NFL Draft 2023 — Live Blog — Rounds 2-3

Welcome to the live blog for this year. I’ll be posting my reaction to every pick, including longer-form analysis of the Seahawks picks.

Don’t forget — I’ll be doing an instant reaction live stream immediately after day two concludes.

NO tipping picks in the comments section

#32 Pittsburgh — Joey Porter Jr (CB, Penn State)
This one always felt inevitable, whether it was the first or second round. Like father like son. It’s worth noting though that son is a far calmer person/player than dad. He’s talented but not the quickest.

#33 Tennessee (v/ARI) — Will Levis (QB, Kentucky)
The Titans have traded into the second pick of the day in a deal with the Cardinals. The trade sees the two teams swap third round picks with the Titans giving up a 2024 third rounder. It’s not a great deal for Arizona. Good for Will Levis. I’ve talked to him, spoken to people around him and interviewed one of his team mates. I think he has a chance to be a very good player and he’ll now have time to settle into the league. I’m relieved he didn’t go to the Rams.

#34 Detroit — Sam LaPorta (TE, Iowa)
LaPorta’s testing numbers were exceptional and when you watch the highlights instead of the tape, you see the flashes. Watching the tape was harder because they didn’t utilise him enough. It’s a rare situation where you look at a few clips and note the potential and upside as a better evaluation that watching him toil on a bad offense. I am very surprised Michael Mayer is still available.

#35 Las Vegas (v/IND) — Michael Mayer (TE, Notre Dame)
The Raiders have jumped above the Rams and Seahawks in a trade with the Colts, giving up a fifth round pick. I think this is a fantastic pick. Great fit for the offense and a need filled with an excellent player. He’s going to be Mr. Consistency and the Raiders get a steal by moving up. All of my ‘legit’ first rounders are off the board now.

#36 LA Rams — Steve Avila (G, TCU)
I think he’s a good, solid player. I enjoyed watching him in 2022 and I thought he was a big block of granite at the Senior Bowl. I didn’t think he was a great fit for Seattle but the Rams, who use the same blocking scheme, took him.

#37 Seattle — Derick Hall (EDGE, Auburn)
The Seahawks didn’t waste any time making their pick. They take Derick Hall, the top remaining edge rusher on my board. I had him with a high second round pick so this fits. He is an alpha dog and an absolute culture-setter. This fits perfectly what they have been saying, and I have been constantly repeating, that character is king. He also ran a 1.55 10-yard split and a 4.20 short shuttle. He has long arms. These are ‘Seahawk’ traits and a ‘Seahawk’ personality. Big fan of the pick. Seattle is finally loaded at the edge.

Here’s Bob McGinn’s scouting sources on Derick Hall:

“Love the kid,” said one scout. “High-effort, motor guy that isn’t athletically gifted enough to play outside linebacker. He’s got to be a 4-3 defensive end, an undersized 4-3 defensive end.”

“Makes out-of-position plays,” a second scout said. “Does all kinds of things to make plays. Has a hump move, the Reggie White move. That’s pretty good for a guy that’s 252. Very athletic with great acceleration. Is effective with his long arms. Can outrun the drop-back of the tackle and backdoor the quarterback.”

“He was the leader, the bright light in the dark room with (coach Bryan) Harsin and all that controversy,” said a third scout. “It’s a disaster of a year, and he held it together. He’s a hard-charging guy. He’s not going to be a premier 12 sacks-a-year guy, but he’s going to get six to eight. You’re going to know exactly what you’re getting. He’ll raise the level of the guys around him. Very, very hard worker. Vocal leader. One of the few legit leaders that you find. There just aren’t that many of them. Everybody’s on their phone or scared to speak up.”

“Try hard,” said a fourth scout. “Gets swallowed up at the point of attack. More of a straight-line, effort (rusher). Tweener.”

I don’t think he’s a tweener, for what it’s worth. I think he can be Carl Lawson.

#38 Atlanta (v/IND) — Matthew Bergeron (T, Syracuse)
The Falcons move up in a trade with the Cardinals. I liked Bergeron and think he can play left tackle well at the next level but be a top guard if they want to kick him inside. Good attitude, sparky and competitive.

#39 Carolina — Jonathan Mingo (WR, Ole Miss)
This is an outstanding pick for the Panthers. 10/10. I love Mingo and getting him here is a bargain. I had him in the top-40 since mid-college season and feel validated that he has now gone in this range.

#40 New Orleans — Isaiah Foskey (EDGE, Notre Dame)
I thought he had a poor Senior Bowl. I wanted to see more flash on tape. His testing isn’t as good as Daniel Jeremiah made out on the NFL Network. I much preferred Derick Hall. I had a fourth round grade on Foskey.

#41 Arizona — B.J. Ojulari (EDGE, LSU)
The rush on the last few good pass rushers is on. He’s a high character praying mantis. He can drop well in coverage and he can get after the quarterback. They needed someone to help rush and improve the culture and that’s what Ojulari can do.

#42 Green Bay — Luke Musgrave (TE, Oregon State)
I like this pick. A very good athlete who glides as a runner. He can be a complete tight end and he fills a big need for the Packers. Their offense should get an immediate boost.

#43 New York Jets — Joe Tippmann (C, Wisconsin)
The first center comes off the board. Tippmann is tall for a center but he’s a tremendous athlete. It’ll be interesting to see what the Seahawks do at center if they’re going to start coming off the board. I liked Tippmann a lot on tape review two weeks ago.

#44 Indianapolis — Julius Brents (CB, Kansas State)
I loved interviewing Brents and he’s a highly athletic, explosive cornerback with a perfect attitude and approach. He has a shot to be very good.

#45 Detroit (v/GB) — Brian Branch (S, Alabama)
The Lions move up three spots in a deal with the Packers, giving up a fifth rounder. He’s a good player with a great attitude but the testing at the combine was a hard sell. This is a rare value pick for the Lions in this draft.

#46 New England — Keion White (DE, Georgia Tech)
I thought he was like a bull in a china shop on tape and very disruptive. At the Senior Bowl though, I thought he looked like a man without a plan. He had no counter moves. He’s an older player so you need to work on his technique to max out the traits.

My dogs are not interested in the draft…

#47 Washington — Jartavius Martin (S, Illinois)
He’s a great athlete and I liked watching him on tape but this was a bit rich for me. I had him in round three. He can play safety or nickel cornerback. I liked how he worked at the combine.

#48 Tampa Bay (v/GB, DET) — Cody Mauch (G, North Dakota State)
The Buccs traded up to this pick in a deal with the Packers. Mauch played left tackle in college but he’s an inside guy with his length. I’d play him at center, I thought he looked best there at the Senior Bowl.

#49 Pittsburgh — Keeanu Benton (DT, Wisconsin)
I thought he would go in the top-45 so this is good value for the Steelers. He’s not going to wreck any games but he can be a very solid contributor inside. Long arms, decent shuttle, powerful. A good pick.

#50 Green Bay — Jayden Reed (WR, Michigan State)
The Packers moved down twice and eventually take Reed. His tape is good but I’m stunned that he’s gone off the board before Josh Downs.

#51 Miami — Cam Smith (CB, South Carolina)
There were a few character questions about Smith but his tape was active and good. I liked the way he played and there’s a bit of swagger there. They’re quite loaded at cornerback now.

#52 Seattle — Zach Charbonnet (RB, UCLA)
I’ve been a big fan of Charbonnet for a long time. He was the third running back on my board behind only the two guys taken in the top-12 yesterday. He’s so tough and physical and will run through contact. He’s explosive and has ideal size for the Seahawks. This is the range I thought he would go in and for a team determined to run the ball as a priority, this creates a thunderous, dynamic one-two punch.

Bob McGinn scouting sources on Zach Charbonnet:

“He’s so subtle and smooth and effective and athletic,” said one scout. “Just got great feet. Knows how to run the football. Smart. Catches the ball. He’s going to be undervalued. This guy’s way more athletic than AJ Dillon.”

“He’s been kind of the heartbeat of that team for the last two years,” said a second scout. “He had a really good game two years ago when they beat LSU (38-27). He’s done really, really well for himself. He fits any scheme. Not the fastest guy but a good, patient runner. He’s powerful. What will hurt him a little bit is he’s not a huge threat in the passing game, but I think he’s good enough. He probably gets drafted lower than he should. His production was obvious. He’s got a lot to offer.”

“Straight-line speed, vision, tough, gritty. Stiff in change of direction. Upright runner. Does run hard but with less power because he’s too stiff and upright. Non-elusive. He’s not as good as Hassan Haskins was in a similar kind of role. Haskins was a better athlete.”

#53 Chicago — Gervon Dexter (DT, Florida)
His play on tape was frustrating and inconsistent. However, during combine drills he flashed so much potential. If you can coach him up he could be very good. But how easy is that going to be? Is he committed to delivering on his talent?

#54 LA Chargers — Tuli Tuipulotu (DE, USC)
He’s a high-character, full-blooded rusher. He’ll be a great fit in the locker room. On tape he has great flashes but at his size what is he? He’s not a true edge, he’s not an outside linebacker, he’s not a three-technique. He’s good but he’s a tweener.

#55 Kansas City (v/DET) — Rashee Rice (WR, SMU)
The Chiefs traded up into this spot, giving the Lions a fourth and seventh rounder. I cannot believe Rice has gone before Josh Downs. He has speed and character concerns. A stunning pick. I gave him a day three grade.

#56 Chicago (v/JAX) — Tyrique Stevenson (CB, Miami)
The Bears traded up from #61 to get a cornerback who also has character concerns. I can’t believe he’s gone earlier than players like Kelee Ringo, D.J. Turner and Cory Trice. These last two picks have me absolutely stumped. I had him in round four.

#57 New York Giants — John Michael Schmitz (C, Minnesota)
The Seahawks passed on Joe Tippmann and John Michael Schmitz, so clearly weren’t that interested in either. It’ll be interesting to see if they target Luke Wypler or Juice Scruggs. I had the Giants taking JMS in round one.

#58 Dallas — Luke Schoonmaker (TE, Michigan)
The testing results were elite and he has a lot of potential. Very much a Dallas-style tight end. However, he has a significant history of injuries.

#59 Buffalo — O’Cyrus Torrence (G, Florida)
I thought he was overrated and can’t shake the memory of Ivan Pace Jr, who is 100lbs lighter than Torrence, dumping him on his arse during the Senior Bowl game. I settled on a round three grade for him and didn’t get the first round talk.

#60 Cincinnati — D.J. Turner (CB, Michigan)
I thought he would go earlier than this. He’s so quick and can cover very well. He did give up a few plays and he’s not big — but that’s the position. The Bengals love speed at corner and he ran a 4.26 so it’s not surprising they were interested in him.

#61 Jacksonville — Brenton Strange (TE, Penn State)
Another very traits-y tight end and a lot of people liked him. I prefer Tucker Kraft but this is more or less the range where he was expected to come off the board. Darnell Washington is still available and that’s indicative of some of the concerns we raised, despite his size.

#62 Houston — Juice Scruggs (C, Penn State)
I’m delighted for Juice Scruggs. He was the one player who caught my eye at the Shrine Bowl. He was easily the best player in 1v1’s. I arranged to interview him after watching the week of workouts and he was a pleasure to talk to. He had a great short shuttle at pro-day, no doubt cementing a big rise up boards.

#63 Denver — Marvin Mims (WR, Oklahoma)
I quite liked Mims on tape but I still can’t believe he’s off the board before Josh Downs. I just don’t get it. Is there an injury issue here? Mims is small but very quick.

With 39 picks in round three I’m not going to offer analysis on every selection but will provide extensive thoughts on Seattle’s pick at #83.

Don’t forget to check out my videos on the Hall and Charbonnet picks above.

#83 Seattle — TRADE
The Seahawks have traded down in a deal with the Broncos. They receive a fourth rounder (#108) and a third round pick next year. That’s a big return but the Seahawks are done for the day. They’ll pick four times in rounds 4-5.

We’ll start the live stream shortly.


  1. KD


  2. Ben - Fort Worth

    If we’re going BPA, and Branch is STILL on the board, is he the best player left, or is it Michael Mayer?

    • Seahawkwalt

      Yes!!! Absolutely…

    • Seahawkwalt

      Branch that is!!

    • Big Mike

      Man I hope it’s not Branch. We are spending an exorbitant amount on the position now and can finally get peacock and Diggs off the books next year plus we signed Love plus the rest of the NFL has devalued the position plus even Pete Carroll himself stated it’s not a premium position. So considering all of that, if you must go Safety, how about like round 5, BPA orm not?

      • Chris

        With Branch we’d be in a better place to release those guys later.

        We do need to field a full team tho … more worried about the body count while we’re up against the cap at this point.

    • Sea Mode

      Let’s just get both!

      (and then trade up for a center)

      Imagine a draft where you get the top CB, WR, S, TE, and C on your board!

      • Seahawkwalt

        Works for me! Saban gave his nod of approval for him…

  3. Simo

    Love the R1 picks, but what are the chances the top four players on their board went 1-4 last night? Ready to add some more talent today though!

  4. Seahawkwalt

    Branch that is!!!

  5. Allen M.

    Go Hawks!!!

  6. VeryAl

    Hoping for 2 of Levis, Mayer, or Ade but still so many good players available!

    • Sea Mode

      Mayer and Ade Ade would be insane. Two guys we constantly mocked in R1.

    • Malanch

      Maggie and Perloff mentioned Jim Nagy’s take on Will Levis today, where Nagy apparently describes Levis as a guy who seemingly has never played pickup football before—a guy lacking feel for the game. This nails exactly what I’ve been sensing about Levis all along, and this view includes requisite acknowledgments of Levis having lost his most talented teammates to the NFL prior to his final college season. I wouldn’t even see Levis as a shoo-in to unseat Drew Lock, and couldn’t imagine the team burning a third roster spot for an entire season on a prospect like that.

  7. Hawkhomer1

    Ade Ade at 37 please.

    • Big Mike

      I can get with that

  8. Sea Mode

    Sweet little intro on ABC/ESPN.

    I slept from 10am-4pm 🙃

    Let’s do this!

  9. Troy

    Wish list in no particular order:

    Tipman or JMS
    Ade ade
    Young (either)

    • Roy Batty

      Benton. People want someone to shore up the run D, there you go.

  10. Sea Mode

    KJ Wright up on stage

  11. Big Mike

    7 mins per pick? Good Lord, this gonna be done like midnight Pacific time?

    • Sea Mode

      Greetings from 1am in Europe…

      • Big Mike

        My sympathies

  12. Kerren

    Let’s go!
    At least two huge picks toinght!

  13. BrandoK

    Do we draft a center in the 2nd or 3rd round

    • Big Mike

      If we don’t look for the Robbie meltdown on the stream tonight. I may be joining him in that as well.

    • Sea Mode

      I’m thinking R2 based on who they worked out. But who knows if one of them could last.

  14. Sea Mode

    Last-minute thread from Breer

    Albert Breer

    • If the Steelers stick, Penn State’s Joey Porter is one to watch. He was in a cluster of guys the team was considering at 17 (before dealing up).

    • TEs in play tonight. ND’s Michael Mayer goes early. Georgia’s Darnell Washington? Maybe but there are medical concerns with him.

    • The Commanders were among the teams looking at going up to 32, but the Steelers wanted too much.

    • OL running thin—and that leaves Syracuse’s Matthew Bergeron and TCU’s Steve Avila positioned to go soon. Teams could move to get them.

    • Tennessee’s Jalin Hyatt’s a polarizing prospect—comps I’ve gotten on him range from DeVonta Smith to Travis Benjamin. But he can roll … and the league values speed.

    • UNC’s Josh Downs is a middle-of-the-fairway pick as a slot receiver. Should be in the mix somewhere in R2.

  15. ShowMeYourHawk

    Keep letting the board come to you, unless your guy is within a pick or two. Then, move up and grab them! No full round reaches for need, please!

  16. Sea Mode

    I have this strange feeling the Seahawks might just love the idea of bringing in another pair of brothers, Sydney and Chase Brown, into the locker room. They loved the Griffin experience.

  17. Big Mike

    4 more then us

  18. MattA

    Still would love to see Levis, but I wanted them to draft Ryan Mallet, so WTF do I know?

  19. Forrest

    Give me:
    Ade Ade

  20. Sea Mode

    Now let’s see if ARI starts the run on centers or if they maybe go CB.

  21. geoff u

    Lol steelers. Dude probably wants to get out from under his dad’s shadow

  22. SoCal12

    Always pretty cool to see a local player staying in state. I like it better when teams still have some ties to the cities theyre based and not just full-on mercenary.

  23. Big Mike

    Here goes Levis or Hooker

    • Seahawkwalt

      Wonder which one

      • Sea Mode


        • Sea Mode

          Oops, I mean Levis. Tony reported today:

          The belief in league circles is the Titans want to move up for Will Levis. I also continue to hear something I posted more than a week ago — the Las Vegas Raiders are really high on Hendon Hooker.

          Word is they tried to move into the back end of Round 1 last night to select him. It would be a surprise if they don’t select Hooker with the 38th selection, assuming he is still on the board.

          • D-OZ


  24. Travis

    Could see this being Levis

  25. seahawksfan1201

    Glad the Titans bit the bullet so we don’t have to waste a pick on this guy

  26. Travis

    Good for Will, Tennessee is a good spot for him

  27. KD

    Aaaaaaaaand There goes Levis. 🙁

  28. Austen

    Levis not making it to the Rams is a huge relief

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      Amen to that.

      Still, Levis learning under Tannehill isn’t exactly ideal for him. Wish him well.

      • Ben

        I also crack up cause I view tannehille as his floor comp

    • Ben

      AFC is stacked. Picked up 3 of 4.

      Worst QBs from current projection are like Garopollo, Pickett, Mac Jones? Sheesh.

  29. Forrest

    Get ready for the trade down.

  30. Kerren

    At least Levis isn’t going to the Rams

  31. Lord Snow

    At least levis stays away from the Rams

    • SeaPunk

      That’s exactly what I thought!

  32. James

    Detroit wasting no time sheesh

  33. Kyle R

    Because of the situation, team and talent around him I see a greater chance of success for Levis than Richardson. That’s my hot take.

  34. Sea Mode

    That’s great. ARI moved down so we now likely have our pick of the centers. Or does any other team ahead of us need one?

  35. Travis

    Wonder if Detroit is going with Branch or a tight end

  36. Troy

    Wow la porta before Mayer…league sleeping on Mayer man

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      League has an Iowa TE bias.

    • Big Mike

      Wndder if that 40 time is hurting him?

  37. Big Mike

    Lions like those Iowa TEs eh? (TJ Hockinson drafted by them)

  38. Henry Taylor

    Is there something we don’t know about Mayer?

    • Jhams

      Poor testing numbers.

      • Carl

        His numbers look a lot like Zach Ertz, Ertz was pretty damn good.

    • Troy

      I think it’s just teams not loving his athletic 40 numbers, ignoring he’s elite in the quickness department and downplaying actual game tape…it’s a coup if the hawks get him

  39. SoCal12

    I figured Titans would trade with the Cardinals for Levis, just a day later than I expected.

    Kind of glad this bandaid got ripped off early. The Levis or bust crowd was getting a bit insufferable.

    • Big Mike

      Didn’t see any of that here. Some wanting him but not any “Levis or bust”. You must be hanging out at an inferior Seahawks site.

      • seahawksfan1201

        You must have muted Wilson502 to name just one

      • SoCal12

        Idk there definitely comments talking about how we had “a dumpster fire of draft” for passing on Levis. Very nasty ad hominems against PCJS as well.

    • seahawksfan1201

      Raiders about to take Hooker too. Does that crowd pivot to DTR or Haener?

  40. TheOtherJordan

    I think Levis is gonna have a good career given where he’s going and many teams are gonna regret passing on him. But we’ll see…..

  41. Travis

    Looks like the Raiders traded up, lots of smoke of them taking Hooker

    • Big Mike

      Smoke, fire……think so considering Pauline’s tweet quoted above

    • Travis

      Or not, good solid pick for the Raiders

  42. Forrest

    Here goes Hooker!

    • Hawkster

      Once one is gone, the oth
      er goes.

  43. God of Thunder

    Watched some Mayer film. Not impressed except for his blocking. He’s the Will Levis of TE.

    He is rather lumbering, isn’t he? Take someone for the trenches instead, get a TE later.

    • Hawkster

      In a lumbering productive get open catch ball sort of way

  44. VeryAl

    One Mayer for the Seahawks please (or at least not to the rams)

  45. Sea Mode

    Raiders traded up. This must be Hooker.

  46. jed

    AFC getting 3 of the 4 QBs … so far. NFC QB room is still light.

    • James

      The NFC QBs will remain plenty beatable, that’s all I’m hearing.

  47. Big Mike

    Surprise but imo a good pick for LV

    • Roy Batty

      Exceptional value. Jimmy G loves him some Kittle and this helps. I’m actually happy for the Raiders.

    • Hawkster

      I could see JG being productive with Mayer

  48. AlaskaHawk

    One thing that’s apparent now is that Geno Smith is a two year commitment now, along with his 40 million guaranteed.

    • Mr. Anderson

      Unless Geno really craps the bed and we end up with a high pick in next years draft.

      • AlaskaHawk

        The team crapped the bed last year and they are still at #20. They need to take lessons from the Colts and Arizona.

        • James

          I feel like making the playoffs when nobody saw them winning 6 games is not in line with crapping the bed. Sheesh.

        • seahawksfan1201

          Early contender for most absurd take of the night

    • STTBM

      Geno Smiff making out like a bandit in this draft…

    • 805Hawk


  49. Austen

    Mayer fit too well for us and the Rams. Can’t blame Vegas for making that move, but it sucks

  50. KD

    Damn! There goes Mayer 🙁

  51. Forrest


    Get me Darnell Washington and a Center.

  52. ShowMeYourHawk

    Okay…. so….. Musgrave at #52?

  53. Troy

    There goes two of my top picks ;(

  54. STTBM

    Not sure how I feel about Levis going to the Titans. I liked him better than Hooker. Was rooting for Hooker to get drafted by the Titans, his local team. Hoping Seattle waits till next year for a QB unless they get the QB with my Grandfather’s name, Dorian, later.

    Ade Ade or Tippmann?

  55. God of Thunder

    Lots of draft mandarins have Tippmann ahead of Schmitz. Interesting…

    I thought Schmitz has an excellent Senior Bowl, FWIW

    • Big Mike

      I think the feeling is Tipp has a higher ceiling and that JMS is kinda maxed out physically.

  56. SoCal12

    So did Vegas jump us or the Rams for Meyer?

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      Why not both? Good move for them.

    • Trevor

      My guess is they jumped the Seahawks.

    • Nathan


      I didn’t think they’d be jumping us 2 for Hooker.

  57. Forrest

    I’m betting they trade down. But, hope they love a Ade Ade, TE, Center or Hooker.

  58. Big Mike

    Ade Ade or a C with our pick?

    • Roy Batty

      I’d love for them to take Tippman. Just get it over with and keep it in the trenches.

    • God of Thunder

      Ade Ade for me, but I’ll trust JS on this

  59. God of Thunder

    We might be able to trade down a bit and still get a good player.

  60. Sea Mode

    Rams pick is in.

  61. chet380


  62. Travis

    Hoping we take a center here, get the best center in the draft

  63. Sea Mode

    Obligatory commercial break when Seahawks are on the clock…

  64. Forrest

    Dang. I like Avila.

  65. God of Thunder

    I prefer Mauch to Avila FWIW

    • Hawkster

      Big Mauch fan

  66. Big Mike

    Solid pick by LA

  67. ShowMeYourHawk

    I’ll take one Ade Ade, please.

  68. Chris

    Ade, Tipp or Benton

  69. Kerren

    Here goes…

  70. Forrest

    Quick pick in for the Hawks.

  71. Big Mike

    No trade down, “pick is in”

  72. Nathan

    We’ve picked, no trade.

  73. Joshua Smith

    Why the fall for Levis? What do NFL GMs know/see that most here didn’t.?
    Obviously, JS had two opportunities and passed so I have to assume Levis is missing something..

  74. regan

    Ran to the podium.

  75. Hawkster

    YES !!!

    • Hawkster

      All in on this pick. Firkin get Benton at 52 and shut tge eff up about DL .
      Love it

  76. Zorn Is King

    benton please

  77. Travis

    That is surprising, seems high for him

    • Ace

      He’s a hybrid LB…mostly rush end. Like Boye Mafe style LB.

  78. Troy

    Ok I’m a bit pissed a Lb? When they coulda had top center? Or dline? The fuck dude 🙁

    • Roy Batty

      He’s an edge. A fast edge.

      • Troy

        That is great to hear!

    • God of Thunder

      Centers still undrafted…

    • Troy

      Oh I didn’t know he’s an edge/rusher I retract my statement

      • Roy Batty

        In the exact range Rob projected I believe.

    • James

      go watch the tape, you’ll be happy. This is what you wanted if you wanted pressure on the QB.

    • factory of sadness

      He’s the best remaining edge. No centers have com off the board yet. Why so angry?

      • God of Thunder


        • Troy

          Looks like you both didn’t read my follow up comments and that’s fine!

  79. Forrest

    Okay. Nice call, Rob!

  80. SoCal12

    Out of all the Edge guys profiled I did think Derrick Hall fit the Seahawks mold the most outside of the 2 Wills. Good shout by Rob.

  81. Sea Mode

    Pick is in!

  82. KD

    That was Rob’s highest rated remaining pass rusher. Let’s GOOOOOOOOOO!

  83. UkAlex6674

    One of my must haves. Good pick. And an Alpha.

  84. Jason Nelson

    No idea if they’ll do it, but I’d be 100% fine with them taking Keeanu Benton right here.

  85. Patrick Toler

    Hell yes!

  86. Forrest

    I think he’ll play 4-3 edge.

  87. AlaskaHawk

    Welcome to the 2-3-6 defensive era

  88. James

    Holy shit, someone I mocked to the Seahawks lol

  89. Hawkster

    The media needs to have a designation for off-ball vs edge LB

    • Hawkster

      Reply fail

      • Todd M

        I agree though. I’m hardly the most knowledgeable about football terminology, but something seems off when Will Anderson is labeled a “linebacker” as he was last night. He’s not Jordyn Brooks… and neither is Derick Hall from my understanding.

  90. Tatupu51

    YEEEES!! Really wanted Hall!

  91. Group Captain Mandrake

    Not sure I really get the pick at this point in the draft. They need some big bodies in there or teams are just going to run all over them.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Where’s the beef? LOL I think they gave up after Mazi Smith was taken by Dallas.

    • James

      he’s an edge, and a good one. what’s to get?

    • STTBM

      Carrol has never valued DT above second round. They won’t pay those guys, his scheme uses them as space eaters. And he’ll get The Band back together, resigning Poona and Harris for much less.

      They will pick a DT or two, but later.

      Not sure I like it, but classic Carrol.

    • Hawkster

      The value, the BPA was for me Hall. I loved AdeAdes senior bowl running around everybody and all, but thus going to 4-3 stuff screemed Hall to me

    • The Graduate

      You can find interior run stoppers much later in the draft. Don’t fret yet. This is also a position you can fill late in free agency if need be,

  92. shane


  93. SoCal12

    Damn that backstory was 100% certified Seahawk material.

    • Sea Mode


  94. Seahawkwalt

    35″ arms….wow

    • Sea Mode

      34.5″, but yeah. He’s ideal Seahawks EDGE. 1.59 10yd split too.

  95. Jhams

    Love the pick. He adds pass rush and he’s a hard hitting physical tone setter. Couldn’t be happier. Now let’s get Ade Ade!

  96. Roy Batty

    There are quite a few big guys left. Pickens, Benton, ika, Young.

    And they can always trade back up to grab one, too.

  97. Carl

    Athletic comp of Derrick Hall to Cliff Avril, wonder if Pete/John see some Cliff Avril in Hall’s game.

    • James Kupihea

      ^ This. Its why I felt they might go this direction. He’s a bit stronger and faster too, so I hope he fits that mold.

  98. Matt

    Great pick. You can tell they were hoping for him since they took him so quickly. Does Hall give us any clues as to 3-4 vs 4-3 defense?

    • Hawkster

      Yes yes. Wanted Hall, glad to see tgeir speed to the podium, to me part of migration back to a 4 man front

  99. Alfred

    How’s Hall different than Ade?

    • Hawkster

      Ade is that bigger 3-4 DE. Hall more a 4-3 edge

  100. zezinhom400

    Great call Rob, nailed Derick Hall

  101. Hawkdawg

    Love that 10 yd split…looks explosive, good stats in a good conference…

  102. Rob Staton

    Blog crashed again for the traffic for the third Seahawks pick in a row 😂

    • SoCal12

      Like DJ Khaled you are Suffering From Success

    • Nfendall

      Love it! Not the site crashing, but the traffic you are getting.

    • seahawkward

      A badge of honour!

  103. Carl

    Rob was the first one in on Mingo, Mel likes him too.

  104. Volume12

    Love that pick. Needed more help @ EDGE Seattle now has waves of pass rush like the LOB days.

    Hall has length, explosion, gritty too.

  105. ShowMeYourHawk

    Young has a fantastic WR to make his life easier now.

  106. God of Thunder

    Following the draft from the remote bush.

    I have so many tabs open. This thread, Rob’s board, ESPN, Rob’s mock etc 🤣

  107. KD

    There goes Mingo. Not like we were looking for a WR now anyways ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  108. Denver Hawker

    Could have so closely been McDonald/Mingo instead of JSN/Hall- I’m stoked either way.

    • God of Thunder


      This is shaping up to be a fine draft.

  109. SoCal12

    Young under Reich with Jonathan Mingo is gonna be really strong foundation and interesting to watch in the coming years.

  110. James

    I went to high school with Jonathan Stewart. Crazy to see him announce a pick all these years later. THS 05!

    • Joe Strummer

      Didn’t Stewart and Jake Locker match up in a 2A game at some point?
      Must have been fun.

  111. MountainHawker

    Hawks leading an edge conga? Just like they led wr? Neat!

  112. Jon

    Ade, White, Benton. Tipmann, Schmitz.
    Get the beef!

    • Russell Clifton

      That’s what I think. I get Hall being impressive but I think bigger beef is needed. And it’s their it’s hard to trust.

  113. Roy Batty

    Good thing run stuffing DTs aren’t sexy. They keep getting pushed down the board to Seattle, so I’m not really worried.

    Keep going BPA if need be. Perfect draft execution, Schneider. Perfect.

  114. VeryAl

    Guessing cards go center here

  115. Donald_Duck

    Does the selection of Derick Hall mean the seahawks are going to a 4:3?

  116. SoCal12

    That blurb from the scout on Derrick Hall being a 4-3 end I wonder if that’s another signal of going back to 4-3.

  117. ShowMeYourHawk

    Any chance ARI goes Branch here to eventually offload Baker?

    • Sea Mode

      Ooh, that’s a good thought.

      • ShowMeYourHawk

        Guess not. 😂

  118. Volume12

    Seattle has added 2 legit alpha males on D. Desperately needed.

    • Sea Mode


    • seahawkward

      I love it! Have needed that attitude for a while now.

  119. Sea Mode

    Surely the Cards wouldn’t pick a third straight OL, would they…?

    Kyler holding GM hostage maybe…

  120. Hawkster

    First r2 pick came in and I was thinking Id be as happy with Porter as I am with spoon. Started getting all pissy mood. And JSN, well, the A in BPA stands for “available” … lije available to play football

    But hell yes, wanted Hall, wanted Hall at 37 and have for a long time. Amazing what one pick does for mood.

    • Seahawkward

      We’re nothing if not an emotional bunch. lol.

  121. Roy Batty

    Watching that Arizona war room all I can’t think is, they will all eventually be fired.

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      They already are. It’ll just take them two years to realize it.

      • STTBM

        Mic drop Alert…

    • James

      Hope that dude likes playing Call of Duty lol.

  122. BrandoK

    Another DL or Center with our next pick

    • Hawkster

      Id like to go Benton snd pick up Scruggs later over getting a higher C and getting say Mojo later.

      • Hawkster

        Or B Young (ALA)

  123. Hoggs41

    They could still go possibly Wypler or Oluwitimi at 83 for center or maybe Tippman or Schmitz at 52. If they might be going back to 4-3 then DT isnt that pressing.

  124. Forrest

    I love that we started another run.

  125. STTBM

    Damn, Cardinals make a good pick. And his family is stoked–God knows why. Bidwell is a nightmare. But I liked Ojulari, glad he’s happy.

  126. Hawkster

    Totally called that. Mayer was gone, GB HAD to draft a TE.

  127. Volume12

    Love that Mingo fit in Carolina

    • Sea Mode

      Clear need after trading away Moore

  128. Roy Batty

    Man, this draft is falling right into Schneider’s lap. The guy has yet to need to make a major move. So much talent falling to them.

    • Denver Hawker

      Totally agree, next pick could change that- centers could dry up

  129. ShowMeYourHawk

    Eep. At this point, it’s Washington, Kraft or bust at TE.

    • Jhams

      I like Kuntz later on for the athletic upside.

  130. Sea Mode

    We kicked off WR and EDGE runs. Skipped the TE run.

    But maybe we can still be the ones to kick off the OC run.

    Unless they grade the top 3 centers equally, I smell a trade up coming within the next few picks.

  131. SeaPunk

    So, who could take a C in front of us?

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      I blame you for this! 🤪

      • SeaPunk

        As you should!😂😅

    • SeaPunk

      Well, that answers that!

  132. Zane

    More of a rigid, linear athlete, but I’m getting Frank Clark vibes from Hall

  133. Nfendall

    This part of the draft is so stacked with good players it seems like after almost every pick I go “yep good player”.

    • MountainHawker

      This is the part of the draft that gave me fits in mocks. Lots of talent! It’s exciting

  134. BrandoK

    Is this the start on the run on the Center position

  135. Canadian Hawk


    Spot on with O’Cyrus.

    Still not picked.

  136. Forrest

    Holding my breath that the Hawks can get JMS, Mauch or Washington.

    • Big Mike

      Especially JMS

      • bmseattle

        I was hoping for Tipmann, hopefully we don’t miss out on JMS now.

  137. KennyBadger

    Defensive versatility seems to be a common thread with Witherspoon and Hall. Someone discussed innovation earlier, I wonder if we’re gonna see something unprecedented in terms of scheme this year.

    • SoCal12

      You’ve heard of Positionless Basketball. Now get ready for Positionless Football!

      • James

        The Steve Kerr to PC connection is very real.

      • KennyBadger

        No shit. Or at least safeties and edges.

  138. Happy Hawk

    Love the pick of Hall. Geno Smith must be loving the last 2 drafts following the Wilson trade.

  139. Nfendall

    So many desirable players for the Seahawks still there. JMS, Ade Ade, Benton, Pickens, K. White, Muach, Kraft, etc.

    • Henry Taylor

      Give me Ade!

      • Nfendall

        I would love that pick.

  140. Roy Batty

    Plenty of good talent in areas of need for us still on the board. I keep wondering when a bunch of safeties start moving.

  141. Sea Mode

    Ok, with Tippmann off the board, JS working the phones to move up for JMS?

    • Hawkster

      Gimmie Scruggs and one of these DTs in R2

  142. Leo

    It is nice to be the team starting positional runs, at least we know JS got his pick of the litter from the WRs and the second-tier DEs

    • Sea Mode

      5 bucks says PC/JS say in the presser today that they were prepared to take him in R1…

      • Forrest


  143. BrandoK

    Could Ade Ade drop to the 3rd round just like Abe lucas and we pick him

    • Ben

      Love our picks but sure wish we coulda snagged an extra third along the way.

  144. Troy

    Feels like all signs point to JMS with this next pick, assuming he lasts to the hawks…

    • MountainHawker

      I just don’t value center that high. I wonder if the team does? Evan Brown is fine for me. I’d rather take Benton or Ade.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Does anyone really expect a run on centers? I don’t . Besides they can always convert an extra defensive tackle into a center, right? Oh wait, there are no extra DTs.

  145. Rob Staton

    Quick video analysis on the Derick Hall pick on the blog and available here too:

  146. Sea Mode

    Lions just traded up.

  147. Forrest

    I think they’ll go Mauch and try him at Center. If that doesn’t work, he’s your replacement at LG next year (for Lewis). Word is he likes the left side.

  148. ShowMeYourHawk

    Still want Ade Ade at #52, even with Hall in hand. His versatility would still address some of our interior DL issues.

    Failing that, Benton, Pickens, Washington, Schmitz, Wypler or Charbonnet would be just fine.

    • Hawkster

      Kinda lost in the froth here, but yea, grabbing Charbonnet is tempting.

    • Zorn Is King

      i like Tyjae Spears too…

    • Sea Mode

      I don’t see why one would stop them from the other. Hall is an edge rusher and Ade is a DT. Or if we stay with the 3-4, Hall is OLB and Ade DE.

  149. 805Hawk

    A trade with a division rival. Don’t see that often, or at least we didn’t used to.

  150. Cheese22

    How many OLB/Edge guys are on the roster? Nwosu, Mafe, Taylor, T Smith and now Hall. I get BPA, but it’s time to add some girth to both lines.

    • Marc Edge


  151. Daniel Vandenbroek

    Is there any realistic way to add a pick in this value range? Is any package of lower picks feasible/realistic/desirable?

    • Hawkster

      Gotta dip into 2024 to get another R2 at this point IMO

      • Hawkster

        A big no for me

      • Sea Mode

        No way for me!

    • Sea Mode

      Not really, I don’t think. Kind of reaching, but maybe trading Noah Fant and one of our R5 picks could net you a R3?

  152. Bert Wershington

    Give me Darnell Washington please!

  153. 805Hawk

    I’m hoping for Ade or Benton here. I’m happy taking Wypler in the third.

  154. regan

    Got to be Branch

  155. Nfendall

    The Lions first 2 picks were head scratchers but Branch is a GREAT pick at 45.

    • Sea Mode

      Really fits their culture for sure.

  156. Sea Mode

    I’ve seen 1.59 and 1.58 for Hall’s 10yd split. Where did the 1.55 come from?

    (Luckily, either way it’s in the elite range. But 1.55 is even more impressive)

  157. Roy Batty

    God I hope Branch starts a mini rush on safeties. Keep pushing our guys down the board to us.

  158. ShowMeYourHawk

    This totally smells like where NE grabs Sanders.

    • Sea Mode

      Oooh, good one.

      • ShowMeYourHawk

        Damn!!! Apparently, I’m really bad at this. 😵‍💫

  159. Sneekes

    Awww, love those dogs.

  160. Sea Mode

    Is JMS lasting 10 more picks…?

  161. SoCal12

    Keion White on a NE defense is going to be nasty. Now that’s a defense that might actually be closer to positionless.

  162. MountainHawker

    Keion White looks pissed! Wonder if it’s team preference or if he thought he should’ve gone earlier

    • seahawkward

      He was at the draft last night. Pissed he didn’t go then.

    • regan

      He’s going to have a big ol chip on that shoulder, Belichek will harness the dark side!

  163. BrandoK

    The Pats have a good draft they’re picking BPA

  164. Roy Batty

    Man this keeps shaping up for a plethora of talent for Schneider to pick from in positions of need.

    Keep letting it come to you Schneider.

  165. Ben - Fort Worth

    I bet somebody jumps ahead of Seattle for JMS.

    • Rob Staton

      Miami might take him

  166. Henry Taylor

    Those dogs are beautiful Rob

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks, they are such good dogs and so well behaved

      • Troy

        Super fast bois looks like

        • Rob Staton

          They can really move when they get going

          • Roy Batty

            Italians or Whippets?

  167. BrandoK

    I could see Seattle trading down and grabbing an extra pick

  168. Forrest

    Ouch! I wanted him.

  169. ShowMeYourHawk

    Saw a Derick Hall comp online that matched him to Chris Clemons. Gods, we can only hope.

  170. Ben - Fort Worth

    Cody Mauch just went off the board. HE DOESN”T HAVE ANY FRONT TEEF!!!!! 😆

    • Roy Batty

      Mauch just became the richest man in his home town.

  171. Ben - Fort Worth

    His teammates need to buy that kid some chompers!!

  172. Hawkster

    You only get so many picks, woulda taken Mauch at 52, but that was never to be. Still looking at Benton, shaking the cage with Charbonnet, wouldnt cry over JMS or Wypler but would rather look to 83 for that, and, well, so many choices

    • Hawkster


      • Hawkster

        Three picks. Always the Steelers, Raven, or Iggles. Dang

  173. ShowMeYourHawk

    Ooooh. That PIT pick hurts. DT becomes more pressing now.

    • Roy Batty

      Yeah, I am now bummed. He was my draft crush for what we needed.

    • Hawkster

      Pickens is on the board

  174. Travis

    Center or trade down?

  175. Thomas

    Well… I’ll root for the guys but this feels A LOT like the L.J. Collier draft. Welcome to quarterback purgatory. 10 wins and no rings.

    I do not see Geno taking us anywhere. I also don’t see us getting a chance at someone else.

    So far it feels like “smartest guys in the room” more than anything. If they miss on the centers… goodness….

    • God of Thunder

      You’re likely to be proven wrong, I think. This draft is shaping up to resemble last year’s. The emphasis on BPA and character is important.

      I think the QB level dropped precipitously after Young, Stroud.

    • Roy Batty

      They’re going BPA, which is quite literally the opposite of a Collier draft.

    • seahawkward

      This is a legit silly take.

      This is why you’d don’t get too hyper focused on one position or player, kids.

      • Thomas

        They’re in purgatory. 10 wins. The Steelers/Saints of the Northwest.

        Are they celebrating in the war room like last year? I haven’t watched that footage so I don’t know.

  176. Hawkster

    Nice R2 for GB

  177. MountainHawker

    Green bay taking weapons cracks me up

    • HOUSE

      I just said this to my buddy. HILARIOUS!!! 😂😂😂

  178. Mr drucker in hooterville

    Gotta be a Dt no? Pickens, young, Roy?

  179. Ben - Fort Worth

    Pickens and Ade Ade still on the board.

  180. Canadian Hawk

    Are we in Hooker territory?

  181. Big Mike

    Your dogs aren’t into it Rob? I dunno, maybe they actually like sleep unlike their human. 🙂

  182. Forrest

    Go Hawks – JMS, Washington or Hooker, please!

  183. Big Mike

    JM please

  184. Zorn Is King

    gotta be JMS

  185. Sea Mode

    Ade Ade and JMS still on the board if we want! Who would have thought?

  186. Travis

    Good pick for Miami. I thought he would go in the 1st

  187. Roy Batty

    Love me some KJ.

  188. Sea Mode

    Pick is in! No time wasted!

  189. BrandoK

    This Pick was a huge surprise by seattle

    • Hawks4life

      Not really, we don’t have anyone besides KW

  190. Big Mike

    Oh hell yeah I’ll take that!!

  191. Hawkster

    Hell yes. !!!

    • Hawkster

      Can anyone saw SEAHAWK?

      • Hawktalker#1

        Ha ha pass me another beer. Wahooo

  192. Forrest


  193. God of Thunder

    Power. I like it.

  194. Malanch

    Cue MSM ridicule: “Zach Charbonnet? Like, I don’t understand this pick at all!”

  195. Travis

    Wow, love the player

  196. ShowMeYourHawk

    WOW! Called that! Twitter is going to HATE this. 😂

    • Big Mike

      LOVE to hear that. Screw them

    • KD

      Let Seahawk twitter go in a corner and cry about it 🙂

      • SoCal12

        I live for Ben B Baldwin tears.

        • seahawkward

          Haha. Same goes for Evan Hill.

    • Rob Staton

      F Seahawks Twitter

  197. pdway

    that’s what the luxury of having two 2nd rounders gets you…..

    fun pick!

    • Malanch

      Not a luxury pick at all. Brilliant choice by Seattle.

  198. Troy

    There’s the running back to pair with k9…I guess all that center talk was a smoke screen? They had JMS multiple times…

  199. KD

    Zack Charbonet! LET’S GOOOOOOOO!

  200. SoCal12

    Charbonnet and Walker backfield (with DK, Tyler, JSN on the outside) is something i can get excited about.

  201. Chris

    Alright, nothing against a RB, but what the hell are they going to do in the trenches next year. This team freaking sucks on the inside of both offense and defense. Does Pete enjoy other teams beating up on us?

  202. Glor

    Damn Rob, your player grading is damn good!

  203. Sea Mode

    That’s a helluva 1-2 punch!

  204. TomLPDX

    Zach!!!!! WooHooo!!!! Sea-Hawks!

  205. Roy Batty

    Holy crap, they are going to be a juggernaut on offense.

    Seahawks Twitter is probably a bloodbath right now.


  206. Henry Taylor

    Ah, I reckon there was equally good players at greater need here. Love Charbonet though, great fit with Walker.

  207. BrandoK

    This is an amazing 1 2 punch for the backfield

  208. KennyBadger

    This offense is going to be fun to watch.

  209. BrandoK

    This is such a good 1 2 punch for the backfield

  210. pdway

    and if we’re rolling w Geno — let’s take some pressure off him w a talented run game

  211. Sea Mode

    Rob on Oct 24, 2022:

    The Seahawks should seriously consider drafting running back Zach Charbonnet to pair with Ken Walker. His toughness, explosive traits, ideal size, footwork to make people miss and acceleration is absolutely fantastic. I’ve got him graded in round two. A tremendous player.

    • Troy

      Our offense and defense appear legit improved…I’m just sad at no qbotf but you can’t really hate on any pick they made…all guys that can have huge impacts year 1

      • Roy Batty

        This really has been a perfect BPA mentality by Schneider. He has been so disciplined this year.

        Love it.

        • fiddlepimp

          i agree, it is like Pete and John are adults now!

  212. Jhams

    I love it, RBBC keeps everyone fresh and healthy.

    Now trade back up for Ade Ade or Darnell Washington!

  213. Hawkster

    Hall and Charbonnet was never goung to happen, just my dumass fantasy. They were going ti fet some damn Center, and it was goung ti make sense

    But no.

    They jacj me up and draft sone Seahawks. And maybe it woulda been Benton, and tgey stayed eith the Board.

    Love it

    • KennyBadger

      Bless you.

    • TomLPDX

      Dude, step away for a moment!

  214. CASE

    Walking on the street while ZACH!!! was announced. I’m sure anyone who saw me wondered WTF was up. Can’t wait to see him on the field.

  215. Tim

    A Good Running Back Tandem — Agreed. That’s good.

    As far as I’m concerned — lack of an absolute stud center who won’t get put on his ass by the next Aaron Donald, and who’ll be able to open up holes on the interior…. That’s bad.

    And then there’s the lack of DT help.

    No, this pick has not left me a happy camper.

  216. Ben - Fort Worth

    Now we need to draft some road graders to pave some highway for all these RB!!!

  217. Sea Mode

    Shoutout to Blitzy too. Missed on Gibbs, but nailed the other two!

    Blitzy the Clown says:
    March 14, 2023 at 12:31 pm

    So now that we know they’re guaranteed to draft a RB, what’s the highest pick you’re willing to spend, and who’s the player you’re picking.

    Assume Bijan doesn’t last to 20 so there’s no opportunity to take him unless it’s at 5

    For me, probably 52 and Zach Charbonnet. Jahmyr Gibbs at 37 would be tempting.

    • Big Mike

      We’ve got some sharp folks in this community.

      • Peter

        Truly stoked. The year before he was my favorite runningback before he went back to school.

        Blitz with the number though….nicely bleeping done.

  218. Big Mike

    We don’t have another pick until #83 correct?

    • Roy Batty

      They have two 5ths, so maybe they move one to get back in.

  219. Volume12

    Mannnn. This RB duo paired w/ the 3 headed monster @ RB? 🔥🔥🔥

    Charbonnet is the perfect kind of back to pair w/ K9

  220. BrandoK

    I don’t think we’ll draft a C in the 3rd round maybe get one tomorrow

  221. D

    love that pick….i didn’t think there’d be any chance he’d still be around for this pick

  222. GoHawksDani

    That WR-RB group will be crazy good.
    I’ll be curious to see if we pick DT or OC in R3. Maybe even TE if Washington slips that far.
    Happy with Charbonnet. Wanted to a bit more downfield between the tackles runner to compliment K9 and he’ll be perfect. Not sure about his passblocking but has good hands too, so if able to block maybe 3rd down back?

  223. vichawkfan

    C – JMS/Wypler
    DT – Picken/Ade Ade

    We need to get at least one of these at 83

    • Denver Hawker

      Wouldn’t count out a trade up

  224. Peter

    Such a good pick.

    Running backs don’t matter…..if you’re not a fan of the seahawks.

  225. Trevor

    Any chance Pickens or Ade Ade still on the board at 83? Perhaps use one of those 5th rounders to pair with 83 and move up?

  226. Rowdy

    Over/under if we give up 200 rushing yards a game?

  227. BrandoK

    Seahawks twitter gotta be hating our pick

    • Roy Batty

      Which makes that pick soooo much better.🤣🤣🤣

      • Glor


    • Big Mike

      Yeah based on that crappy Walker pick in round 2 last year and the fact that the O struggled when he was out. Makes perfect sense
      *searching in vain for the sarcasm font*

  228. Hawks4life

    I see us trading up at some point

    • Denver Hawker

      💯- 83 is too far away – looking at Denver’s R3 picks

  229. Canadian Hawk

    What a smart draft.

    Maybe Luke is there at 83?

  230. seahawkward

    LOVE the Charbonnet pick!!!!!! One of the players I wanted most in this draft. But I always assumed he’d go higher than we’d take a rb. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!

    And loving this draft! We are getting back to that LOB spirit!

    • seahawkward

      Also congrats on breaking the site yet again, Rob! It’s a sign.

  231. Glor

    They are alternating defense with offense.. so that would mean next pick is back to D?

    • Hawkster

      noticed that too, thinking back to D, or at least back to trenches, unless …

      • Glor

        Maybe trade up for Ade?

        • Hawkster

          I’d take Pickens right now

  232. LouCityHawk

    So happy with the two picks so far.

    Just need a Pickens to make Day 2 equal last year for me in terms of highs.

  233. chet380

    ZC highlights — surprising speed, breaking tackles, making elite moves — A BIG WOW!!

  234. Dirty Mike/Gang

    Charbonnet’s gonna be a flop imo. Love the rest of the class so far though.

    • Glor

      Never know, some of this class will be a bust, won’t know for a couple years

    • chet380

      check out his highlights, D Mike.

    • Denver Hawker

      What don’t you like?

    • Lord Snow

      Curious why you believe that. Not saying he’s going to be a star but every time I watched him he was basically running through tackles and doing the things you want are running back to do so what have you seen that makes you believe that?

    • Peter

      I dunno.

      Near perfect size speed profile. Explosive. Good production…plus pass catching runningback.

    • Dirty Mike/Gang

      To expand on why- yes I’ve seen his tape (as well as watching the PAC week in and week out). Don’t really see him playing with much power and not really a burner who can be a third down contributor either which is something they’re currently lacking. Would’ve taken Abanikanda, Bigsby, Spears, R Johnson instead. Even Tavion Thomas, who ran like a 4.7 plays faster and I would argue has as good or better cutting ability/vision.

  235. Mr Magic

    Lets not forget we drafted Tyreek Smith in the 5th round last year from OSU. OLB/Edge who missed the season on IR. Just turned 23, more depth on D coming in, effectively another draft pick this year!

  236. Rob Staton

    Video thoughts on the Zach Charbonnet pick:

    • TomLPDX

      Big thumbs up from me too! Love the ZC pick!

    • Adam

      My issue with this pick is not with Charbonnet (or the idea of having more depth at RB, which we did need), it’s that this felt like a good spot to address center, which felt like a better combination of need and availability. Ultimately I would have preferred RB a round or two later.

      • HawkFanSince77

        What are you thoughts on Charbonnet as a blocker?

    • Tommy boy

      That was a foolish waste of a draft selection. Just when we were going to address the trenches on either side of the ball where football games are won and have been our weakness, we waste a valuable 2nd rd pick on a RB?

      Puke! Deejay Dallas is fine. What is our infatuation with RB selections? No team has spent more capital on RBs the past 5 drafts.

      There’s only 1 football!!! RB in Rd 5 are EASY to find. Not back to back 2nd rounders when we have glaring holes on the DL and OL.

      I don’t care if he’s Jim Brown, it’s a WASTE of draft capital when BPA in the trenches is the BEST LONG TERM SOLUTION to building a team. Not back to back 2nd Rd RBs.

      I loathe our infatuation with RBs.

      Pick gets a solid F!! Totally unnecessary.
      Running backs get into grooves!! Stronger as game wears on.

      Substitute backs NEVER works!! Never never never!

      F F F F F

      • Tommy boy

        Unless we’re running the ball 45x a game, that was a bonehead selection.

        If K9 gets like 12 carries and ZC gets 12 that’s a TOTAL WASTE of draft capital.

        We need OC/DT. BPA there! Not Another RB.

        We have 3 WRs that need the ball, too. Why bother with JSN at #20 then?

        Stupid selection. How anybody can support another RB doesn’t know the 2023 game.

        Pete is still living in the 70s.

        • Rob Staton

          Everyone moaned like this a year ago when they took Ken Walker

          Then Rashaad Penny got hurt and that pick was a home run

          Chill FFS

  237. Mr Magic

    So ideally now at 83 its either a beefy DT for interior line run defense or a solid center. Id expect that with the next pick.

    Interesting we havent traded once. I wonder if they are just confident with thier picks and their board. Very un Seattle like draft in that regard. CB-WR in 1st round and no trades….

    THen again, they traded all over shop and made odd 1st round picks for years and we got worse year after year. Glad to see em back on track!

  238. BrandoK

    There goes JMS which centers do they like and when do they pick them if at all

    • Lord Snow

      They just don’t like centers. Probably think of them as middle relievers in baseball

      • BrandoK

        They probably don’t value the position high at all but with the way our C’s play we needed a good one

        • Lord Snow

          I’ll be honest I don’t understand it myself not when we watch defensive tackles just destroy this team up the middle every season

  239. vanhawksfan

    Wypler and Scruggs tested well. I’m thinking Picckens or BY (ALA) or Roy in the 3rd round.

    • Hawkster

      If Pickens lasts there is no choice

  240. Troy

    There goes JMS for the giants

  241. Big Mike

    Well there goes JMS. No way he was goin g to last to 83. Brown gonna be our C and Robbie is going to commit symbolic hari kari

  242. Ben - Fort Worth

    Seattle sent Steve Hutch to visit Tippman and Michael Schmitz as a smokescreen for Charbonnet lol

    • Sea Mode

      For all we know, he worked out Wypler and/or Scruggs as well and we just didn’t hear about it. Let’s wait and see.

      • Glor

        People assume that because we work someone out that means we come away from that meeting impressed… maybe not?

    • The Graduate

      Or maybe he worked them out, and actually wasn’t as impressed as we might have automatically assumed.

  243. Big Mike

    Look at Drew Pearson living in the past. Must be a Jethro Tull fan

    • Lord Snow

      He pushed off Nate wright in the 1975 divisional game. Minnesota might win the Super Bowl if that doesn’t happen they’re one Super Bowl

    • STTBM

      I dig me some Tull lol!

  244. Sea Mode

    Had to reach for my bottle of Glen Scotia Victoriana with that pick of Charbonnet!

    Sea Mode says:
    March 5, 2023 at 3:25 pm

    Seahawks are going to be all over Zach Charbonnet. Would make an excellent complement to Walker.

    • Big Mike

      👍 to you and Blitzy

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      You called way earlier than I. Congrats! I’ve loved Charbonnet since before last season. Never thought we could actually end up with him. With JSN and ZC, we’re going to be lethal underneath.

  245. VeryAl

    Seems like Hutch was not that high on the two centers

  246. BrandoK

    Robbie what are your thoughts on not getting a center yet

    • Robbie

      Well I like all our picks. A little surprised but there are choices still available at center!

  247. Rob Staton

    I wish they had another third rounder, early on. There are a lot of good players left.

    • Nfendall

      I wouldn’t be shocked if they traded to get an additional 3rd rounder because of this.

    • Simo

      Now we’re just getting greedy! It’s so nice to keep adding good football players though!

    • Glor

      We know they tried to trade down twice in the first, so it isn’t like they didn’t try.

    • Sea Mode

      No chance we package Noah Fant and one of our R5 for a R3…?

      (Pick Payne Durham later on to fill the hole.)

    • seahawkward

      Same! Having 2 picks per roun, one early and one later, is really fun. I wish we could do it all the time. Lol.

      • seahawkward

        To think that a few years back we only had 3 picks the whole way! And all we got was Dee Eskridge, Tre Brown, and Stone Forsythe! I feel really sorry for past 2021 us. Lol.

  248. MountainHawker

    Every pick has been a high character bad ass

    • Hawktalker#1

      Maybe we can get Pickins with our next pick. I think Ade Ade will be long gone

  249. Sea Mode

    Tony reported Bills like Wypler, let’s see.

  250. bmseattle

    Wasn’t there some guy who got into a twitter beef with Rob over Torrence?

  251. SoCal12

    Really surprised Ade Ade and Josh Downs still on the board.

  252. HawkfaninMT

    Could Fant plus a 5th net a 3rd? Would love to get another guy from this current tier

    • bmseattle

      Are there still good TE’s available?
      Seems like if we trade Fant, we’d need another body there.

      • TomLPDX

        Several, the run on TEs hasn’t really happened

    • HawkfaninMT

      Surprised Swift and Hopkins have not been traded yet as well

    • Hawkster

      They’d need to use the pick on TE then, no? Kinda sideways except the salary diff.

      • HawkfaninMT

        It’s a significant salary difference

  253. BrandoK

    Is the draft moving faster than last year kinda feels like it for me

    • Big Mike

      Seems that way and that’s a good thing

      • BrandoK

        Yeah very good thing seems like their having the people announce the pick faster too and not have a whole monologue when up there

    • Sea Mode

      I was thinking the same.

  254. Hawkster

    Reminds me of day 2 last year. good fun.

    • SoCal12

      I always enjoy day 2 more than day 1. Much more relaxed vibe. Everyone gets too invested in the first round and emotions run hot making for a tense night.

  255. Hoggs41

    Seahawks twitter going ape shit about Charbonnet. Having a good running game makes your defense better. Im good with the pick all day.

    • Rob Staton

      F*** Seahawks Twitter

      • seahawkward

        F*** Twitter in general. It’s a toxic dumpster fire that does nothing but melt brains, spread culture war, breed divisiveness, and an always at war mentality. The world would be better without it, or any social media. I get that people get addicted. But the world needs an intervention.

  256. Hawktalker#1

    Maybe we can get Pickins with our next pick. I think Ade Ade will be long gone

  257. Hawkster

    so there’s another ouch

  258. Scot04

    Another Center. Definitely not expecting one now.

    • Big Mike

      Yeah I don’t see it. Brown gonna be our starter next season.

  259. ShowMeYourHawk

    Damn. Juice has been let loose.

  260. Sea Mode

    Scruggs goes R2. Another report nailed by Pauline. Still #1 in the biz.

  261. HOUSE

    Damn. Wish this guy nothing but the best. HOU is building something

  262. SoCal12

    Oh hey. I forgot that Denver was picking in this draft…

    • HOUSE

      They traded into the second round. Lol

      • regan

        Probably traded there 24 1 st round pick.

        • seahawkward


    • Sea Mode


    • Dirty Mike/Gang

      If not OL here, Trenton Simpson or Daiyan Henley would add needed speed/depth

  263. Sea Mode

    Teams really scared off by Josh Downs’ size.

  264. Glor

    I mean F it, take downs if he is still there. BPA baby!

  265. ShowMeYourHawk

    Ugh. NFL’s obligatory commercial for the military always seems like an outtake from Team America.

    • regan

      Fck Ya!

    • Hawkster

      I prefer sports to be an escape from militarism/nationalism, plenty other times of the day and venues for that. But the NFL is solid in it marketing strategies, transparent as they may be.

      • seahawkward

        Co-sign. But sadly this is Amuurrricah.

    • Malanch

      That’s funny, SMYH. And Hawkster: As a vet myself, I totally agree. Yet another reason I have never had cable and never watch TV (not even games).

    • HOUSE

      As a combat vet, I have always appreciated pregame claps or thank yous, but USAA has completely whored out the military, and it’s so annoying

  266. Scot04

    Unlikely, but really hoping for Adetomiwa Adebawore so Rob can get a double interview.

  267. Hawkster

    83 + on of the 150s is worth 6 spots
    83 + 123 is worth 10 spots.
    So around pick 70 they can start looking to a same year trade up if they see something juicy.

    • Scot04

      Looks like there following last year and sticking a natural slots

      • Hawkster

        One of the things about trading up is, then 20 picks later one is stunned with who is still there, but the trade-up pick is gone.

        Letting the draft come to you invites value.

        • Hawkster

          That said, striking when in sight represents some of the best picks out there.
          In between? Lagavulin.

          • Glor

            We have struck gold with trade ups, typically crap with trade downs

    • Glor

      Thank you sir

  268. Peter

    Stoked for Scruggs. Seemed like a great dude on the interview!

  269. TomLPDX

    How is Ade still available?

    • BrandoK

      He’s this years Abe Lucas we gotta get him

  270. Jordan

    Rob’s thought to take Dawand Jones and move Abe to guard is still in play.

    • Rob Staton

      A lot of teams were turned off Jones’ process

      He gave up after that one great day in Mobile

      • Sea Mode

        Did he end up cancelling his visit to the VMAC?

  271. Big Mike

    What’s the best option left at DT?

    • Scot04

      By Rob’s Board Cameron Young

      • Big Mike

        Thought so. Thanks

        • Scot04

          Anytime Big Mike

      • Hawkster

        bama Young can line up inside

  272. Scot04

    Well F-Word hate to see Pickens go. Maybe we can keep hoping for Ade Ade or Byron Young for another 3-4 end. Maybe Cameron Young at DT, if we do go Defense

  273. ShowMeYourHawk

    Remember after the Combine when everyone was fondling themselves over taking Washington in Round One? What a drop. At least Levis got nabbed after one cycle through the league. Woof.

  274. Jhams

    I wonder if Ade Ade or Washington will last to us?

    • MountainHawker

      Rumors of medical concerns/issues with Washington. I’ve got nothing for why Ade is there

  275. Sea Mode

    Drafting Steen as a guard? Huh.

  276. Scot04

    Quite a few good guards and guard converts available.

    • Tony

      Tom cable somewhere just got a tingle down his spine.

    • Sea Mode

      Look out for Anthony Bradford maybe

      • Scot04

        Love watching Bradford play

  277. Sea Mode

    Dang, we still don’t even appear on the ticker at the bottom of the screen…

  278. Seattle Person

    Damn it Philly!!! Syd Brown is one of my favorite players in this draft.

    • Hawkster

      a bit surprise he lasted this long. Safety just not a premium position, well, except the whole $18m thingy.

  279. Sea Mode

    Another hit for Rob with Drew Sanders’ true range.

  280. MountainHawker

    I don’t see any way rams pass on Ade twice before our pick

  281. BrandoK

    Detroit had a weird 1st round but now had pretty decent picks after

    • Sea Mode

      We were talking on last thread this morning about how Seattle taking Witherspoon probably threw a wrench in their R1 plans.

      Feels like their plan was Witherspoon at 6 and Gibbs at 18. Once that got blown up, they reached a bit to make sure they at least got Gibbs and then pivoted to Campbell.

      • BrandoK

        Totally agree with you on that

    • Nfendall

      Agreed. This team feels eerily Similar to the early 2010s Seahawks. Building a tough culture with some weird early picks sometimes but they don’t give af and will pick who they want.

  282. Big Mike

    Good jo Detroit. Nothing lost, possible gain

    • Seattle Person

      It’s probably the best spot for him to go to.

  283. jdruaint

    Any of Abe Abe, Wypler, Trenton Simpson, Darnell Washington, JL Skinner At 83 PLEASE!!!

    • God of Thunder

      Watch the Rams take two of them.

  284. ShowMeYourHawk

    Phew! Hooker bullet dodged. Likely never going to take him anyhow but at least the Twitter stans can shut up.

    • Kyle R

      Yes thank God Hooker is gone and not a Seahawk. Too old, injured, and played in such a soft and easy offensive system.

    • MountainHawker

      I’m at work but I’ll drink to that!

  285. Sea Mode


    Seahawks PR

    @Seahawks media room update: #cringe.

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      They must’ve got word that Bryon Young went off the board.

  286. Big Mike

    Mel saying the same as Rob about the system making Hooker and how he’ll have to adjust in the pros.

  287. God of Thunder

    Hooker! (Sorry was yelling at my gf.)

    • Big Mike

      OK I literally LOL’d

      • God of Thunder

        She didn’t, Big Mike, alas she didn’t. 🤣

  288. Sea Mode

    And we finally made it onto the ticker!

    • God of Thunder

      Ticker!? Wth, can’t find him on any board!

  289. Sea Mode

    Dell over Downs? Did I miss the Downs bong video somewhere??

    • God of Thunder

      He puts mayonnaise in his bong…

      The drop is self explanatory.

      • Big Mike

        I heard he’s smoking banana peels (it’ a 60s reference)

  290. BrandoK

    Can’t believe Josh Downs still on the board why is he falling

    • Sea Mode

      Size probably. But it’s becoming disrespectful at this point.

  291. vanhawksfan

    Rob, you highlighted Ji’Ayir Brown early in the process as a leader and a BAMF. Is it possible that he ends up as part of the cultural reset at 83?

    • Rob Staton

      Could be

    • Sea Mode

      Would fit the theme. But I think they’re looking OL now. Wypler maybe or Anthony Bradford.

      Even Dawand Jones might be a surprise if they got answers during his VMAC visit.

  292. BrandoK

    There goes Byron Young hoping he lasted but Ade Ade still there tho

  293. Rob Staton

    Daniel Jeremiah talking absolute rubbish about Byron Young

    Clean-up? Best against the run? Didn’t watch him properly

    • Sea Mode

      Can’t stand his analysis. He could literally get away with saying anything.

      • Big Mike

        Switch to ESPN2. Mel is worth listening to.

        • BrandoK

          NFL network needs to bring back Mike Mayock

          • Big Mike


        • Gomhawk

          Wish I could! Yesterday had a long segment with the Jonas Brothers lol. Anyone else stuck with the Disney draft? It’s kinda funny how they’re doing it, but I’ll take a lack of analysis than annoying analysis

    • BrandoK

      Was he talking about Tenn Byron Young instead of Alabama Byron Young

      • Rob Staton


    • Gomhawk

      I only have the ABC/Disney draft, which is half celebrity interviews, but still sounds better than the nfl network broadcast. When it’s not celebrities it’s mostly the espn college team, not bad.

  294. Dirty Mike/Gang

    If not OL here, Trenton Simpson or Daiyan Henley would add needed speed/depth

  295. Ishmael

    Shame Young went.

    At this point I wouldn’t mind seeing a centre, maybe even double dip at WR and take Downs – go out and try score 35 points a game. Plenty of talent out there, Skinner would be a heap of fun.

  296. regan


  297. Sea Mode

    Do people think it lends credibility to guys like Schraeger and Rapoport that they can get a text and tip picks on broadcast? So dumb…

    • Ben

      I don’t get why they wouldn’t “predict” more. Ohhhh I’d bet they go with Will Anderson next. Thought schefter looked dumb telling us. Like he had the scoop of the century. They’re gonna announce it in 1 min.

  298. Hawkster

    Wypler, Ade or maybe Ojomo, Washington if you just want to run over people, could pull a ILB outa the hat, Zavala is around, Ji’Ayr or Skinner.

  299. Big Mike

    Wypler and Ade Ade still there……..

    • Hawkster

      I’m not shocked by Wypler, bit suprised with AdeAde. That said I watched the Mazi vs OSU an was impressed with Wypler. A smart center (if film could show such a thing). He’s young, could get stronger, and be a great center. I was very cold on this whole center at 20 or 37 stuff. But here? Solid pick if there.

      • Big Mike

        Like where you’re coming from. Still want a C

  300. Romeo A57

    Hoping that Wypler or Ade fall to the Seahawks at #83.

  301. BrandoK

    Ade Ade gonna be our Abe Lucas of this years draft

    • Scot04

      Would be fun to see a player Rob interviewed drafted by us

      • Hawkster

        Didn’t rob interview Lucas last year?

  302. Seahawkwalt

    Siaki Ika?

    • Rob Staton

      Hope not

      Tomorrow maybe

    • Scot04

      Prefer Clark ove Ika if going NT

  303. Rob Staton

    Lots of good players still available

    • BrandoK

      wished we had an extra 3rd round pick

  304. VeryAl

    Still 8 players with round 2 grades or better on Rob’s board. And a bunch in the third range at G, S, and LB. So exciting! Hoping for ade or wypler

  305. Scot04

    If both Ade Ade & Wypler are there, who do you take?

    • Dirty Mike/Gang

      My only question is I don’t know where Ade fits personnel wise considering they already brought in Jones and Reed. A center at 83 might be a day 1 starter. If they really are reverting back to a 4-3 however…

  306. ShowMeYourHawk

    Well, it’s Washington or bust if they planned on grabbing a TE this year.

  307. MountainHawker

    Did green bay really take 2 te’s?

    • Big Mike


    • Hawkster

      Musgrave and Kraft. Dang

      • Hawkster

        and Jayden Reed in the middle

    • vanhawksfan

      Yep, 2 really good tight ends….

      • Gomhawk

        I wonder if they were debating between the two and then were shocked the other guy was still there.

    • Sea Mode

      If there was a draft to do it, it’s this one.

  308. Palatypus

    I think Rob fell asleep.

  309. BrandoK

    Loved the pick by Indy

  310. SeaPunk

    The Colts are picking up all the Blog favourites

    • HOUSE

      I think the colts planted a spy here.

      • SeaPunk

        Maybe they are just paying Rob for his insights XD

      • Palatypus

        Or instead of hiring a scouting department Jim Irsay just got drunk and trolled us.

    • vanhawksfan

      How Baltimore of them…..

  311. ShowMeYourHawk

    AR gets his slot receiver in Downs. Nice pull for Indy.

  312. HOUSE

    Both Byron Young’s are gone and Green Bay is loading up on weapons for Jordan Love.

    Only a few picks away

  313. Saucetrich

    Rob is gonna end up as a Colts fan when it’s all said and done lol

    • Rob Staton


      Love their picks so far

  314. Steve Nelsen

    The GM of the Colts must be reading this blog. 3 of my very favorite prospects

    • Rob Staton

      I’m 100% comfortable being aligned with Chris Ballard 🤗

  315. Big Mike

    Fuck the colts

    that is all

    • RugbyLock

      Tell us how you really feel Mike!

  316. Glor

    I think the colts GM is a fan of this blog…

    • vanhawksfan

      He’s been talking to Baltimore’s GM based on the last few drafts

  317. Sea Mode

    Good, a commercial break now so hopefully it won’t land during our pick for once!

    • Palatypus


  318. Rob Staton

    Adetomiwa Adebawore
    Chandler Zavala
    Luke Wypler

    Either of these three would get a celebration from me

    But there are others I like too

    • HOUSE

      Agreed Rob.

      Ade Ade, Wypler and Zavala would be my order, but any of them here nonetheless

    • Glor

      My guess is defense, but they did not D in FA… so maybe offense..

      That’s how you commit!

  319. Hebegbs

    Love the Charbonnet pick. Dude is a stud

    What a draft for BPA’s thus far. Wow. Now need to get some beef.

    Ps. Colts scouts appear to be reading your blog Rob. 😉

  320. Mike

    ESPN announcers immediately point out all the flaws of every player who wasn’t a 1st rounder.

    • Mr drucker in hooterville

      NFL NETWORK !,

    • Gomhawk

      The ABC/Disney broadcast is very positive

  321. Mr drucker in hooterville

    Hilarious that GB is drafting targets for Love 😂

  322. Forrest

    Glad we got our Edge when we did.

  323. Brian Chase

    Russell Wilson trade

    Broncos get:
    Russell Wilson
    Eyioma Uwazurike
    (2022 – 4th round pick)

    Seahawks get:
    Drew Lock
    Noah Fant
    Shelby Harris
    Charles Cross
    (2022 1st round pick)
    Boye Mafe
    (2022 2nd round pick)
    Tyreke Smith
    (2022 5th round pick)
    Devon Witherspoon
    (2023 1st round pick)
    Derick Hall
    (2023 1st round pick)

    • Brian Chase

      Oops…2nd round on that last one

    • The Graduate

      And don’t forget…

      we don’t have to pay Russell Wilson. 😉

  324. Sea Mode

    So, still available from Rob’s board w/R2 grade:

    Tyjae Spears
    Israel Abanikanda
    Luke Wypler
    Dawand Jones

    Ade Ade
    Kelee Ringo
    Trenton Simpson
    Keeanu Benton

    • Nfendall

      Keanu Benton is long gone.

      • Palatypus

        And I’m not happy about it.

        • Nfendall


      • Sea Mode

        Whoops, and Zavala is still there too.

    • Palatypus

      I think Benton went to Pittsburgh.

    • Steve Nelsen

      Round 2 grade for Chandler Zavala too on final board.

  325. Palatypus

    If out pick is Trenton Simpson this site will crash.

  326. Hawkster

    titans already went IOL, but they are definitely on the double dip IOL list

    • Hawkster

      if you lose Wypler, you have Ade ade

  327. Troy

    There goes downs. Man wypler or ade ade would be killer, pls John pls

  328. Mr drucker in hooterville

    Charbonnet was best RB available. I just wonder if they should have drafted a DT or C and get Israel now.

  329. HOUSE


    As I was scrolling through reading your remarks on players, I saw the photo of the dogs. My girl isn’t feeling the draft today either! 😂

  330. seahawksfan1201

    Wypler or Daiyan Henley please

  331. Glor

    lol this guy is hilarious

  332. ShowMeYourHawk

    Somebody pull McCourty offstage, Gong Show style.

  333. Big Mike

    stfu dude

    • 805Hawk

      They have to bring in a big hook to drag guys like that off the stage. Just like to hear themselves talk.

    • Sea Mode

      Fine if one guy per night does it. Last year it seemed like every other one did it and the draft took forever.

  334. regan

    That saw some epic smack talk!

  335. Palatypus

    Nope, not happy about that either. Spears and Henry. Ouch.

  336. Glor

    Do we take another RB tomorrow

    • Steve Nelsen

      I think they do. Evan Hull maybe.

  337. Hawkster

    Wake me up when the Hawks are on the clock

    • regan

      WAKE UP!!

      • Hawkster

        It was meant to be a joke, but they had to trade down for old times sake

      • Troy

        Back to sleep

  338. jdruaint

    Abe Abe, Wypler, Trenton Simpson, Darnell Washington, JL Skinner

    • Steve Nelsen

      Any more news today on the Darnell Washington injury rumor?

  339. Palatypus


  340. bmseattle


  341. jdruaint


  342. Scot04

    I want Adetomiwa Adebawore. Really want Rob to get that interview. Crap not liking us trading with Denver

    • Henry Taylor

      Worked out last time

  343. BrandoK

    trade with Denver

  344. Glor



    …. And a trade down, really!

  345. Big Mike

    As soon as someone knows the specifics of the trade please post

    • Palatypus


      • Steve Nelsen

        That’s my guess! 🙂

  346. Sea Mode

    Wow, so many great players still there for us!

    And we traded out!

  347. 805Hawk


  348. jdruaint

    Did we really just drop 25 damn spots with Denver 🙁

    • Glor

      …. Ya crazy…

  349. ShowMeYourHawk

    Denver wasn’t afraid of calling JS to trade up. Figured they’d have PTSD. 🤪

  350. MCOHawk

    Traded to Denver

  351. Denver Hawker

    Gawd please say it’s an R2 next year – wtf

  352. Troy

    Hilarious that Denver of all teams traded with us after the Wilson trade…

    • HOUSE

      It all started in 2009 with that Alphonso Smith (drafted 2nd rd) trade that yielded us Earl Thomas (1st rd) in 2010.

      In 2013, we were going to cut John Moffett and we traded him to Denver for Sealver Siliga.

      Denver loves helping us out at their expense

      • Troy

        Good guy looking out for seattles best interest

        • Alfred

          Remember we also trade with Denver to move up to get our P Michael Dickson

  353. Sneekes

    Ugh, was going to hit the sack after the Hawks pick 🙁

  354. Scot04

    Ugh.. how far did we trade down. Don’t see us on the tracker

  355. KD

    looks like Hawks got pick #108, correct?

    • Glor

      Had to be…

  356. Sea Mode

    A R3 next year for moving down 25 spots this year! Thank you, Denver!!

    Tom Pelissero

    #Seahawks traded No. 83 to Denver for 108 and a 2024 3rd-round pick

    • Seahawkwalt

      That is sweet

      • Scot04

        Meh… not excited about the big drop. But still having two 4ths & two 5ths for tomorrow; so hopefully it works out.

    • Glor

      I’ll take that. Next year we will be happy with an extra 3rd, sucks for right now though

    • Hawkster

      depends a great deal on how much Denver sucks or not next year.

      • Steve Nelsen

        So can we keep rooting against Denver?

    • The Graduate

      I’ll take that all day every day.

    • Troy

      Extra 3rd is pretty sick can’t hate that…although if ade ade or wypler turn all pro ill be salty

      • The Graduate

        I hear you, but remember, next year, come the third round, you’ll be saying the same thing about others.

        • Troy

          True, and if the broncos suck again, that’s like a late second…I’m officially cheering against the broncos again!

    • Hughz

      Should be a good early 3rd round pick too.

  357. regan

    We love trading with Denver, they never learn lol

  358. HOUSE

    Please tell me we got a player in this trade down.

    Denver loves getting punched in the face by us

  359. MountainHawker

    I…hate that trade. By far my least favorite move

    • ElroyNumbers

      I am loving it!
      Allows us to root against broncos again.
      And if they are bad it could turn into top 70 pick.

      • ShowMeYourHawk

        You don’t need added incentive to root against the Broncos.


        A fan since our AFC West days

  360. AlaskaHawk

    Seahawks are going to end up bottom picking defensive linemen again!

  361. BrandoK

    we got a 3rd next year

  362. Sea Mode

    Now use a R5 to move back up into R3 if they still like a player and voilà!

    • Big Mike

      I’m in!

      • Hawkster

        so no early bedtime, cause you never know

  363. Sneekes

    Is that trade a product of the cap situation?

    • Sea Mode

      Nah, just adding extra stock next year. I love it!

    • Glor

      No, Only your 52 man roster goes against the cap

    • Sneekes

      Ignore me. See you tomorrow.

    • Hawkster


  364. Big Mike

    Well shit. No picks til tomorrow now and I’ll be on a day long motorcycle ride so will have to check my phone when I get home

    Hey Rob, going to start the stream early?

  365. BrandoK

    So many good players left on the board I like the trade

  366. AlaskaHawk

    and this day’s draft ends in a Whaaa Whaaaaa Waaaaa!

  367. Hawkster

    nothing to do with the extra pick, JS just wanted time to think to come back fresh tomorrow.

  368. seahawkward

    Not sure what I think about this massive trade down with so much talent out there.

    But we get to root against Denver again!!!!

    • Sea Mode


    • Glor

      Silver lining 🤣

  369. ShowMeYourHawk

    Only a 2024 3rd to drop 25 spots? Considering they now have Payton, that pick is likely in the latter half of the 3rd. Meh.

    • The Graduate

      It will probably be around #83 next year anyway. And you get to regroup and go early tomorrow… there will still be guys there.

      This seems like a no-brainer trade to me.

    • Hawkster

      Figure something like 2024 pick 85-90 ? to move back 25 spots.

      Stocking fooder for move-up for QB in 24. (sarcasm font)

      • GoHawks5151

        I was thinking the same. Not sarcastic

    • Sea Mode

      I think it’s solid value and always love keeping the draft cupboard stocked. Gives so much more currency to move around if we need or take a flyer on someone who has fallen (like DK).

      Seahawks probably have several players on their board they grade similarly and none of them are “must haves” at this point.

      Still, I wouldn’t be suprised to see them send one of our R5 to move back up into R3.

  370. Nathan

    2024 3rd as well.

  371. Hawktalker#1

    Seems to me like the opportunity cost for trading down 20 pics in the third round is pretty high. We have all listed several players that we could have chosen here. If they are all gone when our picture comes up that could hurt.

  372. Burner

    Another year of being invested in Denver losing, hell yeah!!

  373. seahawkward

    Has to say A LOT about what the Hawks think about their current board.

  374. Forrest

    I’m okay with it. I enjoyed rooting against Wilson last year.

    Let’s Ride!

    • jed

      Here’s to pick 65!

      • Forrest


      • Sea Mode


  375. Chris

    Good trade and something I’ve long wished they did every year. Would have a free 4th every year.

    A bit painful though with literally none of our real needs addressed.

  376. Steve Nelsen

    It would be sweet to package 208 that we just got from Denver with a 5th to move back into the end of this round and get a guy we want. Basically convert a 5 this year into a 3 next year…

    • Sea Mode

      Yup, just suggested similarly above. Would be a masterstroke.

  377. seahawkward

    All I know is that when we trade for future Denver Bronco draft picks, it goes well. In addition to the Russ trade, we had the the 2009 draft day trade where we traded them the 37th pick (Alphonso Smith) for their next year’s 1 (Earl Thomas). LET’S RIDE!

    • Big Mike

      One of Ruskell’s best moves but thankfully he was gone when the pick came up and Pete got Earl.

  378. Hawkster

    I see, Geno’s interceptable throws will now be caught in Santa Clara.

    • MaxInVan

      He wil have fewer interceptable throws because JSN will be open like Walmart, 24/7

  379. ShowMeYourHawk

    CRAP. That’s not optimal. Ji’Ayir Brown on SF?

    • Glor

      He’s a 3rd round pick, not an all pro.

      • ShowMeYourHawk


  380. SteveV

    How did
    Adebawore still not get picked?

  381. Mia

    I could see the Seahawks targeting one of the Cardinals upcoming picks. Something like #96 for #108 & #151.

    • Sea Mode

      Good shout. Trade chart value adds up perfectly, and they don’t have a R5 pick.

      All depends on whether the Seahawks see a player they want to move up for.

    • Hawkster

      personally cant see the Cards not taking players at this point

  382. Scot04

    It’s like we felt bad about the Wilson trade. Definitely not even close to fair value for that big of a drop. When you figure the value is of a 2023 4th.
    Heck it would have taken two 4ths this year at the very top just to be equal value. Like picks #103 & 104. Impressive move by Denver.
    Unsure why we took lesser value.

    • Scot04

      I could be wrong, but the draft chart reads that way.

      • Scot04

        If Rob says it’s a haul, I’ll gi by that.

      • Palatypus

        Denver just doesn’t have that much to offer. Why be a jerk?

  383. Big Mike

    Still living in the past I see Drew

  384. Troy

    Interesting thought experiment/bet…who is the next qb off the board, at what pick, and do the hawks take a QB…

    • Palatypus

      Probably the kid from Stanford.

    • Hawkster

      their philosophy is to grab a QB every year, said with a straight face.

  385. Rockhill

    I’m just hoping we select the franchise QB of the future with Den. 3rd next year for the ultimate irony

    • Hawkcrazy

      Can’t believe how much this made me smile. Great thought.

  386. HOUSE

    Nice pick by DAL

  387. Sea Mode

    New thread up

  388. STTBM

    Don’t like the big drop for lacking compensation either. WTF?! Guess we’re drafting DTs and an OG now…what about LB and Safety?

    Wonder if Seattle’s isn’t into the bottom of the draft this year, or if they love the talent but have many guys graded similarly?

  389. Skrove

    Picking up that 3rd from Denver may be a strategic move to arm a trade after the draft, perhaps? Fill any holes left over.

  390. Husky 22

    This was an uninspiring Day 2 to say the least. When fans said they hope the Hawks repeat what they did last year, it wasn’t meant literally. They meant great value and build the line of scrimmage. Instead, a second straight pairing of a mediocre pass rusher with a running back. No interior OL, no DL. Picking the RB instead of finally solidifying the C position. I thought they took good value with the trade, but there were a few great options available to pick so forgoing that opportunity was painful. Just a disappointing day.

    • Rob Staton

      What ‘great’ options did they pass on?

      • Husky 22

        I agree they received good value in the trade and that next year’s class is supposed to be stronger (always hard to project though). Ade Ade and Wypier are who I was referring to, and both are still available, so they might get lucky (although it appears they don’t want either of them anyways). JS was quoted as saying there were players they planned on drafting who were snagged ahead of the Hawks spots. They had 10 picks. Plenty of capital to move up and grab the guys they wanted. Zach Pickens? Felt like they were caught flat footed.

      • Husky 22

        I enjoyed the picture of your dogs, by the way 🙂

  391. Husky22

    Schneider: “Throughout the process we had a couple upsets in there, meaning that we had some guys go that we were interested in. It happens.”

    Some of those “upsets” were interior defensive linemen, Schneider said, which explains the team’s decision to pass on addressing that position in favor of Hall and Charbonnet. (Schneider and head coach Pete Carroll didn’t drop any names, but three notable defensive tackles to come off the board were Keeanu Benton at No. 49 to Pittsburgh, Zacch Pickens at No. 64 to the Bears and Byron Young at No. 70 to the Raiders.)

    “It’s not like we’re not aware of it,” Carroll said of the team’s interior defensive line. “We’re watching. We’d like to hit it.”

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