Senior Bowl day three practise notes

— I’ve only been able to watch the practise sessions on the NFL Network and due to the weather, didn’t see any of Wednesday’s practise. Based on what I have been able to watch, the three best players in Mobile were — Andre Dillard, Terry McLaurin and Deebo Samuel.

— Terry McLaurin tied Texas cornerback Kris Boyd in knots on one rep — flashing a superb inside/out move before catching a fade over his shoulder in the redzone. On his third rep in the WR vs DB drill he ran a delightful slant and exploded off his break to create about five yards of separation. McLaurin is so sudden and explosive, consistently gets open with a mix of athleticism and savvy, he’s a consistent catcher and he doesn’t have any wasted movement. Jon Gruden was chatting to McLaurin near the end of the session and was looking at him like a proud father. He’ll run in the 4.3’s at the combine, jump a 40-inch vertical and finally he’ll get the grade he deserves. McLaurin looks like a second round pick at worst and could easily be Seattle’s first pick in the draft. He blocks, he has special teams value, he’s a difference-making athlete, he’s sudden, he competes for the ball. He’s exactly the type of player they love.

— Deebo Samuel is right alongside McLaurin with the way he has performed in Mobile. The South team started their session with some red zone drills. All of the receivers ran pretty basic in-cuts, slants or fades. Samuel saw it as an opportunity to show off a bit. He destroyed the DB’s on both of his reps with moves reminiscent of Doug Baldwin vs the Rams in 2016. After each rep he was barking ‘I win’. Samuel, like McLaurin, has just been on a different level to the defensive backs in Mobile. What a fantastic week for the pair — two of the absolute biggest winners at the Senior Bowl.

— Washington State’s Andre Dillard was getting first round buzz before Mobile but that was practically confirmed here. After a terrific performance on Tuesday and (reportedly) an even better display on Wednesday — Dillard capped things off with a dominating rep against Jaylon Ferguson today. It was men against boys stuff. Dillard controlled the block, Ferguson desperately tried to disengage but couldn’t. He was attempting a counter, he was trying to shake Dillard off. No dice. It was an outstanding display of finishing a block. It really feels like it’s no longer a question of whether Dillard goes in round one — it’s a case of how early could he go with teams always desperate for good pass-protecting left tackles.

— There’s been talk of Montez Sweat as a top-10 pick this week but we really didn’t see any evidence of that today. Sweat took his 1v1 reps against Elon’s Oli Udoh. It was a massacre. Udoh easily handled Sweat’s attempt at a bull rush then followed up by driving him into the turf on a speed rush. The two reps had the O-liners hooting and hollering. “Oh yeah baby” was yelled. Sweat clearly has appealing length and quickness. However, this was a big reminder that he still has a lot to work on and has to prove that he can be an every down EDGE at the next level and won’t be bullied by pro-linemen.

— George State’s Penny Hart had some eye-catching reps at receiver. He has absolutely zero wasted movement. He eats up a cushion with blistering speed and then just explodes away from defensive backs to create separation. There are some concerns about how he catches the ball and whether he’s a better athlete than receiver but this was an impressive showing from Hart today. Like McLaurin and Samuel, he’s incredibly ‘sudden’.

— Washington tight end Drew Sample had a good first day and again looked really good today. He handled himself in the blocking drills. The Raiders had the running backs and tight ends blocking on an island. That’s a difficult challenge for a tight end — often they’re playing inside out and have support from a tackle. Sample’s footwork, ability to plant and stick and his hand-placement was all on point. In the catching drills he consistently found ways to get open. He easily beat Nasir Adderley in one rep with a fluid route. Sample can be a factor at the next level as an all-round, classic tight end. He helped himself based on the two workouts made available for broadcast.

— Another Husky who’s really helped himself this week is Kaleb McGary. Without doubt, in my opinion, he’s been the top offensive line performer in Mobile after Andre Dillard. His first rep today came against John Cominsky of Charleston. McGary absorbed contact, got his hands into Cominsky’s frame and just dumped him into the turf. It was a dominant rep that had the coaches howling. On his second rep he walled off a speed rush from Charles Omenihu. The Raiders gave him three successive reps to test him out. The final attempt was a little ragged — he seemed to catch his feet a little and give up a pressure to Ben Banogu. Later in the session the Oakland coaches introduced a drill involving stunting defenders. Many of the prospects struggled with this except McGary. He passed his guy off inside and easily handled the player stunting outside. The coaches decided to move him to left tackle to see if he could thrive there and he gave up a pressure to Omenihu and didn’t look comfortable. Even so — he leaves Mobile as a big winner and any team wanting a starting right tackle is possibly thinking he’s a viable target in round two.

— Khalen Saunders looked highly athletic on Tuesday if a little raw. Today he looked like an absolute beast. In his first rep he stunned Chris Lindstrom with an amazing jolt to the chest, driving Lindstrom off balance. The Boston College guard recovered well and prevented a total disaster but it still goes down as a win for Saunders. Later on the pair had another battle and Saunders walked him into the backfield. He has exceptional size and quickness, tremendous strength. It won’t be a surprise if he’s worked himself into a third round grade by the end of the week.

— Oklahoma duo Ben Powers and Dru Samia both had really good weeks. They’re tough, physical and have exactly the type of attitude you want from your interior linemen. Powers is 6-4, 310lbs and has 34 1/8 inch arms. He barely put a foot wrong in any of his 1v1 reps. He had a superb rep against Kinglsey Keke today showing off balance, hand-placement and power. He plants the anchor very well. Samia wants to fight and scrap with everyone.

— Mississippi State center Elgton Jenkins came into the week seen as the top player at his position in the class. There’s no doubt now (unless you like Jonah Williams and think he projects to center — it’s amazing how he still gets marked in the top-10 as a tackle). Jenkins had two great reps against Dontavius Russell today.

— Jonathan Ledbetter struggled a bit in his two reps against Dennis Daley. Earlier in the week he refused to be blocked but in this instance Daley controlled him.

— Greg Gaines does a nice job driving into interior linemen and pushing them into the backfield. Unfortunately his lack of arm length and hand use is a problem. When he wins with leverage and gets the initial push, in every rep he stays blocked and can’t disengage. When he doesn’t get that initial victory, too often he can be handled by longer offensive linemen. Nobody can question his effort and he had some wins again today. His stock will be severely limited though as long as he’s unable to use his hands to swim/rip and create a clean route to the backfield or find a way to disengage and not just run into linemen. Gaines had one particularly ugly snap against Garrett Bradbury.

— Michael Deiter had a better day today in the 1v1’s but he, Dalton Risner, Max Scharping and Chris Lindstrom all looked a little lost on the stunt-drill. Lindstrom and Deiter didn’t do anything outstanding today but they looked particularly solid.

— Zach Allen again looked pretty average — failing to flash any speed or quickness off the edge. He has good size and length. His 2018 season was extremely good. You’re left wondering about his upside though and whether he’ll be able to create pressure at the next level.

— Renell Wren played with a lot more control in his reps but didn’t really flash on day three. That might be the way forward for him to be a more rounded player but it did eliminate some of the ‘wow’ factor today.

— Trace McSorley had a rough outing among the quarterbacks with several wayward passes. It’s been difficult to get a read on the QB’s this week. Based on the TV broadcasts it’s been tough to get a feel for any hierarchy among this group. It might’ve been a lot clearer to those watching in Mobile.

— There’s been very little evidence of Nasir Adderley being an early pick this week. He toiled in coverage against even the TE’s. Drew Sample easily beat him in one instance. ‘Draft twitter’ seemingly got a little carried away with Adderley. He isn’t a bad player by any stretch but talk of round one and running a 4.4 forty seems way off based on his Senior Bowl display.

— USC tackle Chuma Edoga has some talent and looked like a natural fit at left tackle.

— Travis Fulgham flashed with some nice red-zone routes, showing off some quickness and snap for his size. Fulgham will be one to watch if he gets a combine invite based on the athleticism he showed here. With nearly 35-inch arms and a 6-2, 210lbs frame — he looked good in Mobile.

If you missed it earlier, don’t forge to check out the Seahawkers Podcast. We talk in depth about the Senior Bowl and Seattle’s off-season in general.

Check it out below:


  1. FresnoHawk

    McLaurin I have not watched but with all the buzz and 4.3 & 40 vert. Doesn’t he rise up the board to top 15?

    • Rob Staton

      He’ll rise but not likely as high as that.

      • charlietheunicorn

        He is definitely a guy who has late 1st round possible Seahawks pick written all over him. Explosive and game changing……

        imagine however, if the Raiders give the Steelers a late 1st round pick for A. Brown and pick McLaurin with the other late 1st round pick….. then they grab Murray at QB…. talk about an immediate impact draft with tremendous long-term upside. They might possibly go from dumpsterfire to…. almost a dumpsterfire, since they need a ton of help on defense.

        • FresnoHawk

          Explosive & game changing. Can he run routes? Can he catch? Does he have character issues? I don’t get it?

          • charlietheunicorn

            Marquise Brown, I was thinking of this guy… oops

      • FresnoHawk

        If we get a 4.3 WR that has a 40 vert I’ll be celebrating big time! If we pass on a guy like that I’ll be groaning moaning all night.

      • TatupuTime

        Will be interesting to see how they Seahawks view him. Will love the potential, but they’ve previously targeted WR that have huge target share numbers. Just 700 years for McLaurin.

        • Rob Staton

          I’m not too concerned by that. Ohio State is always loaded with weapons.

  2. Volume12

    Adderley is overrated, but he’s not a man coverage guy at all. Let him fly around and show off his range. I also think he’ll be a ST’s demon too.

    I brought this up on the last thread. Oregon’s Jalen Jelks. I’m not sure I remember a prospect with his length and twitch that was put in a such a bad position at Oregon. needs to get stronger, but tremendous upside.

    • Rob Staton

      I wasn’t that impressed with Jelks. He had some wins for sure but it never felt like I was watching a twitchy athlete. The combine will determine whether he is or not but it’s not something I noticed.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Funny but Dion Jordan was hugely misused at Oregon imo as a offlinebacker in space. Armstead and Buckner best traits weren’t utilized well either imo

  3. Awsi Dooger

    Great work. Look forward to these threads every day.

    I thought you guys might be interested in this. A Canes blogger named Lance Roffers did a study on SPARQ testing and how it translated to college success at each position. There is undoubtedly upward correlation as well.

    One takeaway is you don’t want slow footed athletes at quarterback. The Dolphins learned that the hard way with Ryan Tannehill, who was apparently smart enough to avoid running the short shuttle at either the combine or his pro day.

    Roffers found that defensive tackle had the greatest correlation to test scores while wide receiver was the least:

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks for sharing that piece, interesting stuff.

  4. Volume12

    Trace McSorely’s arm is terrible. I wanted to like him, but just didn’t see anything there.

    Kentucky CB Lonnie Johnson vs Florida (2018):

    Only 1 game, but has really good footwork for a bigger corner. Interested to see how he tests.

  5. Kyle

    Thanks for your sharp eye and sharper take Rob.

    Interesting. Sounds like some of the DL names are not impressing, and there are a few more possibilities in the OL and WR position groups.

  6. Attyla the Hawk

    I feel it’s worth mentioning just how awesome of a job that Jim Nagy has done tweaking the Senior Bowl in his first year.

    This Senior Bowl has looked like it’s been incredibly competitive. And the choices of prospects have been largely outstanding. It feels fairly clear that these rosters were put together with a Senior pro scouting eye.

    Seems like this group is going litter the top 120 picks in this draft. Even despite the extremely large number of underclassmen declares.

    For draft nerds, this week even without a day of broadcast, has been a real treat.

  7. Coleslaw

    D.K. Metcalf is a monster! I expect Seattle to take a long look at him. If hes there after we trade down I would be stoked to get him, he has star potential and can play any role we need with plus blocking. Hard to imagine he wouldn’t be BPA at say 35 in PCJS’s eyes, considering their constant search for a big WR. Getting that guy in the 2nd round for 4 years has to be appealing to them.

    • Rob Staton

      There are pro’s and cons with Metcalf

    • Look Who's Hawkin?

      Thinking ceiling for his NFL career is Braylon Edwards, while his floor is Green-Beckham?

  8. HawkBill

    Lofty comparison considering how good Leonard turned out his 1st year:

    Terrill Hanks, LB, New Mexico State: His speed has jumped out in both of his practices this week. I see some similarities to Colts All-Pro rookie Darius Leonard in terms of production and body type. Leonard’s rise began at the Senior Bowl last year, and Hanks is picking up where Leonard left off here in Mobile. — Daniel Jeremiah

  9. schuemansky

    It seems that that the air is ever so changing from an all D draft to “let’s get some offensive weapons with the first pick(s). And if PCJS should find a DT and a DE in FA maybe the drat will look like:
    WR, OT, LB, TE, CB, … I love this blog.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think it’s a shift in what is a perceived superior need. For me it’s a case of looking at the board and seeing who might be there after they trade down once or twice. DL would be the best choice if possible but if they end up picking at 35-40 I’m not sure who will be there.

      • schuemansky

        Probably I didn’t express myself in the best way, but I agree 100% with your answer.
        With the top DL choices, that warrant a first round pick, gone at 35 and probably a lot of interesting WRs and TEs still there, I believe PCJS will try everything to be prepared with their FA moves before the draft.

      • Dale Roberts

        It does seem like they’ve shifted slightly from their “tilt the field” philosophy to a more need oriented approach.

        • Rob Staton

          Not sure about that. Penny and Green were outstanding athletes. So was McDowell and before that Ifedi. I think it’s consistently been a mix of need + field tilting.

          • Dale Roberts

            The ‘field tilting’ has come more from trades and free agency but the trades for Harvin, Graham, and Richardson sacrificed significant draft stock. None of those trades worked out so I’d expect them to learn from their experience.

            • Rob Staton

              Well yes, I wouldn’t expect a big trade any time soon. But I’d argue Bruce, Earl, McDowell, Penny — they were all unique, field-tilting athletes too. We could say the same about Lockett, Tate, Wilson, Michael, Wagner and others too.

  10. Zxvo3

    I want to here some opinions on this mock draft.

    Seattle Trades Back and get 2nd, 3rd, 5th Round Picks.

    R2: WR- Terry McLaurin (Ohio State)
    Amazing athlete. Very fast, makes hard catches, can create separation with his lighting fast feet, an exceptional blocker, and he can make special teams plays. I’m in love with this dude.

    R3: EDGE- D’Andre Walker (Georgia)
    Should be a 2nd round pick but since he got injured his stock may go down. If you want to stop the run, he is the perfect player. He can set the edge and can provide the occasional pass rush. Also a very good athlete.

    R3: DT- Khalen Saunders (Western Illinois)
    He was a day 3 pick but after Mobile, his stock may be going and I believe he can be a 3rd round pick. Very athletic, he’s very quick at the point of attack but he’s raw. Seattle can coach him up to be a solid pro imo.

    R4: CB- Jamal Peters (Mississippi State)
    Seems like a Seahawk corner. He’s lengthy and he has the size and the speed to play against the run. He could compete for a starting spot or could provide solid depth since they don’t have much depth after Griffin, Flowers, and Coleman (who’s a FA).

    R5: LB- Khalil Hodge (Buffalo)
    Rumors that the Seahawks are interested in him. Has an interesting back story and has faced multiple setbacks in his life. Very good tackler, he’s very productive, and he is a great run defender.

    R5: TE- Drew Sample (Washington)
    He’s a solid blocker and he’s a decent pass catcher. After the Will Dissly production earlier this season the Seahawks must have the Washington tight end on their radar. Could provide solid depth since Vanett is a FA after next year.

    • Trevor

      That would be a solid draft IMO.

    • trevor

      That would be a solid draft IMO.

    • Sea Mode

      Thanks for the mock. I would be very happy with this draft class for Seattle if it ended up like that. Nothing spectacular, mostly just solid all around, except maybe Saunders is their “swing for the fences” pick of the draft.

      Walker in R3 would be awesome.

  11. Trevor

    Rob two DT that I think are interesting at the Senior Bowl are Wren and Saunders as both seem like incredible athletes with tons of upside if they can be coached up. Which guy do you prefer if either and would they be a good fit in a DT rotation with Reed and Ford?

    • Sea Mode

      Gimme Wren any day over Saunders.

      Though I did throw out the comparison the other day of Saunders to Tim Settle, but then I heard Jim Nagy say (without naming Settle, but it was obvious who he was talking about) that Saunders is waaay better than that guy, so that’s some food for thought.

    • Rob Staton

      I think they’re very different. Wren more upside for sure. Saunders has an edge to him I like though.

    • C-Dog

      I’d take Saunders and that athleticism plus leverage in a heartbeat.

  12. clbradley17

    Fantastic podcast Rob, and Trevor is right – you have a great rapport with Brandan on the Sea Hawkers podcasts.

    Listened to Tony Pauline’s north and south podcasts for day 3 of the Senior Bowl practices. Seems like all the QBs were inconsistent except for Stidham of Auburn was very good again, and Minshew of WSU was pretty accurate but is limited. Didn’t seem like anyone was great at RB, said they seem to be wearing down. He mentioned FB Ingold of Wisconsin blocked great for the RBs and caught the ball well, could have moved up to late 7th. A few WRs were outstanding, of course McLaurin and Samuel, but he did say Samuel looks great in red zone drills, but doesn’t have that 3rd gear, not as fast as some of the others. Did throw out a name hadn’t heard before as also being fast and a very good route-runner and catching away from the body/high pointing the ball – 6’2″ 207 Keelan Doss of UC Davis. Also have noted that small as Isabella WR Penny Hart of GA St. has looked very fast, great route-runner, and catches everything. Heard that Isabella has a problem with drops here, possibly because of small hands.

    They continue to rave about the state of Washington OL, both Dillard of WSU and McGary of UW. Patterson of Miss. has again looked very good at guard and center, as has Edoga of USC at tackle. G Dieter of Wis. looked better today. Tony liked TE Drew Sample a lot, great blocker and catches intermediate passes well, may only time 4.8 at combine – seems a LOT like Dissly. Same for south TE Wesco of WVU, great blocker, catches passes well, both could be a TE option for us on day 3 if we acquire more picks, although Wesco has more of a short OL build than Sample(6’3″ 270s for Wesco, almost 6’5″ 250 for Sample). UW OL McGary and TE Sample were his players of the day for the north.

    Seems to be a disparity in the strengths on D for the teams. North has the superior D line, and South has the better LBs and DBs. North DLs K. Saunders and Wren looked good but not dominant as they did on day 2 and 1, respectively. Anthony Nelson of Iowa is Not an edge rusher, terrible on day 3 after looking OK on days 1 and 2. 2015 #1 overall recruit Cowart of MD. looked very good in 1v1s, and looked pretty good yesterday too, has been improving. Gaines had a down day, beat a few times. Montez Sweat was invisible he said, as was Jelks, Collier looks fast and had a few good reps again as did Omenihu-who needs to put on lbs., and Zach Allen had a couple good reps after being ineffective most of the week.

    Germaine Pratt at LB looked better on day 3 after being beaten in coverage a lot on day 2, but the south has the best 2 LBs again – Hanks of New Mexico St. and Okereke of Stanford are fast sideline-to-sideline 3 down LBs. TCU’s other DE Ben Banogu being tried at LB looked pretty good dropping into coverage as well as being fast rushing the passer in the 1v1s, beating 2 of the better OL – Edoga and McGary.

    Sin and Ballantine looked OK for the north at CB, and S Adderley looked better than day 2, but doesn’t have good speed and loses WRs at the top of the route, seems it could be as Rob speculated a week ago (closer to 4.6 than 4.4). Safeties Blair and Savage don’t look good at all in coverage, says maybe Blair can be used as a box safety only. Lonnie Johnson and Jimmy Moreland look good at CB for the south, as did safeties Johnson of Miami and Fields of Clemson. But they rave again about safety Edwards of KY, says he’s fast enough to play CB and plays the run very well too. Tony picked TE Wesco as his O player of the day and safety Edwards of his D player of the day for the south.

    Here’s the podcasts:
    North day 3 practice –
    South day 3 practice –

    And some notes from Tony’s Thur. night Senior Bowl buzz page with some bad news to start –

    “Georgia linebacker D’Andre Walker pulled out of the Senior Bowl due to an injury. I’ve learned the issue is with his groin, and the injury could keep him from working out at the combine.”

    “With the week of practices finally over, the big winner on the boards of most scouts is New Mexico State linebacker Terrill Hanks. Scouts love his athleticism and ability to play all three downs.”

    Tony Pauline’s twitter page, several good notes on day 3 practices –

    Several good videos of day 3 1v1s on these twitter pages:

    • C-Dog

      Great notes. I actually might be able to in the vast minority on this one but I think Stidham might end up a much better pro than college player, especially if he gets in the right system with the right coaching.

    • Sea Mode

      Thanks for doing this again. Haven’t had time to listen to the podcast.

      Penny Hart we definitely need to take a closer look at:

  13. Trevor

    Hi have been a big fan of the two Ohio St WR McLaurin and Campbell all year but the more watch them the more impressed I am. Those two along with Debbo Samuel are 3 WR I would love to see in a Hawks uniform.

    Going into the offseason I was 100% on board for trying to get an elite DL at #21. But the more I look at this draft class I think the top guys (Bosa, Williams, Wilkins, Lawerence, Polite, Simmons, Ferrell) will be long gone by 21.

    I thought there could be 4 -5 QB go in Rd #1 but that looks like a pipedream after watching these QB at the Senior Bowl. The only QB who seem like locks to go in R#1 are Murray and Haskins. I am not even sure about Haskins as a 1st round talent.

    So my thinking has taken a 360 degree turn. Now I am really hoping the Hawks can trade back once or twice into the early 2nd round to gather more picks. If they can add an additional 3rd rounder and 5th rounder it could open up some nice options.

    If they do this then I really hope with that initial pick in Rd#2 the take Mclaurin. He has everything the Hawks look for in a WR. Great athlete, runs good routes, nice hands, great special teamer and supposedly an incredible team mate and locker room guy.

    I don’t think WR is our biggest need but Baldwin is getting older and Moore is still really inconsistent. By adding Mclaurin you give Russ another elite WR who gets separation. You also add an elite gunner on kick coverage to help with special teams.

    With the signing of Locket last off season if they draft Mclaurin you have a nice long term group at WR with Moore. Those 3 would be a elite trio for the next 3-4 years with or without Baldwin who is one of the best slot receivers in NFL.

    Then in the rest of draft focus on high upside defensive talent to add youth, speed and depth.

  14. Matt

    Great work Rob. Here’s my stab at a mock draft:

    Seattle works their trade magic to generate two 2nds, one 3rd, two 5ths:

    R2: TE TJ Hockenson (Iowa) – TJ “falls” to high R2 due to depth of the TE class and teams falling in love with the upside of his teammate Noah Fant. Hockenson + Dissly forms a lethal TE combo that allows Seattle to continue it’s run dominance while adding more to the passing game. IMO, the perfect pick.

    R2: WR Greg Dortch (Wake Forest) – I love McLaurin, but Dortch is a guy who is Doug Baldwin with a little more juice. I’d be happy with either guy, but I give Dortch the leg up for producing like crazy at a mediocre football school.

    R3: DE Joe Jackson (Miami) – Much needed pass rush help. Good value in R3.

    R5: RB Bennie Snell (Kentucky) – I think he’s not going to test amazingly but could be a really awesome Mike Davis replacement to keep money down.

    R5: DT Daniel Wise (Kansas) – Very underrated and slightly undersized 3T who can really penetrate. I see him as a Clinton McDonald type player.

    Thoughts: Seahawks buck the trend and go Offense early and often. Why? Value, value, value. Seattle feels like they get two 1st round talents with Hockenson and Dortch. Hockenson is the perfect TE prospect for Seattle. Dortch is the heir apparent to Doug Baldwin. This is weird for a running team, right? Well yes…but keep in mind; with the limited volume of passing – you *NEED* guys to make the plays when given a chance. IMO, this means a higher premium on those positions.

    Bennie Snell is a fantastic value and provides a stellar #3 option with the ability to carry the load in case of injuries. He does nothing sexy but produce and is very tough.

    Why only 2 picks on Defense? Pretty simple – there is no DE that justifies the pick in R2; so Sea defaults to a Rasheem Green like pick in Jackson, in R3 (sound familiar?). And why so late on getting a DT? An even simpler answer – I think Seattle loves the Reed/Ford combo, and who wouldn’t? Why not target a more one dimensional DT later in the draft that can play on passing downs?

    I would love to get everybody’s thoughts on this. While the draft is loaded at DT…I just really think they wait on that pick because the future of Reed and Ford is really, really formidable. You obviously need depth there, but with Naz Jones in the fold + Daniel Wise (projected): I think you have a really nice 2 deep depth chart there.

    • Matt

      To add to this…Seahawks will obviously draft a CB in R6-7 like they always do. I also think they draft a big WR later in the draft or go hard after one in UDFA.

      My wild FA guess is one big spend with Landon Collins and transitioning BM30 to a FS role. I think we see a few Clinton McDonald type signings at DE & DT & OL.

    • Trevor

      Nice mock Matt nice to see some different names to check out.

      • Matt

        Thanks Trevor. Just trying to provide a different take. Seahawks seem to always zag when everybody else zigs.

    • Sea Mode

      Thanks for the mock, Matt!

      I like Hockenson and I think the Seahawks will too. Did something really similar in the mock I am about to post… 🙂

      Dortch, on the other hand, I’ll admit I didn’t watch much of. Just didn’t see the it factor with him tbh, and certainly not to merit being an early round pick. Seems like a day 3 guy to my eye. But that’s just my opinion and certainly you’ve watched more of him than I have, so I’m open to being persuaded otherwise.

      Interesting logic on going offense early, and I agree that might be where the value ends up for Seattle after trading down, but not tapping into this historic DL class until R5 does hurt a bit.

      Anyway, none of this is meant to be a criticism to the mock, just bouncing back ideas of where I’m at right now and what your scenario made me think of.

  15. Picks

    Really don’t think it’s worth the consideration because Kyle Murray won’t last even to a rant we can trade up for. Would love to have him, but seems very unlikely. I’m looking at the third round if the right guy falls to us there

  16. Eburgz

    Couple cool tidbits in here about McLaurin. Team captain and the best gunner Urban Meyer has ever had.

  17. JJ

    DK Metcalf just got clearance for full football activities.

    • Rob Staton

      Clearance is good news — but his stock depends on how teams view the neck. If there’s a chance it significantly shortens his career it’s an issue.

      • Trevor

        Metcalf is the ideal physical specimen but have to think the Hawks won’t touch him unless the medical on next is pristine.

        After loosing Kam and Avril to neck injuries then wasting a first pick on Mcdowell I think the last thing they would want is a guy with any medical red flags at all.

        • Rob Staton

          I think they would gamble a little on injuries to get an elite talent. My main concern with Metcalf is the concentration drops and basic routes. And while the size is appealing you offset that with the more complete talents available —- two of which competed in Mobile.

  18. Sea Mode

    Yeah, I see what you’re talking about, Rob:

    • Rob Staton

      Like watching Doug

      • Trevor

        Golden Tate’s body type with Baldwin’s feet. Love the attitude too!

  19. Sea Mode

    😂 gold

  20. Sea Mode

    Seattle met with Jelks per Charlie Campbell.

    • Volume12

      Gotta be honest. Doesn’t surprise me. There’s a lot to like about him.

      It’s ok to draft guys who might not be starters instantly and instead will grow into or become that guy by year 2 or year 3. It’s ok to draft supporting role players.

      I saw his name in a mock draft above and I know you like him. Miami’s Joe Jackson. Another guy I could see Seattle potentially showing some interest in who fits that same bill.

      • Sea Mode

        I am glad Matt brought his name back to my attention, because honestly I finished watching tape on him and remained on the fence as to his pro potential.

        Was hoping Awsi Dooger might have some insight on him…

        • Volume12

          Like a lot of guys, will depend on what scheme he goes to, what kind of coach gets his hands on him, someone already on the roster to take him under his wing, and other determining factors.

          I just hope we’re not getting to the point of looking for a Clowney or Von Miller when, I hate to keep using this word, it’s ok to find/have a Yannick Ngakoue/Ryan Kerrigan/Everson Griffen, etc.

          And when I say ‘we’re’ I mean as fans of the draft overall. Not just here or with a certain fanbase.

  21. clbradley17

    2019 Pro Bowl Mic’d Up: Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson

    NFC Pro Bowlers on Seahawks Players

    2019 Pro Bowl Skills Challenge Highlights

    • Sea Mode

      Talk about a carry by RW on that last one there!

  22. Sea Mode

    Pasting together a few tweets and replies here:

    Jim Nagy

    Congratulations to our Reese’s Senior Bowl Offensive Practice Players of the Week:

    QB:Jarrett Stidham @AuburnFootball
    RB: Dexter Williams @NDFootball
    WR: Deebo Samuel @GamecockFB
    TE: Foster Moreau @LSUfootball
    OL: Garrett Bradbury @PackFootball

    Congratulations to our Reese’s Senior Bowl Defensive Practice Players of the Week:

    DL: Isaiah Buggs @AlabamaFTBL
    LB: Drue Tranquill @NDFootball
    DB: Darnell Savage @TerpsFootball
    ST: Austin Seibert @OU_Football

    Congrats to Senior Bowl Practice Player of the Week (Top Overall), USC tackle Chuma Edoga (@edogawd). There’s a long list of players that improved their draft stock this week in Mobile but none more than Edoga, who consistently stood out in OL/DL 1-on-1’s.

    Winners were selected by poll of NFL scouts.

    25 Jan 2019

    • Volume12

      That K is an absolute unit. 5’9, 210 lbs?!? 👀

  23. Sea Mode

    Jim Nagy

    The @seniorbowl is excited to add @Pitt_FB RB Darrin Hall (@D_Halll) to the South roster and @UCLAFootball junior grad TE Caleb Wilson (@calebwilson81) to the North squad. We were able to get both players on the same red-eye flight from SoCal so they can be at practice today.

    7:45 AM – 24 Jan 2019

  24. Trevor

    After watching these Senior Bowl QBs I will be shocked if Murray does not go #1 overall.

    If you are a QB needy team and there are a ton. The options in this draft have to make you want to puke. Jones and Lock were getting 1st round hype and they look awful IMO. Grier does not even look draftable to me.

    Haskins is the only 1st round guy on the board outside of Murray and I kind of wonder if he was here at the Senior Bowl how would he look?

    Arizona is sitting pretty. The can trade #1 for ton likely or Kingsbury really does like Murray as much as he say they can draft him and likely get a 1st round pick for Rosen.

    Nick Foles and Joe Flacco must be loving it!

  25. SamL

    If the Seahawks trade down to the early second round, and McLaurin and Hockenson are on the board who would you take? Felt like the times we struggled this season was when we couldn’t convert on 3rd wich is why I would take Hockenson and he’d help in the run game.

    • Rob Staton

      I suspect Hockenson will be long gone

  26. Dale Roberts

    This is a great draft for the DL but we have a guy in Reed who is poised to be among the league’s best and a franchise cornerstone. Rather than looking for simply the best defensive lineman available the question should be who is the best compliment for Jarran Reed? Is it a Gerald McCoy type who seems to have a similar ability to get to the QB from the DT position or is it a guy like Snacks Harrison who may be the best run defender in the league? Do you pre-determine a complimentary type or does availability choose for you? Was Reed’s performance this year at all reflective of the people around him or just Reed coming into his own? Reed is a known quantity and finding line mates that strengthen his weaknesses may be more valuable than introducing a new dynamic on the line. From that perspective which defensive lineman in the draft, who might actually be available, would be the best fit with Reed?

    • C-Dog

      I think if Seattle wants to further shore up the run D, getting a Snacks type next to Jarran would be a great way to go about it. Personally, I’ve always that Reed seemed a bit more naturally 3T than 1T.

      • Rob Staton

        I’ll take a Tony McDaniel type — 6-6, 300lbs, angry as hell, great run defender. They need to go and find the next McDaniel for me. Someone cheap and useful with a BAMF attitude.

        • Dale Roberts

          Is Khalen Saunders your pick for the “Tony McDaniel” award in this year’s draft? A couple of round 4-5 guys that might fit are Daylon Mack, Texas and Albert Huggins from Clemson.

          • Rob Staton

            I really liked the look of Saunders but not a McDaniel type — more of a bulldozing pass rusher type.

    • Volume12

      Earl Mitchell is gonna become a FA. Don’t know how effective he was over the course of 16 games, but he was a great leader for a young D-line.

  27. Sea Mode

    Dang, this Penny Hart kid can really put his foot in the ground and run!

    Another Penny possibly in Seattle? [*insert “my two cents” jokes here]

  28. Sea Mode

    Holy cow, he almost made it there in time to catch the 55yd punt!

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