!

    • TheOtherJordan

      I’m sorry Rob. Feel better.

    • Scot04

      Thanks for keeping us updated. Just focus on getting better.
      Will continue sending prayers your way.

    • Mick

      Hoping this has been the worst, and now you’re heading to recovery.

    • Sea Mode

      Sending my thoughts and prayers. 🙏 Hang in there!

    • GoHawksDani

      I hope you’ll feel better soon!

    • pdway

      Sorry to hear it Rob – hope you are through the worst of it.

  121. Tomas

    Damn, Rob. Heading to Patreon today as a gesture of support. Wishing you the fastest possible recovery.

  122. Rob4q

    So imagine this scenario:

    Pete reaches out to Sean Payton and convinces him to come onboard as a “consultant” for the 2022 season with the intention of retiring after the season and handing Payton the HC job. Pete gets one last shot to win another SB with Russ and then ride off into the sunset. Even if they fall short, it will still be a positive for him with the fans and organization. And knowing that he is handing things over to a great coach, the team and fans will be thrilled. Payton gets a year without all the stress of a HC gig while knowing where he will be in 2023.

    Pete would be remembered as a true Seattle legend no matter what happens next season. Russ would be thrilled to have Payton coming in 2023. Imagine the FA players that would want to come to Seattle then, knowing they get to play with Russ and for Payton?!?

    • TomLPDX

      I like it! Maybe get some of the Saints defensive players for next year as well.

    • Ashish

      Pete is not ready to share fame with his disciple forget about Sean Payton. Pete is more ME guy, he wants to run the show and do everything /not listen to anyone.

      • Darrelldownunder

        Sounds about right, unfortunately. A lot of teams are making shite happen right now. Sadly Seattle isn’t one of them.

    • cha

      And Alvin Kamara can back up Deejay Dallas, Cam Jordan can back up Kerry Hyder and Michael Thomas can back up Freddie Swain.

      • Rob4q

        Don’t kill my dream Cha!!!

      • TomLPDX

        Curtis, dude, this is not one of your best rebuttals.

        • dan

          Are you kidding? Perfect rebuttal, both are just as likely, come on!

          • TomLPDX

            Seriously, you think this is just as likely? C’mon man.

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      This assumes that Pete cares about the franchise’s future more than his own pursuits and personal legacy. A bridge too far….

  123. no frickin clue

    Hang in there Rob. Hope you start to feel better again soon.

  124. cha


    Pete Thamel
    Can confirm via sources that the Ravens are targeting Michigan DC Mike Macdonald to the the next DC there. A deal is expected to come together by the end of the week. Macdonald isn’t on the road recruiting this week for Michigan.

    • Seattle Person

      So…Ole Jimmy is coming back to the NFL? Seems weird if John Harbaugh steals one of his brother’s coordinator without something else there. Am I thinking crazy here?

      • Peter

        It’s the other way around. Mike macdonald is a john guy first having been a Defensive coach for the ravens *before* doing a stint at michigan. It’s not so much he is leaving Michigan but rather going home to Baltimore.

        • Seattle Person

          Ahh. Got it. I thought it was weird that John steals a coach but Jim doing it first makes total sense.

  125. samprassultanofswat

    Rob. Keeping you in my prayers. 🙏

  126. UkAlex6674

    Hope you get over it soon Rob. Its rough. Had it Dec 2020….while I was in hospital after a heart attack. To use the medical phrase my Dr used…’Covid sucks ass’. A fair assessment I’d say worthy of 5-7 years in Med school!

  127. Sea Mode

    “No question (I want to be back),” he said. “If we can make it work and it works out for both sides, and I feel fairly compensated knowing that I’m a two-time Pro-Bowler, (received) All-Pro votes, and one of the best, if not the best free safety in the NFL—I have to be compensated as well, and I feel like I did everything the right way to be compensated as well. If it works out and they say they want to do it, let’s get it done.”

    • GoHawksDani

      15m for Diggs, we now have our major defensive signing for the offseason

      • Peter

        I really, really like Diggs.

        But I hope they are not considering paying him that much. Not that he might not be worth it though safeties tend to fall off a bit quick around 30 years old.

        It’s just way too much money for safeties and it’s the teams own fault not his.

        • Seattle Person

          Me too. We just cannot justify both safeties making that much. I completely agree. DBs in general age very poorly. Meanwhile centers and edge players can play well into their mid 30s. If Diggs is going to cost anywhere between 12-15 million, we need to let him go. Use that money on a center and parts of that money to re-sign someone like Sydney Jones or Will Dissly. In addition, we need to make cuts like Bobby, Carson, and Meyers to pursue a DT that can rush. I don’t mind if they’re not a run-stuffer but if they can rush the QB from the inside then I will be more than happy to give them 6-8 million. That would be worth it over someone like R. Green IMO.

          • Rob Staton

            We all like Diggs

            But if the Seahawks pay him big money, after paying Adams, then they’ve learnt nothing

            They made their bed paying the peacock aka the wrong safety

            Too late now

            That money has to go on the trenches

            If only they’d done what some of us called for a year ago and written off the Adams trade and just got back what they could for him

            • Seattle Person

              Agreed. The quickest way to improve that defense to upgrade the rush in a big way. We have some in-house guys that can cover at safety for Diggs. It was not like the secondary put up amazing numbers with Diggs. I’m not saying he’s not good or he didn’t do anything for the defense. I’m just saying your secondary can be all-time greats but still struggle and will struggle without a pass rush.

            • bmseattle

              for me, Diggs is the epitome of the type of player teams need to be willing and able to move on from and replace.
              There is little chance he will outplay the contract he gets, so you are hoping he just lives up to it… at an age where players decline, and he has a major injury to overcome, on top of it all.

              Even if he maintains his level of very good play, it’s difficult to justify the value at his position over money put in to the O or D-lines.

              • Rob Staton


        • cha

          If only the Seahawks already had a safety on the roster ready to go…say a high 2nd round pick who is known for patrolling the deep middle and laying wood to guys…

          • Seattle Person

            That would be one hell of a story if he can make it back and play really well. Enough of having Blair trying to cover TEs and slot dudes. Let him roam the zone and blow guys up.

            • cha

              Cynical cha: No it wouldn’t. Actually it would be perfectly fitting.

              High draft pick finally makes good in final year of rookie contract.

              • TomLPDX

                Sounds eerily familiar: Penny comes to mind.

  128. Denver Hawker

    Hackett to Denver confirmed:

    Now the speculation begins if Rodgers follows.

    • Big Mike

      If he does………….man that division is gonna be tough.

    • Peter

      Not the biggest Cowherd fan but all the defensive coaches currently looking from the outside in.

      I like that Denver is being pro active in making moves towards the current league direction.

      Probably means they are at least considering Rodgers. Am legitimately interested in the trade value of a QB who at least contemplates retirement somewhat openly.

      Also hopefully constant whiner Aaron Rodgers gets his butt beat in the West. Hey, rodgers I for one could care less about what you believe. I root against you because you are fantastic at throwing an oval shaped item around, have made a kazillion dollars doing it, yet have been more or less whining since Alex Smith got picked before you and you had to sit behind Brett favre. You whined after a monday night football game that had no season implications. You came off as petulant in a loss after Wilson gifted your team endless picks in the playoffs. And you whined last weekend abput fans when honestly you played like crap. It’s not some heroic underdog shtick when you are one of the best to do it.

      • Big Mike

        Spot on post about Rodgers Peter. He’s a bitch, flat out.

        • AlaskaHawk

          Quit picking on Rodgers. He had to fight through a serious injury this year –
          he had swollen ego toe syndrome. A painful ailment that attacks prima donnas.

  129. Rob Staton

    Feeling a little better today, although my throat still feels like it has razor blades attached.

    I did want to say something though. I saw a well known national draft writer post a mock draft recently with Ikem Eknowu as the #1 overall pick.

    That is one of the absolute craziest things I’ve read relating to the draft. If that happens, I will finish every blog post from the draft to December 31st with ‘Go Niners!’ at the end of every article.

    Absolutely mind-blowing craziness.

    It makes no sense on any level. He has a guard frame. His tape is middling at best. Yes — he has the occasional nice highlight reel block and he’s at NC State so he’ll test well. But come on. Come on. Let’s be serious here.

    • Olyhawksfan

      Good to hear Rob, hang in there. I can’t believe these guys can be so bad at their jobs and nobody seems to notice. Except you and SDB of course.

    • TomLPDX

      Let’s hope you’re on the other side of it now…and let’s also hope you don’t have to finish every new article that way!

    • Peter

      Hopefully getting your sarcasm meter back up and running is a sign you really are pulling through.

      This time of year for pundits is really the best for outlandish takes.

      A cbs writer saying Malik Willis at the fifth overall spot for Seattle? Nice. Do they even know who Malik Willis is?

      Can’t wait for tou to hopefully be back at it soon my man.

    • cha

      If it’s the writer I think it is, he also quoted sources saying ‘In an uncertain draft, better to go with protection than a pass rusher.’

      This feels like a tactical plant to get #1 and #2 second-guessing themselves about Aiden and Kayvon.

      Somebody asking him to do a Florio/Schefter swap. I’ll walk your ugly dog around the block if you give me a scoop later.

      • Rob Staton

        Well it’s either that or maybe a large book fell off a shelf and plonked right on his head as he was writing the mock

        I wouldn’t mind if Ekonwu looked like a good tackle. He doesn’t. He’s a guard body. Footwork at times is all over the place. Doesn’t play with any consistency. You can’t draft him to play tackle, let alone at #1. Absolute madness.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      That’s good news. I hope your family is doing well also.

  130. Sea Mode

    Wow… decided to wait for a better landing spot to open up next year?

    Albert Breer

    Cowboys DC Dan Quinn confirmed to me that he has, indeed, told teams that he’s decided to stay in Dallas. Returned to town last night after interviewing with the Bears.

    The Joneses love him and wanted him back badly. And he had more fun coaching last year than he has in years.

    • cha

      Another domino…Bears hire Eberflus

      Ian Rapoport
      With the #Bears hiring #Colts DC Matt Eberflus, the #Jaguars now have one candidate left standing who they brought in for a second interivew — Byron Leftwich.

    • Rob Staton

      I think, more likely, he’s been turned down by Denver and Chicago and this is a way to save face and control his own situation

      • Denver Hawker


      • Sea Mode

        Most likely, yes. But he may also have simply realized he likes coaching defense more unless the golden opportunity turns up for him.

      • cha

        “Wait, you DONT have a Trevon Diggs OR a Micah Parsons? I think I hear my mother calling me for supper. Love you, byeee.”

    • Seattle Person

      There might be better jobs opening up next season. I don’t fault him and can see why he’s staying with Dallas. Especially since he turned the other jobs or they didn’t want to hire him.

  131. Happy Hawk

    Glad you are feeling better Rob. Lots of dominoes falling: Hacket to Denver. Eberflus to Chi. Quinn going back to Dallas. S Peyton retiring? NYG new GM and Owner say not interested in D Watson and back D Jones 100%. Min hires new GM from Cleveland. Going back to RW original “list of teams” he would go to:
    Chicago: Traded Picks and Drafted Fields = out
    New Orleans coach retired = out
    Dallas Cowboys resigned Prescot = out
    LV Raiders = probably the only remaining possibility but they have not hired a GM or Coach.

    A Rodgers and Tom Brady have decisions to make which could create even more QB intrigue in the NFC.

    Feel this is going to heat up now that the GM’s and coaches are coming on board.

  132. Sea Mode

    Tom Pelissero

    So the dominoes are falling fast now:

    [Former Packers OC] Nathaniel Hackett to the #Broncos
    [Former Colts DC] Matt Eberflus to the #Bears
    Dan Quinn staying as #Cowboys DC

    Seven head coaching jobs still open …

    Adam Schefter

    And with Matt Eberflus in Chicago and Nathaniel Hackett in Denver, Byron Leftwich is the leader in the clubhouse in Jacksonville, though the process remains fluid.

    When the Jaguars private plane was in Denver on Monday, it wasn’t there to take Nathaniel Hackett to Jacksonville for an interview; it was there to pick up former Broncos HC Vic Fangio, who has interviewed for Jaguars’ HC job, per league sources. Fangio is a candidate for Jaguars

    And wow, what a move if true:

    Chris Porter

    Source tells me that Byron Leftwich is the #jaguars pick but the hold up is over who will have control of the roster. Leftwich wants Trent Baalke out and the #Jaguars to hire Adrian Wilson who is the Vice President of pro scouting with Cardinals.

    • Pran

      Amidst all the openings across the league, no one is being hired from Hawks or coming to Hawks in any capacity. Guessing the league figured out Pete and will avoid.

    • TomLPDX

      Florio posted this a little while ago…

      Dysfunction at it’s finest!

    • Big Mike

      Mad props to Byron. Baalke is garbage.

    • Henry Taylor

      Surprised Chicago have gone for defensive guy. Would have thought someone to develop Fields would be the route.

    • DC

      Good for Leftwich, I wouldn’t want to work w/ Baalke either.

  133. Sea Mode

    Ian Rapoport

    Among the names expected to receive second interviews from the #Dolphins: #Cowboys OC Kellen Moore, #49ers OC Mike McDaniel, and #Bills OC Brian Daboll.

    Adam Schefter

    Saints’ HC candidates include Aaron Glenn, Byron Leftwich and Dennis Allen, amongst others, per sources.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Surprised the Giants haven’t made the call on Daboll yet. I’d think with Schoen in charge, that’d be a done deal.

      • TomLPDX

        I’m surprised too.

        • Blitzy the Clown

          You also notice how nobody’s talking about Bieniemy much? He had an interview with the Broncos last week, and no news since that I’m aware of.

  134. Gaux Hawks

    I’m glad our coach’s name isn’t Eberflus.

    • Big Mike

      Yeah “Past His Prime” is easier to say. So is “Despot”.

    • Ashish

      We are stuck in the mud to see zero progress for a year and see our QB in prime to go in waste.

    • Gaux Hawks

      Still, I’m happy I don’t have to say Eberflus.

  135. Blitzy the Clown

    The more you watch of Boye Mafe out of Minnesota the more you like. I think his 10-yard split in the 40 will be one of the best among edge, wicked first step. He’ll be on the National team at the @seniorbowl coached by the @nyjets so we’ll get a good look at him. #TakeFlight— David Wyatt-Hupton (@DWyattHupton) January 27, 2022

    Mafe has seriously long arms to go with his serious athleticism. He’s like Frank Clark in KJ Wright’s body. I’m starting to get a feeling about him.

    • Peter

      If he tests the way he is supposed he may be quite the riser.

  136. Gross MaToast

    Happy to see that Rob seems to have turned the corner – not even noon on the west coast and already he’s gone off on Seattle’s ongoing safety overpay, “national writer” draft expert picking Ikem Eknowu going #1 overall, Ikem Eknowu’s footwork, body shape and play, and Dan Quinn’s face saving return to Dallas. I think my favorite part of Rob’s covid experience was when, at death’s door, he hoped that he could just make it to the Senior Bowl.That, my friends, is hard core dedication. Honestly, my final wish wouldn’t be, “I just want to go to the great beyond assured that Malik Willis’ fundamentals are awful.” But that’s what makes this blog great.

    Anyway, here’s my list of Seahawks I don’t need to see any further:

    Chris Carson
    Jamal Adams
    Geno Smith
    Ethan Pocic
    Jason Myers
    Benson Mayowa
    Kerry Hyder
    Phil Haynes
    Kyle Fuller
    Jake Curhan
    LJ Collier
    Jamarco Jones
    Jake Curhan
    Bobby Wagner at $16.5m

    • Rob Staton


    • TomLPDX

      You’ve got Jake Curhan on there twice. You really must not like him! Actually, have we seen enough to cross him off the list?

    • Big Mike

      Carroll brings back 75% of these guys cuz “we right there”.

      • JG


      • Gross MaToast

        I think there may be only 2 of those guys who aren’t certain to return – the one who got a Rolls up to 96 on the 405 and maybe Hyder. Everybody else is almost likely safe for the run-back.

        • Big Mike


    • Simo

      Interesting list you have here. You must really dislike Jake Curhan as you listed him twice. To me, he seems like the type of player you keep around. He’s undrafted (ie, cheap) and has some potential. Same with Phil Haynes. I don’t think it’s a lack of talent for Haynes, he just hasn’t been able to stay healthy.

      I’m good dumping all the others on your list, although I think they keep Collier for his last season, and they have to much invested in the Peacock to get rid of him this early. We need new blood and/or upgrades for all the rest. And we need salary cap flexibility by cutting Bobby, Carson, Myers, Pocic, Hyder, Mayowa, with the last three fairly easily replaced by rookies IMO.

      • Group Captain Mandrake

        I am 100% positive that my favorite part of the Jamal Adams trade is that he has acquired the nickname of Peacock.

    • Gross MaToast

      Jake Curhan knows what he did.

      I’m pretty much done with the entirety of the o-line, including Solari, save a couple of guys.

    • Sea Mode


    • BobbyK

      How can you not like Jake Curhan or Phil Haynes? Especially Curhan? He can mash in the run game and is improving in pass pro. He makes nothing for 3 more years (which is important when you’ve got players like Adams and Wagner making too much – savings have to come from somewhere). That doesn’t make sense to me.

    • WallaSean

      We will be lucky if we get rid of one of the centers or Geno a Re-Pete Reload slowly headed our way.

  137. cha

    If anyone made it all the way through the Brock & Salk podcast, let us know if there was anything good.

    I could not stomach Brock pointing out that the playoff teams have great DL’s and Salk getting all righteous about ‘RW and the offense are fine, but where is the great defense?’ like it’s some huge revelation.

    He’s not wrong we’re all just about 3-4 years ahead on this issue and I didn’t feel the need to listen to it from someone who has been so pro-Pete for so long.

  138. no frickin clue

    Jake Curhan not once but twice! I interpret this as a shrewd reference to his size.

    However if you break up this list into three categories, the first being “watching this guy is elevating my blood pressure, and not in a good way”, the second being “meh, watching this guy does nothing for me”, and the third being “I disagree, let’s get some more looks”, I would arrange as follows:

    Raising Blood Pressure Group (in descending order of aggravation):

    The Meh Group
    Wagner at $16.5m

    The More Looks Group
    Carson (only because I enjoy his play when he’s actually healthy)

    • Simo

      Fair enough! I could go either way with Carson, agree he has been productive when healthy. But that seems like a very big “when” now! Wouldn’t it be nice to have an every down, workhorse RB to count on?

    • Gross MaToast

      Carson won’t ever be healthy again – not NFL healthy. For his own good, he should retire and not risk further injury to his neck. If he returns, it would be shocking to see him make more than ~50 carries before breaking down again. I’d rather have the $4m and Dameon Pierce.

    • Big Mike

      For me:
      Raising Blood Pressure Group (in descending order of aggravation):
      ad infinitum

      • Simo

        At least you are consistent Big Mike! We know he’s gonna be on the team this year, let’s at least hope the new DC can get more out of him!

        • bmseattle

          You know you’ve got an elite player when you are left hoping that the hypothetical new DC can “get more out of him”.

          Hopefully the new DC can also magically heal a chronically bad shoulder that prevents Adams from trying to tackle at the goal line.

          • Big Mike

            Bingo bms. Besides, we all know it’s Carroll’s defense so I fail to have one iota of hope the new DC will change much of anything.

  139. cha

    Ian Rapoport
    Coaches generally get to take an assistant with them, and all signs point to that being LBs coach Dave Borgonzi who should end up with Eberflus in Chicago.

    Which would mean Sean Desai is available? Maybe?

    Then again he’s held on through 2 coaching changes already.

    • bmseattle

      I think he’s the candidate (of candidates that are realistic) that intrigues me the most.
      Not sure he’d want to come here and work under Pete’s looming presence… but he seems like exactly the kind of young, innovative mind we need.

      And who knows… maybe in a few years, if all goes well, he’d be a candidate to take over for Pete?

  140. JimQ

    CB will undoubtedly be ONE of the needs that may be addressed sometime in the draft. Perhaps the below player could end up being a (slot) CB pick? He has some VERY significant added value as a KO & Punt returner, in fact, he’s the best returner in the draft – BY FAR – as well as having very decent stats as a CB. NOTE: Has 9-career INT + 9-TDs in KO/Punt return game in his career. He’s on the smaller side, which is pretty unfortunate for his draft position, but the kid really balls out and is “twitchy” & extremely fluid in all of his movement skills. A return game that changes field position significantly is a good thing on any team.
    Houston CB-Marcus Jones, projected to go in the late Rd-3 to middle of Rd-4 area (matching the Hawks picks). I know this doesn’t fit the Seahawks size criteria, but neither did their last years CB drafted (Brown).

    Scouting report: Marcus Jones, Houston CB | NFL Draft Scouting Report (
    The return game, when performed well by a good returner is one of the most exciting plays in the NFL-IMO.
    Why not draft a CB with significant return abilities, as in 2 positions for 1 player? Makes sense to me.

    • cha

      Why not draft a CB with significant return abilities, as in 2 positions for 1 player? Makes sense to me.

      I think that line of thought has perished a slow death in Seattle. The Seahawks seem terrified of using anyone of significance for returns.

      They’ve taken Tyler Lockett out of returns, except for once in the 4th Q of the Steelers game this year, desperately trying to get a spark.

      They yanked DJ Reed off returns when he got started getting real playing time on defense.

      Ugo Amadi was talked up in that role. Nope.

      They didn’t use Tre Brown at all there last year. Eskridge got used for kickoffs twice in the Washington game and returned it twice for 27 yards each, then got ignored for the rest of the season.

      All I’m saying is don’t get your hopes up.

      • bmseattle

        Very interesting shift in that thinking, considering Earl, Sherm and Kam used to play special teams.
        Didn’t they try using Earl as a returner a few times, before it became painfully clear he couldn’t catch the ball?

        • cha

          The opening game after SB48, Earl muffed the first punt to him. He got one more punt and then that was it.

  141. BobbyK

    Tariq Woolen 6’4″ 205 pound CB with 33 1/4-inch arms and a wingspan almost 79 inches.

    If that profile doesn’t scream LOB Generation II, I don’t know what does.

  142. Rob Staton

    Listening to first draft podcast, Todd comparing Pickett to Mac Jones. I’m telling you, Pickett is nothing like Mac Jones.

    • Big Mike

      Just an FYI, Cowherd absolutely loves Pickett too.

      • Mr. Drucker in hooterville

        I believe Cowherd thought Dwight Haskins was the best QB of his class. Just sayin’

    • swedenhawk

      Tony Pauline also spoke highly of Pickett on the latest Draft Analyst pod.

      • Rob Staton

        It’s not about him being spoken well of

        It’s simply he’s nothing like Mac Jones

        • swedenhawk

          you’re right. and however much tony likes pickett, he didn’t go as far as to make that comp. glad you’re feeling better.

          • Rob Staton

            The thing is, Todd makes a big old comp between Jones and Pickett in the pocket and how they’re not great athletes but can manipulate the pocket etc etc

            It’s as if that massive run with the fake slide never happened. Mac Jones is never doing that

            • Peter

              Rob, if I recall correctly Todd also said that Sam Darnold was the greatest thing since sliced bread (even doubling down on it last offseason when he was traded) and that Baker Mayfield had the makings of a young Drew Brees. He destroyed Josh Allen for his low completion percentage and playing in a small conference and Lamar “just won’t last in this league”. His QB track record has not been great.

  143. cha

    Remember when Baldy used to talk about the Seahawk D like this?

  144. Big Mike

    One of Carroll’s former nemeses good ol’ Jeff Fisher going to be one of the new Head Coaches in the USFL. My opinion: that’s some 7-9 bullshit.

    • TomLPDX

      I never really considered Jeff to be a nemesis of anyone in the NFCW. He did a good job (I didn’t say great) moving the Houston Oilers to Tennessee but never really was a great coach.

  145. Seahawkwalt

    I would love to draft Arnold Ebiketie DE Penn State. Impressive burst off the edge

  146. Robert Las Vegas

    I know Rob that safety position isn’t the highest priority in the draft but do you have any thoughts on Brad Hawkins the safety from Michigan

    • MychestisBeastmode

      If we lose Diggs, safety will be a pretty damn high priority.

      • Rob Staton

        Not really.

        We need to prioritise positions. Invest in the right areas. Not panic when an established player leaves. None of the teams in the final four are there because they have great safeties.

        • Big Mike

          Yeah I mean hell, the Rams pulled Eric Weddle off the street last week and went against Tom freakin’ Brady and their worst coverage was one blown by Ramsey against Mike Evans in a one on one situation. But good job paying the peacock 17.5 per Pete.

  147. Poli

    Adding Chandler Jones, Hicks and Reddick with a new DC could make this a top defense once again, but would Reddick be worth the $12m APY when they already have Taylor as well?

    What do you guys think?

    • Seattle Person

      It’s still really hard to plug Taylor into the starting LEO spot. He is still really raw defending the run. I would love for him to play the Cliff Avril role in a NASCAR package or something like that. That’s why you need to bring in a legit edge that can play most downs IMO. Jones/Miller/or even Cam Jordan in a trade with Dunlap opposite on base downs would be great. Rotate Taylor in.

      I’m iffy about Reddick but I’m all for some of the other edge options.

  148. Poli

    Obviously better in coverage than Taylor, but is that price worth it?

  149. swedenhawk

    David Anineh from University of Houston didn’t get a Senior Bowl invite, but Tony Pauline is really high on him. Just watched his junior highlight reel and he screams off the edge.

  150. Sea Mode

    Guaranteed you will watch more than once! 😂🤣

  151. Matthew Johnson

    One thing i’ve often thought and it doesnt’ get much mention. What if good offensive lineman DONT want to come here? Im sure they all see the deep drops Russ takes, the running around behind the line, the scrambles. Lots of lineman have stated he’s difficult to block for because you have to know when to let go. Something to think about. Additionally, i’m not sure taking multiple players with your free agency money isn’t the best idea, granted they haven’t picked the right guys. Think about it like this, what if you pay Conklin 15m a year, but only have guys backing him up that are bare minimum or just above, and those guys are not great. If Conklin gets hurt, you’re back in the situation you’re in right now. Just a thought

    • Rob Staton

      Well to be frank, if the Seahawks care so little about the backup QB position to give it not even a second thought, why on earth should we or they worry about backup right tackle?

      And did saving money not signing Conklin deliver a good backup RT? No, it did not.

  152. Sea Mode

    Sad to look at… 😭

    Second round: No. 41
    Third round: No. 72
    Fourth round: Nos. 100, 107
    Fifth round: No. 138
    Seventh round: No. 199

    • Rob Staton

      Also sad to look at:

      Jamal Adams tape

      The PCJS cardboard cut out press conference

      Most Seahawks games

      • Bmseattle

        How quickly the narrative changes.
        I listened to a Locked on Seahawks podcast recently, and Corbin Smith made a comment about hiw well the Seahawks started playing ” the last month of the season”.

        So now, apparantly, the Bears and Rams games are somehow being added in to some “great stretch” of football, in order justify rollimg it all back?

        • 12th chuck

          I passed on an article that said the seahawks are better team than anyone thinks, because the rest of the nfc west made the playoffs. It wasn’t even a john clayton article

          • cha

            Clayton did write one that says it’s all good news for the Seahawks. Tom Brady on the fence about coming back to Tampa and Aaron Rodgers miserable and wants out of Green Bay means the NFC is smooth sailing.

            Not afraid to create narratives about other teams’ quarterbacks I see. But don’t you dare impugn that RW is unhappy with the Seahawks.

        • Rob Staton

          It’s incredible isn’t it?

          Those two games — against horrendous Detroit (with their backup QB) and 1-5 to finish Arizona — have had some kind of hypnotic impact on some people.

          We are surrounded by comfort within mediocrity.

        • cha

          Ah yes soothe us with sweet lies.

          Brian said he’d be more disappointed in this season if he was a Cardinals fan than a Seahawks fan. Somebody replied below ‘yeah like going 12-4 and losing at home in the first round?’

          • Rob Staton

            God this franchise and fan base needs a massive kick up the arse

            • Big Mike

              Well a trade of Russell Wilson and a 5-12 finish might do it. It’s a real possibility.

              • Rob Staton

                Even then I’m sure within a week a whole bunch of fans and media will have found a way to convince themselves that this team is on the right track

              • TomLPDX

                You said something the other day that really hit home…

                I hate that I now hate Pete Caroll

                or something like that. I have no joy moving into the off season knowing that nothing will change and it will only get worse. Such an empty feeling about our team.

                • Peter

                  I have less joy about the idea of trading an almost guaranteed HOF qb with years to play and watch my team flounder for three years until Pete retires and/or the team is sold.

                  There’s no take backs in sports. If Wilson goes it’s not like we get him back when a new regime comes in.

                • Big Mike

                  Yep, that’s what I said.
                  You’re right Tom, the feeling for this team is utterly empty and without hope for anything better than a WC round exit, and that’s with Wilson. That’s the ceiling now.

                  • Rob Staton

                    We’re all just wasting time until new owners arrive and the Carroll era finally ends

                  • TomLPDX

                    That’s exactly right Rob.

                  • Big Mike

                    Yep. 3 years would be my guess.

              • BA

                This organization and fanbase deserve nothing less than a few 5-12 seasons quarterbacked by Darnold or Geno.

                • TomLPDX

                  We won’t get to 5-12 with those 2

    • Ashish

      Worst is it will carry on for atleast another year 🙁

    • Scot04

      PC said don’t expect any big splashes in Free-agency which is abit scary based on our need for impact players.
      I’d be worried we could end up with less than our current 6 picks.

    • Mr. Drucker in hooterville

      I hope we are scouting Bethune-Cookman

  153. Sea Mode

    Wait, they aren’t even invited if they get hurt and have to be replaced?

  154. Sea Mode

    Appears to be mutual interest here:

    Ian Rapoport

    From @GMFB: While the #Bears have a new coach, the #Raiders are still searching. But momentum builds for a Josh McDaniels-Dave Ziegler pairing in Las Vegas…

  155. Scot04

    People complain about how Wilson doesn’t really the question of if he’ll really be here next season. Pretty harsh on Twitter.
    But when Pete does the same thing when asked if Wilson could be traded; Nothing.
    PC could have easily said we’re not trading RW period. If anything Pete made it sound like it was very possible they could trade Wilson.
    Looks like PC will continue to get passes on everything.

  156. Scot04

    Garofalo thinking Russ to Washington.

    • Peter

      I watched that.

      They have a very good wr. A running back that’s about a healthy carson level. Not really sure they have “weapons.” The rest of their pieces seem right around ours. They don’t seem like a qb away from contending alternately they don’t have the cache of picks that other teams have nor the media presence that a place like NY has.

    • swedenhawk

      I’ve considered WFT a dark horse candidate, but for slightly different reasons. WFT has a solid defense and running game, and in the past Wilson has had great success in the Air Coryell system (not saying that Turner is a great offensive mind, but look at the QBs he’s had to work with). Plus it’s not far from Richmond, his home town. The prospect of bringing a championship ‘home’ is probably at least somewhat appealing. Then again, Rivera is yet another defensive-minded head coach. Negotiations would have to begin with 3 firsts and Jonathan Allen.

  157. Seattle Person

    I’ve been trying to read/watch more about the RBs in this class. Any thoughts on any of these guys. Some might be fits for the Seahawks and others may not.

    1) We already know about Dameon Pierce.

    2) Jerome Ford: Last season was his first full season being the work horse so he should have more in the tank. Pretty explosive and might be faster on the field than his testing time. I rarely saw him getting caught from behind. He does ok in pass-protection though not the best. He’s also looking to be smaller than his listed 220. He reminds me of a Penny with slashing style type of running. Might be a fit for Zone-blocking scheme.

    3) Zaquandre White: Really Underrated. 6’1 and 215. Physical but he’s not a bruiser. He is really shifty and explosive. Runner and catcher. He gives me Alvin Kamara vibes with cutting and balance. Pretty natural pass catcher as well. The knock on him is whether he can be a RB1 so just like Kamara when he was coming out of the draft. Scheme-wise, he’s a fit for the Zone-blocking scheme and cut backs are his strengths. I’m just not sure the Seahawks will be able to use what he does well…

    There are others but anyone else have a RB that they are watching or looking into?

    • Scot04

      I like D’Vonte Price-RB-Florida International. At 6’2 not typical Seahawks size; but i think he fits everything else and worth a later round pick.

    • DougM

      Kyren Williams, Notre Dame 5’9″ 199lbs. I think he could add a few pounds.

  158. Palatypus

    It appears Jim Nagy has gotten into a weird kerfuffle with the Azalea Trail Maids.

    • TomLPDX

      Oh how I miss living in the south! Love it.

      • Palatypus

        Apparently, the Trail Maids showed up at a Trump rally, no doubt at the request of the governor. That never endears you to the NFL. Also, since the Senior Bowl is having the first-ever Historically Black College and University Combine this year, it probably doesn’t look good to have all these Scarlett O’Haras running amok.

        I got my picture taken with them back in 2012. Since my last name is Butler I captioned it, “Frankly my dear Scarletts I don’t give a damn!”

  159. cha

    Watched the Broncos’ press conference introducing Hackett. Good questions from the press and great answers from Paton and Hackett.

    Hackett has enthusiasm and gravitas you can feel. Paton said the right things.

    I’m happy for Broncos fans. And a little jealous.

    • Rob Staton

      No intelligence insulting assertions?

      No looking off to the press officer off-camera when asked a challenging question, as if to imply you can’t believe someone has the temerity to ask it?

      Nothing about how good Bobby Wagner is?

      The GM actually… spoke??

      Please tell me they at least said everything was peachy after their 7-10 season and they just needed to crack on??

      • cha

        I can in fact confirm it was an actual adult conversation.

        • Rob Staton


          • Big Mike

            Nice GIF

        • Big Mike

          Well that’s novel.

        • bmseattle

          Surely there were cardboard cutouts in attendance, taking a few questions as well?

      • BobbyK

        They just need to resign Von and bring most of the guys they had back together. They were/are almost there!

    • Denver Hawker

      In a 5-min radio segment this afternoon, he was asked if the Broncos 2022 QB is on the team right now, he didn’t say yes. He was also asked earlier in the day if hes spoken with Rodgers since joining. Proper questions.

  160. TomLPDX

    Daboll is a good hire for the NYG’s. I’ve been waiting for this announcement for a week.

    • dand393

      Well looks like a coach Russ might like to play for

      • Troy

        Daboll supposedly loves Daniel Jones.

        • Peter

          He’ll rocket to the best coach in the league if he can turn Jones into anything.

          May not want or want to trade for Wilson but jones so far is backup qb at best.

          • McZ

            Discussed this with a Giants-fan a week ago. He said, it’s all the linemen’s fault. I watched parts of the Cowboys away game. Daniel Jones has ample time in the pocket, even vs one of the best Ds. He simply cannot read defenses, he has no zip. They tried to make easier designs. It didn’t change.

            If Daboll can make this work, he will be a legend, instantly.

        • Rob Staton

          I doubt he ‘loves’ Jones

    • Big Mike

      Another offensive HC hire. Are the Bears the only new hires so far that hired a defensive guy?

      • TomLPDX

        Looks like it. Get a good OC and maybe fields isn’t a lost cause…ir maybe he is.

  161. Mike

    If you want to hear Richard Sherman talk to cliff Avril about the Seahawks. I can understand how sherm rubs people the wrong way.

    • Seattle Person

      There are things that both of them said that I agree with. They do have to have a winning formula again. Sherm hit on the head with the run game and letting Russ be efficient. Balance is huge. However, I don’t understand the constant bitterness and talk of “expectations.” I get it from the players’ perspective but they need to see it from the fans’ side as well. That’s what happens when a team goes on a run or have long periods of success. You want to win the championship. Why would fans want to lower the expectations? That doesn’t make sense. We are spoiled as fans because the players have raised the bar.

      I think Rob knows this best but in European soccer, the expectations for teams and players are super high. You don’t really go on rebuilds so fans are constantly on the coaches and players. I get it that some fans are pretty obnoxious with tweets and messages but I can’t get on board with that notion of Sherm and Cliff. Cliff then name Cleveland, Miami, Detroit and other places. Well if they started to win, the expectations would be raised too. It happens.

    • Rob Staton

      Two men who are either too close to Wagner to be honest or simply haven’t watched him play

      Sherman sounds incredibly bitter, in a concerning way

      Cliff Avril calling fans spoiled… man GTFO with that. It’s sad to hear legends talk like this.

      Nobody expects to be in the SB every year Cliff. Nobody argues that.

      Legitimate, very specific issues are raised and argued well about this regime. It’s not about crying because we aren’t in the SB every year. What a really stupid argument.

      That was a really terrible podcast, with Seahawks fans being lectured in a really patronising way courtesy of a bunch of strawman arguments

      • Mike

        I agree that’s the way I felt. It made me mad listening to it.
        Also seems like a bad business move to talk down to fans when it’s fans who are going to listen to the podcast.

  162. Bmseattle

    It feels like something is “off” in the relationship between the fans and many off they key players off the Super Bowl teams.

    Its a shame, because both fans and players should be celebrating those years together.

    You used the word “bitterness”, Rob, and that sums it up succinctly.
    It sucka as a fan to know that many of the players we loved and cheered for, on our greatest team, have such negative associations with the team and the fans.

    • Rob Staton

      It probably doesn’t help when they start lecturing fans for unrealistic expectations — claiming they expect to be in the SB every year — when nobody makes that argument.

      Then they just brush over any legit concerns raised by the ‘pleb’ minions because, you know, before they arrived in town the Seahawks were nothing. So we should just accept that and be happy.

      Out of touch millionaires.

      • JimQ

        Sherman & Avril seemed to have forgotten that playing – a game – has provided them with a totally free college education and fans, through the purchase of tickets, have paid their salaries of millions of dollars over the years. Now, they are trying to tell fans how they should act & how to be a “proper” fan?

        “Out of touch”, is a slightly weak description for their whole attitudes about fans. “Ungrateful”, “spoiled” and “disingenuous” fit better. Easy to see that Sherm is still a legend in his own mind as well as “the mouth” that never shuts up.

  163. Peter

    Sucks coming from these two. I really generally respect Avril and thought for a short while Sherman was the best in the game.

    Now we are stuck almost in for readers on this site, some sort of O. Henry-esque story wherein “we,” made a deal for a championship but the very man who put it all together is going to live on that forever to the point that there is a very real chance that the HOF QB leaves and the rest of the team is just fumes of what could have been as we/ the former championship team seem to forget this team was fun but mediocre prior to having every piece at the same time.

    An aside. I rarely like to play the “back when the hawks were terrible card,” but sort of don’t want to hear it from Seattle heroes who are barely Seattle legends (sherm probably, avril..amazing player, probably not) about what fans should hope for. The a**hole in mean wants to hear from HOF players about what I should expect. Not a legendary group that burned white hot but flamed out as a group fairly quick. There’s only two players I see going to the HOF from that team and both are still on the team.

    When your time with the team is short and fleeting but my time as a fan is stuck with the team, I actually want my team to contend every year. And counter to them as a realist I understand it’s hard but as a fan I am sat wondering:

    Wait a second. If Pete did do it before with cast off Dlinemen (avril, bennett) and churned the roster and used forgotten picks on world class talent ( sherman) why is it that not happening any more? Why in fact should I just be happy to watch the games and not expect more when they guy who did it once already is still here?

    • Chris

      Pretty sure we’ll see quite a few HOF from the SB team:


      and maybe:


  164. Happy Hawk

    So many open DC jobs and no Hawks DC hire yet.. Looks like it is not a desirable job or at least bottom of the current barrel.

    • Rob Staton

      I think the delay is down to the fact that so many teams don’t know what they’re doing yet, with the hiring cycle taking longer than ever, and are only now starting to build staff. So I wouldn’t pin this on Seattle per se.

  165. McZ

    Woke up this morning, checked into FB and stumbled over “NFL Follies”. Second play? Peacock hitting the bread straight away with his helmet, underlined by a big “Doink”. Hillarious!

  166. Dinosaw

    Is it just me but watching the chiefs makes me so mad our front office. Seeing the simple choices and trades the chiefs have done. Creed ,kelce,gay,reed,Clark just some of the names. Just sick of the continuous bad decisions made by Pete and JS.

  167. Grayson

    Hey Rob and SDB community,

    Thought I’d drop this here for some more senior bowl info. Starts around 37:20 mark and Jim discusses the OU players that will be attending. Couple Seahawks referenced including a bit about Marquis Hayes having interest comparable to Damien Lewis and a Bobby Wagner misevaluation.

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