My final thoughts on the combine & day four observations

Bijan Robinson — naturally gifted

Here are my observations from day four at the combine, plus an overall thought at the end relating to the event and the Seahawks.

Thoughts on the offensive linemen

It was clear who the top offensive lineman was on the field during drills — Tennessee’s Darnell Wright. He excelled, constantly receiving loud praise from the coaches. He was asked to break down the huddle at the end of the second session.

Wright showed off sudden, subtle footwork. He’s very naturally athletic in his change of direction. He hit the bag with purpose. He transitioned into his slide with ease after contact and looked like the real deal. He took advice from the coaches and executed every drill competently, including the overly complicated ‘pass rush drop’ drill that replaced the kick-slide and had multiple linemen confused. He slammed the bags with power, exploded into position and when he shifted into his kick-slide he did it with ease. It’s so effortless the way he drops, with control of his feet and body.

The best way to sum him up is that he doesn’t look like a 333lbs lineman. He’s well proportioned and athletic. His feet pepper the ground with a nimbleness befitting of a much smaller blocker.

It’s no wonder he was able to shut-down Will Anderson last year. Wright looks like the real deal. The only thing that’ll prevent him from being the top offensive lineman taken is his position — right instead of left tackle.

This was a ‘wow’ performance and he performed like a top-20 lock.

Peter Skoronski did what he needed to do during on-field drills — looking extremely comfortable, proficient and with little wasted movement. He ran a 1.75 10-yard split and he’s a big-time explosive tester — jumping a 34.5 inch vertical and a 9-7 broad. Those are elite-level numbers at 313lbs. With his lack of length I doubt he’ll stick at left tackle but with an annual craving for good offensive linemen every year — there’s a very real possibility he’ll be taken in the top-20 with this combine display. Teams in the market for a guard will be able to convince themselves he can be another Zack Martin.

Elsewhere, Dawand Jones’ mobility at 374lbs was a thing to behold. Paris Johnson showed off 36-inch arms — likely putting him in contention to go a lot earlier than I’ve been suggesting. Blake Freeland will get a lot of hype for his testing display — and he was explosive and athletic as a runner. Yet he was far too upright during drills and will struggle badly with leverage at the next level.

Broderick Jones is bigger and longer than expected and he tested very well — running a 1.74 10-yard split, a 4.94 forty and adding 30 inch and 9-0 jumps in the vertical and broad. I thought he coasted during drills though and wasn’t impressive on the field.

What did we learn for the Seahawks?

As noted in our combine preview, they’ve pivoted to the Rams blocking scheme and the players they like to select. Seattle’s tackles very much fit the profile of LA’s. They had Austin Blythe at center last year, who played for the Rams between 2017-20.

We’ve identified burst/speed and the short shuttle as areas the Rams liked to focus on at tackle. They’ve also been willing to convert college tackles to guard. It’ll be interesting to see if the Seahawks transition to that — or whether they stick with bigger, explosive guards like Phil Haynes and Damien Lewis.

Blythe is 6-2 and 298lbs and very similar to Brian Allen, the current Rams center. Blythe ran a 4.53 short shuttle — a very good time for his size.

The shuttle times are quite revealing (and thank goodness the O-line drills started early enough today for most of the class to do the tests).

Here are three center candidates I would suggest ‘fit’ the Seahawks scheme. They all timed in a range that will be attractive:

Luke Wypler — 4.53
Cody Mauch — 4.55
John Michael Schmitz — 4.56

Of the three, Mauch is the superior athlete — running a 1.79 split and a 7.33 three cone. Wypler and Mauch both have similar explosive traits and did a good job in the vertical and broad jumps. Schmitz is more of a mediocre athlete (as I’ll come onto) but I think he had the better on-field performance today.

A year ago Pete Carroll spoke about wanting a shorter center for leverage purposes. Wypler is 6-2 1/2 and Schmitz is 6-3 (Mauch might be too tall at 6-5). We know they like a wrestling background and Wypler and Schmitz both have that. I watched Wypler’s (extremely impressive) combine press conference and when asked which players he studies in the league, without hesitation he said Brian Allen because they have identical body types and he thinks he’s a perfect fit for that type of offense.

So along with the shuttle times, there are appealing aspects here.

My guess is Wypler and Schmitz will be very much on their radar and possibly Mauch too as a tackle-to-center convert (he excelled at center at the Senior Bowl). I think there’s a very strong, realistic chance we’ll see one of Wypler or Schmitz starting in Seattle in 2023.

The NFL Network compared Schmitz to Creed Humphrey which is misleading and will raise hopes of Seahawks fans. Humphrey is one of the most explosive O-liners to enter the league in recent years — a true elite tester. He had the perfect profile. It remains a mystery how or why he lasted as long as he did, deep into round two.

Schmitz is a mile off with his numbers. They just have similar height/weight/arms:

Creed Humphrey
Forty: 5.11
10-split: 1.71
Vertical: 33 inches
Broad: 9-4
Shuttle: 4.49

John Michael Schmitz
Forty: 5.35
10-split: 1.85
Vertical: 29.5
Broad: 8-8
Shuttle: 4.56

To be a success in the league, Schmitz doesn’t have to have Humphrey’s profile. I do think it’s important to set realistic expectations though. I’d suggest he’s in play for the Seahawks with his short shuttle time — along with Wypler and Mauch.

In terms of potential tackle-to-guard converts — I really like Clemson’s Jordan McFadden. His frame is tailor made for guard — barrel-chested, 34-inch arms, shorter height which is good for leverage. He ran a 4.99 with a 1.74 split. He has a good combination of frame and athleticism and could be an option to kick inside with useful positional flexibility.

I thought Nick Broeker was exceptional during on-field drills. This is going to be a lofty comparison and he almost certainly won’t live up to it — but I get a Joe Thuney vibe from him. Don’t be shocked if he ends up going in the round three range like Thuney — I think teams will like him a lot more than the media do. He’s not the same tester as Thuney — so might go a round or two later.

Broeker’s footwork and control were outstanding throughout. On tape he’s very good on the move. He battled well against Alabama and the beasts in the SEC. He’s battled tested, durable and has a lot to offer. I do think he could be tried at center (FYI — his short shuttle was a 4.70).

Other players who stood out to me included Emil Ekiyor, Anthony Bradford and Braeden Daniels. I’ll be watching more of all three over the next couple of weeks.

These running backs can catch

I had a couple of thoughts watching the runners going through drills. Firstly, nobody is as physically impressive as Ken Walker was a year ago. I remember watching the workout and thinking how incredible he looked. Massive, muscular, proportioned shape — combined with electric speed, size and dynamic cuts.

Secondly — if Seattle wants to pair Walker with a pass-catcher out of the backfield, they’ll easily find one in this class.

Watching the wheel routes at the end was a treat. The running backs were tracking the ball better than a lot of the receivers when they attempted to catch their deep passes. On numerous reps we saw runners catch the ball away from their body with out-stretched arms. The technique to look back to the ball, execute the catch then turn upfield was so impressive.

Nobody stood out more than Bijan Robinson — who has the best overall running and catching technique you’ll see at the position. He’s not the same athlete as Saquon Barkley and there have been plenty more explosive and faster athletes to enter the league in recent years. Where he excels is his ability to just make everything look easy. He constantly looks to be a step-ahead of everyone else. When he catches the ball you almost feel like everything slows down Matrix style. He catches, turns and accelerates almost in one movement.

He wasn’t alone in impressing. Jahmyr Gibbs is every bit the dynamic playmaker. A natural receiver — he also ran a 4.36 forty. He’ll probably go too early for Seattle but Gibbs would be an excellent complement to Walker.

Zach Charbonnet is explosive and physical in the backfield but he also showed off great hands and control. Devon Achane, Tank Bigsby, Kenny McIntosh, Chase Brown, Eric Gray, Deuce Vaughan — one after the other, they took turns to run routes with ease. There were barely any drops.

Who could the Seahawks be eyeing?

We know by now the type they like. Their runners are about 210-220lbs. They have explosive testing results (good vertical & broad jump). We’ve been able to predict targets over the years. I do wonder, in the new blocking scheme, whether speed is more of an asset these days (and their most recent high picks — Walker and Rashaad Penny — were both electric runners).

From the running backs who tested today, here are some potential targets:

Tank Bigsby — 5-11, 210lbs, 32.5v, 9-11b, 4.56 forty
Chase Brown — 5-9, 209lbs, 40v, 10-7b, 4.43 forty
Zach Charbonnet — 6-0, 214lbs, 37v, 10-2b, 4.53 forty
Tiyon Evans — 5-9, 225lbs, 30.5 v, DNPb, 4.52 forty
Evan Hull — 5-10, 209lbs, 37v, 10-3b, 4.47 forty
Bijan Robinson — 5-10, 215lbs, 37v, 10-4b, 4.46 forty

There were several runners who didn’t test. Pro-days will add numbers to this list. It’s also possible they prefer to go for speed and then your Devon Achane and Jahmyr Gibbs types come into play.

I do wonder if they’ll be keen to get Rashaad Penny back on a cheaper deal due to his injury last year and leave this position until later in the draft.

That said, Charbonnet has long felt like a ‘Seahawks’ type of runner and with his on-field and testing performance, that view has to be reinforced today.

Final thoughts

It’ll take a few days to process all of the information from the last four days but these are my immediate thoughts at the end of the combine…

— I just can’t shake the thought that John Schneider — a GM who has shown he loves traits — will be absolutely positively giddy about Anthony Richardson, Will Levis and C.J. Stroud. This is what he has looked for at the position. Massive arm, incredible athleticism, huge hands, 10/10 character. Josh Allen, Patrick Mahomes and Russell Wilson weren’t flawless prospects either — but Schneider looked beyond that because he could see special physical qualities. Richardson, Levis and Stroud share those qualities. So how is he not coming out of this draft with one of the three? I’m going to write more about this in the week.

— The combine pretty much confirmed there’s a dearth of blue-chip players in this class. It’s going to be very hard to place players in the #7-12 range in mock drafts. From #7-25 there’s going to be barely any difference in value. It’s going to be one of the most unpredictable middle-portions of round one as a consequence.

— I think it’s more likely today than I did pre-combine that the Seahawks will draft a center. Garrett Bradbury and Jake Brendel still feel like good free agent options. However — if they’re inclined to go after the D-line in the veteran market, they’ll need every dollar they can get. Drafting a center saves money — and it might be why they pushed to re-sign Phil Haynes to keep consistency at every other position, making it easier to slot in an inexperienced center. I’ll be running through what I hope to see in free agency later in the week — but here’s a hint. Sign a proper defensive front for this scheme. Do that in free agency and you open up the entire draft, without needing to force anything. I don’t think you can rely on rookie to fix the defense anyway.

— I think this draft is carrying a lot of players who are better on tape than they tested. Thus, you’re taking solid contributors but it’ll be harder to find an Abraham Lucas or Tariq Woolen I think. Byron Young (Alabama), Nick Broeker, Kenny McIntosh, K.J. Henry, Ji’Ayir Brown, Christopher Smith, Moro Ojomo, Cameron Young. There are a lot more I could mention. Players who have flashed in college — for big teams — but haven’t come to Indianapolis and put on a show. I sense this will be a draft where you might struggle to find X-factor talent but you might be able to draft a lot of solid role players. That’s not such a bad thing — but you’ll need to get some sparkle with your top pick if the aim is to use the draft to change the fortunes of the franchise.

Thanks to all who joined in over the last few days — and especially to those who chipped in with Patreons and Super Chats.

Since Thursday I’ve been living off five hours sleep and I book a week off my day job to cover the combine each year. I make notes for the live blog and my database at the same time — which makes for several hours of challenging yet enjoyable graft when drills are ongoing. Now we’ve added the live streams on top — plus I try to answer as many questions in the comments as possible.

It wouldn’t be worth the effort if nobody was reading or getting involved. The fact that some of you are interested enables me to live out my labour of love. I’m eternally grateful for that.

We’ll be back with another live stream tomorrow (time to be confirmed) and on Tuesday I’ll be doing another stream with Jeff Simmons. I’ve got some big articles planned for this week too — not to mention some big interviews and pieces between now and the draft — so stay tuned.

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    Cheers my friend. And thanks again.

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    God I miss Mayock.

    I wonder if anyone in the NFL head office has thought of approaching Nagy, asking if he would like to take over directing the combine? It would seem the perfect fit.

  13. Rob Staton

    ESPN latest on Geno Smith:

    Graziano: The Seattle Seahawks are working to sign quarterback Geno Smith to a long-term deal before free agency opens, but I’d be surprised if they used the franchise tag on Smith even if they got to the Tuesday deadline without a deal. They like Smith and want him back, but they also hold the No. 5 pick in the draft and have been doing a lot of work on the quarterback prospects at the top of the first round.

    Fowler: The potential Seahawks contract with Smith could be in the three-year range and would aim to reward the QB for his excellent play while also helping Seattle manage its cap. With the tag deadline looming, Smith can wait for the Jones situation to shake out the quarterback market.

    The expectation is Seattle will be patient here. So while I expect a deal to be reached relatively soon, the Seahawks could slow-play this a bit. Smith’s best fit is Seattle, so both sides should be able to find common ground. Smith tied Jones for sixth in the NFL in QBR (60.8) and threw 30 touchdown passes last season.

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      I can’t help but believe that pumping the brakes on tagging Geno and slow-rolling getting a deal done is partly taking a methodical approach in negotiations but also a stalling tactic until JS can figure out what a move into the Top 3 picks will ultimately cost. While factors like Carr’s and Jones’ finalized deals might and should factor into a decision, you’d have to think that given Seattle’s proximity to the top of Round One, as well as the hype for the top 4 QB options, Geno’s reps may be backed into taking less than they’d hope for.

      As stated, SEA is Geno’s best bet for replicating his 2022 success. If he or his reps drag the process out, he could find his best option no longer in play.

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  15. Rob Staton

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    • Zxvo3

      I know you identified Wypler, Schmitz, and Mauch as Center targets. But why specifically Wypler now?

      • Roy Batty

        His measurements, explosiveness and performance today fit perfectly with what the Seahawks value at center, as Rob listed in the article. He ticks all the boxes and he played in the Big 10, a brutal conference for anyone in the trenches.

        God, imagine the Twitterverse erupting into chaos should Seattle select a QB and center with 2 of their top 4 picks.

        Make it so.

        • Spectator

          Does it do any benefit to get Stroud and Wypler? I had thought Stroud with JSN, but never really thought about Wypler. too. Will need to trade the farm for Stroud, but after watching him throw id be okay with it lol leave us a 3rd and we could grab Wypler.

      • Rob Staton

        Best short shuttle and fits perfectly what they’re looking for
        Plus athleticism across the board
        Wrestling background
        Personality screams Seahawks
        Already talking about being the ideal fit for their scheme
        Had a good game vs Jalen Carter (they’ll have been watching)

    • One Bad Mata’afa

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      • Rob Staton

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  18. bmseattle


    Do you still rate Bijan Robinson as, arguably, the highest rated player in the draft?
    Seems like he slightly disappointed (while still being very good) in his testing?
    Or am I reading it wrong.

    (I’ll add my thanks and admiration for all the amazing work you’ve done this past week…and all year.)

    • Rob Staton

      I think he was as advertised. I thought he would’ve tested a bit freakier than he did — but he didn’t test poorly. His best quality has always been his ability to do everything at a high level

      But I think the quarterbacks are so unbelievably loaded with upside it’ll be hard not to rank them at the top going forward

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  25. Raybones

    Thanks Rob, wonderful coverage. A couple random thoughts.. I agree that the value from 7-25 is pretty mixed up. Lots of good players.. but who to target if the Hawks trade back. I believe this makes it more likely that Seattle stays at 5 and take which ever QB falls to them. UNLESS… they do the most un-Pete thing ever and trade up. I believe that they will make a serious effort to resign Rashad Penny. That being said, They will be looking for a change of pace guy and I’d love to know your thoughts on Deuce Vaughn? His tape is absolutely electric!

  26. Blitzy the Clown

    I think this draft is carrying a lot of players who are better on tape than they tested

    Two who immediately come to mind are Kenny McIntosh and John Shmintz. I thought JMS was the best C in drills, one of the best OL overall. He’s built exactly the way you want. I can see Seattle really liking him. But Wypler looked similar and he’ll be cheaper. I also liked Juice Scruggs, but honestly I don’t know that he’ll ever be more than a Kyle Fuller.

    Jordan McFaddden is going to be a rock solid pro. He’s the Damien Lewis of this class.

    There are also some players who tested better than their tape.

    Nolan Smith for one. Adetomiwa Adebawore for another. Julius Brents, Evan Hull, Jakorian Bennett, BFW are some others.

    Much gratitude for all your work this week Rob. Congratulations for another outstanding Combine.

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    After reading your draft coverage, I am obsessed with coming out of this draft with one of the three QBs – I thought I wanted Levis above AR or Stroud but I would be hard pressed to pick any one of them over the other, and have no idea what I would do if I were JS picking no. 1. My hope is that we can pull off a trade with AZ to get to 3 as I would be happy with any of the three and the cost would presumably be lower than trading into 2 or 1. It just kills me that the lost draft capital it will cost us to get to 3 will be the result of the ridiculous Colts and Chargers losses in Week 18. I’m not over it.

    • Sea Mode

      I’m right there with you; still not quite over what could have been.

      JS will figure it out, though. He’s not going to miss out on an opportunity like this.

    • DJ 1/2 way

      We may never get over it if this draft goes poorly, but if it goes well then we will all forget those last few games.

      Not to be a sadist, but what burns me even more is the Seahawks winning the last few games and going from around pick ten to twenty-in every single round!

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  31. Vanhawksfan

    As i recall, Creed Humphrey fell due to injury, much like DK and in the, ironically, same range.

  32. Nick

    UCLA’S Jon Gaines looks pretty legit as a G prospect. He also comes across as very mature in his interviews ( Do you have thoughts on his game Rob et al?

    6’4″ / 303 / 33 5/8″ arms
    40: 5.01
    10: 1.73
    Broad: 9’6″
    Vert: 32.5″
    3C: 7.31 (!)
    SS: 4.53

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    But honestly. It’s you and what you’ve done here.

    I’m not here to see you off though for the year!. There’s a ton of mocks to go. Pro days. And free agency yet. Plus the draft.

  34. Peter

    Also shout to rob and the community.

    I watched a hawks you tuber today take a crack at a mock as if they were JS….

    First they had us take a DT with 30 inch arms. Now we might like that but the hawks don’t.

    Second they said Charbonet could be the hammer to Walker. Now maybe we all feel different about what a short yardage back is. But what would you think about Charbonet as a short yardage back…when you find out he averaged 5.9 yards a carry?

    • Peter

      Which is higher than Walker’s college average. Not but much. But higher still.

      • Roy Batty

        It makes you wonder how many more yards K9 would have had if he had played in the PAC 12.

    • UkAlex6674

      Everyone’s got different views and thoughts though Peter, that’s what makes the draft and all that goes with it so much fun.

      • Peter

        It’s not the difference viewpoints, that’s why I watch several different hawk “talkers.” I really enjoy all that.

        It’s that Rob has provided so much information that I can get a good gauge if another site has been paying attention to the team in earnest.

        Case in point it took years to realize the hawks draft long CB’s and they dont draft them higher than the third round.

        As such I never see commentators here mocking us corners high.

        Again I really do enjoy the different sites. I’m still here for folks taking DLine at five. All I want is just a little rationale and just a little knowledge behind those points.

  35. Skrove

    Rob, what do make of Seahawks adding Brandon Jensen to their coaching staff? We’ve heard their priority to improving the pass rush. Are they making steps toward putting their $ where their mouth is?

    • Rob Staton

      Without knowing anything about him it’s hard to judge the move but I like the concept

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    I’ll tell someone I’m a Seahawks fan and say I’d take Levis because of your analysis and they’ll look at me and say “but Geno is awesome” or “Levis puts mayo in his coffee!” The second one happened today and I couldn’t believe it.

    Anyway, I always try to steer them towards your blog. Keep up the great work. I hope you get a lot more traffic and support.

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    My question to the community revolves around the worst case scenario of the top 3 qbs and Will Anderson gone. Whom do you take the chance on . Bryce Young, Jalen Carter, Tyree Wilson?

  39. Coach

    Maybe the testing is a blessing in disguise for us? Maybe Bryce Young falls to us and we get the QB most ready to start day 1 at 5. Geno goes to TB and we sign Drew Lock to compete, but also help Bryce learn the system.

    Then we also get:
    20 McDonald Edge ISU
    37 Flowers WR BC
    52 Wypler C OSU
    83 Henley LB WSU
    123 Brown S Penn St.
    153 Spears RB Tulane

    This is assuming that we go DL in free agency as Rob stated! I think Bryce starting for us frees up money to spend around him and will lead to a brighter future. Just protect him well – Drew Brees was small also and he hardly ever got hurt.


    Go Hawks!

    • Coach

      For free agency, I think the best way to spend our cap money is to fix the defense with veterans.

      1. Hargrave DT – would solidify the middle and give us pass rushing presence as well.
      2. Long LB – could be the leader at LB until Brooks gets back. Then we will have one of the best LB duos in the league.

      All of a sudden, teams are not able to shred us in the running game like they used to!

      We can afford both right? Thoughts?

      Go Hawks!

      • Peter

        I don’t think there’s money for Hargrave.

        Spotrac estimates he’s around 20 million/year.

        I’m looking at Zach Allen. Maybe, maybe Greg Gaines. Possibly Derrick Nnadi.

        • Rob Staton

          A’Shawn Robinson another name

    • UkAlex6674

      Young is the least of the big 4 I’d want at Seattle being honest. Only because of his frame, nothing to do with his undoubted talent.

      I’d be happy with a trade up to get Richardson, Levis or Stroud (that’s my preferred order).

      • AlaskaHawk

        While we all want the most and best draft picks available,. The Seahawks 5th pick was compensation for losing RW. I don’t see why the Hawks shouldn’t combine 5+20 to get the QB they want. I might consider 5 and a future first rounder as it would undoubtedly be 20+ next year.

        I like the idea of finding veteran defensive line and linebackers, but the really good linebackers are expensive. I just feel like the line was blamed to much and linebackers got a pass last year for not stopping the run.

        • Roy Batty

          That’s also what I’ve been saying. They most likely need to use that #20 pick to move up. It’s going to become a bidding war and only Detroit, who doesn’t really need a QB, has the same draft capital.

    • Peter

      At 37 at tap into the Ade Ade, keion white, keeanu benton, Pickens, range.

      Wr’s Downs or mingo at 52.

      Not sure where Wypler goes. It’s not just the hawks but center is broadly not a position the league cares that much about. Everyone loves a great center but there’s just not a lot of emphasis at draft time.

  40. UkAlex6674

    Just wondering if they’d draft a QB and C to get a fresh and long standing connection between the 2 that would last a few years?

    It’s an important link.

    Anyone know what sort of centres profile wise Richardson, Stroud and Levis played under?

    • Spectator

      Rob highlighted that Strouds college Center is a great fit for us. So would be sweet to get Stroud and then Wypler.

  41. Ulsterman

    Rob, I’m on the site every day, though don’t post that often, but just wanted to say the quality just gets higher and higher. Miles better than anything else out there.

    As others have said I so want them to get one of those big three QBs and hope they’re bold enough to consider trading up. It just seems like too good an opportunity not to take it. The fact the quality drops from about pick 7 onwards surely helps them as they can offer the fifth overall pick that could be either Anderson or Wilson.

  42. Cambs

    Peter King’s column this morning has the Bears GM confident that he can get a ’24 first and a ’25 first in a trade-down.

    • Hawk Finn

      Deal. He can have 5, 24R1, and 25R1. Then we unexpectedly trade back down from 1 and take the off-ball linebacker we wanted all along, because Kevin Costner is king.

    • Roy Batty

      If that’s all it took, Seattle would have that pick, easily, but it’s going to take more than 2 first rounders.

      I still think the Colts go all-in and trade two firsts, a second and another pick.

      • Cambs

        He means 3 firsts … one in ’23 from the trade-down plus the two futures.

    • Peter

      Any word from the bears gm how confident he is that he can trade Fields?

      Jim Irsay would easily do two firsts.

      The problem for the colts is I don’t think there as good as media thinks they are. I could easily see them drafting qb1 this year and within say three seasons being right back at the top of the board. See: AZ.

      • BK26

        Man…that would be amazing. They trade for Fields, are out of the race and take…IDK Anderson or Wilson (who knows with Irsay) and then Fields doesn’t progress and they are back to square one. Karma for making his team throw a game.

        Or they trade up and take Stroud, which it sounds like that might be what they do anyways.

  43. Matt

    Kinda think QBs will go 1-4 unless the colts trade up with the bears (or cardinals). No one will take Anderson until these QBs are off the board.

    • Trevor

      I agree. QB is the most important postion in sports and this is a rare case of 4 QBs being in the top 5-6 players in the draft.

    • Peter

      And if that’s true and could well be wait til seahawks twitter finds out when they are done writing their own draft fan fiction that no one is coming up for tyree wilson, Anderson, anyone with future firsts.

      All this trade back chatter will go up in a cloud of smoke.

      • Trevor

        When was the last time a team traded up on draft day and gave up huge haul for a non QB?

        • Peter

          Ricky waters is pretty much it.

          But in recent years it’s never. I couldn’t believe when I saw Dion Jordan was had with a nine spot move from 12 to three with a single second rounder.

  44. bv eburg

    My favorite time of year with you Rob, end of season through the draft. Again, much appreciated.

  45. cha

    Tom Pelissero
    The #Vikings are releasing veteran linebacker Eric Kendricks, per sources.

    A first-team All-Pro in 2019 and one of the NFL’s most consistently productive LBs, Kendricks now heads to free agency.

  46. cha

    Richardson instant rapport with PC

    • Trevor

      I heard Laquon Treadwell say the same thing at the combine and he is a Hawk now. Reminds me of the DK meeting with Pete as well. Have to think Pete loves this kids attitude and potential. His attitude at the combine during the interviews and confidence screams as a Pete Carrol kind of guy.

      If the Hawks do decide to trade up it will be for him IMO.

  47. LetARCook

    Great job Rob, you’re work is one of my favorite parts of draft season. Let’s get us a QB

  48. MarkinSeattle

    Rob, how would you characterize the drop off in talent from Anderson and Wilson to the next pass rushers? Both the Bears and Cardinals desperately need pass rushers. If the drop off is significant enough, they may not want to take the extra picks with a move down if is the difference between a potential impact player and just a solid starter.

    All the discussion about the drop off in talent makes me wonder if those two teams will be reticent to drop out of the top 5 or 6 especially if they are concerned that the Seahawks will snag one of those top defenders after committing to Geno. Could help to explain why the Seahawks are giving such strong commitments through their media mouthpieces. If those two think that dropping out of the top 4 means they won’t get one of the two DL impact players, they may choose to stand pat (or in the case of the Bears, only trade with the Colts), ensuring one of the top three QB’s drops to the Seahawks.

    • Rob Staton

      I think the drop off is legit

      However — I’m not convinced that those two players are good enough to turn down a haul that includes first round picks in 2024 and 2025 and being able to pick at say #9 this year

  49. Trevor

    Andrew Vorhees tears his ACL yesterday. Instead of packing it in and going home he goes out this morning and puts up 38 on the bench press. Most at the combine. Love that attitude and mental toughness.

    He is a solid player but likely won’t play this year due to the injury. That being said draft this kid on day#3 and you might have a starter next year.

  50. redhawks

    Ran multiple site mock simulators a bunch of times just to see… some randomness and in some cases it looks pretty set at top.

    In general:

    CJ Stroud and Bryce Young are both gone on PFF. Richardson and Levis both remain.

    2 of the big ones, occasionally 3 gone in PFN. In all cases Levis available… they seemed to have tweaked their algo and now Richardson is never available at 5.

  51. Tim

    I don’t know if anyone posted this yet….interesting.

  52. Madmark

    I went to the mock simulator and did everything possible to trade up to pick 1. I offered 5, 20, 37, 53, 83, and 2024 1 and 2. It was a no go. I did get a trade with Arizona 3 pick for 5, 37, and a 2024 1 and 4 round. I’m not even sure Arizona would trade with Seattle. If Chicago trades with Colts I could Seattle trading to 4 but getting 1 I just can’t see them trading the farm away. JS is definitely going to have work some magic. There’s a lot of space between 53 to 83, 83 to 123, and 123 to 153. This draft will be the most unpredictable one since I started to do mock drafts.

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