Senior Bowl 2022 preview

Firstly, I’d like to thank the people who posted messages of support and concern this week. After two years of this pandemic, I started to think I would never test positive. After all, during the first lockdown I continued to work — including a self-shoot TV package from a Covid ward. I never once tested positive and figured, by this point, if I was going to get it I already would’ve done.

Last week I tested positive and became very sick. Despite the rest of my family being asymptomatic — I was bed-ridden. On Tuesday night my throat started closing up and I couldn’t even drink water. It was a scary process.

I’m feeling better now but I’d probably say I’m at 30-40%. I have no appetite. Walking is hard work. I have zero energy. I’m still testing positive.

I intend to provide as much coverage as physically possible during Senior Bowl week. I had previously booked a week off work to cover the event. I’ll start with this (less extensive than normal) review of the players I’m looking forward to seeing and the questions I’d like to answer…

Are three key tackles as good as I think they are?

I’ve talked up Trevor Penning, Bernhard Raimann and Abraham Lucas a lot. Penning already gets a lot of attention to be fair but Raimann and Lucas less so.

Looking online, more people seem intrigued by Minnesota’s Daniel Faalele simply because he’s said to be 6-9 and 380lbs. That’s fun and all — but if he makes a success of it at that size, he’ll be the first. Penning, Raimann and Lucas are ideally sized to play tackle in the NFL. They are prototypes.

Lucas ran a 4.30 short shuttle at SPARQ and has shown well against the likes of Kayvon Thibodeaux. For me, he moves as well as any college right tackle since Tyron Smith. That doesn’t mean he’ll be as good but that kind of agility is rare. Raimann meanwhile has ideal explosive testing results and his own 1.56 10-yard split in the bag.

I think all three have the potential to become very high picks — with so many teams looking for the ideal size/length/profile to play tackle. At a time when the media is trying to push Ikem Ekonwu (come on) as a candidate to go first overall, I want to see if these three perform well in 1v1’s against an excellent looking pass rush group in Mobile.

Who shines among the defensive linemen?

With Pete Carroll already clearly stating that the priority this off-season is to improve the pass rush, the Senior Bowl should be seen as compulsive viewing for Seahawks fans.

If they don’t cut or trade Bobby Wagner and if they truly do try and retain most of their own free agents, there simply won’t be much room to add and improve. I hope that isn’t the road they go down — but here we are.

It could mean that Seattle’s most significant addition is the player they take with the #41 pick. In my article last week, I highlighted all of the potential pass rush options who could be on their radar. Rather than repeat everything here, I’d urge everyone to check out that piece as a proper, true preview of what to expect.

With Arnold Ebiketie, Boye Mafe, Myjai Sanders, Logan Hall, Devonte Wyatt and more on show — it’s at a time like this where not having the #10 pick is a real sickener. It’s not a great draft at the top end, we all know that by now. Yet there are still players available that really could’ve elevated Seattle’s pass rush.

I do think David Ojabo, George Karlaftis, Jermaine Johnson and Jordan Davis will be long gone by the time Seattle picks. Truth be told, so could Logan Hall, Devonte Wyatt, Arnold Ebiketie and Travon Walker.

I’ll be keeping a close eye on Boye Mafe in Mobile because he has some of the extreme physical attributes Seattle loves and could be available in their range. Phidarian Mathis also deserves a good look.

It’s staggering how deep this group is with Haskell Garrett, Kingsley Enagbare, Perrion Winfrey, John Ridgeway, Zachary Carter and Cameron Thomas all capable of making a scene too.

Such is the depth this year, Ole Miss’ Sam Williams is appearing at the NFLPA Game instead. He is another player worth keeping on your radar for Seattle.

This is a terrific linebacker class

What this draft lacks in top-tier blue-chip prospects, it makes up with excellent depth as the draft goes on. And it’s one of the reasons why this franchise should embrace making difficult decisions to move on from players like Bobby Wagner.

This isn’t a decent linebacker class. It’s a loaded class — with several star names set to appear in Mobile.

I haven’t talked much about Wyoming’s Chad Muma but I was seriously impressed with his tape. Quickness, intensity and he just flies to the ball. He has a physical nature and he looks every bit a prospect who can elevate his stock at the Senior Bowl and combine.

I briefly mentioned Nebraska’s JoJo Domann last week. He’s one of the most impactful, dynamic players I’ve seen in college from the 2021 season. Domann screams ‘Patriots’ and could easily fill the roll of a Kyle Van Noy type — capable of wearing different hats and providing game-changing impact.

Then there are the more orthodox linebackers who Seattle are more likely to show interest in. Georgia’s brilliant Channing Tindall — a team captain in the making who leads by example with his ability to seek-and-destroy ball-carriers, sprinting through traffic to deliver jolting hits. His team mate Quay Walker is rated equally highly — with a great blend of size and athleticism. Oklahoma’s Brian Anderson will be, at worst, a second round pick as another rangy, quick and violent modern-day prospect.

This is before even mentioning likely first round pick Devin Lloyd of Utah, LSU’s Greek God-like Damone Clark or potential projects Jeremiah Moon of Florida or Darrian Beavers at Cincinnati. Plus forgotten man — Colorado’s Nate Landman.

There’s never been a better time to get cheaper, athletic, physical brilliance at the position.

There are potential stars at other positions

Blog-favourite Dameon Pierce screams ‘Seahawks’ with his ideal size, explosive testing results and tough-running style. If they had a full quota of picks, I genuinely believe this would be a good class for Seattle to start restocking a roster that needs work. You could get an interior pass rusher, another edge, a linebacker and a runner like Pierce. That could be a foundation.

They’ll probably also really like UTSA cornerback Tariq Woolen for his combination of size, length and incredible testing numbers. Jim Nagy told us he has first round potential due to his traits so let’s see how he handles the 1v1’s against wide receivers.

It’s a who’s-who of top class CFB tight end’s in Mobile. Greg Dulcich, Isaiah Likely, Trey McBride, Jake Ferguson, Jeremy Ruckert, Cole Turner, Charlie Kolar — what a group. Draft one of these guys and save money.

There isn’t a standout receiver who will pull a Deebo Samuel or Terry McLaurin this year but it’ll be interesting to see if Alec Pierce and/or Jahan Dotson can promote their stock with a good week.

Finally, the quarterbacks

The Senior Bowl has long been a ‘king maker’ at the position and that likely won’t be any different this year. Given it’s a class full of players with obvious flaws and strengths, little things like how they command the group and take on coaching will be significant. You’re going to have to convince yourself to take one of these players early.

Carson Strong is the most talented QB in this draft for me — yet the concerns over his knee issue won’t be addressed until after medical combine checks. His inability to move in the pocket to extend plays and avoid pressure, however, will likely significantly hamper his ability to go higher in the draft than his arm talent would suggest.

Kenny Pickett is well primed to succeed with his experience (he’s 24-years-old) and likeable personality. Some teams will be put off by the tiny hands and glove-wearing, others won’t. The Steelers feel like a very real prospect for him in round one.

Malik Willis’ key issues won’t be shown-up here or at the combine. His technique throwing the ball is all over the place and will lead to turnovers at the next level. It might be that he can never fix it so then you have a decision to make on how much of a risk you want to take. He has great arm talent, he throws some excellent passes with accuracy, touch and velocity. He can throw on the run with ease and he can make plays with his legs. Yet when you’re pressured and throwing the way he does, a mess of arms and legs everywhere, you’ll turn the ball over. Teams have a square to circle on that issue. You’ll likely have to adapt and shift your scheme to live with it — rather than re-work his fundamentals.

Desmond Ridder could have a very good week because he’s mature, talented and won’t face much pressure until the game. His accuracy is so up-and-down though that I think teams will have already settled on how they view him before this process.

Sam Howell to me just feels like a poor-man’s Baker Mayfield. I’m mostly interested to see how tall he is in measurements.

I will live-blog those measurements when they come in on Monday so stick to the blog for that, plus any notes or observations I have — I will write them up immediately.

Here are some quick pre-Senior Bowl grades I have. I will review these after the event, of course:

National team


Carson Strong — R2
Kenny Pickett — R2
Desmond Ridder — R3

Running backs

Jerome Ford — R3
Rachaad White — R3


Jahan Dotson — R2
Alec Pierce — R3

Tight ends

Trey McBride — R2
Jeremy Ruckert — R2
Jake Ferguson — R2
Charlie Kolar — R3
Cole Turner — R3


Trevor Penning — R1
Bernhard Raimann — R1
Abraham Lucas — R1
Daniel Faalele — R3


Logan Hall — R1
Arnold Ebiketie — R1
Boye Mafe — R2
Myjai Sanders — R2
Haskell Garrett — R3


Devin Lloyd — R2
Chad Muma — R2
Brian Asamoah — R2

American team


Malik Willis — R2
Sam Howell — R3

Running backs

Dameon Pierce — R2
Brian Robinson — R3
James Cook — R3
ZaQuandre White — R3

Tight ends

Greg Dulcich — R2
Isaiah Likely — R3


Darian Kinnard — R3


Jermaine Johnson — R1
Devonte Wyatt — R1
Phidarian Mathis — R2
Cameron Thomas — R2
Kingsley Enagbare — R3
John Ridgeway — R3


Channing Tindall — R2
Quay Walker — R2
JoJo Domann — R2
Damone Clark — R3

Defensive backs

Tariq Woolen — R2
Cam Taylor-Britt — R2
Roger McCreary — R3

If you missed my interview with Jim Nagy, check it out here:

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  1. TCHawk

    I’m glad you’re starting to feel better, Rob!

    Another OT that I’m looking at as possible if they spend their 2nd rounder elsewhere is Smith from Tulsa. I don’t know how he will test, but some highlights look very competent.

  2. Peter

    Rob Staton at 30-40% > the entire CBS sports draft coverage team.

    Very excited to see how you do in regards to Abraham Lucas. I like to think I have a decent eye for some players but you’re eye for olinemen is much better than anyone else I can note.

    Really like Chad Muma. Well actually really like a ton of LB’s in this class but having a hard time getting too excited since Seattle has big needs and a great LB feels like a luxury for this team. Yes even qhen Barton has been uninspired and Brooks feels a little overdrafted.

    That’s why I’m interested in Beavers as a project. I think he could be had in the fourth or maybe the fifth and provide great value. Unless he goes off on testing.

    Extremely excited to see every single thing I can about the dline names. Seattle needs a massive retooling. Inside. Outside. Terrible against the run (hello! Tenn Titans) absolute piss poor in pressures. Terrible in turnovers. With the FO seemingly gearing up to pay it’s own instead of treating free agency as another tool to build with they could draft dline in back to back rounds, 2 and 3, and I wouldn’t even blink. I worry they are going to keep wagner at full price so the best they can do for him is keep him clean.

  3. GoHawks5151

    Glad you are feeling better Rob! Thanks for all the work. I’m hoping to be impressed by one of these RBs for a mid Rd option if Pierce blows up. I could see him going where Cam Akers did. Can’t wait for the OL/DL 1 on 1s. I wanna see Haskell Garrett after a so so season in addition to the DEs. Interested to see if there is a Quinn Meinerz type rise this year too

  4. Big Mike

    Great to see you feeling well enough to post some new content Rob. Hope the fam is still feeling no effects. Thanks for the new stuff.

  5. Aaron

    Rob, you probably still feel like s*** but your article is top notch. How do you do it? Wishing you the best as you continue to recover.

  6. Sneekes

    Take it easy Rob, we’re all hungry for you’re writing, but don’t over do it.

    • Peter

      You get the feeling that Rob would be doing this at the hospital if he wanted much to our chagrin.

      At death’s door? No worries. Gonna log on to his own site to bust on some random poor draft evaluation.

      Battling a virus? Still got to get that tape rolling.

      I do hear you about Rob taking it easy.

  7. Happy Hawk

    With these grades it looks like the Hawks will have to make a hard decision at #41: Pearce (RB), Mathis (DT), Lucas (LT), Mafe (Edge), Muma (LB) or Wollen (CB) because they won’t make it to the next round. FA will dictate the position? Hope they take the best player available and start acquiring talent. The other thing is Las Vegas – If they hire McDaniel probably makes Wilson salivate over the last team on his list.

    • Peter

      I do wonder what Mcdaniels likes in QB. Having schemed for brady and jones but also tried to make it work with Tebow it’s hard to guage what he values at the position.

      Just bebacause I like his game I hope Carson Strong’s knee isn’t a forever problem. Sports are cyclical and everything old because new again he is such a good pocket passer at least looking at this class. I wonder if Mcdaniels would like a throw back like him?

    • Seattle Person

      Another thing to consider is how many compensatory picks there are now in the 3rd round…The Seahawks, who pick in the early part of the 3rd might have to over draft someone or trade for more 3rd rounders because of the long wait until the 4th.

      For me, it’s a matter of need after FA. I don’t see them going after a RB or CB in the 2nd round. I don’t think DJ Reed is coming back because he probably priced himself out of Seattle. The plan might be to bring back Sydney Jones at a much cheaper price and roll with Tre Brown. At RB, Penny is still out there and there is the Carson situation. I would love Pierce but he may go way higher than what we like. There are some other RBs to be had in later rounds.

      I would prefer either a DT or OT. I wouldn’t mind trading back into the first round if needed to get someone like Wyatt, Hall, Lucas. The biggest impact I believe is getting that 3T DT. I love love Wyatt and Hall. One of these guys during passing downs would go a long ways.

      • CHaquesFan

        Agreed I think they will only keep one of Brown or Reed, and one is on a rookie contract and the other is a FA

  8. TomLPDX

    Glad to hear you are on the road to recovery and the family has had no ill effects. Hang in there and keep getting better!

    Really disappointed in my TAMU players this year. Lot of potential when the CFB season started but it just seems like they fizzled. Right now it looks like Leon O’Neal (DB), Michael Clemons (DL), and Aaron Hansford (LB) are the only participants and none of them were on your list above. O’Neal seems to be a solid player and potentially one to watch.

    Was DeMarvin Leal not invited to the Sr. Bowl?

    • Peter

      I’m disappointed Rob didn’t mention more of the safeties since Diggs may have to walk and Adams has missed five games, four games, and two games in the last three years….

      Mostly posted this to rile up Big Mike a bit.

      • UkAlex6674

        Great stuff Rob.

        The draft content is superb and being honest it has only been this site that has made me really enjoy the whole process from evaluation to the draft itself (2017 was my first SDB draft).

        Glad you are on the mend but just rest when you need to, the fatigue is awful for a long time.

      • Rob Staton

        Not a strong safety group in Mobile

        • Peter

          Mostly joking. I haven’t even checked. I know there’s some in the draft i like but I’m super locked on the dlinemen.

  9. JJ

    Anyone of interest at the shrine bowl?

    • Rob Staton

      Ty Chandler RB
      Lucas Krull TE
      Chigoziem Okonkwo TE
      Nate Landman LB
      Montaric Brown CB

      • JimQ

        At the Shrine game, I’ll be keeping an eye on:
        LB/EDGE-Ali Fayad, W. Michigan (300’s), 6-2/250, 2021: 39-tkls, 17.5-TFL, 12.0-sacks, 1-PD, 2-FF, 1-FR. An Edge or/LB? His 40-Speed & length MAY be a valid question mark. A day-3 or UDFA option? Why not with those #’s?? —>Watch him at the Shrine game. As a Day-3/UDFA pick at a position of need, he should be worth a late shot – if he looks promising, maybe?

        WR-Jarreth Sterns (220’s), Currently, he’s ranked as a late day-3 pick, from W. Kentucky, The most overlooked WR in the draft – IMO. No WR has **150 receptions**, **1902-yards** and **17-TD’s** in a single season by complete accident & without substantial talent, even in an air raid offense. Well worth a day-3 pick. (** = #1 in FBS in each category). —>Watch him at the Shrine game, I think he’ll shine very brightly & move up in the rankings a round or perhaps as many as 3 or 4 rounds, depending on THIS game, IF he performs well & I think he will, he’ll get people looking at his stats & film and he won’t be so “overlooked” anymore.

        At the Senior bowl, I’ll be watching CB & ++KR-Marcus Jones & LB-D’Marco Jackson as well as all of those that Rob mentioned. Without post season Seahawk games, these bowls games are something to look forward to.

    • swedenhawk

      David Anenih, Houston EDGE
      HT: 6’2
      WT: 251
      ARM:34 3/8
      WING: 83 1/8
      HAND:9 4/8

      Tony Pauline says he’s the most underrated pass rusher in this year’s draft.

      • Rob Staton

        Watched him today. Lots to like there

  10. Big Mike

    Wouldn’t it be nice if the Seahawks had that 10th overall pick? I mean they could draft Abe Lucas (maybe even trade down like 5 spots and still do so while picking up an extra pick), play him immediately at RT where he’s been playing in college, bring Duane Brown back for one more season while he helps school Lucas as well, and then move Lucas to LT in 2023.
    This illustrates once again just how bad the trade for the peacock was. It is tremendously limiting the franchise’s ability to get younger and cheaper and restock the trenches. I mean what’s the plan to protect the QB’s blind side at LT? Keep re-signing Duane til he’s 50? My strategy would be an excellent succession plan.

  11. JimQ

    The Seahawks WILL need a backup QB, assuming Smith is gone, would drafting this guy be worth say an early 4-th. round pick in the early 100’s (where he is currently ranked)? I think he has a lot of traits to like, **especially with the deep ball** that PC loves. IMO- he has some nice tools, has improved every year and just needs professional coaching & development. Low risk & well worth the investment of an early 4-th round pick-IMO. Zappe would likely be at least equal to or better than a veteran QB trade that costs the team a 4-th rounder. Often, there are no gains to be had without some element of risk.
    Hyperlink: Bailey Zappe Can earn a lot of money during the Senior Bowl Week (

    Also: S-Jalen Pitre, Baylor, 6-0/197, –– Currently ranked Rd-3 to 4. Might be a good replacement DB. He’ll be at the Sr. bowl too. Possibly a replacement of the “ineffective” Ugo Amadi’s roster spot.
    2021: 14-games, 75-tkls, 56-solo, *18.5-TFL*, 3.5-sacks, 2-INT, 7-PBU, 3-QBH, 3-FF, 1-FR
    Career: 46-games 195-tkls, 36-TFL, 8.0-sacks, 4-INT(2-TD’s),10-PBU, 5-QBH, 4-FF, 3-FR.
    U-TUBE hyperlink: Jalen Pitre Baylor Highlights – YouTube

  12. Aaron

    The GOAT of GOATS Tom Brady is hanging up the cleats.

  13. CL

    So while not official according to other reporters, Schefter reports that Brady retired.

  14. Happy Hawk

    Tampa Bay joins the list of teams who do not have a viable QB. Very interesting to see what happens in the next few weeks!

    • Hawks4life

      JS sends Russ to TB for a bag of potato chips and some new Nike Monarchs for Pete.

    • Aaron

      Tampa Bay would be an ideal spot for Russ. Florida is a bigger market, warm weather, very talented team, an offensive minded coach. Basically checks off a lot of the boxes that the Hawks can’t check off. The starting price has to be 3 1sts or it’s doa imo.

      • Roy Batty

        I doubt Tampa would dangle anywhere near the necessary picks to even start a conversation. Their first rounders will be bottom third of that round. They would have to include other high picks.

        I just don’t see them selling their future to get Russ.

  15. samprassultanofswat

    Actually. In a way I am sad to hear the news that Tom Brady is retiring. I know his family is happy. But that is life in the NFL.

  16. cha

    Daniel Jeremiah talking with Jake & Stacy singing the correct song

    -Russ was fine until the injury & recovery – he gives the Seahawks the best chance to win
    -OL and DL need major work
    -Jamal Adams trade was a big miss

    • Rob Staton

      “And when I was in Baltimore and we drafted Haloti Ngata…”

      • cha

        Any port in a storm. He’s not wrong.

        • Peter

          Not sure if this is a pro/con Haloti Ngata thread.

          But for the value this team has got over a decade with any of it’s first round trade misses and straight up whiffs….

          I’d 100% take a Haloti Ngata with our 10th pick overall. Ngata and one first round pick plus his career vs. Jamal Adams who has now cost the league three overall firsts and a third….ngata by a mile

          • Rob Staton

            It’s neither — I just like to joke that every time Daniel Jeremiah picks up a microphone he mentions he was in Baltimore when they drafted Haloti Ngata

            • Peter

              Got it!

              I have noticed but brushed it off. But yeah he does mention it a ton.

    • swedenhawk

      on the same website you can also find an article claiming that the pass rush will improve next season without any major additions to the the D-line because now that KNJ is gone, DE’s will no longer be dropping back in coverage! 🤦‍♂️

      • Peter

        Such lazy writing. The best pass rusher is going to be 33 on a month, dunlap.

        The second best pass rusher and that’s being generous is Rasheem Green who is a free agent. Tied with Taylor.

        The line play is going to be better because pete is going to do things differently then pete did things? There’s no evidence to support that. I don’t want linemen dropping into coverage but the LB’s themselves aren’t great in coverage either.

      • cha

        I’d just say take care to paint the website with one brush. Jake & Stacy are great. So is Brock. But guys like Salk and Clayton spout pure nonsense mostly. Wyman occasionally stumbles into truth. So there’s a wide range of quality there.

  17. Happy Hawk

    With Brady and Brees retired and A Rodgers most likely heading to the AFC – Broncos who is the best QB in the NFC?

    • Rob Staton

      I know everyone assumes Rodgers is heading to the Broncos.

      But don’t underestimate Rodgers also noticing the far better opportunity rests in the NFC. And provided they’re willing to keep Davante Adams (and why wouldn’t they be?) there’s very little reason for Green Bay to make major changes.

    • GaiusMarius

      Russell Wilson. 🙂

  18. God of Thunder

    Get well soon Rob — and thanks for the insightful draft discussion

  19. DON


    I was beginning to wonder as it’s not like you to not post something. I am sorry that you are sick and hope you are on the mend soon. My family just went through this a couple of weeks back, both wife and daughter got pretty sick but not for too long. I had a bad sore throat the week before them but tested negative and then never got sick when they were positive. Still kind of baffled that I didn’t get to share in the communal experience.
    But please get better soon!

  20. Henry Taylor

    Glad to hear you’re on the mend Rob. I haven’t been particularly inspired by this class, probably due to the lack of star players and Seahawks 1st round pick, but looking forward to the Senior Bowl to hopefully get my interest turned up.

  21. Seattle Person

    So reports now saying Brady hasn’t made a decision yet? I think it’s still a pretty good chance he’s done.

  22. TomLPDX

    Interesting tidbit of news from Florio:

    I guess he is going to make a run in the NFL again after all. I thought he was set for Michigan this coming year.

    • Seattle Person

      Jimmy never stays too long anywhere does he?

      • TomLPDX

        He was there for what, 7 years? That’s pretty long. Leaving on his best season also. Will be interesting to see where he ends up. With the Raiders going after McDaniels, that one seems to be out of reach – but it would still behoove the Raiders to interview him.

        • TheOtherJordan

          I’m not sure why but Harbaugh just feels like a classic Raiders coach.

          • TomLPDX

            I feel that way too. He’ll be back somewhere.

  23. Scot04

    Glad your getting better Rob even if it’s a slow road.
    Thanks for continuing with the excellent content even when struggling with the health issues. Your definitely appreciated for all you do.
    Hope your at full health soon.

    Had a listen to the Sherman podcast for 1st time yesterday.
    Sherman show with Avril some interesting comments.
    It’s just one bad season and fans want Pete fired and Bobby cut.
    If we cut Bobby we’re basically in rebuild, can’t win doing that.
    If Petes gone Seattle will regret it.
    Fans are spilded & selfish; any other team would love our success.
    Talked about how rare building the championship roster was and how everything fell into place. Including Avril & Bennett being the top 2 passrushers and both coming here.
    How Seahawks didn’t appreciate those players and instead of keeping them thought they were replaceable. Which has yet to happen.
    This was their reasoning for keeping Wagner. I had trouble understanding how cutting Wagner means we’re rebuilding.
    Tons in there. Interesting listen.
    Reminds me of all the pro Pete twitterverse though.

    • Rob Staton

      I found it a really frustrating listen

      They basically decided that fans want to get rid of everyone because they ‘expect’ the Super Bowl every year, ignored any relevant argument as to why change might be right and sounded like a couple of people who haven’t read or heard any of the counter-points to any of their positions.

      And I wish I could have my 15-20 mins back

      • DarrellDownUnder

        I wish you could have 15-20 minutes on with them to point out all the reasons they are not on point.

        • TomLPDX

          Wouldn’t that be great! I hate generalizing groups of people but the 12s are a diverse lot. We each have opinions. I love Cliff and Sherm…but c’mon man!

        • Rob Staton

          I’m not sure I’d have got a word in (for once)

          • TomLPDX

            Yeah, well, Richard. Cliff likes to listen to himself to. Would definitely be a challenge Rob.

            • Scot

              Lol. True. Luckily Rob finds people for his podcasts that bring incite or good debate. That podcast was just bad.

      • Scot04

        I totally agree on the frustration part. However I’m glad I listened, if for no other reason is to just hear their views.
        Admittedly I ended up feeling disappointed.
        I hear people all the time talking about these guys being brought back as coaches.
        After hearing that podcast I have 0 idea why anyone would.
        I thought they would have a more open and interesting perspective from a players view.
        As I said it felt more like Pro Pete Twitterverse. How so many can’t see it’s been many years of horrible roster building is beyond me.
        The ironic part was talking about the Seahawks bringing in two top Free-agents to fix the passrush.
        We haven’t seen one top free since, let alone 2 plus.
        It definitely makes me appreciate SDB far more than ever.
        The only thing they were right about was finding an identity.
        PC & JS have definitely lost their way when it comes to that.

        • Rob Staton

          To me it felt like two guys who haven’t really given their positions much thought at all — but still had a go at the people they disagree with by strawmanning their arguments.

          And then, of course, there were the moments where they showed a vested interest (you can’t cut Bobby!)

          I regret watching it. It just made me feel disappointed to listen to such a basic discussion that didn’t get into any of the details.

    • GaiusMarius

      A reminder that not all players, even smart ones, have a good football IQ when it comes to building a winner. I disregard the Wagner comments as simply being motivated by Sherman knowing and liking him.

      Any objective analysis concluded that Wagner should be dramatically restructured or cut.

    • Peter

      A little confused here. It’s like they are fans/media. And there’s two organizations. There’s pete the guy who built the band. And the seahaws as a separate entity who disbanded the key players and thought they were replacable. And two aren’t one and the same.

      So. You can’t think pete is a legend and also rightfully wonder if this team is rudderless? Just be glad for the memories until pete hangs it up. Are we sure Avril and Sherman aren’t native seattleites cause that’s some old school seattle fan thought process’.

    • Ashish

      Many fans and media points out what Pete achieved during his stay in Seattle. No argument their he did great at beginning. But last 5 years its down hill and by its enough time to do change the tide. Today hawks don’t have great roster or picks to build one. We have white elephants like Bobby who is end of his career with 20 million cap hit and Adams with another 20 million who is not even worth it. Another year or 2 Pete will destroy whatever good left on team. Unfortunately owners are unable to assess the situation. I hate Pete he knows but he is so greedy he is risking hawks future as Russ will like to be out. I don’t blame Russ he should be winning some where else.

      • DarrellDownUnder

        Spot on. I’ve been echoing the same thing. It seems like Pete is either greedy or selfish.
        Just wish he had the character to tap out. Feels like he will just keep throwing good money after bad to try and prove his way was right. Such a bad situation.

        • Rob Staton

          That’s it

          We’re all witnessing a vanity project

    • McZ

      For all intents and purposes, we are in rebuild. We have been for the last five seasons. And this FO and coaching staff has been proven to be not able to fix this team. It’s a slow slide to nowhere, an dieser, Bwagz might be done.

  24. Mark T

    Glad you’re through the worst Rob. I had it over Christmas and my advice would be don’t try to do too much too soon. Baby steps… and a few articles maybe… get well soon.

  25. Roy Batty

    Wagner costs too much and is starting to show his age.

    The team did very well against the Cardinals and a mobile quarter back in Murray, without Wagner.

    The draft is loaded with cheap replacements for Wagner.

    Therefore I believe they will extend Wagner and ignore the cheap talent.

    I see no change in the pattern they have established, as they will continue to be the “smartest guys in the room”. With no change in the leadership dynamic at the VMAC, it’s back to the normal routine of fans wondering “who the hell is (insert player’s name here)?” after each pick.

    It’s depressing to have gotten to this point, but my faith in their process is now non-existent. I am really tired of getting hyped for the draft, only to be completely deflated after day 2.

    You have always done a fantastic job in getting me revved up, Rob. However, John and Pete have done an even better job at stomping on my expectations. Watching the draft with your list on my tablet in front of me has become agonizing as each Seattle pick is made.

    Thank you for all your hard work, especially with your poor health. I really wish this year will be the breakthrough moment when your hard work is reflected on the Seahawks big board.

    • Ashish

      I second that.

    • 12th chuck

      I agree Roy, I see why folks would want that #10 pick back, but why? To trade back 3-4 times to get more picks and get mediocre talent? There is no point.

      • BobbyK

        I have a former student who is an NFL scout. Due to Covid last year, he says NFL teams view the mid-rounds this year as gold because there’s more perspective/quality players.

        If ever there was a year since Aaron Curry where the top end of a draft sucks – this is it. If ever there was a year where the mid-rounds are coveted – this is it!

        • 12th chuck

          thanks for the info Bobby, but I am not so sure, even with a mid round talent, that the hawks would pick the right one. A nagging history of “soft but flashy” players picked

          • Seattle Person

            Part of me think that at certain positions the Seahawks can’t go wrong…Like TEs. The FA class is loaded. The rookie class is loaded. It’s almost dumb proof but I’m still iffy. Can the Seahawks really screw this one up like resigning Jacob Hollister? This is the one position you don’t have to pay big money or even what Everett went for last year to get a good player. The TE market is going to be diluted because of the amount of players and rookies available.

            I’m pretty please to hear you say that Bobby about the middle rounds. I hope there is a lot of quality players rounds 3-6.

        • McZ

          There are no CBs in the mid rounds worth a shot. Possibly lhe Bama pair, but that’s pretty much it. WR depth is plain bad, as is QB.

          The strength of the draft is in the trenches, and the TE class is pretty good. These former won’t go R3-5, the latter are not worth a high pick. This will share the draft, as well as a run in the precious scarce offensive skill positions. It’s a good year to not need a WR.

          And while I agree, there is depth to be had… If Ojabo or Davis go #10 or lower, we will inevitably feel another rounds of peacock buyers remorse

          • McZ

            It’s “shape the draft”… darn touch keyboard…

      • Rob Staton

        I think we’ve laid out the ample reasons why having #10 would be valuable to the Seahawks

        • Big Mike

          Their future LT would be there. As it is, they seem to have no plan for the position outside of hoping Duane’s play is good enough. That’s not a plan, that’s just stupid.

          • MychestisBeastmode

            I have to push back a little on this take, Big Mike. While I definitely agree relying on an ageing Brown is risky due to declining play and higher presumptive injury risk, he’s still playing above average and has shown an ability to manage his chronic pains without impacting his in-game play.

            He could make it one game or 2-3 more seasons. Reality probably lands somewhere in the middle of that projection. He’s 36 and will be 37 next season. While it’s certainly his twilight years in the NFL, there are several examples of upper echelon lineman playing into their late 30s with relative success. Every season Duane can play is good value relative production and relative low cap hit at an objectively important position.

            Having a #10 pick and investing in a LT of the future would be awesome, AND having Duane Brown is also not a relatively significant reason the Hawks are in rebuild/reset/mediocrity mode imo. Plus, maybe Stone Forsythe is an adequate backup with starting potential. We will likely get a chance to see how he looks after his redshirt season 🤷‍♂️. Though, I am not arguing to put all our eggs in Stone’s basket (or even some/most of our eggs for that matter. Point is, Stone is mystery, but he’s big and strong and showed well for the grand total of 14 snaps he played).

            From a different perspective, ultimately, yes, the Jamal Adams trade + extension put this team in a worse place and weakened both our draft and cap flexibility to address LT with a plug & play young starter. But outside of injury (could be said for nearly any position), LT is not an imminent need this season.

            • Rob Staton

              There’s no guarantee Brown re-signs

              Then it’s the #1 need on the team

              • MychestisBeastmode

                I hear you Rob (and Cha). I could have added the caveat “assuming Brown re-signs”, but figured it was implied. I was trying (and clearly failed) to delineate that their “plan” for LT is not ideal, but not so far as “stupid” while highlighting that JA trade & extension is very stupid (something we can all agree on 👍).

                Hypotheticals get tricky though and there’s no guarantees about anything. Brown seems to be as happy as anyone else with the Seahawks organization. Sure, he might leave, but that seems less likely than him staying at this point in time from what I can gather. Either way it’s speculation. Regardless, they’ve invested some resources (Stone) that while certainly not a guarantee, at least have some potential for meaningful competition should Brown exit, which cannot be said about some other position groups (D-Line, MLB, FS). And our salary cap could be directed toward a FA LT if need be should Brown walk. Though, I stand by my statement that Brown provides good value for the time he has left. The extra funds available AFTER (potentially) signing Brown would best be used on our pass rush. Outside of a top 10 pick (see Jamal Adams trade) there aren’t options to find that value 9f above average play for cheap at LT from anyone else in the NFL.

                We might trade Russel. That would be #1 if that happened.
                We might cut Bobby. That would be a key need.
                We might not re-sign Diggs. That would be a key need.
                We have no Center. Key need.
                CB has some hope, but with or without Reed, its a “work in progress” at best
                We might lose Penny and Carson could be done or likely a diminished product.
                What TE are we going to overpay and under utilize?
                How does DK Metcalf’s possible extension affect everything and everyone under the cap for the next few years?
                We have a huge need for extra pass rush, #1 need right now.

                • MychestisBeastmode

                  That last half of my retort is meant to highlight that there are many needs (as we all know), and that having a cheap, solid LT, even if an old stopgap, is not a huge concern considering he will play one more season and MAY play 3 more seasons. Maybe I’m grasping at straws from others’ perspectives, but I feel like Brown’s value is a silver lining for what can hopefully (but unlikely) be a quick team turnaround to success once again by allowing the team to focus on the myriad of other holes on the roster.

                • Rob Staton

                  If Brown walks, that’s you’re #1 need though. That’s the point. And it’s by far your #1 need. It would be a huge, glaring issue.

            • cha

              Brown is a free agent. Yes LT is an imminent need.

              • MychestisBeastmode

                Not that anybody knows, but do you honestly think Brown is more likely to sign elsewhere?

                • cha

                  Well, given that Brown staged a hold-in this year and most the Seahawks could/would do to end it was convert some non-guaranteed salary to bonus money, I don’t think it’s a lock that he is a Seahawk next year.

                  And given this is the same front office that with a straight face trotted out scrap-heap find Bradley Sowell and undrafted basketball player George Fant in 2016, and then in 2017 rolled out Rees Odhiambo, he of the 8 snaps of NFL experience and who had been projected as a guard, on a team coming off years of deep playoff runs and aspirations of many more, it wouldn’t shock me if they tried to go cheap on Brown and lost out.

            • Big Mike

              We’ve seen evidence of some decline in Duane’s play. A lot? No, but a little. Guessing it won’t go the other way at this point in time.
              You are absolutely correct about the Adams trade and extension being a terrible situation as far as a LT of the future is concerned. Worst trade in the history of the Seattle Seahawks followed by a doubling down on Pete’s ego with a 17.5/yr extension.

              • MychestisBeastmode

                Agreed that he’s only likely to stagnate or decline more over the next year(s). Still, he’s cheap and was above average this season. I’d love to re-sign for a relative cheap deal in LT position group and use the extra funds towards more pass rush.

  26. Andy J

    Sending you well wishes Rob!! Hope you feel better soon.

  27. All I see is 12s

    This may fall on deaf ears, but this is something that’s really been annoying me lately. Have you noticed all the Seahawks fans on Twitter continually hyping how good the NFC West is? Really, yes we know it’s very competitive. But who cares as right now it’s a bummer because our team isn’t where it should be. I feel like some 12s are trying to gain some sort of consolation out of being in this tough division. I for one, do not want to be held in the same light as Kentucky or Vanderbilt or some other lesser SEC school chanting “SEC!” As if that somehow makes the mediocrity better.
    I guess people cope in their own way though…

    • Peter

      Such a losers argument in sports. And it can not even be backed up by reason. Seattle didn’t “crush,” it’s division but was so even they were 3-3 in it. Nice and competitive. It’s all the other games they lost unfortunately that shows them to be an under built team.

      I really enjoy stories in football. I do not care who wins the Superbowl (burrows for fun, stafford because he played in hapless detroit forever, either…neither) but if the rams or the niners win I’m not going to wear a home made t-shirt that reads “my division won the superbowl ergo my team is basically the fourth best in the league.”

      First that’s way too many words on a shirt. Second that’s such a pathetic viewpoint.

      Let me guess. If the niners win since we beat them twice we’re the real champs.

      • Big Mike

        Awesome post Peter. “we’re the real champs”………I literally lol’d.

        • Peter


    • Denver Hawker

      Even if we went 5-1 in the division, we would have still missed the playoffs.

  28. cha

    Desai Watch update

    Tom Pelissero
    The #Bears are targeting #Colts safeties coach Alan Williams as their defensive coordinator, per sources. Interview process still ongoing. But Williams — the onetime #Vikings DC — is a logical fit to follow Matt Eberflus from Indianapolis.

  29. Sea Mode

    So who are we all thinking wins tonight? Will the Niners continue to have the Rams’ number? Do the Bengals have enough firepower to keep up with the Chiefs?

    I see Rams and Chiefs in the SB

    • cha

      Brain says Niners-Chiefs

      Heart says Niners-Bengals

    • TheOtherJordan

      Agreed. I think it’s gonna be Rams, Chiefs. Really hope it’s Rams, Bengals.

    • Mick

      I also think it’s going to be Rams and Chiefs, with Mahomes winning another Super Bowl.

    • TomLPDX

      Since nobody else picked them, I’ll go with the Rams and Bengals.

    • Big Mike

      Rams break the curse. Bengals in too deep this soon.

      Rams v. Chiefs

  30. joshua





    2) BPA OLC/DT (SEA)

    3) BPA RB/LB/OG (SEA)

    4) BPA WR/S (SEA)
    5) BPA WR/S (SEA)

    By cutting Bobby and trading Wilsons you also have close to 70 million to spend in FA.

    • joshua

      Guessed you’d lose the other 4th getting back into 3rd but point is its a lot of picks and we could come out with a haul of quality players if done right. If Pete/John is staying Wilson should be traded imo.

    • Happy Hawk

      And a near bottom of the barrel starting QB – why do you think Philly would make that trade – Hurts sucks.

      • joshua

        They had a better year than us with Russel. idk

        • Rob Staton

          Come on. There’s a fair degree of context missing there.

          Let’s not try to argue Hurts is of similar quality. He’s a loooooong way off

          • joshua

            Of course not but he is cheap and extra 4 players via the draft, and couple difference makers in FA plus Hurts over Wilson imo.

            • Rob Staton

              I’m sure that sounds great

              Right up until the point you realise your QB is completely incapable of winning a big playoff game

              • ElroyNumbers

                Switch minshew for hurts and sign me up!!!
                Three firsts a 3rd and minshew seems like fair trade.

                • Rob Staton

                  Minshew would leave you in the exact same position

  31. cha

    Raiders are splashing

    Ian Rapoport
    · 35m
    The #Raiders are expected to hire #Patriots de facto GM Dave Ziegler as their new GM, per, @MikeGarafolo and @TomPelissero. He was key in New England’s fast turnaround, now turns his attention to Las Vegas. The next step is slated to be the hire of Josh McDaniels as head coach.

    Ian Rapoport
    The deal for new #Raiders coach Josh McDaniels is being finalized, sources say. A whole new leadership group for Las Vegas.

    • TomLPDX

      Wow! NE west in the dessert. Think the keep Carr?

      • cha

        I think all options are on the table. They have a starting QB on the roster, but aren’t contractually tied to him long-term. So they can trade him if they want to upgrade, trade him to stockpile capital, or keep him for one year at a very reasonable $19m and re-assess their options in 2023.

        • TomLPDX

          I can see this looking enticing to Russ

          • GoHawks5151

            I think so too. However part of me thinks that Russ is too soft for McDaniel’s criticism and personality. Maybe it pushes him to change some things in his game, who knows

        • Roy Batty

          Zero dead money for Carr has got to be enticing for owner Davis. Taking on Russ’s residual contract and have nothing on the books after trading Carr.

          I can see Davis making a huge push for Russ, if Russ voices a desire to leave. New coach. New GM. HoF QB on a reduced salary. They also have $20.5 million in cap space, so they aren’t handcuffed like so many other teams.

          Davis has a history of throwing caution to the wind, so breaking the draft bank on Russ wouldn’t be so far fetched an idea.

      • MychestisBeastmode

        McDaniels has a long track record of winning with prototypical pocket passers. I’m inclined to believe he took that job with the intent of working his magic on Carr or at least giving him a season to see if he’s a fit.

        It’d be a bold move to come into town and advocate trading Carr right out of the gate. Might lose a locker room if they flirt with that and a viable trade isn’t accomplished in short order.

  32. TomLPDX

    Pretty impressive first drive by KC!

  33. Rob Staton

    Chiefs lose a Super Bowl because of their O-line.

    So they trade for a proven tackle, sign Joe Thuney and draft Creed Humphrey.

    Compare that fixing of an issue to the Seahawks signing Mayowa and Irvin in 2019.


    • Big Mike

      I was just coming in the same thing. Humphrey sitting there for Seattle to draft but hey, we got Pocic. No need. Sign Thuney? Naw, Raiders reject Gabe Jackson instead. But yeah, Russ is the problem. FFS indeed.
      2 more blatant examples of why the Seahawks continue to circle the drain. And then you mention 2 more.

      • Peter

        Can’t win with an expensive qb…..

        And before any cap geniuses come knocking i know full well what mahomes cap hit is. Not my problem the hawks cap wonks can’t make space work through guarantees.

      • cha

        And Russ specifically “went negative” for once in his life and requested more protection.

        The Seahawks gave him Gabe Jackson and moved the one young OL building block they had to accommodate him.

        I don’t know what is worse, the fact that the Seahawks responded that way, or they called out Russ for being whiny.

        • Rob Staton

          For me it’s the total and utter complacency, mixed in with the decision making hubris, that leads to this team never taking a proper step forward

        • Peter

          When the seattle defense ranks 23rd and the rushing game ranks 23rd up until december and pete says “the throws were there,” Wilson should have hammered speed dial on his agents phone.

          The fans that guffaw about getting Olsen for russ and how russ wanted AB and how that turned out like he’s a villain for wanting players, they deserve to have Sam Darnold.

  34. pdway

    everyone raves about his sidearm throws – but the hidden strength of Mahomes game is his feet. He’s faster than you think, and so deadly throwing off the scramble. When he keeps the plays alive like that, the Chiefs offense is basically unstoppable.

    • Big Mike

      Yeah when he doesn’t have plenty of time to throw which is over half the time. Watching this Kansas City offensive line is just making me totally jealous. I am really wanting to see this offensive line in 2 weeks vs. LA or SF d-lines.

  35. Big Mike

    This halftime discussion with all the noise on the field is television at its absolute worst

    • cha

      I love it. How did CBS NOT know the grounds staff were going to place giant speakers 15ft behind the desk?

      • Big Mike


  36. Matt

    Bengals feel a lot like the 2012 Hawks. Great talent, team with some obvious holes but resources to aggressively fix it in the off-season. Interesting the see if the owner actually expends resources. They get their hands on a high level CB, DE, and OG…great looking team.

  37. Rushless pass

    Tre Flowers with a good stop on 3rd and 7!

    • Pran

      Tre went to championship game before Pete could. Call it a win.

      This Bengals D is impressive with no elite players I can recall.

  38. Big Mike

    Refs have obviously been instructed to keep the flags in their pockets. Clear late hit oob not called, jersey grab hold not called. Officiating in the NFL drives me nuts.

    • Peter

      So many games decided by bad officiating I’d almost rather take this.

      • Big Mike


      • TomLPDX


      • MychestisBeastmode

        Yes! Let them play!

    • Sea Mode


  39. cha

    Bengals being very crafty on offense, taking advantage of the Chiefs’ aggressiveness.

    Inside counter runs, use of tight ends and Joe Burrow orchestrating it all.

  40. TomLPDX

    Excellent game!

  41. Sea Mode

    All tied up at 21!

  42. Mick

    Didn’t see Mahomes throw an interception there too often.

  43. Big Mike

    If Kansas City loses after having a 21 to 3 lead they have no business being in the Super Bowl

    • TomLPDX

      Good for Cinci fighting back

    • GoHawks5151

      Well… yeah…

  44. Rob Staton

    Seahawks fans would HAMMER Wilson for Mahomes’ second half decision making

    • icb12

      As they should.

      Boneheaded 20 yard loss there at the end. Very Russel-esque. Dance dance dance sack 65 feet further than you started from.

      • Peter

        We get it. Russ sucks.

        I guess mahomes is toast now too having thrown a third of wilsons total ints for the season in a game.

        • icb12

          Of course he doesn’t suck.
          Of course mahomes isn’t toast.

          The two things can be mutually exclusive. Really good players can play badly. Good qbs can make boneheaded plays.

          Their talent shouldn’t let them get away with it.. Mahomes SHOULD be called out for crap play. And he will. Russ SHOULD get called out for his boneheaded plays. And celebrated for his magic ones.
          Just because he’s a talented franchise QB, doesnt mean you have to treat them with baby gloves.

          If Russ had a spine or any stones at all he’d OWN his crap play and mistakes. But he hasn’t, doesn’t and won’t. Instead we get Pete speak, excuses and a string of bullshit streaming from his mouth. When all we want to hear is “I F-d up. That’s on me”

          • mr peapants

            agreed, good post.

    • Big Mike


    • Big Mike

      Mahomes was utter shit in the 2nd half, the entire half

    • DarrellDownUnder

      No doubt. He really was bad in 2nd half. That fail before the half was huge.

  45. Sea Mode

    Wow, Mahomes scrambles for 3 more seconds there and it’s game over.

  46. Trevor

    If Joe Burrow can lead the Bengals to a win here in overtime he takes his place as the next superstar QB in the NFL. Rob I know you were really high on him coming out but did you think he would be this good this quick?

    • Seattle Person

      I think Rob had him a little bit below Luck if I can remember. He really did bang the drum for Burrow. I don’t think anyone expected Burrow to have this ascent or success individually and team-wise.

  47. Sea Mode

    Poor Josh Allen knows the feeling:

    Josh Allen
    · 1m


  48. Seattle Person

    Oh my! How about these Bengals!!!!

  49. Big Mike

    Mahomes utterly shrank in the moment

    • Bmseattle

      Happens to the best of us

      • Seattle Person

        What was the game plan for the Chiefs at the end of the 4th? To waste as much time as possible? Why not just score?? Geez. Go Bengals!! Joe B and Shooter! Ohio legends. Next step, Ohio Gods.

      • pdway


      • MychestisBeastmode

        Hahaha 😂 💀

    • Peter

      He did. But cold as ice Burrows also found a way to win having been done and dusted early in the game.

  50. Sea Mode

    Just kick it now. Don’t risk a fumble.

  51. TomLPDX

    WooHoo! Go Bengals!

  52. Sea Mode

    Wow. Mahomes looked like nerves actually got to him during that OT drive.

    Let’s go, Bengals!

    • Pran

      That last Drive to end 2nd half and letting go of 3 points is a huge brain fart. Call it arrogance or whatever.. it doomed them in the end

    • Big Mike

      During the entire 2nd half. He was overthrowing guys left and right the whole half

    • cha

      He spent his powder last week it appears.

  53. cha

    Russ just watched a 2-win team two seasons ago march to the Super Bowl.

    Does that widen his list of teams ?

    • Sea Mode

      Kinda doubt it. I think he wants somewhere with a strong roster in place to contend immediately.

      • Peter

        Why the talk of NY? That roster is not a qb away from winning.

        For me it’s denver, cleveland, indy, and pittsburg if he wants to win now.

        • Scot04

          Add Washington as well

          • Peter

            Add one more decent reciever and them as well.

  54. Hawks4life

    Burrow is a future star, love that kid.

    • Seattle Person

      There is no doubt he is a star!

  55. Pran

    QB is everything in this game.. should remind everyone of Russ’s value to Seahawks.

  56. Sea Mode

    Yup, kinda like happened with Russ:

    Lance Zierlein

    Hero ball caught up with Mahomes.

    Except they’ve been to 3 consecutive AFC title games.

  57. JJ

    AFC looks stacked with qb’s for the next 5-10 years. If I was Wilson/Rodgers I would not want to be traded to AFC.

  58. Dinosaw13

    Great result now have someone to root for in the Superbowl.

  59. GoHawks5151

    Chiefs sure look a lot like the Seahawks. Offense feast or famine. Defense can’t get off the field. Pat taking bad sacks like Russ. A head coach who’s supposed to be legend on one side of the ball with no solutions

    • DarrellDownUnder

      Righto. 3 points before half would have been huge.
      Really did look like Hawks in 2nd half….

  60. Big Mike

    Just makes me wanna barf seeing 2 NFC West teams in the Conference championship game.

    • Peter

      Their win is our win.

      I say N-F-C! You say, WEST!

      N-f-c!… not having it?

      • Big Mike


        • Big Mike

          (and I know you’re not either)

          • Peter

            100% not having it. Go bengals

            • Big Mike

              Ditto. Would’ve been go KC if they would’ve won.

    • Peter

      Add that both are playing not to win right now.

  61. Rob Staton

    Cam Taylor-Britt @ Nebraska is legit

    If he tests well — watch out

    Has it all

    • Seattle Person

      I just saw his highlights and read a little about him. The Senior Bowl is going to give us some more insight about his game. Some sites are saying he excels mostly in man, some are saying his strengths are in zone schemes. He looks like a classic Cover 3 Seahawks type of CB. I’m seeing him grading out as early as the 3rd and some much later. I don’t know how much you’ve studied him and where you see his range is. I think if he blow up the Senior Bowl and test well, he’s going pretty high obviously. Thoughts?

  62. Sea Mode

    V12 and I wanted Deebo so bad since he was a freshman…

    • Denver Hawker

      Where is V12?

  63. Sea Mode

    Niners let off the hook twice there with drops.

  64. TheOtherJordan

    Happy for the Bengals and their fans. Mahomes, Allen, and Burrow all in the AFC…….Yikes. Add in Mac Jones and Herbert and the AFC championship is going to be a meat grinder. Pats-Bills, Chiefs-Bengals, Chiefs-Bills are gonna be on prime time a whole heck of a lot for a long time to come. Seahawks rebuild the roster with Russell and we have the chance to be the only game in town for a while in the NFC.

    • Rob Staton

      I think the ‘only game in town’ is a bit of a stretch

      • TheOtherJordan

        Rodgers retires and/or moves to the AFC. There isn’t much of a QB class this year or next, correct? So you’ve got what left in the NFC, Kyler Murray and Stafford? Based on their body of work up to now, Russell is head and shoulders above anyone else. That’s pretty barren compared to the AFC.

        • Rob Staton

          The Seahawks have won one playoff game in five years.

          So I’d chill a little on declaring them ‘the only game in town’.

          You see these two teams in the NFCCG right now? They have 10 playoff wins between them in the same timeframe.

          So yeah.

          • Big Mike

            10 😪

  65. Sea Mode


    Watching 49ers get de-cleated on loop is something I don’t mind.

    • Peter

      I took a break to do farm chores. How was that a penalty?

      “Clean hit on a pass catcher.” 15 yards….

      Please tell me that was overturned or omitted.

      • cha

        They threw a flag but picked it up.

  66. Denver Hawker

    Can’t tell is Deebo is just better than DK or just better utilized. Perhaps both.

    • Peter

      Better technician. Better utilized.

      Dk needs to hires fitzgerald and do a looong camp with him over the summer.

      He needs to be better utilized but he also has things that none of the kupps, deebo’s have and he is not utilizing those gifts to their upper limits yet.

  67. Sea Mode

    Shanahan knows the formula: just don’t ask Jimmy G to do too much and he can manage.

  68. cha

    Jimmy G hasn’t been sacked and has a 125 QB rating through almost 3 quarters.

    Pete tell us again how Aaron Donald is a force you can’t stop.

    • RugbyLock

      Well, when you invest in a high quality center he can make sure there’s communication and the line works together

      • RugbyLock

        Unlike the bargain basement crap the Hawks invest in. Then Donald’s impact can be mitigated

        • Peter

          Alex Mack playing at a high level for a almost 15 million/3 years….vs. hyder/mayowa giving nearly nothing (2.5 sacks combined) for almost 14 million in two years…

          What’s the wins looks like with a competent oline and Wilson doesn’t get his finger busted by Donald?

  69. Dinosaw13

    Helps when you have an elite center like Mack.

    • bmseattle

      The Rams are moving Donald around, trying to find a weakness to exploit.
      The 49ers line is playing together very well.

    • Big Mike

      Can you explain the concept of “elite center” please

      • bmseattle

        1000 times better than Kyle Fuller?

        • Big Mike

          Oh OK, so 999 times better than Ethan Pocic. I got it now

  70. Sea Mode

    Kupp is basically unstoppable.

    Also, the NFL couldn’t have scripted recent games any better. Hopefully the SB won’t be a dud.

  71. TomLPDX

    Is it just me or are the 49ers and Rams uninspiring? This game seems to be a joke. Neither team wants it.

    • bmseattle

      I think they both want it. But, yeah… not a very compelling game.

      • TomLPDX

        Seems like a fitting end to the game. Good night 9ers.

  72. Hawks4life

    Jimmy being Jimmy lol

  73. Sea Mode

    So predictable. Jimmy G gonna Jimmy G.

  74. Pran

    Can the Bengals OL handle Aaron Donald and Von Miller. pretty rough match up right there. Its Rams to lose i guess.

    • Sea Mode

      Bengals had better pull through for us. Nothing would be better than the season ending with the Cards crashing, the 49ers forced to reset with Lance, and the Rams coming up short again after going all in on this season.

    • Big Mike

      I don’t think they can handle the ram’s dline, but Bengals been counted out 2 times already in the playoffs so….

      • Pran

        9 sacks given up against titans. could not dominate LOS today, pretty meh.

        all pressure would be on rookie QB, inexperienced team, HC Zac first time to SB. McVay was mentor for Zac , 2nd time to SB, great DL against weakness. Stars lined up for Rams it appears.

        Its going to be Burrow Vs Aaron Donald. Stafford should not mess up like the dropped the INT by 49ers late 4th.
        Hope Bengals pull off.

  75. Mac

    I wore my Burrow jersey and watched the games today. Such a fresh and exciting team, I really hope they can find a way to slow down the Rams defensive line. The Bengals right tackle Prince is a huge liability, they could definitely use Lucas or Raimann.

  76. Rob Staton

    I’m glad the Niners lost

    Screw that team

    Go Bengals

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      Um, but “we beat them twice!” 🤪

      Seriously, I was pulling for Shanahan, as he can never seem to get over the hump. Asking a young QB with a middling line to go to the other squad’s home field and steal away a win is asking a LOT. Hoping they can pull it off because FTR, like forever.

    • Sea Mode


    • MychestisBeastmode

      Hear, hear!

    • cha

      Bang bang niner gang

    • swedenhawk

      Schadenfreude much? LOL
      Go Bengals!

  77. dand393

    Well congrats to Bengals and the Rams I do remember when the rams traded for Stafford a lot of people in the comments we’re saying stafford was no good and he wouldn’t be any better the Goff and when I argued saying they were going to go to the super bowl I was ridiculed but I guess I was right

    • Big Mike

      Link it

    • Rob Staton

      Did you just make up a story where you were ridiculed?

      Because that never happened

      The vast majority of people praised the Rams for the trade.

      • Rob Staton

        I’ve just been through your post history

        Not a single comment about Stafford to the Rams

        • Big Mike

          Color me shocked 🙄

        • Sea Mode


        • Hawks4life

          Got em!!!

        • dand393

          Hey guys I’m very sorry I was completely wrong I did go back and look and it was not SDB it was at fieldgulls I can admit I made a mistake but I will say I did find 2 comments that I made about stafford to the rams back in late January on this site but did not get grief from the commenters here again sorry for the mistake

          • Tomas

            I do remember encountering a good number of posts on FG ridiculing the Stafford acquisition.

    • Gross MaToast

      I remember being ridiculed for saying that drafting Cooper Kupp would be a franchise-altering pick for the Rams. It went on for weeks and weeks, but I didn’t back down from my prediction that he would be an MVP candidate and take them to the Super Bowl, so I guess I was right. I mean, I don’t want to have to say it, but I guess I was right. You don’t have to look it up, I’m almost certain it could’ve happened. It was just like the grief I caught for saying that Aaron Donald was going to be pretty good.

      • Don Logan

        You were 100% right!

        I just read Kupp’s wikipedia entry. Inspiring. Two college offers, goes on to break FBS receiving records. 4.6 forty at the combine, 3rd round pick, now look at him.

  78. BobbyK

    What a weird upcoming Super Bowl.

    One of the worst NFL franchises in league history in Mike Brown’s frugal Bengals vs. a team with a 33-year old QB who had never won a playoff game with another of the worst NFL franchises in league history.

    Either Stafford wins a Super Bowl or Mike Brown gets one. Who would have thunk it, either way.

    • Rob Staton

      A staggering set of events.

      Basically a pretty useless owner and by all accounts a not particularly good coaching staff are in the Super Bowl… because they’ve seemingly been in position to draft a quarterback who has gone from being on nobody’s radar to college football legend to now being a bit of Brady and a bit of Rodgers combined and oh by the way they brought his unstoppable weapon from LSU with him and that was enough to banish years of pain and mismanagement.

      Meanwhile on the other sideline — a team run by an owner with all the dynamism of an old sock, who has overseen years of nothing at Arsenal over here with a QB who still looks like Matt Stafford but kind of isn’t because they had the good fortune to draft an Eastern Washington receiver in round three.

      (I know there’s a lot more to it than that — the Bengals have actually been built pretty well)

      • dan

        Glad the 9ers lost if for nothing else we don’t have to hear months of, we beat a superbowl team twice in the regular season; therefore we are on level above a superbowl tea; therefore change nothing and we should win the superbowl next year. But I guess that is happening anyways… 🙁

      • Tomas

        Not arguing, but I’d happily swap our coaching staff for the Bengals’.

        • cha

          Their offensive adjustments in that game were fantastic. The envy of every Seahawks fan.

  79. BruceN

    Sorry, I’ve been away and didn’t realize you got COVID. Very sorry to hear it and am glad to hear you are starting to feel better. It is amazing that you even take care of the blog in your condition. You are incredible. Get well soon.

  80. Robert Las Vegas

    Rob I have no idea but did you see that one play the 49ers put Trent Williams in motion I don’t get that pretty stupid.,the Rams traded a 2 round pick and 3 round pick for Von Miller who Will probably walk at the end of the year this site would have ripped the Seahawks if the pulled that deal. Now the Rams first pick is end of round 3 hmm like pick 101 at some point it has to bite them doesn’t it? You know Aaron Donald played the 49ers 3 times this year you know how many sacks he had ? answer is ZERO!!!! guess Alex Mack was a decent pic up. I can’t stand the niners or Rams go Bengals

    • Big Mike

      The play where Williams went in motion should’ve been for illegal motion. He turned toward the LOS before the snap.

      Donald may not have recorded a sack last night, but he is the one that pressured Jimmy into that interception to seal the win. That said, yeah Alex Mack. But damn, we good with Fuller and Pocic so no need to sign a quality FA Center or draft Creed Humphrey.

    • Rob Staton

      Mike is right — that Trent Williams play is a foul. He turns upfield before the snap every time.

    • Peter

      Counter to trades. I don’t mind Seattle trading for players. In fact I really liked the Clowney trade. What I don’t like is not being able to retain them.

      For Von Miller maybe he walks. But as of now the Rams are playing for the big one. If they win no one will care about not having picks. The championship is 1000x more important than “building a roster.” I get this is a draft site but it just is more important.

      I’m not getting into the JA trade because I almost feel like Mr. Allen would have 86’ed it for that price. But I’m all for trading picks if: a. You go to the big game that year. -or- b. You plan on retaining them. Right now this team is doing neither.

      I get Jarran Reed is trending down. A dline that could rotate with the addition of Clowney and Reed? Yes please. Get Rasheem Green into a rotational role. Be better at the run.

      Wasting a second on Richardson to let him walk. A third on Clowney. Two firsts and a third for the other guy….that’s a ton of decent picks they are turning into a bottom third ranked defense.

      • Scot04

        I can agree on trades. I don’t think anyone would have been complaining if we used the Adams draft capital on premium positions.
        Not a safety though, plus safety was our lowest priority.
        We could have had a Top DE & DT for the package we gave up on Adams.
        Seahawks best value trades have been in season trades.
        We need to start with simple roster building & Impact Free-agents; before we worry about all in trades.

        • Peter

          Lowest priority for sure.

          Fans can debate value of a position forever. Wr’s too expensive? First round RB? Rookie qb vs. Vet? But safety……

          I love great safety play. A ton of legends at that position in history. Not sure one singular safety has ever been the difference in a championship team. Just rough memory but seems like the greats, amazing as they were, tended to be around great overall defenses.

  81. L80

    Tartt should call up the Peacock for some JUGS sessions….Geez…..Cost your team an SB appearance with a ball put softly into your hands…

    • Rob Staton

      I can just imagine the Peacock having a play like that.

      Although it’d be a run-of-the-mill week nine game, not the NFC CG (obvs…)

      • swedenhawk

        one thing’s for sure: he wouldn’t be lying on the field afterwards with his head in his hands… ‘best in the nation!’

        • Sea Mode

          Based on past experience, we’d probably see him jumping around pointing at several other teammates…

      • cha

        The last time Stafford threw a ball that easy, he couldn’t even track it in the air.

  82. STT6

    Rob, glad to hear you’re getting back to health. Take it easy.

    My son has it, the rest of us are masking at home, I’m wearing one while I sleep. My wife and I can’t afford to miss a ton of work, we have deadlines. Now they are saying I can’t come in to work since I’m a Close Contact…if it cycles through my family, I could miss weeks of work…that’s just not going to be viable…

    And my wife hasn’t gotten her booster and has risk factors…no fun at all.

    May we all get through this!

  83. Peter


    Cam taylor britt: whoa. I remember when CO had three decently regarded DB’s a few years back and try as I might I thought all three just stood around lifeless as active tacklers. But this dude…decent ball skills and absolute monster motor to disengage blockers, lays the wood, heat seeking field awareness.

    Rodger mcreary: good tackler. Very active. But lord I love the ball skills. Excellent sense on when to turn his head. Absolutely fun as heck watching him just know where and when the ball is coming.

    Love these two for Seattle. I really like Tariq Woolen, size plus length, but i like these two better now. Sometimes Woolen is doing a great job but I don’t see him turn around and post up the reciever as much nor get his head turned to the ball as much as I would like.

  84. Sea Mode

    Wow, that didn’t last long…

    Chris Vannini
    · 46m

    SOURCE: Auburn OC Austin Davis is stepping down, @TheAthletic has confirmed.

    He had been hired in December from the Seattle Seahawks. @AUUndercover first reported.

  85. cha

    Ian Rapoport
    Former #Eagles coach Doug Pederson interviewed with the #Saints yesterday, source said. That’s one more.

    Wondered what was going on with him. Hadn’t seem his name out there much.

  86. cha

    …aaandd here we go. The annual ‘we need to copy their model because that is the only way to be successful’ pabulum.

    Talk about a prime example of post hoc ergo propter hoc.

    If ‘trade your first round picks’ is the only thing you learn from the Rams’ success, you shouldn’t be sorting jackstraps for an NFL team, let alone making critical decisions.

    If you truly want to emulate the Rams how about

    -you draft the best player in the NFL
    -you move on from players when they no longer fit
    -understanding that you take your big trade swings, you assure you get back top players at the most crucial positions in the NFL rather than a position you can fill in the fourth round of the draft
    -you get a head coach who knows how to utilize offensive strengths
    -you get a head coach who can surround himself with defensive coaching talent and lets them do their job

    Spending wildly only makes sense when you have all those other things already in place.

    • Peter

      I thought the piece fine up til the part where trading JA was just the start….

      More realistically that’s the start of the end. Now Seattle gets to choose whether to eat it and hold out until 2023 and start drafting again. Or, having overpaid in every way for a guy do they keep spending future firsts to fix today’s problems.

      Thinking that they JA trade is the start of “going all in,” misses the point of the Rams.

      Also where/who is the nucleus? Literally what position(s) or groups could not be improved on? Aging but not old Lockett? Good not world beating Metcalf? A good punter? A QB half the fans think is cooked and the other half see a guy with a down, injured year playing better than a lot of the league. Darrel taylor, possible find…

      And that’s about that. The LB’s are meh. The best safety is 29 and injured. The best CB will be likely priced out. Can’t count on the RB’s. The oline needs 2-3 players depending on vantage point. The best player on the dline is 33 at the end of February.

      Having seen a Superbowl winner i think a nucleus should look a little more like 2012 then 2021.

      • Big Mike

        “understanding that you take your big trade swings, you assure you get back top players at the most crucial positions in the NFL rather than a position you can fill in the fourth round of the draft”
        Bingo cha.

        Great follow up Peter.

        I’d like to add something but you guys have covered it. Thanks.

    • Henry Taylor

      Plus the other side of the coin here are the Bengals. Who have just 2 star players and a roster filled out with a bunch of solid picks, mostly from rounds 2-4, and a few smart FA adds.

    • McZ

      The Rams are having three safeties playing better than Adams. They would never trade for someone like Adams, and in fact will move on from any of the current players. Same goes for LB.

      Their draft strategy could not be more different to the Seahawks.

      PCJS pick players for the bench, employing an overly complex system which is hard to adapt to; McVay keeps it simple and has a clear user story for each and every player, even for the UDFA.

      Yes, it helps drafting Aaron Donald. This years top pass rushing DT will walk 10-15. We basically drafted Adams instead… again. Soon, buyers remorse will set in. And don’t even hope for Mathis. The Bolts are in the market for a top DT, too.

      Adding Peter’s question of who exactly the core of this team is, I cannot find any indication of such a turnaround actually happening.

  87. Asriel

    Has anyone taken a look at Jelani Wood the TE from Virginia. Huge body and seems like a good pass catcher. Has been noted that he dominated blocking drills at shrine practice. Seems like he might be a late round steal. Not a lot of hype on him at the moment but that might change after testing. Could be a good pickup in term of addressing the TE position without wasting assets or paying a lot for Gerald Everett (who I’m not the biggest fan of paying)

  88. Sea Mode

    Jim Nagy
    · 50m

    Reese’s Senior Bowl weigh-in sneak peek…QB group😎

    6003, 220, 0948, 3168, 7738

    6002, 221, 0918, 3118, 7558

    6003, 213, 0968, 3128, 7558

    6032, 217, 3058, 7268

    6030, 207, 1000, 3278, 7878

    6036, 226, 0928, 3158, 7658

    • Peter

      You can’t get your hand measured because you are double jointed?

      So there’s no way to measure odd distances? Strange since I build for a living and all i do is measure.

      Good luck with the exercises. Sure it’ll add some substantial size.

  89. Sea Mode

    Poor Carlos Dunlap. One consistent bright spot on their team for 10 years, leaves for “greener” pastures and now they go to the SB…

    • McZ

      Welcome to PNWs career cemetery, Carlos!

  90. swedenhawk

    Geno Atkins has it worse, imo. though it looks like he’s enjoying his early retirement

  91. Ryan Purcell

    It’s been interesting seeing how many of these games have turned on bad coaching decisions. The Titans coach going for two and taking point off the board. Kansas City not kicking the field goal at the end of the half. The Bengals have had a charmed path.

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