Report: Seahawks to sign Geno Smith

Yesterday I wrote an article pondering what the Seahawks were going to do next given their healthy cap situation. Here’s the answer. More competition, this time at quarterback…


  1. Aaron

    Is Geno a camp body or a legit contender for the backup QB job? He’s a turnover machine, isn’t he?

    • King_Rajesh

      Most advanced stats have him higher than Paxton Lynch, and I think he might be a better camp arm/backup to Wilson than Lynch.

      He is a turnover machine, but if Wilson goes down, the season is over anyway.

      Seriously though, what is with Pete and John’s fascination with the 2013 draft? They’re bringing in every guy from that draft it seems.

      • GerryG

        I dont think it’s a fascination, that draft sucked, so the players are available. They like to churn the roster and hope to fix a late developing player into a valuable piece

      • AlaskaHawk

        This feels like the sort of major competition for positions that occurred back in the early years of Pete Carroll. There are a lot of players being given a chance, including backup quarterbacks.

      • Kevin

        Maybe because their draft sucked really bad that year

  2. Gohawks5151

    I’d like to see the price but i can’t imagine its too much. Good competition for Lynch. Sometimes i think guys like Geno and Lynch who were thrown into the fire early and had bad experiences have a lot of insight on some things. Give them a good environment to contribute and see. At the very least another set of eyes in the QB room.

    Got to think there is another DE/DL signing coming right? Any dates of importance coming up? Perhaps for a trade?

    • cha

      July 15 is the deadline for franchise tagged players to sign an extension or play out 2019 on the tag.

      Last I heard Clowney hasn’t signed his tag.

      That’s if the Hawks are thinking of taking a big swing.

  3. BruceN

    How about Tre Boston and any of the three Derrick Morgan/Shane Ray/Nick Perry. Would be more impactful than Geno Smith.

    • Logan Lynch

      I’d like Ray/Perry, but at this point what’s the real incentive for them to sign a deal right now? They wouldn’t be coming in for a starting job in all likelihood and training camp is still 2 1/2 months away. They might as well wait it out and see if someone suffers an injury or a potential starting spot opens up where they can maximize their value.

      • BruceN

        Any Edge rusher signed will be a part of rotation and will play a fair amount. Seahawks like to keep their front 4 fresh and apply max pressure. They all get approx. 60% snap count (e.g. MB had about 500-600 SC during 2015-2016 seasons when he was most effective. That went up to 900+ in 2017 and his effectiveness was not the same).

        • Logan Lynch

          Yes, but that wasn’t my point. What benefit is there for an edge rusher to sign right now? Seems like the market value could be higher closer to the season and will likely not get lower.

    • Rob Staton

      Signing Geno doesn’t mean they won’t add others.

      But they’re not adding another safety.

  4. Coleslaw

    I actually like this. Geno isnt a starter but he belongs on a roster. I actually think he could be a quality career backup if he can just play smarter.

  5. King_Rajesh

    I honestly wouldn’t hate seeing Dez Bryant on a 1 year, prove-it style deal full of roster bonuses, incentives, and escalators for games played provided he still has it after his Achilles tear.

    Dez, for all his diva tendencies when he was younger, was reported to be a great mentor to the Cowboys’ young WRs. I think a raw talent like DK could learn a lot from a WR who was one of the best in the league for a bit.

    He signed a 1 year, 1.25m deal with the Saints last year. I’d sign him to a 1 year, vet min deal that included a modest signing bonus (100-250k?) but no guaranteed money, with escalators up to 7m for TDs, yards, and games played.

    • cha


      • King_Rajesh

        I don’t believe anyone can seriously believe this. We don’t need our young WRs to learn how to drop Russell Wilson dimes right into the bucket from Kearse.

        • H

          Why on earth would you want Dez? He’s a renowned locker room nightmare and is a pure outside receiver. We just drafted DK and we have David Moore.

          I would 100% prefer Kearse to Dez, but the I’m happy rolling with these young guys at the position.

          • King_Rajesh

            The old Dez was a locker room nightmare but older Dez has had good reports about how he’s been as a teammate.

            I’d like a big-bodied vet to mentor DK into a match-up nightmare.

            • cha

              He whined about not being selected as a captain, and then fire-bombed the entire Cowboys organization and called out teammates by name after getting cut.

              Don’t know where you’re getting the idea that he’s been a good teammate. if there were reports, he doused them with lighter fluid and dropped a match on it in 2018.

            • Rob Staton

              DK doesn’t need anyone stopping him getting snaps.

              It’s not happening

            • God of Thunder

              No. Just no. Older, slower, a potential bad influence, and likely to cause a logjam with a deleterious effect on younger WR snaps. And that’s just off the top of my head.


        Love me some Chop Chop, and personality aside, that is just ridiculous.

  6. Greg Haugsven

    Ziggy Ansah cap hit for 2019…$7.875 million

  7. CaptainJack

    I will forever remember Geno as the guy whose jaw was broken by a backup linebacker in a locker room brawl.

  8. RWIII

    What does the signing of Geno Smith mean?

    THree words.


  9. MaxC14

    Ian Rapoport just reported that Geno Smith will not be signing with the Seahawks, visiting them on Wednesday. He may have indeed signed with them today, but Rapoport is a very reliable source.

  10. Hawk Finn

    I was wondering when we were going to sign more 2013 draftees. That well never seems to run dry, does it?

  11. Volume12


  12. Kenny Sloth


  13. Robbie


  14. JD

    More GOT takes please!

    • Rob Staton

      I’m very happy to answer a couple of GOT questions near the end of the next hangout 😂

  15. H

    Just watched GoT, having defended the last episode as a return to what made it good I’m left with a huge egg on my face.
    That was just awful, probably worst yet. Unsatisfactory endings to so many beloved characters, and the complete and total character assination of Danny. Breaker of chains, mother of dragons, eviserator of babies?

    • HawkfaninMT

      There’s egg on my face too… Ive been an apologist for D&D thus far this season. i can deal with dark cameras, and poor battle tactics. But the Lannister twins end was an abomination to me. Afterall she has done (and him on her behalf), she gets to die whimpering about her unborn baby like that just seems unjust to me. Euron happening upon Jamie was a poor coincidence. The ease of the battle was silly, as was the Ugly turn for the Unsullied. They were initially branded as slaves with no “manly” desires for raping and pillaging. Now as freed men they just kill non-descriminately? Oh the character let downs… But the cinematography was a bit of a redeeming quality for me. I loved the perspective of the streets and commoners through Arya’s escape. I felt like that was pretty cool.

      This season has simply whetted my appetite for more books. get them out here now!

      • H

        And how Tyriann is just a dumb naive snitch now. No more clever scheming for him.

        I didn’t even like what Arya was doing either, no longer the fearless badass who’d never back down from a dangerous situation. And beyond all reasonable doubt should have died, I’m glad she didn’t because she’s the only character left I actually like, but the plot armour is in full effect again.

      • CaptainJack

        The following books are said to go in a different direction, at least that’s what GRRM has hinted at.

        I’m glad.

    • Gohawks5151

      I’m not sure how i felt about that episode. I have enjoyed the season on the whole. It is the ending. It has to end at some point and not having 10 episodes the past 2 seasons always meant it was going to be rushed and lack the detail the show has had. Really the only personality turns i have issue with is Tyrion and Dany. Tyrion has abandoned intellect for emotion and it has felt off. It was an awful quick heel turn for Dany but no one would be happy with Jon and her living happily ever after. Its not that kind of show after all. Martin helped work on the show and it is still his story, so it was always gonna end this way. The books will too.

      • CaptainJack

        The last part isn’t true. Martin stopped having anything to do with the show awhile ago and he stated his ending will be different.

        • Gohawks5151

          Not the exact same you are correct. But he said the major points will remain the same with some changes. I’d call what happened last night a major point.

          • CaptainJack

            Dany will go mad in the books.

            But I think we see more of the night king and white walkers in the book. I have a feeling they’ll make it farther south.

      • GoHawksDani

        I liked the Dany turn. She’s an inbred who’s father was a mad dude, who’s brother forced him to a marriage at a very young age (in the show she’s around 17-20 I guess? But in the books I think it’s more like 13-15). Who lost everything, have no family, terrified what happens if she fail or if she succeed. She’s just as crazy as her father. I hope Jon kills her, that would be nice and maybe a less hollywoodian thing.
        I liked the scenes of this episode. It looked cool. But the storylines are lacking and a lot less character development this season.
        Tyrion is an empty character right now. His decisions could be defended with a more rounded character.
        Dany is OK I guess, but the turn was a bit rushed from her part.
        Jon is a bit boring, but at least he’s a solid character with strong traits.
        Arya begans to be just annoying and boring. I liked her “no one” story line the most, it was awesome (especially in the books).
        The rest of the characters are just a big blur.

        Another show with another characters based on the same world would be cool. I wanna know more about Braavos and those parts of the GRRM universe. I want to know more about Mereen, Quarth, Volantis, Ashaii, Pentos, Sunspear. The Lord of Light, the Drowned God, The many faced god.

    • Eburgz

      You thought episode 4 was better than 5? Assassination of danys character? She’s been burning cities to the ground since she could. And her turn to “mad queen” isn’t as abrupt as some make it out to be. I’ve enjoyed the season besides the scene where the dragon gets sniped from a scorpion on a boat a mile away.

      The criticism of GoT comes off a lot like the criticism of the hawks. Everyone knows better and is hyper critical of an awesome thing. I prefer to sit back and enjoy rather than poke holes in everything that doesn’t go the way I want it to.

      • H

        Hey man, if you’re still enjoying it good for you, but these ain’t nitpicks. Theyve thrown 8 years of plot and character development out the window in just 3 episodes. This is worst reviewed episode of game of thrones ever for a reason.


        When has she murdered thousands of blameless peasants before? There was always a very careful distinction for her brand of justice, and it always involved standing up for the weak.


      Totally agree. It’s fine if the writers wanted Danny to turn into a mad Targaryen Queen, but you have to write a compelling journey into madness. It’s lazy writing, and her character was too established to just make her snap like that. Why. Because her friend died? Because nobody likes her? It’s ridiculous. So sad.

      I had the same problem with Star Wars: TLJ. Luke was a long established character who’s entire character arc culminated when he wouldn’t turn to the dark side by killing his father and acting in anger while the emperor stoked the conflict.

      Then all the sudden he’s trying to kill his nephew in his sleep because, as we were told (not shown) “there was so much darkness in him.” Total rubbish. How about instead of going to the casino planet for a solid half hour for no reason, we get to see why a major character would change 180 degrees to suit your plot point.

  16. CaptainJack

    Awful game of Thrones takes here
    The new season isn’t good. But Dany was ALWAYS going to snap. Look at her character arch. This was foreshadowed all along, for example the vision of ash in the red keep in Quorth in season 2.
    Having Arya go from bad-ass to scared little girl running around kings landing again was a great statement on the horrors of war and fire bombings. Great development for her character. Would have been so cheesy for her to kill cersei.
    They had to make the dragons seem vulnerable to the scorpions or there would be no dramatic tension.

    • H

      Danny snapping and going mad queen is fine, and expected. The way they did it is terrible. She just starts murdering people out of nowhere and for no reason. It’s not a tragic fall into madness, it’s just bad writing.

      Arya saw worse than this 2 episodes ago and still found the stones to kill the night king. None of those scenes served the plot at all. It would have been cheesy for her to kill Cercie, it’s a better end than death by brick. Especially after they did a 180 and suddenly made her into a tragic victim.

      But the Dragon wasn’t vulnerable at all in the episode? After getting 3 consecutive kill shots with a few boats they now can’t hit anything, there was no tension or drama with that at all.

      • CaptainJack

        I agree they botched showing her decent into madness.

        Should have been more episodes.

        And I ageee Drogon was way too powerful and he took out the iron fleet too easily. No drama.

      • Group Captain Mandrake

        I mean, she said she was going to take what was heard through fire and blood all the way back in, what, season 2? So it was not unexpected, but the speed that she went from wanna-be queen to blood thirsty despot was mind boggling.

        And Arya. They removed her ENTIRE character arc for the entire season with less than 30 seconds of the Hound saying “You shouldn’t do that.” What the hell?!

        The dragon was invulnerable, and apparently has a nuclear reactor in it’s belly because it never runs out of fuel, and the Lannister army went from being crack shots with the scorpion to not being able to hit a damn thing in the space of a day.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Far be it for me to defend these final episodes but Dany’s transformation was cemented before the final battle in the council room at Dragonstone when she told Jon the Westerosi love him , not her, and all she has is fear. He tells her he loves her and she’ll always be his queen. She moves over to him and asks if that’s all she is to him, tries to kiss him, and when he doesn’t reciprocate (indicating they have no romantic future together), she says “Fear it is then”

        • Michael Matherne

          If I was a woman I would be pretty pissed about what the writers apparently think of me. Daenerys has managed to keep it together to this point despite being sold like chattel by her brother, having countless attempts made on her life, and being betrayed a number of times by those she trusted. Until now she’s managed to remain a relatively logical and benevolent dictator – but then a man spurns her advances and it’s time to destroy everything.

          • Malkavian

            THANK YOU

            As a woman, the character assassination of Dany is unforgivable.She was NOT always going to go mad and she has not done so the whole time. She is the one person who was always for the little guys, hello the breaker of chains! She locked up her dragons because one little girl was accidentally killed They are setting this up so Jon can take credit for everything and she is just the bad guy. I love when they say but she burn so and so.Well, didn’t Jon and just about everybody else also kill people?Yes they did but apparently burning them and they die is seconds is sooo much worse than chopping off their head????Jon is so a Mary Sue, everything is just handed to him.I do not want to be Lord Commander, KOTN and KING BUT notice he never turns these titles down. Give him the crown but he has no army or dragon of his own.He’ll just use Danys assets and then screw her over.

            • Rob Staton

              I don’t think they’re setting up for Jon to be the hero and I certainly don’t think there are any sexist overtones to Dany’s character arc. Anyone who thinks that can easily be countered by the fact they’ve practically neutered Jon this entire season as he wanders aimlessly, gifting Arya the big kill vs the Night King which was always Jon’s destiny until the writers shoe-horned that ‘surprise’ into episode three. I think next week the pinnacle will be Jon being forced to kill Dany but not in a heroic way. And I suspect Jon will end up meeting his end too. We’ll see.

              However, I do think this is a ridiculously rushed, botched and badly handled character shift for Dany that insults the intelligence of the audience. Nothing has happened to her that would provoke this reaction. Nothing. This kind of massacre would need major work over time. We’d need to see tragedy upon tragedy bestowed upon Dany so that she reaches breaking point. All we’ve had is Tormund bigging up Jon over drinks and Missandei dying. Now she’s killing innocent women and children in the street? That’s ridiculous. And that speaks to what’s gone wrong with this series. It was once nuanced with detail, storylines were subtle and developed over time. Now, because they have to cram everything in to six episodes, the writers are trying to set up major plot points and all that means is they’re forcing things. Characters act in unnatural ways because the plot demands it to set up a different arc. Improbable s**t happens all the time. And the writers themselves lack care and attention — setting up dumb set pieces (eg zombine chains).

              • Malkavian

                “I certainly don’t think there are any sexist overtones to Dany’s character arc.”

                As I said, as a female I have to agree to disagree on that

                • Rob Staton

                  And that’s fine. But you’re wrong.

                  Dany’s character has been ruined. Has she been ruined because of a prejudice against women? Of course not. They’ve made Jon snow a thoroughly useless waste of space too. His big moment was given, undeservedly, to a female for no obvious purpose. Neither is an example of sexism. It’s just two examples of utter incompetence on behalf of the writers.

                  • SoCal12

                    I think this is one of the unintended consequences of rushing the plot and ruining the character though. I don’t think the writers intended for the heel turn to come across as sexist and it wouldn’t have been if it had been executed properly and given the proper build up. But as you said, they botched the setup with flimsy motivations, and now it comes across like the strongest woman ruler in the show committed genocide during a temper tantrum over hurt feelings. I can see how the implications of that might not go over that well.

                    It’s like if I made a joke involving stereotypes. If I completely botch the execution of it, it doesn’t matter my intent, it’ll still come across as offensive.

                    • Rob Staton

                      It’s still an all too common stretch though to jump to sexism these days. It is possible to make an absolute dogs dinner of a female character without the need to call prejudice. And they’ve equally destroyed Jon, Tryian, Varys, Jaime. The heel turn for Theon was improbable IMO but nobody questioned that and he’s had to be mutilated and destructed just to have a redemption arc (before dying hopelessly). They’ve equally empowered Arya to the point of her being Wolverine now and they keep trying to build up Sansa even though she’s done… well… nothing of any note.

                      There’s no sexism here.

                  • Kenny Sloth

                    Arya’s fortune was to close blue eyes all along, right?

                    • Rob Staton


                      They shoe horned that old quote in to try and make it seem that way. But that quote was from an early season referencing Arya becoming a faceless assassin. They only decided three years ago that Arya would kill the NK. So they dug up that old quote to try and force it and justify it.

                      Absolutely terrible.

                  • Kenny Sloth


                    The new stuff is palpably worse, but that’s just hurtful.

                    Then she didnt even kill no green eyes after.

                    • Rob Staton

                      That’s why it’s so bad. They recalled that comment, which was simply foreshadowing her faceless assassin training, and tried to shoe horn it into their justification for having Arya kill the NK. They even changed the order. The original quote didn’t have blue eyes last. It was green eyes. Which implies there was a chance Arya was going to kill Cersei. Then D&D decided three years ago she’d kill the NK. Thus, the quote is reimagined. And having made such a bold call, they made a complete dogs dinner of it by having Arya parachute in from nowhere.

                  • SoCal12

                    I think we might be making two separate points here, Rob.

                    If I’m interpreting this correctly, your point is that because the writers made the same effort with and ruined several different characters regardless of gender that there was no concentrated effort, intent, or bias against one specific gender. Which I can believe and agree with.

                    But the point I was making that the end product for at least this one specific character (Danny) still can come across as playing off certain sexist tropes. I was trying look at this from a Death of the Author perspective where the intent of the writers don’t have much bearing on how to interpret what their works mean in a broader context. People can write bad tropes without intending to. And writing several of them don’t cancel out other bad tropes or make them less present.

                    Going back to my analogy; if I tell several different jokes about several different stereotypes and I butcher them all and they all flop, it doesn’t make any one of them less offensive to any one group just because I’ve offended them all. And I can say they I didn’t mean to offend anyone with my jokes. but that doesn’t change the end product or it’s results..

                    I understand this topic might be a bit of a sensitive subject btw, and I hope I don’t seem like I’m arguing for the sake of it or anything like that I appreciate and respect your viewpoints which is why I wish to understand them better. I would also understand if you would like for me to drop the convo altogether. It’s quite off topic from the Seahawks :P.

                    • Rob Staton

                      I understood the point you were making. I simply think that any time a female character is wronged these days people immediately lurch to the word ‘sexism’. Which I find a bit tiresome really.

                      I highlighted the other characters for that reason. They’ve ruined loads of characters. But people imply prejudice because Dany is a woman.

                      No. That’s not right. And they’re just bad writers, not women haters.

                  • SoCal12

                    Lol, well all that I can agree with I suppose.

                    You still doing that Google Hangout?

                    • Rob Staton

                      Yes, either today or tomorrow

              • LLLOGOSSS

                Really well said.

    • SoCal12

      The Danny turn I’ve been calling since forever ago, and it is the logical conclusion of her character, but it’s really the execution that fell flat for me. Seriously BELLS are the straw that snapped her from ‘Tired of this shit, just want to end the war,’ to ‘Fuck it, I’mma BBQ some babies alive’??? Literally just minutes removed from her ‘Mercy is what separates us’ spiel? It would have been fine if she flew directly at Cersei and melted her, since Danny has actual motivation to despise her, then when she took the throne we see her slowly descend into a brutal dictator slowly losing support. But that would’ve actually taken more time and episodes and it’s clear DB and DB wanted to bail as quickly as possible. Just terribly rushed writing.

      Honestly the one thing that grinds my cogs the mostt though, is how Jaime has been handled. He’s had one of the best character redemption arcs I’ve seen in recent memory that was very nuanced and made me reflect on how far one can go with forgiveness and making up for one’s past. In the span of two episodes though, they burned that character arc and years of writing into a crisp along with the rest of King’s Landing. And this isn’t about not getting a ‘happy resolution’ either. I would’ve been satisfied with a tragic end if it was written well. This is about taking one of the more complex characters in the series and they reduced him to a love zombie that was solely motivated by boning his sister again. Just so they could neatly wrap things up faster. Total hogwash.

      • All I see is 12s

        So, maybe it was her mistrust of Tyrion’s plan with the bells that caused her to lose it? If all of his instincts and plans are wrong then the opposite much be right? Kind of sucks for the people’s of kings landing that Danni went full on Costanza with their fate.

        • SoCal12

          I mean I get what they were going for in that the surrender bells probably ‘broke’ her and made her kind of realize she’d rather make the world bend to its knees in ‘fear’ of her, rather than continue to play ‘The Game’ so to speak and risk more betrayal and heartbreak.

          Problem is it just all goes too fast and too soon. By snapping 0 to 100 so fast it made it seem like she basically had a child’s tantrum and decided to break her toys. Except this tantrum resulted in mass genocide. Really unfortunate side implications too, that the strongest woman ruler in the show basically murdered millions because she had an emotional meltdown. Now it’s up to the stoic and upstanding handsome man to save the day too. Likely an unintentional implication yes. But this is what happens when you rush plot points without ironing out all of the details first. You leave a total mess.

          • DC

            It’s what happens when an author has writers block for 8 years and lets a tv show catch up and then pass the storyline. It gets a lot thinner.

            • Group captain mandrake

              You can almost see when George stopped consulting on the series though. It’s not so much that the show passed the books as much as he was t there to give the characters and plot nuance. With d&d wholly in charge they started writing the characters to further plot points rather than behaving like they did earlier. For instance, Tyrion and Varys went from clever and sneaky respectively to basically being dolts.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        I said it above but I’ll repeat it: Dany didn’t just decide burn down Kings Landing while she was sitting on Drogon’s back after she destroyed the Iron Fleet, burned the Golden Company and took out all the scorpions. She made the decision the night before, in the council room at Dragonstone talking to Jon. She basically asked him if they were going to be together and he basically said no. She said “the people of Westeros love you, not me. All I have is fear.” Jon replied “I love you. You’ll always be my queen.”

        “Is that all I am to you?” she asks him. Then she tries to kiss him and he doesn’t kiss her back. She knows in that moment they won’t end up together so she says “Fear it is then.” Translation: Kings Landing will burn. Her transformation wasn’t well done but it didn’t come out of nowhere

        • Michael Matherne

          One episode before it happens is “out of nowhere” when you had 8 years to make this a more believable transition. It seriously feels like they forgot they needed to bring her character to this point, slept through their alarm and then said, “well, let’s just go with the ‘hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’ Deus ex Machina angle!”

        • H

          Lol, my nephew doesn’t want to screw me… guess I’ll commit genocide. 🤷‍♀️

    • Kenny Sloth

      #CleganeBowl was pretty sweet

    • KD

      According to the producer, Dany didn’t go mad or insane. She decided to make the fight personal and take revenge for having had to live in exile for so long and go right for the Red Keep…..and decided that she had to genocide the whole city in the process for no reason. 😛

  17. Saxon

    Geno Smith? Did John Schneider hear some bells and decide to set fire to our QB room?

    • Group captain mandrake

      I’m going to guess that it falls under the “well, if the backup is in there for any more than the game ending kneel down, we’re screwed so it doesn’t matter who it is” category.


      Well done.

  18. Gaux Hawks

    Cersei & Jamie Lannister, death by ruble? What a wasted opportunity.
    I hope for some reckless reason Cersei survived just to die a better death in E6.
    I can mostly live with the rest… but I’m an optimist.

    • j

      Didn’t know the Russians were in Game of Thrones.

      • Gaux Hawks

        ha, not going to blame the iPhone on that one… touché

  19. Coleslaw

    *50 cent quote*

    If anyone needs more reason to be pumped for this year, remember this guy.
    Him and Green are going to burst onto the scene this year. Add him into the equation with DK and Jennings, and it fits perfectly. Back the defense up, and have a playmaker at RB who will punish them and make them want to stack the box. All the while DK, Jennings and Lockett are running overtop. Its an easy way to create explosive plays.

    We could coast the regular season with that if our D is average. We could be in a position to open up the ( Brian Schottenheimer’s unseen) playbook in the playoffs.

    This is random and way too early, but I’ve been wanting to say it. I think TE will be a huge target next offseason. A true playmaker at TE is all we’re missing on offense. An Evan Engram type would be ideal, but whoever is available I expect to see us be aggressive in getting a top talent on the roster. The defense is almost complete, DL and TE could be viewed as 2 of our biggest targets next year IMO.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I dunno. Need to see what they have in Dissly before saying TE is the biggest target next off season.

      • Eli

        No offense to Dissly, as a UW grad I love the guy, but he’s not a game changer and shouldn’t hold us back from trying to improve the TE position. He’s an average at best athlete who was brought in to be a blocking ace. I actually think him and Hollister could make a nice little tandem though.

  20. Kenny Sloth lol here for it.

    June is gonna suck😂

  21. Bankhawk

    I tend to agree-there’s a good chance come fall that a popular topic of discussion will be how *the penny has dropped* for Rashaad!

  22. CaptainJack

    Taryn Christion and Mik’Quan Deane released to make way for Al Woods and Geno Smith.

    Didn’t Geno tear us up last preseason? Or was that Cardale Jones? Maybe both…

    I checked and it was both, with Geno going 6/8 85 yards plus a TD

    I’ll be bummed if Paxton can’t figure out how to beat Smith.

  23. KD

    Quick question:

    Why would you position your own troops on the outside of a fortified wall when your city is about to be under siege?

    • HawkfaninMT

      You wouldnt

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Because it was never going to be a siege. It was always going to be a battle. Also the Golden Company are hardly Cersi’s own troops. They’re just sell swords. She even said so herself.

      Wait a minute! Am I defending the final episodes?!?

      • KD

        lel. The writers did the same dumb setup outside the walls of Winterfell. So, it’s good strategy apparently to charge a mounted cavalry at night, toward an enemy you can’t see, when you don’t know their positions, formations, numbers or defenses.

  24. Tony

    I actually have loved this season of GoT. My only complaint is Tyrion inexplicably becoming stupid. Hiding in the crypt from a dead rising night king? Believing in Cersei good side? His whole arc went from smartest chess piece to most naive moron. Jamie died unsurprisingly, but he did put the greater good in front of him by ringing the bells and trying to save the people. He dies in his lovers arms like he wanted and died trying to save kings landing again. Dany going mad, I get it. She lost all her advisors basically and the paranoia/distrust was weighing her down by then. She never really fully trusted Tyrion, he was more strategic to her. But he was also just so way off the whole season, I think she just tuned his ass out. The hound telling arya to leave I thought was awesome. Dany burning everything down, hound knew it’s over here on out. Cersei is basically done, get outta here and dont die. Her whole view escaping the genocide was the best part. And Cersei died. Cool. It would be nice to have someone stick a knife in her. But, she died whimpering and crying watching her empire crumble on top of her. She played danys weakness against her only to see Dany simply destroy everything. Cersei dying cause she underestimated her opponent. Only thing left is arya and jon snow to end this shit.

    • Tony

      Season has its flaws and is a bit rushed. But atleast they are ending shit. All loose ends being tied up. Would’ve loved a couple more episodes but each episode had me on the edge of my seat. I came into the season open minded and hoping for shit to hit the fan. I am not disappointed. It would be far worse to me if they slow played it too much. Cant wait for next week. I just hope they dont puss out. I want total resolution.

      • Michael Matherne

        Are they just done with the whole Three Eyed Raven business? Nothing ever happened there. Bran went through all this shit and has more knowledge about the entire history of Westeros than anyone on the planet, all to be a piece of cheese in a mousetrap? Dumb.

    • Volume12

      As someone who has never watched a single episode but sees everyone talking about it on twitter, here, and elsewhere it seems like maybe the final season is a bit metta. Life never goes the way you want it to especially when greed and power come into play.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Cersei got to die in her brothers arms chasing a final hope of escape instead of in the hands of her enemies.

      Sometimes people don’t get what they actually deserve, but she’s pulled some nefarious dang strings for a long time to be hit with a sack of bricks.

      The only things that really hit for me are things that were already written like Clegane and the Mountain and Theon defending Winterfell.

  25. Trevor

    The one player outside of Clowney on the trade market who could have the biggest impact for the Hawks is Chris Harris.

    I don’t think the Hawks would make that move given Pete’s ability to develop secondary players but if you plugged him in as the Hawks slot CB wow that secondary and defense would look a whole lot better.

    Like I said I don’t think it will happen but I have always been a fan of Harris and in today’s pass happy nfl he would be an impact player at a position of need for the Hawks.

    Harris and Nick Perry would be a great use of the avaible cap space to take this defense to the next level.

    • GerryG

      Starting to wonder if they even have interest in Perry, maybe he’s holding out for better $ or an injury to get more snaps.

      No interest in Harris here, I’ll take young and hungry in the secondary for a 1000 Alex.

    • cha

      Hard pass on Harris. He is said to be wanting $15m a year starting at age 30. That’s bad math.

    • Darnell

      Ugo’s measurables and testing numbers compare pretty nicely to Harris’ from back when he was a UDFA out of Kansas and was a FS prospect at the time. Bare in mind that Harris’ numbers are from a pro day, which sometimes puts some home cooking on the numbers.

    • CaptainJack

      I’d rather just trade for Clowney…

      but I doubt we see any major moves until next offseason.

  26. All I see is 12s

    Well, I guess now we have some clarity on Dion Jordan… was suspended 10games for adderall misuse. Too bad

  27. cha

    Hawks giving Nick Bellore $600k guaranteed as part of a 2yr $2.23m deal for the Fullback. I wouldn’t call that a significant investment but they must like him.

    • Peanut

      Special teams star appearantly.

      • Hawktalker#1

        If he is not more than that don’t think he should have a roster spot

        • STTBM

          It means they had competition to sign him, or his Agent made them think so. And they hope he can be the Old-School FB Seattle ha been searching for since Strong got hurt and Weaver was let go by that Moron Timmay! and the got his knee destroyed…

        • CaptainJack

          He’s the only fullback on the roster as of now. If they want to use a fullback this year they will probably keep him.

  28. CaptainJack

    Dion Jordan suspended for PED use

    • Hawktalker#1

      Yep, as expected, this all over NFL news related communications right now.

    • Aaron

      Perhaps a reason the Hawks didn’t want him back, that and he was a one sack wonder.

      • STTBM

        The kid was money the year before, just derailed by injuries.

        And have some compassion, he’s overcome addiction, endless injuries, and anxiety, and failure to rise again and again. It looks like his career is over, but don’t be so callous; this kids very life may be at stake. I hope to God he can overcome this relapse to forge a path ahead.

        • CaptainJack

          I’m no doctor, but I fail to see how focus medication gives an unfair advantage. It’s not like he was injecting anabolic steroids.

          I feel like, SHAME ON THE LEAGUE, for this one. Let them smoke weed, let them take mental medication.

          I’m cheering Dion on…

          • Troy

            O-3 Jacques,

            If you’ve ever taken adderall you would know exactly how it gives a person an advantage over others. Adderall is a Schedule 2 narcotic.

            • Thorson

              Actually not a narcotic at all. Adderall is an amphetamine combination drug that results in increased wakefulness and cognitive control – but also faster reaction times, and increased endurance and muscle strength. Since it’s used legitimately in ADD, it’s been an under the radar performance enhancer in professional sports for some time.

              This is from an article by Larry Stone from the Seattle Times in 2012 after Brandon Browner and Richard Sherman we’re popped for adderall use:

              The potential lure becomes obvious when Dr. Gary Wadler, past chairman of the World Anti-Doping Agency’s Prohibited List Committee, begins listing off the benefits of Adderall to an athlete.

              “It masks fatigue, masks pain, increases arousal — like being in The Zone,” begins Wadler, currently an associate professor of medicine at Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine, in a phone interview.

              “It increases alertness, aggressiveness, attention and concentration. It improves reaction time, especially when fatigued. Some think it enhances hand-eye coordination. Some believe it increases the mental aspects of performance.”

              That’s not to mention possible increases in acceleration, speed, strength and power that accrue to Adderall users. It’s no wonder that Wadler calls Adderall “one of the quintessential performance-enhancing drugs. There’s no question it’s a performance-enhancing drug.”

              So, let’s not kid ourselves here. Adderall is a banned drug for a reason.

          • Spireite_Seahawk

            To me he seemed like cheap depth at a position of need but its fairly obvious why the Seahawks didnt follow last year up with a deal.

            It does seem to be a bit hard that a 10 game suspension can be given out for a technical breach of the rules i.e. Jordan’s adderall waiver had expired.

            I’m also inclined to agree that I dont see how this enhances performance unless being a wizard in the film room is a big deal?

  29. millhouse-serbia

    Seattle had the best offensive DVOA in the league on deep passes (16+ air yards) and the worst defensive DVOA in the league against deep passes (requiem for Earl).

    • Kenny Sloth


  30. Kenny Sloth


    Y’all… Game of Thrones sucks now.

    What should I be watching during this offseason? All work and no football makes Sloth a dull boy

    I already rewatched Band of Brothers and restarted the Wire.

    Chernobyl is cool but I need some new programs to peep, suggestions

    • Georgia Hawk

      Its hard to suggest much these days, half the shows end prematurely (RIP Santa Clarita Diet), the other half get choked by incompetent writing…a la GoT. That being said, some personal favorites in our house…

      Blacklist – James Spader absolutely makes this show. One of my favorite characters in all of TV
      Black Sails – Ended a little rushed, but at least they wrapped up the storylines
      Outlander – Wife’s personal favorite that is still going strong
      Santa Clarita Diet – Netflix just cancelled it, but stands a good chance to get a full length send off. Very quick and snappy for a good easy laugh
      Shameless – My personal favorite, though its whimpering out due to contract disputes and actors leaving the show.
      Westworld – Im guessing you already watch this, but its pretty deep and engaging

    • Volume12

      You checked out ‘Narcos’ Kenny?

    • Eli

      Netflix has hit on a couple new shows recently (or maybe its just me who likes them who knows):

      Chambers – really liked the slow burn of this show, it was surprisingly terrifying yet trippy, really nice cinematography. I would definitely recommend.

      Dead Inside – dark humor show, pretty good plot twists thrown in early enough to pique interest

      The Society – haven’t watched yet but its on my list, generally apocalypse shows are enjoyable but this one might have a bit of a CW/teenager vibe so we’ll see if that’s good or not

      I’ve also been binging on the Sopranos, first time ever watching it. What a damn good show, and surprisingly I’ve found that when the show attempts to squeeze in some humor (overtly or not) its absolutely hilarious.

    • Coleslaw

      Snowfall!!! Season 3 this summer so you have time to catch up.

    • Shady_Hawkster

      I’ve moved recently and watched way too much TV over the winter, so I’ll have a go.

      The Expanse (Epic) – slow burner comes off as cliche space noir at first but gets really good. like, really good. amazon’s about to make it their flagship show and the book series is long, so hopefully we can get a GoT-tier run that maybe doesn’t result in a confused wreck.

      Fargo (Classic) – one of the most immersive and fun shows out there, so good.

      The Terror (Historical horror-fiction i guess? I’m a sucker for polar/maritime disaster stories, what can I say) – 19th century arctic expedition doesn’t go as planned. imagine that. Is there something different about that polar bear?

      Fortitude (Suspense-horror) – Richard Dormer (Beric Dondarrion in GoT) is amazing in this. Bleak, intense (sometimes a little too gory for my taste, especially towards the end), but satisfyingly spooky. And maybe a little shamanism?

      Maniac (Surreal fun) – Really weird with great characters. I recommend going in knowing as little as possible about the plot. Jonah Hill and Emma Stone have great chemistry, neat to see them develop as actors together

      Easy (Some life shit) – nothing extraordinary really happens, but some engaging and neat stories about life and relationships n stuff.

      Future Man (timetravel fun) – charming and crude time travel adventure with some surprisingly endearing characters. This show caught on with friends i wouldn’t have guessed would enjoy it, which i thought was neat.

      I could go on, but I’ll finish by saying that ‘The Hunt for the Wilderpeople’ is an absolutely underrated movie and Taika Waikiki is awesome

  31. clbradley17

    Found an article showing that our new hard-hitting safety Marquise Blair is also very good at coverage, 2nd among Pac-12 safeties last year just behind Taylor Rapp according to PFF. Brock Huard said – “Number one in the Pac-12 last year in coverage was Taylor Rapp, with a grade of 89.8. That’s a pretty remarkable number. Number two on that list is Marquise Blair, just barely behind Rapp at 88. No one else in the conference was even in the 80’s. So, just once again, what do those numbers mean and where do they come from? This is more a comparative tool than anything else… that’s why these guys were both in the second round, because they can play this position in space.
    And as offenses in the NFL pick up their pace, you know what your safeties have to be? Interchangeable. Much more interchangeable. It can’t just be this one-design role. Because with tempo teams, you’ve got to be able to do both. And with Marquise Blair, I think that was very encouraging. He’s not just going to come down and smack you in the face. When it comes to the ability to cover, he’s right there with Taylor Rapp, and that’s an encouraging sign.”

  32. Spireite_Seahawk

    Interesting development at Nickel cornerback. Ken Norton Jr has gone on record saying he thinks the Akeem King is the player in pole position to take the job. Obviously there will be a competition but I thought this was an interesting snippet with the uncertainty surrounding NCB FS and SS.

    • cha

      He sure handled Kelce in the Chiefs game.

  33. Gohawks5151

    Chiefs having a low key good offseason. Added Clark, Mathieu, Breeland, Okafor and now Darron Lee. Drafted Mecole Hardman, Juan Thornhill and Khalen Saunders. The Tyreke situation is gross but they added overall to a great team. Hope they win the AFC.

    • Volume12

      They cleaned up in UDFA too.

      Wazzu HB James Williams
      LB’s Gary Johnson (Texas) & Kendall Joseph (Clemson)
      Clemson CB Mark Fields
      WR’s Jamal Custis (‘Cuse), Cody Thompson (Toledo), & Felton Davis (Sparty)
      Kentucky S Darius Wes
      Vandy QB Kyle Shurmur

      • Volume12

        And added HB Darwin Thompson on day 3.

        • Gohawks5151

          Ahh. That’s the Utah St kid. Good pick up. Like the LBs UDFA’s too

  34. cha

    Jets bagged their GM and promoted Gase to Interim GM.

    Gase must have challenged him to a staring contest.

    • Volume12


      There was a rumor Daniel Jeremiah was being considered to be part of their FO. Million dollar question is, will he bring Haloti Ngata on board to play NT?

  35. Volume12

    Tennessee EDGE Darrell Taylor (6’4, 245 lbs.) here.

    If you can consistently get this from him? 🔥🔥🔥

    Darrell Taylor vs Kentucky (2018):

    • CaptainJack

      Tennessee is where talent goes to disappear.

  36. RWIII

    Guys: Just wondering what you think of Shaquill Griffin. I heard that Patrick Peterson is on the trade block.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      PP is suspended for the first 6 games of the season for violating the League’s PED policy

  37. RWIII

    To me the biggest question mark on the team is probably Shaquill Griffin’s cornerback. Now I thin k part of the reason he struggled last year is because he switched cornerback positions. But bringing in Patrick Peterson would be a big-time upgrade. Does anyone have any comments?

    • rowlandice

      Ironically Peterson was just suspended for 6 games…I’d say no to acquiring him at this point. No doubt he’s a great player tho. I’d also point out that PC does a pretty good job historically in coaching up DB prospects.

    • Ukhawk

      Someone including SG will step up. Have faith in the process and save out $$ for prime FAs next year who are younger. Feel like this is classic 2010, build with lots of youth and cheap competition, get experience and see what sticks, recruit to fill the gaps

    • Doug

      Last year was a big step up moving to the right side and all things considered, I thought he handled it well. I expect to see him continue to improve–he has all of the attributes to be a plus CB. Flowers may have a higher ceiling though–it would not shock me to see Flowers end up on the right side and Griffen move back to the left.

  38. Coleslaw


    • Coleslaw

      Hmm.. Rob, twitter links aren’t blocked are they? I had a post say “Forbidden” the other day but I cant think of any other reason why

      • Kenny Sloth


  39. line_hawk

    Interesting article-

    Never a dull day or a dull off-season in PC/JS era.

    • Doug

      Great article, thanks for posting!

  40. CaptainJack

    NO WAY

    I just had a dream last night that the Jets made a weird trade

    I wake up and they traded Darron Lee and fired their GM…


  41. Logan Lynch

    Now that it seems like the comments section has heated up a bit, I’ve been thinking about a topic brought up on 710 over this week. With Doug and Kam gone now, the old LOB-era brash and cocky Seahawks are basically gone. What type of team will this be?

    Last year after the draft, people were jumping all over Pete telling players to “stay humble”. Humble was a word that would never be used to describe the Super Bowl winning team. This new era of Seahawks seems to be built on “quiet BAMFs”. What I mean by that is a player who off the field isn’t looking to make headlines with what he says, but on the field is a ruthless competitor. Exhibit A is Bobby. He’s the walking definition of “speak softly and carry a big stick”. Others who fit this mold are Russ, Duane, Carson, Reed. Blair seems cut from the same cloth. Collier and Metcalf could be also.

    All of these guys are supremely confident in their abilities, but prefer to show it on the field. They have swag between the lines, but don’t necessarily make waves off of it.

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