2022 NFL Draft horizontal big board (post-Senior Bowl)

Here is my first ‘horizontal’ draft board for the 2022 class.

This is based on tape study and the Senior Bowl. I will continue to adjust the board right through until the end of April — with the combine, pro-days and subsequent medical reports impacting any changes.

I have highlighted a collection of ‘gold’ players I wanted to talk about in this article. These are currently prospects I would be prepared to shout about in a draft room. That’s not to say I don’t rate none-highlighted players very highly. For example, I have graded some players a lot higher than the consensus.

As with the overall grades, these ‘gold’ players might change after the combine etc.

Click on the image to expand the board:

Well over 150 players are included on the board. Players who are absent I either see as UDFA prospects or I simply haven’t had a chance to study yet. Players in red have existing injuries or known character flags. Testing will have a big impact on future changes. For example, poor testing in the short shuttle and three cone is a no-no at tight end. I agree with Seattle’s approach of receivers needing to be sudden, with 4.4 speed a must. Explosive testing will impact the O-line board. You’re looking for special athletes on the D-line. There will be significant changes after the combine.

Highlighted players

Abraham Lucas (T, Washington State)
The prototype NFL tackle prospect. Lucas has a very athletic, long frame with the necessary agility (4.30 short shuttle at SPARQ) to handle the speed rush off the edge. His drop is very good, enabling him to gain position and then use his length to play inside/out. When he connects he usually wins and he has a powerful base to drop the anchor and stone pass rushers. He can get stronger but that will come in time when he gets into a pro-weight training programme. He played right tackle at Washington State but he looks like he could easily shift over to the left. For me, he’s a top-15 pick and a very exciting player within this class.

Dameon Pierce (RB, Florida)
A player who is capable of providing an emotional presence to the locker room, who can impact team mates with his passion for the game and running style. Pierce is a bulldog of a competitor — capable of breaking through contact and finishing runs to demoralise opponents and lift his own sideline. He is extremely explosive (37 inch vertical) and quick (4.50 forty) with ideal size (220lbs) and he’s willing to put a helmet on a pass rusher in pass-pro. He might not have the upside of an Alvin Kamara, Dalvin Cook or Derrick Henry but he could easily be a Javonte Williams and is worthy of a second round grade.

Tyrion Davis-Price (RB, LSU)
Like Pierce at Florida, it’s surprising that LSU didn’t ride TDP more than they did. He is a big, bruising, explosive back with plus size (6-1, 225lbs) and surprisingly quick feet. He ran a 4.53 at 227lbs at SPARQ and added a 4.40 short shuttle. He can bulldoze through tackles for yards after contact but watch how he avoids second-level defenders with subtle footwork and great agility. He’s flying way under the radar and has a chance to be an impact player in the NFL. Third round grade that could rise based on his combine performance.

Greg Dulcich (TE, UCLA)
Dulcich has a complete profile for a tight end. He can burst down the seam and extend his arms to make difficult catches. He competes for the ball. He can run shorter routes and create separation with a great release and he’ll be a major threat when asked to run a wheel route. You can use him on TE screens. There are plays on tape where he’s broken off long, rampaging runs for YAC. Adding to it all is a complete willingness to block both in the passing and running game. He has fantastic size — 6-3, 248lbs with 34 inch arms and 10 inch hands. I would expect a strong testing performance at the combine. He could be the top TE in a deep draft class at the position. Second round.

Cole Strange (C, Chattanooga)
This is a decidedly poor class at center with only really Taylor Linderbaum warranting a draftable grade. For that reason, I feel obliged to bang the table for Cole Strange. He was challenged to kick inside to center and acquitted himself well at the Senior Bowl. He had some ugly reps, let’s be clear about that. But he also had his fair share of big wins and there were positive signs to take away from Mobile. For starters, he has the ideal frame for a center. He’s 6-4 1/2, 304lbs and he has 33 1/8 inch arms. He sits in his base comfortably, does a good job anchoring with a strong back and his footwork coordinates well with his hands. I would be very intrigued to see what he can do with pro-coaching and a permanent switch to center. Explosive testing will be important at the combine. I’ve given him a third round grade based on potential and would very much want to take a chance on him.

Zach Tom (C, Wake Forest)
I’m listing Tom as a center and accept this is a projection. He played left tackle for Wake Forest but he simply doesn’t have the size to stick at that position (6-4, 297lbs, 33 2/8 inch arms). However, Wake Forest believe he can play any spot on the line and it’s testament to his talent that he’s ended up at left tackle. I couldn’t have been more impressed watching him play outside. His footwork and hand use is good, he locks on to blocks and finishes. His agility and sets are good. He’s a little bit lean in the bottom half but his anchor still seems a strong point. He knows how to turn defenders to create running lanes. There’s an absolute ton to work with here. His frame is much more suited to moving inside and he could be a terrific project at center. His body fits the position and he has 10 1/8 inch hands. This is a horrible center class so we’re having to look for options. Tom has a ton of upside. I’d even be willing to give him a go at left tackle. His tape was that good. Third round grade pre-testing.

Jermaine Johnson (DE, Florida State)
I don’t really need to explain this one. Johnson rocked up at the Senior Bowl and proved he is the complete pass rusher. He has a great repertoire of moves. He can win with speed, power, he engages and disengages with ease, he has deadly agility and quickness and can both set the edge in the running game and attack offensive tackles with a classic speed rush. He has 34.5 inch arms and at 6-4 and 260lbs — he has better size than a lot of the other edge rushers in this class. Johnson is a potential top-10 pick based on what he showed in Mobile.

Boye Mafe (DE, Minnesota)
There’s just a natural fluidity to the way he rushes the passer which I’ll take any day as a starting point. He’s as smooth as silk when he attacks the edge with a speed rush. He’s incredibly quick off the snap and challenges tackles before they’re comfortably in their set. He makes it look easy — when it’s anything but. The way he clears the corner and accelerates to the quarterback carries a ‘wow’ factor. When he needs to engage and play with hands and power — he can do that too. In several 1v1’s and in the Senior Bowl game he brushed off attempted blocks by simply being faster and stronger. On tape you can see him drive into an opponents chest and walk them backwards. It’s said he can jump a 40.5 inch vertical and a 10-6 broad, plus run in the 4.5’s. You’re looking at a player who can probably effectively rush in a rotation as a rookie and then develop and grow his role over time. It won’t be a surprise if, within 2-3 years, he’s one of the more feared pass rushers in the NFL. There’s a bit more of a projection here compared to, say, Jermaine Johnson — but I think you could justify taking Mafe in the first round. If he’s there in the early second, he should be a serious option for the Seahawks.

Jordan Davis (DT, Georgia)
It’s easy to forget that last summer, the national media considered Davis a mid-round, bog-standard nose tackle. For some reason they were completely blind to what Davis was — the most athletic big-man to enter the league since Vita Vea. Now, I think Davis and Vea are different players. I saw Vea live and I’ve never seen a player with his size run around in space like he did. It was super-human. Davis’ change of direction skills are what you’d expect from a 6-6, 340lbs defensive tackle. That’s the difference — Vea is far superior here. That said, Davis has remarkable quickness for his size to shoot gaps and get into the backfield. He surprises blockers with his quickness and how he combines his brute force with niftiness to break through gaps. He’ll be able to hold the point and make life easier for your linebackers. He’ll remove lanes in the running game. Yet he’s also a plus straight-line runner — and his motor runs hot enough that he’ll even chase ball-carriers down given half a chance. For me you have to take him in the top-20. Expect an amazing combine.

Devonte Wyatt (DT, Georgia)
Simply put, Wyatt is a freakish athlete who has flown under the radar for too long. His superb outing at the Senior Bowl has finally garnered some attention but the reality is he’s been a first round talent for months. There simply aren’t many players with his combination of explosive power and quickness at 6-3 and 307lbs. He will legitimately run a 4.8 at the combine and the only question seems to be whether he can crack the 4.7’s. He’s already jumped a 31-inch vertical and a 9-3 broad — so we know he’s explosive. In Mobile you could see the way he used his hands to jolt, disrupt and disengage and once he creates any kind of separation, the speed kicks in and he can finish. He can play any down and distance and he has a shot to be a rare thing in the modern NFL — a pass-rushing, any-down defensive tackle. First round.

Quay Walker (LB, Georgia)
If you want an attacking linebacker who can burst into the backfield and make plays within an aggressive front seven, Walker is your man. While team mate Nakobe Dean is better off playing in space off the edge and Channing Tindall is at home acting as a run-and-hit dynamo from the middle — Walker has a versatility and range that means he can play pretty much anywhere. He can rush off the edge, he can blitz, he can drop and cover, he can close quickly and hit. He’s bigger than Tindall and Dean too and will have broader appeal to teams given he can fit into all schemes. If he tests as well as expected at the combine he will be a top-40 pick.

Channing Tindall (LB, Georgia)
Tindall is everything you want to see in a linebacker. He’s decisive but still reads the game very well. His closing speed is incredible — he flies to the ball-carrier from 0-60 in no time at all. He spots the little quick passes and screens and goes flat-out to make a stop. He’s brilliant at racing to the sideline on anything to the outside. He’s very prepared to race up to the LOS and put a helmet in a gap. People won’t like this — but he plays the game with the kind of destructive abandon that Bobby Wagner no longer possesses. There is zero hesitation to his game. During the Senior Bowl game he flashed his range, tenacity and desire on a special teams tackle where he flew from one side of the field to the other to make a big stop. Tindall jumped a 40-inch vertical at SPARQ and ran a 4.19 short shuttle. He’s comfortably a top-50 prospect for me.

Kerby Joseph (S, Illinois)
I was incredibly impressed by Joseph’s range at safety, despite his longer, leaner frame. From a single-high position he can sprint to the sideline to break up passes. His read/recognition is good at free safety and he can easily handle slot duties and play tight coverage. His arm length (33 1/4 inches) is a difference maker as he leaps and reaches out to break up passes. He had five interceptions in 2021 — among the national leaders. During the Senior Bowl they lined him up in the box and had him cover tight ends — with one memorable break-up of a pass for Trey McBride. I like his personality and measured approach. He’s the type of versatile defensive back you need in the modern game. Second round with room to go even higher with a good combine. A very impressive prospect.

Montaric Brown (CB, Arkansas)
I watched a fair bit of Arkansas at the start of the 2021 season and Brown stood out in a big way. He has a long, lean frame and looks like a Seahawks cornerback. He’s highly competitive for the ball in the air, tracks it well and generally does a good job gaining position in order to make a play on the ball. He had five interceptions in 2021 and for me is one of the most underrated players in the draft. I would bang the table for him in round three and if he’s available any later — take him, develop him and he could compete to start very quickly.

Cam Taylor-Britt (CB, Nebraska)
I love CTB’s attitude and physicality. He is a sledgehammer of a tackler at corner. I expected him to be slightly bigger than the 5-10, 200lbs listed at the Senior Bowl. He does have more-or-less 32-inch arms though and for me, he’s your best bet to add a ‘Brandon Browner’ type aggressive corner to your roster in this draft. He punishes ball-carriers and loves a hit. He can cover and make plays on the ball too — but you’re drafting him for his intensity. CTB broke up 11 passes in 2021 but only had the one interception (he had six in total for Nebraska in three seasons). I just want to get him in the building and have someone willing to put a bit of fear into the opponent again. Third round.

Honourable mentions

I think Perrion Winfrey is exactly the type of player Seattle lacks. An interior force with great athleticism, size and an X-factor. He plays with passion and emotion — he looks like the kind of guy who wants to go to war in the trenches. He was terrific at the Senior Bowl but his play is just so bloody inconsistent on tape, I can’t make him a gold player. A second round grade will have to do for now.

Regulars will know I’m a big fan of Trevor Penning and Bernhard Raimann. I think at the Senior Bowl both players showed positives but also a lack of technical refinement at times. They will need some development work at the next level and that just tempers my willingness to put them in the round one bracket for now. That said, I think both will test well enough at the combine to ultimately end up in the first frame.

Jake Ferguson has been a blog favourite for years and the fact he ran a 4.15 short shuttle at SPARQ makes me think he’ll test very well at the combine in the key agility drills and will end up providing excellent value for the team lucky enough to draft him. I think Wisconsin squandered his college career. That said, he’s only 6-4 and 244lbs with shorter 32 1/4 inch arms. At that size, he better test well. I need to see that before being able to put a gold star next to his name.

David Anenih does a great job rounding tackles to create pressure. He has a lot of what you look for — he’s 6-2 and 251lbs with 34.5 inch arms and a nice 83 1/8 inch wingspan. He uses his length well, he’s quick to burst around the edge and he had a productive career at Houston. He can get smothered at times and you want to know he’ll test as well as the Myjai Sanders, Sam Williams, Boye Mafe types. If he does, he’s certainly one to watch.

Sanders warrants a mention. The Seahawks love those long limbed, lean, explosive pass rushers. He’s a little lighter than ideal (242lbs) but so was Brian Burns and Seattle, apparently, really liked him. Reports suggesting he can run a short shuttle of 4.10 will catch the eye. If he manages that at the combine, he’ll get a gold sticker.

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  1. Sea Mode

    Wow, thank you so much for the excellent Senior Bowl week coverage and this big board already! Hoping to add a small contribution here.

    Although it seems our CB profile has not been so strict the last couple years, might as well keep the tradition going. The vast majority of All Pro and Pro Bowl CBs are still the ones with +32″ arm length.

    Jim Nagy, with his Seahawks background, also clearly values this in recruiting for the Senior Bowl, as they will prefer to invite a small school DB with great length even over some smaller DBs from bigger schools. Their rosters the past couple years have been loaded with long DBs. It’s what the NFL wants.

    I’m also aware that some do not consider wingspan important. I’m still going to include it though just because for so many years that’s what the Seahawks actually targeted.

    32″ arm + 77.5″ wingspan club:
    (also highlighted in bold where they otherwise stand out)

    From Senior Bowl:
    Tariq Woolen, CB, UTSA, 6033, 205, 858 hand, 3348 arm, 7900 wing
    Tariq Carpenter, S, Georgia Tech, 6022, 225, 900 hand, 3338 arm, 8058 wing
    Kerby Joseph, S, Illinois, 6005, 200, 1048 hand, 3328 arm, 7958 wing
    Tycen Anderson, S, Toledo, 6013, 204, 958 hand, 3300 arm, 7968 wing
    Joshua Williams, CB, Fayetteville State, 6024, 193, 928 hand, 3228 arm, 7818 wing

    From Shrine Bowl:
    Juanyeh Thomas, S, Georgia Tech, 6005, 207, 958 hand, 3200 arm, 7828 wing
    Sam Webb, CB, Missouri Western, 6004, 201, 900 hand, 3200 arm, 7800 wing

    And because often the Combine measurements add 0.5″ or so to arm length of some of the Senior Bowl measurements, here’s the list of those who are pretty close. They could also include some candidates for nickel/hybrid DB:

    Pretty Close club:
    (highlighted in bold where they fully meet one of the requirements or otherwise stand out)

    From Senior Bowl:
    JT Woods, S, Baylor, 6016, 188, 838 hand, 3218 arm, 7738 wing
    Jaylen Watson, CB, Washington State, 6014, 197, 948 hand, 3258 arm, 7658 wing
    Akayleb Evans, CB, Missouri, 6017, 201, 868 hand, 3238 arm, 7458 wing
    Damarri Mathis, CB, Pittsburgh, 5105,197, 828 hand, 3168 arm, 7700 wing
    Cam Taylor-Britt, S, Nebraska, 5104, 200, 958 hand, 3168 arm, 7618 wing
    Leon O’Neal Jr., S, Texas A&M, 6002, 211, 1000 hand, 3158 arm, 7648 wing
    Sterling Weatherford, S, Miami (OH), 6035, 230, 858 hand, 3138 arm, 7648 wing
    Gregory Junior, DB, Ouachita Baptist, 5112, 202, 900 hand, 3128 arm, 7778 wing

    From Shrine Bowl:
    Darrell Baker Jr., CB, Georgia Southern, 6003, 198, 848 hand, 3200 arm, 7658 wing
    Qwynnterrio Cole, S, Louisville, 5117, 207, 1000 hand, 3178 arm, 7738 wing
    Kalon Barnes, CB, Baylor, 5114, 183, 958 hand, 3168 arm, 7638 wing
    Percy Butler, S, Louisiana, 6002, 192, 900 hand, 3168 arm, 7618 wing
    Dallis Flowers, CB, Pittsburg St, 6006, 195, 948 hand, 3168 arm, 7828 wing
    Brandon Sebastian, CB, Boston College, 6000, 178, 848 hand, 3168 arm, 7568 wing
    Reed Blankenship, S, Mid Tenn. St, 6006, 196, 928 hand, 3158 arm, 7628 wing

    Next step is to check the tape and see if any stand out for ball production and tackling, then wait to see their fluidity and footwork in the Combine/Pro Day drills.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Sea Mode — and appreciate the list of DB’s

  2. Henry Taylor

    Always the best time of year on this blog and these big board pieces are my favourites.

    Abraham Lucas doesn’t seem to be getting the hype he deserves, seems like a top 15 lock from what I’ve seen. Any chance he is available for the Seahawks, even if it takes a trade up back into round 1?

    • Rob Staton

      I suppose there’s always a chance

      Lot of group think goes on online. Not enough actual study.

      And I’ll also say this, what qualifies a lot of the people talking about the draft to discuss it on a big platform? What is their track record? What is their background?

      I’m not for a second saying I am qualified. Far from it. I’m a bloke with a blog from Rotherham. But I’ve got 13 years of articles archived. You can judge whether or not to invest time in what is said. Can we say the same for a lot of the people writing and talking about the draft? I’m not talking about the McShay’s, Kiper’s etc who put all of their stuff out there, very publicly, every year. But what about the people running draft websites, or working for general football sites, or PFF?

      There are ‘national’ draft writers who were saying not so long ago that Roger McClearly is a top-20 lock. He isn’t, is he? And it was pointed out to them by former NFL scouts that no team has a grade higher than R2 on their board and they kind of just shuffle along and sweep it under the carpet.

      • Peter

        Cbs sports still pressing Willis as “much improved,” at the senior bowl and mocking him first overall, top-ten.

        I’m sure he’s very nice.

        But he runs like an unaware RB taking direct hits ala RG3 minus the hyper athleticism at a sub tier division where he should dominate being a former Auburn recruit.

        Oh. And he throws like a bigger armed Tebow. Not a care in the world where the ball goes. Off foot. Lazy. Sometimes super zip. Sometimes a slow looping windup because he can get away with it at Liberty. Screams strip sack or interception machine to me. Coupled with his sub 60% completion. Again being the best athlete on the field most games you’d think he would be around 70% playing at a near junior college level.

        It’s just a writer trying to put their chips in so if it works they can say “told ya.” And if it doesn’t….who cares no one will check them next year.

        • Rob Staton

          CBS’s draft stuff has been all over the place for some time now.

          The Willis chatter is a classic tell for me. I would argue with anyone that this is essentially the bottom line, definitive review of what he is. As soon as you move him off the spot, it’s pretty much play over unless he can create with his legs. If you have good pass rushers and can be disciplined in contain, he will struggle badly. On top of that, he’s a one-read QB who is too eager to take off and drops his eyes when he does leave the pocket. He never takes what’s on offer and he rejects wide-open throwing options. His throwing technique is appalling — look at his back leg when he throws. There’s a reason why he has the number of turnovers he did and I’m afraid it’s very hard to fix such a funky motion. You’re going to have to live with it and you’re going to have to accept that the fundamentals of a good motion — planted feet, where you hold the football, a quick release, pointing your shoulders to the target — all of the things that enable you to throw with accuracy, on time, and progress through reads — he is likely never going to have any of this.

          You can’t talk about the positives until you accept and qualify all of the above.

          Now, in a Greg Roman system where they’ll be content to use his running and scheme appropriately — I think he can have some success. Roman has shown what he can do with Kaepernick, Lamar, Tyler Huntley etc. I think Willis’ best chance to make it is in that kind of offense. Yet nobody else really runs it apart from Roman. And they have Lamar and Huntley already.

          So yes — he is an outstanding athlete and strong runner who will always test opponents with his threat to take off. Good defensive schemers though will work out, quite quickly, how to contain him, get him on the move but control the room to run and then what? He will still make the occasional ‘wow’ play because we see it on tape. His arm strength and improv can be excellent. That’s why I now have him ranked higher than the other QB’s — because at least he has that. The others just looked flat out average in Mobile and/or on tape with extremely limited upside. At least Willis has something going for him — athleticism.

          But Willis has severe limitations and I think you have to be honest about that. You have to run the Greg Roman offense, IMO, to make him tick.

  3. Peter

    Absolutely killer stuff. Can not wait to watch stuff on some of the names I am less familiar with.

    Pick 41 is going to be rough. There’s a decent sized selection of players based on your output but what I am seeing “gel,” a bit nationally of names that could be there.

    I really think Wyatt will be just out of reach. I’m still seeing Boye Mafa projected lower. However if it tests out of the stadium, watch out. If both are sitting there in some strange scenario I might take Wyatt over Mafa. Barely. Obviously the pass rush can be better but it’s that total soft spot in the middle that is killing me. Outside chance they could go Mafa then Travis Jones.

    I am really curious to see how Cam Taylor-britt tests. I have a sense that Seattle won’t rate him. Though they have broken from type a bit up intil last year they were content endlessly trying a long safety at corner when it was pretty clear that was never going to work. I love his game btw.

    Bit torn on if it’s better to pay Gerald Everrett perhaps too much and be able to use draft picks on other areas or if Seattle in it’s strangeness will let him walk but burn a valuable pick (2-4) on TE just to save money. And maybe that’s the right move? Not for me, but maybe.

    Tyrion Davis Price. First name to watch. Have a feeling Pierce will get drafted about 8-9 spots before seattle is up. I get RB’s aren’t important (i kid,) but a rookie on a cheap deal is pretty great value for a team that is well built in other areas.

    I feel like it’s pretty clear that a smart team with it’s head on it’s shoulders will look at Lucas and say “easy pick.” The national media watches almost zero Pac-12. Hard to pass up a very, very good RT and a maybe LT.

    • Seattle Person

      I’m more and more intrigued by Sam Williams. If the DTs and Mafe are gone, I’m really considering him.

  4. Happy Hawk

    Fantastic report Rob. Nobody gets this quality of analysis and you are never afraid to stick it out there. Can’t wait for your next mock. Early on it appears a bunch of QB’s and Over- rated national prospect favorites might get pushed down into our range at #41. Seems primed for someone to trade up in our range. We can’t get everything out of this draft given our picks and must rely on our favorable cap space to rebuild this roster. That said, I would be happy to see Lucas drop to the Hawks and start the trench rebuild we need.
    Great job Rib!

    • Rob Staton


  5. Rob4q

    Wow, just a fantastic job on this Rob – echo what everyone is saying above! Love seeing all the names on the board and start going through, well done!

    What really jumps out on the board is all of the EDGE guys up in the first few rounds. This draft is loaded there for sure! Good depth at DT, LB and CB as well.

    Thanks for all your efforts Rob!

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you

  6. Zxvo3

    Seeing your big board Rob makes me feel even more sad that we don’t have our 10th pick. Imagine getting Abraham Lucas in the first round, then getting lucky with Mafe in the second round. Tragic.

  7. Hawk Mock

    Really great Senior Bowl coverage Rob! It is greatly appreciated. Seems like such a deep DL/Edge class with lots of different options for everybody, hoping they tap into it. Although the class overall doesn’t seem to be top-heavy or have a lot of the splash positions covered, it does seem like a class where you could build that solid foundation as you’ve mentioned before. Damn Peacock!

    • Rob Staton


  8. Forrest

    If I’m trading Wilson, I want two of Phili’s first rounders, Jalen Hurts and a guarantee I can get:
    *Jordan Davis DT
    *Nakobe Dean
    *Channing Tindall (perhaps using Sea’s 2nd to trade up).

    In free agency I would get:
    *DE (Chandler Jones or Harold Laundry)
    *Center (someone like Brian Allen)
    *Safety (Jayron Kearse)
    *Tackle (Trent Brown)

    Resign DJ Reed
    Extend DK Metcalf (he tilts the field)
    Extend Jalen Hurts

    Wagner (free up $$)
    Adams (free up future $$, not worry about injuries, add better coverage)

    That instantly makes us a young, hungry team, increases our speed, saves tons of cap space and sets us up for a long prosperous future. We would also have plenty of money left to sign other free agents.

    • Rob Staton

      Two firsts and Jalen Hurts isn’t close to good value.

    • Seahawkwalt

      I’ll take Johnson, Abraham Lucas

    • Scot04

      To me it has to be minimum 3 1sts as a starting point.
      Then how much more depends on where those 1sts are & what players or additional picks can be added.
      You can’t take less than you gave up for Adams.
      Plus Wilson should be worth more this year than last.
      We were offered three 1sts, a 3rd & 2 players.
      I’ll hope Wilson stays.

      But if I must trade him I would ask for all three 2022 1sts, a 2023 2nd, Dillard & Hurts.
      I view Dillard in his last year as 4th or 5th round Value. Hurts as the QB bridge.
      Might seem steep, but based on whats available, especially if Rodgers stays in GB. I think it’s reasonable.

  9. Happy Hawk

    The PFN draft sim has the following rankings:
    #66 Abraham Lucas (OT) – 8th best
    #70 D Wyatt (DT)
    #78 B Mafe (Edge)
    #98 C Tindall (LB)
    #119 T Woolen (DB)
    #124 D Pierce (RB)
    #174 C Taylor-Britt (DB)
    #190 G Dulcich (TE)

    Wish the real draft would fall this way for the Hawks

    • Scot04

      Nice one Happy Hawk..
      Lol, gotta love PFN. After trades I ended up with these 10 picks. Talk about a fantasy draft.

      52.   Devonte Wyatt
      83.   Boye Mafe
      84.   Bernhard Raiman
      85.   Alec Pierce
      109. Channing Tindall
      113. Tariq Woolen
      121. Damieon Pierce
      124. Cole Strange
      225. Otito Ogbonnia
      228. Derrick Deese Jr

      • Rob4q

        Here one I did with a few trades…tried to not get too crazy with it!

        54.Channing Tindall, LB Georgia
        72. Travis Jones, DT Connecticut
        85. David Anenih, EDGE Houston
        99. Tyrion Davis-Price, RB LSU
        111. Zach Tom, OT Wake Forest
        113. Max Mitchell, OT Louisiana
        152. Akayleb Evans, CB Missouri
        157. James Mitchell, TE Virginia Tech
        228. Zander Horvath, RB Purdue

  10. Gross MaToast

    Fantastic work.

    I’m still not finished with the Coffee Cup, unfortunately. My apologies, but in this draft alone, the Seahawks have conceded a shot at either Jermaine Johnson or Abraham Lucas because they traded away Frank Clark because they didn’t want to pay him and then failed miserably in replacing him and made a panicked last-minute deal with the Jets, saw clearly in year one that the new box safety was a very poor fit (but he set a sacks record for safeties or something!!!), then decided to double down on their epic mistake by signing that mistake to a huge extension, only to see him play at barely replacement player levels for good portions of the season and then (who could’ve predicted it?!) get injured, again, and are now stuck with a box safety with a bum shoulder who will henceforth be making many, many business decisions when faced with ball carriers anywhere on the field and who is a decided detriment in coverage yet declares himself the best in the nation and is paid as such while decrying teammates who are not “dawgs” like him and who, in the 2021 draft, also cost the choice of guys who went after pick 24, any number of whom would have been most welcome in electro-glide green (hey, Jevonte Williams and Creed Humphrey) but instead of that the talent drain away from the Seahawks continues unabated yet a significant portion of Seahawk fandom has seemingly developed a severe case of Stockholm Syndrome when it comes to replacing the powers that be because without Pete, the unchecked, de facto owner/operator of the Seattle franchise, the ‘Hawks may never win again. I’m not saying the trade for the Coffee Cup was the worst trade in sports history, but I’m also not saying it wasn’t. Typically, professionals who make these kinds of deals often find themselves in other lines of work soon afterward. We should’ve been so lucky.

    Anyway, back to my point, I really like Mafe and Sam Williams, or any of the Georgia guys if they fall, and am fully in favor of letting Everett walk and drafting his replacement.

    Thanks, Rob.

    • Big Mike

      God what an awesome post

    • Olyhawksfan

      You’ve made your rant into art. A true masterpiece.

  11. HawkFanGA

    Thanks for all of your hard work, Rob!

    As a Georgia Bulldogs fan who lives near Atlanta, I can tell you that the guy that I would do backflips for is Nakobe Dean. He is going to have an awesome impact in the NFL and I hope it is for the Seahawks!

    As much as I admire the athleticism that Jordan Davis has for a man of his size, I would be hesitant to draft him as a first-round prospect. His stamina is in question since his snaps were limited in many games. I would be surprised if his career turns anywhere close to Calais Campbell. I hope I’m wrong about him.

    Go Dawgs and Go Hawks!

  12. Sea Mode

    Mafe 🤤


    • Rob Staton

      This is why I take issue with Daniel Jeremiah though.

      He is literally on the broadcast for the Senior Bowl. He is a draft analyst for the NFL Network covering the event. It’s his job to analyse and break down the players attending.

      He released a top-50 board before the Senior Bowl and didn’t even include Boye Mafe. Now, the day after the Senior Bowl, he’s saying he’s watched the tape and Mafe’s a first round pick. Yet a week ago, he wasn’t in the top-50.

      So why hadn’t he studied a fairly high profile player before the Senior Bowl? And why release a top-50 board if you haven’t even studied someone like Boye Mafe properly yet?

      Come on.

      • Sea Mode

        Oh, I just posted this just to share the nice rep of Mafe, barely even took notice of DJ’s comment below. Haven’t looked at anything of his in years.

        I think it’s become abundantly clear by now to any dedicated draftnik which analysts actually watch the tape (whether they are actually any good at scouting or not is another question altogether…) and which analysts are just coat-tailing off of old connections and putting out content to appease the casual fan, knowing that their work will never be scrutinized. Is Jim Nagy going to call him out? Of course not. But surely he knows.

        While we’re at it, I also hate that you have to be a member of some secret inner sanctum just to get access to the college tape. I mean, why not just have a subscription service similar to GamePass where anyone can pay and access all the angles, etc.? I hope you can get to Mobile, make connections, and find your way in someday. You don’t deserve to be scouting off of YouTube scraps and broadcast angles. Or maybe through one of those scouting academies or something.

        Anyway, here’s another rep showing his closing speed!

  13. Scot04

    Love it when the bigboard comes out.
    Thanks for all the continued content Rob.
    Great stuff from the Senior Bowl.
    Hope the health stays on the uptrend.

  14. Blitzy the Clown

    I watched the game on replay last night. Some things I think are…

    Mafe is just a strong Combine performance away from going in the back third of the first round. I don’t think there’s any chance he’s available to Seattle at 41.

    Perrion Winfrey…talk about boom or bust, but man the boom. The boom! Rob’s right, he’s a warrior who plays with his hair on fire. If he could be coached to play a little more in his head than his heart, he has the physical tools to be something special. If he’s there at 41, I think he should be the pick.

    Seahawks need to draft players like Winfrey and Pierce not just because they’re excellent prospects at their respective positions, but because they’re hungry, angry, highly competitive, and infectious with their emotion and enthusiasm. They’re pissed off for greatness. They’re seahawky, and would restore meaning and honor to that term.

    I was very happy to see Raimann play a solid game after a pretty disappointing week of drills. He’s a nifty blocker in the run game. Very cerebral/intelligent, always aware of his RB and able to adjust his block to give his runner a crease to exploit. He struggles in pass pro against outside speed (not surprising given his shorter length), and for that reason I don’t think he’s a LT. But I think he has the makings of a fantastic RT, and further, I think he’s good enough that he could be a legit swing tackle. Sadly, like Mafe, Raimann won’t get close to Seattle’s first pick.

    Channing Tindall, man oh man. I hope this doesn’t come across as hyperbole, but his closing speed (and closing accuracy) reminds me of a young Earl Thomas coming out of Texas. If you watch the replay of his amazing special teams tackle and see where he came from to make the play, it’s almost superhuman. I see shades of Ryan Shazier in his game. His instincts are good, not great, so he relies more on his outstanding athleticism. But once he gets some NFL coaching and experience, I think he could be the LB of this draft.

    I like DeAngelo Malone a lot. I don’t know if he has the ability to play SAM but he looks like he would be a pretty good LEO. If he could get his weight up to about 245 without sacrificing performance, he could be a very interesting 4th round pick.

    I also liked what I saw from Jesse Luketa. Reminded me a little of Cliff Avril.

    Final random thought: if Mafe tests as well at the Combine as I expect him to, I think it will be appropriate to ask the question – “Mafe or Thibodeaux?”

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Also FWIW, I think I think Jermaine Johnson II > Thibodeaux

    • Henry Taylor

      Thibodeaux is clearly a much better prospect than Mafe and Johnson.

      • Peter

        Than mafa? Probably a better prospect.

        Johnson? I think it’s a push. Thibodeuax started very hot in college but Johnson had himself a monster season and generally looked super impressive last week.

        Will be interesting to see how their careers go.

        • Henry Taylor

          I like Johnson as much of the next guy, top 10 lock.

          But it feels like a massive overreaction to this week to call him and KT a push. I’m sure if he was at the Senior Bowl we’d all be drooling over his performance too.

          • Peter


            I guess i just remember when Jadeveon Clowney was a locked on number one pick and poor Aaron Donald was drafted nearly a half round later. Clowney has been pretty good. And Donald is the best defensive player of his generation.

            Neither of this years players are either of those two.

            This is gonna be a contrary opinion to a lot of the media but i think Thibodeaux, a very good player, is riding a bit of a high from his freshman year. I just think Johnson is starting to come on at the right time.

          • Peter

            Also to me they are a bit hard to compare. Johnson only played DE for one year and it was fantastic. Prior to that he played LB on a stacked Georgia team.

            • Henry Taylor

              I mean, of course Johnson could have a better career but I’m not sure the Donald Clowney drafts are comparable. If I remember correctly Donald had a tremendous career at Pitt with multiple years of high level production, but only got taken where he did because of his size.

              • Peter

                The comp and this is just me, is that I saw donald then as the better player than the lock that was clowney.

                I get it is a contrary opinion but I really don’t see Thibodeaux as a “better,” prospect. I see a very very good prospect in him. And in Johnson I see a great player who has yet to hit his ceiling. And this is not a Mafa style projection where you can hope to see growth. I see a guy who played lights out as soon as he was in a new position.

                • Henry Taylor

                  That’s fair, I really like both and think both could be exceptional players. There is something to a guy who has completely dominated since he was a teenager compared to a guy that broke out as a 5th year senior.

                  That’s why I say he’s a better prospect, the traits and the ‘breakout age’ would imply the upside is much better with him.

                  • Peter

                    And that’s fair as well. I get the concerns about breakout age and I remember Thibodeaux around signing time. I do think he is objectively great but I do wonder how much separation is between them really. At this point. Certainly the adbsntage to Thibodeaux for age.

  15. ShowMeYourHawk

    Quality, as always, Rob.

    Seeing the horizontal board on the site let’s me know we’re slowly approaching the annual “Guys We Should Have Drafted” portion of the offseason. It’s a Seahawk family tradition!

  16. Sea Mode

    Put him in his place.


  17. Morty

    I wished that there were better centers this draft. I went and looked at the Remington Trophy watch list and it looked almost all of them had injury red flags. Does any thoughts on any of the guys on the watchlist?

    • Rob4q

      Looks like both Alex Forsythe and Jarrett Patterson went back to school, so they’ll be 2023 draft.

      I like Dawson Deaton from Texas Tech but there is no evidence he can run block, LOL! He is smart and can definitely pass block, has decent measurements but no idea on his testing. Ht: 6062, Wt: 305, Hand: 0948, Arm: 3248, Wing: 8018

      Rob is probably right on again with the guys he’s mentioned as OC converts – Cole Strange, Zach Tom and maybe the Parham kid…

      • Peter

        Unless they spend in free agency sadly it’s all aboard the project train for center.

    • Julian L

      Take a look at Dohnovan West of Arizona State. Declaring as an Underclassman, PFF are high on him. He can play across the OL (not missing a game in 3 seasons), though played exclusively at Center this last season for 720 snaps, allowing 1 sack and just 4 pressures.

      From what I can see on his tape he has good agility and a sound anchor. One to watch?

  18. Rob4q

    Watching this dudes highlights put a smile on my face, just fun to watch! He has great vision and always seems to make the first guy miss. Wonder if he could be like a Kyle Juszczyk type of player?

    Zander Horvath, RB/FB Purdue
    6’3″ 230 lbs

    And just watched some of the highlights for the LSU RB Rob mentions above, Ty Davis-Price, and yeah, he looks legit! Some good RB’s will be available in the mid rounds of this draft…

    • WallaSean

      Really like him as a 3rd down back, fullback, TE pass protector. Russ needs to gel with someone like that on checkdowns.

  19. JimQ

    Has anyone studied this DL guy? It looks like his nice stats currently outrank his position ranking fairly significantly. He would seem to have nice size & presumedly length. Patchan may at least be worth some consideration by the Seahawks late in the draft? Perhaps he’s been overlooked somewhat? Production #’s like these = not exactly easy to achieve.

    EDGE/DE-Scott Patchan, Colorado St. 6-6/270 – Currently ranked at #227-overall, projected for Rd-6/7.
    2021: 12-games, 68-tlks, 19.5-TFL, 11.5-Sacks, 2-PD, 2-FR, 3-FF
    Career: 40-games, 153-tkls, 35.5-TFL, 20.5-Sacks, 4-PD, 3-FR, 4-FF

  20. Forrest

    Russell Wilson PFF 73.9 this year
    Jalen Hurts PFF 80.8 this year

    Wilson had Lockett (81 PFF) and DK (80.9)
    Hurts had Devonte Smith (77.2 PFF) and Jalen Reagor (56.2)

    Wilson is 33, has slowed down, doesn’t run or escape as well anymore and doesn’t throw over the middle. His cap hit is $37 million in 22 and $40 million in 2023.
    Hurts is 23 (10 years younger) adds a dual threat, brings the safety into the box and can throw over the middle. He’s making $1,157,744 in 2022 and $1,431,616 in 2023.

    Hurts is just hitting his stride and gives you 10 more years of youth, an extra $38 million in cash next year and two mid 1st round picks this year to get at least 5 years of:
    *Jordan Davis DT (lacking inside presence)
    *Nakobe Dean LB (freeing up Wagner’s cap by combining with Brooks)

    Sign me up!!!

    • Rob Staton


    • Peter

      Maybe hurts should throw over the middle less and try being more accurate, produce more tds, and less turnovers.

    • Sea Mode

      Hard pass.


      • Ryan Purcell

        That is ugly.

    • Matt

      If you don’t like RW; you’re gonna hate Jalen Hurts. It’s clear when people haven’t watched him. He has all of RWs bad habits and none of the magic. Pass.

    • Big Mike

      Whatever it takes to get rid of Wilson eh?

  21. JimQ

    A thought I’ve recently had – that I’ll just throw out here for discussion. Is the proposed hire of Ed Dontell as “other than” an “DC” a potential sign that MAYBE: There is a “handshake agreement” that Donatell will be PC’s replacement IF & WHEN PC goes back to So. Cal. (hopefully soon)? I don’t know why Donatell would take such a lesser job than OC with other OC/HC jobs available, could this “potentially” be what is going on?

    • Rob Staton


    • DarrellDownUnder

      Donatell might not have had many options as he’s 65 and right behind Pete in age.
      Sure would like to see the staff getting younger and put some out to pasture.

  22. Sea Mode

    You called it, Rob:

    Ian Rapoport

    The #Dolphins are working on a deal for #49ers OC Mike McDaniel to be their coach, per me and @TomPelissero

    • 805Hawk

      Good pick up for Miami. Who knew he was a minority and now hands 9ers a third round comp pick (or is it two thirds?)?

      • Scot04

        Two 3rds

      • Poli

        I’m so confused

    • Henry Taylor

      Miami doesnt seem like the best environment to be building a winner right now, but this will be a great hire for them imo.

      Plus its always nice to see talented coaches leave our division.

    • McZ

      Awwh, damn it.
      I wanted that guy as the new HC.

  23. Sea Mode

    Platypus, that you?!!


    • Palatypus

      Yep. In the Kelly green seahawks hat with old school logo.

  24. Sea Mode

    This is an ex NFL scout…

    Honest NFL

    I believe the @Jaguars will select Ikem Ekwonu 1st overall. After spending 8 seasons with (and without) Jason Peters and/or Lane Johnson anchoring his OL, few know the necessity of an OT who can hold his own in protection and get on the move in the run game more than Pederson.

    • Rob Staton

      But Ikem Ekonwu can’t hold his own in protection

      • Sea Mode

        🤷‍♂️ Maybe there’s a good reason he’s now a “former” scout… 😉

  25. Sea Mode

    Chatter at Senior Bowl per McShay fwiw:

    LSU cornerback Derek Stingley Jr. wasn’t in Mobile this week (he’s a junior), but NFL teams were still discussing him. Many just aren’t sure what to make of his evaluation. Do you bet on his big six-interception 2019 season, or do you focus on the dip in performance, injury woes and less hunger against the run in 2020-21? Either way, the strong consensus is that Ahmad “Sauce” Gardner is the top cornerback in the class right now.

    I heard a lot about Oregon defensive end Kayvon Thibodeaux, including concerns that he just doesn’t play with the same fire as some other top prospects. His ceiling is high, but the floor is lower than what you want for a top-five pick. And based on a handful of conversations, it wouldn’t shock me if Thibodeaux fell out of the top five. Speaking of which, it was very apparent this week that the top of the draft isn’t nearly as set as it normally is at this point. Picks at the top of the first round might be a little more based on team flavor than recent years.


    • Rob Staton

      I get it — but I suspect there’s a bit of shenanigans going on here too

      Wait until after the combine… that’s all I’ll say…

    • Matt

      I think the biggest indictment on Stingley is that he seems like a guy you can’t trust. Now give him more money and freedom…let him be someone else’s problem. I hate to say it, but if you’re a bad team in the top half of the draft; are you staking your future on this dude? I wouldn’t. I’ll take less upside in someone like McDuffie and go to sleep knowing that kid has his head on right and will go to work.

      Regarding Thibodeaux…weird comparison – but he reminds me of Colin Kaepernick. Weird comparison, I know. I say this because you look at the tool box and think, “oh my God.” Then you watch them play and there’s just something missing. For every wow play, usually based exclusively on athletic prowess; there are so many where you just kind of think – this guy either isn’t focused or really doesn’t have a very natural feel/instincts for the game.

      Again…if I’m a bad team; I’m going with Hutchison. He will never be the best pass rusher in the NFL – but I feel like you know he’s going to be very good, very soon.

      It’s funny, I feel like the least envious spot in the draft is the top 5 because you have those guys that could be all world or just fizzle out completely. And when you’re a bad team, what do you do?

      • Rob Staton

        FWIW — I would happily take a chance on Stingley

        He has the skill, physical attributes and upside to be a star

        • Matt

          If I was Seattle at 10; 100%. If I felt like I did have my guy at QB – I probably would too.

          But if I had any doubt that I don’t even have the right QB; I’d probably play it safer to make sure we are getting a reliable talent.

          • Rob Staton

            I would disagree there. I don’t think Sauce Gardner is such a good player that you’re getting a reliable talent. Stingley could be the best corner in the league. I’m not really worried about whether he’ll work out or not. I’m taking that shot. And short of him having some kind of meltdown during interviews at the combine, I’d wager a lot that he’ll be the first corner taken.

            People are overthinking things. He’s tall, long, he’s already shown he can run a 4.30 at his size and jump a 42 inch vertical. When LSU were actually good and not completely arseing about, he was on a par with Burrow and Chase on that squad.

            You don’t pass that up.

          • Peter

            At ten I’d reach a bit and get Jermaine Johnson. I feel like I’m looking at a player just coming into his own who was a problem in almost every game this last year for the other team.

    • Palatypus

      I heard nothing about “Sauce” when everybody was huddled up under the bleachers because of the rain. And I heard a lot of things.

  26. BoiseSeahawk

    I’ve never seen such a top-heavy draft board at EDGE from you, and I completely agree. Hopefully we make some selections at the position.

    • Big Mike

      But, but, what about that MLB that we can play out of position for the next 3 years? Wouldn’t that be a better choice?

      • Peter

        Don’t worry there’s plenty of them to be had this year.

  27. Palatypus

    As I saw it up close in Mobile, this horizontal board is just about perfect.

    I expect some of the players working out at EXOS to perform well at the combine and be over-drafted. Sure, Aaron Donald worked out there, but so did Jamal Adams.

    FWIW, I think some fool will take a chance on Failele. If he isn’t installing people’s refrigerators without a dolly, he will be blocking kicks with his face. The last person I saw up close who was that physically imposing was Walter Jones.

    That said, when Abraham Lucas was standing next to him, he did not look small. Even in pads you can tell that he is chiseled. I am reminded of how Phil Simms said he could tell that the Seahawks were going to win the Super Bowl because of how they looked when they got off the bus. Lucas has that look.

    It was also nice of Jim Nagy to put a photo of me on twitter. He saw me at the NFL Flag Clinic a week earlier wearing the same hat and said hi to me. Great guy!

  28. swedenhawk

    Tremendous work, Rob. Was a bit surprised to see Kenneth Walker with a 3rd round grade. You seemed very high on him in the autumn. I’m curious, what have you seen (or perhaps what haven’t you seen) from him that changed your mind?

    • Palatypus

      As a follow up, I noticed you don’t have a grade on the WR Austin out of Memphis on your horizontal board. Are you still working on it?

      • swedenhawk

        and it’s cool to see Nate Landman back in the mix!

    • Rob Staton

      Well, he’s still my RB2. I always had him in the R2/3 range to be fair.

      • swedenhawk

        I see. For some reason I thought you had him as a potential first rounder. If he’s there at 72, there’s a strong case to be made for drafting him. But with so many holes on the roster and potential RB options in rounds 5-7, it’s a very tough call.

  29. Palatypus

    File this under “Things that will never happen.”

    I used Rob’s horizontal board on the PFN Draft Simulator.

    54. Abraham Lucas, OT Washington State
    72. Boye Mafe, EDGE Minnesota
    98. Zachary Carter, DT Florida
    106. Tariq Woolen, CB UTSA
    113. Haskell Garrett, DT Ohio State
    152. Kerby Joseph, S Illinois
    174. Tyreke Smith, EDGE Ohio State
    188. Akayleb Evans, CB Missouri

    • swedenhawk

      same exercise, same file!

      Devonte Wyatt
      DT Georgia

      Boye Mafe
      EDGE Minnesota

      Abraham Lucas
      OT Washington State

      Cam Taylor-Britt
      CB Nebraska

      Greg Dulcich
      TE UCLA

      Cole Strange
      OG Chattanooga

      Tyrion Davis-Price
      RB LSU

      Nate Landman
      LB Colorado

      • Rob4q

        Here is a true fantasy land draft! Eventually the PFN rankings will get updated and we’ll see a lot of the players on Rob’s board move up close to where they should be…

        32. Jermaine Johnson, EDGE Florida State
        72. Abraham Lucas, OT Washington State
        113. Dameon Pierce, RB Florida
        127. Nate Landman, LB Colorado
        152. Zach Tom, OT Wake Forest
        167. Cam Taylor-Britt, CB Nebraska
        185. Greg Dulcich, TE UCLA
        228. Otito Ogbonnia, DT UCLA

        • Ashish

          When did we used TE to their potential?

          Greg Dulcich he is blocking TE who can catch twice in the game?

  30. MychestisBeastmode

    In terms of entertainment:

    Rob’s writing on the senior bowl > Senior Bowl >>> Pro Bowl

  31. Happy Hawk

    The Portland Trailblazers just completed a 5 player trade with the Clippers. Trade evaluation indicates the Blazers got fleeced and the trade was a move to get under the luxury tax and tank. They traded Norman Powell who they got just 1 year ago for trading a really good player and number one picks ( sound familiar J Adams). The fan response down here is “Trade the owner instead.-Paul Allen never intended for his sister to run sports teams she was only appointed as an executor of his estate. This is the type of move you make when you are disinterested and not present in the running of the team”

    I find the coincidence dripping with irony and similarity to the Hawks situation.

    • Ashish

      Paul Allen was great guy who took care of Hawks and other sports team but he missed the trick. No regrets no one knows when they have been called. He could have sold both teams to passionate person not to her sister who has no clue what she is doing.
      Pete i thought a nice guy but he is greedy or one can argue saying competitor to prove he can bring team back to super bowl. I fear he is trying too hard and mortgage hawks future. Next 5 years is gone best case.

      • Peter

        I don’t think paul should have sold. It takes forever to find an owner and why would you sell as a passionate fan if like all of us you have no idea when your time ends?

        The trust and his sister? They however should have been working on tjis since about a day after his service so we would have a new owner right about now.

        • Ashish

          Fair point, as a fan I will not sell too.

        • GaiusMarius

          But would we know if that sale process had or had not yet begun? Jody Allen may very well have started that process already.

          • Peter

            I doubt they started. The broncos just went for sale and it was made public shortly thereafter.

    • Big Mike

      I see the same thing with both franchises too (I’m in the PDX area as well). She seems only to care about the bottom line as it concerns both franchises. Someone said yesterday that Pete’s contract runs out in 4 years and RW can leave after 4 years, 2 under contract and 2 under the franchise tag. THAT could well be her legacy.

      • Peter

        At this point I am starting to hope their is a board shake up which forces them to. Egin the selling of both franchises per his request.

  32. HawkFan907

    Hi Rob,

    There are three players I am excited about that I don’t yet see on the horizontal big board. My guess is that they could be potentially added in the coming weeks/months:

    Tyler Smith 6’6″ 338lbs OT/OG Tulsa. Reminds me a bit of blog favorite Garett Bolles a few years back. Mean, nasty OT who has everything you want. He does tend to get penalized quite a bit though, so a move to OG could mitigate those concerns. If we are looking for a BAMF like Penning, he might be next in line.

    James Empey 6’4″ 303lbs OC BYU. He was graded out as an elite prospect during Zach Wilson’s senior season, and had a great season this year before the injury. Could be a mid-round target to shore up the OC hole we have. Good looking athlete. Also a BAMF. Nice moustache.

    Martin Emerson 6’2″ 200lbs CB Miss St. He looks like a classic Seahawks CB. Fits the Carroll defensive scheme. Willing tackler with the ability to break up screen plays. Just what we need.

  33. Julian L

    Looks like Logan Hall was one of the biggest fallers of the week? I wouldn’t have thought he wouldn’t end up in ‘Yellow’, this time last week.

    I still think he’d make an interesting Michael Bennett type project for a team. Probably not a teams first pick however?

  34. cha

    Kevin Sheehan of 980 radio in Wa DC.

    “I did learn from multiple sources that Russell Wilson would not be against being traded to Washington.”


    I have no idea if this guy is legit. Take with a grain of salt.

    • Rob Staton

      I listened to a podcast today. Washington podcast. The guys on it seemed like pro radio types, not fans. Good broadcasting voices, referenced things they’d heard.

      One of them, who appeared to be the host, said he would be prepared to trade three first round picks and Chase Young to Seattle for Russell Wilson.

      I don’t know if Seattle would accept that, because they wouldn’t have a new QB this year and only one R1 pick. Even with Chase Young — they end up in a rebuild year.

      At this point I think Wilson is willing to consider quite a lot of teams. Especially any willing to give him some semblance of control and offering, via the media (which WAS has done to Mike Silver & Albert Breer) that they have the cap room to add players you want.

      • cha

        I’d take Chase Young but Jonathan Allen with a really flexible contract for his age 27-30 seasons is extremely tempting.

        Knowing this FO, Washington would talk them into taking Landon Collins and the 3yrs/$48m left on his contract.

        $34m/year on two sub-60 PFFers.


        • Rob Staton

          The guy actually mentioned Da’Ron Payne or Chase Young. Allen is apparently seen as ‘Mr. Washington’ and therefore they wouldn’t deal him.

          I just can’t see what Seattle’s pathway to success in 2022 is with this trade (because that is how Carroll will view things). I would be well up for Chase Young rushing across from Darrell Taylor. But you literally have no QB. No QB.

          And it seems Minnesota are sticking with Cousins. So there are no options here.

          • Blitzy the Clown

            Arizona QB Kyler Murray has unfollowed the team & removed all Cardinals-related content from his Instagram.The only recent content was a picture of himself at the Pro Bowl and a story re-share of a Mike Evans post that said "always wanted to catch a pass from the Texas legend." pic.twitter.com/ltcQTvJcPA— The Athletic (@TheAthletic) February 7, 2022

            Murray might be available 😂

            I’m not here to cause no trouble 🎵
            I’m just here to do the quarterback shuffle 🎶

        • Big Mike

          “$34m/year on two sub-60 PFFers.



          I agree with Rob as he’s stated all along that Pete won’t trade Russ unless he gets a QB back he thinks he can win with immediately. Derek Carr is still my best bet.

      • Mr drucker in hooterville

        How about a three team? Add DK for a couple extra picks/players?

    • Gross MaToast

      That Wilson might be willing to accept a trade to that dumpster fire of an organization really puts things into perspective about his views regarding the retention of this Seahawks’ staff.

      And I know I’ve promised never to speak about the Seahawks’ safety situation again, but we all know that I sit on a throne of lies so, yes, Wilson straight up for Collins would be sweet – the best dawg duo in the game.

      • swedenhawk

        But you’ve got to figure that bringing a championship ‘home’ would be at least somewhat appealing to Wilson, since he grew up in nearby Richmond.

        • Gross MaToast

          Are the Commies a QB short of winning it all?

          • Peter

            No. They are us but east. A mediocre to bad defense. A more consistent but less electric running game. One great Receiver. Probably a better oline. But overall it’s six of the same, half a dozen of the either.

          • swedenhawk

            Good point. Wilson wants to win above all else. Probably not much room for sentiment there.

        • Peter

          I sense this with guys who play college nearby then hope to go to the pros. But he didn’t go to maryland, Virginia, west virginia or wherever nearby but instead went south. Who knows if he was even a Washington fan growing up. They could have easily been a Baltimore or other east coast family. Or neither. I don’t think I’ve ever heard him mention D.C or Richmond.

    • Scot04

      Washington makes alot of sense for Russ.
      It would have to be three 1sts one 2nd and Chase.
      I guess since your rebuilding you could flip Chase for likely 2 more 1sts.
      Hard to believe Chase wouldn’t get you as much as Adams.

      • Big Mike

        “Best in the nation” though so it should come as no surprise.

      • Peter

        Can’t imagine many teams parting with more than a single first for a safety besides Seattle.

        I love DB’s but I’m not sure one single Corner or Safety is the difference for any team except apparently our team.

  35. Rob4q

    Time for a 2022 reset!

    Seahawks sign FA QB Marcus Mariota

    At the start of the 2022 draft, QB Russell Wilson is traded to the WFT for 2022 1st (11) + 3rd (73) + 2023 1st + 2024 1st + EDGE Chase Young

    During the draft, Seahawks make the following trades:

    Trade #1
    Eagles get 2022 1st (11) + DL LJ Collier
    Seahawks get 2022 1st (16) + 2022 5th (161) + QB Gardner Minshew

    Trade #2
    Dolphins get 2022 1st (16) + 2023 3rd
    Seahawks get 2022 1st (29) + 2022 2nd (50) + 2023 2nd

    2022 Draft
    29. Devonte Wyatt, DT Georgia
    41. Channing Tindall, LB Georgia
    50. Dameon Pierce, RB Florida
    72. Obinna Eze, OT TCU
    73. Cole Strange, OG/OC Tenn-Chattanooga
    106. Kaleb Eleby, QB Western Michigan
    113. Montaric Brown, CB Arkansas
    152. James Mitchell, TE Virginia Tech
    161. Kyler McMichael, CB North Carolina
    228. Otito Ogbonnia, DT UCLA

    • BobbyK

      Who cares if you greatly improve your team if you add Marcus Mariota as your QB?

      • Big Mike

        Bobby you know there are a vocal contingent of people who follow the Seahawks that want to see Wilson gone and it appears most don’t really care about what happens to the team after that as long as it happens.

      • Big Mike

        And I might add, even the suggestion of a “reset” wouldn’t be necessary if Pete Carroll had manged to build the roster to even a decent level through the draft.

      • Rob4q

        Because Mariota + Minshew + a draft pick QB might be just what Pete & John want to do! I didn’t say I was for that, just was adding in on the conversation above about WFT being a team Russ would be willing to be traded to.

        I’m actually still hopeful that Russ stays and they actually improve the team enough this year to be competing for championships again. But I’m not sure Pete & John are going to be able to do that again…

      • McZ

        Mariota will suffice, if the plan is to keep playing anti-football, aka more of the same.

        Before we get a restart at HC, this franchise won’t go anywhere. They will shuffle around what is left froma once reat team, they won’t get any good coach, they won’t get a decent FA. Rookies are drafted to sit on the bench. Living on the career cemetery.

        This year was the chance, three of the best offensive minds were on the market. But Jody is not interested. I don’t care, either.

    • Peter

      I like that you included two qbs. If a change is coming tgen a qb battle is necessary instead of an appointment. Even if Carr comes here, apologies to his fans, I would like to see a qb battle to know we are putting the best foot forward.

      • Rob4q

        Yeah, if they are going to trade Wilson, it really makes sense to bring in two veteran guys to compete and then draft a QB as well. If they somehow got Watson or Carr, maybe that would be different, but those both seem pretty far fetched.

        If Mariota doesn’t get a chance to start somewhere (WFT, CAR, PITT, NO, DEN) I can see him signing with the Seahawks no matter what happens with Wilson. He would be a better option as a back up than Geno for sure.

  36. Mr drucker in hooterville

    Hey Rob, has the Seahawks staff moves told you anything will be different next year re: PCs micromanaging and roster building?

    • Rob Staton


      So far they’ve just promoted Hurtt from within and brought in Pete’s old buddy

  37. Palatypus

    BTW, I said this joke at the Senior Bowl and want to see if I can get it to go viral.

    Wait for it…

    Kenny Pickett is finger lickin’ good.


  38. Romeo A57

    I have read about the potential Wilson to Washington chatter following the Poop Bowl yesterday which I find to be unlikely. Doesn’t Deshaun Watson seem like the perfect fit in Washington? The Commanders could also probably get Alvin Kamara on the cheap from the Saints now and go into full heel mode. Their Public Relations isn’t going to be getting better anytime soon snice their owner is Daniel Snyder, and he can’t stop being a creep.

    • Rob Staton

      Watson is the last player they will trade for, for obvious reasons I’d say

  39. swedenhawk

    Now that Dennis Allen is the new HC is New Orleans, what are the odds that Joe Brady becomes their new OC?

    • swedenhawk

      *Hadn’t seen the news that he was just named the new QB coach in Buffalo.

  40. Seattle Person

    I am assuming if Boye Mafe and Perrion Winfrey go in the 1st or early 2nd, then the player I’m turning to is Sam Williams.

    I don’t think he’s 270 anymore but he’s flying here…He’s been timed as fast as a 4.4. I’m assuming he is going to blow up the Combine.


  41. Robert Las Vegas

    Just once wouldn’t it be nice if the Seahawks we just a little bit aggressive on the first couple of days of free agency.instead of chips fall as they may , or catching the second wave of free agents this system or ideal doesn’t work. You wind up with Just another guy. One more quick thing when was the last time the Seahawks had a decent right tackle someone help me on that

    • Big Mike

      It would be nice but it ain’t likely to happen this year. I believe Pete’s already said not to expect any big splashes in FA plus he’s also said they’ll be bringing Bobby back and if that’s at full salary, the 20 million he’ll be paid will take up a large chunk of cap space.

      • Rob Staton

        Seahawks fans should be prepared for more of the same IMO.

        They are going to try and keep everything together and make their typical additions in FA.

        I think there’s every chance they will once again go into camp with question marks at certain positions (as we’ve seen with pass rush, CB, C recently).

        The only question becomes whether Russell Wilson decides to force the issue and make a trade request but I’m not sure he will, because if the right fit/offer/replacement isn’t there — then you isolate yourself for no reason.

        • Peter

          Tbf if he requests a trade why should he care one iota about the offer or replacement. The only thing that seemingly would matter to him is fit.

          This is a draft blog and “we,” all hope if that happens it’s for a half dozen firsts this year (hyperbole, of course,) but I don’t see any player hoping for a trade considering if the holding team gets this years fifth pick or this years 25th pick.

          JS has already been amenable to the idea and Wilson even gave them a list last year of four teams.

          Per the reports last year it stands that the value would stay in the two or three first round picks plus players but the picks would be spread over years meaning Seattle might get a decent pick this year, and not really if it’s the raiders, and most likely be getting one to two low firsts over the following years.

          If I were the team I would do the opposite if I had the capital. Just pay once with a bunch of picks this year, cry once, and have Wilson and be back at the draft the next year unlike this JA trade that keeps on giving.

          Plus we don’t know who is going to be in on QB’s. Reports of Washington perhaps in on the QB sweepstakes, the giants feigning they are out on the qb stakes, Irsay not having it with average QB play…could be interesting as you’ve correctly posited about how the Stafford deal shook out.

          • Rob Staton

            Tbf if he requests a trade why should he care one iota about the offer or replacement. The only thing that seemingly would matter to him is fit.

            I wasn’t talking about Wilson caring about the offer or replacement. That’s quite clearly why a deal wouldn’t happen from the teams perspective.

            Per the reports last year it stands that the value would stay in the two or three first round picks plus players but the picks would be spread over years meaning Seattle might get a decent pick this year, and not really if it’s the raiders, and most likely be getting one to two low firsts over the following years.

            Three first rounds picks plus — that’s the starting point in talks. Certain suitors will know that too and will be willing to pay that.

  42. Gary

    Positive Pete actually said, “We are this frickin’ close”, “I wouldn’t want to play us right now”, and “The nucleus of a championship team is in place.”

    Oh how I wish we had lost those last two meaningless games!

    • Peter

      Foundationally it would have been better to lose out. The coaching staff, the media, the ownership, and others would have had to be a bit more honest about the team moving forward.

    • cha

      Funny, the Seahawks won those last two games without their $17m safety and their $18m middle linebacker.

      Seems to be easily glossed over whenever we hear cries of ‘run it back with this championship nucleus’ based solely on the way they ended the season.

      • Sea Mode

        Great point!

    • Rob Staton

      And this is a big problem that many gloss over.

      A win against the hopeless Lions, fielding their backup QB, and a win against a Cardinals team who finished the season 1-5 (and even got hammered by the aforementioned Lions) was not even remotely indicative of Seattle’s quality.

      Plus, they literally lost to the Bears the week prior, who were starting their third string QB.

      Those two wins allowed Carroll to talk a load of bah bah at the end of the season. And a lot of media have accepted it with gusto.

  43. Blitzy the Clown

    Did PFN mock draft and did my best to be realistic about which prospects would be available (for example, Devonte Wyatt was on the board for my second pick at 72 🙄)

    There’s a trade or two in there I can’t remember. Overall not a bad haul

    47 – Bernhard Raimann
    72 – Channing Tindall
    106 – Cole Strange
    113 – DeAngelo Malone
    119 – Cam Taylor-Britt
    152 – Jesse Luketa
    188 – Daniel Bellinger
    228 – Tyrion Davis-Price

  44. Rob Staton

    I’ve updated the board with a couple of extra names, based on further study

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