New podcast: Senior Bowl & the Seahawks off-season

This week I was invited to be on the Seahawkers podcast. We get into a number of topics including the Senior Bowl and the Seahawks off-season in general.

Check it out…


  1. clbradley17

    College film room video of Jeffery Simmons:

    • Sea Mode

      Nice summary at the end of last thread. Thanks for doing that.

      IMO you should re-post here so people can see it.

    • Rokas

      If he is available at 21st, i will not be pleased to see us trading down. It might not be consistent with Pete’s saying, that we have no glaring needs, but I feel we need more difference makers than depth guys. Simmons is a difference maker.

      • clbradley17

        On Tony Pauline’s podcast of day 2, said they were able to see the coaches tape and that DT Khalen Saunders of Western Illinois was unstoppable, his defensive player of the day, mentioned his quickness and explosion and said he probably has moved up from a rd. 7 prospect to rd. 4 in his estimation.

        His partner on the podcast picked S Mike Edwards of Kentucky as his D player of the day, said he was able to cover slot receivers and the run. Tony picked only LBs Terrill Hanks and Bobby Okereke, mainly Hanks as being LBs great in coverage and run-stopping and able to run sideline-to-sideline – a 3-down LB. They liked Germaine Pratt almost as much in his day 1 podcast, but said he got burnt a lot in coverage on day 2.

        Most of the safeties were below avg. – Adderley was even beaten and couldn’t catch up to slow TE Sample of UW. The only CBs that were about avg. were Lonnie Johnson of Ky. and Rock Ya Sin of Temple, who was the only 1 to slow down Deebo Samuel once or twice. Samuel was the clear winner both days – especially day 2 at WR, day 1 McLaurin also looked great.

        Tony picked OL Andre Dillard of WSU as his O player of the day, said he looked great in pass pro and overall. He also mentioned OL Javon Patterson of Miss. and Chuma Edoga of USC as looking very good. His podcast partner – Chris Tripodi, picked WR Greg Jennings of WVU. DE/LB Sutton Smith is game and trying, but is constantly beat and not good here. Even Zach Allen’s bull rush is ineffective in 1v1s. Said Montez Sweat is also ineffective unless he beats the OL immediately; if they get their hands on him, it’s over. DE Anthony Nelson of Iowa looked good, as well as Charles O of TX. and LJ Collier looked outstanding; the ESPN crew raved about Collier at the end of the their program.

        Tony’s podcast of day 2 –

        Note from Tony’s Wed. night Senior Bowl Buzz page – “South Carolina wide receiver Deebo Samuel has told people Moreland is the best cornerback he’s faced all week.”

        Draftwire day 1 Senior Bowl article also comments well on some of the same players Tony Pauline did on day 2.

        More on LJ Collier from the draft network –

        Seems like all the more reason for JS to trade down a few times with various picks and get a WR who gets separation like McLaurin or Samuel with a day 2 pick, in addition to a lot of these day 2 or 3 players like Hanks at LB, Saunders or Mack at DT who can collapse the pocket from the middle and rush the passer/stop the run, a pass-rushing DE like Collier, Nelson, Omenihu or Hollins of Oregon(6’5″ 250;had 10 tackles and 2 sacks in the Shrine game), Peters? at CB, another G/C to push Hunt and Pocic, and maybe a kicker.

        • Volume12

          I’m a big fan of Adderley, but the problem for me is he’s been overrated. Not a day 1 guy.

      • Eburgz


        Of all the prospects in the draft we just can stop talking about the one guy that for sure won’t be a seahawk. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a baller and I’d be stoked if we drafted him.

        • Rob Staton

          Eburgz… Please stop.

          I’m asking you kindly. Pack it in.

          You’ve said what you need to say on this. You have zero idea whether the Seahawks will draft him or not. Move on.

  2. Trevor

    Really enjoyed the podcast. I like the style of that Host ask the question and gets out of the way. He keeps things moving and has the radio voice. You should get on with him more. Looking forward to some Google Hangouts during draft season as well if you have time. Love them because you can pack so much info into 30-40 min.

    • Rob Staton

      Very much enjoyed doing the podcast and thanks for listening and the kind words. We’re going to do another one soon. I’m always open to invites too.

  3. millhouse-serbia

    Deandre Walker had surgery yesterday.

    • Trevor

      What type?

  4. Trevor

    Senior Bowl Seahawks Mock

    – Hawks trade back from 21 into early 2nd and pick up a 3rd and 5th

    Rd #2 Terry McLauren (WR/Ohio St.) Just looks like a Hawks WR. Pete loves dynamic athletes and this guy might be the best athlete in the draft. Also provides incredible special teams value as a gunner. Think about McLauren and out wide with Doug working the slot and Moore as an explosive WR #4. That would be an elite WR group in todays NFL where wr separation is the key.

    Rd#3 Rennell Wren (DT/ Ariz St) – Rob talked about this guy yesterday and the expectation is he will blow up the combine. The explosiveness showed at the Senior bowl practices so far. With Reed and Ford we have two solid young DT but neither would be considered an athletic explosive freak. Wren would bring that to the Hawks DT rotation and you have to think Pete and the Hawks coaching staff could coach up some of the reckless play.

    Rd#3 Justin Hollins (Edge / Oregon) Great length and quickness off the edge and I was real impressed with his ability to use that length to keep blockers off and set an edge in the run game. How he tests at the combine will be huge but he could be a steal in Rd #3 and a tru replacement for Bruce allowing for the Hawks to move on from Mingo.

    Rd#4 Jamal Peters (DB / Miss St) Another day #3 prototype Hawks CB. Great length and a good athlete. What stood out to me about Peters was his physicality in the run game. He could battle early for a starting spot and at the very least would be great depth behind Griffen and Flowers.

    Rd#5 Donald Parham (TE / Stetson) The Hawks have a great young blocking TE in Dissly and when they use Fant. Why not bring in a potential red zone weapon on day #3. Parham is 6-8 with 36″ arms and 10″ hand. I thought he would look stiff and a little awkward but he did not and in fact looked smooth and athletic. He is not an inline blocker but as receiving / red zone threat he would provide a different look. PC / JS love special traits and there is no one with this guys length.

    Rd#5 Khalil Hodge (LB/ Buff) I think the Hawks add an LB this draft and have been linked to Hodge so I put him here. Seems like an baller with great production. Not sure how he will test. If not a guy like Okere from Stanford or someone like that with length could be an option as well.

    UDFA Myles Gaskin (RB/ Wash) Love Gaskin and hope the Hawks bring him in if he goes undrafted.

    Wildcard Pick * Caleb Mcgary (RT / Wash)- If the Hawks lock up George Fant long term and have faith that Jemarco Jones will come back healthy then I don’t think they go OL before the 5th round if at all. If they loose Fant in free agency somehow then I think Mcgary could be a guy to come in and learn under from Solari then takeover at RT when Ifedi moves on in free agency.

    • Hawktalker#1

      What do you think about Walker @ LB (it has been reported he just had surgery – could make him drop a bit) vs Hodge?

      I have been trying to mock Walker as much as I could while still hitting on a nice DT, DE and WR combo I think we can draft.

      • Trevor

        If he was there I would definitely prefer him to Hodge.

    • CaptainJack

      If Myles Gaskin goes undrafted the nfl should just shut down. Not going to happen.

    • Sea Mode

      Good stuff, Trevor. I’m almost done with my first Seahawks mock of the year as well and there’s definitely going to be some overlap with yours!

      Need to watch Hollins, and am still on the fence about Wren, especially that early. I definitely see the upside though, as I posted about him the other day pretty extensively as well.

      I have had McLaurin inked in as our R3 pick since the beginning, but now with his Senior Bowl performance and likely being a Combine star, you might be right that we could have to go get him earlier. Who knows? I’m back to that part of the season where I feel we get onto guys ahead of the mainstream media, but then can sometimes overhype them because of their potential fit with the Hawks. Tough balancing act.

      • Rob Staton

        I think, on this occasion, we should just all be happy we were talking about McLaurin for two months before the Senior Bowl. He’s an exceptional talent.

    • Adog

      Like the 1st two picks…who knows who Carroll and Schneider will actually take? I’ve gotten the position correctly…but have never actually guessed the player they have drafted. They will look for a wr/special teamer and they’ll look for a d.tackle with the traits of wrenn athletically. Does wrenn love the game enough for Carroll and Schneider? Not so sure.

    • Ducky

      Dunno why Husky fans mock their players to the Seahawks every year. Last year was the first time they took one in how long? No one here is mocking Dillon Mitchell to the hawks. Be more realistic rather than a fan boy is all I’m saying.

      • Rob Staton

        Be more accommodating of views and don’t use words like ‘fanboy’.

      • Trevor

        Not sure what you mean I don’t even have a Husky player in my Mock. I have Gaskin as a UDFA if available and noted Mcgary would be an option if we were to loose Fant and OT becomes a need.

        I am not even a Huskies fan lol.

  5. Hawktalker#1

    Hey Trevor

    Very well done. Very exciting group.

    Look forward to more of these from you!!!

  6. FresnoHawk

    hawks DE Jefferson had 15 QB pressures this year that’s impressive. I see similarities with Mingo & Barr in body type measurements but don’t know enough about the type of player he is. MN, Jacksonville, and Rams have some tuff decisions that could free up DT’s this year. Brockers, Suh, Darius, and Richardson. I think “Hawk Flexibility” is the theme this year! Like you said before camp last year if things go bad we could turn over the entire roster. Things went well this year so we get to be flexible, we are in the drivers seat to take advantage of the markets, free agent market, draft market, cap casualty market, and undrafted free agent market. Also I would add trade market but at this point getting into that complicates things and most likely causes too much tension.

    • Volume12

      Just my 2 cents, Jalen Jelks has some Anthony Barr to his game.

    • Volume12

      Maybe more Bruce actually. At least Oregon used him much the same way W. Virginia used Irvin.

      • Rob Staton

        There’s being used like Bruce though and there’s running a 4.50 at 245lbs with a 1.55 split.

        Jelks isn’t in that ballpark at all. And Barr ran a 1.57 split with a 4.19 short shuttle.

  7. Hawktalker#1

    Question on WRs:

    Paris appears to be the fastest on game tape and per 40 yard dash results I could find.

    Compare McLauren vs Paris vs Deebo?


  8. Volume12

    How has Byron Cowart looked?

  9. Volume12

    The Browns passed on Teddy Bridgewater because of his handshake. A handshake!

    • Hawktalker#1

      We can hope is that the Browns a put much of that front office nonsense behind them. They have been a mess for so long. It feels a little like they’re turning things around there. I have wondered for a while how long you could have so many great players and not win any games.

  10. FresnoHawk

    My programming guide Senior Bowl South practice is gonna be broadcast on ESPNU at 1PM Pacific time to 3 PM Pacific time.

  11. Volume12

    Did you guys know that in ’92, Peyton Manning (on the left) was an enhancement talent for the WWF?

  12. clbradley17

    Fantastic podcast Rob, and Trevor is right – you have a great rapport with Brandan on the Sea Hawkers podcasts.

    Listened to Tony Pauline’s north and south podcasts for day 3 of the Senior Bowl practices. Seems like all the QBs were inconsistent except for Stidham of Auburn was very good again, and Minshew of WSU was pretty accurate but is limited. Didn’t seem like anyone was great at RB, said they seem to be wearing down. He mentioned FB Ingold of Wisconsin blocked great for the RBs and caught the ball well, could have moved up to late 7th. A few WRs were outstanding, of course McLaurin and Samuel, but he did say Samuel looks great in red zone drills, but doesn’t have that 3rd gear, not as fast as some of the others. Did throw out a name hadn’t heard before as also being fast and a very good route-runner and catching away from the body/high pointing the ball – 6’2″ 207 Keelan Doss of UC Davis. Also have noted that small as Isabella WR Penny Hart of GA St. has looked very fast, great route-runner, and catches everything. Heard that Isabella has a problem with drops here, possibly because of small hands.

    They continue to rave about the state of Washington OL, both Dillard of WSU and McGary of UW. Patterson of Miss. has again looked very good at guard and center, as has Edoga of USC at tackle. G Dieter of Wis. looked better today. Tony liked TE Drew Sample a lot, great blocker and catches intermediate passes well, may only time 4.8 at combine – seems a LOT like Dissly. Same for south TE Wesco of WVU, great blocker, catches passes well, both could be a TE option for us on day 3 if we acquire more picks, although Wesco has more of a short OL build than Sample(6’3″ 270s for Wesco, almost 6’5″ 250 for Sample). UW OL McGary and TE Sample were his players of the day for the north.

    Seems to be a disparity in the strengths on D for the teams. North has the superior D line, and South has the better LBs and DBs. North DLs K. Saunders and Wren looked good but not dominant as they did on day 2 and 1, respectively. Anthony Nelson of Iowa is Not an edge rusher, terrible on day 3 after looking OK on days 1 and 2. 2015 #1 overall recruit Cowart of MD. looked very good in 1v1s, and looked pretty good yesterday too, has been improving. Gaines had a down day, beat a few times. Montez Sweat was invisible he said, as was Jelks, Collier looks fast and had a few good reps again as did Omenihu-who needs to put on lbs., and Zach Allen had a couple good reps after being ineffective most of the week.

    Germaine Pratt at LB looked better on day 3 after being beaten in coverage a lot on day 2, but the south has the best 2 LBs again – Hanks of New Mexico St. and Okereke of Stanford are fast sideline-to-sideline 3 down LBs. Sin and Ballantine looked OK for the north at CB, and S Adderley looked better than day 2, but doesn’t have good speed and loses WRs at the top of the route, seems it could be as Rob speculated a week ago (closer to 4.6 than 4.4). Safeties Blair and Savage don’t look good at all in coverage, says maybe Blair can be used as a box safety only. Lonnie Johnson and Jimmy Moreland look good at CB for the south, as did safeties Johnson of Miami and Fields of Clemson. But they rave again about safety Edwards of KY, says he’s fast enough to play CB and plays the run very well too. Tony picked TE Wesco as his O player of the day and safety Edwards of his D player of the day for the south.

    Here’s the podcasts:
    North day 3 practice –
    South day 3 practice –

    And some notes from Tony’s Thur. night Senior Bowl buzz page with some bad news to start –

    “Georgia linebacker D’Andre Walker pulled out of the Senior Bowl due to an injury. I’ve learned the issue is with his groin, and the injury could keep him from working out at the combine.”

    “With the week of practices finally over, the big winner on the boards of most scouts is New Mexico State linebacker Terrill Hanks. Scouts love his athleticism and ability to play all three downs.”

    Tony Pauline’s twitter page, several good notes on day 3 practices –

    Several good videos of day 3 1v1s on these twitter pages –

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