Live Blog: Combine day four (OL, RB)

Welcome to the 2023 NFL combine coverage on Seahawks Draft Blog

Today is the final day of workouts with the O-liners going first, followed by the running backs.

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The workouts begin at 1pm ET (10am PT).

The key tests for the linemen seem to be the forty/split and short shuttle.

O-line 40 yard dash times — group 1

The 10-yard splits are in brackets

Jake Andrews — (1.80) 5.15 & DNR
Malaesala Aumavae-Laulu — (1.80) 5.26 & (1.81) 5.23
Steve Avila — (1.86) 5.21 & (1.84) 5.22
Henry Bainivalu — (1.89) 5.50 & (1.87) 5.50
T.J. Bass — (1.86) 5.49 & (1.88) 5.53
Earl Bostick Jr — (1.74) 5.06 & (1.76) 5.05
Anthony Bradford — (1.79) 5.14 & (1.74) 5.08
Nick Broeker — (1.84) 5.27 & (1.84) 5.28
McClendon Curtis — (1.85) 5.25 & DNR
Braden Daniels — (1.71) 5.00 & (1.73) 5.03
Jaelyn Duncan — (1.78) 5.11 & DNR
Mark Evans — (1.90) 5.45 & (1.80) 5.44
Blake Freeland — (1.74) 4.99 & (1.68) 4.96
Jon Gaines — (1.73) 5.02 & (1.73) 5.01
Connor Galvin — (1.81) 5.48 & (1.85) 5.54
Jovaughan Gwyn — (1.86) 5.20 & (1.80) 5.12
Anton Harrison — (1.77) 4.99 & (1.77) 5.00
Ryan Hayes — (1.78) 5.18 & (1.80) 5.21
Broderick Jones — (1.75) 4.98 & (Not shown) 5.01
Dawand Jones — (1.92) 5.36 & (1.95) 5.42

Matthew Bergeron, Alex Forsyth, Richard Gouraige, Emil Ekiyor and Paris Johnson Jr. didn’t run a forty.

O-line (group 1) vertical jumps

Blake Freeland: 37″
Jon Gaines II: 32.5″
Jaelyn Duncan: 31.5″
Earl Bostick Jr.: 31″
Matthew Bergeron: 30.5″
Braeden Daniels: 30.5″
Connor Galvin: 30.5″
Broderick Jones: 30″
Anthony Bradford: 30″
Ryan Hayes: 30″
Steve Avila: 29.5″
Anton Harrison: 28.5″
Malaesala Aumavae-Laulu: 28.5″
TJ Bass: 28.5″
Henry Bainivalu: 28″
Jovaughn Gwyn: 27.5″
McClendon Curtis: 26.5″
Alan Ali: 26.5″
Mark Evans II: 26.5″
Jake Andrews: 26″
Alex Forsyth: 20.5″

On-field drills

Earl Bostick’s footwork looked sharp on his wave drill, while Anthony Bradford shifted side-to-side in an impressive fashion for a 332lbs linemen.

I’m a big fan of Nick Broeker and I really enjoyed his wave. He’s constantly in control of his weight. There’s no heel-click. He bends his knees and has very easy agility. He looked incredibly impressive in this drill. McClendon Curtis was clicking his heels together constantly, despite Daniel Jeremiah saying he wasn’t.

Blake Freeland is athletic but stiff in the change of direction here. Jaelyn Duncan is not doing on-field work and says he’s just going to do it at the pro-day. There are some character questions about him, so this isn’t a good look. Get out there and compete.

Broderick Jones had by far the worst rep. He was guessing the direction, he was tentative, his footwork was all over the place, he was being too deliberate in his movements and didn’t shift side-to-side. Terrible. Dawand Jones gets out there and does a far better job at 374lbs.

Steve Avila moves very well in the long-pull drill. A natural, running to the cone and then easily shifting to the instructed direction. Emil Ekiyor looks great — very athletic frame, well proportioned. Blake Freeland is too long and he can’t get low. His change of direction is sluggish.

Anton Harrison looks good — more athletic than expected. He’s changing direction well. Dawand Jones looks like an absolute tank. His ability to shift on the deep pull is so impressive.

Broeker continues to impress in the fold block. It’s not a surprise, he did these combo’s well at the Senior Bowl and linked up well with Nick Saldiveri in the game.

Freeland is too upright. He’s arching his shoulders to try and get low but he looks tall and awkward on the move.

I’ve not been impressed with Broderick Jones. He isn’t loose in his movements and he seems to be coasting a bit.

Next it’s a kick drill. Earl Bostick received praise for the way he struck the pad and dropped. I like the look of Anthony Bradford from LSU.

They’ve made this pass rush drop drill too complex. A lot of the players aren’t doing it right. Just let them do a bloody kick slide. I really liked Anton Harrison’s balance, slide and control. Harrison is having a good session. Paris Johnson Jr also executed the drill properly. Broderick Jones was way too shallow.

No surprise, Dawand Jones got it right.

Emil Ekiyor did really well on the second go-around when they added a second bag. Unsurprisingly for an Alabama offensive lineman, he has the frame of a pro.

Earl Bostick looked so good in the mirror drill. His agility and quickness, plus change of direction has looked really good. Anthony Bradford and Nick Broeker also did a really good job. I love Broeker’s footwork again — knee bend, in control, shifts his weight with ease.

Ekiyor owned the mirror drill with a fantastic effort. Powerful, great effort, faster than the other. Excellent rep. Broderick Jones slipped but this was his best drill of the workout. I wasn’t a fan of Paris Johnson’s footwork — he wasn’t in control of his feet. He kept crossing his feet.

On the screen drill, Matthew Bergeron connected with the bag, punched and then accelerated into space. Great rep. Nick Broeker did this time and time again at Ole Miss and it was food and drink for him. He had an excellent on-field session.

That’s the end of the first session. The big takeaways for me were Dawand Jones’ mobility at his size, Nick Broeker and Emil Ekiyor look like they could start quickly in the league. I want to go and watch more of Anthony Bradford.

O-line vertical jumps — group 2

Peter Skoronski — 34.5
Ricky Stromberg — 32.5
Sidy Sow — 32
Juice Scruggs — 32
Nick Saldiveri — 31
Luke Wypler — 30.5
John Michael Schmits — 29.5
Jarrett Patterson — 29.5
Olu Oluwatimi — 29
Andrew Vorhees — 29
Cody Mauch — 29
Darnell Wright — 29
Jordan McFadden — 28.5
Wanya Morris — 28.5
John Ojukwu — 28.5
Tashawn Manning — 27.5
Dalton Wagner — 24.5
O’Cyrus Torrence — 23.5

I still can’t believe some people have been putting O’Cyrus Torrence in round one. Incredible.

O-line broad jumps

Blake Freeland — 10-0
Peter Skoronski — 9-7
Jon Gaines — 9-6
Darnell Wright — 9-6
Jaelyn Duncan — 9-5
Ricky Stromberg — 9-3
Wanya Morris — 9-3
Nick Saldiveri — 9-3
Earl Bostick — 9-3
Olu Oluwatimi — 9-2
Sidy Sow — 9-2
Paris Johnson Jr — 9-2
Braeden Daniels — 9-1
Tyler Steen — 9-1
Jovaughan Gwyn — 9-1
TJ Bass — 9-1
Broderick Jones — 9-0
Cody Mauch — 9-0
Malaesala Aumavae-Laulu — 8-10
Anthony Bradford — 8-10
Luke Wypler — 8-10
Jarrett Patterson — 8-10
Anton Harrison — 8-9
McClendon Curtis — 8-9
Andrew Vorhees — 8-9
John Michael Schmitz — 8-8
John Ojukwu — 8-8
Connor Galvin — 8-8
Matthew Bergeron — 8-7
Ryan Hayes — 8-7
Tashawn Manning — 8-6
Jake Andrews — 8-6
Juice Scruggs — 8-6
Dalton Wagner — 8-6
O’Cyrus Torrence — 8-5
Henry Bainivalu — 8-5
Mark Evans — 8-5
Steve Avila — 8-2
Alex Forsyth — 7-11

O-line 40 yard dash times — group 2

10-yard splits are in brackets

Tashawn Manning — (1.86) 5.34 & (1.85) 5.36
Cody Mauch — (1.79) 5.13 & (1.81) 5.09
Jordan McFadden — (1.74) 4.99 & (1.75) 5.00
Wanya Morris — (1.80) 5.19 & DNF — injury
John Ojukwu — (1.85) 5.24 & (1.81) 5.24
Olu Oluwatmimi — (1.86) 5.38 & (1.87) 5.44
Jarrett Patterson — (1.83) 5.33 & (1.82) 5.33
Nick Saldiveri — (1.80) 5.22 & (1.80) 5.24
John Michael Schmitz — (1.85) 5.35 & (1.86) 5.36
Juice Scruggs — (1.81) 5.26 & (1.79) 5.22
Peter Skoronski — (1.75) 5.18 & (1.76) 5.16
Sidy Sow — (1.80) 5.11 & (1.82) 5.08
Ricky Stromberg — (1.81) 5.27 & DNR
O’Cyrus Torrence — (1.84) 5.31 & DNR
Darnell Wright — (1.81) 5.01 & DNR
Luke Wypler — (1.83) 5.15 & (1.84) 5.14

The NFL Network comparing John Michael Schmitz to Creed Humphrey is misleading and will trigger Seahawks fans. Humphrey is one of the most explosive O-liners to enter the league in recent years — plus he ran a 1.71 10-yard split and a superb 4.49 short shuttle. It’s the perfect profile. Schmitz is a mile off with his numbers. They just have similar height/weight/arms.

Onto the second set of on-field drills. Schmitz had a good wave drill — low centre of gravity, popping feet with smooth footsteps. I like Peter Skoronski’s rep too — not as cultured as Schmitz’s but decent.

Ricky Stromberg looks very big for a center but he moved around the field nicely. I thought O’Cyrus Torrence’s wave was better than expected, his mobility showed well.

Andrew Vorhees suffered an injury during the wave drill. Joe Tippmann seemingly isn’t doing anything at the combine.

I like Jordan McFadden’s barrel chest and length. As a guard project he looks very interesting. Juice Scruggs and John Michael Schmitz were moving freely in the pull drills. This has been a good session so far.

Darnell Wright looks like a first round offensive lineman should look. Juice Scruggs looks the part too. Great frame for the interior. Can well imagine him competing for a job in the NFL. Skoronski looks like he could be ideally suited to center. He won’t be drafted for that gig — but it might be his best fit.

Luke Wypler had a good rep on the fold block. We’re back on to this ‘pass rush drop’ drill which has replaced the kick-slide and just confuses everyone. Jordan McFadden did it right and received some praise. Juice Scruggs just about figured it out, while Skoronski did it best. Very few of the others got close. Stromberg and Torrence got a little nod for working it out. I loved Darnell Wright’s rep and he received loud praise from the coaches.

Jordan McFadden got praise again on the second go-around. They liked Dalton Wagner’s first kick on his rep. Then Darnell Wright came in for his second rep and just blew everyone else away. Violent punch, quick footwork, aggressively into his slide with ease. What a showing.

They only showed two mirror drills. Two. Thanks NFL Network. One was Wright’s — superb again. The last drill is the screen drill. They wanted McFadden to run with greater urgency on his rep. Schmitz was very controlled on his rep and got out into his sprint quickly. Skoronski received praise from the coaches for his speed and reactions. I liked Torrence’s rep but surprise surprise, Wright looked the best again. They even got him to break down the huddle at the end.

Running back broad jumps

Chase Brown: 10’7″
Keaton Mitchell: 10’6″
Bijan Robinson: 10’4″
Deneric Prince: 10’4″
Evan Hull: 10’3″
Roschon Johnson: 10’2″
Zach Charbonnet: 10’2″
Cam Peoples: 10’1″
Tank Bigsby: 9’11”
Eric Gray: 9’10”
Tyjae Spears: 10’5″
SaRodorick Thompson: 10′
Tavion Thomas: 9’10’
Deuce Vaughn: 9’8″

Running back vertical jumps

Chase Brown: 40″
Tyjae Spears: 39″
Keaton Mitchell: 38″
Eric Gray: 37.5″
Bijan Robinson: 37″
Zach Charbonnet: 37″
Evan Hull: 37″
Cam Peoples: 37″
Deuce Vaughn: 35.5″
Deneric Prince: 35.5″
Jahmyr Gibbs: 33.5″
Devon Achane: 33″
Tank Bigsby: 32.5″
SaRodorick Thompson: 32.5″
Roschon Johnson: 31.5″
Tiyon Evans: 30.5″
Tavion Thomas: 30″

Running back forty times

Devon Achane — 4.34 & 4.32
Tank Bigsby — 4.56 & 4.56
Chase Brown — 4.43 & 4.43
Zach Charbonnet — 4.56 & 4.54
Tiyon Evans — 4.54 & 4.52
Jahmyr Gibbs — 4.40 & 4.36
Evan Hull — 4.47 & 4.50
Roschon Johnson — 4.59 & 4.65
Kenny McIntosh — 4.63 & 4.62
Keaton Mitchell — 4.38 & 4.38
Cam Peoples — 4.61 & 4.62
Deneric Prince — 4.41 & 4.46
Bijan Robinson — 4.47 & 4.48
Tavion Thomas — 4.75 & 4.75
SaRodorick Thompson Jr — 4.68 & 4.67

Sean Tucker, Deuce Vaughn, Chris Rodriguez, Tyjae Spears, Israel Abanikanda and Zach Evans didn’t run a forty.

Running back field drills

The first drill has the players have to run over the bags then cut. Evan Hull jogged through his rep but Jahmyr Gibbs, Zach Charbonnet and Kenny McIntosh looked really decisive. Chase Brown had a great rep — looking so fluid and naturally athletic.

Bijan Robinson, wow. He’s built differently to the other guys but his body is completely connected. The feet move so precisely, he’s so controlled with the rest of his frame.

Eric Gray looks absolutely solid in his frame. Very well proportioned, thick lower body. Roschon Johnson’s cuts are a bit laboured. The coaches just yelled at the group to get to their top speed on the drill.

Never been the biggest fan of this Deuce Staley footwork drill. Looks more like an audition for ‘River Dance’. Jahmyr Gibbs mastered it but Eric Gray won’t be troubling Michael Flatley any time soon, stumbling over the bags. Evan Hull also tripped. Kenny McIntosh, Tyjae Spears and Bijan Robinson sailed through, chopping their feet and then accelerating through the bags. Deuce Vaughan ended the drill well.

None of these running backs look as jacked as Ken Walker did a year ago. That he also ran in the 4.3’s is incredible.

On the first catching reps — Bijan Robinson snagged his catch and effortlessly turned up field in one motion. He has the size, speed, traits and everything you need. It’s the control he shows that makes him who he is. Robinson’s ability to move with suddenness and control buys him extra time in the decision making process on the field and he has the athleticism to act on that. He’s not a Saquon Barkley freakish tester but he deserves to be a high pick.

Official running back forty times

Devon Achane — 4.32
Jahmyr Gibbs — 4.36
Keaton Mitchell — 4.37
Deneric Prince — 4.41
Chase Brown — 4.43
Bijan Robinson — 4.46
Evan Hull — 4.47
Tiyon Evans — 4.52
Zach Charbonnet — 4.53
Tank Bigsby — 4.56
Roschon Johnson — 4.58
Cam Peoples — 4.61
Kenny McIntosh — 4.62
SaRodorick Thompson Jr — 4.67
Tavion Thomas — 4.74

It’s a decent running back class but there’s nobody who ‘wows’ you like Ken Walker did a year ago during these drills.

Tank Bigsby and Zach Charbonnet look free and comfortable running the pivot routes. No surprise Jahmyr Gibbs looks natural here — he’s going to be a seriously dynamic pass-catcher. They just showed some highlights of Gibbs pivoting to change direction. He makes it look easy — and he has great speed and hands. He should be a top-40 pick.

Most of the running backs excelled here. It looks like a class where you’ll, at least, get a back you can coach into a third down role.

It’s barely believable how easy Bijan Robinson makes it look running a route. The glance back for the football, in stride, no wasted steps, a catch with soft hands, the burst and acceleration upon making the completion. Outstanding.

The tracking and hands on this running back class has been exceptional. They’re catching the wheel routes better than a lot of the receivers attempted to catch their deep passes. We saw a great catch by Eric Gray. Charbonnet grabbed his ball wonderfully away from his body.

That wheel route catching session was tremendous. An ideal way to end the combine. Seattle should be able to find a pass-catching complement to Ken Walker if desired.

I’ll end the live blog here. Stay tuned, the day four recap will be online shortly with some closing overall thoughts.


  1. Bballin

    I enjoyed the qb discussion between you and Robbie. So many media members are so simplistic about the approach to drafting a qbs.

    This made me think of Mel kiper a couple years ago: “scouts need to scout with anticipation”

  2. Feindt

    Tepper has Fitterer working the phones already.

    • Jordie

      In the story it says they need to jump Atl and LVR… Imagine they do a deal to get to 6 and all 4 are gone?!

      • Blitzy the Clown

        I doubt they trade to #1 it’s just too expensive for them to outbid Indy’s #4 (or Seattle’s #5)

        But I do see them trading up with Arizona. And that’s a problem for Seattle at 5

        • Feindt

          Yea, I think Seattle has to enter the bidding war if they want to secure their QB of the future. But they are in a comfortable position by being guaranteed a top player even if a trade does not come together.

          @Jordie the author probably underestimates the QB sweepstakes. If you were Detroit and Richardson was still be available, you would for sure pick him. Perfect environment for him, besides Seattle of course. Let‘s see how the momentum develops..

  3. Trevor

    Boy am I glad we got out OTs last year. This is not a great looking group.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Agreed. Last year wasn’t a fat year for OTs, and yet this year is even worse.

      Not a bad interior OL class though, especially with college OT converts. I wouldn’t mind snagging a quality RG on Day 3.

      • Elmer

        Will there be an OT that can be an improvement to our depth. Injuries are a fact of life. Primarily, please let there be IOL prospects that can give us hope. Looking forward to TEF scores.

  4. Gross MaToast

    “The rise of Anthony Richardson.”

    Wow, who could’ve predicted such a thing?

    • Cysco

      All the way up into the 1op-10!

      • Romeo A57

        I choked when he said into the top 10. People who think Anthony Richardson is going to be available at Pick 5 or later are just completely ignorant at this point.

  5. Scot04

    It’s all about #3 for me!!!!!
    Thanks for continuing with the great content It’s been incredibly insightful. This is in regards to the trade idea.
    After events with Jalen Carter likely leading to him out of the top 5 & the QB combine performances; I wondered if the draft was today how it might play out. Add in Anderson having a combine that left the door to someone passing him as te remaing top non-QB prospect; A trade feels necessary.
    If Schneider views Stroud, Richardson, & Levis all similar and none far above the other; I’d be offering AZ #5 & #37 now.
    Sure they might not want to trade within the division.
    However, If say Carolina trades up to #1; AZ is then guaranteed their choice of top position player available, & gains what’s essentially another low 1st in #37.
    Seems like a rare Win/Win, plus it’s hard to imagine them getting a better offer.
    Does it rely on Chicago trading out of the top 5 though?
    Not necessarily, there might still be a QB left at #5 or another top player giving AZ the opportunity to trade down again; or they can just pick.
    It is easy to see the very real possibility of both Chicago & AZ trading out of the top 5, so why not guarantee yourself a QB before the draft.
    Trading to #3 if the draft were today would seem like the obvious choice, if all the above were true.
    Now if they like one far above the rest, then that’s a whole different thing. They should definitely try to get it done, but think Indianapolis could outbid us fairly easily. I think it would ultimately be too expensive, but that’s just me.
    If it’s my decision I’d 100% prefer the trade up for #3.
    Maybe it costs slightly more than my idea of #5 & #37, but I doubt it.

    • Cysco

      Yeah, I was saying the same thing in the other thread. #3 looks like the spot to target if it’s looking like a trade up is necessary. (I’m not convinced it is quite yet)

      As far as compensation, it’ll have to be more than #5 and #37. There is always a premium paid when you’re talking about trading up for a QB. (20% they were saying yesterday) Pile on that having to encourage ARI to trade in the division and you’re probably talking about throwing in a 3rd this year or next to get that 20% premium covered. If it’s needed, I’d still do it. It’d be so much cheaper than trying to move up to #1

      • Blitzy the Clown

        IMO it’d be easier and cheaper to trade with Houston.

        I’m not sure Arizona would even trade with us, or rather, I’m fairly sure we’d have to overpay to get them to trade with us.

        Houston doesn’t have the same intradivision (let alone intraconference) issues. I think they’re more likely to take a reasonable deal from Seattle than Arizona.

        I will say this: we all better hope Tyree Wilson balls out at his pro day so much that DeMeco Ryans is willing to draft him instead of Will Anderson. I say that because if Chicago trade down with Indy, it’s almost a certainty they’ll be targeting Anderson and if Houston are set on him, they won’t want to trade down.

        • Cambs

          I think we have an unexamined assumption in these threads that Chicago would have a high bar against leaving the Will Anderson (formerly the Anderson-Carter) zone. This sits a little inconsistently next to a belief that Anderson is not a transcendent talent.

          The Bears have a lot of needs, they might very reasonably not prioritize getting the EDGE1 compared with having many picks. And who knows if this matters to the front office but Fields has basically shown a public affinity for his former teammate Jaxon Smith-Njigba who also happens to play a position of glaring need for Chicago. For all we know, *that* might be the guy they feel they have to get in the first round. (I know Rob isn’t impressed with JSN.)

        • Cysco

          Have you seen anything that indicates that Houston would be open to trading out of #2? I haven’t.

          • Peter

            They have a super crappy roster and as much as we need holes filled they have almost nothing to hang their hat on.

            I can not believe I am defending Pete here but here we are.

            Our team at least limped to 9 wins. The fifth pick isn’t because we objectively sucked like CHI, HOU, AZ, INDY….it’s because we got a freeze from the football gods.

            Maybe Houston doesn’t trade. They take a qb at #2. They are still in the CHI boat where the rest of the team is actually crappy.

            • Cysco

              Perhaps, but we haven’t seen/heard anything that they’d actually be open to moving. In fairness, I haven’t really seen anything about ARI moving, but that one seems more obvious since they haven’t been tied to QB in the draft.

      • Roy Batty

        Any trade up for Seattle will have to include the 5 AND 20. There are so many teams ready to move up that the only way Seattle can outbid them is to include the #20 pick. No other team can come close to those two picks packaged together. Detroit is the only other team with that kind of draft capital, but they have Goff playing very well in their system. They can load up on good talent to surround him.

        Schneider is already making connections with Chicago, Houston and Arizona this weekend. They know what he’s got to trade. They know John isn’t shy about making big moves. They also know that #20 is worth a hell of a lot compared to whatever team adds in their 2024 R1 pick. Especially for teams like Carolina and possibly Indy, who might be picking nearer #20 or higher next year. Remember that the NFC South and AFC South aren’t exactly juggernaut divisions.

        So trade #5 and #20, if need be. Take the chance on a prospect who might very well lead your franchise for a decade. It’s that important a decision that it takes that important an investment.

        • Scot04

          I don’t think it would take #5 & #20.
          #5 & #37 hold more weight in trade than I believe you’re giving them credit for.
          Like I said if Carolina trades up to #1; Arizona could trade to us & still get the top player on their board.
          That’s not an option with any other team trading up, & that carries some value.
          In that scenario there’s still Anderson, Carter, & Tyree Wilson all at #5; along with others.
          Plenty of options for AZ to pick or trade down again.

    • TJ

      I made this comment a few threads back, but something that could work in Seattle’s favor in a trade up scenario is the fact that Bryce Young is still an exceptional talent. A team picking in the top 3, even one that needs a QB, could trade down with Seattle knowing that they can still add Young at 5 while picking up additional high picks. Young may still be the top QB on some team’s boards.

  6. TomLPDX

    Great coverage all week and love the live blogs. Thanks Rob and Robbie!!!

    Can’t wait to see Devone Achane run the 40. Bet he burns it up! I would to get him in the later rounds and let him compete as our returner on special teams. He also quite gifted as a RB and receiver as well.

  7. Denver Hawker

    Trade #5, #37, and next year’s R1 to Chicago for #1

    Still can get a quality defender at #20 and WR and Center late R2/R3

    Is this enough to move up?

    #37 will be a very good player on the board so that kinda hurts and future R1 is scary after what happened with Denver.

    • TomLPDX

      I don’t think it would be enough

    • Rushless pass

      I think we for sure would have to cough up 20

      • Denver Hawker

        Probably right- at least in order to outbid the Colts

      • Cysco

        Yeah, for sure have to include 20.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Not sure it’s enough, and I’m not sure it’s necessary.

      We don’t need the #1 pick. We need one of the first 3 picks. #2 is just as good for us and would cost a lot less.

      • Denver Hawker

        I think you’re right. Only issue is I don’t think Houston needs to or will trade out of #2, Arizona may prefer to trade outside the division.

        One hope is Colts move to #1, and we could trade with the Bears at #4

        • Blitzy the Clown

          Houston’s roster is pretty thin. I think they’d be willing to trade down for more picks as long as they can get their first choice. If that’s Anderson, chances are they won’t trade down.

          If it’s Wilson, or rather if they’re as ok with Wilson as they would be with Anderson, then I think they would trade down and I don’t see anyone better suited for that trade than Seattle at 5.

        • Peter

          Five and a future first for Houston. Maybe a second. Done. They don’t need to move out but Ryan could build a great roster and still have an extra pick to get his guytge next year.

          • Osprey

            Already having 11 picks in this draft (2 #1s, a #2, & 2 #3s) they might prefer a deal including next years #1, a #2 this year, and whatever latter picks and or players it would take to balance it out.

        • Tien

          I agree Denver. IF Houston thinks one of the top 4 QBs could be their QBOTF, why wouldn’t they just stay at #2, get him, and then fill out the rest of the roster with their remaining high picks? Crossing my fingers that they aren’t enamored by any of the QBs this year and thus would be open to a trade down. Otherwise, we’d have to pay a premium to try to convince AZ to trade down to a division rival.

  8. OakleyD

    Bergeron looked great in the Wave drill. Is he an out & out Tackle prospect or could he move inside to guard? He has thick legs but can move them well.

    Dawand Jones is just another breed out there……

    Also liked how Anthony Bradford moved. We’ve been to LSU for guard prospects before, what’s your take on his tape?

  9. Orcas Viking

    Save the picks, no trading up. If it’s Bryce Young at 5 so be it. He is a quality QB. Let’s use the saved picks to improve the DL, LB, WR and running game. Bryce Young might be the better outcome given he appears mentally ahead of the others and no need to sign Geno…use the savings on Geno to get a quality Center (Bradeburry) and G in FA.

    • Sean

      Young is a better quarterback than the other three. Cannot jump 40 inches or do a standing backflip, but can put the ball where it needs to go, improvise when necessary, and keep drives going.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Can he stay on the field? Is he better at availability than the other three?

        • John

          Not sure on other 3, but Young did not miss a start in the last 2 years of starting.

      • Peter

        Is he? Flip flop Young and Levis at their respective schools.

        Young with 37 plus sacks and zero weapons….not sure he’d done any better.

        • BK26

          He’s not. He had all of the talent and coaching, and I don’t like how he went off script compared to the other 3. For him it seemed unnecessary. Seems almost too confident at times. With him, you have to hit on every line pick and run the offense like with Russ again. And the replace him wen he breaks before 30.

          The other 3 all went through some adversity, stroud not near as much, but he had to prove what he could do outside of the offense. He proved that in one game.

        • Rob Staton

          Great point Peter

          Put Young behind that Kentucky line and let’s see how durable he is

  10. Madmark

    I think everyone has gone crazy about this QB talk. Seattle needs to replace 4 of the 3 man defensive line. Seattle isn’t going to trade up from 5 there are just to many holes to fill and we need to fill them with rookie contracts. Seattle at pick 5 and if the 4 QBs are good then it’s really going to get crazy.

    • Madmark

      4 QBs gone before 5. The question is can they get a trade down or are stuck picking here.

      • Peter

        Who would trade up for whom?

        There’s yet no generational defensive talent with Anderson being very good. And as I write this no olinemen that are can’t miss tackles.

        Maybe if a team really thinks Gonzalez at corner.

        On the note of filling holes. How does Seattle fill the most important one, qb, moving forward?

        Don’t do it this year and then spend multiple firsts moving forward? Hope Geno turns full pumpkin and we get a natural top three pick on our own at a later date?

      • Seanmatt

        If the draft goes QB 1-4, we draft Will Anderson and we fill really happy with our edge talent for years to come.

        • Peter

          I like Anderson a good deal drafting him is great. But our pass rush isn’t set. Nwosu and Taylor are out of contract next year.

          • Seanmatt

            Taylor is a UDFA next year due to missing his rookie year. Plus, we have Mafe. That is four Edge under contract for next year, 3 the year after, and 2 the following year. We’re pretty solid.

            • Elmer

              Do the Seahawks need to improve the pass rush? Absolutely.

              Does that mean that they need a lot more EDGE rushers? Not necessarily.

              Focusing on the DL and inside linebackers will help with interior pressure and with run defense. It will make the EDGE rushers more effective.

            • Peter

              I guess I’m not seeing what your seeing. Taylor has no contract after next year. He can be tendered, new contract, or nothing. Meaning after next year it’s just Mafe as I am writing this.

              I assume they retain taylor but who knows.

              • Seanmatt

                Taylor didn’t accrue a year of play his first season. He will be a RFA next year (I typed UDFA by accident). We still have control of his contract after this upcoming year. For the 2024 season, we will have Mafe under contract, control of Taylor (we can tender him as an RFA) and Will Anderson if we draft him.

                We don’t have to draft edge in the draft, but the edge players are way better than the interior defensive linemen. I want to go QB, but Will Anderson would be a hell of a consolation prize.

    • TJ

      There are a lot of DL prospects who will be available in the mid 1st – 3rd rounds who can upgrade Seattle’s DL. This is a once in a generation (or less) opportunity to add a blue-chip QB prospect. If Schneider sees any of the top-4 as a rare opportunity he should take him, or if necessary, move up to get him.

      • Madmark

        No there won’t a lot of defensive talent 1-3 because traded away those picks.

        • Elmer

          That’s the danger of paying too much to trade up. It will depend on how JS assesses the talent but it doesn’t feel right.

        • TJ

          That may be true, but if Schneider sees an opportunity to draft elite talent at QB it is worth it. An elite QB is more valuable than a couple of day 2 defensive linemen, even if they are above average to good. It all depends on how Schneider and Carroll view the QBs. For all we know, they don’t see them as anything more than above average. I doubt that’s the case, but what do I know? Hopefully, one will be available at #5 and this to-trade-or-not-to-trade topic will be a moot point.

          • Elmer

            Yes, 5 looks like kind of an awkward draft position right now.

  11. Jackson

    Is it just me or is it a pretty uninspiring OL group this year? I’m very thankful we got our book-end tackles of the future last draft.

    • Rushless pass

      I wouldn’t be upset with the idea of picking up a guard in the draft is really pushing for Connor McGovern in free agency

      • Rushless pass

        * and pushing for mcGovern

  12. Saul G

    While the SDB community has known for quite a while about these QBs, I don’t think the league views the QBs as we do. There will be one, maybe two, that will be available at 5. There is enough noise, right or wrong, about Stroud and Young being the first two QBs off the board. The league is full of DJ types that are very square and conventional thinkers. I don’t think Chicago will want to move down outside the top 5 and risk losing out on Anderson or Tyree Wilson and if Chicago moved down with Indy, that would still leave two on the board.

    • Rob Staton

      You might be right

      But what I’ll say is — there have been many QB’s over the years where we’ve been talking about them as top picks in November, the media disagrees, then by April?

      • Peter

        I would agree with this except the qb class was so poor last year it leaves teams that took a pass last year looking again. Plus all the teams this year that need one.

        I mean ATL is in conversations to move up for a qb.

        Indy with Irsay. That’s a done deal whether trade or otherwise.

        Carolina is literally a better qb away to make noise this year. Chicago actually remains a wild card. Trade to four and still take a qb? Who knows with Houston.

        Raiders feel in play. Detroit could be in play. They have a freebie pick of sorts. And I wouldn’t discount the Jets who I think have a nearly stacked roster. They don’t have to necessarily worry about mortgaging the future because they are basically there now.

        • Saul G

          But that’s what happens every year, talks of moving up. But aside from trades that were made before day 1 of the draft (Wentz, Goof, Lance), the top 5 usually never moves out of their spots. It’s fun to talk about and speculate, but it almost never happens and everyone gets a little carried away around the Combine. Even with Tua, Herbert; and that class no one moved up for them.

          • Peter

            I get it. I really do.

            On the other hand with other drafts you have a myles garret, a good to great tackle prospect, a Jamar chase, sauce Gardner. Big names at other premium spots.

            This is a weird year with a loaded top at qb. No truly special WR’s. Not seeing many mocks with oline taken in the top five. And the sure fire DT might not be in the first round anymore. Add to that one of top three are not drafting qb, AZ, Chicago might. Heck Houston might. It just makes a strange year.

      • Saul G

        True, but this is the same league that let Abe Lucas fall to the third round when he had good tape, excellent character, and really good workout numbers. Todd will be tripping over himself on the FirstDraft pod because Young had a good weigh in. And we know he and Mel talk to plenty of people in the league. I’d be very confident that one of our guys will be there at 5.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      I’ve been reading the twitter leaves about popular consensus about the QB pecking order and near as I can tell it’s this:

      Richardson (because of his insane workout)

      These 4 are so close it’s hard to quibble with any specific ranking, but I don’t understand the lack of broad enthusiasm for Levis. What can’t they see in him?

      • Peter

        He sucked. And once you make those declarative it’s hard to get off that hill.

        • Hawkdawg

          He sucked yesterday? I didn’t see that at all. And all sorts of reasons last year shouldn’t count too much against him.

          • Peter

            I’m being sarcastic.

            Like people decided he sucked w/o really looking into it.

  13. JimQ

    Just an observation from Rob’s recent podcast with Robbie. Every time he or Robbie talked about Levis Rob’s face lit up, I think he has a favorite! The Richardson combine performance was indeed special however I have developed a few concerns about his QB abilities. A post herein questions about why Richardson’s coach & teammates are pretty silent about their star QB leading to “leadership” concerns? At the same time, we hear from Robbie that Levis showed Alpha-dog leadership with the QB group at the combine. I’m sure we would be happy with any of the top 3, however I’m starting to think that Richarson has a moderately higher risk of failure in the NFL, it wouldn’t be the first time that someone “looks like Tarzan and plays like Jane” I’m not saying that would be the case, but IMO Richarson is a bit more of a risk than Levis.

    I want Levis, coach him up start him, live through the up’s and down’s while he’s learning the game seems like a better plan than paying Geno big bucks and drafting Richardson and hoping he’ll develop in 1-2 years seems like much more of a gamble. JS should trade whatever is necessary to get their QBOTF -IMO.

    • Rob Staton

      Every time he or Robbie talked about Levis Rob’s face lit up

      I think I know a GM who probably does something similar when Levis is mentioned

    • DJ 1/2 way

      I have two tattoo artists in the family and the time and money to get those sleaves is significant. I am fine with all four QBs, but if you are searching for red flags then college student covered in tats is a leading indicator. However, it looked good at the underwear olympics and shows he can take pain with endurance.

      I like the idea of starting a rookie QB and taking your lumps. Better to get the experience and higher draft picks then to spend on Geno and squeak into the playoffs as a one and done. If it is Levis he will not get as beat up/beat down as he did last year. If it is Richardson I can see some serious running game strength. I might worry about Young, but he has shown it is hard to get to him.

  14. QAgrizzly

    OK, I will stick my neck out a bit here and play Devils advocate regarding
    giving up say 2 #1s and 2 #2s to trade up for a QB it might be worth putting some names to the picks. Lets say Will Anderson, Calijah Kancey, Jack Cambell and Luke Musgrave, you can pick your 4, I feel Seahawks have a fair amount of holes that need to be filled. While I dread the resigning of Geno Smith, if they dont resign him then sure everything changes and yes get a QB, if they do maybe trade down pick up a 1 next year and expect too have 2 fairly high no 1s in 2024. Fire away.

    • Peter

      High picks next year? Are we going to suck next year?

      The problem with trading down…if a qb is sittingvthere at five that any other team wants why would we not take them.

      Alternately if all the qbs are gone who is the player teams are giving us future picks for?

      After looking at all the trades into and in the top ten the future picks are for qb selections. For other positions teams have moved up to nine spots to the #3 spot for as little as a swap of firsts and a single second rounder that year.

  15. Madmark

    3 players I’m watching Jordan McFadden OT so they say but really should G. This makes team as depth player backing up guard and in emergency OT. I watch a lot of Arkansas games watching Drew Sanders. There are no centers on this team we it seems we can grab Joey Hunt we need grab FA and draft one and have a competion. I think center is so important I also interested in Juice Scruggs as a value pick.

  16. WestSide72

    LOL…CBS just said the NYG are the best landing spot for Anthony Richardson. So much nonsense out there. Do your own research people…the media is lost.

  17. Blitzy the Clown

    Juice Scruggs moving well in drills.

    Also like JMS.

    • OakleyD

      I’ve been surprised with how well Ricky Stromberg is moving too. His build looks quite soft but he’s got good movement skills

  18. Blitzy the Clown

    I’m really liking Juice Scruggs. Dude looks solid, no bad meat on him. Moves well.

    Could be a later Day 3 gem

    • Madmark

      A value pic.

  19. Rushless pass

    Is skoranski a first round lock? Is 20 too high for an interior lineman?

  20. Roy Batty

    Is it true that Hooker might be cleared for day 1 of this season? If so, that might make a few teams rethink trading all their picks for one of the top 4. They might very well bow out at a certain threshold.

  21. QAgrizzly

    Points well taken, I think Seahawks are closer to 2nd half of season as opposed to 1st half espeacially with Smith at QB. In regards to trading down most likely sitting on a QB or Anderson at 5 both of which would have strong interest from teams, the Bears would want to get back on Anderson if they completely trade out. All that said if a QB slips to 5 then definately yes grab him. I guess thats my overall point, maybe you dont need to trade up and if you elect not to you still are sitting pretty.

    • Peter

      I trust Rob here that all four won’t be gone and they are each equally as good in different ways to each other.

      If that’s the case I’m not too moved into trading up.

      But I have zero idea how John will see it.

      Does he have all of them at the same grade?

  22. Trevor

    Rob any thoughts on Sidy Sow? He is a Canadian kid that played at Eastern Michigan. Thought he might be a round 6-7 or UDFA target if he tested ok.

    • Rob Staton

      Not someone I’ve studied. He had a decent workout

      • Trevor

        Thanks yeah I was just looking to get your take on the workout if you noticed him at all.

  23. Blitzy the Clown

    I think Darnell Wright has Combined himself into the first round

    • Rob Staton

      Always been a top-20 for me

      • OakleyD

        Hopefully exactly #20 – looks like he has the body type to move inside for us at RG and value to kick outside if either of our Tackles get injured

  24. JimQ

    Seems to me that drafting a center is a big need. Especially if the draft a QB, so the center and QB can bond and learn the game together. Juice Scruggs is a worthy mid-round pick from what I’m seeing today. If they end up with Stroud, maybe they pick his Ohio St. Center Stromberg for the QB’s comfort.

    • OakleyD

      Wypler was the Ohio St Center. Stromberg played at Arkansas

      • OakleyD

        Both looked good to me though and are both the typical size for Center the Seahawks have been leaning towards since moving on from Pocic

  25. Mick

    I don’t think we can be certain that the Bears won’t just stay where they are and draft a QB. Yes they have holes in the roster but not long ago they were about to trade the house for Russ. The last thing they want is to trade down and someone else nails a Super Bowl winning QB at #1, while they’re stuck with Justin Fields. With Texans and Colts in the need of a QB anyways, it might be we must overpay to trade up with Arizona, who will be getting an awful lot of calls from Raiders, Bucs or Panthers.

    We also don’t know what Schneider wants. If the first two picks are Stroud and Richardson and if JS isn’t sold on Levis and Young, he might decide to stay where he is and see if either of them drops. If all 4 top QBs are gone at 5, he could just roll with Hendon Hooker or DTR until he can draft someone better.

    And Rob, really impressive amount of work this weekend, thank you.

  26. Romeo A57

    I hoping that JS trades whatever is necessary to get his QB#1. This is the year where Seattle has the draft capital to do that. Paying the rookie scale for a QB rather than Geno Smith $30M per year would greatly help fill in the holes in the roster. The Seahawks offense was nearly a no show againast the better defensive teams last season ( San Francisco 3X, Denver ,Tampa Bay). An actual playmaker at QB may make all the difference against the good defenses.

    Many Seahawks fans do not appreciate how far away talent wise that this team is from the best like San Franciso, Philadelphia or KC. One DL and OLB isn’t going to close this gap. An Elite QB would greatly help improve this team. Another less improtant factor is how exciting it would be to watch a young QB in multiple Prime Time games.

    The other reason to not sign Geno to a massive deal is that we may have seen his peak. Teams have a full season of tape now. Is one reason for his falloff at the end of last season that teams were able to scheme against him better in the second half of the season?

  27. JAFreeman

    About the QB discussion. What top GM/HC of QB-needy teams have the security to take a chance? Both Leavis and Richardson are chancy picks, from some perspectives. You have to have the confidence of a Rob Staton to put your career in the hands of the latter two QBs. (And for the record I am already there and plan to draft both of them heavily in my upcoming fantasy rookie drafts, in large part due to Rob’s scouting and prognosticating.)

    Stroud seems to be the safest pick, of the four, with questions about Young’s size. I think Schneider would take Leavis or Richardson (the latter will not make it past 1.05, I would bet) in part because I think he feels fairly secure and it would make sense for the team. Irsay probably has his sights set on Leavis, and Chicago will likely trade down, but what about Houston? Would they take a chance on Richardson? Would Carolina, after a big move up? Has Young satisfied the sizest crowd with his 204# weigh in? If so, he would be potentially safer than Richardson.

    Or has the combine erased all potential fear of drafting Richardson so highly?

    • JAFreeman

      Didn’t finish my thought. What this might lead to is Stroud and Young go 1.01 and 1.02 in some order. Some team other than Indy trades up to #1 for their choice and Houston drafts the other at 1.02.

      But maybe nobody wants to do a San Francisco and trade with Arizona at 1.03 due to the perceived risk (and so far the Trey Lance move hasn’t really panned out), and Arizona drafts Anderson. Indy figures this is the way it would go and take Leavis at 1.04, leaving Richardson available at 1.05. And then we freak when JS trades down. 🙁

  28. Sea Mode

    Who in the world are they talking to right now? 😒

  29. Sea Mode

    Bijan Robinson rocked up

  30. Rushless pass

    Charbonnet cut weight

  31. Roy Batty

    Jeremiah with myopic eyes, again. “ He’s moving’” and the RB runs a 4.59.

  32. Mort

    If you guys want your head to explode go see the new mock draft that CBS put out. Talk about not knowing that the team is about character and athletes.

  33. QAgrizzly

    Does anybody have combine numbers on Drew Lock including arm strength etc.?

    • Rushless pass

      40 Yard Dash: 4.69 seconds
      40 Yard (MPH): 17.44 (MPH)
      20 Yard Split: 2.74 seconds
      10 Yard Split: 1.61 seconds
      Bench Press: (N/A) reps (225 lb)
      Wonderlic: (N/A) (0-50)
      QB Ball Velocity: (N/A) (MPH)
      Vertical Leap: 31.0 inches
      Broad Jump: (N/A) inches
      20 Yd Shuttle: 4.12 seconds
      Three Cone: 7.03 seconds
      Shuttle Split: (N/A) seconds
      60 Yd Shuttle: (N/A) seconds
      Four Square: (N/A) seconds

      • QAgrizzly

        Thanks, looks similiar to Tanner Mckee, would not discount Mckee as a 2nd day pick if they lose Lock.

    • Sea Mode

      Well, not sure what kind of “numbers” you are looking for as far as arm strength, but here are the Combine numbers:

      6036, 228, 32.5″ arm, 9″ hand, 4.69 40yd, 4.12 SS, 7.03 3C, 31″ vert, 9’04” broad

    • Rushless pass

      Guys got a hose

  34. Kieran

    Having looked back at Rob’s combine preview, Chase Brown is ticking all the boxes.
    Could be excellent value in the late 3rd/early 4th round.
    Pair him up with KWIII and you’re sorted for the next few years.

    • Seattle Person

      Get both the Brown twins. Both are great athletes and great football players.

      Bummer that Roschon Johnson and Kenny McIntosh ran slow times but at least they will last now.

  35. BoiseSeahawk

    Tyjae Spears would be an excellent addition to our RB group. I just wonder where he might fall in the draft? Round 4?

    He really stood out against USC in the Cotton Bowl and has a lot of upside in the passing game.
    Good testing so far too.

  36. JimQ

    My latest thought process is IF they draft a top-3 QB (Levis preferred), they need to pay whatever is necessary in draft picks (& maybe throw in Fant and/or Barton). They then need Smith to hopefully sign with another team if he wants a bigger payday, (perhaps by stalling negotiations). My logic starts with using the 25/35+ million likely to be required going to Smith use those CAP $’s to beef up the defense & add both defensive players and offensive players in the draft as well as in FA.

    Next year there wouldn’t be a huge amount of $’s that would be required to pay Smith. In future years they’ll be in excellent shape CAP wise to substantially upgrade at all positions of need with $ to spend due to having a rookie QB. Getting rid of both their Safeties could also substantially add to the CAP war chest to add some decent veteran FA talent.

  37. Andy J

    Just thinking out loud…

    In FA + Draft, the Seahawks *need*:

    2 QBs
    2 RBs
    1 WR
    2 OL
    4 DL (assuming they cut 2-4 DL currently on the roster)
    2 LB
    1 DB

    Makes sense that in FA they will try to limit their draft *needs*.
    1 QB (lotta options)
    1 RB (lotta options)
    1 OL (options)
    1/2 DL (fewer options)
    1 LB (lotta options)

  38. Blitzy the Clown

    This RB class is ridiculous

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Jahmyr Gibbs would be RB1 in almost any class that doesn’t include Robinson

  39. Sea Mode

    Bijan moves different than the rest.

    Gibbs nice light feet.

    Chase Brown moves well.

  40. Sea Mode

    McIntosh kind of upright, but showed really good feet I thought in the bag drill.

  41. IDhawk

    Just got the chance to watch the QB throwing sessions, and wow! Go up and get CJ Stroud! I know everyone is drooling over Anthony Richardson (myself included), but Stroud makes throwing the football look effortless. To be able to throw 65 yard passes like that with such ease and just drop them into the bread basket… speechless. Plus he seems like the ultimate competitor. Who’s his NFL comp?

    • Sea Mode


    • Rob Staton

      Against Georgia, he looked like Pat Mahomes

      • IDhawk

        Burrow came to my mind as well. He has that innate sense of where the ball needs to be, the trajectory, velocity and exactly when it needs to get there. I like both of those comparisons a lot better than “Jared Goff” 🙄

        • Rob Staton

          I’ve never got the Goff comparison

          Have never seen that in Stroud

          • Seattle Person

            I think it’s more of the jitteriness that Stroud can display in the pocket when things break down. He showed against Georgia that he can extend and move around in the pocket. However, there is evidence of him panicking when the pocket does break down.

            When you give him a clean pocket and when the play is on-time, he’ll kill you. I think that’s where that comparison stems from.

    • Hawkdawg

      I thought Richardson’s throws looked equally effortless, actually. Especially the deep balls.

      • Osprey

        Richardson & Levis showed the strength for sure, but there’s something about Stroud’s throws that just look silky smooth.

  42. Trevor

    I would definitely be downt with the Hawks drafting twins again this year. Sydney and Chase Brown are quality players and athletes.

    • Seattle Person

      Yup. I have been trying to hype up Syd Brown for awhile. With Chase’s Combine numbers — I want him too.

      Chase Brown or Zach Charbonnet would be a great RB 2.

  43. Steve Nelsen

    Evan Hull was an under-the-radar RB who had a great Senior Bowl and followed it up with a solid combine.

    • Volume12

      Was just gonna say this. Also had 55 receptions this past season. Might be the guy to target on day 3. Would pair nicely w/ K9

  44. Blitzy the Clown

    It’s a good bet that the BPA with our R3 pick is a RB

  45. redhawks

    Where is a good draft simulator that you can try out trades with?

    Using the PFN one and it seems ridiculous… I traded from 5 to 7 and picked Levis in first one, second one just started and got this offer for 5:

    Tampa Bay 19, 50, 82 AND Next years 1st and 2nd

    I will turn it down so i can do this, but wow.

    Levis is available again.. Anthony Richardson taken 2nd in both drafts.

  46. Sea Mode

    Charbonnet nice catch radius

  47. Sea Mode

    The way the ball gets “sucked” into the hands of Bijan is so satisfying.

  48. redhawks

    Lots of trades – tried it again… obv this is garbage rankings, so it is not great… but for fun:

    Will Levis
    Lukas Van Ness
    Drew Sanders
    Siaki Ika
    JL Skinner
    Dalton Kincaid
    Zach Charbonnet
    Byron Young
    Alex Austin

    And…. Carolina 1st round pick next year.

  49. Madmark

    I haven’t seen Christian Rodriguez jr.

    • Rob Staton

      Not working out it seems

  50. Sea Mode

    Seahawks are going to be all over Zach Charbonnet. Would make an excellent complement to Walker.

    • Seattle Person

      I think they did met with him this weekend.

    • Seanmatt

      How come? What about him screams “Seahawk”

      • Seattle Person

        He is really explosive. His broad jump and vertical are really good. Plus he ran in the 4.5s which is pretty fast for his size.

        • Peter

          Loves football. Loves his team. Totally underappreciated playing at 11 pm eastern time for UCLA.

  51. Cambs

    RapSheet saying there’s a bidding war underway for the Bears’ pick … “the interest is significant, the quarterback performances bolstered it … you do have teams scrambling to get up to number 1”

    • cha

      Best bit was Rap catching himself…”Bryce Young eating a lot…I mean…eating well..”


      • Saul G

        Between Schefter’s report and thus, it’s such feeble reporting. The Bears are trying to stir up a market since they haven’t had any action at all. No one wants to pay the price it would take to move and will try to get Chicago to take pennies on the dollar if they’re so desperate to move down.

        • Peter

          Agree with this.

          Also didn’t help reports that they might try to trade Fields. Sure thing Chicago.

          Maybe like a third round for that guy? But I’ve seen worse once a team says they are moving off someone.

    • Seattle Person

      Including the Seahawks??

    • Hawkdawg

      Only one team can win that battle. Which means the losers will still be hunting…

  52. Steve Nelsen

    We know the Seahawks value TEF and Blake Freeland will stand out! He could be a Day 3 T to G convert to compete with Phil Haynes.

    • Allen M.


      Go get a QB and make sure that QB is Anthony Richardson.

      • BK26

        This needs to be a shirt Rob. Then when we trade up for him he gets a Game of Thrones nickname hahaha. Best comment in the live chat.

        • MountainHawker


          • BK26

            The Mountain, the Prince that was Promised.

            Now I want to rewatch House of the Dragon haha.

    • Allen M.

      Replies are acting weird. Didn’t mean for a reply to this but the point still stands.

      • Steve Nelsen

        Ha ha! I saw your comment and I thought, “Wow! Someone is coming in hard on my 5th round O-Line project post.” 😆

  53. 805Hawk

    Just chatted with a very nice gentleman on Twitter that is convinced that Seattle is going to tag and trade Geno. Seems I am an idiot for believing otherwise and I have no idea how the NFL values quarterbacks. It’s a done deal, btw, so we can stop discussing it. So, I’ve realized the errors of my ways due to his convincing arguments and obvious clear understanding of the NFL and it’s intricacies. As a word of caution, if you chat with this kind person, he tends to “LMAO” and tell you to “get the F outta here” quite frequently if you have any other views. 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • Wilson502

      Was it that clown “neugassh” Sounds like something he would say

    • Romeo A57

      I am certain that multiple teams are lining up to pay $32M for one year to a QB with one good season out of 10. Also these teams can’t wait to give away a 2nd round pick for this privilege.

      • 805Hawk

        I had the same opinion and expressed it, but I am, as he pointed out, an idiot. So, there’s that.

        • Peter

          Clown face, clown face, poop emoji, followed by “agree to disagree.”

          Though on a related note been thinking about joining Twitter under the following handles : @realdabears23, @panthersnation69, @silver_black4evah, @irsayismydad.

          And tweet nonstop about how s—-y of a qb levis is in hopes of inspiring anyone important to not draft him so he lasts to #5.

          • Wilson502

            Yeah that sounds like neugassah. Dude is a 🤡

    • BK26

      I had a nice discussion online that Richardson had a 0% chance of panning out and would be a bust and Jamarcus Russell was light years better than him. His only hope was a career backup. I learned a lot. (This was before he did what he did at the combine, I decided not to ask him if his opinion changed)

      He ended the conversation with “you’re an idiot” when he got confused when I used the word “comprehend.” I wonder if it’s the same nice gentleman.

  54. Sea Mode

    New “Pass Rush Specialist” coach. At least they’re trying I guess.

    • Rushless pass

      If it works out I’ll have to change my name. I’m thinking the planted center

  55. Trevor

    The Texans should take Richardson and Bijan then figure out everything else after that. The two most dynamic players to enter the league in a while.

    • Ben

      I’d be happy if the Seahawks did that…

      Bijan, Gibbs, Flowers, Darnell Washington, Mayers, Darnell Wright. Bunch of win off the bus types (well not flowers but he’s got something special.)

      It makes more sense to hit D-line hard at 20 and in the 2nd, but boy I wouldn’t mind pairing a guy like Richardson with some other playmakers/giant humans.

      Something like Richardson/Bijan/Washington would have things moving downfield in a hurry. Bijan is an extreme luxury pick with all the FA’s and deep rookie class but man is he fun to watch.

      Really feeling the go offense early and often and then go free agency and lots of picks for the defense.

  56. Trevor

    Zack Kuntz is a TE prospect in the 2023 draft class. He scored a 10.00 RAS out of a possible 10.00. This ranked 1 out of 1020 TE from 1987 to 2023.

    • Steve Nelsen

      He is the kind of prospect Seattle has targeted on Day 3 in the past, good size, athletic, and a project for the coaches. But nobody has been this athletic. I’m not sure how they fit 4 TEs on the roster but this kid is certainly on their radar.

    • Nick

      I would be very tempted as an Aussie to get that jersey.

  57. Rushless pass

    I wonder why there’s only three reported meetings they’ve had with players in the last two days. Do they keep those things under wraps?

  58. Nano

    Thank you, Rob.

    Chase Brown’s acceration is kind of hard to believe on highlights. I can’t think of a lot of Running backs @215 pounds that get to top speed that quickly. He’s be interesting.

    But the “need” is certainly more of a “tenderizer”–a big back to take some early down and short yardage carries. I really think KWIII would benefit from that.

  59. samprassultanofswat

    Richardson, Levis or Stroud. If somehow the Hawks can snag one of these QBs I will be very happy.

    Just a thought. Maybe it is a good thing that Bryce Young saved his throwing session for his pro day. That will be firmly in the minds of Owners, GMs and Head Coaches. There has been a lot of talk(mock drafts) of Houston taking Bryce Young. We will see.

    Like I said. Just give me Richardson, Levis or Stoud.

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