NC State left tackle Rob Crisp one to monitor

I’m heading to Vancouver tonight and will be travelling across the border for the Cowboys game on Sunday. I intend to be writing during the trip but here’s a heads up if things are a little quiet over the next 24-48 hours. In the meantime I wanted to quickly raise awareness to an underrated prospect who deserves some attention.

NC State’s senior left tackle Rob Crip is a good technician with length (6-7) and ideal size (around 295lbs). He’s flying under the radar a little bit but he’s one to monitor. I noticed his performance against Florida State recently and even in a blow out he did a reasonable job against Clemson controlling explosive pass rusher Vic Beasley. He’s one to keep an eye on the rest of the way and over the next few weeks I’ll go in to more detail on his pro-potential. NC State host Boston College this weekend.


  1. CC

    Welcome to the great Pacific Northwest!!! Vancouver is beautiful and you will love the Clink and watching the Seahawks on Sunday!

    Go Hawks!!

  2. Mark

    Rob, is this a position you are looking at because you think Seattle will look for competition for Okung/Carpenter? Or did his play just stand out while you were watching a game?

    • Rob Staton

      A bit of both.

  3. bigDhawk

    Good find. He is on the team ‘leadership council’, which would seem to suggest he fits our character requirements. As far as LT goes, also remember that Garrett Scott may yet play football again as early as next year and his return will be like a draft pick in 2015. He should compete to at least back up Okung next year.

  4. Adog

    Plan on taking some time going back into Canada. And hopefully you don’t have any cocaine on your pass port. However I envy your proposed experience as it will be one that tests your fandom…whatever the price of your seat you can lobbey it for three to ten times the amount paid. Of course as a mannered Englishman you will / might stay loyal to your social committment. If so I advise if one drinks? To tape a flask of your favorite or least favorite liquor (considering the price of you ticket) to your scrotum. I will be attendance for the Carolina game in harlot…u mean Charlotte… I’m talking amongst myself…for the price of 400 hundred dollars to sit behind the Seattle bench. I cannot hope to watch the game in the purity of sportsmanship as the league deteriorates to corporate curmudgeons.

  5. Adog

    I do however plan on doing the mebane belly roll all 4 qrters win or lose.

    • CC

      I hope you are joining Mebane in his belly roll 7-10 times tomorrow! It will mean that our D line is getting it done!

  6. Kyle

    If you’re looking for a great burger while you’re here, nothing beats Red Mill or Rain City Burgers. Chowder? Pike Place Chowder all the way.

  7. Frank_MTL

    Have fun at the game today Rob! Wish I could be there myself.

    I’m driving from Montreal to Charlotte in two weeks to go see the world champs. I can’t wait. I’ve been a fan since the early 90’s and this will be my first time watching the Seahawks live. It won’t be the same atmosphere as the a game in Seattle, but it should be a great one between two tough teams that combine “old school” and “new school” football elements. Anyways, I’ll be chearing today all the way from the french-canadian east-coast (until I have the opportunity to visit the great Northwest).

    Fier représentant du douzième homme!

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