NFL mock draft: 6th April & Seahawks status check

With three weeks to go this is how I’m looking at Seattle’s options:

1. Will Sheldon Rankins (yeah right) or Jonathan Bullard (more likely) make it to #26? If not, it’s hard to identify the DE-DT they’d be willing to take in round one. They haven’t drafted a defensive tackle earlier than round three (Jordan Hill) and there are players with Hill’s underrated explosion and agility likely to be available in rounds 2-3.

2. If it isn’t going to be Rankins or Bullard, the safe money is on an offensive tackle. Germain Ifedi and Jason Spriggs are the most likely options based on everything we’ve covered that appears to be important to Seattle for the O-line. Size, length, tackle experience, unique traits, versatility, and explosive athleticism.

3. The four first round players I’m focusing on are Rankins (the pipe dream), Bullard, Spriggs and Ifedi. Rankins is such an explosive player (more on that in a bit) it’s almost certain he won’t be there at #26. If he is, run to the podium. Shon Coleman could also be in contention.

4. At #56 we’ll more or less know what they’re likely to do based on their first round decision. If they go defense at #26, expect them to take an offensive lineman in round two. If they take an O-liner, it seems likely they’ll add some kind of pass rusher with their second pick.

5. If it’s offense at #56, Connor McGovern could be their version of Mitch Morse. He’s the second most explosive lineman in the draft after Jason Spriggs, he has the tackle experience and he can play virtually any position on the line. Joe Haeg could be an alternative choice if they go offense in round two.

6. If they’re picking defense in the second round, Willie Henry has the DE-DT capability. He’s not far off Jonathan Bullard in some of the testing and ran a nice short shuttle. Kyler Fackrell is a DE/SAM who could be intriguing at #56 and Bronson Kaufusi’s size and agility makes him a unique talent. Charles Tapper and Ronald Blair III could also be options.

7. Could they take a wildcard in round two? Of course. Running back and wide receiver could be considered. They’ve drafted two receivers in the second round (Golden Tate, Paul Richardson) and one running back (Christine Michael) so they have previous here. Kenneth Dixon’s ball security is an issue but he’s their type. I’m not totally sold on Devontae Booker but he’ll go in the second or third. Braxton Miller could be a player they look at. They might even consider Tyler Ervin if his stock continues to rise.

8. In round three they’ll have options on the offensive line (possibly Joe Haeg, Joe Dahl) and running back (Ervin). There’s a general feeling in the league that the depth on the O-line and D-line drops after the third round. I still think Stanford receiver Devon Cajuste is primed to be a target possibly as early as round four. He’s extremely athletic for a big receiver, he run blocks very well, he maximises his targets in a run-first offense and is very close to Doug Baldwin.

Before we get into this weeks projection, I wanted to talk about four prospects I spent some extra time looking at today.

Sheldon Rankins (DT, Louisville)
Only listed at #26 on Daniel Jeremiah’s latest big board, Rankins is arguably the most explosive defensive player in the draft class. His combination of a 34.5 inch vertical, a 9-10 broad jump and 28 reps on the bench press at 299lbs is far superior to nearly every other defensive lineman available. He’s more explosive physically than Robert Nkemdiche.

When we put his numbers through TEF he had an incredible 3.52 grade. Even though TEF is set up to judge offensive linemen relating to Seattle’s physical ideal — it’s still a useful tool to see how the defensive tackles match up. Rankins’ score blitzes every O-liner in the draft other than Jason Spriggs. He is simply a lot more explosive than people realise.

In comparison, DeForest Buckner is a 3.33 in TEF and Jonathan Bullard is a 3.18. Rankins is going to be considerably more explosive than the vast majority of interior offensive linemen he’ll face at the next level. He’s a candidate to put up big time sack numbers and cause major disruption working at the three and five technique.

Noah Spence (DE, Eastern Kentucky)
I made the mistake of reading too much into Spence’s disappointing 4.80 at the combine. Looking at the rest of his numbers there’s a lot to like. A 1.62 split, a 35-inch vertical, 25 reps on the bench press, a 10-1 in the broad jump and a 4.35 short shuttle. He has the quickness and change of direction to work the edge. These numbers prove he’s a great athlete — and his bench performance is good for his size.

The concern from Spence shouldn’t be that he underwhelmed at the combine. It should be his one-dimensional style (speed rush) and the character concerns that led to his departure from Ohio State. For those reasons there is a slight risk factor that could see him drop into the top half of round two. That still wouldn’t be a bad slot for a player who has essentially had to rebuild his career.

Kyler Fackrell (LB, Utah State)
Here are Bruce Irvin’s combine numbers compared to Kyler Fackrell’s:

Bruce Irvin
Height: 6-3
Weight: 245lbs
Vertical: 33.5 inches
Broad: 10-3
Bench press: 23 reps
10-yard: 1.58

Kyler Fackrell
Height: 6-5
Weight: 245lbs
Vertical: 34.5 inches
Broad: 10-1
Bench press: 15 reps
10-yard: 1.62

There’s virtually nothing between the two players.

An argument can be made for a SAM/DE not being a priority for the Seahawks. They can start a mix of Mike Morgan and Cassius Marsh in that role if required — plus Eric Pinkins may also challenge.

Yet there’s also an argument to be made for adding Fackrell. He’s very similar to Bruce Irvin and would be able to do, essentially, the exact same job. It’d be a like-for-like replacement.

Both John Schneider and Pete Carroll have talked about their desire to add someone to the defense who forces turnovers. That could very easily mean a DE-DT type who can work inside on third down. Yet if Sheldon Rankins and Jonathan Bullard are unavailable at #26 (not terribly unlikely) the Seahawks are going to struggle to find that type of player. Willie Henry, a possibility in round two, also might not make it to #56.

In that scenario — Fackrell makes a nice alternative. He’s a splash play artist who impacts the quarterback. His flawless character and passion for the game are also appealing. The Seahawks might prefer to add a DE-DT but if they can’t — Fackrell’s combination of size, length, athleticism, character and impact could make him Seattle’s pick at #56.

A’Shawn Robinson (DT, Alabama)
Everyone’s heard about Robinson’s upside and potential. Daniel Jeremiah, who considers Robinson the 17th best player in the draft, states:

“He has outstanding height, bulk and athleticism for the position. As a pass rusher, he flashes an explosive first step as well as an effective slap/swim move. Overall, Robinson has all of the tools to be a dominant three-down presence but he hasn’t put it all together yet. His best football is ahead of him.”

When I watched tape of Robinson I thought he was distinctly average. No explosion, minimal impact, very few splash plays let alone sacks. He was too easily blocked and didn’t play with any great strength, power, quickness or intensity. He just looked good aesthetically. By that I mean he carries 307lbs very well. He doesn’t have a sloppy frame — he’s chiselled.

I suspect appearances in this instance are deceptive. He looks like he should be very athletic. The truth is completely the opposite — and backs up the disappointing tape. Robinson’s best football isn’t likely ahead of him.

Vertical: 26 inches
Broad: 8-10
10-yard: 1.79
Three cone: 7.80
Short shuttle: 4.74

I collected the data for all of the defensive linemen in this draft that weigh more than 285lbs and worked out the average for each test. Here are the results:

Vertical: 29.7 inches
Broad: 9-2
10-yard: 1.75
Three cone: 7.65
Short shuttle: 4.63

In relation to the defensive tackles or bigger DE’s in this draft class, Robinson tests below average in every single category.

He is thoroughly miscast as a player with upside who didn’t quite play his best ball at Alabama. His ceiling, physically, is pretty low. Robinson might prove to be an average defensive tackle at the next level who isn’t a liability and does a decent job defending the run. That’s all well and good, but he isn’t special.


Kyler Fackrell had his pro day today, we’re waiting for news on how he performed in the three cone and short shuttle. He did improve his bench press mark from 15 to 17.

Germain Ifedi also had his pro day today and went through drills with none other than Tom Cable. If Ifedi’s on the board at #26 he could be Seattle’s pick.

First round

#1 Tennessee — Laremy Tunsil (T, Ole Miss)
#2 Cleveland — Carson Wentz (QB, North Dakota State)
#3 San Diego — Jaylen Ramsey (CB, Florida State)
#4 Dallas — Myles Jack (LB, UCLA)
#5 Jacksonville — Joey Bosa (DE, Ohio State)
#6 Baltimore — DeForest Buckner (DE, Oregon)
#7 San Fran — Jared Goff (QB, California)
#8 Philadelphia — Ezekiel Elliott (RB, Ohio State)
#9 Tampa Bay — Vernon Hargreaves (CB, Florida)
#10 TRADE Los Angeles — Paxton Lynch (QB, Memphis)
#11 Chicago — Jack Conklin (T, Michigan State)
#12 New Orleans — Sheldon Rankins (DT, Louisville)
#13 Miami — Darron Lee (LB, Ohio State)
#14 Oakland — Eli Apple (CB, Ohio State)
#15 TRADE New York Giants — Ronnie Stanley (T, Notre Dame)
#16 Detroit — Reggie Ragland (LB, Alabama)
#17 Atlanta — Leonard Floyd (LB, Georgia)
#18 Indianapolis — Andrew Billings (DT, Baylor)
#19 Buffalo — Kevin Dodd (DE, Clemson)
#20 New York Jets — Germain Ifedi (T, Texas A&M)
#21 Washington — Jonathan Bullard (DE, Florida)
#22 Houston — Corey Coleman (WR, Baylor)
#23 Minnesota — Laquon Treadwell (WR, Ole Miss)
#24 Cincinatti — Josh Doctson (WR, TCU)
#25 Pittsburgh — Keanu Neal (S, Florida)
#26 Seattle — Jason Spriggs (T, Indiana)
#27 Green Bay — Jarran Reed (DT, Alabama)
#28 Kansas City — Shaq Lawson (DE, Clemson)
#29 Arizona — William Jackson III (CB, Houston)
#30 Carolina — Mackensie Alexander (CB, Clemson)
#31 Denver — Derrick Henry (RB, Alabama)

Second round

#32 Cleveland — Karl Joseph (S, West Virginia)
#33 Tennessee — Ryan Kelly (C, Alabama)
#34 Dallas — Vonn Bell (S, Ohio State)
#35 San Diego — Taylor Decker (T, Ohio State)
#36 Baltimore — Le’Raven Clark (T, Texas Tech)
#37 San Francisco — Will Fuller (WR, Notre Dame)
#38 Miami — Emmanuel Ogbah (DE, Oklahoma State)
#39 Jacksonville — Xavien Howard (CB, Baylor)
#40 New York Giants — A’Shawn Robinson (DT, Alabama)
#41 Chicago — Chris Jones (DT, Mississippi State)
#42 Tampa Bay — Noah Spence (DE, Eastern Kentucy)
#43 TRADE New York Giants — Sterling Shepard (WR, Oklahoma)
#44 Oakland — Robert Nkemdiche (DT, Ole Miss)
#45 Los Angeles — Michael Thomas (WR, Ohio State)
#46 Detroit — Shon Coleman (T, Auburn)
#47 New Orleans — Austin Johnson (DT, Penn State)
#48 Indianapolis — Nick Martin (C, Notre Dame)
#49 Buffalo — Braxton Miller (WR, Ohio State)
#50 Atlanta — Cody Whitehair (G, Kansas State)
#51 New York Jets — Travis Feeney (LB, Washington)
#52 Houston — Joshua Garnett (G, Stanford)
#53 Washington — Joshua Perry (LB, Ohio State)
#54 Minnesota — Kenny Clark (DT, UCLA)
#55 Cincinnati — Willie Henry (DT, Michigan)
#56 Seattle — Kyler Fackrell (LB, Utah State)
#57 Green Bay — Tyler Boyd (WR, Pittsburgh)
#58 Pittsburgh — Vernon Butler (DT, Louisiana Tech)
#59 Kansas City — Kamalei Correa (DE, Boise State)
#60 New England — Devontae Booker (RB, Utah)
#61 New England — Jihad Ward (DE, Illinois)
#62 Denver — Hassan Ridgeway (DT, Texas)
#63 Carolina — Kenneth Dixon (RB, Louisiana Tech)


  1. Naks8

    I like the fact that we have a lot of options and don’t need to force a pick. Hopefully a great player like rankins falls into our laps

    • STTBM

      Exactly. Thats why they signed guys on D like Siliga, and guys on offense like Webb and Sowell; so they can go BPA, at least with the first pick.

      • Greg Haugsven

        I agree, even maybe the first 2 picks.

    • J

      Agreed. Goes against the first round OL no matter what crowd, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we took one OL on days one and two, if the board falls right.

  2. s-town

    Hey Rob, thanks for the great content as always! Do you see Spriggs as a good scheme fit at RT for the Hawks? I love the athleticism, but wonder how much push he will get in the power run game.

    • Rob Staton

      Gilliam started at RT last year and had issues with power. It’s easier to make an OT more powerful than it is to make them more explosive — so I’m not sure this would be an issue.

  3. Steele

    Rob, I think you are on target with all of this. Incisive stuff recently.

    I will continue to disagree about Fackrell. He’s not Bruce Irvin. The numbers are less important than production on the field. Putting everything together, Irvin was and is a far more fluid player and a far better pass rusher. Ken Norton obviously agrees (and I think he may get more out of Irvin this season.) Fackrell’s tape doesn’t impress me.

    • Rob Staton

      Yes Steele I know you are not impressed with Fackrell. You do mention it a lot.

      Irvin was used totally different than Fackrell in college. We don’t know what Ken Norton thinks, it’s wrong to assume you know.

      • smitty1547


      • Timothy

        Rob, I just saw the Field Gulls draft Bullard even with Rankins, Leonard Floyd, Spriggs, Ifedi, and Jaylon Smith on board. I agree that we should draft Rankins over Bullard. But with Floyd on the board, would you draft him? I agree that Fackrell is similar to Irvin, maybe even better in coverage but less of a pass rusher. But I would say Leonard Floyd is even more similar in terms of the athletic standpoint. Would you draft Floyd in Round 1 so that our SAM/DE is secured for years to come? Or would you still stick with Rankins?

        • Michael M.

          I’d take Rankins over Floyd every day of the week.

        • rowdy

          I think fackrell is a mess in coverage and no where close to Irvin

          • Kenny Sloth

            Because of the Higgins TD?
            That was a mismatch that should’ve never been.

            Bruce would likely be burnt there 9/10. Irvin had some of the worst coverage abilities coming out.

          • Rob Staton

            A mess in coverage?

            I’ve seen one bad play. Higgins TD. A touchdown you never want your SAM/DE defending.

            • rowdy

              I see him playing flat footed waiting to react to the defender and by the time he turns his hips he’s a couple steps behind. I haven’t seen teams take advantage of it but nfl teams and qbs will. He looks good side to side playing screens and dump offs but I see problems with him dropping back.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Bruce is a freak. That’s why he was the first edge rusher off the board.

      The main difference is a sliver of athleticism.
      Bruce had a better speed move and a freaky bull rush for his size. Fackrell is more like K.J.Wright. Phenomenal instincts in an underrated athlete.

      • J

        But not nearly as long as KJ.

    • rowdy

      I’m with you on that. I love his effort but when he’s not going forward he plays on his heels and gets blocked out of plays to easily for me

  4. Nathan_12thMan

    What is your plan in the week leading up to the draft, mock-wise? Gonna put out a Seahawks 7 round mock just for sh*ts & giggles to see if you can get any picks right?

    I’m really really ready for this draft to hurry up and happen. I’ll be really curious to see what we do at 26. OL? DL? Something wild? Trade down? I have to sorta agree with this:

    >What do you think Hawks do with their R1 pick?

    Schneider & Pete don’t get cute… Bama C Ryan Kelly. Then continue the bizarre way they build their OL w/ an anchor

    >@NFLDraftBites Hawks gotten too creative. Think their geniuses. Take Ryan Kelly. Then do DT-OL conversions, mid Rd SPARQ projects!

    Now I don’t really agree about getting Ryan Kelly, I wouldn’t be upset but I think we gotta go OT if we go OL at 26. But the overall though that the PCJS need to not get cute, they need to approach this draft and make picks that just make sense. And on OL they do need to be a bit more conventional. As Davis Hsu has tweeted lately, there are a lot of guys that don’t have good SPARQ scores on OL that are playing really well in the NFL. I like SPARQ, I like getting an explosive athlete, but don’t let that trump great technique they put on their college tape.


    My dream mock:

    R1: OT (Ifedi)
    R2: DL/LB (Henry, Spence, Fackrell, Kaufusi)
    R3A: OL (McGovern)
    R3B: Ervin (RB)
    R4: OL (Dahl)

    • Kenny Sloth

      Ryan Kelly is ???

      Love that mock, Nathan! I would replace Kaufusi for Tapper, but it’s mostly preference because of the consistency.

    • Darth12er

      If we could get McGovern in the 3rd without trading up, that would be perfect – but unfortunately I don’t see him dropping that far.

  5. vrtkolman

    I think Rankins is just going to continue to rise up til draft time. I have no evidence to back that up, just a gut feeling. I like the Spriggs/Fackrell picks a lot. Arizona getting William Jackson would be painful but we have 3 picks before their 2nd pick so that is great.

    • Attyla the Hawk

      I would make the case that Seattle may be looking to move up if Rankins slides. Here’s my thinking:

      1. Takes two to tango

      Seattle has good trade history with some of the teams in front of us:

      #16. Detroit
      #17 Atlanta
      #21 Washington
      #23 Minnesota

      Some good relationships there for a trade up.

      2. Price

      Looking at all of the similar draft pick trades since the new CBA, Seattle should be able to get to any of these with #26 and #90. Historically, that’s about the going rate:


      #22 for #26, #81
      #20 for #27, #91


      #18 for #31, #74
      #22 (and #249) for #30, #92, #198


      #21 for #27, #93

      So if Rankins hits Detroit, I would be willing to bet that he’s within range. From the numbers — Rankins is probably a lot higher relative to other DL candidates than Spriggs/Ifedi are relative who whomever we can get at #56.

      Rankins may well be gone well before that. Hard to nail down. If the Saints pass at 12, then it looks very plausible that he drops all the way to 16. Don’t see the fins, Raiders or Rams taking Rankins. Lions probably do take him. Falcons definitely could as well.

      I agree, that it’s a pipe dream to think Rankins makes it to #26. Too many DL needy teams between 16th and 26th. But it’s not a pipe dream to think he slides to the late teens. And that’s within pretty easy striking distance for Seattle via trade with teams that we’ve dealt with in the past or have a history with.

      Mechanics wise, the ability to move up is neither too costly, nor impeded by lack of trust/relationship issues.

      • H M Abdou

        Problem is, so many teams ahead of the Seahawks will also want Rankins, having seen the carnage Aaron Donald has inflicted on Seattle (and on the rest of the league). Those teams you listed will think: “why trade with Seattle so they can draft Rankins, when WE can draft him ourselves?”

        • Nathan_12thMan

          So true.

          Now if we can get an Aaron Donald type…yes please, I won’t argue against that. But assuming we can’t I hope we don’t trade up for a DT or anything. As Rob has mentioned in the past, OL is a 100% of snaps position group. Along with that my opinion is that we have significantly less talent on our OL than we do our DL, and our DL isn’t responsible for protecting our most expensive and important asset on the teams health (QB). Not just that but the OL is responsible for making the run game happen, so not only do they play 100% of snaps but they impact the entire offense in a huge way.

          So to me almost every situation besides a Rankins falling to us one leaves me wanting us to go OT at 26. Drafting a OT (Ifedi or Spriggs) and shoring up that RT position with (hopefully) talented play is huge, especially if Gilliam can shore up the LT spot competently as well (as I expect him to). Then our interior OL picks in this draft can upgrade the LG and C positions and we can start the 2016 season looking like this:

          LT: Gilliam – LG: Dahl – C: McGovern – RG: Glowinski – RT: Ifedi

          (ideally, maybe some are gone and we get Haeg & Spriggs not McGovern & Ifedi)

          That is huge, that is worth getting the best D-Linemen we can get in R2 instead of R1. Having that much talent on the OL while Russ is going through the best years of his career (28-33 y/o) and our roster is in the prime of its Superbowl window? I’ll take that over adding a really good DT in R1, because for all we know with our R1 or R2 pick next year we can get a great pass rushing DT. Then we will have the O-line and the DL pick.

          • JustMeMyself&!

            I’ve been leaning toward an OL heavy draft but it leaves me wondering how the Webb/Sowell signings + the draft capital used in 2015 for Poole/Glowinski/Sokoli will impact JS/PC’s decision making. I appreciate that they put so much emphasis on competition but will they be okay (assuming Glowinski starts) with giving up on 5 out of 6 moves?

            I’d lean heavy on D the first two rounds then address the OL:

            1. Bullard/Neal/Spence/Nkemdiche/Jones
            2. Fackrell/Jaylon Smith/Kaufusi/Henry/Tapper
            3. McGovern
            3b. Dahl/Haeg
            4. Ervin/Feeney/McCallister/Rashard Robinson/Kearse
            5. Judon/Kevin Byard/Deiondre Hall
            6. Dom Williams/De’Runnya Wilson
            7. Heath/Vitale
            7b. No freaking idea

            I’d like to keep our defense strong while Earl/Sherm/Wagner are in their primes and before we start to see Bennett/Avril/Chancellor on the decline.

            • HI Hawk

              I agree with that 100%. If a standout talent is available at the position, which Spriggs may be to them with his unique athleticism, fine pull the trigger. I just don’t agree with the general consensus that we MUST leave round one and two with OL. There are developmental guys on the roster that might be ready for prime time. If not, Webb and Sowell are a good hedge since any rookie OL is going to struggle. Even Okung had his growing pains and he was a true blue chip LT, so I think it’s safe to assume that Webb or Sowell would probably be better in 2016 than any rookie we draft, no matter his draft position.

              This is a defense heavy draft, we have needs coming in 2017 and beyond – now is the time to address it. This defense needs some young (inexpensive) talent. I like this pool of CBs, Bennett-type DE/DTs, run-stuffers and SSs. Particularly Jackson III, Rankins, Neal, Bullard. There will be defensive players available this year at #26 that would normally be top-15 picks. Let other teams force undeserving WRs, QBs, and edge rushers into the top-25 and reap the benefits at #26 when talent falls in your lap.

  6. Brando

    Hey Rob i was wondering what Mitch Morse’s TEF was in last years draft? Thanks

    • Rob Staton

      Morse had a fantastic 3.45.

      To compare, Connor McGovern is a 3.29 (which is still very good).

    • Spireite Seahawk

      Great question I had been thinking exactly the same.

  7. nichansen01


    In your mock, vernon butler is avaliable where seattle picks. Could he be in consideration for a defensive tackle?

    • Rob Staton

      Really average athlete. Can’t see it.

      • Mike B.

        An important note about Butler–he fared much better at his pro day and greatly improved his 40, his vertical, and his broad.

        Updated figures and TEF:
        33.5″ VJ (was 29.5″)
        26 reps (didn’t lift at pro day)
        9’3″ BJ (was 8’8″)

        Combine-based TEF: 2.85
        Pro day-based TEF: 3.13, which is just below Bullard

        He also improved his 40 by nearly 0.2 seconds, from 5.33 to 5.15. Keep in mind that Butler is 325 lbs, so taking everything into consideration he’s a pretty good athlete.

        • Greg Haugsven

          I wonder why nation guys keep giving us run stuffing DTackles and Corners in round 1. It isn’t going to happen.

          • J

            Particularly corners with sub 32 inch arms. It would seem fairly obvious thats a non-starter.

        • Kip Earlywine

          Normally I poo-poo pro-day numbers but in this case I think the pro-day measurements are the more accurate ones. Butler leaps off the screen as athlete on the field.

  8. nichansen01

    I doubt that Henry goes before 56. Spriggs – Henry would be a pretty good offense-defense duo. I also think Mcgovern is being overrated on this blog. Is he really the next Mitch Morse? Possibly. However, just becuase they both played tackle under gary pinkel doesnt make them the same player. Mcgovern is still largely being talked about as a day three project.
    I am not as enthusiastic about Fackrell as some are, limited production and he didn’t even face great competition.


    Sounds good to me. Not too worried about replacing Irvin, when guys like Marsh, Robinson, Morgan, KPl and Pinkins are already on the roster. SAM isnt an extremely important position anyways.

    • Rob Staton

      People probably just called Morse an athlete a year ago. The reason to make the comparison is they’re both highly explosive/athletic offensive linemen with the same coaching/upbringing.

      Fackrell had limited sacks not production. Plenty of TFL’s and splash plays. Not bad for a linebacker.

    • C-Dog

      I think there’s a decent chance Henry could go much higher than 56, myself.

  9. H M Abdou

    Rob, these past few threads you’ve outdone yourself. Your TEF analysis exceeded your own lofty standards! And great stuff on the mock 3000 podcast as well.

    I would be ok with drafting any of the 4 players you highlighted: Rankins (ideal, but unlikely), Bullard, Ifedi, or Spriggs.

    I would also be ok with moving up (reasonably) for Rankins, or even a trade down.

  10. Jason


    What are your thoughts on taking a QB in the 4th/5th round area to develop? I assume we will try and bring T-Jack back, but is it time to try and develop a backup for cheap?

    • Spireite Seahawk

      With Sims on the roster I think we will be looking at udfa or late day 3 type shoot out for back up. I’d expect to see atleast one of Boykin or Adams Jr at rookie minicamp plus one or two weve never heard of.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s possible — but not a necessity. That player essentially is a guy you hope never sees the field. In the event that he’d be thrust into action, you wouldn’t want a rookie holding the fort. And when’s the last time someone paid big in a trade for a backup QB?

      So I think T-Jack will return down the line.

      • Willyeye

        I find myself hoping that T-Jack finds a new home. We lost two Comp Picks (probably both 6th rounders) for 2017…the picks for Mebane and Okung were cancelled out when they signed Sowell and Webb. If Jackson gets signed by another team in FA, that would give us back one of those comp picks. I’m not sure they’ll want Jackson back if he costs JS a 6th round pick (could be a 4th round pick if Okung makes the $7 or 8 million) in 2017. That way we might end up with 2- 4ths and 1- 5th for comp picks. I don’t know if T-Jack is worth losing a 5th round pick.

        • H M Abdou

          I find myself hoping that T-Jack finds a new home, and it has nothing to do with comp picks!


  11. Spireite Seahawk

    I see Bucky Brooks has us taking Noah Spence at 26.

    • RWIII

      At least Brooks has the Hawks taking a Defensive Lineman. With that said it is highly unlikely that the Hawks would take Spence at 26. At 56 maybe? But HIGHLY unlikely at 26.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Bucky has some history with Seattle and I think he is one of the better “scouts” working in the media. I value his judgments on guys and think he believes what he is saying… unlike some of the ESPN talking heads… who randomly throw out names and needs for teams.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Like Robinson and Apple. It won’t be either.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          Anyone saying Apple is crazy. 1 he will be gone before 26 imo… but he just doesn’t have the measurables they like… and they have not drafted a secondary player since ET…. who was exceptional, Apple is kind of pedestrian to me.

          • Willyeye

            Pedestrians are usually pretty good on the Hawks 🙂

  12. RWIII

    Questions for Rob: Lets say the Hawks took an offensive tackle at 26. How would you feel if the Hawks took an offensive lineman at 56?

    On a scale of one to 10 what are the chances that John Schneider would go offensive line/offensive line with their first two picks.

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s unlikely but not impossible. Just think they’d rather go for one pick on each side of the ball.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        The conventional “gut feeling” I whole heartedly agree….. but then, if they went OL first 2 picks…. the whole offensive line (provided they play as expected) suddenly becomes a strength and not a weakness. Imagine RW with plenty of time to work some passing magic. *dreaming big*

        • HI Hawk

          Do you honestly believe a starting 5 of: Gilliam, Britt, Rookie Britt (#56), Glowinski, Rookie Carpenter (#26) is a strength? That OL gives you warm and fuzzy feelings watching RW standing clean in the pocket? That OL terrifies me, and it terrified JS and PC which is why they went out and got Webb and Sowell. These draft picks, OL specifically, will not be finished products in year 1 – there’s nothing sudden about the coaching it will take to mold a good offensive lineman.

          We have to first accept that we are not improving the OL for 2016 on draft day, we are investing in the future of the OL in 2017 and beyond. I’m not saying the OL prospects are bad or that the investment is a horrible idea, just that no one at #26 (or #56) is going to come in and “fix” our OL problems this year.

          • David

            I wholeheartedly agree here. There is plenty of precedent of highly-touted, highly drafted OL taking time to assimilate at the next level (Greg Robinson) and having very little impact as rookies, not saying it can’t happen, but am extremely skeptical that two rookies, regardless of draft position, are going to step in and upgrade Okung and Britt from day 1.

      • East Side Stevie

        Whats The Measureables And Stats on Baylor CB Howard I Would Say Its Likely He Is Still There at #56
        However I Havent Seen Much Tape On The Kid And I Must Admit I Would Be More pleased With A Safety Selection At #56 Thats if We Select A Tackle At #26 Or A Tackle In a Trade Down Scenario Early in Round 2

    • Darnell

      I think you’d have to at least have that conversation if Whitehair, Coleman or Martin was still hanging around at that point. Then think about Hargrave, Henry, Adolphus in the 3rd.

      • Scraps

        I don’t think Seattle will pick Whitehair even if he’s still there at 56.

        • H M Abdou

          Me neither. Whitehair isn’t really a good fit in zone blocking. And I think he doesn’t have much room for improvement – he’s a finished product, and a good one, but I think the Hawks think they can do better.

    • Jeff M.

      I wouldn’t mind if they double-dipped Spriggs and then McGovern with the first two picks–get the two outstanding OL athletes in the draft and let Spriggs compete at LT/RT/LG and McGovern at the three interior spots.

      • H M Abdou

        Maybe Spriggs at RT and McGovern at LG?

        So, long term, their aim would be:

        Gilliam, McGovern, Sokoli, Glowinski, Spriggs.

        That would definitely be the most athletic offensive line in the league.

      • Darth12er

        I’m with you, I’d be fine if they drafted that 1,2 punch

  13. RWIII

    Just curious. It would really be interesting if Spriggs, Bullard and Ifedi were all on the board at 26. It would be interesting to see if Schneider took Bullard over an offensive Tackle.

    I agree with Rob. The Hawks need an offensive lineman and a pass rusher with their first two picks. Either order.

    • STTBM

      They might do a trade down if all three guys are still there. Depends on how closely those three are separated on their board, and how they grade the next guy in line at the same positions.

    • C-Dog

      I think this scenario could be very possible, if they feel DT/DE is something they really have to acquire.

      Here’s my thinking on this. Looking over the roster at they have to positions listed on their Seahawks webpage, offensively, they have good depth at WR, not so much RB, some depth at OT, hardly any depth at guard, three players listed as centers. Interior OL is probably something they want to address with a high pick.

      On defense, they have a number of big bodied DT types, edge players, a bunch of LBs with Frank Clark and Cassius Marsh both now listed as LBs, they also have a long list of DBs. Outside of Bennett, the only person on the roster who as shown the ability to inside rush is Jordan Hill, who has yet to have a full healthy season of NFL football. IMO, if Bennett were lost to injury for an extended number of games, with this current roster, this defense could be in a lot of trouble. I think he was the most impactful player on the D last year, and while he’s stayed pretty healthy, he isn’t getting any younger. That’s where I think if Bullard is still there at 26, they may take him, and not bat an eye, if they feel they are in good position to land either McGovern or Dahl in R2, maybe even Haeg in R3. If DE/DT is a high priority, they may feel there might not be a great self for those types at 56, thinking Henry, Tapper, etc may not be around.

      I think the real question might be how hotly they are in the market for a DT/DE.

      • Jujus

        Clark is not a line backer.

        John Schneider would know if he was dropping weight to be a line backer. This garbage needs to stop. He is a DE and will not be a lb.

        • C-Dog

          Not sure I would call it garbage, Jujus. They have him listed as a linebacker on their team website along with Cassius Marsh.

          DE. Avril, Bennett, Clemons, Robinson, Shirley, Tyson

          LB. Clark, Coyle, Marsh, Morgan, Pierre-Louis, Pinkins, Wagner, Wright.

        • STTBM

          You never know what JS and PC are up to–and thats how they like it. Remember when the talked of moving Avril to Leo or SAM? Didnt happen. Perhaps they tried him there in minicamp and it was so bad they scrapped that experiment–or perhaps they were just muddying the waters. Either way, Im not believing Clark is a LB till I see it…but then again, Im not going to insist it wont happen.

          They moved Pinkins to SAM and he’s still there, and I thought he had zero chance. And who the heck thought Chancellor would make an All Pro full-time SS, and not just a sub-package guy when we drafted him?

          Again, you never know with those two. But they are doing a fine job of muddying the waters–no one knows if they see SAM as a big hole on their roster or not, nor DE for that matter….and that makes it hard for teams to guess which defensive players they are really targeting, or even if they are after defensive or offensive players in the first couple rounds.

          I say Bravo, JS and PC! Keep the curve-balls coming!

  14. Ed

    Wow, Decker falling to 2nd round. If Henry is only 1 pick away, you think Hawks would sit and go with Frackell?

    So would your line be:


    • Morgan

      In this scenario I’m thinking Gilliam\Webb-Britt\McGovern\Glow\Spriggs. I think we really do need an upgrade at C and they are paying Webb, so I’m thinking they see him as a starter. They said at RT but I don’t expect that to last.

    • Darnell

      I’d be a little concerned about having a left side with 0 career NFL starts.

      If I had to guess, Webb is a starter next season. While bad with the Bears, he was a 16 game starter last season and I like what I see from him when I watch Latavious Murray/David Carr videos.

      • Volume12

        Kind of think Webb is a starter net year too. If not, dude is making some serious coin for a backup.

        Again, I agree. He was not as bad last year as some are making him out to be.

        My question is this. Is a C or RT more important in Seattle’s scheme?

        • C-Dog

          My gut tuition would be Center based on how much the line improved with Lewis taking over. Right now they have Webb listed as a tackle, and I kinda think that might be where they want to keep him.

  15. Morgan

    I’m wondering about Pitt taking Spriggs right ahead of us – they met with him for a very long time at his pro day. Could be just for second round consideration, I suppose, but I don’t think any of the second tier OTs actually get to the back of the second round. The only one I could see sliding is Shon Coleman for medical reasons…maybe.

    I think the league saw enough of Tyler Lockett’s impact that Ervin goes at least mid-third and without some maneuvering, we may miss out on him. If so I think we may see a value pick of Keith Marshall later on – I think they’ll love his ridiculous size\speed ratio and chalk up his lack of production due to being behind some pretty talented players.

    • Willyeye

      I can’t find any prospect rankings where Ervin is ranked as a 3rd rounder. He looks like he’ll end up a late 4th round pick. We should be fine to take him at #124. He’s popular on Seahawk darft blogs, but not so much on those of other teams.

      • D-OZ

        Irvin is gaining traction. One of the fastest risers this week.

    • HI Hawk

      I don’t think Lockett has anything to do with where Ervin gets drafted. We’re letting our bias cloud our opinion here.
      The success of Devonta Freeman, Dion Lewis, and other small running backs might help Ervin. Likewise as a returner, the impact that specialists have make, like Devin Hester might help him.

      But, Lockett being a surprisingly good WR in addition to his expected excellence as a returner is not a factor in where Ervin gets drafted. Ervin has flaws, so he is not going to suddenly rise into Round 2 or early Round 3. He’ll likely go Round 4 or later, when teams start rolling the dice more – but if Seattle loves him, it won’t hurt me if they take him with their 3rd round comp pick.

  16. Volume12

    Probably in the minority, but I’d be ecstatic over RB Derrick Henry.

    I thought Indiana OL Jason Spriggs was too finesse for the majority of people on here, and is strictly a tackle?

    • Darnell

      I like Henry, but I’m not sure how I feel about him as a Hawk. I love him when he gets to the 2nd level.

      But I don’t he has the sudden/shifty side to side intitial ability that Marshawn and Rawls have used to great success for this team. Those two can get hit -3 yards deep and still gain on the play, I don’t think the leggy Henry has that.

      Henry reminds me a bit of Shaun Alexander in that he is such a great and natural runner when his oline gets him past the first line of defense. But I’m not sure if he is a creator at the NFL level.

      • Volume12

        Fair points.

        He’s different than Lynch or Rawls no doubt, but is just as big and fast as the second level defenders trying to tackle him.

        I think he’s more Le’Veon Bell than Shaun Alexander. But, he’s so uniquely built, there isn’t really anybody to compare him to like for like.

        As a no 1 back, I get the concerns, but pair him with Rawls? Wow!

        • Nick

          I’m with you, Vol12. JS has said that there are a lot of good OL prospects this year. And we know that SEA loves athletes and high upside picks in the 1st round. I think Henry ticks those boxes very nicely.

          • Volume12

            FWIW, I got the same guys as Rob does in terms of 1st round targets. With one exception.

            Henry, Ifedi, Bullard, and Spriggs.

            Really like ‘Shelly Rank’ as well, but not sold that he’ll be there. And if ND OT Ronnie Stanley falls, what O-lineman moves up?

            • Kenny Sloth

              Spriggs for sure. That boy good.

        • D-OZ


      • rowdy

        I’ve seen Rawls get stonewalled a lot in the backfield and doesn’t tend to consistently gain yards after contact til the second level. Henry might not break tackles like you would expect from a player his size but doesn’t get knocked back and generally falls forward 5 yards.

        • Josh

          Rawls led the league in runs that resulted in 0 or positive yards. I’m not sure where you saw him being stonewalled in the backfield a lot.

          • rowdy

            Lmao that would mean AP got tackled for a loss on 60% of his carries

      • J

        Henry can’t get his own yards. He’s essentially a space player – you have to give him space.

        • Volume12

          Too much focusing on what a guy can’t do.

          Very easy to spot and call out a prospects flaws.

          • CharlieTheUnicorn

            I know what he can do…. if you give him a lane.. he will hit the whole and explode onto LB and CB/S… and has some truly elite speed for a large man.

            • Kenny Sloth

              He runs realllly tall. When he takes direct hits he just crumples it’s kind of scary actually. He does need to be put into space to really succeed, but with our run blocking he’ll have plenty of lanes. He has good vision.

              • Volume12

                Ah, could care less he runs tall. That’s overrated IMO.

                A guy with his size and downhill speed, will have a tremendous amount of ‘shock pad.’

                • D-OZ

                  I have watched a lot of tape on him. He knows when to not run tall. He can get down man.

              • rowdy

                If by crumble you mean stumble and fall forward 5 yards I’d agree.

                • Kenny Sloth

                  No, I mean running it up between the tackles. Where he gets slowed down by arm tackles and gets stood up by a safety and crumbles to the ground. It’s scary.
                  He has real trouble getting through traffic at the line. A really big target.

                  Steven Jackson is 6’3, so it’s not unheard of.

                  He’ll be a contributor at the next level.

    • JakeB

      I’m not terribly enthused about spending a first or a second on Henry, but I could live with it. I can just picture him running downhill for an automatic 20+ yards anytime a hole opened on the back side of a play.

    • Kip Earlywine

      Honestly I wouldn’t want Henry even for as little as a 4th round pick. He’s top heavy with poor balance and very linear as a runner. Basically, a bigger, slower Robert Turbin. He’s was fun at Alabama but I think he needs a monster OL to have success in the NFL. Seattle might be the worst situation for him in the entire league given the competition at RB and the terrible OL that relies on RBs making magic happen.

  17. Max K

    Still think there is a chance Hawks take Keanu Neal if he slips?

    • Trevor

      Love the player but I think they just have bigger needs. He is in my top 5 favourite players in the whole draft and I just pray Carolina or Arizona don’t get him.

      My top 5 favourite players in this draft.

      #1 Sheldon Rankins
      #2 Ezikel Elliot
      #3 Keanu Neal
      #4 Shon Coleman
      #5 William Jackson

      Unlikely we will pick any of them but I think all 5 guys are going to be special players with pro bowl potential.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        Neal and Coleman are the only two guys likely to be available to Seattle at #26. Everyone else has a very high likelihood of getting their name called before #26 pick is on the clock. 🙁

  18. Trevor

    Rob great post I think you have summed up the options for the Hawks on Day #1 and Day #2 perfectly!

    I really wish there was someway to get Rankins in Rd #1 but in order to do so I think you have to move in front of NO and that would require way too much draft capital. He really would be the perfect 3 Tech in our system. The thought of him and Bennett lining up inside with Avril and Clark on the edge would be the best pass rush group in the NFL IMO.

    Assuming Rankins is gone I prefer Ifedi over Spriggs as I think he just has that nasty streak Cable would want in an RT. I am still holding out hope that Coleman will test well as I have wanted him as will test well at his personal pro day and be our 2016 RT since you first featured him 8 months ago. That however seems unlikely so Ifedi would be the pick in Rd #1 for me.

    Do you think it meant anything that Cable ran the A&M pro day for the OL? In the past it has not translated into picks but at least he is getting a real good look at Ifedi.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Watched some of that workout, Cable seemed unimpressed with Ifedi. Almost let down.

      • Trevor

        Interesting take Kenny. Might be a case where scouting staff and JS have Ifedi high on the draft board so they wanted Cable to take a closer look. If he came away unimpressed might rule out Ifedi.

        Or maybe Cable was putting on an act as a smoke screen and loved the guy. Who knows this time of the year.

        • Kenny Sloth

          I love Ifedi. I want him worse than Spriggs.
          He played at 335 this year!!!

          Dude makes Carp look average

          • STTBM

            Carp is average. At best.

            • Kenny Sloth


              • STTBM

                Ah, I see…

                Darn, I was so happy with that burn on Carp too…guess I may have been a little over-eager to flame him lol!

        • Kenny Sloth

          Maybe Cable was trying to motivate him, Ifedi wants to go in the first round BAD.

          • JakeB

            I’m no Tom Cable expert, but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen him look excited. I’ve heard it in his voice before when talking about Sweezy and some of his other guys, but he’s not a real animated dude

            • Kenny Sloth

              True, can probably disregard the lack of enthusiasm, I’d say.

              • JakeB

                Did Ifedi only do drills? I never saw any numbers from his pro day

                • Kenny Sloth

                  Only drills, correct. Cable seemed almost more interested in Mike Matthews

                • Volume12

                  Saw the same thing Kenny.

                  He looked at him, like ‘you got all that length, and can’t use it?’

                  • STTBM

                    I dont care one way or another if Cable likes Ifedi, but I will say that if Cable was flat in love with the guy, he surely wouldnt show it. So its entirely possible Cable is throwing tantrums to get his guy, and that guy is Ifedi.

                  • Volume12

                    Why would he love the fact that Ifedi appeared to fail one of his drills?

                    Dude has 36″ inch arms and can’t use it? What good is it?

                  • STTBM

                    When they interviewed Bobby Wagner, they showed him his five worst plays ever, then chewed his butt over them. He thought they hated him and werent interested in drafting him…when in reality, they really liked him.

                    They may have liked LaVonte David more, but they really liked him from the get-go–they just wanted to see how he’d respond under pressure.

                    Ifedi isnt a finished product, and a bad rep in a drill wont be the deciding factor in them being interested or not. Its more important how he responded. And we know they dont always show their true feelings on a prospect. You cant always be honest and open..

                    Not saying they should draft him or that they like him, but you never can tell…

                  • Volume12

                    All good points.

                    Not saying it’s a deciding factor at all.

                    I’m talking about the look on TC’s face.

                    Look, I like Ifedi and he’s on my shortlist of targets in the 1st, he’s raw, but there’s something there.

                  • Jarhead

                    You nailed it Volume 12. It is as clear as day on tape- you never see him punch and extend to engage his opponent. It is always like he is catching them and then using his bulk to hug it out. I can see exactly why Cable would be luke warm after working with the guy because he has all the measurables but it doesn’t correlate to on field skills.

  19. STTBM

    Really nice write-up Rob!

    I wonder who Seattle likes more, Ifedi or Spriggs? Guess we may find out on Draft Day.

    Your Mock is a bit different than most out there–I like it! I do think teams will panic and trade up for the qb’s–I have a feeling all three are gone in the first 10-15 picks. QB is such a need for so many teams…

    Have you seen any stuff on Keyarris Garret from Tulsa? I keep banging the gong for him, but nobody else seems to care. I know full well WR isnt exactly a need for Seattle, but this kid has zero buzz surrounding him, he’s big, physical and fast, and he has amazing production–albeit in a smaller school. Just wondering if you’ve checked him out at all…

    • JustMeMyself&!

      I’d rather have Dom Williams than Garret. And I’m a Husky.

      • STTBM

        Williams is quite a bit smaller than Garrett (if a bit faster), but he’s an interesting prospect as well.

        • JustMeMyself&!

          I don’t know that they have the roster space for a WR at this point unless one of the UW UDFAs is on the way out. I only see them drafting a WR if 1. someone very talented drops in the draft and they just can’t say no or 2. as a hedge against Baldwin’s salary demands for 2017.

          It looks like there will be some interesting UDFAs this year that won;t cost us any draft capital.

          • STTBM

            You know, I think youre absolutely right. This draft is light on WR talent anyway, so the chances of anyone really interesting falling arent great. And I would bet money that Seattle wont spend a fourth or fifth on a WR this year–too much talent on D in this draft, and holes along the O-line to fill plus Richardson back healthy and the two UW UDFA make WR not a pressing need….They may indeed only sign UDFA WR’s this year.

            But if a guy with size AND speed falls, could they take one? Your guess is as good as mine.

  20. John_s

    I wonder how Spence’s numbers line up with Terell Suggs numbers? I remember that Suggs ran a slow 40 as well but his other numbers were pretty stellar

    • Ukhawk

      His #s are a lot better than this guys….

      Combine Results
      Pro Day Results
      Combine Invite: Yes
      Height: 6030
      Weight: 236
      40 Yrd Dash: 4.68
      20 Yrd Dash: 2.75
      10 Yrd Dash: 1.72 225 Lb. Bench Reps: 18
      Vertical Jump: 35
      Broad Jump: 09’08”
      20 Yrd Shuttle: 4.66
      3-Cone Drill: 7.48

      • Ukhawk

        Chris Clemons’ #s….and if he ended up as good in a Hawks jersey

        • Kenny Sloth

          I think Clem’s ability stemz from knowing how to plan a pass rush and coordinate his D line and working together to get the qb. Also his experience with some of our generations great pass rushers

  21. Volume12

    Hmmm… if you can trade 2017 comp picks starting this year, would Seattle package something together to move up and get a Sheldon Rankins or Jack Conklin?

    Pretty unlikely, but being able to trade next year’s comp picks starting now sure does add a curveball element to the 1st three rounds of the draft now.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I’m pretty sure you have to wait for the pick to be given out, before you could trade it.
      This is new territory, but I think some teams are going to get royally hosed and trade premium 3rd round picks (comp picks) for a big bag of ****.

      • JakeB

        The way Bob Condotta explained it, I think you can trade them even though the picks haven’t been awarded yet. Think he got the info from Field Yates

        • D

          Hmm looks like I was wrong, legit report. Its gonna end up like NBA protected picks, lots of confusing conditions in trades.

          • JakeB

            It all seems pretty goofy. Not sure it’s going to help the Hawks much because I don’t think you can trade them once the draft starts.

    • D

      How would they be able to trade next years picks if the rounds haven’t been finalized yet? i.e. Denver trades their 3rd pick but it ends up as a 4th. They didn’t announce the exact slotting for 2016 until a few weeks ago.

      I doubt the NFL (for all their flaws) would allow that. Maybe a unclear report…

      • cha

        They’d just put language in the trade “Seahawks trade their 4th round pick in the 2017 in exchange for x. Should the Seahawks be awarded a 2017 4th round compensatory pick, Seahawks shall have option to classify the compensatory pick as the one being traded.”

        Something like that. Or vice versa, for an extra cherry on top the team receiving the 4th rounder assures the pick is the team’s regular draft pick, regardless of whether the Hawks get a 4th round comp pick.

        • cha

          Oh you already replied above.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Conklin’s a guard at the next level, for me.

    • D-OZ

      Comp picks have to be traded leading up to (before) the draft.

  22. CharlieTheUnicorn

    I have a slight change

    #60 New England — Devontae Booker (RB, Utah)…. no way,
    they go Tyler Ervin here…. he is EXACTLY what they want in a RB… shifty and explosive
    #61 New England — Jihad Ward (DE, Illinois)
    I’ll stand pat, they need DL or LB help here….. so not a reach or crazy to think they take Ward.

    • Willyeye

      Ervin is considered to be somewhat a change of pace/3rd down RB by many of the scouts. He seems to be mocked as a late 4th round pick in most mocks. I’m pretty sure the Hawks will get him with pick #124. 🙂

      • D-OZ

        He is a 3rd rounder easily.

        • Willyeye

          Not if you check out the interest from other teams’ fans. Ervin is a Seahawk fan favorite, but I don’ think that makes him move up a whole lot with other teams to this point. They may need to take him with their 3rd round comp pick at #97, but it would sure be nice to keep him under the radar and get him at #124.

    • RWIII

      Charlie: Believe it or not. New England’s biggest needs are on the offensive line.

  23. CharlieTheUnicorn

    What about if it is groundhog day… and they take Fackerall at #26.
    It would be exactly the same “reach” pick they made with Irvin so many moons ago.
    Don’t laugh, this could seriously happen.

    • bobbyk

      I would have no problem with it.

      Rob – check your email. You are in for a (awesome) surprise!

      • Kenny Sloth

        Don’t tell me you wrote a Spriggs/Ifedi comp piece, too!

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          NIOCE! Just what we need… more OL LOVE

    • rowdy

      I’d go lawson over fackrell in every way.

      • Rob Staton

        Very different players.

  24. Volume12

    Here’s another LB. One of my small school sleepers.

    Georgia So’s Antwoine Williams. Kid is a physical freak. Amazing production.

    Seattle scouts seemed to take an interest in him today. His Hudl tape is impressive.

    And add one more OW to the list. Arkansas St’s JD McKissic. Another guy that Seattle was checking out at his pro day (yesterday).

  25. GeoffU

    Rob, have you done any tape breakdown of Sheldon Rankins? His numbers here look enticing, but why am I so underwhelmed by his tape? Maybe I just need to watch more (but it’s hard for me to do since I’ve always assumed he wouldn’t be there)?

    Concerning Fackrell, while I’m not convinced he’ll be much of a pass rusher, I do think he’d make a better SAM than Irvin. I love that splash play ability, and while Irvin would give you that sometimes, it never seemed often enough. There’s games where I’d completely forget he was on the team. Irvin, of course, had to learn the position. Is it similarly possible that Fackrell could learn how to rush the passer?

    • Kenny Sloth

      Rankins is crazy. His tape is exceptional.
      Flashes a swim move, rip move, insane bull rush and never loses leverage.
      Doesn’t get driven back by double teams. Fits a 3-4 as a 5 tech and probably would be a 1 and 3 tech in our scheme.

  26. JimQ

    Interesting 3-round mock over at PFF. —- ALL information adds to the pile. —-
    Although many of the picks are very odd & certainly questionable, I found the individual player information interesting & has added to my knowledge of several players I wasn’t sure about. I acknowledge that PFF may not be anywhere near perfect, IMO, it’s well worth the time to read through each pick in each round with their version of individual player analysis.

    Seahawk picks. (interesting, but probably way, way out there in outer space.)
    #26-DE-Shilique Calhoun, Michigan St. (Really?)
    #56-RB-Jordan Howard, Indiana (reach?)
    #90-OT-Shon Coleman, Auburn (Finally!)
    #97-DE/DT-Ronald Blair, Appalachian St.. (reach?)

    Player Information Examples:
    —-#30-DE/DT-Jonathan Bullard, “”Last year’s top-graded interior run defender has some position versatility at the next level, as Bullard could play base defensive end while kicking inside to rush the passer. He’s excellent at recognizing and defeating blocks and while his pass rushing has been merely good, he has the athleticism and power to make a jump in the next few years.””
    —-#39-DT-Sheldon Day, “”An up-field penetrator capable of blowing up plays in the backfield. He also showed well rushing off the edge at the Senior Bowl. Day’s +60.0 overall grade ranked second in the nation in 2015.””
    —-#51-OT/OG-Joe Thuney, “”grading as a top-20 guard in 2014 and top-5 offensive tackle in 2015. It’s not always pretty, but he rarely loses in the run or pass game (surrendered only seven pressures on 507 snaps in pass protection in 2015.”” NOTE: Short armed.
    —-#57-OLB-Joe Schobert, “”has been incredibly productive the last two years, leading the nation in pass-rush productivity despite an undersized frame. His fourth quarter against Iowa was one of the more dominant performances in college football in all of 2015.”” NOTE: You Have to like Schobert’s stats in 2015: 79-tkls, 19.5-TFL, 9.5-Sacks, 2-PBU, 14-QBH 1-Int., & 5-FF (tied for 2-nd in FF in FBS). Schobert is 6-1/244, his recent workout #’s; 4.67/40, 1.62/10-yd, 22-BP, 33.5“-Vert, 9‘-3“-BJ, 4.30-shuttle & 7.11-3cone. Rated as a 5-th round pick?
    —-#68-DE-Bronson Kaufusi, “”fits the 3-4 scheme well and his production was excellent (first in pass-rush productivity at 13.2 and third in run-stop percentage at 12.1 percent).”” (Good old PFF, looks like two at 1-st in PRP.) ………and many more……..

    • Kenny Sloth

      I didn’t know Jordan Howard was in this draft. Decent player.

    • Rob Staton

      Calhoun in R1?

      Oh dear.

  27. Trevor

    The more I look at the options for Rd #1 the more I want JS to figure out a way to get Rankins. Not sure how but he is the ideal fit for the Hawks in this draft.

    • Kenny Sloth

      It’s funny because he reminds me a lot of Brandon Mebane.

  28. Jarhead

    Nice mock. Some solid options. I hope we double dip on oline but this could set us up well. With Neal there at 24, how tempting would a small trade up be? That would be pretty cool

  29. Kyle

    What would Derrick henerys tef be?

    • Kenny Sloth

      I was thinking running back would be a good position group for this formula, but SPARQ seems adequate. Same with Linebacker.

  30. Josh emmett

    Deep draft on offensive line from the mans mouth himself, John Scnieder. Make a move for an elite defensive player. Trade 26 and 56 and next year’s second round pick to NOLA for pick 12. This is a deep defensive line draft and the saints might think they can move back and get Noah spence or Nkemdiche at 26. The Hawks take Darren Lee with the 12th overall pick get McGovern at 90, Ervin at 97, and Joe Dahl or Alex Redmond at 124. They get a playmaker on defense, 2 oliners that go 27-9-31, and bevel gets a new toy and they are only down a second round pick next year and get another freak for the defense, competition on the oline, and a new 3rd down back. The last four picks will go towards the normal high ceiling prospects. No tackle prospect yet but the problem last year was the interior of the line.

    • nichansen01

      Being a deep draft doesn’t mean that an upper end offensive line prospect such as Jason Spriggs or Germaine Ifedi is the same as third or fourth rounder. There are shelves of talent, and the front office might want to select from the top shelf.

      • Josh emmett

        I just don’t see them in the first round going oline. They haven’t done it yet with Tom cable on board and even though they want to bolster the oline doesn’t mean they are going to run out and take oline with thier 1st 3 picks like a ton people seem to think. They have the explosion cut offs but they dont draft the top performers in this particular measurable as has been noted on the blog. They will go defense or a skilled position round one and if there is nobody they like they will trade back. Everybody thought they were going to draft bitonio and they had their eye on Easley from Florida on the Dline and when the pats took Easley they traded back because even though they needed oline help they were fine with taking Britt later. I think they will address the oline but not with the majority of their picks like people think and not in the first round.

        • Rob Staton

          “I just don’t see them in the first round going oline. They haven’t done it yet with Tom cable on board”

          James Carpenter, 2011.

          The first year Cable was in Seattle.

          In 2014 it was Paul Richardson all the way. They made that pretty clear. And TEF has helped us understand why they wanted Britt in R2.

    • ItsAboutTheDefense

      I like the Scenario, Josh. Darren Lee is a nice player and I’d take him for the Seahawks in a heartbeat. But if you’re moving up this far, you really owe it to yourself to consider Rankins.
      Rob’s Equation makes a real solid case, not just for Rankins being a special player, but also for the Seahawks interest in him.
      Personally I’d think they would gladly ‘give a bobcat a haircut in a phone booth’ for the opportunity to get both Rankins and McGovern.

      • Josh emmett

        They have 9 picks and they like to move around. I’d be honestly shocked if they pick someone at 26. They see 1st rounders as bargaining chips more then the future of their team especially picking so far back in the first round. I like Rankins but I can’t see them using a 1st round pick and trading up nonetheless for a rotational Dline player. I could see Darren Lee playing on 3rd down in the nickel, where they don’t really do that with their DT’s. They have nickel DT’s and Base DT’s and I think Rankins isn’t a rotational base or nickel tackle. He is going to go somewhere and play 3 downs and I don’t see it in Seattle. If they are going to change things for him because they value him that much is a different story. Cheers!

  31. TannerM

    I think Halapoulivaati Vaitai is now a guy we should keep an eye on. He was able to pump 27 reps on the bench press and jumped 32″ on his vertical at his pro day. That brings his TEF score to 3.19…

    • C-Dog


    • TannerM

      And here’s a small school TEF stud: Defensive lineman Toni Pulu, Texas A&M-Commerce
      6-2 1/8, 281
      40: 5.09
      Vert: 32 5/8-inch
      Broad: 9-foot-11
      SS 4.5 seconds
      3c: 7.5 seconds
      BP: 25 reps
      VET: 3.32

      • TannerM

        TEF, not VET

    • TannerM

      Jonathan Woodard, DE, Central Arkansas:
      6-4 7/8, 271
      40: 4.88
      Vert: 34″
      Broad: 9’9″
      SS: 4.4 seconds
      3C: 7.08 seconds
      BP: 28 reps
      TEF: 3.4

      • Volume12

        I agree on Vaitai.

        Think he’d be a guy you could grab on day 3, and end up being a really good starter.

  32. C-Dog

    26: R1P26

    56: R2P25

    90: R3P27

    97: R3P34

    124: R4P26

    171: R5P32

    215: R6P40

    225: R7P4

    247: R7P26

    Spriggs presumably takes over at RT, with Gilliam at LT. Perhaps Webb kicks inside at guard to compete with Britt. Maybe there is a chance they are looking Spriggs inside. Webb being the highest paid player on the OL, my guess is that they are looking at him to start at some position.

    Fackrell most likely is drafted to be the SAM. Although, presently, the Seahawks webpage has Clark and Marsh listed as linebackers. Presumably, they would change that, and list Clark back at DE after drafting Fackrell. I see the definite appeal in Fackrell, though I wonder how much they are looking for a SAM/DE in this draft. They chatted with Feeney during his pro day, so they could be in the market, for sure.

    Ervin is the Offensive Weapon they are targeting. Dahl is drafted to compete at Center.

    Mike Thomas is the surprise pick in R4, ran 4.4 during his pro day, and had a ton of production last year.

    Quenton Jefferson fills the DT/DE role they missed out on with Bullard and Willie Henry, and others. Not a lot of sand in his bucket, but has a nice swim move and put up some decent numbers at the combine, and decent college production 6.5 sacks on the year, 12 TOLs. Mature player.

    Seymour add corner depth. Zimmer is the DL/OL convert, may compete with Glow. Caputo is a Badger safety who plays in the box, JS might like that.

  33. Volume12

    VMAC visitor (soon to be) Dez Stewart, WR, Ohio Dominican- 6’0, 205 lbs.

    4.41-4.47 40, 36″ vert, 10’1″ broad jump, 4.30 SS, 7.0 3 cone.

    There’s some tape on him (highlights), but the production is awful.

    Wins the redline constantly. Doesn’t panic and stays down the seam, instead of drifting toward the sideline. A bad habit that college receivers typically have. Ecspecially the lower level guys.

    Ferocious run blocker. Nasty, plays through the whistle.

    COD is very good. Exciting ‘stop and start’ ability.

    STs vaue as a punt and kick returner.

    Could be an UDFA pickup, probably not. Just a heads up when ya see his name.

    • Sea Mode

      Interesting. Thanks, Vol.

  34. Sea Mode

    Just noticing which other teams have met with some of our favorite possible targets on SDB.
    (per WalterFootball:


    Jason Spriggs, OT, Indiana: Lions (PRI), Steelers (PRO)

    Connor McGovern, G, Missouri: Bengals (WOR)

    Joe Haeg, OT, North Dakota State: Lions (PRO), Panthers (WOR), Patriots (SR), Vikings (COM)

    Joe Dahl, G/OT, Washington State: Falcons (WOR), Lions (COM), Seahawks (SR)

    Germain Ifedi, OT, Texas A&M: Bears (PRI), Browns^ (SR, PRO), Buccaneers (WOR), Cardinals (WOR), Colts (PRO), Cowboys (WOR), Dolphins (PRI), Falcons (WOR), Lions (PRI), Panthers^ (COM, PRI, WOR), Saints (PRO), Texans^ (WOR, PRI), Titans (PRI), Vikings (PRI)

    Shon Coleman, OT, Auburn: Buccaneers (PRI), Dolphins (COM), Lions (PRI)
    *TEF pending

    Lene Maiava, OT/G, Arizona: Chargers^ (EW, PRI), Falcons (EW), Seahawks (PRI)
    (Per Gil Brandt: Offensive guard Lene Maiava — 6-4 5/8, 314 — has 33 5/8-inch arms and did 34 reps on the bench press. Maiava is still dealing with a knee issue from Jan. and will host his own pro day on April 18 at the school.)
    Impressive bench, let’s see if he checks out above 3.0 in TEF. Could be a late round steal if he does, although he does have the injury history.


    Tyler Ervin, RB, San Jose State: Bengals (WOR), Seahawks (PRO), Steelers (COM)
    (this worries me a bit since both those teams pick right before us…)

    Kyler Fackrell, OLB/3-4OLB, Utah State: Jets (PRO)

    Jonathan Bullard, DE/DT/3-4DE, Florida: Jaguars (COM), Lions (PRO), Patriots (COM), Titans (PRO)

    Sheldon Rankins, DT, Louisville: Bills (PRI), Buccaneers (PRI), Cowboys (PRI)

    Charles Tapper, DE/3-4DE, Oklahoma: Bills (COM), Ravens (COM)

    Willie Henry, Bronson Kaufusi, Ronald Blair III: None

    • H M Abdou

      Thanks for the info, it really helps to brace yourself for the possibility that a player you want the Hawks to draft might be taken by another team. I think more and more teams are starting to approach the draft the way PC/JS do, in terms of traits they like, pSPARQ, etc.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Watch for Indiana to take the Indy native Jason Spriggs.

      • LantermanC

        I thought Buffalo was going to take native son Khalil Mack a few years back, instead they took Amari Cooper and Mack went in the next pick.

  35. Bill Bobaggins

    Rob, as always, I think you’re onto something. Great stuff here.

    I’ve become very curious about WR Tyler Boyd from PITT lately. Seems like he’s got the talent to be a game changer and looks very Keenan Allen-esque (someone I believe you had linked to the Hawks a couple of years back). Wondering why there isn’t more hype around this guy as some were calling him the top WR in college going into last year. Is it just off field garbage that has people uninterested? He doesn’t drop a lot of balls, played RB in HS, has great return skills and good size.

    Wondering if he could be a target in Rd 2 or 3.

    • HawkfaninMT

      In 3rd I would be all for it, and I wouldn’t be shocked too see the Hawks take him in the 2nd. The efficiency he has shows with his catch rate and hands is right up the Hawks alley. Just think there may be bigger needs in the 2nd

      • D

        He had a pretty poor combine. Not very fast, not very explosive. But as you said, he certainly gets the job done, and seems to have some wiggle to him. I think the Keenan Allen comp is pretty solid, really good player just not very athletic.

        We all know how much the Hawks value their athletes so it wouldn’t be surprising if Boyd was pretty low on their board.

    • Drew

      I’d be very surprised if we take a WR in the 2nd or 3rd. So much need of talent in other positions that will contribute right away.

  36. Drew

    So I know we’ve talked briefly about WRs in the mid later rounds.

    What does everyone think about Charone Peake from Clemson? Stepped up later in the year and showed some potential, was a good target for Deshaun Watson. Had a torn ACL in 2013 and another knee injury prior to that.

    6’2″ 209 lbs, 34″ arms, 9 1/4″ hands
    Combine 40: 4.45
    Pro Day: 4.37
    35.5″ vertical, 122″ broad jump, 6.96 3 cone

    Great route runner as most WRs from Clemson are, great run blocker when he wants to be, but not always 100% engaged.

    I’d love to take him in the 4th/5th if he’d last that long. What’s everyone elses thoughts.

    Another Clemson player that we haven’t talked about, but have talked about his backfield partner (Jayron Kearse) is TJ Green. 6’2″ 209, 4.34 40 at the combine and 129″ broad jump. Very explosive and athletic and has 32″ arms.

    Only thing is there isn’t a lot of tape because he played deep a lot, and the only safety I remember from Clemson is from watching Kearse getting beat or missing tackles. With his size/speed combo I doubt he lasts into the late rounds, but I would much rather draft a guy like TJ Green for a backup safety spot than pick a CB again since we have so many returning this year. He could be an interesting backup for Earl, I’m not very high on Steven Terell.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I’ve liked what I’ve heard about TJ Green on the blog, but as you said there’s no tape of him. Sounds like a phenomenal athlete at FS.

    • Volume12

      Big fan of WR Charone Peake.

      Has some Martavis Bryant to his game, very physical, great run blocker, has that basketball like wingspan we’ve heard PC/JS say they like. Very solid.

      Rutger WR Leonte Carroo and Georgia WR Malcom Mitchell are also very exciting.

      • STTBM

        I like Keyarris Garrett, from Tulsa for big guys too, and Dom Williams from WSU has the decent size and fantastic speed.

        Really dont care who they bring in as long as they have some serious size and some speed. No more big slow guys like Matthews though…

        • Sea Mode

          How about Ricardo Louis for a late-round pick?

          #3 SPARQ WR in the draft behind Doctson and Coleman.

          Compares athletically to Tyler Ervin, but at a much bigger size. Maybe continue exploiting NFL trends and train him as a 6’2″ slot receiver/gadget player.

          Ervin – 5’10” 192, 4.41/2.59/1.56 40yd, 39.0″ VJ, 130″ BJ, 17 BP
          Louis – 6’2″ 215, 4.43/……./1.58 40yd, 38.0″ VJ, 132″ BJ, 18 BP

          • Volume12

            Ricardo Louis is another good one.

            Baylor’s Jay Lee and Udub’s Jaydon Mickens as well.

      • Trevor

        Vol I really like the same 3 guys along with Louis out of Auburn!

    • Nate

      Same here

  37. Scraps

    So Kiper is again saying Apple for the Seahawks. Sigh…

    I’m not exactly going to denigrate Kiper here. He obviously knows his football players, and he was in the draft conversation long before it became a hit.

    Like I said, he knows his football players; but what he doesn’t know is his NFL teams, if judging him by knowledge of the Seahawks is a sign. Apple is not going to the Seahawks, for several reasons, and everybody knows those reasons reading this blog. And if his knowledge of the Seahawks is seriously broken, what does it say about his knowledge about those teams that I know next to nothing about their draft positioning? It means, at least, that I’m not going to pay attention to Kiper and his mock draft — except for his knowledge about players.

    • Bill Bobaggins

      Completely agree. Kiper looks at Apple being available in his draft and says, “oh, he’s a big CB and the Seahawks like big CB’s…I’ll plug him in here.” I highly doubt they’d take Apple if he were there.

      That said, the in depth analysis done on this blog regarding what the Hawks look for is probably not something that Kiper has the time to get into (not saying he shouldn’t…just saying he probably doesn’t have time). I highly doubt he knows the idea profile for each position for all 32 teams in the NFL. Very generic mocks, IMO.

    • Eric S

      This aspect is super fascinating to me.

      We have ‘draft experts’ and ‘mock draft experts’ who have a decent handle on the players, with input from team/insider sources and scouts (Tony Pauline, for example).

      We have some people who have compiled deep knowledge on a team and their player types and athletic profiles. Obviously Rob fits the bill, and Zach Whitman with his Sparq data. But to be honest I don’t know if this kind of resource exists for other NFL teams. Perhaps the Patriots, probably not for the Chargers.

      To make a legitimate effort at a realistic mock draft you would need to pair the two resources. Obviously Rob is doing just that in his mock drafts, but while he knows a ton about the Hawks’ methods and the draftable players, it’s hard to know the other 31 teams to the same extent. But this is exactly what each front office is trying to do.

      To make it even harder, there is turnover in the key decision maker for a few franchises each year. Either a new GM or a new head coach. How will this impact Cleveland this year? Philly? SF? But then each of these changes has background to it. You can look at who Chip Kelly picked in last year’s draft, but then you need to factor it in to SF and that seems to me more art than science. It’s tough to say how much Trent Baalke will take Chip Kelly’s input on specific players.

      • HI Hawk

        Excellent points Eric and Bill.

        Kiper is entertainment and fills gaps for the teams we don’t know as well. Take him as an entertainer and enjoy the hair and jokes. He’s good fun and despite his occasional hard stances (like when he crushed our 2012 draft), he’s generally aware that he doesn’t have all the answers.

        The information though is inherently flawed like Eric says. So it makes building a mock draft for the Seahawks or any other team next to impossible. I like the approach Rob has taken recently of picking pools of players that the Seahawks like at certain spots – most accurate way and only real approach to take.

        We know Kiper mocked Apple at #26, a player that doesn’t qualify as a Seahawk based on a few factors – the biggest being arm length. Why pick a less than ideal Apple, when you can pick an ideal (for instance, Artie Burns) prospect later.

        Rob’s mock draft, which has Keanu Neal at Pittsburgh, has to rely on SOMETHING as a baseline, but there is none. What if the Steelers have an organic formula for athleticism that weighs 20-yd splits and he underperformed there or he fell asleep during his interview with the team?

        Since no one person can know these details, we instead have to look at overall quality of a prospect and try and properly value him (by round) and then look for “like” prospects at lower costs (later rounds) from a Seahawks lens.

        For the Seahawks though, they have a team, a staff, resources to come up with that value, the staff have fingers and ears everywhere to get the pulse of the other teams on how prospects are valued elsewhere. Once they have values and “like” players they can actually do a true analysis of the market which is what John is talking about with his “shelves” of talent. So from shelf one (round 1, maybe even round 2) he can have two items. If he can get a decent “like” item for item A but not item B or item C on the next shelf down, he probably has to take item B and C and get the lesser, but similar item A in round 3 or so.

        It’s a fun time to analyze all these things, which is why I think the draft process and associated chatter about it continually gets bigger and bigger. On another note, now we all know WHY the Patriots keep cheating.

        • STTBM

          Really nice analysis HIHawk! Well done.

      • STTBM

        I think a lot of Mock Draft “Experts” build their boards with inside info. The last few years, as teams have appeared to crack down on leaks, Ive noticed a lot of guys mocked highly sliding far down, and guys with little buzz going far higher than the “experts” prognosticated.

        Kiper usually has some interesting things to say regarding players, but he seems to mock guys HE thinks teams should take, not guys that fit their system or Draft Strategy.

        And few guys other than Bucky Brooks and Rob Rang seem to pay much attention to Seattle’s strategy and what they are likely to do. Those guys know Seattle and usually come closer than others.

        Just my two cents.

  38. Kenny Sloth

    Hey guys, I think Russell grew that beard just so he could shave it for his Braun endorsments

    • Drew

      Or Braun told Russell they’ll give him an endorsement if he grows a beard? Good for Russ!

      • Kenny Sloth


  39. Ed

    Some great articles as always. A few questions:

    Are you pretty adamant that both scores can categorize all prospects the Hawks would be interested in?

    Sparq (RB/WR/LB/DB) added DB req 32″ arms
    Tef (OL/DL) added points for broad jump

    Has the short history shown that for both scores? Is there any easy list somewhere to see what the Hawks prospects that make those scores are?

    It will be interesting to see, if you have that list, if the prospects they draft fall into those scores and how easy you will make the forecasting for the Hawks draft in the future.

    Maybe it’s time to branch out Rob and perform an analysis on every team and charge for your site. I think you could make a living and not burn the candle and work, when you could work on football all the time.

    • JT

      At this point, TEF is an incredibly strong formula for the use of narrowing down who the Hawks are likely to draft on the offensive line. It is not a strong predictor of their tendencies on the defense line. The reason for this is Seattle loves their DL’s to have agility and burst as much as explosion, which TEF does not consider. So Sparq is a better indicator.

      I wrote about the Hawks tendencies at LB a few days ago to narrow down which SAM LB’s they’d consider in this draft. I have a much more comprehensive analysis coming soon on interior defensive linemen, which really breaks down what the Hawks look for on the defensive interior, and narrows the list down to what players they’ll consider drafting on the defensive line from this class.

      • Ed


  40. Volume12

    VMAC visitors so far:

    ‘Bama RB Derrick Henry
    Clemson RB Zac Brooks
    Arizona OL Lene Maiava
    Arizona S/CB Will Parks
    LSU Rashard Robinson
    Kansas RB Taylor Cox
    Ohio Dominican WR Dez Stewart
    Oregon LB/DE Christian French

    Workouts: Texas A&M OL Germain Ifedi, Cincy OL Justin Murray, Montana St OL John Weidnaar, Boise St OL Rees Odhiambo, Rutgers WR Leonte Carroo

    Florida DL Jonathan Bullard is a visitor or private workout.

    And LA Tech DT Vernon Butler had a dinner meeting.

    • Adog

      I see two running backs on that list…so it will definitely be a position they address in the draft. In the past we’ve saw them trade for lunch and draft Christine Michael. I believe the Seahawks will use their first pick on a running back. Look for them to target Elliot or Henry in the first round. Rawls was great but he is coming off a serious injury. I believe that Elliot is their guy…and that if they must…they will use that Extra third to trade up and get him.

      • Adog


      • Drew

        Zac Brooks was a great 3rd down back for Clemson. He’d be a good later round option

        • Volume12

          Yup. Brooks has such a Seahawk esque running style.

      • Volume12

        3 RBs on that list.

        Don’t know if you saw my post above, but it was the same line of thinking you have.

        I think ‘Bama RB Derrick Henry is a real possibility.

        • HI Hawk

          Someone made a comparison of Shaun Alexander and Derrick Henry as if it was a bad thing earlier, I think they were both right and wrong.

          Running style and second level speed is similar, but Henry can get low and actually USE his size to run over defenders. He is not like Rawls or Alexander with his burst on his first step (nor was Lynch). Lynch and Rawls can both juke you in a phone booth though to avoid a TFL and that’s where Henry will struggle. To mitigate that, he’s going to have to power through those instances and fall forward. At least we know he will try to, which is where he differs from the underappreciated Shaun Alexander.

          Just my opinion, Vision + stiff arm + speed = a lot of Seahawk touchdowns if Henry comes on board. He just needs a crease and the ZBS we run creates them regardless of your view of Justin Britt and Mark Glowinski.

          • Volume12

            Add another RB to the VMAC visitor list.

            Portland St’s David Jones- 5’11-6’0, 210 lbs.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Pretty sweet Carroo is falling. John Schneider is at Rutgers every year scouting games

  41. Lenny J

    Is there something Im missing with the Utah St. fella? Seem pretty Avg. to me. Id entertain drafting him with our 2nd 3rd rd pick but @56 is loco.

  42. nichansen01

    Any conceivable way we draft both Rankins and Spriggs? How about packaging our second, third and fourth and two future first rounders and maybe a player (jimmy graham) to move up for Rankins while keeping our first? Then we can draft Mcgovern in the late third.

    • D

      Man whoever is on the receiving end of that trade is getting a haul!

    • Sea Mode

      Is this supposed to be a joke? I must say I sure hope so, man.

    • lil'stink

      Unfortunately I think Graham has about zero trade value right now. Historically speaking, trades like this that involve a ton of picks being moved for just one player wouldn’t end in our favor.

      • Scraps

        They are not going to trade Graham, zero trade value or not, and whether any of us likes it or not. (I would think it insane, myself.) Pete is firm about that.

  43. Richard aka DesertSeahawk

    Rob and SDB regulars, I run the Fan speak mock “On the Clock” often…okay, daily now, using the site list, the composite list or the CBS list and it amazes me how it can be made to work with the players I/we like. It has been damn near impossible to get a DT (Rankins Nkimdiche)/OT (Spriggs, Ifedt)/McGovern/Fackrell combo in any order of the 1st 4 picks as you would expect. Granted it is probably not remotely like what will play out or is it creditable, per se, but I don’t do it for that, I do it for fun.
    I try each time to include “my locks” of McGovern-Feeney somehow and then work in the other needs as possible. Secondly. I try to plug in the appropriate (ie serviceable with upside) need based player at the correct moment. The 2nd teir players talked about often here, to fill it out. Plus my guilty pleasure hopefuls such as Jerell Adams TE, Tanner McEvoy TE(not really more the Swiss Army knife guy), Miles Killebrew SS, Joe Dahl Oline, Keith Marshall RB and more.
    You do get an a out of left field star stud out of the consensus Top 20 that does drop, such as Darron Lee-Sheldon Rankins-Myles Jack which you jump on, but, it nearly always causes your draft to skew in random directions after that. It does seem to eventually play to your desires which may be its function. But never is perfect.
    Rob, I’m not trying to distract away from your excellent resource here. It’s just fun to go and personally apply some of your/our choices in a direct, albeit personal mockish way. I know there are other sites that do this as well. Besides, as I said, its fun. Thanks for this great resource and your fair handed approach.

  44. matt

    Mayock updated his prospect rankings and a guy we’ve been talking about as a great day 3 option made the cut.


    1. Jaylon Smith, Notre Dame
    2. Myles Jack, UCLA
    3. Darron Lee, Ohio State
    4. Reggie Ragland, Alabama
    T-5. Deion Jones, LSU
    T-5. Jatavis Brown, Akron

    I’ve been high on Brown for months. Cool to see him getting some love by a national guy.

    • JT

      Brown is one of the few WILL LBs that fit the Seahawks profile in this draft. There are really only 4 that fit the profile that I have seen – Lee, Jones, Feeney & Brown. The profile simply being a fantastic athlete, even if he has a smaller frame. Past Seahawks WILL’s have tested 130+ in sparq

      • Volume12

        Keep an eye on Colorado St’s Cory James and Georgia So’s Antwoine Williams.

        L’ville’s James Burgess and Oregon’s Joe Walker are 2 others as well.

        • JT

          Burgess unfortunately didn’t test nearly well enough athletically for the Hawks to consider him to play WILL.

          Any word of Williams’ pro day results yesterday?

          Every WILL the Seahawks have drafted/signed as an UDFA & played meaningful snaps (in the past 4 years) has tested at 132 or better in Sparq. This includes Irvin, Malcolm Smith, KPL, Mike Morgan, Korey Toomer & Eric Pinkins.

          Walker and James tested at around 125 Sparq. It’s possible the Hawks could consider someone below the 132 threshold as an UDFA, but I doubt it. They already have very good depth at WILL with KPL & Morgan.

    • Trevor

      I really like Brown a lot. He is one guy I really hope the Hawks come out of this draft with he just fits the profile of a guy with a monster size chip on his shoulder from being undersized. All he does is make plays. Great speed and toughness. We have done pretty well with 2 other undersized but really talented athletic guys in Russ / Earl.

      Perhaps Brown will be our next rookie to shine out the MAC. I certainly hope so.

  45. Steele

    Using Rob’s board, a few devil’s advocate thoughts:

    Rd. 1

    Ryan Kelly- Is it out of the question to consider arguably the top center in this draft class? Nick Martin, a similar thought.

    Noah Spence- What is wrong with being a great speed rusher, the best in this draft class? The Hawks don’t have one like him. Who says he can’t develop the rest of his game? Imagine a pass rush of Avril-Bennett-Clemons-Clark-Spence! Pass rush may not be a high need, but as a luxury pick, why not. We were talking about Spence as a top 20 type not long ago.

    Shaq Lawson- Similar thought as above. A luxury pick, but a guy who could be a Bennett type?

    Shon Coleman- We still don’t have enough information on him.

    Chris Jones- Rob is not a fan, he would be a reach in rd. 1, but he’s got something.

    Rd 2

    Vernon Butler and Javon Hargrave- Both were excellent in Shrine/Senior Bowl. Both have pass rush. Hargrave gave Glasgow problems at the Senior.

    • Steele

      On Spence “the character concerns that led to his departure from Ohio State”, let’s not forget that Frank Clark is a Seahawk and Greg Hardy was considered.

      • lil'stink

        Did we really consider Hardy? I thought that was largely just his agent leaking b.s. to a reporter in Dallas trying to drive up Hardy’s price. That was also at the same time the Michael Bennett wants to be traded rumor started – probably by the same agent.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Might be why Bennett fired him

      • Rob Staton

        “Greg Hardy was considered”

        We don’t know that. Schneider denied it.

    • vrtkolman

      I would like any of Spence/Kelly/Coleman/Butler/Hargrave. There should be no shortage of great prospects the Hawks can nab in rounds 1 and 2.

    • Rob Staton

      Personally I don’t understand the Ryan Kelly hype.

      He’s a good player. I like Nick Martin better. Not sure why one is suddenly a top-25 player and they other round two. Some people in the league think Kelly is R2-3.

  46. vrtkolman

    Odell Beckham Jr’s cousin Terron’s pro day performance was unreal:

    44.5-inch vertical
    4.47 40-yard dash
    11-foot broad jump
    36 reps at 225lb

    All of this at 5’11” 230 lbs.

    He’s declared as a running back. He never played college football and I wouldn’t want the Hawks spending a pick on him, but he’d be an interesting UDFA.

    • nichansen01

      Hasn’t played football since high school. He is a great athelete, but I don’t see it working out.

    • HawkPower12

      That is the kind of guy you think Seattle would give a shot to in camp.
      Put him on the 90, and see what he can do…

    • Kenny Sloth


  47. Fatty Acid

    I find it interesting that only 1 of these guys have Keanu Neal going out n the first round

  48. Lenny J

    Draft Tek published a dream draft for Seattle.

    Rd1 Rankins
    Rd2 Spriggs
    Rd3 Joshua Garnett Stanford Gaurd
    Rd3. The other Alabama Running back..

    Side note. They didnt have Ifedi gone til rd 4. Rob are we evaluating him too high?

    • nichansen01

      Yeah… Some places I see him as a late first, some a second rounder… Yet I have never seen anywhere where Ifedi is projected lower than the second. Very likely to be there at 26.

      • JakeB

        Two weeks ago I would’ve thought he was an absolute lock to be there at 26. Now I’m not so sure. Looks like nearly half the league either has met or are planning to meet with him. He may not get past the Vikes at 23.

    • nichansen01

      That whole board is screwed up. Drake is lower than a third rounder, Garnett will be gone in the third, and Spriggs goes in the first or very early second. Also Rankins at 26 is improbable in itself.

    • RWIII

      I don’t think Rob is drafting to high. I think Rob is much more accurate than any of these other draftnecks. I think Rob nails the draft as well as anyone.

      • Volume12


        Rob does a fantastic job identifying Seahawk prospects.

        • Kenny Sloth

          He does a good job with his board, too. The only things he misses are like wild injuries that we can’t know about

          • Volume12

            I think he’d be the first to tell you that he does miss on prospects. Injuries or not.

            Everybody does.

            Matter of fact, you’ll miss on guys more than hit on them when it comes to ‘evals.’

    • Rob Staton

      “They didnt have Ifedi gone til rd 4. Rob are we evaluating him too high?”


      We have him graded perfectly. Wait and see.

  49. Madmark

    Hehe come on Rob you,ve keep moving Austin Johnson DT up. Now he’s pick 47. If I can’t get trade down then it will go
    Austin Johnson DT Penn St.
    Connor McGovern OL Missiouri
    Tyler Ervin RB San Jose ST.
    Joe Dahl OL Washington St.
    Nick Vannett TE Ohio St.

  50. HawkPower12

    If you compare Devon Cajuste to Jimmy Graham…he would be a great double down. He could play WR and H-Back, as his blocking is good. The fact he and Doug Baldwin are tight, would be Yuge!

    Check it out:

    Devon Cajuste 6-4, 234 lbs, 33″ Arms, 10 3/4 Hands, 4.55 -40yard

    Jimmy Graham 6-6, 260, 35″ Arms, 10 5/8 hands, 4.56 -40yard

    I would love to see Seattle this year Double Down on OL:

    1 – Spriggs/Ifedi
    2 – McGovern/Glasgow
    3 – Tyler Ervin/ DT-DE / LB
    3 – (Comp) DE/DT/ Tyler Ervin / LB
    4 – Devon Cajuste

    I would Love this layout. 2 OL with skills, a dynamic RB, whichever DLineman/LB that fits best, and a WR that can possibly fill in for Jimmy! I’d be Ecstatic!

    • HawkPower12

      Rob, I still think they might like Deion Jones from LSU…


      • Rob Staton


    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I think you laid out what they might pick at each point in the first 4 rounds…. most of the names seem logical and reasonable. Now throw the list out and pick some other guys…. thanks PCJS!

  51. cha

    Preseason opponents and home/aways announced

    At Kansas City, Aug. 11-15
    Vs. Minnesota, on Aug. 18
    Vs. Dallas, Aug. 25-28
    At Oakland, Sept. 1

    • bobbyk

      Terrible! I was hoping the Hawks would come to Minnesota in the pre-season. Next year, I guess.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        Prob won’t see them in preseason for 4-5 more years now. Chiefs/Broncos and Raiders and Chargers tend to be on the heavy rotation pre-season.. so limited chances for Vikings/Seahawks in Minn.

  52. Kip Earlywine

    If the draft fell this way I’d have a really tough time passing on Vernon Butler at #56, as he is the closest player in this draft to Muhammad Wilkerson. It honestly wouldn’t shock me if Seattle took Butler at #26.

    • Volume12

      I agree Kip.

      Not sure about 1st round, but 2nd round absolutely.

      He’s a guy thay really doesn’t know how to play yet, and he still dominates.

      His ceiling is ridiculous.

      • nichansen01

        Seahawks met with him so definetly a possibility.

  53. RWIII

    I am kinda bummed. This guys is a MONSTER. Boehm is a guy that you want on your side when you go to war. I was hoping that the Hawks would take Evan Boehm. “He’s tough as nails. He’ll play with pain and he’s the kind of guy who can command a locker room. I always look for talent first, but leadership might be just as important from your center and he has that.” ­ — NFC West executive
    Interesting that the above source came from an NFC West executive!

    However, according to Rob; when it comes to explosion Boehm is low man on the totem pole.

  54. Kip Earlywine

    Jason Spriggs moves (and sadly, anchors) like a 250 pound man, until he has to recover from a pass rush move and then he’s suddenly as sluggish as a 350 pound man. He’s a much better athlete than Justin Britt but their college tape looks oh so similar in terms of lacking recovery ability and anchor. Both are very good run blockers though. I have little doubt that Tom is in love.

    I would flat out hate the pick, but then again it seems like OL prospects seem to succeed or fail almost totally at random these days. If Spriggs instantly overcame his issues and turned into the next Joe Staley, it would blow my mind, but it would hardly be the most surprising development from 1st round OL the past few years.

  55. Volume12

    There’s a rumor that Seattle might like this guy.

    Move TE/WR Terenn Houk, BYU.

    Oh so intriguing.

    With Jimmy hurt and Luke a FA next year, I could absolutely see Seattle add a guy like this on day 3.

  56. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Terron Beckham reportedly ran an unofficial 4.47-second 40-yard dash, bench-pressed 225 pounds 36 times, with highly explosive testing of 44.5 inches in the vertical, and a broad jump of 11 feet. He is wanting to play RB in the NFL, but has not played collegian football. ~

    Should Seattle consider a guy like this… absolute work-out freak as a late round addition to the RB stable they have…… his football IQ might not be great, but the athleticism is ridiculous.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I forgot, he is 5’11 and 230 lbs at his “pro day”

      • Volume12

        Is this OBJ’s cousin?

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          Yes, there is a piece on about him. Never heard of him, then saw he didn’t play football after HS… talk about a “reach” pick

  57. Naks8

    I saw dj hunter from marshall highlighted on He seems to have some speed and versatility to play safety/lb. what do you think about that guy?

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