New podcast: On the Bills, Pats and Bolles

Kenny and I run through the Bills game, look ahead to the trip to New England and discuss Utah’s brilliant left tackle Garett Bolles.


  1. Kenny Sloth

    Go Hawks

    Its a good one don’t miss it.

  2. Volume12

    Senior Bowl invites going out. Here’s the tracker so far if interested.

    Cooper Kupp, WR, E.Washington
    Jeremy Sprinkle, TE, Arkansas
    Larry Ogunjobi, DT, UNC-Charlotte
    Damontae Kazee, CB, SD St.
    Donnell Pumphrey, HB, SD St.
    Amba Etta-Tawo, WR, Syracuse
    Julie’n Davenport, OT, Bucknell
    Toby Baker, P, Arkansas

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Nice. Thanks man

  3. Kenny Sloth

    Corey Coleman continuing to body catch and lose battles at catch point

  4. LordSnow

    Who starts at left tackle on Monday night since Sowell practiced today?

    • DavidM2

      Fant at LT Sowell at RT?

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Sowell played some RT for ARI. But I bet they stick with Gilliam to start. See if he has problems with Long and Ninkovich. At LT, I like Fant’s athleticism vs Sheard better, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Sowell starts there.

    • JT

      As mediocre as Sowell has been, Fant has been a downgrade so far. Sure he’s a fantastic athlete, but he’s been overwhelmed in his stints at LT this season. He really struggles to sustain a block, and has been dominated thus far.

      Is he worth holding onto as a backup to see if he can develop with Cable’s coaching? Sure, but Sowell should start if he is healthy to give us the best chance of winning.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I don’t see that with Fant. He is stronger then Sowell but less experienced. I’ve watched Sowell get knocked down and run over too many times to trust him. Fant lacks experience at cut blocking and hand fighting – but with all that great coaching that Cable is giving him – he will gain experience quickly.

  5. DavidM2

    Found this on Reddit this morning posted by conor741 in case anyone wonders how important our Death Backer Field General is to this team (there is no just replacing Kam):


    “Rush Defense:

    With Kam: 80.25 yards/g, 3.2 YPC
    W/out Kam: 117.2 yards/g, 3.7 YPC
    Increase of 36.95 yards per game allowed on the ground, and 0.5 more yards allowed per carry

    Pass Defense:

    With Kam: 201.2 yards/g, 17.7 completions/g
    W/out Kam: 307.8 yards/g, 27.5 completions/g
    Over 100 more yards allowed through the air without having Kam in the secondary, and allowed nearly 10 more completed passes


    Summary: It amazes me the amount of people who think we will be fine with McCray, and that we should cut Kam. I understand that there are concerns about his health, but when he is on the field our D is elite, he is vital, and when he isn’t it’s basically just good, and that’s why I think it would be worth keeping him around, his instincts and play making ability are miles ahead of anything McCray could bring, even if he does miss a few games a year.”

    • JT

      Great post. Even in Kam’s “hiccup” season last year, he was still a solid strong safety. He’s back playing at an all-pro level this season. His value as the defense’s enforcer cannot be overstated. He’s under contract for an affordable cap hit of $8 million next year, which the Hawks could lower by extending him.

      His age and injury history should make him more affordable than Earl’s last contract, though it’s tough to say what he’ll cost with the fast-rising cap each year. A 31 year-old Eric Weddle got 4 years, $26 mil from Baltimore, and he still plays at an all-pro level.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s the one of those topics that comes up every now and again along with, ‘Jimmy Graham should be cut’ and ‘Fire Bevell and Cable’. As soon as anything remotely bad happens (Kam misses a few games, Jimmy has a quiet game, the offense has an off day) people start frothing at the mouth demanding a pound of flesh.

      I suspect Kam will retire a Seahawk and he will stay until he makes that decision. I do suspect, however, that he might make a decision on that in the next 2-3 years if not sooner. We’ll see. He is a vital, vital, vital player though.

  6. JT

    Great podcast guys.

    In the RW era, the Hawks haven’t lost by more than 10 points, which is just ridiculous. Do the Pats have the best chance of any team to win big against us this week? Perhaps, but the Hawks always find a way to compete, even when so many things go wrong.

    If NE wasn’t coming off a bye, I’d feel really good about our chances of an upset on the road. Even so, this should be a close game.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I think it stems on Kam’s health. If he’s not out there setting the tone, I’m not sure they’ll be afraid to target Shead, Lane, McCray with candor.

      I know Richard was not impressed with their performances last week.

  7. nichansen01

    Do we have any chance of beating the patriots? Our Pass Defense has been awful by our standards recently, we cant run the all to speak of… On the road against the best team in the NFL coming off of their bye week after a short week… is there any hope?

    • Rob Staton

      Of course there is hope. Since we last played New England, the Pats have traded Chandler Jones and Jamie Collins and they don’t have Revis any more. Their defense is a shell. The Seahawks need to attack that group the way they attacked the Bills in the first half. The Bills had a superior defense.

      The Pats will score their points, get their yards. Brady is insanely good. Gronk will get his. The key will be for the Seahawks to equally cause problems and score points. And if it comes down to which defense makes more plays, who are you going to back?

      Remember, this is a Pats team that toiled with the Landry Jones-led Steelers recently. They’ve somehow developed this unbeatable reputation recently when really they are brilliant Brady, superb Gronk and the rest. Seattle can beat them. Doesn’t mean they will, but they certainly can.

      • 503Hawk

        Nice logical, objective response.

  8. Ed

    Hawks just signed John Jenkins. Huge dude, 6’3″ 350lbs. He definitely won’t help with pass rush, but another huge body to stuff the run and maybe give DT some early snaps off.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Pretty sure Rob mocked him to SEA during the 2013 Draft season. He moves pretty well for a guy his size. He’s not a pass rusher by any stretch, but he can help collapse a pocket. Nice midseason pick up to help shore up the interior of the DL and boost their run D.

    • cha

      Is there any news about Reed? he only got 26% of defensive snaps last week. Is he hurt?

    • Rob Staton

      Worth a look, possibly (probably?) signed to replace Siliga.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I guess I don’t understand what people think an interior defensive linemen should do to be a pass rusher. If he holds his position against a double team is that enough? If he pushes a single defender 5-10 feet backwards is that enough? Or does he have to throw someone on the ground, rush the quarterback and sack him? Because if it is the last thing then only 2-3 players in the NFL will ever meet your requirements.

      And there is also the issue of covering your lane when QB scrambles – Avril is a good pass rusher but sometimes is out of position to contain the QB.

  9. Ukhawk

    Rob. Think you are right re Tim Williams, at some point he will no longer be underrated and will almost certainly be drafted too high for the Hawks. Shame as I was hoping his limited opportunities continued his lower rankings; he’d would’ve been IMO the perfect Irin replacement and eventual heir to Avrils spot.

  10. Ukhawk

    Bolles looks legit but does anyone else see him off his feet more often that you’d like??
    Be interesting to see him go up against a top tier pass rusher like Myles or Tim.

  11. AlaskaHawk

    Rob, after listening to your chat about LA Rams lack of coaching and wasting player talent, I am starting to think the Seahawks have it pretty good. Seahawks built their reputation on one top 10 pick in the draft. LA Rams have picked in the top 5 repeatedly and still suck as a team.

    • Rob Staton

      The Seahawks have it exceptionally good. They have an elite coaching staff and scouting team.

    • 503Hawk

      At what point do the big money second contracts start to affect the Rams salary cap? As you said, they have been drafting in the top ten what seems like the last decade.

  12. 503Hawk

    Some mid-season thoughts…

    B Wagner & Avril are playing the best ball of their careers.
    KJ & Sherm are steady, reliable.
    F Clark has the potential to be future star.
    ET is faster than a speeding bullet, but just do the Matrix dodge and he too will miss the target.
    A 12 game Kam is better than virtually all other 16 game SS. (Agree, want him to be like many of our greats / fan favorites, play for the Hawks only and retire as one. I have never seen the draw for McCray.)
    Have got to get off the field on third down!

    Through the good and the bad, Russ is a generational talent, a machine.
    Just throw the ____ ball to DB or Jimmy!!!!!!! (Was that an INSANE highlight reel game Monday night?!)
    For those who thought we wouldn’t miss the diva Beast… Told you so. (HoF for that dude!)
    We will see just how good Cable is, because the O-line isn’t very.
    Can’t wait till all of our young talent (No E, Rawls, Jefferson) get healthy.

    It will certainly be ugly sometimes, but they will hold our attention. The second half will be entertaining.
    As I mentioned in the off season, I still think next year is going to be THE year.

  13. 503Hawk

    BTW; I saw a couple of interesting stories recently. One stated that since Elway has been GM, they have had something like 7 FAs who became Pro Bowlers. The other one said that in the last 10 years, NE has had 7 first round picks that became Pro Bowlers.

    Do our beloved Hawks have a track record anything close to that?! Seems like most of our great players come from the mid rounds.

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