Live stream with Joe Fann & 710 ESPN appearance

There are two pieces of audio to share today. I was invited onto Jake & Stacy on 710 ESPN and you can hear the segment below:

I also hosted a live stream with Joe Fann to discuss the big talking point relating to the Seahawks. Check it out below:


  1. cha

    I probably won’t make it to see it live but if you could Rob, please thank Joe for asking some of the more straightforward questions in his time on the Seahawks beat.

    There’s a small, but dedicated section of fans that very much appreciate him shining a light on some of the subjects that have been a challenge for the franchise.

    • Rob Staton

      Will do!

  2. bmseattle

    Really looking forward to this.
    I second what Cha said, too… Joe was amazing on the beat. I really hope he is able to stay in this market going forward (if that is his desire, of course).

    • Rob Staton

      If people want to post messages on here for Joe similar to Cha’s thanking him for the work he did with NBC, I will read them all out.

  3. cha

    More than a month remains before the first regular-season game Sept. 12 at Indianapolis, but the situation is getting urgent enough that sources said star quarterback Russell Wilson has let the team know he would be willing to restructure his contract to create cap space for Adams and Brown.

    • Bankhawk

      If this proves to be true, THAT would be what I call leadership!

      • TomLPDX

        The front office can restructure his contract without his consent. This is just RW hot air.

        • Sea Mode


          • johnny

          • johnny


        • cha

          It’s actually pretty smart.

          1-It puts pressure on the FO to get those contracts done

          2-If Russ decides to seek a trade next offseason, he’ll have a very public leg to stand on if the FO messes this up and costs them games.

          3-Russ gets paid sooner (converting salary to bonus)

          4-Pushing cap $ out ups his negotiating base for his next contract

  4. TomLPDX

    I missed what happened with Joe Fann. Did nbcsportsnw shut down or something? Did he leave because he wanted to or because he had to? I liked Joe and thought he asked good questions and at times got under Pete’s skin…which was interesting to say the least…I actually remember when he first started and Pete was like “is your name really JOE FANn?” (maybe it was JS, who knows). They fact is they were trying to put him down because of his name and he rolled with it made me remember him from the get-go and I like what he reported.

    Good luck to you Joe…I’ll be listening tomorrow.

    • CaptainJack

      Joe Fann needs to ask those tough questions to jim lake and Jen Cohen…

      • Paul Cook

        There is definitely a little unease in Husky nation of late. There are some good reasons for it:

        1) Coach Pete gone and with him the cache he brought to the program
        2) The loss of coach K our defensive coordinator
        3) The somewhat head scratching pick for our new OC
        4) The noticeable decline in the rankings of our recruits these last two periods
        5) The horrible leadership of the Pac 12 these past years

        But I must say this…Jimmy Lake really hasn’t been given a chance yet. I really think it’s far premature to make any kind of a fair judgment of him as a head coach. He steps in after Coach Pete (a hard enough task to begin with), and then immediately gets hit with Covid and a conference that responded poorly to it in comparison to other conferences. He only got a few games, and still managed to win the Pac 12 north (though Oregon went to the championship game because of Covid that hit the team).

        I think you’ve got to give him a few years from here to make any kind of fair judgment. He’s got some real talent at present on both sides of the ball. Let’s see what he can do.

    • All I see is 12s

      Joe was formerly an intern for the Seahawks so there was some familiarity between them. Nonetheless, Joe was one of the more aggressive reporters.

      • Roy Batty

        I would replace “aggressive” with “legitimate”.

        The guy actually did his job, as opposed to the Carroll fan club currently asking questions at press conferences.

  5. no frickin clue

    Really looking forward to this one Rob. Thanks for arranging.

    I would love to get Joe’s opinion on which Seahawks players/coaches, in the time he covered the team, provided the most authentic/genuine answers to his questions.

  6. CaptainJack

    This is a bit of a continuation from another comment but… is it that difficult to believe Kyle Fuller might be a more effective NFL Center than Ethan Pocic?

    • CaptainJack

      Makes the FO look really dumb for resigning him

    • Rob Staton


      Neither is it that difficult to imagine that neither player is adequate.

  7. CaptainJack

    Penny is still injured. Rashaad that is. Frustrating. What an awful draft pick

    • Big Mike

      This just in too, water is wet.

  8. CaptainJack

    DJ Reed out. Flowers has a wide open chance to start. This should be fun… Witherspoon and Flowers as the starting outside CBs… scary for us. Exciting for Jacob Eason

    • Big Mike

      Don’t know how much truth there is to this, but Colts are saying Wentz has an “excellent” chance of being back for week 1.

  9. Bankhawk

    I was watching some UNC highlight footage of this Ratliff-Williams: thought I could see a little bit ‘Golden Tate-style dawg’ in his game. Am I just dreamin?
    Also this is the first I’ve heard about D.J. Reed being iut: is it serious? Hope not! 🤞

  10. All I see is 12s

    The Seattle Times is reporting that RW is willing to restructure his contract to help
    The team sign DB and/or JA. If true this is a big deal that we probably need to talk about a bit more. If it happens, it means that RW would have no easy exit via trade after the season. Perhaps RW is happy enough with what he sees to continue his commitment to Seattle. Obviously it’s all talk now, but still interesting.

  11. Bigsteviej

    Yesterday the Niners worked out a bunch of safeties, with Tartt out for at least the first 6 weeks. One of them was a familiar name, Bradley Macdougald. Given that MacDougald was part of the Adams trade, there would be some irony if he’s signed by the Niners for a fractiion of Adams’ ultimate salary/cost, without them needing to give up any draft capital, etc.

    • Mick

      If he’s still at the level he showed in Seattle, I’d say he would be a gain for the 9ers.

  12. cha

    Chris Mortensen
    Good vibes all around

    Jacob Eason and Sam Ehlinger are competing for the backup role.

    Yes, the backup role.

    Carson Wentz trending to open the season as the starter with All-Pro G Quenton Nelson on same path after foot surgeries.

    The Colts open season vs. Seahawks.
    5:55 AM · Aug 11, 2021

    • CaptainJack

      Week one looking more and more like an L with our Oline injuries and the Duane Brown Holdout…

  13. cha

    RENTON, Wash. — The Seattle Seahawks have made another contract offer to Pro Bowl strong safety Jamal Adams and are awaiting word on whether he will accept it, a source told ESPN on Tuesday.

    In the meantime, the organization and Adams’ agent have not spoken in several days, a source confirmed.

  14. John

    The Seahawks vaunted pass rush has been weakened

    • cha

      Yeah, that wasn’t a high-percentage chance there. The Hawks didn’t guarantee any of Smith’s salary.

      It does bring to light what they’ll do at SAM/EDGE.

      Are they really comfortable giving the bulk of the snaps to Darrell Taylor?

      They said Benson Mayowa was on the depth chart there too. Benson Mayowa in coverage?? Hmm. Not great.

      • Mick

        I wonder why though, the reports were that he’s performing quite well in camp. Likely the legal matters.

        • cha

          He suited up for the mock game but I didn’t see him much, if at all.

          Granted I might have missed it, but a dude that is taller than everyone else wearing #99 is pretty hard to miss.

          • CaptainJack

            He was a one game wonder in Dallas. That game was against the Seattle oline.

            I’m not convinced he’d be good even sans legal issues

      • CaptainJack

        Mix of Taylor/Mayowa and Robinson

    • Poli

      Wonder if Olivier Vernon or Everson Griffen would be fits

    • CaptainJack

      Is anyone surprised??? Not me

    • Belfasthawk

      It doesn’t phase Gregg Rosenthal too much!

  15. Hawkcrazy

    Absolutely love Joe Fann. My favorite reporter and his podcasts were incredible. Very well thought out, articulate and excellent guests. Always looked forward to one of his podcasts as well as his articles. I also want to say he does a great job when subbing in as host for local radio broadcasts. I know the sports reporter market is tough but would really really like him to stay in Seattle area if he has to go somewhere else to further his career they will be getting a gem.

  16. Rob Staton

    Aldon Smith released today then.

    Wonder if we’ll see those people raving about Seattle’s great pass rush depth today?

    • Belfasthawk


      Just posted Gregg Rosenthal’s tweet above. I saw it thought it would go down well here!

      • Rob Staton

        ‘Sneaky deep’

        Three defensive tackles with NFL experience on the roster.

        Pass rush centered around Carlos Dunlap with journeymen Mayowa and Hyder in support.

        The great mystery of Darrell Taylor.

        And Frank and Beans — Collier and Green.


        • drrew76

          Alton Robinson exists.

          They have a bunch of middling depth, and little to no star power/difference makers. It is what it is.

          • Rob Staton

            Robinson too, yes.

            Although I think he’s in serious danger of becoming overrated. He had a handful of nice plays a year ago. I’m not suggesting he won’t take a big step forward this year but I also think we need to see it, not assume it.

            • Lewis

              > need to see it

              For me, that’s the theme for this DL.

    • cha

      The ‘best DL since 2013′ narrative is such a load.

      It’s just a wild overreaction to having one of the worst defensive lines in the NFL entering the season in both 2019 and 2020.

      Also not a coincidence that the ones who are pushing that thought happen to be the ones who claimed the Seahawks’ DL would be fine the last two seasons. And were horribly wrong then. Just as they are now.

      And for the record, here’s the Seahawks DL in 2017

      Frank Clark
      Jarran Reed
      Sheldon Richardson
      Michael Bennett
      Cliff Avril
      Quentin Jefferson
      Dion Jordan
      Naz Jones

      I’d happily swap the 2021 DL for the 2017 DL any day of the week.

    • drrew76

      Are we really pretending that Aldon (2 sacks in the 15 games not against the Seahawks) Smith is some big loss?

      • Rob Staton

        Who is pretending that?

        Nobody has even hinted at that.

        Bit of an odd thing for you to imply…

        • drrew76

          Just saying, if anyone believed that they had “great pash rush depth” yesterday, not having Aldon Smith on the roster shouldn’t really change that belief.

          • Rob Staton

            Now you’re moving the goalposts.

            Your original point was to imply that a daft argument was being made about Smith’s importance.

            Now you’re saying that someone praising the depth yesterday couldn’t be forced into a rethink… when the depth has directly been impacted.

            I think you’re trying a bit hard to be fair…

      • Gaux Hawks

        pffft… hell yeah i did, if only for the slightest slivers of hope and optimism.

        • Poli

          Me too. 2020 was his first season after a 5 year absence, so I was hoping he got the rust off, and got primed to make a huge impact this season.

    • Joshua G Smith

      Present. Lol
      I’m disappointed that Smith was released. But it was kinda expected,right? Or suspended for multiple games at a minimum?
      For the record I never said this D line was it would be great. Just some good potential to be better then is currently expected. And Aldon Smiths release doesn’t really affect the outcome much. I agreed with Danny O’Neill in that we should treat Smith like Josh Gordon. If he’s able to play than great!
      But he wasn’t the key piece… Just a bonus if he could play.

      Hopefully he gets himself/his situation straight…

  17. cha

    Why is Smith being released? Gregg Bell has a source

    A league source told The News Tribune Wednesday morning the Seahawks are expected to release Smith as soon as Wednesday afternoon. The move will come before Carroll’s latest veteran reclamation project played a game for Seattle.

    The NFL source indicated Smith violated the conditions to which he, Carroll and the Seahawks agreed when they signed and supported him this spring.

    • Paul Cook

      Something like this sounds about right. A very short team leash.

    • Brik

      Damn, I was hoping the release had something to do with opening up some money for the signing of Duane Brown. I figure that Jamal Adams’ contract won’t cost us anymore this year. I think Duane Brown will need some more money this season.

  18. Gaux Hawks

    any updates on Pier-Olivier Lestage… ??

    • Sea Mode

      Bob Condotta

      One player back today was OL Pier-Olivier Lestage. He was on the PUP list, meaning he had to have passed his physical to be back on the field today.

  19. Big Mike

    Just saw this little nugget on Cowhers……..
    most NFL playoff losses in the last 7 years, Seattle Seahawks. Playoff record last 5 games, 1-4.

    But really it doesn’t matter cuz the Hawks are getting there and that’s really what’s important.


    • Ryan

      1. Yeah, it kinda is what’s important. You have to make the playoffs to have those losses. If you think about it, every year you make the playoffs is one loss, while not every year will you get a win. (Obviously the SB winner won’t get an L, but for every other team just making the playoffs is an automatic L, and for half of the best teams in the NFL, they won’t get a W to balance it out.)

      I mean, these feel like the most cherry-picked stats I’ve seen in a while to continue some doom and gloom narrative. In the last 7 years, the Seahawks also have the 4th-most playoff wins in the NFL.

      2. Speaking of cherry-picked, last 5 games? That 5th game is the second playoff game of 2016. We won our first playoff game of 2016, but he conveniently (and purposefully, and misleadingly) cuts it off at 5 games instead of 5 years so he can avoid including that additional win. Nobody in sports counts like that unless you are trying to mislead your audience just to fit your narrative.

      • jeff

        I disagree. It is not about doom and gloom, which is a straw man that defenders of the faith use often to mischaracterize what reasonable critics are pointing out. Seattle has gone from elite contender to a high floor, low ceiling organization that does not look good in the playoffs.

        What is being questioned is whether or not Seattle is optimizing its chances to win a Super Bowl over the last half decade, which makes playoff performance over that time not only not cherry-picked, but really the most relevant set of contests to examine.

  20. Big Mike

    Not a huge fan of Max Kellerman but this is sadly interesting and a good summation of the situation with Wilson & the FO (which is of course Pete Carroll);

    • Big Mike

      And not just Kellerman quoted here

    • Mick

      I mean, he’s right… The only reason why we have a strong WR corps is that we got lucky with DK, after drafting LJ Collier and Blair before him. Carson needs to stay healthy, Penny is a bust, the OL looks good only at G, if we let Duane Brown go we’ll prolly have the worst OL in NFC West. This isn’t building an offense for Russ.

  21. TomLPDX

    Hey Rob, did your Jake and Stacy interview ever get posted?

    • Rob Staton

      It got moved to today. Not sure if it was used in the first hour but I’ve just put the show on now to listen out for it.

      • Mick

        Looking forward to it.

        • Rob Staton

          It might not get played Mick — I’ve not heard it advertised today. If I hear anything I’ll let you know

          • cha

            They just texted me that it’s airing at 1pm.

            • Rob Staton

              Cool, enough time for everyone to listen to it and then join me and Joe at 1:40pm 🙂

              (Note the later time)

              • TomLPDX

                Cool! Is there a live stream? Heading over now to see.

                • Rob Staton

                  It’s just played — I will post the podcast embed from 710 on here later.

                  • cha

                    🔥 🔥

                  • Big Mike

                    Please do as I didn’t catch it.

                  • TomLPDX

                    I found the live broadcast but got stucj in a “status: loading” and finally gave up

                    • Rob Staton

                      I’ve posted the embed code in the article now so you can listen to it

                  • TomLPDX

                    Thanks Rob, I’ll go give it a listen.

  22. cha

    My gut feeling is that the $15M a year number would be fair. Brown is set to earn $11 million this year so I think the real trick for Seattle is to get the guarantee to be in the $20 million range. Guarantees have also increased since 2017 but if they are already prepared to pay him $11M this year it would only be an additional risk of $9-11 million to guarantee him that number. That would offer them more protection than playing out the year and re-signing him anyway and gets them away from the animosity of the franchise tag if things got there.


    Adams’ situation is more complicated. This was something that was likely always going to be a mess from the day they traded for Adams. Adams had already become a bit of a malcontent from the Jets and the contract asks had already started at a high level. The Seahawks inexplicably traded two first round picks for Adams without doing a contract extension ahead of time.

    This basically can give you a range of fair values for a “market mover” on defense with a low value around $16.5M a year and a high value of $20.5M a year. The average of $18.2M would probably be a reasonable number.

    Of course reasonable may not be at play here. I would guess Adams views himself as a jack of all trades who transcends the safety position. A coverage type linebacker recently earned a contract extension worth $19.7 million a season. Adams can rush the passer and edge rushers earn $20 million a year. So he is much more than a safety.

    I rarely agree with those arguments which in my mind are similar to running backs and tight ends who claim to be wide receivers. Most of the NFL won’t pay up for a safety that can rush a passer. It is a nice quality to have but isn’t something teams looks for as often the opportunities are not that big and many will not tailor a defense to utilize that. I’m also not sure if Adams is considered a great coverage player. In the last two years he ranks tied for 32nd among safeties for pass break ups per PFF and his 1 interception ranks 68th. That doesn’t mean he won’t get paid in free agency just that he would not be looked at as a transcendent player.

    • Big Mike

      32nd ranked in PBUs and 68th ranked with ONE interception in 2 seasons (well actually 1 3/4 since he missed 1/4 of last season). Cool, 2 more numbers to go along with 53rd ranked.

    • Paul Cook

      This write-up about JA is basically just a compilation of the thoughts I’ve read from Rob, cha, and others around here. These lines stick out…””This was something that was likely always going to be a mess”….and…”The Seahawks inexplicably traded two first round picks for Adams without doing a contract extension ahead of time.”

      Oh lord…we’ve just had too many misses in relations to hits in recent years, and just not a good overall strategic plan, if they had one at all. Patchwork is how I’d describe it. Fine on Etsy, but not in the NFL.

  23. Brik

    So what do we think about trying to get CJ Henderson from the Jaguars? Word is he is on the block right now. Too bad we would probably have to give up the 2nd when we don’t have a first. Maybe adding a player to it and a 4th would be doable.

    • Lewis

      Can we trade Adams for him?

      • Brik

        That would be a terrible move unless they threw in a 1st round pick

  24. Paul Cook

    On a side note, there’s little doubt in my mind that were Paul Allen still alive, he’d be concerned about the state and direction of the team now. There’s just no accountability for coaching and personnel management as far as I can see now.

    This season’s success, it seems to me, is almost entirely dependent upon how far the offense can take us. And now we’ve got the anchor of our somewhat suspect OL holding out, our franchise QB already frustrated, our top pick missing valuable time and reps, our backup RB trying to get healthy, and a new offense being put into place by a new OC under a head coach who can’t seem to stop himself from butting in.

    If it was possible, I think I’d trade RW to the LA Chargers now for Justin Herbert and their next year’s first round pick just to create CAP room and start over. That’s about where my head’s at now.

    • Brik

      We would have to trade RW and a couple firsts to get Justin Herbert. I still doubt the Chargers would trade.

      • UkAlex6674

        No way they trade Herbert.

    • McZ

      31 passing TDs
      5 rushing TDs
      4336 yds
      66.55% completion
      98,3 QB rating
      32 sacks

      40 passing TDs
      13 rushing TDs
      4,212 yds
      68.8% completion
      105.1 QB rating
      47 sacks

      Herbert had one game less and played behind an rag-tag OL, that was the laughing stock of the league. The Chargers had really no run game after Ekeler went down.

      I expect Herbert to surpass Wilson in almost any metric.

  25. TomLPDX

    What a great show with Joe!!! Please do more with him. One of the best you’ve done.

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you Tom

  26. cha

    Video of Joe Fann getting under Pete’s skin (my question)

  27. Ashish

    Rob, in allocated 10 minutes you put very nicely what hawks has done wrong both in drafting, free agency and trades. Impressive well done. I hope people listen relate and appreciate.

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you!

  28. Denver Hawker

    Assuming Hawks upped the offer for Adams as reported, if a deal isn’t finalized in next 48 hours, I can’t see a good ending here. He sits out? They trade him?

    Playing games with Duane Brown isn’t healthy either. Do they really thing Stone is the future LT and want to ditch Duane after this year?

    What is the plan?!? Everything just reeks of terrible long term planning and/or execution.

    • Ashish

      If someone offer 1st round for Adams today i will take it and move on. Before you say something on 1st round he has 9.5 sacks in 12 games. Selling point :).

      • Denver Hawker

        Probably the right price honestly. However, it would have happened by now if they were going to do it. Too much pride at this point- I expect they’d call his bluff and let him sit out. He’s young and has too much at stake with what will likely be his best contract opportunity.

      • J.P.

        I’ll take a 2nd rounder at this point. Preferably a bit higher obviously.

        So basically we lost a 1st round pick or so for a year of Adams. I mean it could be worse, I guess. Need to save some money anyways, Wilson is probably gonna hand out another list of teams this off-season instead of just being straight forward about wanting more toys on offense.

    • hawkdawg

      Even if Stone IS the future LT, he sure isn’t the present one. This season is looking pretty precarious if Brown is out of the picture.

  29. JLemere

    So PC wants to give Adams 17.5 million a year. SMH

  30. clbradley17

    Thanks for the 2 great interviews today Rob. Can you post or upload the Joe Fann video as posted or as a recorded video on youtube? Was trying to convert it to an mp3 to listen to while delivering at work tomorrow, and it still shows as a live video and isn’t listed under your videos yet.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not sure how I can do that?

  31. Scot04

    Adams update

    • Brik

      I don’t see why this sounds like they are worlds apart. It’s so close now if it doesn’t get done then everyone loses. (If this is true)

      • Sea Mode

        $17.5m is not at all a bad number for APY if true, but structure and cash flow matter.

        • cha

          If the 4yr with $38m guaranteed is the case, I’d guess the split to be $24m bonus/$14m salary.

          First year cap hit about $10-11m.

          I think the sticking point may be Adams may want something like Jalen Ramsey’s deal, in that there are options to guarantee more salary if he’s on the roster on a certain date.

          Ramsey had $43m guaranteed at signing with another $25m potentially to become guaranteed if he is on the roster each spring.

          • Hoggs41

            Sounds like its a 4/$70m deal at this point. $17.5 in new apy. Basically a 5 year $80m deal with the current $9.86 he has now. Seahawks always give out there fully guaranteed at signing money in the first year except Locketts new deal which has fully guaranteed money in the first two years. Im betting Adams deal has no fully guaranteed money after the second year as well.

            • cha

              I really doubt the Seahawks would keep 2021 as is and extend him for 4 seasons after that.

              They’ll more likely tear up 2021 and include that in the 4 year deal.

              • Hoggs41

                I seriously doubt they would do that. Its basically the same as extending a guy after his third year. It includes the 4th year plus the extension years.

  32. swedenhawk

    Thanks for all the level-headed discussion, Rob! Quick question: Do you think we might see a FA center like Ben Garland visit the VMAC after the first preseason game? Also: if you’re in to laid-back drinking, Stockholm ain’t the place. In Copenhagen, on the other hand, it’s basically the lifestyle.

    • Rob Staton

      I’d love to go to both places, preferably with some football involved too.

      I’m not sure on the center position. I hope so. I can’t believe we’re in this situation frankly, especially after going through a loaded center draft (again).

  33. Sea Mode

    Bob Condotta

    A couple interesting position things: Phil Haynes got the most work I’ve seen him get in camp in live drills at center; and L.J. Collier seemed to have a really good day, including a sack of Wilson in a team drill. Got a hearty fist bump from GM John Schneider as he left field.

  34. Sea Mode

    So, essentially the infamous “let Russ cook”, except hopefully he’s cooking up more dink and dunk, easy completions than just downfield bombs?

  35. Denver Hawker

    Dunbar cut by Lions. Had been removed from practice last couple days for ‘personal reasons’.

  36. cha

    Ariya Diggs learning from dad how to handle pesky WRs.

    1-Get him to the ground before the ball gets there

    2-Don’t be afraid to go low and dirty

    3-When he’s on the ground, let him know this is coming all day long

  37. Big Boi

    Okay, playing devil’s advocate here, what are Jamal’s options? The Seahawks have him under contract for 2021 and can tag him the two years after that. If he doesn’t sign this “final offer”, does he just not play? What are the financial ramifications of that for him? If he does, and it looks like the D is better off without him, his value goes down. Or is there a chance that he still plays under his current contract and hope he plays well enough to earn a better offer? Of course, the Broken Leg fiasco will always be in the back of his mind.
    I just don’t know that he has all that much leverage right now, especially with that big of a contract being offered.

    • Rob Staton

      Well look it like this.

      The Seahawks trade two firsts, a third and a starting vet for Adams and a fourth. And after one season he’s sitting out? From what I’m reading and hearing from the connected media types, neither Adams or Brown will play without new deals.

      The sheer fact he’s being offered $17.5m a year is indicative of his leverage.

      And the fact he is still trying for more is indicative of what he sees as significant leverage.

      • Scot04

        Crazy to think we don’t think top DE’s are worth that kind of money, but a safety is. Add in the draft capital. This front office just really doesn’t seem to value investing in the trenches.

  38. J

    If either Brown or Adams miss games because of their contract dispute, they don’t get an accrued season for 2021 and their FA will just be delayed by a year.

    The story is you’d like to see them extend for the long term. But any concern over them not playing in 2021 is overblown.

    Absent injury both will play in 2021, the same as if we extended them.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s my understanding that the team can choose to prevent them from playing in 2021 — for Seattle or anyone else — and then they won’t accrue a season.

      I don’t think this is a solution.

      • TomLPDX

        It’s really the only remaining leverage that Seattle has left though…delay the inevitable. If they are really as close as people are saying then I bet they make the final push and get it done…question is when.

  39. JimQ

    Well, we can gripe about the lack of local media questions being nothing but meaningless, -or- we can do something about it. I nominate Rob & Joe for a weekly pre-game segment for Fox, channel-13 in Seattle. This to at least partially replace some of their current pregame crap that doesn’t have any real content. These two guys are much better to listen to than the current Seahawks “reporters”, by far. Their segment could be over skype as is the current fashion. We fans – I’m sure, would appreciate an actual 10-15 minute informative presentation of real Seahawks topics and concerns and less of the rah rah vacant hype we currently have to suffer through. —->Come on Channel-13, make it happen, get more modern and informative to Seahawks fans (that pay you with their $$’s). Do we have to start a petition or something?

    • TomLPDX

      I actually think we are in the minority on that. Most fans want rah-rah stuff. Really enjoyed listening to Rob and Joe yesterday and hope for more in the future.

      • Big Mike

        I agree with you about what fans want Tom.

  40. Sea Mode

    Bob Condotta

    The Seahawks have waived undrafted free agent cornerback Bryan Mills to make room on the roster for the re-signing of receiver Darece Roberson.

  41. cha

    Don’t get too excited, but Jim saying something nice about Aldon.

    Jim Nagy
    Replying to
    A couple future HOF’ers among top Senior Bowl EDGE alums: Cam Jordan (NO), Von Miller (DEN), Za’Darius Smith (GB), Montez Sweat (WFT), Trey Flowers (DET), Melvin Ingram (PIT), Marcus Davenport (NO), Haasan Reddick (CAR), Markus Golden (AZ), Alton Robinson (SEA)-prediction!
    2:09 PM · Aug 12, 2021

    • UkAlex6674

      He said a couple. I don’t think he was referring to Alton.

      • cha

        Of course he wasn’t. But he listed him withe some other good NFL players.

  42. CaptainJack

    Colby Parkinson injured. Not good

    • Sea Mode

      Why can’t we have nice things…? 😢

      Hope it’s not too serious for him.

  43. Sea Mode

    For Trevor, if he’s lurking:

  44. Bankhawk

    I’ll double down on that sentiment.!

  45. Mick

    Rob, really interesting pieces. I share Joe Fann’s concern about a player like Jordyn Brooks who now must perform at a starter level and be on the pitch for most snaps. The reports on him so far are encouraging, but if he for some reasons busts, we’ll be in deep trouble.

    I’ve just read ( that the plan is not to offer a contract to Duane this year. I think this is suicide. If he chooses not to play for us anymore, we have absolutely 0 shots at replacing him close to his level. We’re talking about a LT who’s if not top 5, then top 10 in NFL. There’s no way to start Jamarco Jones, Ogbuehi or Stone Forsythe there, and there’s no realistic deal that you can make for a LT.

    • Rob Staton


      Imagine starting the season with Fuller at center and Jamarco Jones at LT.

      • Big Mike

        Bye bye Russ, hello 6-11.

        • MychestisBeastmode

          Or hello 11-6 and still bye bye Russ

      • CaptainJack

        Jones is also injured

        • CaptainJack

          Welcome to the Sean Mannion Era!

    • Poli

      Well Okung is still a free agent, and if Brown returns week 6 like he did with the Texans, that should be perfect timing when Okung goes on IR.

      • Big Mike


      • Sea Mode

        Lol. Well played.

    • Scot04

      Great write up on Adams Rob & keep those live-streams coming. Really enjoyed this last one with you and Joe.
      In regards to our Sit In’s:
      If Brown continues into regular season games, and Russ gets hurt as a result, I can’t see how PC will be able to justify playing hardball.
      It’s obvious Brown is currently underpaid for what he’s giving.
      If this team is truly planning on competing for a Chapionship; then they need Brown on the field day 1.

      Obviously if he wants crazy money that’s something else; but if it’s 2 extra years at 15M per, that just puts him in the top 10 paid LT’s. Seems reasonable, and at this point necessary.
      Regardless of how Stone looks in pre-season, he’s not gonna be the best option.
      Championship teams do what’s needed to make themselves better. Brown not being on the field weakens our team and he knows it. I can easily see him sitting out.
      LT is not a position the Seahawks can afford to mess around with if they feel they are a legit contender.

      • Big Mike

        100% agree Scot

    • McZ

      Isn’t Mitchell Schwarz available?

      • UkAlex6674

        There may be reasons for that….

        • McZ

          Yeah, the combination of cost and injury.
          BTW, there is lots of talk Philly will unload Andre Dillard.

    • Gohawks5151

      Definitely 2 different issues for me. I got no problem with Brooks situation. He was a first round pick.He absolutely needs to be on the field. Long ago we traded Hawthorne to get a young Bobby Wagner and KJ on the field. You got to play the youngins some time.

      The OLine looks like a disaster without Brown. Wishing and praying Fuller or Haynes is better than Pocic is not a great starategy

  46. CaptainJack

    This shouldn’t be a difficult game for the colts. Russ will have no protection. Colts have up and coming rushers who want to prove something… Banogu, Paye, Dayo, Turay plus Buckner in the middle. Some of these guys are super young and inexperienced BUT this game seems perfect for a coming out party.

    • cha

      Dayo won’t play week 1 will he? That would be miraculous.

  47. WallaSean

    I don’t understand why they can’t sign Brown for a 3 yr deal with a big hit in 2022 when the cap jumps up, wouldn’t Brown prefer to collect two paydays before FA at his age?

    • Rob Staton

      Well, the cap isn’t projected to jump that much next year.

      And they’re going to be adding a huge Jamal Adams salary to 2022 soon.

      • WallaSean

        Less cap space than I thought. 40-45 million in cap space will force some tough decisions on TE, RB,,CB,RT, and FS regardless of Brown and Adams situations.

        • Scot04

          The Adams trade just continues to have so many painful repercussions

          • Big Mike

            Adams will be the gift that keeps on giving for several years.
            I’ve said it before and I’ll predict it again, I believe this trade will eventually be seen as the worst trade in the history of the franchise. I will be ecstatic to be wrong if he’s a true game changer and helps the team reach a Super Bowl. Don’t see it tho.

        • cha

          Out of $162m contracted for 2022, only $9.7m of guaranteed salary though.

          They’re not flush but they have room to do things.

    • SeattleLifer

      I think people are quick to forget that Brown has been pretty injury prone over a number of years. I know that was’nt the case last year but he’s not getting younger and I’m sure Pete and John are well aware of his history and as we all know this team has never been afraid to trot out some pretty poor left tackles to start.

      My hope is Russ all but begs Brown to show up and play for him and Brown does so for his friend. I know not the most likely scenario but if Pete and John truly are set on not offering Brown an extension then it’s about the only way/reason I see Brown playing prior to week 7.

      No Brown and this team is stick a fork in it done. We’d be back to a bottom 4 in the league o-line for a team that absolutely needs the offense to carry the load to succeed.

  48. cha

    Gregg Bell
    Asked Pete Carroll how possible it is Jamal Adams doesn’t play in #Seahawks opener Sept. 12 at Colts: “I can’t even imagine that.”

    Pete, you said “I can’t imagine that” last year. A lot.

    You’re not exactly reassuring anyone.

    • Aaron

      It’s his new catchphrase…

      Pete “I can’t imagine that” Carroll

      • Big Mike

        Love it

    • Rob Staton

      I can’t imagine a deep playoff run Pete.

      Prove me wrong.

  49. Ashish

    Part i don’t understand is why our GM didn’t accounted this at trade? Probably answer is desperation (ack by Rob). On other hand KC is able to sign anyone not sure how they manage but they do. Current state we knew it is coming no surprise there. Worst part is our team no one near at top talent wise minus few Russ, Bobby , Brown.

    • Sean

      We just don’t seem to be a well managed team. We don’t draft very well, we don’t seem very good at cap maneuvering, and have been pretty poor at the blockbuster trades. We also don’t seem to be a highly regarded destination for free agents, though maybe average. The one strong point seems to be small to medium sized trades such as Brown, diggs, Dunlap.

      • Ryan

        We’re the Forrest Gump of teams, I guess. Total boobs that keep stumbling into 10 wins a year and a playoff berth.

  50. cha


    Brady Henderson
    Pete Carroll said TE Colby Parkinson re-injured his foot. It’s the same foot and same spot where he suffered a break year, which sidelined him for the first half of his rookie season. “It’s going to be a bit,” Carroll said, adding: “We’re going for multiple opinions on this one.”

    • cha

      Adam Jude
      Seahawks TE Colby Parkinson is out for an extended stretch with a broken foot — same spot he injured last summer. Big hit for Seattle’s depth at what was a position of strength. Parkinson was a breakout player in the first two weeks of training camp.
      1:05 PM · Aug 13, 2021·

      • CaptainJack

        Every piece of training camp news lowers my expectations for the season. Every. Single. Piece.

        • cha

          Last 3 seasons, draft picks in the top 4 rounds that have missed significant time

          2020-Taylor, Parkinson (probably x2)
          2019-Collier, Blair, Haynes (x2)
          2018-Penny, Dissly (x2)

          Absolutely gutted.

          • CaptainJack

            Did Parkinson have injury concerns in college? Dissly didn’t. Penny didn’t. Blair didn’t. At some point you’ve got to take a serious look at the strength and conditioning coaches.

    • Aaron

      Didn’t expect much out of a TE3 tbh. I still stand firm behind my prediction of a 10-7 season and possibly a 6 or 7 seed with an early playoff exit. Same song, second verse…oh wait this has been the trend since The Game that Shall Not be Named. Hawks aren’t Super Bowl contenders, the quicker one comes to grips with that, the more they can sleep at night.

      • CaptainJack

        You expect much from te 1 and 2?????

        • Aaron

          TE1 Everett yes, TE2 Dissly no

          • CaptainJack

            Why would you expect much out of the ram’s second string H Back tight end being thrust into a starting position?

        • WallaSean

          i expect I won’t be missing Greg Olsen? Parkinson is not dead from what I understand, and Everett is an upgrade over Hollister?

  51. Albert Butler

    On this day one year ago Kemah Siverand was cut for trying to sneak a girl into the training camp hotel.

    • Aaron

      Still one of the funniest and dumbest ways someone has gotten kicked off the Hawks.

      • Albert Butler

        And not a single positive COVID test after that. The only franchise in pro sports. It is time that we recognize his great sacrifice. Without it there is no way this team goes 12-4. He should be regaled in song to the tune of Funky Cold Medina.

  52. Sea Mode

    Just because I feel like posting something.

    Ian Rapoport

    Free agent LB Mychal Kendricks visited the #49ers, per the wire.

  53. Frank

    I was honestly really looking forward to what a red zone threat like Parkinson made possible on the play calling, Dissly track record pretty much means you have to bring in another TE in. It’s the little things like this that add up and really hurt the team overall in the last few years. Always wonder just how good the 1-2 punch of Carson and Penny could have been with different injury luck.

  54. Sea Mode

    Now Damien Lewis has a little oblique injury too…? This is getting worse and worse.

    • CaptainJack

      It’s almost as if everyone predicted injuries would get worse when Ivan Lewis was hired

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve not been this ‘meh’ about a season… ever.

      • Tomas

        With hindsight, the Dallas Cowboys should have retired/ fired the once-brilliant, great Tom Landry several seasons before it finally happened. I should have sold my Oldsmobile ‘98 a few years before finally unloaded it, though it had once served me very well. The signs of decline, the loss of forward momentum, we’re clear enough. I fear Carroll’s Seahawks are heading similarly downward. Carroll makes poor, sometimes stupefyingly bad, on-field tactical decisions, at the worst times. Most of Seattle is praying he doesn’t tie the hands of Waldron, an unknown, but intriguing, quantity. At least he didn’t hire Gase. Most of Seattle is hoping Carroll has a bigger hand in the defense, since the DC he hired is less-than mediocre. Yet, even Carroll’s defensive prowess is no longer held in high regard. If Carroll is retained and Wilson leaves, the party’s over. Not feeling optimistic today, sorry about that. We’ll see what happens soon, and I’m eager for the season to start.

      • Tomas

        And get the hell off my lawn!

      • SeattleLifer

        To be honest that sentiment started last year for me and is just that much worse this go around. So weird and kind of shocking to me when I stop and think about it – I’ve spent so many years excited for a season to start and many with even less talented teams(at least at QB) and here I am right with you in a ‘meh’ state over the upcoming season.

        Just watching and feeling the life being systematically drained out of this team by a coach and a gm that were allowed too much leeway for far too long. An astute owner in different circumstances (than either Paul with his health or Jody moving to sell) would have cleaned house a few years back.

        • Big Mike

          Well said, both of you. It is really hard to get excited and the Duane situation makes it even more so. It actually fills me with the opposite feeling, that of trepidation.

        • pdway

          I understand the treading water sentiment – and share some of the frustration for sure.

          But there are often comments here that say something along these lines: “An astute owner in different circumstances (than either Paul with his health or Jody moving to sell) would have cleaned house a few years back.”

          Hawks won a SB back in ’13. In the years since, their seasonal records: 12-4, 10-6, 10-5-1, 9-7, 10-6, 11-5, 12-4 (and to be fair – 5-6 in the playoffs). And I’m just thinking, has any team ever fired their GM and coaching staff, i.e. cleaned house, under those circumstances?

          • Rob Staton

            Stay treading water then?

          • SeattleLifer

            Just looking at regular season wins and losses doesn’t tell the story(and direction) of this team. A person either sees that reality or they don’t. To explain even some of the facts, why’s and how’s would take more words than I’d care to even begin to try to put to ‘paper’ but suffice to say most all of it has been brought to light on on this site in days past.

            Again I absolutely believe an astute owner with good counsel who wasn’t in difficult/different situations like Paul and Jody would have seen well past just wins and losses and seen a team with a hall of fame quarterback in his prime managed and coached poorly for long enough since a once in a lifetime defense fell by the wayside – to have decided to move on from Pete and John a few years ago.

  55. WallaSean

    Here is some of what I will be looking for in pre-season/early season so I won’t start feeling meh.
    A run game that is more dynamic and less predictable. A competent screen game run more than one way. Russell Wilson throwing balls away when nothing is there and the pressure comes. Some sort of quick passing game that is capable of getting your WR1 and WR2 in the game early(not just screen passes). Some sort of realization that you can use TE’s in the middle of the field. 3 competent RB’s that could handle 20 carries if the other two are hurt. And how about D Brown on the Field, in uniform, ready for the real games.
    Less blitzing, but more blitzers. Someone on the DL who can drop into coverage on occasion. At least one of the 5T guys looking OK inside on passing downs. Actual close coverage on crossing routes. CB’s getting their heads turned around and looking like they want to make a play on the ball. Nickel coverage with 3 safety’s instead of base on 2nd down. Diggs free to roam on the back end instead of fixing others mistakes. And finally Jamaal Adams faking blitzes and still useful in coverage so Bobby Wagner can lap up all that cream he gave away last season.
    Too much to ask? Sure, but we will se some of it, and if we do it is progress beyond where we have been the last couple of seasons.

    • Frank

      I really think we aren’t going to see much from the new offense in preseason, just to keep the playbook as much of a mystery as possible. I don’t expect Adams or Brown to take a single snap or Adams contract resolved until the last preseason game.
      What I really want to see, Stone getting it done in pass protection and not being to big of liability in the run game, giving a little leverage if Brown wants to miss games. Taylor proving we don’t need to sign KJ back would be a nice bonus from a cap standpoint. DB getting pass break up and picks instead of tackles, and someone to emerge at C and DT. My preseason goals are just the list of what I want to see the order of things we’d have to go spend money on a free agent or worse trade picks, if nobody on the team can competently do.
      What I really want is once the season starts to see the offense improve steadily and peak in the playoffs, have a little tiny bit of injury luck for once, and see the draft picks of the last few years eat up some snaps and keep JS/PC having to many places on the roster to fix before the trade deadline, and win at least one playoff game.

  56. Mick

    So with the Raiders our OLine will be Stone – Haynes/Simmons – Fuller – Jackson – Shell/Ogbuehi? That looks just terrible.

    • CaptainJack

      Preseason. Give stone and whoever else looks promising a ton of playing time. Don’t play Russ, beyond maybe one drive. Leave Geno out of it as well. Mannion and McGough can take the beating…

      • Mick

        Well true, with Raiders is just a test, but the scary thought is that this could also be our starting OLine with Colts.

      • Rob Staton

        I wouldn’t play Russ at all in pre season.

        Or Metcalf.

        Or Carson.

        • CaptainJack

          Especially don’t play Carson

  57. Denver Hawker

    Is there anything to really be made out of Seahawks pre-season games? I always like the chance to see what the backups and rookies offer, but mostly seems like guys that standout don’t make the team.

    • cha

      I know I would be thrilled to see Deejay Dallas do something.

      Not just running – maybe pick up a blitzer and block him with gusto.

      Remember in the Arizona game when Dallas whiffed on a block and Russ got whacked and promptly had a word with Dallas?

      With Homer still PUP, Penny banged up, Carson wrapped in bubble wrap, Dallas should get plenty of shots.

      • Mick

        A couple of players should better use their chance in these preseason games: Darrell Taylor, Alex Collins, Dallas, Swain, Hart, Stone Forsythe, Nkemdiche, Green, Collier, the corners, long shot Aashari Croswell. All have something to prove and aren’t dead sure of their place in the roster. I’m also looking forward to see how the linebackers will play.

    • pdway

      guy i am by far the most interested to see out there is Darrell Taylor.

    • SeattleLifer

      I’m with you, every year people talk up a few players due to preseason play and those same guys end up looking like they barely deserve to be on the practice squad once they play in a real nfl game and get benched (or put on special teams only duties) accordingly.

      It’s what scares me with our o-line especially because Pete seems to always fall under a spell watching guys in preseason(or senior bowls or mini camps…) and then the real season comes along and the pretenders get exposed and far too often those pretenders were guys on the o-line who were rookies or cheap free agents. I really hope this years o-line does’nt deceive Pete into a false sense of being able to do without Brown cause from what I’ve seen on tape there’s no way Stone Forsythe plays well enough to even be serviceable as a rookie and that’s not even considering how the lack of cohesion/ability/experience would affect those around him on the line.

  58. CaptainJack

    Prediction: random wide receiver on the roster no one has heard of will do really well tonight, start to gain a lot of hype across the fanbase and then will get cut and signed by the Jets practice squad before the season starts

    • Big Mike

      History repeats itself

  59. Denver Hawker

    Javonte Williams looks solid- would have been nice to have in a Hawks jersey.

    KJ Hamler looking healthy and comfortable in the slot too.


    • Blitzy the Clown

      Some strong individual performances for the Broncos so far today. Not so much for the Vikings, though I’m looking forward to seeing Kellen Mond under center.

  60. Koko

    Anybody have a link to watch games free? I cant stream live tv on this dumb comcast box.. Not trying to sit in a bar lol. Heard reddit has streams but cant find them

    • Sea Mode

      Not posting links, but reddit moved to nflbite. Otherwise 6streams is a super clean website layout.

      Use lots of Adblock extensions…

    • SeaTown

      Yea don’t pay for this trash. Trey Flowers still can’t cover, the D line getting pushed all over the field and the oline is a nightmare. Well done PC/JS.

      • Rik


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