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  1. Ashish

    In case Hawks is not able to add any Pass rushers do you think current DE/DL players on current roaster are good enough? I’m sure hawks will add few players after 53 roaster cuts.

    • jamho3


      Great question. Which I think get’s to the crux of the matter.

      Based on how I evaluated:

      SEA’s linebacker unit in 2013

      Weakest unit on the team probably not “good enough”

      (Jeez was I wrong and boy were they were good!)

      SEA’s offensive lines in 2015-2016-2017

      (Not good enough to do what we wanted to do but deferred to PC’s discretion)

      SEA’s pass rush in 2018 preseason

      (Not good enough but best we could do during a rebuild)

      I’d say that our general feeling about these things mine at least are most often right.


    • @Ashish

      Secondarily I would add that.

      The way the NFL is set up with the CBA etc all teams are not really as strong as they’d like to be in all areas at any time.

      That every team is making very serious compromises.

      2018 and 2019 off seasons SEA completed a rebuild and went 10-6 in the same year.

      Very very impressive.

      To add to that SEA has added tremendous depth, competition and low cost high upside players to the team giving SEA the opportunity to make the kinds of moves needed to improve in any area they see fit.

  2. ZB

    GOT: How can an ending happen now that would actually satisfy fans of the show?

    • DCD2

      As Ralph Wiggum would say: “That’s unpossible”

  3. Zxvo3

    Do you think Rasheem Green will take a step forward in 2019?

    • CaptainJack

      It would be hard for him to make a step backward

      • Elmer


    • BobbyK

      How can a player not get better from year 1 to year 2? Seriously.

      Can your post improve from this to your next one if critical thinking is a prerequisite? As is the case with players improving from one scenario to the next.

      Green was doing well and IMPROVING until the ankle injury.

      The only thing funny to me is that after a mini-camp EVERY year that GMs ‘KNOW’ they either f-ed up or… in this case, it seems obviously clear that the last pick in the 2nd round is going to be a hell of a lot better than a first and mid-second round pick?

      What do you do?

      Pat the guy on the back who traded up to the last pick in the second round to grab a great get… or kick a guy in the head who passed on that said player to take less than stellar players in front of him in the late first and mid second?

      Supposedly scouting keeps getting better, but it’s pretty obvious that’s not the case. We shall see…

      • Zxvo3

        Jeez. I’ll try to improve my questions next time. I didn’t mean to offend anyone

    • jamho3

      Here’s the thing about Rasheem Green.

      He was entirely too young to contribute at DL when SEA drafted him. So young in fact that we won’t be able to fairly judge him until AFTER 2020.

      Yes he takes a step forward. But for the most part 20-22 year olds cannot compete with “grown men” in pro sports.

      Green takes a step forward YES for sure but he’s still too young.

  4. cha

    The offense starts a little slow just about every season. What do you think will be the focus of 2019’s early-season offensive funk?

    The OL looks fairly sorted, the RBs are on board, I’m guessing the run/pass play call mix has been established pretty clearly. I would guess it’s finding the balance of snaps/touches for the WRs and seeing how those young WRs fit in the offense.

  5. hawkin

    It may be too early to tell. But who in the WR room takes a step forward with Doug retiring?

    With Dougs retirement, does the team lean on the run game more in your opinion?

    How is the 2020 draft looking to you for defensive line? Particularly DE.

    With Frank Clark and added pieces, is KC your favorite to win the SB?

    Now that the Wilson Saga is over, when is the optimal time to look at drafting his heir?

    With all the additions to Special Teams, what is your expectation for the group in 2019?

    Who on the roster are you most intrigued to see if they can step up as a contributor?

    Are you prepared for the major GoT disappointment this weekend?

    • Devin Wojick

      Do KC’s additions outweigh the loss of Tyreek Hill? im not so sure.
      Clark is great but im not sure there is another player who puts the kind of fear in DBs and defesive coordinators like Hill did.
      I think my favourites to win are the Saints, though KC is up there still.

  6. New Guy

    Not a question so much, but an observation (and appreciation) of the dynamics of the nature of the Seahawks’ team building procedure:

    – you don’t one-to-one replace a Richard Sherman, you find different new ways to improve the backend. Not only new talent but also new schemes to fit their new talent and the changing offensive landscape of the competition.

    – you can’t directly replace Russ’s safety blanket he had in Doug Baldwin – you find ways to improve the pass game. Not just in the new wide receivers, but in TE’s and a new balance of disguised run/pass. Russ may not have the same old ‘Russel to Baldwin’ opportunity but of necessity it opens the door to new creativity and makes the opponent guess. Often they will guess wrongly.

    – you don’t replace a freak pass rusher like Frank Clark but you find a new direction for the pass rush crew. You develop new players but you also sculpt the craft of when you rush the passer and from what directions.

    – you get enough depth of talent overall to make up for past highly paid super stars.


    • Doug

      This!! This is PC’s approach completely–design around the talent you have to take advantage of it.

      The big question for me is, assuming no further additions to the DL, do the Seahawks have “enough” for the DL to not be a liability to the D overall? Especially since the LB and DB room has become a lot more competitive with much better depth in my opinion.

  7. RWIII

    Rob: Are you concerned about Shaquill Griffin’s performance in 20189 Do you think Griffin’s dropoff in 2018 had anything to do with moving from right cornerback to left cornerback?

    • jamho3

      It’s harder to play the right side so he wasn’t benefiting from Shermans excellence in 2018. The fact that we as fans don’t hate him means he’s a good corner.

      He’s FINE.

      What SEA will need obviously is depth and we’ve been in the process of building that for a few seasons. We’re very lucky to have 2 good starting CB’s

  8. H

    Which rookie do you think will make the biggest impact year 1?

    And which existing player do you think could have a breakout year?

    And finally what was a worse decision, cutting GoT final season down to 6 episodes or running the ball on the goal line in SB49?

    • Shady_Hawkster

      Running the ball was a justifiable decision at least (regardless of the result).

  9. Devin Wojick

    Who have been your favorite, or the udfas you think are most likely to make the 53? I really like Derek Thomas who you turned me on to. I am also a fan of Jazz Ferguson.

    Who are some UDFAs you wish we would have signed? For me its Gerald WIllis, Lil’Jordan Humphrey, Chris Westry and guiltily enough Preston Williams.

    Is it too late to hold out hope for CJ Prosise?

  10. Saxon

    Hey Rob, what are your career ambitions? If BBC hired you to host Question Time would you abandon Seahawks Draft Blog to referee partisan shouting matches? I hope not.

    Also, what are your future plans for the blog and is there anything we as a community can do to help take it to the next level? I actually love it as it is just wondering what your vision is…

    Thanks for all your hard work!

  11. CaptainJack

    After round one Pete Carroll and John Schneider looked forlorn and Schneider mentioned that something happened that he’d tell us in 10 years. What do you think happened? Did a team go back on a promise not to pick someone? Did he just mistime a run on pass rushers?
    Who were they targeting that they missed? Simmons? Sweat? Burns??

    • Rob Staton

      I can answer this now. To me it’s absolutely clear they wanted better trade deals than they got and had hoped to stack up great picks. After R1 they’d failed to do that and then saw the Rams get a deal with Atlanta that they likely would’ve loved.

      • David Ashton

        Nothing for abram, still?

  12. Gaux Hawks

    Rob, your quick thoughts on the NFC West? Predictions?

    – Hawks: Too young, lack of pass-rush, and not enough talent? 9-7
    – Rams: Hungover, overhyped, and figured out? 9-7
    – Niners: Lingering injures and lack of cohesiveness? 8-8
    – Cards: Hopeful, but lack of talent and coaching? 7-9


  13. TomLPDX

    Just wanted to let you know that (all of) you have totally spoiled GOT for me. I don’t get HBO (for a reason) and binge on the free HBO week to get caught up. I’ve done my best to scroll past your GOT discussions but the cat is definitely out of the bag. I’ve read all the books and the GOT series for the first 3 seasons were nothing more than gratuitous garbage, then it got really good! Now, it looks like it has returned to the beginning…but I digress… 🙂

    Rob, here is my question: I’m a big fan of Keenan Reynolds and would like to believe that he can jump into Doug’s role at some point…Not Doug, but able to fulfill the role. Can he do it?

    • Volume12


    • mishima

      Just wait until Jon dies…

      • Hawktalker#1

        He dies? Stop already.

        • DC

          Well, he did die once already.

  14. Aaron

    Who are the three players on defense that need to step up the most in 2019 to make this a top 10 defense again?

  15. Kendo

    I’ve been waiting for a new post just to share some great news. My number popped up and I am now a season ticket holder. They’re nose bleeds for the first year but I’ll keep working my way down. GO HAWKS!!!

    • Hawktalker#1


  16. Volume12

    When will Seattle ever find their Mike Alstott?

    Could you imagine a dude like that in this offense? Inject that into my veins right f***n’ now!

  17. Seahawcrates

    Are you considering coming to a Seattle home game this year? Definitely want to buy you a beer!

    • HappyGuy

      With the Nick Bellore signing, do you see him making the team? Do you see the Hawks totally moving away from having a FB in this offense?

    • regan sayer

      I think we should all pitch in and fly Rob out here for a game. That would be a right proper way to show our thanks for all these years of hard work. If you could go to any game this year Rob, which one would you choose?

      • Rob Staton

        That is a wonderful thought and gesture. However — I can tell you that the cost of getting to Seattle in 2019 is practically twice as much as it was last time I visited in 2019 because of the weak British pound. Major shame but until the pound recovers it’s going to be tough to get back out there.

        • regan sayer

          Actually I’m thinking we can pool some airline miles together for your ticket. It would probably take about 50k in miles. We just need 5 to 10 people to chip in some miles. I got 10k on it. As for accommodations I’m sure most of your readers would be willing to put you up or pitch in for a hotel. We could all meet up at the stadium for a tailgate party. That would be rad!

          • B

            Start a gofundme, I’ll pledge $50 right now.

            • RPR_31

              I’ll chip in on a GoFundMe

            • RPR

              I’ll give up my two club tix and put him up at a downtown hotel if other people get him here.

    • God of Thunder

      If we all buy Rob one beer, his popularity will mean that’ll translate into a pretty substantial hangover.😉

  18. Robert M

    The Seahawks always seem to set themselves up to play to the strength of the draft: DBs in 2017, RBs in 2018, and D line this year. What positions look to be strong in next year’s draft that might become a focus for the team?

  19. GerryG

    All I can say is, I can’t wait for all you dorks here and everywhere else to stop your incessant and annoying babbling about GOT

    • Hawktalker#1

      Dracarys . . .

    • Kenny Sloth

      Awww ur so mad 💞

    • HawkfaninMT

      Haters of the world unite!!

    • Volume12

      The ‘dorks.’

      Says a guy on a draft/football blog.

      • mishima

        LOL / too funny. I was thinking the same. We’re all in mom’s meta basement.

  20. Kenny Sloth

    Champions League final preview?? I think less people wanna hear that than the Game of Thrones stuff tho!

  21. DriveByPoster

    Hi Rob,

    Brock Huard mentioned about the surprising number of injuries that the Seahawks seemed to be carrying during the voluntary workouts and it’s not so long ago that the ‘hawks overhauled the strength & conditioning staff. So what, if anything, is the issue here do you think? Is this just normal athletic wear & tear or is there something more serious going on?

    • CaptainJack

      Watching the browns on hard knocks was really interesting.

      Lots of guys with minor injuries in training camp.

      Dorsey wanted them to practice anyways. Jackson wanted them to sit out and heal.
      Pete is just ultra conservative with injuries I think.

      Nfl is a physical league. Most players play through pain. Carrols thought process is probably “at this point in the season, why risk making things worse?”

    • jujus

      the “overhaul” was a hire from USC who they hated and blamed for the littany of inuries they were suffering…

  22. Spireite_Seahawk

    A reliance on the running game is the most important aspect of the Seahawks offensive gameplan. With that in mind do you think that its surprising how little its being discussed? Furthermore…

    1 – Is Carson the true number one back or are we expecting a big leap in carries / performance from Penny. I personally hope so as the dude looks like he could be a superstar if he can translate his college game to the pros. The 5 yard + average carry stat gives me hope.

    2 – Where do we see Scarborough’s career with the Seahawks going, he’s a player that rarely gets a mention yet could be impactful. Does he have a chance to be a better Mike Davis?

    3 – We seem to have acquired a plethora of 3rd down backs, so who do we keep and who moves on. Also when CJ Prosise signs for the Pats and dominates which God do we shake our fist at?

    I’d also like to take a look at the return game, with No E the de facto number 1 receiver now, is it appropriate for us to move on to protect him and who are the likely candidates to take over on punts and kicks?

    • CaptainJack

      Scarborough has the body to be a body builder, but not an nfl running back.
      His muscles maxed out, which kind of messed with his joints. I don’t think he’ll see an nfl field outside of preseason.

  23. CaptainJack

    Jon won’t die.
    Dany will.
    But Jon doesn’t become king either.

    Book it

    • Volume12

      Make that bad a** Dragon who burned sh** up the King.

      • Kenny Sloth

        In western mythology the dragon is the opposite of a good king. He hoards gold that cannot be used to help the community he demands sacrifice of maidens that cannot be married off or have offspring.

        The Targarean(sp) lineage is very much like this in their incest to keep power in their family and rule by fear.

        • Volume12

          So the Dragon is a communist?

          • OaklandHawk

            Billionaires hoard money. Not sure how they equal communists.

            Don’t come at me with political arguments. Not taking a side, just failing to understand your logic.

            • Volume12

              So the Dragon is a billionaire?

            • Volume12

              Also. Come at me? I fail to see where or when I responded to you unless this is Kenny.

              • Kenny Sloth

                Maybe come back at*

      • Kenny Sloth

        In eastern myths the dragon is the river spirit or in the weather. They bring bounty and will rise up drumming on their belly “ohohoho”

        Takes all kinds 😁

  24. Charlie Hack

    Hi Rob,

    I remember you were quite high on Paxton Lynch coming out of college. It hasn’t really worked out for him in the Pro’s (to date), do you have any thoughts on why this is and do you think that he has the chance to develop to be the back up this year and potentially an NFL starter in the future?

    Just like to also say thanks to all the work you put into this site, it is always the first thing I check on my lunch hour!

  25. Aaron Bostrom

    I was pretty excited about the Gary Jennings pick, but was unenthused when people said his pro comp was Amara Darboh. Is that a fair comparison in you eyes?

    • jujus

      just watch the GMFB interveiw with Jennings and see his personality and charisma. Then try and watch Darboh who is nothing special personailty wise.

      Nothing alike personality wise. GJ is a baller – darboh isnt passionate.

  26. SamL

    I’ve got 2 questions
    -How big of a step forward do you think Rashaad Penny will take this year? I know a lot of people didn’t like the pick, but we could end up with one of the better running back duos in the league and that’s hard to argue with.
    -Who do you think will have the better season next year: Shaquil Griffin or Tre Flowers?

  27. cha

    Shane Ray to sign w Baltimore per Tom Pelissero

    • Hawktalker#1

      I’d like to have seem him last longer, but I suppose of the Hawks really wanted him they would have signed him by now. Still concerned about the D line.

  28. Logan Lynch

    With the additions of Blair and Amadi, how do you see the safety position shaking out? They used 3 safety sets last year…maybe put McDougald on a TE, and have Blair and Tedric in the back? Will HIll still get reps? Is Amadi more of a nickel CB in your eyes? Thanks.

    • Volume12

      Have you watched any of those ‘Dark Side of The Ring’ specials that Viceland has been doing? The Gino Hernandez one is incredible. Highly recommend that.

      Was super excited for the Von Erich one too until Dave Meltzer showed his face all over the episode. Guy is the f***n’ worst has poisoned the well for a generation of a fans.

      • Logan Lynch

        I haven’t, but thanks for the reminder! My brother and some others have told me about them and they sound really interesting. I honestly don’t know much about Gino, so that one sounds great.

        Man, the Von Erichs are just a tragedy man. Kerry could’ve been one of the biggest stars of all time in the business if his head was right. In fact he kind of is despite the tragedy…or maybe because of it.

        • Volume12

          Kerry was awesome. If you could build a baby face in a lab it’d be him. The Freebirds and Von Erich’s program is stuff of legends man.

          I see a ton of Kerry Von Erich in Matt Riddle.

          Kevin had a line in the doc that’s just gut wrenching. ‘I once had 5 brothers and now I’m not even a brother.’

          • Logan Lynch

            Those boys ran the south and lived their gimmicks all out.

            I like that Riddle worked the indies first. WWE seems to have a hard time building guys from the ground up, but the guys who came from the indies first (Rollins, Balor, Owens, and earlier guys like Y2J, etc) find ways to make it work.

            • Volume12

              I’m not even a huge fan of Riddle either. At least his ‘bro’ schtick ain’t my cup of tea.

              How much of that is WWE or the current fans not accepting anyone that didn’t dream their whole life of being a wrestler? TBF though, it’s a lot like the territory days or Japanese excursions to Mexico. Hone your craft working in front of different crowds and with different styles in the ring. Working the indies that is. Until everything and one became so damn cookie cutter.

              That’s a big problem I have with the current product. Everyone looks the same, wrestles the same, and all the matches feel the same. No characters or personalities. Can’t run angles, blood feuds, juicy storylines, hate fueled programs with these guys. Just good/great wrestlers.

              • Logan Lynch

                Good points. I wonder what, if any, effect AEW will have on the market. Seems like a company run more by the workers, whether that’s good or bad or not remains to be seen. Even with a TV deal now, it will be interesting to see how long AEW can compete with the juggernaut that is WWE. Hopefully it’s not just a flash in the pan, because that gives guys more places to work and the competition could force WWE to step up their game similar to the Monday Night Wars days with WCW.

                • Volume12

                  Creative control with that many guys is gonna cause problems. I.E. Doesn’t work for me brother!

                  They already thought PAC/Neville was gonna lose to put over Hangman Page. Why? Neville is the better worker, more name recognition, and is champion off a huge Japanese promotion. He’s the bigger ‘star.’ This better not be all the BC dudes going over or I’ll tap out on it real f***n’ quick. They killed NJPW for me. It was good with Finn and AJ as the leaders, but Omega, Cody, even the Bucks are dorks.

                  I think that 24/7 title WWE just introduced last night will be super fun. It’s just the Hardcore title w/o unprotected head shots. Will give the undergrad guys something to do, add an air of unpredictability, and will make house shows more exciting. But of course the smarks hate it and filling their diaper over it.

                  And that brings me to my main point. Competition. Everyone wants WWE to have it until they start treating a promotion like actual comp. I agree and hope that’s what AEW will give them. Not knockoff WCW.

                  • Volume12

                    * undercard

                  • Logan Lynch

                    Time will tell. One thing I’m worried about is all the undercard guys who don’t feel like they’re being used correctly defecting to AEW and it becomes WWE-lite. I.E. Harper, Ambrose, Anderson/Gallows, etc. The money they’re supposedly paying out is absurd especially considering how murky the future is. Jericho signed a 3 year contract with them which surprised me. Good work if you can get it I guess!

                  • Volume12

                    Exactly. Can’t do the same thing TNA did.

                    ‘What’s Duke Harpring doing in the Impact Zone?!?’

                    Blows my mind that Vince supposedly isn’t a fan of Luke Harper. Not saying he should main event Mania’s or anything, although he should’ve been in the match with Bray & Orton @ WM33, but dude is the total package.

          • Gohawks5151

            Had no idea Kerry lost a foot! Crazy tough dude. Even crazier that Kevin’s kids want to wrestle.

            • Volume12

              Had to get that cheeseburger man!

              They actually look pretty decent. Kevin’s kids. I’m pretty excited to see them debut for MLW.

  29. Ukhawk

    Retrospective on the Frank Clark would be good to discuss:
    – was it good or bad
    – in hindsight, did they know about Doug and Alam and if not would the extra cap change their mind?
    – what’s the barometer for measuring the trades success? I see Claytons article measuring the trade of Clark alongside the FAs signed so far but this has got to be apples/oranges analysis of short vs long term contracts. Surely a better measuring stick is the players drafted by the picks gained in the trade and their long term success as well as the net spend (post rookie contracts) on any new free agents signed for the long term?

  30. rowlandice

    Who else wants to see the Hawks very first play from scrimmage in 2019 against the Bengals be a play action fake to Carson and see Russ throw a 75 yard bomb to DK?

  31. Kenny Sloth

    53 man roster predictiom or bust, Rob lol

  32. ReconUK

    In his end of the season press conference, Pete said,

    Their focus for this off-season would be,

    “To make this roster more competitive across the board is the intent. To make guys have to hold their spots and have to do better to do that, that’s at the heart of what we’re all about.”

    After the Frank Clark trade, the draft and now free agency, do you feel they have achieved their goal?


    Game of Thrones Question (Spoiler for earlier seasons): When they were following the storyline of the books, we had some major character deaths, often unexpected ones, Eddard Stark, Robb Stark and Tywin Lannister for example. Once the series started moving away from the books, do you think the show has lost something in its desire to keep everyone around?

    • Group captain mandrake

      The show isn’t really keeping anyone around though. It is burning through them as everything wraps up. I think the difference is that in the earlier seasons, it was genuinely a shock for major characters to die, and now it’s expected.

  33. DCD2

    There is talk of moving Lockett into the slot. He was our most effective downfield guy last year though.

    Do you think they would take something that worked so well and change it? If it’s not Lockett, who do you think is the front runner at the slot?

    • Coach

      Keenan Reynolds! He always reminded me of Baldwin!
      Go Hawks!!

      • Greg Haugsven

        He can still get downfield from the slot though.

  34. william valent

    Again to the trade back question. The emphasis in posing the question previously concerned Schneider’s approach to the draft, perhaps it should not have.

    One can inquire whether the Patriots, for instance, lost out on Metcalf because they traded back when they had the opportunity to draft him.

    Are there some mathematical geniuses out there who have done an analysis/metrics on whether trading back is almost always a preferable approach to the NFL draft, given that talent differences may ultimately not be that great, and more players are gained.

    The question is not to criticize Schneider but to look at the larger question of the approach. My impression may be wrong(my knowledge of the draft is limited) but it appears that more teams are engaged in the practice. It has become something of an epidemic.

    Is the notion of taking the best player available somewhat undermined by the frequency of trading back that we see?

    • Rob Staton

      I can only speak personally but I’ve kind of had my fill of someone putting some statistics together to argue a blanket point that carries no context.

      There isn’t a right or wrong way to approach the draft. Every team is different whether that’s scheme, needs, future needs, number of picks you own. Then every draft is different with various strong or weak positions and rounds. You can’t make a ‘one size fits all’ argument for the draft.

      • charlietheunicorn

        There is more than one way to skin a cat, per sai.

        You can build via the draft, FA and trades…. no one way is right or wrong.
        Imagine the Dallas Cowboys of the 1990s, if they had not traded a “can’t miss” talent.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Pats took Nkeal Harry in first round.

      • Awsi Dooger

        That was the first time they missed out on Metcalf. It became a trend

  35. Eburgz

    Who do you like better as a starting base end opposite Ansah, Green or Collier? Who do you think wins the starting spot/plays more snaps.

    • Eburgz

      I disagree about Rasheem Green not showing anything in the NFL. He was dominant in preseason last year, whatever that’s worth. Pretty sure he had a game clinching sack on Aaron Rodgers too. He sure hasn’t shown much though.

      Agree that Colliers play strength and 1st round status probably give him the inside track to start on base downs. I think Green has a little more juice off the edge though.

      • Rob Staton

        Dominating in pre-season against third stringers and guys who didn’t even make the 53 means nothing. He showed nothing last year. Absolutely nothing. Doesn’t mean he can’t take a step forward in 2019 but let’s call his rookie season as it was.

        • Volume12

          I’m a big fan of Green and his potential, not saying you aren’t, but your 100% right.

          • Hawktalker#1

            On thought about Green that I keep in mind is that is seemed to be a consensus that he came out too early and that he needed another year of development before he was even read to present himself properly as a rookie. Keeping that in mind, we could still have a guy on our hands that has a ton of potential and now that he has a Pro rather than another college year under his belt, we might start seeing him flash and see some of the potential we were all so high on as he came out of college. I have a lot more hope for him than I do for CJ, although I’d love to see them both show out this year and turn their potential into Seahawk production.

            Go Hawks

      • WALL UP

        There’s a strength that PC alluded to early on, regarding Green, that he would eventually grow into. He called it, “men strength.” That’s a factor that needs to be considered in his development. It’s one thing pushing around 300 lb, 19-21 yr old college players, and a completely different feeling of being pushed back by full grown men. Especially if you were just a 21 yrs old rookie.

        It appears Green has put in the work in the weight room this past off season. As he fills out in time, and develops his “men strength,” his role may be best on the inside @ 3T.

  36. James

    Rob, Ken Norton said this week that Akeem King is first in line at nickel CB. What is your best guess how the CB positions shake out after Tre and Shaq?

    • CaptainJack

      I can’t help but remember the game where he neutralized Travis Kelce.

      I think it’s a close battle between Reed King and Amadi, one of those three is cut

      • Greg Haugsven

        I can see King covering tight ends but not a guy like Edelman. Could depend on the match up that week. Dont sleep on Kalan Reed to play that spot against smaller quick guys.

        • Elmer

          I wonder if Jamar Taylor is going to have a chance to fit in anywhere at CB.

  37. CaptainJack

    I guess as a die hard husky football fan, way more than the Seahawks, I’m used to players I love moving on.

    But damn… Kam, Sherman, Earl, Doug, Frank, Bennett, Avril, all gone… in such a short time frame

    • Greg Haugsven

      I guess thats what happens when they all come in in such a short time frame.

  38. charlietheunicorn

    You have to admit, when “dany” burned down the keep…. you, me and we have had days like that and can relate. I don’t even watch GoTs, but people love how it is real talk about life….

    and I’ll lay money on Sophie Turner / Sansa Stark winning the throne.

    • Rob Staton

      I can’t say I’ve ever felt the need to burn down an entire city killing millions…


        Monday’s, amirite? 🤷🏻‍♂️

      • Shadow

        After the day I’ve had so far, I have to admit I’m considering it….

  39. Volume12

    Elway wishes he had this guy under center.

    • charlietheunicorn

      The fricking Browns, playing not to win. I do not think it is a stretch to say they were loaded that year and have never been the same since then. Imagine, if the NFL had a 1983 quality draft…..

      I also can’t get over the huge shoulder pads, it also makes me think of Michael Bennett and his super small ones… LOL

      • Volume12

        And Play To Win reminds me of the famous Dennis Green rant, God rest his soul. His pressers were must see t.v.

        • teejmo

          Think you mean Herb Edwards. Dennis Green’s famous rant was along the lines of “they were who we thought they were, and we let them off the hook!”

          • Kenny Sloth

            If you wanna crown em Then Crown their *****

            I always like to fill in my own swears at the end

  40. CaptainJack

    Yup, Green came out a year early. But can you blame him? I’d want to get away from that USC program ASAP as well.

    Green is the player I have no idea what to make of right now. Hopefully his time in the weight room will pay off. But I won’t be surprised either way to swings, if he wins a starting role or barely sees the field again. I think green has more potential than Collier, but there should be a good competition.

  41. Madmark

    Well I got to listen to your podcast with a cup of coffee this morning I thought you did a professional job of answering all the questions that came in. The part about the website you created 11 years and how to improve it I have to say. It could be splashed up but its never been that important to me cause I come to it for the information and content it has about the Seahawks. It is the best website that give you a true perspective on the Seahawks. Its not just the articles you write and post but its also the comments that other people write that enhance it. So if it never changes that won’t stop me from logging on. So its a slow time take that small break till Wagner or Reed get signed it wouldn’t bother me at all. The comments will still continue and that’s because there are plenty of people like me who continue to log on. I know you heard it before but you have a gift and your quite good at breaking it all done for us fans. Keep up the great work. Go Hawks.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Mark 👍🏻

    • Trevor

      +1 Mark I agree completely. I come for the incredible content Rob puts out as well as the civilized conversation with the knowledgeable regular posters. I really could care less about a flashy site.

  42. mishima

    Late with my questions: Blair or Hill at SS and do you watch Fleabag?


    • Rob Staton

      1. It could be either. Could be a good battle in camp.

      2. I don’t

  43. H

    Getting really into this Cody Barton pick. The guy has tremendous feel for coverage, slippery blitzing ability (both of which aided by his elite quickness), and is always keen to join the pile for a tackle. He seems a great character and leader who’s always talking on the field and getting guys lined up. Love the reports of how well, both he and BBK, have picked up this offence. If we weren’t so stacked at LB this year I’d be all over him as a day 1 starter, hopefully he can still have some kind of role but depth is never a bad thing.

    I think when all is said and done he and DK will be the two best picks from this draft (not an indictment on the other guys, just my excitement for these two.)

    • Robert Las Vegas

      Rob just a quick question for you what’s your thoughts on Jets Leonard Williams.

      • Rob Staton

        I thought he was a bit overrated at USC. I didn’t think he was bad or anything but didn’t quite get the incredible hype and ‘best player in the draft’ chatter. His physical profile isn’t exactly spectacular. He’s never had a season like Jarran Reed in 2018. His production overall is split between good and mediocre. For example, in 2016 and 2018 he combined for 21 TFL’s and 12 sacks. In 2015 and 2017 he had 10 TFL’s and five sacks combined. So there’s a disparity there.

        I haven’t studied his play in New York to judge him any more specifically than that.

  44. Coleslaw

    Been thinking and I’m pretty sure Richard Sherman never even gave up 10 TDs in his entire tenure with us. Thats unreal.

  45. Kenny Sloth

    Oof #GoT

    • Nathan W.

      bruhhhh. unsatisfying. but whatever

      • Kenny Sloth

        I kept joking the new ruler would be a tyrant

        No spoilers but it was so rushed everyone got a tidy happy ending and the inner council was so annoying

        • Nathan W.

          So rushed. Such a dumb season.

        • Rob Staton

          It was a really, really irritating final episode. Incredibly rushed. Like previous episodes — so many WTF moments. For example, why did the dragon do what it did? Why didn’t the Unsullied kill Jon on the spot? How did they find out he’d even killed Dany? Why didn’t Jaime and Cersei take three steps to the right and avoid the rocks? Why is ‘telling a good old yarn’ sufficient to be king? Why is Sandra Queen of the North given Jon was never stood down as King of the North? Why is Arya now Dora the Explorer? Did they honestly think that bit with the council at the end was funny? Why did they ruin this?


          • LLLOGOSSS

            The ultimate question really is, “why did they ruin this?”

          • Madmark

            Watch the last episode of GOT this morning on demand like I usually do. It reminding me of when I first went to High School. Each semester you had to have what we call English, Literature, and Culture. They gave us a list with 500 books on it of which we wrote 12 report and presented them to our class. That was 2 a semester. The reason I say this is because the ending of GOT was a lot like a book I picked in my junior year that I read and it left the same taste in my mouth. The book I read was the Diary of Ann Franks. I looking for ending to be good but when her story ended it just stopped and the rest of the ending of the book was to be finished by others. I will say the ending was not great but it was a truth in its reality of life that happened and its a part of history now. In many ways GOT shows the reality of life accurately than we want it too.

            • H

              What a strange thing to compare a fantasy series too…

    • MyChestIsBeastmode

      At least Tyrion set the table. A moment I won’t soon forget.

    • Thorson

      I dunno. Given how uniquely unsatisfying the last episode was, I thought they did about as good of a job as they could of wrapping things up without making it too “happily ever after”. That might be damning the show with faint praise, but despite everything, I was entertained. They only part that really stood out as a head scratcher to me was the reaction of all of the leaders of Westeros to Sansa’s proclamation. They were all like: “Huh. Well, sure! Go ahead!” That didn’t seem likely.

      • Nathan W.

        I was also very confused. Why would they just let the North leave with no qualms? Maybe they were all just tired of fighting and just let them secede? Kind of odd.

      • All I see is 12s

        Was trying to think what could have made it better.
        I honestly thought that the final episode would have Danny arresting John…because, well, he’s a threat. Then when Drogon executes him, John doesn’t burn. He ends up fighting and killing Gray worm. Yup he’d be naked or something. During the confusion, Arya would kill Danny. Then go from there.
        Instead, we got psychotic Danny who shows no tremors for the killing of innocents and wants to get with John again. Wasnt that partially why she went nuts in the first place? Cause he rebuked her?
        So frustrating…worst ending then Dexter.

        • Saxon

          I wish you were writing the show the last few seasons. Anything is better than what we got. D&D have so little imagination.

    • Group captain mandrake

      I think there were plenty of things wrong in this episode. Dany flips out and torches a city because she lost her best friend, but her dragon loses it’s “mother” and he makes better decisions than she did. Arya just disappearing into the west. Bronn is suddenly on the small council. I think they tied things up a little too neatly for all the characters, but considering how the writing has been, I think they did an overall ok job of finishing it all off. I’m glad they avoided just having another huge battle scene, which is where it seemed like it was going. It would have made it seem even more rushed. I’m also happy that they gave Peter Dinklage a final chance to really shine.

    • mishima

      Biggest Q: How did Robin Arryn go from breast-feeding teenager to influencing the fate of Westeros?


      • Saxon

        Biggest Q: How does Tyrion become Hand a third time? He’s the Jeff Fisher of Hands.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          Jeff Fisher, first of his name, head of House Fisher. Sigil, the Mustache

    • Georgia Hawk

      The last two episodes felt like the end of a blowout game of high school football. The winning coach already has in the subs midway through the 3rd quarter and the losing coach eventually just stops trying and puts the entire JV squad out there. Nobody cares what happens, all they are trying to do is get to the final bell. Coaches start calling vanilla plays and completely disregard all game planning they had done to that point. Eventually, the JV QB, who to that point of the year had done nothing more than hold the practice plays for scout team, finds his way into a longshot TD, which nobody but the boys family actually care about. Hell by this time there are only 14 people left in the stands anyway.

      In the end, only the JV QB is actually happy with the game.

      Above everything else that bugs me, why in the 7 hells did they focus so much on Varys writing these letters to all the lords, only to completely disregard it an hour later? What was the point of having Arya in KL at all? WTH was the point of anything in the last 2 episodes?

      • Saxon

        Good analogy, Georgia. Way to combine football with GoT to ward off the complainers.

        This season was a complete disaster. Every major character was ruined. Tyrion, originally a brilliant player of the game, somehow became even dumber than he’s been the last couple of seasons. Jon, formerly a man with great courage and moral certitude, became a fawning impotent coward who required Tyrion to be his conscience. Dany, who always showed great empathy for the plight of the downtrodden suddenly becomes a psychopath. Cersei deserved a reckoning which she never got. Jamie’s entire story arc may well have never existed since he is the same incest-addled selfish bastard he was in season one. And the devastation extends to several other characters: Arya, Grey Worm, Bran…

        Knowing how this ends, I’ll never be able to rewatch even the better seasons. So many of the original intrigues were rendered pointless. I think HBO will have a hard time selling the box set DVDs.

  46. charlietheunicorn

    Damn, after seeing all the scathing on-line chatter about GoTs…. glad I didn’t invest in that 8th season poop fest. Ironically, the previous 7 seasons were some of the best TV shows being produced. They pushed up and set the bar higher for TV shows. Quality production and writing (?) with intriguing story arcs….. and when you have the power of a Dragon, how can you go wrong?

    One youtuber did make an interesting observation, the ones who hide in the shadows are the ones who make the kings/queens. Not the person out front or the martyr or the obvious leader. And in a funny way, this is how the world has always worked and continues to work.

  47. CaptainJack

    I really like Corbin Smith’s stuff.

    Here is a fantastic breakdown of Ugo Amadi. I still have reservations about the pick:

    He’s a very active player who has really good ball skills, like to deliver huge hits, and is a great blitzer.

    Sometimes he does get grabby though and gets PI calls when he finds himself out of position. He also sometimes arm tackles, and doesn’t have the athleticism to cover to super quick slot guys, and is too short to cover huge tight ends.
    So at the end of the day he’s better off at safety than nickel I think, even if he played nickel more in college.

  48. WALL UP

    The hope is they’re not done with having another FA addition, particularly on the DL. Al Woods, with his 36 inch arms, is a great pickup rotating with Ford. But, Reed also needs a push, besides being in his contract year. Someone to rotate with, and that can also play 5T, 1T, and provide inside pressure that moves the QB off the spot.

    Frankly, that type of player is lacking in their current roster. Jefferson and Jones aren’t as strong against the run to meet that requirement. Nor do they press the pocket on their own merit.

    The hope that may fulfill this role is found here: What makes this so appealing, besides his strength and quickness, is the 35 1/4 in arm length he uses to his advantage when attacking the ball carrier, the QB and passing lanes.

    GB has yet to sign him again for another 1yr prove it deal. They may have reached their limit of cap space to pay him the 5 mil he received last yr. I really hope his talents warrant an inquiry for JS & company. A 5 mil investment may be just what the defense needs.

    • Elmer

      Isn’t the need still greater at DE than at DT?

      Collier is a rookie, Ansah is a question mark because of injury, Jefferson and/or Jones may have to move inside if they are to make the 53 man roster, and is Cassius Marsh really a DE. Maybe an additional FA signing will come at DE.

      • Coleslaw

        Jefferson is an inside/out type. Jones has played DT and is only now being moved to DE (hopefully not due to his disease, or else it could be the end of his tenure). Cassius Marsh is a DE, he certainly isnt a DT or a LB.

      • WALL UP

        The glaring need that plagued the defense most was stopping the run. Al Woods will go a long way in helping to accomplish that. Having (4) players though, to rotate as run stopping DTs, and still provide inside pressure, will help the DEs get after the QB, by not allowing the QB to step up the pocket.

        Neither Jones, nor Jefferson are stout against double teams, not mention have pressure potential inside. The other (5) DEs would be:
        1. Ziggy
        2. Collier
        3. Green
        4. Marsh/or Jefferson
        5. Martin

        Reed, Ford, Woods and Wilkerson could help the entire group to successfully get after the QB.

        • Elmer

          What about this scenario? Ansah turns out to be a non-factor because of injury. Nice gamble, didn’t pay off.

          Do we want to count on the addition of Collier and Marsh, plus expected development of Green and Martin, to make up for the loss of Frank Clark? The pass rush needed help even with Frank Clark.

          Yes, stopping the run needs help too. Does one need outweigh the other in this scenario?

  49. cha

    Tampa just made cutting McCoy official per Rapaport.

    • Rob Staton

      As expected. They had no choice.

      I wouldn’t expect him to be in Seattle in 2019. In fact I don’t expect it at all.

    • WALL UP

      He’s probably going to the Browns.

    • WALL UP

      Wilkerson has the versatility to play (3) positions, and cost far less. Muhammad would be a better fit.

      • CaptainJack

        Don’t know for sure but I think Wilkerson could be done with football.

        • WALL UP

          Muhammad is 29 yrs old, almost 2 yrs younger than McCoy, minus (4) mos. His ankle surgery was successful and he hopes to prove that he’s still elite by playing under Petine’s defense again. GB probably would want him for much less than the 5 mil they paid him last yr, perhaps @ the vet minimum.

          If there are no other takers, he’ll probably go back to GB. The high reward is well worth the risk of a 4 to 5 mil with incentives investment. I just hope JS & company do their due diligence on viability of Wilkerson playing in the PNW instead of GB.

          • Rob Staton

            Any player unsigned now is unsigned for a reason. There’s no danger of any of these teams not doing due-diligence. It’s very hard to get excited about anyone available now, two weeks removed from the third wave starting.

            • Elmer

              And there are 3 rookie DT’s in camp. The odds aren’t great, but who knows, maybe one of them will excel.

              • WALL UP

                As I posted earlier, Wilkerson is not just a run stopping DT. He can get after the QB. By adding this type of player to the roster, it gives them an imposing pass rush up the middle where they didn’t have last year, outside of Reed.

                They also will install blitz packages from LBs & DBs/Ss for additional pressure. Ansah may miss a few games initially, but there great chance he will be a success. I prefer to look at the positive side. Having 5 DEs and 4 legit DTs is the balanced distribution they should carry.

                • Elmer

                  Sounds like a good player for the Hawks to add, as long as the price fits their budget.

          • WALL UP

            There are a lot of variables for not being picked up this late in free agency; available cap space, asking price, the amount of newly acquired defensive players via the draft, to mention a few. But, talent should not be viewed as the deterrent that Wilkerson has not signed as yet.

            He was playing quite well before his unfortunate injury. His injury was similar to what happen to Chris Carson. Given the opportunity, he will show he still ranks highly among the DTs in the NFL. I think the main culprit would be that everyone now is looking for bargains, holding out for the last pieces to the puzzle. GB has far less cap space than Seattle.

            I think Muhammad would fit nicely in the rotation, @ 5Tech on run plays, rotating @ 3Tech, and 1Tech on pass rushing downs. Even Avril mentioned today on his show that Reed does need a little help to free him up from double teams. Yes sir, Muhammad CAN do that.

            • Rob Staton

              There’s also this variable…

              Nobody wants to sign him.

              • WALL UP

                Whomever does, won’t be as the other 31 teams that will regret not doing so.

                • Rob Staton

                  This is a strange hill to die on

                  • WALL UP

                    It’s not even close to those who pined for a better finally of the GoT.

                    • Rob Staton

                      People being bitterly disappointed with the rush job ending of GOT is extremely justified.

                      I have no idea why you’re so keen on Wilkerson.

                  • WALL UP

                    In one word, Versatility. He’s able to play 5T, 3T and 1T all in one. Not to mention since entering the league in 2011, he’s accumulated 1.5 less sacks than Suh over that time span. Also, he could be had for less than 4 mil in a prove it contract.

                    I’m not alone in the potential reward for a low end contract:

                    • Rob Staton

                      It’s not 2013 though Wall Up.

                      Again, there’s a reason he’s still out there.

    • lil’stink

      I think he’ll get offers we shouldn’t try and match. Clinton McDonald is a free agent. He is 32, but he played well for the Raiders last year. He’s the sort of 1 year hedge I would like to see at this point, where we can walk away from his contract if a rookie shines in camp.

    • JC3

      Shelf life of a NFL players is not very long, only truly special players get 3rd contract and McCoy is not one of them unless it is a slightly above replacement contract. Teams act like fans and want to sign every FA available tend to get stock in a cycle of mediocrity.

  50. Isaac

    Has anyone seen an update on Cyril Grayson? There was a lot of hype when he was signed but he couldn’t crack the active roster.

    • cha

      Last I heard he signed with the Saints. Back home in Louisiana.

  51. Gohawks5151

    Suh to Bucs. Weird after they cut Mccoy. Must be a lower deal. Just enough to sign their draft picks.

    • Kevin

      I like this move for the Bucs, save money and improve the position. If they learned their lesson from last year this should be a heavily incentivized deal.

      I would be surprised if we were done with Dline/edge, but if the front office was after a Suh or McCoy type contract they would have waited until June 1st to retire Doug and Kam. Looks like they will try to be opportunistic instead.

    • Coleslaw

      It is weird since he had no dead cap hit. They had him for 3 more years with no dead cap… Red flag IMO.

      • Kevin

        I am confused by this statement. The bucs could cut him BECAUSE he had no dead cap hit, if he had a big hit against the cap it would be harder for them to cut him.

        He was making 13m and the bucs needed 2m to sign their rookies. If they can cut McCoy and get Suh for 10m or so they get their DT and cap space. No red flags here.

        • DCD2

          My thought as well.

          • Greg Haugsven

            Its because Tampa Bay doesnt give out signing bonuses. They just do there contracts old school style.

            • Kevin

              Looks like Suh signed for 9.25 Million. If that is structured as 5 base with the rest as incentives I am very jealous.

              McCoy should sign sometime this week, probably with browns for what will likely be a smaller contract, also a good deal.

              So what are we going to do with the remainder of the cap? They should not be thinking of rolling it into next year since we already way too much money there.

              I guess the front office is really going to extend Wagner instead of tagging him? It probably makes sense to avoid another ET situation. The seahawks can definitely not afford to be without him. Last year the team was night and day when he left the field.

              The longest of shots remains Rob’s prediction that they would go for Clowney, I doubt it is possible without a first rounder (which we absolutely can’t give up without knowing how high it will be)

              • Rob Staton

                I think they’re pretty much done now. Maybe a couple of smaller moves down the line. A Nick Perry for example.

              • cha

                “They should not be thinking of rolling it into next year since we already way too much money there.”

                No such thing as too much money

                “The seahawks can definitely not afford to be without him. Last year the team was night and day when he left the field.”

                Cody Barton says hi.

                • Kevin

                  >Cody Barton
                  He has decent tape, high football IQ and fast where it matters. I definitely have high hopes for him.

                  However, Bobby Wagner is the absolute best at his position in the NFL and it is not even close.

  52. RWIII

    Bobby Wagner just revealed what he wants. Wagner wants a contract north of the one that C.J. Mosley signed for with the N.Y. Jets. Well I hope everyone enjoys Bobby Wagner’s last year in Seattle.

    • JC3

      Not necessary because he has no leverage on this situation, they could just tag him 2 years straight on average salary of 16 millions. Hawks has no crucial must signing beside J. Reed because 2 years of bad drafting prior 2018.

    • charlietheunicorn

      You can ask for anything, but what you get is what you and the team feel you are worth.

      If he gets in the 15M range / take the deal.

      This is why you have an agent, so you can focus on one thing, playing football and making fat stacks of cash at the end of the day. BW is a smart guy, so I’m confident something will work out that will not be a slap in the face.

    • Aaron

      I’m not opposed to a player being at but not participating in voluntary OTAs. If that moves into training camp I’ll be disappointed. If it became a holdout into the season then I would be furious. If Wags wants north of CJ Mosley then it might be really close to $20 mil/apy (probably $18-$20 mil/apy). If he wants more then goodbye Wags. I see this as the last year of the linebacking corps of Wags and KJ anyways. I expect KJ gone after 2019 and Wags here if the number is right. Kendricks is up in the air and will have to depend on his legal situation. I really want to see what these two new LBs can do.

    • H

      A contract so terrible it got the Jets GM fired, seems like a reasonable request.

    • Rob Staton

      They’ll just tag him.

      • Greg MI Haugsven

        I dont think they are going to tag him. They might but that price is high.

        Joel Corry

        9h9 hours ago
        More Joel Corry Retweeted Greg Haugsven
        The 120% calculation is based off a player’s prior year salary, which is essentially his salary cap number with how it’s defined in the CBA. For Bobby Wagner, a franchise tag in 2020 projects to $16.845M. A 2nd tag in 2021 with another 20% percent increase would $20.214M.

        • Rob Staton

          The Seahawks will tag Wagner if a deal isn’t agreed.

          100% nailed on.

      • Greg Haugsven

        $16.845 million in 2020 and $20.214 million in 2021. Not sure they will tag him at that price. Thats an average of $18.5 million a year.

        • Rob Staton

          I think it’s a certainty.

          An absolute certainty.

          Bobby isn’t going anywhere.

          • Greg Haugsven

            You are most likely right but those numbers are huge. People are saying he has no leverage but he has the same leverage that Russ had knowing how high his tag numbers will be.

            • Greg Haugsven

              Also sorry for repeating myself up there. The first Joel Corry post never went through so I said it separately a second time.

  53. Volume12

    😂😂😂 Jim McElwain lives in a barn and works in a trailer. Does he also take naps under the porch and drink from puddles?

  54. Shady_Hawkster

    I like to look through the roster on the team website from time to time, and see that Branden Jackson is weighing in at 295. He’s been around 270-280 the last few years as a ‘Bennett-type’, but with Collier, Green, and Ansah I suppose that group’s looking set. Looks like he may be moving toward the interior. I’ve always liked the guy and felt like he was a quietly reliable young player. The way he’s stuck to the mid/back end of the roster in a position group that usually gets churned aggressively makes me think they like the dude.

    My little campfire-sized hype party just got another log on the fire. Or maybe he just binged on pizza after that dallas game.

    • Rokas

      To me Branden Jackson is the very definition of Just a guy. His roster spot is far from guaranteed, I hope some rookie with intriguing potential earns it.

  55. DC

    Okay, back to GoT comedy.

    The army of the dead cannot get past the Wall. To prove that they exist and what a threat they are Jon’s party goes north to capture one and bring it to King’s Landing which ultimately nets them one soldier, Jamie Lannister. In doing so they are surrounded & nearly killed until Dany flies in to save them. One of her dragons is ‘killed’ in the fight and becomes the Night King’s steed and the tool to take down the Wall, enabling the once contained dead army to come south.

    Quite the plan… 😨🥶

    • Volume12

      I think maybe my favorite thing about this whole GOT deal is, for years my gf and family tried to get me to watch this show and I refused. Now everyone hates the way it ended. So much so there’s petitions to rewrite the final season to fit the way they imagined it shoulda gone down. Starting to think I made the right choice from jump street.

      • Malkavian

        lol…But you did make the right choice! If only I could get back the time I used to watch the whole eight seasons…

        At least I bailed on LOST after half way thru the second season. It was starting to resemble Gilligan’s Island. A deserted Island that has people coming and going all the time. I was waiting for the Harlem Globetrotters to show up and of course the Big Kahuna! But after I heard the what the finale of Lost spewed out, I was glad I had left.

        If only wonderfully executed seasons of a show guaranteed that the ending would also be wonderfully executed. Sigh..Oh well, I guess some people liked it

        • All I see is 12s

          If you like lost should check out the leftovers. It was made by the same guy and they absolutely Stuck the landing on the finish

      • DC

        It was still worth the ride. As soon as the TV show overran the books the story quality diluted considerably which isn’t a big surprise. If I get one pass to rewrite the ending of anything I wouldn’t blow it on GoT, it’d be for Super Bowl XLIX.

      • MyChestIsBeastMode


        I’d still urge you to watch. Seasons 1-4. They cannot be beat. Great writing, great characters, incredible twists.

        Seasons 5, 6, 7, and 8 still had some of the absolute best cinematography I’ve ever seen. It’s only that the writing/plot points never added up or aligned very well or were simply dropped. Still worth watching in my opinion (even though I was mostly hate watching seasons 7 & 8 (still in awe at times)).

        The books — DEFINITELY worth reading. There’s literally like 1000 characters named. To better get acquainted, I’d highly recommend watching a season or 2 of the show before starting the books to help keep track of who is who.

        • Rob Staton

          Personally I’d urge you not to watch seasons 1-4.

          The crushing disappointment of the following three seasons, especially 7 & 8, will leave you devastated.

          • MyChestIsBeastmode

            That’s a salty take Rob. Fair enough though and can’t say I’d argue against it. Secretly I’m holding out hope that in (idk) 10 or 20 years if/when the books are done that they do a proper mini series or set of movies that’s true to the eventual book plot since it’s clear that’s where the true magic is.

            Also, Rob, I know you’re not a GoT writer but seeing that you follow Preston Jacobs work, well you two should collaborate sometime. I don’t know what that would look like but you two are literally my favorite content creators even if your subject matter is world’s apart i.e. You & Seahawks with Preston & GoT reviews/analysis/theories.

            • Rob Staton

              I will miss Preston’s videos the week after an episode. They are genius.

    • charlietheunicorn


      Mother of Dragons is killed, the “iron” throne is melted by last living dragon.

  56. cha

    Cribbing from Condotta’s notes on OTAs

    * Jazz Ferguson criticized by PC for showing up to rookie camp 240lbs, is he back down to playing weight? Yes

    * Darboh got praised by PC unprompted by a reporter “looks great, right back into the competition”

    * they had Metcalf fielding punts as an experiment…doesn’t sound like serious thought just seeing what’s there

    * Shaquem lined up in edge and looked good according to PC

    * McDougald & Carson both had knee surgeries and not participating in OTAs, will be fine by camp

    * Naz didn’t participate with a “tender knee”

    * Ursuah full participant, but Jennings still nursing hamstring issue

    • Volume12

      Pete: The world is full of rainbows, puppy dogs, and bubble gum aka Everyone looks great. Real fired up about this season. Got some exciting new guys to add to the mix and here we go.

      That cover it?

      • Shadow

        Definitely intrigued by the possibility of Shaquem as an edge rusher. I’m hoping he’s got some real potential there and that this more than just Pete Carroll’s optimistic appraisal.

        • Hawktalker#1

          He better find a way to contribute somewhere since I Dont think there is a home for him in the LB room any longer. If he doesn’t find a way to add a lot of value somewhere, the value of many of the new guys could sure push him off the 53 man roster.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Yeah yeah yakno we got some great guys out here that love to compete and we’re real real fired up about gettin back out and playin football.

      • charlietheunicorn

        Not entirely true, he roasted the rookie QBs during the rookie mini camp.

        I think that Shaquem is going to have a very hard time making the team. They have so much legit competition at the position this year… it is kind of insane actually.

        Actually, they didn’t bring up that Penny actually looked quick and explosive during drills.

        • TomLPDX

          I love the Shaquem but he is on the bubble. Step up dude!

      • TomLPDX

        Don’t forget the unicorns!

    • CaptainJack

      Naz isn’t going to make the roster is he…

      • cha

        He’s certainly gonna have to show something.

        • CaptainJack

          I liked him so much his rookie year I hope he figures it out.

    • jamho3


      Methinks he only makes the team as a TE convert.
      Darboh, I’m still a fan. I think he’s exactly the type of player SEA wants. We’ll see.
      Are we really keeping 6 WR’s this year? Seems like it might be a good idea?

      I don’t see any problems loosing Roos, or another of the linemen in waiting.

      Metcalf fielding punts? Meh, we need someone with some wiggle and great hands. McKissic, Jennings probs.
      Shaq49 on the edge?

      Uh yeah that’s what Rob told us LAST year prior to the draft glad he’s here that was prettymuch his one special skill at UCF.

      I might add that it was 100% in SEA’s style that we tried to start him early PC always does that. Then utilized him as a special teamer. Things are 100% going according to plan.

      ESP when you consider we used “bandit or robber coverages ” a few times last year to slow down pass heavy attacks. Makes all the sense in the world.

      Naz… Shoot I really think he is good I hope I’m right and he get’s to help our team.

      Ursuah is the intended future nickle and there is plenty of competition for him to deal with before he wins the job.

      Lots of “live bodies” DB’s and WR’s who are going to make the team based on their contributions on special teams. As always.

      • Rob Staton

        As far as I’m aware Jazz Ferguson is not even going to be tried at TE.

  57. charlietheunicorn

    GoT themed conversation on sport radio today in Seattle…

    would every other GM shank the Jets front office if they could…..
    for screwing up and WAY overpaying at the MLB position by 3-4M / year.

    …… I thought it was actually kind of funny when you think about it.

  58. Gaux Hawks

    SDB, What’s the deal with Kendrick’s contract?
    Could it toll (hedge for K.J.) if he is unable to play?
    Or is there comp picks in the play the following year?
    If so, a terrific move by PCJS!

  59. RWIII

    Bobby Wagner’s contract. So what is the Bottom Line.

    The Bottom line is. Will Bobby Wagner sign a contract on the terms of JS/PC? John Schneider has a pretty good idea what the market is for Bobby Wagner. So it all depends on Bobby Wagner. Will Bobby Wagner sign a contract where John Schneider sets the market. John Schneider put a value on a player. He pretty much sticks to his guns. He doesn’t flinch. He didn’t flinch for Russell Wilson. John Schneider is a TOUGH Negotiator. He drives a hard bargain. Does Schneider every screw up? Probably The Percy Harvin deal comes to mind. But then Schneider did not negotiate the contract. The Vikings negotiated the contract. Schneider negotiated the transaction(trade with the Vikings.

    Now I love Bobby Wagner. Bobby Wagner is a TOTAL CLASS ACT. It’s too bad he is getting bad advice from Richard Sherman. Sherman signed a team friendly deal(to say it mildly) with the 49ers.

    So really it is up to Bobby Wagner. I don’t blame Wagner for trying to get TOP Dollar. Bobby Wagner deserves top dollar. But if Bobby Wagner wants to remain a Seahawk he will have to take John Schneiders best offer.

    • Darnell

      Are you saying that the Vikings negotiated the contract that Percy Harvin signed with the Seahawks?

  60. Gohawks5151

    Any more analysis on the draft picks like you did for Ursua, Homer and Amadi? Love to hear your thoughts.

    • Rob Staton

      Yes that post is coming soon, probably after the weekend

  61. jamho3

    Rob, it’s time.

    Why don’t we use this time that you’re resting recouping connecting with your family to do some thinking on how to update the website?

    Here’s my thought process.

    #1 you mentioned you wanted to do it last year.

    #2 you’ve mentioned you feel there are now some impacts lately

    #3 all of your hard work has resulted in a very august body of thinkers who participate here especially now

    #4 brainstorming together is easier

    #5 we’re going to be happy with whatever you do for the most part our needs are being met I have to imagine most of us just want quality information to increase our enjoyment of our team secondarily that we would want to be able to interface easily with the info

    #6 you’re the “decider” whatever ideas come up you can say yeah or nay and thats going to be fine for 95% of us

    #7 who cares if the process is open? Easier is easier.

    #8 your BIL has important information in the field it will be much easier for him to give you specific feedback if you present him some of your specific ideas

    #9 your unclear how you want to proceed and potentially monetize this work you do. I think that’s a big decision and I would say while you’re figuring that out taking the EASIEST ways to do that would be understandable and make good sense to see if you want to delve deeper keep it passive maybe for gas $$$ or what have you.

    An example of that might be just putting up your google hangouts or podcast appearances on YT

    there is nothing wrong with starting out slowly.

    What I’m proposing is we have a brainstorming thread on how to update the website because i think that would be fastest and easiest.

    PS. this is my way of saying thank you so much I’ve really enjoyed your efforts and you don’t get to see lots of the impacts of your work perfect example is I posted in a FB sports discussion group

    “oh look Rob nailed it with Bobby Wagner in 2012!”

    Which gives me more belief in what you’ve done since and more reason to work with your ideas and thoughts than some others.

    Thank you so much!

    • Rob Staton

      Go for it

    • Kenny Sloth

      If I can kick it off, obviously I don’t think there should be current colleges prospects on the banner, because they’d become obsolete pretty quickly and you’d have a similar problem to the current one.

      A solution to this might be to have retired Seahawks that represent your era of coverage. Maybe Kam Chancellor, Doug, Cliff, Maybe Lofa Tatupu even. Marshawn would be cool. Maybe even just all-time greats instead.

      Or you could do players that you had been super locked in on like Germain Ifedi, Bobby Wagner, Shaquem Griffin, Chris Carson (it’s a long list, guys)

      It could even just be a giant logo imho. As long as it’s something you like, I honestly dont even notice the banner anymore. It’s straight to the content for me

      • Rob Staton

        I actually spoke to my old web designer about this a couple of years ago and sent him images of Kam, Earl, Russell and Doug in their old college uni’s. He never made the banner though and has since disappeared. His company no longer is active.

      • Hawktalker#1

        I think approach is terrific. We can all make suggestions and the ones that Rob approves can be put. To the production/live version of the site.

        Might be a good idea to have Rob make a completely new thread for this effort so we can keep the information clean and focused and don’t mix SDB content in with the site update/upgrade discussion comments.

        Im wondering if numbering the suggestions might also help and allow us to keep specific suggestions unique and not have them repeated over and over as we work to create a list of final suggestions for Rob to review.


        • jamho3

          Gents holiday weekend is over now.

          #1 thanks Rob
          #2 Hawktalker#1 I think numbering the ideas is perfect
          #3 I was hoping this would be a natural process but it doesn’t look like its headed that way. None the less I persevere.

          I mean why not? Waiting on SEA to low-ball McCoy or gleaning something useful about OTA’s is not very time consuming.

          Here is my question and I think a reasonable starting point.

          Can anyone find the comments from Rob in the previous thread about the functionality he was looking for?

          If we can’t find those Rob can you give us some general thoughts about what you were hoping for? I’m asking so gingerly as I know what it can be like to try to get everything “just right” and I know that can be hurtful to brainstorming.

          • jamho3

            Herding cats is always hard… But that’s never stopped me before.

            Brainstorming ideas:

            #1 Like most I don’t mind that this website doesn’t look that good, but if we’re gonna be here we might as well pick something that looks better.

            #2 I’d like to be able to reference the podcasts interviews and videos a little easier and if they could be viewed on that would be even better for the purposes of being “stickier”

            For example Brett Kollmans video of DK metcalf if folks can view the video here then they stay here. Verses spinning off on YT.

            #3 I think a YT page just to get content up as there are so many people that view there or cross reference at least. Say a Chris Carson fan from ATL may look for his videos there but might miss out on Robs content.

            #4 Fieldgulls has an app for the phone that works pretty well im primarily a reader on desktop or fire tv but most spend lots of time on their phones. I see no reason SDB wouldn’t want the functionality of the fieldgulls app? In fact maybe there are other apps that you guys really like how they work? No reason to reinvent the wheel.

            #5 No reason to encumber “creatives” or content creators. Rob you can just choose what you like and or don’t like no pressure whatsoever. We don’t want to commit Rob to lots of administrative time nor to doing more than works for him and his family now.

            I would think that I’d want SDB to be able to be found on

            podcast apps (ratcatcher, stitcher etc all) soundcloud
            MAYBE a standalone app

            OK thats it for now people please keep the ideas coming I really want to give Rob good ideas to choose from.

  62. Awsi Dooger

    Here’s a rundown on the Seattle draft from an analytics guy on YouTube. He was more impressed with the middle round picks than the early ones. Highest praise for Haynes and Burr-Kirven:

    • CaptainJack

      Haynes is awesome, but I’m hoping we don’t see him getting starting reps till 2020.
      I’d love to see Iupati and Fluker healthy at the same time on the same line. Might be a miracle but oh boy things would get nasty. That’s 700 pounds of grown ass man between the two of them.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Imagine telling a seahawks fan 3 years ago that we would have Brown, Iupati, and Fluker on the same line.

        • JimQ

          I’m optimistic that the “new” Seahawks OL with their “new” coach will finally become the backbone of the offense. Enhanced OL play should lead to better overall performance and better success for the team offensively. Cable was a good part of the past OL problems and we all should be happy he was fired and replaced by an actual OL coach that knows what he is doing.

          The Seahawks may just have one of the biggest Offensive lines in the NFL, surely top 5 at the least.
          Below are OL measurements – as listed- on Seahawks current roster. + PC has said in recent TV interviews that both Haynes & Lupati will play at 340+. At any rate, these are some really BIG road grader type dudes. The OL should be even better at run blocking than last year, so as a hot take I would say the Seahawks should easily repeat as the best rushing team in the NFL. If they can manage to be at least average in pass blocking, look out for a very deep run in the playoffs.

          Probable OL depth chart (obviously – subject to changes)
          LT-Duane Brown, 6-4/315 – LT-Jamarco Jones, 6-4/293 —- PS?: LT/RT-?-Elijah Nkansah, 6-5/315)
          LG-Mike Lupati, 6-5/331 – LG-Phil Haynes, 6-4/322
          OC-Justin Britt, 6-6/315 – OC/OG-??-Ethan Pocic, 6-6/320 (on bubble – IMO)
          RG-D. J. Fluker, 6-5/342 – RG-Jordan Simmons, 6-4/339 —- RG/LG-???-Marcus Martin, 6-3/330)
          RT-Germain Ifedi, 6-5/325 – RT-George Fant, 6-5/322

          Starter average: (5 players, total 1628-lbs) 6-5.2/325.6
          Backup average: (5 players) 6-4.6/319.2
          Overall average: (10 players) 6-4.8/322.4

          I think they only keep 9 or 10 at the most, leaving Nkansah on the PS & Martin, who knows? Subject to OL’er injuries, of course. The power run game SHOULD be even better this season than last. Hopefully, that sets up the option game and the deep bombs that RW throws so well. I’d personally would like to see the OC open up the play book a little more and try for a 60/40 ratio of RUN vs: PASS, with lots of play action. Then it’s “bombs away” for Wilson.

          • AlaskaHawk

            I”m expecting Lupati to start and get injured by mid season. Since starting in 2010 he has managed to play in this many games per season:
            16, 16, 16, 12, 15, 13, 15, 1 and 10 games.

            Since Lupati is a one year sign up – it might be better to work Haynes into the position and use Lupati as a backup.

            Isn’t Hunt still on the team?

            • Rob Staton

              I don’t see any need to rush Haynes into the lineup. If he wins the job in camp that’s different. But otherwise, start Iupati and make Haynes earn it. This team benefited massively from having a more experienced line in 2018. We’ve seen too many young players thrown in and struggle.

              • AlaskaHawk

                Yeah – there is no reason to rush Haynes. Looking forward to another season!

  63. CaptainJack

    I think my least favorite group on the team currently is either the defensive tackles or the corners.
    Reed is awesome obviously, but it feels like a one man show right now.
    I just don’t get why we are moving Naz to defensive end.

    • Kenny Sloth

      F I V E T E C H

    • hawkdawg

      Don’t sleep on Poona. He is a legitimate rotation guy at DT.

      • CaptainJack

        Screw that.

        I want to see him start!

  64. Volume12

    So, I don’t follow Soccer that much even if I do like watching it. Someone help me out here. Rob probably could. Maybe even Kenny.

    What’s the deal or was the deal with Tony Khan and Fulham FC?

    • Rob Staton

      Khan co-owns Fulham as he does the Jags

      • Volume12

        Tony does or his dad Shahid?

        • Kenny Sloth


  65. Madmark

    Well we reached that time of the season where we watch OTA’s and mini cap hoping to see everyone remain healthy. I’m one of those guys that gets a cheap note book to keeps notes on players for the off season. Reading thru it to evaluate what Seattle did this off season really excited me about this team future. After the season I was happy they manage to get what did with the draft but I was mostly happy with the changes they made in the coaching staff with the hiring of Ken Norton JR., Mike Solari, and Brian Schottenheimer. I can’t wait to see them in there 2nd year. The biggest weakness for this team 2 years in a row was the kicking game and that was one of the things they addressed by getting Jason Myers in FA. The Special Teams play should be a strength this year having drafted an all pro puncher in last years draft. Then they made the move to bring Mike Iupati who just feel like a better fit. The signing of Russel Wilson before the draft and then the trade of Frank Clark for the 2 picks. Now as far as I’m concerned that trade dropped salary and we got Collier and a 2nd round next year for Clark. We knew from day 1 that our 1st round pick would be traded down for more picks and John didn’t disappoint. I had 3 WR in my draft this year because I was sure they would need to even before Baldwin retired. I got 2 of them and I still think they might of targeted David Siles V for the tall receiver I did get Garry Jennings and John Ursua right. The fact that Metcalf drop was such a big surprise for everyone. I also get a feeling that Moore, Brown, and Darboh two of those three won’t be on this team to start the season. They got money to sign Wagner who is definitely that leader you need for defense and the LB corp is never been stronger or deeper this year. We have multiply draft picks next year and financially the team is looking good for the future. I looked at our schedule and I believe 11-5 can be done this year we have an all pro kicker that we didn’t have last year. Yes sir I believe its going to be a great year for Seahawk Nation.

    • Hawktalker#1

      OK. A new post. Thanks much. It’s eerie how quiet it has been here lately.

    • Hawktalker#1

      Great post too!!!

  66. Gaux Hawks

    Funny, feels like our 2020 draft needs are exactly the same as 2019 (EDGE, IDL, TE, CB, WR).
    Excited to see what happens during cutdowns (phase four). Pick up a TE or CB à la Justin Coleman? …look at the moves we pulled to get Simeon Thomas on the PS last year! Feeling a TE move will be in the cards (Rudolph possibly?) unless Hollister impresses.

    • cha

      If WR is a need for 2020 something went really wrong. They spent a ton of capital on it this year.

    • Volume12

      And just like year after year after year has proven, you simply can not fill every single need. Most teams, the good ones anyway, do a fairly accurate job of figuring out draft boards. It’s impossible to predict when it’ll move away from you though.

  67. charlietheunicorn

    Seattle Seahawks
    First Day: April 15
    OTA Offseason Workouts: May 20-21, May 23, May 28-29, May 31, June 3-6
    Mandatory Minicamp: June 11-13

  68. cha

    Too early 53 before any more veteran additions or camp injuries

    QB (2) – RW, Geno Smith
    Notable Cut – Paxton Lynch

    RB (5) – Carson, Penny, Homer, Prosise, Bellore (FB)
    Notable Cut – McKissic, Scarborough

    OL (9) – Brown, Iupati, Britt, Fluker, Ifedi, Fant, Pocic, Jones, Haynes
    Notable Cut – Hunt, Roos, Nkansah, Simmons

    TE (3) – Dickson, Vannett, Dissly (or Dissly IR return & Hollister)

    WR (6) – Lockett, Brown, Moore, Metcalf, Jennings, Ursuah
    Notable Cut – Darboh, Reynolds

    OFFENSE (25)

    DL (9) – Reed, Ford, Ansah, Collier, Woods, Jefferson, Green, Martin, Marsh
    Notable Cut – Naz, Christmas, B Jackson

    LB (6) – Wagner, Wright, Kendricks, BB-K, Barton, Shaquem
    Notable Cut – Mingo, Calitro

    CB (6) – Flowers, Griffin, Thorpe, Amadi, King, Thomas
    (Amadi can swing to FS and nickel as needed)

    S (4) – McDougald, Hill, Blair, Thompson
    Notable Cut – Luani

    DEFENSE (25)

    ST (3) – Ott, Dickson, Myers

    • MyChestIsBeastMode

      I’m not gonna lie, I am excited (preseason excited, not playoff game excited) to see how this backup QB battle plays out. I hope they both perform well enough to make it a tough decision.

      Do you or anybody know the roster implications for Kendricks should he miss a known amount of time due to legal issues? I’m wondering if there’s a way to hold onto Mingo or Calitro in this scenario should Kendricks knowingly miss time?

      I’d love to see Luani ball out a make the team but also acknowledge that his cut seems the most likely out of the group.

      General thoughts — there is so much young potential on this team at multiple position groups (esp WR, S, CB, LB). If some/most of these youngsters can actualize their potential, we will be force in the seasons to come.

      Good work Cha

    • CaptainJack

      Seems pretty likely…

      Personally I’d rather keep Naz than woods. Hunt vs Pocic and Haynes vs Simmons will be interesting. Mingo vs Shaquem will also be very interesting. McKissic vs Prosise will be good. Linebacker, D-line, O-line, WR, RB, all very competitive. I don’t like the competition at CB as much. I think we might add a corner at roster cut downs.

    • Elmer

      Really good projection considering it’s early days still. My main disagreement – if he’s not injured, I have a hard time seeing Simmons cut from the OL. However, considering versatility, maybe Pocic will be able to squeak out a spot on the final roster.

      • Hawktalker#1

        Fantastic thread guys. Nice contributions.

        I’m also a Geno supporter, but may the best BU QB win.

        Agree will,be hard to release Simmons, especially since I think PC is a supporter of his, but if you release Hunt – need to keep a BU Center right? Not sure if there are any othe obvious options at this point so I support the OL group as is.

        In the WR group I think a healthy Darboh, Moore and Reynolds are going to be in a dog-fight for that final spot. I’m not convinced at all the Moore has the upper hand in that group right now. Just way way too close to call. Part of me would like to see Darboh show what PC/JS saw in him and take that final sport after some hard work and recovery in the off season.
        One other WR comment: I was very critical of DK pre draft and like many others, I also hung the one-trick pony sign around his neck and dismissed him from consideration. What I didn’t know at that time is how focused he was and how much hard work he put in over the off season and before OTAs working with the respected and renowned WR coach Jerry Sullivan. It’s no wonder he looks more like a Thoroughbred now than a pony. So glad I underestimated him and that scary WR with us instead of against us now.

        Good comment on the LB group, Shaq is going to have a good showing to hang onto his spot (IMO not sure he merits a spot unless he shows value as a pass rusher or really shows some dramatic improvement, just have a lot of other talent in that group, including Calitro. However, if he does have to be released, how deflating would that be for the team? Ouch

        I also agree that, unfortunately, Luani is going to be the odd man out given the talent in the DB group. I really like that guy too.

        We do have a dramatic increase in our depth year and I really look forward to watching some of the young backups (especially softies, CBs and WRs) step in through the season so we can see what they’re made of!!

        Special teams should also transition from a liability to an asset this year. Looking forward to seeing that become a reality and having us pin guys deep after a Dickson boomer, rather than watching them break free and run wild with far too many return yards. Along with a high end Kicker, the ST should be exciting this year and a good kicking year alone could net us +1 to +2 more Wins!!

        Can wait to regroup with the local Seahawk’s booster gang this year.

        Go Hawks

        • Elmer

          Pocic mostly played C at LSU. I imagine that backup C is between him and Hunt. But they also have a FA signing named Marcus Martin in camp. Another USC guy.

        • CaptainJack

          The problem with Simmons is that he has a major history of injury issues and Phil Haynes is better than him. Simmons surprised as a decent backup last season but I’d rather keep an extra running back or tight end than another swing guard, especially when we have two backup centers who can play guard in a pinch.

          I’m thinking they might keep Hollister and ease Dissly back in a bit. Dickson doesn’t have a stellar injury record and do you want to be stuck in a situation where Vannett is the only completely healthy tight end? I don’t think they’d trade a future 7th round pick for a player they intend to cut.

          And before you say Fant is a tight end, Alvin Bailey played essentially the same role as Fant does now in 2015 (6th lineman and swing tackle) and no one considered him a tight end.

    • James

      I am in almost complete agreement, however Dave Wyman says Mingo looks great out there, both at LB and ST. I hate to see Shaquem go, but I’m afraid he may be the gut-cut. I wonder if he should have been moved to SS, or even nickel, with his 4.39 speed? He was a brilliant rover in college, but hasn’t adjusted to pro LB and he is too small for Leo. A super play-maker that Pete can’t seem to figure how to let him do what he does best.

      • Hawktalker#1

        It seemed Mingo was always performing well under his potential. Would be fun to see him producing closer to it!!

      • cha

        Mingo/Shaquem is probably the toughest cut choice I had to make. I probably put too much stock in PC’s comments about how they’re using Shaquem at Edge and he looks good, and plussed up the cap savings cutting Mingo brings. It’d be hard to argue if the roster cuts went the other way.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Akeem King?

      • CaptainJack

        king Is the starter to beat at Nickel

    • Elmer

      Just to be clear, which Thomas at CB? Rookie UDFA Derrek Thomas, or 2nd year CLE draft choice Simeon Thomas? Both are Carroll physical types, tall and long.

  69. schuemansky

    Any thoughts on OT Anthony Davis, who was released by the 49ers today, after seeking reinstatement?
    He started every game under Solari for his first 4 years.

  70. James

    Any of ya’ll know of a database that shows the players on the Seahawks 90-man roster with practice squad eligibility?

  71. Coleslaw

    1 thing I will be paying extra close attention to this season is Marcus Mariota. If he has a similar year to the last few, he probably wont be considered a starter by many teams. He would probably get a shot somewhere but man, he would be a great backup for RW or a Taysom Hill type who runs a bunch ( but is still a QB with a real arm)

    I would LOVE to see him in Seattle.

  72. Volume12

    No. We do not need more games or .500 teams in the playoffs. Who the hell asked for this?

    • cha

      Dumb question. Are current contracts prorated over 16 games or a just a season?

      In other words, 2 mroe games is a 12.5% increase. Would players with pre-new-CBA contracts automatically get a 12.5% raise? Or would we have a bunch of players holding out for raises if they went to 18 games?

      • Logan Lynch

        I’m not entirely sure, but I think it’s prorated over the 16 games. That’s why they always talk about a “game check” and there’s the whole per-game roster bonus considerations in some contracts.

  73. ZB

    Wow. I just checked in on the site and saw the same thing as like 2 weeks ago. Is Rob ok?

    • j

      Probs just taking some well deserved time off after all the draft work he put in, which was a heck of a lot. Think he has commented on a couple things.

    • Rob Staton

      Yes apologies, been delayed a bit with a very busy fortnight at work. Luckily this all happened after the draft.

  74. New Guy

    …must……. have…… new SDB……. content………. (gasp)


    • Aaron

      We’re in that slow time in the NFL offseason. Not much to talk about between now and Training Camp.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s coming I promise — had a long work week. Will have a review of the rest of the rookies soon.

  75. Volume12

    First Dean Ambrose, now the Jags sign WR Terrelle Pryor. The Khan’s love them some overrated talent.

    • CaptainJack

      Textbook one year wonder

    • Logan Lynch

      There was an interesting article on ESPN WWE about why Moxley left and his disagreements with Vince. I wonder what WWE will be like when Vince is gone? He’s (allegedly) still living in the past a bit and making questionable decisions, but you can’t deny how he’s built that company.

      • Volume12

        Oh you ain’t heard the Moxley/Jericho podcast? That’s where that’s from.

        I’ll just say this. ‘It’s good s*** pal!’

      • Volume12

        Vince Jr. literally might be the most interesting guy on the planet.

        Look, IDK how to fix the fed. I don’t think Triple H is the answer or the savior like the smarks think he is. NXT tv is bad. Has been for years. TakeOver’s are good even if they aren’t my thing. Thought DON was good too. The Cody/Dustin match was incredible. Funny how the best match on the show was between 2 guys who cut their teeth in the WWE.I

        Everyone claims Vince doesn’t give the fans what they want anymore. But they’re a huge problem in and of itself. How can he when they don’t even know what they want anymore? You can’t give them everything or you lose the book to keep them coming back/tuning in.

        I will say this though. Wrestling is and always will be a soap opera. That’s when it’s at it’s best. They went away from that and it’s backfired big time. The matches aren’t the draws and the YouTube #’s on their videos prove that.

        • Volume12

          * hook not book

        • Logan Lynch

          Agreed, everyone gets invested in the storylines and drama. Jr never had great matches, but the angle he had with Stone Cold was great. Fans want to think the Attitude Era was the highlight because WWE was more “edgy”. Sure, that’s partially true, but they had great storylines with great characters that hooked people. The Rock, Stone Cold, DX, etc.

  76. Rob Staton

    A message to the community…

    I’ve had a very busy couple of weeks at work. I will have a new post up either this weekend or early next week on the rookie class. Then I will be taking a break until July with little going on in the NFL. Thanks for your patience.

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