For the 10th draft in succession, I was able to talk draft with friend of the blog Tony Pauline from Sportskeeda. I have a tremendous amount of respect for Tony, whose work I’ve followed since his Sports Illustrated days when I first started writing SDB. His relentless tape study and unmatched enthusiasm for the draft inspired me to do what I do — and it’s been a real pleasure every year to spend some time talking to Tony about the upcoming draft.

The blog is going to be full of content for the next few days — so just a reminder to scroll down the main page so you don’t miss anything. Be sure to also check out my interview with Washington TE Jack Westover, my latest appearance on PuckSports and my article on why I think the Seahawks are going to draft a quarterback this year. Coming up in the next few days — two final mocks, a new cap piece from Curtis Allen, my updated 2024 horizontal board and a lot more.