Todd Gurley suspended indefinitely by Georgia

Todd Gurley NCAA investigation centersaround alleged memorabilia and likeness issues

— Joe Schad(@schadjoe) October 9, 2014

I wouldn’t expect this to impact Gurley’s draft stock too much. You’re either willing to draft a running back early or you aren’t. Gurley is an incredible talent. Robert Quinn was also a big-time college talent who missed a whole year due to suspension. It didn’t significantly impact his stock. If you were prepared to draft Gurley in the top-20 before, you probably still are.

The bigger impact will be felt by Georgia, who Gurley is carrying right now, and any hopes of a legitimate Heisman Trophy campaign appear to be over.

There are very few players with Gurley’s size/speed combo, balance, ability to explode through a hole and break off big runs. He’s unique as a big back who’s also a home run hitter. People make the mistake of comparing him to Marshawn Lynch but they are very different players. Lynch is smaller and tougher, but he’s not a threat to take it to the house like TG. I suspect Gurley won’t quite be a tackle-breaking machine in the more physical environment of the NFL. Nor will he be a mega-carry work horse. He’s best served as an explosive compliment to a dynamic passing game.

Staying in-state with Atlanta would be a really good fit. He’d give the Falcons something they currently lack (a threatening running back) but he wouldn’t be depended on for endless carries within the Matt Ryan offense. He’d be a weapon — a nice compliment. That’s what he needs to be at the next level. Not someone you run into the ground. He’s miscast as that type of power runner. He’s a playmaker.


  1. Cameron

    I like your rational, Rob. It’s not like he needs more touches to prove anything. Some scouts might even see it as a positive because he’ll see less wear and tear this year. Still a 1st round lock for me.

  2. kevin mullen

    Spiller 2.0

  3. CC

    Talented young man – but if he knowing tried to make money on autographs, well, I’d want my team to do a bit more research before drafting.

  4. Adog

    It seems likely that lynch is on his last year or two. Turbin is a very decent running back by committee back, and michael has the same label that he had in college…injury prone. Running back is a need when looking ahead to the 2015 draft. I could see the hawks grabbing gurley if he dropped to the end of the first.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I could, too, but I wouldn’t like it, I think.
      Our offense is looking more focused on the short passing game this season. I wonder if a huge scat back fits into this scheme.

  5. Geoff U

    Strange comparison, doesn’t look at all like Lynch at all. I’m not convinced he’ll make it in the NFL either, beyond a role play backup.

  6. AlaskaHawk

    It’s risky taking a running back even at the end of the first. Just look at how Richardson did last night for the Colts. He is okay but nothing special. I would say pick him in first if he runs a 4.3/40yd.

    • Kenny Sloth

      You’re going to base a major pick on a tenth of a second?

  7. Adog

    Not such a risky pick when we consider the value Seattle places on the running game. We saw them take a flier on a injury prone tail back in the 2nd. I expect to see another high draft pick expended on that position in the up coming draft

    • Kenny Sloth

      I think the jury’s still out on Michael. He’s got very little tread on the tires. Although, he must be a pretty shitty pass protector for them to put Turbin out there.

  8. Kenny Sloth

    I really liked Gurley when he was a freshman, but he didn’t develop into the bruiser I thought he would. I think you are right on with the Falcons guess. Scheme need fit. Athletic, no doubt. I hope Steven Jackson sticks around to push him.

  9. JeffC

    Seattle looks completely overmatched today. You would have to think that the depth issue is not rearing its ugly head. You also have to wonder where Bennett and Avril are. Also, at one point does seattle start expending high draft picks on olinemen? I think we’ve seen enough of RW running for his life.

    • JeffC

      I meant rearing rather than not rearing.

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