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If you’re looking for something to do prior to (or even during) the first pre-season game against the Las Vegas Raiders, check out this podcast I was part of this week along with Adam Nathan, Stu Court and Jacson Bevens…


  1. CaptainJack

    Where is everyone? Game that bad you all turned it off?

    • CaptainJack

      Alton Robinson and Rasheem Green both could be good. The offense has been a dumpster fire but who cares? All the starting offensive linemen are injured and we’ve never had good backup qbs, ever. I am just watching the dline and I see some promising signs from the edges. Taylor and Collier flashed also.

      • Gohawks5151

        We are clearly not on Rob’s group chat😉.Yeah some flashes. Brooks breaks on the ball really well. Taylor has some burst but lacks a plan. Alton looks good rushing too but should not be covering anyone down field. Clint Hurt has a lot to work with. Neal looks good. Tre Brown is really explosive. The trenches are yucky though.

        • swedenhawk

          My wife and kid are away so I stayed up until 3.00 am to watch this. I should’ve caught up on my rest! The trenches are mess! It felt like every offensive play was over as soon as the ball was snapped. After this, does anyone still have doubts that the Seahawks need to get Duane Brown back on the field as soon as possible? I also want to see Ben Garland visiting the VMAC next week. It’s not ideal, but (like Pete, seemingly) I can’t imagine what Aaron Donald will do to the interior of this O-line. In terms of the D-line, I agree with much of what’s already been said. Robinson looked solid. Taylor looked quick off the snap, but was too easily handled (and looked poor defending the run to boot). Green couldn’t get home and Collier looked totally inept rushing from the edge, but was fine working inside. No doubt things will be better with Dunlap and Hyder in the mix. But no one should come away from this performance thinking that the d-line rotation is ‘sneaky deep’ or whatever.

        • DancingBuddha

          Taylor just needs to flatten his rush a bit, and considering this is his first game since Han 2020, its way more promising than I dared hope for. We may actually have something here.

  2. LA_LawHawk

    This team looks to be exactly what they were last season. Disorganized, predictable and 2 designed run plays in the first half complimenting a defense that gave up a dozen third down conversions and are lucky to not be down 28 to 0 right now.

  3. Chase

    Where is everyone?

    • CaptainJack

      people stopped caring about this mediocre football team

    • Submanjoe

      I’m here, checked in a couple times. Don’t post after 6pm or so….

      Robinson and Green looked like they were trying hard. Give me Mcgough over Smith, just don’t get the Geno Smith thing.

  4. Jordan

    Taylor looks like a really explosive and athletic mover. Reassuring given that there weren’t any testing numbers available.

  5. CaptainJack

    Offense was crap. Young oline guys struggled. Wide receiver and tight end depth is crap. Worry about Waldron. This is not a deep team at all.

    Defense was slightly better looking. Alton and Rasheem look pretty good, Rasheem looked faster than I remember him. Taylor has some athleticism, even Collier seems faster now. Brooks might be good, and Barton looked better than I had ever seen him look. Of course this is against LVR third stringers. Lots still stunk. The DT depth is really bad. Corners are a major problem.

    • CaptainJack

      BBK… damnit he plays hard.

    • Ashish

      WR can’t catch a ball when no one near them in 5 yards. Seriously no WR depth same for OL. What a mess.

  6. cha

    A few random observations

    GOOD – Michael Dickson 5 punts for 48.6 average, including a 62 yard bomb. He’s ready to have another fantastic season.
    BAD – Jason Myers with a missed FG from 50 or so. He’s missed a few in practices lately. Concerning.

    GOOD – Cody Barton with 2 sacks in the 2nd half. Squirreling his way through crowded trenches and taking advantage of the coverage and DL creating pressure.
    BAD – Cody Barton everything in the first half. Bad angles, little speed or anticipation.

    GOOD – Ryan Neal playing all over the place. Blitzing from the strong safety spot, looked like he got pressures and hurries.
    BAD – Tre Flowers. Nothing new. Looking lost at times, others being right on the hip of his man but unable to display any instincts about pass timing and getting beaten.

    GOOD – DJ Dallas with some good runs, a great 4th down catch and run and a surprisingly good, aggressive job at kick returning.
    BAD – Nobody on the OL earned any brownie points tonight. Phil Haynes left the field with an injury. Starting to wonder if he’s just in it for the insurance money.

    GOOD – Seahawks smartly benching most if not all big time offensive players.
    BAD – Bryan Mone, Darrell Taylor and Alton Robinson getting an awful lot of snaps. Are they repeating early 2020 by driving their DL depth into the ground with overuse? Time will tell.

    GOOD – Alton Robinson bringing lots of pressure. He played well with a minuscule amount of snaps down the stretch last year.
    BAD – Alton Robinson somehow got assigned to cover a WR ??? The outcome was predictable.

    GOOD – Tre Brown has ‘it’. I don’t know exactly what it is but Tre Flowers doesn’t have it.
    BAD – John Ursua unfortunately seems cooked. Nothing to like in the passing game, and it looked like he got spooked on the punt return after getting hit early in the previous one. Didn’t have the presence of mind to get away from the ball. Could have been disaster, but as it is cost them about 10 extra yards in bounces.

    GOOD – BBK with 12 tackles
    BAD – BBK’s tackles were frequently after big gains. Reminiscent of Cody Barton’s 14 tackle game vs Minnesota when they ran for 200 yards on the defense.

    GOOD – Seeing Darrell Taylor actually play is fantastic. One hurdle cleared. Now on to the next.
    BAD – So many guys held out of this game with injuries. VMAC training and medical staff reputation not great.

    GOOD – Seeing fans back in the stadium for football.
    BAD – Embarrassing canned blather from Curt Menefee and Dave Wyman:

    (Seahawk LB whiffs badly on a tackle) “oh, that’s to be expected, these guys haven’t actually been able to hit anyone yet this year, you’re going to see a lot of missed tackles.”

    (Bryan Mone makes a good play) “there is quite the battle at the DT position, Mone is looking to make the squad.” Yes, the injured and hasn’t-played-in-two-seasons Robert Nkemdiche is really gunning for that spot, along with the 34 year old Al Woods, he of the 5.5 career sacks and Cedric Lattimore with 30 snaps of NFL experience. Yup, Mone is in for the fight of his life.

    • Lewis

      Man they missed Poona and Reed tonight.

    • Mick

      Thanks cha. I could only see the highlights and had the impression that Barton looked quite good, but it seems I’m mistaken. Alton looked to be doing a nice job, although he shouldn’t play CB 🙂 But I don’t think he can do worse than Tre Flowers. Alex Collins ran into opponents. I know you must play such games with roster fillers, but Nate Evans looked bad on a missed tackle, and if we got to Donkor on the field our LB depth is really bad. And speaking of depth, if Tyler or DK should be out with an injury, we’re toast.

    • DancingBuddha

      Nkemediche is listed as 2nd on the depth chart at DT so he may well be on his way to making this roster

      • Lewis

        I have higher hopes for Nkemdiche than Mone

      • CaptainJack

        Considering he’s battling with two obese guys who can only play a few snaps at a time and a bunch of no names, I’d say Nkemdiche really does have a shot at the roster.

    • Ashish

      2nd and 3rd string guys literally sucks. Most starter didn’t play so can’t say much. Defender/Pass rusher is next to the guy who is holding the ball and he has to just tackle and they missed it all night. Same with WR not able to catch the ball.
      Glad few people noticed Talyor did good. I didn’t feel that great but happy to be wrong.

    • McZ

      The fact that Geno left with a concussion playing behind what seems to be our starting OL (yikes!) should be a warning sign for RW.

      They have to make a deal with Brown.

      With Ryan Neal being and playing like starting caliber, we have to make decision, if paying Adams makes sense at all. If Alton Robinson, who was the best player on a meh team, stabilizes the pass rush opposite to Dunlap, we rather need a bad ass DT, for half the money.

      It comes down to this… DB + DT or Jamal Adams.

    • CaptainJack

      Taylor, Robinson and Mone all need to get into football shape. Mone just looked fat last night. Robinson was huffing and puffing. I don’t have an issue giving those three a ton of snaps.

  7. Rob Staton

    My analysis of pre-season game #1:

    The Seahawks were crap

    • Simon McInnes

      And the worrying thing is they tend to not play much better in regular season week one – even when they win

  8. Henry Taylor

    Just caught up with the game.

    I thought Rasheem Green played well, I wasnt confident he’d make the roster this year but this was a good start.

    Seeing Darrell Taylor on the field was a treat, plus he had a nice pressure for Barton’s sack.

    McGough looked much better than Geno, but the O was pretty horrible throughout. Whoever that TE with the double barrelled name (Wood something?) Should be cut asap.

  9. Martinb

    Spot on Rob. This team, as coached and constructed, produces ZERO enthusiasm from me. None.
    Rob, what components make you feel so disinterested? For me, it’s Pete’s continuous meddling and ultra-control, paired with lack of playoff success.

    • Rob Staton

      There are many things. But mainly I think it’s time for change at the top but I know it isn’t coming.

      • Martinb

        Which is incredibly depressing. Looking back, I took 2011-2014 for granted. Those were amazing times watching this team grow. It’s just so frustrating.

        • Rob Staton

          That Raiders game was such a joyless experience.

          It made me feel cold watching it.

          • Martinb

            Which may be a season long feeling for us: joyless and cold. And they added an extra game now. Yikes.

  10. Rob Staton

    New article up now with some game thoughts

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